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How to Clean Hardwood Floors (Household Cleaning Ideas That Save Time & Money) Clean My Space

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In this video, cleaning expert, Melissa Maker, discusses different types of hardwood flooring and share my favorite method for cleaning hardwood floors with all of y’all.

I also demonstrate mopping techniques for effective floor mopping. Cleaning hardwood floors is really important if you want them to last you a lifetime and look great! Thanks for watching!

Richard asked: How do I clean and maintain my hardwood floors?

There are many different types of hardwood floors:
1) Polyurethane coating makes the floors look clean and shiny
2) Hardwood finished wood has a waxy or oily coating which repels water or liquid
3) Unfinished hardwood CANNOT be mopped since it will damage the floors

To test if you can mop your floors, drop a few drops of water in a discreet area and if it beads, you have a floor coating.


What you need-
1) Hardwood floors
2) Vinegar
3) Dishwashing liquid
4) Wringer bucket
5) Microfiber twist mop
6) Microfiber cloth
7) Rubbing alcohol
8) Warm water

Put half a pinky nail’s worth of dishwashing liquid into a wringer bucket. Dishwashing liquid is a neutral cleaner and will help to remove dirt well without leaving a residue. Add a cap full of vinegar and fill with hot water. Vinegar is a mild disinfectant and will help to cut grease without leaving streaks. Soak the mop head in the bucket for a few minutes to soften. The mop has to be almost dry before mopping hardwood floor. When you mop, clean in an S-shaped pattern. This ensures you get all areas of the floor cleaned. Keep your bucket around you and try not to step into areas you’ve already cleaned. To be extra diligent, you can take a microfiber cloth and do a quick wipe down so no water is left behind.

Best practices are to sweep and vacuum once or twice a week and mop once every one or two weeks.


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555 thoughts on “How to Clean Hardwood Floors (Household Cleaning Ideas That Save Time & Money) Clean My Space

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    1. She said near the beginning of the vid that you can’t use water on unfinished hardwood.

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  7. I just found your channel and I really appreciate your videos! Since I’m out of work because of the coronavirus, I took on cleaning a house to make extra cash but the lady I took over for says the only way to clean floors is on hands and knees and this is a 9000 square-foot home 😧so I just would like your advice on if mopping wood and travertine tile is OK using a mop so that I don’t need knee replacements by the time I can go back to work 😏🤷🏼‍♀️👍🏻

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  12. Hey Melissa…i have got new home with hardwood floor…its varnished harwood floor bt it lost little bit of glossyness…i like very shinny floor…what can i use fir glossyness…i want very very shinny gloss on floor…

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  14. You can’t just mop your floors and call it done. You have to sweep or vacuum first, then mop. This video skips 50% of the job!

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    1. I’m neither lol, today I found out mopping hardwood floors will warp the floor. I noticed some of parts of my hardwood floor barely have wood stain, it visibly is near pale (hat sort of explains why my roommate only uses the Swiffer sweeper).

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  30. I honestly cannot see how that little of dishwashing liquid in that much water can be enough to clean anything. I bet if you left that out, you would not be able to tell one bit of difference.

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  32. How do I get nail polish off of a table such as a make up vanity? Mine is white wood.

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  41. You can have finished hardwood floors but it doesn’t mean that they are sealed! (As in the space between each individual plank) Many modern floors have each installed plank of wood already stained and finished with a few layers of varnish/polyurethane that protects the wood on the surface. Once put together the edges of each plank can allow water in between them. This is where sealing comes in. A sealed floor acts as one big surface versus individual planks. It’s to prevent liquids doing down between the planks. This can cause swelling and damage. Even if just little of liquid gets in every week or month it will eventually cause the edges of some of the boards to lift.
    Traditional wood floors would have unfinished wooden planks layed and the once done they would be all stained together and then a top coat or two of a finish would be applied. Then whole surface is protected including the edges between each plank.

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  49. Professional floor cleaners and manufacturers say to avoid vinegar. The vinegar will – in time – etch your floor, meaning, it will remove the sheen and shine and there is no way of getting that back. A couple of professional floor cleaners have admitted to me that only tap water is required to clean your floor. Its not necessary to buy the “special formulated” floor cleaners. For best results, mop your hardwood floor 2 or even 3 times.

  50. Rubbing alcohol maybe for stubborn dirt. Maybe shes testiing us. or are we testing to see if she is listening?

  51. Melissa, I must admit that you have become my cleaning guru:) I truly never thought that natural cleaning products/ingredients would ever be as good as chemical based cleaners but you have absolutely proved me wrong. Thank you!

  52. I have this faux wood flooring in my apartment, do you have any suggestions for cleaning a faux wood. It could be linoleum 🤷🏾‍♂️

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  65. You can use woodprix plans. The best handbooks and very detailed instructions. You can learn much from them and make it yourself.

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  95. OOPS . Sorry to correct you, but only a flat mop with spray as the hardwood manufacturers instruct, or a cloth completely wrung out used by hand. If you use a mop as you have shown, the water will get in the cracks and eventually cause finish to separate, cracks in ends and warping. Hope you make retract this and make a correction video.

  96. The stairs in my house are very old and once had carpeting on them. now what we have is unfished wooden floor and it has a bad odor to it. how do I clean this?

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  118. Hello I was told to only use wood floor cleaner from the manufacturer of the floor. I was then told by a professional cleaning company that you have to rinse the floor after cleaning with any product. If you don’t rinse the floor there will be build up over the years. This would be twice the work! Any advice?

  119. help! how do I clean laminate floors? I struggle with cleaner, mops, rags, you name it and they still streak and I think they are dull looking.

    1. rain s shark steam pocket mop works gr8

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  127. Hi. I can scrub my hardwood floors, mop like you did, and still, when my son walks on the floor with clean white socks, or I go to wipe up a spill, there’s dirt on the socks and paper towel. Why is that? and How can I fix that

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  129. Hey Melissa jave been looking for a video like this. however what about old house wood floors, as my apartment is part of a triple decker , & the house is 70+ years old. So these floors are the real deal wood floors not engineered not laminate. And I cannot tell if they’re waxed and is waxed the same as polyurethane? How do you clean that, to be honest I think they need to be refinished as plants my mother has that has dripped water on the floor have messed the floor up or has caused white spots and trying to keep up with these plants and water dripping from them is a nuisance.😖

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  133. Hi Melissa I have a steamer mop I put vinegar water and some oil drops it smells amazing when I mop. Do you think this is good enough?

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    1. no, as she said in the video you can’t use water on unfinished floors

  135. Great to see that woodprix has new instructions to save my money and energy to build it.

  136. Hi Melissa,
    I love your channel. I really liked the tips you gave on bedroom cleaning and closet organizing.
    My toddler spill cooking oil on my hardwood floor plz tell me how to clean it properly so that nobody skids or fall.

  137. I used 1/2 cup of ammonia to a gallon of water.
    But first I sweep around the edges of the room, then vacuum & swiffer it. Then wash. The floors are gorgeous. Stink like piss but that’s what the customer wanted.

  138. well eventually form a half minutes into the video she actually stood up and did something

  139. A piece of advice from a 37 year veteran of the cleaning industry. When explaining how much chemical (cleaning solution) to add to the ” Bucket Of Water”, you MUST specify how much water is actually IN that bucket. In other words there will be a HUGE difference if you are adding 4 oz of detergent to 1 gallon of water as opposed to 2 gallons of water. Understand?

    1. I’m actually a 38 year floor veteran and I find diesel fuel works the best, no water needed

    2. Okay boomer

    3. Good point

    4. Ya and what the heck is “half a pinky nail” of dish soap? Might as well say “mix a little bit of this with a little bit of that” that’s not how grown ups make solutions…

  140. my problem is I can’t get the sand and debris off of the floor. there’s always dirt left. would a swiffer sweeper do the job?

    1. Mommy Maid sweep the edges of your room (and behind stuff) toward the center, vacuum using the suction only setting, then Swiffer it. Proceed with your wash. 😉

  141. How much dishwashing soap do you recommend? I tried to put in 1/2 pinky nail but resulting mix got a little too sudsy? Thank you!

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    1. @Kristy Clark Distilled white vinegar.

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    3. @MrTopLakersFan I can not seem to click the video. But I did see it on the right.

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  147. ffs, don’t use vinegar. Wood has a PH, as well as the sheen coating….. You’ll ruin shit using vinegar.

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    1. dogsmumm your boards are probably too dry and need to add some humidity to the house.

    2. get new floors…..

    3. These are hell to clean

    4. dogsmumm I have very old hard wood floors and know what your talking about,their lines in between boards right?

    5. dogsmumm suction/crevice tool on the vac.

  154. I have a Question for u 🙂 How do I Remove Old Dried on Paint From Old Hardwood Floors ?? Thanks !!!!!!

    1. Mineral spirit’s usually works very good. Then I suggest refinishing them by stripping them sanding buffing stain polyurethane& lacquer

    2. 3 yrs later

  155. With kids who often I can mop my laminated wood floor ?

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  159. Vinegar contains acid and is not good for your hardwood…..

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    Clinton, MA

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    3. Heather Zarella -that is so it dries quick.

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  181. If vinegar can take off the polyurethane if you use more than a capful… then overtime wouldnt it affect the polyurethane?

    1. naturegirl2110 just want know the impact on the floor if you are using water, dish soap and vinegar?

    2. Exactly. I’m trying to figure out how to Clean these floors. Yes clean since I have a child and pets so germ that needs to be cleaned. It seem even the hardwood floor manufacturers don’t even kno what they’re talking about. They either are trying to push their own products or just want you to use water. I tried Bruce cleaner and it made my floor look worse and feel gummy. I think I’ll try just had time soap and water. Hopefully it works since it seems a lot of stuff in the cleaning isle doesn’t. If you’ve a solution to this problem please let me kno. I just want something that works.

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  186. I love this, thank you. i’ve been using a water spray bottle 1/2 water 1/2 vinegar and adding some lemon juice directly on the floor. I live in an apartment so it’s hard to re-use a mop or wash microfiber because I have to take them down to do laundry, which I already do plenty of, including my Dad’s cleaning at his house. Long story short, I use thin microfiber (not nice thick kind) and throw them out because I just don’t have strength to do more. My question to your knowledgeable self is, is that too much vinegar and is store bought lemon juice bad? So far I use clear lemon juice. I’ve seen other murkier ones, not sure why. Perhaps mine has some lemon oil as well. Thank you.

  187. What are your thoughts on the BONA products

  188. hey i dunt know if u will get this or not but anyways i live in a rental appartment and i have standred floors latelly ihave black spots on the floor plz let me know how to get rid of them thankx

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    Do your Cats React unusual after being mopped ?

    1. Mohamed Acyl yeah mate try not to mop your cats it’s not normal

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    1. Is your floor ok after 3 years

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  192. vinegar is acidic and can damage a polyurethane-coated hardwood. i haven’t found a great homemade cleaning blend but when i stick to a hardwood-specific floor cleaner my floors fare pretty well. i’m using Method right now which smells wonderful but i think the Pledge floor cleaner works just a little better.

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  200. When you step on my hardwood floor you can see foot prints… How do you fix that.

  201. What about unfinished floors? How do you clean them?

  202. This looks great and want to try it! One question! Approximately how much water do I mix with the detergent and vinegar? My floors are in major need of cleaning!

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  206. What was the rubbing alcohol for?

    Also can you put essential oil in the water mixture ? I like everything to smell good when cleaning 🙂

    1. Lemon grass fragrance is a very clean scent

    2. Cecilia perez essential oil is very strong and might harm your finish, maybe you should try fragrance oil instead

    3. Cecilia perez I do. About 10-15 drops. Eucalyptus just smells like clean to me. I know this is two years old. I’m new to her channel.

  207. Who else is watching this in 2015

    1. Uma Selvaratnam 2017

    2. +Uma Selvaratnam Just got in. Right before the deadline.

  208. so the materials you used, do you only use on finished hardwood floors, on any kind? or can you use them on non finished hardwood floors?

  209. Doesn’t putting the mop back in the water and ringing it out just cause filth to be transferred back to the floor?
    How often do you typically change the water, and where do you dispense of the dirty water?

  210. Great video! Love your cats too.

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  212. very informative. i was using too much of vinegar and soap. how about murphu’s oil soap>

  213. its not look professional but funny

  214. The bucket makes things easier

  215. Tried vinegar, water and Dr. Bronner on my floors which are coated hardwood and it came out great. Thank you!!

    1. 4 yrs later

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  217. Hey Melissa, would you do a video showing how to deep clean the bathroom…including how to clean the toilet, shower, sink, trash bin…please? Thanks.

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  219. Hi Melissa I came and saw your videos & they are awesome. Can you please tell me. Am I suppose to put alcohol in the bucket like the other ones you pour, I didn’t see you do it? Please lmk!!

  220. Is there a better way to remove the streaks other than the microfiber.

  221. how do i clean my unfinished hardwood floors properly? i have been mopping them, whoops, lol!

  222. How much water?

  223. Question:  Do I need to sweep/vacuum the floor first before  moping or do i mop first then vacuum? 

  224. When you say “half a pinky nail” What do you mean exactly. Like poor enough into the bucket that it comes up to half your pinky nail, or just a drop the size of half your pinky nail? And how much water did you put in compared to the solution you created?

    1. I’d try gauging the size of her bucket and figuring the water would probably go to the bottom of the wringing cup.

    2. 1) autism would have nothing to do with this question, so that comment is both derogatory and offensive those that have autism or those that know people with autism
      2) take a legit question. When dealing with chemicals of any sort you don’t want to put to much in or you could have a negative effect. I use Murphy oil on my floors now and it specifies no more than half a Cup of oil per gallon or you can strip the coating on the floor. And she even said to much can strip your coating. It’s also like with salt. Salt is made if sodium and chloride, both deadly chemicals but together in the right amount it makes a delicious seasoning, but to much of one chemical or the other can kill you.

  225. Does anyone really believe a few drops of dish soap and a capful of vinegar, in a mop bucket, is going to disinfect or get rid of bacteria from a hardwood floor???  That’s just silly.

    1. staceybrister so what do u use?

  226. Hello, I would like to know where did you get that specific wringer bucket because it is smaller than the ones that I’ve found?  


  227. loved the demo but what is the alcohol for???

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    Come on.


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  233. Melissa, do you have any additional experience to add to this video? Or any opinions on Swiffer-like products and hardwood floors? I just bought a house that is ENTIRELY hardwood, so I have to be an expert on it soon. 🙂

  234. Do you add alcohol to bucket too? If so, how much? Thx

  235. If your floor is actually a laminate, NEVER NEVER NEVER come anywhere near it with rubbing alcohol! The smallest amount will strip the finish right off!

  236. I came to learn about cleaning my floors, but was distracted by super tight Yoga Pants…. I’m gunna go back to good old Bob Villa now so that I have no distractions.

    1. That’s funny.

  237. Wash the floor only once or twice every two week…OMG…..I wash it everyday…


  239. wondering why some questions are replied to and others are not..some ask very good questions and I would like to read replies but do not see any.

  240. are those steam cleaners good or bad for hardwood with a polyurethane finish

  241. Great Tips! Nice presentation and so cute.

  242. Can you do a video about your cleaning tools and how to disinfect them?

    1. there is anyways. soak in vinegar mostly.

  243. Thanks for the great tips on claining wood flooring. What about bamboo floors?

  244. What brand mop bucket and micro fiber mop are you using?

  245. thank you Melisa for all info , love it … have a great one 

  246. how to clean leather furniture ???

  247. Hey! New subscriber here:) I would like to ask how do you remove stains easily/maintain marble floors? What should I avoid/use? Any tips?:)

  248. How does the Vinegar & Dish Detergent compare to Murphy Oil Soap?

    1. Great substitute if you don’t have it?

  249. What is the purpose of minimizing the water placed on the floor? To minimize it seeping through the coating?

  250. melissa i still dont get the steam thing

  251. Awesome video! I am looking forward to trying this method out on my new condo’s hardwood floors. 

  252. Great video! What was the alcohol for?

    1. it cuts down on streaking and it evaporates quickly.

  253. hi how do you feel about steamers for cleaning h wood floors I get so confused im always told not to get water on the floors i mean geez it has to be cleaned with something lol

    1. @Jumpoff A Mmmn, no, it doesn’t with normal use.  If you are getting “cloudy” results, that’s akin to a hot mark on a table or end table.from a dish out of the oven etc  That means you are putting way to much heat on the floor…much more than is needed to sanitize.  If you get a restorer for “heat marks” it will restore the shine.

    2. @JViello It isn’t that steam takes the finish off, it dulls the finish. 

    3. If steam is taking your finish off, you don’t have a real finish.  I wish steam remove polyurethane, it would make stripping and sanding floors a lot easier!.  I steam my hardwood all the time, and I own a professional floor care company.  

    4. @Jumpoff A ok thankn you I never thought about steamers taking off of the finish they just have said  to be careful of the water getting down into the floor thanks so much for ur reply 

    5. I know that you are told that steam kills germs. But, what they don’t tell you is that steam also takes the finish off of your floors too. You can clean the floors as Melissa has suggested. but then you can add a floor polish to shine them up. You will have to know what type of floors you have then read the labels of floor polishes. You will find that some polishes are better than others so get a small container to experiment on. Of course, you can see what the manufacturer has suggested for you to use on your floors and follow their recommendations.

  254. Alcohol????

  255. I just bought a house that was built in 1954, so the hardwood is the original hardwood, so I don’t know who the manufacturer is and I don’t think  the previous owners know either. lol Well they thrashed that floor, so I’m going to try and clean it tomorrow before I move in.

    1. @Cantetinza17 welcome. 🙂 

    2. Awww thank you for that tip I will most certainly do that.

    3. @Cantetinza17 make sure you see the chemicals that they use on your floor. Write down the name and look up what it takes to keep it in shape. This will also keep the contractors honest too. 

    4. I have to pay to have my floors refinished. The previous owners of my home did not treat the home right and they had dogs that scratched at the wood floors.

    5. You’re lucky in one way and screwed in another. Your hardwood floors do not have a finish on them. The only finish you may have is a floor wax or if you’re lucky a polyurethane. First you will need to see if you have a floor wax on your floor. Get down and scratch the floor with your fingernail. If the wax scrapes off under your nail then you will know that you only have a floor wax. If it doesn’t then you will have a polyurethane.

      If you have a wax floor you can remove the wax and lay down a fresh coat. You can even put a polyurethane coat on to protect your floor. Of course you can always wash the wax floor and put a fresh coat of wax on the floor.

      If you do have wax or polyurethane on your floor then using the simple cleaners above will remove the wax and or polyurethane coat and you will lose the shine on your floor. To clean a floor with these coats on it you will have to use a bucket of warm water and a mild soap. I hope this helps. 

  256. the a word   “:(” Im 11

  257. Newman! [clenching fist]

  258. Please do a video on cleaning normal tiled or cement floors, like really dusty grimey ones. Always drives me mental when I mop for one or two swipes then when I go back into the bucket the water gets dirty and black really fast. That sounds gross… but I live in a really dusty city. Thanks!

  259. Hi mellisa how I can remove dog urine stain odors, plz give me a solution plz, thank u..

    1. denny cartwright reported

    2. minerva mendez kill your dog, simple

    3. white vinegar will remove the odor. and I would add dish soap and hydrogen peroxide together in a spray bottle to remove the stain. The longer the stain remains the harder it is to remove it.

  260. Can it be apple vinegar ?

    1. Yes but it may change the color of the wood, like bamboo or a white oak.

  261. Before using any kind of cleaner on hardwood floors, we like to use our swiffer vac to pick up any crumbs, hair, etc.

  262. you are a doll. 

  263. you never used the alcohol what was it for??????/

    1. As a cleaning professional, I would guess it’s for shoe scuffs on the floor.  That’s what I would use it for. 🙂

  264. How do you remove discoloration in the hardwoood floor; aka stains, etc?

  265. What is the alcohol for?

  266. rubbing alcohol can remove paint… be careful when mopping around walls

    1. It won’t remove paint after it has dried for months to years.

  267. I love my Gleaming Hardwood Floors 🙂 but I really would like a clip on Cleaning and moping tile floors in the Kitchen. Melissa Maker you shows how to get the grout from between now less have you show everyone how to mop floors. Please and thanks you ! DD from Big T.O. 



  268. this is fun and entertaining. i just watch for fun. 

  269. Any comments on how Better Life Simply Floored Green Floor Cleaner works?

  270. ok did I miss it what was the alcohol for?

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  272. How to wash the mop after use?

    1. Hot water and soap.

  273. I thought you said not to add water to unfinished wooden floors. what would you use then?

  274. How do I clean/disinfect unfinished hardwood floors?

  275. THANK YOU!!!!!

  276. nice one hopefully it gets all the dirt off my flooor. for years ive been tryin to clean my floors and nothing really works. its looks clean but if you walk bear foot around the house your foot will turn black. lol so we wear slippers inside the house. hopefully this works thanx

  277. How to clean windows and mirrors?

  278. I have hardwood floors, thank you!

  279. What was the alcohol for?

  280. how to clean wood design laminated carpet. pls help my entire office floor is with it.

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  282. Vinegar? I don’t think so.

  283. Whats the best vaccum you would recommend for hardwood floors & pet hair? My husband and i are a young couple living in an apartment, not looking to drop $500 on a dyson

  284. What the heck was the rubbing alcohol for?!

    1. Jumpoff A OK, but how much to use & should I add it to the mop water or use it in a different way?

  285. I understand people asking what products to use, but not knowing how to manoeuvre a mop is shameful.

  286. Is it the same technique when you clean tile floors

  287. Any tips on how to make hardwood floors shine?  Mine are clean but they look dull, I’d love for them to shine like yours do.  Or is it just a matter of the finish of what the finish is?

  288. i don’t think you used the this vid.

  289. I slipped something sticky on my hard you how do I get it. Off

  290. What was the alcohol used for did I miss it ?

  291. Does this apply to laminate wood floor as well?

    1. @ladama what do you mean by whatever you want? 

    2. Yes

    3. yep you can i use mops and swiffers too

    4. If its laminate is not real wood. So you can use whatever you want…

  292. can u use the micorfibre cloth wet whilst dusting or does it have to be dry, how do you keep it clean whilst dusting because it will ecentually get to much dust on it so what do you do to keep going , get a new one or rinse it and keek going , can you re use it how do you clean it at the end 

  293. when dusting do you keep rinsing the microfibre cloth

  294. what do you think of dettol? in my house i have marble/tile flooring and laminate, and i clean it with a cap full of an “allesreiniger” (cleaner for everything) and a bit of dettol mixed in a bucket of steamy hot water.

  295. I have tile floors (no grout) in my classroom. I need a cleaner that I can mix together in a spray bottle so I clean spot clean/clean it by hand. What do you recommend mixing together? I’d like them to shine as well.

  296. I would let you clean my hardwood any day baby!!! LAWL

    1. My first thoughts!!

  297. If I have used nearly equal parts of vinegar and water on hardwood floors and I am seeing the finish coming off – is there anything I can do to restore the finish?

  298. Didn’t wrk fr me 🙁

  299. How do I clean my walls?

    1. @CandyCandy hahahahah

    2. You just clean your walls…

    3. okay

    4. Great question I want to learn about that too!

  300. I prefer to use a vapor steamer with a microfiber pad on the head.

    1. Steamer has left water marks all over my hardwood 🙁

  301. What is the rubbing alcohol for in cleaning hardwood?

  302. simple question is it distilled vinegar??

    1. yes

  303. Keep on making your videos!!! I love it!!!!

    1. 5 yrs later

  304. How do u suggest cleaning laminate floors? I can’t mop because water makes the wood expand

  305. Is it better to have do this with boiling water so it evaporates

  306. I haven’t got dishwashing liquid. Can I use washing liquid which I use in my washing machine? or can I dissolve a dishwashing tablet please?

  307. What about tiles and lino please? I have a mixture of tiles and lino

  308. How to clean a wooden table?  I recently got one and I *think* I’m doing it right but would feel better with some reassurance.  Not sure what kind of coating it has.

  309. Thank you very much

  310. Hi can you show us how to get marks and lint and finger-prints & dust off a desktop computer thanks. 🙂

  311. Thank you SO MUCH for making this video! !! Your house is so beautiful

  312. Would this work on wood coated stair rails?

  313. Great video thanks for sharing
    Would this same method of mixture work on wood coated stair rail that has built up dirt from use when going up or. Down the stairs?
    Thank you in advance for your response

    1. Robin Eaton-Glover //—_


      ””.&,mm. ,Kiki, m , M.

    2. +Clean My Space 4

    3. Yes it would! 

  314. Thank you for the video
    Can I use this same method to clean a wood stair rail that has dirt and some built up dirt from hands?
    Thank you again

    1. My parents home is almost 150 years old now. When they moved in, the woodwork through out the house had a grimy build up of grease and dirt. We used Avon Skin So Soft oil. I swear it works, I even went home and used it on my wooden spice rack I had near my stove and it came out magnificent. Try it.

  315. U didn’t use the rubbing alcohol??

    1. There’s a bonus video at the end…

  316. i think the alcohol is just so you keep watching it to see if you missed something.
    duped. .

    1. @Clean My Space I did not see a bonus video?

    2. Clean My Space 🤔 You mean click a link to another video?

    3. dan silvershark

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    5. +dan silvershark That is so funny! I watched this 4 x’s yesterday to see if I missed it! 😀

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    1. Good for scuffs.

  318. where does the rubbing alcohol come in?

  319. how to clean a tiled floor?

  320. What is the alcohol for then? I didnt see u use it.

  321. I wander if you have some tips for me to clean my leather couch. Maybe with bakingsoda. But how do i use that. Ik hope you can help me out. Kind regards, barbara from holland

  322. What is the rubbing alcohol for?

  323. whats the best way to clean unfinished hardwood floors ?

  324. I had someone recommend Murphy Oil Soap for hardwoods, have u ever used or tried this product or have an opinion on it? Curious about trying it.

  325. What about cleaning tiles?

  326. So you mentioned that don’t let water get onto unfinished hardwood. My bedroom has unfinished hardwood. I think it use to be carpet until our landlord tore the carpets out. How should I clean unfinished hardwood?

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  338. I live in a hot country and so the whole house is tiled. The tiles (don’t know what they are) are very shiny and mopping them leaves them very smeary. Do you have any tips on what to use in my mop water to leave a non smeary result on tiled floors?

  339. how do you get the shine back in the floors mine have gotten very dull

  340. You need to find an enzyme cleaner to remove the build-up, they’ll shine like you’ve never seen them shine!

  341. We mention it in the bonus video…

  342. What is the alcohol for

  343. My boyfriend spilled glue on my laminate floor, is there anyway I can get it off? What about stains on laminate flooring?

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  348. You didn’t say what alcohol was for.

  349. best way to remove it? Water and pinch of vinegar?

  350. It seems like when I do this (water, soap and vinegar mix), my floor gets a little sticky afterwards…thoughts?

  351. Hi I was shopping and I came across a steam cleaning that looks like a swiffer but isn’t. It kills 99.9 % is good for hardwood floors tiles and etc. is it worth buying ? I love this video but steaming is it worth it ?

  352. How can you get gum out of cloth seats in a car. -Cassie

  353. Can u do a video about taking scratches off of hardwood floors

  354. where can i find the ring bucket?

  355. What do use the rubbing alcohol for? Thank you

  356. I just watched a bunch of your videos and now I have a question. When I clean my bathtub even if I do use a papertowel or microfiber cloth I can’t ever seem to get the hair and fuzzies off. In my job I have to make sure there are no hairs and absolutely no specks of dirt. Do you have any tips?

  357. Can this same cleaner recipe and method be used on ceramic floors?

  358. Love ur videos!!!! Can this method be used for laminate wood floors? Thanks

  359. my daughter always paints her nails but leaves stns on the carpet how do i get it oit

    1. vasqueznatalie00
      Try polish remover and use several times and blot with paper towel until it is lifted. And as a preventive, have your daughter do that task on tile floors so it can be easily be removed

  360. mellissa my daighter

  361. I’ve never heard of it before but I’ll look around for it. Do I need anything special to use Pink Solution? A guy at Lowes tried to sell me the Bona floor care system but that’s out of my budget right now. I do however have a microfiber mop, will that suffice?

  362. Hi Melissa! How do you clean and polish laminate hardwood floors? My floors are dull and have this nasty film over them that really accentuate all the scratches on the floor. I have no idea what was used on the floors from the previous tenants but they did a horrible job lol Thanks in advance!

  363. HI Melissa. I have used ur method and it worked great! But I have to questions… after a few times of moping, I noticed that the floor was taking longer to dry and kind of a “greasy” look to it… I don’t use anything else except the vinegar and dishwash soap. Any ideas? Also is there anything that I can add to the water to make the whole house smell good? thank you so much!

  364. I have “the shark” please do a video using that steam mop. I like it a lot for my floors and I’m very careful with it.

  365. Ok so what do you need the alcohol for?

  366. I have a floor steamer, is that safe to use on hardwood?

    1. Tayzerfun
      I use mine and get excellent results

  367. I thought I found what I was looking for until it said “floors”.

  368. Whoops, I wasn’t finished =) anyway, is the microfiber twist mop machine washable – does it detach? 2nd, do you find yourself washing the microfiber cloth in a separate wash when using it for multiple jobs that have multiple chemicals on it i.e. 409, window cleaner, ….?

  369. Hey, Melissa!

  370. Yes seen it thanks

  371. What was the alcohol for?? Great tip thanks

  372. Alcohol was for?

  373. great tips moving into a house with all hardwood floors instead of the carpet I have now

  374. Great Tips, A must Watch for Everyone.

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  380. Hey melissa how do I properly clean or mop my tile floors?

  381. Thanks Melissa! Also, would it be too much, if I cleaned the hardwood floors daily (using your method above)?

  382. Hi Melissa,

    Just wondering…if you use vinegar, wouldn’t it leave a strong stench ?

    Also, would it be bad to mop it (using your method), once everyday? I have a toddler, so I need to keep everything extra clean!

  383. Thanks!~

  384. What did you do with the little bottle on the end, on your left I think??? Love all your posts by the Ey thank you both xxx

  385. (But I like your tips keep it up!)

  386. You’re beautiful.

  387. Melissa :
    I have carpet floors(?Is it the right where to say it?or is it carpet flooring?)and each time a guest comes into my house,I would also be embarrassed because my carpets would be stained. How do you clean the stains off the carpet? – Jessica

  388. Melissa-what’s the best way to clean my fan without dust going anywhere? -Austin

  389. Hi-we just moved to an apartment with hardwood floors. Could you tell me the brand of ringer bucket and microfiber mop that you use? Thank you!

  390. Does it matter if the water in the bucket gets cold? I always tend to keep refilling it with hot water again if i’m mopping..

  391. Your feet are so cute! 🙂 x

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  393. How would I Clean My shoes?

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  397. Hey Malissa. My apartment has tile flooring sheets. Could you suggest some cleaning ideas? This would really help. Thanks 🙂

  398. Walmart has them. Costco has it also.

  399. I have 2 dogs so I need to know how to clean pee off my sealed hardwood??

  400. stick that microfibre cloth on the end of a dry flathead mop (or on a floor swiffer) for the people who can’t keep bending and kneeling.

  401. Where do you get your micfrofibre cloths?

  402. you said he needs rubbing alcohol but you failed to use it in the video lol

  403. What is the best kind of vacuum that you can buy for all types of floors that is not that expensive like less than 300 dollars.

  404. i have a wooden floor n 2 months before oily rice fall on my floor i did not notice at that time but now it seems a small sports of oil on my floor how i can clean them.

  405. Does the mop need to be microfiber? Why not use a regular mop?

  406. Melissa I just got hardwood floors and they looked amazing the first week! With three kids and 2 birds, ugh I find it harder to keep up with it. Now I just saw your video, and I have a question about the mops/brushes… if you don’t mind. I have a microfiber “broom” to kinda sweep up the dirt and lint. Can I not use a regular broom? and the mop… 2 many to pick up from. me 🙂

  407. I like the bewitched special effects. All you need to do is twitch your nose and add the sound effect. Lol

  408. You never said how much water you have in the bucket?

  409. Hi Melissa, I’ve watched both videos about cleaning my hardwood floors. Using rubbing alcohol seems like a separate process. Is that to be used less often or right after using the dish soap/vinegar method? Maybe it’s used for a different cleaning situation? Love your channel!! Thx.

  410. you look like lucy pinder

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  412. Thank you for sharing, I now learned how to clean hardwood floor at my new house 😉

  413. Would you marry me?

  414. They’re actually laminate. Sorry. We moved into a house with Pergo floors and the previous owner said I had to use a specific cleanser for the floors, which you can only buy online. Ugh, such a pain.

  415. What about Pergo floors? Same technique?

  416. how do you know who im sleeping with????

  417. Vinegar does not cut grease. Ammonia cuts grease.

  418. Thank you very much, was looking all over for a natural way to clean my hardwood floors that have just been revealed from the carpet over them. They are beautiful and I wanted to clean them as natural and harmless as possible. Will have to try this.

  419. I own a hardwood floor company! Alcohol is a NO NO on almost all hardwood finishes especially the waterborne and Acrylic Catalyzed finishes i.e. Street Shoes XL. Isopropyl Alcohol will actually dissolve many finishes or dull them completely!

  420. What did you use the rubbing alcohol in?

  421. Would this work on tile floor as well or is there something different for that?

  422. When we built out house, my mom was told not to let water on the floor, but we’ve dropped water before and it beaded. :s If we can’t use water what can be used?

    1. Luna
      That’s why she said wring the mop until it was almost dry

  423. Hello we just had sand on site 3/4 inch white oak wood floors installed. It was finished with oil base and polyurethane. I would like to know if the medthod you have would work for cleanig the floors. Does it matter what brand of dish soap? Is it ok to dust mop with a microfiber duster. I did buy bona but am not sure about using it. I know not to wax the floor. some say just vaccum or dust mop. But I would like to make sure they are clean.

  424. Thank you so much! I’ll definitely try it out soon (:

  425. How do I clean hardwood surfaces? Like wood chairs for example. I feel as though furniture polish makes it shiny, but doesn’t clean the surface. Thanks!

  426. What is the rubbing alcohol for?

    1. Joan Ixito
      Moral support

  427. Hello Melissa, I rarely comment on videos but I would like to say after trying many different methods on my real and dark hardwood floor your above tips worked. I have also tried the Bona mop and leaves much more residue behind then this. I bought the same mop and bucket and tried what you did and after 1 wash it came out a lot cleaner then anything else / Thanks again

    Reece Werenka

  428. No I didn’t, gonna look for it! 🙂 Thanks so much!

  429. What are your thoughts on Bona? I use that and I have a film on my dark oak floors =/ What do you think the problem is with the film?? anything is greatly appreciated! 🙂


  431. YOUR SO FLEXIBLE AND LOVE YOUR TOES! Thumbs up to great video

  432. Thanks for the tips Melissa! love your personality in the video, it makes it fun while I learn.

  433. You said 1/2 a pinky full of dish washing detergent and a capfull of vinegar in hot water to mop the floors but you didn’t you forgot the alcohol…

    1. Dealynn Kerby
      It was to keep your attention until the end

  434. Yoga pants. Me gusta

  435. Great videos, love the presentation. Shame about all the jump cuts though, especially when the audio clicks – just add a 2-4 frame audio fade and it will sort that out

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