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Melissa’s DIY Room Deodorizer! Easy Home Cleaning Ideas That Save Money (Clean My Space)

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You may have seen this awesome little tip in our back to school series, but for those of you who might of missed it, I wanted to share this awesome tip to make any room in your house smell great!



The ingredients are simple:
– Baking Soda
– Your Favorite Essential Oils (optional)
Simply take a cheese shaker (available at most dollar stores) and fill with baking soda and 5-10 drops of essential oils. Next, use some cheesecloth over the top of the shaker and then screw the lid back on…and voila!
You can decorate these handy room deodorizers in many creative ways – we’d love to see yours!


Baking soda is awesome for cleaning
DIY Home Deodorizer


Baking soda
Essential oil
Cheese shaker
Cheese cloth

Let us know your questions, tips and tricks in the comments!


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260 thoughts on “Melissa’s DIY Room Deodorizer! Easy Home Cleaning Ideas That Save Money (Clean My Space)

  1. Ya how long does it last…and the how often to change it??..what if I don’t have cheesecloth?¿

  2. What’s the point of the cloth?

  3. I tried but it is not working.

  4. I not only like this, but LOVE this!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Thank you ALWAYS!!!!🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓

  5. Cool I like that

  6. My room smells like a lion’s crotch

  7. Nice video

  8. i did this with a salt shaker

    is that okay???

  9. I need to try this for my laundry room with my kid’s hockey equipment that will be a true test!

  10. can u send me the link of the video which showed how to remove stains from clothes? i watched that video of yours once but now i don’t remember which video was it, Melissa. 🙂

  11. 0:58 cheese cloth?

  12. I did this but not for a room deodorizer, i sprinkled it on my mattress and sofa massaged it and left it for 30min then vacuumed. Worked great, it smells pretty clean and fresh but not at all overwhelming. Gonna do it to my pillows,add some lavender oil and it’s heaven.

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  14. Is essential oil good for your cats?! I heard it’s not really good for cats or dogs. I have a dog and a cat and I don’t ever use it because I’m scared but I do use candles which I melt sometimes and air freshers but even though essential l oils are natural I heard they are not good for cats and dogs. I always wanted to try them though I think they are good for humans even help us some of them but animals have a different system

  15. I made it and my baking soda is lumpy is it normal?

  16. Hello Melissa..can this be used in the bathrooms? your videos!!!

  17. thanks. i just love your videos

  18. how long should this jar last?

    1. I had the same question. 😮

    2. nope

    3. Very good question. Did she ever respond?

  19. Instead of lemon scented oil can I use fresh lemon juice, will it give the same effect?

    1. Lemon juice is acidic like vinegar… so I’m assuming you’ll get a mini volcano… maybe

  20. I totally have issues with smelly areas. Thanks for sharing this video, it is so amazing and I will definitely be doing it tomorrow for every room in my house. And maybe, when my son leaves for the Marines, they’ll let him take one as well.

  21. How often do you change it? Cool video

  22. Try poking 6-12 cloves into a fresh lemon. Put it on a platter and then place it somewhere in your house or even in your linen closet. Sounds a bit weird, but smells amazing and as an extra bonus its a powerfull fly repellent.

  23. How often do you change it??

  24. can I use coffee filters?

  25. do help getting rid of cochroaches and house mice

    1. Kin Davis thanks I’m going to try this! I never used essential oils though I’m scared because I have a dog and cat but for the first time in my whole life I got a mouse! I have a trap with food but he hasn’t been going in there. I know he came in under the door because a lot of my windows are messed up so I open my door all day but I didn’t even know we had mice around here because I’ve never had a mouse in the house or seen them.

  26. Hi Melissa, how often should you replace these? Thanks!

    1. Ariadna Perdomo every two days

    2. I have the same question

  27. How long does it last? Should I replace the baking soda after some time or add more essential oil?

  28. how often do you change the baking soda room deoderant?

  29. If you can’t find cheese cloth; anything else to use?

    1. thanks!!

    2. Late but you pretty much want to use anything that would let the fumes out while preventing spills(:

  30. Melissa, I really love your video’s! I watch some of your video’s every time I want to go clean or do anything in house and I am than so motivated that I really enjoy to do something, even cleaning, in my house! And I am always like exploding from enthusiasm 😀 Thank you for that!! 
    I also like this particular video. I have maybe one more tip how to use the essential oils.. You can pour a few drops on the filter of your vacuum-claner. It makes your house smell lovely already during vacuum-cleaning 😉

    Once more big thanks for your video’s! <3

  31. @Clean My Space Can i replace cheesecloth with coffee filter?
    You should make a video to make something similar, BUT with a pouch to hang in cars, bathrooms, or rooms!

    1. I’m so excited to make some tonight! Great idea! Thanks.

  32. just curious, whats the point for the cheese cloth?  Does the baking powder absorb or for looks..thanks a bunch..

    1. There was also a reply from Melissa (just 8 comments below). It’s like what I said earlier, to prevent spillage.

    2. I would guess that it’s to prevent spillages in case someone accidentally knock it off?

  33. Can I use vanilla extract?

  34. Do you have a video on a diy bathroom deodorizer specifically? Because bathrooms tend to have extra strong odors.

  35. Can I use baking powder instead?

  36. Hey Melissa! Can I substitute the shaker+cheese cloth with disposable tea filter bags/sacs?

  37. What can i use for the house to smell like cinnamon or Christmas smells that will be very effective for big rooms and last a long time?

    1. Robert Melara, just get a Yankee Candle.

  38. i just cant stop watching ur videos they are awsome 🙂

    1. @ALEXZ MARQUEZ Me too

  39. If baking soda absorbs smell, will it absorb the smell of the essential oils?

    1. Yeah but that’s a good thing! The baking soda will smell like the essential oil. I mean that’s what it’s suppose to do and the whole point to make it smell

    2. +TheCupcakes3087 this is just my guess on it but the baking soda when mixed with the essential oil creates a reaction that neutralises the odour while at the same time creating a aroma caused by the reaction between the baking soda and the essential oil. So while it absorbs the odour/smell it also releases the fragrance of the essential oil.

    3. @TheCupcakes3087 mind blown

  40. Why are we using cheese cloth?

    1. How effective is this? Is it a really strong scent that lasts?

    2. +Clean My Space  Doesn’t Baking Soda absorb Smells n Odors Alone? ..So?..wouldn’t it absorb the Oil Scent Faster as well? (which kinda defeats the purpose)…How’s Sea Salt as an Alternative? #SoManyQuestions#  LOOL

    3. @Anam Hamid because it will allow the air to flow through the cloth without letting the baking soda fall out.

  41. Can I use gauze?

  42. Does anyone know how logo these last??

    1. +Lea Chidiac Now I found that ur comment was a year ago ( but tommorow it will be 2 years , lol )
      it depends on te size of the place if its really big 2 months!

    2. 3 months
      She said it on her blog.

  43. I still need to make one of the deodorizers described in this video, but I decided I will not use a DIY spray,  The only kind I can find calls for vinegar and I will NEVER use vinegar.  I tried it and the smell is beyond my tolerance.  I won’t even try it with a masking device like essential oils.

  44. I like this idea.  I usually don’t bother with deodorizers but this idea sounds good and I could use it right now, as I have a pungent stink in my kitchen.  I also like the idea of the DIY air freshener sprays.  They seem better then buying one with chemicals. 

  45. Can I use body mist?

  46. Bakin soda is a marvelous thing

  47. I tried this yesterday, i was going to ask how often should i changed it and i saw where someone said its on your blog that says 3 months but first i should say that this is awesome!!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeee it.

  48. thanks for your tips. can this method apply to the refrigerator as well?

  49. Does anyone know what item can replace the baking soda? Because they don’t sell it where I live 🙁

    1. +Michelle dm same in Lebanon

    2. Look for sodium bicarbonate or bicarbonate of soda… this is available everywhere.


    3. @Michelle dm oh , haha ik heb het wel gevonden ? Zo raar… heb je in de alberthijn gekeken ? Daar vond ik het wel

    4. You’re welcome ! I hope you’ll it

    5. @Cécile TEJEDOR-GUILLAUME Im gonna look there, thank you :)!

  50. Nvm. Found the answer in your comments below. I love your videos. TY Melissa!

  51. How long will this last for? How often would we need to change this? Thanks!

    1. @Tina … Depends on the size of the area and how well ventilated. I have one in my kitchen. My place is pretty small though. I’ll add more drops periodically or change out the baking soda around 3 months. Baking soda is really good at absorbing odors (I tend to cook with garlic a lot) but the essential oils may fade in a couple weeks.

  52. How long does this work for? I am trying to deodorize smoke smell in my front entrance that comes through my walls thanks to my neighbour that smokes like a  chimmey. It is a strong smell just in my front entrance. Do you have any other tips that may work better?

    1. Kill the chimney. Just kidding. I would probably try baking soda and coffee grounds in bowls all around my house for the smoke.

  53. I watch your videos all the time. I was searching YouTube for a DIY deodorizer and your video popped up. I thought to myself “Duh! She has answers for everything!” I should have just looked there in the first place. Lol! Thanks for the videos!

    1. Me too!

  54. How does it work?

  55. Where do you buy your oils?

  56. To get a good deal on essential oils, try eBay. Lots to choose from!

  57. I used gaza instead cheese clothe…. I would shaker every other week and replace it every quarter 😉

  58. Really informative ! I wonder can this be used to sprinkle on the carpet or will the oil be harmful ? I’m subscribing 🙂

  59. do you think it will work for my closet or maybe you haev another diy project to keep the closet fresh ? 🙂

  60. Will it still work with out the oils?

    1. Yes the oil is just for the smell

  61. Why is cheesecloth necessary?

    1. I am wondering the same..the cheesecloth would block the odor of the vinegar wouldnt it? but i agree with michell 

    2. So if the shaker fall’s the baking soda won’t come uit! 🙂

  62. Repeating a tip from back to school video is not interesting 🙁

  63. jst love ur videos dear… awesome

  64. Hi, love your videos. How often should i change the baking soda?

  65. Where can I buy the oils?

    1. Try

  66. I’ve seen every single one of your videos! I ran out! What do you suppose I do now?

    1. damn!

  67. Do you need to use cheesecloth or can you do without?

    1. You should use a cheese cloth, just in case it spills. But you don’t have to use it.

  68. how do you deodorize your closet?

    1. You can leave a box of baking soda in there, or one of these. 

  69. I would love to see how you organize and decorate!

    1. +babydoll33012 hahaha csl

    2. I have seen ALL of your videos.  What do you suppose I do now?

    3. Aww, thanks!  You can see how I decorate, I suppose, just by watching the videos LOL! 

  70. If you want to use a small mason jar you could make your own holes with a hammer and a nail 🙂

    1. Perfect idea! 

  71. Made this with vanilla extract for my refrigerator. I accidentally left an open sardine can in the fridge, and didn’t realize it until it was too late. I was able to clean all the shelves, but some of the food/containers still smelled like fish! I didn’t have any essential oils on me, but I used some vanilla extract I had lying around, and so far it’s worked! My grapes no longer have a sardine smell. Thanks Melissa!

  72. How often do you change out the mixture? A month? Where do you find the cloth?

  73. Tarini go on pinterest they have one it’s a mixture of baking soda and sugar it was amazing.

  74. Just made one of these with vanilla extract, cinnamon powder, cinnamon sticks (I like cinnamon :)) and cloves and it smells great in my room already! Thank you so much Melissa! You have inspired me to live a cleaner and happier life!

    1. I love your idea! I love cinnamon too.

    2. May I ask what kind of cloves did you use?

  75. thanks!

  76. Help me,how to get rid of roaches from your kitchen. I tired pest control they come tired of cleaning kitchen again and again.

  77. Hey Melissa how do you clean urine off of couchs/carpet?

  78. Can i just use baking soda only? I don’t have any essential oil.. :/

  79. No, just essential oils.

  80. A few weeks, and yes!

  81. I have something for that actually! Stay tuned!

  82. You said it – I didn’t even realize that until your comment!

  83. Try it all! There’s no harm 🙂

  84. You could, vinegar is a natural deodorizer too, but I think this has more longevity.

  85. Dish soap and water 😉

  86. Hi Pranay, thanks for your kind words. I have a video called ‘5 Homemade Cleaners’, I think it’s what you are looking for!

  87. It just allows the air to flow in and out nicely while preventing any major spills in the event the jar falls.

  88. That’s amazing! I am so glad to hear that…I get so grossed out when I smell air fresheners.

  89. Just to prevent the baking soda from spilling out.

  90. Thank you so much – what a nice comment!

  91. I am so glad we are going to save you some money, I really like these. They are gentle, definitely not as strong as air fresheners (in terms of the scent), but the baking soda is amazing at removing odours.

  92. You are most welcome!

  93. Umm, I like the idea of putting it in the car, but I don’t know if it would work since it may tip over and sprinkle baking soda all over the car…your call though!

  94. I don’t think so. What you need to do is clean the ducts if they smell, that will actually help neutralize the smell in your entire home.

  95. You just shake it up every now and then, lasts for a few weeks at least.

  96. Ooohh, sounds amazing, especially for fall!

  97. I just did this and I added some spices as well for the fragrance oils I use cinnamon and mulled wine and I added the spices of cinnamon and I also used some mulled wine seasoning 🙂 smells great

  98. how many days or weeks would it last? 🙂

  99. Hi Melissa, if I make one of these and put it into my return air duct for my central ac, will it deodorize the whole house? If not, could you make a video where you make something to put into the duct that will deodorize the whole house?

  100. Hi, I tried this and it works! Couple questions- how long do they last? And I put on in my car haha, smart idea or no??

  101. THANK YOU for this channel!!!

  102. How long will each bottle last?

  103. Lol if u like the video oike the video lol

  104. anyone tried it? does it work? =)

  105. Cool!what is the cloth for??

  106. great idea thanks

  107. I love your idea. I work at a hotel and every now and then you can get a smell from the chemicals we use. I’ve made some of my own using you’re idea, and not only do they look nice but I come in, and the place smells well….clean!!! No chemical smell! No oder! Your awesome! Thank you 🙂

  108. Hello, I have a question: what is the use of the cheesecloth?

  109. I made the item using lavender essential oil. I have not noticed any difference in the aroma in the room.

  110. You are putting up just great videos – interesting and educative! Many thanks for that,pl try to show how can we make a common cleanser which we can use for cleansing day to day kitchen utensils which we use to cook our foods- it can me made of stainless steel, aluminium, iron , wood etc. This would be of great help for everyone.

    And one should be patient enough to see these videos, a little conversation has made the videos more interesting, Thanks Melissa (:

  111. How often do I change it?

  112. how do you clean granite, quartz, or cultured marble.

  113. How often should it be changed?

  114. Help! I tried using the “bowl of vinegar” trick in my closet which smells of new paint… Will baking soda do better? Any other ideas?

  115. Can u please make a video on how to clean a flute or any other instrument and Polish it
    Fyi:flutes can’t be washed

  116. Theres a lot of cheese involved for a home deoderizer…

  117. Can you do a video about how to remove cloudy burn/steam marks from wood furnitures?

  118. Awesome

  119. Thank you Melissa !

  120. Melissa, please do a video on chandelier cleaning!

  121. How long does each one last? How many would you recommend in each room?

  122. If you are from Canada, I have seen them at health food stores and I think the Body Shop.

  123. You go girl!

  124. And Melissa says, “Checkmate!” 🙂

  125. You’re more than welcome to post your cleaning videos for everyone to watch, we’d all love to see them.

  126. the video was 2 minutes long….

  127. can you use fragrance oils instead of essential oils??

  128. Yeah.. I think im like u.. I smell
    Everything.. And everything have a weiref smill these days
    Sometimes i think u r ganna buried with baking soda xD
    I must try this

  129. I didn’t have cheese cloth so I used coffee filter instead. I punched holes with a toothpick and it worked great! Thank you!

  130. Nail color is cute!

  131. I tried, bought tea tree essential oil, set it in my pantry, I found two fruit flies dying in it after a night!

  132. Melissa, during the summer when i start my car, after running the air conditioner, i get a stale ugly smell. How do i get rid of it and keep it from coming back? I don’t think that you touched on that, when you did the ‘clean my car’ video.

  133. How do you clean your plastic shower curtain liners?? Any way to reduce soap scum build up? Bathtub cleaning video?

  134. If backing soda removes orders, wouldn’t this cancel the oils aroma! Ha ha! Thanks for sharing

  135. you can get them at whole foods or on amazon/ebay

  136. how long is it good for?

  137. Hi,

    What’s the difference between this mixture and the air freshner you made with vodka? Is one better over the other? Also, is the cheesecloth needed?

  138. Where do you get those essential oils?

  139. Must we use the cheesecloth? Great vid! Thanks.

  140. I enjoy your videos and am one of your subscribers. Could you share with us why you need the cheese cloth to cover the scent and ingredients? Could you not just have the holes of the jar exposed to the scented oil and baking soda? Thanks for your good advice!

  141. how long does this deodorizer last?

  142. Can you do this and not use the cheese cloth? If the lid already has holes.

  143. I saw this tip from a previous video, so I tried it for my bathroom, and it really works!

  144. If you like this video, like the video! HAHAHA.

  145. how to clean white painted wood furniture??? PLEASE tell me (:

  146. Have you done a video on pet stains? If you havent can you?

  147. How long will thus last

  148. please tips for organizing my closet

  149. What’s the difference with just buying the essential oils and placing it in a different container with diffusing sticks, or those holders that have cotton pads that you can put the drops of essential oils onto?

  150. U no, I don’t watch the videos to know how to clean I do it because of your beautiful face

  151. How often do you have to change them?

  152. Love the video! What is the purpose of the cheesecloth?

  153. Do the potpourri oils (sold next to the incense) work for this?

    1. My potpourri last about 3 weeks and after that I can’t smell it anymore.

  154. How often do I need to change this?

  155. Love it! 🙂 I was just wondering, Can I cut the excess cheese cloth that surrounds the cheese shaker?

  156. What about the cats? Do they touch it or they run away from the smell? It won’t be dangerous for they right?

  157. i find that rooms i’m not in tend to stay the freshest…

  158. Hi Melissa, How often would you need to refresh the mix? Would you change it out every 30 days like we do in the fridge?

  159. Another Great idea! Thx for sharing!!

  160. 🙂

  161. I think we started in 2010 if I remember correctly!

  162. Thanks – it’s just a few highlights under my top layer of hair, I re-did them a few weeks ago. I’ve had them since January, but I guess they are super obvious now!!

  163. It’s so easy – go for it!

  164. Interesting question – I haven’t had that issue but that’s a very logical query!

  165. 1-3 months.

  166. There are a few things you can do. Air out the house for starters, leave as many windows open as you can, for as long as you can. Clean all fabric items in the home i.e. upholstery, blankets, drapes etc. Odours will hide in there. Further, you can steam clean your carpets and wash your walls, as nicotine sticks to every surface it can find. Once that’s done, you will notice a huge difference.

  167. That’s so sweet! Thanks!

  168. I got mine also at Bulk Barn, which is a Canadian bulk food store. I think you can purchase it at grocery stores and bulk food stores anywhere.

  169. Every 1-3 months.

  170. I have 4 going right now 🙂

  171. It is on our list!

  172. 100% – that’s essentially all you’re purchasing when yo get carpet powder at the store.

  173. That’s incredible – baking soda is really magical stuff. I am not kidding – it’s like cleaning fairy dust.

  174. Yes – we just bought a product for that. Stay tuned!

  175. Longhorns – no clue! Long does…every 1 -3 months.

  176. THANKS! We just installed it – glad you noticed!

  177. Once every month, once every 3 months…no longer than that.

  178. My pleasure!

  179. You are welcome! Enjoy!

  180. You can change it once a month, but once every 3 months will do!

  181. Shake it up to re-release the scent!

  182. You’re always first in my books 😉

  183. The cheesecloth is like gauze, it’s got a lot of holes which allows odors to flow in and fresh air to flow out. You want something that is easily permeable.

  184. I tried this scent on lasted like two days ugh!

  185. “If u like this video like this video” lol

  186. Really awesome stuff! Can’t wait to try this out! =]

  187. You rock!

  188. you replace it every month … it said that in her locker video (:

  189. That is great ,love you

  190. I am going to try this..thanks for sharing

  191. Do you ever replace the mixture ? If so, how often do you do it ? Thank you for all your great tips !

  192. probably so the baking soda doesn’t accidentally spill out, also so you can shake it around without it spilling? maybe? no? idk

  193. Thanks again for another great tip! I will definitely give it a try. Also, I love your chandelier!

  194. *long does*

  195. How longhorns it last before you should redo it?

  196. placing cups of vinegar throughout your home will help. I use old candle jars and it works very well.

  197. Hi Mel,Thanks for your reply back…it was very helpful…can u also give
    me some cleaning tips for cleaning crystal chandelier.Thanks

  198. i guess bc the holes on the lid are too big and you dont want the scent too be too strong

  199. I just followed your advice to add baking soda to my laundry detergent for an extra boost of deodorizing power and it’s AMAZING! I have this one workout top that I sometimes wash twice because it still smells…off and with baking soda? Just once and it smells like nothing!


  201. how often do you have to change the baking soda and everything

  202. How many of these do you keep around your home?

  203. Where do you buy cheese cloth ?? love the idea going to do this !

  204. Great video, and such an easy fix. I’ll admit I get so excited to see your videos in my feed cause I know I’m going to learn something thats going to make my life easier !!

  205. I would add Borax; I discovered how amazing it is for deodorizing shoes. Nothing else worked with me for shoes, so I assume it would work the same for rooms and such. Thanks for sharing

  206. so the powder doesnt fall out as much

  207. How long will it work for? Thanks for the great video! 🙂

  208. Hello Melissa. I am curious about something. Since Baking Soda absorbs odors, won’t it absorb the essential oil’s smell?

  209. How long before you need to change the baking soda?

  210. Why the cheesecloth?

  211. I’d like to try this.

  212. Love your new hair color !

  213. Not first 🙁

  214. thanks so muck when did you start making vides

  215. helpful video!

  216. first

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