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Make your house look clean, FAST! (Speed-cleaning hacks)

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We’ve all had those moments when your house is a disaster, and you need it to look clean – FAST! Today’s speed cleaning video is a bit different! Today is about making your house LOOK cleaner than it actually is! This comes in handy if you run out of time before guests arrive, or even if you just need a quick pick-me-up on an overwhelming day. Then, the goal is to go back after your guests leave, or later that night, and finish cleaning it completely. It’s a great way to make your house look and feel fresh so you can focus on more important things!

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958 thoughts on “Make your house look clean, FAST! (Speed-cleaning hacks)

  1. Love it 😍

  2. If they’re my true friend, they’d accept me slob or no slob 😌

  3. I love your house so beautiful! 🤗💕

  4. I’ve even put dirty dishes in a laundry basket lined with an old dish towel and hid it in the shower with another dishtowel over top. Gotta do whatcha gotta do.

  5. Hey, it’s like using that Pareto Principle!! Got it!

  6. Woo…loved the video..hehehe..will be happy to follow ur tips n tricks….

  7. Wait! Isn’t it a known secret that guests always peek into showers and bathroom cabinets??

  8. 😂I love how I always laugh in these videos!

  9. What is that it is so sticky. Me. Science project😊

  10. I actually weirdly enough look in other people’s showers 👉👈

  11. Hahahaha! faux vacuum lines! I’m in stitches haha

  12. Super impressed 🤩🥰🔥❤️ BRAVO!!!!

  13. If my friends complain about messes in my home they are not my friends. My bff has an8 month old baby her house is not always in tip top shape but i do not care. Life is life. A little mess never killed anyone, but i wash my toilet once a day, when i shower i clean the bathroom.

  14. Hahahaha. You are too funny. 😂😂

  15. 😂😂😂 Hilariously useful. 😂😂😂

  16. do your kids or husband just ever walk downstairs and not realize you’re recording and just see you karate chop a pillow ?

  17. I would forget I stashed shit

  18. Just let people see how you live. Most of the time it makes them feel more at ease that your house looks like theirs.

    1. Wish I could relax if I did that. I’m just too tense when that happens.

  19. Love your channel and your enthusiasm.

  20. You’re my hero! Thank you! I need to prep to have things ready for the next time!

  21. I don’t have a dishwasher, so when I am short on time, I stick them in the oven until I can wash them.

  22. Oh my…!! I thought I was the only cringe who hides things! We also use a huge tub and just hide all the dishes in the garage when it gets out of hand. Suuuuper embarrassing secrets! So glad I’m not the only one. All us mommas want is time.

  23. The bracket trick we have been using since I got married 25 years ago! It works every time! Makes cleaning easier

  24. This is sooo spot on!!!

  25. This is me. Then people “forget” to come over.

    1. 😭

  26. This is exactly how I quick clean. Exactly

  27. Jordon, you would be so fun to hang out with lol I love your vibes

  28. Jordon u r my soulmate/sister

  29. I saw the thumbnail of her stuffing items under the couch and I was like “ahhh NOW THISSS is the video for ME”

  30. I look in peoples showers too! I always fear someone is hiding in there!

  31. LOL Jordan you stole my routine ♡♡♡

  32. Your hilarious… Good hacks… The Lysol spray looks dangerous lol

  33. If I have dishes in the sink, instead of throwing them randomly into the dishwasher, I pile them into the sink and run a sink of warm, soapy water. The bubbles hide the mess, they get a good soaking while I entertain my guests and the kitchen smells nice. Once they leave I just wash them up! At least it looks like I have been busy and not watching YouTube all day 🤣

  34. I don’t really clean much for visitors (not that my home is very dirty). However my home is lived in and they can either accept the dirty dishes in the sink or don’t come over LOL. Most people that come over are friends or family and they don’t care anyway.🤷🏽

  35. 6 Kids I have 2 girls OMG! How do you do it? You’re a doll. So down to earth. 👏

  36. At least I know I’m not the only one who does these things!!

  37. Your so honest. And I totally agree with what you say here. From, mum of four from the UK 🇬🇧

  38. Whenever someone dropped by unexpectedly, I always grabbed the sweeper and a dust cloth as I headed for the door. They just thought they interrupted my cleaning lol

  39. Lmao this was absolute perfection🤣🙌

    1. 🤣 Just Keepin’ it real!

  40. I’m pretty sure if I had vacuum lines on my couch my friends would stop coming over! 😂😂😂 No one needs that pressure in their life!

  41. I laughed so hard at this! Dang it laundry basket stashing galore. Hysterical

  42. Anyone see the dust come off the pillow 😂 reminds me of my home 🥴 deep clean tomorrow for me!!

  43. This is how I usually clean. ;))

  44. How many times I have been there-but the basket trick I had never thought of. Love your vid’s LOL while watching them!

  45. Haha that into is me even with a couple days notice ! Marla Cilley the author of The Flylady books calls it C.H.A.O.S. -(Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome ) 😂 What I really can’t stand though is when my neighbor friend decides to just “Pop in” with NO NOTICE… It KILLS me !! These are fantastic tips though Jordan ! Thank you Dear !! <3

  46. Putting some water to simmer with cinnamon while you’re cleaning works wonders to freshen the air. When guests walk in They almost always ask if I’m baking. I’ll just say nah, was about to make tea..would you like some?

  47. I’m not saying these hacks aren’t useful but what on Earth is wrong with somebody coming over and just accepting that you actually exist as a real person

    1. This is more for our personal preference and comfort level. Sometimes when the house isn’t how we want it, it’s easy to get distracted and not be able to focus on our friends as we’d like to.

  48. You so funny😂
    I am watching this video instead of cleaning my house… 😂😂😂

  49. The fabulous stash and dash….yep!!! I clean the toilet with a disposable disinfecting wipe, I wipe down the counter (with a clean and wet washcloth), light candles, sweep the floors real quick, wipe off soap dispensers, and put dishes in the dishwasher. I also throw all clutter in another room. Period. That’s it!

  50. I hate surprise visits. When my ex boyfriend used to come unannounced I used to not open the door at all lol 😂 (back in my high school years) so today unless it is my mom or my sister I will say I’m currently not home. But I will be Back in about 3 hours in case you want to stop by 😂

  51. Fav video and your so funny. I usually do this before family comes over.

  52. Hahahahha I love you in the bathroom with the spray😂

    1. Just keepin’ it real! 🤣

  53. Fresh home
    Light candle

    Later use kids and husband to clean and put everything in right place.

  54. Using busket
    Close all door
    Organized furniture
    Clear sink
    Clear bathroom
    Put clear in toilet
    Fold toilet paper
    Clear sink
    Clear mirror
    Spray bathroom
    Vacuum floor and sofa

  55. Ew the bathroom one is actually just gross

  56. Damn, girl, you are sooo neurotic! Great advice though–thanks!

  57. 5:30😂😂😂

  58. This is incredible

  59. Deep cleaning leaves a disaster
    I just spent the last night deep cleaning different parts of my kitchen
    and the kitchen is trashed — truth!
    (The in-laws are coming The in-laws are coming)

  60. First time watching her videos.

    I use to live in Provo, Utah and living in Los Angeles now, it’s so much more expensive here. Her house is way bigger than mine and most likely, pay way less then what I pay for here for a smaller home. I would say just by watching this video and observing what she films in her home, it’s roughly $400k. An equivalent home here goes for $800k easily. Lol.

    Aside from that random thought, she’s got some pretty good ideas. I like it…

  61. The e-cloth link did not work for me. Bummer.

    1. Oh no! Sorry about that! Try it again! The code in there was expired. It should be JORDAN now!

  62. Omg! I love you lol I swear I don’t like anyone coming over for that reason not even my kids friends but your tips are a game changer!!! Thank so so much

  63. Your so clever. Its nice to see someone who real and shows their place is lived in like the rest of us. Thank You

  64. How do you record your Audio separately from your vide?

  65. No one has ever stopped by my house unannounced. I wish they would! I’m ready. I grew up in a home where my dad worked from home and was well-known and loved in our community. He had at least one friend stop by every day to have coffee with him.

  66. Ok this saved my sanity today…. thank you!! My surprise guests have left and now I have an oven and closet to empty and dishwasher 🤣😂😂🤣

  67. I have been binging on your vids for days now and let me tell you…, YOU ROCK!!!!! Subbing now and getting notes TODAY!!! God bless, have a great week and thanks for posting the awesome tips!!!!!!!!! 💚 💛 💜

  68. Lol love it

  69. This is my husband when people are coming over. I just sit and watch him and when he zooms by I’m like “come join me on the couch! They should have given us at least 24 hours notice. They’ll either love us the same when they leave or they’ll never come over again. Either is fine!” My friends and family LIVE in their homes just like we do. We don’t clean for each other. And it’s why I love them.

  70. Wish i had a dishwasher. God would it make my life so much easier. I can’t wait to buy a house one day and have one. They escalate so quick and me and my hubby both hate doing them

  71. Psh if someone gave me that little warning, sorry but they’re just gonna have to deal with the mess. Oh yeah, and they get baby duty while I pump. And I might even recruit them for help with washing the dirty bottles and pump parts in the sink XD

  72. You’re my absolute favorite, you make me laugh!!! All the while, entertaining and showing us how easy it can be with a positive attitude!!! #♡JordanPage!

  73. Joke’s on you Jordan, I look in everyone’s shower when I go to the restroom to make sure there are no serial killers 😂😂

  74. This is EXACTLY why I have to keep the house clean at all times and I especially do not want to die and have people come in my house and think I’m dirty 😭😭😭 idk if it’s OCD or what but it’s not good for my sanity

  75. Shoot, my prob is not really that my house needs cleaning, but the mess the visitors leaves behind.

  76. O my freaking gosh!! Where have you been all my life!!!!!?????? The couch vacuum lines 🤩

  77. This is one of my FAVORITE video’s.

  78. Gosh the amount of people who day no to last minute may just be missing out on something special.they can be fun.and there are unexpected people i havent seen in years who showed up and was so glad to see.most even clean people do quick last minute things to make our home feel welcome

  79. Thank you, this is super helpfull! I actually feel motivated to “clean” now and that is not something that happens very often when i struggle with depression and physical chronic illness. Your energy is awesome!

  80. When the dishwasher is filled and I have dirty dishes on the counter I put them all in the oven. A towel over the handle to hide them from view and boom. Mess gone. 😂

  81. I hide the trash in the garage 🙂

  82. Ok so ilu

  83. The bathroom tips 😍

  84. @3:56 … The dust that flies out of that pillow when she karate chops it! Now that is real!!😄

  85. I shove my dirty dishes in the oven lol. Nobody needs to see those.

  86. My goal as soon as the weather gets cold is to empty every shopping bag and laundry bag that I’ve filled with junk during the last year of entertaining. WAY TOO MUCH CRAP. I’m on my way to moderate minimalism.

  87. Bathrooms are the hardest thing for me. And with pets and couches, love your tip on vacuuming the couch look!

  88. I am big on that basket thing! Love your hair!
    New to your channel.

  89. Is no one going to comment on how huge her house is? Like HOLY shit lol

  90. Love this

  91. Or you could just say I was in the middle of deep cleaning my house 😂 ask the guest if they would like to help

  92. 59 sec into this video and my mom calls to come visit lol…

  93. Cute baby!

  94. We have the same round mirror in the bathroom & marble countertop.

  95. Yes, but where are your kids while you are doing this? What if you are in the middle of feeding the kids? Or changing 3 kids’ diapers? Hopefully then your guest will walk in and say here, let me help. And pick up that rag and wash the dishes and fold those clothes for you.

  96. Lol…You TRULY are FUN, CHEAP and FREE…oh yeah, and FABULOUS!!!😉😍

  97. That crazy bathroom spray 😂🤣 I love it

    1. @Jordan Page, FunCheapOrFree trust me I know that spray my guest restroom us also my kids restroom 😭💔…the struggle …it is real

  98. This video doesn’t get to the point until 2:00

  99. I love your videos. I can totally relate to this 😂. So informative and fun.

  100. It’s official I am in love with channel 😍
    Your realistic approach, enthousiasme and humour are literally changing my whole outlook on life!!! After a difficult pregnancy (at 45 !!), health complications and a nasty separation in the last five years, I felt overwhelmed by it all and the first thing to go was my organized and under control life. My new role as a parent, the state of perpetual disarray in my home, my lack of motivation to get back on top were just too much at times. But after my separation in April ( from a sadly unsupportive spouse and dead beat dad to boot), I decided to get my act together and be the best mom I could to my beautiful 5-year old daughter. I started by ridding my life of a lot of things (and I must admit people too) who were toxic to me. Left a 3-bedroom, 3 storey – 2 garage house in suburbia and moved into a 2-bedroom city apartment. The decluttering, organizing and living challenges were daunting at times. But since finding your channel, I have found a new motivation and oddly enough my old organizational skills started to come back. Every one is different, I know, but of every thing I have found in both written and multimedia form, your approach, your words have had the most resonance for me and for that I will always de profoundly, truly and forever grateful. God bless you and yours 🙏🏾
    Keep up the good work 👍🏾👌🏾 ‼️ ❤️ from Canada 🇨🇦

    1. Jordan Page, FunCheapOrFree
      I just purchased Budget Boot Camp!
      Could not get the bundle ( not enough money) but that will soon change. As you say: I got this !!! 👍🏾 ❤️🙏🏾

    2. Awwww Korine! 😭 You just made me tear up. I’m so happy that you’ve worked on bettering yourself after such a rough time. You’re doing a great job, mama! Thanks for the love and encouragement tonight. I wish I could give you a hug!

  101. E cloths are less expensive on Amazon. I ordered the one with the scrubber in corner for $5.99.

    1. Jordan I see our hardware stores has these for $5 . Yay. I can get another one for general cleaning.

  102. Can you do a video of getting rid of dog dander in the carpet

  103. Jordan page! I absolutely freaking love you.. I have been BEING watching your channel for about a month or so now. Super mad I hadnt found you sooner. All your tips and tricks in all aspects of life are changing mine for better in more ways then I could have ever imagined. And I have five children and two fur babes.. So I can relate to this video and others on so many levels!❤

  104. Monica’s closet 🤣

  105. Tip… clean your house do the dishes before you sleep.

  106. I’m glad I’m not the only one that uses laundry baskets

    1. You are SO not alone!

  107. Lol been doing this for 20 years!! People wonder how my house is always so clean 😉😀😁

  108. The couch one is kind of genius 😅 but I would just say uhhh no lol plus am I the only one who does look inside people’s showers?? 😂🤔😏

  109. Awe man after reading people peep in people s showers I’m laughing . My house is always pretty clean actually but my bathroom upstairs tub always has toys / water crayons and water toys for my toddler . Bath time at night is my husbands gig and he never put s them up and I boycott doing anything after 7 lol 😂 so bath tub is always insane with a 2 year old and a 3 month old I could care less … I just take a bath with the toys it’s pretty calming to color in there as adult with a glass of wine .. try it lol 😂

  110. So in short, hide everything and then do the final touches professional cleaners would to. Sounds good to me lmao

  111. put your baskets in the laundary as people aren’t interested in the laundry…. we do the same but definitely a quick vacuum around tables are needed 🤦‍♀️

  112. Karate chop rofl

  113. My dad used to hide the dirty dishes in the oven.

  114. An unanswered door is a happy door! 😆🤣

  115. Yes!! Baskets!!! So SMART

  116. I love having visitors they force me to clean 😂

  117. 1000 comment.

  118. What do you do with your kids’ art? My youngest is nearly 6 and a very prolific creator. My oldest (16) was always judicious with her art, and kept only her favorite items. My youngest thinks everything should stay. If I keep everything, my 700 Sq ft apartment will quickly become a sea of paper.

  119. Most real quick house clean up.

  120. Anyone know what kind of sectional she owns?

  121. I love love love how practical, honest and natural your videos are 😎

  122. Nope! Im ususlly tidy but if someones coming on a 15 min announcement….you take me n my home Just as I am😂

  123. A friend of mine would just hide all the dirty dishes under the sink when people came over.

  124. Your acting in the begining though…your hilarious!

  125. Hay Jordan how do you clean your home do you do it yourself or do you have a house help? it’s so big and always clean 😊

  126. That’s why you lie and say you’re not at home

  127. Love your sense of humor.

  128. I just love you! So real, relatable, and so funny… I do alot of the things mentioned above when in a hurry❤ thanks for your transparency!

  129. For anyone that doesn’t have time to watch the whole video 😂 ;
    [ ] Put all the stuff on the counter tops into laundry baskets and put somewhere guests won’t see, 1 basket for stuff that belongs downstairs, 1 basket for stuff that belongs upstairs
    [ ] Wipe all counters while walking around
    [ ] Close all doors on cabinets, drawers……
    [ ] Straighten all furniture & plump cushions
    [ ] Gather all dirty dishes and put in dishwasher & put all clean dishes in a cabinet where your guests won’t look
    [ ] Sprinkle toilet cleaner in the toilets
    [ ] Wipe around sink area in bathrooms with dry rag
    [ ] With slightly now moist rag wipe mirror
    [ ] Spray bathrooms with air freshener
    [ ] Make fake vaccum lines on your couch with a moist rag
    [ ] If you still have time mop the floor, do the dishes etc……
    [ ] Last step! Freshen the air; plug in an air freshener to the wall light a candle etc… by where the guests will come in so that a lovely smell is their first impression!

  130. I quit apologizing for a dirty house and give tours of our home all the time. My husband brings people all the time and doesn’t even give me a 5 min warning. Best believe though when I do have warning,,,, I totally do as much as time will allow like this.

  131. I live with three boys and if I can get absolutely nothing else done, I like to make sure my bathroom is at least semi presentable and not disgusting for people to use if they need. Other than that, you’d better leave your judgements at the door cause my house is most likely not going to be pretty:)

  132. Cleaning the house while kids are still growing is like shoveling snow while it’s still snowing.
    -Phyllis Diller

    1. Not Of This World 😊

  133. Oh my gosh you are crazy. This is the best!

  134. This was very entertaining! Thanks for the laughs and the tips. I would agree with the posters below. Unannounced? Sorry, no one is home. I suddenly remember, I have an appointment!. I have actually hidden in another room when someone tried to visit unannounced.

  135. Can i have the baby

  136. lol that is why we do not do drop ins. More than likely I am in my home clothes and there is peanut butter in the kid’s hair and toys everywhere.

  137. Love it 😂 oh btw most of your guests probably check your shower now!!

  138. Great video! Just subbed! 💕 I needed a little extra motivation today myself 😅 Check out my cleaning channel for more motivation yourself 🥰 Keep up the awesome content!

    1. Thank you so much! ❤️

  139. I thought that I was the only one who hid dirty dishes in my bathtub!

  140. Video about Chores for kids. I assign chores to my three kids.

  141. If one of your friends watching this video now… next time they definitely have a look at the shower 😂😂😂
    Its such a good idea but i will hide it in my sleeping room because its my private room 😉

  142. Where did yu get your couch?

  143. 😆😆 I love your truth! It’s always so great to know how not alone with certain things that I do around the house I am! Thanks for the video

  144. None of these would work when my nosey MIL pops in with her white gloves and magnifying glass 🤪😂

    1. Ha!

  145. This was enlightening and hysterically entertaining. Six kids and you look so put together!

  146. Somebody should do some mems from this scene with an air freshener. I cried with laughter 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  147. UUsually my house is pretty clean but I don’t know why but it’s true when you are not in a mode of cleaning somebody call and told you the same thing and then panic happens 😓

  148. I have an empty house ha ha ha

  149. Leave 20 sec to take a few good breaths before guests enter)))

  150. I don’t use the dishwasher so my dishes are exposed when they’re dirty

  151. HOW CUTE IS THAT BABY!!!!!!!

  152. When the door bell suddenly rings and your chillin butt ass naked eating a waffle in your untidy house…anybody? 😂🙋‍♀️

  153. Anyone else not chop the pillows!?!?

  154. Please someone tell me what brand that diaper bag is she has in the laundry basket.

    1. Sign up for updates at You MIGHT just see something exciting soon!

  155. I’m pregnant with my first right now. Moms like you give me hope! Omg I want more kids asap and I want to be as awsome as you are! 😂 great tips by the way. We have a much smaller home than you do but sometimes it can still be overwhelming when you have a lot to do. Greetings from London UK! ❤️

    1. Congrats, Mama!

  156. Hide dishes in the oven lol

  157. I like that one of your laundry baskets has a broken handle…now I know you’re a human ! 😁

  158. I have to ask, are you wearing the Bridgette Sexy Modest jumpsuit? Seriously my favorite item of clothing ever!

  159. I actually would never put stuff in a laundry basket or shove it under my sink. It makes me feel like I have a huge mess later to deal with. I’ve found that if I set a timer for 15-20 minutes (or whatever amount of time I have), I can get soo much done! I start with the biggest problems and work my way back for as long as I have. I also have a rule that we always go to bed with a clean house. No matter how messy it gets during the day, we never allow it to stay that way overnight so it never gets too crazy that we couldn’t clean it up in 15 minutes or so.

  160. lol love her 🤩

  161. Omg I can’t believe I didn’t see this!! Lol I love this!!

  162. This is genius!

  163. My dear this is going to be ur normal routine after the twins arrive😅

  164. I totally put dirty dishes in the dishwasher like you said when I’m having a party or people are coming! Love this!

  165. This is amazing. Life changing tips!!!!!!!!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  166. I’m going to start checking my friends showers just so I can say in my head “I feel you” LOL

  167. Omg that is when I clean the best lol

  168. 4:04 I’m scared now… Ur not Bruce Lee

  169. Nothing like the ‘ol stash and a dash!!😱😂🤪

  170. Good tips..I wish I knew it before..this always happens to me..

  171. Thanks, Jordan!

  172. I feel like you could really benefit from watching
    She talks about reducing the amount of stuff you have and that accumulates on the surfaces……
    I also feel like you are causing a lot more work by hiding stuff and throwing it in places that they don’t belong for later

  173. My friends and family know…you call to say your coming in 15 minutes…we are no longer friends or family…LOL

  174. 6:11
    You gave this tip in millennial mom .
    I have been doing this since that video 😍😍😍

  175. Nice tips! But what about us? When do we have time to freshen up AND spare 15/20 minutes to fast clean while guests are on their way? I can’t help but think about that… Sometimes we’re just not presentable 🤷🏼‍♀️
    Edited: and… unannounced guest? That’s a no for me!

  176. Love your family. I never notice any of your families coming over, or interacting with the kids. Maybe they live far away.

  177. I wish my husband and kids would just pick up after themselves that would make our house look clean and make it where I’m not alway doing everything.

    1. Here’s how we keep our kids on track: 

  178. You DID achieve a presentable home fast though!

  179. What you are proposing is what Fly Lady called a “Stash & Dash” mixed with “crisis cleaning.” Clutterbug describes the hiding component as a “Ladybug” behavior, if I am remembering that right. 🤔 Hiding things in the oven was a problem for some of her family members.

    I would get tired and not want to have to go hunt everything down to properly take care of after everyone left, and if I hid stuff in the shower, it might get forgotten and get soaked when the next shower was taken. 😱

  180. This is great!!!!

  181. I loooooove your channel!

  182. How many rooms are I your house?!?!

  183. It’s so funny when I see you did the spraying in the bathroom 😂

  184. I love your videos. Your so funny! Thanks for the tips

    1. So glad you like them!

  185. Love all of those except the pillow chop! It made it look back to frumpy again. That set my OCD off bad lol

  186. Love your videos. I’m married to a terrible house keeper. She catches me watching your videos all the time. She thinks I’m nuts but your methods work. Jim in Leesburg Virginia.

    1. So glad you like my videos! ❤️

  187. Turn the lights off

  188. I’m a professional housekeeper I’m loving the fake vacuum lines on the couch YAS girl 👏👏👏

  189. Am I the only one that tries *not* to leave vacuum lines?

  190. You inspire me😍

  191. The brown bag you threw in the laundry basket…where can I get one!?

  192. I’d lie and say I wasn’t home.

  193. My time limit is the walk to the door. Whatever I can stuff in a bag on the walk to the door is how much time I have to clean because no one in my family knows that they are supposed to call or text ahead.

  194. My husband loves to invite ppl over and tell they’ll be here in 15-30 mins. I’m like 😳😩🤬

    1. My husband just brings them home.

  195. Me every day before the babysitter gets here

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    1. Hello Jessica! I’m so proud of you! You’ve turned your life around and are doing a GREAT job! 

      Here are a few videos I have that might help:
      Block Scheduling (My schedule): 
      Laundry System: 
      Clipboard Routine for Kids: 
      How I Got My Kids to Stop Fighting: 

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    1. You could use these furniture coasters. They’re VERY helpful!  (affiliate link)

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    1. Sign up for updates at You might see some exciting news about it in the future! ❤️

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    2. Sign up for updates at You might hear some exciting news soon!

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    1. We’re LOVING it! If you grab it, use this link  and code JORDAN20 for 20% off! (Affiliate link)

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  358. Oh honey, I don’t even have kids and I’ve been doing this since I moved out of home. The laundry basket system is life. Except sometimes I forget all the random stuff and then it just sits in my closet or a random cupboard for ages. At least with 6 kids, you have a bit of an excuse! I’m single & childless haha.

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    Also I’ve heard (though never tried) of putting a drop of vanilla or almond on a light bulb you have on to act as a diffuser and make your home smelled like fresh baked cookies. Although big disappointment to your guests if you don’t have any cookies to serve lol. Still a good idea to try in a pinch though.

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