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How to clean your house FAST (Clean your home in under an hour!)

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How to clean your house FAST in under an hour! This is how I (try) to speed clean my house 🏡

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b l o g :
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328 thoughts on “How to clean your house FAST (Clean your home in under an hour!)

  1. Beautiful home address 💞

  2. Loving this method okay thanks ❤️💙🌌🌃🐬💞 London Lawrence Simon Anne Marie

  3. Honestly you’re my go to channel for cleaning whenever I get stressed and don’t know where to start lol

  4. I needed this so my mom would buy me a gaming pc

  5. please

  6. can you write the steps

  7. Briefly the tips she said:

    Batching: from all house:
    1-remove rubbish
    3-all clean clothes in a box(later sort’em)
    4-all plates
    5-all small (unsure to where they belong) things in a box
    6-beds and sofas cushions
    7-quick cleaning of the floors(I just swipe if I’m too busy)
    8-surfaces shiny

  8. Thanks 😊 so much i love 💓 cleaning 🧼

    1. Who else can agree

  9. Get your love zong back from BBC xz

  10. FDA says utecbda

  11. I can all so do night with my kids who Fay 😡😀

  12. It help a lot but when i used up all of my storage i don’t have anymore 🙁

  13. I actually make this every day !!thank you💖💖

  14. * collects all plates, bowls and cups from around my place *

    * sink was already full *

    * no dishwasher *

  15. That stair basket is genius!!

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  19. I have that thing and my house is almost all carpet

  20. -لم الزبالة و رميها .

    -لم الاطباق المتسخة.

    -لم الملابس المتسخة.

    -لم الاحذية.

    -ترتيب الاسرة و الكراسي.

    -ترتيب السطوح :اولا رتب الاشياء الواضح مكانها
    ثانيا ضع سلة ضع فيها الامور التي لم تقرر اين تضعها.

    -نظف الان السطوح كلها .استخدم بخاخات افضل
    و اذا كان لديك وقت نظف المرايا. و الحمام المغسلة و التواليت.

    -نظف الارضية سريعا للفراش

    – ضع معطرات و معقمات.

    -اشعل شمعة عطرية.

  21. I absolutely love your name! It’s my daughter’s name as well!

  22. My house is terrible

  23. I’m only 8 years old and I don’t want one single dirt in my house I will clean the whole house

  24. i love it

  25. Wow I love your sofa cushions! Xx

  26. I’m a geraphobe so the house Is almost always clean…

  27. Lovely name

  28. cute house ! ّI live in the middle of the desert with lots of sandstorms and dust is a big issue here. taped all window which is not healthy

  29. I love cleaning up my house I’m clean person my house is clean I love your video it’s nice I’m from new Zealand

  30. Hands down best video ever. I’ve cleaned so many different ways and THIS beats them ALL!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  31. Fantastic, I took notes! Thank you!

  32. Hey hey! have you done a deep clean vid since your last? nothing better to do in quarantine hehe

  33. Love love your home 💗

  34. Your so beautiful are u half or mix blood????

  35. No

  36. Ya we love to see your deep cleaning video

  37. Im too lazy to clean. Need to fix this behavior.

  38. start at 1:07

  39. I feel like a tornado hit my room

  40. What if you dont have your own house?

  41. 1. clear the rubbish
    2. remove plates and food
    3. clothes shoes and towels
    4. tackle the big things
    5. collect the small things
    6. clean
    7. clean the bathroom
    8. windows and mirrors
    9. floors
    10. make it smell good

  42. One way to get yourself motivated is to have a get together in your home with some friends or people from work. Give yourself like 1-2 weeks.

    Trust me, you’re going to have the place clean in not time.

    The judgement from other people will have you keeping the place spotless until they get there. Haha

    Then from then on it’s just up keep.

  43. Does my brother count as trash?

  44. The before is literally clean for me…

  45. 0. Get inspired, watch this video
    1. Garbage and Recycling
    2. Dishes to the kitchen sink or dishwasher
    3. Dirty laundry into a bin
    4. Tidy away big things first as well as big surfaces ex. couch and tables
    5. Tidy away things that have a home and don’t require decision making
    6. Put things that require decision making into a bin to sort later
    7. Wipe all surfaces (all purpose cleaner, window cleaner…)
    8. Clean the bathroom surfaces
    9. Clean the floors last with the simplest as-many-purposes-as-possible floor cleaning device that you own.

    This video nails it. I have watched HOURS of “how to clean faster” type content, so much so that I will never be efficient enough in my cleaning to have saved all those hours. I must say that this is the exact order I landed on after putting all the pieces from other videos together. Great video, thank you!

  46. Hermione from Harry Potter lol <3 My favorite character though. Love your British accent.

  47. I’m standing in the shower on my phone eating saltines and I just dropped one smh so I’m on YouTube trying to get my life together

  48. Loved this video ❤️

  49. I lost my YouTube prim

  50. as long as you finish cleaning it would have start getting messy again. that slow seemed

  51. It takes me like 5 hours with my kids. Sports, school papers, junk, ugh. I’m overwhelmed because I work part time and am a full time graduate student. I crave a clean, junk free space because I can’t handle dirty places, but I need to do a lot of work to organize and just declutter.

  52. What is zeflora?

  53. Introduction a little bit too long

  54. And this is me cleaning in 1:33 AM

  55. Thanks for this, as a hopelessly messy person it is nice to get non-judgemental advice. I get so stressed about cleaning because I know I suck at it, that I don’t know where to start so… I end up not being very productive or efficient or giving up completely. Breaking it down into steps is super helpful! It seems obvious but to someone whose brain doesn’t work that way, thank you!

    Btw your version of messy is kinda cuwte to me 😅 you’d be horrified to see my nuclear wasteland of a house 🤣

  56. I wish I had a dishwasher so bad and I don’t have money for laundry AH

  57. Someone was getting lit

  58. What a lovely, positive clip. You have a beautiful home BTW & thank you! 😘

  59. Good job and you are so cute

  60. Those plates and bowls are super cute!!! Where can I find those at?

  61. This is an awesome, relatable video. Most videos I”ve watched seemed too sterile and staged

  62. starts at 1:08 😉

  63. My mum is aseep and she is going out today and her friends they are coming round tonight my mum does not know im doing it all

  64. I absolutely love your name and your house.

  65. Thank you love this video

  66. What about big boxes because I have big boxes in my room trash buket

  67. The wicker 🧺 is sooo cute ! Where did you get it from ?

  68. I’d consider this a deep clean myself! Just a speedy one. Looks amazing and you can tell it would smell lovely.

  69. These are some great tips!

  70. ” Why are there so many “WINE”, 🍷 GLASSES 👓 “.

  71. Change your sheets girl!

  72. we both have the same hair

  73. Why does her before look like my after?

  74. Well i have Big villa and i need to clean it its to hard 😭 what are you advising me

    1. @Benaffane Wissal I’m sure you could find someone that would clean your villa for some good money in exchange.

    2. @Ella L. In the country where i live there are no maids

    3. Poor you, living in a big villa… get a housemaid, lol.

  75. Such a cute space

  76. Cheers to you!

  77. Good job!

  78. Perfect! Thank you!

  79. I can’t clean one room in an hour never mind a whole house

  80. Your’e house is beautful

  81. i love how she says rubbish!

  82. Nice

  83. I love your steps of cleaning! Thank you!😊

  84. Stair basket 😲
    Never heard of that or seen one 🤩

  85. Who else is watching this procrastinating about cleaning 😂?

  86. Wow a great tutorial thank you!

  87. Deep clean video yess!!

  88. i know this is a little late but can you do a deep clean for your house?

  89. So am I the only guy watching this? 😂

  90. I’m the kind of person to easily get overwhelmed with the amount of cleaning that needs to be done around the house, but these tips really helped me! My aunt is coming over tonight and I was able to get my house tidied up quickly enough to even deep clean some areas! Thank you for the great tips!

    1. My aunt and mom are comming over too

  91. I love to clean up my room and every weekend I will start working on cleaning up my house

  92. Where do you buy dettol cleaner and stainless steel cleaner. Thanks

  93. The first tip is do not be lazy

  94. yeap im in a hurry, but i cant stop watching cleaning tutorial. HOW??

  95. How can I do a deep cleaning when I have 5 children

    1. choose an entire day to do laundry only & rearranged wardrobes
      choose another day to deep cleanse
      choose a day to rest & enjoy your time alone
      find a kindergarten close to you where you can take your kids to as visitors
      Good luck & enjoy your clean house

  96. Good tips Thanks

  97. I would love to see a deep clean! I’m coming out of a 3 year depression and my house is tragic!

    1. Omg I can relate. Im sick for like 5 years and if my boyfriend would not help me I would drown in a mess 😟

    2. @Miriam Taylor Go easy and you don’t have to do it all at once. Break it up and do whatever you can. You would have still done a lot and it will eventually be done❤

    3. Same here. The more I look around at it, the more discouraged I get. Just makes me want to lay down and pretend it doesn’t exist

    4. ❤❤ hope you found one 🙂

    5. You are amazing

  98. Thx

  99. I have a tip wan you are cleaning you should listen to music

  100. This really wasn’t helpful, and she talksss so slowwwwww.

  101. Yeah my mom is coming back from a trip today, which is why I’m watching this. Perfect videos for prioritizing

    1. Me too


    3. literally me right now.. lol

  102. So learning much of this video co we have house heller

  103. do you clean ur house once a year? jesus haha

  104. Love youre channel !! I would love to see a complete house tour. What do you think ? 😊 greetz from Belgium

  105. Thanks for the video 👍🏽

  106. Hello i`m from indonesiaa

  107. My guests are the landlord with their horrendous bi annual “inspections” intruding into the bedrooms and checking “housekeeping” everywhere.

  108. why i have the feeling that the most viewers are men?

    1. @Esoteric Mystery are u a man?

    2. With women’s names…right..

  109. I love your channel 😍❤❤❤❤

  110. Nice… I can show you how to mess up my appartment in under 10 minutes after having cleaned it. 🤣😂

    1. LOL my sister used to clean my home for me and I would give her a couple free nail services per month. And then after a while she refused to clean for me anymore because it just gets messy 3 days later 😂💁

    2. Lol🤣🤣🤣let me know when ur going that we can collabo.

    3. Release the gremlin kids lol

    4. Oh, easy! Lol

    5. Lol same holy

  111. The only bad thing about these videos is that it makes my OCD kick in!

  112. your place is adorable <3

  113. first minute, howdy hey
    second minute, pick up your trash and dirty dishes
    third minute, fill your dishwasher, put laundry into one pile, shoes away
    fourth minute, straighten bed and couch, desk. hide small stuff, deal later
    fifth minute, spray and clean visible surfaces
    sixth minute, surfaces surfaces til your spray bottle is empty
    seventh minute, clean mirrors, sinks and toilets, vacuum
    eighty minute, cover up dank smells with candles and chemicals
    ninth minute, brag a little
    loved the video.

  114. Yes please for the deep clean video! Thank you 🙏

  115. Deep clean video please!!!!!! Thank you!!!!

  116. Never heard of Zoflora before. I see it comes in Rose, Lavender and Country Garden. Which one do you love?

    1. Leslie Oscar the bottle she shows says “apple orchard”

  117. I should be cleaning my room right now…

  118. Windolene, Dettol, stainless steal.

    I use Windex, Lexol, and stainless steel.

  119. Thanks. I have two friends coming over for 2 nights today and I’m in a huge rush


  121. I Wana know who was coming after your quick clean up 🤔🤔😂.. ? Answer this I challenge u😅

  122. Deep clean vid please!!! Xx

  123. Did I just saw bts photos in your room 😃😘😗😙😚😍😁😂😅🤗

  124. These are some top tier strats pointed out stuff i never even thought of that will be much more efficient thank you

  125. Here I am seeing this video instead of cleaning

  126. I was feeling so lazy to clean. Thanks for inspiring! Here I go…..:)

  127. We have guests coming over in 1 1/2 or 2 hrs they are sleeping over here.. wish me luck

    1. How did it go? Lol

  128. Thx you deserve 1000000 subscribers

  129. Come and see my house and you’ll call yours freaking perfect 😭😭😭

  130. A SMALL HACK GUYS ” you can use newspaper to clean the mirrors it really helps ” ❤️

  131. I like ıt .your house very beautiful

  132. Very timely!! I need to have my apartment clean (at least surfacely) for an inspection in TWO DAYS and I was freaking!! Brilliant!

  133. Yes please more. Deep cleaning specifically for bedroom and bathroom.

  134. That was cool as thankyou for doing that.
    Interested how long it took…
    I’m about to attack mine so I guess I’ll find out lol

  135. Hermione Granger

  136. Give me the clothes and things not use

  137. 1:15 whow potato chips

  138. I would also like to see a deep cleaning video –for when you haven’t cleaned enough for a long time (12-hour days at work)… spring cleaning video would be good too.

  139. your home is so beautiful!! Loved this! I truly believe in clearing the rubbish out before doing anything else!

  140. Your house is so cute!

  141. You’re from Harry Potter?!

  142. Deep clean please.

  143. Please do a deep clean video

  144. I love your style

  145. i love your videos!

  146. Would love a deep clean video!! Those are always so satisfying

  147. I really hate it when I see people using the same cloth for the inside/ceramic of a sink and then on the metal hardware. 😳
    The handles for taps/faucets etc. should always be done with a clean wipe. Maybe at least reverse the order in which you wipe the surfaces. Top to bottom type of thing.

  148. Yes please record a deep cleaning vid! This was very useful 😊

  149. In my family its very hard to clean the house because in my house there is 5 family members and everybody has their shiet

  150. Would love more cleaning videos!! This was super helpful!!

  151. Thank you for making this video. I always love your cleaning videos and always learn something from them. Please do a deep cleaning video!

  152. Thank you! It’s a good structure for cleaning and I want to try it once I get back home! 💕
    Take care 🐾

  153. Deep clean videos please! Especially pisces you don’t think about, like behind the toilet, and best ways to get them clean

  154. Love your house! Great tips. Do you know if there’s an American equivalent of the stuff you put in the sink to make the kitchen smell good? Never heard of a product like that. Thanks!

    1. Vanessa Thomas I k ow your comment is old but lemon peels should do the trick. It’s healthy to put a couple of slices of lemon in warm water and drink it. Then when your done, just put the lemon pieces in the sink and leave all day and throw away at night or next morning.

    2. Hey if you’ve found anything I’d love to know as well because your right I’ve never heard of us having anything like that either. Try baking soda and vinegar and then a bit of warm water that what I do to at least kill any smell. Hope that helps😃

  155. new subscriber but I love your videos already- binge watching them as I organize my stationary. I’d love a deep cleaning video, it’d be nice to get some ideas!!

  156. Deep cleen spring addition please, bathroom is were i need to be inspired to do. 💕

  157. Is excellent .I will follow your advice. Thanks

  158. Why don’t you get Zoflora fragranced wax melts? I’ve got so many diffrent zoflora melts but the don’t smell as chemically. 🙂

  159. Your so lucky 🍀

  160. declutter! declutter!

  161. This is my cleaning style haha. Love it! I’m working on deep cleaning more often though cos my husband always says I tidy i don’t clean 🤣

  162. Windolene….lol. Here in the states we have windex.which sounds equally silly! It’s so fun to see how similar our products are! I would enjoy a good cleaning video…. motivation to get off my duff and keep the house tidy!

  163. 💋❤️💋❤️💋🤩🤩🤩😘😘😘

  164. Hi Hermione xxx not going to lie ! But I first found your channel a few years ago through one of your old cleaning videos ! Now I watch all your vids 😁 just love your determination and personality and you are definitely more yourself in your more recent videos xxx can really see your true self shining through xxx your videos are honestly getting better and better Xxx

  165. Please post a deep clean/clean with me💞💞

  166. Am I the only one thinking that her house is clean? Like legit her “huge mess” is my good day 😂😂

    1. Lol Girl you have me cracking up!! Here Here. Her huge mess is my every day lol no lie ❤️😂

  167. It’s funny cause in Germany you’d need 4 bags, one for paper one for plastic one for food and one for the rest! Your videos are the best btw

  168. Great quick clear up i think clean surfaces and floors make a huge difference. I need to deep clean my bedroom to!! That would be good 👍

  169. Miss ur blond hair…. thanks for sharing

  170. Yes! I would love more of these

  171. What was that fragrance you poured in the sink? Can we get it in the states ?

  172. I’m going to be moving out of home in a few months and I’ve lived in this house and in this room since I was born, which means there is a LOT of stuff I need to sort through. I’d love some tips for how to tackle this as I have NO IDEA where to begin.

    1. I second this. I still have all of my childhood stuff and teenage stuff and now some adult stuff and I don’t know how to begin sorting through it all

  173. More cleaning please yes! Especially deep clean 😊

  174. I wish I could live with you for months and help you with all these things you do.. I think it will be too enjoyable 😂😂

  175. Hermionie I love your videos, i struggle a lot with anxiety and your videos are like a breath of fresh air, you are so positive and inspire me to get up and clean/craft/get on with DIY projects when I’m feeling overwhelmed. Just thought you should know how much I appreciate your content – thank you! 😊

  176. thank you great video plz keep goin the good work , where did u get ur kitechen golden fosset i love if

  177. I love the rectangular red bag at 2:14 ! Does anybody know where it’s from?

  178. Love this! x

  179. I need DYS as before please

  180. I would love to see a deep cleaning video, though these quick clean videos are still super helpful! Thanks for the content you make! 😀

  181. You don’t known how to decorate
    You don’t make smart purchases
    You buy useless stuff and waste money even though you are poor

    1. Neeta Patel huh?

  182. Can you do a deep clean ur room video? Love u hermione!!!

  183. Looks so much better sans clutter. I’m a big fan of throwing things in bags and putting them in cabinets & closets & then forgetting about them for 6 months!😁😂🤣

  184. Is it normal in the UK to use so much cleaning sprays to clean? I use mostly water and an all around soap plus bathroom cleaner. But then again it probably takes more time to clean…

  185. Love from Malaysia 💖🇲🇾

  186. I’d LOVE to see a good deep clean 😍 love this video! Makes me want to clean my house 😂🙈

  187. All you need is one damp cloth and one dry cloth. No cleaning solution needed.
    Clean solutions are a huge CON.

  188. This is now my designated “visitors clean” strategy ☺️

  189. Personally I would like to see you put that cleaning rag down and go outside and get some fresh air in your hair and sunshine on your cheeks. Go for a walk. Go on a picnic. Go to the beach and go fishing. But you do whatever makes you happy. Such a large house for such a little lady. I’m just really excited for you for your new doors. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  190. Good tips. But you know what’s missing? Tidy-tote. Check it out on Clutterbug’s channel.

  191. I love your cleaning videos! If I can get my house cleaned in 30 minutes, I’m a happy girl! 💕

  192. Have you ever considered doing asmr? You have such a soothing voice

  193. We would love u see a deep clean of ur entire house and the backyard or the front portion 🥰 i love u housee sooooo veryyy muchhh❤️🥰😘😘 and even u❤️❤️❤️❤️

  194. Love love it

  195. Please do a deep cleaning video

  196. Good morning dear i really like yr channel, can you pls give me a link from where to buy a stair basket. Tks happy Saturday

  197. Wish my fam would sometimes give me a ring to tell me they’re coming, but nooo they call me from my driveway to let me know it’s them ringing my doorbell…..sheesh.

    1. Sharon Finney 😄😄 no worries, they can help you clean the house 👍🏾

  198. In short, don’t get overwhelmed instead divide up in cathegories and pick them of one by one.

    Making the bed really makes a bedroom looks suddenly way more tidy.

  199. I love these videos! I watch them when I clean or declutter my room. Please do a deep clean video too!

  200. Deep clean video pls

  201. Try to avoid using antibacterial products. They are not necessary and continued use of them makes bacteria stronger in the long term.

    1. Yep. I use them here and there, but no soaps. Anything that kills all the good bugs and lets the bad bugs mutate is no bueno!

    2. Well unfortunately we have pinworms in my house 🤢
      So a deep clean is necessary everyday so those little wiggles don’t come back.

  202. Please stop using your jigsaw in the kitchen!! It gives me hives with the amount of dust it produces. Why don’t you use it outside? Your lungs in 30 years will thank you!

  203. Yes please do a deep clean spring clean video.

  204. Hermione your home is really looking good. You’re doing a super duper job. Well done.😘

  205. You have a pinterest perfect house! Seems pretty much like my dream home ❤️

  206. Yes a deep clean

  207. Deep clean 🖐️🖐️🖐️

  208. People! DO NOT use the same cleaning cloths in the kitchen and bathroom. Keep those germs seperate!

    1. paperinkglue actually you are wasting a lot of product cleaning they are supposed to go into the washer machine afterwards. if you use paper towels you are throwing away a ton of paper especially bad for the environment. My mom always threw them in the wash straight after cleaning. You can but you are not being Economically or environmentally clean if you use more product to clean FYI the only thing you clean separate is f you are dusting using a feather duster or a old T-shirt with spray. Even then you throw them in the wash after words. You really do a lot of harm if not using multi use items. If you clean the kitchen first then the bathroom no harm no fowl 🤷‍♀️just throw them in . I feel like a dude typed that comment 👆👆hopefully your mom taught you to multitask I grew up with Monica Gellar my floors where spotless and I was never sick

    2. Cheers for this, I have been researching “organizing tips for small spaces” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Ponrooklyn Xeyichael Secret – (should be on google have a look )?

      It is a smashing one of a kind product for discovering how to declutter and keep your house tidy without the normal expense. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my neighbour got excellent success with it.

    3. @Linden Shield
      It’s common sense. It’s just grosse. Think about poo n pee in the toilet. You wash your mouth and teeth in the bathroom sink and then use the same cloth where you prepare your food.. eewww

      I would not let people come into my house with their footwear on. Why? Bcos they have stepped on dirt, spit, poo..god knows what. I don’t want them bringing germs into my house.

    4. I think she deliberately said that just to see how many people are actually paying attention. She didn’t use the same cleaning cloth.

    5. It is true now

  209. Why do you have so ugh wine bottles

  210. if you’re already planning on doing a deep clean i’d love a video on it

  211. Your kitchen is darling, but I think I’d go nuts wiping down as many items as you have on the work tops!

  212. Would love to see a deep clean video especially in a bedroom

  213. My method is to just put it way when I’m done so it doesnt add up.

  214. So chuck rubbish, tidy and clean. Isn’t that what everyone does? Would be more interested in suggestions on storage, and review on different brands of cloths or whatever. Not having a go though as love you girl can do attitude.

  215. I love the cleaning videos where you chat thru them! 💜💗

  216. Oh i fell in love with your bag (orange? ) Have you maybee a link for me? Thanks xxx And yes i like cleaning videos – it feels a little bit weird 😊

  217. Yes deep clean video!!!!

  218. of course we neeeeeeeeeed a deep clean video yesssssssssssssssssssssss

  219. Omg that eco vacuum cleaner kill me my grandma used to have something similar 😅

  220. Your house has come a long way. Good job!

  221. Deep clean please!!!!

  222. There is only 1 toothbrush?

  223. I HATE cleaning. Thank God I never have guests in my house

  224. I always love a good cleaning video, enjoyed this one and I will take several ideas from it. Thanks Hermione, have a great day, bye for now.

  225. Cant be the only one scrolling through your vids to find high saturation hermoine 😂

  226. Hate picking up a mess? Get in the habit of not putting something down, instead putting it away. Dishes in the sink or dishwasher, clothes in the closet or the laundry hamper, etc. Can’t find your (fill in blank) this will stop being an issue when you stop dropping them wherever you may be instead of putting them in a specific place. 🙂 It really isn’t that difficult, it is a change in the way we teach ourselves (not to mention our kids).

    1. @Abi Rose LOL – I’m pretty old school; he picks up after himself, does his own dishes and laundry, etc. until the habits change. Some folks figure it out pretty quickly when they have to go without clean clothes and dishes. And if the keys or the phone keep getting lost, then I’m of the opinion that they weren’t really that important after all.

      FWIW: An old friend of mine taught her youngsters this valuable life lesson early. If they left their toys out more than 3 times after being told to clean up, the toys magically disappeared and ended up in the box for goodwill. They would have to donate part of their allowance to get the toys back before the box was taken to the drop off point. Interestingly enough, clean up was not an issue after a couple of trips.

    2. Amen. Please tell my husband this because apparently he can’t hear me when I tell him!

    3. @Sabrina 1441 I hear you! I don’t fancy myself a housekeeper and truthfully, I don’t care to do it, but I know that the less I have to clear out the less time I will spend cleaning. There are all sorts of tricks a person can do to make the entire process easier so when you have to do a deep clean you don’t need heavy equipment just to clear the mess so you can clear the mess. 🙂

    4. Preach. I can’t understand people who throw their clothes on the floor, and leave dirty dishes and litter all over the place. How hard is it to put things where they should go right away so it doesn’t pileup? It only takes a matter of seconds to minute at most to do and it makes things so much easier. I always try to put things back wherever they should go right away precisely because I know I’m lazy and hate cleaning. lol My place may not always be clean but at least I can say it rarely looks messy.

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      Sort the clothes:the ones you need to wash,and the ones you still wear,and put them on the hanger,or in the balcony,where they can get get some air(AGAIN,to have airy things and rooms is very important!).
      Start vacuuming and take a break so the dust will go down.
      Then you start cleaning the dust, cleaning the windows.
      If you see other things around that you don’t need sort them.
      !!!!!! Think twice before throwing notes(writings) or other things that may be useful!
      Clean under the bed!
      🤔 I think that is the best i can explain…

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