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Overseas Chinese donate medical supplies to Wuhan

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As the demand for medical supplies keeps increasing due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in China, supply is a problem. Many Chinese abroad are pitching in by buying protection suits and masks and sending them to Wuhan. #Coronavirus

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345 thoughts on “Overseas Chinese donate medical supplies to Wuhan

  1. Bullshit, ccp supporters, buying before china released medical information to the world,, boycott all Chinese products and services , demand countries leaders to sue China for reparations, seize all china’s assets for world courts to award damages to countries affected by wuhan viruses and destroying their economies

  2. This channel is funded by the Chinese Government.

  3. italy are tapped im not trusting china. The Dutch government has recalled over half a million face masks it imported from China after discovering that they were faulty.

    The Netherlands said on Saturday that it had asked its hospitals to return around 600,000 face masks which health professionals are using to treat patients of the coronavirus.

  4. Respect for Chinese nurses doing great

  5. I personally would not take masks from people who handed them over, I would rather buy them in a box or use a scarf. Same for gloves.

  6. It’s pointless. The Chinese Red Cross keeps all the donation from all over the world (even from locals). They mostly distribute quality masks to officials instead of doctors and nurses.

  7. As a Chinese, no matter where we’re from, we’re all descendants of the Dragons🐉

  8. Its heart warming to note that countries like japan singapore etc are sending much needed medical supplies to wuhan. Of course people like unknown who does nt have a heart and not a chinese wont understand the meaning of brotherly love . Crawl back to you hole the world is better without you.

  9. Really appreciate this urgent support to Wuhan!❤️🙏

  10. 武汉加油 !! 中国必胜 !!

  11. Those who help always keep their mouth shut.
    Thank you guys for helping us out.

  12. Don’t panic. Panicking slow down your Immune system… Best wishes from Bangladesh. Best of luck #Wahan best of luck #China.

  13. The people are heartwarming and thankful. However, the government is to blame for the failure of controlling in the beginning.
    Please make sure the donations are put in use for the people, not prioritized for the government officials.
    Governments should stop arresting people like 方斌 for sharing about truth on Weibo. It’s how the spreading gets worse.
    Doctors and nurses are having hard time. Hope people be more aware that Humanism is more important than any ideologies.

  14. Donated from US. 加油武汉

  15. Malaysia just donated 18 million gloves

  16. My mother bought a 500 dollar box of medical masks for the doctors each box contains 100 masks, shes going to buy other boxes man i swear if she goes BROKE

  17. So much supplies coming from overseas and local donations yet doctors in Wuhan still claim there’s no supplies. I bet the local government officials in Wuhan are corrupted and stealing them. President Xi needs to open his eyes and punishes these corrupt politicians. Taking advantage of this crisis is inhuman and allowing this to happen is immoral. 😡😡😡

  18. I also support Wuhan. But maybe the Chinese government should consider allowing dual citizenship at this point. You can’t take away people’s citizenship then hope they come to your aid. While at the same time having the whole country subsidize the lackeys in Hong Kong

  19. Get well soon….!

  20. We chinese indonesian support china and our prayers to all of brothers and sisters.. Stay strong china 🇨🇳💪

  21. chinese nationals doing all the donating? ha ha ha aha. You mean world countries donating aid.

  22. The donations are not all from Chinese nationals. There are lots of foreign groups of ethnic Chinese donating supplies. Please acknowledge this.

  23. why was NOT one box of med equip up to medical standards? Does it mean none of the donated boxes of med equip will be useful? Whats the standards for the medical equipment needed for use to help?

  24. From China. To abroad. To China again.

  25. Great work

  26. lol

  27. Those are gift of love from Overseas Chinese to motherland China.
    There are many jealous trolls and donkeys here making remarks that exhibit their wicked hateful heart. Let the green eye demon continue to eat their heart and mind for their total destruction this 2020 for evil shall kill the wicked IYN.

  28. These chinese people are buying up all the masks here in my country and its always sold out… locals dont even have the chance to buy masks despite having 16 cases…

  29. Malaysian will do something for PRC during times of need.

  30. Coffins lol lol

  31. Anynomous samaritan left 3 boxes of precious sugical mask at the gate of Malaysia Consulate General of China but the boxes were bombed out by Malaysian
    Special Operation Team. No idea whose fault but almost every shop out of stock of sugical mask since 5 days ago.

  32. Why here has 34 people dislike the donations?

    1. YC Elkan oProbably some brainwashed hongkongers with enslaved mindsets and being make used of by their western masters. Haha cheers

  33. Asian country will support People’s Republic of China 🇨🇳🇨🇳
    Greet from 🇵🇭🇵🇭

  34. Love and support from indonesia chinese to our ancestral motherland 武汉加油!

  35. “Not one box meet medica standards” You mean that the hospital is receiving things they don’t need? Like ofcourse they have enough surgical masks an what now…. it probably more like IV, needles, oxygen tanks right? It sound like you have a logistic failure, Hospitals not getting what they need.

  36. Are you people stupid they said what was sent was junk on the medical level.

  37. Why help communism. They have killed there own, 1 child rule, and much more. When have China given to other countries who needs help. I am American born Chinese and guess what. I don’t support communism…

    1. Communist reply be a free thinker. Hahah. I love my second amendment.. That’s how free life is in America.

    2. Jake Lo , you are definitely of an enslaved mindsets kind believing in dogmas rather than having human decency. Be a free thinker with critical thinking mindsets rather than having confirmation biases and get some appropriate reeducation then. Haha cheers

  38. 🇯🇵

  39. 武汉加油 , 主國加油

  40. 1:10 what happen with the caption?

  41. Much love! 🇺🇸

  42. WTF LOL WITHOUT PAY TAXES ARE YOU KIDIND ME it’s sepostube Free no tax and no pay for helping to another Country

  43. China # 1 🌏 💪💪💪💪

  44. So if this isn’t telling, I don’t know what it. If people do not get treated for pnemonia….and imagine how many have pnemonia.

  45. This is what I expect from the World ✌️

  46. Glad that they are going to hospital directly, red Cross is known for corruption

    1. Red Cross is corrupt, that’s true

  47. Meanwhile, Hongkong slackers youths are nowhere to be seen for weeks. They probably self quarantine from destroying public and private properties.


  49. China should investigate intensively this ncov outbreak , bec. of jealousy , it might be another sabotaged coming from her number one evil enemy liked what happened in HK !

  50. Y our country isn’t donating anything plsss help China ….

  51. i am watching every video on this news and waiting for any good news from wuhan our prayers are with you chinese people love china from pakistan western media should not use it as a political weapon

  52. And it’s gone…. to party members

  53. Respect to China!

  54. Oh we all know, all our masks for our own countries are gone because certain members of the community have bought up all the masks and sent them to china.
    This should be absolutely illegal, it puts our people in danger.

    1. No medical standard items in these cargos apparently.
      No blame games please.
      China has already made hundreds & thousands of medical masks, and some are already in delivery to relieve the shortage of masks in HK ~

  55. The Chinese is showing their true unity. No more chaotic infighting for the last dollar … All hands on deck…There is a life and death crisis!!!

  56. Where is the money of china..have money for military army. How about the health, we know china country is rich than america. Just asking.

  57. *May Allah helps these people who suffer in cronavirus and may Allah gives them early recovery*

    1. if we believe god we should to love every human who suffer. “God is Love”. @chen chen it,s not good time to talk about religion 🙂 Yesus love every one , thanks you brother @SAF FAS for your kindness, God bessed you…

    2. Chen Chen , be considerate and more fracture in your comments , there in no place for conjectures and religious insinuation in time of need. Thank you Haha cheers

    3. Allah and muhammad has never known to be able to heal or perform miracle unlike Jesus Christ and the Christian God as stated in the Bible and those miracles and healings still occurs daily until today.

      Show us with part of the quran that your allah or Muhammad performed healings.

  58. 加油加油

  59. ambulane become a cargo van 😀

  60. And the CCP controlled China Red Cross, is demanding bribes to pass along the supplies! Tell the truth you goblins!

    1. 亭玉Angelique Fuck off!

    2. What Baseless Unfounded Lies! Verbal Karma is severe.

  61. This is propaganda from the Chinese government, people are selling face masks and other supplies to China for their families or for profit, depleting resources in other countries. We can’t get face masks on Amazon in the United States

  62. This virus outbreak was not an act of nature nor was it an accident. This was an act of war.
    The corona virus was bio-engineered in US biowarfare labs and deliberately released:

  63. Oh yeah 9000 cases over 200 confirmed dead and the country with the biggest production line is crippled, really? Chinas 1.3 billion nation crippled by only 9000 cases.
    It about time that these communist government of China tell the world the true story. You bragging about building a 1000 bed hospital when you already have number of hospitals around wuhan that can house more than 1000 beds.
    Things are very fishy here.

  64. 中国加油!武汉加油↖(^ω^)↗!

  65. I hope that all the chinese people here in my country must volunteer to aid their people in wuhan, they must show the world what they are capable of. 🙂

  66. Sorry chinese people we cannot help by material but we can help by emotional YOU CAN MAKE IT YOU CAN PASS FOR THAT PROBLEM……

    1. Thank you for your prayers and emotional support

  67. Forget politics, discrimination, etc … Time to help each other…!…

    1. @Yiren Vivian Wang We will deal with the virus first,others can wait, beside there might be miracles happening while we do the right things

    2. But a lot of fake news still exist on YouTube from hong kong, taiwan , western anti-China media and some foreign Chinese private youtuber create all kind of fake news. 😡

    3. 👍👍👍

  68. Supply is not the problem. China has a factory for these suits.

  69. Internet trolls and good people are different

  70. 1 hour and ready to go👍👍👍, the heck with my country , full of politics and corruption

  71. 武漢加油💪💪💪我們在一起!!

  72. Good that’s a lot of medical supplies it will keep that town safe from the virus for a little while longer just enough time hopefully to find a vaccine or a cure

  73. Giàu nhất hành tinh mặt vẫn nhận viện trợ.

  74. The trolls who are commenting here are below sub human. Just ignore them. Obviously they are products of unwed parents when they use pseudonyms.

  75. Stay strong China! We pray for a quick solution to this crisis and you have our sincere blessings..

  76. ❤❤❤

  77. Hey you are Not allown we are frens and Brathers The Vairous Wepon is niar to get the Vaxin. You are breiv and no Fiar Pipole we are saporte all efhors from China Gavement and All planete we saporte you Awer Harts and, Mainds is we you kalimera from HELLAS the Lande with fouly Laas FOS, lous, layte. You are breiv and Will be Victorious agen. Wouhan is not Alone. Hellenic State is with you polemistes gia to kalo tis anthropotitas.

  78. Not Chinese but want to help donate! 💛 Put out a list of exactly what is needed so people can purchase.

    1. Sona Falk@ Thanks. Just check directly with the China Embassy in your country. Email as well as calling them.


    1. Sorry to say this but China people and Chinese people are two things

  80. Fact: Overseas chinese were panic buying every stocks of Facemask and medical supplies on other countries. Yes, its true.. thats why there are reports of shortages.

    1. Yes, the Spread of Fear-mongering Fake News caused great public panic. It didn’t help but escalating fear instead …

  81. You can do WUHAN..

    1. Mucho gracias🙏🏽

  82. Overseas Chinese must fight Chinese fascism and dictatorship!
    China must free millions of innocent Uighurs from Chinese concentration camps .
    At least this virus will stop organ harvesting!
    Chinese must stop occupation of Eastern Turkistan aka Xinjiang.
    Freedom for Uighurs and Eastern Turkistan!

    1. the nut brothers , in reality oversea Chinese are supportive of the mainland Chinese authority in curbing Islamic radicalism in Xinjiang through reeducation. All the best to Xinjiang in reeducation for a harmonious society . Haha cheers

  83. Hope not only Chinese donate hope also other countries.

  84. Bravo , well done

  85. Vitamin C is needed … and vit D3

    1. Avocados and nuts and leafy greans help protect the immune system.

  86. its already out of control
    why do yall think china locks down 63 million ppl? just because of 200 deaths and 10k infected? nope just x100 the actual number and you will see sup
    chinese government hiding the truth ffs

    1. LiangHuBb@ You are vicious. Spewing lies upon lies. You better prepared to welcome the virus to your home and country especially your community. You deserves it.

    2. Stop Spreading Lies, Verbal Karma is Serious & Merciless.

  87. I pray every day for Chinese in China to be strong to get through this outbreak. Love from Canada.

    1. Love from Canada❤加拿大人爱中国。

  88. Jack Ma can buy the entire Republic face mask…

  89. Other countries sending helps not chinese overseas.. stop propaganda

  90. Help you help me!! Not sure how the chain reaction ripple the economy as if this is prolonged.

    1. Pity those investers!! But the people there pay with their lives young and old…

  91. It is bad situation. But it is also a chance to test the system and capacity.

  92. Change your cruel ways China, stop killing worlds wildlife, get a grip on your population then the world will care.

    1. The killings of animals, using & eating of wild/animals are cruel & wrong…
      though there are other countries committing it as speaking, although not being mentioned in the media, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist… Why only pointing finger at one country alone, China of 1.4 billions of population…
      Wild animal trades are already banned in China, ie. Ivory & rhino horns, bear for biles etc etc, problem is traders still try to find ways to trade in black markets & back streets, perhaps stricter penalties needed to deter..

  93. 🇨🇳👍🏾👍🏾

  94. There is a day after night God is going to bless China spiritually and earthly

    1. Except for Chinese who don’t eat properly, racist,rude and part of CCP,the others are fine

    2. If the look to Him then yes.

  95. All these trials and tribulations for China from God is to make China stronger in God christianity must rise in China China is for God

    1. Chen Chen , Chinese Civilisations are the longest continuous Civilisations without the socalled western notion of God in their vocabulary . Leave them alone and don’t force any religion that are based on conjectures and dogmas on the Chinese people. Just be considerate and have some useful comments instead . Haha cheers

    2. Vinu Cini@ Amen. Agree with you fully. Keep praying for China and the Chinese race.

  96. Pray praying for the people of wuhan and China

  97. Just goes to show China needs to stockpile professional medical gears and to up its production capability to higher standards

  98. 愛中國❤️🇨🇳爰中共~

  99. China need to put restrictions on eating some animals like bat, snake, dog , wildlife animals

    1. They’ve already been banned, hopefully through this virus outbreak crisis, that traders won’t break the law & selling in back street markets… Strict penalties should apply to deter the animal cruelty & disease trades… Same apply to other countries in the world that are not being mentioned.
      In time it will improve… Blessings~ 🙏🙏✨

  100. 在美華人已經開始捐款抗疫行動,希望大家一起加油。

  101. China should seek help of India, Russia, US, Japan. India has lot of good medicines and can help. This thing must not reach cataclysmic proportion.

  102. 很窩心的行動! 💞💕💞💕中國人加油! 武漢人加油! 無須畏懼, 有很多身在國外的中國人, 愛護和關心您們! 💪💪💪💪💪

  103. Pray for 🙏🙏🙏🙏 people china .


    1. Lol, donations were a business now?

  105. Be strong….Malaysia will help

    1. @Chen Chen Lmao,this guy must have never been to Malaysia,the country where everyone were mixed races

    2. Chen Chen , be considerate in your comments. Malaysian of all ethnic groups will be ever willing to help not just Malaysian Chinese . Haha cheers.

    3. Nirmala Krishnan@ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 The correct and accurate statement should be the Chinese Malaysian contribution..certainly not from the pocket of the malay muslim or other non Chinese.

  106. Please help china

  107. stay strong CHINA. keep up your spirit. you are our brothers, we are praying for everyone who are affected. You get through with this. Filipinos praying to our brother China.

    1. Alma Pusta selamat Po and selamat pare and kuya! Mabuhay pilipinas

  108. Meme: Person think they have Corona go to hospital and actually gets it

    Me: 🤔Makes Sense
    Also me: 💡go door to door and do test with a mobile lab then from there send people to the hospital instead of letting people come to a death trap (waiting rooms)
    Hysterical in this situation can be deadly

    1. Yes, the Spread of Fear-mongering Fake News caused great public panic. It didn’t help but escalating fear instead …
      The already shortage of hospital medical staff, although brave and exhausted, not only had to deal with existing infected patients, but also to the flood of panic crowds. .

  109. China is # 1 when Organized is about👍you will make it👍

  110. 哈哈😄,全进贪官口啦!

    1. 没你口大

  111. Pray for china.. God bless us all

  112. Now this i support. Just hope that some mainland chinese will stop eating exotic animals or let pig bungee jump. C’mon guys , we are all better than this.

  113. 有人捐物資💐感謝主

  114. Good show of affinity. Chinese are Chinese anywhere.

  115. just hope they saved some for themselves. this virus is spreading and not slowing down.

  116. This is World War III

  117. Overseas chinese always support

  118. For information (in Chinese) on how to provide support for Chinese medical staff in Wuhan and elsewhere, see

    (Original source is

  119. You know the problem is very bad when China is accepting donations from other countries.

    1. They are accepting from their own ppl j other country

  120. If this kind of epidemics occurs in India there is very less chances to win.Chinese are very smart intelligent and very developed as compared to Indians

    1. Agree, it would’ve been catastrophic, due to the dense population in India & the lack of medical facilities & technologies & supplies to treat & contain the virus more efficiently..


  122. Everyone should donate or help. It’s a win win situation 👍

  123. I cant help to think, that these virus is a tool for a biohazard war tool🤔
    Its just spreading so fast that maybe 5 virus simultaneously infected 5 people in diff area on that region, ,
    Its spreading exponentially

  124. why not help indonesia chinese when they needed?

    1. denny chai@ Any specific incidents with the Chinese Indonesian?
      You meant the ethnic cleansing incidents in Indonesia?

      During that period, China did issue a warning to Indonesia to take back the Chinese Indonesian. If the warning was not issued more would had died, raped and robbed.
      Chinese Indonesian can get China citizenship very easily.

    2. This is a global health issues..
      And there might have been help for the Indonesia incidents that were not mentioned in the news media at the time.

  125. Fully support to China.Stay strong China our heart is with u.🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳

  126. Thank you manufacturers and supply centers around the world contributing as a critical factor in rushing the massive amounts of needed basic protective gear in support of Wuhan peoples ! Also perhaps necessary could be millions of personal multi-stage water filters able to insert into individual water bottles ?!?

  127. China claims to be a superpower, but now has to rely on oversea Chinese for medical supplies. How ironic

    1. hans haslang@ The non muslim countries also wants to know the loyalties of their muslim citizens.

    2. @hans haslang @ The world especially the US and Europe also beg to know the answer where in lies the muslim’ loyalty. Instead of running to another abdoo countries they ran to the Western Christian majority world. They dont pay tax but live on the well fare of the Christians while teaching their children songs to chop their benefactor.

      Moron that is bite the hands that feed them.

    3. @hans haslang @ Acted upon? Who the hell you think you are?
      You got the cheek to say
      “Bite the hands that feed”

      State how you and your moron parasite abdoo feed the Chinese?

    4. Some coward deleted my comments while having inability to reply.

    5. Chen Chen
      Why don’t I have the right as a citizen of a Western nation to ask if there are potentials enemies living among us? Those questions will be asked and acted upon in the time of war. That was how we dealt with the Japanese in WW2 and you people will face the same question. Ignorance is bliss but reality will bite you hard on the ass, my son. I don’t give a fuck if you oversea Chinese want to donate your first child to China, but to call it your motherland while you are a citizen of another nation would beg the question of wherein lie your loyalties in the time of conflict.

  128. Humanty is an awesome thing….

    1. Love is the most powerfull power in the earth

    2. amen bro

  129. These supplies dont meet the actual medical standards.

    1. But it’s better then nothing

    2. @Ng Laysok maybe watch the video before trolling? D umb and d eaf indeed

    3. @Ng Laysok are you not ashamed of making yourself look so stupid??? It’s mentioned in the video!

    4. @Chen Chen
      the genocider from PIRBRIGHT Institute..bill gates owned the GMO virus. Check out the link below.

      Not just him, many are involved in this, the point is BEWARE of isra Hell, the usa , Five eyes countries, all war mongers basically!

    5. @Julien Kim @ It is not strange. There is a need to be very stringent with the coordination and material used in the hospital. China is controlling it seriously to curb spread etc.
      The corona virus actually originated from mecca, saudi in 2006. Mecca is actually a filthy place and that place retain flood waters.

  130. Wow that’s heart warming

  131. Its there motherland like anyone of us.. has a place called home

  132. We are all with you China. Love and support from Kenya, Africa

  133. Pray for Wuhan, all regions in China, all countries who are affected. Be strong and support each other 🙏 🙏

  134. Great to see the overseas Chinese helping out in such a crisis.

  135. Good luck China!!! From Australia.

    1. How’s Australia?any racism?

    2. @Ganda Gandara Ok boomer

    3. China to Oz: thank you, future colony.

    4. God bless not Good luck..


  137. No need. Chinese brags all the time that china is vv very rich.

    1. When did China ever brag?
      There is no control of whatever people believe, say & spread…

  138. When international media try to separate Chinese from their motherland and keep spreading hatred but this action make some Chinese who blamed motherland humiliated.

  139. All Overseas Chinese especially southeast Asia BETTER GO BACK TO CHINA AS A CITIZEN to supports Wuhan Corona Victims.

  140. My heart goes to Wuhan
    from Korea

    1. Alex Kim@ Thank you, Korean cousin. Korean is one of the 3 yellow skin cousins made up the other 2 i.e. Chinese and Japanese.

    2. same ! ❤🌐

  141. I like the way we smash on but when it comes down to it we got each other.. like Ronald said a bigger threat we pull together

  142. What a slap in the face to the people of Japan.

    Imagora Inc who chartered this flight must be furious. How utterly evil and ungrateful.

    Communist Party propaganda never fails to surprise me at the depths it will stoop…

  143. To all the Chinese worldwide.! You may be residing in countries like Australia, US, Canada, Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia etc etc.!
    When in time of support..I know we Chinese will united as ONE because in the end of the day.! CHINA is our motherland and we are the descendants of the Han dynasty.! May China overcome this crisis.!

    1. @Hotdoggie Ketchup Look up to Serbia

    2. Alvin Theng @現在這世界最好是winwinwin不是霸凌控制手段,維我獨尊是不能取得尊重。天下不是中國一家

    3. @Hotdoggie Ketchup
      We do not ask for return, unlike someone who invade and destroy Iraq and ask for lucrative deal with oil company Chevon for destroying Iraq in the first place

    4. Chen Chen 沒歌頌中國聽不進去了嗎,還稱呼別國人Loser 。我看最好留在國內別出來了基本尊重禮貌還開聲了真個loser

    5. WalkingTimeBomb@ Very well spoken. Fully agree with you. Ignore comments from idiots who are also losers. The green eye demons will continue to eat their heart and brain.

  144. Hope this news will be seen by other overseas to give medical standard equipments for nurses and doctors too.. They need it too

  145. Thanks you!

  146. This is awesome, where can I donate?

    1. Check at your nearest China Embassy. call or email them directly.

  147. I salute to the rest of the overseas Chinese on helping on Wuhan virus. Hope the rest of non Chinese help them too. As an Indian origin I pray and hope Wuhan will recover and overcome this.

    1. @Blue green Calm down bro

    2. @Lonich Eight
      Because of their hate against China, drummed up by ALL THE HATE PROPAGANDA from the west!! Including isra Hell, usa, uk, asstralia, etc.

    3. im wondering, why other countries do not give relieg goods to them there’s no aid coming from other countries.

  148. dictator china is struggling badly

    1. Amir@ You are certainly struggling for your left legis wrapped around your right arm. You, your family, community and country shall struggle in place of China and the Chinese IYN. For your are evil.

  149. All our support and prayers to the people of China. Love you so much dear China, from Greece

  150. Even though we still feel a disconnect to mainland Chinese, we still do our best to help.

  151. While in china you Can kidnab a kid 50 people see it an one one reakt…not my problem?…i did newer se any one in china help other people from china…ex a kid 2 years old did run over 20 just look do Noting and get run over again…ex a woman pas out in supway Lie for 5 hours no one help..not my problem..i Can go on and on…people do not understand the culture there…by the Way why so much When there only are like 9000 sik…you understand what i say here….

    1. Chen Chen you have no idear where i ben i did take auto spell off by the Way have ben in more country there you ever ben trust me on that china Thailand philippine all of EU all countryes and no dont spread Lie about china i tell the true there is a Big diference Chen and you know that..and so what i write eng bad what i say is Right and i Can prove it you Want me to? The R0 is 4.2 you know what that mean? Look it up..if i am in a Shell how Can i climb a tree? Se that make no sence..i did work for UN before little Girl dont tell me i dont know how the World really is..pls..PS did work for the gowerment before so i know how it is ok i newer tell Lie ok have a good evening or Day pls be carefull about the virus..if you did hear after your gowerment this Will newer happyn Ogh no i know the laws in china and you know that it ben Ban 15 years to selg this kind of Meat on market unles you make it self to comsume..Right give me your Real name one and i Will report you to the gowerment..and by the Way you did just step on my honer Call me a monkey trust me i newer sit Down for tea..i did make me self clear now?

    2. @Allan Meier jensen @ abdoo firstly your English is atrocious. Secondly STOP lying about China or the Chinese when the furthest you have been is your toilet.
      Continue to stay in your coconut shell and climb trees.

    3. huikit wee really…what i say is Right and you know it…but glad you help people not many do people think on Them not my problem..think it is werry sad what happyn now and china nead more to help…olso from the outside so you Can get this under control…by the Way i olso eat snake and dog..really good ben to asia since i where 16 gowerment do a good job to try to stop this bad virus..just wish they come out with the Right numbers…i Got the Right numbers from people i know inside nanjing.fx you allready did lose just tell it like it is..people allready know the gowerment did put in the military…they Will not do that for 9000 people i pray your country get this under controll but only 9000 that is no problem for china to get under control…Right..

    4. Allan Meier jensen 這話可敏感去了不要多說

  152. Rest in peace China. 1Like 1Dog soup in Chinese heaven <3

    1. pablo esco@ You, your family, community and country shall be resting in peace in place of China and the Chinese IYN. Enjoy yourself.

  153. Im from the middle East and I donated.

    1. @ParangLima Not all Uyghurs were in the bad state,we deal with what’s more serious first

    2. God bless you, love ♥️♥️♥️

    3. ❤❤❤🧕UYIGURS LOVE CHINA 🧕❤❤❤

    4. Thank you

    5. Ughur ? Are you joke? For terrorism .DOP comment

  154. donate? who wants your donation, china is a rich country, it has to good these countries can sell the supplies to china at high price, the chinese is seeking mask all over the world and they can pay 3x the price.

    1. 曱甴平 yeah. I know. China is so great they don’t need help. No need to help these cocky assholes.

  155. Stay strong my dear China. From Russia with love

  156. Happy to see that

  157. See!, we can have peace if we want to. People have heart, why don’t we keep it in thay way even without troubles. In Jesus name, God Bless!

  158. Japanese government send those medical supplies. Not Chinese in Japan. Normal people can’t even get a mask now.

    1. it is indeed a bit arrogant to say the least, but sadly typical too regarding the spinning of the situation at hand by PRC gov policy and information ministry apparatus, as normal expected propaganda. Of course PRC mainland would never need outside foreign assistance in any crisis , etc

  159. the essence of 中华民族。民族情怀。

  160. How did this virus start and where did it come from ? I have tried to research but not getting enough information. I would like to educate myself about it

    1. Steven@ It started from mecca, saudi.

    2. China’s coronavirus _ From Source/God channelling

  161. I love you all chinese all over the world l pray everyday to GOD that everything will be alright in wuhan

    1. @Kaliningrad Oblast thank you russian bro

    2. @Kaliningrad Oblast then why close border with china we Indian even don’t do it even after so many conflict between us

    3. @Kaliningrad Oblast china love russsia too .

    4. You are not alone. We Russians pray for China and the Chinese people as well. Stay strong 💪

  162. I pray everyday for my dear brothers and sisters in China. Love and affection from Pakistan

    1. thank you, brother

    2. Pakistan Zanzibad

  163. It’s clear that only HK Chinese are heartless about this China crisis. Some of their medical staff are planning strikes to refuse to treat the patients. My prayers are with you China.

    1. I don’t believe a single word that originates from China just as the world is learning they can’t trust Coronavirus testing machines made in China. (Btw, those machines weren’t charity from the CCP… European countries had to pay for the useless garbage.

    2. @Hotdoggie Ketchup Good job? It means they aren’t treating their own Hong Kongers when they go on strike. Well, they even burn their own Hong Konger alive. Not surprising that HK nurses will leave their own people to die.

    3. 香港人真的令人失望😌

    4. Hkers declare your own country.
      To be fact dont have any resources to survive and stay in world. Isn’t it HKers ?

    5. MaryMary don’t need their shit. Help or no help. Either way you get a slap on the face later.

  164. Wishing China and the Chinese people well from Bangladesh 👍

    1. Thanks 😊

  165. I read Boeing Corporation donated 250k masks.

    1. amen !

  166. Free uighur, everything will be fine

    1. @Silvio Nunez Yes, let them free and live peacefully…

    2. Ok Munafiq.

    3. @Md Islamuddin remember to free Kashmir, Assam, Nagaland, Manipur, Meghalaya, Tripura, Mizoram, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Chattisgarh, Odisa when the Wuhan virus reaches pandemic levels in India

    4. @California Union Make sense your sentence first…. idiot

    5. Lol . throw them corona virus .
      The end

  167. All my well wishes and prayers to the Chinese people. Stay strong China

    1. @Chase Well a lot of them were out of stock,unless you can search online but it might have scams

    2. Thanks pal, appreciate that you don’t get fooled by Western media fake information and CCP

    3. I am looking for masks to buy, but no N95 or 3m available, only in B&Q there are prevent pollute masks available. Is it suitable for medical professionals to use?

    4. China can conker the battle.jiayou

    5. Thank you 😊

  168. 🙏🙏🙏

  169. Thank you Japan, 加油武汉,加油中国

    1. @Fired Up Still the same,Japan let them take it with whatever they can


    3. @Fired Up thanks to the supplies coming from Japan I think is more accurate, sure ✌ it takes a world wide solution comprising warehouses and manufacturing plants around the globe to tackle such a massive urgent health response

    4. It’s actually Chinese people in Japan that collected the supplies and donated to China.

  170. 👍 👍 👍

  171. Overseas chinese ? , are you sure its not just not chinese people. Thats racist

    1. C- @ Racist? Are you sure you understood the meaning of racist?

      Chinese is a race. China is always the motherland of the Chinese as that is our ancestral land. All Chinese born outside of China are Overseas Chinese. Nationality is different from race.

  172. Whenever there’s a crisis in China, every overseas Chinese will sprang into action, it’s like a natural instinct. Love and support from a Thai Chinese to my ancestral motherland China

    1. @Hotdoggie Ketchup CCP problems,the virus more poisonous then Corona

    2. Phil Zappa only uneducated ppl would left a comment like this.

    3. @Amidat , it’s a part of my heritage too though I am not from China. We are from this world. The world is our family. I value all the good of the world and perhaps tolerate the bad.

    4. @Why worry Be happy I try…. It is part of my heritage… A person should know it.

    5. Alvin Theng You are brained washed and can’t see the other prospective. KMT is not my founding father. My family have been here way before them. Those asses escaped to Taiwan and killed a lot of local. My uncle was one of them that was tortured by them when they came here. Those law were made from KMT and forced on the people that were already living here.

      So… How am I a traitor? My family been here at Taiwan way before Dr Sun was even born. Traitor should be you. If Dr. Sun is founding father of China than you must be a commie traitor. In fact, the ROC on passport should be deleted.

      Stolen treasure. That’s your beef with your buddies who escaped to Taiwan. Raised and born in Taiwan for many generations. I feel absolutely no connection to mainland.

  173. It’s heart warming to see overseas Chinese comes together to help the motherland in needs !!!!!!

    1. China’s got a debt to pay, lied to the world to save face after buying the worlds supply of PPE. You communist parasites are the brainwashed ones. You love your party, but they’d leave you dead in a ditch for a moments peace of mind.

    2. @Unknown 4628193 They were told by their government (they still consider themselves Chinese and not of the country they live in) to buy up everything they could and ship it in. A ploy to leave host countries without while the country that holds the lion’s share of manufacturing of these items has the lot? I think we need to look further into this as China has for many years proven to be looking for world domination.
      Australians at least are wising up if maybe too little too late.

    3. Surja Tjandra yeah yeah Mr. prideful Chinese

    4. @hyu292 you and your family go back to stoneage.

    5. @Unknown 4628193 you are just jealous, potato head.

  174. Good and hope for the best on this epidemic

  175. I’m Singaporean..
    Singapore is my father,
    China is my mother.
    Will forever love you mother China. No matter what

    1. @Terence Ng 开玩笑,我明白你的意思,他不大会母语

    2. @Terence Ng 你再说话小心我他妈把肺炎病人送去你家

    3. @A guy with an Anime profile
      Do you have any rational arguments at all other than wumao? im seriously bored with your lack of creatively out of thin air

    4. @Alvin Theng Yeah yeah, Wumao and intelligence go hand in hand, forgive me for my unwumao brain, sire.

    5. @A guy with an Anime profile
      you obviously a troll. nothing to contribute except your shallow knowledge

  176. Anyone else wondering why we are only hearing about Wuhan and not about the other city’s and towns in China who are also dealing with the Virus??

    1. @Smile Of Yerin , best thoughts for all. I repeated so many times, some disbelief. Iodine can help. It’s in salt here for that type reason. I use it for a mouth rinse with couple drops in water when needed. Most responses are for the best. It certainly shows the amount of fear and due to fragile life.

    2. They even sent China’s cycling team to live in Hong Kong = you can see they predicted the spread will be worse then what we see and they are unable to control it

    3. Because CCP controls all info. Only bullshit propaganda I what we can see.

    4. @yu , hey stride it. It’s one huge scare. We all have 2 things, survival, life. Hhhmmm
      I’m suggesting iodine to all that listen. The break of symptoms it gives. Destroys virus that keep lungs,working right. Research for truth. I use a mouth rinse like that. Whats absorbed helps. It’s rumored more growth in US, my local also. Just rumored 2 students. I saw 2 mask wearers couple weeks ago, so it may be. Not so alone now. ….Iodine with shared info. They used long ago too, thinking 1918 Spanish flu. God blessed then, or some really caring soul.

    5. yu To keep the worlds eyes away from the rest of the infected country. Notice how China’s leaders are no where to be found??

  177. Praying 🙏 for Chinese people and those affected by this VIRUS

  178. Every Chinese no matter what nationality are all the same, we look alike, speak the same language, eat the same food, have the same surnames, have the same blood and DNA, have the same lineage.. Love and support from Singapore to my ancestral motherland China

    1. Saya orang cina dari miri. Saya bukan bodoh. Saya pergi sekolah tanjong manis in miri. Apa lagi…. Sekarang saya keraja at bandar sunway near public bank. So shut up

    2. @Wolvie X 👌🏽

    3. 是的。Canadian Chinese here, God Bless China! WHITE PEOPLE SHUT UP.

    4. @Wolvie X Correct. In fact Lee Kwan Yew’s biggest problem was that since the mainland turned to communism a lot of Singapore Chinese wanted to also – just out of solidarity. Many also didn’t want to learn English but keep their Chinese dialects. It is good that he didn’t allow communism. Because once Deng started the economic reforms – Singapore was one of the main teachers of China on how to make the changes it did.

    5. @Mann Baloch True. Plus the death rate is significantly lower than SARS – which shows the healthcare system in China has continued to improve.

  179. Waste of MONEY Only a Nuclear Weapon will Steriliz the Site

    1. @Linc @ The virus is visiting you, your family, community now as it start from the filthy mecca.

    2. @@Umbrella Corporation : 🙂👍

    3. @ZIG ZAG Ground ZERO : agreed 👍

    4. That’s is a very rude thing to say at a time like this. It’s show your lack of inttelegent and compassion.

    5. May God have mercy on your soul in this life and the next

  180. Prayers sent to the people of China

  181. Overseas chinese people really care about mainland chinese ♥️

    1. @Phil ZappaWhere u from?

    2. @UCISwagnSwole _ U live in Australia? Tell me bout it

    3. Phil Zappa Good. Soon Han will take over Thailand and drive you insane 😂😂 And you will have to work as a ladyboy to survive 😂

    4. Even If That “Phil Zappas” guy is not even Canadian. I just saw his profile and that guy is a troll from Thailand.

    5. @Singing Sparrow In my opinion, I think that Asia people can be friendly, but at the same time Asians can be reserved and seemed to be “rude” due to our culture which is not “open enough”. But when you learn our language, and there isn’t a barrier, you’ll realise that some countries in Asia are actually really friendly and hospitable, and there’s a variety of cultures and traditions.

  182. Praying for China.🙏🏽 God bless China.
    中国加油! 中国加油!

    1. Yes there is only One God the healer..

    2. @HODL crypto
      Oh right. Not sure if you mean Ahura Mazda or Mbombo or Prajapati but let me know if the praying works. I couldn’t get the god-app to install properly.

    3. The Creator of the Universe God. There is only one.

    4. Which god?

  183. How can we help??
    USA, OR.

    1. @HODL crypto I know this much about Chinese, the Premier of China Li Keqiang has officially asked for help in getting medical supplies from the EU. That’s according the Chinese State Media. Are you saying that Chinese government is lying?

    2. @swave158Have you even been to China? They execute corrupt officials there. Judging by the way you run your mouth, you have no idea. 辣子人

    3. Don’t need to. CCP claim they are so great they do not need help. You probably will get backstab later.

    4. @Erwin GoBig Please be careful when you have tragedies like this there are many unscrupulous people that will cheat you. The Chinese government has already busted shops reselling used surgical mask, that are contaminated.

    5. @swave158 傻逼。一个领导能带10000万个口罩???说话过过脑子!

  184. What if the coronavirus is like the H.I.V. virus? But is transmited by sneezing instead of blood. Will the people effected be euthanized?

    1. Ikr i was wondering that too. Its not. But it can theoretically happen.

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