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My Favorite Household Cleaning Products & Tools | MsGoldgirl

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Snap Shadows Eyeshadow Palette-True Neutrals
Pat McGrath Lip Gloss Set of 3 minis
Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Jet Set
Living Proof Styling Cream

Alicia Wood Lifestyle
Family Room Rug I Ordered
Foyer/Entryway Rug I Ordered

Wright’s Silver Cream (it’s less expensive in store)
Method All-Purpose Cleanser
Microban Sanitizing Citrus Spray
Sprayway Glass Cleaner
Sprayway Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish
Method Wood For Good Polish
Dupont Stonetech Professional Revitalizer
Arm & Hammer Carpet Odor Eliminator
Fabreze Fabric Extra Strength
Murphy’s Oil Soap
Shark Steam Mop
Bissell Scented Steam Mop Water
-Ecucalyptus Mint
Bissell 3-in-1 Vac
Shark Upright Vacuum
Microfiber Cloths
Clorox Toilet Bowl System
Glamorous Wash-Diva Scent
Noodle & Boo Bleach Alternative
Kids and Pets Stain & Odor Remover

Tank Dress
Silver Hoops
Dainty Necklace
Howlite Adjustable Necklace
Glue On Nails
Flower Foundation-L2
Going Coconuts Eyeshadow Palette
L’oreal Lumi Bronzer
Revlon Skinlights Highlighter
PF Butter Blush-Pink
Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner-Iconic Nude
Wet n Wild Liquid Lipstick-Send Nudes
David Yurman Cable Bracelet
Lagos Silver Caviar Diamond Bracelet
Lagos Caviar Color Hinge Cuff Bracelet
Michele Watch


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114 thoughts on “My Favorite Household Cleaning Products & Tools | MsGoldgirl

  1. Hey Marnie, I haven’t commented in a very long time but I wanted to let you know that you can still find the apple cinnamon Fabuloso at Dollar General during the holiday season.

    1. @Marnie Goldberg You’re welcome!

    2. THANK YOU!!

  2. This cracked me up. I liked more clean products. I have so many Method & Mrs. Meyers cleaners. Now..we want to kill germs…the stronger the better. When I couldn’t find more Lysol, I went for hair salon sanitizer, which was EPA certified against Covid-19. I didn’t know Method had an Almond spray. I use the Almond floor cleaner and that smell is unbelievably good. The Scentsy Counter Clean not only smells good, but it gets stains out of everything. I use it more for carpet or fabric stains than counters.

  3. Great video! I missed watching your videos and now I’m back.

    1. Welcome back!

  4. Girl I have most of the products you mentioned, love them all, even have that steam mop, love it, I thought it said not to use distill water in it. I’m a Texas girl to.💖

  5. Are those the Veronica earrings? Great Video.

    1. They are!

  6. I love my steam mop! I recommend to anyone! Also, you need to write a book called “Woman, make your bed!!”

  7. Enjoyed watching this video so much. Love your recommendations. They usually always are. Great topic , make more of such videos. Try making a cleaning video as well if you are up to it. Also vlog more! I have always found your videos to be good ,fun ,helpful & entertaining !

  8. Thanks for the lavender Fabuloso recommendation! I absolutely love it!

  9. I loved hearing about your cleaning products! I bought that foaming glass cleaner on your recommendation and love it. I have enjoyed using cleaning and laundry products from The Laundress for years. My daughter thinks I’m nuts, but everything of theirs I’ve used works really well and smells divine.

  10. Hi Marnie .. bit of a slow reply, but for the silver, you cannot go past toothpaste… just plain old toothpaste will get all the black oxidisation off the silver, as long as the item is pure silver. I use toothpaste (or toothpowder alternately), with a clean toothbrush and just scrub away.

  11. I LOVE this video concept!

  12. Love this alternative content to mix things up a bit!

  13. Oh no, love you but Fabreeze is highly adults, kids and pets…essencial oils are safe, lavender, mint, what ever you like with some water in a spray bottle…please, please, anything but Fabreeze products.

    1. essential oils can be highly toxic to pets, children, adults! “Natural” isn’t better – usually natural products aren’t even tested for safety.

  14. I enjoyed your cleaning recommendations, but I am laughing so hard at your face with the boys behind you! 🤣 we have 3 boys 16, 19, and 21, and two are home from Ole Miss too. I love them being home, but it’s an adjustment right?!?!

    1. Let’s just say their hours and our hours are not aligning! I was filming at 2 pm and they were making BREAKFAST!! 🤣 Hotty Toddy!!

  15. When I was working I had a cleaning lady. I’m now retired and I know this will probably sound crazy but I’m enjoying cleaning my home. There is only the two of us now so not as much cleaning to do. And I agree about making the bed every morning.

  16. Hehe first week in I brasso’d a brass coaster. Very satisfying but now I have about 8kg of brass to go.

  17. Marnie, great video. Could you recommend a product for hard water stains in the toilet. I have tried CLR, a pumice stone and many other products and have not been satisfied with the results. I really enjoy these types of videos. Thank you.

    1. Yes-a water softener. That’s the only thing that works. It’s worth the investment because your appliances will work for so much longer!

  18. Love the shark steamer. Method does make an antibacterial cleaner…its just called Method Antibac. I order mine from Grove.

    1. @Marnie Goldberg I buy The Method Granite cleaner. I believe the scent is Apple Orchard. Great product!

    2. I get that one too sometimes! Not currently in stock pretty much everywhere though.

  19. Love my Shark steamer. Curious about the scented water, need to check that out. Thank you!

  20. “Woman make your bed”😆Thats why we love ya Marnie🥰 The OG GAW(Grown A** Woman)👊🏻

  21. I love wood for good!

  22. Love these Videos …great Marnie

  23. Marnie, excellent video, down to earth and realistic. Thank you.

  24. I like Mrs. Meyer’s products for cleaning. I use their cleaning solution that you dilute. The lemon verbena scent is wonderful for cleaning floors. For spray bottles for counters, etc. I like their honeysuckle scent. Good stuff!

  25. Method also have a floor cleaner in the almond scent.

  26. Great video and tips!!!

  27. Loved this video (far more than I should have, needing a life in L.A.!) thanks for all the recommendations—I can’t wait to try Noodles and Boo because I have BANNED bleach from my house (too many mishaps). Thanks again!

  28. I love the Method spray cleaner. So good. We also love their foaming hand soap. I am going to try the steam mop. I’m intrigued.

  29. I just discovered the Spray Away glass last month. I’m hooked! I love it. I’m going to order the Diva wash now. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks for the cleaning recommendations. I’m a sucker for cleaning products

  30. I just got a steam mop a couple months ago…you think your floors are clean until you use one of them!! Holy cow!!! I love that thing, I use it once a week and am still surprised at what is one your floors after a week. I love it!!

  31. I’m in my 70’s, but I grew up with a single mother, who worked a day job and a night job, so we always had a cleaning lady, which was really unusual. I did all the ironing (the laundry was sent out – we didn’t have a washer – and came back ready to iron) right from a very early age, and still love doing it! In my adult life, we briefly had a maid when we lived in Hong Kong who lived with us, but I could only stand it for a couple of months! I would love to have someone in to clean nowadays, especially the bathroom, but can’t quite justify it. That said, there’s really not much to do when there’s only two of you, and you keep up with it! Gotta love Rowdy!!

  32. I hate to complain but I REALLY miss my cleaning ladies. Mine come every other week. I love the Sprayway glass cleaner too. I’ve never thought of using it for the counters. Thanks for keeping it real. 😁

  33. I love this video. There are several products that I will check out. Thanks.

  34. Hey Marnie. I’m pretty new to your channel and always enjoy watching. It’s funny you talked abt silver cleaner. One of the things I’ve done is clean all my silver jewelry. I also love Method cleaner. I use the wood one you have and I ❤️ the grapefruit one that is the surface cleaner. It smells so good. They are great products!

  35. I want to buy the Method wood cleaner. I usually make my own with olive oil, lemon essential oil and other ingredients.

  36. I can’t believe how many product I use that you use! I haven’t tried Sprayway Stainless Steel cleaner (love the glass cleaner) – that will be next. I also love Shark products. I have the cordless vac now and it is fantastic – so much so that I bought one for my granddaughter who was 3 years old and could use it with no problem (actually I bought it for their family – they love it LOL).

  37. thanks for this i love the spray away glass cleaner i have smaller children and it works i usually dont spend a ton on cleaning products and we love it i have glass outdoor storm doors not my choice and i clean them several times a day because i dont like fingerprints it gets that and the dirt off with ease and no streaks. also regular baking soda will do the same thing for the carpet i am a puppy foster close off the area and let sit for 10 minutes

    1. Good to know!!

  38. I just received that Shark steam cleaner from Amazon! I haven’t even tried it. So happy to see that you recommend it!

  39. I’ve heard you rave about Glamour Wash for years and resisted…then my mother-in-law gave me some in the High Maintenance scent for Christmas one year. Oh my goodness! I especially love it on my sheets and towels. I try not to buy it too often as we do so much laundry (mom of 5 here!), but I did discover that they make dryer sachets as well! Easy to toss in the dryer and the scent is just as long lasting!

  40. I had no idea Bissell did a scented water! Thank you so much for this, and the links.

  41. Your dog cracks me up! 😂 This video totally motivated me to clean. I love my steam mop and now need to get some scented water for it.

  42. Hi Marnie, I love those micro fiber cloths. I have E-Cloths and they really work great. The Method Daily Shower Cleaner is good to just spritz the shower daily. I am going to look into getting a smaller sweeper to clean up daily. We have a Dyson Animal with Hepa thing. It is a wonderful vacuum but it is loud and our dog Lily Rose hates it so much. Thanks so much for all your cleaning tips, products and advice. Stay safe and healthy! xoxo, Karen

  43. I love the steam mop and the stick vac! I also clean with microfiber cloths. Have you tried the SHAM-Wow for cleaning up? They are great. I have two and they are helpful.

  44. I find that the floor steamer leaves streaks on a floor and it defeats the purpose. Does anyone know how to avoid that?

    1. @Zattelo 1 I agree! My ceramic tile kitchen floor had tons of streaks after using a steam mop..I ended up returning it. Very interested in one that doesn’t leave streaks because they are great otherwise.

    2. Marnie Goldberg yes i am. It is so strange. I see people using these all the time and if it wasn’t for the water marks and streaks left everywhere (especially noticeable on tiles) I would love to use it. If anyone has experienced this and has any solution please share.

    3. I haven’t seen that-are you using distilled water?

  45. Something that has really helped me is my Home Routines app by Wunderbear on my iPhone. It is honestly the only app that I have ever actually paid any money for. I ended up getting an iPhone just so that I could use it after I saw my sister using it. I have tried out other apps that claim to do what home routines does and they don’t cut the mustard.

    It is easy to customize to my own schedule. You can change it to fit your shift schedule (I am a retired RN- nothing usually fits that life) or your normal weekly routine. I can schedule in some seasonal stuff, some once a year stuff so I don’t forget but it is the way I broke up my current basic tasks that’s helping me right now.

    I have Hashimotos, but my last thyroid half was supposed to be removed last month but due to the situation it’s on hold till June or July. I’m coping with some worse than usual fatigue and brain fog and the app is a lifesaver. I am doing what I decided is absolutely necessary for daily and weekly maintenance but in 5 minute chunks- and only 1 or 2 per day and I know what to ask my husband to do when he offers.

    If anyone else is similar— go look it up on the apple store and consider it. Hope it helps.

    1. Kamloops Cruise I use and love that app, too!

  46. Thank you for the cleaning tips. 😊

  47. Video idea….next do a video of cutting all of your men’s hair.  That’s a popular one going around now.  Thanks for the cleaning tips!

    1. oh bummer – it would be so fun.

    2. Not happening!

  48. Love my cordless Dyson! I also swear by my E-cloths👍🏼

  49. I cracked up watching Rowdy as you discussed cleaning – as he helpfully licks the counter! ❤️👍

    1. 😁 He’s something else!

  50. My husband does the laundry (and so much more) and when I first bought the Diva Wash he was put off by the name – but now our home is filled with that beautiful scent and it is so nice with towels. It is now a ‘must have’.

  51. I love my floor steam cleaner. I was just saying the other day that I wished their was a nice scent we could add to the water. I would highly recommend the IRobot Roomba vacuums. We have one for each floor of the house. Worth every penny!

    1. If we had a Roomba the dogs would kill it!

  52. And yes, “Woman Make Your Bed”. And different days for different chores!☺️💕

    1. Yes!!

  53. This was great, Marnie, I have always been curious about friends houses and products they use- I am going to try the Method wood cleaner, and have for a longtime been a stream mop lover especially for my Italian tile kitchen floor-I have sprayed the floor lightly with a nicely scented cleaner and then steamed as I don’t care for the scent of plain water. I am curious about the Diva wash, though I read some negative reviews of it…my favorite is Ivory Snow (although I don’t think it’s He) with downy fabric softener. But even that is expensive and I can only find it on Amazon. Have you ever used “Mr. Clean” Eraser sponges? They are handy but sometimes leave streaks and don’t use them on finished wood-they remove the finish☺️💕

    1. Marnie Goldberg Me Too!!

    2. I live for Magic Erasers!!

  54. I was just researching some new cleaning products! I will be giving that granite cleaner a try! Thanks 😀

    1. @Marnie Goldberg 🙂

    2. It’s so good!

  55. This is awesome, and much needed! Definitely use the Glamorous Wash, especially when washing the bedding. Also a huge fan of vinegar! Simple. Cheap. Cleans and removes all smells without leaving any ‘perfumey’ residue.

  56. “Woman, make your bed”!!! Love it! And yes, glamorous wash is addictive – can’t be without it 🤣

    1. So true!

  57. I can’t stand not making my bed. It sets the tone for my whole day. I love coming home to a clean house.

  58. This was great!

  59. Really enjoyed this kind of video! I appreciate you sharing products that are readily available and cheaper than other options. I use many of these products. Have to try steam mop!

    1. Glad you enjoyed!

  60. Went to my Walmart here in Long Island N.Y. at 6:30am today to try to get disinfecting wipes and spray because online they said that these kind of items were in stock, but you have to go in store to get them. THERE ARE NO DISINFECTING ANYTHING!!! Haven’t been able to get items in Target, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Costco, Staples or BJ’s. Impossibly frustrating!!! I love Fabuloso and just a note and I may be wrong, but Fabuloso Complete is the one labeled for disinfecting. The other one is a great general cleanser and your right, the scents are wonderful.

  61. Wow this was different Marnie!!! I keep forgetting you have cleaning services for your home lol…I hate doing the floors so that was one of the first chores I taught my kids to help me with lol. I think I’m going to bite the bullet and try that Diva detergent you’re only been talking about for years now. YOLO right?!? 💕❤️💕😘

    1. They have a range of sizes to order depending on your budget!

  62. Loved this for a change! I wonder what the British equivalents are the only ones I recognised Fabulosa, Method and Shark.

  63. I hate stainless steel! ! I’ve owned my own cleaning company for 28 yrs and I would never own anything stainless steel! I hate everything about it ! Yes! Pet fresh is very bad for your carpets ! My dogs love the furniture to lol! ! Murphy’s oil soap is the best I love it ! Great video!

  64. Love the video. I use the bissell vac as well. Works great. 🙂🌸

    1. I have been through many floor steamers- They don’t seem to last long without breaking- finally settled on the Bissell and it’s great!💕

  65. Hi Marnie, a big fan of all your videos but especially look forward to the lifestyle ones. Would love to get a more detailed cleaning routine. Also – your sanitising protocols for groceries etc, I know there are lot of other videos but I find your approach balanced and practical. Thanks !

    1. CDC now recommends not wiping down your groceries.

  66. Great rec’s (thanks to you we have discovered the joy of Kids & Pets stain remover) 👍 I was looking at I-robot vacuum situation BUT may just go “old school” plus get a little arm workout in 😅 Stay well ❣️

    1. My dogs would attack and kill a robot vacuum!!

  67. I live in Southern California and always use Fabuloso!

  68. Sprayway is the bomb!

  69. Great idea to add essential oil to mop head, Marnie! Would love to see you do a morning and evening cleaning routine.😊

  70. Great video – I use a lot of these products and have owned a steam mop for over 15 years. I can’t live without it!!!! I love Diva detergent and would like to try the bleach alternative! The one product I can’t use in my home is anything Fabuloso. It gives me a horrible headache. Thanks for sharing!

  71. Love this! I’ve been OBSESSED with cleaning videos since the quarantine. Glad you posted one ❤️

    1. Thanks!!

    2. Do It On A Dime-I can’t stop watching her videos!

    3. Courtney Mabry What are some good videos you would recommend to watch? 😊

  72. Rowdie is doing his part to clean up the kitchen counters, 😂So cute, lol.

  73. Yes… more details!!!

  74. I want to give a WARNING about the steam cleaner. If you have any small cracks in ceramic tile or loose pieces the hot steam hitting cold tile CAN crack your tile further! I have ceramic tile throughout my home in mobile , AL and used the steam cleaner in winter and after cleaning noticed cracks all over my kitchen/living room floors! Now mind you, I had a few small cracks to begin with, very small cracks and when the hot steam hit the cold floors it just cracked them like ice. So be careful and make sure your floors are in good condition before using steam on them or dont use in winter!

  75. I know my grandmother always said Monday was wash day. Here’s how they did their cleaning in the 1940’s and so on.

  76. The new  I actually quite enjoyed the video and will check out some of the products. Thanks!

  77. Thank you for this, interesting.

  78. I have the same steam mop & Bissell 3-1 n love them both. Totally agree about Kids n Pets, best ever

  79. “If you don’t have this in your collection yet”. That is hilarious considering you’re talking about cleaning products…lol. 😆

    1. Oh I know I said it-guess old habits are hard to break!

    2. Marnie Goldberg I was laughing out loud on that one. I knew what you meant. Watch it and you will hear that you did indeed say that. It was a fun way to start the morning.

    3. I CANNOT believe I said that! 😂😂

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