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Is Personal Hygiene in China a Joke?

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Personal hygiene in developing countries is always something of concern, however, China considers itself a developed country depending on who it’s talking to.

Location – Hanoi, Vietnam

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1,348 thoughts on “Is Personal Hygiene in China a Joke?

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    SerpentZA: AND/OR C-Milk:

    1. Chinese say strong scent from Westerners is obnoxious…

    2. 3:59 Flouride toothpaste IS a bad chemical. it’s a poison. A fat soluble bioaccumulating poison because it’s extremely electronegative and has a high affinity to chemically react more so than other naturally occuring chemical reactions in the human body. For example instead of your endocrine system using iodine like it’s supposed to, it will instead react with flourine because it’s more chemically reactive.

      Whatever is more chemically reactive is what will dominate in the body even if it’s bad for you.
      Learn more about redox reactions and chemical affinity before promoting the poison known as flouride to your ignorant viewers.

      You want to protect your viewers teeth then talk about the gingivitis causing cyanobacteria that uses calcium metal as a shield to protect itself from dental tools like toothbrushing and rinses and toothpaste. The only way to kill that dental industry money making cyanobacteria is instead to use a chelator. You have many choices of chelators. My personal choice is EDTA. A Chelator removes the metal shield of the cyanobacteria. Chelators pull metals.

      Chelators are very helpful. If you have lead poisoning or some other metal poisoning, you can use a chelator to detoxify yourself. It’s a useful tool.

      So, you use just enough of a chelator to disarm the cyanobacteria in your mouth by removing the calcium shield it uses, THEN you use a iodine solution like lugols iodine solution. That iodine solution you pour into a WaterPik and then use the WaterPik on your teeth and gums. That’s how you properly kill the Dental industry money making cyanobacteria.

      All you have to do then is to eat healthy and occassionally consume things like bone stock to remineralize your teeth back and restore enamel.

      All of this you can do at home. You can buy your own WaterPik. You can buy your own Lugols Iodine solution. You can get your own chelator. if you want the science behind teeth and dental tool immune Cyanobacteria, acquire medical experiment data from Doctor David Kennedy.

      You do the chelation and iodine WaterPik process periodically as the months go by to prevent gingivitis from ever coming back.

      Congratulations, you no longer need to go to the dentist anymore because of no more gingivitis.
      No expensive dental plan needed. No broke empty wallet.

      Quote me. Do your research before promoting poison.
      No I’m not Chinese. I’m a medical student born and raises in the US.
      Quote me.

    3. ADVChina hooker showers they are called!!!

    4. ADVChina booker showers

    5. In the West, I take at least one shower a day, and two showers a day on work days.
      On workdays, I take a shower in the morning to wake up before going to work.
      Every day, I take a shower before bed because I want to be fresh and clean in bed.

  2. When I spent my all expense paid year long stay in Vietnam, coming out of the field one day an FNG complained that I smelled like a combination of old sneakers and a dead animal. Weeks later he did as well. I spent that year washing as often as I could; at least my hands and face.

  3. Hairy armpits may look ugly but damn, men who are grossed out and triggered by them are honestly the weakest specimens of the population 😂 I’m honestly sorry you have wives, it must be terrifying to you to think that they are human.

  4. Black people taught white people how to wash. Fact. Research.

  5. Most of the people in the World have the bad gene of stinky body, except Chinese, Japanese and Korean. That is the reason why some of the people in far east do not need to shower everyday, especially, in dry area of northern part of far east. One of the reasons is they do not have enough water to waste, and the other reason is that it is not that necessary.

  6. Cleanliness is next to Godliness, good on you Vietnam🇻🇳

  7. That’s right smell the lick.😵

  8. stinking bastards

  9. Water required

  10. You criticize Chinese people all the time for non being respectful but you film people without permission …. Wow that’s horrible 😒

  11. I want you guys to visit india

  12. At 6:50, did both of them looked at the girl on the scooty?

  13. Looking after baby teeth is important as your adult teeth absorb your baby teeth as they grow.

  14. Over 10 mins and no mention of spitting, nose picking, and dandruff?

  15. Eeeeeewwwwwwwww!!!!!! 💩

  16. Americans shower often, but still smell bad because they eat bad food. Shaving legs makes skin look disgusting. Wax your legs instead.

  17. Fluoride IS a poison…. A bad one… Please look it up…. Plenty o info out there…. Is also an environmental problem….

  18. Wow kids in China must have really bad breath.

  19. “Portuguese shower/wash” Are you stupid? that phrase was from people that hated the Portuguese!

  20. nah….every Chinese person I’ve seen spits on the floor tortures animals and are are obnoxious….. just sayin’.

  21. I’ve always heard it said as a “Puerto Rican shower”, not Portuguese

  22. I would’ve shit my pants riding that bike in that traffic too. Speaking of personal hygiene …

  23. I think you missed the whole point about an attractive Chinese woman who doesn’t shave her arm pits. In truth it’s an effective form of birth control… I know for a fact it works well. In my case, when I see that arm go up, and a dense forest of under brush there, it quickly shifts me from pointing north, to dropping south.

  24. I was living and working in Suzhou, China from 1997 to 2000 and at the time there was not too much demand for toilet paper by the Chinese. There was never any in the heads on the jobsite. You had to take your own when you went.

  25. 474 girls think that cutting their armpit hair messes with their qi.

  26. If everyone eats garlic/Onions, no one should smell bad. Therefore everyone eat or no one.

  27. Showering before you go to sleep makes more sense. You shower when you are dirty not in the morning when you are clean. Showering too much is also bad for the bacterial/fingal balance of your skin. Ideally you should shower every other day; you however need to wash your hands, face, feet, private parts and face daily. Why this is important? If you have keep good bacteria on your body it will keep away the odour and disease producing bacteria by either killing them or occupying the space where the bad bacteria and fungi can create a colony. When I go wilderness camping, I can remain odourless for weeks although I will start emitting a weak earthy smell after while that seriously drives women crazy. I’ve literally had girlfriends that keep shoving their nose into my armpits. No kidding.

  28. Ye they all stink

  29. really not helping the racist white South African narrative with the “Portuguese shower” and “African butter” which I can only assume is Shea butter which isn’t a substitute for showering and may be exposing you don’t actually know what they do so you are making a racist assumption because they put on Shea butter after, might wanna do some inward reflection dude, like the videos besides that tho 👍 like the culture dialogue and sharing

  30. They eat sugar

  31. Portuguese shower??? We take shower at least once a day. Many people twice a day. Never heard that. Love you videos and your kindly approach From a Portuguese guy, in Portugal. Big fan!

  32. you seem to have skipped over the bathrooms, specifically soap, toilet paper, and modern toilets.

  33. Today is Thursday. This is Arif. Great show.

  34. Trouble is Garlic comes out also in the pours of the skin not just the breath 😟

  35. The fluoride compound in toothpaste is a POISON. Look it up.

  36. Not a Portuguese shower guys, for real….
    Idk what you guys are even talking about

  37. I am trying to introduce my Chinese friend to different foods.
    So far she calls Texmex ” almost Chinese food.” She really likes spaghetti Alio e Olio ( garlic and oil) and white pizza with anchovies. She also is very fond of bagna calde That’s kind of a fondue/ hot pot dish of olive oil, garlic and anchovies that you dip bread and raw vegetables in.
    So ya , I know the garlic thing hit I am eating it too !

  38. A large population of Ascian has the muted gene that makes them have less body hair and body odor, so that’s why shaving and deodorant are not popular. I do agree that there are still parents that allow their children to excrete in public and themselves practicing unhygienic moves, but I don’t think it’s fair to comment on the whole nation as unhygienic. And also I don’t agree that in the description it says that China identifies itself as a “Developed” country. If you have ever talked to real Chinese people, you would of know that most people are aware that China is still a developing country and there are still issues we need to tackle. ANYWAY, bias can’t be eliminated even when someone is aware of its existence and I don’t think the people making comments on another country can always do the most accurate job describing it… If people really want to know what a country is alike, the only fair way to look into it is to visit it by themselves.

  39. Nice indication from the bus. Not.

  40. That garlic/onion bref is KILLER!! :>(

  41. Google “Mao Zedong personal hygiene”

  42. *cries in portuguese*

  43. I’ve lived in Vietnam before- there’s literally at least one car honking every second 😂😂

  44. They are gross. Dear lord someone teach them

  45. Good to shower in morning and at night ..night time is very important to wash the sweat of the day off before you go to sleep and take if of the private parts is key

  46. My ex Chinese girlfriend used to not clean up her bath tub after showers leaving all kinds of hairs, dirts and even encouraged that showering everyday is not good for the skin. She didn’t stink but she didn’t take shower everyday and she never cleaned up her hair mess after showers. Which was lacking compared to my other ex girlfriends. I finally broke up with her when I saw her picking between her toes. But of course it is different by each individual.

  47. Is Fany when a dude dont shawer Just use a tawer or sametig whe sey inglês shawer sorry for my inglês

  48. This video is so timely and “days before” prophetic. Makes me find the CCP virus figures even more hard to believe.

  49. If my opinion is that women should shave their armpits, and its my girlfriend’s opinion that I should shave my junk, those are our opinions. We are entitled to our opinions, and they aren’t sexist

  50. In Thailand many people use “aluminum hydroxide” (sansom in Thai language) as a personal underarm deodorant. It is made from a natural stone most often to clear dirty water: not sanitize for consumption. When a person applies it to their armpit it will almost completely block sweat. As a living creature humans have sweat glands throughout the surface of their body. Blocking the sweat underarm does not stop the whole body from sweating. It acts as a antiperspirant, not as a deodorant. It has been used by Thai for a very long time. The commercial antiperspirant sticks made from aluminum hydroxide are a relatively new commercial hygiene concept. Very inexpensive as one small stick can last a couple of years.

  51. Love you guys , been following for a few years now.

  52. I have a young Japanese friend that has that garlic breath. I love her to the end of the earth but that breath! Of course I am western and sweat so I guess I should be quiet.

  53. Hairy legs and armpit gross? Wow this is the same in New York so what is so uncommon? I guess Winston and CMilk should really make a video in New York in 5 boros.

  54. How can you go to bed at night without a shower.not fair on your wife.also getting into a clean bed without showering is grose!

  55. The Wuhan Lab 4 was experimenting with bat deodorant?? Honestly it was not chemical warfare…it was deodorant for French people because they’re worth it.

  56. What’s up with you dudes oh you stink

  57. Women shouldnt shave just armpit but pubic area! I looks good! Also it cancels ingrown hair into skin…

  58. You guys sound awful in this. Nothing you listed is considered “unhygienic”.

    Breathmints are bad for your stomach. Garlic breaths is nothing. Not shaved doesnt equal unhygienic. Nothing you listed was bad hygiene.

  59. 1:17 it’s my driving everyday 😙

  60. tbh i like armpit hair on women, idk why people are against it, personally, and i might just be weird, i find it beautiful

  61. It’s called Shea Butter (Pronounced Shay). It is basically a high quality skin lotion with healing properties. It is extracted from the nuts of the local Shea tree.

  62. I consider myself pretty feminist but I do shave my armpits, I think this is a manner when I go in front of people. Nothing to do with the feminism. It’s like having a bad breath not shaving arm pits. Why relate with feminism? I don’t understand this…

  63. 03:00 i think its coco butter, i asked here in germany a friend which relatives were from Guinea and i think its a pretty common thing.

  64. 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮

  65. Your incredible taste in music never ceases to amaze me

  66. In Madison Wisconsin: nice fur boots young lady!

    Young Lady: what boots?

  67. you wimps

  68. *_Winston is funny in his funeral suit. He explained the suit thing but at some stage it turns into the weird dude in the funeral suit. Its no longer about gaining respect. lmao. But i still enjoy your vids guys, funeral suit and all_*

  69. *_Il have a shower to wake myself up at 6am. Il have another shower to wash & wake myself up again when i get home from work so i can spend a few hours with the family_*

  70. It’s called an ITALIAN shower

  71. So there is a body odor gene?

  72. And, they spit and pick their noses in public …. and dont care where they put it.

  73. Dat bus man… Doesn’t play around. xD

  74. Okay, I like your videos and they’re very entertaining and informative. When it comes to body hair thing, I completely disagree with y’all. It worries me a bit that younger girls could hear these statements and internalize them and have it be damaging to their self-image, even long term. Body hair, even armpit hair, is completely natural. Such a shame that in America (where I live) it’s largely considered gross to have body hair if you’re a girl. Although I will say that, thankfully, this sentiment is slowly dying out and many people are becoming more accepting of women who don’t shave. I can’t wait until it’s completely normalized (as it really should be already)!

  75. Chinese people’s small very bad especially their breath 🤧

  76. China is a joke period

  77. Is true they smell I have few friends

  78. These mfs running out of topics to discuss.

  79. You can give bugmen western technology, but they will still be bugmen.

  80. Can you men shave too then? I don’t like armpit hair on guys I think it is gross

    1. Lol

  81. Funny I love arm pit hair😂

  82. Fluoride is a poison and not good for the body, even in toothpaste, even if you dont eat it. Most people arent aware that your really not supposed to rinse your mouth out with water after brushing either, so I suppose its probably alright for most people, but then again, some people who do everything the right way can still have dental problems….

    I have never heard that BO is a genetic thing, is this real?

  83. Can you please do a video in why Asians eat like pigs

  84. GARLIC: “Nobody notices it” because everybody is eating it. It’s the same thing if nobody bathes, no one notices it.
    One habit, I found disgusting in Vietnam, Thailand, maybe China, is the nose picking. This has many disgusting variations. But if everyone does it, nobody notices. My pet peeve: pretty girl talking to you while digging in her blowholes. That conversation goes no where, cause I’m out the door.

  85. nobody noticed most signs are english .

  86. For garlics fans out there, eating fresh parsley happens to be a traditional and effective cure to garlic stench.

  87. Traffic is like that in cali Colombia…

  88. As a Vietnamese, I deal with these nonsensical traffic everyday. Come on guys, give me a medal !

  89. Wtf about the armpits i am a man but i save them cause it is annoying to have a hairy sweat ball under your arm

    1. you gay

  90. Guys who can’t stand hair on women..? Just sad. It’s actually natural. Get over it.

    1. Snot and poo are natural too but we get rid of it

  91. “I’m a dude playing a dude, disguised as another dude.” Best Ameican movie.

  92. Chinese in China does not smell. Unlike people from Indian continent and Africa.

  93. Asians don’t believe in deodorant?

  94. 10:50 thats the new von Trapp c-pop group

  95. The Chinese rationale for not cleaning their kids teeth is disgusting. Their kids can still suffer from infection and other bacterial problems because of it. It’s no wonder why they host so many illnesses. The lack of proper education and health concerns need to be improved upon.

  96. Haha, I miss south African racism!

  97. Winston has a lot to learn when it comes to armpit hair on women. I much prefer it. I loved the Italian and German women of the 70s on account of their armpit hair. The hippies and the Woodstock crowd as well. Winston is entitled to his own views of beauty or even body odor, but they aren’t mine.

  98. Why are these two acting as if westerners dont stink i know many who dont shower or brush teeth daily .. many westerners stink aswell ..

    Ps my mothers white english im not sticking up for asians i have no connection with chinese etc ..

    In my mind i use to imagine them smelling of onions or soy sauce .

  99. I’m from Portugal and never heard about portuguese shower! We use water and soap.

  100. In Spain we eat a lot of garlic too. If you eat some yourself you don’t feel it anymore.

  101. I do like that I do not have to shave in China. Unlike the Asian girls who have light colored leg hair, you can clearly see I have dark hair on my legs. And I do not shave my arm pits. The guys do not care. I love it. I will go months without shaving.

  102. knucklehead. If wife eats garlic u shood too.

  103. hairy leggs, specialy up north ^^

  104. You can brush your teeth all you want and eat all kinds of breath mints. If the garlic is in your bloodstream, it will come out in your breath.

  105. Chinese do need Hygiene lessons. The Chinese government could put effort into that rather than world domination. I’m Chinese, I know exactly of all the things you guys are discussing. Glad someone brought this up. Etiquette would also help. Noting worst than Chinese with money and terrible manners. They buy a $3000 purse and have the manners of a pig. 100 K dollar Rolex and no manners, what’s the point, I laugh at these types of Chinese.

  106. A coworker was vacationing in Shanghai when she was doused with the tossed contents of a chamberpot! Ironically, she is of Japanese descent with very high standards of personal hygiene. To say this event was traumatizing for her understates it a bit!

  107. I bet those guys in the vegetable print short outfits were probably German.

  108. Chairman mao didnt have a shower for 9 years. Although he did used to swim alot. His doctor was trying to encourage him to at least was down below, his reply was ‘i’ll was it in the next young girl’. He never brushed his teeth only washing his mouth out with green tea, which gave his teeth a green tinge. He also had venereal diseases, the girls were actually proud of getting a dose off him as a form of proof that they had had sex with him.

    I think there is a doco about his doctor that this info comes from but i cant remember its name

    1. inteesting

  109. Breath mints don’t work with garlic breath.

  110. You have 100% support on shaven armpits on women.

  111. Guys same things you are talking about also happens in the western world. There are western people who dont shower as well. Ride the nyc subway you will know what i mean.

    1. pretty sure only Americans do that in the west

  112. Me?! I know who I am!

  113. Garlic is much needed for some of the best meals i can think of- afterwards just take a chlorophyl pill and the bad breath will disappear quickly. pleasure of garlic without regret, all will be fine! 😉 armpit shaving is a very succesful marketing framing by gilette, for real!

  114. i thought the hygiene in Vietnam generally good but one thing that grossed me out was how some men would keep long yellow fingernails

  115. It’s a bit luxurious to smell nice when you’re a day laborer, working for a few bowls of rice and maybe a piece of fish.

  116. Mmmmmm garlic and onions

  117. Fix Your Speedo !!!!

  118. Are your hairy legs pretty Winston? Armpits?

  119. It is very well known Chinese do not shower in the morning

  120. When I was in China I ran out of deodorant and could not find anything anywhere. In drug stores they kept giving me Fabreeze.

  121. I live in the Philippines. The people are very clean. They take 2-3 showers a day. Only the foreigners stink. My wife makes me shower often.

  122. Western men women used toilet paper that’s the most disgusting thing and don’t shower every day they all stink

  123. First of all china is china it’s not Vietnam

  124. Shea butter? Black people all over the world use it to moisturize our skin

  125. The armpit hair part. LOL.

  126. oh and btw the “african thing” you talk about its skin moisterizer due to something called “bauca” which is excessive dry skin mostly in joints areas (knees, elbows, etc)from which a lot of black people suffer from, which open wound-like cracks in the skin that can be extremely painful

  127. Hello CHinese poeple, gum disease! You don’t just brush for your teeth!!

  128. I watched the video of how that guy made this intro song, it’s soooooo good!

  129. Its not portuguese, its french shower, putting parfum without bathing, due to this culture around posh society of mid 20th century. Dont call us dirty please, we created sewage system after 1755 earthquake, Paris copied it and called it their own (a little european culture for the record)

  130. The problem is that culturally the hygene practices stay with them when they move overseas. I see chinese people spitting, long gross fingernails, pissing in the street in public etc.
    I had a friend who used to drive trains. He said the indian drivers wouldnt bother using toilets. They would just piss on the floor of the cab and leave it for the next driver.
    This is the real result of so called cultural diversity that no one talks about. I mean think about it, if you moved overseas are you going to drop all the things you were raised on? Why would they?

  131. Damn now I’m in the mood to eat some garlic.

  132. I have to shower in the morning because my hair gets greasy after about 8 hours so I take a shower right before I go somewhere. Sometimes I also take a shower before bed if it’s a yucky day. It’s hot and humid where I live also in Mississippi.

  133. Shea butter. Its shea butter lol.

  134. Are you talking about cocoa butter or shea butter? But you have to be clean before you apply it.

  135. is it palmers cocoa butter ?

  136. Yes. I mean yes, you are officially a prophet now.

  137. It’s not a even a joke. It’s also not an urban legend. It’s a myth like the lost city of Atlantis.

  138. Shay/Shey butter or Karite is great for he skin and anti microbial too, I wonder if that was what they use in SA?

  139. I do not mind a little fur on her burger

  140. So of course, notice the bus that almost killed our hero, but at 2:35 I’m wondering how much havoc will be caused if that guy with the huge gas cylinder on his bike crashes. XD Not sure what blue is (Nitrogen?) but even if it’s not explosive things will get exciting if it’s pressurized. 🙂

  141. Dude blows snot on sidewalk then uses tissue to wipe nose 🤔 why not just use the tissue in the first place ewww🤦

  142. 5:49 i live in northwestern china, one of the regions facing the most severe shortages. and yes we do have cheap tap water and my mom would kill me if i dont wash my face

    1. Don’t forget mother’s day card

  143. I MEAN

  144. a chinese girl once told me that if they shower while having the period it’s bad… I hope she stopped believing that nonsens

  145. Brb defecating in public. Yuck.

  146. well at least everyone is wearing helmets.

  147. Armpit hair. In the mid 90s German girls trimmed their armpits. Not long but Definitely not Shaved. Some did. But alot didn’t.

  148. You know very that we bath everyday. and in the really undeveloped parts of a township people bath in a plastic bath tub. boil water in a pot or kettle then bath. and shea butter is not popular amongst Black South Africans, its more popular from Central Africa. you know we love Vaseline and Dawn body cream.

  149. Straight off the bat my first experience of Chinese hygiene was an old man who (was sitting right next to me) hanged a massive gooby right on to the floor Without a care in the world

  150. Wait a minute Chinese people have a gene that makes them not sweat? That Bad smell you describe isn’t from a persons pores it comes from bacteria that collect on the wet surface of your skin die then break down and cause bad odor. If you shower in a gym prior to working out there is no smell no matter how much you sweat unless you let that sweat evaporate then sweat more on top of that sweat then walk around for hours before you shower again. How the heck do people believe this Asian people gene myth? Genetically Asians are most identically related to Native Americans but I have yet to hear a Indians don’t need deodorant story.. LOL CCP Brain washing

  151. What about the propensity for Chinese to urinate and defecate in public? I saw a public notice that was issued by the Chinese government admonishing its citizens who were travelling to foreign countries not to do the things I mentioned in public. Is there some sort of cultural reason for why this is viewed as acceptable behavior?

  152. We know now it is.

  153. How is doing something for someone else’s preference self respect?
    It’s literally the opposite you fool

  154. When I was in China, I had a friend of mine (male) who wanted to try and have sex with a girl. He got a girl easily. After sex , he thought of becoming gay.
    He said that was the worst experience of his life. She made him hate women.
    The hygiene is number one problem + the lack of sexual knowledge… (they act exactly like a Star fish)

  155. hocking loogies and picking your nose in public (and touching other things), as well as not always using soap (many bathrooms lack this by the way)…. no fear. just use water or hot water. it will cure everything.

  156. My wife is Vietnamese and I have spent a fair bit of time travelling there it’s not uncommon for some to have 3 showers a day during warmer months as you just stink by midday. The traffic isn’t as scary as it seems. Just need to understand the flow.

  157. You could certainly make the case that everyone should shave all their visible clumps of body hair, whether male or female. That is, if you’re a dude who wears tank tops, you should shave under your arms. But not necessarily on chest, back, or legs, where it doesn’t clump.

    garlic: Good enough when you’re eating it, but always smells horrible on anyone else.

  158. Male armpit hair is disgusting too. You should shave it off! I demand that you augment your body for my preferences!

  159. I work with Eastern Europeans in the U.K. and they tend to stink. They think it’s ok but it just isn’t

  160. What the heck are you talking about regarding armpit hair on women. A lot of men don’t shave it, so clearly not an issue if you maintain hygiene. Come join us in the 21st century, it’s hairy.

  161. People who eat a lot of garlic will also have it in their sweat–and maybe other body liquids. Letting their kids teeth rot is dangerous because the decay could get into their blood and their brains are not too far away from their mouths. All that pit and leg hair business–it starts off that way and escalates to the point where the woman is shaving or waxing of all her body hair. Body hair is sign of maturity; taking it off like the way the west does appeals to the pedophillic side of men. Men ought to have to shave/wax all of their body hair too if you expect women to.

  162. I’m a swimmer so i shave it all to be hygienic in the pool. Unfortunately only pro male swimmers remove body hair 😬 it’s ….not great seeing pubes float around underwater

  163. I went to China a couple of years ago and although the big cities and upper end hotels are nice the toilets elsewhere were gross beyond belief.  for one they did not have toilet paper so if you did not bring it you did not wile. Very rarely were there a sink to wash in.   I mean nasty! I would only use the toilet at the hotel.

  164. tbh c-milk is pretty rude sometimes, and i see some snowflake sympathizing as well. seems pretty disingenuous. serpentza always speaks his mind and while respectful, doesnt go all sjw like his friend. Anyway cool video, peace!

  165. About the Portuguese “Shower”…never heard about it…And I’m Portuguese… ;=)
    So…but he have a popular saying about doing a “Cat Bath” when referring to a kind of an “emergency” wash with no soap though… 😉

  166. The armpit hair issue is stupid – I totally disagree and the garlic – you have an education.

  167. I shower at night.

  168. 9:16 😂🤣😂
    9:30 Dam can’t believe that you did your wife like that rofl.

  169. Soy…fish, and farts. I would have barfed with nose picking. They are just different.

  170. Do you shave your armpit hair? It’s a crazy double standard that people didn’t care about until what the 80s? Seemed like hair was IN in the 70s.I see men’s armpit hair and it’s disgusting. Often deodorant is clumped in there. If it’s hot and humid then yes, Everyone should shave to avoid the double standard. Also, black people tend to not be hairy.

  171. Man I remember when men used to be men, these guys are so sensitive! They’ve taken white privilege to a whole new level 😂😂😂

    1. Back then, you didn’t have the internet to moan and whine. I’m pretty sure most everyone hated the smell but hadn’t the need to tell the world about it.

    2. I’m 70, and yes I remember when men were men…..and at work they stank, not all but plenty, and it wasn’t pleasant. …..

  172. Here in the US, where I live at least, it’s called a “Mexican Shower” when you spray yourself with deodorant spray or cologne in place of taking a shower or otherwise bathing. I apologize if that’s offensive to anyone as it probably has a derogatory origin. But it is what it is. I think it actually stems at least in part to the fact that Hispanic people here tend to wear a lot of cologne. So it doesn’t necessarily insinuate that those people don’t bathe or anything, just that they tend to wear a lot of cologne. So if you’re stinky and you spray yourself down with cologne, that’s a Mexican shower.

  173. Instead of Rubbing fish under their pits
    They should shave
    Use soap then they
    wont spread corona
    pit virus 👹

  174. Fluoride destroys your teeth …

  175. As a portuguese I never knew there was such thing as a “portuguese shower”!

    What I’ve noticed in Beijing is that many women have the infamous moustache. And only noticed any scent during summer months, but when you feel such scent it is enough to make you gag.

  176. Portuguese shower….means theyll piss on you or the bullshit stories you say…..claimed you worked construction. Who are u fooling with those milky white soft hands…

  177. 7:36. Am a feminist, and a female. Don’t worry, fellas, not offended: I never saw the sense in a woman having the grooming habits of Bigfoot. Let that tradition die with the hippies from the 1960s. Fun fact: body odor tends to stick to body hair. The nasty smell sticks to your armpits when you sweat. Personally, and I know the thought is a bit odd, but particularly stinky men might want to secretly join the womenfolk-they may yet save humanity.

  178. He’s looking for his toes. Damn they dropped off in my shoe.

  179. BODY HAIR IS NORMAL AND NATURAL FOR EVERYONE. get over yourselves. no one gives a fuck what your personal preference is. i’m not changing my body because it offends you somehow. snowflake lol.

  180. Polish Shower

  181. The streets of Vietnam look so incredibly similar to those in Southern China!

  182. Chinese don’t wash their hands on a regular basis.

  183. Another set of reasons to avoid the Empire of Chin and the denizens thereof.

  184. If you eat a lot of garlic, you don’t notice it as much on others.

  185. Feminists are insane.

  186. That butter stuff reminds me a bit of ancient Egyptians who would rub themselves down with oil and then scrape with a flat relatively sharp piece of wood.

  187. That’s horrible. Baby teeth are important and its painful. Losing them causes problems with adult teeth.

  188. I’ve noticed in the Philippines the Filipinas are very clean and take a lot of showers. One reason is to cool off if it’s a hot day. I’ve seen some stunningly beautiful Filipinas who are dressed up like models wearing short skirts and high heels but live in shacks. And some of them are very beautiful until they open their mouths and show very crooked and deformed teeth. They take lots of showers but aren’t good when it comes to brushing their teeth when they are children and it’s one reason they end up with bad teeth. Many younger Filipinas have false teeth because of that.

  189. Garlic is good for you.

  190. With all the immigration into Canada and seeing this makes me realize why driving around now is so dangerous.

  191. Winston, remedy against garlic breath (for wifey) :
    Glass milk & 2+ tblesp vanilla

  192. As a feminist, I am all in favor of leg shaving being a personal choice. As for armpit hair, honestly everyone should shave that shit. Guy, girl, whatever, it’s gross. It makes your pits smell worse because the sweat and bacteria attaches to the hair and wafts. At the very least you should keep it trimmed.

  193. Wait, did In hear someone say they don’t have a stink gene so deodorant is not needed? Bacteria does not care about your genes or your feelings.

  194. Periodontal Disease and such in children is a great health risk

  195. The garlic smell comes not only through the breath, but through the PORES, as well. I heard that in gyms where a lot of Koreans go, you can smell the garlic in their sweat and that it’s pretty intense.

  196. I had a Chinese math teacher who didn’t shave her armpits and the poor woman got so much shit from the asshole students because of it. Always felt bad because she was super nice and a really good teacher but she got shit on constantly for the hair and her accent.

  197. Since you chaps are in Los Angeles now try taking the public transportation bus Metro Line 76 in the San Gabriel Valley. I call it the “garlic express”. Just make sure to wear your surgical face mask.

  198. I have a water and a shower and I still shower once or twice a week lol

  199. China Breath is seriously bad – I’ve been on metros where I’ve been so close to vomiting, that I’ve had to get off early. I’ve never experienced such bad breath anywhere else in the world, it’s soooo bad! What I don’t understand is can they not smell how bad it is, or do they just not tell their wives/husbands/friends/family etc? It’s baffling 🤢

  200. You’ve got some weird hangups about hair. Try manifesting a race of people who don’t have hair on those parts of the body… Or don’t rebirth on Earth anymore and go to a world where that particular hair doesn’t exist. That is clearly a Western or White thing, which has always had an awkward or hostile stance with things that are natural.

  201. We shower once to twice a day in America. I personally will never lay down in the evening without showering. I can’t sleep with a sweat stuck to my body whatsoever.

  202. Nothing wrong with having a preference for shaving as long as you’re consistant. I assume you also shave your armpits and legs? Otherwise it would be a bit weird.

  203. Eh. They shit in the streets. Idk if they have great hygiene.

  204. ….Well if it wasnt we wouldn’t have coronavirus

  205. It’s actually called a passport shower

  206. *What the heck? 2 mins is a lifetime!*

  207. I went to school with a lot of exchange students from China and. They would sort of wash there hands because they knew it was the local expectation, but this just entailed wetting one hand under the tap for a second after toilet time.

  208. Armpit hair is a feminists excuse to be lazy!! One quick swipe every other day. It’s not hard!!!!

  209. BO


  211. Srsly, a “Portuguese shower” ?

    It makes no sense, this term was created by dumb Angolans against Portuguese people.
    And it makes me mad because whoever listens to this lie will think that Portuguese people are/were dirty.

    I know some cultures that used do this but i won’t mention, so they won’t look bad.

  212. So why don’t you guys shave your armpit hair? Talk to the Russians and they will tell you that you are gross for not shaving your pits.

  213. If you think armpits are a thing, wait til panties drop

  214. The Chinese way is very odd to me.

  215. Must say that after watching a half dozen of these vids that they have absolutely nothing positive to say about China, if you want to stock up on horror stories and negative stuff about china these vids are perfect. Makes me wonder if maybe these Taiwan based guys have something against China, the thing is most of the issues they raise also apply to Taiwan, South Korea and Vietnam, and other countries in the region, some even apply to Japan.. I call this as propaganda, sorry guys but its obvious.

  216. Having ridden a motorcycle ( honda 750 supersport ) for several yrs. in Canada and riding several months in Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and and India, I would NEVER think it a good idea to yak and ride. Seriously ?

  217. 2:28 in the Netherlands we call that ‘Hoerenbad’ or ‘whorebath’. lol.

  218. You mean that outside the interior there’s handsoap in bathrooms, and people flush the toilets?

  219. Malaysian shower at least twice a day

  220. If its a joke ,you would have been RIP in China for a long time. Corona virus will be after you.

  221. How can go to your bed dirty?

  222. I predict that all this lack of hygiene could lead to a corona virus in Jan 2020

  223. French bath or lick and a promise

  224. Looks nice Laos. How to settle there? Thank you

  225. Bro that butter thing you mentioned about South Africa is just a simple soap, so you trying to tell me you dont have soap in China

  226. Japan: They’re obsessed with hand cleanliness. Even after washing, they still don’t trust their own hands. You can be certain your meal was prepared with clean hands. And notice the white gloves used in certain occupations like train drivers. And yeah, I ❤ these conversations with crazy scenery thrown in, so I subbed.

  227. The interesting thing I found is the less I wash my armpits with soap the less foul it smells. I just pat them dry then by the next day no smell and no sweat.

  228. lol funny thing is alot of girls think armpit hair is gross on guys too

  229. Fyi butter people use in South Africa is called Shea Butter

  230. 95% of mainland Chinese people have stinky breath, not just garlic breath. And too many of them smell unwashed to me, mainly because they seem to have this thing about washing their hair infrequently. Blerrgh, I can smell them from across the service counter, dirty oily looking hair that looked like it hasn’t been washed in 2 weeks.

  231. 11:11 nice snot rocket. Which brings me to a conundrum I’ve been struggling with for years. Is the nose the rocket and the snot the propellant, or is the snot the rocket and the nose the launchpad?

  232. What’s the name of the song in the intro? “Me, I know who I am..”

  233. I have French blood and I’m often accused of loving garlic, it’s true. Fresh garlic with fresh lemon juice on your vegetables and meat or fish, washed down with wine will make you happy and won’t smell offensively to others. Fresh garlic, fresh lemon juice and wine cancels out the strong garlic smell.
    Foods made with processed garlic, garlic powder, and garlic salt are not the same, they will create an offensive body order, processed garlic should be avoided.
    Fresh garlic is healthy when consumed with wine and it is excellent for the heart. Garlic is antibiotic. if I do get sick I eat raw garlic, drink fresh lemon juice, take herbs (echinacea and goldenseal in grain alcohol tincture) and take Colloidal silver in a tincture. I haven’t been sick in years, if I do get a cold or flu it’s over in less than 2 days.

  234. Same with women having a too hairy-bushy genital!

  235. Was that a pun, “Poor-tuguese shower”?!

  236. The coronavirus says yes it is a joke.

  237. “Corona Virus.”
    There. I said it.

    1. SuperIntendent Corey Thomas Palmer hope ur feelin better bro, stay ssafe

    2. I feel like breaking down reading comments from 2 months ago. Never in a million years would I have thought life would turn upside down. I only just recently recovered from this virus. Last time I questioned my mortality was a near drowning incident and even then it was never like the way this virus brought me down

    3. … Didn’t kill himself.

  238. This is funny coming from a race which up to 100 years ago bathed once a month and even now never wash their arses after a No. 2.

  239. My Chinese gf occasionally has dragon breath. It doesn’t smell like garlic. I think maybe it’s from tea? Idk. She brushes her teeth a lot. I’m not sure what causes it.

  240. In japan it is aha when I was depressed as shit I couldn’t force myself to shower more than 2 days in a row . Now though I got over it

  241. watching this after the coronavirus video is not so encouraging

  242. Watching them maneuver through that traffic gave me a nervous breakdown. Nobody will care about your breath when you are roadkill!

  243. Body hair isn’t linked to hygiene like that though, it’s technically more hygienic to keep hair so I think it’s unfair to portray Chinese women as dirty because of that, showering however is linked with hygiene

  244. I have never experianced the smell of galic breath, i think garlic breath is just a conspiracy to stop me from eating garlic.

  245. Everywhere has ups and downs. America has a few smell problems itself. Some people have a tendency to layer awful sprays over their b.o.

  246. 2:07 you’re either talking about shea butter or cocoa butter, it’s common in some parts of the US too. They’ll use it because they try not to get their hair wet too often because it messes it up.

  247. What I really noticed with chinese ppl is they dont mind having wake up hair! Just that nest in the back.

  248. Everybody should do a little gardening. Not necessarily shaving, but certainly trimming. Women _and_ men.

  249. Shower at night. Wipe under the arms with a little soap or a wet wipe in the morning; if you have air conditioning in the summer, you’re good to go. Unless you did more than sleeping in bed…

  250. You show snot guy on every other video, lol

  251. I would be more worried about toilet hygiene than armpit hair

  252. Since when having armpit hair became a feminist ideology? If someone wants to have them, let them. Exactly because of the pressure like this millions of boys are getting circumcised needlessly every year just because their mothers didn’t know better and many of them end up dying, botched or will have a lifelong negative effect. “that turtle neck is just gross looking, cut that shit off, have some self respect!”

  253. virus anyone?

  254. Me .I know who I am. I’m a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude.

    TURN ON THE NEWS TOkorean news: pudgy kim jong mentally ill ROCKETS

    ALSO HAVE THE IQ TO STILL DO THE “year of the pig! year of the rat!”
    NOBODY DOES THE “asians-we all gunna learn chineseinschool because they will be such a takeover force in corporate america!” THING COLLAPSED AND FAILED WORSE THAN jeremylin SO YOU NEVER HEAR THAT- THAT STOPPED SINCE LIKE 1995 WHEN EVERYONE SAW THE ugly poor critical thinking unassertivepaper tigers HIT THE LOW BAMBOO CEILING



    INSTEAD YOU HAVE kim jong meng cho seung hui corona william hung ETC.

  259. ch nk corona Virus FIRST CASE CONFIRMED IN TEXAS
    THIS IS-

  260. I think armpit hair traps the phermones that wreak,so shaving the pits will smell better.

  261. Back in the day pre 1800 it was said trvelers knew when they were within 100 miles of Paris because they smelled it,And it burned the sinus.

  262. What you called portuguese bath,I’ve known as a bird bath.

  263. Its cacao butter they use on the skin in Afrika.

  264. As a portuguese national, I can confirm we do shower every other day (showering daily is bad for your skin and hair) and I’ve never heard of the concept of a “Portuguese shower” hahaha

  265. Wait, a lot of us shower twice a day? Have you ever been on a bus without a mask?

  266. Did you remember to ask Yuri Wong if it is ok to use his music?

    1. Yes, he gave us permission

  267. I agree with the armpit hair thing to an extent but it looks gross on men too

  268. Fluoride has a bad name. It is poison and I don’t think they should still be putting it in the tap water in the US. BUT, it does prevent cavities. I was in the military for many years and knew several dental technicians claimed that it does make a difference. Americans have good teeth in comparison to countries that don’t put it in their water. And they said it is a big difference. There could be another reason for that, but on the surface it looks like maybe fluoride in the water has a benefit. But it also dulls our senses.
    As far as garlic breath, there’s no way China can touch Korea for garlic/kimchee breath.

  269. In Brazil, if you have enough water, it’s normal to shower twice a day. In summer, the number goes up. And very few places don’t have the water

  270. They sell that “butter” balm all over the world now it’s called Lume. It’s a body deodorant. 2:03

  271. Hair is such a funny topic for hygiene. I personally don’t understand why non-head hair on women is so off-putting. It’s gotta be partly cultural if the majority of women are genetically built to grow hair on their bodies.

  272. With Chinese food, I discovered the good taste of uncooked garlic. I stink like hell afterwards but the taste when you eat it is awesome. Also food like 黑蒜子牛肉粒 tastes really great and the amount of garlic is insane. Enjoy it and let others also eat it. If everyone joins in, it doesn’t matter that much anymore. It only sucks if you are the one who didn’t eat it.

  273. – Woman don’t shave is not because of Qi, it’s because China does not have as many loser men like you who think that is an issue. Why don’t man shave their armpit? Armpit razor is a stupid product introduced by the marketing people….
    – And yes government housing BEFORE mid-80s do not have bath. Public bath is a cultural tradition and still as popular as the ones in Japan or Korea.
    – Maybe a few parents believe the rumor about the fluoride toothpaste. But dental hygiene is directly related to social wealth. People grow up before the economic expansions have bad teeth because they did not receive enough dental care/knowledge in their young age. (my parents included)

    – The majority of Asian does not carry body odor gene…. as a result deodorant does not even exist in East Asia. Inner Mongolia is like the only place you will find body odor in China. Vietnam is a freaking tropical country. People shower themselves as they feel like it. This video is such a insult on all Asian people. It’s not for you to judge whether they have a good or bad lifestyle, traffic, etc. Go back to south africa.

  274. being here for more than 5 yrs here in Shanghai, I hate it when winter starts to get colder and people start wearing their stenchy jackets specially the old people inside bus or subway. They just smell like dead rats.

  275. In my first year in Shanghai, I was so shocked to see my boss who is a lady with full armpit hair when one time she wore sleeveless 🤪

  276. If you only shower in the morning, your going to bed filthy at night

  277. That traffic is hell.

  278. I don’t care if SerpentZA cares about woman with hairy armpits, the thing that bothers is that he sounds almost like a boomer making jokes about woman, like, idk, i don’t see laowhy making the same bad jokes, it’s just not funny

  279. “Portuguese shower” :’D So far I only knew the Italian shower (deo/perfume – but mostly perfume)… although Urban Dictionary has almost identical descriptions for both 😀

  280. What you are showing is Viet Nam Not China

  281. Shea butter

  282. My ex girl friend from communist China didn’t even know what rags deodorant or what mouth wash was.

  283. i can’t comment on not brushing teeth until my adult teeth came in since i don’t remember. i do recall that i didn’t have cavities until i came to the states and started having candy. chinese kids i knew and heard even now, very few have cavities b/c they don’t add sugar to everything and give out candy on every occasion.

  284. Here’s an experience: In China, on a bus, having women, complete strangers, reach over and amuse themselves by plucking at the hair on my arms. I am blond, and it shines like gold in the sunlight.

  285. Please bring ADVChina to Bogota! I’d love to see y’all ride around in the mess that is my city’s traffic

  286. Cocoa butter .

  287. Toxic garlic cloud.

  288. My mom side of the family are Cantonese. One of their biggest pastimes is talking shit about the northerners, and the thing they always bring up Is how dirty and smelly they are lmfao

  289. I dont think winston catched c-milk’s joke. Poor-tuguese lol

  290. Puerto Rican shower!! Lmao

  291. When winston said that women are obligated to shave their armpits, I lost all respect for him. Not cool, bro.

    1. I wonder when was the last time he shaved his disgusting armpit and leg hair.

  292. you guys need to chill on body hair. It’s not gross dudes like, it’s all over your bodies. do you shave your back? No?! That’s disgusting lol

  293. @[11:00] It’s a Scarlet O’Hare thing man. Somewhere nearby there’s a cheap hotel which has no shower and it has an old sofa in it. The fabric from the sofa is now missing. Voila.

  294. We were born with the traffic, mold by it. You merely adopted it.

  295. I bet those four flower guys get a lot of Âm đạo, nonetheless.

  296. these guys are terrible ppl

  297. Winston were you talking about Vaseline? It’s Patroleum jelly if that’s what you were talking about

  298. I found a new Chinese remedy to all diseases! All you gotta do is eat paint chips lol!

  299. LOL if u dont like women who dont shave their armpits well…. I can tell u this. Vietnamese women dont shave the down under

  300. Who cares if women don’t shave their pits? Most men don’t.

    1. @Quarantine Jesus My daughter is 23, don’t care if she or anyone shaves. it’s just silly. I mean if you like it do it but meh.

    2. Simidae that’s gross my girl better shave her pits

  301. Whaaa-No mention of pubes etiquette???

  302. It’s called a whore bath

  303. warn a brother before posting rotten teeth like that blergh D:

  304. I was in a youth hostel bar talking to 2 asian girls on holiday, they asked if I could guess where they were from Japan? China ? I guessed Korea because the Kim Chi garlic and ginger with beer breathe was horrid! They never know why I got Korea right or what gave them away ; )

  305. No one cares about garlic breath in Czech Republic either, or so my German husband told me. He spent several years working two to three weeks a month there and was kind of amazed that people ate garlic soup on lunch break.

  306. Had a Chinese gf. Can confirm. Chinese people don’t give a shit about hygiene.

  307. 2:35 Rolling LP Gas Bomb

  308. Dude portuguese shower??? U sure? Please check.

  309. Garlic is good for your health, breath mints are not 🤣

  310. “I think we should get away from this bus” Arguably the 1st road rule in Vietnam .

  311. As a woman, I can support women’s rights, be a “feminist” and still believe the only hair a woman should have on her body is on her head. We also should always smell good.

  312. Talk about shaving.

    By the way, feminists deliberately make themselves ugly, or become feminists because they already are ugly.

  313. I’m a certified motorcycle rowdy and risk-taker but watching your video of traffic in Vietnam looks about as promising as playing Russian Roulette with a hammer…

  314. To me, heavy garlic use produces a similar constant smell as when people stop using underarm deodorant for a week. But that is nothing compared to the smell of Indian curry. I love Asian Indians, but if they home-cook with real curry, their clothing and homes just REEK of it. I recall a bank teller whose only contact with me was through the little holes in the bullet-proof glass but the curry smell was just shooting at me through them. I once had to move out of an apartment because the couple downstairs cooked with it 2 or 3 times a week and it seeped through the old-fashioned air vents. :-0

  315. I retired, from the U.S., now living in Manila Philippines. Hot muggy climate. Hygiene here is acceptable. Most people in the provinces do not have showers, but they use a bucket of water and a dipper called a Tabo. I have showered this way many times and find it refreshing. More interesting is the traffic. What I view you experiencing in this video would be a relaxing day on the streets of Manila. Arguable the worse traffic in the world. But I enjoy it, I ride a bicycle. Thanks.

  316. Fluoride is a bad chemical

  317. You need a Harley ,,, that might turn some heads

  318. A garlic dutch oven!! HAHAHA – That is a new one ill have to remember 😛

  319. I noticed allot of these “chinese” things they talk about is mostly based on south/jungle china. pmy family is partially from northen china and I ahve been living there growing up there during the 90’s and early 2000s and I have not seen or experienced many of those things that they have experienced in the south. And the things cmilk talks aobut sounds so absurd, plus armpit hair and hair in general on the body is so recent issue and so western cultural issue.

  320. Blacks get ashy skin. I assume that’s primarily why they use balm, not that they lack the ability to shower

  321. My Chinese wife is OCD on cleanliness, not only on her person but also the house. At times it’s over the top and can drive me mad. She is still great.

  322. “When my wife 👩🏻‍💼 breathes in the house 🏠 it smells like a garlic 🧄 Dutch Oven!” Mrs. SerpentZA expects a new LV purse 👜 when you return from your trip Bro….

  323. Female ARM PIT HAIR 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  324. armpit hair is hot

  325. 4:50 cannot believe that my wife is teaching our kid to brush her teeth BEFORE meals instead of after. Must everything in China be bass-ackward?

    1. Its actually recommended to brush your teeth before breakfast because the acid produced by the foods can soften your enamel making it more vulnerable to the mechanical force of the toothbrush. I suppose if your breath is bad you can just floss and use mouthwash after breakfast and that will resolve any oral odors.

  326. Two man trying to tell us what to do with our bodies? Gross.

  327. I love HAIRY ARMPITS and Chinese Girls so there is no other way out other than Marry Lily 14 years ago.
    Our Daughter tells us “She likes our stories.
    Some lovely Comments on here. Yes you need to spend some time in the Far East to appreciate the smells.
    Save a visit to India by going to Leicester England!!! Love David and Lily.

  328. I live in Korea and literally EVERYONE smells nice here. But some of them do have garlic breath which is pretty offputting

  329. Communism and ideas of chi. Thank G-d I was born in the west

  330. Chinese man dont have any problem with unshaven woman

  331. anecdote: my chinese wife has and will always be more clean than me, she’s a clean-freak. Her family drives her nuts though, hahaha

    1. 😹😹😹😹
      She’s lucky….

      But we will find dirty people in the 4 corners of the world by looking well … or by not having a butcher’s nose … 😉

      The ones I know are clean to me or with me

      … Well I think …😏… 🤫

  332. Sometimes I feel you guys are also biased. I also feel uncomfortanle wayching you guys laugh at the regional poor people’ bikes in vietnam.

  333. Shaving is not a personal hygiene thing. Its 100% aesthetic. If it’s unclean for a woman to not shave you men are sickeningly disgusting.

  334. Do you two shave your armpits?

  335. Because of the garlic and alcohol breath from salary men in Japan I avoided public transportation when I knew the would be using that transportation.

  336. Re: Portuguese shower, we always just called what you’re referring to a whore’s bath. Splash water on all the stinky bits and move onto the next step.

  337. Arm-pit hair, have you seen the bushes! :0

  338. 2:34 Get away from the guy with the giant blue propane tank – he’s gonna crash and blow up everyone for three blocks around him.

  339. So do the women hold their breath after eating garlic? : )

  340. Let me get it straight – C-Milk only showers in the morning? So after long sweaty day and probably after having an afternoon poo you go and sleep with your wife? That’s gross! or am I not getting something here?

  341. This was not a good video to play in the morning during work without headphones plugged in. Here I come, 2020…

  342. People who don’t do actual labor can wait ’til morning to shower.

  343. Hmmm… as for women shaving armpits and legs… I came from Germany to Canada in 1990.. and felt negatively surprised to see all the unnatural looking women obsessed with shaving all the time – add to that the plucking of eyebrows to a thin line plus the excessive make up and I would feel like I’m dating an artificial plastic human –

  344. I don’t know…., these videos are increasingly of a rambling nature and the South African isn’t a very articulate kinda guy, while the American is, however, their combined observations and world view seem out of touch and also from another age, a less tactful age. Make a video about the international terrorist nation, the USA, dropping bombs on high ranking people from drones flying over Iraq, that’s surely worse than a bit of bad hygiene.

  345. You heard it here first ” Butter ! “… 🙂

    Is Vietnam the Scooter capital of the World ?

  346. The “Portuguese shower” is what Portuguese South Africans supposedly do….namely, splash on lots of aftershave rather than having a real shower with water. Whether or not it’s true, probably isn’t, but it would REALLY piss a Portuguese person off to hear it said.

  347. shaving armpits: Seems like the common-sense thing would be to shave any areas below the neck that are exposed and grow a lot of hair, for men or women. Normally that would be armpits. That would not normally mean legs or torso. Not sure how that would apply to women’s legs.

    Do young women have more hair on their legs than on their torso or arms?

  348. Those roads look dangerous a.f. Even without anyone doing anything wrong.

  349. in places like Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines and even Native Americans -genetically women just don’t have the body hair, the men too nor do their bodies produce stronger scented pheromones

  350. Video starts on 3:45

  351. I spit on street if I am not sick and I urinate in street

  352. Another great video guys but you do come across as a bunch of giggling schoolboys which paradoxically is hillarious as serpantz’s starting to look like Friar Tuck and c-milk Old Father Time. Cmon guys do a comb over and get some hair dye and why…well because it looks good thats why ! lmao

  353. Winston butters black dudes?

  354. I’m racist, women pit hairs/ leg hairs are 100% detesting except for southern Chinese. I don’t know why. Perhaps I note many of them have very little to start. It is still detesting at a level of 10%. Body odor is a no no whichever race. The worst is the ones that are masked by perfume or cologne, in fact I may get aggressive with such people. I know these are just shallow traits, most people are special.

  355. From my experience in China….Shenyang, yes, Personal Hygiene is a joke. They don’t take baths daily and don’t seem to care. Most of the men sound like coffee percolators, hacking up phlegm from the horrible, polluted air they breath and cigarettes don’t help. Running hot water is a luxury in that city it seems. You have to have money to heat up the water for your shower.

  356. My parents are from Gansu are in Tibet region, I grew up in Canada but never had underarm odor till i started playing sports in high school. I think I got infected by wearing communal jerseys and sitting beside sweaty teammates lolzzz.

  357. I was ten feet away from a Chinese woman in a laundromat I could smell her breath I almost threw up and had to leave

  358. Every time I enter a restaurant’s toilet which has no soap to wash hands… I assume every dish are contaminated by poop….

  359. I would say something… but too busy vomiting

  360. Superb video as always guys….. but I do not know what disturbed me more, the dangerous horrendous traffic or you guys putting the image of muscular African guys rubbing themselves in butter…..shocking very very shocking ha ha ha ha … stay safe guys 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍

  361. Garlic breath makes me hurl. I will literally vomit. I never remain in a room filled with garlic breath. I puked too many times in the past. I always order all my food without garlic, and without onions too. Everything.

  362. 7:40 In Europe, it’s illegal to cross the zebra crossing line while pedestrians are crossing, but I suppose it’s impossible to apply this rule in this country with such a chaotic traffic.

  363. those red star hats aren’t so bad. there’s worse tourist crap

  364. There’s no reason hair on women would be grosser than on men

    1. Rosanna Berckley Yeah, especially long “pubes” around the nipples in women…that’s my favorite…

  365. Winston raggin on his wife’s breath prepare to be on Chinese media

  366. every asian i ever smelled smells of garlic strong garlic smell from their breath. asian americans love garlic .i can smell them 50 feet away and i smoke

  367. Heard the first 2 seconds of the song and smiled, I watched the video on it being composed and it’s sick

  368. 07:05 Most Vietnamese people only do it at night.

  369. Armpit hair on chicks being nasty isn’t opinion, it’s fact!

  370. Garlic and onion breath? Digging in their noses in public on a regular basis? Blowing the snot out of their noses and onto the ground regularly? Shooting a deuce on the sidewalk on a regular basis? Don’t shave their armpits? A stench of garlic on the bus and trains? And on what grounds do these people look down on Blacks again? Talk about having a lot of nerve…

  371. Vietnam beats China again. Also, I consider myself a “feminist”. I believe in gender equality. But I do agree, I think women should shave their armpits.

  372. I think Winston was trying to describe Shea Butter Lotion. you use it to keep your skin hydrated.

  373. Never got use to or could stomach was the honking. I was blown away the first time I came across the communal bathrooms, especially the methane stench.

  374. My ex eats raw green onion

  375. I have a question. Do American girls shave their bush?

  376. Re Sweating: what gene is that? Also , shame on you for expecting women to shave their armpits to satisfy your western aesthetic tastes , its bad enough that so many black women feel pressure to straighten their hair

  377. Is Personal Hygiene in China a Joke?

    Compare this as a Nazi concentration camps

  378. It’s extremely important for kids to brush! Important to The structure, gums, roots, development of their adult teeth and straightness.

  379. “Portuguese shower”? It’s called a Whore’s bath.

    1. Ho bath🤣

    2. @Trent Michael Cheeky bastard. That’s a Pakistani Shower.

    3. @Trent Michael Thats what we call a Portuguese shower here in Massachusetts

    4. I thought it was called “bum shower”

    5. In Australia we call it an English shower, but doesn’t involve water, just loads of deodorant.

  380. My kindergarten teacher says wash your hands after poopoo
    Butt, Obama says 2 homosexual men Furiously Poking the Fresh Pooop out of the anuS of each other is marriage

  381. How about Ray Bellew cap?

  382. Armpit is unbecoming with females, but, however, I’ve become calloused to it & since they don’t care, I don’t either. Its new world order stuff…sort of like comparison of the ol’ republic to empire kind of thing.

  383. People think that cats are clean. Really they’re not. Cats are covered in cat-spit.

  384. Somewhere near the top of my list of grosse-outs are Chinese dudes with facial moles that have 3 inch hairs growing out of it. Eeww.

    1. @Harry Ha! it’s supposed to be lucky in China to hurl coins into jet engines while boarding flights too…. Next they’ll be hurling little statues of Buddha into turbines for good luck. What could possibly go wrong? Logic and superstition are never great partners, but nowhere else in the world are the two as far apart as they are in China!

    2. yeah i think it’s lucky or something to grow those out, never cut them.

  385. you should drive on the right lane, left lane is for cars

  386. If the traffic wasn’t bad enough and you thought it was over once you start walking there’s always snot dodger skills you have to employ 11:16

  387. I much prefer this intro music to the other crappy one! Well done guys 🎶👍🎧

  388. I had to sit next to a Chinese guy on a plane for 15 hours so I can tell you he did stink and I was out of my seat when seat belt sign was off

    1. Some Chinese have this weird smell. I can always tell when one is sitting behind me on a bus (I suspect it’s a diet thing).

  389. I had a father in law, he would not like a shower much. Say, he’d have one every 2 to 4 days. That is when I was there. The house was such a mess – it looked awful. Like horror awful, disgusting all around, toilets to bathroom. Bathroom looked like a radioactive blackhole – wires galore, lamps burning your head. The truth be, my then wife lived there, in this big house, with her mum and dad….the place was a dead cemetery until I got it redone. Bad breath is one always, but where one lives tells you all before anything else.

  390. Spit bath.

  391. 10:51 What are those guys wearing? Need a follow up on that Winston.

  392. Have to disagree on the armpit thing. It’s really not a problem unless you make it one, we don’t find men’s armpit or leg hair disgusting. I agree it’s a preference but don’t bring it up in terms of hygiene.

  393. I remember one time in Guangdong I was at book store in the summer and I was surrounded by teenagers. I smelled incredibly horrible BO all of sudden. I looked to the right and a teen boy was there but he didn’t smell. I looked to my left and smelled, a teen girl was there. It was her. Surprised me. That’s when I learned the hygiene there is definitely different than here in the US.

  394. Onion and garlic are not the only food that leaks out every pore.
    I find that even after a thorough shower that I can smell garlic leaking out the pores of my hands and armpits. I’ve just now sniffed my hand and I’d say that I can smell a bit of the coffee that I’ve been drinking.
    If I can smell my food intake while being saturated with those foods? I imagine that others may find the smell even stronger, unless they have eaten simillar things.

  395. Get on the bus Gus, don’t need to discuss much. Just try not breath , for the air is riddled with disease. Said the Joker.

  396. Bidets (or a bucket)… countries where people use bidets (and soap) + Japan and their fancy enema toilets provide the best hygiene where it is really important to keep clean. Are there any bidets in China and Vietnam?

  397. The hair on a woman holds her scent, if you boys don’t like that, well, I don’t know what to tell you. Pity your wives.

    1. @My Effulgent Hairy Balls say Asian girls don’t really smell

    2. Yeah, I was surprised it bothered them too. Asian girls don’t exactly have massive bear beards in their armpits and nor do their pits smell particularly.

  398. Serpenza. To deny your wife the pleasure and health benefits of garlic, which BILLIONS of people enjoy and benefit from, is cruel. Stop doing that and apologize.

  399. Portuguese shower? Winston! Please travel Europe and visit Portugal! Mediteranians bother on personal hygiene very much! Man. Please expand your personal horizon.

  400. My guess is that they are using shea butter, neem oil. Readily available in USA.

  401. The personal hygiene issue I noticed the most in China was clothes. My host family all got new outfits for New Year’s and then wore those outfits every day for 2 weeks. At least that was on the winter. My boss at my internship, middle of the summer in hot Xi’an, wore the same outfit every day for a month before changing into a new outfit. That he then wore for several weeks. I’ll rewear jeans a few times between washes if they don’t get too dirty, but everything else is one wear!

    1. your examples are extreme but that does happen here. that being said, I think wearing the inner layers/middle layers of winter clothing many times is good in many ways. (time, money, environment)

  402. I can go for weeks without a shower.

    1. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 🤢 that’s not ok

  403. I believe the term here is a whores bath.

  404. Your bed would smell like shit if u don’t shower at night

  405. how did you record such perfect audio between both of you while riding the bike? were you both on the same bike and each have a mic in your helmets?

  406. Here on Cambodia showers are taken ad hoc, which is often. One in four of the cabinets of the “wash room” are showers in many schools. However the diet coupled with a tradition of grazing (eating little often) does lead to foul breath. As a teacher, I would always have strong, minty gum to hand and find a reason to reward offenders with said gum. Going out, I always have gum to hand out to female Khmer company. I am a smoker and coffee addict, so I am careful with my own emissions !
    In fact, generally the locals appreciate gum to clean teeth and neutralize nasty niffs after food, beer and smokes; stunted children sell gum around bars and restaurants.

  407. what’s with the song ?

  408. I’ve been living in North Central China for years. Never seen an apartment or house here without a shower. Agree about the armpit and leg hair. Shave it

  409. Seriously? Armpit hair? Good thing you’re old, that’s the only thing that can sort of justify that bait

    1. and then you dare to say “do what u wanna do” when it comes to fucking garlic

  410. There is no such shit in Portugal! We just use water like everyone else

  411. you guys are great!

  412. Oh man, the garlic breath is fucking horrible. The Koreans are the absolute worse when it comes to that. Whenever I travel in Asia, I always carry one of those face masks everybody seems so fond of. I rub Vics on the inside of the mask so I am spared the road-kill breath. This is key, especially on long flights, ugh.

  413. Speak for yourself guys, I like hairy Chinese girls! lol

  414. Vietnam looks absolutely nucking futs

  415. I’d go a for hot asian clean wookie female

  416. Women not shaving their armpits is not a lack of personal hygiene.
    It’s utterly disgusting nonetheless.

  417. If you only shower in the morning, you’re taking your workday’s stench to your bed every night.

    1. It’s not bad if you work in an AC controlled office all day.

    2. I am from Indonesia. We shower twice a day. After taking a dump, we use soap and water to wash ourselves. We consider showering once a day to be ‘monkey like’.

    3. Wesley Martins 😂 👏🏼

    4. JackStrait or just shower twice a day and be extra clean

    5. Thank you! I always say the same thing. It’s so gross!

  418. The “gene” is what make you sweat more. What makes you SMELL more is a bacteria.
    Get a clue

  419. 11:16
    Enjoy your meal

  420. Growing up we never ate garlic and l ways had a problem with garlic breath until once day I had prawns with garlic butter and after that I never noticed it again.

  421. According to studies, 99.9% of the portuguese people never heard about “Portuguese shower”. The other 0.1% heard it here on ADVChina.

  422. So, when did Winston start shaving his gross armpit hair?

    1. @phangirlable it doesnt look bad on women either

    2. Men should trim their pits. Women should shave. This is the gold standard

    3. Andrew Jones
      Why? Do you want to “bum” him?

    4. @phangirlable I disagree, it’s especially bacteria ridden and pungent on males

    5. Shut up Bruce

  423. You guys didn’t mention hand washing. I’m an American living in China. I always wash my hands very well many times per day. The Chinese absolutely do not do this. It’s a little gross, because when I have physical contact with anyone, I know that person has dirty hands. It makes me want to wash my hands even more often.

  424. I don’t understand why people feel interested in listen to two uneducated American dudes talking about all the bias shits about China?

  425. next time pls visit the philippines

  426. Shaving armpits in the west wasn’t at thing until the 1920s. Like pushing diamonds as a “tradition” so were grooming standards imposed by marketing departments.

    1. @brunoais me too

    2. it was also not a tradition to use computers in the workplace until 30 years ago. Shit changes bro, doesn’t make the new shit any more or less stupid than the stupid shit that preceded it.

    3. Exactly! It’s already been a tradition in ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece and Persia (and probably more cultures) to do even full body hair removal. Hell, they had beauticians in ancient Rome in the baths who would pluck the hair out with tweezers one by one. lol

    4. I still prefer women with armpit, arm and leg hair, though. Not bushy like a man but the lower amounts women tend to have I do.

    5. @Drop Forged the Ainu women tattooed a beard. 🙂

  427. My very beautiful Chinese girlfriend in Vancouver Canada, did not shave under her arms. I love her so much it was okay *

    1. Women’s armpit hair is really sexy!

  428. Eating from the same plate with chopsticks. Now everyone has diarrea !!!

    1. Odd that people in China assume Westerners would be sensitive about that (and not squat toilets).

  429. Also in the north of China, it’s too cold for them to bathe in Winter.

    In Summer I’ll shower twice a day here in GD. It’s disgusting, you’ll start sweating as soon as you’re out, too, so it’s kinda pointless, but I can’t not.

  430. Meeh?

    I know who I ahmm…

    I’m a duu…

    Playin a dude…

    Disguised as another duu…






    I’m a dew.

  431. Hair-Chi….is Yuk-Kie.

  432. We need to market a product for Chinese women that’s called Chi Hair: Super grow.

  433. Thai people are very clean, most shower twice a day, and use a lot of deodorant, and perfume.

  434. My wife of Swedish and German ancestry doesn’t need to shave her legs.

    1. nobody needs to shave their legs

  435. Winston ought to shave his face if he wants his wife to stop eating garlic

  436. My Chinese girlfriend says she will only shave her armpits once I shave my full face beard

  437. intro song?

  438. 11:17 lmao that guy had this snot in his nose for the past decade

  439. Are Asian women prudish? Are they adventurous in bed? From what I’ve seen it looks like they lack a sex drive.

  440. been working in china for a week. never met so smelly people so frequently anywhere else.
    even a stewardess had so bad breath, i sunk into my seat, trying to get some extra distance.

  441. By FAR the worst odor is when people try to MASK their B.O. with a dose of Ed Hardy Cologne, or Axe spray and you smell both smells simutaneously…

  442. My cat loves your videos.

  443. I wouldn’t say it’s a lack of self-respect to not shave. Perhaps just a lack of western advertising. The whole armpit shaving thing was supposedly started because of an ad. I enjoyed Nanchang. I never let my legs get crazy, but I was less self-conscious about leg stubble there. It really does boil down to conditioning I think.

  444. Foolish hygiene talk from Westerners.

  445. From what i know that “butter” thing he described is soap (might be wrong)

  446. Oh I have experience chinese omg its garlic

  447. My wife also has terrible garlic breath for days after eating anything with garlic. I spot it from meters, even outdoors. I thougt I was just too sensitive about this smell but you say it’s maybe digestion related? I rarely notice it on other people.

  448. We call your Portuguese bath a “whore’s bath”.

  449. Yesn’t.

  450. Hmm Winston , I used to like you ! 🙂
    I bought the saipan hat as a souvenir , the ‘military hat ‘ I have too !
    And many others !
    You are lucky , you still have hair !
    Bald heads do not like the sun!
    While not exactly personal hygiene , saw a strange scene in the night market in Phu Quoc .
    A local was eating prawns , once the flesh was in his mouth , the skin was just dropped on the floor !
    Even the waitresses were embarrassed !
    While seeing you dodge busses is fun , please tell us where you are 🙂
    Am trying to recognise any places .
    Heres to hygiene and a great 2020 !

  451. Honestly in the West I get offended more often by someones deodorant than their body odor. 19/20 times I wouldn’t have smelled someones BO, but I get a whiff of their caustic chemical concoction and it’s nasty and makes me feel like I’ve taken a shower with that person, or that we’ve shared sweat.

  452. There are people with body odour, albeit hygiene is not very much a not showering problem. It’s issues such as spitting in public places for example restaurant or the bus, or not brushing teeth (mentioned in the video). But the worst for me is:
    – washing hands before going to toilet, but not after.

  453. I visited China, like everything in life you can find any kind of individual. But a lot of cheap taxi drivers stinks 😷, etching, they work whole day with out AC to save gas…never seat at the the front.

  454. Well about garlic if you eat food with garlic yourself you won’t notice other smelling garlic as much

  455. hey guys, thank you so much for your videos they are very helpful ,

    I am thinking of moving to china to learn Chinese, do you think it is best to sign up in a language center or university ?
    also im not sure if it is better to move to Taiwan or China ( specially for a middle eastern dude).

    and if you can recommend language centers or universities


  456. I am a man and I shave my armpits. Less hair, less smell, easier to wash.

  457. 11:14 dude blown out his nose THEN uses tissue to wipe off hands

  458. i used to grow hair on my legs up to my knees, but hair stopped growing there after my time in the Army. i think it had something to do with the routine icing of my legs as i was suffering from shin splints on the regular. i can barely see 1-3 hairs on each leg and they grow so slowly i may shave them off when i’m super bored after several months.

  459. Eat Garlic and you will not notice Garlic breath.

  460. my sister grew her armpit hair out and then died it blue so she could show it off to her massage therapist and see his shocked face.

  461. Do not make fun of my Russian Red Star hat. I bought it back in the 70’s when I was stationed in Germany ad took a tour of East Berlin. When leaving I bought this Russian soldier’s hat. He was enlisted not a Officer. Coast me $5. If I had the time he would have sold me a uniform as many of the Americans stationed at Tempelhof Berline had full Russian uniforms. At the time the dollar was equal to 7 East German Marks.

  462. 2:34 an entire canister of helium or propane that can fall off at any moment and splode or hit someone

  463. You did not talk about where the other hair is located. The Vagina hair. My Indonesian wife shaves hers as there is not much growth to begin with. Sometimes I do it for her and she will shave me. Seems like many Asian women do not like hair is areas of the body.

  464. mmmhmm i like my men rubbed down w/butter or Crisco-hot stuff!

  465. Yeah the armpit hamster is such a turn-off. Girls with leg hair is kind of odd, but definitely worse when they have those long hairs coming through their pantyhose. Ugh!

  466. Good video, I like how you both insult your wife and her family.

  467. In Asia women don’t shave their genital areas. It’s disgusting …

  468. Most americans have body odor, they cover it with perfume, so America is a cesspool country? Most people in China, Japan and South Korea have no body odor, not to mention countries like South Africa

  469. I think both women and men should shave their armpits. Also, I was eating at the start of this video. Thank you so much.

  470. 1:23 4:23 speedo meter is all over the place

  471. So both ur wives have rotten teeth….when u put down some of the Chinese….u guys r also insulting your wives..they gotta lose face …their friends and relatives see ur videos criticizing their people….

  472. Showers in Korean homes and heated tap water was very uncommon until late ’80s / early ’90s. People would do a shower sink of face, pits, and groin daily and then go to the bath house once a week.

  473. You shower in the morning? That’s dirty – Going to sleep with all that collected dirt and dust and sweat and rubbing and sweating it off onto your bed every night. It’s better to shower at night before you sleep.

  474. Is it shea butter they use in South Africa ? I see it on store shelves in the Walgreens or CVS with all the soaps and shampoos here in the U.S.and it’s fat extracted from the nuts of african shea trees.

  475. The smelliest people I’ve run into here in Bangkok are the Japanese and French. Thais are very hygienic and the women hairless where it matters. Garlic breath is a thing but depending on your conditioning can be arrousing, not unlike cigarette breath under the right circumstances.

  476. C-Milks wife looks like her breath smells

  477. The women don’t shave – it’s gross. Oh man, i see angry hordes of feminists incoming😆…
    That garlic thing is strange. I had a girlfriend, she was originally from Thailand (I live in Switzerland). Oh man, when she did eat garlic, alsowhrn it was just a tiny little bit, it was like a poisonous, strong, strange smell in the whole house. You would not even recognise it as garlic. I mean, when Europeans had garlic, you would smell some garlic around them but that was really on a whole other level!

  478. Being completely honest, but I love Chinese women who don’t shave their armpits. For me it’s attractive, natural Chinese girls are so hot. But that’s just me.

  479. Thanks I have now actually managed to drive in China, Bejing no less. Just driving right into an intersection, yea, it’s a thing. I thought they just crowded up to pedestrians, nope.

  480. A ‘Portuguese Shower’ is where one doesn’t actually use water but covers their body odour using deodorant or perfumes. A ‘Whore’s Shower’ is where one washes certain areas of their body by splashing water from a sink or using only moistened towels (wet wipes).

  481. As a man, I regularly shave my armpits.

  482. Winston talking about the man butter is making Laowhy all excited.

  483. Happy New Year Winston & C-Milk

  484. Hey you guys! The editing has been top notch lately! Nice job!

  485. I wonder if these two should call Elon Musk and get a lift to another world…lol.

  486. Funny I have always found the Thai people who actually originated from the China the cleanest on Earth I have ever met. Not sure how often they shower but there is a lot of rainfall there except maybe in the North East. They are always washing and cleaning things with copious amounts of water. Certainly the street food also is the cleanest on Earth. I’d give the Vietnamese and South East Asians in general the benefit of the doubt stopping at the Chinese border. Fuck China: go SEA. Sawadee Kup.

  487. “Winston you smell like Xi it!” Their political hygiene is no joke to their Kowtow Party while all while the people spit, piss and shit in the street: go figure!

  488. Most adults don’t brush their tongues in China, though. Dragon breath…

  489. What about foot funk? On a train in Morocco returning from Marrakesh, I was in a compartment with a local who crossed his legs and bounced his fetid sandal shod feet around. I had to leave my seat and stand in the corridor with an open window. To cheer myself up, I began singing to myself “Don’t you know we’re riding, on the Desenex Express.”

  490. My experience with toothbrushing was that people would brush teeth BEFORE breakfast

    1. And if garlic was for breakfast then…

  491. 10:51, is to be a recently popular trend of fruit or floral pattern collection. Either from BAPE or Fashion Nova. Not sure of the name. And agree very floral. Great videos as always guys.

  492. Winston needs to eat more garlic. And either get over hairy armpits or shave his own.

  493. Well, well, batman needs to persecute more clowns like both of you. LOL!!!

    1. @Ginnungagap Wumao wumao, is wumao your mother’s private part? LOL!!!

    2. Is this what’s considered as a clever insult by the wumao? No wonder you are so bad at convincing people of the glory of the CCP if that’s the best insult you can come up with.

  494. I don’t know how you guys can ride in that crap. Just looking at it was driving me up the wall! Those guys were wearing rompers if I am correct, they are sissy suits for men! Fluoride, what can I say! You guys know why they don’t use it right? They probably have Iodine in the tooth paste there! I use tooth paste with Iodine in it from time to time but I always use Fluoride free tooth paste! It’s really not too terrible for you as long as you’re not drinking fluoride. Fluoride is proven to lower IQ’s of unborn Infants. Iodine is proven to raise IQ’s of people on average by 10 – 12 points. I take Iodine everyday. It’s actually in most multi vitamins such as the popular “one a day” for men. It’s a shame they put that toxic stuff in our drinking water here in America, its only good for rinsing your mouth out with, now swallowing. You should research the water in California, I have read articles online that say, I believe it was in LA that the water is actually somewhat radioactive and causes cancer. Always filter your water or drink bottled.

  495. Bad new music

  496. Hey Winston if Sasha eats garlic then you eat some so you can stand each other.

  497. We Chinese don’t wipe. Our shit doesn’t stink.

  498. 10:53 Those are called Rompers.

  499. I only shower every day in the summer. In winter I will go several days in a row without a shower. Maybe that’s why I’m still single?

  500. …and when you’re in China don’t buy one of those Qing Dynasty hats with the pony tail, thats like a Chinese tourist coming to the US and wearing a cowboy hat.

    1. Nothing wrong with a tourist buying a cowboy hat…

  501. As an esl teacher, I can tell you the teeth of the children are revolting.

    1. 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  502. Im a guy in the USA and when I was about 18 I discovered that if I trimed my armpit hair short I rarely needed deodorant unless I drank alcohol or ate meat for several consecutive days. DONT shave it, or you’ll then need to apply lotion multiple times to avoid ingrown hairs. Instead I just trim it short with the beard triming attachment on my electric razor. Also, I also try to only eat meat 2 times per week (Not always successful). There are lots of other things that can be done as well like drinking a little apple cider vinegar each day. And use a body wash with grapefruit seed extract in it such as “Puracy-citrus grove” baby shampoo/body wash. And if you still need deodotant…Hands down THE BEST deodorant IN THE WORLD is a product called “Lavilin” underarm cream! I used to order it from a military surplus catalog when I was a kid. The company eventually got bought by “Now foods” and repackaged in a new container but its still called Lavilin. You only need to apply once per week in hot sweaty climates and every 2 weeks in winter. That stuff is no joke, it actually works. The best part is its entirely natural with no weird chemicals…spoiler, its mostly grapefruit seed extract.

  503. Hygiene is avoiding to getting sick. So smelling itself doesn’t have to do anything with hygiene. If you smell, it doesn’t mean you are more likely to get sick. It is actually really bad to shower every day. It destroys the defense bacteria on your skin. It makes your skin dry and therefore bad bacteria can easily find a good place to grow and spread. Just talk to a specialist. They all tell you this.

    1. @Ginnungagap Normal people don’t shit their pants every day; no need to project.

    2. @Ginnungagap Actually they told me when I showered every day. When I switched to every 2nd day, they didn’t after a month or two. Just talk to a specialist. They will tell you the same. It is more healthy to not shower every day.

    3. No one wants to smell your shitstained boxers and dried sour sweat.
      Just talk to any person. They all tell you this.

  504. Not only women, but also men should shave their armpits. It is more hygienic. Long armpit hair is gross.

  505. I’m a dude!

  506. Floride is a terrible drug it’s a suppresent drug which makes u doesile

  507. garlic breath is the worst!
    and tic tacs don’t help cause garlic chemicals are absorbed into blood and then exhaled from the lungs, like hangover alcohol breath

  508. but i personally like hairy armpits

  509. I have hear that there are communal baths where men and women go naked and bathe together. Is that true? We do it in the USA at hot springs. What about China, Viet Nam?

  510. Shaved armpits look good? Why? It all sounds like it stems from pedophilia. Shaved vulvae, shaved armpits and shaved legs are only naturally occurring in per-pubescent women. If you are a man you are genetically wired to be attracted to women in their natural state. Women look good. Period. Children do not.

  511. Dated a girl who went from “country girl” to “city feminist” in about a year and a half. The difference in her hygiene was IMMENSE. from clean shaven and well kept, to hairy and rather off putting. Hope you don’t get too much flack for that comment Winston!

  512. Am I to assume these guys have never eaten out their wives because they can’t stand the smell of poontang ?

  513. Fluoride is extremely bad go research it, you will be shocked

    1. Johnathon I researched it during university for a project and there are no scientific publications that prove that the standard 0.3 ppm fluoride content in most water sources can cause damage to your health. Of course we can speculate but there’s no scientific evidence from reputable journals that would support your claim. The funny thing is that I tried so hard to write a paper on why it is bad and I had to reverse my claims due to the lack of evidence

  514. I dont shower every day as well…but I am also not living in a hot climate. Also depends on the activities/work
    Concerning garlic/onion: I wouldnt care either and has nothing to do with hygiene….
    Spitting I agree. Thats an awful habit…
    I wonder how people shower……I mean: You can shower for 2 minutes with a but of water and not much soap or you can soap with much water. I see some countries wash every day, but awfully bad with just a few cups of water, etc.

  515. My pal pigpen seems quite happy with himself.
    Also winston, that was my cousin walking the streets with his gang.

  516. Yes, it’s call “chinkstink”.

  517. We had better get away from this bus or it’s gonna be ON-ME…

  518. This channel should be renamed misogamist’s weekly………

    1. @Ginnungagap The irony is abel whatshisface was probably not referring to cm&za and probably agrees with your bigoted views. Go LOOK up idioms.

    2. @Abel Magwitch The irony is that they never said “hairy women stink”. They said it LOOKS better shaved.
      Which a majority of men around the world would agree with. Even you, even though you might deny it to uphold your “male feminist” facade.

    3. No one smells more rancid and disgusting than a sweaty biker !! and the whiff cant be washed out !! lol

    4. The irony is they say hairy women stink and look vile etc yet c-milk showers only in the morning….really??? you must go to bed stinking like a turd after being on the bikes all day LMAO !!

  519. People who don’t shave their armpits themselfs, have no right to demand it from others.

  520. Winston: stop getting hats, is what I’m trying to say…
    Me: aw shit, here we go again…

  521. I don’t know where Winston’s from but, Black people in West Africa shower multiple times a day. Body wash, Shampoo the whole nine. Not all of Africa is poor. I’ve never heard of that butter shit he was talking about.

  522. If they used regular bikes rather than mopeds and then turned one street one way and the other one next to it also one way to the other way all that traffic would probably disappear.

  523. An additional part of the oral hygiene in China that found, is the lack of flossing. I could only find one store that sold it when I forgot to bring it once…..

  524. I am from the over hygienic country, Japan.
    Japanese over hygienic culture comes from the Japanese native religion Shinto and are still embed in the society with the religious backgrounds almost forgotten.

    Bringing anything unhygienic or being unhygienic is the greatest shin in Shinto and there is a lot of religious traditional personal and public rituals to purify yourself.

    1. *shin – sin

  525. Ima D00D

  526. Coco butter? I know a lot of black ppl who love coco butter. And I never heard of a Portuguese shower. We always called it a Mexican shower, just using deodorant.

  527. I asked my ex Chinese girlfriends to shave, they do shave after that . It is their culture. They’re friendly as well

  528. In USA people brush teeth only twice!?!? For brazilian standard this is also disgusting, it’s not enough. It’s also recommend brushing after each meal.

  529. Kimchi breath…it’s a real thing. You could smell the indeginous workers coming up to the gates in the morning. It was powerful.

  530. In Australia we call it a Pommy shower rather than a Portuguese shower.. It stems from the fact that in the 70s or so not too sure but anyhoo it was an tv interview with a stuck up English lady saying Australians must stink if they need to shower everyday 😁

  531. This is a *GENERIC comment about American women regardless of ethnic background* based on personal observation: Girls raised in homes WITHOUT a father don’t have the same cleanliness ‘down South’ as girls raised in a household with a father do.

    1. Why is that (assuming it’s true)?

  532. What crazy traffic

  533. What is going on with the gauge on your bike, it’s just bouncing around like crazy

  534. Argh I was just eating when that guy honked in the street
    Awesome video guys. How you guys navigate this street madness is beyond me. It is like some crazy video game
    Great video as always guys. Happy new year to you and your families 🎄👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  535. Garlic, onion, salt, plus other spices have added taste to tasteless food of Europe.

    You know, the things which started journey of Europeans and eventually enslave Asia.

    Some things you mentioned show cultural bias. Ever wonder how others may think about people who drink milk? Eat dead animal carcass?

  536. Don’t you guys realize that garlic around your neck will ward off evil?

  537. The irony of Winston the Pooh telling women what to do with their body hair :eyeroll:

  538. Just an opinion, but unshaven armpits don’t really bother me.
    My wife is from northern China, when I first met her it seemed odd to me but I quickly got used to it. I mean she occasionally shaves, but it’s not every day or week.

    What I am amazed by though is she doesn’t need to shave her legs.

  539. Hot garbage garlic breath , too funny.

  540. The topic of shower in China is like weekly discussion in the Chinese forum. And it is always ended up North VS South. With the northerners insist that no sweating in the cold winter therefore no need shower. Whereas the southerners argued that there are still something coming out of the skin no matter how cold. At the end, no party can totally agree with other party, and it goes on and on like loop every so often…….

  541. Why am I watching this while making breakfast?
    Bad idea.

  542. It’s Shea butter and it’s to keep their skin from being ashy not because they can’t shower..

  543. I live in a cold climate and tend not to shave my underarms regularly (in winter) unless I’m going swimming/partying or doing something that involves short sleeves – and what I have noticed is that I sweat a lot less when I haven’t shaved recently. Maybe the hair helps the sweat diffuse faster so you don’t get sweat marks etc.? I smell better hairy lol. Maybe the Vietnamese girls noticed they stank when they shaved and equated that to chi. XD

  544. During too fast for the conditions…

  545. did the boys lose a bet?

  546. Those 4 dudes looked like an awesome “band” haha. Radical wardrobe.

  547. 中國政府是邪惡的

  548. One of the reasons the garlic breath is so stinky is because they are eating RAW garlic. If it is cooked, it is not nearly so noxious. But, much of Asian cooking utilizing garlic in the raw form.

  549. Smell? Whites & Africans have major body odor because of the amount of endocrine glands. Japanese bathe, not shower at night, warms body and keeps bedsheets clean. Even shower is considered half assed. Personally, I still have shower in morning. The deep Japanese bath is awesome. Hot springs and public baths are really cool in Japan. Very self conscious people, odors, smells, shaving legs, cleanliness is huge.

  550. Idk the way I feel about women’s body hair is totally dependent on where they are from and where they live, if you live somewhere where women aren’t expected to shave legs/arm pits then why should they? It would be going against culture norms just to do something that clearly no one cares about. But it also applies in reverse, most western countries associate shaved legs/arm pits with femininity etc and attractiveness so not doing it,whatever reason they give, will just give off the appearance that they don’t care, just like if guys didn’t shave their pubby moustaches or started growing a mono-brow.

  551. Can’t say I disagree with China and their thoughts on fluoride, it is a neurotoxin, I guess you’d have to ingest a fair bit for it to do any damage but still. Also quite ironic that the Chinese are bothered by fluoride but all the other pollutants they live with are fine lol

  552. Serpentza give your wife parsley to chew for a bit after having garlic. It cuts the smell a lot. Happy new year!

  553. Not to mention that most chinese don’t wash their hands after using public toilets.

  554. Stereotypes develop and persist for a reason.

  555. “They still have hair in the interior” oh you meant interior of China, what was I thinking?!

    1. In Northern China, the women have hair in the interior.

  556. The French also don’t shower everyday. They may take a sponge bath, but that’s about it.
    Vietnam is a hot country, so people there do shower everyday or even several times a day

  557. Thialand has some of the best hygiene in Asia. Unless someone in mentally disturbed most people in thialand seem to practice immaculate hygiene.

    1. Except after they eat a meal lathered in fish sauce and oil.

    2. Due to high humidity?

    3. ….agree…many Thais shower multiple times each day.

  558. Holding one nostril and blowing out the other in Australia is called a “Bushman’s Blow.” Disgusting, I know, and definitely not done in any public situation. You’d get arrested. 😝

  559. In France many beautiful women do not shave under their arms.

  560. I used to smell pretty bad… But then I did water fasting for 15 days and cut processed food, spices and oils. I also started to eat more veggies at least 25% a day. I still shower every day. I wish I had dat Asian tho grr

  561. 2:25. A Whores bath is what it is called.

  562. how’d ya like to shake hands with him

  563. i’ve seen some hairy armpit broads with a little mustache

  564. You think this traffic is bad, wait till you come to India.

  565. do they recycle the bath water.

  566. You can tell Winston is from a different culture lmao. Cmilk was so uncomfortable when wiston started talking about black dudes lmao

    1. Never called it a Portuguese shower. Just a whore bath. Lol

    2. This video was about personal hygiene in CHINA, how did black people become the topic of conversation???

    3. @Tunster All you have to do is finish the sentence!😙😙

    4. Winston grew up in South Africa. Racial tension in that place was always high during the 80’s to 90’s, so talking about black and white people there is as common as comparing holidays.

    5. Tas Journey Inferioriry complex.
      Deep down he probably hates black guys, for their natural athleticism and big —

  567. It’s really hard to be a feminist when you’re born a white male who’s also heterosexual

  568. My employer brings in summer help, mostly from China and some of those young ladies had terrible breath (most were appx 18-21 or 22) I also heard their dorm’s where they stay for the summer were trashed af. The 2 Filipino girls and the girl from Africa kind of cliqued up against the Chinese girls, possibly due to their hygiene/uncleanliness.

  569. 6:42 *sweet* and sour?

  570. once a chinese was staring at me, you know what, i got a very bad diarrhea later

  571. No other country uses florid except the USA.

  572. i totally agree that armpit hair looks gross but that goes for BOTH women and men. i don’t care if a dude takes pride in his hairiness, random tufts of hair poking out from your t-shirt sleeves are not cute plus it‘s more hygenic to at least trim armpit hair.

  573. manically shaving your whole body has nothing to do with hygíene but is just another sign of how alienated westerners are from their own bodies and nature. Who didn´t have bodyhair decades ago? Porn stars and children. And you have to look like these to be attractive? Gross…

  574. To get rid of garlic breath eat some dry popcorn, the dry abrasion will remove it from your mouth. Also you can eat two table spoons of ground flax seeds it will help get rid of the smell. Or go a whole plant based way of eating, digestion will speed up and the smell will not linger. Seems to be when eating animal products it make the garlic smell stay longer.

  575. Yeah, I was in China recently and could not get deodorant anywhere. Sucks for everyone else when I’m around!

  576. To be honest a lot of Europeans used to think weird that I brushed my teeth after meals. Lot of people there also don’t use antiperspirant on the regular… so Chinese are not alone in this

  577. They’re right on the fact floride is bad. Too much floride can cause malignant tumors. Yet bad dental can cause heart problems.

  578. Chinese players at my casino will just spit on the floor or pick their noses at the table. It’s gross as hell.

  579. Garlic is a powerful medicine, but NOT for consuming every day like food. On long term its bad for the body. Just saying ….

  580. Want traffic… Try Jakarta

  581. i have great hygiene. i always take a shower and change my underwear, once a month whether i need to are not. brush my teeth every week. one question what is deodorant?

    1. There’s irony in this comment for me because of your handle. This is the exact hygiene regimen of an old friend of mine named Shaggy. Only adult I’ve known to have croup. Constantly.

    2. not gonna lie i can go three days without showers particularly if I wake up late and taking a shower will make me late to work. Otherwise, I’d take a shower every day, my one issue with showers is my skin gets soo dry, I use Dove “soap” and lotion up immediately but my skin often has that dry feeling despite being soft, smooth and not dry looking. It’s annoying. I don’t exfoliate my scalp so it won’t itch, I just smooth the head and shoulders throught my hair and let it sit then I wash it off.

    3. Scoobs holdin it down for the squad!👌👍

    4. @AmericaOnTop Zoinks!

    5. Scooby Doo 🤮

  582. Looks to me as Tesla full self-driving will be difficult to implement in cities like this.

    1. They’ll make knockoff Tesla’s nd their fake AI will just run over people. Might help control population.

    2. Yeah the AI will just commit suicide after a few seconds in hot traffic

  583. I haven’t shaved my legs in months 🙁

    Mostly because I’m lazy and its too cold to wear shorts or dresses. But I think I’ll do something about it s bit later…

  584. I find that Chinese people don’t floss. and the girls don’t shave their legs. it’s so sad.

  585. 6:15

    Two showers per week? That’s not rough, that’s fucking paradise for a country like Mongolia.
    I was in Nepal a month or so ago for a few months and the only person I met that showered more than once a week was a homeless guy, as birds would shit on him and he’d get dusty as hell, so he’d bathe in the public baths every morning.

    It’s too cold, the water is scarce and unreliable, and it’s just brutal to shower. I was at a school and nobody showered but once a week, all the hundred plus kids. Saturday they showered, other days they didn’t, and it wasn’t a boarding school. They weren’t poor. That’s just how things work there.

  586. 2:34 Errrghhhh, I sure hope that blue canister is empty !

  587. People here in Hong Kong take shower at night because after a whole day of work or anything else, washing away all the dust from outside do help relax and reduce some stress. I wonder why would westerners take shower in morning?

  588. Ok I’ll rise to it even though i shave my arm pits as I dont like the feel of hair there but I’m pretty sure ladies who don’t shave there don’t care if you think it looks nice or not. I can’t see why you think they have no self respect, they probably have more self respect and confidence to show themselves in their natural state and to be about more than just objects to be desired. I personally don’t like how it looks either but i understand that that is because of the social norms of the time I’ve been brought up in and I hope you see that too.

  589. I used to play a puzzle game called Tower of Hanoi. It was good

  590. 我在廣州天河區一間比較不錯的寫字樓上班,我發現同樓層的女生,她們從洗手間出來沒幾個會用洗手液洗手……

  591. >hairy legs gross
    >hairy armpits gross
    you just don’t have patrician’s taste

  592. Winston, in the states the black folk I knew would use cocoa butter for their skin. Not sure if it’s still a thing, but it was fairly prevalent.

  593. I saw a woman wearing a fur coat. It turns out she was in a strapless dress. I couldn’t believe it.

  594. I stopped shaving when I realized that growing my pit hair made me warmer. I felt pretty stupid shaving off the free extra warmth my body gives me. Beauty won’t buy you a coat.

  595. would you kick charlize theron or scarlett johannson to the the curb for hairy armpits…lol

  596. WINSTON ; “That piece of nonsense” (reference to the motorbike built of ‘rust’ ) *~XD LMAO !!!”* @10:51…. I love male style as much as the next guy but that gang of sissies….not Masculine at all !! *~XD*

  597. @ADVChina I have stayed in Beijing for 3 months, there is another thing that grossed me out about Chinese (mostly) toilet habit, they don’t use water to clean after defecating. As a matter of fact, most of the community toilets don’t even have water pipes inside the toilets, the toilets smell so bad, I can smell them from 100meters away… and also many don’t even have partitions… I can basically see how the other guy shits… For me, coming from a country that uses water to clean after, it was a HORRIBLE experience…. Me and my group mates had to carry water bottles everywhere just in case we had to use it to clean after while in Beijing…

    For us, no matter how much toilet paper we use to clean after, it is just basically smearing it all over, it isnt cleaning. Water (+ toilet paper afterwards) is the best method to clean after defecating… China should learn this common sense.

    1. I presume you are from the land that invented the bidet (France).

  598. Garlic has antibacterial properties, just like onion. So in a way it does help with hygiene in general.

  599. Usually three showers a day here in Bangkok where hygiene is paramount. China doesn’t use bum guns and they don’t shave their privates, just ultra gross. Vietnam uses bum guns but they don’t shave -a turn off but easily corrected. Thais set the standard: smooth clean rinsed and showered.

    1. What is a ‘bum gun’ ?

  600. I’ll call out a mistake on this. Brushing their teeth in the morning? That is strictly optional. Many many many do not brush their teeth in the morning and for that matter they don’t do any other form of personal hygiene grooming or shower or anything else in the morning either even if they’re going to an office at a professional job. This is very very different from life in the West. We take a shower and brush our teeth to go out and see the world. They only do those things to show their bedsheets how clean they can be. Those things are strictly done at night and they are not optional. They don’t use deodorant they don’t use antiperspirant and they don’t use any decent antibacterial type of soap. So the cleanest person can be smelling badly 30 minutes after a shower. Because the soap they’re using is a mixture of perfume and spit. And it is not followed by any antiperspirant deodorant. They think white people are the smelliest things in the world. And they think white people are generally filthy and always need to wash their hands even if they have just washed their hands. It’s completely bizarre. They only see things in their own way. They’re born cleaning your born dirty. Your hands are dirty wash them. No I mean watch them again. Yeah I just saw you wash them but I need you to wash your hands right now. If the entire People’s Republic of China uses 50 yards of dental floss in a single year, it would surprise me. Teeth falling out in great numbers at age 50 and age 60 is the norm. A few of them fall out before that.

  601. Puerto Rican shower you mean and the blacks use coaco butter so they won’t get ashy color.

  602. I believe the operative word is hooker bath, not Portuguese 🤣🤣🤣

  603. Garlic is love, garlic is life, brb, moving to China.

  604. Teeth only rot because of diet. Carbs of all types will cause a situation that requires brushing.

    Protein and fat will negate the need for brushing.

  605. While spending time in Thailand’s Northeast Isaan area. The rice farming families are super clean. They shower three times a day and brush her teeth consistently. I think it has something to do with them being Theravada Buddhist.

  606. 洋垃圾就是最污糟

  607. My girlfriend loves a Golden Shower. …

    1. @Nelson Johnes
      Where’s the love….?
      Your hate filled heart will only hurt you.
      Now….Who’s up for another Golden Shower. …my bladders full !! 😁

    2. Robert Pearce your girlfriend is disgusting and the picture of your face too

    3. Must be expensive!

  608. here in the West when we’re about to and have been evicted we stop showering. In these instances I take up smoking and use black opium essential oil until I can score a nice shower.

  609. I took a bus in China and was sandwiched to the core. I was so glad that people didn’t stink. I’m glad I got the less stinky and hairy gene. I’ve never had to use deodorant in my life.

  610. Worst episode ever. Equating hygiene with shaved armpits?
    Garlic breath? Sasha has to eat less garlic ? As Pewdiepie would say, small pee pee guys.
    Damn! 😤

  611. Mr. Miyagi was mining for gold at the end there.
    I’ve been in classes with chinese students and about half had horrid morning breath all day. Didnt notice body odor though.

  612. Let’s see Winston’s anchor baby

  613. That speedo cracks me up everytime I see it

  614. Cigarettes and Jasmine tea 🤢

  615. 11:15 *spits* *farts* *has their child take a poop in front of you* Welcome to China!

    1. that guy getting out of the way in the process 🏃‍♂️

  616. 2:35 what the heck is that guy thinking?!? Do you see the size of that cylinder on his scooter? I hope it’s empty.. 🤯
    Again at 4:04 😵

    1. normal. in china they have one strapped on each side, and they’re a bit smaller.

  617. Potanginang grab yan

  618. Was that the Pet Shop Boys at 10:52 hahaha wow, those are definitely Sweds lol.

  619. I honestly don’t know what the problem with garlic breath is, maybe some people’s mouths do something for that. I grew up in a high-garlic household, so maybe that’s why I don’t even notice.

    My ex girlfriend ate loads of garlic, and honestly I found kissing her quite a savoury experience. We ate most of our meals together though, so that could be part of it. I don’t think you’d notice garlic on breath much if you’d just have some garlic on your own breath.

    1. garlic breath inception.

  620. Winston, never fly Korean Airlines. There is no escape from garlic odor.

  621. @4:00 Bro, I think they might be right about it being bad for you in large and pervasive doses.

  622. You guy are surely banned from china now at this stage

  623. Hygiene with Chinese character

  624. Actually, you are not supposed to shower everyday. Two to three times a week is how often people should shower. Do not believe me? Ask a dermatologist.

  625. Onions and garlic? RIP Indians…

  626. 11:18 Wow! That’s got to be a weeks worth of mucous coming out of that old timers nose. Talk about staying awesome…

    1. If it was Beijing he’d be waiting until winter so he could finally eject it and watch it freeze on the lightpost

  627. I don’t mind female’s armpit hair. Nor their southern hair….

    1. @Russian Bot Farm That is probably the only placed I’d want them to shave. I don’t think asian girls are that hairy or have hairy legs.

  628. My opinion is women shouldn’t shave their armpit

  629. Yeah man, SE Asia, 2x or 3x a day – it’s the only way, keeps you awake and fresh – I was talking about daily routine with a Chinese kid, who said he didn’t have to wake up early and get dressed because he wore his school clothes to bed, he just woke up and washed his face.

  630. Some people think that women are only there to please men and therefore they have to maintain their body according to the wishes of men, especially white men. To me, this thinking is gross.

    Secondly you can’t smell an odour which you got used to. The brain automatically deactivates those odour to prevent constant suffering. This is a basic survival mechanism built into our body.

  631. Advice for garlic and onions, if your spouse, significant other, ect, eats onions and or garlic, join them. neither of you will smell the bad odor. Or you can carry parsley and eat it after consumption of onions and garlic. It works.