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How To Get Clear SKIN, Healthy HAIR & NAILS With Beauty Supplements & Collagen Powders

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We’ve seen beauty supplements, like vitamins capsules, collagen powders and gummies everywhere! Seems like most skincare brands are coming out with their own forms. These little capsules claim to help you get clearer skin, stronger and shinier hair, but also strengthen the nails.

We were wondering if these little capsules, pills and powders really did everything that the claim to do! So we partnered up with Perfectil for this video to try out their multivitamin supplements tablets and capsules to see if there are any drastic changes in our body. Watch more to find out if they really work! X

Multi-vitamins we tried:
Perfectil Skin Multivitamin Supplement Tablets + Capsules

Vitamins To Look Out For [13:13 – 17:39]

🍋Vitamin C [13:38 – 14:22]
🍋Folic Acid [14:23 – 14:52]
🍋Vitamin E [14:53 – 15:57]
🍋Biotin [15:58 – 16:45]
🍋Vitamin B2 [16:46 – 17:19]
🍋Niacin [17:20 – 17:39]

🐄Collagen & Collagen Powder [17:40 – 21:20]

🐻Gummies [21:21 – 22:14]

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272 thoughts on “How To Get Clear SKIN, Healthy HAIR & NAILS With Beauty Supplements & Collagen Powders

  1. Mia looks so beautiful without the heavy eye makeup.

  2. You don’t shower everyday??

  3. Amazing health and beauty supplements click the link

  4. U should have list the name’s down cos the video I fast

  5. اكتبيلي انواع الحبوب التي تناولتيها مع الشراب بالعربيه اذا سمحتي

  6. اشتركت بقناتك فقط ترجميلي المختصر في كل فيديو تنزلينه

  7. ارجو الترجمه بالعربيه بليييس

  8. You also have to cleanse body too even your colon. That’s probably why acne are still coming in.

  9. Can i use this folic without dr prescription

  10. The Mane Choice vitamins are like a well known multivitamin in the black community. I would love you guys explored some of those as well because they are packed with amino acids, biotin, and also function as a multivitamin as well.

  11. Also, you want to take Folate acid not Folic acid. Folic acid is synthetic where folate is not. This is more for people watching and something I learned because I am very into nutrition.

  12. I looked on your channel for a video comparing collagen peptides serums to retinol serums and was wondering what you think is more effective. I looked online and retinol seems a tad more effective for wrinkles but it seems so much harsher to use. Wondering your thoughts and if you could potentially do a video.

  13. Please Brest increase teblate tell me

  14. I purchased a Skin Elixir from Arbonne which is a collagen builder with hyaluronic acid and I want to know if these are a good idea to take when you have bad skin? I have started to get acne/hormonal acne. Thanks!!

  15. Love you girls !!!!!

  16. Great video!!!!!!💯💯💯👍👍👍💖❤💜🧡💛💚💙

  17. Nails are not composed of living tissue, and therefore cannot be damaged by polishes. The reason your nails are yellow is because of your propensity for dark polishes it’s not because your nails are unhealthy.

  18. I do take vitamins to make sure I don’t miss any, but if your food habits are great, you don’t really need extra vitamins.
    I usually just take a no-name multi-vitamin all year round, and in the colder and darker times, I take the multi together with an extra vitamin D to make sure the winter depression stays away.

  19. The thing with me is that I can not take really big pills or I’ll just puke right back out so ye

  20. You support using a donkeys skin? -Puke

  21. Perfectil side effects?? Yes or no…

  22. should i contact my doctor first before taking suplements ?

  23. Hey can i use food supplement like biotin if im just 16 years old?

  24. Why these artificial tablets. Can’t we eat natural vitamins… 😂 it’s an add promotion…hmm

  25. Hello dr I’m from Sri Lanka l have dark skin can l use this one.. how many days want use this reply plz

  26. I am health conscious!! I drink wear heels put on nailpolish do tons of makeup daily !!! Modern fashion is not evn close to living a healthy life !

  27. Yellow nails can also mean you have a Fungal infection.

  28. You forgot ZINC!

  29. Wooooh I found that perfectil is in case hai of gaining weight
    This gains weight

  30. Description
    Healthy Renewal Formula
    Hair, Skin, Nails, Bone & Joint Health
    6000 mg of Collagen Per Serving
    Dietary Supplement
    Guaranteed Quality Laboratory Tested
    Super Collagen Plus Vitamin C helps maintain strength and flexibility throughout the body. Collagen is an important nutrient needed to ensure the health and vitality of skin, hair, nails, cartilage, ttps://

  31. Is it good for 15 year girl?

  32. Can you get a review about vitamins for hair like sugarbearhair. Pleeeaasse. Thank you.

  33. Omg shorty is soooocutewhen she is taking the pills!!!😁😁

  34. Good good vitamins tablets 😁😁😁😁😁

  35. I really liked these turmeric supplements, because of High bioavailability:

  36. Mia and Felicia you guys are freaking gorgeous 👌👏😍💕✨

  37. Can you girls review AG-FACTOR? Heard it works wonders for skin brightening!

  38. How to drink ? Morning or nyt?

  39. Plz do such a vdo on halo beauty vitamins. Plz plz plz.

    U girls are amazing. I watch so many vdos on YouTube. But somehow i always retain the information which i had gotten from ur vdos. I saw ur apple cider vinegar vdo. Gave it a try and oh my God. My life changed. Im so thankful tyu.

  40. everytime I consume food or sugary drink, the next day- big mr pimple pop out..

  41. ✨✨

  42. Wait, Felicia, you don’t shower every day? 🙂

    1. Showering every day is really bad for your skin and hair…if you feel like you must shower everyday only clean the necessary areas like your arm pits and private area..
      I shower 3 times a week and I have never had a problem with odor or anything…but I also don’t work out everyday (I walk for exercise 3x a week and that’s when I full body shower).

  43. Hi! Was this video sponsored by the supplements company? I didn’t hear it or found it written anywhere but there was lots of focus on the company…

    1. did mention partner with the company in the video i think

  44. Will you please do a video on light masks and peeling gels?

  45. I really enjoyed this video!! I hope we can have more videos like this 🙂 I’m super interested in the chemistry involved in our skin and overall health!!

  46. I learn’t so much from this video.

  47. Please try Halo Beauty by Tati Westbrook!

  48. Amazing video, looking forward to watch another one like this one. It’s so good to know the ingredients as well as the results we may get with them

  49. Curious as to how bioavailable pills are versus liquid supplementation. In Asia, the beauty from within culture is taking a lot of liquid supplements – like tonics or shots – rather than pills. Let me know! Would love to hear your thoughts!

  50. Love your videos!

  51. I love you guuuuys

  52. Love you guys! Thanks 🙂

  53. Mia pretty..seriously…

  54. omg felicia’s accent is slowly going away

  55. So if I’m 20 years old, I cannot take collagen powder, or vitamins?… (My skin condition is mild dry and acne prone skin) my acne is closed comedone acne by the way as my dermatologist said

  56. Personally I think you should really know your body nobody is the same I am 25 and am very sensitive to oily food and sodas and carbohydrates so you really just have to pay attention to the way your body reacts to anything you do.

  57. Instead of vitamins do an all natural video.

  58. Question: what about African black soap? Is it also helpful to reduce blemishes?

  59. If Vitamin E is good for the skin, i wonder why my dermatologist suggested to stay away from it….like not taking vitamin E

  60. 👍👍

  61. Nice video! I love us <3
    When i was kid, i eat sweets gummy *.*

  62. Has anyone tried tati’s supplements?

  63. Honestly perfectil is my favourite supplements ever.

  64. How long can you continue your supplements??

  65. It would be great to try ‘Halo beauty supplements’ and get your feedback on the results!

  66. Can we sensitive skin girls eat vit c supplements instead of using them in the form of serums that irritate and sometimes hypersensitize our skin?

  67. I like your videos… I’m from India… Have gone through most of them today… Mostly liked because you explain skin care with really nice scientific knowledge 😍…problem is just that you don’t recommend skin regime or products including age factor… I’m 23 and looking for something that makes my skin healthier nourishes reduces tan… Please recommend.. I will be thankful to you… And yes I have subscribed your channel today itself

  68. I always wanted to take them but the problem is I’m not sure about the portions and need of them. Can you suggest how can i solve this?

  69. Tnx for this vidoe i learned more about vitamins..All and also collage

  70. Thank you!!!!!!!!

  71. Sooo… awkwardly enough, I’m really wondering how that donkey collagen bar tastes. It looks delicious.
    You should link the recipe or do a video on some “ancient Chinese holy grails” (:

  72. I don’t even need these supplements my hair is so thick I can see each strand and my nails are so thick that when I cut it , it feels like plastic all I need is fruits and foods with these vitamins

  73. I have the same skin type as felicia.. Hormonal acne really worried me out sometimes. i felt ugly whenever it happens.. thanks for a great video!!

  74. 0.18 omg u r sooo funny

  75. Was hoping for actual advice, not a perfectil ad. Didn’t know you could even still do sponsored videos without making it clear from the beginning

  76. I highly recommend prenatal vitamins as they are strongly regulated and have a high level of the same nutrients that beauty supplements boast.

  77. I’m confused…😅 how is vitamim D good for acne if acne comes from sebum production and lot’s of other stuff ofcourse … but it’s bad for people with oily skin. Is it only good then to recover the acne or….?
    I really want to know because I’m acne prone but I don’t want to cause more sebum production🤔

  78. I really like this channel but why isnt it disclosed that you are partnered with that supplement company ? Quick way to lose credibility…

    1. Jade Eden I’m pretty sure that’s against YouTube guidelines as well. It should be clear from the thumbnail, description and a clear statement towards the beginning of the video, not a brief mention after already endorsing the product

  79. My new favorite channel

  80. collagen is literally made from the bones, skin, and connective tissue of animals, including cattle, fish, horses, pigs, or rabbits..

  81. I love you girls <3 You are so GOOD at explaining everything! Especially when you include diagrams. Thank you so much 😉

    1. Aww thank YOUU! So happy to hear you enjoy the vids with graphicsss, out editors put a lot of effort in them to make everything easier to understand heheh, since skincare can already be sooo confusing , right?! 😅🤓- fel

  82. YALL these things ARE NOT gonna make acne completely go away. Yes it may be helpful, HOWEVER some people (LIKE ME🙋🏽‍♀️) have to go to a dermatologist and get medication and recommended face washes and/or moisturizer. So if yo have tried many things you may need to get your skin checked out!!

  83. I’ve been struggling with my skin since I was 20 I’m now 23 and I still break out around my chin. Thank you for your channel it’s really informative I love it thank you!

    1. Beauty Within thank you Fe, I hope you had a lovely Christmas 🎄 blessing you with a wonderful new year 💖💖💖

    2. Hope it’s helping build your skincare routine step by step 😊And don’t worry too much about breakouts, we all get them from time to time. I know I get really bad breakouts 1-2 weeks before my period, and nothing helps except diet and sleep during that time. And also products that help control the oil production. But remember it’s all natural! 😘- fel

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    Would you like to hunt for discount prices? Here you will find the best cosmetics at attractive prices. We prepare our special offers with you and your shopping experience in mind. Thanks to the special offers, you can buy your favorite products from NuviaLab at even more affordable prices.

  85. I always break out when I eat dairy. I try so hard to not eat it. 💜💜💜

    1. It’s so hard to do 🧀

  86. I work in a group home and have to pass meds. The clients will take 11 pills at a time with no problem. The first time I saw that, my jaw dropped. I have problems taking one pill at a time. 💜💜💜

  87. This was truly insightful, thank you so much for the research!

    1. Aww yayyyy so glad you found it helpful! Hope it helps you out next time you’re wondering what vitamins or supplements to get heheh 💞🙌- fel

  88. Cheap collagen supplement – chicken feet, at least at our house

    1. @Supriya Gairola fish collagène marine

    2. Please tell something about vegetarians, what could be the cheapest collagen source for them?

  89. I really like this video

    1. Thanks so much! So glad you enjoyed it and hope you learned something newww! 😊 – fel

  90. Oh i like gummy candies hehe

    1. Hahha yes! But remember, not to overdue it! There’s still a lot of sugar in it hehe – fel 😘

  91. Maybe one day i will follow all the tips that you all said cuz right now I don’t have enough budget to buy the products like klairs. I just buy cheap one right now.😟

  92. Love all the videos you gals do but can you clear out the negative side of consuming collagen?

  93. يخر ب بيتكم عاملين بارز بجلاتين الحمير 😂🤪

  94. Make some haircare videos!!

  95. No vitamin D produces collagen.

  96. Thumbs down because I just got a little iterated at watching her choke down the vitamins. We really didn’t need to see your actually take the vitamins. I think your feedback would be safficiate enough

    1. Jennifer Pratt what a stupid reason to thumbs down 🙂 thanks for telling everyone

  97. Or lips, your lips will be pale if your lacking protein in one case

  98. Im not sure if anyone actually asked this question below.. Hahaha, but i was wondering… since supplements in a gummy bear form and capsule form are some what “alike” and they deliver the similar results. Which one do you recommend? Does the added colouring and preservatives in gummy bears have other effect to our body? Some capsules they are harder to dissolve in our body, do they have a long term effect to our health?

  99. I love your channel so much! It legitimately gives so much inside knowledge and your videos due to the way you’ll do it lets us decide whether some regimen or ritual would work for us or not and I can’t thank you enough for the effort you guys actually put in to serve and enlighten us about “beauty from within”

  100. I love it, I like the little cookies that you provide of information. Easy to learn 😀

  101. I know everyone reacts different to vitamins but what should a body be taking as far as vitamins. These are all good options and choose for what you need/want but what should one body be taking? Thanks♥️🙏

  102. How about answering questions like can you use vitamin directly on the skin. Like vitamin E gel capsules, should you or can you put them on topically instead of digesting them. Love your channel so information, it’s my go to when I want to revamp my routines.

    1. Jackattack5678 what is in a capsule can smell ranchid or be hard to absorb. You can put what’s in a capsule on your skin but it’s better to buy a vitamine oil. You have vitamin e-oils for your skin

  103. You guys are really beauty wid brain😘😘

  104. Just eat chicken feet for colagen! 🙂

  105. Can you make a video on rice water as toner please? Love the channel ❤️

  106. I take my skin hair nails supplement with Chokeberries (black berries) juice drink and my scarring has faded a lot

  107. What’s better to do first, exfoliate or cleanse?

    1. Jonathan Escobar cleanse you akin first, then depending on what type of exfoliant you have, you exfoliate 1-2 times a week.

  108. I know you mostly do skincare but I think a cool video idea would be how to get really healthy long shiny hair. ( btw love your guys videos) 💕💕💕

  109. Best sunscreen pleaseeee

    1. Noted! We have a dedicated sunscreen video already up on the channel that we uploaded recently! Make sure to check that our here: – Thanks for watching and commenting! 🤓- Fel x

  110. Supplements have recently become one of the most important parts of my skincare routine, specifically Vitamin C. A few months ago I was introduced to LivOn Labs Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C & it completely changed my skincare game! When we ingest Vitamin C most of it doesn’t survive the stomach so it never fully enters the bloodstream but due to how the Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C is formulated we’re able to reap all of the amazing benefits. It’s not a pill or a capsule but each dose is actually a gel that you add to 1-3 ounces of cold liquid (I just take it in cold water) & you basically drink it down like a shot. Each dose comes in its own travel friendly little packet & there are 30 packets in each box (one month supply) for about $32 (which is a STEAL considering what it does for the skin & overall health). Tbh I received a 2 months supply of the Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C at a deep discount in exchange for my honest opinion but I was still VERY SCEPTICAL when I first read it’s claims. There are a lot of incredible benefits but what I was most interested in was how it claims to boost collagen production & that results should be seen within 4 weeks. Challenge accepted! I squeezed a packet of this Lypo-Spheric Vit C into about 2 ounces of cold water every morning (on an empty stomach) & the first thing I noticed was increased energy & within a few days I just started to feel much better overall so I continued taking it & sure enough I started to notice improvements in my skin! I’m currently 43 years old & although I always had great skin my skin became drier, more dull & tired looking & I started to notice the fine lines creeping in right before my 39th birthday but more recently I noticed that my skin wasn’t as bouncy & firm as it once was even a few months prior. Even my lips looked thinner so I double downed on the anti-aging skincare products with very little to no improvement. After 2 weeks of taking the Lypo-Spheric Vit C my skin looked less dull & tired nor was it as dry as it was. By 4 weeks I noticed that my lips appeared fuller & my skin appeared more lifted, especially around my eyes, cheeks, & around my jawline. I finished the initial 2 month supply & immediately placed an order for another 2 months bc the results were just too amazing & EVERYONE had noticed! Co-workers, my patients, friends, & family all swear that I’M AGING IN REVERSE bc I legit look AT LEAST five years younger!!! I’ve also added another Lypo-Spheric product to my repertoire & I’m planning on trying even more from LivOn Labs bc I haven’t looked or felt this good in about 10 years! Here’s the link to LivOn Labs Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C for anyone that’s curious about this magical supplement (this is NOT an affiliate link! I receive nothing if you click on it or choose to buy):

    1. @Beauty Within llkhp bnb{bk

    2. Thanks so much for sharing that! We will defs check that out – it’s so great hearing your experience, since it’s so different for each person!! 😛

  111. It’s amazing how so many people don’t know how to swallow pills or capsules. Fill your mouth with water first, then add the pill and chug it down.

    1. My father do just like that

    2. I put it at the end of my mouth (tonsils) & swallow

  112. Is this vitamin advisable for breastfeeding moms? My Aunt is kinda curious if she’s allowed to use it.

    1. @Beauty Within Thanks also for the advice! ❤❤❤ My aunt’s doing great! God bless you Miss Fel and all the crew! 👏💕 Keep posting skin care videos, I’m an avid fan from the Philippines! 😍🌼

    2. But they also have postnatal supplements that are designed for breastfeeding mothers! You can check it out online 🙂

    3. I would highly recommend your aunt, or anyone breastfeeding, to consult with their doctor or GP because you don’t want to risk any side effects, no matter how good the product is 🤓Always better to be safe than sorry hehe. Hope your aunt is doing great! 😊Thanks so much for the comment! – Fel x

  113. Still sad to see so many ignorant people believe in collagen supplements. That’s not how collagen works! Collagen is made by the body. You can’t add more collagen by eating it or applying it to skin

    1. We explained how the body works to create collagen, and also that the whole collagen and beauty supplements are highly unregulated. We just try to lay out the facts so that people can decide for themselves knowing that drinking things like powders or capsules won’t solve problems, it takes a lifestyle and mindful change from the inside. Thanks for the comment!

  114. Hey guys, can you please do a diy face mask video.

    1. We’ll definitely keep that in mind when we do out face mask video! Thanks so much for the comment and for watching girl! 😘- Fel

  115. Felicia!!! Be my teacher 😉

  116. 👍💖

  117. i eat the “blocks’jelly” food it tastes sooo good but the one that i eat isn’t for ur skin it’s more for good blood circulation.

  118. thank u for this video <3

  119. If I have oily skin, nd I wanna take vitamin e for my hair n nails as capsule. How much mg of it do u recommend daily?

  120. This is such a informative topic I just love bueaty within they provide so much information I always watch their vedios.

  121. Thanks for the tips. Though i have a question i put on sunscreen everyday though dont put on a moistureizer. Am i doing something bad

  122. Daily we have to take 2 after breakfast plz tell me

    1. Yes

  123. you are so beautiful and your english is also nice

  124. Fel is my ol tym fav…love ya..mood lifted by this vdo☺💋💋

  125. Plz fel n mia…tell me this ..i eat 1 capsule of spirulina each day….plz sisos do a vdo on this too😭

  126. Hi most people are buying makeup but I decided to put that on hold this time for a while and decided to go on this supplement capsules that are giving me results because people have complemented my hair but is true you do get a zit here and there because is so full of vitamins and natural oils for the hair people asked if I wear a wig it makes me feel comfortable because that means it works 😁😆👍🤩is not just vitamins need to detox scalp as well with natural ingredients for the scalp as well for strong hair even if you have lots of hair to keep it healthy.

  127. How about magnesium

  128. If you want to get rid of acne, I would say avoid biotin. Any kinds of synthetic biotin would break you out. Also b5 can cause breakouts so limit it. I would agree with the rest though, however, zinc and vitamin A (powerful treatment) should be used

  129. You should’ve tried halo beauty by Tati Westbrook! I would love to hear ur opinion about them 💕

    1. I noticed they helped my skin and I had some pretty bad skin. I took the kiwi ones.

    2. @Zee Ak really a friend of mine tried it goodness gracious she really turned it around! Her skin is glowing and her acne cleared up. Tho it took her 6mos 🤑

    3. Those products are a waste of money and only need 35-70 micrograms per day of biotin. Watch No BS Beauty’s video about it

    4. This commentaar didn’t age well

    5. I heard they are actually surprisingly good a friend of mine takes them and she likes it but idk

  130. Don’t worry, I’m paying the price for the gelato I had on Tuesday 😭😭

  131. Can you please do durmaneedling or microneedling? Thank you!

  132. I literally always get complimented on my hair and nails but my skin is just a mess ?? I don’t get it? 😭 I would gladly swap my strong nails for good skin

  133. Please talk about liquid chlorophyll!

  134. Too many sponsored videos recently. Wtf.

    1. They are paid for the ads if we watch the entire Ad video.

  135. Felicia says that our body converts food, and i mean real food!, into vitamins and minerals, but the illustration shows at 2:26 PILL and CAPSULES entering the stomach.

  136. Amazing ! Can you make one about how food can change things on our body and which foods are great and for what? Thank you !! ❤️💕

  137. Thanks beauty within.

  138. I really Love that Channel for me u guys r like doctors , and it’s pretty cool to See u testing out Things and Helping People like me with my Acne , u should get an Award ❤️❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼

  139. This is so informative and overall fun to watch ! I love you guys !!

  140. Thank you so much for the vid!

  141. This video is so informative!!! Graphic is so good wor😏😏😏
    Felicia always so funny and Mia always has the best footage ever lol

    1. Hahhhaha so good 😉😉😉 I’m sure there will be much more unexpected surprise 💕😋🙈 the graphics are the bang-est! 👊

  142. Felicia you should try maca root powder it helped me alot with my hormonal acne! It helps balance the hormones and its good for other stuff.

    1. Yay I just got a maca root face mask!

    2. @Daniela In my country we have it in some if our health food stores, you can find it online too. Hope it helps!

    3. Domenika Ana oooh thank you so much!! I’ll have to try it out! Where did you find the products?

    4. @Daniela Yes! I had pretty bad hormonal acne for the past two years and nothing really helped. I wanted to cure it naturally so the maca root powder and probiotic yogurt really helped me. My skin has not been this clear the past two years, I am only left with scars! Try it, maca and probiotics really helped me alot.

    5. Domenika Ana i watched a video and the girl mentioned this powder. So it helped reduce your acne?

  143. Great video guys! Felicity see your Dr for ‘dianette’ this is a contraceptive pill that is miraculous for hormonal acne!

  144. Im so surprised you didn’t mention vitamin A. My dermatologist recommended Vitamin A along with other vitamins for my skin and it works great.

  145. I’m glad i clicked on this.

  146. Love the intro 😂

  147. Hormonal acne video?

  148. Hey ladies, rlly luv ua video’s. U simplify everthng. I personnal suffer frm acne n I hv found most of ua video’s informative. Thnks alot. Frm chocolate gurl

  149. Great videos! One question though, is it true that tretinoin can temporarily make the pores look bigger? If you search this on google, you can see a lot of people using tretinoin have experienced this.

  150. I would rather be a wrinkly old lady than ever eat donkey! Bloody Chinese and how they treat animals . On another note, Omega 7 is a hard to find oil the body needs…..Try seabuckthorn capsules or oil ( which is nasty) the skin will show you how much it appreciates it. xoxo

  151. I personally don´t take any supplements, but I have a very balanced diet, so I don´t feel like I need them in my routine. Regarding the gummibears: As a mother I would never have them in my house! My kids would mistake them for sweets and little children are easily overdosed by supplemets, so I wouldn´t want to risk that.

    1. Definitely You dont need!
      Bcz Ur Already Soo beautiful!❤

  152. I started having complements of omega 3 and onagra, and I felt suuuuch a difference on my skin. (I have very dry dehydrated skin) I’ve also found a reduced amount of migraines. I have cronic migraines, but I usually have hormonal ones during my period and I’ve noticed they have gone. Not the big ones… But the occasional ones due to the hormones.

  153. Your videos are just amazing and so are you girls! loved this 🙂

  154. This is just a huge ad. Ads are getting smarter.

    1. How😂😂😂

    2. people need to pay their bills? they put in work to give you the specific supplements to look for and broke down how each ingredient acts with your body.. if you dont like the brand they suggest you can buy a different brand with that ingredients a simple google search will help.
      dont need to go on here and complain

    3. How? They showed how the product affects people differently and other forms of supplements to take instead of that brand; vitamin c, folic acid, etc. So I’m not sure how you think this is an ad?

    4. Exactly. They should have just stated the supplement type so we can find quality brands instead of their suggested ones.

  155. For yellow nails caused by nailpolish the only thing that helps is growing them out. Nailpolishes like nailner (which are a different formula allowing your nails to still breathe) help to cover it up in the meantime.

  156. Thank you for this post; it is educational

  157. can bio zinc and vitamin e be taken together? or can be eat separately like zinc in morning, vitamin e before sleep?

  158. Anybody knows if SUGARBEAR HAIR works ?

    1. No

  159. Hi! I am just wondering if you guys could do a video regarding on face oils and their benefits?

  160. What’s the best time to take skin supplements after breakfast or before bedtime?

    1. I take mine as soon as I wake up or if I am busy. I will take it with my lunch or dinner meal

    2. i think ideally after breakfast, for better absorption of nutrients 😉 that’s what I do with my Halo beauty.

    3. Depends, it should say in the actual packet. Normally before breakfast, but as i said, it depends

  161. Yellow nails don’t mean your nails are unhealthy unless they are yellow where they grow from the cuticle. When you use dark nail polish colors or don’t use a good enough base coat, your nails will absorb the color and turn yellow. If your nails are weak, that could be from buffing or lack of hydration from good oils like jojoba. Check out “Why Yellow Nails Don’t Matter” by SimplyNailogical to see the full explanation. Her nails are clearly strong and healthy. 🙂

    1. If your nails are yellow… cut a lemon in half and dig your nails into one half. Works a treat.

    2. Holosexual agrees

    3. @Mollie.C. 💿💿💿💕✊🏼

    4. Hannah Rose before I even finished the first sentence I could tell I was reading a comment by a holosexual!

  162. Very educational, I love how you girls explains things.
    For those who suffers from hormonal acne and scarring, (like myself) and I found taking a probiotic(a product kept in the fridge) had helped with the hormonal breakouts. This aids the gut health and absorption of the nutrients.

  163. Very helpful!!!

  164. Recently I have heard of these oral sunblock pills. I am not sure how safe they are and is there any other food that we can eat to have the effect of these pills?

  165. I love that you do research and educate with your videos! So informative & helpful! Thank you 🙏🏽

  166. The only one supplement, that helps ME with skin and hair is primrose oil. After one month skin and hair condition is really great. Glowy skin and soft hair!

    1. Am taking them and it’s good

    2. @sweet Pearl i take one pill per day. It s a 510mg of oil. But you can also buy bottle of primrose oil and drink 1/2 tablespoon per day (during your meal). I hope it will works for you too

    3. Please how many miligram do you take per day

  167. quality content!! yay!!!!!😘😘

  168. What suppliment is better for hormonal acne ?

    1. Maca Powder! You can get it in powder form or in capsules/tablets.
      Also helps with stress hormone levels lile cortisol, if you have trouble sleeping this supplement really helps.
      Also try eating foods like avocado and sweet potato and avoid sugary foods.

    2. Try maca root powder it helped me alot. It helps to balance your hormones.

    3. little cat thank you 😊

    4. Jillian Thomas hey can u please tell me the dosage ?

    5. I haven’t finished the video but I highly recommend HUM Nutrition “Daily Cleanse.” I stumbled upon them when looking up ways to clear hormonal acne after I stopped taking birth control (which made my skin perfect) and I’ve been taking them for a month and a half. I had tried EVERYTHING, even prescription acne products, but nothing worked. I bought these, and after a really brief purging period, my skin cleared up very quickly! I’ve gotten so many compliments on my skin, and my skin has never looked so good.

  169. Really appreciate the time spent putting this video together! i’ve always thought about taking supplements for my skin but i guess i should work on my diet first lol. thanks!

  170. Yay!!!! I requested this! Thank you!!

    1. Yesss! We definitely keep all your comments noted 😋 hope this helped a bit and was what you were looking for! 😘 – Fel

  171. Hey!!!
    I love love your videos!
    Can you please make a video of how to take care of skin and hair if you have pcod/pcos? Please,please….what products we can use for skin and extreme hair loss, vitamins we can have,etc.

    1. We’ll definitely keep that in mind! Thanks so much for watching and the comment 😘 – fel

  172. Thank you 💕

    1. No, thank YOU! 🙈💕 – fel

  173. Felicia looks like Jiwoo from KARD

    1. Hahhha I kind of get what you mean.. 😂😂😂 but she’s way fairer, obviously haha – fel

  174. Love it

  175. 10:20 relatable

    1. The strugglesss hahah – fel

  176. i swear yesterday i searched “beauty within vitamins”, because i was looking for this kind of video and you upload this today 😍

    1. OMG perfect timingggg yess! Hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful! 😘 – fel

  177. I love beauty within, and I’ve been a long time viewer! But I’d like to point out for the sake of education that supplements are not scientifically proven to work, and are also not regulated to the same standards as actual medicine. If you have a deficiency, see a doctor and do not take supplements unless prescribed. Also be very careful with supplements if you have any medical conditions including pregnancy. Super fun video! 😊

    1. Florence B thats why everyone needs to be a prosumer, understand what they are taking

    2. @Linh Tieu even if they really are “pure”, some vitamins, nutrients or minerals can be toxic if ingested too much. Vitamin a for exemple. It can be extremely toxic especially for foetuses! Some that are water soluble such as vitamin c won’t matter as much because your body will get rid of the excess through urine, but it is not the case for every single one! And some of them will create deficiencies in others, or make it hard for your body to absorb them, etc.

    3. True, not all supplements are created equal, some are filled with fillers to make up for the weight

    4. completely agree with this! Supplements sound like they are harmless so people think since they are over the counter, if they wont help, they wont do any harm either. However, if you get an access of any kind of vitamin, it can also form into kidney stones. So best is to get a full blood work done and go to a dermatologist.

  178. 13:11 – last ..Wow that’s a lot to know about Vitamins… This by far is the most and the best explanation I would ever get. Thank You.

  179. I barely went to the doctor after procrastinating and turns out I’m low in vitamin d… doctor prescribed 50,000 IU for 3 months once a week. I was like ….when did I become a vampire🧛🏽‍♀️.

    1. The Fox The Raven I had no idea about coffee ( or tea ) blocking the absorption of vitamins no joke!! The struggle is real but dang!!!

    2. Lol. I feel your pain. I take 10,000 UI every day. If I don’t I get really sick. I’ve always been vampire but didn’t realize how true that was. Lol. You’re not not alone.

    3. Most common deficiency in this day and age. Basically comes from our modern, more sedentary lifestyle because we spend much more time indoors than our ancestors would have. Spend a little more time outside and eat more foods with calcium and vitamin D and drink less tea and coffee because they prevent absorbtion of vitamins.

  180. I can’t take biotin 🙁 it breaks me out . So any hair skin nails vitamins are not for me .

    1. You probably don’t need biotin anyway. If you eat a balanced diet, you’re already getting all the biotin you need. In fact taking biotin may do more hard than good.

  181. I want to try this … Can you’ll make a video about Hempseed Oil its use for acne prone skin and its use as a moisturizer.

    1. I used hempseed oil for a few months and it’s literally amazing! I would also love to see a video about it for more info

  182. You girls are beautiful! Thank you for the great info! ✨💕✨💕

  183. Iam ready to give traditional beauty tips for watch my channel.

  184. I loved your video! Be careful with gummy vitamins, some of them have sugar and that’s not good for the skin.

    1. All of them have sugar.

    2. Plus they don’t have iron. Just full of food coloring and gelatin. You normally find in jelly mixtures

  185. Mia looks so pretty with natural make up 🙂

    1. Totally agree with u

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    1. Annie playz :3 Honey, you ARE beautiful, more than you know. It starts from the inside…what makes you beautiful is that you are YOU. Don’t sell yourself short. If you can see beauty in others and in your sister, then, you, too, are beautiful. It takes one to know one, right?! So if you see beauty, it means you are what you see, beautiful! Remember that! Much love 💕

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