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How Dinnerware Is Handmade For 5-Star Restaurants | The Making Of

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Jono Pandolfi USA specializes in handmade ceramics. Since its opening in 2004, it has designed dinnerware for some of the most respected chefs in the hospitality industry, including those at Eleven Madison Park and Bresca, a Michelin-starred DC restaurant. It has also partnered with big hotels such as Rosewood, Waldorf Astoria, Four Seasons, NoMad, and Edition. Jono Pandolfi studio is based in Union City, New Jersey, where a team of seven artisans work together to create their dinnerware collections.

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How Dinnerware Is Handmade For 5-Star Restaurants | The Making Of


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1,404 thoughts on “How Dinnerware Is Handmade For 5-Star Restaurants | The Making Of

  1. So, it’s just handmade dinnerware? Ok

  2. Imagine being so rich hand have so little to care about that you care about your plate being handmade.

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  12. When an economy fails, Jobs that require skills and are basic need for humans like Carpenters, farmers, pot makers etc will still go on.

  13. Your voice is creepy.

  14. Indian moms have entered the chat

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  22. Image a earthquake while they are working……You Should know what would happen…

  23. My fat ass thought that was chocolate in the thumbnail

  24. I bet not a single person here searched for this video.

  25. (Catering assist here) It makes me really happy that you can get dishes specifically designed to stand up to commercial dishwashers. I’m really tired of cups exploding and plates splitting in the washer, and immediately after. Hell even had a few split in the warmers.

  26. My dumbass thought they were making plates out of chocolate and was wondering when they were going to show how they make it 🤣🤣

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  28. Great video and great work! Talent is right next to us! Well done to you and your staff!

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  44. 1500 pounds per week. 300 per day.

    Now my school is cancelled for the rest of the academic year but thats not right lmao.

  45. Ran out of toilet paper? Why not create ceramics?

  46. I didn’t see the title so I thought is was chocolate

  47. This is oddly specific…

  48. “Next time you’re dining out at your favorite luxurious restaurant”
    Me: OK!
    Wallet: uhh.. NO!

    1. 😂

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  50. Why only 5 star restaurants are allowed to buy high quality dinnerware designed to last a lifetime?

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  52. Lol my country has been making earthen utensils since the beginning of time and no one seems to care, but its suddenly special when anyone from the western countries does it :v

  53. Restaurants don’t have five stars. They work with Michelin stars. And Michelin goes up to 3 stars maximum

  54. Seriously….this may be luxury in new york but here in india I see people making these on a regular basis…..this is cheap product in India 😀😀

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  56. namanya jono 😂

  57. first, i was thinking it was a chocolate

  58. I would love to work there. A job you enjoy getting up and going to.

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  64. Who’s watching this while corona virus outbreak

    1. Hi from virus lockdown in Virginia!

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  68. Ouch 0:03

  69. “Plate flippers”

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  72. Pounds, Fahrenheits… And pianos! It’s like I didn’t watch any real information from this. One less trivia to talk with friends. I’m sad now.


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  79. “So next time you dine at a 5-star restaurant …”

    Me: Proceeds to flip the plastic tray that came with my food at Burger King

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  81. how much is each piece

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  83. I hate the american way of measuring or expressing weights sizes and shapes wtf is the weight of 1.5 grand pianos you guys seriously need to convert to the metric system

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  87. A country where they value the locals.

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  89. For me the best part of this vid, was when i saw them wrapping the ceramics in Paper not plastic. Nice Going, dont make the oceans worse

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    Me: What’s a 5 star restaurant like?

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  92. How many cheese burgers is 1.5 grand pianos

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    I believe the most expensive thing I ever ate was a Big Mac……..

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    My butthole after having Taco Bell

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  101. The CEO is low key hot

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  104. Here in india they’re called pot makers & they earn very less & its like mirror world in USA

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  115. Im’ma crush that up and eat it

  116. Its hand made not industrially automated and manufactured, that’s why its expensive.

  117. These plates are my aesthetic

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    Absolutely No one:

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  127. Me when my phone shut downs: 1:43

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  129. Why do they act like everyone goes to fancy 5 star restaurants? I’ve been to one as a birthday present once (ONCE) but most people can’t afford it.

  130. They don’t mention that the pieces can break after being fired in the killn and it’s so annoying

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    Thats like those weird play doh things

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  152. No one
    Literally no one
    Me: *iS ThaT ChoCoLAtE?*

  153. I never realized that people really make dishes one by one….by hand… what do they have sweat shops for ceramics like they do for our clothing? There’s definitely people out there being over worked using their hands daily to make plates and cups not getting paid enough

  154. I thought those plates are chocolate, but it’s mud… 😅😅😂😂😆😆😆

  155. So they don’t get it from Ikea?

  156. My fatass thought that they were making chocolate

  157. At first glance I thought it was chocolate

  158. The USA will do anything to not use the Metric system-
    “One and a half grand pianos..”

    1. Metric system whats that

  159. I thought it was chocolate from the thumbnail, I didn’t read the title, I thought it was choclate until I read a comment.. I thought it was chocolate for half the video(wasn’t listening to the girl)

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  163. I wonder if Jenggala, Kevala and Gaya Ceramic in Bali using similar method? I recall each plate was rather expensive, from $30 up to $150 and it’s not include the freight cost. Good to know all this but that comparison of clay weight to grand piano is rather weird 😅 coz not everyone knows the weight of the grand piano 😂

  164. Wen u wanted to go to bathroom

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  192. Me: clicks on the video thinking the clay is chocolate
    Me, afterwards: oh that’s dinnerware……..

  193. Jono?? Kaya nama orang Indonesia

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  195. Bold of you to assume I’m dining at luxurious restaurants..

  196. Nice

  197. Thumbnail looks like chocolate

  198. So…Who else wants to eat this?

  199. Come to india , we have “Kumhaars” who do all pottery work. Its centuries old profession.

  200. 0.03: me while in the bathroom taking shit hahahhahaha

  201. I am pretty sure i am not the only one who tought it was chocolate on the thumbnail

  202. So good, it makes you want to eat clay

  203. I like this narrator’s voice. Very unique

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  205. Uh, i totally did not think that it was chocolate >.>

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  207. 3:06 they’re giant chocolate buttons surely, but on a more serious note I never would have imagined the fancy dinnerware was made like this, I guess if I was asked I would imagine a factory or some fancy little place along the edge of Italy or something for some reason.

  208. I didn’t read the title and clicked in this video thinking it was chocolate

  209. I thought it was chocolate

  210. I don’t get you americans not using the metric system
    How tf do I know how heavy a grand piano is???
    I play it not carry it omL

  211. I thought it was chocolate hahaha

  212. At 1:50 it looks like a butt hole 😂

  213. Looks like Chocolate

  214. ❤️NJ

  215. The forbidden chocolate

  216. Me: came here bcuz thought it was chocolate..😍

  217. Pottery is such old and an occupation of elegacy and you are highlighting it now?

  218. At first glance, I thought that the plate cut outs were made out of chocolate and I was very confused. Then I realized that the cut outs were made out of clay because I’ve seen this video before.

  219. And I felt chocolates in thumbnail !

  220. I actually expected to be more impressed, but they don’t really make it by hand by hand. A person with no experience in pottery could do it with that equipment.

  221. Smh i thought it was chocolate

  222. This is so eye catching!

  223. I thought this would talk about a unique hip restaurant that uses edible chocolate for dinnerwate

  224. Am I the only who thought that its chocolate

  225. Wow😍

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  227. I understood wrong the first seconds…💩

  228. I clicked thinking it was plates made out of chocolate.
    My country doesn’t even have a 5 star restaurant and if we do its one

  229. I thought it was a plate made of chocolate 😂

  230. 초콜릿인줄아랏네ㅡㅡ

  231. in pakistan kumhaar did it nicely wiout heavy equipment. did most of the things in sunlightn for combustion they used brick burner

  232. Good

  233. E eu achando que eles estavam fazendo chocolate

  234. I thought thas was chocolate 🤣

  235. Calls it handmade,and proceed to use machines at each step
    Going idiots

  236. Hamare desh ki art or pesa ye kamaye.yaha isko koyi value nahi krta.

  237. The thumbnail made me so excited because I thought it’s a video about making different chocolate but now I just feel poor..

  238. Are Nick and Jono siblings or … ?

  239. next time you are in our favourite luxurious restaurant….that was a good one :DDD

  240. Genuine question. Since its handmade, would you buy it at original price if you found that there is chipping at the bottom of the plate?

  241. i only clicked this bcs i thought they were making chocolates stuff

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  243. I know this is kind of a weird question, but does anyone know the song that is played at the beginning of the video? It sounds so cool

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  246. *ok but can we talk about the narrator’s voice🥺💗*
    *her voice is so soothing🖤✨*

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    Lol my fatass

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    Devastated when it wasn’t
    Stayed cause of curiosity

  266. Uuugh that is my dream job

  267. Oh it’s clay not chocolate? My bad.

  268. I love her voice >_<

  269. my hungry self thought it was made out of chocolate.

  270. My dmb ass thought this was chocolate, dam im hungry.

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  277. As someone who’s working in a restaurant, you will really appreciate dinnerwares.

  278. they do ths everyday
    makes you think
    how many plates break everyday

  279. When you see me flipping a plate at a restaurant know that I am checking if there is any food left on my plate

  280. Look at Adam Sandler’s leaner twin at 00:50!😜

  281. Like your voice. Its relaxing

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    I’m hungry 😋 I’m sorry 😂

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  288. *_Chocolate cookie dough~_*

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  290. Nobody:

    Is he Ryan Reynolds?

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  305. 5:41
    dinning out at your favourite luxurious dinner restaurant
    Yeah i have one coz i’m broke

  306. Pottery 100

  307. TLk about, jobs with satisfaction levels over the roof.

  308. i havent been to a restaurant in years

  309. 5 star restaurants do not exist only 5 star hotel’s 3michelin stars is the max

  310. *flips McDonalds tray over*

  311. Can someone please tell me what the song is at the start

  312. When I look under my hamburger box it says McDonald’s

  313. 5-Star Restaurants ? 3 stars are enough

  314. Very nice Video 👌

  315. the bad plates go to THE RACKS

  316. this s*** is ugly. Who’s paying that much money to go to a five-star restaurant and let me tell y’all something I saw a great documentary about how five stars awarded it’s all a scam. Solow f****** scam. Anyways some of the ugliest clay plates and cups I have ever seen. I mean you are charging a lot of money just so you can say that s*** was made by hand. From my understanding all dinnerware is made by hand. We’re done a factory in China or Indonesia or India. Oregon where you are. So there it’s ugly

  317. An earthquake would game end that company

  318. “to put it simply”
    *lists weight in terms of grand pianos*

  319. Who else thought they were making chocolate bcs of the thumbnail?

  320. My ass is too poor to come into contact with that dish. We live in eQuAL society. lel.

  321. Friend: why are you crying?
    Me: *I thought these were chocolates*

  322. It took me a good 25 secs before I realised it wasn’t chocolate

  323. At school we called that clay machine from the start the poo machine

  324. It annoys me how they compare the amount of clay they use pianos?

  325. I can’t afford a single item in this video!!!???? why did I watch the thing? I nodded like I knew what they were talking about!! “Oh yes, without the glaze, it wouldn’t work.”

  326. Why is this in my recomendations

  327. lol and here I am eating on paper plates

  328. Jigger arm

  329. So you are telling me that aint chocolate!

  330. I like the music in the opening!! does anyone know what it is

  331. I thought this was chocolate until I saw the title lol

  332. Imagine being a clutz in this place. . .

  333. Can’t look under my plate it’s just came out of chef mike (microwave) and it’s hot.

  334. I thought it was a chocolate

  335. I knew they used a lot, but I didn’t know they used *that* much clay in a grand piano.

  336. “So next time you’re dining out at your favorite luxurious restaurant…”

    McDonald’s don’t have dinnerware.

  337. Union city is an actual garbage town full of rats and disgusting people

  338. 1:43 why are we all sleeping on how hard he threw that clay?

  339. It would be a shamed if a baby would have…..dropped it

  340. Great thing about this is that they get to continue playing with clay while getting paid for it 😁

  341. the plate is amazing but the voice over artist is so pretentious 🤣

    1. U got issues

  342. i thought restaurants only went up to 3 stars

  343. And ceramic is food safe and it’s just awesome to see how the plates are made

  344. My fat ass though the thumbnail was chocolate 😭

  345. The innovative capabilities of NY hipsters to milk rich people will never cease to amaze me

  346. My fatass thought it was chocolate

  347. I didn’t even see the title, I just saw the thumbnail and I was like


  348. Pottery has left the chat

  349. And you never know it might be ikea

  350. Hi, what is the name of the audio track at the beginning of the video ?

  351. lynks disease

  352. I thought it was chocolate TwT💢

  353. My fat ass thought it was chocolate

  354. The forbidden chocolate

  355. hello again 3 am recommended videos

  356. 3 star sirrryyyyy

  357. Now I don’t wanna break a plate

  358. Am I the only one that thought it was chocolate in the beginning

  359. And then a robot remplace all

    1. Naw. It’s the handmade quality that lets them charge literally $45 per plate. They can make off like bandits by keeping it small like this.

  360. Ok but I wanna know how much each piece costs 👀

  361. It’s just a plate

  362. But how many Michelin star restaurants use their plates? Thats really all that matter.

  363. I’ll take a look at it if it’s edible

  364. Off topic but I love the narrators voice

  365. 0:52 Deadpool has a side business too!

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  370. Me: chocolates!!!
    Watches video*
    Me: awwwww interesting but.. where’s my chocolates 😢

    1. I thought that they were making chocolate plates lol

    2. Here you go 🍫🍫🍫

  371. Is this how it’s made??
    Yes but actually no

  372. 0:01 I wish every morning was effortless like this

  373. If you thought they were cutting chocolate in the thumbnail, youre not alone

  374. my fatass thought the thumbnail was chocolate smh

  375. My dumb ass saw the thumbnail and instantly assumed it was a extravagant chocolate dish meant to look like dinner ware

  376. I buy my dishes at the dollar store.🤣

  377. music name in the beginning?

  378. I really like some of their bowls and cups, kind of wishing I had more money now lol

  379. I made plates exactly like this in hs

  380. Those poor house plants though..

  381. I’m gonna flip my dish over next time I’m at Olive Garden.

  382. Hear me out, ceramic dildos & anal plugs.

  383. I clicked for chocolate, i feel clickbaited

  384. Are men just….flamboyant in New Jersey???

  385. Hi!

  386. My lazy ass thought it was chocalate

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  388. Why is her voice so smacks?

  389. lowkey thought it was chocolate

  390. handmade…… USES A MOLD…… use a brain cell tyvm

  391. 0:18

    Tbh McDonald’s burgers looks better than this

  392. I thought it was chocolate 🍫 before I saw the title

  393. My fat ass thought that was chocolate. I need to go on a diet.

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  396. Y

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