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How to Vacuum a Carpet, Rug & Shag Rug! (Clean My Space)

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The vacuum I am using is my Dyson DC 46 Motorhead:
Here’s a review of the Dyson DC 46 Motorhead:

This has been a highly requested topic here at Clean My Space – how to clean a carpet, rug and shag rug – so for those of you wondering the best way to vacuum these items – here you go!










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234 thoughts on “How to Vacuum a Carpet, Rug & Shag Rug! (Clean My Space)

  1. I have such a hard time vacuuming bath mats! My Dyson keeps eating them up! What is the trick to this… just stand on them and hold them down or is there a better way? Thank you

  2. I just found ur channel and l 😍😍 it. Vacuuming is my favourite cleaning job. I have vacuuming videos on my channel. I love the cleanliness and the carpet lines.

  3. very useful. thank you so much and you are very charming.

  4. You are beautiful

  5. Hi, so I need help. I bought a new Dyson canister big ball vacuum and I cannot get it to work on my extra thick and plush shag/microfiber carpet. I have looked up how to care for the carpet however I have not had any luck. What attachments can I use to help me clean my carpet to get out all my dog and cat’s hair? Btw, I adore your page as I am a clean freak myself (you are also super inspiring, I want to make my own cleaning blog now lol).

  6. I use this Hoover vacuum cleaner for my carpets and it’s awesome:

  7. I’m a 37 year old single dude who likes a neat and tidy living-space, and this channel is a massive help thank you.

  8. Do you use carpet cleaner spray or powder? And are they safe to use with a cordless dyson vaccum?

  9. Do you know how to deep clean a Oriental rug? If so please do a video!

  10. Try Sp16 Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner. Its a great spot cleaner that leaves no residue.

  11. My new vacuum won’t vacuum my new carpet. The brushes stop, like it can’t pull that much pressure???? That sucks.

  12. I do not have a vacuum 😩

  13. I can’t believe i just watched a video on how to vacuum and enjoyed it .

  14. Omg HELP!!! I CANNOT find my beater belt???? I desperately need to clean my shag rug…idk what to do. I can’t afford an extra 500 for a new Dyson vacuum. There has to be a solution!! Please help!!!! Eternally grateful.. Aloha 💛✌️

  15. Some great recommendations are here

  16. I have the same vacuum. I bought it about two months ago but I’m not satisfied with it. For one, I didn’t get that part for the floor! Didn’t even know it had one, totally would make a difference when im vacuuming floors as i dont have much carpet. Overall, I’m not so fond of this product, if I could I’d bring it back. Not as comfy as they made it seem it was.

  17. 4:25 OMG I thought I was the only person who did this hahaha

  18. I hate mopping!

  19. I strongly recommend trying a bagged vacuum. Life changed! I was forever dumping bagless vacuums, they lost their suction and broke down over time, etc. I’ve had a bagged vacuum for 3 years and it’s still going strong. I love it.

  20. Maybe if you stopped talking so much this video could have been made in under 1 minute!

  21. Hi. Could you tell me with the Dyson powerhead is suitable for textured loop pile carpets, or if that type of head should be not be used in the event that it causes fraying? Many thanks. Dave, Australia.

  22. Τα χαλιά πρέπει να καθαρίζονται μόνο προς την κατεύθυνση του πέλους τους!

  23. How do you vacuum a shag rug that is under the bed? I want to buy one really big shag rug for my bedroom, but it sounds like a pain taking it out from under my bed to flip it over just to vacuum it. I have 2 cats, vacuuming is necessary, and my roomba takes care of the dust under my bed. I guess I won’t be able to use it with the shag rug though 🙁

  24. I was hearing sad country songs 3 hours I’m here??

  25. i just bought a new dyson vacuum… i absolutely love it but i have a really hard time with it sticking to area rugs. i have an old dog who slips on the hardwood so i have a lot of area rugs, is there a tool that is more suited to cleaning these rugs?

  26. You just dumped the stuff that was on your carpet back on the floor you just vacuumed.

  27. Thith ith a really informative video, I can make thome really thexy cut lineth thank you tho much

  28. ffg

  29. I have a 10foot by 13 foot shag puli white rug. (Silly purchase!) it’s beautiful huge and HEAVY.

  30. Hey Melissa1 What do you think of the Rainbow vaccum?

  31. I don’t have that many rugs because of My beagle

  32. This is annoying 🤢

  33. Can it vacuum out wet carpet?

  34. You may have covered this, but worth repeating. I really stepped this chore up a notch when I learned about using the proper distance of your vacuum to the carpet for optimal suction. It’s not about getting it as close as you can. You need good airflow.

  35. Can i use banking soda clean Shag Rug

  36. You had me at fingernails. That is disgusting.

  37. Melissa ! How do we clean large shagged white rugs? Not just vacuuming. I’m having a hard time figuring out a solution and it’s looks really dirty. Any way to clean or wash it to make it look brand new again? Xx

    1. a t I m very curious about this thing too…I have a white shag rug that started to smell a bit and I’m thinking about shampooing or something. It’s a bit big and I live in an apartment so I can’t clean it outside.

  38. Dyson V7 will actually make you want to vacuum! It’s powerful and cordless! Get one!

  39. My first YouTube comment ever! Love your videos. Can you please make a video on deep cleaning a thick shag rug? Beyond vacuuming I want to learn a DIY shampoo and dry at home on the cheap. Also how to maintain the clean. Thanks!

    1. My rug is very expensive and unfortunate used to be white.

  40. hi, is carpet shampooing necessary? how often do we need to do that ?

  41. Can you do a video on hand washing your rug?

  42. Fail

  43. I Have a dirt devil Vacuum i use it to Vacuum my closet and i use my Moms vacuum to vacuum my room carper because it is Stronger

  44. Great video, thanks! I just want to add that Carpet Fresh and other sprinkled on deodorizers are from Satan himself. We just bought a Rainbow (love it) and had at least half an inch of Carpet Fresh in the bottom of the cannister. After 10 slooooow vacuum sessions, it’s down to about 1/8 inch. We’ve lived here less than 3 years, and the house was brand new. Satan, I tell you.

  45. I LOVE DYSON!!!! <3 <3 <3

  46. Hi Melissa, saw your videos last week when my fiance was out of town (meaning I was the one cleaning this time). His main complain is mostly cleaning our 3×5 ft carpet beside our bed because it accumulates hair (mine of course) every day so it is making him clean it twice a week. Since we don’t have vacuum, do you have tips on how we can clean it easier? 🙂 Would really appreciate it – Rytz from The Philippines

    1. +Geoffrey Howells Thanks much 🙂

    2. Area rugs accumulate air-born debris regardless if you wear shoes in the house or not. If you do not own a vacuum, the best thing to do is knock debris out by hanging it over a rail and beating it with a broom. This will shake loose debris out. For hair removal, I recommend just using a hand brush and gently groom it in a circular motion… This will cause strands of hair to ball-up on the ends of the bristles of the brush.

  47. I watched another similar video and the amazing woman used the same technique but did it 2 to 3 times. 1. Flip rug over 2. Vac With Beater Going 3. Roll Up 4. Clean up debris on floor 5. Repeat entire process until your floors no longer have debris when carpet is flipped upside down! Amazing Results!:Thank you for all your videos and tips!!

  48. I used to own a Dyson and I thought it was the best vacuum in the world I wouldn’t have any other. Then a friend came over and blew my mind out of the water with the RAINBOW Vacuum and I had to submit and say it was much MUCH better. I think if you haven’t tried one out you should Melissa and maybe even do a demo of both of them so that ppl can see and check them out for themselves. Remember this is coming from a CRAZY LOVER of the Dyson and YES I still do have it BUT I use it very rarely becuase the Rainbow does so much better actually getting every last dust piece and then also TRAPing it so it doesn’t go out the back of the Vacuum cleaner. AMAZING! Ps if you fly me to Canada to you will do the DEMO with you. 🙂 A Wisconsin Mom.

    1. I get what you mean compleatly. 🙂

    2. Rainbow is AWESOME! But the first time you use it, it makes you feel like you’re a horrible housekeeper!

  49. Do you have a carpet shampooing video??? +cleanmyspace

  50. Hello. I vacuum daily and the upstairs every other day, but I just can’t stop the carpeting becoming stiff and flat. Do you have any tips to keep the carpets fluffy?

  51. Hello

  52. Shag rug? Genius

  53. what happend to your dc23 pink?

  54. I want your vacuum! It looks so light to carry up and down the stairs. I neglect vacuuming upstairs because my vacuum is so heavy!

  55. I have a question my husband made a mess and flung uncooked rice all over my house but my vacuum will pick it up at least entill it would clog up. I could realm us some comments

  56. the dyson canister vacuums don’t deep clean at all because the brushroll is powered by air. you need it to be powered by an electric motor to get the job done!

    1. +sue lingley
      Maintaining a vacuum means that
      You clean the filters
      Clean the brushbar from any hair
      Wash out the bin when necessary
      Wash the vacuum Cleaning tools

    2. +elijah huggins I respectfully disagree. I’ve had the opportunity to use a variety of vacuums including many different Dyson models and the highly touted Miele. I’ll put my shark against any of them any day of the week. Besides who wants to maintain a vacuum? Other than emptying the canister and change the filters of course.

    3. @Sue Lingley sharks aren’t as good as more expensive ones if they are in good condition. maybe your clients need to learn how to take care of a vacuum cleaner ;3

    4. @TomVacuum yeah i noticed that a while later

    5. that Dyson actually is s motor head

  57. The only problem with this particular Dyson canister vacuum is that it lacks the turbine power used to agitate the carpet. However, the sucking power is great; so it will do well on hard surfaces. The turbine power head is powered by air suction, it would be perfect if it had its own motor. I would recommend purchasing an upright Dyson vacuum if most of your house is carpeted.

    1. I think that version is only sold in Europe or Canada. The one in the states are powered through suction, which sucks. No pun intended.

    2. +Dominic Pinnock
      The Vacuum being used is a Dyson DC46 MOTORHEAD

    3. +TomVacuum
      It’s the DC46 MotorHead

    4. Yes, and the only thing that differs between them is the portion of the vacuum that is responsible for auction and centrical force. They’ve been making the cleaner head the same way since the DC39 and the more compact DC38. Trust me, I’ve spoke with Dyson’s snapper team.

    5. +Dominic Pinnock this is not The DC39 or the Cinetic. this the DC48 (<-- I don't know if this the correct model) that has a motor head?

  58. Hi Melissa, Thank you for your video. Maybe my question sounds strange but I will ask. I am searching for vacuum cleaner and a bit confused in all of the options and features. Could you please help in how to pick vacuum cleaner?

  59. Can you do a video on cleaning out your vacuum?  I have a dog & two kids and my canister needs cleaning.

  60. Well it’s a rainy day in Maine time to put your videos to the test. ITS TIME TO CLEAN. 😡

  61. At work, we use an old style vacuum (has no extra attachments) and the closest outlet to our front door, the vacuum won’t reach the carpet (the cord is already stretched to its max) any suggestions to get that last bit?

  62. She always dresses so cute. I love her pants! C:

  63. It’s not exactly a “vacuuming” issue, I have a Bissell pro heat  12 amps carpet cleaner, but the hose attachment wont stray anymore, but will definitely suck, my mum and I have been having issue’s trying to figure out the reason why the hose wont spray, some help please?

  64. You should do another vacuum tour @Clean My Space

  65. Please do a video on liquid laundry detergent vs pods

    1. Megabrebre she has a video on that. She actually prefers to make her own

  66. Need a vacuum!” ASAP

  67. Great tips on the shag carpet. 🙂

  68. What can/should I vacuum?  I’ve been wondering if I should/can vacuum my couch.

  69. Please do an updated vacuum tour!

  70. Please do a video on how to clean and deodorize a fitbit.

  71. How do I accomplish this with shag rug on…perhaps…a wall or a ceiling?  How do I polish a disco ball?

  72. How to clean your living room

  73. Does all the dirt come up with one pass?  I thought you had to go up and back a couple of times before cutting an angle.

  74. I just LOVE your videos!! I am also always cleaning and organizing! I was just wondering could you do a video on how to clean and organize your bedroom closet?? that would be really helpful. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Can you please make a video on how to clean a vacuum please

  76. I like your videos, but wow, you sure stirred up a lot of dust flopping around that shag rug!
    How can you stand the dust cloud when emptying a bag-less vacuum?
    I only use bagged vacuums and stuff a wet paper towel into the opening when removing the bag.

  77. I just discovered your Channel after getting my first apartment, and I gotta say I’ve become obsessed. You guys have great tips and tricks. Thanks for helping me keep my apartment beautiful 🙌🏻❤️

  78. Omg please come clean my room 🙂

  79. Hello Melissa,

    Can you please tell us how to clean wooden doors?

    Thank you,

  80. Tell me Dyson FINALLY hear our calls and got you the hook up!!!

    I hate Vacuuming because the….CENTRAL VAC!!! I hate the long hose and cumbersomeness (is that a word?) space it takes up. I am in the process of begging the hubby to get me a Dyson cordless Animal….two dogs, two boys and a hubby……I’ll need the best!

  81. I don’t mind vacuuming….much…..Love, love, love my Dyson…it sucks up pet hair better than anything I have ever had and yup….it was expensive, but so were the bags from the previous vac…..I think over time it truly paid for itself.  Also, the very best tip I have is to get someone else to do it and praise the heck out of them for such a wonderful job and how great it looks….engage their egos…..LOL

  82. What do you do when you have carpets everywhere but a crappy vacuum ? Any tips on how to get long hair out of them ? Thanks

    1. Watch for Amazon or EBay to have a sale or mark down on an Oreck XL Commercial vacuum that’s two speed or automatically adjusts and has the Endura belt and beater bar roller. Sometimes they have them for about $100. WallMart sells a couple of them too (usually online because when they put them out in the stores, they don’t last a day on the shelves). They do an excellent job, last a long time, are easy to maintain and use, and they only weigh 8 pounds so you won’t be exhausted after using it. (WalMart has one right now, but it doesn’t have the Endura belt Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS Upright Vacuum Cleaner
      Average rating:4.6395out of5stars, based on86reviews86 reviews
      OreckWalmart # 551851774
      Cost is $135.71 Regularly $198.00)
      In the meantime, if you’re on a tight budget and will have a waiting period before you can get one:look up how to clean and maintain (insert name of your vacuum) on youtube. Lots of times, and especially if you have one of the bagless ones, the filters need cleaned, washed or changed. Also check the pathway the dirt flows into it for a clog. And it probably needs a new belt and roller if you do everything else, but you may want to check the suction before you buy a new belt and roller. NOw if you don’t mind getting down on the floor, the rubber gloves you use for washing dishes will pick up hair if you rub your hands on it. They also sell rubber brooms — they look like a small push broom, but are made of rubber. They’re hard to find, but I have found them at Wal-Mart, Target and Bed & Bath — . Good luck.

  83. Hello Melissa,can I request a video?
    You’ve done cleaning glove comparison some time ago,and it left me with one more question.So,can you do another comparison of cleaning gloves,but choose the tightest ones?

  84. Is it necessary to overlap when vacuuming to get extra cleaning?

    1. Yes also go in multiple directions

    2. Yes especially if the belt which rotates the Brush is in the middle

  85. Please make video about how to clean blender

  86. I have a vacuum that’s so hard to push. It doesn’t adjust to carpet height.   Is there a belt that could need changed or something else?

  87. I never would have thought to turn the rug over to vacuum.

  88. Waaah watching this makes me miss my broken vacuum even more! Can’t wait for it to be fixed! #prayforvacuum o(╥﹏╥)o

    1. @RafiRaffee Btw I can’t stop replaying the part where Chad had to carry that heavy furniture hahaha! Poor husband! ✧(σ๑˃̶̀ꇴ˂̶́)σ

  89. can you do a electricfan, dvd and cd’s cleaning tutorial pls. thanks in advance.

  90. This video couldnt have come in a better time for me since my new hoover just arrived. How did u know ??? But my questions to u are:
    – I read the manual and each attachment is for a specific surface but im not really convinced.. is it ok to use attachments for jobs other than these designated for ???
    2nd Question: how oft should i clean the attachments themselves and how ???
    Great Video !!!

  91. What’s the best way to vacuum carpeted stairs? Is there an attachment for that?

    1. A vacuum Hose with an attachment that will look like this

      Or this

      Or even this

  92. What do u use to edit your videos? @Clean My Space

  93. I lodge with someone so no control of vacuum choice, but yes, she has a Dyson FTW! I also like James Dyson because he stays resident in the UK and pays a decent share of tax!!
    I love vacuuming, my lower back not so much….

    1. Until you’ve hoovered the whole house with your iPhone in your back pocket streaming Dark Side Of The Moon to your wireless headphones on volume 11, you haven’t really hoovered.

  94. I want a new vacuum. 🙁

  95. How do u do the cut lines???

  96. When you sprinkle baking soda on your carpet, how long should I let it sit before vacuuming??

  97. I don’t like vacuuming solely because we have a canister vac and it’s really annoying to move around our small space.

  98. The hardwood floors what the best kind of vacuum for hardwood floors because honestly until this video I really thought I vacuum wasn’t really made for hardwood and unlike you I love to vacuum so this makes me excited

  99. Hi Melissa, you have two cats in your home and your carpet is so white and clean. How do you clean-up your cats’ hair balls and pukes? We have this issue in our home and our carpet is never clean. Thanks

    1. Thin Thin Rodgers For the puke and stains, id use carpet spray, for the hair balls, id look it up. My cat doesn’t do hair balls so I don’t know how I would deal with it. Although I’m sure some day I’ll find out

  100. I dnt knw whether you have done a video in the past on this topic or not but i would really like to see a video on home cleaning ways where pets are involved. I have a puppy and as you can understand they can be really messy… so how should i take care of my bed, sofa and cloths??

  101. Our cat tree is always full of cat hair on the flat surface, no matter how much we try to vacuum it, it doesn’t really get that clean. It pretty much just moves some of the hair around. Do you have any tips for that?
    GREAT tip for the rug btw!! Also have the pet hair problem on the rug, and I’ll definitely be trying to turn the rug over tomorrow! You’re a life saver! I was about to replace the rug lol

  102. i have problems cleaning my vacuum…specifically the dirt container. do you have a video on that?

  103. Do u have any organizing tips for kiids toys and closets

  104. Dont be using a Dyson, get an AERUS!

  105. Where’s the money shot? Emptying of the vacuum of all that dust.

  106. how to clean a faux fur rug?

  107. Please do a more detailed video How to Vacuum a Shag Rug! Thanks.

  108. I would love to know how to clean my cordless dyson!!!

  109. You guys in the U.S. actually have a specific rug for shagging? Wow, that’s strange.

    1. BOOM BOOM!

    2. -.-

    3. That made me chuckle — lol!

    4. BTW she is not from the USA she is Canadian

  110. I always think about the stove and refrigerator. I can’t move them but omg at what probably is under them. I use a Rainbow cleaner and have for 26 years.

  111. Oh my goodness! I am watching you on city line!!! Xo

  112. You said it’s better to vacuum than sweep which vacuum is best for hardwood floor. Also do u like robot vacuums.

  113. Hi any one from Canada knows how to clean a polyurethane shermag glider seat cushions Melissa can you find out how to clean it correctly

  114. You have to be careful with Berber carpets, many of them can’t have a beater bar used, it will mat it and void you warranty. Great video as always!

  115. Canister or upright?

  116. How do you clean your vacuum ? I always struggle in keeping the dust/dirt collector looking as clean as yours. Also, it’s also a difficult task removing things like hair from the roller things at the bottom of the vacuum.

  117. Dyson…. Only the best

  118. Awesome I love ur vacuum 🙂 I can’t wait to get one 🙂 I’m not happy with my current vacuum 🙂

  119. How can I fix bleach stain on carpet?

  120. I LOVE vacuuming! I hate clean toilets, YUK!

    1. @Ames Lee he was pointing out the typo in your original comment – I hate clean toilets is what you said 😛

    2. nosirrahm…..who would like cleaning a toilet?…hello feces and urine.

    3. You hate clean toilets? Strange.

  121. How often would you recommend steam cleaning your carpet?

  122. How would get rid of an alcohol stain on the carpet? My former roommate spilled something and I’m assuming that’s what it is. It’s dried now. I’ve tried shampooing the carpet and baking soda but it’s still there x( thank you!

  123. All the rug in our house (hole basement & bedrooms ) it’s all shag

  124. What do you do if your shag rug is too big to flip over? I have a 3″ shag rug that’s 8×10′ – how do I vacuum it? Also, if there are spots on it, how do I safely scrub them out? (Just everyday dirt spots, not food stains). Thanks!!

    1. Yeah, I cried when she said flip it. My 8×10 rug? That will be a no.

  125. A video on cleaning the vacuum would be good.  Mine gets really dirty inside.  Any tips?  🙂

    1. Terri Mayle

    2. Terri Mayle she has a video on that

  126. Melissa how do you maintain a clean home? Even after decluttering, my house still becomes messy each week? Please do a routine on this

    1. @lavliina When my boyfriend is home (works 2 weeks/home 2 weeks) I have the exact same issue. Anything he touches, every room he walks in…clutter (and by this I mean things like mail, his hobby supplies, basically things he takes out that aren’t used unless he’s home)! I used to try to put off “real” cleaning until he was away at work again so we could spend the time he’s home together but it just got to be too much – I don’t do clutter BUT I also don’t want to nag (he would clean up…eventually…). I came up with a compromise: Each night, I put anything that is out of place in a plastic bin (aside from normal day to day mess like dishes, clothes, things that need immediate attention or can easily be tidied) and store it out of sight – it’s up to him to put it away before he goes back to work. I think this idea can be applied in different ways like if you have kids and their toys are everywhere, get a bin and put them in there and until they put those toys away they aren’t allowed to play.

  127. I have a Dyson too! and it’s amazing! I actually like vacuuming, I somehow find it relaxing lol I know I’m weird lol My question is: Do you use your vacuum on furniture? Like Sofa? I’m not sure if I should or not if it can damage them or if it does the job.

  128. Even though I sometimes hate cleaning and I don’t do it as often, I do love learning a lot from Clean My Space. You guys are awesome!

  129. Hi, I love your videos, most are very helpful. Do powders that advertise they help clean carpets when vacuuming (e.g. deep clean, deodorize etc.) actually help? Some people say they damage carpet, is that true?

  130. thank you, i have dogs and i carn,t vacuum because the dogs atak the cleaner

  131. Does speed matter?

  132. Please do a video on bissell steam cleaner, a how to vid will help. Thanks

  133. What vacuum brands and models do you recommend? Thanks for the awesome videos! =)

    1. Dyson, Miele, Rainbow, Kirby and the only shark I recommend is the Shark Powered Lift Away

  134. How do I vacuum a shag rug that can’t be lifted? I have a huge shag rug covering most of my bedroom floor, which means it’s pinned under my bed and other furniture. Any tips?

  135. Thanks for this. I love vacuuming, could watch it all day, but doing it? I love the result but that’s it. Ironing is the same. Yet, I love cleaning unless it is easily undone by those I share the kitchen with. That’s an annoyance for another day. N.

  136. Hey Melissa! I just bought dyson animal pro about a month ago and I can’t be more happier

  137. My parents bought me an upright vacuum when I moved into my own apartment after college. I’d never used an upright vacuum before but I love this one. It has 3 filters, a turbo head and it got cups worth of dust out of my carpets the first time I used it.

  138. 0:10 ‘Edjumacation’: I thought it was only _my_ family that came up with those kinds of words 🙂 1:50 _select the right attachment for the job_ – aka ‘your husband’. 2:35 Not only are you removing dust, but _grit_ which, if left, will cut and destroy carpet fibres, shortening the life of your carpet. The beater bar makes grit _bounce_, allowing it to be sucked up more easily. I look forward to your cleaning videos every week, and this one has not disappointed.

  139. Great video, I would like to add one piece of information. To figure out the proper height for a vacuum the vacuum agitator should ever “pull” things from the carpet but should instead make the dirt vibrate which then brings it up to the surface so it can be sucked up. if you have to press down on your vacuum to suck something up then your vacuum either does not have enough suction or is at a wrong height. Too low of a vacuum damages your carpet and to high only takes off the top layer.

    1. mastersource it might sound strange /hilarious but as I was scrolling down the comments, I found myself blowing on my screen thinking there was a bug/fly on it hahahaha until I realized it was your profile photo haha

  140. When I vacuum the bare floors and pickup lots of hair and rather than stand there after and pluck and pluck, I put the floor brush bristles to the powerhead of my vacuum and turn it on. Looks like a brand new floor brush and no more plucking!

  141. have you got a new vacuum

  142. @Clean My Space can you review the swivel sweeper max please ?

  143. Can you do a video on your dyson DC 23

  144. What happened to your old vacuum cleaner

  145. My son’s friend came for a 4 day sleepover.  Needless to say, there is now a stinky feet smell that I cannot get rid of on the area rug (woven wool) in my son’s room.  It’s too large to toss into the wash, I’ve tried baking soda and essential oil then vacuuming, but after one day, the smell of stinky feet is back.  Help, do I need to get rid of this rug?

    1. Simple Fabreeze

    2. Odorzout powder.

    3. @Yvette Yasui yes hope that helps, good luck

    4. @Katie Tavrz I’m guessing you spray and let dry…

    5. @Yvette Yasui spray with vodka it kills odor- causing bacteria

  146. Love, love, LOVE your videos!! Y’all should make a cleaning app! That would be amazing!

  147. By the way you are looking especially pretty Melissa…hmmm is it the curled hair? the blue top? Maybe everything, gorgeous nails included.

  148. I also hate vacuuming and my husband makes it worse by saying hardwood floors need mopped right after and I say if the look and feel clean with only a vacuum then mopping can be skipped. I think the cute girl who helps me around the house ( I’m disabled) is addicted to the vacuum so it works out. I’m teaching her if it ain’t dirty don’t clean it. ex a bathroom shower wall that gets squeegeed and dried after every use doesn’t need scoured every week. Can you do a video on that, if it ain’t dirty don’t clean it? Talk about a time saver😁

  149. Yay finally I can get to comment/ask queztions here not anymore in your fb hehehe. Melissa I have question on how can I remove a sticky stain on the carpet I dnt have a good tools like a good vacuum as you do but hope you can help me. Thanks!

  150. You should look at the brand new dyson cinetic dc78 canister vacuum. It is part of the new cintetic line where you don’t need to wash or replace any filters because it has none, but it is still the most powerful canister vacumm dyson offers. Good luck vacuuming!!!

  151. I like to vacuum my rooms in sections (as you explained in the video) but also vacuum them twice, the second time being at a 90° angle to the first time around. So I’ll vacuum E-W, and then go back and vacuum N-S, but using those cut lines (I didn’t know what they were called!). Not sure if this actually helps, but it’s how I do.

  152. Great video.  Thank you for the carpet cleaning tips.  I have a very large 8′ x12′ very heavy shag carpet which is nice but it would be a beast to turn over.   Do you have any other tips on how to vacuum it?

  153. Dear Melissa I am moving to a log cabin. I have a Dyson DC 50 animal vacuum. Do you think you can please do a video on how to vacuum or care for your wood floors properly.
    thanks from Dustin.C.

  154. Hi, Melissa, you and I have that in common, I don’t like vacuuming, I have allergies and I own pets (5 to be precise) and I should have gotten a cordless vacuum cleaner when I got my Dyson animal about 3 years ago… so I wonder, since it is quite an investment, how much do you like your cordless one? I have contacted Dyson and they offer 20% on the new purchase but my old one still works… so I don’t know… I would love to hear your thoughts… XOXO

  155. I don’t think we can be friends because you don’t like vacuuming lol

  156. 1:10 how many men do you keep in your headquarters?

  157. What are some good vacumm brands. Great vide!

    1. @super looms I use the simplicity synergy and it is hands down the best vacuum I have ever used. Dyson is ok but this vacuum has 2 motors which create much more suction. Dyson looks nice but are more of an entry level vacuum for people who do not know much about vacuuming

  158. Ooh… Question though!!… My home is a majority of Wood flooring… & I dislike sweeping ALL THE TIME! Of all the Dyson family of vacuums which utensil or type of Dyson would be the best for wood flooring?

    1. @Caitlin Bell I use a wet swiffer on tile and dry swiffer on wood flooring (though most of the time I just use wet all the time since I find it’s a bit better at picking up dust), and then I’ll go over the floors again with a Dyson upright with the beater brush turned off. I haven’t had any scratches on the floor occur from the Dyson ball, but I’m still careful to vacuum gently. I also use the Dyson to pick up the pile of debris the swiffer has collected.

      In the kitchen, the floor gets messy almost within a day or two, so it’s not in vain… but the cleaning does need to be done more frequently. In a house with scullery maids and all that, you’ll notice (like on TV shows) they’re cleaning the kitchen and the houses every day.

  159. I love vacuuming! I like to suck all the gross stuff away forever! What I don’t like is cleaning the vacuum. Not as fun :/ You are awesome. Thanks for the video and have an amazing week!

  160. Love! Your hair looks so gorgeous in this video. I am now in the search for the best Dyson Vacuum for my home. Thanks!! Great video!

  161. Hi I have a question about couch cushions. My cushions are a little flat. So how can I puff them back up?

    1. vacuum them too!

    2. Ty and have a great day

    3. @Evelyn Todd Literally try beating them – it helps even things out and restore the plump factor 🙂

  162. I just don’t understand how anyone can not like vacuuming!! I hate other cleaning jobs because they take so long and oftentimes the results just don’t look that spectacular but there is something so instantly gratifying about vacuuming! One minute the floors dirty the next its not! Maybe i’m just not patient enough for the other chores lol! =]

    1. i knowwww righttttttt

    2. @karimah khanam same im the same but i love vacuming bare feet

    3. I used to hate it because we had an overly large, heavy and cumbersome vaccuum in a house with not a lot of uncovered floor.

      But since switching to a Dyson V8, I enjoy it more.

    4. cause it makes my back hurt

    5. For me it is lugging the cord around…

  163. Have you still got ur old vacuum

    1. +Clean My Space
      How come you changed the Dsyon

    2. @Clean My Space What model is the new one? I hope it dosent have one of those turbine heads. Those Dyson machines move the beaterbar based on the suction of the vacuum and al of your hair dust whatever get caught in the turbine fan in the head and dosent do nowhere near as good of a job for wall to wall carpet.

    3. @Harley Feltham We have JUST replaced it with this one!

  164. How to clean pet accidents on carpet??? 😟

    1. And maybe pet accidents on lounges too!

    2. Bissell big green–the best

    3. Yes please do a video on that

    4. @Amanda Clark Great question!

  165. I like your videos and learn a lot from them ..but I feel like you do a lot of talking in them.

    1. @olgab101 Well to be fair, there isn’t much to show! Who hasn’t vaccuumed or moved furniture? The W-shape cut lines are really the only visual you need to see; the rest is explained to you by talking!

    2. @olgab101 I do talk a lot – I would rather give you more information than less since there is a lot to say on this topic :).

  166. What are your vacuuming questions??

    1. Sean Youn

    2. Clean My Space How do you vacuum a shag rug that is under the bed? I want to buy one really big shag rug for my bedroom, but it sounds like a pain taking it out from under my bed to flip it over just to vacuum it. I have 2 cats, vacuuming is necessary, and my roomba takes care of the dust under my bed. I guess I won’t be able to use it with the shag rug though 🙁

    3. Can you do a video of the dyson next to you in the start of the video

    4. That’s not a question.

    5. the dyson dc46 motorhead is basically a dyson v6 on max mode and 150 air watts more suction and in a cyclinder vacuum and has more cyclones 17 more.

  167. Hi I might be first!!

    1. @Lydia Lanning Hooray!

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