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Natural vs. Synthetic Vitamins

Anti-science mentality is prevalent in modern society. This is evidenced most clearly in a complete distrust of chemicals synthesized in a laboratory. But does the activity of a molecule depend whatsoever on the pathway from which it formed? Let’s see why not.


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257 thoughts on “Natural vs. Synthetic Vitamins

  1. Hi, can you share any scientific journal or article that state the chemical compound of natural vit c and synthetic vit c are the same?

    1. Ok, an extract is different. I don’t know what the extract is, but we can synthesize any molecule. And this person is correct, if you synthesize a particular chemical structure, it is that molecule.

    2. @Professor Dave Explains bcs I watch this one video, she explain that we can synthesis the exact aloe vera extract😅 i just want to confirm, is it true or not? Bcs she said as long as the chemical structure is the same,

    3. But aloe vera is itself a plant. You can’t synthesize a plant. Not yet at least.

    4. @Professor Dave Explains i understand that, is it the same if we extract aloe vera from plant and aloe vera extract that we synthesis in lab?

    5. Nobody writes journal articles that are one sentence long to state a basic fact.

  2. Why all the criticism & confusion? All Prof. Dave is saying is, if a natural molecule & a man made copy are absolutely identical in every way, then either will react identically in every way. He’s talking about the molecule itself, not about any additional compounds that might hinder or improve the molecules efficacy.

  3. Huh ? What is oxydize ?

  4. A whole food multivitamin like Megafood California blend isnt any different then a Centrum 21 that has questionable ingredients and food coloring etc? Really? Megafood vitamins dont hurt my stomach when synthetic vitamins with a bunch of crap in them always irritate me

    1. Questionable ingredients? Like what? Food coloring? When? A bunch of crap in them? Like what? They irritate you? Did you do a clinical trial? Sounds like a whole lot of you either not knowing what you’re talking about or confirming your bias with psychosomatism. Learn some science, kiddo.

  5. Well said sir!

  6. Why wud anyone thumbsdown this?

  7. I called BS he said he knew you well

    1. Um, what?

  8. Exactly.

  9. And what about the other shit that is included to make synthetic vitamin? 🤷🏼

    1. Um, like what?

  10. You are so hot
    I love you

  11. My approach is: if it comes from the earth it is great!
    If it comes from chemicals it is horrible!

    1. Ubaid Shah table salt

    2. Fendy Susanto not necessarily. Not all salts are sodium chloride

    3. Professor Dave Explains

      This is why aliens won’t talk to us

    4. Serenity Silva it’s just name for example ordinary people called salt and for scientist it called sodium chloride

    5. Everything is chemicals, bud. Learn some chemistry before you die from some poison berries.

  12. im bored

  13. Ok but isn’t ascorbic acid not the same as real vitamin C which has other bioflavonoids and vitamins? I get that ascorbic acid molecules are the same synthesized or not. But it’s my understanding ascorbic acid isn’t what you would be getting if you get a vitamin c product that is full spectrum regardless of natural or not. Thanks

    1. Professor Dave Explains Thank you for the clarification 👍🏻

    2. That’s not correct. Vitamin C = L-ascorbic acid. Anyone who says otherwise is trying to sell you something.

  14. Um questions
    What difference is there between getting vitamin C from eating broccoli and taking vitamin c tablets?
    What are the benefits of using synthetic diamonds?

    1. Yikes It’s Me broccoli contains little piece of vitamin c but vitamin c tablets not a broccoli

    2. I’m too lazy to type the rest

  15. Someone needs to dumb this down for me

    1. Looky looky looks like I’m not the only one from Bradley haha

  16. No

  17. Great videos normally but this one really didn’t float my boat. I agree with the worry that some people offer products and that might be the motivation to sell ‘natural’ over synthetic but I am not convinced by your evidence (not being snarky or negative, just want to get to the truth)

    So here is my genuine question. It seems science has discovered this list:
    As a whole vitamin C contains the following; something called ascorbinogen,
    bioflavonoids, rutin, tyrosinase there’s a factor J K and P and it has mineral cofactors and lastly ascorbic acid.

    Are these simply invented? I don’t think so but can they be explained away? I think if nature provides all this material it might just be needed to make vitamin c effective

    1. Yes I will definitely be doing nutrition soon! In the spring most likely. As for pharma, they are not to be defended any more than any other industry, but there is a huge difference between industry and science. The nature of vitamin C and its bioactivity, the nature of disease, the nature of the human body, that’s science, and any non-scientist that questions the scientific community on the nature of science is either ignorant or a con man.

    2. Professor Dave Explains thank you again. Sadly I also feel the pharmaceutical companies aren’t exactly whiter-than-white! For the average person it’s quite a minefield

      Interesting to see so many folk ask you for a nutrition series. I do concur that that would be a very popular playlist!

    3. It’s true, the alt-health industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that preys on ignorance and fear. All they have to do is talk about “chemicals” and portray themselves as “natural” and they can charge whatever they want for whatever garbage they sell, whether it is identical to what is already available, less useful, or even dangerous. Just look out for links to buy supplements and things of that nature, that’s a dead giveaway that they are full of shit.

    4. @Professor Dave Explains thank you for replying. These things seem to come from quite knowledgeable sources so it does seem quite worrying.

    5. Vitamin C does not contain any of those things. They are literally made up out of thin air. Vitamin C is the vitamin nickname for ascorbic acid. They are equivalent, synonymous. Anyone who says otherwise is trying to sell you something.

  18. Not the same. I’m not expert but something tells me synthetic vitamins will have side effects if taken regularly.

    1. Professor Dave Explains The problem with so called “experts” is, they don’t know what they don’t know

    2. Don’t state your beliefs as facts if you’re not an expert. You’ve got it mixed up. You become an expert through research, analysis and careful understanding, then you propose the facts you learned. And you certainly don’t rule out the possibility of error, even after all that.

    3. That “something” is your own cognitive bias that is based on ignorance. It’s wrong, and you’re wrong. If you acknowledge you’re not an expert, then have the courage to throw away misconceptions.

  19. Correct . research shows that Vitamin C bio-availability is same as the natural.

    1. but in the long term, (meaning 6 months to a year) it shows synthetic or extracts, ascorbic acid has a bad side effect to the body. he can explain better—->

  20. Even at the synthesis, there will always be impurities left, even at a pharmaceutical grade

  21. what i believed is that you must not just believe in one data such as only one youtube video to believe in something, whether it is true or not, maybe i need data or be a scientist to believed on this, rather than watching only a one youtube video to believed in one thing. but i don’t know why many professional doctors favor of not using synthetic. i sense that something is fishy here. maybe they knew a lot on this, the people who buy a lot of this synthetic vitamins are not doctors and they are the one who know nothing about drugs, vitamins, etc, what do you think? (it’s very sad that the big businesses take advantage of the ignorance of the many just to take get more profits from them😢)

    note; i’m not a doctor, nutritionist so i don’t know.. .

    1. I think you should learn chemistry. I have many tutorials that can help you with that.

  22. So do you ugre us to use this sinthathic vitamins. Does it have side effect on our bodies

    1. there is nothing inherently different about a synthetic compound vs. its natural counterpart.

  23. Is it the same for proteins and other nutrients?

    1. Well we don’t really synthesize proteins for human consumption so that’s not applicable. But in general, this applies to any type of molecule, yes.

  24. @Professor Dave I once read that your body will not absorb vitamin K without fat (animal fat, avocado oil, olive oil, etc.). And if you could take a pill of pure vitamin K it would be relatively useless unless you consumed fat with it. Is this true? And what can be said about other vitamins? Do you improve your body’s ability to absorb and use the vitamins you consume if they exist in/with food versus consuming the vitamins alone as pills/tablets? And lastly, if all this is true, is it best to take vitamin supplements WITH natural food?

  25. you are so wrong synthatic vvitamins can kill you

    1. Nope. Whether naturally derived or synthesized, it’s all chemicals. You should watch my chemistry tutorials.

    2. snthetic means not natural but chemical @Professor Dave Explains

    3. you are a stupid person who does not want to do not understand what synthatic is knowledge is power@Professor Dave Explains

    4. i don’t have to watch a video. you have to learn what synthetic means.

    5. i am interested in your response after you look at the video what kind of prove do you have i think none

  26. beginning, I had a nightmare about it *shivers*

  27. the intro is cringy

  28. vitamins were the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the american public, you can get all the vitamins you ever need from a daily serving of fruits and vegetables and exposure to sunlight, it is proven that many of these synthetic vitamins if not all are terrible for your liver especially the synthetic B vitamins and Im sure other organs dont appreciate it at all especially when mixed with excessive minerals as it classically is, this was a pernicious marketing scheme created to entice lazy people who did not want to include healthy foods in their diets, a “quick fix” that doesnt do a damn thing.

    1. the biggest scam? there is definitely no basis for that. you are correct that you can get any vitamin you need from some kind of food, but what if you can’t afford all that food? or don’t have access to it? or don’t want to eat all of that food all the time? there is nothing wrong whatsoever with taking vitamin supplements, and what you are saying about synthetic vitamins is just flat out untrue. it doesn’t matter how a compound is derived, synthetic vs. natural is completely irrelevant.

  29. Team up with a broadcasting company to make a 21st century version of Sagan’s Cosmos. I’ll bet it’ll be better than Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s, because his version felt dumbed down and like he was talking to the audience as children, whereas Sagan’s from the 80s (and probably yours if you made one) clarified things concisely in an understandable way but definitely was meant for a more engaged audience.

    1. @Professor Dave Explains Good luck. I’d be among the first to view it.

    2. Oh man that would be an honor! I have great ambition to do television. I liked Neil’s, but I agree that scicomm these days is too timid, I want to shake it up a bit.

  30. A psychopath

    1. What’s this now?

  31. Vitamin C is not just ascorbic acid. So taking mega high doses of ascorbic acid can actually strip your body of the real vitamin C. Simply put, buy vitamins that come from natural sources. Scientists haven’t figured out everything yet.

    1. @Professor Dave Explains “Dr. Berg is a dipshit” i cant lmao

    2. Yeah, Dr. Berg is a dipshit. He is very, very, very wrong.

    3. Dr. Berg

    4. Whoever told you that is wrong or lying. Vitamin C is another name for ascorbic acid. It’s very easy to google. You just have to wade through the dozens of pages that are trying to sell you something.

  32. Shut up dude, too much crap coming from your mouth, we are not that stupid, continue promoting big pharmaceutical industry, moran.

    1. Ok, so this video is about vitamins, not drugs, but if you want to talk about that, yes, a molecule is precisely identical whether synthetically derived or found in nature. It’s very basic biochemistry.

    2. @Professor Dave Explains so you’re promoting synthetic drugs as equal to the natural source, that’s why I made the above comment.

    3. In what way am I promoting the pharmaceutical industry?

  33. Vitamin C is not ascorbic acid … you know what, I don’t have time for this.

    Shame on you.

    1. Yeah bud, it is. I don’t know who told you otherwise, but they are either misinformed or lying.

  34. What do you think about this study?

    1. i can’t access it, but perusing the abstract, i don’t think i’m qualified to comment on it

  35. My question is…
    Does every vitamin in synthetic vitamin supplements contain the same molocule structure as other plant derived natural vitamins?
    How come some types of vitamins absords differently when it is the same vitamin (vit b12) but in different forms? I dont know the name of the two different types of vitamin B12 but I know that one of them is easily absorbed and one is not can you please explain this and make a video about absorbtion of vitamins?

    Great video btw 🙂

    1. Please start soon!!! 😀

    2. Unfortunately I don’t know enough to make any sweeping generalizations other than the primary point in this clip, but I will soon as I plan to make an entire nutrition series later this year! Stay tuned for way more information about vitamins and so much more.

  36. It is bad dude.

    1. Is that a sentence?

  37. Professor Dave!
    You’ll look so good if you cut your hair and keep it spiky style!: )))
    Can you please try?

    1. you didn’t explain that Ascorbic Acid is not Vitamin C.. did you know that?

    2. Professor Dave Explains I apologize for being so straightforward.

    3. Professor Dave Explains I haven’t noticed a difference.
      It’s just going to be so cute, a guy with a cool haircut that is actually a professor. Your hairstyle right now is too predictable of what you will be talking. People love surprises!

    4. i meant my anatomy & physiology tutorials i just started releasing. my hair is much shorter in those.

    5. Professor Dave Explains lol:D ordinary people are not that good in physiology and anatomy to notice a difference…
      You should definitely experience with physiology and anatomy of your haircut!

  38. Hogwash!

    1. Nah.

  39. what a lot of fucken bullshit. natural beats synthetics, ..where the FUCK is your head at?

    1. None of this is science. You’re just peddling a narrative. Taking your talking points one by one:
      1) Vaccines do NOT cause autism. Why do you think that they do? Direct me to a credible source that says so. Not some blog post. A scientific source. Or ask any biologist on the planet. This is a complete fallacy, and it is responsible for the return of diseases that were eradicated a century ago. This thinking is unfounded, and dangerous.
      2) Statins have not been proven to be effective? Again, link me to a study. Show me numbers.
      3) Talking about cancer treatment, you use the words “failure” and “remission” back to back, do you understand that remission is when cancer patients are in recovery?
      4) Patents are necessary for drug research to occur. If patents didn’t exist, the results of research could be stolen, and there would be no motivation to do research, and no new drugs would get developed. It’s how science works.
      5) You think there is an engine that runs on water, and it is locked in a secret room? How is it that no one else is able to invent the same thing?
      6) The pharmaceutical industry “controls countries” like America? Describe to me in detail how you think that works.
      7) Psychotropic drugs like antidepressants are extremely effective for an enormous percentage of people who take them. Why don’t you try asking people who are on them how they feel about it, since you seem to prefer anecdotal evidence.

      You just say ultra-charged things like “murderous machine”, “barbaric concoctions”, “poisons”, without any comprehension whatsoever of chemistry. Everything you are saying is so clearly driven by emotion and zero fact. You like the story that the pharmaceutical industry is a big bad monster that’s killing everything, and so you buy into it, and confirm your bias with who knows what kind of youtube videos and blog posts. Again, show me science that supports a single thing you are saying. Anything.

    2. @Professor Dave Explains big pharma is a murderous machine, intent only on making misery out of the people it peddles it’s poisons to. Or gets hooked on such things as antidepressants, or benzodiazapines..or god knows what else. Statins, for example – never been proven to be effective, one of their top earners…. cancer’treatment’ .a barbaric concoctions of chemotherapy and christ knows what else.90% of the time a failure..remissions , etc..there are so many cures for diseases that big pharma buys the patents of and sits them on a shelf to gather dust because their poisons make them billions upon billions every year…..same as the auto/oil industry does with water driven engines etc etc .. big pharma controls countries like usa australia, nz ….all over the world…..vaccines kill and cause autism – fact – ..seriously, if you don’t see anything wrong with big pharma you really are either simply brainwashed or terminally naiive…

    3. But you’re just spewing a bunch of half-baked paranoia. What I’m offering you is the chance to have a real conversation about this. What do you think specifically, and I mean specifically, is bad about GMOs or the pharmaceutical industry? None of this deep state nonsense. Talk about science.

    4. @Professor Dave Explains seriously, prof…if you don’t know what’s wrong with big pharma, well, we have nothing to converse about. …same with genetically modified food….gmo = monsanto…..big pharma/fda = world’s largest criminal cartel…billy mass-murderous gates = monsanto = de-population = big pharma/fda = vicious circle = deep state … you gotta get out of that bubble you’re in, bro……what is wrong with big pharma??..seriously?? …

    5. Did you want to have an actual conversation about this? Because if you can be civil, I will do so. Let’s hear it. What’s wrong with GMOs? Or the pharmaceutical industry? Which are completely unrelated by the way.


  41. I love this video!

  42. Name some best multivitamin and multiminerals

  43. Even if Natural and Synthethic vitamins give the same benefits. Natural is better because synthethic vitamins are not just pure vitamins, they are mixed with a bunch of other chemical products so that it can be kept on the shelf for a long time. I’ve read in a book and studies that synthethic vitamins can actually harm the human body because it is not pure vitamins. They are always mixed with other chemical stuff that aren’t good for us. This is why some vitamins cost cheaper that others. Because of the quality. What do you think?

    1. But that’s a totally separate issue. You are now talking about eating food vs. taking supplements. I know very little about the difference in absorption there, and there could be some legitimacy to it. But whatever difference there is, it’s no different if you’re taking some kind of supplement that touts itself as “all-natural”. It’s still a supplement and the same issue would arise, if there is one in the first place. Also, there absolutely is no study that demonstrates what you’re saying about vitamin E. Try and find it. Someone told you that or you read it and it sounded right to you, so you believed it. I don’t mean to condescend, I appreciate your willingness to learn, as most people don’t even try, and it is totally understandable that most people do not possess the scientific background to navigate this kind of terrain. But the idea that some compound would exhibit different properties because it is naturally derived vs. synthetically derived is 100% false, no question about it, couldn’t be more positive, no way in hell. That’s just not how molecules work, and anyone who says otherwise is trying to sell you something.

    2. @Professor Dave Explains From what i’ve read. Even though synthethic vitamins have the same structure as natural vitamins, the body may not absorb it the same way because you usually get other enzymes in food that helps your body absorb it better. Study shows that the body absorbs natural Vitamin E twice as efficiently than synthethic Vitamin E. As for the chemical products that i was talking about, i indeed do not know what chemicals they are exactly but i’ve read it in a book called “Never be sick again” by Raymond Francis. He is well known in the domain of health and i would trust what he wrote because he has experienced it. I’m only here to learn. Please tell me what you think about this?

    3. But what are these “chemical products” exactly? What is the “chemical stuff” you are imagining? That sounds very general and misinformed. Why would manufacturers of vitamins arbitrarily put harmful substances in there? This sounds like something you heard from a website peddling alt-health garbage. Let me ask you this, why does Tylenol cost more than generic acetaminophen? They are the same. Tylenol is acetaminophen. That’s the name of the molecule. Tylenol is the name of a brand. Consumers are influenced by advertising, that’s why they buy the name brand for more money even though the generic is identical in every way. Alt-health is the same thing. Marketing, and nothing else.

  44. Professor Dave Explains buddy don’t ever come to Europe please… ! You might contaminate us with your stupidity. You got some serious iq problems!

    1. Sorry, you have no clue what you’re talking about. You are exactly the kind of person I made this video for, so please watch again and learn some science.

    2. Dave saying that synthetic vits are same like natural ones says everything..please do the things right ! People are influenced by some videos and we all now that life with synthetic vits it’s a short life. As for your ,,super friends” from Europe…I keep my opinion silent… .

    3. I’ve been to Europe many times and no one seemed to mind. Perhaps I just surround myself with intelligent, scientific people, rather than whatever you are.

  45. so are you right or is this guy right? How can I know what is true??

    1. I’ve seen this one and commented on it. That guy is a complete charlatan. The picture makes no sense whatsoever. There is no vitamin C complex. Google that phrase. Products being sold, and nothing else. Ascorbic acid is a molecule, it can’t be “the shell” of anything. Bullshit to the nth degree.

  46. What do you have to say about this video? Molecular structure, but it looks different in this video.

    1. I’ve seen this one and commented on it as well. Again, total bullshit. Here’s the easy way to tell. Ready? He’s selling stuff. Links to this product and that site, all promotional speak. He’s a con-man. He’s not showing the molecular structure of anything, that’s not what molecules look like.

  47. Are sythetic vitamin tablets aptly named “Bedpan Bullets” by hospital nurses? (in reference to their bio-availability & absorption) – i.e. if the molecule, however identical it may be, doesn’t traverse the jet stream (blood) as a legit nutrient vehicle per the body, then it’s a looong way to England in a row boat for the molecule to enable enzyme reaction?

    1. yes bioavailability is certainly a concern! it’s not at all my expertise so i didn’t go into it here, but i hope to learn more about that for a nutrition series i plan to do next year.

  48. Okay Professor,I got the point that synthetic vitamin C is exactly the same as natural occurring vitamin C and it applies for other nutrients too.
    But I have a doubt that will our body become less efficient in digesting process when we take all types of synthetic nutrients directly that our body needs?

    1. Thanks Professor ,for quick reply and clearing my doubt.

    2. There is no mechanism by which your body can distinguish between a naturally occurring compound and a synthetic one, and thus there is no mechanism by which any bioactivity could be altered in any way whatsoever based on the specific origin of a molecule. If you’re asking about how well particular supplements are absorbed into the body and things like that, that’s a separate question and a legitimate one, though unfortunately I don’t know too much about it.

  49. An apple a day people.
    I read in the comments some retarded nonsense about the earth going around the sun? Beg to differ

    1. I do understand it

    2. Differ all you like, the universe will continue to be as it is whether you understand it or not.

  50. You should be ashamed of yourself!! No wonder they put you out there looking like a good natural hippy so you could push your bogus science on the unknowing masses. STart with corn sorbitol, add acetone, then perchloric acid, benzene,nickel, then bleach and walah!! you have ascorbic acid. Tell the truth you scroungy looking liar!!

    1. If you are interested in figuring out why none of what you are saying means anything, learn science.

    2. I suggest you look closer at those molecules Professor. Keep looking at what your math and chemistry are producing. Then take a look at the real thing. Try and make that in lab. You will never be able to do it no matter how big your head gets. LOL

    3. Haha my goodness you are a nutbar! Do you see how you are just mashing your multi-faceted agenda where it doesn’t fit? You are talking about glyphosate. When did I mention that in here? Gummy bears? What are you even talking about? This clip is meant to communicate one thing only. That the bioactivity of a compound does not depend on its pathway. Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) is precisely the same whether nature makes it or humans make it. That applies to any molecule, I just chose ascorbic acid to give it a little more accessible of a context to the common viewer. What I am saying in this clip is so fundamentally true, that the field of chemistry would not exist if it was not true. I work for no one. I am an entrepreneur.

      Put down the pamphlets. Stop reading bullshit blog posts and parroting things you hear from your misinformed friends. LEARN CHEMISTRY. Molecules are well understood by science, and you can either choose to learn about them for yourself, or continue in your self-righteous path of delusion. The choice is yours.

    4. A self-made god in the laboratory trying to convince us that it is all perfectly safe. Any good science will support that. Go pay off your student loans and have a good day. Thank your mentors and keep up the good work of their agendas. Enjoy your lunch full of glyphosate and ascorbic acid laden gummy bears.

    5. I’m sorry, but everything you are saying is nonsense. Anyone who uses the word “detox” has no clue what they are talking about. Ascorbic acid has very specific bioactivity, and no molecule but ascorbic acid, with its precise three-dimensional structure can perform its function. You clearly have not studied any chemistry, and therefore your opinions on how molecules work are irrelevant. I have studied chemistry extensively, and you should do the same if you want to understand it. My channel is a great place to start if you want to look around.

  51. I’m in love with your teaching style. would be great if you could make some videos on astronomy.

    1. much appreciated. thanks professor for your hard work.

    2. You’re in luck! I’m writing astronomy scripts as we speak, so you’ll see them in like two months.

  52. Pro Dave. Why is my uncle getting super hungry after taking a multivitamin. Kirkland brand adult gummys. He has some stomach issues. The tablets don’t sit well. Thank you.

    1. Yeah, maybe go to Kirkland with that one.

  53. You’re a dumnbass and dangerous. Ascorbic acid alone can disrupt the ceruloplasmin-copper bond. You must take whole food vit C to support ceruloplasmin. Study that to learn that you dont have the full picture.

    1. See my response to your other irrelevant and slightly less offensive comment.

  54. Well yes ascorbic acid synthetically made in a lab is the same as ascorbic acid in a fruit but its not the same to eat a fruit and take ascorbic acid alone because you dont have the tyrosinase enzyme etc which is always together with ascorbic acid in food.

    1. I do believe this information can mislead people to buy asorbic acid supplements which will mess them up tho… you should add that to your video.

    2. Ok, i didnt know anyone thought ascorbic acid was different from ascorbic acid.

    3. The purpose of this clip is to explain that the properties of a molecule do not depend on its synthetic pathway. In other words, a molecule is not special because nature made it. It’s just some atoms put together. This is not commonly understood amongst the public, and that is all this clip is trying to do. Vitamin C is just the example I chose.

  55. This dude is a dumbass. The body wasn’t designed for fake molecules.

    1. 1) There is no evidence that the body was designed at all.
      2) The phrase “fake molecules” doesn’t mean anything.
      3) I’m not a dumbass, I’m quite intelligent.

      You said three incorrect things in two sentences, so maybe don’t wave the insults around so willy-nilly.

  56. I prefer natural fruit & vegi rather sythetic, cause we human only discover certain vit..there are unknown factor exist in nature tat we have known yet

    1. well we don’t have synthetic fruit. if you want to eat fruit there’s only one option, fruit. it is simply that a synthetic counterpart of any molecule within that fruit would be identical to the natural version.

  57. In fact the chemical structure of a synthesized compound is exactly the same as the natural compound it is supposed to supplement. Also all vitamins, whether they are delivered via a supplement or fortified in food–synthetic or natural– are made in a lab. Natural vitamins, meanwhile are sourced from plants, fruits, animals, and minerals, and then refined and processed in a lab. To be worthy of the label “natural” a vitamin supplement need contain only 10% plant or fruit derived ingredients. The other 90% could very well be synthetic.

    1. Amen!

  58. A second hand human, regurgitating from books. As Jiddu Krishnamurti used to say? Why can’t universities schools and churches produce an elephant or even a giraffe? Why just mice like the guy in the video. Mice.

    1. A second-hand human? I’m not sure whether I’m more insulted or confused. I’m regurgitating nothing, I wrote this script. What do elephants, giraffes, and mice represent in your analogy? Why is one better than the other? Mice are resilient and intelligent creatures. Also, what is it specifically that you don’t like about this clip? You have a lot of explaining to do, buddy.

  59. Great sales pitch. Science selling science.

    1. Not really a sales pitch, just relevant information!

  60. Would be interesting if you could be a video on folic acid and folate, it seems to be a lot of controversy around the two. Ben Lynch is a biochemist and nutritionist who got i the field of epigenetics and always stresses the importance of consuming folate in its natural form and not as folic acid !!

    1. Professor Dave Explains Great, i study nutrition at the moment , thats why i found your channel , you help me understand the basics of biochemistry, something my teacher failed to. Would be interesting to watch your videos kn nutrition!!!

    2. i’ve heard of that! i hope to do a nutrition series in the near future so i will begin learning about all that stuff pretty soon.

  61. Forget about the difference between natural and synthetic vitamin.. can someone please tell me if i take synthetic vitamins will it work or not.. if it does work then whats the need of taking natural?

    1. kindly provide me link of that research.

    2. How about the people taking multivitamins and dying earlier compared to the ones who didnt take any synthetics. Researched, proven, done. Just eat oranges, grapes and apples and cruciferous veg dont mix with eggs. Bad idea. Research is key. Start with these work your way up. Vit. C, D, E, zinc, iron, magnesium, calcium, vit k, k2 and collagen/gellatin.

  62. The molecule is the same, but the bioavailability is different. It would act the same if everything were in vitro, but sadly, we all are biological systems that have complex absorbance methods and regulation. Our bodies do not recognize isolated molecules the same as they would a natural one. The plant is actually a perfect design of readily absorbable nutrients.

    1. I dont think it is bioavilability issue than how the body will deal with them after absorbtion!

    2. You can change the bioavailability of synthetic supplements by how you take them and what you combine them with. I am regularly breaking up these supplements into a powder or taking them out of their capsules and mixing them with food (mixing with yoghurt in the morning for example, or putting it in a smoothie). This allows the body to absorb it as naturally as it would with regular food, because it is coming in the same way; rather than a big brick pill of concentrated vitamin that might not be fully broken down at the right points in your digestion. Bioavailability is an adminstration issue, and varies depending on the supplement. Some may need more fibre, some more fat, in combination to work better.

      I would love to see Dave tackle this whole thing because I’m no professor 😊 Also hopefully you can address supplements touting longevity like NAD+ and Resveratrol, sirtuins and how they work etc. Your explanations are so easy to understand, they’re beautiful 👌🏼

    3. @chemosis Yellow piss is because of the excess Rivoflavin (Vit B2) in multivitamin .

    4. Bioavailabilty are same

  63. You look like jesus

  64. wait….did you just said that synthetic drugs CURE us from disease? can you give some examples please, thank you.

    1. Polio vaccines, small pox vaccines, measles vacc. Synthetics arent all bad. Yes they can cause deaths too if your body cant handle the mercury and aluminum content in kids mostly. But is better than you being the cause of death in thousands.

    2. Um, essentially every successful drug ever.

  65. I can’t tell if the guy who runs this channel is just getting paid by the pharma industry to spread propaganda or he’s too lazy / stupid to keep up with current studies or even semi current studies… to blanket say yeah take those synthetic multivitamins is ridiculous.. except that they have near zero benefit at best and at worst extremely harmful…

    And that doesn’t just go for synthetic, you can overdo some of the “natural” as well from companies who are not making them properly.

    Essentially if you’re not getting organic specialized formulas from the 2-3 companies out there who use fermentation to properly make them, and who are careful in the dosages, don’t bother taking vitamins at all, you’re much better off eating the right foods.

    If this guy wasn’t such a shill for the pharma industry or stupid or careless about the lives of his audience , maybe he would actually alert the audience of the dangers associated with common multi vitamins people take, and more importantly the lack of evidence that they actually work, and the evidence of harm

    So this guy looks like either an idiot or corrupt, pretty bad either way, like I said if you really cared about your audience you would have done your homework and told them to either not take over the counter vitamins period or take the specific organic formula I mentioned earlier

    1. Interesting. I don’t believe I ever heard him tell people to go out and take vitamins… natural, synthetic or otherwise. Interesting how the first link you cite was funded by big pharma, but Professor Dave is the shill you say? Look, I’m not calling you a shill, but… Anyone can hand-pick studies to suit their agenda. Throwing out accusations of “SHILL!” to anyone that you think may be opposed to your view of the world gets us nowhere. Dave is supplying basic, fundamental information on the nature of organic chemistry in regard to molecules. He didn’t advocate anything.

    2. Shill! He’s a shill! He lives in a crappy apartment earning next to no money making free educational content for the masses, but he’s a dirty shill! Where do you guys get this stuff?

      If you’ll notice, this clip does not make any recommendation whatsoever about what vitamins to take or not take. The central message of the clip is that the bioactivity of a compound does not depend on its synthetic pathway. To illustrate this, I chose vitamin C, because it is common, naturally occurring, and frequently synthesized, but it would apply to any molecule imaginable. Whether humans synthesize it or nature synthesizes it, it’s the same molecule with identical properties. As to what every single supplement on the market does in your body, I don’t have that information and I don’t claim to. But it is certainly the case that the alt health market has ballooned out of control, and is preying on the ignorance of its consumer base.

      The purpose of this clip is to tackle chemophobia and nothing more. People inherently fear the word “synthetic” with no logical basis. You’ve linked to a bunch of blog posts that discuss ultra-specific details of vitamin consumption, none of which I discuss here. I just want people to understand what molecules are and how they behave. So save the outrage, bud.

  66. Great stuff, Professor Dave! Keep up the good fight and more people will know enough to be be healthier.

  67. Excellent! I’m so happy I’m not the only one making videos on this subject and debating Dr. Axe and Dr. Eric Berg and Markus R and others. Thank you for doing this for the world. Big Like and share! =D

    1. strength in numbers!

  68. Why can’t you just make synthetic vitamins just like natural vitamins

    1. that’s the point of the clip, in many cases they are precisely identical. it is just that the public refuses to accept this fact due to biases associated with the words natural and synthetic.

  69. our body knows what’s synthetic and what’s not though…

    1. no, it definitely doesn’t. what evidence could you possibly have for that statement?

  70. this channel is shit. I really don’t know how you get any subscribers.

    1. why don’t you read the comments of all the grateful students? that might give you an idea.

  71. Dave, great video.

    Just so you know, people do get argued out of their position. Granted, it’s probably more likely that they will wallow in their own ignorance. But as someone who used to buy into all the “naturopathic”, “hollistic health” psuedo-scientific mumbo-jumbo, I am proof that rational, scientific arguments & explanations can win people over.

    I am far wiser and more skeptical these days, thanks to people like you who call charlatans out on their bullshit. People seem to distrust “science” without realizing that it’s just a name given to the best method of finding out the truth. If what you believe is indeed correct, then science will prove it for you. Properly conducted scientific experiments can’t lie, or be biased, or have an agenda. If they do, then by definition they are no longer scientific.

    1. sadly properly conducted scientific experiments, that are not biased, or have an agenda, are few and far between. I think I’m right in saying that about 75% of experiments are funded by pharmaceuticals with a vested interest in the correct outcome. My faith in ‘true’ scientific enquiry is at an all time low. Maybe more transparency is needed. I often find conclusions and abstracts rarely have anything to do with the data in a paper!

    2. Well said, my friend! I will keep fighting the good fight!

  72. This guy is 100% WRONG. Do some research on high consumption of synthetic Vitamin C. It can be very dangerous. What this man is doing is simply reading from a teachers edition Science book. My mother is a licensed cardiologist and nutritionist as is my sister. He is just re typing what he has read and his information is not correct. Dont just believe what you read in medical books. About 45% of it is total nonsense only there to benefit the PHARMA industry. What he is promoting is actually harmful for human physiology and thats what BIG Pharma wants. Have a great day but DO NOT listen to this man.The BEST vitamin for the HUMAN body are WHOLE FOOD 100% ORGANIC. Period, end of discussion. This guy need to do more than reading…He needs to do PATIENT research. But that actually takes WORK, He does not want to do that.

    1. Steve Perry “Big Pharma” and the Supplement industry are entirely separate entities.

    2. I have seen this argument on many videos, I when on a video hunt to try an see both sides and have yet to see under what conditions did this people die what was there overall food intake and smoking or drinking habits, misleading data pops up red flags

    3. Jei, what are you talking about? I didn’t mention fats once. Trans fats are a type of fat. What is it that you’re trying to say? I agree, an orange has lots of nutrients. This clip does not suggest that you should take supplements instead of eating food. In fact, this clip says nothing about nutrition whatsoever. I am just talking about the fact that the bioactivity of a molecule has nothing to do with its origin. That’s all. I’m not comparing two different molecules, so every example you are bringing up is unrelated to what I am saying in this clip. Also, I would love to see some data supporting this claim you are making that people who take multivitamins die sooner. That sounds like some bullshit you read on a blog. So this advice of yours, what was it, admit when you’re wrong? Sounds like you could use a dose of that yourself.

    4. I agree… synthectic vitamins are bad.

    5. Wow Dave. it’s like you’re saying fats are basically the same as trans fat because they are both types of fat, which thankfully are not the same molecularly. The point being that vit c and ascorbic acid may be molecularly the same in structure, they may act the same, but where do all the other nutrients in an orange go? Where do they fit in the bottle? Going back to the first argument, folic acid the same as folate now? Or does this synthetic folic acid do the same job as the original? Since knowing that folic acid causes cancer in most and folate does not. Is it molecularly the same as folate? If so, why does it hamper absorption in 75-80% of the population worldwide? If you’re saying that any molecule can be used to elicit a biological response, then the question is.. are these substance stable when ingested? Or do they change structure or crumble once ingested compared to natural substances? The big question is, why do people die sooner when taking multivitamins compared to the ones not taking any at all? Which are widely synthetic mind you. The point of taking multivitamins is to get healthier and live longer and not to die sooner. Where does synthetic but completely the same as original go from here? You can call on the basics and read on the textbooks but truth of the matter is that research has been done to see into this and seems that natural although molecularly the same as synth, will not get you killed in the long run. But hey, bias is everywhere. The point of knowing is to know when to accept that we were wrong and move on, be better and not to keep bringing false info and get mad when people hurt your ego by pissing you off in the comments Dave.

  73. I watched this in school

  74. Professor, the natural food contains phytonutrients along with the any vitamins and minerals. So, real food is always better than the synthetic ones.

    1. @Professor Dave Explains Synthetic food doesn’t exist? Since when? We see GMO and many synthetic foods, care to explain how you define synthetic food? Cheers

    2. This clip is not about natural food vs. “synthetic food”, which does not exist at present time. This is about an individual compound, such as vitamin C. There is no doubt that eating an orange is better than taking a vitamin C supplement, whether the supplement is natural or synthetic, because an orange, as you say, has tons of other nutrients. The question this clip is addressing is if a molecule of vitamin C is any different whether it is naturally derived or synthetically derived, and the answer to that question is a resounding no. Molecules are simply molecules, and their properties are in no way related to how the molecule came to be. To say otherwise is to discredit the entire field of chemistry.

  75. You are worthless to humanity.

    1. lol got ’em

    2. false, i help thousands of people achieve their academic and career goals every day. now tell me, troll, what do you do that’s so fucking important?

  76. I like your approach but I don’t get your whole message. I have read the scientific article about bioavailbiltiy of synthetic and natural vitamin C. It recommends getting your dose of vitamin C from whole food rather than synthetic due to other nutrients in the food increasing bioavailbiltiy.

    Furthermore, there is little scientific evidence synthetic supplements or any form of multivatimins will benefit your health nor can it be used as an effective subsitutue.

    So when you say people should ignore “organic” or “whole food” vitamins, it doesn’t correlate with the science since whole food derived vitamins are more bioavailable than synthetic supplements.

    I think it would be better if you just told people to ignore supplements altogether. But you’re doing the opposite. You are trying to claim synthetic vitamins has the same effect as whole food vitamins with a simple video when the evidence is unsubstantiatal and quite contrary to your claim.

    1. @catfish08 Well yes that’s right. You make a good point. But yknow. There are many variables when taking a multivitamin for example. Everything checks out fine. Except for vit e and folic acid. Long term use of vit e is known to cause heart problems in the future and folic acid causes cancer because it does not let the body use the more natural form which is folate. Causes clogs n all. Better if you just plant a garden, eat the leafy greens and drink less acidic drinks. You’ll last longer that way.

    2. @Jei Ced I know what you meant. I was just trying to be silly.

    3. @Brain Spanking U: Professional Hypnosis yep, vitamin c in fruits and vit c synthetically made is fine because they are structurally the same. When I posted that old comment, I was young, immature and I easily jump to conclusions as a young guy. Call it father and son training sessions. Either way the video is clear and concise. I should’ve just repeated the video and thought about it clearly. Regardless. It happened.

    4. @Sun Razor old news, was really immature when I posted that comment. A lot has changed. Just do research on things before taking in stuff. Helps a lot down the road.

  77. are u sure that you are a professor. Anything that is synthesized is in no way the same as the real stuff so your body will not analyze it as the real stuff. It doesn’t have to be vitamins. I’m talking about drugs too. Like let’s say Vicoden/Hydrocodene. Synthesized from Morphine. And Morphine is synthesized from the Opium Poppy Leaf. Let’s ask fukin Hitler if those fantastic opium poppy leaf’s were as good as what he synthesized with them. Or are you saying vitamin D2 is just as good and safe as vitamin D3. Why don’t we go ahead and synthesize mariguana while we’re at it. U guys are probably doing that right now. look all I’m saying is that I’ve tried the synthesized vitamins from CVS or Walgreens and I’ve tried the real vitamins from GNC or other Whole Food stores and the synthetic vitamins feel like I’m taking sugar pills. and do you hear yourself, it’s much cheaper to make. you disgust me. and all of these pharmaceutical companies.

    1. Absorption is certainly something that can be discussed, and I know very little about it, but there are people who think that a synthetic version of a molecule is necessarily inferior to its natural counterpart. That’s completely false, and this clip is specifically addressing that misconception. Hopefully one day I will learn more about nutrition and talk more about this.

    2. A molecule being the same does not mean that it will be equally absorbed by the body as sometimes something else is needed to help the absorption. Discuss something like this not being a professional of the field is complicated, but I have seen some doctors and PhDs stating that it is misguided to believe that taking vitamin C (by eating a fruit with extras like fiber) or Ascorbic Acid will have the same effect. I would agree with you about the Vitamin benefits being the same if the pills came with all the molecules needed to provide a good absorption in our body.

    3. “I’m no chemist” and with that statement, you need to just take one step back, my friend.

    4. no worries man, i just try to educate. there is some legitimacy to criticizing pharma, just as there is in criticizing any huge conglomerate, but the public too often lets that spill over into a distrust of science, and that’s where i try to step in. i have no comments on specific drugs or drug combinations, the only purpose of this clip was to explain that a molecule will have precisely the same properties whether nature synthesizes it or humans synthesize it. and that’s all i want to pass on to you in this conversation.

    5. Professor Dave Explains look man I don’t wanna beef on YouTube cuz I’m not that type of person. I’m an adult so arguing on any social media is not something I do. And I’m sure you are an adult too. I’m no chemist, so idk what can or what cannot be synthesized. I was just stating an example, and I chose to do it with opiates. And I was just seeking from experience. Vitamin D2 raised my anxiety, game me insomnia, headaches and several other side effects and barely raised vit d levels in my blood, vitamin d3 game me some anxiety and that’s it. And my vit d levels went back to normal. I also took a b complex from GNC that vitamin c ascorbic acid and the other one had niacinamide ascorbic, i think thats how u spell it as vit c and honest I don’t really know if they were doing anything. This supplementing thing is just to confusing 4 me but thanks to adderall I need to start supplementing. I walked out of CVS having a full blown panic attack because one vitamin does this to the other, and this mineral causes this other mineral to drop, and it was my 3rd time going to buy vitamins and minerals that week. All I know us that I’m happy shopping at GNC. Listen I don’t know what I said to you this morning but I apologize. My Adderall had not kicked in yet so i was all FU to everyone as always. you are a professor so you probably know what you’re talking about. I was just talking from my experience. I don’t wanna argue on social media. I’m too grown 4 that shit man. But I will stand by what I said about pharmaceutical conpanies. They are all money hungry pricks. I really hope that you are just a chemist.

  78. Our high school chemistry teacher once told us that if you use artificial vitamins too often, the body will adapt to these as they are more biologically available, and will become less efficient in breaking down and absorbing the same vitamins from foods. What do you think about this layman’s argument, Professor Dave?

    1. pretty rubbish, the body is incapable of distinguishing between “artificial” or synthetic molecules and naturally derived ones, because there is literally no difference. the idea that taking a supplement could alter the enzymatic activity of the body is also absurd.

  79. good

  80. A little off topic. But are there synthetic medications available that are not based off of any natural occurring molecules? So it would be a synthetic medication that has nothing in it that is replicated on anything found in nature..

    1. definitely! many pharmaceutical drugs are inhibitors whose only purpose is to act as antagonists for certain enzymes/receptors, they may be derivatives of natural products, or some have nothing to dow with any molecule that exists in nature. really, it doesn’t matter whether something is natural or not, nature has made some molecules, and there are infinite other possible molecules. what matters is being able to construct a molecule that will elicit a desired physiological response, like silencing a mutant enzyme.

  81. Everything in the universe is natural.

    1. Rhythmicons
      Everything in the universe is natural…except Cher lol

    2. ah, fair enough.

    3. I’m being facetious.

    4. well, in a certain sense, but in science we use the word synthetic to mean that which was specifically built by humans.

  82. Dave how does are brain work.

    1. i’ll get to some neuroscience tutorials soon! sometime next year.

  83. Why did u cuss. SO CHEESEY 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    1. what’s cheesey is complaining about it. what’s even cheesier is claiming there’s cussing where there isn’t any. wrong video, friend?

  84. cool. what about Vitinim c sodium ascorbate would this form cause sodium levels to rise if taken in access. IE over 3 grams per day. They say sodium ascorbate is better absorbed cos it’s uses sodium pumps and glut transporters. Any clarity on this subject be much appreciated

    1. Pink John , sodium ascorbate is the usual form given in IV vitamin C therapy these days. The sodium you would get from taking it is not even close to an amount that would have any ill-effect. It is a non-acidic form, but with only one electron to donate rather than 2, since the place of one is taken by the added sodium ion.

      Actually, this is my understanding. Hey +Professor Dave Explains could you tell me if this is correct?

    2. High dose Vitamin C might not be as useless as is the consensus. What do you think of this study?

    3. good question, not so much in my wheelhouse so i’m not sure! in general there’s no good reason to take vitamin supplements in excess as there is no real benefit.

  85. I’ve seen some of your arguments in the comments box of other channels. You are a smart guy, why do you do that? Don’t waste your time arguing with stupid people. I”ll tell you a fact: No matter what you say, stupid people will always be stupid. They just can’t understand how things work, so they choose an easier explanation, which is usually told by another stupid guy or by a brilliant guy who takes advantage of them. Be better than them mate.

    1. like Antony said, there are people like me who read the conversation and if say someone presents a seemingly ok argument that is based on pseudo science, we might be partly convinced if there is no counter argument. your reply clears up any misinformation that is presented. but if the comments are ridiculous i wouldnt waste your time replying.

    2. A valid point, however I typically do it for entertainment or the intellectual challenge. I know it seems futile, but there is an outside chance that they later ruminate on your points and may see their validity. I don’t think it’s a complete lost cause. But I am sometimes conflicted. Do you see any firm downside to engaging people in that manner?

  86. This was big help with my science fair project

    1. knock ’em dead!

  87. So what about the argument that Vitamin C is a complex with ascorbic acid being the other shell. They say when taking synthetic vitamin c, you will only get the outer shell of vitamin c. Please refer to Dr Berg

    1. A lie? Sell oranges from the grocery? A lie that doesnt benefit dr berg at all?

    2. total bullshit! a lie fabricated to sell you stuff. how can ascorbic acid be a “shell” of anything? that doesn’t mean anything. vitamin C is the vitamin nickname given to L-ascorbic acid, they are literally synonymous. also, pardon my french, but berg is a complete jackass. don’t listen to anything that guy says. there is no such thing as a vitamin C complex. just google that term and see what comes up. a long list of things you can buy, nothing remotely academic.

  88. love this! great video, this would be great info to use on my channel when I’m talking about my vitamins and food stuff!

    1. Revi, that picture you are linking to makes zero sense whatsoever. It is made specifically for people who know nothing about chemistry to fool them into buying a product. Vitamin C is Ascorbic Acid, and the molecular structure of this molecule is shown in this clip.

    2. Those standardized representations of the molecules that you present as identical, they have never been observed in actuality on an electron microscope. Those geometrical representations are an “INVENTED DRAWING”, a TOOL to represent the different elements on a molecule. An actual electron-microscope image from synthetic ascorbic acid and true natural vitamin C, looks very different.

    3. nice so you can teach our future generations the wrong thing. congrats.

    4. absolutely! there is a mountain of misinformation when it comes to health and nutrition, it’s all to sell new age/alternative products that are essentially pointless. don’t be fooled!

  89. Maybe the point that Kenyatte meant was that sometimes we have different molecular forms such as L and D and might cause disastrous consequences like the Thalidomide.

    1. a valid point! if a synthesis is not stereospecific we must be aware of what both enantiomers will do, which is why we must rigorously test everything we are to consume. however, this clip was more aimed at those who believe that L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) will be different depending on whether nature makes it or humans synthesize it, and that is as fundamentally incorrect as anything we know as a species.

  90. We don’t have the technology to know vitamin c is vitamin c is vitamin c. Saying it’s the same because molecularly it “looks” similar is like(next known visual smaller level) saying a quality synthetic fabric is a natural one that has the same shape. Honesty and humility are necessary to not bask in either extreme side of the religions of natural or synthetic. We simply don’t know it’s the same and shouldn’t mislead consumers to sell the technology of vitamins to further the science. Science needs to be funded ethically and based on the fact we operate on theories. Subatomic theory destroys all synthetic arguments in that atoms that look similar can be completely different. ie. the puzzle piece fits in but one is metal and the other is jello, on is dead and the other is alive, one emits biophotons and the other doesn’t.

    1. I understand the need for skepticism when it comes to public safety, but the issue we are discussing here is not whether a molecule is safe to ingest based on a few tests, or whether a medicine will or won’t have certain side effects. These are things that are difficult to truly know, and I would never criticize someone for being cautious. This issue is not like those at all. The idea that if nature and man each make a particular molecule, that they will be identical is so incredibly fundamental to how chemistry works, that to disagree is like saying two plus two does not equal four. If two and two are not four, the entirety of mathematics would be false, not just that one fact. If the earth was the center of the solar system, the entirety of astronomy would be false. If naturally occurring vitamin C and synthetic vitamin C were not the same, then the entirety of chemistry would be false. It’s that fundamental. The entirety of chemistry is not false, as is evidenced by all the medicine and technology we create with chemistry. Our understanding of chemistry is consistent beyond reasonable doubt. So the claim that nature makes molecules in a special or better way than humans must be rejected, as there is no evidence whatsoever to support it, and mountains of evidence against it. Ask literally any chemist, and they will say as much. The safety of a drug can be controversial, but the idea of how a molecule comes to be is not controversial in the slightest, it is just misunderstood by the masses.

    2. I don’t propose correct on anything except man is certain he is correct until technology and discovery prove him wrong. Thus science is all theory based. If we don’t know what the subatomic particles are or even if their is a quantum relationship we can’t know what we don’t know about the foundations or how/if the different type of construction for vitamin c result in the same. It’s ok to say we think not we know as a caution because when people face life/death or health/wellness and they need to choose synthetic or natural honesty is best. Lead was safe before it wasn’t, DDT was safe before it wasn’t, Statin Drug were safe before they aren’t, the world was flat before wasn’t etc. Mans facts are merely temporary understandings based on the resolution of his limited technology. I however enjoy your videos but respectfully disagree here.

    3. I’m sorry, but you are incorrect. If it is the same “molecularly”, it is the same. There is nothing privileged about the way nature makes a molecule. That notion is called vitalism and it was dispelled in 1828 when Wohler synthesized urea. This has nothing to do with humility. “Subatomic theory” isn’t a thing, nor are “biophotons”. Any atom with six protons is carbon, by definition. If nature collides six protons together in a star or we collide six protons together in a particle accelerator, this is precisely the same process. Carbon is carbon is carbon. Vitamin C is vitamin C is vitamin C. And the reason they are identical is precisely because the puzzle piece DOES fit. Any molecule with the composition and shape of vitamin C will fit into the active site of the corresponding enzyme and perform its function. The origin is the epitome of meaningless.

  91. Great video. People really need to understand that natural is not necessarily superior to synthetic. It is debatable, however, if taking supplemental vitamins is as beneficial as eating vitamin rich fruits and vegetables. What is your view on GMO’s? Should they be avoided or are they mostly safe or can it go both ways?

    1. You’re in waaaaay over your head, bud. Learn to use the English language first, then go over to my channel to learn some chemistry.

    2. @Professor Dave Explains wow! …you are DEFINITELY big pharma….why tf would most countries ban gmo in europe? ….

    3. @Professor Dave Explains GMOs are not inherintly bad?1 Are you fucking insane?! Stick to your synthetic bullshit. You obviously know fuck all about absorbtion of poisons, ie Roundup…..big pharma is a friend of yours.? yeh right. ..what about the thousands suicided by taking interferon ‘treatments’…or the thalidamide debacle….nobody trusts scientific bullshit anymore…gee, fancy that. the molecule vit c you create is useless to the body….you are creating a cclone of the natural one..ok i give you that…but why bother if it’s fucken no use to man or beast?

    4. well, why would it be inherently bad? if it provides a plant with natural pesticide resistance? provided we test things with great scrutiny, there is no specific reason that introducing a novel gene into an organism will have any negative effect.

    5. Cutting out a part of plant (or animal) DNA and replacing it with, say, bacteria’s genome isn’t “inherently bad”? Can you provide a bit more detailed explanation?

  92. so it is the same compound but one is natural and the other one is synthetic ?
    or are they both natural and one of them is found in nature and the other one is made in the lab ?

    1. +Rabab Chahbar neither, those words refer to the method a compound is produced, not necessarily the compound itself. any naturally occurring compound can be synthesized. nature can make it, we can make it. and no matter who makes it, it’s the exact same molecule.

    2. +Professor Dave Explains so should we call it natural or synthetic ?

    3. +Rabab Chahbar it’s one compound, and it can be derived naturally or synthetically. nature makes it, we make it, doesn’t matter. same compound.

  93. “It is the same compound”

    Yes, until the compound is bound to magnesium stearate which all but negates the positive effects of that vitamin.  That is all you find in Nature’s Market, Whole Foods, and Walmart.

  94. yeah but doesn’t eliminate the threat of excipients and toxic compounds used in the making process and not properly filtered out

  95. I knew it!

  96. No way, that’s my teacher. I love the new green screen.

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