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How The Medical Device Supply Chain Failed During Covid-19

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More than three months into the coronavirus pandemic, health-care workers on the front-lines of the battle against Covid-19 say they still face shortages of personal protective equipment. The personal protective shortage was one of the early flashpoint of the coronavirus pandemic. Masks, ventilators, face-shields. It seemed nearly every kind of personal protective equipment was hard to find when Covid-19 first ripped through epicenters like New York City. Here’s how the medical device supply chain works—and how it failed when it was needed most.

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How The Medical Device Supply Failed During Covid-19


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376 thoughts on “How The Medical Device Supply Chain Failed During Covid-19

  1. As of June/2020, 3M and other companies have plenty of supplies. In fact, they are now available to the public.

  2. This is the COVID-19 motivation

  3. Lord please save us

  4. Govenor pasta Alfredo had a where house full of ppe but for an emergency but he never thought this was an emergency and that apologize and people took it like nothing happened

  5. If manufacturing stayed in America, the US could have avoided more problems than just the shortage of PPE.

  6. YEAH! Change in your dream.

  7. We all ( each country ) needs to be more self sufficient and re-grow our manufacturing base for essential items. This pandemic has painfully shown that Cost is not the only price we all pay as a society if we don’t have this strategic capacity.

  8. Jared Kushner has stolen the National supply and sold it on the open market, guaranteed. He said the National supply of PPE was his (the feds) and then, in March
    $68million of our PPE was sold overseas. In April trump sold $70 million of our PPE overseas, while our hospitals and medical facilities were begging for these supplies. Why did trump sell our PPE when our Nation was in desperate need? Congress needs to investigate.

  9. Oh please, Cumno gave nursing home patients a death sentence

  10. Just go & test the foods you buy and pills you get from the doctors, you’ll be surprised to find out where the virus is, and what they’re planning to do with the human population, its better to live off grid , away from governments.

  11. Is it just me or is this the concept of the tv show utopia.js


  13. The coronavirus turned all aspects of life and work, business and economics upside down. So I wonder how well a more localized supply chain would’ve managed such a devastating disruption. Companies still need to secure materials, manufacture products, and distribute them. e.g. It took Amazon 1 – 2 months to ship simple but essential items like hand sanitizers, face masks, and alcohol swabs to customers.

  14. The Virus was made by ……….   Why? Experiment, population control, increase fear, madness, and hysteria, lower immune system, distraction, divide and conquer, and just for fun! We are their slaves, zombies and lab rats! Do not live in fear or let it control you, do not let the news and social media trick you or think for you! This is also a test on us sheep to see how controlled and sleep we are! Another lab made illness gifted to the masses! Keywords: Fear pumping, simulation, scare tactics, mind control, media lies, fake news, fake data, adrenochrome…..

  15. I was born in monifuri hospital in the Bronx! I was like awe my birth home!

  16. Another serious problem not mentioned in this video is America’s almost nonexistent Merchant Marine. Over the past several decades we have become more and more and more dependent upon foreign ships to move our products. At this point there are very few ships left in our Merchant Marine fleet. As a result of this shrinking fleet most Merchant Marine training facilities are educating most students for jobs like managing pleasure boat marinas, etc. Were we to go to war with one of the nations supplying most of our marine transport we would be in a real mess!

  17. PPE stopped shipping PPE after they sent travel lots from China to US and Europe

  18. Its all in chi-nah!! We need to change that.

  19. Ask your mayor. PpD is all over the world

  20. On the other side, the price for anything about medical will be going up soon except more government subsidy

  21. Well I have reason why and Don’t ask me

    1. Lazy bums
    2. Corrupt US government
    3. Mitch McShitstain
    4. Rothschild family
    5. George Soros

  22. Everything is made in China ! Get to work America people … I know we can make ethanol … America made great Moonshine …😷🤟🏻

  23. Okay story but lots of gaps: China concealed the seriousness of the Wuhan flu and they first suspended products that were marked for export then hired thousands of people to make calls and purchase medical supplies from other countries and this played a dramatic role in the shortage. Item number two you said Tesla and GM we’re going to make ventilators so what’s the update did they succeed?

  24. All That Is Wrong With The US Healthcare System In One $18,415.00 Coronavirus Test

  25. Lies.

  26. CNBC…more fear propaganda to keep us under control. ALERT: We are awake. We don’t believe your fear & misinformation propaganda anymore. We are free from your control.

    1. Please back up your claims

  27. Now with more than 1,000,000,000,000 dead it’s so sad.

  28. I was the engineering manager in charge of the technical aspects and quality of all the materials purchased for our products for a large American electronics company. I witnessed and argued against the transition of all our manufacturing and suppliers to China. Ultimately I was forced to layoff my team of American engineers and was sent to Asia to train the replacements. The quality of our products suffered and my job became much more difficult as I had to correct many errors made by the Asian engineers that my American team never made. I knew this would eventually come back to haunt us as a country and there are many greedy American CEO’s and Purchasing Managers who are responsible for our situation. You people know who you are and I hope you now see how wrong your policies are and stop selling us out.

    1. And all this is somehow China’s fault?

  29. China hoarded PPE. Also people hoarded. Hospitals with PPE, didn’t share. PPE can be reused if cleaned properly, when blasted with ultraviolet light.

  30. the virus didn’t come here March 20th? It’s been here since the beginning of January! ..come on! let’s get it right!

  31. Think about it. Trump’s people are attacking medical workers and blocking entry to emergency vehicles/personnel at hospitals. They are spitting in the faces of cops as they engage in the armed takeover of state capitals. Many of these people aren’t even American citizens.

  32. Trump allowed the sale of all of the USA’s surplus PPE to China and other nations. He even gave 17 tons of US medical equipment to China for FREE. Then he sat back and grinned as states competed to buy it back as he did NOTHING to help them. Trump intentionally created a situation in which the maximum number of Americans would die because he knew most deaths would be in blue states. Trump knew everything China knew from day one and lied to the world, just like China did. Now he has given Hong Kong to the CCP on a silver platter. No one gets anywhere near Trump without a mask and a test. He is a mass murderer and should be executed.

  33. Germany had a test before it had a single case. Trump’s country of origin. No wonder Germany kicked Trump’s grandfather out. We should kick out all Trumps too. They can go to China.

  34. How the medical supply chain doesn’t work more like.

  35. CNBC is useless. Spreading hate, fear, and fake news

  36. All lies

  37. Trump blamed Obama for not resupplying the national stockpile when in fact the Obama administration provided Trump with both a pandemic focused plan and a pandemic focused team / department which Trump disbanded and cut funding and with notice that the stockpile needed to be replenished. Trump not only disbanded the pandemic focused team / department but cut funding to the pandemic team and to theCDC and over a 3 year period Trump was in office DID NOT REPLENISH the PPE stockpile. When Trump was asked why he did not replenish the stockpile Trumps response was he was very busy and was also very busy with being impeached. ( Trump really did say that. He said he was too busy being impeached to restock the PPE supplies). What was Trump busy doing as part of the impeachment? In all of this Trump was also doing what he does best ….telling lies and making up information and stories that are false about the fact there are no PPE shortages and hospital personnel are stealing the supplies and PPE was shipped when it was not. Given his position with a shortage of PPE Trump also tried to remove the federal government from the PPE supply chain and move full responsibility without any support or assistance to each individual states government. Trump is serious danger to this country and needs to be removed by not being re-elected.

  38. Information you need to know on the Corona virus:

  39. Works for making white men richer.

  40. 😢..😅Laughter is medicine.

  41. I think Mexico could become the a local solution to manufacturing needs as the US moves to localize and shorten the supply chain. Mexico is our neighborhood, it has relatively cheap labor and it does not have nuclear missles aimed at us.

  42. The US Municipal corporation which Mr. Trump is CEO, allowed 18 tons of Medical supplies to be sent to China. Shorting this country. Matthew 6:10 is future and is the Only remedy. Lord bless

  43. centrist republicans and democrats have been selling off your country to foreign investors for campaign donations… think about that for a minute.

    the flip side of china is, if they have noone to sell to, they collapse.

  44. There were people actually hiding masks and basic supplies that and hording, America responded quick in no time there were plenty of supplies. We never ran short of ventilators and now we offer them to other countries. Fact is America is and always has been awesome when our backs are up against the wall. In WWII we were pumping out planes faster then our enemies could shut them down our navy started off as smaller the Romania’s and ended up the largest with a few years. This FLU was a joke in the eyes of time and its use as a political tool will be used as a learning lesson in history.

  45. High quality? Are you kidding?


  47. Its the U.S. government’s fault that lead to this, they shouldn’t have allowed ppd or medical supplies be manufactured overseas.
    Next will be meds that people need everyday

  48. Weird… So, “America First” isn’t racist after all?
    You mean there is actual sound reasoning behind Trump’s and the Rights views about products, about Immigration, etc.?
    Huh, who would have guessed? (sarcasm)

  49. FAKE NEWS HERE….. turn off

  50. Maybe if you paid for the 15,000 ventilators when you had the money, Gov. Cuomo.
    Danm! This woman had all the answers, she tol none of us. That’s not nice.

  51. Tons & tons sent to China & others in FEBRUARY! But sure, the stockpile was unavailable for US. Used as bargaining chips by this administration.

  52. COVID 19 in Ethiopis

    1. New case in Ethiopis

  53. Why don’t you get at the real root causes for all this? It is aggravating that all the major media outlets are not addressing why this is happening in detail. Please go to this very good and complete New York Times article that says the real WHY This root cause is wonderfully noted in this article : “We decided to remove buffers in the name of efficiency; we decided to let capitalism run wild and shrink our government’s capacities when we needed them most; we decided not to cooperate with one another in a pandemic; we decided to deforest the Amazon; we decided to invade pristine ecosystems and hunt their wildlife.”

  54. Supply chains are very complex and quite slow in adapting to changes, despite being as agile as you want it will still take months (in the best scenario) to change your sourcing network, scouting new suppliers, putting in place new contracts etc. Add to this the strong regulations which righfully rule the medical supply chain and you get the complete picture: an EMERGENCY by definition will cause problems, otherwise it is no emergency at all, it’s just a regular business problem. This said I think it’s just stupid to think of a complete re-shoring of supply chains which have being global for decades.
    And bear in mind this: the low cost “made in China which steals labour from the US” is giving you the chance to buy products at a much cheaper price than you would if that specific product would have been made in US, thus the “consumer benefit” is high thanks to global supply chains (and China). Re-shoring production stages or entire supply chains will take months-years (necessity to build the entire industry from almost scratch) and will result for sure in higher prices for the consumers: are you willing to pay higher prices for masks, the device from which you are watching this video or whatever product you use in your daily life?

    1. We’re talking profits over people again. With over 2 trillion dollars of fiat stimulus money having just been dumped into the economy the prices of everything is going to keep increasing. With so much unemployment McConnell claims they are going to do it one more time…

    2. Possibly truth but a lot of political hay is being made by t and others with this divisive issue🎭

  55. It’s done on purpose they know people needs masks should be handed out all the time everywhere why haven’t we built masks factory’s this is the rich killing the poor

  56. Thousands of people are gathering across cities in America, and they are not dead. Someone has a lot of explaining to do. The rule of 10 is BS.

  57. Florida’s minimum shutdown, Japanese NO shutdown ….. & BOTH have lowest infection rate!!
    CAN YOU SAY PSYOP? This whole Carona thing is one big BOGUS PSYOP!! Here comes the BOGUS VACCINE!!
    LOCK & LOAD!!

  58. Navarro needs to be listened for the american good. People should not ignore him and his ideas simply because he is Trump’s advisor. He knows what he is talking about and some people can’t get political prejudices to see scientific facts. For example they can’t agree WHO screwed the world by declaring pandemic toooo late !

  59. Judy is 100% right. US healthcare system is designed to fail for emergencies. Because it is for profit. It has to change too.

  60. ISM president is wrong – china screwed quality for a long time. It was preferred because of price pretty much. As it became less cheap global capitalists was already looking for alternatives. Strategically it had to change anyway.

  61. Every major healthcare provider corporation runs at a constant PPE shortage. They were setting up excuses in early April. Yet Amazon, the largest supplier of retail sales of N95 masks, DOES NOT SOURCE RETAIL MASKS FROM THE WHOLESALERS WHO SELL TO PROVIDERS. So why is the media busy telling it is everyone’s fault but these giant HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS with a mandate to provide healthcare safely?

    “When the virus first started surfacing, everybody wanted an N95 [respirator], and as you and I know, you probably saw boxes, cases, or pallets of N95s going out the back door,” said Skip Skivington, MBA, vice president of healthcare continuity and support services at Kaiser Permanente. “We have heard incredible stories of people willing to pay $100 of their own money for a box of — not even N95s — surgical masks. We are seeing the burn rate on our surgical masks going up much higher. We have put in pretty aggressive techniques to try to control the flow.”

    Kaiser Permanente VP on April 1st already setting up the blame game, here blaming illegal backdoor sales for their shortage.

    “At least 18,000 nurses from at least 66 Kaiser Permanente hospitals and clinics in California will strike on both days to protest what they see as a lack of resources to properly care for their patients, as well as to demand better training and protective equipment when caring for patients with Ebola virus infection.”

    Except this defense breaks down when it’s a culture in the corporation to be underprepared for pandemics, riots, or even earthquakes in California, a state notorious for major earthquakes.

    Kaiser Permanente and the half dozen other former HMO and provider combined corporations, puts profit FAR FAR ahead of staff or patient safety because they are beholden to the most ruthless shareholders on the planet. But please, tell us more about how it’s our fault for buying N95 masks, or it’s the supply chain’s fault for not being prepared to supply corporations that constantly run on a PPE debt, which the early March strikes should’ve made blindingly apparent, but you must’ve forgotten about. Surely you can’t be in collusion. Surely.

  62. Well, Dah. Trump said in the beginning of his first campaign that more products need to be made in the USA!!!

  63. Bet a lot of masks & gowns could be made out of hemp instead of bamboo.

  64. Thanks for at least putting this info out here. Sad that the poor people in China probably don’t get half as much of an update.
    This proves we need to manufacture at home!

  65. Plandemic

  66. Mandatory reserve of critical supplies seem to be the only solution. Moving factories against economic efficiency won’t work in “normal” times.

  67. Maybe, because we put exports before our own countries needs. This is why fuel prices are so high. Food and prescriptions are running low. Oh yes, even China gets first pick before we do. Exported goods have less regulations and red tape. Profit over country.

  68. Dang

  69. Haceite de arbol Solo un poco Al dia por Que puede parar voz Buestro corazon

  70. Hello;
    Do NOT be mislead by this propaganda!
    The hospitals in most states are required to keep a certain number of beds empty.
    This is so that in a catastrophic emergency there must be some extra capacity for the injured.
    The state regulatory agencies are usually the bodies that require this.
    In some states it may no longer be the case, but in many it still is.
    EVERY hospital, doctor’s office, clinic, etc., that uses PPE is REQUIRED to provide it.
    OSHA, state governments, and their agencies are supposed to regulate medical businesses.
    Make no mistake, these are BUSINESSES that NEED to be regulated.
    So who fell down on the job?
    FIRST: The bureaucrats that are supposed to make sure the employers provided PPE.
    Just as hospitals are supposed to have ‘spare’ capacity they are supposed to have extra PPE.
    In case of EMERGENCY! (Did any bureaucrats actually inspect the facilities?)
    SECOND: Administrators/managers are responsible for making sure PPE was stockpiled.
    The decision to not store PPE was a MONETARY decision; some thought, “If we need more …”.
    The implication was the businesses would ‘save money’ by NOT ‘storing extras’– it was wrong!
    When the virus came to the US it was ALREADY TOO LATE! to just “buy more”.
    Which is why it was “SUPPOSED” to be stockpiled!
    No ‘stockpiles’ were DELIBERATE management decisions!
    By ALL involved.
    IMO, if we see proof anyone died or suffered serious loss they should seek legal counsel.
    There should be administrative reviews of people, policies & practices, when this is over.
    The ones responsible should be punished for putting profit over people.
    This is the main problem w/ ‘medicine’, its about money, not people, not ‘healthcare’.
    So the lesson is that without adequate oversight ‘medical’ businesses are businesses first.
    This is where the problem came from, government didn’t do its job.
    Don’t ask why CNBC even made this literal ‘excuse’ for propaganda unless its they are leftist.
    Which apparently is why they’re such corrupt, dishonest, evil, & worthless liars.
    Which is why we will have to regulate the ‘media’ since their freedom is just for themselves.
    We can not trust such blatant evil lying.
    Have a GREAT day, Neighbor!

  71. False

  72. Donald Trump is the founder of the Corona virus in America 🇺🇸 !!!

    1. It is new hoax, dude

  73. Producing PPE isn’t Rocket science, India wasn’t producing a single PPE during the initial phase of Covid-19 but in 2 months government geared up the production and now we r producing 450,000 PPEs every day and till no the country has produced more than 10 millions PPEs.
    Labour cost is quite expensive in USA + people there aren’t willing to to these kinds of job that’s why manufacturing shifted to other countries. Tim Cook had once rightly said the China has skilled people who r willing to do these kind of Job which isn’t the case with United States.

  74. Of course, always someone else’s fault. This kind of mentality is so good for you.

  75. First, China identifies the presence of new viral structures & names it coronavirus; then they start shipping out ppe’s and aerosol.

  76. Congress should require that a certain percentage of essential goods a US company makes must be made in the US and no more than a certain percentage of its goods can be made in any single country

  77. My sister works at a hospital. No masks, no testing. They ran out of hand sanitizer about a week ago. Its absolutely pathetic.

  78. Meh. Trump waited until April 11 to order 3M to make more N-95 respirators. He should be asking all the companies to start making silicone and N-95 masks–last year or two years ago when he disbanded his pandemic response team.

  79. China delivered 47masks per very single person in America,ask trump where does the masks goes?

    1. Where did you get that propaganda? You’re pathetic.

  80. Trump made American companies produce masks, ventilators, face shields taking supply chain away from China without the Deep State even noticing

  81. 猩球崛起

  82. Fix your title, “How the Medical Device Supply Chain Doesn’t Work.”

    1. Exactly. Somebody who gets it.

  83. *Your governments and local business sold them back to Asia*
    Media complicit in it.

  84. The Boy Scouts motto has always been: BE PREPARED. I think there was more a failure of States, Cities, Hospitals, etc who got caught by a virus with their budgets focused elsewhere. All of a sudden everybody wants the same thing that they should have had, to BE PREPARED. Reliance upon China surely did not help.

  85. hey this is great to see so many people out there contributing to re-elect President Trump!!! right on!! burn baby burn!!! this is great!!!! 300 black on black killings in 2019 in Baltimore….can you say, culling the herd!!!

  86. Don’t worry I’m sure all of those medical supply companies went under, since there’s nobody to buy their products right.

  87. Liars.

  88. Security of supply is the BIG supply issue exposed during the Corona Virus pandemic. If we don’t enable some manufacturing of PPE to occur locally, then at least create warehousing that would accommodate emergencies such as now. North America has worked to keep warehouses small with just-in-time inventories being delivered to them as necessary.

  89. Made in China!!!

  90. This is what happens when you sell out your country to China over years for money and power to corrupt politicians. Not complicated to see who is involved today by just stepping back and watching the politicians backing away from confronting China. It is that simple.

    1. Also look at the careers being 30 years plus of these politicians and their bank accounts. Not complicated at all but no one wants to look.

  91. Thanks Covid 19 for MAGA. 😉

  92. How the whole government failed!

  93. Make stuff here, you live here as well.

  94. I need a real doctor to tell us is this virus real because we’re hearing that this is poison

  95. Nope, Trump failed.

  96. Why the masks? Breathing CO2 and other stuff that NEEDS to be expelled is deadly as the virus itself!!!!!!
    Pleurisy is a condition on the RISE BUT NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT!

  97. IT WAS HORDED BY CHINA> THEN RESOLD IT@CNBC ITS BECAUSE The Who <— DIDN”T TELL US nor did China , instead it bought all the medical equiptment before the world knew. for REAL NEWS NOT CORRUPTED< JOIN ME @“ CROSSROADS WITH JOSHUA PHILLIP” ON YOUBE LIVE, & “CHINA IN FOCUS-NTD” THANKS!!!

  98. The right wing nut jobs will blame socialists. Guess what, capitalism is real good at making money for the few. It’s whole pretense is to exploit the cheapest labor and the cheapest supplies. Then you throw in capitalists favorite tool, low inventory and on time delivery. That doesn’t work for pandemics. Just a month ago we were running out of critical medications , were rationing PPE and our ICUs were full. Now deniers want me to believe it didn’t even happen. Maga kunts and even Bill Maher could care less about my health or my co workers.

  99. Nice work.

  100. President Trump, immediately, Indict, Convict, then Hang, Fauci, Blix, Redfield, families, plus the Gate family. In parallel, follow Dr. Judy Mikovits’ very effective simple suggestions—if he does such, the Deep-State’s Fort Dedrick-Virus will be gone in a blink…without a vaccine. Your allowing her assistance, you will be a hero. She may allow your picture to be taken with her. You might first, ask, though.

  101. Not only did the medical supply chain failed,everything else failed to, the Doctor, nurses,funeral home’s, we all failed.

  102. The US is no longer!!!

  103. The media has failed with fake news & fear mongering

    1. @WillB yes & absorbing propaganda and repeating it doesn’t make you wise.It makes you a programmed idiot

    2. Depends on where you think you stand one person’s truth is another ones lie☯️♾️

  104. hey look, what a terrible thing is happening with CNN

  105. Trump failed with fake promises and not taking it serious

  106. update “INDIA MAP” in your system as well as in your mind.Here’s the link ;

  107. Pretty sure it failed because China bought up everyones surplus in the beginning stages of their outbreak before they announced there was an outbreak.

    Therefore no one had the resources to combat it, save China, who then sold defective equipment to everyone because they’re jerks.

  108. It is all Trump’s fault. If he had shot Bill Gates, George Soros, Jack Dorsey, Susan Wojcicki and the dozens of treasonous F.B.I. agents as soon as he understood their agenda we wouldn’t be looking at forced luminescent Gates patented vaccines laced with aborted fetal tissue and toxic Thimerisol. Keep drinking the Koolaid pathetic sheep.

  109. Now we are starting to understand the importance of self sufficiency and manufacturing in USA. We were put at risk so corporations could make more money.

  110. India can replace China. Indian Labour is cheap, talented and with little training can be redeployed in new processes. World must try a new idea and a trusted country like India

  111. People believe what they want to believe now

  112. Supply chain my ass!! What about ANY KIND OF STOCKPILE??? These items are so cheap, any reasonable hospital government city or state should have had large quantities on hand. This is a failure of planning of foresight and a failure of capitalism which rewards budget cutting and cost savings, with massive CEO paychecks

  113. More CBS Fake bes lies!! We have ventilators in storage!! Hospitals are empty liars!!

  114. Face coving is g𝐎od 𝐎pti𝐎n but I’d pr℮fer n95 mask. I acquir℮d ch℮ap fr𝐎m on℮ w℮bsite. d℮tail℮d informati𝐎n 𝐎n my profile


    Tai puikus sprendimas, kuris yra darbo šiandien

  115. Oh thanks MSDNC, thought you were gonna leave us hanging on the SCAMDEMIC !

  116. It’s because this country wasn’t prepared for anything like this and sitting around for months doing nothing didn’t help. DUH

  117. I followed the video until the part where someone interviewed said that China made quality product. Fact: China makes cheap crap cheaply. If you want quality, you go to Japan.

  118. Fake Pandemic, we now know COVID 19 is less deadly than flu!

    1. That is factually untrue. Because pretty much everyone is exposed to the flu a small percentage die but that’s still a lot of people. Less than 1% of the population in the US has been exposed to Covid-19 but the number of deaths is from Covid (100k and growing) already exceeds flu deaths.

    2. _”Fake Pandemic, we now know COVID 19 is less deadly than flu!”_

      Just shy of 2,000,000 known infections in the US and more than 100,000 deaths to date. That’s a 5% mortality rate based on raw data. However, if we include serosurvey testing, meaning those who have antibodies against sars cov-2 it brings the figure down to around 1% with the best case scenarios putting it at 0.5%. The totality of seasonal flu deaths in comparison to those who were infected puts the flu at just under 0.1%. That makes covid19 *5-10 times more deadly than the flu.*

      But by all means, keep spewing provably false statements. I’m sure Jesus approves of you “professing to be wise” … RIGHT?

  119. China will be outsourced to automation.

    1. True

  120. Fake news doesn’t work what is next? Dems

  121. Corporation is fiction
    Is no government
    Is no country
    We have no one to vote for



  124. Screw China

  125. America’s economies of scale is a total joke

  126. It failed because the US has a for profit only Healthcare system.

  127. It’s our government. Look at the money they waste and mismanage. We should have had stockpiles to take care of the 328 million population. Every Mom knows how to keep bandaids Tylenol and Benadryl around because she knows she’ll need it

  128. So you have to diversify your sources ! 😛

  129. Why the White house touting all this PPE?? fake news

  130. I ran a 40 hospital supply chain. Most comments in this video are wrong. The distributors are not bottlenecks! The problem was excessive demand and panic that fueled a run on PPE. Distributors are the only cost effective way to get most medical supplies to hospitals. Most manufacturers do not ship directly to hospitals … and that’s not a bad thing because it’s cheaper for everyone to get 1 large tracker trailer from say Cardinal every day … than get 1000s of shipments via Fed Ex. This was a once in a 100 year pandemic.

  131. The medical device supply chain didn’t fail. No one ran out of hip implants, cardiac stents, etc. The commodity MEDICAL-SURGICAL supply chain failed for the simple fact that hospitals consumed 3 years worth of PPE in 3 months. Even if we had a completely domestic supply chain the manufacturers would not have kept up with demand… nor should they. If they sat on all that inventory every year they would be out of business waiting for the once in a 100 year pandemic.

  132. _Chinese parents are now telling their children to eat all their vegetables because there are so many starving children in America. Sad._

    Over 5,000,000 American families have no food or shelter starting next week. 40,000,000 Americans are unemployed and Fed estimates -52% collapse in GDP with more than half of small businesses choosing to close rather than accept 0% loans!

    Pompeo-Mnuchin as the CIA-State gumbahs standing there right behind Trump as he cuts the throats of Big Box Retail that’s only surviving by their 500% markups on stuff Made in China.

    The Great Sucking Sound of Ross Perot. Apple still makes all their iPhones in China today! Tesla is made in China. Harley-Davidson is made in China!

    Those empty US super-malls will be re-purposed as senior CoVid ‘SafeCare’ detention facilities, and all of our wealth will be looted by the $5T a year, $28T in Debt, Mil.Gov.Fed, for ‘Freedom and Democracy’.

    _”Now watch this drive!”_ 386

  133. If Americans would only agree to get paid $2-4 an hour everything could be made here in USA, say the few rich capitalists! The Americans are “greedy” for demanding such high WAGES, say the few richest capitalists! Capitalists think it’s right to give all the money to a few rich people!

  134. President Trump gets bashed daily by the Anti-American Left for wanting to bring manufacturing back to the USA.
    *Leftism Kills*

  135. Yes it failed, that’s why we are lending ventilators and other equipment to countries that need it. Lies.


    1. @Christian lol trumps main messeage when he was coming back in was to bring the jobs back home. Wtf r u saying

    2. Like he wants to pay more to have his crappy clothing line made by the American textile workers… He could have changed that years ago, but you Right Wingers don’t to put him to task, just ride the opposition to change…

  137. China represents 28% GDP worldwidd

  138. Do Americans give a f— about usa
    Google Microsoft. Apple,Amazon many ithers( All manufacturing in china)
    Pfizer; bayer;Abott and many more pharmacies ( major manufacturing unit in china)
    95% stuff in walmart target home depot lowe is from China
    ( reality is Americans screwd USA by themselves and even now)
    Tesla (70% paraphernalia plus whole manufacturing unit with engineering in china)much more
    China is going to be more n more stronger even post pandemic

  139. its was poor leadership from democratic governors that caused most of this

    1. @BrooksP oh and cnn with this felon

    2. @BrooksP wall street journal for nursing homes
      for nurses la times

    3. @Adam Gray Source?

    4. @kathi they have been laying tons of people off in the med feild ONLY reason why the deaths are so high is cause they shoved covid patients in nursing home including felons and the death rate is less severe than flu this is mob mentailty not science

    5. There was a need for a federal government production of PPE

  140. china lied. people died

  141. Cherry health! We don’t believe you

  142. A hospital is a business and will cut costs any way it can!!

  143. What do you mean by “failed”? We never came close to ran out of PPE, cleaning supplies, ventilators, and anything needed by healthcare workers and/or people in general.

  144. That’s not true! I work with 6 state hospital systems, I’ve been CIO for systems representing over 500 hospitals and clinics. I’ve been the CIO for state and country healthcare depts. The supply chain worked perfectly. It was the upsurge of a pandemic that came suddenly. We were in excess supply in less than 3 weeks for the world’s 5th largest company (US). From an equipment point of view, China is Not known for Quality. Why did China buy from 3M. Honeywell, etc?

    1. @WillB Sure. It’s been published all over the world. Our msm is not saying the whole truth. What the cops did was wrong, but he is not innocent. Here is one of over 50 articles I read from outside the msm:

    2. No channel content… you’re who??? back up your state ments please 😏 ☮️🤨

  145. what REALLY FAILED is the misdiagnosing of patients and misreporting of death numbers. Stop the lying. Stop the exaggeration of the issue.

  146. China became strong so it’s enemy and China fuc— usa so bad this time economically fiscally and tradewise.
    Isn’t this cowardly of USA to just bark like dog on China rather then biting.
    China is no way scared of USA at all and it is prepared to take usa,head on even now

  147. because US manufacturing jobs have been OUTSOURCED to China…the country thats trying to destroy us…duh

    1. Well, China manufacturing jobs are being outsourced to African nations. And the manufacturing in China is increasingly being automated. Just last week a Chinese factory fired 6000 workers and replaced them with 650 robotic arms. Those jobs you want aren’t even in China anymore.

  148. Labor costs in the US wouldn’t be so damn high if we didn’t have such a fat, bloated government who siphoned off 50% of all the productivity of American workers. And if we didn’t have to jump through so many ridiculous and unnecessary regulatory hoops in order to conduct business.

  149. High quality??? WTF is this guy talking about? Unless he’s talking about high quality toxins. smh.

  150. Here’s how the medical supply chain really works. We fill our government with lying Christian cult members greedy as the day is long and then have them give “the people’s” medical surplus away to there business opportunities in Europe and Asia.
    You think Walmart dumping almost 600 billion into Wuhan real estate is just a coincidence?

  151. Just here to complain how I couldn’t find a mask anywhere and how I had to use the same one over and over again, I just washed it with soap.

    You can call me stupid, or maybe you guys shouldn’t buy up every single thing at once.

    1. Wash it

    2. As do I…

    3. Meanwhile… our health providers are also doing without appropriate equipment!

  152. More than 3 months into the virus and masks are still unavailable! Oh you can get them , if you have 50 bucks for a box of 20! They should be handing them out for FREE!

    1. Ok stop thats not how things work lol nothing free ever works. If this were free there would INSANE shortage

  153. hospitals are supposed to be prepared for these types of outbreaks, it’s part of their disaster plans. the fact that they werent prepared speaks to administrative and oversight failure.

    1. Nope. Hospitals do not stock gear and equipment to fight a once in a century viral outbreak. No hospital does that. Do you think any hospital has hundreds of isolation wards on stand by in case of an Ebola outbreak? Congo has just reported an Ebola outbreak. WHO has mobilized and is asking for aid. Will the US help this time? Or it is a Congo/African problem until the virus is on US shores. Second opportunity to do the right thing.

    2. @Joe Swansonson Looking for more profits? Build your plants in enemy territory so you can have cheap labor and price gouge your own populations.

    3. @Terry Michaels I mean I get that we can’t have a mass storage of medical supplies on standby, but we should have the capacity and capability of manufacturing such supplies and plans to distribute them to hospitals in an efficient way.

    4. WRONG, there is NO WAY to keep supplies for all emergencies of this magnitude.
      Pretending that you can is just mindless.
      EVERY person who tries to keep an emergency stash on a personal level quickly learns how expensive and stupid it is long term.
      You want to bankrupt us preparing for emergencies on that kind of level?
      Grow up.

    5. _”hospitals are supposed to be prepared for these types of outbreaks”_

      It is the Strategic National Stockpile’s role to supplement state and local supplies during public health emergencies. It’s been that way since the late 90’s. Many states with the densest populations *DO* or *DID* have stockpiles but they were depleted and the worldwide shortages compounded the situation. You can’t expect every single large city hospital to purchase and maintain such large stockpiles of these materials… unless you also expect money to just magically appear in their budgets from nowhere.

  154. Thank God President Trump is trying to close the loophole and having stuff built here again It’s hard to trust a communist government like China. 🤤

  155. People do not have money to buy it, the masks are there but with a price that many do not have, since now there are still masks but people do not have the money

  156. This is what happens when you have uneducated greedy ass inept leadership!

  157. And there it is!! Healthcare shouldn’t be for profit!! Do Not be an idiot. What a completely moronic thing to say.
    If the healthcare system is Government owned will the Government also manufacture all the medical supplies too??
    Stupid. Completely and totally ignorant. Was a fairly decent video up to that bit of simple minded foolishness.

  158. Having any of it I china is how it failed, STOP CCP CONTROL

  159. Yea, Obama admin. gave our jobs away! Now Trump has brought manufacturing back and is now working on our medical! China became #1 under the Obama, Biden, and Clinton period! What’s that tell ya!

  160. At least here in America when you get sick or injured, your money goes to help prop up the financial institutions of Rich White men who don’t care whether you live or die. Thats a lie. they hope you die so they don’t have to pay out for a health service. Then all that extra money can go to their own entitlements, a yacht, a yacht race or a private island in the Caymans. Every other 1st world nation would be ashamed to use their sick and injured as the means by which rich white men make themselves richer. And if you DON’T like paying out your ass for HORRIBLE Health INSURANCE NOT HEALTH CARE… Then you’re a Socialist or a Communist…

    1. Profiteering knows no color except green

  161. This is a what happened when America changed to “made in China.”

    1. Lol. Keep blaming others. In our old saying “pee a mirror and look at urself. Stop any excuses”

  162. WHY can’t 3M make PPE etc… for US first since it is an AMERICAN company?! China is nothing. China has factories to make their own masks but US can’t? Make your own country’s people safe first. Makes no sense. Let’s have factories in the USA to make their own masks, PPE, etc… Stop talking about China. There’s 1.4 billion people in China. Not in the USA. People have got to STOP playing this blame game. You mean to say there’s NO wealthy person who can make their won PPEs, face masks, etc… The states have to make their own equipment because Trump’s BSing with China and not doing what a president should do and he’s getting 100,000 people killed. Relocating companies back to the US.Hello? That’s been done for YEARS already. Stop this BS.

  163. Delusional Americans live with entitlement… bestowed upon themselves, bestowed by the world (so they think), bestowed by God (the Great Tooth Fairy in the Sky). So they never really needed to be properly prepared. One simple thing would have prevented the spread… respirators that sealed around the mouth and nose, and with appropriate filtration to prevent inhalation or spread of the virus… And of course federal law that would require wearing such a protective device during pandemic threat. But in the USA USA??? Never. It’s not fashionable enough for the stupid sick right wing trash. AND respirators would not generate enough of the precious cash flow demanded by Fascist Corporate America.

  164. Ppe no. But were gonna give you 2. Yes 2- $500,000 (each) fly byes. Youre welcome

  165. Ok, this supply chain is not China’s fault!
    FEMA has held Disaster planing with every community across the country to help them prepare for most disasters.
    Some of the States failed to follow up by stocking up on supplies……..or so they say.
    So Let’s drop back to January when Trump began speaking about the virus during his impeachment. 3 months of travelers had already flown in and out of the country without any major outbreaks! So When China closed down Wuhan, it was too late. How China handled the outbreak, is China’s fault and the WHO’s fault for not alarming the world.
    And probably with good reason, because in the real Ground Zero in Wuhan city of 11 million, 67,803 and 3,212 deaths meaning this was just another flu!!!!
    All of the numbers except New York City point to this being just another flu!!!!!!
    So it’s New York City that claims it is out of equipment., meaning they didn’t follow the FEMA guidelines to stock up on supplies for such a disaster.
    But it’s much worse than that. In New York City, 66% of the Cases were Self Quarantined, 18% were locked in Nursing homes and 4% were locked into Assisted living. Then to top that off, the infected were locked into nursing homes with non infected patients causing more infected and more unnecessary deaths.
    Also the clown circus was counting heart attacks and such as corona victims driving up the numbers.
    As of today, the Media still presents this as if the promised 6 million people had died. It’s the FLU and nothing more……..well maybe a little Murder in New York City. We’ll see after the Lawsuits.

    1. If you think that this is just another flu, you are sorely mistaken.

  166. fail?
    do people really care these thing in the US?
    and shifting companies back to USA?
    LOL sure, if you can find enough people willing to work in such place

    1. Do not underestimate us! Of course, we care! And we learn from our mistakes.

  167. During the Ancient World, we each only married our Twin Souls.

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    Us vs. Them

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    Us, we pertain to freedom, democracy and truth.

    As the underworld breaks down, They get nervous and desperate. They try to maintain their former perceptions in a microcosm of pretending, up to and including lies.
    Don’t exclude cliche nazis from the profile!

    In government is the threat that the corrupt will try to cling to their wrongdoing, in the light of perceivable truth. Call them out! They have no foundation. Whistleblowers, the President’s contact form, your local congressman, are good choices for communication.

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    1. ???🤨🤔☯️☮️♾️

  168. It’s almost June and I still can’t fine any N95 masks in any stores! Our country is a total joke!

  169. Yet not a single person died because of the failure in the Clickbait headline.

  170. US company persuaded by Chinas potential profit due to things like cheap labor.. Etc is a big factor in supply chain failing. But do not forget, China knew of the virus and how radyky it spread had their citizen living abroad in the US buy up massive amount of PPE from anywhere they could, such as Home Depot, Walmart.,target… And much more and sent it back to sell to Chinese people in China for profit.

    Although these instances are not the sole reason of the US failure in providing enough PPE to the front line medial staff, it is a very important to know

    1. Ok do American give a f– about usa.
      Google Microsoft. Apple,Amazon many ithers( All manufacturing in china)
      Pfizer; bayer;Abott and many more pharmacies ( major manufacturing unit in china)
      Tesla (70% paraphernalia plus whole manufacturing unit with engineering in china)much more
      China is going to be more n more stronger even post pandemic

  171. China entered WTO and cheated the system to become rich while making the others poor.

    1. No, they beat the west at their own game

  172. Use Puerto Rico as the manufacturing center:

  173. Fack the changes, evening is back to normal after lockdown lifted.

    1. .

    2. You’re obviously not paying attention.

  174. I am.a.regular buyer of Dettol mask but since March DETTOL and 3M is not available in INDIA. Unknown mask are selling online which i do not heard before.

  175. This is the Hegelian Dialectic of “PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION ” it’s the basis for all manipulation, all community organization, and all political pandering, especially used by the left! They create the issues, “real or imagined “(PROBLEM ) use the media with its talking heads and their supposed authoritative stance, including celebrities, so called experts, political figures, whomever they can use to push or sell the idea for maximum advantage and (REACTION) They then use that same vehicle to swoop in and push the topic, pretending they have, or are the (SOLUTION) this Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis , is the tried and true divide and conquer!

    1. Lol who is dividing our country we all know whom that is

  176. It failed bc we rely on China too much. #Chinesevirus

    1. #trumpvirus

  177. Why not just say the truth. Our leaders have been slowly selling out to the Chinese and before we knew it the manufactured all our products? Say no to globalization.

    1. Did you buy any Chinese products? Yes because they are cheap. China has the ability to manufacture goods and sell them at a lower price than the US can. Sometimes it’s just not economic to manufacture goods in your own country.

  178. My thoughts,after the pandemic,the US gonna move the medical device supply chains out of China even it’s not conducted maximum profit cuz they have learned a lesson which China is NOT accountable

    1. That is what you say. But you won’t do it unless you let the US military do the manufacturing. Remember America is a capitalistic nation. Ignoring profits is not the America way.

    2. @osmadchlo The horse is out of the barn.

    3. Absolutely! This needs to happen and I believe it will.

  179. This isn’t news. Americans have been screaming about the dangers of dependency on foreign interests for decades. Our companies, land, resources and even national security is controlled mainly by foreigners. Americans don’t own America and our government let it happen.

    1. Not to mention this admins inaction to help direct materials to needed producers to ramp up what we could produce… nasal swabs being one big one leading to lack of testing.

  180. It’s all about regulation.  So long the US government requires 30% of all essential medical supply must be sourced within the US, the issue can be addressed.  The additional cost of made in USA can be absorbed by the 70% sourced overseas.  During pandemic, the 30% capacity can be easily doubled when run at 24 hours.  This is better than blaming everything on China or developing countries providing cheap labor.

    1. Good point?🤔

  181. China builds all our stuff HELLO

    1. Until we start seeing American businesses breaking ground in America building factories they will always manufacture our products.

    2. Greg Potter Then it’ll cripple our own economy

    3. and that needs to stop…HELLO


  183. 2 m ppl infected you

  184. Quite a few RCTs showing PPE doesn’t work against microscopic pathogens 🦠 and raise cortisol to boot.

  185. the us should make everything for them selfs

    1. Since most people buy the lowest cost product, that’s unlikely to happen, especially given the scope of “everything”. Like raw materials not found in the US.

  186. Thanks globalism.

  187. Great well researched segment in a very partisan neutral perspective.

  188. The world is sometimes ridiculous. In the news, PPE is constantly being shipped to the United States, but we can see that medical workers still lack them. At least I bought PPE here and I received it soon.

  189. 1:34 “How did the supply chain fail when it was needed most?” Is that that a serious question?!
    Capitalism isn’t designed for non-profit seeking spikes in demand, it has no altruistic component. Like it or not, if you live in a capitalist society, there will be significant resistance to temporary and unforeseeable demand, no matter how many people die. Why make a massive investment in sunk costs for low cost Inferior (with a capital “I”), such as heavy equipment to make N95 masks, when demand is forecast to be temporary? Any first year business major would tell you it doesn’t stand up to a basic NPV calculation. Unless, of course, you plan to price gouge for a low quality product and then disappear, which is exactly what happened.
    Furthermore, supply chains operate on a limited budget, and cannot take the investment shocks needed to ramp up demand. Again, wet leasing a cargo aircraft for demand that may last only for months will not pass any company’s risk analysis. You can tell as the majority of commercial aircraft are parked in deserts right now.
    But somehow there will always be cash for senior level bonuses and dividends.
    Oh, and there’s a Pandemic! People don’t want to DIE! It amazes me how many people know what’s going on, yet expect other people to simply show up to work, like everything’s fine. They expect the mail to show up on time, expect products to be on the shelves, services to continue unabated, and think this will all be over when they become bored of it. Such people are idiots!

    1. @TByRaqm 2Mz Europe deliberately underdeveloped Africa. 13% of the American population has been deliberately underdeveloped. The country is burning because of the disrespect and that underdevelopment. America and Europe are falling.

    2. Like insurance…you have to have it and pay outrageous fees for it. The insurance companies don’t want you as a customer if you have to 75% of world’s lawsuits occur in America. No coincidence.

    3. @TByRaqm 2Mz hope you’re wrong… but there is truth there 😏

    4. @Neightrix Prime 🤣🤣🤣 I love you conspiracy theory crackpots… You always assume someone competent is awake at the wheel. Such faith in humanity! There is no one at the wheel. Indeed, you’re lucky if there’s a wheel at all!
      Emergent systems, such as our economy and international relations have no central control room. Its just a hot mess.
      It would be nice if there were a conspiracy, then we could arrest the evil-doers, and turn the machine back on. Then you would be the wise one for having exposed them on some obscure website or another, and that tin foil hat you’re wearing would be a fashion statement of righteous rebellion.
      The truth is far more frightening: For all our brilliance, we’re still subject to incompetence, blind faith, emotional reasoning, aversion of responsibility, selfishness, arrogance, pride, wilful ignorance, greed, stupidity and a whole host of failings that prevents us from coming together and may well see our extinction… Our failings are what conspire against us, not some fantasised cabal.
      Your unfounded desire to believe this was some vague orchestrated conspiracy for no discernable reason goes some way to convincing me of that assertion, given you have no real proof.
      If you want to be a rebel, build a control room from which a handful of elite people can simply manipulate things. If you did, perhaps we could get round to getting things done. But if the Soviets couldn’t, what hope does anyone else have?

    5. No supply chains failed. This was planned.

  190. Y’all act like hospitals order masks from Amazon….

    1. They actually did. So did states.

  191. FAKE NUDES!

  192. This started when Bill Clinton sold America out to China!!!!!!

  193. Some of these items were manufactured in the Western Hemisphere like Mexico, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. It’s obvious that China was not the best choice for these critical goods and many others. Much of this needs to be brought back to our hemisphere. Let Asia take care of Asia and North and Latin America to produce what’s critical for us.

  194. Should do it next door like Mexico, Latam, or even North Africa. And now we are gonna have more trade war with China, great. Thumbs up.

    1. Capitalism and the new world order. The third world nations were supposed to be “independent”but just cheap labor and consumers of western controled products from American and European venture capitalists. Especially Africa;the plan was to ESPECIALLY underdevelope its peoples because she is the richest continent and is destined to be on top of the world as America and Europe are falling.

  195. 8:37 🇺🇸 healthcare system is for profit. Basically inequality for those who can afford health care. This needs to change! Universal healthcare works look at 🇨🇦 the health care system works and doesn’t matter how much you make or the colour of your skin. Everyone gets medical attention. C’mon 🇺🇸 smarten up

  196. Puerto Rico is the perfect site to increase the manufacturing capacity of many products and supplies for the US market. And that’s because: 1- It’s located in the Caribbean, very near to Jacksonville North Carolina major shipment ports, 2- it have over 100 years of direct socio-political relationship with the US (PR is a commonwealth of the United States), 3- Puerto Rico population has an attractive workforce (bilingual with high academic / professional degrees), 4- PR currency is US Dollars, 5- it provides lots of Tax Exempt Incentives to big international companies and 6- many US and international companies have many of their manufacturing sites in PR for many decades. Ask GE, Cardinal Health, Medtronics, HP, Stryker, AMGEN, Bayer, etc. why they are having success in Puerto Rico.

  197. Chiner nationals overseas *rebuy* dey imports 2 ship back home.
    Bejing grabs da globe by da ballz & withholds supply wit sweatshop factorays.

  198. Most countries did not suffer from equipment shortages due to having their stock pile purchased out from underneath them. In the majority it was due to poor planning in country relating to having a proper stockpile in case. However China’s purchase of Australia’s high quality stockpile of PPE and Related Consumables prior to the announcement of the Virus and it’s severity was the sort of act that could be interpreted as the opening shots of a proper cold war. The CCP issued an edict to their OS businesses to get everything they could. Not complying with this sort of direction was not an option for those running these companies. Companies that were property investment houses and managers for example. Many of these companies are run by Expats that hold citizenship of the country they are working in. Some more paranoid could rightfully think deliberate or not it was the opening gambit of WW3. The true tell is China’s actions post the original events. Sadly they have taken advantage of the situation and are continuing to do so. China is a perfect example of if it can it will regardless of past behavior. They have embraced the worst of Capitalism.

    1. Australia could have said no thanks.

  199. Its a distribution & management issue instead of supply chain issue


  201. FAKE NEWS They Did Not Fail…The Democrat Governors Are The Ones Who Failed…Fact Check Before You Spew Your FAKE NEWS Losers.

  202. So it takes a pandemic for people to start talking about investing into making products within the USA, therefore creating jobs for people who live in America.

    1. @MX Studio i agree too

    2. Capitalists aren’t having any of it.

    3. The American consumer wants the lowest price for everything they purchase, and this is the reason we outsource to other nations, especially China. It sounds like a great argument to say ‘let’s bring manufacturing home’ but the next time you, or I go looking for a new smart phone what do we do .. we look for the lowest price, and nobody volunteers to pay more so it can be made here.

  203. My video about Covid-19

  204. coronavirus is the time when deglobalization starts

    1. Nope. It is just a change. There was a time when everything was made in the UK. Then it wasn’t. It wasn’t the end of globalization. Globalization is efficiency. Those who don’t embrace it will be crushed under its wheels. Globalization will continue. The manufacturing centers will change, but the idea is here to stay.

    2. It’s not going to, given human need to colonize space. Sorry, regressive culture warrior.

    3. Nah, it started before that.

    4. comorbitities and placing covid infected persons in nursing homes… ALSO

      See this too

    5. NWO

  205. China’s competitive advantage is more in supply chain than cheap labor. which means everything you need to make PPE can be sourced within 100 km radius in many cities in southern China. This is why manufacturing in China makes economic sense.
    you simply can’t expect the US economy to start making masks without heavy government subsidies, and PPE are really only in high demand during pandemics which is an emergency event, so it will not create a regular demand. so after the pandemic is over, most US medical supplies will continue to be made in China, because asking a capitalist to give up cost efficiency is like asking a tiger to become vegetarian.

    1. I even aware. the news from china from western media in decreasing. little about them is mention again.

    2. @Michael Baker Yeah, sure that mask is high demand during this pandemic and demand for electronics and autos are in downward trend due to lockdown, that’s why it’s economically possible as for the moment for these manufacturers to temporarily produce mask. Now after pandemic, would you expect this to happen. Not really.

      By the way, if you think that CHINA’s role is due to being having the biggest cheap labor and being the center of supply chain. It clearly overshadow the fact that CHINA already is the LARGEST MARKET of many sectors already. Its automobile and autos are the largest in the world (larger than usa+japan+india combined). VW, BMW, GM, etc sold more cars in CHINA than usa. CHINA is already the LARGEST MARKET for Smartphones & Tablets, Semiconductors, PCs & Laptops, Renewable Energy, E-commerce, Luxury Items, Industrial and Commerical Robots and even Retial Market. And what’s another CHINA’s advantage over america aside being having the largest consumer is that it’s located in Asia where the largest population, largest accumulation & reserves of raw materials and the fastest growing continental economy. CHINA being the biggest producer and consumer and located in the continent that has the fastest continental economy means CHINA won already the trade war against usa without even lifting a hand…

    3. .кантакты

    4. @obsidianstatue im not sure why you have such a huge hardon for china.. yes they are manufacturing giants but you seem to think the rest of the world is helpless. I work at a small time factory and even my place only took 3 days to put together 6 machines dies, with on hand materials, not outside sourcing, to ‘mass’ produce (about 23,000 per day) those M95 masks. No this isnt significant but take into account this is one small 150 worker factory. To date we’ve made over 1.7m masks. Imagine the larger companies that were supported, sourced, and supplied. ‘Oh but what about respirators and stuff like that’ Well put that on the places that have the manpower and space for large scale temporary changes..
      That being said, I completely agree with your stance on capitalism. America will not keep all this emergency infrastructure in place it will ‘go back in the weeds’ as that other commentor so aptly named it. Heres the problem with being in the weeds.. Again with my factory in those 2 and a half months of manufacturing masks and other components, many of our containers of steel components became heavily rusted due to exposure, (and yes poor storage) and thats only a few months.. I highly doubt machinery put into storage will be working a decade from now when we need them again.

    5. @obsidianstatue _”what you’re saying is to establish a crisis response plan, nothing to do with supply chain”_

      ? The two are inexorably linked.

      _”even if you have all the tools you still need raw material, chemical compounds and components which are again made in China.”_

      Chemical compounds and components are made with tooling. So to be fair, you’ve raised one valid point in that we would need to secure raw materials… which are actually *far more* attainable than the finished product.

      _”political rhetoric sounds tough and gets likes in youtube comment sections, but that’s all it’s good for.”_

      Political rhetoric? Methinks you are trying too hard.


    1. @Salviati GalileiI agree

    2. But but capitalismz.

    3. check my channel if you ar℮ l𝐎𝐎king t𝐎 buy effectiv℮ n95 face mask.


      Ka taea e koe te whakawhetai ahau muri i muri i te whakamahi koe i tenei

    4. Or you drop it skipping to grandmas house

  207. YES, please move the supply chain out of China so that we don’t have to work to death and suffer from the pollution it caused.

  208. The supply failed way before this virus due to US Manufacturers taking this abroad for cheap labor.

    1. You do realized that even in China the medical supply chain failed. The Chinese government made every industry manufacture PPE. From Foxcom that made smartphones to clothes and tampon manufacturers. Every factory in China was retooled to make PPE. The US could have done the same but it did not. So don’t blame China. They too had a shortage and when around Europe and Asia begging.

    2. Gotta love capitalism. 10% make out like bandits everyone else suffers.

    3. @R13h D Doesn’t matter who owns them. It does matter the laws and regulations they must follow. That is the job of government, how are they doing with that responsibility?

    4. I suggest you go look up who actually owns the majority of these companies. They are not American. The medical industry is mostly owned by Europe and Canada. Only 4 of the top 10 largest medical companies are American. Roche, Sinopharm, Bayer, Novartis, GlaxoSmith, Sanofi…not American.

  209. U.S. companies should consider relocating to North Africa.

    1. I waited f𝐎r a week and lastly my n95 mask is here. getad℮alf𝐎r (.c𝐎m)(g𝐎𝐎gl℮ it) still p𝐎ss℮ss stock if you would lik℮ to g℮t 𝐎n℮.full details on my vide𝐎


      Je suis toujours à l’aide pour mon besoin

  210. I bet that the tools they need are hiding in warehouses, put there by governors, mayors
    Senators, deputies, under the order of Democrats, Deep State, NWO, George Soros, and all evil of the world who hate President Donald J. Trump !
    He brought extras for Hospitals to not miss anything for the cure of people !

    Like they hide so many details in Puerto Rica’s warehouses !

    1. Are you all right? Why do you think that all bad resulted from from your enemies? It’s remind me of national socialism where propaganda preach that every think bad exists because of the other nations. I hope you find reliable sources because in our epoch there is an informational overflow which results in divided opinions.
      It is my opinion but if a president preachs to his nation that injection of disinfectant may help and later plays it down as sarcastic there is something wrong.
      Sry for my English it isn’t my native language and greetings from Germany.

  211. What about the problem of corp greed that started it all?

    1. Greed is at the root of many things. It’s now being exposed and hopefully we can build something new from there.

  212. I had to source parts for medical device and You just can’t beat China on quality, speed and price. Much better than other options.

    1. @Tejas Actually yes, while China has a lot of knock off brands and some poor quality products, overall the quality outmatches most. US quality dropped off well before the shift towards Mexico and China, if anything that was one of the leading reasonings.

    2. Quality.. China.. Seriously?
      The speed is because of the courier service not China. The only thing China has to do is with price!

  213. A supply chain is no use as long as Chinese eat bats, rats, cats, dogs, pills made from human fetuses.

  214. What a big shame that such a great industrial nation like the united states suffers form shortages of the Medical Protective Gear in the midst of pandemic and waits for it to be shipped from china, if production is resumed!
    we are missing the great label “MADE IN USA”

    1. @voltron422 it’s not over 😐

    2. Blame a lot of manufacturers for building their plants overseas.
      We do need to build in the US

    3. 0.03% of the US population died from Caronavirus. A testament of the nation’s resilience.

    4. I don’t think you can call the US a great industrial nation anymore. They are more the designer.. that is the problem

  215. 3:25 When was the last time that CEO bought something from China? High quality GTFO with that s***. Also I already knew the answer before I saw the video. Because everything is made in China. They should have a redundant supply chain for important stuff. Make it in the US, China, and somewhere in Europe and average out the cost of the product.

  216. Lol @ 3:26 high quality

  217. It didn’t fail. Everyone got what they needed

  218. I got sick mid February working in northern Mexico for an american company, Coronavirus didn’t get here in March, it got here way earlier.

    1. from what i heard it was late november early december when it got here. i had exactly the symptoms around christmas, wicked fever and a cough. kid had it too, kinda made me mad how fast he got over it

  219. Thumbnail: How the medical supply chain works
    Title: How the medical supply chain failed

    😂😂 Oops CNBC

    1. @jeffrywg That’s just it. It’s not confusing at all. The sentence is unambiguous and has only a single meaning.

    2. ErgoCogita lmao nah the guy is trying to say oops like they didn’t realize the confusing title it’s alright we all stressed and making minor mistakes lol

    3. They should’ve said functions or operates instead of works lmaooo

    4. How the supply chain works and how it failed are not mutually exclusive propositions. “How it works” means “how it operates” . Ooops! Looks like all you did was reveal how your comprehension failed.

  220. So long story short, we’re going to cut off China, pay double to make the products here, shut down our manufacturing quicker since we have the much higher human rights standards (I. E. OSHA) and we will be in the same position if another paneemic happens?

  221. health industry is going to be more expensive

    1. Everything is going to be more expensive.

    2. It was never cheap to begin with. Have you seen bills without insurance they are ridiculous. The main reason is not the manufacturing but the labor which are the doctors, nurses and including hospital and staff. Those are like your R&D cost. Right now we do manufacturing abroad but those companies are also losing on intellectual property (IP), they won’t say it but they have done a cost analysis that this loss in IP is a minimal risk for now while they do manufacturing abroad. But this is is how China has built up its technology sector. By reducing it’s R&D cost through illegal practice of IP and therefore under cutting international companies who pony a lot of money for R&D. But at some point that will end and China knows this so this is why they are building up also their R&D now too. This is why they have a lab in Wuhan that was doing research on coronaviruses etc.

  222. Corporate GREED is why

    1. And if they started charging 2x more you would be saying the exact same thing.

  223. And that my friends is why buying the cheapest possible item every single time moved all our industry to China

    1. @Brad Haines I see your point and it’s a great way to let of steam. Here is where I become a hypocrite. You won’t convert or educate anyone without making the effort.

    2. @Grant Adamson i used to, but some people are too dense to understand, or too ignorant to care. dont see the point

    3. @Brad Haines Simply saying you are wrong is silly. Put forward a fact based argument that illustrates your point of view.

    4. @Derek Welk Or because they can’t afford the more expensive choices.

    5. @sakenu16 yeah if they take service sector jobs too that’s not gonna be good

  224. cnbc show how latest submarines and aircraft careers were inducted into service

  225. She said that if we didn’t have for profit health care then everything would have been fine. Yet she forgets Spain and Italy which were hit harder (per mil) already have public health care and it didn’t help.

    1. @Bigboy are you going to work for free? do you expect everyone to do everything for you without getting paid? everyone has bills. i dont even want to know how ignorant you must be to think ‘capitalist criminal’ is the problem.

      youre an idiot

    2. Also mention countries that overcome the virus not just those that fail. Capitalist criminal like your want to make everything for profit.

    3. Also part of the problem is also the restrictions the FDA had in place. Only “certified” equipment can be used.

    4. Maxyy40 it was meant mainly for supply chain and those European countries have no manufacturing at all unlike USA

  226. without watching the video it’s due to the supply & demand graph. suppliers aren’t able to keep up with the demand of the mask.

  227. Its not the economics, its the National Security of our country that is at stake!

  228. its not profitible to maintain a stockpile, even worse when your president is a science denier

    1. how is he a science denier?

    2. Science denial is a more dangerous pandemic than Covid-19. It’s the greatest threat to the world.

    3. He’s a reactionary, not a leader. I wouldn’t trust him to coordinate hosting a 20 person dinner party…

  229. yeah yeah, this is nice and all but at the end of the day, all that matters is profit. Big companies will always try to reduce costs and increase profits.

    1. That’s why sensible laws need to put them in check. If you’re based in the US you must hire locally. Outsourcing all jobs hurts everybody.

    2. Profit will always matter.
      But since shipping costs are going up; it truly can make manufacturing at home finally become economical.

    3. Perhaps if you prosecuted a few CEOs who outsourced the production of critical supplies to other countries and so made the US vulnerable it would get the attention of the rest. It appears to be treason. We have laws against that.

    4. The US does have a publicly funded means of providing PPE. Half of all spending in US healthcare are from government institutions. This also represents a higher per capita cost than any industrialized nation spends on healthcare.
      The CDC guidelines on stockpiles in 2017 has a minimum amount within the federal stockpile which was increased 4 fold after the H1N1 outbreak. But from research from earlier this decade, it was shown that the US does not have enough stock in reserves to deal with a pandemic. In order to deal with this shortage and quicken response times, the CDC advised individual states to hold a certain amount of supplies and use the federal stockpile as a last resort. New York was one of the states that did not follow CDC advice.
      A major issue with New York City was the population density and the poor response of the Mayor and Governor. They put people recovering from Covid-19 in elder care facilities, and did not even know they had their own stockpiles ready for use which they did not use in additional to federal stockpiles given to the state.

    5. It’s just natural, who would want to run a nonprofit business? Not to mention, it is not sustainable to run a business without profit.

  230. Trump had time to prepare since January,. While other Asian countries prepare and did well afterwards. Trump denied what was happening till end of March. Look up all youtube videos on it. Trump failed USA.

    1. @Ryan 8191 So why didn’t he prepare as soon as he took control? He had nearly 3 years!

    2. @Andrew Gisler to a point I agree, however trump could at least met with that team at the start of his administration. He isn’t the smartest person and he hasn’t exactly surrounded himself with the best people. Have a good day/evening.

    3. Everyone failed. This wasn’t just a Trump thing.

    4. @Ryan 8191 He wouldn’t even listen to the Team Obama had… he didn’t even have the meeting with them! He dismissed their warnings about how to prepare for a pandemic. Remember SARS & MERS? Stop being naive, Trump thought he knew better!

    5. Exactly and he didn’t listen to the Obama team that warned that a pandemic was more than probable.

  231. We don’t have much time to get ready for the next wave and what is going on are they doing anything about it? Why are ventilators being sent out of this country again. yeah they’re going to they’re going to make them and then they’re going to be sent out of the country. A gift to his buddy putan.

    1. BECAUSE ITS NOT A BIG DEAL. stop watching the news. you sheep are whats destroying the world

    2. The first wave didn’t even end yet, but america still wants to reopen the economy 🤔

  232. Sounds like NY was very poorly prepared.

    1. dazaspc NY’s response: 1. Send infected elderly people back into nursing homes, 2. Do not disinfect subway. 3. Kept subway open and functioning. Cuomo demanded more respirators: 80% of people on them die, and we have a massive surplus. NY handled this in the worst way possible and states have always been aware of pandemics as a threat.

    2. @dazaspc The US and other countries were advised decades ago that a pandemic was due. Plus there was SARS in 2002. Several virologists gave warnings about the potential for a global pandemic but it was not taken seriously. It will no doubt happen again as will rising sea levels. The US administration will hand out snorkels a month after you are all drowning.

    3. You are wrong. They were prepared for known threats this was unknown. They were not given the best information available and didn’t get as much support from their own country that they needed. The incubation period and New York’s density of people meant that it was always going to be very bad. The saving grace was it was not as deadly as first thought as the extent of infection throughout the population information was not made available to them. I thought they did pretty well considering the American focus of Healthcare is Profit with patient welfare directly related to how much money they could spend still way behind the primary focus and community health a very poor third place.

    4. @Ryan 8191 Unfortunately it doesn’t matter how much your tax revenue is, if your spending is higher

    5. With there population and high taxes they should be fine, but they spend money on bad things

  233. I will unleash hello soon

  234. It wasn’t meant for an influx of cases all at once

    1. There was only an influx in New York. This is all nonsense.

    2. Not really the issue. The US was made aware several years ago that a pandemic would hit the US soon and they deliberately chose to not fund for the event. It’s not as though it caught them by surprise. But I guess they preferred to allocate funds to their military instead of health care. It was a gamble that didn’t pay off.

    3. I wish more people would understand this simple fact instead of bashing others.

  235. Earlyyy

    1. Shut up

  236. Very scary.

  237. Co dalej

  238. I co

  239. 27 seconds

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