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I know you guys love natural DIY cleaning recipes, and I also know that you love essential oils and making your home smell great.

So… this week we take a look at 7 easy to make natural DIY cleaning products that get “aroma-boosted” with some amazing essential oils infusions.


Peppermint –
Eucalyptus –
Lavender –
Tea Tree –
Grapefruit –
Lemon –
Orange –
Thieves –
10 Oils Variety Pack –

COMMENT QUESTION: What’s your favorite DIY cleaning recipe?

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  1. Which essential oils help buyers buy during an open house?

  2. I’ve noticed a non-Dawn shaped dish soap bottle in this and other vids. What made you stray?

  3. I love diy hand soap. I actually use Method cleaners for everything else.

  4. How long do these solutions last in a bottle?

  5. For mixing with vinegar, is it possible to mix it with ANY essential oil smell to mask the vinegar smell or is citrus best?

  6. NOW essential oils that you are using are amazing quality! My favourites are their combinations Morning Sunshine and Cheer Up Buttercup!

  7. Hi there a tip I have learnt was with my vacuum cleaner filter. I can wash my filter in the washing machine and then once I’m going to put it back in the vacuum clear I add a few drops of cinnamon essential oil and a few drops of Orange essential oil … Day 2-3 drops each. Absolutely divine. However I would like to ask do the essential oils sandalwood and cinnamon have any other particular advantages other than just smelling great. I would prefer using cinnamon essential oil in my linen spray if it would be beneficial?! Could you please advise. Thanks hun.

  8. Yeah I just get a regular spray bottle and mix 1/2 water 1/2 vinegar and spray my windows with that.

  9. I love your videos,you make it look so easy to do .so I’ll be busy in this lock down stay safe and many thanks x

  10. Just because it says %100 pure doesn’t make it pure. Why I only go through youngliving.
    Grocery stores essential oils do not have to tell all the ingredients within them even though they have some all natural ingredients.



    1,5 CUPS WATER


  12. I also use vanilla or fabric softener to a spray bottle of water to spray my carpet,bedding etc…to smell awesome!

  13. My tip is 3 parts Real Lemon brand lemon juice & 1 part oil. Shake well before use to dust electronics,furniture or anything that needs dusting. Repels dust & non oily!

  14. Thanks a ton Melissa😊🤩
    I watched this video few times before but haven’t been following the tips.. this time i made notes and i am gonna make sure i stick this notes somewhere and make sure i do follow it this time. Thanks for the beautiful n beneficial video..😊

    All purpose cleaner
    2 cups water + 1 spoon dish soap + 20 drops of essential oil

    Soap scum buster
    Equal parts of vinegar and dish washing soap + 20 drops of tea tree essential oil

    Mirrors and glass
    1 1/2 cup water + quarter cup of vinegar + quarter cup of rubbing alchohol + 15 to 20 drops of pepperment essential oil

    Linen spray
    2 parts water to 1 parts vodka/Rubbing alchohol+ 20 drops of lavender oil

    1 cup of plain hot water + Half cup of vinegar + 1 spoon dish soap + 10 drops of lemon oil

  15. Essential oils freak me out. I havr a toddler and cats and worry about using them. The only one i use is peppermint in my homemade toiletbowl cleaner

  16. 1/4 cup of vodka for cleaning?? 😮😮😮😮 Can I use it as a breath freshener too?? 😂😂😂
    I’d never have given it a thought to use vodka…of all things…potato juice 😂😂😂😂
    Have been bingeing your channel all day (wet rainy day here in Aus, nice break from fires and smoke). Loving it!!!!!!!

  17. Thank you .

  18. My husband is just getting over the flu and I’m a few days behind him. Today, Saturday, has been the worse. I thought I felt terrible Tues to Fri, oh no that was the preview! I don’t care what I feel like on Sunday but that bed is getting stripped and disinfected! Hopefully I can get up early enough to clean the quilt and get it dried. Then spray the pillows and mattress with some combination of the mentioned oils. If I don’t get the quilt washed, then I’ll spray it as well. I’m planning on buying a new one in the sales anyway. I’ll probably go with lavender, another floral and a citrus because it’s my bed I don’t want to use peppermint or anything to stimulating and yes I’ll be adding lavender in the wash and making your linen spray. Thanks Melissa xxx

  19. Hey Melissa! I just wanted to share the best essential oil brands with you, I’ve been researching them for about 3 months now. The NOW brand I see you use often they have failed allot of GC/MS test. The very best oils is Florahana, they are distilled in France and only have one distributor in the USA, is where you can get them, most are certified organic they all come in a cute metal container great for storing them in, and all their oils are fresh! On their website you will see they are often out of certain oils and it’s because they don’t make allot extra so they are always fresh-the prices are great too! They only sale single EO’s. Plant Therapy is the next runner up, you can get them on Amazon, they have great kid blends designed by Robert Tisserand a leader in aromatherapy and any EO that Florahana doesn’t have they will have it. Then there is Eden’s Garden they are I think equally as good but they have awesome synergistic blends for diffusing in your home to make your house smell great. You can also get them on Amazon. Eden’s Garden has my favorite designs and presentation on the bottles and sets, but with Florahana and Plant Therapy they have labels on the tops of the bottles which makes it easy to get out of your EO box so that’s nice. Of coarse Young Living and doTERRA are good but why spend that kind of money!! It’s crazy how much they cost!! $35 for a bottle when you can get the same quality possibly even better quality for $12 that’s mind blowing to me!! Store bought EO’s I don’t recommend because they have set on the shelf for who knows how long and they are also exposed to the UV rays so they are already degraded before you get them. As a side note Homedics Ellia diffusers are the best diffusers ever!!

    I just wanted to add as a side note, it has been 7 months since I made first comment and I have to say now my very favorite #1 brand is Plant Therapy they have amazing oils but the company itself is amazing they are the best company I have ever dealed with- if you don’t like a oil you got your money is quickly refunded, they have aromatherapist on staff to answer ANY questions you may have- they respond very quickly and they give you more information than you even asked for. They always go above and beyond! 2 or 3 times a week they have live events online where they give away many oils each event. I have won almost $100 in free oils and $10 in free credits so far. So yeah I can’t say enough good things about them!

  20. I love how normal and down to earth you are. Your tips are original, not to mention effective and I don’t have to spend a fortune. X

  21. you are super lady love your videos

  22. thank you great job i like bleach and i love baking soda yours were all great

  23. Also watch out for the latin or botanical name of that plant/essential oil. “100% pure” is not always on the lable, at least here in Germany. I never use teatree for cleaning because the smell is horrendous. I only use it for small wounds or a pimple. But for diy cleansers I use orange EO, rosemary EO, thyme EO, lime EO. They are soo much better and also good for the sinus and lungs. 🙂

  24. Hi, my name is dèborah and I just finished watching your video about essential oils, I was wondering do you have a video on how to make essential oils from scratch! I,d appreciate it! Thanks

  25. Great video! I love to use lavender essential oil as a fabric refresher for my sofa and carpet.

  26. why do you use vodka over rubbing alcohol?

  27. awesome video! I LOVE LOVE your bed! How can I get one???

  28. I want that mop!!!! Where did you get it?

  29. You have a cat correct? Do you use these around them? I thought you couldn’t?

  30. 4:41 i gotta start cleaning lolol

  31. Jeez…did you see her Sasquatch feet?

  32. Almost all of these are toxic to cats!!!!! 🙀🚫
    I wish videos that promoted essential oils for any purpose would let ppl know to look into that if they have pets. The list varies between cats and dogs.

  33. Can i prepare my cleaning supplies ahead of time or do i have to mix them right when i’m going to use them .that includes stain remover ‘ bathroom , glass , counter tops, floor , ext.please let me know

  34. 10 ideas that are ALL the same. Yes great waste of time.

  35. I’m kinda obsessed with all these videos.

  36. New Subscriber here 🙋🏽‍♀️ I’m so excited to clean my bathroom now. Thank you for all of the very informative videos. Btw, you’re gorgeous, girl!

  37. I love lavender and Cinnamon and Citrus scents

  38. If you’re going to use essential oils around cats you should definitely have a window open. Cats are particularly sensitive to oils like citrus and tea tree and should really not be in the room when they are being used and for 1 hour after. They lack of critical enzyme in their liver that dogs and humans have and so essential oils can build up in their system over time and cause liver toxicity

  39. Peppermint essential oil also repels spiders and other bugs.

  40. i mean bust down tatiana 6:30

  41. bust down tatiana 3:30

  42. I noticed a beautiful cat in your video. If you care about your cat, you’d better do your research about the danger that certain essential oils pose for your pets. I think it’s pretty irresponsible of you to recommend all of these essential oils to people who may be unaware of how dangerous they can be to their animals.

  43. I love that mop and bucket. Where did you get it from?

  44. Hello, where can we get those spray bottles that you use in the video? Thanks!

  45. Oh this is GREAT! Thanks!
    Just moved into a fab place but lots of rain got me some ants.. ugh! Not one for chemicals, I researched (QUICKLY!!) safe ant spray. Half and half of 1/4 cup water and white vinegar plus 12 drops spearmint oils… PERFECTION! Sprayed all over..ants gone in minutes! So clean smelling and SAFE!💕

  46. Loved all the ideas!! Quick question, what kind of material is the mat you have on your sink area in the kitchen?

  47. Be careful with your pets and birds with essential oils. Google it.

  48. Question? Essential oil and Dogs! Can I use your DIY recipes with EO to clean my house without harming my doodle ? Thanks Mellisa for you great videos! From a Canadian … Linda

  49. If you like the fresh smell of Pine Sol, Now’s Balsam Fir Needle essential oil has a woody Pine Sol fragrance. Sandlewood and Cedar were abit too bitter strong for me.

  50. Thank you very useful. Just a heads up for dog owners tea tree is very potent and can even kill dogs.

  51. how to clean toilets

  52. Absolutely love these tips. Never thought to use my essential oils for CLEANING! I’m making sure to pass this video on to a bunch of my friends. Thanks for the tips.

  53. I love lavender oil

  54. You should always use a therapeutic grade essential oil. Please keep in mind that if you use citrus oil directly on you skin and are then exposed to sunlight you can receive a significant burn.

  55. I only use essentials oils from doTerra.

  56. It’s great idea s but I’m adding the orange pealing to the vinegars and living this in a glass bottle and keep this for a days it’s perfect

  57. Hiii
    Like you this video and have one quation.
    How u clean your mop???

  58. hi ,,,which brand essential oil used?

  59. Oils dont stain?? Or make counters/floors oily. Im new to the essential oils. I got some for christmas this week. Yes i opened

  60. I have dogs. Are essential oils in my cleaners safe for them?

  61. ya, the now oil smells good, I bought it before, I also recommend artnaturals and ISUDA essential oil, like the video, thank you

  62. ok I got 2 containers with lids and a yard of flannel. Cut the flannel into wipes 10 by 10 inches or so and put all the wipes in one container with a mix of 50% water and 50% alcohol plus a dash of dish soap to make my own daily bathroom cleaning wipes the used wipes go in the empty container and into the wash. for something like 80 cents a month you have daily cleaning wipes and waist is limited to the bottle the alcohol came in.

  63. Dude, i made the vinager water dish soap cleaner, and i used sage oil as my smelly good. Bad combo, don’t do it, lol

  64. This video and your video on vinegar and water to rid kitchen of kitchen odors are awesome. Not sure what I have been doing all of these years… I will purchase my essential oils this weekend and mix my cleaners and label appropriately.

  65. What rubbing alcohol % do you use?

  66. Scents that are not concentrated 100% Essential Oils are “Fragrance Oils.”

  67. good video, great personality!

  68. My mom use to clean windows with vinegar and water and news paper so I don’t mind the smell, it reminds me of cleaning.

    Do you have a diy for cleaning marble floors?

  69. Thanks for the tips :)! I like using apple cider vinegar…to me the smell is a little bit sweeter.

  70. Since the FDA does not strictly regulate the “purity” of essential oils, using a brand that claims 100% purity still leaves room for companies to water down the oil with other substances. It is also important to keep in mind the effectiveness of an oil depends on the way the essential oil is extracted. I highly recommend going a step up, instead of using brands that label oils 100%, use brands that provide therapeutic and/or organic essential oils. These oils are usually extracted by distillery in a very fragile process. They are a bit more expensive, but definitely worth paying for the quality. There are several companies that sell therapeutic/organic grade oils online. If you happen to purchase a brand that is 100% and a brand that is therapeutic grade, compare the two and you will def notice the difference in the quality of the oils right away.

  71. I’m 11 years old, and I love your videos! Your videos really educate me about cleaning. Thank you Melissa!

    1. @Katie’s Pet Project Oh ok cool. So for some reason I feel compelled to tell you something, I think it’s cause I feel your a smart person- you would have to be to be watching these. Lol So I am almost a genius I took an iq test when I was 6- they actually thought I might be a little, oh, say special lol because I did things a little different than the average person and didn’t do good at school (only because I didn’t like it) turns out I was the opposite of what they thought so yay me. But anyways you know how everyone always says to take life advice from your elders, where I knew I was smart I didn’t take anyone’s advice ever I thought the rules didn’t apply to me I always thought that I knew what I was doing and honestly thought the advisers were stupid. Well guess what they were not stupid at all and now I WISH I would have listened! There is so much I can’t even remember what all was said but if I did I would be around 80% more successful financially and mentally. I just remembered a big one- so growing up my dad owned a construction company making millions, well it was nothing I was interested in and I just didn’t want to do it (even though the trade has been in our family for many generations) my dad always tried to teach me everything I needed to know to do it, I never paid any attention to any of it-I didn’t want to be told what my occupation should be i wanted to do something else. I figured if what I wanted to do didn’t work out I would just take over his business and let him retire. Well when I was 21 he retired and closed his business, at that age I was just living life up traveling doing whatever I wanted so I didn’t care. Well around 23-25 is when I realized no job I could get would pay like that plus have the ability to work when you wanted to. By then I didn’t have the money needed to restart his company as it takes allot and then started to feel stuck and have been there every since. I’m 35 now- luckily I’ll be getting an inheritance soon so I’ll actually be able to reopen business. If I would have done as I was told I would be set for life and could retire when ever I felt like it, but now I have to start from scratch and just hope I can do as good. That’s just one example so you could see how each piece of advice I didn’t take could have greatly improved my life. Literally every piece of advice I thought was silly, I now 100% agree with that same advice. Sorry for such a long and possibly weird message but hopefully that could be helpful to you!

      during my teenage years up until 25

    2. Eric Johnson Actually, it was almost my birthday at this time, so I’m 13 now! Thank you so so much!

    3. That is awesome!! You seem like a cool 11 year old…I guess 12 now since you commented a year ago lol. It sounds like you are going to be successful woman.

  72. Shouldn’t you use a glass bottle when using essential oils?

    1. Hannah Johnson j

  73. my favorite cleaning diy is vinegar and dawn dish soap for the shower and tub. my son even called before one of his room inspections (military) asked what I used to get the shower clean. I am hooked on micro clothes and vinegar now and love your videos

  74. Smells are 🤯🤯

  75. I love the video, it’s my first exposure to your channel. If your looking for 100% grade A therapeutic essential oils can I recommend you research Young Living

  76. Which of these are okay for cats?

  77. What can you use to get cigarette smell out of you house

  78. What mop are you using in this video?

  79. Nevermind!!! It was in the video!!! 😂

  80. So this might be a strange question…. where does one buy essential oils? Because I don’t know what’s legit on Amazon

  81. tea tree oil can be bad for pets

  82. Hello from Finland;
    I love your videos; you are qut and very capable in your field ,
    I have question which I request you to give me a honest answer: but I can’t ask in a public section; please contact me in some way; I really need a guidance and you are the only one who could guid me.

  83. Thank you very much for the recipes..🙏🏼 They are all good for nature and that‘s what i Love 😍
    Note: Please be sure to wear some shoes by cleaning your house, because i had an accident in this very situation.

  84. Thank you for the info. I will try to use these essential oils for cleaning.

  85. I am so very glad you posted this, mostly for the comments reminding us how carefully these precious oils must be used. The big offenders are those truly awful plug in burners that create fine ash all over the floor surfaces, those give pets a lot of problems. I think the idea here is to give your house a fresh feel rather than covering one smell with another.

  86. can you do a piece on appliances… steam cleaners, yes or no?

  87. Clean up! and do not scent dirty!
    if something stinks at home, it’s a sign that you have to clean up!

  88. OMG I love your CAT 😍
    Also, I love all your ideas..
    I’ll try them all 😁
    I used to use dish soap with hot vinegar (1/4 : 2) in a spray bottle with some lemon essential oil to clean the tub and the tile walls in the bathroom and it does a great job. But I like your idea and will definitely give it a try.

  89. thank u soo soo much for explaining the basics of essential oils!

  90. You should not use rubbing alcohol on hard wood floor! It is very strong and it might look good for a few days but the more you use it it will damage your hard wood floor wiping away the protective Venire it has on it.

  91. How to get rid of dead rat smell?

  92. Hi ,I love your videos,please let me know how to clean your rugs at home??have you already had a video for that??please let me know

  93. Could you do a video on how to clean an essential oil diffuser properly?

  94. I’m a new subscriber !! Thanks for all your amazing videos 😀

  95. This is one of my favorite go to videos. Tried the cabinets and the ones with a finish looks amazing. The ones that the finish is speckled and peeling, well they look better but nothing but refinishing or replacing is really going to fix these.I shared this with my mom and she is loving her beautiful cabinets. Thank you💓!Now onto the refigerator handles. Hoe do I soak them. Do I tie a rag to them with bleach water or just spray them down. Mine doesn’t come off and fit in the sink.😕


  97. i love her hair

  98. I heard no essential oils are safe to use around pets they say they are too strong or effect their nervous system or something. I have an old dog and cat would this be safe to use around them? I just confused because some websites say some are safe and some say that none are safe for pets and around pets! I would use it everyday so I want to make sure it’s safe to use around them and for them to breathe in or if they jump on it and skin contact.

  99. I tired the 2 parts water/ 1 part alcohol with the oils for the linen spray and all I can smell is alcohol 😔

  100. *Recipe for my Vinegar Based Thieves Oil*

    Thieves Oil is a recipe everyone can benefit from, in health (making a tea), cleaning, and topical fungal prevention/treating.
    Can be made with vinegar (Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar)
    There are recipes available on YouTube.

    Note: dilute any that is to be consumed and only Essential Oils that are labeled ok for consumption.

    Use caution with pets and children. Some herbs are Toxic for pets.


    (I use mine – with extra Tea Tree and Peppermint Oil on neck and wrists, exposed skin area, when gardening or working outside turning summer months to *Prevent Insect/Mosquito Bites* and literally zero bites – reapply as needed – every couple hours.
    *Use to treat an insect bite* as it *takes the itch out and diminishes the bite* within an hour, if applied quickly after bite.

    No need for toxic sprays –
    Grow your own herbs and even (citrus where locations permit)
    Don’t throw away plants that are dying, just hang upside down to dry and crumble or clip into smaller pieces and place in jar with label to use in making Thieves Oil. Even stems at end of growing season.
    Store Thieves Oil in dark colored glass container and away from sunlight for greater shelf life.

    Hope these help, feel free to pass on hints and there’s always variations of this recipe for specific purposes, and the various chemists.

    My standard that’s great for topical, repellent, anti-itch, and antifungal – (ringworm, athlete’s foot, itchy patches, etc.)
    External Only – this recipe.
    Can be used as a spray to repell insects, treat bedding of pets.
    Allow to dry – before pet returns.

    *Vinegar Based Recipe:*

    Large Glass Container/10 – 16 oz
    Gather herbs together and make a check list, so you don’t leave anything out.

    Place items in container before adding vinegar.
    Can be fresh or dried herbs.
    Bunch (B)= 5 – 10 stems
    Tablespoon (T)
    Teaspoon (t)

    B Rosemary (Fresh is way more effective for this recipe purpose)
    B Lavender
    B × 2 Lemon Thyme
    B Peppermint and Sp-mint
    1/2 B Oregano
    1/2 B Basil
    1 t Fennel Seeds
    5 – 10 large cloves garlic
    5 lemons juice and zest
    5 limes juice and zest

    1 bottle of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar (no sub)
    1 t Coconut oil
    1/4 t Olive oil
    (Mix oils together and add at end)
    Add 1/2 t of Tea Tree Oil
    1/2 t Eucalyptus Oil
    and extra Mint Oils if desired

    Place all dry ingredients in container, add vinegar, shake to mix and add citrus juices and zest, shake/mix then add oil and shake well.
    Set container in window to warm a few days and shake every few days, then shelf the mixture for 6 weeks – shake it lightly every week.

    It can be strained into another container, keep the herbs add more vinegar/oil, garlic, lemon, and brew another batch in your window.

    Liquid may be left on herb mix and it will continue to gain strength.

    Allow your intuition to alter recipe as needed.

    Truly a fab antifungal, repellant, and cleaner base.

    All herbs can be grown in garden or planter in USA except the Tea Tree and Eucalyptus.

    Happy Healing !

  101. Thanks for sharing; I loved your video.

  102. Tee tree oil helps kill fungi.

  103. I thoroughly enjoyed the video. I was fascinated by the scrub dish that you had on the sink, the elephant sponge holder, if you can share from where you got that , it will be helpful. Thank you
    Saroj Ganesh

  104. Dearest Melissa and Chad, I am finding out that many essential oils are not safe for cats. Especially when used in diffusers. I love my essential oils and my cat. I have found some articles about it. I would love to know your take on this and how you use oils safely around your kitties.

  105. Loved this video, but would like a smaller scale recipe for floor cleaner. I use the Rubbermaid Reveal which lets me wash the pads for reuse but has a relatively small solution container (about 2 cups). I’m lousy with math so can’t figure it out!

  106. Love it. Do you have any ideas to put on the dryer machine oil?

  107. Love this! Thank you so much for this video!

  108. great tips !! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I LOVE essential oils !!!

  109. I have saved 2 small old glass white vinegar bottles and I add lemon & orange peel in them with vinegar. Let them infuse for a week or two before first use. They cut the smell and add citrusy touch to it. Use that to replace regular vinegar in the cleaning process.

  110. Thank you!!!! Great video 😀 Any ideas on how to use essential oils on cats? I’ve heard that lavender oil helps to fight fleas on dogs, but I can’t find anything on how safe is to apply it on cats x

  111. Where do you buy essential oils?

  112. what’s the Best cloth to use to Prevent glass Streaking??

    1. Terri Wilson… if you use a mixture of..Distilled water..
      Dawn dish detergent. ..and rubbing alcohol. should not streak…I just use a wash cloth and sometimes a window squeezy..and paper towels. Good luck!

  113. ok, maybe Peppermint !! ☺

  114. I wonder if I could use this at work, in our cleaning/Sterilizing chemicals, i.e. mop, toilet….

  115. Dobyoubknow if there is a Lilac essential oil.I hate the smell of lavender but lilac is so comforting to me

  116. Please help! Used one of the oils using a diffuser in the room. I no longer like the scent and it’s still lingering in the room and now stale. How does one clean it out so the room will not have the smell?

    1. @Madonna Gentle. Fan, not dan!

    2. @Madonna Gentle. Open the windows then start the dan.

  117. I love your recommendations! I just want to share that jut because it reads 100% does not mean the oil is pure or therapeutic. If your looking for an oil that truly disinfects or has therapeutic properties you must research how it is made. The brand shown here is unfortunately not a pure essential oil but does still smell lovely.

    1. For the true and pure oil that is desired, you must learn the proper Latin name of the oil. There are many lavender oils, with each different variety comes a new Latin name. Just educate yourself and beware. Thank you

  118. Not sure if you mentioned, but if you have pets, be sure to do some research and make sure the essential oils you’re using are safe for them to be around.

  119. Water on linen?

  120. The thieves oil is $42 for 0.5 fl oz? Wow.

  121. Add a tbs of cornstarch to the window cleaner.. helps make it stick so it doesn’t run when trying to wipe

  122. Melissa I LOVE YOU 💖

  123. Now products are not 100% pure they have additives in there

  124. Hi Ms Mellisa, your video is awesome. I had close friend face problem in his office whereby the office function air con is on centralised so it happened one of the shop space had rented to the pub so many times he and his teachers need to breathe in the cigarettes smell can the baking soda powder work if I ask him to put on a bowl near the smoking area. Or can he use lemon cut into 4 pieces and put a bowl to withstand the smell of the cigars. Hope u can enlighten me on this. Great video tips, awesome. Lim

  125. Thieves Oil costs a lot So I would not use 20 drops also all you need for glass and Morrows is distilled water no smears

  126. though it’s not a cleaning recipe but it’s a useful one! if you got mosquito bites, pour some baking soda on the bite and make it a paste with water, it will help prevent itching. 🙂

  127. 7:46 “and you won’t definitely sleep better” xD

  128. I actually found some really nice essential oils I really like from Country Scents Candles. They’re awesome, and they’re cheaper than others I’ve found. They even have the same blend as Theives. They call it Guard Against. I love it!

  129. I use 100% organic and 100% pure essential oils! I love them!

  130. Great video

  131. I put 1quarter cup of vinegar in the wash cycle with the detergent…clothes come out smelling so fresh… love to also clean house with vinegar/water smells at first but smell goes away very fast…

  132. The linen spray is fantastic. Not only does it smell good but if you are a caregiver for an Alzheimer’s parent/patient, it calms them down immediately when they are upset, and it makes putting them to bed so easy! I had been using it for a while and then a friend of mine told me the nursing homes are now using lavender scented patches that they put on the wrists of Alzheimer’s patients when they are aggravated and it calms them right down. Cuts down the need for drugs/restraints. I know your focus is on cleaning but I wanted to share because it has this added benefit for caregivers too! You have not only helped me keep my house cleaner while being a caregiver for my father, but my house smells great and he is calmer and happier since I started using the linen spray. I used it for cleaning and had no idea it would have that effect on him. Thank you for the ideas and knowledge you share with us. You have made a huge positive difference in my life and helped being a caregiver a little less stressful. I think you are awesome!

  133. I substitute vanilla oil in place of the citrus you used. My guest are so confused on how amazing my frig smells. 🤗🤠

  134. Hi, 
    After you mix the homemade cleaning product . How long will it good for? few days? a week? couple week? Thank you 🙂

  135. Could you do a print out of your formulas to make up the sprays with essentials like a recipe book for housecleaning

  136. I. HATE. EUCALYPTUS! But I love ur videos.

  137. Love your tips thank you 💕

  138. Subscribed! Your videos are great! Thank you so much for these videos!

  139. Hi!! Am absolutely obsessed w your videos but am curious what mop brand is that?

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  155. We use Tea Tree Oil (5-10 drops) in a spray bottle (small) filled with water. We spray our dog’s coat with the mixture to get rid of fleas. Fleas flee and do not come back!!

    1. Tea tree oil has been proven toxic to dogs! Don’t feel badly, I did the same…just found out!

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  159. Regarding CATS + EO’s — The topic in the comments hasn’t been addressed properly. There is a lot of fear mongering w/o evidence to support it. According to Dr. Melissa Shelton (Holistic Vet) and Dr. Karen Becker (Wildlife Rehabilitation Vet) essential oils are not only safe, but beneficial to animals — including cats. Dr. Shelton started using EO’s in her home to treat her child w/ disabilities; A home in which 12 cats lived. She, too, saw the fear mongering online so she ran blood work on the cats frequently who were exposed to EO’s in diffusers. The test results were always positive. She said the cats actually loved the smell and one of her cats gave birth next to the diffuser. Since then she has been exploring, testing, and using EO’s on a daily basis with the animals in her vet clinic. According to her, negative results w/ EO’s and cats or other animals are due to either 1. poor grade or synthetic oils 2. misuse of the oils (dilution %, overexposure, etc). Sources : YouTube + Dr. Melissa Shelton,

    1. Another good source :

  160. Thanks for the information……What brand of oils are you using

  161. Tea tree is toxic and people should be careful.

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  169. Cost effective but more healthy, many cleaning products have synthetic dna that cause fibroids and other cancerous issues in our body.. target and tjmaxx have great deals on essentials, gnc also has deals

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  180. A great place to source your essential oils, containers or spray bottles, and some other cleaning product ingredients, is a Soap and Candle supply store. You can find high quality ingredients at lower prices and, if desired, in larger quantities. These kinds of stores are also great to source products for personal care such as skin care oils, floral waters, aloe vera gel, etc. I shop at and which are both based in the Lower-Mainland in British Columbia but, they both ship across Canada and Voyageur ships to the US, as well.

  181. Any tips for keeping a white carpet clean I’m colorado. Lots of dust and sand dirt from snow.

  182. I make a sanitizing spray using about 3/4 c. water 15 drops of orange oil and about 5 drops of peppermint. This was nice when house training our dog. We have purgo floors. it is also useful in the kitchen and bathroom countertops.

  183. Great video thanks for sharing your info. I am new to essential oils and also making my own cleaners so this was timely and helpful. I am curious for the different products you made and demonstrated here, are you making them as needed or are you storing for future uses? I am asking because with my limited knowledge of essential oils, I understand unless kept in dark containers they loose their potency. Thx.

  184. Melissa..Hi…love the essential oils.. I have used bleach and water for years…I know its not healthy…I want to get away from that… I need something that kills germs for my dish cloths..sponges..and my granite countertops..frig..microwave..and vinyl floors….thank you

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  198. Eucalyptus is popular in Australia, also good for clearing the nose if you have a cold. Use it anywhere, it also disinfects.

  199. Can’t use lavendar. Really bothers my allergies, but I use vinegar a lot except in the bathroom since the acid in it harms the finish on my fixtures.

  200. I got this general all-purpose cleaning spray recipe from a book I read in the 80’s: 2 Qts Water, 2 Cups Clear Ammonia (not sudsy), and 4 Tablespoons dishwashing liquid soap. I combine these in an empty gallon jug, pour some into a spray bottle. It has a strong ammonia smell, but it cleans nearly everything. I use it to get out carpet stains, laundry stains, sanitize counter tops/door handles/light switches. You just have to be careful when using it on walls, it will remove cheap paint.

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  202. When I am drying bedding or sleeping garments in the dryer, I add a warm wet wash cloth with 15-20 drops of lavender essential oils to the dryer. Then after the clothes are dry, I take the wash cloth and put it in my night stand to smell while I’ll falling asleep. Love it.

    1. That’s actually a good idea!

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  206. To scent vinegar I fill a mason jar with fresh lemon balm and lavender from my garden, cover it in vinegar and let it set for at least 4 weeks. Strain it and use as you would regular vinegar.

  207. First time commenter but I love eucalyptus oil it’s a real Aussie thing I have grown up with it you can use it for just about anything it’s got so many proposes I even use it to get stickers off can even use it for miner cuts no joke I add it or all my cleaners also safe for pets so good

  208. If you have a cat, be stingy with the oils. Essential oils can be toxic to cats. Loved this video, good ideas.

  209. the ones in your description bar are not the ones you are using in your vid! give us the link to thoes!

  210. I love using Young Living EO’s. They’re seed to seal and they have a whole Thieves cleaning line.

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    1. Melanie S…it’s a soap dispenser…I bought mine from John Lewis…

  215. thanks melissa for the awesome videos!

  216. Try lemongrass, it’s halfway between the citrus smell you love but the all the benefits of a herbal oil. You can thank me later 🙂

  217. Also. My husband owns a Window Cleaning Company (30 years) and they use dish soap and water… about like you would use to wash dishes. He insists on Dawn, but I secretly think it doesn’t matter. The dawn cleans the glass and as long as you get it dry and no lint (obviously we use squeegees) but old t-shirts do nicely. Also–the dish soap leaves surfactant on the glass which prevents/slows fogging.

    1. Dawn Dish Soap – has tons of chemicals.
      Download Think Dirty App and let it explain what all those chemicals do to your body.
      You’ll never want to use it again!

  218. …. any option of adding an oil to a floor steamer like the cheapo Shark version?

  219. I use baking soda and an SOS pad to clean my shower. It works great!

  220. How can I clean the mold inside marble, this is in washroom

  221. My favorite cleaner can be used on everything. This is the recipe – 1cup water
    1cup alcohol
    1cup vinegar
    1 cup peroxide
    1 tsp DAWN ( original )
    put into dark colored spray bottle ( has to keep light out to keep peroxide active) not the clear or white, the must be colored enough to keep light out. This great it will clean everything plus it is very antimicrobial and anti smell. thank for the essential oil video this is going to help my cleaner

  222. Melissa, what is the best way to store your essential oils?

  223. Hi Melissa
    I really like your DIY Cleaners. Just wondering if you heard about James DIY product !!! Since Cascade is so expensive to use; James recommends making your own Dishwashing Soap; so here goes with his recipe take 2 tbsp. Baking Soda; along with 1 tsp Dawn Dish Soap! I don’t want to wreck my dishwasher. Just wondering if you know the answer? James from the Best 15 Hacks

  224. Hello, What kind of Mop bust and Mop is that gray and red product you used in this video. I would want something just like it.  I hope you can Please respond.

  225. Haven’t u tried lemongrass essential oil?? Its amazing and my most favourite one 🙂

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  229. I could not believe how easy it was to get the grease off of the stovetop hood with the grapefruit and orange essential oils! Thank you!

  230. Loved this video! I’m getting more and more into making my own cleaning solutions. I have been loving a recipe I found for a Homemade Daily Shower Cleaner: 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide1/2 cup rubbing alcohol1 tsp dish soap1 Tbsp dishwasher rinse aid2 cups of water
    Pour the peroxide, rubbing alcohol, dish soap, and rinse aid into a 24oz spray bottle. Then, fill the spray bottle the rest of the way with water. Replace the top of the spray bottle, and slowly tip the bottle back and forth to gently mix the ingredients.  The hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol work together to help keep mildew at bay, and the soap and rinse aid fight soap scum.
    I found this recipe on One Good Thing by Jillee!

  231. Great video as always! I wanted to mention that you might want to research using essential oil around cats. I saw kitty on the bed :). (I have 4 cats, 2 dogs,  and i am a certified aromatherpist). Dogs and cats process things differently from people and dogs have limits with essential oils too, but The feline liver works differently and they often can’t process essential oils since the oils are about 70% stronger than the actual plants. Some oils are worse than others but all have cautions with cats just like with kids and we elderly. Dogs also have limits with essentials oils.  I do use my oils all the time but make sure kitties, and dogs, are in the other room and don’t let them in a room where I diffuse.

  232. The EO’s we use for cleaning are 100% pure can be taken internally. We have replaced many spices, meds and personal care products with DIY using our EO’s

    1. Hey Melissa – why are the DIY’s different than the ones in other videos or the book? The APC is different in the book?

  233. Can I use these oils to work with microfiber cloths, or will essential oils water break down the cloths? FOUND the answer with a lot of scrolling. The answer was YES! Does a “search” function exist on comments??

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  238. can i safely use the citrus oils on my countertops? particularly grapefruit and lemon? also maybe peppermint??

  239. Cheap store brand toothpaste with baking soda is great for cleaning your fridge

  240. just an FYI – NOW Food’s thieves blend is called Nature’s Shield.

  241. Love these ideas! I don’t like the smell of lavender so I made a linen spray with water, witch hazel (I save my vodka for drinking😉) and 20 drops of lilac essential oils. Sheets smell so wonderful!

  242. Sorry, I didn’t hear anything you said, I was staring at your beautiful hair! 🙂 (Joking aside, thanks for all the helpful videos, definitely one of my fav channels on youtube. I always feel like cleaning after I watch one.)

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  244. Hi Melissa.
    Do you think is ok to clean hard floor with essential oil lemon?

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    I know the products you use are safe for cats, but are they also safe for dogs?

    Also, what kind of mop do you use? I’ve been looking for a good one!

  246. I currently use apple cider vinegar diluted in water to clean. I don’t have EOs atm, but I hope to buy some soon. For air and sheet fresheners, I cheat and use Febreeze. It’s the only thing I have right now marked as a commercial cleaning product (not including laundry soap and softener).

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  249. Thank you for this video Melissa! I really enjoyed it 😊. A couple of questions: Do you use distilled water or regular tap water in your DIY cleaners? Does it matter? I REALLY LOVE the “clean laundry” scent, or fragrance, if you will; is there an essential oil or essential oil blend that will replicate that smell for me? Many thanks in advance 😊

  250. Where can I get that mop bucket?

  251. Thoughs: was told peppermint essential oil if sprayed around your baseboards and anywheres u see ants, then your ant problem will go away… is there any truth to this? and if not what works thats safe for kids and pets? thanks.

  252. I use Thieves Cleaner from Young Living. It is a concentrate. A bottle lasts a long time. The spicy scent of Thieves leaves my house smelling very clean.

  253. I need a natural fabric softener, is vinegar really a good idea? My daughter and I have allergies that have made me change our detergent to the free and clear kind. I miss a fabric softener though.

  254. Weird random note, tea tree is deadly to hedgehogs, so if you have a pet hedgie, do not use that oil in your house. Not sure how it effects other small animals.

  255. Do you have a DIY for a clothing wrinkle release spray? I really hate to iron and love my spray, but would rather make mine instead of buying one that I don’t know what’s in it.

  256. Thank you for your great tips. I got this idea somewhere on Youtube. I recycle and compost as much as possible, but I can’t compost citrus peels in my worm composting bin (acidity will kill worms). So, I learned that putting the orange peels in vinegar for a month left the vinegar smelling wonderful for cleaning everything in my house. The vinegar also breaks down the peels so that I can put them in with my grass clippings and they break down faster. Keep motivating me with your cleaning tips, please ;–)

  257. Well, you gotta tell us about that mop you used. Is the mophead washable or do you just replace it?

  258. I bought your Clean My Space book. It is so thorough. I love choosing quick tidying to thorough cleaning, depending on my time. Thanks for the individual room checklists in the back. I appreciate your simple, homemade recipes. My daughter has several organic homemade recipes for cleaning, soaps, cooking. I still want to get this book for her so she has the total cleaning information. Thank you for showing me how to use the essential oils. I do not like lavendar, eucalpytus, tea tree oil. The only one I have found so far is grapefruit. I like fruity scents (and some of my perfume sensual scents, which are not that healthy). I wish there were more essential oil scent choices. Or am I looking in the wrong stores?

    1. Sandra Whitfield, does she have all of her recipes in her Clean My Space book? or just some of them? curious. thanks!

    2. I am with you on lavender. It bothers my allergies terribly.

  259. I love making my own cleaning products, including floors. I use peppermint oil with my floor cleaner because it repels bugs like ants and spiders so it’s great! I am looking for a homemade “Orange Glo” recipe – I can’t find one anywhere! I use it on my kitchen cabinets a couple of times a year. Can you help?

  260. I love your recipes!  I recently tried your floor cleaner and it worked like a charm and looked and felt so much cleaner. One question: when you make your cleaning solutions, do you just store them in the spray bottles or do you only make them when you need them?

  261. what is the shelf life for these sprays, if they have any…thanks!!

  262. I’m having trouble with my spray bottles that stop working. Do you have any suggestions for ones that last? Do you ever reuse bottles from commercial products?

  263. I make your all-purpose cleaner all the time and love it…In my kitchen. But I find it doesn’t work well in my bathroom. It just doesn’t cut through the hairspray residue on my counter, even after I let it sit for a while. Any suggestions? Thank you so much!

  264. clean my space please help

    I have washed and dried a couple of tops only to realise the grease stain hasn’t gone.
    now the stain has dried how can I now get the stain out??
    please help.

    1. KristyR Itmightbeocd
      Thank you,

    2. Tracey Sansom
      It is a liquid dish soap brand name “dawn” that is known for cutting grease

    3. KristyR Itmightbeocd but I don’t understand what it is that you are using please?

    4. Tracey Sansom
      Use original dawn undiluted

    5. KristyR Itmightbeocd

      Thank you, but what is straight dawn please?

  265. Your videos always inspire me to experiment with essential oils…this video is just awesome too !

  266. Love this type of video. Peppermint and Rosemary is another favorite combo of mine. Using that in my bathroom now.

  267. I just recently got a baby kitten and when reading about care ad everything else I came across essential oils toxic to cats and it had said that all citrus oils are toxic to cats but ive noticed that you use citrus. so is that a myth? are there any oils to avoid with cats?

    1. I found this article on It lists references for the article:

  268. I love using vinegar ever since I found Melissa’s channel I have never claimed the same again my house is cleaner and I save a lot of money using homemade products thank you Melissa for all your tips it really is useful keep up the good work

  269. ALL the essential oils you mentioned are in my arsenal. 🙂 LOVE cleaning DIYs – especially with small children in our home. 🙂

  270. I’ve used lavender essential oil in my laundry today, amazing! My apartment smells great 🙂 Can I use it in my 20 mo baby daughter’s clothes? Where can I find that kind of info? Thanks

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  274. Where do you get your spray bottles? The ones from the hardware store are too big, the ones at the dollar store too small and leaky. Yours always look just right!

    1. Patty G Sally’s Beauty Supply has them.

  275. For floors, I make up a similar mixture and keep it in a. spray bottle. I spray the floor liberally, and mop with a dry mop. That way I am not wasting my cleaning solution by contaminating it with a dirty mop, I don’t have to put it out, and the mop dries quickly. I really enjoy using the hard wood floor cleaner with the terry cloth. When I’m done, I just take it off and throw it in the wash. Great formulas!!!!

  276. I love your diy recipes! I am a proud owner of your book and was making your toilet bowl cleaner. Unfortunately I used the wrong ingredients. A little back story, I had a huge container of baking powder that I had for several years. I Googled what to do with old baking powder, it said baking powder is the same as baking soda except with a couple added ingredients added and old powder could be used like soda because it would be too old for baking. An exception would be when making DIY toilet bowl cleaner. Whatever is in baking powder did not mix with the other ingredients and I had an explosion that rivaled a Mt St Helens all over my kitchen and me. So I learned my lesson, do not substitute ingredients!

  277. EBay is alot cheaper on NOW essential oil than Amazon 😉

  278. I use lemon & pepperment oil in almost anything. I am a huge vinegar cleaner now
    Greetings from Port Elizabeth, South Africa

  279. i tried using water and lavender essential oil to clean my desk at work and it looks cleaner but i think i should have added soap to the mix based on your video. opps.

  280. Speaking of cleaning windows, did you know that ever did that with onions? And even with potatoes? Isn’t that just pure 100% natural but I believe that the smell is a bit different than with these oils 😉

  281. what are the best cleaning cloths to use that are on the cheap I’m so tired of using paper towels

  282. I love all these recipes but i have a dog and 2 cats 🙁 i dont know if its safe to use oils around the house .

  283. Carpet/Rug Cleaner – 1 cup baking soda w/20 drops of citrus essential oil of choice. Place mixture in a container w/a shaker lid and sprinkle the mixture where needed. Wait 10-15 mins then vacuum. Cleans and deodorizes.

  284. Melissa, when you use the all purpose cleaner with s small amount of dish soap, do you need to rinse afterwards? Thanks!

  285. I always thought my vinegar, water, tea tree and peppermint oil was a CLEANER. I’ve learned now it’s a disinfectant. No wonder why it does such a crappy job at the grease on my counters!

    1. You should add dish soap to the mix. :-* ~Netta

  286. I thought any cleaner with essential oils needed to be in a glass spray bottle???

  287. could you do a video on inovative ways to have continuous essential oil scents in a room…like whenever the toilet gets flushed, whenever you vacuum, what can you spray on the carpet that will be okay for dogs to live in that area of your house? I tried the drops of oil inside the toilet paper roll but that did not seem to work. Good video with recipes that I enjoyed watching. Thanks

  288. Glad I found your channel

  289. Thanks for another awesome video, so full of tips and ideas!!!
    For linen I use 2 parts water + 1 part rubing alcohol + 15 drops lavender ess.oil + 5 drops peppermint ess.oil. Refreshing and relaxing. Awesome!!
    For countertops and almost any other surface on the house I use 2 parts water + 1 part rubing alcohol + 1 spoon dish soap + 10 drops lemon ess. oil + 10 drops tea tree oil.
    By the way, tea tree oil is also very effective for toe and toenail fungus ;,)

    1. Marta Martrix h

  290. I think this is my favorite video from Clean My Space! Thanks!!

  291. You know how I make my home smell amazing? Ask me after I ate 2 pounds of homemade bean stew.

  292. I am looking for something that will make the scent last more than just 15 minutes. I add 20 drops sweet orange essential oil into a cotton ball and it smells good for some time but then it goes away. If I want the smell again id have to use an entire bottle per week

    1. Get a diffuser. 3 drops of oil add water and go.

  293. If I want to mix two oils in the soln and have the smell linger, should I put 20 drops each or 10 drops each?

  294. I love the mix of baking soda and white vinegar when I wash my clothes (any color, stains come out magically). But I’ll add now essential oils too 😉 👍🏼

  295. Chemical free is just great.

  296. When you make your own cleaners how long do they stay good for use?

  297. Great! Thank you Melissa!

  298. I don’t have a specific diy cleaning recipy but for the essntial oils I loooove the rose Smell and lavendar and white musk when it comes with baby powder smell

  299. Not sure about your cat there…
    Essential oils have a very strong smell to us humans (just consider that even 5 to 10 drops on a whole spray bottle still carry a noticable scnet for us), but pets often have a sense of smell a lot better than ours, so using essential oils EVERYWHERE in your house, doesn’t exactly give them the opportunity to escape the smell! (Please be especially careful using scents when your pet can’t move on their own, like a bird or hamster in a cage!)
    Maybe consider leaving at least a few spaces in your home scent free for their benefit?

    Some essential oils can – albeit it depends on the amount – also be toxic to small children or pets when licked, ingested or in skin contact, so maybe wait with spraying your linen or using your cleaning products on the floor until your cat isn’t sitting right there?

    I’m sure you mean no harm, but your cat might not consider it a ‘nice scent’ but rather an ‘intense stench’ and if you spray them with a wodka-essential-oil-mixture daily when freshening your linnens, it might be bad for their health in the long run…

  300. Thank you!!

  301. I put a few drops of the Now Peace and Harmony on my vacuum filter- house is vacuumed and refreshed.

  302. A travel agent said she always carries the Lavender with her when she travels….to repel bugs!

  303. If a product is stating its anti microbial, its referring to all microbes ie. fungi, bacteria, viruses, protozoa ect.
    In layman’s terms “germs”

  304. my favorite of all time is the dishwash liquid/white vinegar/water solution, I use a high quality dishwash liquid and I use this everywhere! kitchen, bathroom, floors, walls, doors, skirtings, ceilings etc…

  305. Hi Melissa, love your DIYs & tips! They are so simple yet effective. Thank you!

  306. (cats need to be out of the house during and an hour after cleaning w essential oils- their livers can’t process essential oils) other safety info on website.

  307. hi Melissa. Thank you for this video. Could you please do a video that helps the car smell better using natural oils. I have used many methods, but none of them worked for me. I you could help.

  308. I LOLd at your sign that said clean house no fights! it’s so true. since my partner and I started a daily and weekly cleaning routine the fights just seemed to stop. You’re basically part SME, part relationship counselor. 🙂

  309. Are any of these diy cleaning recipies in your ” clean my space book “? I just started working full time , and looking forward to purchasing your book on my next paycheck .

    1. Scarey Lynn Draco yes! They are!

  310. where would I find 100% natural essential oils to purchase?

  311. How do I find out which oil is pet friendly? I remember one of your old videos talking about it but I can’t find it anymore.

  312. Just a reminder–odors, even nature, will kill your parrots. 3/4 of their there heads are sinuses. It can kill very quickly so keep that in mind if you have a bird

    1. There is no downer like losing your beloved bird. I lost my Amazon one night when I came home from work. Vet believes she had a stroke. So sudden and unexpected. We were bonded and I miss her more than words can say. Always be careful around birds. Some oils can be tolerated, other can be fatal.

    2. Hey……..why are such a Debbie downer?

    3. Any birds are very sensitive to fumes and chemicals in the air. There’s a reason “the canary in the coal mine” is an expression.

    4. Here is a story from a vet who saved a parrot’s life using essential oil sprays ( ).

  313. Great tips, thanks for sharing.

  314. Awesome video Melissa! thank you for all the wonderful info 🙂 can I use the floor cleaner recipe- on my laminate plank floors? Please let me know I’d really appreciate your thoughts

  315. I love making my own room sprays I use up to 5 different essential oils to experiment with different smells and different benefits. Palma Rosa is one of my favourites just now xx

  316. Awesomeness. God Bless. Cleanliness is Godliness.. 😇

  317. Hi Melissa! That thieves blend sounds like it smells amazing! But wow!!! It’s expensive!!!! I want to try and find it around here where I live in California! I already have peppermint oil, I use it for my headaches🌺🌺🌺

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    1. No Name O Cedar Mop & Bucket System, Spin, EasyWring

  325. Great tips. I wrote down all of them and will give it a try. Thanks! I love your videos.

  326. Melissa, do you have any tips for getting body oil/hair oil out of suede-like fabric furniture?

    1. @swtsmurfette. Usually, you can remove the covers and wash in warm water with Oxyclean. Air dry or dry on low for a short time and finish with air drying.

  327. Hi Melissa, it’s funny you mentioned the “Thieves”, because I’ve been looking for it since Sophia from My Great Challenge mentioned it in one of her vlogs. Amazon likes to mess around with me while I’m searching 🙄🤔. My husband loves your foot powder, I love my insecticide concoction, but that baking soda and hydrogen peroxide combo really came in handy today!🙌🏽

  328. where do you get “Rubbing Alcohol”

  329. Hi Melissa. I received your spray bottle as a bonus when I ordered your book and I really like it. Any plans to sell them? I’d love a few more.

  330. question please.
    The day you make your fragrance with the mixed oils how long can you use it if you still have some left in the bottle. Can you use the left overs in spray bottle for the next day or how ever many days you can use or make everytime you clean.
    thanks so much.
    love your videos

  331. Any advice on how to deodorize carpets? I know baking soda does the trick — but I would like for it to leave a clean scent. I’m new to your channel so if you’ve already posted a video on this I apologize in advance.

  332. I use Tea Tree Oil during the rinse cycle whilst I am doing laundry. I also made a water, vinegar, and 20 drops of the oil to clean my counters!! Swear by it!!!

  333. Hey Melissa, I find your video very helpful and motivating. What about a video on cleaning yoga mats and other fitness equipment? 🙂

  334. I love lavender and tea tree. But I also love lemongrass and May Chang as an alternative to normal citrus. I find them more uplifting somehow.

  335. be careful with your citrus oils they aren’t good for pets.

    1. Please, I beg, give us a way out of these ENDLESS COMMENTS. Some of these are soooo boring, some idiotic. Mostly of no interest. If we could just read some & leave the rest behind………I am sure that there are others beside myself also asking for this. Thanking you in advance for your cosideration

  336. I loved this video. My favorite scent is Eculyptas and orange mixed together

    1. Janice Bradford Same here! I accidentally discovered it today. 💕💕

  337. Cup of baking soda plus essential oils in a clean parmesian shaker – shake onto the carpets, let sit for 30 minutes, vacuum. Great for keeping cat dander from getting into the air while you vacuum.

  338. I have no problem with the vinigar smell, and it is easy to discuise. What bothers me is the very strong smell of rubbing alcohol. i find it difficult to mask the smell, even with 20 drops EO. Can i swop it out with vodka?

  339. Love mixing lemon grass essential oil, Castile soap and water and use it as a multipurpose cleaner

    1. lindalatina33 I love lemon grass too!

  340. Thank you thank you for all these tips!!

  341. thanks for the recipes but a 100 pure does not mean a thing in the USA

  342. Will essential oils clog my damp microfiber cloths and mops?

    1. Anony Mouse nope – it should be fine 🙂

  343. Hi Melissa. Are essential oils antibacterial once diluted in two cups of a cleaning solution? Thanks

    1. Colour Sing yes, they should keep the antibacterial properties even when diluted (within reason)

  344. I make a similar linen spray. Lavender doesn’t make me sleepy unless I combine it with cedarwood. I use equal amount of drops. Here are some of my fave combos if EO- peppermint, lavender and lemon. Bergamot, ylangylang, and lavender, cypress, peppermint, lavender. I have found out that lavender is a great balancer. nice muscle oil combo is wintergreen, peppermint, heliochrysm, and lavender.

    1. Stacy Lamb bergamot and cypress are wonderful scents too!! Thanks for watching 🙂

  345. So glad I learned about the linen spray from a previous video you did. Game changer 🙌

    1. Jenny C such a great way to fall asleep after a long day 🙂

  346. Thieves is expensive! Is it really worth it?

    1. Diane Kiko it is more expensive than other essential oils, that’s for sure – but it does last a long time and smells amazing!

  347. Thank u for another wonderful video.  Got a slight problem.  I have a thin ring around my toilet bowl, and have no clue what to use to get rid of it.  Suggestions please.

    1. Rita Cymbalista a pumice stone should do the trick 🙂

  348. hi Melissa, is there any substitute for rubbing alcohol in the diy cleaners that you listed in o
    this video?

  349. Young living has a whole line of Thieves products and I love themmmmm..!!!!! tooth paste, laundry detergent, mouth wash,floor cleaner, fruit desinfectant. You’ll love them. 😉😉

    1. Lily Sanchez yes! And Young Living originated thieves!! Others copy it

  350. Do you have any good recipe for crystal clearing? I have inherited such a lamp from the 1800’s and want to clean it.

  351. I’ve made the switch to homemade, natural cleaners and I love them!!! I used peppermint, lemon and tea tree in my cleaners too! Thank you 😊

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  353. Peppermint and Lavender would kill me XD

  354. Hi Melissa, really enjoyed this video. l have a question can l use vinegar to clean inside an electric oven. l used baking soda but that is so messy and can l use these essential oils in the vinegar also in the oven?
    Hugs Alli

  355. I use and make all the cleaning DIY’s in your book! Can you tell me how to get rid of laundry residue from my dark jeans?

  356. I totally love that mop it’s cool 🙂

  357. Public safety announcement……peppermint essential oil is poisonous to cats. Most essential oils are very harmful or fatal to cats. Not trying to be a downer….love you Melissa, and love essential oils, but I love my cats more. I almost lost one to oils. Just be careful. 😸

    1. @Tina Powers oh OK thanks for letting me (& others) know!

    2. Eric Johnson He licked it . His head blew up like an apple and he rumbled with each breath. The vet said she sees many cats die from tasting oils that smell good to them..especially peppermint. She said it’s horrible that most people don’t know this.

    3. @Natalie Hall Were you using a ultasonic (water) diffuser or a neabulizer (just oils)?

    4. You said you almost lost your cat to essential oils, can you tell us what happened?

    5. Just saw your note about essential oils.  I am happy that you posted this because most people do not know this. I have two cats and have always avoided essential oils.

  358. where did you get your floor mats at?

  359. i have heard essentiel oïl are toxic for cats.

    1. Hello hello hello, just wanted to let everyone know about these oils And our fur babies, I just wanted to share this with you all. I just watched a very informative video from Dr
      Josh Axe, he says it All. Hope it helps ya’ll

    2. Laurengebleue b They are for birds, cats and dogs.

  360. Melissa, how and how often do I need to clean the unfinished part of my basement? Like do I wipe down the walls? Or just dust them?

  361. I highly recommend the Doterra oils! High quality and they’re all sourced ethically!

  362. How long can you keep a mixture in a spray bottle? Thanks for the help.

  363. This week I swapped out my Barkeeper’s Friend for straight up baking soda for scrubbing up my stainless steel sink. Worked just as well without the warning label!

    1. Baking soda is great for simple chores such as sinks, but for cleaning the scorched bottom of pots and pans, nothing beats Barkeeper’s Friend. Bon Ami is in between the two in effectiveness. I use them all!

    2. Andie that may work on stainless steel or ceramic sinks but for porcelain it won’t. Believe me I’ve tried lol Nothing beats BF for this, Bonami is good too. It’s also good on acrylics.:o)

    3. Yes, baking soda works well. I have used it for 30 years to clean fixtures and stove top.

    4. You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to your baking soda too!

    5. Andie Dole yup I did the same thing 😀

  364. Great video — just wondering what are some of your favorite teas???can please make a video about this???thanks

  365. White vinegar has been a long-held family cleaner–my great grandmother, grandmother, mother…Old wood floors, dirty wood furniture (diluted, of course), laundry, cutting boards, etc. it’s great to see Melissa, that you’re using the wisdom of our elders!

  366. always lavender

  367. I love you DIY cleaning videos. I learn with you guys the orange peel infused vinegar and I’ve done it since, not only for the scent but for the degreaser power. Multipurpose I’ve adapt from yours like a year ago 1/2 cup orange peel infused vinegar, 2 cups of water, 1/2 tbs of dish soap and EO. I’ve been also using a fabric deodorizer that I learn in Do it on a dime blog, 3 cups of water, 1 1/2 tbs baking soda and 40 drops of EO. smells soooo ooohhh goodddddd!!!! have a nice day.

  368. For kitchen countertops I use 2 cups distilled water, 1 tsp dish washing soap and 1 table spoon glycerine. Put in a spray bottle. Shake well. Spray it and wipe it clean with microfibre cloth.

    For bathrooms (walls, wash basin and WC) 1/2 cup white vinegar, 2 cups warm water, 1tsp dish washing soap, 12 – 15 drops lemon essential oil and 7- 10 drops tea tree essential oil. Put in spray bottle and shake well and use. This is what I use in my house every day.

    PS: loved the mopping recipe. Will try out tomorrow.

  369. I’m obsessed with the baking soda and dish soap to clean my tub and the tile around it. 😁❤️

  370. Is your Thieves made by Young Living? The bottle looks totally different. I have been searching for a Cinnamon/Clove type scent. That is my favorite scent for everything!!!

  371. Ughhh why are the thieves blends so expensive??

    1. Many companies make a similar version that costs less, but just as effective . Plant therapy had germ fighter. Just check out ingredienta?

  372. I use a spray of vinegar and water, to disinfect, deodorize and refresh a fabric and mask musty smells in a room. However, I really really seem to hate the smell it leaves, so I did a little edit to that spray, and added about 2 tablespoons of vanilla extract. The fragrance it leaves is amazing and I love to sit in the room more after the spray treatment!

  373. what is a good cleaner to use to clean the inside of your oven to get that hard grease to get it off

  374. WOW😍 I love everything about smelling good🤗 and I love everything that you talked about 😍and I want to try them all 😍 I wish I can buy all these oils😅
    Thank you very much Melissa😍

  375. Melissa! what kind of spin mop is that? And would you recommend it?

    1. Rosemarie Rosiek- Redman it’s called O-Cedar. Thank you for sending me that link! 🙂

  376. My fav video

  377. you have to be careful with certain oils around pets but I love using lavendar. I have ocd and it helps to keep me calm and reassure me everything us clean.

  378. I love watching your channel. This is probably one of my favorite videos yet! A question though, how long are the mixtures good for?

  379. what can I use to polish wood surfaces instead of those commercial brand sprays?

    1. Iriz Perez i

    2. Iriz Perez hey you can use some coconut oil to polish and moisturise wood as it doesn’t go rancid as olive oil does. But first you need to cut away any dirt before polishing with some all purpose cleaner. Vinegar and water work well as they are not too damaging to the wood. Hope this helps 👍❤️

    3. What are the measurements for the oil, vinegar, and lemon oil?

    4. Iriz Perez olive oil, vinegar, and lemon oil! it works really well

  380. I was told that essential oils are not safe around your cats….are you aware of this? I have 2 cats and I want to make sure I only use safe items around them.

    1. Facts on essential oils + cats from a holistic vet who uses them on her personal cats and all of her patients/animals ( ). There is a lot of clinical research and information available proving EO’s to be safe for all animals — granted it’s “medical grade” and not cheap synthetic oils.

    2. wolfsf2012 Me, too! I have multiple chemical sensitivity and allergies to a ton of things…trees, flowers, etc! Some of the oils I believe I tolerate, but the peppermint one, I know works great for me! I take it everywhere and spray it it when someone tries to kill me with their perfumes, etc! Isn’t it fun? I also have jewelry that has diffusers…helps me a lot!

    3. Elizabeth K if I ever start cleaning with EO ill be sure to look into it more but I know for me personally there’s a lot of smells I can’t handle with out having a headache or being able to breathe (can’t even go down the cleaning lane in stores) so I don’t know if I will ever have EOs. But thanks for the info because if I ever used them lemon would have been up there.

    4. Elizabeth K thanks for pointing this out! Our cat has chronic kidney disease (from birth, so not because we used certain products around her), and kidney disease can usually only be diagnosed when the kidneys have already been 75% damaged 🙁
      Make sure to keep pets out of the way when cleaning, and always make sure to clean in a well-ventilated space!

    5. wolfsf2012 I am not a vet, so take this with a grain of salt and do your own research, but from what I’ve read, cats lack the ability to metabolize some EOs, like lemon and peppermint or cinnamon (like what’s in the Thieves oil). This means that they can build up in the liver over time and that buildup can be harmful or even fatal to the cat. This goes for smelling, not just consumption. Lavender is supposedly OK, so I will use that in moderation, but I avoid the other ones.

      Of course, I have no idea how this compares to their ability to metabolize any other cleaning compound. Does smelling bleach cause this buildup? What about vinegar? I just try to make sure my cats are nowhere near me when I’m cleaning with anything.

      The problem, I think, is that there’s so little research done on cats that they are still a lot of uncertainty. And then the cats themselves have to get really quite sick before they show their illness, which makes everything that much harder.

  381. Does that linen spray mix work well on upholstered furniture used by cats and dogs?

    1. Diane O m

    2. Check with your Vet.

    3. Diane O Yes.

    4. Diane O no D:

  382. I want to recommend majestic pure brand EOs. they are available at amazon …a little more expensive but not much for the quality you get from them. also they come with droppers! anyway I have tried lots of EOs over the years and notice distinct differences in quality. maybe you will give it a try.

  383. Awesome video Melissa! I had to save this. I can’t tolerate commercial cleaners because of my health. I’ve tried commercial non toxic cleaners/laundry detergents but they’re too expensive. Being a d.i.y. girl I’ve always used vinegar and baking soda. I love your recipes. Tfs. Hugs-Kristina🤗

  384. ❤❤❤

  385. Love this, such helpful info for us beginners! I seem to have a lifetime supply of Mrs Meyers all purpose cleaner basil (which I do like) but I am using essential oils as an air freshener. I add 10 drops to a spray bottle of water and a bit of vinegar, then go around the house and spray it in the air. I bought a variety pack of oils and alternate to find the ones I like best.

  386. i have a few that i love.
    cut a lemon in half and rub half a lemon on the soap scum in your shower. the acid from the lemon melts aways the scum.
    h20,25 drops teatree oil,15 drops citrus oil and fill spray bottle with h20.

    1. i also use lavender and teatree oils in my wash 10 drops each. great for linens

  387. First of all, I LOVE your channel! I do have a question though. Wasn’t there a time when you suggested putting corn starch in your mirror/glass cleaner? Is that something you’d still recommend or is the solution you mentioned in this video just as effective?

  388. Melissa. What about essential oils and cats? I’ve read they’re potentially toxic.

    1. Closet Gal why are you asking her in the first place? Talk to your VET.

    2. I have little kids. And as long as you don’t let them get in the bottle they will be fine. I use peppermint oil everywhere and my kids are OK. Idk about animals though.

    3. I have dogs and whenever I spray anything weather it be natural like essential oils or a regular household cleaner I do it when they are in the other room or outside just as a precaution Also did the same when my kids were little especially anything aerosol but that was more because as a child I was asthmatic so I didn’t want my children to develop any breathing problems

    4. With pets, care is needed. It may not necessarily be an issue if you are using it in cleaning products, but if they get it on their fur then lick that off, it can cause issues. Angela Paul mentions that cats are sensitive, but dogs are equally susceptible, particularly if using a Tea tree solution to bathe them in. It has been known to cause paralysis (which is most often temporary, but why risk it).

      With children it is best to use much smaller doses, about a quarter of the drop dosage Melissa says (smaller again for babies). Same goes for elderly and frail folks. If in doubt, don’t use it at all.

      Only using it in cleaning products is better than using cleaning products with chemicals in it. However, do some research first to find the oils that have little contraindications. For a baby, perhaps not use the bed linens one, and maybe substitute Spearmint instead of Peppermint. If using something like Eucalyptus in humidifiers then also research which one is best. Eucalyptus Smithii is gentler for children. Again, for babies, check with your doctor. Your baby may have a condition that it is best to be on the safe side.

      The reason anything with Aromatherapy can seem so alarming is that used incorrectly they can cause issues. And when giving advise we have to err on the side of caution. With Aromatherapy, less is best. Hope this helps.

    5. Cats have especially sensitive respiratory systems. Tea tree oil is very toxic to cats and can cause anaphylaxis. I worked as a vet tech for a feline practitioner when then essential oil craze started and we had lots of long talks with clients about them.

  389. I get so enthused when I watch you and your hacks……but I wish all the recipes were on the website somewhere……I can’t write as fast as you talk!!! Also… there a certain brand of oils that you prefer or any brand that is 100%???

    1. We are making an article on which will have all the recipes – hang tight!

  390. HI… What mop and bucket is that that you are using to mop your floor? Also, do you mop your kitchen and bathroom with the same mop? I don’t like to because I think it is unsanitary?

    1. It’s an O’Cedar mop – you can learn more about it here: 🙂

  391. I just smoke a lot of weed hahaha 😛

    1. Whatever works! 😉

  392. i am certainly going to use these recipes. i have a few bottles of essential oil, so yes i will be cleaning cleaning

    1. blackbutterfly233ify Yes, put the kitties in another room til it dries.

    2. Clean My Space hey does essential oils effect cats?

    3. Woohoo! Thanks for watching!

  393. if I clean with grapefruit oil I get totally invigerated and just keep going!

    1. @Clean My Space it’s good to cope with depression as well.

    2. Clean My Spac

    3. Grapefruit is my favorite citrus scent.

    4. Such a refreshing scent, right?!

  394. gurrrl she downgraded to Palmolive :p

  395. Since I started cleaning with vinegar, I started to kind of like the smell. Now it’s a scent I associate with clean! Anyone else?

    1. Vinegar just never really bothered me. Now alcohol yuck can give me a headache

    2. Yikes, no

    3. I love these cleaning videos and all the ideas, I like to watch them while I am drinking my two or three cups of coffee , they motivate me .

    4. @Clean My Space I do not like the smell of vinegar at all but , I guess you can cover it up with essential oils , what else can you suggest , thank you

    5. Yes . I used to use bleach and if I didn’t bleached it it wasn’t clean to me . But using vinegar and natural cleaners my home is not only clean but feels a million times better .

  396. how do you clean car windows? they streak so bad. I don’t allow anyone to smoke in the car, I have asthma. but I still have problems with streaking. thanks Melissa

    1. I use this recipe on my car windows:
      Hope that helps!

    2. Bobbie Jones I just use bottle water, wet one cloth wipe down the window have a dry cloth ready to pass it through right after, it works for me

  397. Is there a PDF of the recipes? 🤔

    1. ClineFamilyof5 yes that would be great to print all this out..

    2. We are working on it!

  398. My favourite diy is white vinager hot water coriander essential oil 12 d and 6 d curcuma essential oil, baking soda white vinager black soap are what i use in my house to clean

    1. Love it!!! Thanks for sharing!

  399. my linen spray that i use helps to disinfect anti bac my bed and mattress, 1 part water to 1 part witch hazel and then 10 drops lavender and 10 drops tea tree. (can halve the lavebeer and add 5 drops mint) this kills dust mites, mould and that bed smell! refreshes my bed in between the changes and when I strip the bed I spray it all over the mattresses and pillows to air dry! Its a beautiful smell and so nice to burrow into at night!

    1. Awesome thanks for the recipe. I will definitely be trying it out. 😎

    2. Joy Walsh great idea

    3. Joy Walsh Thank you so much for sharing!!! <3

    4. Joy Walsh thanks for this one, fresh is always awsome.. ugh i hate any kinda nasty bugs.

    5. I am going to try that for sure! I’m allergic to mold and dust mites; sounds like it will be a help! Thanks for sharing!

  400. Correct use of essential oils and herbs has saved my life!

  401. I wish the recipes were in the description box 😔

    1. you can find it on Amazon

    2. Brie B I too agree w/Yu…I hv t keep tappG my phone t stop the video t catch the measuremnts etc…That R mportant t make the solution mix wrk… No computR at this time…Vry difficult t write down as Video is continuously runnG. SometimeS by TaPpG, the Video starts All ovr again…AmazG…Wuld B Nice t hv the nfo writtN down…😉

    3. Stacy Lamb thanks was just curious

    4. James Stephenson vinegar, alcohol, baking soda is cheap
      the oils. Try to find ways to afford oils. what I do is not eat out and have coffee out. I am on a budget too. I completely understand. Also use microfiber cloths instead of swifters. I use Young Living oils but Try using Now oils. you can get them on Amazon. Good luck. sending abundance vibes your way. 😀😄😎🤗

    5. Stacy Lamb let me know how expensive that all was and how long it last that’s my thing when your on a tight budget it’s easier just to grab swiffer or something like that cheap and last more then 2 weeks

  402. Shouldn’t you make the recipes in dark bottles so light can’t penetrate? The first recipe you made was a clear bottle! Is that a myth or doesn’t the oil’s properties break down when exposed to light?

    1. I used a few glass bottles vinegar came in (made sure my trigger top things fit first). As long as your tops fit you can use any bottle you want!  Cleaned the label off the bottles – wash well and let them dry.  You can paint them with acrylic paint or whatever color you want – it will block the light! Personally, I cheated – I used a spray paint (Krylon) stuck a wooden dowel in the back yard put the bottle on it and sprayed away! A few coats – with dry time Light proof bottles AND I upcycled!

    2. Patrice McLaurin although I bought them on eBay it came with the Amazon tape on the box. They might be Amazon sellers as well

    3. I bought mine on Amazon….. I looked for the ones with a good rating and review… I don’t think they are all created equally…lol

    4. MrSlimpickenz I just bought my bottles on eBay.

    5. Clean My Space Where do you get little dark glass bottles?

  403. Great tips! I never thought to put tea tree oil in washing machine!!! light bulb on. For a front load he machine would you just put the drops in barrel or in soap dispenser part?.Thank you.

    1. …in the soap dispenser – thanks for watching Jill!

  404. Can you use essential oils in the all purpose cleaner with microfiber cloths?

    1. Yes you can!

    2. Yes

  405. Peppermint oil also repels insects, especially ants.

    1. that’s good to know, thanks

    2. @The Real LesSolitaire I’ll have to remember that! I live in Australia and we get some huge spiders.

    3. Try using vapor rub. Put it in the whole or space they are coming from. I also used bakin soda. Both worked great!

    4. Tonya Henry i had no luck with peppermint and the ants….try sprinkling some baking soda all along where you see them! They eat it and it makes their tummies explode (I know..a bit disgusting, but it works!). You will only see the massive amounts of dead ants! Follow that up with the vinegar solution and you will see no more! If you do, just sprinkle more…safe for carpets, tile..whatever!

    5. Make sure to use that vinegar solution where you saw the ant trails. It wipes away the pheromone trails that ants leave behind.

  406. 12th comment

    1. Well, you got that going for you!

  407. Great video! Essential oils are wonderful.

    1. Melinda Watson Copper chef how to clean the bottom you tub

    2. We have more essential oil videos coming up!

  408. I love this video because I have a lot of essential oils so now I know how I should use them thanks💕

    1. The Real LesSolitaire im trying this. thankyou

    2. whoa, thats awesome

    3. They work. Diffusing cinnamon oil has reduced my blood pressure from the 170/95 range down to 120/60 range.

  409. 8th!! yay!!!! I am so happy

    1. I’m happy tooooooooo!

  410. COMMENT QUESTION: What’s your favorite DIY cleaning recipe?

    1. I just tried the “Soap Scum Buster” recipe in my bathroom and it’s my new favourite – thank you! My entire bathroom was literally covered in a left-over film of baking soda from the last DIY cleaning recipe that I tried – I’m so happy that you shared this!

    2. I like to use Rosemary and / or clove in my homemade cleaners. If I need to disenfect anything after cleaning I mist hydrogen peroxide on some surfaces or wipe with a diluted tea tree oil. It’s honestly the best oil for antibacterial properties. I’ll have to try the thieves oil. I’ve seen it , but never had a chance to smell it.

    3. I put vinegar, tea tree and lavender in a spray bottle with water to make a yoga mat cleaner.

    4. Clean My Space I mix Dr. Bronners peppermint soap and baking soda with water to clean my bathroom and kitchen. I also mix a little of the Dr. Bronners with my normal all-purpose cleaner to mop the floors…my apartment maintains that fresh/minty scent until my next time cleaning.

    5. Clean My Space Hot vinegar and dish soap. Cleaned my bathroom…SO GOOD!

  411. First!!

    1. Clean My Space 487529आबुसकर.रमेश.7 972605004

    2. Clean My happy Space

    3. The Sue Nelson said

    4. Glad it’s working for you. For you and others – I have the microfiber furniture and found using plain rubbing alcohol using a white cloth gets rid of the worst of stains including food grease and black shoe marks. 90% is what was recommended but I used just the regular strength – think it is 70%. I’m sold on this one. Just rub it in and wipe with clean white cloth.

    5. Sue, thanks. I try to clean things starting from the weakest product going on to the strongest. The dirt in this chair resisted baking soda and detergent, then a “barkeepers friend” similar product. The nail polish remover was a last resort. It’s been at least a month and the fake leather is still holding.

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