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How do vitamins work? – Ginnie Trinh Nguyen

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Vitamins are the building blocks that keep our bodies running; they help build muscle and bone, capture energy, heal wounds and more. But if our body doesn’t create vitamins, how do they get into our system? Ginnie Trinh Nguyen describes what vitamins are, how they get into our bodies — and why they are so crucial.

Lesson by Ginnie Trinh Nguyen, animation by The Moving Company Animation Studio.


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1,132 thoughts on “How do vitamins work? – Ginnie Trinh Nguyen

  1. Amazing
    Check out Vitamins facts on my channel

  2. I need vitamin B :<

  3. This is really cute

  4. 2:05
    The little vitamin looks so terrified 👀

  5. So.. I should intake more vitamin C & B daily..

  6. A:Almond

  7. To some degree, and especially if you have a poor diet

  8. In b complex vitamins you forgot:

    1. ㅂ ㅈ ㄷ ㄱ 쇼 ㅕ ㅑ ㅐ ㅔ ㅁ ㄴ ㅇ ㄹ 호 ㅓ ㅏ ㅣ ㅋ ㅌ ㅊ 퓨 ㅜ ㅡ ㅃ ㅉ ㄸ ㄲ ㅆ ㅒ ㅖ

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  14. 2:38 – Me when Im on a river and I see a ravine in minecraft

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  19. Hello🖐.I had a question😘.What is the diffrences between virus and bactirea💁‍♂️

  20. Why does b look like a but!?!?!?!?!

  21. I take vitamin energy supplement from centrum

  22. This makes me feel less lonely for some reason.

    Like just imagine little vitamins caring about you.

  23. This is injustice! The vitamins all feel horrible because of how we treat them!!!!


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  25. Thanks for this very good and informative video.

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  27. I love the animations so cute i want to hug them wahhh

    1. nice I always eat vegetables they healthy to protect the body thanks for good ted ed

  28. Wait but isn’t vitamin D slightly toxic. Or maybe it is the the most toxic one.

  29. Whoever made the cartoon… cute

  30. A.C.E.D.B.K:him this isn’t som random alphabet
    Me:You stand corrected

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  39. Next can you say what vitamin is the best to eat?

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    *when you eat 3 Flint stone gummies*

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  45. I have CKD and my body is pact with vitamins. I have hyperkalemia even. Death is near. It very hard to maintain “normal” levels of vitamins.

  46. Cool explanation😂

  47. Thank you

  48. Very helpful thank you !

  49. A and k vitamin are the best and b and c vitamins

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  52. Because there us Covid-19, I have to stay at home. So I eat Vit.D

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  54. a very great video and helpful

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  56. Why can’t we just watch Ted-Ed all day instead of going to the prison…. I mean school

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  69. overall good video but vitamin a and c also act as antioxidant role as vitamin e

  70. His vocal fry is annoying

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  72. How do you get vitamin A?!

  73. Multivitamins

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  80. 0:14
    I was fine untill they started blankly smiling at me

  81. TED makes learning interesting and easy to understand , even a 10 year old can understand straight forward. I wish schools taught us like this.

  82. How to hit the vitamin jackpot and know if they are balance when taking suppliments?

  83. Im watching this before im chewing a solid vitamin

  84. When your body insta-turns into your demon:
    Standing up too fast
    Hitting elbow
    Static electricity
    Invisible wall
    Static in your ear

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  87. 3:31 Star Wars

  88. 3:23 It’s Batman And Robin

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  90. 2:28 I don’t think the orange one likes vitamin C. C is just chill’n there y’all

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  94. Guys dont even think getting lots of vitamins D, you will die -_- it is true.

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  97. Vitamin A,E and C for boosting immunity

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  99. Noone:

    The protien taxi: ●_●

  100. The blood river reminded me: when I was a child I didn’t understand how blood was stored in the body. I thought it was just pooled inside of us like a water bottle.

  101. I kept on smiling while I watch this. Very smart animation!

  102. A

    *K!* 😀

  103. So cute!!!


  105. Why is it the the vitamin names are letters?

  106. Lipid soluble and water soluble are different because it depends on how it transports

  107. 1:30 why he eat the whole tomato

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    4:00 spiderman? 😅😅😅

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  110. I feel so healthy by watching this video.

  111. Lovely but just a note: bile is not acidic, and it doesn’t break down lipids in the sense of digesting it but only emulsifying it (breaking larger droplets into smaller droplets of lipids) making it easier for lipases to digest it.
    I know it is not the focus of the video but for KS4 students it is very relevant and I rather not suggest the video if these minor details might get them confused.

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  131. A week’s lecture in 5 minutes👏🏽👏🏽

  132. waaaaat it said that Bile is acidic? It is Alkaline

  133. I take multivitamins daily. It keeps me strong all day.

  134. knowledge with cute animaton
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  135. forgot S

    1. Their is no S

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  140. Salut ! J’ai fais une vidéo sur le danger des vitamines, n’hésitez pas à passer 😁 :

  141. God to glory to God.
    Thank you for sharing this.

  142. Important to note also that vitamins and minerals are better absorbed from food rather than supplements (bioavailablity).

  143. Is it Jack sparro 🤠

  144. I guess now I wonder though, what benefit the plants were getting from the vitamins in order to produce them. Carrots are high in vitamin A, but they don’t have white blood cells or night vision. Green leafy vegetables are high in vitamin K but its not like they need to form blood clots.

  145. very cool animations “D

  146. A B C D E *K*

  147. Actually vitamin d is not really a vitamin

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    Add- McDonnalds bacon double cheese burger 😂🤯😅

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  170. While bacteria and fungi can produce their own vitamins our bodies can’t.

    Body – Hold my beer (produces vitamin D, in presence of sunlight obviously)

  171. Hi peeps

  172. Weir I don’t have any vitamins before but im still healthy and I’m not an anti-vaxer i do have vitamins but idk what vitamins can be stored in food.

    Sorry I have bad English

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  187. *vitamin c in spanish is vitamin yes*

  188. Lipid soluble vitamins:
    A, D, E, K = “ADEK” (Addict )

  189. well uh technically fungi don’t produce their own food
    but great video!

  190. Bole is alkaline not acidic

    1. Sorry it is bile

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    1. At 2:02

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  203. Yea it’s cute and all but how do they know what a body needs, how do they know if supplement works. If our body don’t make these things why do our bodies need them?

  204. Protein Taxi 😀

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  207. Ginnie Trinh Nguyen sounds like a girl name even though the voice sounds like a boy voice.

  208. A famous scientist convinced himself that regular intake of Vitamin C can prevent cancer. He died of cancer.

  209. Robin can’t fly and batman doesn’t have bat wings this triggers me way more than it should

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  213. If the human body relies on millions of carefully coordinated chemical reactions to happen, then why is the universe made in such a way for these things to happen?

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    son: I accidently cut myself and blood is gushing out
    father: eat your vegetables

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  250. 1000th comment

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  256. Vitamins are complicated than i thought. Excellent animations. little that i know that abundance in vitamins can cause toxicity? Thank You for Useful informations. everything i wanted to know is now available on internet. Sometimes you learned more on YouTube than what they taught in schools.

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    V.C + V. K = Wound Healer

    V. A + V. K Toxin Assasin

  282. Loved the animation. Bile is slightly alkaline, though.

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  284. Fun fact: too much vitamin A can reduce the efficacy of vitamin D, drastically weakening bones over time.

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    Best Organic vitamin NUTRILITE..

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