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How to Make an Assassin’s Creed Hidden Blade Out of Household Items

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How to Make a Hidden Blade Prop Out of Household Items

*5 7/8 in x 11/16 in Jumbo popsicle sticks
*Hot Glue
*Paper Clips
*Scissors/Craft Knife
*Rubber Bands
*Toilet Paper Roll

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3,999 thoughts on “How to Make an Assassin’s Creed Hidden Blade Out of Household Items

  1. You could make a retractable blade

  2. You mean: Wooden blade

  3. My Bullies: Hey Ugly give me your Money

    My Hidden Blade:
    *_So you Challenge me huh?_*

  4. Dang Macgyver, if this is what you do with craft sticks and paper clips I’m terrified to know what you could do with an actual garage and power tools!

  5. seen the pocket knife hoping you would put an actual steel blade in it ;(

  6. can u sell one on a website so i can buy? im too lazy to make one and i never will xD

  7. привет эм ты знаешь русский язык

  8. u shouldve put the wooden dagger upside down so that its better looking

  9. Русские есть???

  10. Next: How to make *Altairs armour using old clothes*


    1. Sorry you’ve had trouble creating the blade. It definitely isn’t an easy project but it can be completed with enough time and patience. I can give you some advice if you are stuck but there’s nothing I can do about your inability to use a glue gun.

  12. No i want the real blade

  13. cool)))

  14. Homemade hidden blade

  15. Can somebody give me measures of the sticks in cm we dont have does sticks

  16. kolay yoldan kangren nasıl olunur. Oynat bakalım ssjsjsjsjsjsjsjsj

  17. gg

  18. why not just use a basic syringe hydraulic system the has an activation function being the second syringe in your hand?

    1. That would have been easier and cleaner but I didn’t have a syringe at the time and just worked with what I had 🙂

  19. Good job. But there one flaw:

    How do you get the blade back in?🤔💔

  20. Great i can wear this inside my sleve to attack

  21. wtf

  22. У кого-то нож-бабочка ,а у кого-то плоскогубцы-бабочка.

  23. Now I need to make a second one for my other hand.

  24. Hey, could you send ne the amazon link to buy wooden sticks

    1. These should work:

  25. can anyone tell me what those metal hooks are? I dont think those are paper clips

    1. @Comet Creations oh wow, okay, well, shit

    2. They are paperclips that I bent into hooks

  26. Very very very very very very very nice vidio

  27. Teacher: Hey class, today you can make whatever you want!

    An amateur team: Let’s make a heart!
    That solo kid:

  28. Top

  29. I made a switch blade and a butterfly knife… and it was hard, but then i tried making this, it’s a whole another level.

  30. does it cut?

  31. Toilet roll’s shouldn’t be used in a killing weapon it should be used in a machine gun

  32. The people in jail watching this like 👁👄👁

  33. The quiet kid: well,let’s play hard 😀

  34. Gucci banana

  35. Flfl11223344556677889900fk

  36. *the sad thing is, none of these are in my house hold*

  37. How do you make the little paper clip hook things?

  38. 10:06 thats a skip to the important part button only draw back

    it cost’s you a like

  39. It’s odd that his looks better than the commercial ones they make, his is a two stage with a wrist activated system, I mean seriously people have been modifying them for years and they still haven’t made one stock.

  40. My guy you should do how to make Eviors hidden Blade

  41. Instructions unclear, I accidently made the apple of eden.

  42. I have no hot glue…

    but i have super glue!

    EDIT: if I finnish it, what should i use the blade for…

  43. How old is this guy?

  44. Lol watching how to make and hidden blade in 4 am is basically epic

  45. I tried this. I wasted 6 actual days of my life

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  47. imagine putting a knife in there

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  53. When I go shopping I’m going to get the materials so I can make this

  54. Am i the only one who wants to do this to self defense or something?

  55. How big are those “sticks” i don’t know how to name it i don’t speak english much.

  56. just gonna replace the wood blade with a medal one and boom… (sudden realization) AH CRAP MY RING FINGER

  57. Thank

  58. İts very dangerous

  59. No one:

    Weird kid in the back sit:

  60. Team Fortress 2? 😀

  61. Every comment has : in it.

  62. Круто, можно потом будет попробовать))

  63. We all need to agree the fact that.. hidden blades is more popular than assassin’s creed all games👌

  64. I tried to do this made my hands bleed (literally)

    1. I accidentally GOT A CUT FROM THE CUTTER!!!it really HURTS!!??!!

  65. Bud it works XD

  66. I mate it to and it was tauth

  67. Hey I’ve liked your vids for a while now and for anyone interested in making a blade without any real tools, check out my channel as I have a tutorial on how to make one out of cardboard tape and string (you will need scissors) please consider subscribing.

  68. I actually fitted real blades and used as an experiment on my friend 😐😐😐

  69. bro, where did you find those popsicle sticks, the ones i use keep on cracking all of the way through when i cut them

  70. Templars disliked this video.

  71. Now just tell me where r the TEMPLARS 😎😎

  72. Cheapest L.A.R.P player budget player ever 🙂

  73. *Last Year*
    Me: This is going to be ez. I’ll make it in less than 2 days
    Me: Nope

  74. I don’t have those small rubber bands

  75. 8:36 *when you still for some reason have to cut off your ring finger*

  76. If the channel reads this

  77. How does it retract?

  78. Impresionante gracias por ese vídeo ahora sí puedo aser
    una hoja oculta like si a ti también te inpresiono

  79. Wow i want to build this but i dont have the material😐

  80. I’m making this right now, except that I don’t have popsicle sticks and am remaking this with pieces of wood and an actual aluminium plate that I found and sharpened. I might find some way to show the final product?

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  82. Me: *watches this then puts three on each arm.* also me: *I am inevitable..*

  83. This is pretty cool. Wish i wasn’t too lazy otherwise i would try to make one. And most likely fail but it’s still cool 🙂

  84. What happens if u make this: you lose your ring finger but suddenly a god at parkour

  85. This was useless you are a pro and effed up a lot behind camera I friend this MULTIPLE times and the popsicle sticks kept exploding I wasted FOUR DAYS of my life trying to do what a pro could do if you want to make a tutorial maybe talk and explain and help people because believe me making those tiny ass popsicle cubes is nearly impossible

  86. Hola

  87. C’est satisfaisant.

    1. Je sais

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  89. WOW

  90. OK thanks. Now I am going to do the same but with iron, to kill my cousin

    1. Good luck

  91. you are so smart i hate you and myself

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  94. Alias: how to make a parasite blade

  95. Hey, The Q stole your content you should go check them out, they were right below your video in search results

  96. Me: *Checks out desc.*
    Comet Creations: “Do not try and stab anyone with this. It is a prop and should only be used as one.”
    Me: *looks over shoulder*

  97. how do you make this

  98. hell yeah, now get real blade for this

  99. its incredible how before you need to cut one of your fingers :v

  100. This looks dangerous already

  101. That feels when you see hidden blade made of house hold items but you are actualy without a home (at least of yor own)…

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  104. This guy should sell these on amazon, this is so cool!

  105. thanks for everything

  106. Hello

  107. Now I could stab my bully

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  109. Is this automatically retractable too?
    It would be veery cool

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    I russia
    You English (
    You can see what fack

  111. Altair would be prout

  112. Қазақ болсаң лайк

  113. the only thing left is to make a mechanism to reload the blade

  114. Me: does this but replaces household item with stronger items/materials because I make knifes as a hobby and quarantine sucks

    1. that’s going from wood tools to iron tools in minecraft.

      ps: I would love to see your build.

  115. If anyone is having trouble with the rubber band. You don’t actually need a small rubber band. Take a band and fold it in half or 3 folds and then attach it.

  116. OMG

  117. Amazing! Superb! Awesome!… I am by heart fan of Assasins. Thankyou for making this video. I can’t make it now because of the lockdown in India 2020. But I will try to gather things and make it. Once more, a BIG THANKYOU by me.

  118. 146.600° like

  119. You did it wrong you need to cut off the middle finger as classic protocol for assassins


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  134. After the video was done, an ad popped up saying “A man was attacked at a local bus stop” This is highly suspicious…

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  139. Could you remake this video and the phantom blade one with sub titles or commentary and/or make a printable template

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  146. Teacher: Okay everybody today we are going to have a art project

    The Quiet Kid:

  147. A scissor cutter thing isn’t a house hold item

  148. Make the hook blade from revalations

  149. Thanks my grandma didn’t stand a chance

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    josh did not kill civilians

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    I bet u searched this to kill ur bully

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    My brain: teknologi

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    Me: has only half the mats

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  201. With the right adjustments, materials, and upgrades this could be made so much better

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  203. im making this in the weekend

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  217. Its harder than it looks. I spent a few days making it and restarting because it keeps not working. But I managed to build a flimsy version of it. Unfortunately I tried to use it to stab and the stick broke.

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