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IKEA Haul! How to Buy Household Products on a Budget: Clean My Space

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Hauls are always fun to do; I love shopping and you all seem to love hauls, so it’s a win-win situation!

Here are the cool, fun, useful items we picked up on a recent trip to IKEA. Enjoy!


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Variera Pot Lid Holder

Kitchen Containers – IKEA 365 department (I couldn’t find them on the website)

Soda straws –

Plastis dish brush –

Stugvik hooks –

Grundtal s hook –

Filur garbage can –

Rajtan spice jars –

Rabalder cable keepers –

Kasstee boxes –

Variera storage boxes –

Skubb hanging organizer –

Rimforsa tablet stand –























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534 thoughts on “IKEA Haul! How to Buy Household Products on a Budget: Clean My Space


  2. Kmart?? Is there Kmart anywhere else in the world

  3. I love this show!!

  4. Can you make a video about the best pots and pans ?

  5. Plastic, plastic, plastic…

  6. Aliexpress please!!!

  7. Straws kill turtles and other wildlife 😿

  8. Get a reusable straw instead

  9. You should do a series where you revisit the haul videos to tell us if any of this stuff is still in use. That would be interesting.

  10. Container Store! 😃

  11. Sorry. You lost me with the straws. They are so dangerous to wildlife and every one of those straws will stay in the environment lurking around to do bad.

  12. Go to the garbage dump to see how much of your “hauls” are there

  13. IKEA is a RIP off. IT has way too much packaging. It is more expensive in other countries than it is in Sweden, where workers make at least $14.00/hr with 4 weeks vacation a year.
    It is the fast fashion of the furniture world, I.e. the H and M of house hold products. Think about it will any of that chip board be around as furniture in25 years, but the plastic it is wrapped I will be around for thousands d of years.

  14. Are you serious? 200 plastic straws? Have you not heard of metal or bambú straws? Aren’t you aware of the negativd impact of plastic on the environment and on how many marine animals are killed by plastic bags and straws?

  15. metal straws at walmart are only $3 for a pack of 5, or even paper straws i bought some at target for vday and easter for only $1 each you get one use, they are good quality and they can be recycled. if buying plastic, please do not throw them away recycle recycle recycle…. thank you

  16. They are talking about banning plastic straws and making them out of paper again.

  17. I live in the UK so no Walmart but we have Ikea.I bought the Skubb to hang handbags and the plastic box with the mystery name to put my Alexa screen in on the kitchen counter top, keeps it clean and dry. The lid I have next to the sink to contain my liquid hand soap and moisturiser . I bought the hooks but they only stick to glass or smooth tiles so were not helpful. Still looking for a use. I also bought their drawer organisers for underwear. The collapsible ones with a zip at the bottom. They are good. Xx

  18. Venture to Jysk

  19. I am going to jump on the ‘no straws’ bandwagon as well…. a re-useable straw will save you money AND the planet.

  20. Very annoying “music”. So repetitive.

  21. I really enjoy watching your videos ,I was doing my laundry today and I enjoyed your good advice thanks and good night 🌗

  22. We go to IKEA most of the time, have bought our kitchen from there & other goods. We like that if you’re not satisfied or there are problems with the package you can return and get a new one.

  23. Buy paper straws. The world is drowning in plastic!

  24. Excellent. Ideas!

  25. We use the trash cans for pet food storage

  26. A suction cup and a plunger are not the same thing.

  27. Plastic straws are terrible. Use stainless steel please.

  28. Grocery shopping

  29. I wished we had an Ikea around here, we live in the mountains in Georgia, so we JUST got a Walmart and Home depot along with our 3rd stop light in the last 5 years….. with that being said , I really like the little glass ‘spice’ bottles. Also you inspired me to go and buy a label maker… love it !!! thanks for the great ideas .

  30. Colorful plastic place mats from IKEA make great cutting boards

  31. the brush with the suction cup—- don’t get excited. I have the same one and the suction cup stopped working after the first 2 weeks and then broke and peeled off the rest of the brush. the actual brush is fine but nothing special.

  32. going out on a limb here costco maybe?

  33. I bought those dry storage containers both big and small and turns out it doesnt fit in my cupboard… or any shelf 😭 sadly theres only one ikea in the entire country so itll be a while before i can go there and exchange it back but i dont know where to get those containers from …

  34. It’s pronunciation not pronounciation.

  35. Would you be so kind as to cut your music volume in half or not use at all…it’s quite distracting.

  36. Please rethink plastic straws. They are wasteful, and contribute to the planets pollution problem

  37. We had that garbage can, in my opinion, not great. Used for recycling it was impractical, hard to pop lid off and filled way to quickly, aswell as getting mucky fast

  38. Every straw you use end in landfill… ever thought about it… you can get stainless steel reusable ones…

  39. Most of these products are made in china crap, manufactured for 5 cents and sold for 5 dollars kind of products

  40. I like the garbage can with the lid — would be good in a bathroom. Next Dollarama.

  41. I think you should check out Neiman Marcus aka Needless Markups. Do y’all even have it in Canada?

  42. Please don’t use straws 😩😥😥

  43. I love IKEA kicthen items thanks 😄

  44. Which store is your favorite, bed bath or ikea ???

  45. The tablet stand was my favorite. I love the wood grain look.

  46. IKEA=up your ass,in Swedish!

    1. DecoDani Chennai Whatever!!

    2. Dimitri Borozny you are dumb ass😂😂😂

  47. how to organize a craft room

  48. I have to get to IKEA for those kitchen gadgets.! And thanks Melissa, I do love that lid holder…great idea..keep up the great work.!

  49. There’s a great filing folder that I got from Ikea, I absolutely love it to store paperwork and receipts etc for tax time (especially if you run your own business). If you ever visit Vancouver, check out Daiso at Aberdeen Mall – it’s a giant Japanese dollar store with amazing little household organization items.

  50. The white plastic tray box and the lidded trash bin are both part of the Variera series.

  51. Plastic plastic plastic and more plastic and some more. And cheap prices so no qualms about chucking them out a few months later and then get some more. God help Earth !!

  52. Daiso pleaseee!

  53. I loves cleaning but not organizing

  54. Don’t you mean suction cups? Plungers are for the toilet.

  55. Our favorite product from IKEA is the big package of napkins called 100 x Fantastisk. Also, their ziplock baggies are the best. There are four different box sizes, with two sizes in each box. Because you said that their spry bottles are the best, I picked some up yesterday. Strangely, they aren’t located in the kitchen section, but by the live plants.

  56. Filler, haha! Filur…dodger… 😛

  57. Can u go to marshalls

  58. Ikea…one of the best stores…got a lot of their cool stuff from the branches in london…unfortunately there is none in Pakistan as yet ,they have no clue how many million customers they r missing…😊

  59. More IKEA hauls please!

  60. Hi

  61. The bins are called “Variera”

  62. I hope you bought the ikea garbage bags.. they are a strange size..

  63. Next haul is Ross, TJMaxx, Marshells

  64. Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but I use the accordion lid holder for my baking pans, pie pans, and other bulky baking dishes. It spreads wide enough for 13×9 pans to fit easily. 🙂

  65. No plastic straws!!! Use reusable ones please!! Love the planet!

  66. I think it is comical how you say, “plunger”, instead of suction cups. With every item you mention “plunger” it makes me not wanna even try out that product. I guess, bc I have clean my toilets with a plunger and why would I use a plunger to scrub my drinking glasses that my family would use to put on their lips.. You may wanna re consider the use of that word to be more effective to your audience. Sorry,

  67. I like the rimforsa and jar set

  68. Love most of your haul, love IKEA period, lol! Would you consider stainless steel straws instead of evil plastic ones?

  69. asshooks?hehehhe sorry that! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  70. Please get rid of the background music. I have trouble hearing you over it. I’m sure I’m not the only one

  71. its not a tablet holder, its a book holder for recipe books.

  72. Just use a reusable washable glass straws, no need to pollute our ocean and lands with disposable plastic straws.

  73. those s hooks are 6 for a dollar at the dollar tree…:) great video

  74. can you do ikea furniture for organizing?

  75. is there something im doing wrong? I don’t live near an IKEA and so thought i would order online. WOW the shipping was outragoues.

  76. those white tubs make great toilet boxes for my rats cages😉

  77. Ikea is my favourite….I have half of the things u’ve showed in the video

  78. do a haul from the container store.😉

  79. The brush is called plastics, everything in Ikea has a name

  80. lovved it stuff

  81. My suction cup hooks falls off either after a couple of hours or days, and I cant figure out why… Argh!! 🙁

    1. You should wash them off with water, let them dry for 5 minutes and then apply to the wall. Wait 24 hours before using it. Mine fell of twice in the first few days, so I just re-applied them with more pressure. Now theyve been hanging for over 4 months.

    2. Yes, but maybe I did it wrong. Hmm… I dunno

    3. theoretically09 did u wet them?

  82. I love IKEA. Now I have a list of stuff that a should get. Thanks you should go to Homegoods!!

  83. One of my fave things is the tablet holder.    Thanks!

  84. Target.

  85. You can display your introduction “Ikea” products?
    Let us know that this product is used where and have what is the use?
    Because some people (including me) not really understand English!
    Then there are some products that I like, but I do not know what to use!

  86. love them oll💖🌈💡🌟

  87. You guys “know” how to speak italian. Why don’t you pronounce skandinavian languages the same way? As it’s written. You call pizza a pizza, not pai-azzai. Why don’t you say swedish names the same way? Letter i is pronounced the same way as in a word pizza. Btw, it’s IKEA, not AIKEA.

  88. Everyone will laugh at my pro-NOUNCE-iations… yes, yes we will

  89. Disposable plastic like straws are killing our marine life, and polluting our planet. Please buy glass or stainless steel… Also, putting food in plastics is extremely bad for your health, as the plastic toxins leach directly into your food…

    1. Guess I’m dead

    2. Stop judging

    3. Plastic is really only a problem if it’s too hot

    4. Agree, I was actually really confused by the straw thing. They’re awful for the environment, and marine life in general.

    5. Just in case another voice against plastic straws will help convince you … *please please please* don’t use plastic straws. Marine ani.als of all shapes and sizes are starving to death thanks to us, and one of the worst items found in their stomachs is plastic straws. It’s horrendous what we are doing to our beautiful world.

  90. Go to Marshals, Winners or Homesense

  91. 😄😄👍👍👍

  92. I’m a bit late in watching this video, but what did you end up using the S hooks for? Thanks

  93. Love the accordion style pot lid holder. Could be great for files or holding make up palettes

    1. cool

  94. Please don’t buy straws! Sea life is dying from plastic waste in the sea.

    1. Right! Don’t drink seawater with a straw.

    2. i love that you said that, metal ones are way better for the enviroment because it can be melted down, im so glad you wrote that.

    3. I have switched to stainless steel straws that will last a lifetime.

    4. ytviewer46 even better: don’t eat seafood.

    5. I was going to say that and your comment was the first one. I have four straws and a brush and I have had them for four years. 😊

  95. Ikea 365+ dry food storage for US:

  96. Hey can you do video on how to put away cloths in a chest or cabin

  97. has anyone figured out the name of those kitchen bins?

    1. Shelly Haggard Talk to yourself

    2. nevermind. I found them. vareria. 🙂

  98. Omg variera is awesome cus i need this for my lids yeiii hello good organization

  99. doesn’t the iPad have its own stand with the cover ??? where are you going to put that wooden stand when you are not using it ? that thing is not practical at all and takes up space.

    1. I prefer using a bamboo stand like that for my iPad most of the time. It’s stable, attractive, easy to clean, and my iPad spends most of the time on the kitchen counter anyway.

    2. anastasia46 why the heck are u gonna care.Let her do what she wants.U have no rights to tell that

  100. How about a costco haul?

  101. Usually I skip all the Adv. while watching the YouTube, then suddenly your channel came wasting my time to watch, sure thump down, please re-evaluate, GOD bless viewrs

    1. +Wagdy Ziada If you didn’t like it why did you watch it… HMMMM?

  102. I rally like your videos , it has helped me a lot. Can you do one for the kitchen, stuff that you can buy at ikea to make life easier in the kitchen plus one for the bed room please. With thanks.

  103. This vídeo made me SOOOOO MADDD… Because we don’t have IKEA in Brazil T_T

    1. +Larissa Koike Give’em time. They’re spreading worldwide like wild fire. Their goal really is to have every home on earth looking the same indoors.

  104. proNUNciation.

  105. dollar store haul!

  106. I’m from the Netherlands and I have that garbage can too, even two of those! I use them to store my onions and potatoes.

  107. I am swedish and i am literally having so fun listening to your pronounciation😂😂 i love your videos so much

    1. Anni Pérez I am a Tamilian and when you speak Tamil it will be funny for me.There is nothing wrong in that.She has her language and you have yours.Stop laughing at all this.No one is perfect

  108. Why is the stuff named in swedish?? Doesn’t America have their own names for those ikea stuff?

    1. ikea is bad

    2. +Boomer112 a lot of names are non-sensical.
      they mean nothing at all.
      so you would have to make up a new completely non-sensical word.
      pretty useless attempt to translate since it means nothing.

    3. +tarbyonline I didn’t know that that was the reason why. Interesting. Many of the names are also the same in both Danish and Swedish (I’m Danish btw, my girlfriend is Swedish) 🙂

    4. The names aren’t always in Swedish. Sometimes they are Danish for example. There is a naming scheme – for example, storage solutions are usually boys names, like Billy, Benno, and Ivar. It’s not quite as random as it seems at first. The reason is supposedly that the founder of IKEA Ingvar Kamprad has dyslexia, and so names were easier for him to remember.

    5. @frihed Yeah i know but apparently i didn’t know that the stuff is named in swedish even though i’m from sweden i thought the stuff had their own english name like we have a bookshelf called ”brusali” then i thought it would be a diffrent name in english like ”Lelo” or something (And this text is very confusing since i don’t know where to put , . at)

  109. Clean My Space, the name of the dishwashing brush is ANTAGEN.

    1. The brush with the suction cup is called PLASTIS, the Antagen brush has a scraper funtion and a hanging hook. I love my PLASTIS!

    2. It’s PLASTIS here in the UK

  110. Superstore!

  111. great video. i see some items i will be buying. thanks 🙂

  112. u shldnt use plastic straws. they’re not good for the environment. use stainless steel straws.

    1. +Nik Warburton They sell stainless steel straws straight as well as slightly curved.

    2. +Linh Luu Not quite as bendy 😉

  113. Plungers??? Most people call them suction cups

    1. Nope call them plungers

    2. Suction cups??? Really? Is it a cup? No is a plunger.

    3. If u want to watch then watch her videos.Simply stop acting. Stop showing off your amazing arguing speeches.

    4. hahaha

    5. Fortunately for all of us, you aren’t like most people and you do very well at that. However, when I think of plungers, I think of the tool you use to unstop sinks or toilets or maybe even the neckline in Melissa’s dress in your most recent video. You do a great job, keep up the good and entertaining work.

  114. Hej, Jeg er fra Danmark!

    1. So am I, but trust me, nobody cares! 🙂

  115. 1. The wired name on the products are actually code names and is a lot easier to vary them from all the other amazing products. 2. Did you try the meatballs what are in the cafe, they are so good, every time I go there I have to have a meal with there meatballs in the meal

    1. Omg yes, the meatballs 😂

  116. Being swedish talking and watching this was fun 😂

  117. I need AA ikea 🙈 . I am addicted to them 😍.

  118. I have the same brush but in blue

  119. Great video! I adore Ikea 🙂 Those plastic boxes you mentioned (you can also get them with a different coloured inside like the red on white one you also mentioned?) those boxes are part of a bigger range called (like the pot holder you also bought) variera  there are so, so many cool things in that range, hugs x

  120. Go to Bed Bath and Beyond or Home goods✌🏻️😍

  121. Always Feel Happy and Excited to watch your Videos! Keep it up…. Good Work!

  122. Bed Bath and Beyond

  123. What is the usage of grundtal??

  124. Ikea haul for bedroom Please!!
    Specifically for small bedroom!!

  125. Hi there Melissa maker can you do. A video on how to tidy your garden shed please ☺☺☺


  127. Hello I’m using the dish brush also. But not putting it on the countertop. I stick it under the cabinet over the sink. 😉

  128. Can you do a video that you help other people to clean THEIR space???please!!!!

  129. Dollar tree? Organizing products?

  130. I agree with the suggestion for a Bed Bath & Beyond haul video

  131. Is this the white container you showed in the video?
    Recycling bin, white

  132. How do you store straws? That a big problem for me in my kitchen.
    By the was IKEA has wider straws too, perfect for smoothies.

    1. Get stainless steel or glass, much more eco friendly and doesn’t take up much space! 🙂

  133. I have those garbage cans, I hate them! I color my hair at home, and when I throw it away it somehow bleeds and stains the trash can, and I can’t get the lid off to save my LIFE. I’ve had the same liners in my trash cans for three years because I can’t get the lid off, and my mom doesn’t see a reason to get new ones. GERMS, MOTHER. THATS A GOOD REASON.

  134. Its okay if I wasn’t Swedish I would not know how to pronounce them nether

  135. Walmart

  136. I went to IKEA this weekend looking for the Kassett boxes and imagine my surprise that they were sold out.  I struggled trying to find some substitute that would work and give a finished look.  Gave up and went down the block to The Container Store and immediately found black bins and white bins (plastic) that worked perfectly for my project.   I’m really glad you did this video to show me ways to find other products at IKEA that might work for me.  I especially loved your lid holder. 

  137. I find IKEA product names so weird, even translated, SKUBB means shove? WHY would you name it that?

  138. Consumerism at its finish! Did you know that ever single piece of plastic ever made is still on this planet, GHEEZZZ!! Unsubscribing 🙁

    1. Sad. but true!

    2. They just care about viewer ratings, and convenience! People don’t want to think about environmental issues, unless it’s happening in their front yard. Or when they finally get cancer… Then it’s too late. But hey, as long as it’s easy (aka disposable), never mind that their kids will have to wear oxygen masks!

  139. hobby lobby and the tablet stand

  140. Bed bath and beyond

  141. yay hauls

  142. My favorite item was the RIMFORSA tablet stand 🙂

  143. Be careful, drinking thru a straw will cause wrinkles around your mouth. I’m in my early 50’s. I have a friend same age. She drinks out of a straw all the time for years, she has crazy wrinkles. I get on her all the time about it. So just a tip. Something you may want to think about and just start looking at older people when they drink from a straw you will see what I mean. Enjoyed your video.

    1. It’s the same type of wrinkling seen in women who have smoked for years. Not attractive, and largely avoidable. Teeth can be whitened, but those wrinkles….

    2. my mother warned me of this too! I was using straws for hot coffee to avoid stains

  144. Melissa, I can’t find anywhere where you’ve shown what you did with the Grundtal s-hooks in your closet…I picked some up during my own IKEA haul but now I don’t know what to do with them! Thanks in advance. 🙂

  145. If you want to save money and be more environmentally friendly, you could also buy reusable straws like these: 

    And they also come with a cleaner!

  146. I have a very smelly bin. It’s so smelly that we actually hate having to use it now. How can I clean it effectively to get rid of the smell and keep the smell away? Help! It’s embarrassing when we have guests over.

  147. Alas, the Rimforsa seems to be only available in Canada. It’s not in the Netherlands anyway.

  148. The container store would be another great haul video.

  149. Kmart

  150. Please Haul Container Store!

  151. Love finding other Canadians on YouTube!! Love your channel just found it, if you don’t mind me asking what do you guys edit with? Is it Final Cut Pro? Im looking for something better than iMovie.

  152. All great buys.

  153. So I bet you returned more than half the stuff after this video :p

  154. Trader Joes!

  155. The Container Store

  156. every product in ikea has a unique 8 digits!
    it was would be better if u used them insted of that weird names XD

  157. Container store!

  158. Wholesale Sports 🙂

  159. MakeUp Haul! Sephora, Mac, wherever 🙂
    or hair stuff

  160. Found your videos yesterday and absolutely love them! So inspiring 🙂 Your pronunciations made me laugh… And the names are funny, “rabalder” for example is like an old-fashioned word for mayhem, uproar or chaos. Much like the cable situation underneath a desk 😀
    /with love from a Swedish follower x

  161. Go to Walmart next! Or Dollarama (Dollar tree in the US)

  162. i think you should do a bed bath and beyond haul.  Or because i think your canadian you should do a Target store closing haul. 

  163. @Clean My Space I’m guessing you all have Costco (or another type of warehouse store) up in Canada I’d love to see what goodies you guys have. Costco Haul! Vlog in Costco if you can. Everywhere I go I have to visit Target and Costco. Also I wanna go on a virtual antique shopping trip that would be fun. The pot lid rack, I’m sold I need that desperately, getting this weekend for sure hitting up IKEA in Atlanta, GA 🙂

  164. Homesense or Winners will be nice!

  165. Costco or Sam’s Club next? 🙂

  166. Great video!
    I love those little jars, I have like 20+ of them in my kitchen. They are just perfect for storing spices, sugar, candy, tea… basically anything. I even store my paper clips in one of those. Maybe I’m a bit obsessed I guess… 😀

  167. Home Goods!

  168. I LOVE those dish brushes and use daily.  They are perfect for scrubbing cast iron pans.

  169. i love these white plastic bins you bought!
    they sell them in the kitchen department but i use them everywhere (kitchen, bathroom, office…). unfortunately they are a little expensive in switzerland but i like them anyway.
    note : don’t put the in the dish washer!

  170. How about showing how much cool stuff you can pick up at a random resale store or two? It is really neat what ideas you can come up with when you see housewares and other items at a resale store at a fraction of the price of what they were new.

  171. Go to Lidl btw i love your videos 🙂

  172. if you had cylinder spice jars i found the perfect thing for in your drawer..

  173. The spice jars and lid holder I would use

  174. IKEA 365+  Dry food jar with lid, transparent, white

  175. Can you go to Staples for your next haul? 🙂

  176. Those white storage bins you use in your kitchen and laundry room are f a b u l o u s !!!!! I don’t even know how many of them I own in both large and small.  I love them!  ps.  I don’t know what they are called either.  🙂

  177. I love your videos. I use most of your tips and they have helped me alot 🙂 . Something that have been bothering me for a while are the way I have my shoes (high heels). I keep them in their boxes on the top shelf of my wardrobe (it’s not pretty and you can’t see what you have). Do you have any cheap and cute ideas of how we can use our dead space (behind the doors etc.) To display say up to 20 pairs of heels nicely. Thank you 

  178. I think my favorite thing that you bought is the tablet stand.  I also like the pot holders, spice jars and those containers that you bought to store dried foods.  I like all of your video hauls.  I look forward to the next one. 

  179. Can you do the laundry room video soon so you can post it on this Saturday

  180. The Container Store.

  181. Homedepot

  182. Hello, could I ask you what should I do if my house is full of dust and my dogs hair and I can’t get rid of it! I need to vaccume 3 times a day for my floor to feel good underneath my feet for at least 5 min! Please help me.

  183. How about a Staples haul?

  184. Dollar Tree!!!!!!

  185. superstore or canadian tire luv ur vidos Mellisa

  186. I SOOO wish we had IKEA store close! Closest one…300 miles. I’ve been to their website & I know I’m not the brightest bulb in the box but can’t figure out how to order online for the life of me!!! Would love everything you picked up, actually need…:-(
    Love your videos, great haul!
    I don’t know about Canada, but what about a Flea Market?

    Much love to you & Chad both

    Michelle 🐬

  187. The container store

  188. Family Dollar or Dollar General.

  189. You’re right, I AM laughing my ass off! XD

  190. I have the same garbage can! 

  191. I noticed that your walnuts , brazil nuts are in the cupboard. Good idea to store them in the fridge as nuts contain oils that can go rancid.

  192. Costco would an amazing haul to see.

  193. I never leave IKEA empty handed… I definitely always pick up some meatballs and apple filled sandwich cookies before the check out. I sometimes go to IKEA just go get those items… 🙂

  194. Instead of the plastic food storages IKEA has the glass ones which will be good choice to avoid any kind of plastics as this is important for avoiding health issues.

  195. you should do a haul at costco 

  196. That hanging organizer is a need.  I’ll likely be picking up a few of those pot and lid holders when I redo my kitchen cupboards later this year, depending on cost savings over just having the cabinetmaker install them.  IKEA is awesome for wooden clothes hangers – I am now 100% free of plastic hangers (never used wire – EEW!) thanks to these gems.  Can’t wait until this summer when IKEA open locally and I don’t have to drive to Chicago!  YAY! 

  197. The Container Store!

  198. Those little spice jars are cute !

  199. MUJI ! It’s located in front of the Eaton Centre. They’re a Japanese based store. They sell everything from apparel, to kitchen ware, to furniture. You won’t regret 🙂

  200. Not sure what stores you have in Canada and the usa but i think the container store or home Depot?? Are they shops u have ( Australian )

  201. Not sure if you have them in Canada or not.. But a Dollar Tree haul would be cool if you have one.

  202. I went to IKEA yesterday here in Malaysia and got those Jars for RM 4.90 for the set & Brush. I got that brush for that suction feature in two colors for RM 1.90 each. 😀 Very timely video. And on my previous trip I bought most of the stuff you showed in your video. Ikea truly is a one stop solution for budget friendly needs. Oh and 1$ = 3.3 RM 

    Thanks for the video <3

  203. Since you don’t have a container store, you should do like a home hardware store haul. Like Lowes or Home Depot

  204. Container Store Haul!

  205. The container store or Walmart!!!!!

  206. need that dish brush =)

  207. I absolutely loved this video! Well I love all the clean my space videos! Is there any possible way to do a bed, bath, and beyond haul? Thank you so much and I look forward to the new videos for 2015!

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    As for your next haul, I say The Container Store, or maybe Crate and Barrel, but I love to cook, so that’s why on that suggestion. 

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    Kindly, Elin

    1. I’m up for it if you need me 😉 Thanks so much for your answer, I’ll get right on cleaning that cabinet now! ☺

    2. Hahaha, thanks Elin!  I should hire a tutor next time!  White high gloss is to be cleaned only with a microfiber cloth and dish soap and water in a spray bottle :).

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    So THANK YOU!!!! BTW… I use the white bins in my fridge to store onions, tomatoes, chees and other stuff seperated in. 

    1. That’s right – I often wonder how the rest of the world feels when we launch a haul from a store which isn’t worldwide.  That said, I don’t think we have much else that is as international as IKEA!  Oh that’s a fantastic idea – I never even thought of that but I LOVE it!!! 

  246. Great video! As a Swede I know all about IKEA and it’s greatness, but I am totally confused about all your Dollar-name-store-places!? Dollarstore, Dollarama, Dollartree… Could you guys please shed some light on that? I have seen a looot of organizing videos and in so many of them, these stores are mixed together (i e top 5 products) as if they are the same. Are they? I don’t get it. :-S

    1. @Clean My Space Oh! Thank you so much!

    2. Sure!  Well in Canada, Dollarama is our big one.  ‘Dollar store’ from what I know is the general term for a dollar store, it’s not a store name.  Dollar General and Dollar Tree are US names, there are a few here in Canada but not close to where I live.  But I would imagine that many of the items carried are quite similar! 

  247. I have used most of the items you mentioned and I love them all…except… for the straws, most of the package bought was broken, cracked, but maybe I will try them again.I have not used the cord holder so I am going to give it a whirl! Love Love your channel!! 

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    1. @Clean My Space I can’t walk past the place without spending $300.  Get on their mailing list.  Check out their “shopping bags”.  Lots of bag options you would like.  

    2. Oh interesting idea!!!  I got my ‘backpacking across Europe’ bag form there way back int he day….ahhh…memories…

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    1. We have a Walmart and Dollar Store video, and we don’t have K Mart here anymore! 

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    1. Love those too- we have the tool kit at my office! 

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    1. We didn’t need any!  We go to IKEA several times a year to get things and this time it wasn’t for any furniture! 

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    Thanks @Clean My Space 🙂 Hi from Waterloo! 

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    Hauls- Hmm! Home depot, bed bath & beyond, the container store & the best dolor store.
    Question- My paper shredder died earlier & I still have a 2 boxes to go through. What’s the best & cheapest paper to buy? Help!

    1. I’m sorry Melissa, I meant paper shredder

    2. Yeah no kidding!  Those are great suggestions – we have a dollar store haul already.  At our office we use 20 LB multipurpose paper…

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    4. I know, it is sad…Yeah – I will add CT to the list! 

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    We have a store in the US called Smart & Final that is sort of similar to a Costco or Sam’s Club, but it’s a smaller store and you don’t have to be a member.  They have huge, cheap containers of white vinegar, baking soda, and cheap spray bottles.  I don’t usually buy food there but they are a cleaning paradise!  🙂  I always think of you when I go.

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    Good video!

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    1. @Clean My Space BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    2. Yay!  I love that little brush too! IKEA is way too fun….except on weekends where it becomes Romper Room 😛

  273. the white containers are also part of the VARIERA series,
    Variera Box, high gloss white
    I have 4 small ones in my pantry and 2 large ones in my freezer. Love them!!!

    The dish brush is awesome too 😉 PLASTIS Dish-washing brush, assorted colors

    food storage containers are called: IKEA 365+ Dry food jar with lid, transparent, white

    1. IKEA fan girl!!!  Love it! 

    2. I love the Rissla series in my office 🙂

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    1. yes! One of my favorites!

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    1. @Ellen Hardy @Kimberly Dinah is right, Chad is my husband and also cameraman.  He appears in our videos sometimes too! 

    2. her guy.

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    Thanks! 🙂

    1. Great ideas @Jeanwrap ! 

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    1. I completely agree.  I hope the Target employees are able to find new employment quickly.

    2. YES. It is really unfortunate news.   What a blow to the economy – forget the shopping, it is really the 17,000+ people who are losing their jobs that makes me sad.

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    1. It’s getting close to 2017, I’m counting down.

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    1. Apparently there is a whole line of “Rimforsa” products at IKEA!

    2. No way – it’s a town!!!  That’s so cool! 

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    1. I like!  Did you see my cat sweater in the last video?  It’s from Joe Fresh! 

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    1. @Clean My Space
      I know, it’s crazy isn’t it!?!?! I am going to ring my local store and find out why and find out if they can get it in for me. I honestly thought that all Ikea stores would carry the same products worldwide (at least of the basic products like kitchen gear because everyone has a kitchen and needs items in it) I will have to look at the USA stores and see if I can get a code of some sort and this might help them to get it in stock here in Australia. Us Aussies always miss out on so any good things that the USA has, let alone the much much higher prices we pay here. I will keep you posted if I have any luck.

    2. Oh no!!  Come on!!!!

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    1. It’s so cute! 

  296. I live in New Zealand and unfortunately we don’t have an IKEA here 🙁 … but I went to Perth last year and visited the store there – I loooooved it!  I couldn’t believe how big it was and how much of everything they had.  I’m so excited  as I’m going back to Perth in May so IKEA is definitely No 1 on my to do list .  I will be picking up one of the pot lid holders – what a great idea.  I will make sure my luggage has plenty of space this time to bring my ‘haul’ home 🙂

    1. No way! Can you order online? 

  297. I got my first kitchen a couple of months ago and bought lots and lots from ikea 🙂
    My favorites are the containers for your pantry organization Love them so much.
    Since you also bought this sure not to put it into your dishwasher because the the little plonger will get damaged like mine :(((
    Great Video! Now I feel the need to got to Ikea again 😀
    Greetings from Germany 🙂 We don’t know how to pronounce this swedish names either 😀

    1. Oh that’s a good suggestion, perhaps soak it instead of placing it in the dishwasher.

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  303. We used the Rajtan spice jars for a while … and then realised that they are actually a terrible idea for spices. They are not air-tight, and they are see through! We then learned that to keep them fresh, spices should be stored away from light and oxygen! 

    1. Being see-through is a useful feature for identifying them. Could keep them in a closed air-tight cabinet and maybe find some type of rubber gasket to slip into the lid for a better seal.

    2. unfortunately we are still looking for a suitable solution! For the time being, if we are buying new spices to replace ones we’ve used up we are just keeping them in the spice jar they came in. we have an entire cupboard full of spices, so it was a very expensive lesson for us 🙁 

    3. OH NO!!!  Serious?  So what do you use?

  304. Next haul: Canadian Tire !

  305. When I think of IKEA I think furniture,so now I know they have smaller kitchen and organizing things, thanks 🙂

    1. Oh yeah, so many great items!  Glad you enjoyed! 

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  307. I think that TESCO has a lot of great stuff too… We don’t have container store, target, dollar tree and many other great shops as in USA or Canada, which is really sad. At least we have IKEA 🙂 (Slovakia, Czech rep.)

    1. Poundstrecher is the best for organising stuff… Mind you this week I found glass canisters in the 99p store!! I’m using them in my bathroom to store cotton balls and stuff such a great find! But yes … It’s not always x

    2. But the pound stores in UK organising products are few and far between.

    3. @Nadia Makeup Awww Poundland – that’s so English-sounding!  I wish we had that here, we have dollar stores which I hope would carry items similar to your pound or pence stores!  @Tereza Tobáková we don’t have a Tesco here – but it’s so great that IKEA is available in so many places! 

    4. Dollar tree? ….99p store… Poundland and poundstrecher are all good alternatives that have very good storage stuff.

  308. Chad has his own bathroom! Sweet…

    1. Because maybe Chad might be a kid…

    2. Yeah we live in a townhouse and since we don’t have kids, he uses the ‘kids’ bathroom LOL!  

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    1. It was nice, huh?!

  311. I would love to see a video about how you use essential oils in the future

  312. @cleanmyspace Solutions

  313. Bed bath and beyond! 🙂

  314. I’m not sure if the names of Ikea’s products are real Swedish words; some of them seem made-up!

    1. They are actually real Swedish word, most of them are pretty old school tho but yea 🙂

    2. LOL yeah sometimes I wonder that too! 

  315. Costco or superstore:) or any beauty product hauls

    1. Yes, Costco would be super fun! 

    2. Costco!  What a great suggestion! 

  316. Hi Melissa I want get my bathroom fresh how I can do thanxs

    1. Thanks for your reply yes I’ve seen the videos my bathroom is clean but I want to remove the bad smell from the bathroom thanks again

    2. Have you seen any of our bathroom cleaning videos?

  317. Melissa, I think your haul of home goodies from Ikea is great, but your evident pleasure at finding suction hooks leads me to believe you’re missing out on one of the best inventions known to mankind – Sugru! Pronounced ‘Sue grew’, it’s made (by leprechauns?) in Ireland and it’s a mouldable putty-like goop that air-dries to a super-tough silicone rubber that is dishwasher-safe, heat-resistant, suitable for use at temperatures way below freezing (useful in Canadia-land, eh?) and sticks to almost anything. Hooks and cable-clips are some of the easiest things to make with it. The Sugru people are helpful and friendly and there is an online community of crazily inspired and inventive types constantly coming up with evermore surprising uses for Sugru. Have a squint at the website – I’ll be very surprised if you or Chad don’t feel the need to grab a pack.

    1. @Dee o mahony I know, it’s amazing that this stuff isn’t more widely known. I found out about it after tumbling into a ‘click-hole’ while looking for a suitably tech-type present for my son. He’s always loved fixing, modifying and customising things and Sugru seemed perfect, so I bought him a pack which included magnets. There were so many inspiring ideas on the site I bought myself a pack, too, and have been hooked ever since. 

    2. Never heard of it ! And I’m from Ireland haha

    3. I just ordered some @Penny Mitchell !!! Thanks! 

    4. Very interesting, thanks!

    5. WHATTTT how have I not heard of this before?!?!?  Thanks for the head’s up – I am Googling it now!!! 

  318. Melissa, Are the kitchen dry good containers BPA free?  I would love to see a video from the Container Store.  Thanks!

    1. I BELIEVE so…I will try to get a Container Store haul the next time I go to the US!

  319. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess the S hooks are used to create more space when hanging clothes, hanging them off of other hangers.

    1. Could be for hanging scarves and handbags as well…

    2. most likely

    3. WELLLLLLLLL maybe!

  320. Love your content.

    1. Thank you! 

  321. Loved seeing a IKEA haul! You did not say the words quite right but thats OK 🙂

    Greetings from Sweden

    1. LOL I didn’t think so – but it’s kind of fun to try and say them! 

  322. You should look into glass or stainless steel straws. They’re really cool.

    1. I have SS straws from Starbucks that came with my SS tumbler!  I love them 🙂

  323. Your videos save my life!

  324. how could anyone go wrong at ikea? It’s the mothership to me… this has given me the bug to drive two hours to the nearest. The names for things come about as follows: Upholstered furniture, coffee tables, rattan furniture, bookshelves, media storage, doorknobs: Swedish placenames (for example: Klippan)
    Beds, wardrobes, hall furniture: Norwegian place names
    Dining tables and chairs: Finnish place names
    Bookcase ranges: Occupations
    Bathroom articles: Scandinavian lakes, rivers and bays
    Kitchens: grammatical terms, sometimes also other names
    Chairs, desks: men’s names
    Fabrics, curtains: women’s names
    Garden furniture: Swedish islands
    Carpets: Danish place names
    Lighting: terms from music, chemistry, meteorology, measures, weights, seasons, months, days, boats, nautical terms
    Bedlinen, bed covers, pillows/cushions: flowers, plants, precious stones
    Children’s items: mammals, birds, adjectives
    Curtain accessories: mathematical and geometrical terms
    Kitchen utensils: foreign words, spices, herbs, fish, mushrooms, fruits or berries, functional descriptions
    Boxes, wall decoration, pictures and frames, clocks: colloquial expressions, also Swedish place names

    1. I’ll tell you how, by buying s Lot of plastic, particularly single use plastic that ends uf in landfills and in the see killing marine life. Did you see the plastic bag with 200 plastic straws? That’s just one example.

  325. Container store

  326. I love IKEA!! This actually just reminded me how much I need to go, love their pillows and am in need of new ones.

    Would love to see a Lowes or Home Depot haul 🙂

  327. Dollar Store!

  328. Dollar tree

  329. WARNING! to anyone who buys and plunger to go in the bathroom or kitchen, my bathroom tiles are quite old (we are saving to re-do the bathroom right now) and when I went to pull the plunger attached to the end of my sponge off the wall it took te entire shower tile with it! Don’t do it unless you have a newer bathroom.

  330. Container store or bed bath or crate in barrell (if you havd that in the good old canada ) and beyond the one i go to is 2 floors … I get just as excited there then going to the gucci store

  331. Cool, I very like hauls. My favorite thing was the Tablett holder:)

  332. Bed Bath and Beyond!!

  333. I’m from. Colombia but I want you guys to to shopping at home Depot. My favorite will be the container for the spices and that withe box, I can use that in my bathroom

  334. This makes me want to scoot to North York IKEA and buy EVERYTHING I see here! 🙂

  335. WOW! JUST WOW! 

  336. go to bed bath and beyond

  337. Awesome choice subscribrers!!

  338. Great video.  Now I feel like going to IKEA.  LOL

  339. Thank Melissa! What about JYSK?

  340. Crate and barrel or williams sonoma, I know the stores are kinda on the cheap side but you may be able to find some nice things

  341. The container Store

  342. i think your next haul should be from walmart 

  343. I liked the pot lid holder. The scrubby brush you can use the suction thing to sit upright and I really liked the storage bins where you said you had one in your kitchen that was red and white. I want one in red myself. Can’t wait to see what you do with the S Hooks. 

  344. We don’t have an Ikea anywhere close to us. Only been there once while we were visiting in Seattle. Can you please do a Dollar Tree or Bed Bath n Beyond haul? Idk if Canada has Dollar Tree. Maybe Kohl’s instead?

  345. Definitely Container Store when you’re stateside, and I’ll also second Home Depot (or Lowe’s) and Staples! And don’t worry–you’re not the only one who has difficulty speaking Swedish! Haha. I just make up how I want it to sound and go for it. 🙂 Good job, and make all the videos you can handle because me and my big family (of sons, I might add) are eatin’ ’em up! Love you!

  346. Next haul…Container Store please :).

  347. “Pronounciation” instead of pronunciation.  I’ll have to remember that!

  348. When in US go to CS.

  349. The 99cents store or the dollar tree! I think it will be cool to see what you can find there.

  350. Omg. I love ikea! This video made me so happy. And I can’t wait for your laundry room. Also I was wondering how to clean cellphone cases that are flexible but not to flimsy. And any car care DIY cleaners or anything. Thank you Melissa!

  351. The Container Store plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  352. Costco

  353. Do you have a video on how to de-stain coffee mugs?

    1. Use the stained mug to add bleach to your laundry machine, then scrub it with a sponge. The small amount of residual bleach is enough to clean the stains.

  354. you should make a haul at bed bath and beyond also dollar tree😊

  355. Bed bath and beyond!

    1. Listed! 

  356. YAY! Love Ikea! I’d love to see a haul at Bed Bath & Beyond or maybe even a grocery store haul wherever you and Chad food shop? It seems like you like to cook and eat really healthy so I’d definitely be interested in seeing you guys go grocery shopping! 🙂

    1. Great suggestions @Jokel W thank you! 

    2. Or maybe even a beauty haul wherever you buy cosmetics? Kinda girly but I know I’d be interested!!!

  357. You`r channel is amazing 😉 And i´m from Sweden! Ha det så bra!

    1. Haha funniest video so far! More swedish please! <3

    2. LOL thanks!  How’d I do?!?!


    1. Yes – next time we are in the US we’ll have to go! 

  359. Home Depot for professional grade cleaners and tool storage.

    1. Good suggestion!

  360. If you guys have a Daiso near you, you should go there!

  361. The Container Store or Staples 🙂 love your videos!

    1. Great ideas! 

  362. Next haul…Bed Bath and Beyond or The Container Store…If your going to be organizing a new room two good places to go. 😉

    1. Great suggestion!  We don’t have a CS in Canada, so next time we go to the US I think we’ll try to hit one up! 

  363. Thanks for the video!! We <3 Ikea as well---this makes me want to go there now, but can't----we're saving our $$.  

    1. @Rebecca Grotemeyer I totally agree! 

    2. @Clean My Space Though as soon as we’re at a place where it’s ok to do a haul—-you know the first place I’m going! Our bedroom set, coffee table, storage organizers are all Ikea. It’s one of the happiest places on Earth!! 🙂 🙂

    3. Perfectly good reason not to go!! 

  364. Do you know anything about using essential oils to clean or to just use in the home?

    1. @Clean My Space Great, looking forward to it!

    2. Yes I do – we are going to make videos about that soon! 

  365. What store should we haul at next?!

    1. Dollar general

    2. Cosco

    3. Burlington

    4. home depot!

    5. Ya

  366. Oh, the fun I had at IKEA!  Check out the great stuff I picked up (and hear my terrible product name pronunciations!) #haul  #ikea  

    1. Thank you so much for this link, Anne!!

    2. Here is the link for the Variera white Boxs you had. Also, they are good to use in the fridge.

    3. You pronounced them better then me

  367. Next haul video: solutions/container store!

    Love your videos 😁

    1. Thanks!  We have to go to the CS the next time we visit the US! 

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