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How to Start a Fire with Household Items

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It’s starting to cool down and that means it’s time to light up the fireplace or that camping fire. But what is the best way to start it if you don’t want to spend money on chemicals and starter logs? Rest assured, we got you covered.


Full List of Starters:

1. Pour melted crayon on Cotton balls.
First, we’re gonna make a wax and cotton starter. Now we didn’t have any candle wax on hand but we had a bunch of crayons and they work just as good. Peel off the labels and toss a bunch of crayons into a metal can you don’t care too much about. Boil up some water in a big pot and place the smaller tin inside. This is the double broiler method which will prevent the wax from burning. After a few minutes the wax will melt down. Now just grab some cotton balls and slowly dip them directly into the wax and place them on a sheet of wax paper to dry. Once dried they are ready to go. Simply place them where needed and fire up the cotton. They’re gonna burn long and strong lighting any wood you might have on top.

2. Stuff a toilet roll full of dryer lint then wrap in paper.
Now if the wax method is too intensive, try this. Grab a used empty paper roll and go to your dryer and empty that lint trap. Wrap the lint inside a dryer sheet and stuff it directly into the empty tube. Leave a little bit sticking out so you can easily ignite it. Once it’s assembled it’s ready to be set ablaze and get your fire going nice and strong. You can even blow on it a bit to really spark things up.3. Pringles Hot and

3. Spicy Fire starter
Really need to get something to work in a pinch? Look no further than your pantry. Grab yourself some greasy chips and simply lay them out under the area you need to catch fire. It’s really that simple, just light the edge of the chip and they will burn long enough to get something kicking. If they burn out too quickly just add more to the pile. Don’t forget to save some for snacking by the fire.

4. Orange Peel
Let’s utilize our kitchen again and grab a couple oranges and a knife. Simply peel the orange leaving all the small pieces together. Make sure to get is little juice as possible here. After you have the peels, put them out to dry for a few hours. Once dry, these peels will allow you to start up a fire quick and easy. Just pile em up and ignite. You may have to hold the lighter in place long enough to ignite the citrus oils inside, but the results are pretty cool.

5. Egg Carton Lint and vaseline
Now let’s get a bit greasy but with a huge impact. You need petroleum jelly, lint and an egg carton. If you didn’t already; go raid your left over dryer lint and hit your recycling bin to snatch an egg carton. Now separate the carton into sections and fill each one with a generous scoop of petroleum jelly. Work the lint into each crevice mixing it up well with the jelly. That’s it. Clean off your hands and your fire starters are good to go. As you can see they go up quickly and burn strong and last a long time, in fact probably the longest of all of these.

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446 thoughts on “How to Start a Fire with Household Items

  1. Omg the chips actually worked, obviously because of the oil

  2. If only I had a lighter tf..

  3. Haha, the chip thing really works!

  4. Oh no..wouldn’t waste my….

  5. Cotton balls with petroleum or vicks vapor rub is my go to firestater. Great video.

  6. This is about fueling a fire, not starting one. Yo9just used a lighter to start the fire every time here, which is a rather obvious approach to starting a fire.

  7. how to start a fire (but it’s for a school project so chill)

  8. Meanwhile on Montserrat a small box of Crayola crayons is 16 is dollars. Hmmm, well at least that island taught me value n not to waste

  9. yeah I start it with a dead body it keeps it dry and the fire stays for about 2 hours

  10. The toilet paper rolls, petroleum jelly, lent work amazingly!

  11. Why not just use that stove??

  12. Watching the vaseline and lint made me want to wash my hands lol

  13. Just lint by itself will do

  14. How to start a fire… have a lighter *reeeeeeeeee*

  15. Gas + 5.56 + Tannerite

  16. How to burn my anus???

  17. How To Burn Your House Down In 5 Easy Steps

  18. so u’ve used only household items to start the fire… what a joke of a vid

  19. Save all your toilet and paper rolls. Cut any size you want but fold them tight into one roll. Dip into a pot of melted Crisco. I do it once a year and store in one of those nicer holiday popcorn type lidded metal buckets. We use a wood stove for heat and it makes things easier all winter.

  20. Just use gasoline, its cheap and a household product.

  21. best way to start a fire

  22. Thinking I should probably stop eating Pringles

  23. Yeah, I could also start a fire, with a bloody lighter 0.o

  24. Double boiler, not double broiler.

  25. thanks for the tip

  26. It’s called how to make a fire…but he’s using a lighter in every project

  27. Title: How to start a fire
    Video: *uses lighter for all the demonstrations*

  28. metho soaked log???


  30. Going to make some starters now, thanks 🙂

  31. Use popsicle sticks

    1. I

  32. Or use a torch.

  33. Whats thr thing he added with petroleum jelly and egg tray

  34. One easier method is to let the fire wood sit in a tub of lighter fluid all night it’s like forth of July every time

  35. a big wad of pine needles

  36. so helpful!

  37. If I can boil water why would I need to create a fire-.-

  38. Spray wood with WD40. It will light up in seconds.

  39. My method is called BURN EVERYTHING IN SIGHT

  40. But if you already have a lighter then what the heck is the point we need a way to start a fire Without a lighter

    1. Cheats,Glitches, and More! who the heck cant start a fire when they already have a lighter

    2. the point is that if you have a lighter you still may not be able to get a fire going with just sticks, and if you dont have one, then come back to society you fucking hippie

  41. misleading title

  42. for my big fire I burn the whole entire house down

  43. poure gasaline on the wood then light🔪🔪🔪🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  44. Use a water bottle and the sun

  45. pinecones

  46. u know using a lighter doesnt count, right?

  47. Aren’t you supposed to start the fire under the bbq rack instead of on the rack?

  48. the Orange peels ( and any citrus fruit for that matter) also work well to ward off mosquitoes..put them in a tinfoil pan around your deck and let them smoulder…

  49. i like to use Linn with wd-40

  50. dope.. don’t worry well have a bathroom for ya when ya come back..

  51. Just loook and learn from ShepherdSurvives.

  52. Video ends at 2:46 thank me later!!

    1. Well Thank you..

  53. Bad idea using chips. They are fatty oils that don’t last long but burn bright. They will kill your fire fast and should only used if you only need a short blaze of fire

  54. Try getting a huge can of petrol, a match, some logs and hay presto, you have a fire

  55. I now a good way to start it FLAMETHROWER

  56. Personally I just use a flamethrower

  57. Rubbe rocks together that will make fire lol

  58. oh sweet i have a bunch of vaseline and dryer lint from cleaning rags that get stiff after the 5th lonely night

  59. I set nachos on fire… at school… then I got expelled

  60. “double broiler” method, eh?

  61. Im using brake cleaner.. jk

  62. were the firestarter chips BARBECUE flaovoured?

  63. i always thought householdhacker and missalissa15 would make a nice couple

  64. My tip is a flametrhower

  65. I use a flame thrower lol jk

  66. 🔥🔥🔥

  67. I just drop in my mixtape in :

  68. Next time try using any of the Doritos chips

  69. Can you also use just two small candles?

  70. cool

  71. you could also mix wax and sawdust so that it wicks itself and burns for an extended period of time

  72. Battery and aluminum foil

  73. Potato chips are the most effective method

  74. Pine cones make awesome tinder.

  75. guys help…fire,knives,anime and games excite me TOO much

  76. Balls light wood he he

  77. Double bowler method. Not “double broiler method.”

  78. 9-volt battery and steel wool in place of match or lighter. Rub the steel wool over the battery terminals and watch them glow and burn.

  79. aerosol

  80. wood shavings work good

  81. Try ping pong balls

  82. I use a combination of several of these. all you need is wax/petroleum jelly, used dryer sheets and dryer lint. If you are using the petroleum jelly just mix the and jelly together an make small meatball sized balls the wrap the dryer sheet around it tightly leaving a tail to light. If you are using wax just melt the wax and do the same thing just remover the wax will cool quickly so make this in small batches. Once you are ready to light your fire light the tail and these burn for about five minutes add sticks first and build you fire up from there.

  83. gasoline!

  84. if you use paper to light your fire your meat will taste like paper.

  85. Due to the chemicals contained and how they react when burned, I don’t know if I’d use some of these methods for cooking fires. I like my brother’s method. Take a paper towel or two toilet paper tubes. Loosely stuff them with paper towels. Soak the paper towels with olive oil, and don’t worry if the tubes also soak up some. Place on grill, pile charcoal around it, and light.

  86. Also well working method:
    grab wooden block, with a sharp knife or any other tool produce thin stripes. When you get handful take it all and just light it. Works with wet wood as well if the stripes are thin enough.

  87. “Long and Strong”

  88. #paperfire

  89. I use plain old egg cartons on there own to light my charcoal chimney for the grill, works great !

  90. use a fucking flamethrower lol

  91. I have an idea,what if you can burn cheeses puffs?

  92. matches

  93. or get some maces

  94. Use a non-stick spray oil up the wood and it will ignite you can also use it as a flamethrower but be careful

  95. My uncle uses those large broccoli rubber bands.

  96. Eating Pringles whist watching this video

  97. I heard a 1:1 ratio of orange juice to gasoline makes DIY napalm. That should do.

  98. Oh ya let me just go get my patrolium jelly

  99. if you cant make a fire… your father failed in life. If you have no father then im sorry its basic stuff to make a fire… seriously…

  100. I do not want to be a animal.

  101. Use duct tape.

  102. Its not a household item, but I often use the sap of a tree when I am in the woods camping. Burns very well and long enough to get a fire going.

    1. Good idea!

  103. LOL
    Dat voice crack at 2:39
    Thank me later

  104. heres  a good one, go to your garage get some gas pure it on the wood and light it

  105. Doritos work really really well

  106. so . we need a fire to start a fire ??

  107. Use Steel Wool – Not Lint

    1. Before You Do This, Keep In Mind – Don’t Eat From That Fire

  108. I feel like burning dryer sheets is not good for you to breathe in

  109. Thank God for this video, I always have problems getting my wood to catch fire. I usually spit my mixtape whenever I want it to but there’s just not enough fire to set my dick alight. I’m so glad you made this video.

  110. Isn’t it funny when HouseholdHacker posts a new video and all of the big youtubers come and comment?! Truly explicit!

  111. you are a relay good YouTuber but don’t say today I’m household hacker. tomorrow what are you ?

  112. Am I the only one who misses scientific tuesdays/shuffle?

  113. “Double broiler” hah.

  114. hey if the giveaway is jail break or not

  115. Speeding up the footage of them catching fire is basically lying for no reason. Most of these work really well, you don’t need to try and convince people that they’ll instantly burn.

  116. My preferred method of starting a fire is make a pile of potassium permanganate and pure a small amount of glycerin on top and wait
    Or if your feeling adventurous try wrapping a log with magnesium ribbon and lighting it with a sparkler

  117. ya gatta use deez nuts!

  118. are these safe to use

  119. Y not get a lot of DRY LEAVES and light them on fire?

  120. My friend once tried to make a log cabin style fire on a winter night in Wisconsin. He spent a good 10-15 just trying to get a good flame going. I finally had to step in and reset it. I made a teepee style set up and within 5 minutes we had a bonfire that lasted for 2 hours. Teepees are the way to go.

  121. Can’t believe this guy is still making videos since 2007. That’s awesome.

  122. chlorine bleach and brake fluid… kinda dangerous tho

  123. i just use gasoline that usally gets the job done

  124. best firestarter:

  125. Soak a paper bag or piece of clothing in any oil it will burn long.

  126. What I usually do to start a fire is set my mixtape on top fam

  127. what!?!? no potassium permanganate and glycerin

  128. How about you dip Pringles in molten crayons

  129. I pour fuel on my first. It makes a fireball, and burns all!!

  130. Don’t forget juke string bird nest and charcloth, if you know what those are.

  131. try steel wool and a 9v battery.


  133. Don’t forget the best use for stale moldy bread (Besides penicillin), bread while a little harder to light while fresh still burns hot letting it ignite harder to start materials

  134. The free iphone thing doesn’t work #householdhacker

  135. I just play my mixtape 😎

    Yes I know bad joke… 😂😒

  136. Хвала .

  137. Props to this dude… Been making videos since atleast 2010… 3,300,000 Subs… And still replying to comments..

  138. These videos only get worse.

  139. My favorite method gasoline

  140. YOU dont know what cold is, in Norway our summers are colder Than your winters

  141. i use camphor as firestarter.. cheap and easy

  142. what happened to householdgamer?

  143. You can replace that petroleum jelly with chaffing fuel. Chaffing fuel is that blue stuff you find in those little burners. It works a little better and is less expensive then petroleum jelly.

  144. “grab some greasy chips” Pringles, yeah greasy like lays is less greasy

  145. i use WD-40 and a BBQ lighter

  146. I think you might want to clarify the term “double BOILER”.
    “Double BOILERS” are relatively safe.
    A “double BROILER” will burn your house down.

  147. you should do a raining edition of this

  148. the second way is how to make a sploof for an emergency situation indoors or outdoors lol, you’ll only know what I mean if you smoke tree btw

  149. I drink a lot of moonshine.

    My piss is basically kerosene.

  150. Did you rememer ducktape?

  151. You know what else is a pain? When you “wood” does catch fire. It really hurts.

  152. Post more videos

  153. What I like to do I take some old cardboard, pizza boxes preferred due to the grease in them, role it up like a sleeping bag and light the bottom that way it can burn up the cardboard. Burns pretty long and really hot.

  154. *Double boiler
    And actually, in double boiler – or bain-marie – it’s the steam from the boiling water that touches the inner pot, and not the boiling water itself. The point is to not overheat the contents of the inner pot – especially if it’s chocolate. Melting chocolate like he melts wax in the video would cause it to seize.

  155. How dare you waste BBQ Pringles like that!

  156. i knew the chip one because the show lockup prisoners use them to make shanks

  157. Yay videos are coming more often I like dis :3

  158. 1:06 this is now sorta drug related… if you know what i mean 😉

  159. The garlic sauce that comes with domino is fantastic if you want to crank up the heat on a slow or small fire

  160. I made fire bricks which is basically old wood shavings formed into the shape of a brick

  161. If you live near some evergreen trees, dried evergreen needles go up insanely well.

  162. What i do is cover a few sheets of kitchen roll in olive oil
    grab a toilet roll tube and then stuff the oil covered sheets in (but not too tightly)
    burns very hot and for a fair little while.

  163. leave wine corks in some liquid alcohol for some days and they will start any fire.

  164. U r so a chip waster!!!! It is SO GOOD!!!!!!!!

  165. or just get some gasoline

  166. or you could just make napalm by mixing styrofoam and gasoline

  167. Ping pong balls r u to use for a fire

  168. I love the idea you use

  169. boom just hold a lighter to a log for an hour

  170. oh yeah… get my wood on fire 😀

  171. I use gasoline

  172. First

  173. The best way to start a fire is to make a comment flame war.

  174. Just listen to my Mixtape and the Fire will start itself

  175. cool 🙂

  176. I have a twist on your egg carton fire starter. Instead of using the petroleum jelly, after putting the lint into the egg carton sections, pour melted wax/ melted crayons over the lint and allow to harden. Then cut the sections off as you need them to start a fire. They work fantastic!

    Another easy fire starter is to take a pine cone that’s open and pour melted wax/crayons over it and allow it to dry. You can even poke dryer lint inside before you pour the wax on if you think you will need a hotter fire starter. Good luck and have fun! Jennie

  177. Idk I couldn’t take this video seriously because you’re the same guy that told me to put a rubberband around my chip bag as if nobody did that before

  178. I think a lot of us would really appreciate it if you could please stop instructing people to burn synthetic fibers, especially inside one’s home. It’s a great way to get sick and make your house smell like melted Solo cups.

  179. pringles are more expensive than a pack of firestart thingies….

    1. +Robbie Oosterom sure is. 👍

    2. oh yeah thats right… thanks, I didnt realize that. In that case its a good idea

    3. This is for what you may have around the house. You may not have fire starters but you could have Pringles around your house. 😊

  180. This… was actually helpfull.

    I think we should start making a few of these for the inevitable Zombie epidemic.

  181. great

  182. Who puts the wood ON the grill? What kind of person uses a grill like that?

  183. Cool video! I didn’t even know that some of these could be ignited…

  184. Haha Always down to see a new use for pringles. That’s awesome.

  185. are you mecreepypasta your voice and his sound the same?

  186. I make paper oil logs to cook with, roll newspaper into logs, use wire to keep tight, soak in container of used cooking oil, drain then keep ready in plastic bag, they burn a long time like wood logs.

  187. I like to use a grenade to start my fires. You only have to remove the pin and hold the lighter under it for 5 seconds!!!

  188. Hand sanitize with or without Cotten balls works wonders. Also steel wool and a 9 volt battery.

  189. Cardboard boxes or pieces of them work great.

  190. Who has Pringles in their pantry? How do they make it home? Mine always disappear on the way home. :/

  191. I save our paper egg cartons and fill them with sawdust mixed with wax.

  192. 1:19 Pringles BBQ

    *The irony*

  193. How come you didn’t mention a tuna tin with carboard and wax?

  194. How i light a fire;
    1. get some stick and let them dry
    2. get some paper and pack the sticks in it
    3. take a flametrower and light everuthing up…

  195. no Pringles were harmed during the making of this video

  196. fill the egg carton with pencil shavings and wax

  197. Try ducktape

  198. I just use my burning hatred

  199. i have one method
    all you need:
    swimming pool

    1.mix gasoline with water in pool
    2.start the fire

    and youre done

  200. This is literally a video of what can i find around the house to catch on fire.

  201. Doritos are highly flammable, also I’ve even used pieces of cardboard from cereal boxes and other things and put petroleum jelly on it and it burns nice and long with a good sized flame.

  202. Is the knife you use ceramic or plastic looks nice?

    1. +Dragunov121 Endri i m chief n butcher also…i tried ceramic knife-its to light,can be broke if fall down…i m not for that..

    2. +Evan Knowles said by a person that truely has never used a ceramic knife. as in they break easily, and metal doesn’t, maybe you have the cheapest knifes but i don’t and trying to cut or break a knife is pretty tough, unless you have an axe then they are broken.

    3. +HouseholdHacker I use my ceramic knife to cut up my metal knives

    4. Ceramic! It is pretty awesome, I only have one but I use it as much as possible.

  203. Nice vid

    1. Thank you, glad you liked it.

  204. You can also use your pubic hair, in place of dryer lint, after manscaping. Smells amazing.

  205. flint and steel 🙂
    or drive your father angry 😡 and rip…

  206. This channel is shit. Do you expect people to fucking cook food in crayon, vaseline and dryer lint smell??

  207. I DO enjoy these Hood Hacks!! 😉

    1. 😂😂

    2. +HouseholdHacker hey there is another way get some hand sanitizer, get the more liquid type and then pour it on some kindling or wood logs and light it up it lights almost instantly


    4. Just keeping it super official.

  208. HH saving me money since 2007.. 😀

    1. Glad to be of service. PS: Sup dude!

  209. We did this in the crayon one and poured it in the egg carton in cub scouts in like 3 or 4 grade and we used the school microwave and it fought in fire twice and they had to get new microwaves

  210. can anyone help me start my new you tube channel

  211. Show a method to extend wifi range using house hold items.

  212. use the lighter to start your fire

  213. Do you realize how many pubes are in lint??

  214. Try rubbing stones 😛 xD

  215. nail polish remover burns vigorously!


    1. +Zechary Khoo It smelled awesome! It was the best smelling starter.

    2. @HouseholdHacker I bet it smelled amazing. or like soot

    3. +Zechary Khoo It worked the best!

  217. why not use regular corn oil and paper towell similer to how you doing in the video ends up being faster prep time and cheaper

  218. Fire starter tip: play our own mixtape

  219. Pretty sure it’s extremely dangerous to burn dryer lint. It’s full of chemicals from the soap and other things from the washer/dryer.

  220. personally, i just use a flamethrower

  221. What? Fire starters are super cheap, why would you do any of this? Are they that expensive in US? .. and if i don’t have them, paper (if stacked properly) works perfectly fine.

    1. @HouseholdHacker here they are $1 for 48 fire starter cubes.. one is enough to start a regular fire (a few of them if you only have wet and big logs).. so as long as you don’t forget to buy them, nothing is more convenient or cheaper.

    2. +nemanja milosevic A starter log is about 6 bucks for a good one. Lint and vaseline is about…. 30 cents. Not sure where you are or I would convert the currency.



    1. +Revolutions88 I’m the self inflicted, mind detonator.

  223. Great tips for a zombie apocalypse.

  224. 1:46 … Put them out for a few hours… Thanks for the QUICK fire starter 😀

  225. Orrrr… Or. You could use a chimney starter like every other intelligent human being on the planet.


  227. why cook meat when you could eat the pringles instead?

  228. Ahh i live in Australia it is reaching summer

    1. That is fine, we just made one for our friends in the other hemisphere. The DIY Misting Machine:

  229. Cotton balls, petroleum jelly and a zip lock bag to store.

  230. I love it how you had a brand new grill to film those firestarters in 😀

  231. Steel wool, and a 9V battery.

  232. toilet paper and cooking oil

  233. How can you do this in the middle of no where though? Give us some tips for that

    1. +헤일리 The premise is to prepare them ahead of time. You can store most of these safely in a plastic zip bag.

  234. …I will never eat Pringles again… 8(

  235. :13
    Me: is that marijuana

  236. Gather some smaller sized pinecones and place them upright in each section of a cardboard egg carton. Then fill each one with wax and boom! Easy, simple yet effective fire starters that will even work in humid conditions.



  238. What about a flame thrower? >.>

    You didn’t cover ALL your bases.

  239. Or I could just drop my mixtape.

    1. lmao 😂

  240. “Sometimes getting your wood to catch on fire can be a real pain”… Yeah, 2ez :p

  241. how to light a fire if all the twigs are wet?.. insert comments

  242. pigpong ball is awesome for this


  244. Cheeze Doodles are perfect, too. They burn for about 2-4 minutes each and they melt into these little tar puddles. I used to take a family sized jar of them with me camping and it was both snacks and fires for a week.

  245. sometimes catching your wood on fire is painful.

  246. Waterproof fire starters: Tear or cut strips of newspaper 6 in wide (by however tall the paper is). Fold them down to about 1-2 in wide, then roll them up till they’re about 1 in diameter. Hold them rolled up with a twisty tie. Soak them in hot melted wax till it absorbs all the way in. Let cool to harden. These can be peeled off bit by bit to use, or you can burn the whole thing at once, which will keep going for a good long while.

  247. Terrible fumes for bbq cooking…

  248. The last one is the best option. Nice and easy. Just get some paper and some sticks, and light it. No need to wait for things to melt, no need to go through steps and put stuff together, no need to waste food, and no need to get your hands messy with stuff like petroleum jelly.

  249. Dryer lint and bacon grease, you are welcome!

    1. @CommunistBlock
       try also making soap too if you eat bacon enough!

    2. +Leonard Greenpaw This is why we save all of our bacon grease. cover a rag in the stuff after it’s solid and you have something that burns hot and for a long time.

    3. @HouseholdHacker
      feel free to use it ^^

    4. That is a good one!

  250. This is hot

    1. Based on the other comments I guess I should reply with: “If you want hot, you should check out my mixtape”

  251. If you need a starter log you are just lazy or have no business around a fire place..

  252. I use 3 gallons of gasoline. That usually does the trick when you’re trying to change a light bulb. Wait….I have to watch this video again.

  253. I eat ass

  254. I always bring a self-igniting propane blowtorch when I go camping. I always try the survival methods first [flint and steel, rubbing sticks together, etc], but when I get fed up with those I can have a fire going in 4 seconds without it.

  255. Birch bark be ballin’ broski.

  256. I have a method.
    its an amazing thing called


  258. :33 making crack

  259. if you don’t respond to this I’ll be super sad

    1. +HouseholdHacker OMURGAWD

    2. Don’t cry.

  260. large wood shavings in egg carton holes, pour some wax over it- really good firelighters

  261. run a microwave with a plate in it for 1 minute

  262. Waiting for the dick stuck in toaster joke xD

  263. What’s the name of the song in the background?

  264. Peanuts are really good (and small) for a long burning fuel source.

  265. I pour some premium gasoline until its absorbed by the wood or charcoal
    then I ignite it with lighter

  266. None of these are nearly as cost effective as simply buying manufactured fire starters

  267. now do a video on emergency ways to start a fire, like without a lighter

  268. 70% gasoline with 20% acetone and 10% hydrogen gas is my favorite fire starter!

  269. Or use elastic bands .. I’m still pissed

  270. i use saw dust and used motor oil in an empty toilet paper roll. This burns for an extremely long time

  271. All I have to do to start a fire is listen to my mixtape, also my house is gone :_:

    1. oh god these jokes are too overused

    2. 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  272. What ever happened to some kindling & a lighter or matches? jeez, way to over complicate things.

    1. do you not understand the point of the video?

    2. We covered that at the end….

  273. Lighter fluid

  274. Good Mythical Morning anyone?

  275. I like the Vaseline one, because, never mind…

    1. +ScottKinmartinTV scot when is let your google hangout coming back?

    2. you dirty man!

  276. Sawdust and candle wax. I can get SUUUUUPER cheap candles at garage sales. Then get your bucket of sawdust and mix them. I find they take a second to light, but if you get the proportions correct, you get a long lasting flame. And I mean LONG. Tip: try to make the sawdust absorb the wax. Do like a 1:9 wax to sawdust ratio.

    1. @Scott Button Volume.

    2. +Scott Button Volume I presume

    3. +Colebug99 by weight or volume?

  277. How dare you kill those Pringles?

    1. Blue_ yes how dare he :O

    2. Blue_ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ because he’s a monster

    3. Yes. You don’t have to repeat yourself! XD I’m Greek too. +MrJason005

    4. @MrJason005 Relatable.Lol.

    5. I am Greek.
      Είμαι Έλληνας.

  278. What ever happened to Traveler on this channel? Anyone remember him from like 4 years ago?

  279. Boy Scouts, take note

    1. Rest In Peace bro😢

    2. Rip

    3. Nice to find ya here Grant!

    4. +Grant Thompson – “The King of Random” or you can just make char-cloth

    5. +craig1287 —- Looking forward to your *unedited* video…

  280. This would have been helpful when I was working at a summer camp last summer

  281. my scout troop used dryer lint, old wax, and egg carton.

  282. Sweet, wasn’t expecting to see a new video this time of night.

    1. your one of my favs night hawk

    2. +NightHawkInLight That is a TRUE YouTube reply right there. You should do some more firework videos. I really enjoy them.

    3. My method is mixing up a concoction consisting of nail polish (or acetone), some pure olive or vegetable oil, drizzle it on top of some paper or sticks, cover it with a paper towel,came ignite. And maybe spray some axe too.

    4. @NightHawkInLight well that depends on what kind of shovels you’re talking about, Trowels? trench or just a normal ones?

    5. hi

  283. paper towels and oil. fold that shit. soak that shit. light that shit.

  284. Step 1: learn how to build a fire

  285. if you need to start a fire, call upon THE DEMONS OF CELZAR, those guys can fix anything.

  286. theses are really cool ideas, ;-; why aren’t we funding this.

    1. The best part is it really doesn’t need funding… just raid a trash can!


  288. Dude you have the best narrating voice.

  289. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh keep the vids coming

  290. I love the use of pine needles or a whole branch, gasoline, and a leaky propane tank.

  291. wait…. no advertisement?

    1. Nah! We don’t do those every time! We just do them to stay afloat and keep making videos!

  292. Not very needed if you already have a lighter.

  293. Under 100

  294. I use my Lamborghini to start a fire.

  295. 0:50
    Looks like Poop

  296. Scalp your enemies and use their hair

    1. Good idea

    2. Peter Micksch WTF….That’s fucked up 😂😂😂

  297. Chlorine plus brake fluid. never use another fire starter again.

  298. Household Dylan respond pls

    1. +JacK Sparkz Yes, this is dog.

  299. Why do you say we when you are one person ?

  300. do crayons have anything toxic in them when u burn them? would that contaminate the food when i cook over it? and i dont know how to get lint easily *^*

    1. Well, NON-TOXIC is printed on the box for crayola. Can’t say the same for others but you should look into that though it is doubtful since kids tend to eat crayons.

  301. Thanks HouseholdHacker!

    1. +The Bamboo Anytime!

  302. Nice

  303. cold? im sorry florida doesnt have that.

    1. +Jonathon Fitzwater  lol cali is hot to

    2. +Jonathon Fitzwater when it’s humid to the point things are getting damp from just being in the air?

    3. hi

    4. Oregon does…greetings from across the country!

  304. 63rd comment!!!! im in the under 301 club!

  305. You can always just use fritos.

  306. Can this help me cook my cat

  307. Whats up hacker

  308. You are a monster why would you burn food I could have eaten that

  309. If you wanted some fire just play my mixtape

    1. Daaaaaaaaaaaamnn

    2. That’s good stuff.

    3. +crazyg478 My favorite comment so far…

    4. Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  310. Of course you can light anything when you use a lighter. Would have been helpful if you could show this using flint and steel for the camping folk like me.

    1. @Sam Staley for when i find an underwater cavern and need to light a torch.

    2. +Moth you dive with matches for what reason?

    3. @madhouse5213 waterproof doesn’t mean you can go diving with them.

    4. @Moth then why would you need waterproof matches if its in a water tight bag ?  

    5. @madhouse5213 Flint and steel Is better but who doesn’t have waterproof matches in a water tight holder, in a ziplock bag?

  311. Double BOILER (not broiler) if you don’t mind my saying so. Otherwise you have some good ideas.

    1. +dominator yeeeeeeees great idea!

    2. +HouseholdHacker next hack idea is how to make your own Halloween decorations out of house hold items. Or for later in the future

    3. +John Strabismus I actually caught that after. I misspoke while recording and it was a bit too late to turn back. heh. I think the idea gets across though.

  312. Comment

    1. Reply

  313. ***petroleum jelly is Vaseline***

  314. hey what’s been up lately u haven’t been upload in awile plz reply

  315. I live in Virginia so it’s like 10:15 here

  316. Hi

  317. cool

  318. +HouseholdHacker Hi can u reply to this

  319. cool

  320. Put a gum wrapper at the end of a battery. Boom. Fire. No joke or works so well and best part… no lighter or nothing!

    1. +Awarience Films no lighter or nothing? Great! If I’ll really need a fire and I won’t have a lighter, SURELY I’ll have a battery and some gum wrapper (that needs to be cut into the right shape to work, by the way)

    2. +Awarience Films What kind of gum wrapper? A regular paper one or aluminum painted paper wrapper?

    3. that’s if you don’t have a lighter

    4. lol

  321. spray a piece of paper with cooking spray then crumble it up and light it on fire

  322. So glad people don’t write first anymore on every YouTube video like they did 6 months ago

    1. +LeSwagMaster they still do, besides this troll

    2. bird

    3. Second!

    4. First!!!

    5. Okay never mind.

  323. Hi

  324. I fart to start my fire…my butt makes a lot of friction and it burns, sometimes I just rap then spit ma fire boii 😉

  325. pertamax

  326. Under 300 club!!!!

  327. 12

  328. but what if you don’t have a lighter on hand in the wilderness but need to make fire? XD

  329. hmm something is not right 3 1st comments

  330. Cool

  331. Favorite youtube

    1. +MCDran Thank you <3

  332. Goo-dini

  333. Hello, I am currently 13 years old and I want to become a penguin. I know there’s a million people out there just like me, but I promise you I’m different. On December 14th, I’m moving to Antarctica; home of the greatest penguins. I’ve already cut off my arms, and now slide on my stomach

    1. +omg hey there he is already a penguin in the artic he can no longer replie

    2. LOL do you miss your arms? Did you grow flippers? And those funny clown feet?

    3. +DopeKickZ Hi Pengman

    4. @1G3001 lol

    5. The Leopard Seals are NOT going to be your friends…

  334. or you soak paper in rubbing alcohol

  335. SO EARLY !!!

  336. 1

  337. UNDER 301 CLUB! I watched this when it was 44 seconds old! Also, AMAZING video!

    1. +Ian Messa 301 club isn’t a thing anymore…

  338. 4

    1. RACIST

  339. Second

  340. Under 3.01

  341. First

    1. I was the real one

  342. 1 comment

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