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How To Remove Rust From Your Bicycle | Clean Your Bike With Household Products

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Few things look worse than rust on your bike, but rusty parts don’t need to be thrown out. With a few things you’ve probably already got around your house, you can have rusty bike parts looking shiny again.


To remove even the worst rust from any metal parts on your bike simply get some aluminium/aluminum/tin foil and dip it in either cola or white vinegar, then scrub the offending part thoroughly until the rust comes off! If you have any particularly rusty small parts, such as bolts or sprockets, you can soak them in either the cola or the vinegar.

Make sure you wear gloves while using the white vinegar, as this can be corrosive to your skin.

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607 thoughts on “How To Remove Rust From Your Bicycle | Clean Your Bike With Household Products

  1. Let us know how you get on with removing rust in the comments below 👇

    1. @Andrew Langshanks I used this method before and it works great. Fairly cheap too, but slow as molasses 🙂 So, patience is needed.

    2. any cleaner with a wire mesh but it is harder.

    3. me using rocks and soft lime stones on my vintage parts. made a video here:

      it has less acidity compared to vinegar or soda and it did’nt leave any scratches on the chrome. its unconventional but people in my place had been using pebbles/rocks for on any material cleaning for ages

    4. Me too

    5. I use Brillo pads or Scotch pads with a steel wire brush with white vinegar. This has been my go-to for many many years for the multiple bikes I have owned or fixed up for my friends and family

  2. The rust is really annoying after storm

  3. haha. hands are so dirty after that.

  4. Gonna give that a go. Cheers.

  5. I have a bolt with rust but won’t come out and it is enclosed what do i do

  6. Why would you do this, are you crazy?

  7. You can save the coke. Aluminum foil and water does the same thing.

  8. As someone below commented, how about a video on how to PREVENT rust in the first place? BTW thanks for an informative video!

  9. It’s the phosphoric acid in the drink that affects the rust. Just buy phosphoric acid from the hardware store… less sticky and sugary.

  10. Good.vid

  11. I live on a smsll Island in thr Pacific. And high humidity & salt air as well as a lot of rain are ever present. Question is should I grease my chain and gears ?

  12. So both work ok? Thanks.

  13. What ever you want to call it? Use your native ENGLISH and be ENGLISH

  14. It is Al U min U min Um. Stop speaking like a British person in an American infomercial.

  15. This is why and how coke eats away your teeth……….

  16. can i clean this thing with wd40?

  17. A friend gave me an old rode bike, the wheels and the spokes are really rust, I would like to I was thinking of submerging but I’m afraid if I leave in there to long the acid of these two products would just eat them.

  18. Do you have to use white vinigar

  19. Brasso with a nylon scrub pad or steel wool cleans chrome and metal very well . I used it while restoring a 1976 3 speed women’s Raleigh sport and the results were remarkable as the handle bars and one rim in particular looked pretty grim at the beginning and very shiny and bright when done .

  20. Sir jo bottle me hai oo kya hai

  21. Hi will this also remove paintwork? Silly question perhaps. But I just needed to know. Thank you.

  22. you great man

  23. I’m a Coca Cola junkie, lol. My health is way better than lots of kids out there. Why? Plain and simple… because I ride bicycles. Too much of anything is bad for you. Except God and riding bicycles; God and riding bicycles are good for you.😁

  24. CLR or RUSTOLEUM. Just about 15 minutes if you don’t dilute. Otherwise you’ll end up with darkened chrome or steel parts.😆

  25. Does soda work ?

  26. I’ve been using the Coke and Tin Foil method for rust for about 40 years (first used on my 1978 Raleigh). I’m so happy this is still a recommended method to combat rust. I will continue – have a fixer-upper that I’m working on. Thanks!

  27. Mix vinegar and coke? Is it okay

  28. rust converter

  29. My quick-release axle is having some rub-off rusty on there, so i guess the inside of my axle is rusty… any tips to clean that?

  30. Living in a humid country where rust sprouts on my nuts in summer. Just tried the Coke and didn`t do a hell of a lot. Far quicker and more effective was a steel pad and some Cure 5-56 (equivalent of WD40 maybe). My nuts , while still not looking as they used to, look more appealing, whilst enjoying an icy cold Coke.

  31. What if you use sandpaper?

  32. I’ve got this 25 year old muddy fox bike. Roads it a lot as a kid, my main bike. But I’ve been very careless with it. It’s rusted all over the place. Tryna restore it

  33. Will it hurt the paint on the bike

  34. Baking Soda and water. Make a paste and brush it all over the part. Let sit for 30 min. Clean off and give a light scrub with a green scrub pad.

  35. What kind of bike is the first bike you tried to remove rust

  36. Vinegar (any) works for rusty bolts and nuts, the more time inmersed the more clean they get.

  37. Can I scrub even the painted area of metal? Will the paint come off if I rub that with coke & the foil? Pls answer.

  38. I had no idea. Awesome. Thank you. I’ll give it a shot.

  39. Man should I be drinking cola? WTF it removes rust? I drink so much cola everyday, ..this the 2nd thing I saw this week on how bad cola can be for bones? ,now it takes off rust?? dissolve stuff too?? .. now I’m thinking about it? Damn. I’m gonna clean my bike tho…

  40. This didn’t work I’m just gonna buy rust remover

  41. Bolts on my bike clamp for my handle bars have rusted a bit and not sure how to go about it

  42. 12:17pm – 7/9/202
    I’m back!
    UNBELIEVABLE RESULT! just try it! Thanks @gcntech

  43. ok I’m gonna try now 🙂 12:04pm – 7/9/2020

  44. Can I use this on jewellery?

  45. great video thanks

  46. What if i dont have aluminum foil??

  47. A can of never dull and a shammy cloth cut to pieces and rub all over with never dull wadding polish let sit ten minutes and buff that shit off, I put some hella work into my old school Royce Union bmx bike it works well for me and I love the results my relic looks like a rolling mirror I use acid baths on my old metal files I don’t like the idea of using these methods on my bike that I haven’t ever seen another one of

  48. Can you do thi on the painted parts of the bike without messing the paintjob?

    1. Not always, it might be best to try it out on a hidden part of your frame to see if it negatively affects the paint before you continue

  49. how do you know if the rust has gone too far?

  50. yeah I used stones and rocks to clean rust. heres the video:

    and it works well too same with alluminum.
    kudos and stay safe!

  51. It really works for me

  52. Thank you for the tips. 💯👏

  53. thank you so much really helpful

  54. Get the vinegar so you don’t support an evil soft drink company.

    1. Exactly what I was going to put.

  55. are you able to do this to your bike chain

  56. Thx I heard apple cider vinegar works really well

  57. Dammit I got Pepsi not cola

  58. Can you still use this on a rusty chain??

  59. I use Brillo pads or Scotch pads with a steel wire brush with white vinegar. This has been my go-to for many many years for the multiple bikes I have owned or fixed up for my friends and family. It works a treat. I give it a quick rinse off with warm water and use an old towel to dry it off thoroughly

  60. 2:39
    And I thought my bike was bad.

  61. I have a Mountain Goat bike and I’m trying to fix it because heard it was a good bike

  62. Fu@£ chips and a Coke for tea!!

  63. does this work for the bike chain as well?

  64. Im gonna clean with a coke. The bottle for the bike and a can for me.

  65. Old transmission fluid
    Soak it then get two needle nose plyers break each one then run chain thru til your happy clean with break cleaner and lube

  66. Very helpful

  67. Will the coke degrade the rubber? I want to derust rims without taking the tire off.

  68. Will pepsi work

  69. bit late to remove the label after you’ve shown it haha

  70. I need to try this on the kabuki Bridgestone skyway I just received from eBay.

  71. What if I combine the Coca Cola and the Vinegar?

  72. This is awesome. Thanks. Gives me an excuse to buy soft drink. Lol. Thanks again

  73. thanks, i found a good gios bike for 500$ on ebay and i was wondering how to clean off the rust on it

  74. Can you use steel wool instead of foil?

  75. Watched it while drinking coke…

  76. I’ve got a single-speed bicycle and I’ve noticed rust on one of my front wheels nuts. I’m hoping this will work.

  77. If I don’t have white vinegar would apple cider vinegar also work?

  78. what if i dont have foil, what else can i use

  79. Yep. Testing this tomorrow.

  80. I’m a DrPepper guy

  81. What if you have too many spokes and it’s hard to reach into? I have a pair of low rider wheels that are 144 spokes and it’s very difficult to get in the center of wheel for cleaning.

  82. can i use some steel brush or woodpaper?

  83. Can I ask why u used aluminium foil?

  84. thanks man for sharing, you made my day, and helped me save money….

  85. My chain has rusted to the point that it is stuck on the gears, how do I fix that?

  86. Avoids saying and showing Coca Cola as a brand but the video edit says “COCA COLA” lmao.
    Could have just said Cola.

  87. Can you combine the 2 together for a quicker fix all would it not have any affect at all.

  88. Bro we got the same bike

  89. I got a bike pedal so rusty it won’t move

  90. I have rusty gearing, should i do this ?

  91. Thank you soooooooooo much now I can restore my 1955 Raleigh bike

  92. Will this remove rust from a painted section of a bike without stripping the paint?

  93. Can I use these products on a rusted bike chain?
    Due to the corona virus hard ware stores aren’t open and feel like riding!

  94. How about WD40 or CRC and some 1000 or 1500 grit wet and dry sandpaper?

  95. Coke will never dissolved a bolt, any acidity will be neutralized long before dissolving happens.

  96. Awesome, I’ll give it a try, Thank you !!!

  97. Me trying to fix my old bike because I don’t have something better to do in quarantine

    1. @TMC Gaming same

    2. that’s actually a good idea lol.

    3. Right with ya

    4. Got an old rusty appolo unleashed wich has been sitting in knotweed for the past 3 years

    5. Same

  98. Thanks for the tip. Going to try vinegar and tin foil for my bike

  99. Thanks

  100. does pepsi work?

  101. If I put my wife into a large container of Coke will she also “just disappear”? Or perhaps she might just get fat! I just couldn’t have her getting any fatter! 😱

  102. 2:58 why the sound of the brushing still going?😂

    1. Your stupid

    2. Fake news.

    3. Legend 😂😂


  104. I’m never drinking coke again

  105. fuck you , now my metal isnt shiny

  106. Great, cheap tips. Much appreciated.

  107. nice info

  108. Imagine your stomach lining being eaten by Coke

    1. Stomach acid is much more acidic than coke

  109. Thanks a lot! Got rid of all the rust 😱😱😱😱😱👍💪💪💪

  110. Which side do you chase the Dragon on

  111. I just got this same bike stingray occ an adult and kid version of it found them both in the garbage searched YouTube for rust removal and found this video with the same bike

  112. which is more effective – coke or vinegar

  113. the only countries that dont sell coke is Cuba and North korea.
    Cuban’s can’t import stuff to their country so low chance they are watching this
    North korea is banned from internet 🙁

  114. If you can use soda to clean rust off a bike, then that alone will tell to quit drinking soft drinks.

  115. Works perfectly. Thanks for the tip.

  116. It works like a dream. Aluminium foil and coke. It took off the rust of my motorcycle within seconds of applying coke onto the front forks. Thank you for the tip.

  117. And to think that a lot of people actually drink that poison. Many uses for Coke, far better than drinking it

  118. Instead of folded aluminium is it possible to use toothbrush to make it easier for the actual bike and not just small parts

  119. Any 1 in the comment section, do these techniques work?

  120. what should i do with my rusty chains pls help im 14

  121. How do you clean the insides of tubes? I need to know for a schwinn stingrays forks

  122. Good

  123. wouldn’t the aluminum foil scratch it??

  124. Would steel wool work instead of aluminum? I’ve heard that it is good for removing rust.

  125. Which worked better? That was a key question you did not address.

  126. Hi, How would you remove rust from the inside of a frame? After riding in the wet I’ve noticed rust leaking from the holes in the frame at the rear of the bike.

  127. Won’t the coke make it sticky

    1. Ashy’s bike hacks rinse it off after

  128. Can the cola or white vinegar be used for a rusting rear cassette?

  129. OH! god aluminium foil finished
    What will i do ..??🤔🤔

    1. Put it in your pipe and smoke it

  130. Thanka bro

  131. After cleaning the rust I would protect non moving parts with transparent spray paint. If left exposed they will rust again.

  132. Thank you!!!!

  133. Would it work on brakes

  134. That explains why Cubans over there have the lowest rate of diabetes!!

  135. Would cherry cola work

  136. Can we use it in chain of the cycle

  137. I just doused my bike I’m dilute Sulfuric acid.

  138. I own almost that exact bike

  139. Can u use Pepsi instead of coca cola

  140. Yes, both phosphoric and acetic acid will dissolve rust.  So you’ve done the easy bit.  Now you have a clean component with broached chrome plating: great!  The real challenge is how to repair/replace the plating, to prevent the inevitable future rapid corrosion.  I believe the options available are replate (very expensive) or replace (expensive).  Either way, the acid clean was a waste of time and effort.

  141. OMG u saved my bike

  142. In thumsub we can do

  143. Liquid name

  144. paic wd 40 kill rust and no damage

  145. Just make sure to clean the metal surface you apply the acid, with something like baking soda to neutralizer the acid, otherwise metal can rust very quickly again.

    1. @ThisIsWhyImEz okay I’ll do it after the lockdown because I can’t go outside our baking soda and detergent are just small amount

    2. @Savannah Devereaux dishwashing detergent and water will do fine.

    3. Will i mix baking soda with water or just pure powder

  146. Best method worked on my chain
    But cotton wool is better to use

  147. I just bought a brand new 5500$ giant reign advanced 1 and it already has a rusty drivetrain and bolts I bought it yesterday

    1. Are you biking in the ocean or what? How is that possible?

  148. Is that possible to replace the alumunium foil with other things?

  149. Can we remove the rust of chain by using this technique?

    1. LexusVIP 400 what type of oil???

    2. Place the chain in a bucket of oil for a week. Take it out and clean it. Good to go!


  151. does diet dr. pepper work..?

  152. Vinegar or coca-cola dissolving metal bolt after one hour submersion?!
    Gosh, serious statement
    Have you actually tried that?

    1. @Jackie Doody How does it relate mate? There is a significant difference between steak and metal bolt. Dissolving steak in 24h is not a prove it will dissolve steal bolt in the same time.

    2. It will dissolve a steak in like 24hrs. Look it up. Lots of acidic qualities in soft drinks of course, along with sugar and caffeine. The formula to taste good and get you addicted 😉

  153. Great, my toothbrush tastes like vinegar now.

    1. lol

    2. @GamerGuru212 dumbass

    3. Lmao

    4. why did you use your own toothbrush???

    5. Should’ve used coke.

  154. 3:19 isn’t water what causes rust so why would we do that

    1. No, oxygen caused rust.

  155. Do you have to use tin foil???

    1. Use steel wool, it’s much better.

  156. is coke or vinegar better though? i have both

    1. Vinegar is a lot better than coke as vinegar is pretty much just pure acid.

  157. 000 steel wool works far more better, and way faster. And you dont have to worry about how you say it either, Its Steel Wool…

  158. Good thing he doesnt know what combining aluminium with rust can produce. lol

    1. Only when they are micronized or powdered and mixed together.
      They give a mixture called Thermite, that can be ignited, usually by a burning piece of magnesium ribbon. The resulting reaction is very strongly exothermic. Enough to reduce the rust back to puddle of white hot molten Iron.

    2. What can it produce?

  159. when you realize you only have pepsi………

    1. But don’t know they both contain Phosphoric acid

  160. results were extra oridinary

  161. can you use vinegar on sandblasted metal to remove flash rust?

    1. No

  162. ok….looking at this while drinking coke! F

  163. Why the tin foil and not just a rag or something?

    1. Forseberg Redly because he said so

  164. What type of bike is that?

  165. Don’t use malt vinegar, the smell is horrible lingering around while rubbing away and totally ineffective too!

  166. Thanks man

  167. WD40 and medium to fine steel wool. The steel wool will pick up the rust while the WD40 prevents fine scratches from the wool.Nothing will work on deep rust where the steel is actually damaged beyond repair.

  168. This is one job I would absolutely wear a pare of gloves. Chrome slivers are painful.

  169. Weird you can use a drinking soda to clean a bike or even a restroom, that’s why I never drink coke

  170. It’s the foil doing the work. Vinegar and coke works, but soaked for a long time.

  171. I have a Schwinn Le Tour that is about to get the coke treatment

  172. Thank you

  173. set the bloody thing on fire

  174. I wish I knew this ages ago

  175. How about tips for cleaning Aluminium mud guards on an old bike, please?

  176. Will Pepsi work?

  177. a wire brush works best

  178. Does Park Tool make Coke?

    1. Yes but it’s expensive

  179. Will this method also dissolve bodies?

    1. Yes. The phosphoric acid in the coke will leach the calcium out of your bones.

  180. Pro tip: use WD40 instead of cola or vinegar, WD40 will clean it faster and better. And because WD40 is a degreaser with oil in it, it also puts a thin layer of oil on top of the metal so it won’t rust again! (Let the WD40 rest on top of the metal for a minute or so, then wipe it of with a dry cloth/rag so it wont attract dirt and grime)

    1. @Gavin Graves without foil, just need to let it sit a minute and then wipe it off, real simple, and not much effort 😉

    2. Y u no answer?!

    3. So is that WD40 + the foil or without the foil?

  181. WD40

  182. Haha what a great video not only super useful but suuuper fun thank youuu

  183. Tried removing the rust from a rusty nail by leaving it in a glass of coke for 3 months. Absolutely NOTHING happened.
    Recently I saw somebody dissolving the peel of an egg by leaving it in a glass of coke for 24 hrs. Did that too. After 12 DAYS of NOTHING happening, my wife disposed of the coke and the intact egg.
    In your case, the coke is probably acting only as a lubricant. I bet you’d get the same result with plain water.

  184. Thanks for the video!

  185. My cassette had a little rusty parts and I’m not comfortable with it so is it safe to soak the cassette into the coke? If yes should i soak it overnight or just an hour?

  186. Can I use apple cider vinegar

  187. I’ve tried coke, vinegar, and ketchup and I still have an almost scratched looking surface on the chrome handlebars. It’s not actually scratched, so if anyone has any ideas what this and how to get rid of it, please let me know!!

  188. I used some baking soda and water and it helped an ok amount.

  189. Wondering if someone can answer my question in a comments reply? I have a bike frame which has a few parts on it that I want to remove to strip it down to just the frame. The frame itself is in generally good condition but things like the stem, the bottom bracket and the crank set are rusty, and I think I will need to treat them before I will have any chance of succeeding at loosening and removing them. How do I treat them to achieve this? Thanks so much!

  190. IT WORKS

  191. i use wd 400

  192. why and how did coke get allowed to sell acid to humans

    1. most drinks that taste good are also acidic. juices, coffee, tea, doesn’t matter if it’s natural or not. that said, i stopped drinking soda many years ago and have been a lot healthier for it 🙂

  193. Got a duntel England vintage bike with some minor rust I’m seeing that the vinegar is best

  194. Thanks man 👍

  195. I combating right now with rust in a vintage GT Karakoram 1991, i hope i will succeed.

    1. Nice bike

  196. Is that Dan’s big bike?

  197. Will soda work or only coke??

  198. Lol its this exact bike I have as well

  199. That’s all coke is good for

  200. WD40

  201. It’s aluminium that reacts to the rust not coke.

  202. ˌæljəˈmɪniəm 👍


  204. a SoFt dRiNk

  205. I like how you pronounced aluminum foil in the different dialects even callin it tin foil. Great and informative video.

  206. Only use aluminium foil on aluminium parts. Using it on steel will aggravate your issue.

  207. My dad gave me my brother’s old MTB.
    So I cleaned it up.
    Did my research.
    Subbed to your channel.
    Now the repairs begin!
    I’ll be using you each time I get stuck!

    Thanks for the hekpful vids!

  208. This is not a soft drink, it’s cheap acid 😬😬😬😷

  209. Thank you ..gonna try this on my old BMX

  210. Fab video for someone who has taken a bit of a break from riding after two babies! Bikes gone a bit rusty….might sound like a pointless question but is there any difference between coke and Diet Coke. Can’t wait to try it this morning just fixed my chain last night so at least I can ride the rust bucket! X

  211. Thank you for your video, I was already thinking of replacing my bike’s suspension

  212. Told you was going to store

  213. Soda to wash your bike wonder how rust became a problem?

  214. I was just gifted the same Chopper! Alas it sat chained in an alley for years. Any tips on chrome removal?

  215. How do i get rid of the black spots that are left behind on chrome ? Is it rust or just the absence of metal?

  216. What is the point of the aluminum foil?

  217. Rust eze job done

  218. Great video. Got a vintage ’83 Team Murray for my kid. Going to go and try this now.

  219. is vinegar or coke better?

  220. If the rust is so bad that it would take forever to use vinegar/coke I recommend taking a metal brush attachment to a drill and letting it scrape off the rust

    1. Fluffy_Fayyad that’s going to remove alot of material and also leaves bad scars and burrs if it isnt sanded out properly

  221. The coke doesn’t do anything. Foil and water works as well. This is clearly a marketing scheme from Pepsi.

  222. anyone tried just using soapy water and foil?

    1. @Boris Ruiter I went all out and used Autosol and tin foil and my god did it come well.. really well

    2. Yes I did, it works. Only little black marks are still on the bike. I wonder if cola can remove that

  223. gas

  224. Jeez the good old Schwinn stingray classic bikes remember cruising round on the occ version of this brilliant bikes

  225. Way too much elbow grease required for your method. I use electrolysis. Really easy to setup and the rust just dissolves away. You can also reverse the process and re-plate the part so the rust doesn’t come back

    1. @Mr Peace Ok. It may take a couple of weeks but I’ll put one together

    2. Would you be able to make a video on this please???? Thanks

  226. I had to come back and comment on how extremely easy and effective this method really is… My rust was years in the making, although my frame was fine, the rust forming on the nuts and bolts and especially the springs on the front and back brakes was significantly worse than what was shown here. Yet within seconds of scrubbing it began to come off, and even the hard to reach (and deeply rusted) springs have been restored to around 90% rust free. Thanks a ton for this tip/video!

    1. @Ada Alvarico NP Fam. @Kim Sorry didn’t get notification when you commented but my chain stays greased up to where it never got rusted. Toothbrush would probably be pretty effective though.

    2. @Corey Sayre oh thank you 😊😊

    3. @Ada Alvarico Regular Coke.

    4. What dd you use? Coke or vinegar?

    5. How did you clean the rusty chain effectively? Was the toothbrush helpful?

  227. That shit is poison😂don’t drink it

  228. its called its Mattel i use wd40 all over

    1. All over the chain ? I thought it just was a degreaser

  229. wow supper thanks man

  230. Would you get the same result if you used Apple Cider Vinegar?

  231. +GCN Tech could i do this trick on a bicycle chain

    1. @GCN Tech

  232. Muriadic acid takes it right off. Make sure it is a well ventilated area and have thick rubber gloves.

  233. Can we use anything else instead of aluminum foil

  234. What if i mix coke,baking soda,lemon and vinegar together and then clean my bike with the mixture

    1. u would increase the Ph level and that would not do anything at all

  235. Thank you so much now I can de-rust my old bike for my little sister

    Edit:omg thanks for the likes funny how its close to 69

    1. @pokeyunicorn 222 I’ll do that too, thanks for the confirmation of its effectiveness 🙂

    2. 3 more likes to hit 69 yet it’s almost 1 year now

    3. pokeyunicorn 222 thanks!

    4. Yes it did

    5. Did it work

  236. Wd40 and steel wool. Then mothers steel wool. Then microfiber and more mothers

  237. It really worked. Thank you😌

  238. Hey no Ergon advertisement? Well something must have gone wrong obviously

  239. Wd 40

  240. What do i need to do to put a smaller wheel on a mountain bike say from 29 inch to 26 inch wheel change over m

  241. Dang, if coke does that to metal, just think what it does to your insides 😬

  242. Great for removing rust but did it turn Jon’s fingers black in the process? 🤔😂

  243. Wow, thanks! I’ll try this method with my bike.

  244. I just bought a old used panama jack beach cruiser that is really rusted from handle bars to the seats and screws I’m going to see if the aluminum and coke do some magic.

    1. @Lokesh Reddy in my case not really,but it did remove a little bit but it really only works for light rust not heavy in the end I had to buy some sandpaper and used my grinder.

    2. Lord-Neptune 956 does it work.!?

  245. I didnt have white vinegar at home, but I had apple vinegar and it also worked!

    1. sounds healthy 😀

  246. Some countries drink paint remover

  247. You sound like collinfurze

  248. Good video sir

  249. Make sure you wear earplugs, headphones or any form to audio protection to prevent recurring nightmares of the metal on metal kind. =_=

  250. Thanks helped HEAPS 🥳

  251. Can i use vinegar to remove rust on bike chain and cogs

    1. Maybe. There is also evapo rust, an effective rust remover for chains. Anyhow, always be sure to clean the rust remover off with water or wd-40 to clean the chain and lubricate it with the proper lube (try to find bicycle lube).

  252. Remove the whole bike

  253. Please excuse the late comment, but many earlier commenters incorrectly assumed that the vinegar and coke were dissolving the rust, and/or that the aluminum foil was scraping the rust off. The aluminum foil method works because the aluminum is a reducing agent relative to steel – that is, it functions as an electron donor. The aluminum is oxidized, and the iron oxide (rust) is reduced to elemental iron. It’s a classic oxidation-reduction reaction. The coke or vinegar are just acting as an electrolyte to transfer the ions between the two metals.

    1. Good chemistry, I second this.

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  260. I think you’ll find any liquid used with the ally foil gives the same result. Try a soft brass wire brush for delicate parts for more stubborn parts try soaking in dilute citric acid then brushing with a wire brush and steel wool.

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  264. Awesome video and great results. Can I use this method to remove rust from my bike chain. I’m in the NE in the U.S and I commute to work with my bike everyday. It’s starting to become very rusty with the snow and salt so I was hoping this will work.

    1. Yes it will work to some extent. But it’s probably better to fit a new chain with quick link have a spare chain that you can swap out and keep them clean lubricated. Try dipping chain in melted paraffin wax oil

  265. Was that a hot paper?????

  266. Thanks for a great show! So, once I’ve successfully busted that rust, how do I keep the old relic from starting to rust again? Nordic winter commuting takes its toll on old retro racers…

    1. Maybe try ACF50 rust inhibitor and
      Spray Can a coat of Clear Cellulose Lacquer

  267. احسنت

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  270. to remove rust using vinegar you need to leave the parts submerged at least 1 day, ideally 2 or 3 days… 1 hr is nothing… I mean 1 hr is not going to work in your favor…

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    . Did not know that. Makes u wonder the mentality of humans. if phosphoric acid in soda can dissolve rust – what is it doing to your body especially your mucous membranes in throat and intestines?

  273. toothpaste for superficial rust like the one on the fender on here. Also it s good to polish any jewelry, the silver especially goes back to new.

  274. So I have an expandable chain (it’s not for a bike) that has tiny springs inside and I can put them in vinegar, cola, anything but because I can’t actually get in to scrub the springs themselves (they’re tiny and encased) the rust doesn’t seem to go away. Do you have any ideas?

  275. Also tin foil works really well.

    1. On its own

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  278. I can use sand paper?

  279. If you haven’t already, could you tell us how to protect the surface after the rust has been removed? There is an area of my bike where the outer coating has been removed, and in that area, rust forms. Therefore a way to reseal or re-protect it would be useful for me. Cheers!

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    on the other hand, i have an artist pal who might be kind enough to repaint the bike for me.

    could you do a video on how to strip a frame for the purposed of having it hand design painted before sending it off for finishing by a pro? all the clear coat type finishing etc is beyond my or the artist’s reach but surely we can prep and paint a frame ( fine art stuff, not a solid colour )

    thanks for the excellent show. you guys keep me on top of things.

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    1. Mine is the spokes 😭 I don’t know what to do! The rust is bad ish

  303. Theres rust inside my Mountain Bike’s headset, any tips how to get to the headset screw hole?

  304. great!! I’ve been using Coke to clean Cymbals for years.. When I realized how effective it was I stopped drinking it. Sometimes it’s just the thing for a hangover but coconut water works better. BTW was the coke or vinegar better? Used steel wool soaked in vinegar to create a rust stain which looks great on wood, just seal it when desirable oxidation tone achieved. My grandma drank a spoon of vinegar a day to clean her innards apparently???What a world?? Thanks

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  310. Brasso and some rags.. that works well and then wd40 and micofiber cloths.. to get it looking nice

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  322. i used to clean my old bikes with dirt n water in a container n get a cloth dip in n rub on rust n it used to remove it the grit in the dirt used to chip it all off

  323. I use electricity, metal salts if need be, and a carbon rod.

  324. I have a vintage mongoose motomag bmx bike, hope this helps.

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      Better not to drink coke because of the sugar, but the acidity isn’t an issue.

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  332. Steal wool does the same ting and its low cost and it comes in different grades. I’m using it at the moment on an older bike and it works great. It won’t get your hands sticky at all.

  333. Cola is ineffective against rust. Many years ago I tried, put some rusted stuff in cola for weeks. Nothing. The effect you got was more about the aluminium foil than the fluids. There are quite effective rust removers in some bike polishing solutions that remove rust without further sandpapering the remaining chrome… What I’m more interested in however is a video about tools to repair and upgrade bikes. What could you recommend from the well known brands Cyclus, Var, Pedros? (any other well known brands, hmm, I think that’s it, can’t think of any).

  334. if my suspension fork top tubes have some rust high up, is it safe to remove it like this, or will it result in future sealing and oiling issues?

    1. My problem also, I need to save this front fork

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  343. If you actuated down tube etc spray a liberal amount of rust converter which turnscthecrust into a black phosphate then follow up with fish oil. The chronically be clear coated ideally ideally.

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  348. Todays episode is sponsored by: Park tool! I dont think that soft drink manufacturer would like to sponsor it as well :p

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  350. Coke or vinegar works very well if you have stains and not actually rust, the abrasion from the aluminium foil is what was actually removing the rust. I’ve tried the coke and aluminium foil method a few times and the rust comes back even quicker than normal.

    One cheap method i do like to use is actually DOT 5.1 brake fluid (i have a bottle from my DH bike). 5 minutes in some DOT fluids and a light rub will get most rust off. Make sure you wash off the part well or go straight to the second method. If cheap parts are only nickel plated and not actually made of stainless steel then you’ll see the nickel flake off, beware!

    Second method is an ultrasonic machine with heating function, these usually are only large enough for small parts but its very useful to clean cassettes and bike chains with which is why i have one, also removes rust fairly well. Just add greaser and dial up the heat to 60C, 20 minutes and you should be good.

  351. Great vid Jon, thanks. Using fizzy pop like this is much better than drinking it!

  352. I beat rust by buying alloy or stainless parts 😂

  353. Use the tool for the job – Ranex “Rustbuster” does the business. Its Phosphoric acid and either washes off light rust, or for heavy rust converts it to Iron Phosphate, which is stable, black and paintable.

    None of the demonstrated methods stop the rust from coming back.

  354. Or, buy a brass brush and drink the coke instead. Your bike is guaranteed to be less sticky!

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  357. BRASS BRUSH!!! Way better than cola. I tried cola/vinegar/degreaser with alu foil when restoring vintage bikes, it works, but it’s slow.

    Get a brass brush of ebay (and some brass dremel attachments) use the larger brass brush to get the worse of the rust off then go over with the dremel at max RPM – don’t worry, it won’t scratch the metal (it won’t even damage your skin).

    Then use finer and finer grades of wire wool, all the way to grade 0000 with the appropriate polishing compound and it’ll look good as new.

    NOTE: do use eye protection, gloves and an apron when using brass dremel attachments as they have a tendency to shed bits of brass wire at very high speeds into things.

    1. Ssss

    2. Sssss

    3. Zssss

    4. Jakob G. ##

    5. Yes using a brass brush and a appropriate polishing paste (e.g. “Elsterglanz; perfect for chromed parts) is definitely the best way to get rid of rust.

  358. Coke and vinegar are both very well known rust removers and the great thing about the Coke is that you can drink it after removing the rust with it although it’s taste may change, slightly 🤣

  359. Mink oil and fine steel wool

  360. I use very fine steel wool to remove rust.

  361. How about a video on how to bleed SRAM Force/Rival 1 hydraulic brakes?

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  364. white toothpaste with flouride as rubbing compound can also remove light/mild rust.

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    That stuff can do everything.

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  368. How to avoid rust… Avoid non stainless parts, and buy carbon or titanium parts. And for the chain…… lube it!

    1. Carbon, titanium and stainless steel yikes expensive!!

      Though it is worth it though in the long run.

    2. Chromoly is stronger. I’ll take my risk with rust

    3. Cant be avoided if your a vintage bike collector, only restored

    4. What sort of lube

    5. basically Anthony is saying dont support as a consumer shit that rusts. I have stainless 316 chain and belt drives.

  369. I have removed rust from a frame i was refurbishing with vinegar and bicrabonate soda, has a scourering effect.

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  371. Don’t bother with either…’s the foil that does the job, use it dry…..the coke or vinegar just makes a mess

  372. Awesome, my classic town bike will love this. But how do I stop the rust coming straight back? She has to sit at the train station all day uncovered. Poor old gal!

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    1. As a brit, I agree. It’s aluminum as the person who discovered the element named it as such.

    2. @Legion You do realise it was a British person who discovered aluminium and named it aluminum and that it was American scientists who originally adopted the aluminium spelling?

    3. I accept the US usage, but in modern science the naming standard has moved towards “…ium”.

    4. Legion And C U N T spells Cunt

    5. @Legion Relax dude its a word lol. Quit making us all look like assholes, man.

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  376. Aluminum foil works fine just by itself. No cola or vinegar needed. Try it!

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  378. Odorless mineral spirits are the old go-to for removing any tarnish from metal. It isn’t the most environmentally friendly so it has gone out of fashion but I’ve never seen any thing cheaper/more efficient.

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  380. How about a video on how to prevent the rust from coming back after removing the rust? 🙂

  381. I recommend buying a wire brush wheel for a cordless drill. The wire brush does the job well on steel and brass. No liquids needed. A rotary wire brush wheel on a bench grinder works too but you have to be able to hold the part up to it.

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    1. Yes you need 316 or higher grade to stop rust forming also heating stainless steel changes the chromium properties and cause rust.

    2. To further Russell Zeckner’s point, here is an article describing how stainless steel can rust.

      A few of the bolts on my commuter have small amounts of rust on them, could be from the small amount of salt in the sea air or from salt residue left by sweating.

    3. Actually stainless steel corrodes just like any other alloy containing iron. The difference is that the oxide that forms over its surface becomes a barrier against oxygen and thus prevents further corrosion. if the oxide is removed, it forms again and thus is essentially self-healing. High quality stainless steel in not or only slight magnetic and thus this is a easy way to test its quality.

  384. I think i already know the answer to this, but should i do this to my mountain bike fork stantions? It has a little bit of rust on it and it look ugly.

  385. if all i have handy is a soda with a blue top and not a red one will that work as well?

  386. I think some people are missing the point that this is a simple and cheap method, using common household stuff! Obviously there’s specialised products out there …

    1. Kevin Punter exactly that. Cheers Jon

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  390. hi gcn tech, i wish you cover brake travel problem (road shifter with v brake and reverse)

  391. Jiff and a Brillo pad or Cif as its now called

  392. I don’t know if its available in the UK but in switzerland there’s a magic wool called metarex which removes all oxides on metal such as rust without leaving any scratches … I highly recommend it.

  393. Coke or vinegar are acids that will dissolve the rust, while the tin foil smooths it. Without the acid the tin foils will take more effort to remove. Steel wool will remove it easier while scratching and removing the chrome cover. In any case the rust will come back no matter what you use if you do not protect the surface after cleaning.

    1. Paint?

    2. @Andrew J Probably some wax that you put on every 3 – 4 months. I use Collinite car wax.

    3. How do you protect the surface ?

    4. What would you recommend for protecting the surface?

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    1. Nash Cycling no problem. Happy to help

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    2. guess you’re too lazy on several levels, first in your imagination, second – just lazy to try to get a bit rusty canonndale for $50 and after a day of work turne it into $500 shiny jewel.

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  398. I was not convinced by the reaction caused by cola, especially given that WD40 and a wire wool gave faster results on chrome plated steel. I was working on restoring a 1981 Yamaha XJ550 motorbike at the time. Which turned out to be be a complete waste of time, the engine seized up on the motorway a few weeks later! For chrome parts though, I always use fine wire wool and then autosol.

  399. If the rust hasn’t worked it’s way well into the steel, use my old friend WD40! Spray it on. Leave it to work itself in. Brush it a bit and wash off.

    1. So WD40 will effectively remove rust from paint surfaces too. What would you use to agitate it in. A toothbrush?

  400. Yep good ideas. But I’ve also discovered from a restoration tv program that just wetting the foil with water will also do the job. Tried it myself and it worked

  401. Followup, are you just (essentially) using the foil as an abrasive and the liquid simply lubricating the two metals?

    1. You’re not considering one part of the chemical reactions with the Phosphoric acid in Coke and Acetic acid in Vinegar

  402. I used this to restore my Peugeot 10 speed components, and it worked a treat!

  403. Fun video, but I use S.O.S. pads, which are steel wool with a degreaser already on them. It’s coarse, so very light pressure needed. Yep, it will scratch. If painting over, would use a quality rust inhibitor. They literally convert the iron oxide to something that absolutely stops the rust, similar to the black oxide coating you see in spark plugs, etc. Nasty stuff, but works. Regardless of method, get rid of ALL the rust before coating over it with paint or clear coat, otherwise you’ll be doing this again.

  404. Amazing to watch, thanks!

  405. Cheeky little can of coke?

  406. Mix flour, water and white vinegar to form a paste. Apply the paste to any parts with rust. Rinse clean.

  407. i had my steel peugeot rusted and vinegar pretty well handle it.thanks.tomorrow will try with soft drink

  408. Boeshield T9

  409. WD-40. i used it to remove chips of rust from chain and it goes well

  410. Bang and the rust is gone 😉

  411. Just restored a whole vintage road bike wish I’d known this trick😭

    1. What did you use instead?

  412. Hi Jon, I grind it off.

  413. Great video. Answer a life long question.

  414. WD40 and steel wool

  415. I do same thing but with a Brillo pad

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    2. I do. I used to have one. Brilliant fun to ride

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  417. In the last minute of the video, you can see that Jon’s fingers and thumb are black. Was that from the rust, or the vinegar??

    1. MRGRUMPY53 It probably was aluminium from the foil.

  418. it is quite scary how a soft drink that we consume can remove bloody rust.

    1. I just knew someone was going to make a comment in that sort of vein. You realise that you have acid in your stomach that is many times as strong as the acid in Coke right? So no, not scary at all.

    2. Think of what air does to steel, how distructively in makes things rust. The same air we breathe, terrifying! Point is, organic chemistry is way more complicated.

    3. When I was younger this was already the story: use cola to remove rust. Unfortunately it doesn’t work. Just drop a rusty bolt in cola and let a be and you will see the rust doesn’t vanish. He is rubbing with alu foil and that works. You could just as well use steelwool 000 and clean Dan’s Stingray’s fender.

  419. Vinegar + SALT, submerge the rusty piece overnight. Never done it on bicycle parts but has worked wonders for me in the past for gardening tools.

    1. salt is a bit overkill.

  420. How would you get rid of a slight bit of rust on the cassette and chain? (I’ll make sure to oil it next time after its dry from cleaning)

    1. wd40 but rust always comes back if u don’t get some type of rust protection

    2. Ross 😂 fell like something happened hahahah

    3. buy dura ace 😀

    4. However if you’re riding un wet condition applying proper lubricant may prevent your drive train from rusting again

    5. Ross let the WD-40 act ( it should not be long), then give a good clean to your chain and cassette. Finally, re-lube the chain. You can lubricate it with the WD-40 but still have to wipe it off before you reapply it!

  421. It would be great if you did a video on repairing paint chips and scratches

    1. @Evan V i found a cleaner Chanel he used singe for touch up, you can add very small chip or scratch and fill well with it and degree in pressure is cool. he online orders fresh kits and is a Detailer by trade.
      The model paint idea never thought of it…

    2. Car scratch repairer?

    3. I can feather small jobs with a small airbrush you can could use enamel paint too

    4. At my local dollar store they have 10 color womens nail polish decorating kits, works fantastic because its in a tiny syringe tube instead of a messy brush, just squeeze out a drop or two and it perfectly stays in and covers the chip

    5. In addition to model paint, I also use nail varnish

  422. Got a peloton of ants chasing me now. Thanks Jon :/

    1. as i see the trick to my garage is vinegar the ants will leave cool and where appropriate coke say kitchen of bathroom where rinsing can be effective.

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  423. Would you use this on hubs?

  424. At least your innards will be rust free if you like your coke.

  425. steel wool works very good 👍👌

    1. Fireroadie : so I’m doing well! Restoring a 50s bike but had to know for sure before I continue on the delicate parts. I estimate my restauration to take 30, max 40 hours. Just started.

    2. John Meselidis the greek thanks bro good comment I will use a scrubbing pad

    3. Depending on part, but usually makes more damage and scratches parts so unless you are gonna repaint it go with wd40 and plastic brush

    4. makes more scratches

    5. John Meselidis the greek
      Still wool and WD40👍

  426. Coke and Vinegar are just myth on rust removal. You’re just removing the rust with the abrasive tendencies of the aluminium foil. Get some Evaporust and submerge all your rusty parts in it. Wait a few hours, clean them with water and all the rust will be gone.

    1. Ian Loughead o

    2. I remove rust with nothing but vinegar all the time it also etches the metal

    3. I remember using tin foil and water as a kid, pretty sure it worked OK.

    4. I’ve used vinegar to remove rust from hammer heads in the past. Just soak the hammer in it for a bit (overnight for me. Hammer had been in the ground for years) and wire brush off the rust.

    5. Ian Loughead I soak my parts in vinegar then an old T-shirt takes off the rust

  427. I don’t even have rust to remove, but I watched this to see dan loyd’s stingray😂

  428. Just a note, there is no difference between the shiny side and the dull side of the foil. The reason it looks like that is that the foil is so thin and tear-able, it’s actually doubled up for manufacturing. The dull side is where two sheets have faced each other and the shiny side is the side that faces out to the rollers.

    1. Umm yeah there is a difference.. one side is shinny and the other is matte! For many applications it doesn’t matter what side you use..but there are also applications where a specific side would have the advantage and produce better results.

    2. Why did we need to know that

    3. @Rob Mrowiec have you tested, measured and get this conclusion from real practice or is it just your theoretical analysis?
      The aluminium foil disintegrates in your hands during this process. There are more scratches from Rust and metal particles rubbing the frame than aluminium.
      For future corrosion – clean the parts with lots od water -super important step, not mentioned here. Then use anti Rust coating of sort.
      It is sad when people make expertise comment on something they haven’t tried

    4. @Shovel How do you think?
      Just look how steel and Rust is ripping the foil pad to pieces. There is more scratches from Rust particles rubbing on frame than from the aluminium foil pad

    5. @Alvaro Sierra it was actually debunked, so it doesnt matter.

  429. Nice video !

  430. This is Fantastic!  and good timing too. I need to clean an old chain, not to ride with but to uses as an artistic accent.

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  432. First thought: Do I even have parts that rust on my bike? 2nd thought: Didn’t I build a new one with a steel frame last year?

  433. Hi Jon! U’re my favourite presenter

    1. Mine, too!

    2. Tomi Saaranen i see you everywhere 👀

    3. Tomi Saaranen Thanks Tomi 👍

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