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How to Descale a Kettle (Easy Household Cleaning Ideas That Save Time & Money) Clean My Space

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In this video, cleaning expert, Melissa Maker, answers Tim’s question on how to descale a kettle. Please note, the daytime light in my kitchen was going nuts, so if you see strange lighting, that’s why!

Tim asked: How can I descale my kettle?


What you need-
1) Kettle with lime scale
2) 1 cup of vinegar
3) 1 tablespoon of baking soda (optional)
4) Cotton cloth (optional)

Put a cup of vinegar into the kettle and set the kettle to boil. The vinegar helps to heat the element in order to break down the lime scale, while the steam helps clean any leftover residue. Once it turns off, pour the vinegar into your sink and rinse the kettle a few times.

To clean any remaining lime scale:
Take a wet cloth and dip it into a tablespoon of baking soda. Use the cloth to clean any remaining lime scale build up then rinse thoroughly with water. Boil through again if needed.

FYI: Lime scale is not harmful for you to ingest. It’s mainly formed out of calcium and salt, however, it does look gross! It also takes more energy to boil water when you have lime scale build up, since the element needs to work harder to heat and it can cause you to burn your element. Ideally, you want to descale your kettle at least once every 6 months or as needed.

For cleaning your drain:
Pour a cup of baking soda down the drain and pour the boiling vinegar into the sink. It’ll help to clean and deodorize your drain. Consider that 2 tips for the price of 1!


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219 thoughts on “How to Descale a Kettle (Easy Household Cleaning Ideas That Save Time & Money) Clean My Space

  1. Wonder how dirty this hotty gets? Just saying.

  2. Sorry was she saying something?

  3. Awmss i’m here 9 years later and she is still hawt✨🔥

  4. ill save u ppl time…so just boil viniger in the kettle do it every 6 months, use baking soda to scrape off any excess shit left behind done.

  5. starts at 2:00 ur welcome.

  6. Well. You can use very very small amount of vinegar and use a brush and brush them gently you will notice how this will affect

  7. Could have asked friends or family if they have a dirty kettle for the video

  8. Go topless Mel

  9. Nop no time to listen to the story I like video more work less talk …

  10. I knew it would, but just needed to be assured vinegar would be the right way.
    Good video. Would you consider using a lavalier microphone to improve the audio quality?

  11. home self isolating and see all the things I never noticed look pretty grungy…especially my kettle…tried this and my kettle sparkles after years of neglect…this works great and now I have a shiny clean drain. Great job .you are on my bookmark list. Hope you have something for contigo mugs Margie

  12. I inherited a kettle, wasn’t quite sure what to do with it as it looked pretty wrekt. I was thinking of using a disinfectant wipe but I’ll give this a try instead. Thx!

  13. This really worked for me, thank you for the video!

  14. I like you, please clean my space

  15. This topic needs proper clarification, in particular for your safety.

    The Acetic Acid (present in the common vinegar) or its 50% solution is caustic: you don’t find danger symbols on vinegar packaging only because it is bought as a food. Furthermore, the vapour of the Acetic Acid is highly flammable.
    On top of this, using a solution of 50:50 water-vinegar means using “5 more time chemical” ingredients than a natural descaling product, that means also 5 more time chemical waste in the environment.
    But the most important thing for your safety, is that Acetic Acid is well known in chemistry to react with metals and rubber present in your kettle/coffee machine: in particular Acetic Acid react with nickel, corroding metal parts and posing a risk to drink this heavy metals, for this reason it is absolutely not suggested to be used in these cases.

    I would definitely suggest the use of natural products you can find on amazon. This is a good one i have tried, but you can probably find other good alternatives:

    Hope this helps!

  16. Will Apple Cider Vinegar work as well too??

  17. Thank u so much for your video! You have been very helpful ! Can I do the same with the baking soda for the outside of the kettle ?

  18. I love tea, so thanks a lot for this! 🙂

  19. Wow thank you so much. I couldn’t drink the water from my kettle, I followed your instructions and boum brand new kettle.

  20. Black kettle is beautiful😜

  21. Hay thanks your method really worked and I use one of those silicone pastry brushes to scrub it out genius… blessings and love….

  22. It works!! I wish I could post a before and after pic but I didn’t think of that before I did it.

  23. Helpful, but you talk too much. Cut the crap and get to the point. Unnecessary 3 min wasted listening to crap. Great method tho

  24. This was very helpful. Thank you!

  25. Use citric acid. It has no smell and no acidic vapor that can get into the eyes or damage nearby painted surfaces. It is part of most foods and lemon juice, so need to thoroughly rinse. You can mix citric acid stronger than the ridiculous 5% to get it to work faster. If there is buildup around in the lid, turn the kettle over and immerse it in a bowl of hot solution. If the kettle has paint on the outside, it may start to strip off.

    I clean the coffee machine once a month, I run the acid through it twice, then pour it into the kettle and they both get descaled.

    Vinegar seems to work better to reach places not immersed into the solution. But citric acid is very effective, even in the bathroom, as long as you can get it cheap (€3/kg). Find a place where they sell food grade citric acid in bulk. Probably on the market along spices, fermented cucumbers or cabbage. Don’t buy small packets or comercial descalers. Check that it doesn’t have insoluble additives like silica (apparantly a thing in america).

    If the pot has coffee or tea stains in it (percolator), boil baking soda in a seaparate pass. Don’t neutralize it with acid as they do everywhere.

  26. weirdest porn intro ever

  27. Thx u helped out my mom

  28. That bitch is so freak out lunatic paranoia for everything like seeing some left marks on kettle and she is so about so snap like fruit cake. Who the hell would live this kinda nervous breakdown person? That kettle wasn’t even dirty so what is the point doing this showing nothing happening at first place. Four minutes bullshit for nothing, thanks bitch

  29. I wanna STICK IN not around!

  30. I had the hardest time paying attention to the kettle.

  31. Source?

  32. Wow! I just tried this and it was amazing! Great video!

  33. Would be worth showing a dirty kettle. What is even the point of this

  34. Thanks for this, very informative. I didn’t know you could use baking soda that way.

  35. Thanks for this tips. 👍👍👍💓💓💓

  36. My kettle has this white thing that develops inside no matter how I clean it, I dunno what could be the reason

  37. Wow so….

  38. I tried this with a twist and f***** up real bad😂😂😂😂

  39. Hello great video… can I use ASV Instead of white vinegar? Will it wrk just the same?

  40. Does anyone know if this works on glass electric kettles?

    1. JDsweetheart yes it does. I just cleaned mine it’s also glass electric 🙂

  41. Is it any special vinegar for this?

  42. Excellent video!! lt worked just as you said. lt did an amazing job. Thxs

  43. Get to the damn cleaning and stop blabbering for so long!!!

  44. Hi Melissa,

    I know this video is old and you might not see it.
    I was wondering how to get that film off of my tea kettle. It’s most likely grease but I tried vinegardish soap and water mix and it didn’t come off. I got the limestone inside the kettle off, Thanks for your channel! It’s so helpful!

    1. Hi I think that film you are talking about is from your kettle, the film is caused by the limescale. Try cleaning both kettles and with vinegar around the same time/day. Hopefully this should work.

  45. Warning, here in the south, cockroaches like to live in the lid of the teakettle. They enter by the tiny hole in the top and live in there and lay their eggs there ( which requires them to pee on the surface first and then stick the eggs on the roach pee) , until we boil the water, and then they come running out. They also live inside the Keurig pots at my schools and teacher lounges!! So, clean regularly and before the day is done, cover those entries with cheese cloth and a rubber band to prevent unwanted roaches! Gross, very gross! If you have roaches, even in New York, check this place, they WILL be in there!

  46. Thank you! I luv you so❤️❤️❤️🗣🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  47. Why in the hell dont they show you how the stupid filter goes into the jug when you buy it. It’s like.. omg we can’t waste words.. Thankyou for showing me the inside of the kettle as then I knew how to put the filter in. Best of luck.. yep yep… im a blond. who can write code… go figure…

  48. Just be careful not to mix the vinegar and baking soda together… anyone who has made a model volcano should know this. It’s a bit explosive.

  49. I used apple cider vinegar and my kettle is sparkly clean!

  50. Thanks a lot. I will try this.

  51. If you want to be critical… She did do one thing wrong it was not getting enough information about weather you should boil the vinegar or not. You could see she did boil it.. but when I first watched the video she did not give instruction to turn the kettle on andand wait for it to boil. She made it look like pour the cup a vinegar in the kettel and wait 30 minutes..

  52. I’m a typical dude. I chose your video over many others because you’re very attractive. Nonetheless, lots of good information. Thanks for the video.

  53. I want to see the insider of HER kettle.

  54. What kind of vinegar should I use?

    1. You can use any white or malt vinegar, both work

  55. Tried the same in a distiller. Great results.

  56. Do you boil the vinegar?

  57. that kettle is clean before hand
    pshhhh i wanna see a real dirty kettle being clean by that mixture

    1. @thereal kable They were saying it must have been clean before because the method would not have removed heavy limescale. If you’re gonna call someone a dumbass then 1) know what the fuck you’re on about and 2) learn to spell.

    2. she is cleaning the inside you dum ass, how would you know how clean it was before hand? did you see inside it? no

    3. InfiniteLoop 🤣🤣🤣

    4. @Ad Infinitum Vinegar is a chemical too, you braindead twit

    5. The white vinegar will work. If it doesn’t work, reboil and leave a while (or overnight). I’ve used this method for *really* heavy limescale buildup (frequent kettle user and hard water area). Vinegar works wonders, no chemicals needed. I don’t scrub with baking soda.

  58. Warning: do not let your kids watch this video.

  59. You desperately need to wear a wireless microphone.

    1. Love to be that mic close to those tities

  60. Thank you.

  61. Fantastic it works.

  62. Thankssssss won’t it go rusty though unless you use bicarb?

  63. 😛

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  65. Barely worked.

  66. u saved my electric kettle dear, now i want to marry you!

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  73. can you descale me????

  74. I got a boner watching how to clean a kettle. I wonder why…

  75. 2018🤗

  76. I’ve been a BAD kettle, a VERY BAD kettle…

    1. 4-minute video for 30 seconds worth of USEFUL information. Some folks demand an audience, I guess? I found the answer in less than 1 minute .. elsewhere. Thanks Ms Space.

  77. You put “AND and” but still dig the easy solution

  78. How do you clean coffee pots

  79. Drinking limescale, flouricid acid(sticks also, but makes it brown), chlorine, radiation, pollution, lead, copper, and on and on.. NO BIGGIE??? Clean ur body, not ur kettles first

  80. i would love to waggle my finger inside of her!

  81. Damnnnn Shez *HOT*

  82. How dress a turkey

  83. Do you have any tips on how to clean the white spots inside a crock-pot? Thank you

  84. Oh dear here’s one for you at work we have a big kettle like the ones you see at church get-togethers and it is like an inch thick of limescale I tried everything to get it off what do I do

  85. All the lime scale came off but I have some spots at the bottom that look burnt or rested and I’m not sure what to do to remove that. I scrubbed with a soft sponge and it doesn’t go away what else can I use?

  86. I’d love to clean her space!

    1. 0:20 show me those tities

    2. oooooooo

  87. “Vinegar and Baking Soda”, huh! I’ll have to try that, myself. I’ve cleaned with Vinegar before and discovered that I am not fond of the smell. I’ve been using Lemon or Lime juice to clean my Kettle. I just boil the Lemon/Lime juice and then pour it out. No scrubbing needed. That works too, all these products are acidic and nontoxic to Humans. However, I’ve noticed recently that the plastic filter on my Hamilton Beach Kettle has dissolved, somewhat. The plastic is flaking apart into tiny black specks, not sure if it is the results of the Lemon/Lime juice. I wonder if your Vinegar and Baking Soda has similar effects on your filter. Thanks!

  88. you are the only reason to watch this,I even didn’t notice the kettle,you are sooo sweet💜

  89. i have a question about cleaning my oven. i made meatloaf a few months ago and it started a fire im assuming it was the grease. i went to use my oven a few days later to bake cookies and the fire started again. i have looked online for ways to fix this problem but no luck so far. i was hoping u could help me with a way to get that grease out of my oven so i can use it again. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  90. Harpic limescale remover, pour a little, swirl, wait 2 minutes rinse, flush 2-3 times. Kettle on, cup of tea in only 5 minutes. kettle GAN.

  91. I would love to eat at your house if you know what I mean shorty 😘

  92. Thanks so much!!!! {*_*}

  93. thanks so much for this as i was about to throw out my kettle an buy a new one i dont have to now my kettle is like wow spotlessly clean thanks

  94. Nonsense

  95. you guys will have no problem if you use brita filter. mine has no trace of deposits after using my stainless water kettle

  96. Once every 6 months? You must live in a very soft watered area.

    Not sure many people’s hand would fit in a kettle like that. Anyways, here’s a better and easier way to clean your kettle with no after cleaning to do like with the vinegar.

    Just get some citric acid (it is edible and used in foods and you can get from any grocery store or supermarket), put 1-2 tea spoons in and boil, and it’ll be clean as a whistle, then pour out the water after about a minute or less. No need to worry about any smell or weird taste in the kettle. Thank me later. And even if someone accidentally drinks it, no harm done, as it is edible. But it’s easy to notice the difference when it has citric acid in the water.

    If you have large amounts of limescale like very thick around the heating element, then your beat option would probably be to try it 5-10 times or just get a new kettle 🙂

    1. Can I jist squeeze a lemon?

  97. I once boiled apple cider vinegar to try to unplug my stuffy nose. The whole house stunk and it made me gag. Will this happen if I use regular vinegar? What about using lemon juice for an extremely dirty kettle? Will it work as well?

  98. dang my kettle gets dirty really easily o__o water quality over here must be really bad

  99. does this work on a plastic kettle?

    1. Yes!

  100. thanks nice video, as I live alone and part of the jugs dirty, down the bottom😊

  101. I made it with INPLIX handbooks, just google it 🙂

  102. This worked perfect thanks! Thought I would need the clean it out with the baking soda it was that bad…but one cup boil worked perfect!

  103. Thank you!!!

  104. Could vinegar damage the kettle?

    1. Nope, been using this method for years. Regularly removing limescale actually prolongs the life of your kettle.

  105. Thank you! just did this and it works really well!

  106. Well, the vinegar worked great on the kettle! However, the baking soda and vinegar in the sink caused the joint in a pipe to loosen off and dump hot vinegar all over under the sink. It was an easy fix, but be cautious with that method.

  107. How do I get my ass off the couch?

    1. Pour thumb tacks on the couch. He He

  108. Hey Melissa great vid! Can you substitute white vinegar with apple cider or red wine vinegar?

  109. This really works! LOVE your channel

  110. Can it descale a stainless steel boiler of a steam cleaner?

  111. i just tried it didnt do shit

    1. Lmfao, I just spit my beer out😂😂😂

    2. try this… really worked for me… no smell, no after taste it’s natural and safe.

    3. add baking soda breaks down the limescale will get rid i swear it works

    4. Lol

  112. Wow! I just tried this and it was amazing! Great video!

  113. Hi Melissa, I didn’t hear what temperature to heat the kettle to and for how long?


    1. i always skip through cuz theres too many time wasters of vids out there.

    2. @ tr7zg.v: Try fast-forwarding it Einstein.

    3. zg32e9 Well be thankful, at least we now know that Melissa thought that Tim’s question was particularly good.
      I agree with Melissa that Tim deserves a little credit for posing such a probing enquiry and I for one was certainly happy to set aside some time to recognise that.

  115. why the thumbs down from obviously sick people….?
    well done lass ! nice calm instructive pace …thank you.

    1. They just jealous of those boobies

    2. not sick , but jealous females i think

  116. Is this safe on a Glass kettle?

    1. Yes, tried it and it works Very Well too!

    2. Yes, Martin it is. Vinegar can be used to clean glass as well.

    3. +Martin i don’t know, is a rock safe for the road? what sort of question is that…

  117. Well it worked after a week and four changes of vinegar and it is still not perfect.

  118. sexy

  119. Thank you so much.

  120. Sound is terrible. Unable to learn anything.

  121. No offence, BUT, this should be titled “How to clean a CLEAN kettle” . AND you need to be corrected – most kettles aren’t “DIRTY” they just get crusted with lime scale from ordinary clean tap water  – NOT dirt! You did OK, though.  We just wish you’d spare us your ‘wicked lady look’!

  122. thanx for the info…

  123. Do you have any suggestions for how to clean a Mr. Coffee Coffeemaker ? Thank you

    1. @Linda McTeeryou are welcome. Let me know how it turns out. Vinegar is so cheap!!

    2. @teresa luders Thank you, I’ll try it !! I saw some coffeemaker cleaner at Walmart, but it was way too expensive.

    3. I have run a vinegar and water solution through mine. Then run water through the system at least twice to get the vinegar completely rinsed out!

  124. Thanks 4 makeing this vido x

  125. Could I use malt vinegar?

  126. thank u this is helping

  127. Nice

  128. If you want the same effect with no stanky vinegar stench, use lemon juice (not a whole cup of it though!) and do it regularly. Limescale is almost completely calcium carbonate, is not really harmful for you (it was in the water to start with), and reacts with any acid quickly.

  129. Our kettle is filthy and I’m going to try this trick right now.

    1. @Gallifrey Song It worked. Thanks for the tip 😀

  130. Great video thanks

  131. Kettle descaling.

  132. I always wondered if this would work on my Garment Steamer

  133. no vinegar, I have a tonne of limes??

  134. Do I have to use white vinegar

    1. white vinegar and baking sode or bicarb soda

    2. @Emma McCarron I use lemon juice. It’s equally effective. Otherwise, yes, white vinegar only. I think the other type has stuff added to it,

  135. I LOVE YOU!!!! Thank you.

  136. Thanks!

  137. I like to reuse pasta or glass jars how can I get the smells out. Thanks

    1. @Les Toro I’ve found that an overnight soak with vinegar and a good scrub afterwards takes care of the smell. (I reuse jars for crafts, I know your pain.)

  138. thanks for help

  139. jennifer aniston

    1. +sunnyrainbow Marc Dorcel…

  140. lier

  141. Thankyou so much for this.IT REALLY WORKS.I had to do it twice because of the bad build up. But it turned out like a new kettle.

  142. This is no big secret, just vinegar and baking soda, meh. Most home cooks already know this.

    1. I think the “rack” may be the real reason.

    2. Carl May anyone can, but not everyone did. Big difference.

    3. I agree. Anyone can make a YouTube, duh.

    4. I’m just curious as to where it was advertised as a big secret. Carl did you know alt-tab might be a big secret for your generation?

    5. So, why did you watch a video titled ‘How to descale a kettle’?

  143. Thank you this is really helpful and you’re a genius! x

    1. Can I do the same for hydroflask or can you do a video in how to remove coffee stains

  144. I tried and my kettle came up very clean and shiny. I was amazed. Can you also tell how to clean shower glass door ?

  145. Love the demo, will surely try it out and leave a comment, I’m so excited to give it a go.

    1. I gave it a go and it worked just like the demo

  146. What do you think about DURGOL? I have a Capresso H2O Plus water kettle. Thanks. 

  147. How do clean hard water stains on glasses/mirrors/bathroom walls… etc  🙁

    1. You can use vinegar too, especially if you can find full-strength (higher than 5%) you are in really good shape! Just be sure to wear protective gear, it’s quite acidic!

  148. How do you clean and stop rust from forming in your tea kettle?! O.O

  149. Thanks

    1. You’re welcome!

  150. Thanks heaps. Thought it didn’t work. Just needed to use a bottle brush for 30 seconds afterwards. So glad I found your videos.

    1. So glad you like them @Suzanne Burnett !

      Thanks for watching!

  151. Lemon juice works better than vinegar for me

  152. how do you clean the inside of a vintage, stove top, whistling, tea kettle, that doesn’t have any opening except for the pour spout?

  153. Hey thanks a lot for this video it helped me clean mine out in no time and with no effort!

  154. How to clean a dirty radiator

  155. thanks

  156. Please do a video on how to clean an automatic drip coffee maker. You should include the pot and thw coffee maker. The ones here at work are disgusting and I refuse to use them.

  157. you married ????

  158. works like a charm, thank you

  159. How often do you clean your kettle?

  160. Can it be any type of vinegar or a certain one?

  161. how do you clean a narrow stainless steel tea kettle spout (that you place on a stove), which also has a strainer at the bottom of the spout? do you know of a good brush that would clean the entire spout, or an alternative method?

  162. Since watching your videos I think vinegar is more than awesome that I might start having a shower with it!

  163. Hey, another great way to do it is by using citric acid, it’s the same like with the vinegar, just replace vinegar with 1-2 tbsp of citric acid. I think it’s better cause sometimes the kettle can absorb the vinegar smell and getting rid of it is not easy. Works for my plastic one perfectly. U can use lemon juice too, but for me citric acid works better.

  164. you need a cleanmyspace myspace 😛

  165. I take it the vinegar must be steaming hot in order to dissolve correctly? Can it work at room temperature with time being the function?

  166. Hi Good…Clever video

  167. Did you find a cocroach lol

  168. After I sarted and stopped it quickly several times, ’cause feared it would burst or smth, I decided to let it whistle a little longer, after 5 secs it stopped and worked ok.
    My kettle will be needing the baking soda, but don’t have any at the time. Thanks

  169. I just tried doing mine, and as soon as I started heating the vinegar the kettle started making a weird whistling noise…any ideas?

  170. Hi Milissa

    Would you clean a stainless steel coffee pot in the same way?


  171. your kettle is actually filthy–wow i bet that really annoys you.

  172. Thanks Miss,i have this problem and was actually thinking of buying a new kettle,will try your cleaning tip tomorrow…

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