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Name Brand vs. Natural Cleaning Product Test

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We’re testing to see how effective natural cleaning products are vs. their chemical-filled, name brand counterparts! Can we tell the difference? GMM #1460

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3,514 thoughts on “Name Brand vs. Natural Cleaning Product Test

  1. Can’t they smell the chemical?

  2. I thought this was new, but then I saw the guys hair.

  3. Link is actually a really good singer

  4. Palm oil is bad for the environment and wildlife. PLEASE DON’T USE PALM OIL!!!

  5. Just casually rewatching almost every episode of gmm during quarantine 🤷‍♀️

  6. Probably not the best episode to watch with the corona virus happening lool 🦇💩

  7. Oh no its bat poop you know what that means …..corona virus

  8. Bat poop. This was the begining of corona

  9. if only they knew..

  10. I don’t like natural cleaning products.

  11. Dawn is tops, get that Palmolive outta there

  12. The microwave looks like the microwaves at my school

  13. You should be using a wet rag not paper towels.

  14. Helpful hint when cleaning a microwave, heat a cup full of water for 1minute before you clean it

  15. That bat poop getting on the table… 🤐😬

  16. Good lord…don’t eat it

  17. I think link is enjoying cleaning that window

  18. link is just a more aggressive cleaner lol

  19. I use Puracy cleaner and love it, but I’m often using it to clean fresh messes, not days old crusted on disasters.

  20. Bat poop?!? They gonna get corona

  21. Oh man… I miss short hair Rhett 😍

  22. Who’s watching this during Coronavirus pandemic

  23. How is it cheaper than Palmolive ….I get that same bottle size for a 1$

  24. can y’all test cleaning products again now that this virus is getting cray

  25. Covid 19 brought me here

    1. Same

  26. You both have fabulous hair!! Rhett, what hair products do you use??😃

  27. Whos here for COVID 19

  28. Best jam ive heard on this channel!!

  29. Chemical free?! Everything is made of chemicals! Water, air, everything!

  30. Hopefully they washed there hands really good after the bat poop.

  31. Put a bar of soap wrapped in a wet cloth turn on microwave for 1 min. Easy peezy wipe. Cleaned.

  32. the lack of common sense and understanding in link is amazing

  33. GMM episode 6: The mythical crew get rhett and link to clean their dishes

  34. Lmao idk where they shop but where I do Mrs meyers is about twice as much as Palmolive that’s why I’ve never bought it if it was cheaper and worked just as well a lot of people would use that probably

  35. You guys obviously haven’t heard about dwell time

  36. Am I the only one disturbed by Links window cleaning technique? It wasn’t super uniform, but maybe I’m just like that 😕

  37. ~11:40: Rhett’s face and the crew’s laughter pretty much ensures we’re all thinking the same thing >.>
    Also pretty much everything ever is/has been chemical to some extent, so idk what we’re on about here.

  38. Favorite part was how link has eaten pork blood so many times he can identify the smell

  39. 7:20 please people do not use products with PALM OIL in it! Look it up 😳

  40. Can we just appreciate that Link is a WAAYYY better cleaner

  41. Vinegar will like a tablespoon of bleach

  42. everything is chemicals

  43. This will never be a fair test. This is like testing golf clubs and one of the dudes testing is Tiger Woods and the others have never played golf before.

  44. Can I just go ahead and mention that neither one of them is particularly good at cleaning in general? lmao!

  45. Peroxide on blood.

  46. All the things they are cleaning need to have the cleanser set on the surface for a period of time.

  47. looks like the microwave at my 711

  48. Never in my life did I think I’d willingly watch two men in their 40s clean things for 14 minutes.

  49. That song is my favorite one so far lol

  50. You are supposed to clean glass with newspapers

  51. Imagine how satisfied Link must’ve felt doing this😂😂

  52. I’m sorry but that was the best video title jingle they’ve ever done just saying

  53. 11:30 W

  54. Pfft palmolive and not dove!!

  55. I did this for my science fair project two years ago

  56. Never listen to link

  57. 11:38 It took me a second to realize why the crew was laughing

  58. Take the dish out!

  59. I’m just taking notes on what I should use at my place. Idk about yall

  60. Everything is chemicals bruh!

  61. Do a cleaner taste test

  62. If you don’t want to do the dishes, just let your bosses do them for you

  63. Hey Link, wanna come back to North Carolina and clean my house for me?


  65. I heard that bleach and ammonia work amazing together.

  66. Oh gosh no, don’t use products with palm oil. Palm oil is leading to the destruction of Asian elephant habitat!

  67. Watching you guys clean dishes and stuff is making me feel exhausted 😂

  68. I thought they were gonna do a taste test at first and I was like wtf are they doing to their bodies

  69. show and meet you but we can afford it😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 please send me a code for a free ticketless VIP I really want to meet you (salt lake city)

  70. i love u

  71. See I told you these people wipe their booty with Clorox wipes

  72. nothing in the universe is chemical free… we are made of 100% chemicals

  73. 10:07

  74. Link – I wanted to clean the line!
    Rhett – The only rule that the dishwashing brothers have is not to cross the line!

    Links OCD kicking in 😂

    1. Lol

  75. People really clean using paper towels 🧻????

  76. Damn Rhett and Link really just went Highschool Musical on our asses

  77. Yo this ep song is EVERYTHING lmao

  78. Link said: Sky pudding 🤣

  79. It’s like their first time cleaning anything

  80. This one was kinda stupid because some of these, you have to spray and wait a few minutes..
    Not spray and go, like the microwave in the beginning

  81. Rhett: i don’t know how to clean carpet
    Link: ( ignores him on purpose )

  82. Once the product hit their nose, product giveaway.

  83. I’m allergic to basically all cleaning substances so I don’t really have a choice between quality (._. )

  84. Although the natural window cleaner works better it contains palm oil which has a huge impact on deforestation they chop down the trees and plant it it also kills animals

  85. Am i the only one that is annoyed that they cleaned that widow side to side instead f in circles

  86. As a STEM major hearing chemical free makes me angry. god.

  87. All you need is Simple Green

  88. Wait so the couldnt easily get bird poop but bat poop was readily available?

  89. Calling this chemical free is by far the least scientific thing they’ve ever done

  90. For any cleaning product to work
    Once you spray it on it has to set for atleast 30 seconds to 1 full minute for it to have any affect on the surface you are trying to clean.
    For any surface that
    Has what was cooked in it caked and or burnt on it must soak for atleast 1 hour before before you can clean it furthermore after soaking you must use a spatula or something flat to scrape the big food particules off into the trash
    After which cleaning it should be easier.
    The carpet
    If you got blood on your carpet you may as well just throw it out and buy a new one otherwise bleach and or an industrial strength carpet cleaning product should do the trick

  91. As a carpet cleaner, I find it funny how people think carpet cleaner spray will remove stains. Like where can that stain go except deeper into the carpet. There is no way to get the stain up and out of the fibers. The sprays also damage the carpets.

  92. 11:37 “You don’t eat it…you don’t eat carpet….usually” -Link

    OMG!!! The look on Rhett’ s face and the laughter in the studio is absolutely priceless. And Link is completely oblivious as to what he just said. 😂

    1. lmdao, so true

  93. Who’s face is that on the carpet

  94. I’m literally just watching 2 grown men cleaning and still loving it

  95. I freaking died of laughter 11:38

  96. Plot twist: the mystical crew used this as an opportunity to make Rhett and link clean their messes

  97. The thing about a lot of cleaners is that they need to sit for a few minutes….

  98. Link Neal is quite a cunning linguist.

  99. Link should be on the left Rhett on right

  100. Now its proven

  101. here’s an idea: left on a shelf, Carpet Cleaner Edition.

  102. 7:20 PALM OIL??? NOOOOO, palm oil products should not be labeled “natural products”!!!!!!

  103. “Chemical free” okay 👌

  104. You know what else is natural? Anthrax

  105. If there’s blood use hydrogen peroxide.. it has a chemical reaction

  106. I just joined the Mythical Society!!!! Whoooo Hooooooo

  107. people saying everything’s a chemical but the most important thing to remember is that this beat is a chemical

  108. I love Dawn myself

  109. I like Seventh Generation

  110. Stupid parody songs

  111. I love 409!

  112. Idk why but that womans voice gets on my nerve

  113. I don’t understand, they could not get bird poop but they got bat poop. Just think about it.

  114. I guess Link’s wife is Brazilian 🙄

  115. If that’s how Rhett cleans his windows, his house must be a mess 😂

  116. Loving the intro song so much

  117. naturalness bias galore

  118. I’d just smell them, tbh

  119. I hear Tide is tasty!

  120. Where are you buying your dish soap? You can buy Palmolive at the dollar store.

  121. Dishwashing brothers can come clean my dishes anytime 😂

  122. my favourite part of their videos is when Stevie speaks the verdict.. can she talk me to sleep?

  123. Everything is chemicals though.

  124. The connection I’ve made in my head for this intro is that Zac Efron played Troy Bolton and Ted Bundy … gotta clean up those bodies and sing about it

  125. Am I the only person who doesn’t like the new intro? It’s like it’s not even trying to be dynamic or energetic like the old one.

  126. The title bring back high school memories 😍

  127. If the cleaner doesn’t cause disease then it’s already the “best” cleaner in my opinion 😂

  128. My OCD told me to clean the line…

  129. I had to repeat the title song 😁

  130. I kept smelling the products as they were using them

  131. what was the product song based off of

    please someone answer

  132. I like how Rhett is so particular when he cleans but Link just goes all out 😂

  133. They never run out of video ideas

  134. why is no one mentioning the OCD Song?
    It SLAPS
    its a highkey BANGER
    just simply a BOP

  135. Everything is chemicals

  136. More videos like this

  137. 0:35 Dirty joke.

  138. Plotting to kill your husband? Here’s the cheapest carpet cleaner!

  139. Rhett’s favourite thing about Link is his tiniest, minuscule most thing of him… hmm… okay then…

  140. Dang they have so much blood in the office Link can tell it’s pork blood just by smelling it

  141. Nothing is chemical freeeeeeeee. Hit a nerd nerve there

  142. Ride this baby til the wheels fall off r&l


  144. Bat poo why not just use mud lol

  145. 11:41 – 😏

  146. I love Rhett’s hair

  147. I want rhetts shirt

  148. Hahahaha Rhett’s face around 11:40 about carpet eating!

  149. oof that high school musical throwback

  150. Are just gonna ignore the fact that the color differences, I got only 1 wrong by looking at the color but all correct at looking how it cleans

  151. Omg Rhetts face at 11:40 xD haha

  152. *meanwhile on ***
    Link: *trying to be ominous*
    Link: *then fails horribly and gives a great example of why villain lair aesthetic is unrealistic*
    Link: *by that I mean he has a coughing fit*

  153. natural soaps, shampoos, personal care products, kitchen cleaners, and bathroom cleaners are all crap. Just stick with what chemist came up with and have been using to clean for decades. Plants aren’t cleaners yall.

  154. Honestly, I don’t like the new intro

  155. link are getting old? he got grey hair?

    1. @Cherry Candy i was thinking he is younger

    2. Everybody gets old xD So why ask?

  156. Also, my mom LOVES Mrs. Meyers. She even uses their air fresheners

  157. You all realize that everything is a chemical? From your phone to your body. All chemicals.

  158. New intro? Omg

  159. “Mmm, this fruit paste is delicious and the pottery is lovely.”

  160. You crossed the line dish wash brotha.

  161. I don’t like how they didnt bring back the memories of the OCD Song

  162. you guys are testing cleaning chemicals by rubbing. its the rubbing that is cleaning and you could just use soap and water.

  163. i feel like mixing chemical products like this was a bad idea

  164. everything is natural until you put it in a bottle. Just the act of collecting and bottling it makes it unnatural.

  165. High School Musical!!

  166. Backing out when very 1st test wasn’t even done correctly….. most people would use a damp sponge scrubber not a huge wad of paper towels…..paper towels are only good for fresh mess not dried on shit

  167. Where can you get Mrs. Meyers for less than Palmolive?!!

  168. i would love to hear you both cover a song that isn’t silly 🙂 ya’ll are so talented

  169. This isn’t really a fair comparison. I wouldn’t even clean my microwave that way.. you need to scrap it off, microwave a bowl of water to steam the gunk and possibly use a baking soda vinegar scrub

  170. Iv seen this video before like about a year ago not 5 days ago idk who reposted this or what this is not a new video

  171. Is Rhett and Link Kommunity still a thing!?

  172. How to get get your boss to do dishes and get rid of murder evidence 101

  173. It’s all chemicals

  174. I CANT BELIEVE THEY PARODIED HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL and I’m loving every bit of it

  175. Shouldn’t carpet cleaner be used in conjunction with a specialized hoover?

  176. I’m not gonna lie. I squealed when they used “Breakin’ Free” as the intro song for their segment. It took me back.

  177. Water is a chemical.

  178. I just loved the high school musical throwback, lol.

  179. The second ‘O’ in ‘cool’ in the “caring is cool” t-shirt is being left out

  180. they snuck in another carpet joke

  181. Someone please make a montage of all the times Link has said good gosh

  182. Every thing is made of chemicals or is a chemical even water.

  183. 180

  184. 30th on trending

  185. Hydrogen peroxide is best for getting blood out

  186. 13:33 with caption, is Craig’s Cafe

  187. I use lemon and hot water in mymicrowave, all natural and I have never had to scrub it haha😂😂😂

  188. just use vinegar…

  189. Rhett’s face when Link said “You don’t eat carpet, at least not usually” xD Link is so innocent sometimes xD

    1. Noob Of All Trades lol probably, I just don’t think he’s aware of what he says most of the time xD

    2. I think Link actually knew what he was saying, hence the follow up “not usually” hehe

  190. Everyone in the comments: STOP COMMENTING SUBREDDITS


  191. thanks, now i have HSM stuck in my head

  192. Palm Oil is really BAD!!!

  193. dishwasherduo

  194. I clean my tile counter with acetone. Evaporates quickly at room temp, relatively low toxicity (don’t drink it tho), and extremely effective.

  195. The thing with natural cleaners in my experience, is that you need to apply them, then let them sit a while

  196. Simple Green is pretty good

  197. I like the intro.

  198. Happy GMM. Can we have an episode (maybe a few) of Rhett feeding a blindfolded Link, seemingly normal foods that Link thinks he doesn’t like but has never actually tried? Guessing there are quite a lot of foods. (Going to keep posting till it happens) Link’s revenge can be feeding Rhett random animal livers. Please leave a like 🙂 Thank you to those who continue to do so. (Originally by TehDankKnight)

  199. Wow miss Meyer is my band teacher lol

  200. That high school musical reference.

  201. Don’t know where you buy your dish soap, but lol Palmolive is half the price of Mrs. Myers dish soap..

  202. You guys shoulda done things more normal. Blood is already impossible to get out. That wont show any results

  203. To clean microwave just put a wet cloth in and cook for 2 or 3 minutes, then wipe away steam for clean!it will be hot! and for windows. vinegar and water, easy.

  204. I’ll say it:
    Please sing more.

  205. There’s no chemical-free alternatives. Everything is made of chemicals.

    1. kytta ummm not tru


  207. That intro thou

  208. Why do you look like Garth from Wayne’s world

  209. Hey Rhett and Link on the dragons it says semper and curiosus and on one of your Twitter post you wrote sumus cantando semper curiosus which in Latin means ‘we are always curious about the songs’

    Does this mean mythical society is a thing to do with music… DUN DUN DAAAAA

  210. Still cant get over to that intro,So cool

  211. Oh I can’t be the only bothered by how they cleaned. I’m just sharing for tips

    – microwaving vinegar or lemon juice cleans better than actual cleaner. Wipe after

    – hydrogen peroxide for blood, preferably while the blood is still wet

    – soak dishes in dish soap + water overnight before scrubbing

  212. Do you guys still sell beanies

  213. Everything is chemical, guys. Chemical just means it’s mate of matter, which everything is. Chemical is *not* a bad word and “chemical free” is literally not a thing.

  214. In the Navy, we generally use Simple Green for surface cleaning. I use it at home. I get a 3 gallon jug of concentrated stuff from Costco and use it at home. It’s not toxic and non reactive. That’s why we use it on ships. It’s safer. Also works great.

  215. NOTHING is chemical-free.

  216. #1- there’s no such thing as a “chemical free” cleaning product
    #2- I can almost guarantee that the “natural” cleaners have very similar if not the exact same chemical components, just less concentrated.
    – me, a chemical engineer

  217. Sky pudding….nice. I’m sorry but if I’m cleaning i want chemicals what about the term factor here? And who wants to work harder?

  218. No such thing as a chemical free cleaning product 😂😂

    1. Dawn Bell umm not tru

  219. Good singing!

  220. Guys, everything is made of chemicals…

  221. 0:39 *cough cough*

  222. Bat poop? That’s ebola central.

  223. every like i ad a ;.

  224. Anything that is on the periodic table of elements, or in its simplest form made from elements of the periodic table, IS A CHEMICAL. Water is a chemical, baking soda is a chemical. Everything is made of chemicals guys. Nothing is chemical free.

  225. Everybody knows Windex doesn’t work! Lol.

  226. Do u have any job opportunities at gmm? Seems like u guys have been closed to tapped for ideas lately. Still a lifetime subscribers, but jeez

  227. I happen to be eating enchiladas while watching this and that sort of tripped me out at first lol

  228. Everything is chemical. Water is chemical. This “chemical free” thing is nonsense. Also, cyanide is “natural”, and yet it’s dangerous. People got to stop with the “natural” fallacy.

  229. Links comment Rhetts face. Me “Spit take” 😄

  230. That intro is so odd

  231. 11:44 Rhett’s face… The whole crew caught on too. 😂

  232. Yall just gave me whiplash

  233. Everything is chemicals.

  234. this is so wrong it pains me, look up applied sciences video on cleaning and you will get understand why this test is totally and utterly useless.

    1. It’s meant as entertainment, not to be taken literally/seriously.

  235. Is this an ASMR video?

  236. Stevie should totally make an admit channel. Whenever she is talking that’s all I think about,

  237. Peroxide cleans blood

  238. those dirty dishes are giving me anxiety!

  239. They’re both dressed like 7 year old boys in this video

  240. I’m a Mrs Meyer, honored to be called cheap by Rhett lol

  241. Oh yeah totally can’t tell which one is windex with that clear bottle and bright blue cleaner

  242. I love the “eat carpet” joke 😂. Nice and subtle guys 💀

  243. Vinegar + water is like…..90% of your cleaning needs.

  244. Well thanks for that bit of nostalgia with that intro song 🤣

  245. We use the hovercover for the microwave. Mom loves it. She makes us all use it.


  247. Cool epic

  248. Don’t accidentally make mustard gas. Eughh…

  249. What has link been taking this morning

  250. #stopentirevideoads2019

    Meaning stop the ads that are literal videos. We don’t need 1- to 7-minute video ads! I know they’re skippable but jeez! Who is actually gonna watch a 7-minute ad video during Rhett and Link? No one! We are here for Rhett and Link! 15 seconds for Tik Tok is better than a 7 minute video ad! (Meanwhile i spent 7 minutes writing this.)

  251. That Bowie shirt it’s so amazing!!!!

  252. 7:19 Palm oil? Yeah maybe reconsider the better life thing

  253. Palm oil = bad just use the chemicals.

  254. Im a carpet muncher🤷‍♂️

  255. Just as an FYI to those watching, all natural cleaners don’t work. They are a scam, and don’t sterilize like they are supposed to/ say they do.

  256. Remember: Natural does not mean non-toxic

  257. Obviously this isn’t supposed to be scientific but the real test would take germ killing into account…

  258. Chemical free? No. Everything is chemicals.

  259. You don’t normally eat carpet. Missing out I guess

  260. had to stop watching because you keep saying ‘chemical free’. Even plain ol’ water is a chemical

  261. None of these are chemical free. Literally every physical thing in the universe is made of chemicals

  262. It took me like three minutes to get why Rhett made that face when link said “you don’t usually eat carpet”.

  263. Am I the only one who is getting dejavu? I feel like they have tested chemicals versus non chemical cleaners before…

  264. In my house, we use wax paper and drape it over. 10/10 would recommend.

  265. Chemical FREE? Wow.

  266. LIVING for the high school musical moment 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  267. I love the OCD song by these two

  268. The delayed reaction to links accidents carpet eating joke about was hilarious

  269. Guys if you’re trying to wipe out a microwave that has a mess that has been sitting for a few days you need to let the cleaner sit for a few minutes for the stuff to kick in so it’s easier to pick up.

  270. I love the original intro but this one is nice!

  271. which song is being referenced at the beginning?

  272. Beware of dihydrogen monoxide. It is in all cleaners!

  273. Not to be rude but……. *rudeness incoming* Your intro sucked compared to your old ones

  274. 11:40 lmfao!!

  275. 11:38 I lost my x because I didn’t 😔

  276. I am certain Rhett is stoned in this episode. ☺️

  277. 11:38 link making a lesbian joke??????

  278. 11:37 – 11:54. There ya go, youresoloud. Do your thing!

  279. Ah yes, palm oil, the lovely reason for deforestation in our world and very knowingly destroying our planet and killing off many different species. 10/10

  280. 11:41 hahaha LOL

  281. The best way to clean a microwave is to put lemon water in a bowl and heat it for 10-15 mins. Then everything just wipes off.

  282. Oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof
    Oof oof oof oof oof

  283. i love the new intro with the music overlap it’s so good and ~dramatic~

  284. Every time I hear someone say “chemical free,” I envision Hank Green yelling “EVERYTHING IS CHEMICALS!”

  285. These fools should have done the cup of hot water with dish soap for one minute trick 😳 c’mon Link

  286. Link: You don’t eat carpet usually.

    Rhett: O.o

    1. O.o

  287. I think Rhett and Link missed the carpet eating joke haha

    1. oh wait rhett didn’t miss that lol

  288. Link bro calm down

  289. That look on Rhett’s face after Link said no one eats carpet.

  290. You need any cleaner to sit for a bit before wiping. Germs will die that way and the oils will be loosened.

  291. #oragnicisbetter

  292. 1:10 -1:25 bare autotune

  293. Can we go back to the old intro

  294. The guy on the right looks like the guitarist from steel panther

  295. Just because natural products might be better for humans does not mean it’s good for the environment. Palm oil is actually a serious issue that is a major cause of deforestation in rainforests. There are products out there that use sustainable palm oil. Natural or organic products still have a tendency to use unsustainable palm oil unfortunately. A good app to check for sustainable palm oil in products is an app called Sustainable Palm Oil Shopping. There is a very small percentage of people that know about the devastating outcomes of using palm oil so I thought I would share. Here’s a link that goes into more detail:
    PS: still love this channel

  296. 11:37 he looks so disappointed lol

  297. I’m guessing the “all natural” won? Typical stereotype.

  298. Now we can’t even trust Link not to hurt someone with a microwave door, forget sharp objects. Be safe out there guys

  299. as someone who cleans every day and is made to use the natural stuff, chemicals are better

  300. I feel like link is just a better cleaner lmao

  301. If you ever choose to do this again I’d recommend using real cleaning tools. Not just paper towels for everything.

  302. Rhett’s face at 11:41 😏😂🤣

  303. I almost only use soft soap for all my cleaning, totally natural and works great.

  304. Thanks for adding eggs to the opening scene! It was my idea cause they are getting popular on the internet. Wish they was more colorful like some green blue and red eggs. They are so pretty

  305. The new intro is horrible

  306. looks like its all elbow-grease to me…stick with the natural 🙂


  308. *forbidden Gatorade*

  309. I like the high school musical chemical song

  310. Gotta know how to clean first before doing a video like this lol I cringed the entire video. Of course there was smears on the window, you kept the shit side of the paper towel on the window! Dope. Hated it lol like fingers on a chalk board this video.

  311. This is so scientific 🙄

  312. They Mostly work! .. I guess

  313. Blood doesn’t come out with anything but peroxide so….

  314. for the love of god. Everything is chemicals

  315. Ohh chemical free :v

  316. Y’all picked not good products and weren’t able to follow the proper methods because y’all didn’t know what they were so every test was fudged.

    Some pro tips as a cleaning company owner…

    Use a green scrubby in the microwave before wiping it down.

    You shouldn’t bunch up your paper towl on glass. Just flatten that baby out so that its wet wiping the surface and drying at the same time. That’s why they were streaky…

    You have to let carpet cleaner sit for a few minutes whether its natural or not…

    Y’all should have totally called a green cleaning company in the area and gotten product suggestions from them 🙁

  317. That’s a lot of damage

  318. The background laughs are so fake 😂

  319. Another Paid Promotion.

  320. Did Link dye his hair or is he just getting older?

  321. @ the way Rhett just looks up without breaking face had me in stitches

  322. Their men they can’t clean! LOL! This doesn’t count 😩😂 jk

  323. my favorite cleaning product is kaboom + oxyclean. At first i was very skeptical of it’s claims, but when I saw how well it got rid of stains, It’s been the only cleaning product I’ve used ever since. As they say in the commercial “It get’s the tough stains out” 🙂😜

  324. Move back guys

  325. This was cathartic.

  326. What happened to the short straight to the point names of products?

  327. Mrs. Meyers handsoap is the cheapest because it does not fully cleanses dirt from hand. After hitting the gym (my garage) I constantly had to use about 5 tries of Mrs. Meyers hand soap to have a cleaning feel. I just stopped relying on that product and just kept with Bath & Body Work gentle fomaing soap.

  328. 🗣CHEMICAL !!!!!!

  329. I love me some Miss. Myers

  330. takes me back to my costdeing days

  331. Plot twist it was in their mugs

  332. Good video

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  337. A well-known study has recently concluded that people who use national brand cleaners once a week to clean their home were shown to have the same lung damage as a person who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day. This was a 20 year study and used multiple participants. I personally wouldn’t use any of these cleaners in my home or around my kids. There are safer options out there, one’s that don’t require a child-proof cap and haven’t had even ONE case of child-poisoning. I love my cleaning products ❤️

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  345. In reality it is night and day, the natural cleaners are not even close on regular day to day type cleaning jobs, especially the bathroom and glass anywhere. Some natural cleaners will do about as well but you need a lot more of it, dish soap is a great example of this. What they really lack are good grease cutters and over time you’ll get build-up and need to go back to real chemical cleaners. You can on some things get it as clean but it will usually take more cleaner and a lot more work and time.

  346. At everyone talking about them calling the “natural” products “chemical free”, pretty sure they used that phrasing because the target audience for those cleaners think that it’s chemical free (I.e. don’t understand that everything is chemicals). You could also argue that people use the term chemicals in a different (albeit incorrect) sense, to group together things that are sometimes manmade and harmful.

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    Biggest mistake people make is not cleaning it before using the carpet cleaner

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    As a person with a degree in chemistry, these comments are soothing my soul.

    1. Chemicals are why we are all alive right now.

    2. @FollowingUsernamesR Just say free of harmful chemicals.

    3. Right, but it is kinda like calling climate change global warming. It is easier to say “chemical free” than to dive into an in depth conversation about what particular chemicals have potentially harmful effects when you are just trying to get your house clean.

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  650. You don’t use paper towels to clean a window you use newspapers

  651. Chemical free? So… Nothing? Since all matter is chemical…

  652. Tip: they’re all chemicals, but some chemicals have a common name in addition to a scientific name, and if you have no idea about that then you are very likely to be fooled into thinking something with a common name (like vinegar) is always safer.

    1. You might also be tricked into thinking a chemical that is sourced from nature is different to a chemical made synthetically. Again this is not true, and indeed a lot of chemicals found naturally are made synthetically in order to reduce costs and meet demand. These chemicals are identical to the chemical of the same name derived from a non factory source.

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  654. The best way to clean a microwave I have found, is to put a dish of water in the microwave, heat it to boil and yuck wipes off like a breeze!

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    It too only faded in color.

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    Rhett says this on 7:20 . Palm oil is actually a very bad thing to be consuming. It causes EXTREME deforestation of the natural habitat of orangutans and they are dying every single day because we are mis-informed! Huge companies like Colgate might not use palm oil in all their products, but they support the mass production of Palm oil. PLEASE, PLEASE do research on this and tell your friends!! Check your product’s ingredients and do research on the things you buy, it might seem like it’s not worth it, but if everyone that is subscribed to GMM, which is 14 million+ subscribers, saw this, then it could make a BIG difference. Remember: Palm oil Palm oil Palm oil Palm oil Palm oil Palm oil Palm oil Palm oil

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    3. @Iamonepercent If your interested we can further break down every definition based on nature, natural, artificial, man mad, life, synthetic, etc. We can break down every single illogical point they carry from the preconceived notion that humans are somehow other to the rest of the world.

    4. @Iamonepercent Your proclaiming im wrong on the basis that i used the word sense over since. Thats just an odd thing to say. I mean, if thats how you see the world than k. Pretty odd way to discern if somethings right or wrong. But hay, u do u.

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