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How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies (Easy Household Cleaning Ideas) Clean My Space

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In this video, cleaning expert, Melissa Maker, shows us how to set up a fruit fly trap and get rid of fruit flies for good!

It is important to catch the problem fast because fruit flies breed quickly and multiply exponentially fast. While I don’t like killing things, in this video we do need to kill fruit flies to make sure they don’t come back. Thanks for watching!

Stephanie asked: How do I get rid of pesky fruit flies?


What you need-
1) Pesky fruit flies
2) Container (like a glass)
3) Balsamic vinegar
4) 2 sheets of plastic wrap
5) Paring knife

Fill a container 1/8 of the way full with balsamic vinegar. Cover the container with taut plastic wrap. Take your paring knife and pierce 4 small holes on the top of the plastic wrap. Leave it out overnight. Take off the old plastic wrap the next day since they may have laid eggs on it. Replace it with a new sheet of plastic wrap and pierce 4 small holes again (Repeat for 2-3 days). If you notice a few are flying out, put a second layer of plastic wrap or make sure your holes aren’t too big. Make sure you put your fly catcher in an area you think it’ll be most effective.


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218 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies (Easy Household Cleaning Ideas) Clean My Space

  1. All those fruit flies’ hopes and dreams shattered by your intolerance. tsk tsk! How would you like it if the neighbors murdered your kids just because they were flying up their nose and swimming in their cereal?

  2. My brain malfunctioned trying to process the statement, “…holes that are big enough for them to go in, but small enough for them not to come out.”

  3. Will using Gatorade work mixed with dish soap work?

  4. Your beautiful! Thats all i can say. Good luck!

  5. Sorry, it doesn’t work. I wasted my time watching this video

  6. How many ds she suck to get that many Veiws

  7. Are u kidding me? Nobody knows this stuff? Unreal..

  8. Don’t want anything flying around her you know what

  9. Will it work if I take a dump in the jar.

  10. I just go hunting for them with a bottle of raid, find a group, spray. Kill the survivors with the power of fingers.

  11. RIP Betty!

  12. You are edible….

  13. I couldn’t figure out what you are saying because i cannot take my eyes off you <3

  14. Is she drunk?

  15. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😂😂😂😂🤣 this was a helpful & hilarious video😂

  16. fUUUCKK i just went out and bought apple cider vinegar… i swear one article i read said that one. do i need to go out any but balsamic now? doesn’t any vinegar work? my apple cider did jack shit

  17. This has never worked for me

  18. Thank u great video

  19. I dont have just balsamic vinegar. I’m wondering if I can use balsamic salad dressing and add lemon and some reg vinegar to it??. Its worth a try about to do it now

  20. Yes, this works. We killed all 100 flies here at the office in a matter of a week with this method. Thanks Melissa!

  21. How long does it take for a fly to die once trapped?

  22. How do I get rid of regular flies?

  23. you used the word Spry. for flies. Awesome. Like the wordplay

  24. …. pronounced “ball-SAHM-ick” vinegar.
    Also – it’s “paring” knife.

  25. Hey, I don’t mean to be rude but we have a giant fruit fly problem, I bought a bottle of balsamic vinegar and followed every step of your advice, after a week of waiting not a single fruit fly landed in the trap. Wouldn’t reccomend. Great comedy though!

    1. Being giants, the fruit flies were clearly too big to fit through the little poke holes in the plastic wrap.

  26. You are a fruit fly a parasite a little Nat on someone’s nuts

  27. Kill the fucking flies and mosquitos all of them up to the last one

  28. They will suffer now!

  29. You seem really fun…😉. Thanks

  30. It did not work…

  31. lol awesome video

  32. yo u kinda hot

  33. Can’t get much more annoying than this lady.

  34. i didnt get any of this… i was too busy staring at her tits.. what little we can see.

  35. Hi Melissa. I trying to get rid of the pesticide smell in my kitchen for days now and it doesn’t seem to be going. Please help

  36. No

  37. feeling happy finding solution to kill fruit flies.they are really troublesome

  38. Im more sad about wasting any of my $8 vinegar than killing a fly lol

    1. Dollar store

  39. Video request: how yo get rid of flies?

  40. you are cool that was well done. canadian accent?

  41. it didn’t work what did I do wrong?

    1. I put apple cider vinegar in a cup covered it with a baggie and poked a bunch of holes in the top and sealed it off with an elastic….. I used a toothpick to poke the holes. they cover the top but only a small amount of them go inside! they are so bad! idk what to do😠😞

  42. Omg this video! 🤣 you look great!

  43. Hi Melissa.
    After a really bad outbreak of fruit flies just this last summer (2016) I learned that fruit flies actually live and breed in our household drains. There were two solutions offered: 1. Before you go to bed at night, pour some baking soda down each drain then follow that with pouring white vinegar down on top of the baking soda. It will fizz like crazy for a while and effectively kill all those darn fruit flies dead!!! This is the environmentally friendly/responsible choice and it works! 2. Or you could be environmentally irresponsible and pour chlorine bleach down your drains to kill the pests.
    I used solution #1 and I haven’t seen a fruit fly since and it’s Feb. 20, 2017. Hope this helps! 🙂

    1. hey, i’m about to try this. do i let the baking soda sit at all before pouring the water? or do i do it immediately?

    2. you can also just keep the drains plugged !

    3. @gman57op You’re trying to boil the flies, not give them a warm bath

    4. leslie nikulka
      A kettle of boiling water poured down your sink drains each night will also work… no bleach required 🙂

  44. Needed this desperately!

  45. THANK YOU, Melissa! Wow! This was the only thing that worked for me. Regular Apple cider vinegar didn’t work and a banana also not helpful. In a matter of a few short hours, I have a fresh clean Kitchen and home again.

  46. lol love that she is trying to be funny like no girl noo

  47. please get better mic and camera = more views.

    1. She has a better mic in her more recent videos. @to0N moron

    2. the camera style is intentional. cool!

    3. blackbutterfly233ify lol really

    4. I still like to get my point across regardless of “time”

    5. imuteu you are so late this video is 5 years old

  48. I didn’t know this was a comedy

    1. yes it is

  49. she is so pretty
    fuck self pitty
    i feel so shitty

    1. hum?

  50. Can we use white vinegar instead?

  51. I always use Apple Cider vinegar every summer, and it seems to work really well too. I have glasses all over the house. A real frustration saver 🙂

  52. Saw right away this was one of your old videis. Music Reminded me of Bewitched. LOL. Loved the M.O.S.

    1. yep thought the same thing.

  53. I took a moment of silence to tell the devil to make them go through hell and die over and over in hell

    1. LOL. Good one.

  54. it dosnt work what do i do

  55. it soesnt work what do i so?

  56. We did this at my school for about a week and discovered that there were tons of flies at school

    1. drop out

    2. fuck school

  57. This was really funny! I was suprised since it’s only about fruit flies haha! Greetings from England

  58. Melissa, can you do a video on how to get rid of cockroaches and mice, and how to keep them out of your house?

    1. Cat

  59. hi
    can I use apple cider vinegar or normal synthetic vinegar?

    1. normal synthetic vinegar wth is that?

    2. @Snehashri Rao Yes, that’s what I use. I also add a tiny bit of dish soap in the container after I add the vinegar. It makes it harder for them to get out.

  60. Hi Melissa, love your videos and your sense of humour. My question is what can I do to prevent birds pooping on my timber verandah (verandah = porch in Canada :)).

    Thank you kindly.

    Jennifer Creecy

  61. how do u get rid of those nasty long centipede like bugs with the thousand legs and long hairy antenas..i see them sometimes jut chilling on the wall or crawling across my carpet!! YUCK!!..i dont even know what their called..i live in a wooded area but how the heck are they geting inside my home!!

    1. @Matt C Yuck!…well I guess I will try to leave them be because I dont see many spiders anymore which means I dont see them either all is good for now..thanks!

    2. @Coily Mane I just spray them with it. But since they hunt other bugs in your house–and they live inside houses–you could just leave them be.

    3. @Matt C put white vinegar where? a dish in a corner?

    4. @Coily Mane they hunt spiders, so you might have them in your house. I’ve found that white vinegar works to kill them

    5. I know what you mean! They are called house centipedes. Creepy little guys! I just spray bug spray around the base boards. I haven’t seen nearly as many this year. Last summer was insane! I just smash them and spray the bug spray twice a week for them and any other bug that tries to get in.

  62. I    LOVE     YOU MARRY ME ?

  63. thank you so much ur a lifesaver

  64. Can you use regular vinegar

  65. Thanx cutie

  66. Usually they come from my garbage disposal…ewww.

    1. @girlsrockurboyz Drains are a popular breeding place for bugs (especially fruit flies).  Draino works well at killing anything in the drains.  I know, many don’t like using harsh chemicals, but Draino will not only kill the bugs, it will also get rid of any grease buildup (or anything else) that could potentially clog your drains.

    2. Those are drain flies and are way more annoying than fruit flies!! They reproduce quickly and can get out of hand. Use fly strips to control them.

    3. clean it with some baking soda and vinegar. Follow with hot water!

  67. Bugs me…

  68. Keep your fly ziped arund all ftuts. The frut fly will starv todeth

  69. Loved this video your face when you nearly hit the camera hilarious !

  70. Great video Melissa! Don’t listen to that rude meangirl talking smack on your voice….she is probably just jealous because you are gorgeous! xoxo

  71. Credo che sia il piu’divertente tutorial che io abbia mai visto,mi sono fatto una di quelle risatte,da morire!capisco l’inglese ma non sono capace di scrivere!sorry!Vai sulla strada dello scherzzo,anche se dici delle cose serie!ciao!

  72. I sometimes make a funnel, use apple cider vinegar, and release the ones that don’t drown outside the house.

  73. In the summer our house is teaming with flies! Thanks, this helped!

  74. must it be balsamic vinegar? can it also be regular vinegar?

    1. gas out?

    2. @LaReineBleue If you do not want to use a lot or plastic wrap you can yous a couple of drop of dish soap with the apple cider vinegar. It will do the same thing

    3. Apple cider vinegar works the best. Use a low shallow dish or bowl, like a dog bowl, fill it near to top with water and just a few splashes of apple cider vinegar, it’s sweeter smelling so they prefer it, cover and poke small yet large enough holes to get in and tiny ones to let gas out. With less room to fly inside they fall into the water right away and die faster..don’t release them outside..they can lay  up to 500 eggs at a time. Good Luck.

  75. Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. Life saver !!!

  76. awesome! thanks

  77. Wow, thank you so much!

  78. Hi Melissa!
    I live in NYC in an older building & it seems that no matter what I do, when the weather stars to turn cold, little creepy crawlies come inside to escape. They dwindle through the season, but no matter what I clean or how, they come inside to find a warm home.
    I have many allergies, so I always appreciate your cleaning solutions & ideas. I try to keep a few sprays & such on hand, but the chemicals are harsh. What is a good way to repel them?

  79. I really love your idea and how to get rid of those pesky fruit flies! Tried your idea last year and it worked wonderfully!!!!! This year and I’m pulling my hair out!!!! Followed the same directions but still not having any luck! Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

  80. wow you actually made me feel better about killing fruit flies

  81. Greaattt video! Thanks a bunch!

  82. so when will you be uploading your fruit fly vinaigrette dressing recipe??

  83. Red wine works great too!

  84. Thank you!!

  85. I used apple cider vinegar to do this precise thing. Next time, I hope there isn’t one but just in case, I will try balsamic vinegar to see if it works better! 🙂

    1. Apple cider vinegar works just as good so no need to change.

  86. I just accidentially landed on your youtube video and I love it that your Canadian as I am as well and I love to compose but the fruits flies were turning my family aganist my plea to save the environment. It was 3am today that I discovered the video and I gave it a try at 8am and I just checked the jar at 6:00pm and there is alot of flies.

  87. Thank you

  88. I used fruit skin such as bananas, orange etc in the a plastic cup, plastic wrap with holes…it works well too….

  89. So gonna try this, but i’m gonna add a drop of dish soap to help them drown faster 🙂

  90. the idea of the dead fruit flies in a glass is just a bit gross to me. just my opinion. love ur vids. new subby

    1. I would rather have them in a glass then flying around my house landing on my family’s food!🤢🤮

  91. I had the same problem and I found adding chillies to my fruit bowel made them dissappear so fast. the chillies don’t affect the taste of the fruit whatsoever. try it, ul thank me later:-)

  92. Yes, definitely. It won’t do anything about the fruit fly problem, but at least you’ll stop caring about the fruit flies.

    1. You know when they land on your food they lay eggs that turn to larvae and you eat it!!🤮🤮

  93. Helpful….and so funny.

  94. Yes, I am Canadian! I feel sad that the flies die but I can’t stand them!

    1. If you’re answering a question it’s incase you get highly offended.The clue is always with words that sound like out and house! I once had a Canadian get angry at me because I asked her what part of North America she was from!! Oh and thanks for the info Australia has many fruit flies!

  95. i use apple cider vinegar and then i cover the cup with plastic wrap that I have poked holes in. With covering the container with plastic that holes in it, it keeps the fruit flies confused and figure out how they got there in the first place. Love your channel with its tips and tricks. Are you from Canada?

  96. wow your so beautiful

  97. lmao they sure are i have another way use a pealed anana or some rotten fruit so they can all be atracted to it and spray them there hehe

  98. using this now! 🙂

  99. your so funny. i used diet pepsi several ounces and they work i have pictures

  100. I love you!!

  101. “Balsammmmmic vinegar” lol. She’s saying it oddly.

  102. this was uploaded on my 21st birthday!!!!!! thanx for the help these fruit flies are bothering the HELL out of me

  103. Nice. I’ll give this a shot. Now I just need to convince my wife that she can stop running around the kitchen with a can of hairspray.

  104. Solution for ants: sprinkle some grits on the ground. the ants’ll eat it up and explode cause it will expand in their bodies. that is a pretty good solution for killing ants

  105. Wine seems to work well for attracting fruit flies too. Two for you, one for them.

  106. You can try with this, the only thing which really helped me 🙂

    goo. gl/f8Cs8

  107. This doesn’t work for me, any other suggestion?

  108. hott!!!!!

  109. lol!!! luv ur humor!! great vids!!! thxx!

  110. Any suggestions for fire ants?

  111. Gonna test it out. Thanks!

  112. I can’t believe my luck cruising through your videos and finding this little gem! It’s been just two short days that I’ve noticed a fruit fly invasion! I’m trying this right away. Thanks so much!!!!!

  113. I did this and it works!! *happy dance* (I had tried using apple cider vinegar, per instructions in another video, and it wasn’t really effective. @lon j)

  114. Can I use apple cider vinegar?

  115. LOL what’s not to enjoy about your videos!? Question, just like fruit flies, how do you get rid of moths in the home? My parents have a moth problem because of their uncooked rice & its container – they did trash the rice & clean the container, but there are still moths lingering. What to do, please?!

  116. So glad I came across this – I was using a toothpick to make the holes and those little bastards kept getting back out! Putting extra plastic wrap on top was a great idea too – thanks!

  117. You can also try cornmeal – ants will eat it but can’t digest it. They take it back to their nests, share the cornmeal and they pop! Kills the nest. Can also draw a chalk outline. Ants hate chalk and will not cross the line.

  118. I’ve seen mouthwash work as well. I had a small bucket with a small amount of water mixed with mouthwash, and the guys just go ahead and drown themselves.

  119. What a great and easy tip. I have these in my bathroom for some reason and had that! I´ll try this today and see if I can gather a bunch of little fruit fly corpses, drunk on vinegar. LOL

  120. Can you do a review of a dyson vacuum???

  121. I tried this one using apple cider vinegar. Works awesome and great for grossing out kids.

  122. no.

  123. dude shes hot

  124. why does her face just piss me off

  125. how do i stop my pussy from smelling?

    1. Duh, clean it you moron…

    HOW TO TAKE CARE OF MY FOOT WEAR AND HOW TO STORE THEM? coz i do have heels but i wear them like ONCE IN A YEAR, so how do i store them? i do not wanna buy new every time.
    thank you for this video.

  127. Good info but is the annoying editing really necessary?

  128. Red wine works for this trick, this trick doesn’t work at all.

  129. Hee Hee that was funny! Your videos are cool!

  130. Amanda- WUZZZZUUUUUUUUPPPPP!!! Wink , Wink!

  131. Yeah this is a fruit fly video, the crabs video is a couple of clicks back.

  132. Put a couple of drops of cleaning fluid in a plastic chinese soup container … put a few holes in it, few hours, they will fill up, shake it once … and the flies on the side will be meeting the big fly in the sky, clean and spry … I learned this crap on youtube. Who would have thought. No more poisonous sprays.

  133. this helped so much. my bathroom was filled with fruit flies because my sister put a moldy banana up there, and like ten bugs were dead in the jar when i came home on day. before i watched this i killed the bugs by spraying windex on them.

  134. How about paring knife instead of pairing knife… great day at the food court I suppose….

  135. damn ! so gorgeous <3

    1. Bradley Barnes U do realized ur responding to a 6 yr old comment correct? Lmfao😂Seems it’s u that need Jesus lol

    2. Amanda Bischop you need Jesus

  136. how to keep your house bug free would be good thankyou

  137. so, i tried apple cider…nothing yet surprisingly. should i switch to balsamic?

  138. I love you.

  139. sweet. thanks for this…

  140. Well, it worked pretty well, jars were full of flies. However, my kitchen was still filled with them, and I realized they are breeding somewhere. After detailed search, I was able to find out where. Under my sink, we keep a huge basket of potatoes, and few potatoes at the bottom were rotten. They were covered with fly eggs… Anyway, I got rid of that, cleaned all my kitchen, and jar traps caught the rest of the flies flying. I still keep them around just in case any new flies appear.

  141. I made two traps, one is a pretty big jar that I filled with few date palm fruits, few banana slices and ordinary vinegar, because I don’t have the balsamic one. And my second trap contains only few banana slices and peels. So far it’s been two days, and the smell of both traps really seem to attract the flies, but there’s still a lot of left flying around. I guess I’ll have to wait a bit longer. I also vacuum them around my kitchen ;D oh god they are so annoying.

  142. I have more fun zapping the little buggers with my Bug Zapper Racket !
    My record was 38 fruit flies zapped in 1 minute.

    1. I just bought one of those at the family Dollar store, great for bats in a house to..

  143. actually one just came in that i didn’t have to tap to make fall, it just found its own way down

  144. omg wow this worked so well, i tried it skeptically but it got all 4 fruit files in my room within a minute! i also added dish washing liquid to the balsamic and i cheated a little because every time i noticed one got in, i would tap the cup to make it fall into the solution, which i didn’t mind doing since it meant they were done for good.
    thank you sooo much!
    p.s your very charismatic! good job!

  145. You guessed correct. The banana peel won.

    banana peel – 23
    sugar water 9
    orange – 7
    yeast and sugar water – 0 (surprising, they like fermenting things)

    I actually stuck all the traps in the freezer for about 4 minutes, and then dumped them outside to count.. They wake back up, after they thaw out, and fly away harm free (possibly a few less brain cells). I suppose one could leave them in longer so they die, and then just set the traps back out.

  146. Banana peel. 😀

  147. I made four traps. each with 20 holes on top ( giant containers ) all in the same location.

    one with a banana peel
    one with a slice of orange
    one with sugar/honey water
    and one with yeast and sugar water.

    Tomorrow morning comes the tally. Any guesses as to which will work best?

  148. that’s something we and those bastards have in common…

  149. somehow your funny, but not at all…

  150. i use some beer left overs and a few drops of liquid dish soap
    they seem to love beer 🙂

  151. Definitely put a few drops of dish soap in the vinegar and swirl to mix!
    I put out traps this afternoon. So far I am getting more flies with the plastic wrap than without. The winner so far is a jar with soapy vinegar with a paper cone set on top (hole cut in the bottom).
    Thanks for the plastic wrap idea!

  152. What about ones that end up in your fridge/freezer? :- Would keeping this out on the counter work for that as well by killing them before they make it inside the fridge?

  153. She’s hot, just sayin

  154. she doesn’t know how to say “process” or “balsamic”

  155. I find that if you add a little more balsamic vinegar or add water to it and a drop of liquid dish soap, you won’t need to cover the top of the glass. The soap breaks the surface tension on the vinegar and flies just get sucked in as soon as they touch it!

  156. u are a babe

  157. It didn’t work;(

  158. Omg I just did this today and wow I am amazed a thankful I emailed this video to everyone I know thank you so so much!!!

  159. hi do you have any ideas how do get rid of fleas? my sister let a stray cat in the house now my house is full of them.

  160. Oh i hate those gnats!

  161. 4 fruit-flies watched this video

  162. Lol…. I’m trying to imagine people who are offended by killing these fruit flies. Didn’t you find this video by searching how to get rid of them? What did you expect? 😛

  163. Enjoyed your video.

  164. get rid of house flies (canada) 1877- FLY-SOUP

  165. Oh, and I hope you will do a video on a good way to clean the inside of a front loading washing machine that is shared in an apartment buidling. It’s so gross, i’ve found hair on my dried clothes that I know weren’t mine and i’ve seen people put their running shoes in the machine. So nasty!

  166. Oh, thank you sooo much !! i always seem to have one or two fruit flies at any given time no matter how hard I try to throw away and contain attracting food/fruit. Omg, they are already on the fruit that we buy and bring home?? ughhh! But how does this explain the ones that come when you don’t have any fruits/veggies/plants or standing water in the house? Thanks again !

  167. Hi, i understand that the solution is supposed to attract the existing fruit flies already in the home but does the solution itself attract ones that were never inside the home in the first place? (in other words, more) Like, say you don’t have fruit flies and you make and leave the solution overnight – does the solution itself attract them when they never would’ve come into the home in the first place without it?

  168. How do you remove stains from a mattress? (Soda to be specific)

  169. 2 flies are outraged.

  170. Canadian 4 sure.

  171. Fruit Flies are endangered species. If there in my house they are in danger

  172. 1 dislike…a fly.

  173. thank you

  174. You say balsamic funny.

  175. This would be much better if you were naked.

  176. @sweetasdates Could be the marks of clothes moths.

  177. Recently I have been seeing marks on some of my clothes when they have been washed and air dried – they look like oil smudges – but they arent cos I dont use oil! Ive tried changing my washing powder and softner, cleaning my machine out with vinegar, and washing on higher temps. I dont know what else to try . . . any ideas?

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