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Here are some tips for packing & flying with medical devices!
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  1. You guys!!! Let me know your flying tips- medical or just normal flying tips! Let’s flood the comments with good ideas 🙂 ready, set, take off!

    1. The Frey Life something I’ve done for trips, is I “live out of the bag” for at least 24hrs. (depending on how frequent some meds are) so if I need something not in the bags, I’m at home & can grab it

    2. Fortunately, I don’t have lots of medical equipment for my chronic illness (I’ve got 2-5, depending on how you want to count them, but, at least at this point, I don’t have bulky equipment for any of them that I have to take with me every time I fly), so I don’t often have to pack an extra bag for that stuff (yet – once I get my SD, then I’ll be packing another bag every time, most likely). I also keep my emergency meds and, since my pillbox has removable boxes for each day, I take out the boxes that I’m for sure going to need, then an extra, and put them in an easy-to-access pocket in the carry-on bag that’ll go at my feet.

      If I’m flying only carry-on, then I take as little of the liquids (toothpaste, shampoo, etc., already in travel bottles) as possible, because I have a lot I have to fit into a single quart bag. I also only take as much clothes as I know for sure I’m going to need and will actually wear, then roll them (and sometimes put them in plastic bags and get as much air out as I can) and put them in my suitcase.

      If I’m checking a bag (I prefer carry-on only, but sometimes checking a bag is necessary), then I cram as much stuff into that suitcase as I possibly can (while keeping it under 50 lb. – I think the heaviest I’ve had is 40), *except* for what I’ll need 1) while I’m actually on the plane or in the airport, and 2) the bare necessities (toothbrush, toothpaste, comb/brush, change of clothes) in case my luggage doesn’t come or I get stuck somewhere overnight without it. I actually got stuck somewhere last summer overnight because of a canceled flight and didn’t have my suitcase, so I know how essential having those toiletries (some airlines will sometimes give you a courtesy bag with toiletries, but I have weird allergies so I have to use my own; still, don’t count on it) and a simple change of clothes is. I cram as much of my toiletries as possible into my suitcase so that my quart bag has only the essentials.

      I always have a bag with me that’ll go under the seat in front of me (usually my school backpack, but I’ve occasionally used something smaller) that holds the things I’ll need on the plane or in the airport (including a change of clothes).

      Plane seats make my back hurt (they don’t have back support where I need it), so I bring a cylindrical pillow to put behind my back which I jam into the crack between the seat and the seat back. That makes a world of a difference, and it leaves my jacket or sweatshirt available to be my blanket (because I mean, come on, it’s impossible to stay warm on a plane without one), since I have to have cold air blowing on me to keep from overheating and getting out of breath, but I also need to stay warm at the same time. This pillow fits into the mesh pocket on the front of my backpack, so it’s easy to carry.

      Occasionally, I have had to sleep on the plane (trans-Atlantic flights to Europe and back). I can’t fall asleep without a decent amount of weight on me, so those little blankets they provide just aren’t enough. So I bring my weighted blanket, which, because it’s technically a medical device, they can’t deny (I once had an airline staff member try to tell me I couldn’t bring it when I was waiting in line to check in, but I knew she was wrong), even if bringing it means I’m over the bag limit. I usually rig this up in a tote bag so that it sits on top of my suitcase when going through the airport – again, one less thing to carry. This the one and only piece of bulk medical equipment that I have at the moment, and I don’t always bring it when I fly.

      I sometimes get really bad altitude sickness on planes, so I bring along something ginger – either ginger chews or candied ginger (the chews are more effective for me) – and that helps head off the nausea and headache.

      As for generic tips:

      -Print your boarding pass(es) (if you can’t get them on your phone), check in, pay for luggage (if any), etc., the night before. It makes everything go so much more smoothly and quickly (and some airports – mainly smaller ones, I think – make you pay to print your boarding passes at the airport; my home airport is like this).

      -Empty your water bottle before you get to the airport, or bring an empty one that you can fill up after you go through security. This prevents you from having to throw it away, and also gives you a way to get water without having to pay for it.

      -Untie your shoes, take off any metal, jackets, etc., while still waiting in the security line – it makes it go so much faster for both you and everyone else behind you.

      -Already have your liquids in the quart bag, and have that bag tucked somewhere easily accessible (I keep mine in an outside mesh pocket of my backpack) so when you have to pull it out to put in the bin at security, it’s quick and easy.

      -Pack all electronics (except for a laptop), including all cords, chargers, etc., that you’re taking in your carry-on in a single bag that you can easily pull out and set in the bin – if it gets flagged for inspection, it takes far less time because they can tell right away what stuff made the buzzer go off (the electronics vs. your entire bag), rather than taking the time to rifle through the entire bag that they would have otherwise been packed in. One time, I had all my electronics, cords, etc. stuffed into a bag with a ton of other stuff, and they had to go through the entire bag instead of just one or the other; I had the time, but it was a huge pain.

      -If you’re checking a bag at the gate, make sure they put the correct kind of tag on it. I once checked a bag at the gate and they sent it to the baggage claim instead of returning it at the gate. Fortunately, I had a 4-hour layover, but I had to go down and wait for it at the baggage claim, bring it back up, wait over an hour in the check-in line, check in again, go through security again, then get back to my gate. I could have saved 3 hours just by making sure it would actually get “gate-checked”, not “checked”.

      -(I learned this one right before my first overnight flight 2 1/2 years ago.) If you’ve ordered a special meal (gluten-free, etc.), check with the galley attendant before the plane leaves the gate to make sure they’ve got it and that it has the correct seat number.

      -If you’re on a long flight, get up every couple hours or so to walk around so you don’t get so stiff. I’ve found that one of my legs gets swollen and numb if I don’t do this often enough.

    3. I hope you see this, I have cystic fibrosis and diabetes as well. I have service dog but never went on an airplane with him how does that work? Can my dog stay with me. If you could make a video on it it would be really helpful

    4. Great idea to have half as carry-on!

    5. Ahhh just listened to you saying it flies for free – maybe two small suitcases? If they will accept that for free, too. Mhhhh…

  2. Did you know if you just have 1 bag full of only medical supplies. Airlines cant chg baggage fees. And it can be gate checked. Not checked in bag.

  3. You saw it on 5 min crafts

  4. Mary, what are you allergic to that requires a epipen? Also do you have type 1 diabetes?

  5. Hi, I’m Brazilian, and I just love yours vlog… You guys are so awesome and has taught me so many things, including having joy in hard moments… There are 2 reason that is moving me to write this, actually. One, I’m so glad, to actually find and a channel, where the people talk in English so much… Smoothly… I’m learning English and I just appreciate this so much. And the second reason is, because I also learn LIBRAS that mean, translated to English freely, Brazilian language of signs (match with ASL and things like this) and when Peter said: be in an airplane you, for real, made de sign of “flying in an airplane” sign, for me, it’s so funny because the coincidence!! Just love you guys! Stay strong and all the prays for your family!!
    PS: Ollie boy is amazing.

  6. Great Great Tips for traveling especially with medical supplies👍👍🌹

  7. I take Zofran

  8. Great tips!

  9. I pack my meds in the comblers, but I put a printed out list of medication, dose, etc (and pill description) so the airport isn’t like “AHHHHHHH DRUG DEALER!”

  10. what happened to the monarch vest that you gotten? wouldnt that be easier to travel with than the big bulky vest machine?

  11. Thank you for covering the part about medical supplies flying for free!! I’m flying next month, so I’m so grateful you guys posted this. I’ve always cut down on the amount of clothing and stuff I bring to make sure I have enough room for all of my medical supplies! I never realized if I had my supplies in a separate bag I’d be able to have a normal amount of clothes with me.

  12. Are you flying with the non portable vest or the portable one?

  13. Yesssssss! Reusing medical shipment bags! We do that too!

  14. Did you call the airline ahead of time for your medical liquid supplies? I usually bring my meds in clear plastic bags in their original bottles because the security people like to take out the bottles and check each one.

  15. What about your enzymes?

  16. If its an intrnatonal flight have your doctor write a letter stating what each medication is for as i did this before my overseas trip in 2014 as this helps with coustoms

  17. I wish I was that organized

  18. How about suggestions for flying with a Service Dog. What you need to pack for the dog? Does the dog get a bag of his own? What paperwork is needed? TSA check? All the important stuff for a first flight! Maybe an idea for a video?

  19. How do doctors decide what size your button is going to be?

  20. We use those clear bags from port stuff or IVIG etc for everything! So useful.

  21. That’s such a good idea with the closet organizer thing!!!

  22. just from experience! don’t just think about putting your MUST weekly meds in carry on bag, incase your check in gets lost, because imagine if your carry on bag just happened to be stolen!

  23. So happy your feeling better

  24. I love your intro so much.

  25. hey Mary! l have been a fan for a long time and love your videos and attitude. l was wondering if you happen to be on orkambi or are going to go on to smydeko if you have df508. What mutation do you have? stay positive!!! love you!!

  26. Why do I feel like every American owns an EpiPen? Not that you shouldn’t have one, but here in France I’m the only person I know that needs those and people hardly ever know what they are. Are life threatening allergies more frequent in America?

  27. P.S did you put Oliver’s food in your medical bag? I have been told by someone that dog food, even for service dog, does not count as medical supplies and thus not put it in a medical bag that is flying free

    1. Hmmm, never thought about that! Curious to hear what the reply will be! Thanks –

  28. Timely! I am headed to a continuing education at the vet school in WI. I have actually traveled on tube feeds and TPN to Switzerland and that was nuts so I am an ole pro. BUT I like your zip lock bag idea and will try it this time!

    1. Ziplocks are the best, and often times the ones that come with medical products are thicker! Woo Hoo!! It’s the little things in life right! 🙂

  29. It makes me sooo happy to see you as a happy person (i think so…hopefully). I have CF too and I know how bad it can be, but you, i mean you both(peter is such a good husband btw) are handling that illness so strong an positive. You’re such an inspiration 🙂 thank you for showing us different Situations from your life. I would be happy to hear from you. Love Lia (sorry for bad english, I’m a german student…gave my best haha xD)

    1. GVGIRL Thank you sm! 🙂

    2. You did a great job Liaaa! Your English seems better than some Americans! 🙂 All the best to you in your studies!

  30. PRAYING for you

  31. Awesome tips guys !!

  32. Great tips! I call the airport, airline, hotel and let them know that I have medical supplies and any other information that will help them and me. I let them know if I’ll need help with connecting flights.

    1. Lorraine Baldridge, You are so right. If we just sit down and make those calls, it really takes VERY little time, and can have such a BIG positive impact on our travel experience. Even though many of us enjoy travel, it’s accumulation of little ‘hiccups’ can add a lot of stress. I know with many of us, as we progress with our diseases, lessening stress is of utmost importance. That even balance is something I always try to strive for. If I don’t, I would flare up for days, (like many other people). Who wants to be traveling with a flare up! Not me! A HUGE tip I try to strive for, is to lessen the stress as much as possible. If that means asking for help, using a wheel chair when I normally wouldn’t….I would say… GO FOR IT! Happy travels everyone!! Thanks for the comment Lorraine Baldridge! 🙂

  33. I package my meds the same as you and make sure to take as carry on in case luggage gets lost

  34. Here in the U.K. I have to leave my meds in either the packets they come in or a dosset box which is like your weekly box but it has the names and doses of the meds. If I am flying internationally I have to get a fit to fly from my doctor saying that I need to carry my needles for insulin pen and the spare pens. I also have to have a letter from my orthopaedic consultant saying I have a permanent cast in my foot that can’t be split open to fly, it looks odd as it completely covers my foot toes included.

    1. louise Bayliss, Do they allow you to bring your insulin pens on board, vs checking them in? I would assume they would, but you know what they say! Never assume!

  35. If you don’t have exactly the same routine every day in terms of treatment and medication, a good tip is to write down your routine for however long yet trip is. For example, if you’re going somewhere for 4 days, keep a journal of every medical item/treatment/medication that you use for the duration of 4 days. Then you can just pack off of that journal.

  36. Omg! That is genius with the shoe orginiser! I suppose the only problem would be where to hang it. Soon I am going to a hostel so I might just bring some hooks with it and hang it on the end of my bed! Great video guys looooooove it!

    1. I am going to be really curious how the organizer works for Mary. It has it’s definite appeal! Very creative. The one Mary is holding up, looks like the part at the top (in her hand), has a velcro closure and can be wrapped around a clothing rod. If you were at a hotel, that does not have this type of rod, you MIGHT be able to velcro it around the bottom of a hanger. If anyone has any tips for this, I would be interested in knowing them. This may sound really crazy and neurotic, but I have a thing about the cleanliness of hotels, and bed bugs. I NEVER put my clothes in the drawers in hotels….people throw their dirty clothes in there…and ugh! I have never seen a bed bug, but I still keep my stuff as contained as possible, zippered up and NOT on the bed. I admit, I may be overboard on this topic, I probably shouldn’t watched all of those documentary’s on the subject. 🙂 If I was staying at a friend/family members home….I love the idea.

  37. I love that you’ve made a list for yourself. Just a suggestion, take that list with you too, packed with the items, so if anything happens, other people can quickly find what you need. AND… take a list of your medications, and the phone numbers for your medical practitioners, and make sure you have some juice or something for lows too…

    1. P.S. If you take a picture on your cell phone of how it’s all packed, then you have an easily accessible record of how it all fits in the best.

  38. don’t fly United I don’t know if you heard about their service dog getting killed on it

  39. Mary, you and Peter both continue to be such a huge inspiration! The posture change at 0:22 made me admire and love you even more, which I truly did not think was possible. 👌🏻 Enjoy your vacation and have fun! 😊

  40. Travelling internationally is different with medications. You need to have all your medications in original packaging. Plus you need documentation from your doctor stating what your medications are. Different countries have different rules for some classes of medications. On one of my trips I sailed into Japan and all my medications stayed on the ship during our day excursion, so that was fine. My doctor however warned me that I needed time to notify Japan of one of my medications if I was to fly into Japan. Point being, travelling overseas, you need to talk with your doctor a good couple of months before your trip, in case a country you are visiting has different rules and regulations on medication type drugs. Besides needing to check on whether you require vaccinations.

    I’m always take my medical requirements as carry on. It is possible that your luggage could accidentally end up in another country. Also, it is easier if you are required to not just declare your medications but have them checked at customs, if they are all in one bag, along with the paperwork from your doctor. On one trip, I was extremely worried about taking one of my pain medications to China. Arriving in China by plane around midnight, customs really weren’t worried about incoming passengers. As our point of exit was via ship, I had to ensure what I took into China was allowed to exit with me. So I went to the empty items to declare stations and asked to talk with a customs officer. While that was happening, people started lining up behind us. I only had to show my doctor’s medical letters etc and I was immediately cleared. Someone travelling with us did the same thing. As one of his medications was in liquid vials and customs didn’t know about it, he got held up and they needed to know everything about that medication. So you can never be too careful. Do the right thing going overseas. Be really prepared with having your doctor list your medications etc.

  41. I’m a new subscriber. I don’t even know how I found your channel, but I’m hooked! I’ve been binge watching for the last few days & your story is amazing! Your videos literally put me into a better mood, & your joy is contagious 🙂 💚 Thanks for sharing!

  42. My family has learned to always pack daily medications in your carry-on so if your baggage gets lost you will still have necessary meds on hand

  43. I always travel with my medical supplies in a special carry on bag and I keep my meds in the original packaging because sometimes airlines will question what types of drugs you are carrying. I need to take heavy painkillers like endone so keeping it in the original package allows them to see it’s a prescribed medicine for me. I keep everything in baggies too. That’s a great tip.

    1. Cheryle Maybury, I follow the same. Whether I travel domestically or internationally, I keep my meds in the original containers. I know it’s extra time to fill my organizers once I get to my destination; however, it’s less time than if I was stopped and questioned by TSA. I would not want them to toss any unlabeled meds, even though I would have extra’s in my original bottles. Far too wasteful and expensive! I read an entry, that in the UK you can just label your organizer with the meds and dosage, but….I don’t personally chance it. I guess I’m just trying to avoid a problem, for what I feel like is a little effort on my part. It can be a pain having original containers, they often can be so big. I wonder if the pharmacist’s can provide us with a smaller container and label for travel?!? Anyone know?!?! Thanks –

  44. I love the shoe organizer/clothes idea!

  45. My best friend for packing is packing cubes.
    I put things into snaplock bags then into packing cubes.
    1 packing cube is full of feeding tube supplies.(Syringes,giving sets, tapes, skin prep, adhesive remover, for Mary (Tube pads))
    1 packing cube of diabetes supplies (Medications, spare glucometer, strips, lancets, low treatments) (Mary your dexcom supplies also)
    1 packing cube of meds (I keep mine in the boxes)
    1 packing cube of accessories for medical devices (such as chargers and instructional card incase of errors)
    Also for formula I use the gallon snap lock bags then wrap in a teatowel put it in a packing cube as a second line of defence.

    I carry my epipen in my handbag in an insulation case of ebay. And all other temperate sensitive medications I have a small insulated bag for that which also goes in the medication packing cube.
    Mary could also put nubuliser stuff in a packing cube.

    Then i also use the packing cubes for clothes. If it’s only a few days I will put an outfit in a snaplock bag and then into the cube for easy access.

  46. I always pack anything super important that you can’t be without in my carry-on bag…medications and other things I can’t be without,just in case they lose your luggage

  47. have fun good for u

  48. I pack my nebulizer, meds and accessories in my carry on. Would like to put it in checked with clothes but afraid it might break under pressure in cargo hold.  Love the clothes organizer, going to try that when I go see grandkids in TX.  Didn’t know medical items travel for free. I use the wheelchair transport which is a godsend. I cant even walk to mailbox without having an asthma attack. I have a referral for Boston to check for COPD. I have never ever smoked. I was told this all might be from second hand smoke.  I too learn a lot from the Frey Life, including chest therapy. I call it that cause it gets the mucus up. I don’t have a vest but I use a WAHL massager from Walgreens. I will also check into getting my epi-pens re-issued.  Thank you Frey Family for all the info. Have a great time on your trip!!!

  49. Those are great tips, I love the clothing idea!

  50. I used to travel every 3 months for 10 days straight to a small remote community, so I made an excel spread sheet that I could print off as a check list.

    1. Someone else mentioned that too! It must work well. Something I might need to learn how to do! Thanks…..

  51. Y’all are SO close to hitting 200k subscribers!!! 💜🎉🎊🎉🎊💜

  52. So excited to see where your travels will take you??!!?? 🙂 I have a couple travel tips…
    1. If you need to keep items cold and your ice packs (cause they are a form of gel) get taken at security, travel with on empty screw on cap style ice bag. Your nearest post security starbucks or smoothie stand will add ice to it for you. Make sure your items are in a bag with your name and details on it and ask the flight attendant to keep it on their ice for the flight, especially if it’s a long trip. Just dont’ forget it!! Set a phone alarm 20mins less than the length of the flight so you can ask the FAs for your items back before landing.
    2. Mary if you or your bag get “pulled over” at security you can always ask the security official to change their gloves. Especially if they have to route through your bags…. Their gloves are not changed as often as one would think.
    3. Travel with disinfectant baby wipes… wipe down your airplane seat, seat belt, tray table, arm rests etc. Also if you’re staying in a hotel room. Disinfect the TV remote, all counters, handles, door knobs, tables, chairs etc… Rule of thumb, if you touch it disinfect it.
    Cheers, I hope you both have a great trip!! From your favourite Canadian Flight Attendant

  53. That shoe organizer is genius!!!

  54. I saved the inculcated mailed packages and ice packs from when my dad was on IV meds and the baggy trick also has been one of my favorite things I did also when my dad was on a lot of meds. I hope y’all travel safe!

  55. How do you take your feeding tube formula through security? I’m guessing it’s more than the tsa fluid limits. Is it bc it’s attached to you already that it wouldn’t be a problem? Hope you have a great trip where ever you are going!

  56. Do you have a set of saddlebags for Oliver? That would be like a free, bonus carry-on.

  57. I would be so afraid they’d lose my medical bag. I think I would overnight it separately with Fedex or UPS. Seems safer to me.

  58. That hanging clothing organizer idea is just ingenious. Love it! Thanks so much for sharing these! Hope you two are doing well today. <3

  59. What a great idea, using the hanging thing to pack with. Hope you have a wonderful trip.😀

  60. So going to use the shoe hanging thing for when I go on my cruise in December OAO so awesome!

  61. Instead of folding your clothes, roll them. Less wrinkles

  62. Have you ever used packing cubes? They are a game-changer. If it is a short trip I pack them by outfits. For a long trip I use categories, i.e. shirts, pants, etc.. I also use a Flip Fold for laundry. Your clothes end up flat and unwrinkled. It’s great at home, but even greater on a trip. The cubes keep your clothes from shifting around and everything comes out ready to wear.

    1. Karen Vincent gjalosyhi

    2. Karen Vincent, How funny….I was just typing a similar comment, when I noticed your comment and the words ‘packing cubes’. I have done A LOT of traveling, domestic and international, and have tried just about everything, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF PACKING CUBES! Do they have a zipper that zips around them for closure? If so, I have not tried them, only for one reason. I had already discovered packing ‘envelopes’. I fold my clothes like you do, place then on the flat nylon/canvas envelope, and flip the 4 sides to the center. The closure is velcro. I like the velcro, because I can make it snug, regardless of how many items are in each envelope (I have 3 sizes). The key is, the clothes don’t shift around like you’ve said. No disrespect for those who like the rolling method. I must be a bad roller, because my clothes get terribly wrinkled when I roll. I just throw my 3 envelopes in my suitcase, and off I go. Super simple, organized, and as you said..’ready to wear’. It’s good to hear the cubes work in a similar way, in case my envelopes become obsolete! Thanks so much! HAPPY TRAVELS!! 🙂

  63. do you also have type 1 diabets

    1. Thank you for leting me nw

    2. Queen Bee she does not, but CF affects the pancreas.

  64. I always tell my husband I am the “baggie queen” lol I keep every single baggie our sons supplies come in. That is a good idea to keep the foil mailers. I wish I had thought of that! I usually go through his daily schedule in my head and pack in that order but x’s whatever amount we will be gone plus 3 extra days worth. I keep a spare pump charger in his bag with this nebulizer, pulse ox and suction machine so that way when I grab it I know I will have his pump charger (learned this one the hard way). I also pack a multi outlet as we know there are never enough outlets for all of the medical equipment in one spot. Have a great trip!

    1. Good to know! Thanks…..

    2. Most hotels will supply a powerboard if you aslc

    3. Tonya B., The multi outlet IS a good idea! Thanks!

  65. Silly question, but I am always scared to death that the company would lose my suitcase with my meds.. so I always take with me on board essentials and vitals meds, just in case…. also if you travel abroad, you need to keep all the meds packages for customs clearance

  66. I have to have double everything, living in two states! 🤦🏼‍♀️

  67. When I flew, I was told I had to have my meds in original prescription bottles due to the “War on Drugs” and the “Patriot Act.” I could not carry on any medication out of it’s bottle, not even if it was one dose. The first time I checked meds and awaited until I got to my destination. Some were stollen! Now I place them in a carry-on bag and refuse to let them out of my sight. I do still check medical equipment.

  68. Happy Monday! This was uploaded on my birthday. 😂😃
    Thanks for the awesome videos!

  69. Im a pharmacy technician and what I usuallly recommend to patients is to buy a small cooler bag or box with the ice packs as it keeps meds cooler for longer until you reach your destination. Most airlines will store it on board then , comes in handy for the car etc also. Happy holidays

  70. I love all the good tips thanks so much.

  71. I did an excel spreadsheet with formulas for all of the medical supplies we needed. So all I have to do is put on the number of days we will be gone and it calculated how much I need to being. When a new medicine is added I put it on the spreadsheet so it is ready for the next adventure. 🤗

    1. Kathy Bailey, That’s brilliant! If my own medication dosages ever stay consistent more often than I leave the house overnight (I’m in awe of Mary and Peter) I think this would make my life so much easier

  72. This is silly, but I wanted to share. I saw a mother and her son at Target yesterday. They BOTH had dexcoms on their arms. Because of the normalcy your vlogs have created for basically all things medical, I realized I didn’t stare and wonder. Just a mere glance and the thought “oh! Mary has a dexcom.” You expose us to things that help us respect others and their different abilities. You create a wave of understanding with your channel. You guys are amazing.

    1. Yes, that is so true!! I love this comment!! Everyone deserves to be respected enough not to be stared at like there’s something wrong with them. It’s definitely true that Mary’s life experiences have broadened my own!

    2. Eileen Sullivan You’re right.. A lady walked into Target with a mask on and I thought about Mary, but no big deal.

  73. do u have any videos that explain your condition cause im doing a report on CF plz respond ASAP

    1. Also if you go into playlists on her channel and click cystic fibrosis, she has tons of videos talking about her condition.

    2. Larissa Wentworth you can google and find tons of info.

  74. Bringing your emergency medications in your carry on is a good idea too just in case you need them while on the plane or if your luggage gets lost. Awesome video!

  75. I hope you take advantage of the free inter airport transportation available at all airports. You will be pushed in a wheelchair or electric car. I couldn’t travel without them!

  76. Mary are you taking your new portable vest?

  77. How about labeling the bag as Medical Supplies .

  78. Something I do for my daughter I keep a three ring binder on all her medical history and medicine. I keep a current list of everything I need to take with me in an emergency or if I have to tell my husband to bring things to us when we have to go to the hospital. Our three ring binder has saved us many times.

    1. Awesome.tip

    2. Heather Smith, As an RN, I can agree…this is SO helpful for the medical staff, as well as yourselves at the end of the day! I am now disabled with my own lists/meds/history/medical team’s office & fax numbers….so it is the only way to travel for me too! Thanks for suggesting it!! 🙂

  79. I get a list of all the meds i take from my dr. and carry that list in my purse.

  80. I hate packing for travel. And all I have is a ton of pill bottles and a glucose monitor. I can’t imagine lugging around all your equipment!!

    1. Canes and wheelchairs are a pain, too. My cane and my fiancee has a wheelchair. They suuuuuck. I love that shoe organizer. I’ll have to remember that for the next time I travel… Which hopefully won’t be any time soon. I’m such a home body. Lol!

  81. Have a wonderful trip guys! xxxx

  82. Thank you for this information. I did not know that medical supplies travel for free. I am getting ready for a trip in July and was worried about how to fit my Lymphodema machine in my suitcase. Now I will pack 2 cases.

    1. Terrific info!

  83. Hey Mary, just a quick thing we just learned: the pocket-sized epinephrine injections are available again. The Auvi-Q’s were recalled a few years ago but have since come back. We visited Mike’s asthma and allergy doctor and he informed us. We were actually able to get FOUR for absolutely free! The doctor just had to initiate something with the specialty pharmacy that the manufacturer uses. They called us and that was that. Super awesome since usually epipens are a bit expensive. Hope you guys have a great trip!

  84. “Keep the ice packs” SO MANY ICE PACKS

  85. These are all amazing tips I have had one problem going through TSA and x ray screening for carry on stuff like I had you carry on beading supplies and they actually took them all away from me because they did not believe that they were from my feeding tube even though I had all the paperwork and everything as per needed from my doctor saying that it was my food and all my feeding tube supplies but I’m in the middle of a lawsuit about that. But thank you for all of your amazing tips. I didn’t know that all medical supplies can be checked for free.. I have been paying for my extra bags the last few trips.

  86. wait do we know where you’re going yet?? I’m hoping its Scotland! 💕

  87. can you do a video on packing ollies stuff for an airplane trip?

  88. If you have any refrigerated meds put them in a small cooler, with cold packs like you said and the flight attendant can put them in the refrigerator on the plane. I always make sure I have what I might need for the day I fly and the next day (meds and toiletry items) in my carry on. Make sure you also take whatever emergency food items that you need as well. I think you can get a waiver ahead of time to bring it through TSA so you don’t have to buy it in the gate area which is so cost prohibitive. I do make lists of everything I need to bring for each person in my party. The “zip-lock” type of bags are one of the best ways to take almost anything with you. As you use the item inside you can use the med-large bags to re-pack your dirty clothes so your bag doesn’t start to smell or mildew on the way back home.

    1. The cooler idea is great.

    2. Jean Lynam My husband is an in flight crew member for a major airline. That being said, airplanes do not actually have refrigerators. They use ice, dry ice, or a “chiller”(which barely keeps food chilled) or a combo of all of these. I want to make sure people know this because it may not hold a temperature sensitive medication cold enough. So it’s something to be prepared for- just in case.

  89. Have you considered getting TSA precheck? I pack a of my nebs, pills, etc (I don’t have as much as you, but still I have stuff) and they don’t bat an eye. They haven’t opened my suitcase in two flights so far. Also, you don’t have to wait in line or take clothing off, so that saves energy. I love love love it.

  90. I haven’t gone on a plane since 2009. Packing is exhausting! And nerve wracking even for ppl without as many medical supplies yikes

  91. I love the shoe hanger idea. Something I thought of too is to go through your lost everyone you pack to leave,because I have left some of my chargers in motels.

    1. The piece she held up looks to be a sweater or handbag unit which is larger than a shoe organizer.

  92. Mary how come you dont use the monarch vest that was given to you an is more portable

  93. If you travel overseas in Australia, and you take medication for mental health, you’ll need an official letter from your psychiatrists to clarify dosage and types of meds 🙂 i work at a specialist office and many people leave this to the last minute so if possible, request this letter as early as you can!

  94. Have a safe flight …. enjoy & return home safe ! Hope you have a fun week planned for Ollie as well .
    Love Herma 🌹🌹🐆

  95. Here’s my tip never fly. I am so afraid of flying I have no tips for packing. I can’t wait to find out where you guys are going

  96. Where you guys heading to??

  97. Omg I didn’t know mary had an epi-pen if u don’t mind me asking what are u allergic to?? I’m only wandering because my brother has an epi-pen for shellfish 🦐 x

  98. Where are you going?

    1. Well said.

    2. bubbasboy, I totally agree. I also feel it comes off as a ‘one sided affair’. It’s certainly nice that other Vloggers will share input. Thanks guys!! Frustrating though, when a question is asked of Mary/Peter regarding a specific video or statement they made, and there is absolutely no response from them. We can choose who we follow and who we don’t though. It is refreshing to see a young couple deal with chronic illness with positivity. Peter is an amazing husband. (My husband chose to leave our marriage when I became disabled and I couldn’t be what he wanted me to be anymore). I still strive to gain additional info on chronic illness. When I didn’t get ANY response to my specific questions I asked of Mary/Peter ….I changed my viewing. If other people continually enjoy watching them, that is ABSOLUTELY terrific for them. I just got REALLY tired of watching them decorate, shop, pick up Walmart groceries and cook. I’ve never known people to shop so much! I don’t like to shop or cook for even myself, so naturally watching them do it is not my cup of tea. So, I just fast forward that part. A more substantial 2 times a week VLOG, and some time spent replying to their subscribers would be my vote, but that just isn’t their cup of tea, and that is fine. I really do appreciate the input received by other Vloggers, we all have to support each other! 🙂

    3. I don’t know why but neither of them will RARELY personally answer a question. I follow about a dozen vloggers and they encourage engaging with subscribers and it’s nice to have that very, very brief exchange with them. It’s really a shame because you’re left with the feeling that this is a one-sided affair. They prepare a vlog almost daily and share whatever (and consistently filled with infomercials on items for sale in their online store and all manner of scenes in upstairs office working on packing, shipping, decorating in said store ) – but don’t ask any questions. And I might add that a lot of questions are really relative to what goes on in the vlogs. The answers would be interesting to most of the subscribers. Well I guess in order to keep everyone in suspense and tune in tomorrow – there will be no answer to this question. Interestingly down below someone ask a question about Mary’s feeding equipment and she answered it!!! Perfect timing. My observation about ‘answering questions’ is still valid. I’ve often wondered if they have an appointed administrator to answer some questions because someone else answers about 95% of them A personal food for thought is if Mary and Peter did a twice weekly vlog it would be so much more interesting and funny and easy to look forward to. It seems that they are having trouble producing videos that are new, fresh and informative. We are really seeing much of the same material and it’s not presented any differently. It’s like eating chicken and rice for dinner every other night. I keep up to see how Mary’s health is going and also see Ollie.

  99. Vaccum seal bags are great for packing clothes. Hope you guy’s have a safe trip. Can’t wait to find out where you’re going xx

  100. Good tips!!!

  101. The packing tips we’re awesome, thanks guys!

    1. Cheers for the Video clip! Forgive me for chiming in, I would love your thoughts. Have you considered – Yanailey Sanvery Approach (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is an awesome exclusive guide for becoming more productive without the hard work. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my work buddy after a lifetime of fighting got amazing success with it.

  102. Baggies or packing cubes. IF you can find them

  103. I have to bring a lot of meds so I have a couple of good tricks, too.

  104. So close to 200k!!!

  105. I used Rise Gear on a recent trip and loved them. Worked great, especially for my son who would otherwise have destroyed the folded clothes in his suitcase .

  106. You don’t need travel tips, you’re doing great! Take care and Bon voyage!!! 💞❤️

  107. I was told by an airline that in order to get medical supplies and my SD on board I would have to call the airline and inform them before my flight. Have you ever had to do this? I was also wondering, in your experience are some airlines better at accommodations than others?

    1. Rachel Wood, “Yes” to the first question. Sorry, I don’t have any helpful input on your 2nd question.

  108. So when traveling does Ollie travel with you inside the plane or in a travel case somewhere else

    1. Melissa Birge Service Dogs travel with the handler.

  109. Omg I love that shoe organizer idea

  110. Also include chargers for things like feeding tube pumps

  111. One big tip, never fly with United Airlines, recently they killed a personal pet by forcing the dog into the overhead bins and they also sent someone’s pet dog to Japan, even though the family was only flying within the US, not international flying.

    1. Omg how terrible !!!

    2. Spottedtime I was devastated when I heard about the pet in the overhead compartment. I was also furious. That’s murder!!

  112. Will ollie be able to be with you on the plane?like beside you on the seat?

    1. well i mean ovi that he has to be nxt to her

    2. Samara Bolton thanks samara, that’s wonderful for mary and for ollie too xxx

    3. Service Dogs have full access rights as they are required to be present with their handler at most, if not all, times – meaning that Ollie will need to be with Mary on the plane. I should expect (from what I have seen from other handler’s and their SD’s) that Ollie will just lie on the floor but we’ll probably see in the next vlog! 🙂

  113. I have always made lists for all my travels, but this will be my 1st time making a list that includes all the meds I have to take and I was still trying to decide whether to check them in or carry them since they are so much lol Specially since I am flying international and I have to fly with all the meds in their original recipients. But since I am only going for 4 days I think I will take them on my carry on, specially since they will be rolling me on a wheelchair and taking my crutches to store in a compartment. This video couldn’t have come in a better time. Thanks guys!

    1. GVGIRL no problem, I am the same especially since this is the first time I am flying ever since I was diagnosed so never hurts to ask. And thank you so much 💙

    2. sayurimei, Sounds like a plan! Good to know about the airline. I always try to get input from folks, because there is something to be said about ‘word of mouth’! Thanks for the additional info, and ENJOY!! 🙂

    3. GVGIRL sure no problem I am traveling with Aeromexico they have amazing customer service over the phone, especially since my 1st part of my trip I’m flying alone so they made sure that they had a wheelchair ready in both flights waiting for me. And when I call then to tell them that if there was any way to be seated next to my friends on the travel back, they did it without a hassle and got me a seat right next to them.
      And the customer services employee told me that if I really needed to carry my meds and my syringe with me, all I needed to present was my medical recipe with the list of all the meds I am on; so my Dr who is a sweetheart wrote me one and even sign me a letter in case they had any problem with my crutches but I doubt it. It’s my 1st time using it, but my best friend has gone twice to Mexico and is the only airline she uses.
      So I am pretty confident that this will go smoothly

    4. sayurimei, Are you able to share with us, what airline you are flying with? If not, I understand.
      Good to know about the injectables. Have an absolutely wonderful trip!! 🙂

    5. GVGIRL OMG I’m traveling to Mexico as well (my 3rd time actually but 1st time been fully diagnosed) I can’t believe they did that to you. This time I’m actually going on the only airline that offered me to let me have my crutches with me on flight coz all other airlines were having me to check them in but they weren’t being responsible if something happened to them and I was like: plus how do I expect me to go to the bathroom? (i never use airplane bathrooms coz germs lol but they didn’t gave me a good response except the one airline I am flying with and they had excellent customer service for the moment). And yes I have the custom of having a change of clothes and underwear and toothbrush on my carry-on always, now I gotta add the meds. Although I did check and I do have to check in my meds that are in form of inyectables like my tramadol vial (since its glass) and the siringe and needle

  114. For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” .

  115. Hi everyone, here a thankfull message from a sad and depressed person covered in tears… This person had bad bad thoughs the entire afternoon, and she wants to thank y’all… The Frey life family for being the best youtube family existing, kind, nice and helpfull… And Mary Peter and Ollie for sharing their thoughts, I don’t know if you realise the impact you can have on peoples life, by showing the bad sides of life and illness, by showing how to deal with them, by showing how to sometimes fail dealing with them… You chear me (an I’m sure other people too) up, you, and my Frey Life sweatshirt <3

    1. Hang in there. JUST prayed for you!

    2. You’ve GOT this Amy! They Frey Life cheer me up too!

    3. Amy Gn Prayers

  116. Those are great tips Mary thank you, I pray you guys will have safe flights and I hope you have fun were ever you are going ! cant wait till tomorrow to find out were your going ! :O)

  117. Mary, you are very organized. Of course you have to be with the amount of supplies you use. A list is a good idea. Love the clothes organizer.

  118. I do lists too! I have feeding tube, ostomy, and TPN supplies plus daily and as needed medications, then joint braces as well. No joke for a week trip I had to bring 3 suitcases (one full of formula and TPN plus enough supplies for two days of TPN/feeds and medications; one full of all the other medical supplies; one full of clothes and personal things), a duffel bag for more clothes and electronics, and lastly a backpack for the things I need right then and there. I also save the bags and icepacks the homehealth company sends because they are so useful

  119. I do it as carry on bit he is only 3 dose not have much. I would be really scared it got lost or damaged been checked x

  120. You are so organised Mary bless you, you have given me plenty to think about
    Can’t wait to see where you’re all flying too😍🛩
    Make sure you rest in between all of your crazy packing, it can really take it out of you
    Good night guys🙏🏼❤️🐶xxx

  121. I put all of my sons meds in one bag as well as if free in the UK also x

  122. Love the closet hanger idea. I usually pack in plastic bags or zippered pouches to make finding things easier. A tip I got while working at a Boy Scout camp was to put outfits together in gallon ziploc bags. T-shirt, socks, underwear all folded together. When dirty ones come off, make sure they’re dry, put them in an empty bag, and back in the tote or backpack. I’ve used this when traveling and needing special outfits. Even putting slip and nylons together helps keep things neat and organized. Ziplocs are also great for service dog needs and equipment. I usually have two meals for mine portioned out in my carryon bag even if I am checking most of his food or planning to get it at the other end.
    Enjoy your trip! ✈️🐾💖🐾✈️

  123. Hi Mary and peter! I love your tips! Another idea if your clothes get too bulky in the shoe organizer is that you can put that whole thing in one of those air tight roll bags (not sure what they are called) but it’s like a vacuum bag minus the vacuum! And it compressed everything and gives you more room! 😊

  124. I don’t have nearly as much medical stuff as you do, but if I don’t make a list before packing, I can GUARANTEE you, something’s gonna be forgotten lol.

    1. I don’t have ANY medical supplies to pack, and I ALWAYS make a list.
      For a while, I was travelling fairly frequently and I kept the list in my suitcase so I could refer to it when preparing for each trip. It saved me from going nuts, wondering if I was going to forget something.

  125. Is it true that feeding tube pumps will break if they’re stuck through the airport x-ray machine?

    1. I don’t know about feeding tube pumps,but insulin pumps and VP(ventro-peritoneal) shunts will…anything that’s magnetic I guess

    2. =0

    3. I am always traveling with an extra feeding tube pump, so one goes trough the x-ray machine and I am hooked up to the other one. No problems at all with both pumps. So it should be perfectly fine. Anyway, have a safe trip! 🙂

    4. Kali Smith I have no clue- I’m attached to mine, so mine will just be going through the walk through X-ray thing- I’ll keep you updated on if it breaks or not :0

  126. I am leaving on Sat for a trip and have a feeding tube and port. Thanks for posting this.

  127. I see that you will be going on vacation have fun. Much love SPD

    1. @ bubbasboy no i just assumed that they are on vacation

    2. Did they actually say ‘vacation’ or just that they were going on an airplane trip? I didn’t go back and check.

  128. Hi how are you both hope you are well x

  129. Glocose gel?

    1. Kayla Barnes so many cool things for ppl with diabetes or blood sugar issues. I never heard of glucose gel either before this video

    2. Kayla Barnes you rub on your gums if your blood sugar goes to low it will bring you around faster than juice.

  130. 9 have a nice flight

  131. Hey guys I hope you have a lovely trip
    Sending you all lots of 💖 xxx

  132. Have fun!

  133. Have a great trip

  134. Good Morning how are you guys doing The Frey Life

  135. Have a great trip!

  136. I recently flew to Florida (yikes lol) one thing I always do is carry on my vest machine. I don’t trust checking it in and it getting damaged. I also get 3 weeks worth of pill cases so I don’t have to pack all the separate bottles of meds.

  137. second to comment – I think

  138. i was just thinking of you all! great timing! hope your trips goes super well!!

  139. first coment

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