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My Vitamins & Supplements Routine | Anti-Aging and Overall Health

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I am excited to partner with The Reserve (formerly known as The Matcha Reserve) on this video! Use this link for 30% off your order. Also, 10% of all purchases will be donated to The Hunger Project!

This video was highly requested and hopefully, it gives you more knowledge and sheds light on which vitamins i take and why. Please remember that vitamins and supplements are there to fill in the gap but nothing will supplement a bad diet! Also when reading studies online please make sure to check the source and other details (length of studies, amount of the supplement used, people who were the study group) I find there are a lot of information that is presented in a wrong way and makes people confused. I also answered a few of the questions you asked me over Instagram.






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300 thoughts on “My Vitamins & Supplements Routine | Anti-Aging and Overall Health

  1. Let me know what other videos you enjoy on my healthy tips playlist:

    1. Can you create a video about the vitamins you give your children or healthy meal/snack ideas for what you feed your children 🙂

    2. Would love to see outfits you would wear to a college graduation! Including outfits with shoes that are flat so you don’t have to wear heels 💕

    3. Hey, Valeria! Glad you made this video, I’m super into it and I truly believe we should take time to time some vitamins and supplements, nothing scary with that! If you could share your courses or where I get nutrition education, if you were happy with yours pls share. And what a cute sweater! Where’s it from?

    4. what is the lip colour you are wearing in the thumbnail?

    5. Love this video!! Would love to see tips/recommendations for vitamin/food intake during your period…sometimes girls my age don’t know that they can lack iron and other things that can cause problems. Thank you!🦋🦋🦋

  2. Hi I’m new here thank you for the video I’ve subscribed.
    Also don’t know how old are you but yoh look 16 🌹

  3. I LOVED THIS VIDEO 🥰🥳 I have matcha powder at home but it is terrible…. I will try your recipe 🍵

  4. If this Youtuber is 80 years old, I’m going to be really impressed.

  5. Sorry for my bad english but I don’t agree with many comments here.

    1. First you need to check your diet, that’s the most important thing to do before taking any supplements. A balanced diet in my opinion is made of cereals (whole rice), vegetables, fish (sardines), seeds (sunflower, chia) and fruits (kiwi), all whole and not processed.
    2. Take supplements only if you need them, otherwise they can be harmful, multivitamin supplements are bad for sure, vitamin D and omega 3 are safer.
    3. Spirulina, matcha, chlorella and similar should not be considered supplements, they’re more like superfoods and they can be helpful.
    4. Not all probiotics are safe, but some brands like Culturelle are safe and healthy in my opinion because they only use well known strains.
    5. Fu*k coffee, processed foods and added sugar.

  6. How old are you?

    1. Lol I’m. 21 and u look younger than me !:)

    2. omg thought u were 17

    3. I’m 29

  7. Thank you for your knowledge Valeria! 🙏🏼 you da best!😊

    1. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  8. Way too much pointless negativity in the comments. 400 disagreements compared to billions of people out there (most of which actually do take care of themselves if diets don’t sustain them fully). There is nothing wrong with these supplements. Do your research and take what your body needs 🙄 she even mentioned it in the comments. Love you Valeria! You’re amazing 😘

  9. Which multivitamin do you take or recommend?

  10. I don’t get all the hate on this video! It’s got a whole pre-chat about healthy diet and talking to your doctor, getting bloodwork, etc. Definitely not pitching to sell a bunch of stuff willy nilly and I used to watch old and new Valeria videos and this still seems to ring true for me. Her advice (taken back to my doctors and customized for me) helped me find a healthy way to take care of my body and recover from my eating disorder. I’m the furthest thing from being a supplement/organic/essential oil crazed person, I’m huge for medical science but she’s just sharing what she does, y’all. Love it.

    1. Also, half of these things were recommended to me by my family doctor and my opthamologist so I’m down with Valeria 😉 Ordered that Maca Powder because this mama brain could use a hand getting out of this brain fog for SURE. Working on slowly cutting back on coffee (per my doctor, again) and reintroducing Matcha again 🙂

  11. Как же жалко, что нет русского перевода 😩

  12. How old are you ?

  13. Guys I need help! I did a blood test and all around check up, and I have vitamin D deficiency and iron deficiency. So I am going to take supplements for those. My question is, do I need to take. Multivitamin as well? And omega 3(note: I rarely eat fish) ?? Should I take these 2 as well ?

  14. I loved this video!! Its ashame you have to make a huge disclaimer at the beginning of this video because people lack common sense. YouTube is a great source but no one should solely rely on it. My doctor told me to take probiotics and a vitamin d supplement!! As Valeria said get a blood test 💗

  15. This is amazing! Thank you for this! If you could share more about these topics it would be fantastic!

  16. Holy crap… a lot of hate and negativity going on here in the comment section… she’s just saying what she likes to take… I’m not sure if she put a disclaimer but anyways…. adults should know to research anything before consuming it. She also suggested going to the doctor before taking supplements …. and to continue getting a blood test while consuming the vitamins etc. I don’t see the big issue lol

  17. Why i love u sooo much dear Valeria ❤️💋🌹

  18. “Holistic Nutritionist”. Just so everyone knows, anyone can be a nutritionist. Unlike a dietitian, where there is a specific course and training to even be able to register as a dietitian. The title ‘nutritionist’ means nothing and are usually quack ‘doctors’ who come up with different health fads.

  19. whats her hair color?

  20. Your videos about health are lovely Valeria, do more please 🥑🌷

  21. totally wrong about the matcha colour! The vibrant green does not mean that fertilizer has been used? There are several different sorts of green tea and they turrn into different shades of green when grinded. Meanwhile there are many organic Japanese green tea producers who do not use any fertilizers or pesticides at all, and depending on the sort of tea leaf the green is extremely vibrant.
    Maybe try not to act like an expert on every thing before informing yourself? And to add this, there is way better sources for high grade, organic matcha than that sponsoring company you are promoting.

  22. Miss the old Valeria.
    We can’t see a single video without sponsorships and we don’t trust you anymore

    1. @D. what Gary article if you don’t mind me asking? 👀

    2. Yes, but some of us only started to see the real her. Have you seen that Gary article? Really mad, all those hours/days/months/years following her, waste of time. See for the comment threads.

  23. What school did you go to? I would love to get registered too !!

  24. Miss the old valeria

    1. Some of us only started to see the real her. Have you seen that Gary article? Really mad, all those hours/days/months/years following her, waste of time. See for the comment threads.

  25. Guys, I recommend to watch a beautiful movie called : “Out of Africa”, oldie but classic ☺️

  26. Reading these comments, I’m so glad these negative people are unsubscribing! Haha. Take everything with a grain of salt and be kind, people. Sheesh!
    Valeria, thank you for sharing your favorites and tips while also referring us to our medical professionals for further details. Seems fair to me!

  27. hiya! i used to have really good skin and then i had a very stressful move so my skin changed like I’ve never seen before. but now its been about 8 months and it’s not back to normal. also the spots are around my jaw/ on my cheeks,
    any advice?!?!!?!? xxx

  28. you do not need money as I can see, but that video reveals greedy sorry.

  29. Thank you for this informative video, I love your nutritional advice. I love that you really emphasize that these are only your go-tos and that they may not be for everyone. Also, that you specifically say a couple of times that good diet really is the most important and supplements are only to fill in the gaps and should be talked to about with a health care provider. Reading some of the comments I’m not sure where others got confused about that 🤔 I’ve also started taking the matcha reserve collagen and matcha combo due to you and I am loving it!❤️❤️

  30. I guess that the comments about the commercial thing and sponsoring are the more ugly and jealousy people part because I don’t think it bad, for me it totally ok and needed for her to keep doing what she does
    but about the comments about her nutrition information I understand what bothers people but When it comes to diet I take everything I hear with a grain of salt because every research contradicts the other
    and you don’t have to be a doctor to understand this, even they have a different opinions,
    Love you Valeria always 🙂

  31. I want to express my opinion. Don’t call it hate, it’s my opinion;

    Growing up I realise that, for me, the definition of a role model is someone who manages to live a happy and dignified life without causing any harm to people, animals and the planet. That’s a delicate issue, since harm is not caused only directly but mainly indirectly. And we ALL cause harm indirectly(with food and products we buy). The core(the issue) is to fight against this harm. And Valeria does not fight against it. I am just telling it for Valeria to think about it and not to degrade her or cause any hate.
    If only I was wrong..but I do not think I am.. Have a nice day and never forget those who suffer

  32. Hey! I read a lot of negative comments here, just remember dear: HATERS GONNA HATE 😉 keep it up, even if you upload a video of you poking into a jello cup for 30 minutes, I’ll watch it 😀

  33. Please go back to being more organic, meaning your videos feel extremely commercial. I can’t connect to you somehow. Miss the genuine YouTuber who cared about what the audiences thought too.

  34. can you talk about supplements that are helpful for winding down/falling asleep. I have PTSD and am extremely hypervigilant and I wanna learn more about relaxation/sleep cycle supplements

    1. Peppermint oil and Lavender oil are supposed to have a calming effect and help with falling asleep. I’ve heard about this thing called Bach’s Remedies (which is all natural), which is a mouth spray. There’s different kinds, and there’s one that supposedly helps with stress and anxiety and helps with falling asleep. I haven’t tried it but I am planning to soon.

    2. First, I would advise you to go to a doctor to give any kind of supplements (she mentioned that in her video) Second, I tried chamomile tea (I harvested the chamomiles from an abandoned land and dried them out in the sun) it really puts to sleep like a baby. You can purchase it from herbal store, try not to buy the tea bags thingies because that’s not tea. also, you can buy rosemary oil and sniff it before going to bed. What I do sometime is I put some drops in an oil diffuser. Buy the rosemary oil only from a trusted pharmacy or drugstore.

  35. 🙄🙄pure junk,..

  36. Your skin is so amazing!

  37. I’m really interested in omega-3 health benefits. This article says “Getting a daily dose of of DHA (600 to 1000 mg) from supplements is preferable to reap the health benefits.”

    But, when I’m shopping for omega-3 supplements, I have never found a dose that is that high in DHA. (In fact, most the bottles I see don’t even specify the DHA at all. They just lump it all in with omega-3s, which can be DHA or ALA or EPA.) I’ve resolved to find a gel pill that is 300mg DHA and I take 2 a day to get my 600mg DHA. My question is, have you ever heard of this 600-1000mg minimum DHA to see any benefits? Also, why isn’t this important difference ever discussed and inconsistently labeled on packages?

  38. I saw this and I thought it might interest you 🤓 it’s about the origins of makeup advertisement strategies

  39. Valeria I have watched your videos from literally day 1 and its a shame that you’re not taking this more of a business and not a hobby. I used to love watching your videos but I now do not get anything out from watching them. Its very disappointing that you have changed. The business and money has changed you.

    1. @Bastet Stag yeah you’re right

    2. TheMoroccanBarbie18 People don’t change, they show you who they’ve always been 🤷

  40. I think what she is trying to say is those are the supplements and vitamins that she is taking right now, she did not explicitly recommend you guys to take the exact same supplements as her as she keeps on mentioning know your own body.
    Besides those supplements were not taken daily, they were taken rotately when needed. Of course, it should not taken daily as we get it from our daily food sources. They were just consumed when our body needs it.
    About the collagen, she did mention that not many researches proven the anti aging and other benefits but there were SOME that showed outcomes. She stated that she took the collagen not solely on the anti aging purpose but other health benefits as well.
    But I myself not too sure about the direct benefits of collagen consumption as it is unlikely for collagen to make its way to the bloodstream and to the skin. If you want to improve your skin condition, best apply it directly to the skin. I believe there are many collagen skincare.
    Overall, I don’t feel like she is trying to mislead the viewers and doing so many advertisements. The only advertisement is the matcha reserve. I think she is quite careful on what she said and trying not to give you guys biased opinion on the health benefits. I think you guys need to pay attention on what she said.

  41. She clearly said that you should do your own research.
    You don’t have to buy what she is talking about…
    I find it just very interesting.. She looks really healthy and her kids too.. So I think we are not in the position to judge..
    Valeria I love you ❤️❤️

  42. Did y’all even watch the video? She explicitly mentions going to the doctors and getting a blood test before you take any of these supplements. Moreover, she does say that they are supplements meaning they can’t replace a healthy diet. Some of y’all come here just to bring negativity.

  43. I hope when you’ll reach 1m followers you’ll be satisfied and will go back to be authentic

  44. I don’t have a problem with the sponsored videos because I do understand that it’s your job! I’m just missing the feel of your older videos…but I’m not unsubscribing because I still do love you and your family… Let’s see what the future has to offer… nonetheless, I wish you love and luck!

  45. Hey Valeria have you tried Tati’s Halo Beauty skin, hair, nails supplements?I’ve heard so many positive things about them but I want to know what’s your opinion on them ❤️

  46. This comment section… you guys do realise this is her full time job right? So what if she doesn’t want to share content for free. She works hard on everything she puts out, why should it be free? I really don’t get this emphasis on sharing content the creators wont profit from, that things need to be unsponsored for them to be genuine. While 99% of you are sitting there wearing your branded clothing popping sugar hair bears and would absolutely sell your souls as influencers if you could

    1. Yeah, all people are entitled to a fair wage, even influencers. People expect youtubers to share their time and work for nothing and it’s so weird. Sure, they often shill products they don’t actually care about, but who in the working world doesn’t perform jobs they don’t want to do? She’s making ends meet like the rest of us and you can tell she tries to be authentic. There is no such thing as ethical consumption in late capitalism lol

    2. Indeed! Isn’t that like having a meal at a restaurant and then being pissed off that the chef got paid? She has 988 million subscribers. If people are enjoying her work, she should profit from it like with any other industry. She seems just as humble as always to me. And it’s true that we need to be careful with supplements and check with our doctors but she has 3 healthy, beautiful boys and she looks like she’s 19 so she must be doing something right.

  47. Best way to keep youthful is not drowning ur systems in supplements but use sunscreen, drink lots of water, lower stress levels, exercise, and have a healthy diet.

    1. Yes! And make sure it’s mineral sunscreen vs chemical sunscreen. Also please know that you need some sun time without sunscreen in order to get vitamin D…

  48. Hey everyone I’ve also studied nutrition. It’s okay to take supplements that YOUR certain diet needs but never copy someone else’s. Nutrition of course first and foremost must come from a healthy diet. Supplements like vitamin d, probiotics, fish oil, and iron are needed by most people. What’s best is to visit a nutritionist and dietician and find out what u personally need, and don’t become dependent on supplements.

  49. So many advertisements lately and let’s be honest.. you’re already rich and you don’t need the money to fool your subscribers! Very disappointing

  50. Hello Valeria, I know that this video is getting a lot of negative comments but I hope you don’t take it too harshly. You do state at the beginning that if people are considering taking a supplement they should take to their doctor and that these are only your opinions. As for the sponsored content, you have worked with this company before and it is not surprising that you work with them again if you enjoy their product. I hope you stay true to yourself in your videos ❤️

  51. PSA . Before you start to take any of these supplements, talk to your doctor.

  52. I can’t believe that nobody has brought this up yet, but Valeria, iron isn’t pronounced as ‘eye-ren’, and you’ve been doing that in many past videos. It’s pronounced as ‘eye-yern’ – do look up the pronounciation on YouTube if you’re unsure.

  53. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it/unsubscribe or leave a constructive criticism. There’s something called assertive communication, I don’t get why people need the feel to be so rude

    1. @Anne Ponce I don’t really read the hate to be honest when reading between the lines. It’s the internet people do what they want and here I think they are trying to ”protect” the community.

    2. @Li I do. Totally agree with Doctors making a constructive criticism and giving the right information. But here…lots of passive agressive comments. Full of hate but of course people are used to it so like you, they think it’s okay to be rude. It’s not. “Of course, I do get it” I don’t know with what kind of people you work with but having someone being disrespectful and making it sound like it’s constructive criticism is not normal and it’s not all right either

    3. That would be heaven, in real life or if you are working you will get criticism all the time.
      There are doctors here commenting and people who are far more knowledgeable. But you don’t get that.

  54. Valeria , you are not a doctor and stop giving advices about supplements it is not your job ! Your videos sucks novadays always advertising and sponsored bad contents. I missed your old videos 👎🏻

    1. @D. wow so why she uses that as if it giver her some kind of authority. It gives no credibility, in fact, i believe it takes away any credibility.

    2. ​@Luisa B No you won’t find ”holistic nutritionist” as a major at public universities.

      -Registered Holistic Nutritionist is a Registered Trademark and NOT a professional designation.
      -Dietitians (minimum 4 years Bachelor’s degree in food and nutrition) are THE ONLY regulated health professional trained to provide nutrition advice.
      (info based on Ontario, Canada, where she is from)
      ➡ Pick up limes, is a popular vegan YouTuberr. She graduated as a dietician, also Canadian.

    3. @Lina Zoubir what is a hollistic nutritionist ?? Is that a legal major you find in university or is it something more “on the side”? Because I know it is different than dietitian.

  55. Dr Mike would be cringing

    1. I shared it too in a comment thread, but your comment isn’t visible in the top comment section. Strange.

    2. It was helpful. Thank you for the link. 👏

  56. Your channel has changed so much! I used to love your videos but not anymore.. Unsubscribing.

  57. Doctors don’t recommend supplements unless you are super deficient. I got a blood test which showed I had low vitamin d and my doctor said to get more sun light and eat more fatty fish like salmon and mackerel. I asked about supplements and they said no, supplements aren’t regulated and you can get more vitamin d via your diet. Guys always talk to your doctor and bring the supplements to your doctor to make sure they are safe, the supplement industry isn’t regulated.

    1. Miss how is your day going?

    2. Miss my bad

    3. @Dandelion What are you trying to do? You refer to me, so I get a notification.

    4. Miss stop reading the comments 🙄😂

    5. @Dandelion I didn’t ask for this information. Stop promoting all the stuff/products we don’t need. I’ll sip my green tea ;).

  58. Valeria, I don’t understand. If you are a holistic nutritionist wouldn’t you focus on getting adequate nutrition from your food rather than having to take all these supplements?

    1. Yes especially since some suplemental forms of vitamins (like vitamin E) have WAY less effect when they are isolated vs. when they are absorbed from food

    2. Of course everyone can do what is best for them in their own lives. But my point is that as she is a nutritionist who is giving advice to the public, one would expect more focus and information on food and diet rather than the supplements she promotes left, right and centre.

    3. I think she said that at the beginning—get nutrients from your diet. Everyone knows that we are not perfect and food grown today runs short in nutrition because soil is depleted so some supplementation might be good for people. I think she is just showing what she does to help supplement her diet. No diet is perfect. Everyone can do what works for them.

  59. Thank you for sharing more information! Helps me a lot, especially with my acne👍🏻❤️ I see so many negative comments here and it makes me sad, because I think many people don’t know how hard you and your team are working.. Many people envy you but I sense so much positive energy from you, I think it’s cool how you use your platform to help non-profit organisations. If I had the money I would do this as well. Just wanted to support you and give you some positive feedback❤️ Love, Olivia

  60. People who have a healthy diet shouldn’t be deficient in any vitamins.

    1. @gigi paris Huh? Vitamin D is absolutely essential. FFS!!!!!

    2. @gigi paris I admire Jonna Jinton! She works for love and passion, not for brands and money. very different from Valeria.

    3. @gigi paris Well, lack of vitamin D results in lowered absorption of calcium from the intestines, which leads to low amounts of calcium in your blood. In order to cope with this, calcium is reabsorbed from the bones which leads to skeletal problems. While I’m in good health and have no problems with vitamin deficiency, I have people in my family who suffer from osteomalacia, occurring due to vitamin D deficiency.

      No I haven’t heard of her but what you’re saying about her sounds really interesting. I’ll definitely check her out, thank you for the suggestion!☀️

    4. @Strange Girl Do you have any actual health issue that is affected by the lack of Vitamin D?

      Speaking of Sweden, do you know Swedish artist *Jonna Jinton* who lives in the north of Sweden? She is probably the most purest, loveliest girl in the youtube world. She made a video of Pine needle & Chaga tea which helps the immune system in the long Nordic winter. Sweden is such a beautiful country. 🇸🇪🌲

    5. @gigi paris But at least mushrooms contain other great ingredients, so eating them daily is an good idea though.

  61. Her content has gone downhill since the Pantene sponsorship smh

    1. She even replied to the person who criticized Pantene, ”I only collaborate with brands which I truly believe in.”

  62. OMG these haters!!! Get on with your lives, people! Move along…

    I loved how Valeria presented this. She even stated the importance of getting blood work done first and trying one thing at a time. No, she’s not a doctor, but she studied holistic nutrition, which is what THIS VIDEO IS ABOUT! Unless you’re a nutritionist, western medicine doctors spend just about two weeks covering nutrition in their education. Source: American anesthesiologist. They really don’t know much about diets and rather treat patients with pills when they have problems. It’s about being sensible and aware of what you’re putting into your body.

    Valeria la not at all pushing any of this down anyone’s throat. Check yourselves.

    1. @truffleflowers I’m a 1st year med student, and while i’m only at the beginning of the beginning, I can say that doctors study A LOT of biochemistry, physiology and histology, which is really crucial for understanding the body’s metabolism and chemical reactions and debunk myths like detox. Which is why most doctors are very skeptical of supplements and diets.

    2. @truffleflowers Yes it makes sense now. You meant literally from your friend, there was no information on that.

    3. I don’t watch those videos. Attacking? Where? 
      P.S. Look up “providr scam” on Google. Saw that too ;). And scroll down the article.

    4. Li Not angry, just found it amusing that you zeroed in on anesthesiologist and tried to educate me on what they do when that’s not my point at all.

    5. Do you guys spend as much time and energy attacking fitness videos for their credibility? Because trainers aren’t qualified either and yet they give tons of advice on nutrition.

  63. So informative!! Thank you!! You da best ☺️☺️☺️😘

  64. Valeria, some doctors here disagreed with you (again). How come can you continue to mislead people every time you talk about nutrition and skincare etc?

    1. @cosmic_lotus_eater Look for my comment in the comment threads referring to an article about her husband and the other comment referring to her qualification. Oh and this is going on for months now (see Natasha Star comment ↑). Have a good day!

    2. Natasha Star, not all doctors agree. She encourages people to speak to their doctors, to do their own research. She is speaking about her life, experience, and opinions. She has a duty to her wide audience to use her platform wisely and ethically, but I think she does that pretty well.

    3. Um can you please direct me where she did so?

  65. As an actual working doctor I disagree with so many things that you say in this video. 🙁 Sadly I am unsubscribing now. I used to absolutely love your videos. The content used to be interesting and I really felt like you had something to say. Since the “revamp” – I’m guessing your husband’s influence – The videos have had a different feel, and there is always a looming sponsored post in every video. Sorry Valeria.

    1. She already said to talk to a doctor first and that this is her opinion and things she do because a lot of her follower are curious of her health routine!!! She is constantly saying to talk to doctors first and find out what works for you but this what works for her!

    2. Go cry a river. She’s talking about her own experience and what worked for her! If it’s not working for you, don’t do it.

      I’m guessing you are an obese human being who gets offended by these kinds of videos? 😂

    3. @C H Absolute BS. Overtaking ANYTHING, can kill you. Even water. Fruits are very healthy for people, but we realise that we shouldn’t consume excessive amounts. You’re just stating the obvious to be honest, and I’m sure Valeria would have mentioned that people shouldn’t over consume vitamins and supplements had she known that there were stupid people like you out there interpreting this video as promoting overdosing on supplements.

    4. @C H I know right!
      But there you go, that’s the reason why people and doctors etc disagree with her. Copy pasting this, I agree with someone else’s reply: ”she uses that (holistic nutritionist) as if it gives her some kind of authority. It gives her no credibility, in fact, i believe it takes away any credibility”.

    5. D. Pick Up Limes is great!! Great advice on how to have a proper diet without supplements.

  66. Saying a nutritionist, she doesn’t make a video of nutritious cooking.

    1. @Kay Yeah because she eats SO LITTLE. Her kids eat more than her. Even tho she eats healthy, there’s no way to get all of the nutrition that you need from one tiny wrap with 3 pieces of shrimps, a small smoothie and a yoghurt.

    2. on drugs yeah. I kinda miss her cooking videos though. I think it’s been years since she posted one

    3. She has so many videos on cooking, at first she started YouTube with nutrition recipes, she had a blog for that and it basically just wasn’t working. She knows the audience isn’t that intrested in recipe videos

    4. I guess she rarely does house chores let alone cooking.

    5. Kirsten Dirken I agree. She says she is a nutritionist but relies so heavily on supplements rather than making sure she gets adequate nutrition from her diet.

  67. I know that you need content(and as i see no matter what content is) to “entertain” viewers. But please DO NOT Mislead people when it comes to health issues. Leave this part of people’s lives to doctors. Reading one, two research does not make anybody eligible to advise on such topics.

    1. Yes and you won’t find ”holistic nutritionist” as a major at public universities.

      – Registered Holistic Nutritionist is a Registered Trademark and NOT a professional designation.
      -Dietitians (minimum 4 years Bachelor’s degree in food and nutrition) are THE ONLY regulated health professional trained to provide nutrition advice.
      (info based on Ontario, Canada, where she is from) .

  68. Really wanna get into Collagen! Heard so much about it already. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  69. Supplements helped me so much! ive had an eating disorder and it really was a way to get better without stressing too much about my diet. thx for all the information valeria xo ly ♡ do ur thing b

  70. Collagen is BS!

    1. Completely agree. I was just reading an article about it… it’s the latest fad. Your GI doesn’t “know” and can’t send it selectively to your skin… people should be careful with all these supplements…

  71. This video shows that you truly know NOTHING about what you just said and did it for the money. I think you should give back your certificate to whatever school that gave it to you.

    1. @LoweLyfe XO yeah basically anyone can do it, its a short course

    2. She doesn’t have a Bachelor’s degree and didn’t practice as a nutritionist either. It’s like 4 years since she graduated and she hardly made any videos about nutrition.

    3. PremierFilth yep, even this three week course she should return her certificate because even something as simple as this she has no idea what she’s talking about.

    4. She’s not a dietician , dieticians are doctors. Holistic nutrition courses are like three weeks long and you get a certificate at the end. It’s like learning about how diet and health link in high school science, there’s nothing special about her education on this topic.

    5. @gigi paris I know. The meals shown in the old videos were nothing inspirational.

  72. Just an FYI, the sauerkraut you showed in the video doesn’t contain any probiotics. All of the shelf stable jars of sauerkraut you buy at the grocery store have been pasteurized which kills all the bacteria, including the good bacteria. You have to buy fresh sauerkraut. There is a brand called Wild Brine that is sold at most health food stores that contain probiotics.

    1. Anastasia Hey probiotics are the good bacteria in your gut. Probiotics are what feed the probiotics. Shelf stable jarred sauerkraut has neither.

    2. But it’s not about probiotics it’s about prebiotics isn’t it?

  73. Why so much hate? Valeria has put efforts into making this video along with her team, made a research. You know she’s been taking these supplements, if you watch her vlogs. If it bothers you that Valeria invests into expensive things then you should first check yourself and your own consciousness. Do you type what you type based on your jealousy? First, let’s keep ourselves in check before we spill our hate here and there. I’m sure we all will agree here that Valeria tries her very best to spread positivity and peace and she only shares positive experiences and thoughts, no hate is promoted, right? Right! So please don’t just attack someone who you claim you look or looked up to. We all have bad habits, we all sin in our own ways. Hate the society that sells us and makes us feel some kind of way because of external things owned rather than internal qualities, but remember Valeria’s internal beauty is shining bright.
    Again, keep your ego in check. Thank you 🥰 Spread the peace.
    Much love, you fellow Muslim sista

    1. love your comment! it should be a on top

    2. T M Totally agree!! These people should just move on and stop watching her if they are so bothered by her content! Instead they love to waste their time jumping at her with their hateful comments! Ugh. Get out, Negative Nancies!

  74. I’m sad to say this, Valeria, but I feel like you’ve sold your soul to the devil. I get the feeling you would try to sell chocolate teapots so long as you were getting paid enough. Starting to question your legitimacy.

    1. Okey calm down. Saying “you’ve sold your soul to the devil” is too much to say and it’s not reasonable

    2. @Ella Winberg

    3. @D. Could you send a link?

    4. @Katarzyna Grzejda Same for me. But this made it worse.

    5. @Ella Winberg It’s legitimate. I felt like people should know. I’m not a bot you know, a bot can’t express something like that. P.S. It’s a fact checking research website. They are against fake news.

  75. Honestly for those who are hating on supplements, have you really taken good quality supplements? To say there’s no difference is really weird because if it’s a good supplement and if indeed you require it (through blood tests and etc) you’ll most definitely see a difference. Also, a good diet is OBVIOUSLY important, supplements or not. Supplements don’t mean that you don’t need to bother w a good diet, it just means that if in any case, you were to slip being a PERFECT HUMAN BEING, your body still also gets what it needs. 😂

    1. Go watch Dr. MIKE youtube video about supplements …it’s all a myth

  76. Do you need probiotics if you are healthy? I mean, that is way too much to take, you don’t need any of this to be healthy or good looking, water and take care of your portions, do some sport, cut off some sugar, your skin will get clear. Take care of yourself. I love Valeria and her videos etc. But don’t take this only because she is doing this, like she say, go to your doctor! Love you💘

  77. Once a upon a time I used to take a ton of supplements and now my thyroid is messed up.

    1. Supplements are great. Of course it goes without saying that they shouldn’t be used as an alternative for eating healthily. Use supplements and vitamins, by all means, that doesn’t mean you should overdose on them. Moderation is the key.

    2. sounds like you overdosed on iodine

    3. 23Zeko Of course she can, but if she did it wrong she can influence people with something that is definitely wrong.

    4. @C H Well it’s her body, her experience, she can believe whatever she wants. Someone specifically asked her to elaborate and share more, she can share her thoughts.

    5. Stop stop stooooop!! I‘m sorry for your thyroid problems and you are definitely right about unnecessary taking of supplements but please don’t blame vegetarism! With a balanced vegetarian died you can get all the things your body needs.

  78. Fish doesen’t cover all omega 3… you need to extract the oil from the fish liver, a part we dont really eat

    1. Nicole Martha Fatty fish do.

  79. My mind is still on END GAME.. Hope u have watched it with the boys.. ❤️
    I’ll definitely try the Matcha.. 👍

  80. Matcha is literally just green tea. Like you can drink any green tea and get the same result. For matcha you just pay more. And the same with a lot of “superfoods” (hey marketing based society). And collagen intake is useless for 90% of people. Our body have to produce collagen itself, so taking vit c is more logical in this case.

    1. Katherine Roulington, sorry, I disagree about the matcha. No, matcha is not the same as every other green tea. Other green tea means you brew the green tea leaves, let the shortly soak in the hot water and then get thme out of that water. Matcha means, you grind the whole tea leaf, and drink the whole tea leaf, so the whole plant. With normal green tea you just get a short wring of the tea leaves, while with matcha you literally eat/drink the whole leaf/plant

    2. Collagen is a con, it literally breaks down into amino acids in your stomach. You can just eat any protein rich food for the same effect.

    3. Yes our body produces collagen itself, we don’t need collagen supplements indeed. I agree, research doesn’t show the effectiveness of collagen supplements. Maybe on some it will work, but there is no study that shows you will get better skin etc due to using collagen supplements itself.

    4. Miss, I agree that vit c supplements are not the best idea for many people (like any supplements, really). And actually you can get vit c from soooo many fruits and vegetables!

  81. Is there any chance you can share in one video the best Amazon purchases that you’ve made for your household

  82. Anti aging. That’s a myth please. It should be called fine aging. It’s like saying anti death. Everyone ages since you are born. There is nothing on earth that arrests age hahaha

    1. @Li i understand your point but i am anorexic , back pain and need to gain weoght plus have super dry skin and hair loss so i was given to take all kind of vitamins ,protein with helathy nutrition so she didnt say anything wrong , i am like you i dont believe such things unless i searched for it or heard it from legal sources

    2. @Tasnim Saeed I think she is ”annoyed” haha.. I saw her comment she is a Doctor. Vini 1 day ago: ” *I’m a doctor. If you aren’t malnourished like aka poor homeless on the streets surviving on junk food everyday or living in subsaharan Africa.. or in the slums of wherever most people don’t need any extra supplements except for vitamin D if you live in sunless country or avoid the sun like women in burqas or whatever . Vitamins and supplements don’t exist solo by that I mean a lot if extra things are added to sustain these supplements in a tablet and non degradable form during storage etc etc.. those things are not necessarily good for you. It’s all about pharma companies. For anyone reading please make sure you are deficient before jumping to any supplements* ”.

    3. She means fighting wrinkles and fatigue wise

  83. So many things changed since 2015

  84. You are amazing thank you

  85. Valeria. Be careful when talking about vitamins and supplements, particularly with pregnancy. Many supplements have adverse effects with medications. Also, could you suggest other brands that are more affordable?

    1. Alphafoods is pretty affordable and high quality

    2. In order to even know what the price is and subsequently get the 30% off you have to give them your email address. Who exactly is it going to and why? Nowadays we know of so many horrible issues with cyber security and privacy issues it would seem that sharing your email with an unknown third-party could lead to cyber security and privacy protection problems. Just saying that it feels a bit unethical.

  86. Finally! 😀

  87. Thank you for this video, Valeria 🙂 Now I really want to try collagen and Matcha! I used to underestimate the power of supplements, thinking we can get them exclusively from a “healthy” diet. The problem is that it may be quite hard to get everything we need from diet only without compromising our carbs/protein/fat balance, especially if you work out or are into bodybuilding. How many oranges (=sugar) do you need to get the right amount of vitamin C for you? Also hard to get B12 and even D3, especially for people who spend a lot of time inside or live in Nordic countries 🙂

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll definitely look into that 🙂

    2. How many oranges? 1 or 2. That’s it. Vitamin C is actually in a lot of fruits. So it is not that hard to get.

    3. Bonnymatryoshka Honey there are soooo many foods out there which contain more Vitamin C on the same volume as oranges. Paprika, Broccoli, Tomatoes, … the list goes on with more pretty healthy foods so you don’t have to worry about calories, fats, sugar etc

  88. I think that is incredible how young you look!

    1. @Morgmonkey Never said I don’t like her. Just said her nosejob makes her look waaaay younger.

    2. @Ella Corrigan If you don’t like her why do you watch her videos?

    3. @Natasha Star If you don’t like her why do you watch her videos?

    4. @Morgmonkey The way she speaks and behaves is not matured. Maybe that’s why.

    5. @Morgmonkey She got a nosejob and now looks like a child/elfish

  89. So much research shows that an average healthy person isn’t deficient this stuff is at best a waste of money

    1. Yes. And it’s dangerous to take supplements for things that you’re not deficient in, too much of certain vitamins can do damage as well

    2. Gili Mundel I’m also very skeptical of supplements. Especially prenatal vitamins. A lot of women who never take vitamins usually, will take them while pregnant because it’s SO emphasized by doctors. Folic acid is the biggie for pregnant women, since it prevents birth defects. BUT YOU DON’T NEED A VITAMIN FOR FOLIC ACID IN THE U.S. and other developed countries. This is because we FORTIFY ALL our grains. So, if you eat pasta, cereal, rice, bread, bagels, etc, you’re ALREADY getting folic acid. I studied global health and ALL my professors (male and female, seasoned and rookie) scoff and chuckle at people supplementing in the developed world. They teach about diseases in low and middle income countries that can be prevented with supplements. It is clear from the research, that because we fortify A LOT of our foods, these diseases are not a problem in the US, Canada, European countries etc. Not EVERYONE takes supplements, yet we aren’t overrun with these preventable diseases. Why? Because we FORTIFY! You’re absolutely right. We don’t need supplements unless we are deficient. The ONLY one I’d support with a lack of deficiency, is omega-3s for pregnant women because it’s been shown to promote healthy central nervous system development of the growing embryo.

  90. Funny because I also post a video about supplements yesterday on my channel😉

    Great video Valeria!
    Nat from Montreal

  91. But so much love to you ❤ From India ❤❤

  92. Is this targeted to an specific age group or can a 30 year old and a 20 year old take it the same? 😊

    1. Please don’t take supplements unless you now you need them.

  93. THEY DONT SHIP TO MY COUNTRY … 😪 I went on to the website ordered, and found that they shipped to every other countries other than mine..

  94. You don’t need to take these vitamins if you eat a healthy diet and have a good blood test results. I’m a medical student we learn that. Actually you just make your liver work more, to break down all of that.

    1. Well I take Iron supplements because I don’t eat red meat and I think I don’t get enough iron from food. I sometimes take Vitamin D especially now since we are always at home.

    2. @Vinita Vincent Kuruvila Why are you mentioning africa? They are poor people of all races in America!!!!!!!

    3. @Sprite Zero will you stop spreading this message or promoting this! The fact that you are a *pharmacy assistant* who works as a *naturopath* says it all.

    4. She’s taking them therapeutically and all of them are safe to do so. Most doctors are not adequately trained in supplement use and think they have authority to speak on it. Talk to a pharmacist and naturopath as well as a GP! And have blood work taken. It’s not like she’s out here telling people to take 100 selenium tablets a day, it was DHA, matcha, collagen, maca, etc… all very safe

    5. Vini Thank you😊

  95. Very useful video Valeria ,hugs:)

  96. LOVE THIS!!! Can you do a video on Superfoods?

  97. I always loved the taste of spirulina! My mom jumped on the health food trend in the late 90’s when I was in middle school, so maybe I just grew to like it. The brand was spiru-tein or something along those lines- they came in individual packets to add into milk.

  98. Diet should be fillings the gap for folic acid leafy greens

  99. Nuique has epa and dha
    And there are other algae oils which contain both of lcom

  100. Where’s your jumper from in this video? ❤️

  101. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  102. Zinc stops viruses from getting out of infected cells and infecting healthy cells, so it won’t help so much with a bacterial infection (but common colds are often viral so that’s ok!). Keep in mind it won’t help unless you start it at the first sign of symptoms!
    Thyme is also great for sickness, particularly coughing. Try steeping the fresh herb in hot water to make a tea. It’s delicious too.

    1. ejbruks They are, but only if you really have a lack of zinc. Otherwise it is extremely toxic, so be careful.

    2. @C H I’ve also heard it can damage hearing. But, how much is too much? The amounts that come in an ecz pack or the zinc-eeze products are safe, to my knowledge

    3. ejbruks Another dangerous thing about overtaking Zinc is that it cuts down your body’s production of magnesium and calcium which results in dangerous diseases

  103. Now a days my knees aches alot during workout. Taking Ca n Vit D3. Anything else to take? Any advise?

    1. Thank u so much dear for your care and concern ❤

    2. Vini Totally agree.

    3. Go to a doctor. Get yourself checked. Don’t start any supplements without consulting a doctor. Arthralgia is a symptom reasons could be many. If arthralgia were a disease then that would be different. Hope it helps !

  104. Ahhhmazzziiig Valeria 😊😊😊 love that video, thanks for your response regarding celery juice. The match collagen is my go to drink every day. I also consume collagen tablets in the morning after breakfast 😊😊 zinc is one of my daily supplements its very good for healthy skin as well😊
    Will you be kindly recommend something for postpartum hair loss i take biotin but it not really helping, im 4 months pp😘😘 thanks gorgeous ❤️❤️

    1. Nadia Dima hello there! She posted a video a while ago and i asked her for feedback . She mentioned it in this video 😊😊

  105. Hi Valeria! I’ve been following u for a while and watched every single video! This is my first time I’m leaving a comment. I went over to the site to buy you’re two favorite powders~So excited to try them and also glad that a bit of my purchase is going to be donated to The Hunger Project!
    Do these kind of health related videos more I’ll share the information to women here in Korea😍

  106. Also ladies organic sea moss from Yamaica is the natural colagen and has 92 from 100 minerals that your body needs

  107. I must dissapoint you all chemical supplemens do not help you! The doctors prescribed iron pills are iron oxid and ur body needs iron FLUORINE extractes from ALKALINE plants. Please do you research on Dr Sebi on his food list and overall how he cured ppl from cancer AIDS lupus etc! Valeriya I notices you hairine has changed happend also to me, please read about Dr Sebi the foods and herbs he recommends it helped me heal my PCOS, anxiety,weigh,hair loss etc

    1. @En Es And I respect yours. I hope you get completely healthy, it is good that you are listening to your body and giving it what it needs. The way we heal is just unique to each and every person, so we should be careful when trying to help ourselves, that’s all. Good luck!

    2. @Bea Abuabara his list sounds restrictive until you try it, it sure isnt something you can jump into bc your body is hooked on this unhealthy food. But I met a woman which healed herself from cancer with food, so its not rocket science. But I respect your opinion 🙂

    3. @En Es I am definitely not “trying” to be smart, I actually know a lot more about what you are talking about than you it seems. I also genuinely believe people on here will listen to stuff other people say, which is truly dangerous. Dr. Sebi’s food list is very restrictive and could be detrimental to other people’s health, what worked for you will not work for everyone, at least include a note to be cautious regarding your advice, as his list is a complete dietary extreme and people should NOT blindly jump into experimenting without consulting their doctors. What you just said in your comment is very true, but like I said, going off of your first comment, alkaline or not alkaline has nothing to do with what you call “healing”, it is as simple as eating healthy food, so your “chemistry” talk that shows you really don’t know a lot about what you’re talking about is unnecessary, I see you’re trying to back up your nonsense with smart-sciency-sounding words.

    4. @Bea Abuabara I healied my body from pcos hair falling etcs. Its nice that youre trying to be smart but I dont need books to tell me what is good or not I already saw it through my body. Food from nature is the best cure you can get thats logic. Not chemicals, drugs etc

    5. It is super dangerous to give health advice to people here, who ask uneducated “bloggers”/”vloggers”/”youtubers” for health/medical advice. It is pretty sad that people who talk so convincingly about health give their bodies no credit, whatsoever, for its numerous, extremely complex regulatory mechanisms. Your body pH controls are some of the most tightly regulated mechanisms of all of human body biological processes. There is absolutely nothing “alkaline” that you can put in your body that will drastically or long-term change pH levels of your body as a whole, or of organs. If you knew anything about Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Kinetics of your body you would know that this is laughably false. The only reason why you see differences is because by eating “alkaline”, you are actually not eating junk, so, of course you will see a change when you swap McDonald’s for “alkaline” fruits and veggies. I would suggest you learn some Biology before going on to give health advice! P.S. if you think this is a medical person trying to propagate medicine instead of healthy food, just activate your brain enough to think about the food industry trying to sell “alkaline water” (comic) and naively believe it is any better than Big Pharma trying to make money off of your lack of education! 🙂

  108. Is the matcha the only fork of collagen you take? I’ve been wanted to introduce into my diet for skin,hair benefit. Whenever I use protein powders I get stomach problems. So I was trying look for organ method. Like I was gonna buy Vida glow. But I’m not sure how will it work.

  109. Guys please please please be careful and don’t take just any supplements! Always go to your doctor first and see what you really lack. Otherwise you could take to much and damage your body.

    1. Here we go….🙄

    2. Agree!!!

    3. @Chloe Rogers Vitamin B6 is known for that. Most vitamines and minerals are hard to overdose, but vitamin b6 is.

    4. agreed, i was taking supplements for a while and felt very weak, then one day my pee was NEON green. i got so scared. turned out i had too much vitamin B and my body was trying desperately to get rid of it. (sorry if this weirded anyone out haha)

    5. @Miss I only just saw this reply, for whetever reason you felt the need to send me this twice on different comment threads. I will repeat, what exactly does me working with pharmacists and naturopaths say about me? Other than I have more knowledge on this topic than you? Vitamins and supplements are generally safe if used appropriately and not in excess. Practitioners trained in this field have to comply with a code of ethics to ensure consumer health. Most will tell you NOT to take omega 3 if you don’t need it lol. Again: do health checkups, talk to a range of professionals, do thorough research, use your common sense, ask what brands and dosage are safe for you. People overtake things like omega 3 bc they’re not informed enough on how to take it. It’s fearmongering to tell people vitamins are BAD BAD and going to KILL YOU. All I am saying is from a professional perspective her advice was not that bad, and she probably assumed people would have common sense enough to not go out and pop 10 omega 3 a day cause Valeria said she takes them. Do your own research and take what is right for you and your health. Thank you for reading my essay xx

  110. I’d developed a biscuit with spirulina, oats flour and brown rice… And to mask the smell and after taste of spirulina.. I’d put cinnamon powder in it.. and those turned out amazing.. should try !!

    1. sounds delish!

    2. Priya Ammo recipe please!! 😋

  111. Loved this video, we can really see your work/researches 🙂 though it may be your knowledge coming from your studies
    I also want to let you know that I really prefer the chill videos like this one where you’re talking to us and giving tips or your stories
    In the end loved this video, have a good weekend

  112. I found a Perfect VEGAN OMEGA 3

    It’s from Juiceplus
    Soo good
    Guys check it out

    1. beauty help ,vegan omega is not bioavailable if you wanna know)

  113. Can We have more videos on health? We trust you, because this is your profession 💜 Tnx

    1. @Sigrun Hansen ​ you’re right!
      To trust one’s health to a person from the Internet or not is the right of everyone. But to protect yourself, you need to consult a doctor. In the video, Valeria mentioned it.

    2. @Z A So sorry for you! Maybe you should delete your comment, because there are younger kids here too. We wouldn’t want them to ”horror” over *good* doctors (many can be trusted luckily).

    3. Z A trust your instinct but if you can see a doctor who studied medicine for more than 10 years don’t know what their talking about, someone with a certificate from a 3 week course really has no authority to give anyone advice. Just be careful!

    4. @Deborah Yang I am not even gonna listen to her. I only listen to myself. Not even doctors because doctors do ALSO shit loads of mistakes and they caused my friend’s siblings to end up with palsy and they forgot a scissor inside my grandma’s stomach. There goes your “doctors”, they aren’t trustworthy either

    5. Z A a 3 week course certifies her to have a profession in this?? You trust a person who studied cancer for 3 weeks to diagnose you and treat you, prescribe you medicine? Lol I’m sorry this sounds harsh but your going to mess up your health and get really sick real soon if you trust people like Valeria with your health and well-being.

  114. I love her so much!❤️😢

  115. can you please share your diet during brest feeding😘

  116. What is the name of the electric whisk you used?

  117. I clicked so fast!

  118. Which one of those give you that thick beautiful hair ♥️♥️


    2. Nada tish genetics:)

  119. 2 mins into video “she is so georgous… Wait, what is she actually talking about?” 🙂

    1. Czesc Katarzyna!

  120. You can get algae omega 3 with both EPA and DHA! At least the one I buy here in Norway has both, but not sure how many options are in other countries 🤔

  121. There’s whole lot of bullshit out there and it’s so good to hear someone who knows what they’re talking about! I would love more nutrition videos xoxo

    1. I read and comment. She doesn’t have a Bacherlor’s degree and didn’t practice as a nutritionist either. It’s like 4 years since she graduated and she hardly made any videos about nutrition.

    2. debardeur debardeur.
      But to me, shouldn’t something like this be talked to by a doctor? Not a YouTube being paid to promote products? I mean in your position with a degree you can probably advise if someone knows their diagnosis and wants to know about particular ingredients, benefits, etc. but generally i think it should be left to doctors or health professionals(like yourself).

    3. Deborah Lee Yes but her message is not to take unnecessary supplements. She says she takes them if she needs them and Matcha Powder for example does not count as a supplement. In my eye her advice is more reliable than people randomly eating Ascorbinsäure acid thinking it’s gonna solve their itching hand or whatever 🤷‍♀️

    4. debardeur debardeur. And clearly there are DOCTORS here that highly disagree with you and to be honest it just looks like she did it for the money anyways so

    5. debardeur debardeur. Honey where in the hell did i give you advice? I know nothing about nutrition therefore do not go around giving people advise on this topic. Go back to my previous comment and look, i clearly asked YOU if a 3 week course is sufficient enough to give other people advice.

  122. You are just amazing 💖💖💞

  123. Valeria, do you take vitamin d3? I find most people have low levels of vitamin d3 since we are inside most of the day

    1. My doctor recommended fatty fish for vitamin d and of course old fashioned sun light. It’s the only way really, these supplements are a con.

  124. Valeria, I feel so heartbroken about all the hate you have been shown in your last video – about this bag you bought. A lot of people reading this will hate me for saying this, meh, whatever. You will probably never see this comment, probably no one else too, but I take advantage of the fact that right now there’s not a lot of comments besides mine to tell you this. Yes, as you made this video public, we are actually allowed to express our feelings about your purchases. So yes, releasing a video where you show yourself buying such an expensive bag (made by a brand that is not known as “cruelty free”) while you try to be as sustainable and eco-consciouss as possible on your channel was not the most reasonable idea you have had so far. But DAMN IT, people were so adversarial, accusatory, mean : calling you a boastful self-entitled brat, a stingy and greedy monster, and even a bad mother (where are her kids in her video btw)…for one mistake ? Plus, let’s not forget those who have taken advantage of the general opinion to express how miserable their bank account is, how humble and unlucky they are (“unlike you”), in order to get pity, and of course a lot of likes, while nibbling at your dignity. I will never realise how rude human nature can be sometimes, I could never imagine myself actually being on your side. You made a mistake, granted, we all do. But for now, you did just once. Period.

    1. @Kaitlyn I can distinguish information. It’s from a research article (business) and the other thing from governmental information. Anyway, gone here enough of this channel.

    2. @D. Agreed, social media is especially bad for young people.

      I’m not sure if I care enough about this channel to find out, also, you wrote that you read this “factual” information somewhere “external”, but what makes you believe it’s true? People write so many fake things about Youtubers just to damage their reputation, sure some stuff can be true, but not all of it is, and it’s hard to tell sometimes…

    3. 👍, yes the beauty community could be toxic, social media = toxic. Now I wouldn’t dear to write out here the two things (factual information) I read external which left me shocked and something else that doesn’t make her credible either. 🤦‍♀️Maybe you’ll find out yourself!

    4. This comments are really interesting, especially the negative ones…Thanks to the other who have responded to me in a positive way, such as you. I wish people who are against some her videos had said things to her as nicelly and consciously as you did.
      The fact is, that I did not exagerate it. I could NOT believe what was said in some comments…and liked by nearly 100 other people. Yes, some in the comments were just being criticizing, but in a positive way…but while scrolling down the comments section, I did find some horrible ones. The problem was her behaviour when it came to her purchases, not about her being a bad moms or a wife that is just interested in her husband’s money. These are allegations that I would find really unfair and hurtful if I were in her shoes. Many youtubers have to deal with this issue every day.
      The sad thing is, that nowadays a lot of people take the opportunity of being on social media and therefore of being unseen to add mean things to a critic that could have actually helped her to fix her past mistakes. This is a thing that I see everywhere : people tend to transform themselves into bullies online.
      This is so negative and obnoxious, and they don’t realise they are doing bad things to themselves first when they bash other people.

    5. @D. Sorry, to clarify: I was making a generic statement about Youtube comments after reading what Ke Guiz wrote above, but actually haven’t watched the bag-video yet.
      If noone actually wrote swear words, that’s nice! (However, people being awful in comments happens all the time on Social Media, so my comment above is still applicable in a more generic view :))

  125. So informative. Thank you!

    1. <3

  126. What a good thing! You can not imagine how much I’m glad when you post a video of yours, I think you hear you and your beautiful voice is how to talk to you seriously! So much love me and my state!

  127. Hi im from pakistan and biggest fan of you i love ur content you are such a sweet personality valeria kindly put video about pcos patients diet exercise and life style lots of love 😍

    1. I would recommend this book The Women code. One of the best regarding that subject

    2. I am also from Pakistan.
      I love her video s.

  128. Have you researched reishi mushroom ? I’m not sure how many supplements is to much, but what are the top skin glowing supplements and supplements for acne ? Also any oils for hair that may help with thickening that’s helped you? Love the videos love from the uk London xxxx

  129. How much is too much supplemens? I have this thing where i dont trust what i put in my mouth and body anymore.

    1. It’s best if you get a blood test to check whether you have any deficiencies to address. Speak to a doctor and/or a registered dietician about altering your diet should you have any deficiencies. It’s better to get all of your nutrients from your diet, however, in some cases, one has to supplement. Your health provider will choose the best treatment for you. Supplementing vitamins when you’re not deficient may cause adverse side effects, so if you’re a healthy individual, I would just focus on maintaining a healthy diet and include a dose of exercise too!

    2. I got my thyroid messed up because of that.We don’t even know what they actually put in powder or supplements… I’d rather eat real food.

    3. Agree, too much of anything is bad, hence trying to get all our micro nutrients through food is the best!

  130. Love all your videos. Big fan of your’s. All videos are worth watching. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  131. Love you from morocco

  132. You’re my idol valeria ❤️💖

    1. Najoua Mrabt lol

  133. Hey. I m Pankti from India. I love u ur channel I like literally can’t wait for ur videos. Lots of love from india

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  136. ♡👏♡

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  138. your videos are always helpful and inspiring, love you 😍❤️

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