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Pantry and Household Supplies Stock Back up Shopping and Haul We are OUT of EVERYTHING

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186 thoughts on “Pantry and Household Supplies Stock Back up Shopping and Haul We are OUT of EVERYTHING

  1. We are in NC, too. rains almost every day!!!💙😔

  2. So the critical comments about not wearing masks disappear …

    In my opinion, the critical comments were presented respectfully, considerately, and with kindness, offering constructive criticism. Are we not supposed to do exactly that? Correct each other in love?

    In NC wearing a mask is still mandatory, and if you don’t think you need it then at least do it for others, especially those with weakened immune systems.
    As someone who has parents with compromised immune systems, I feel strongly about this. They are among the vulnerable who really depend on the consideration of others ( Call it your Christian duty. Call it social responsibility. Call it basic human decency. Same difference.

    Having a platform comes with responsibility. People look up to you and emulate you.
    Respecting the safety of others — and your own — should outweigh entertainment.

  3. I don’t wish to be a wet blanket on such a happy family. It’s hard to implement new reflexive behaviors for me too. It ‘s advised to move your mask only by side straps, not by the front of mask. Spray hands before using keys to enter vehicles, (cross contamination). My car is sticky from all the spraying. And use antibacterial spray on groceries that can’t be quarantined for three days. Y’all really are a bright spot in the horrible “New normal”. Stay safe and inspirational. You guys are great!

  4. The pizza rolls are calling : GREG GREG where are you????? LOL

    1. He isn’t here lol 😅

  5. You are so lovely together. I am sad that there is not a man like that for me 😥🙊

    1. Seek..God…he will bring that…u want a man who loves the Lord first ! Then love can come 🙂

  6. it’s sweet to watch you and Greg together… he seems like a fun goof ball . Love watching your videos so much. Your an inspiration to us all Ms Amy….

  7. U can tell how much your hubby loves u…. it’s so sweeet

  8. Omgggggoooosssshhh u2 r so in love and super cute!!! ♥️

  9. Okay, y’all are adorable lol ! God bless

  10. Amy, when you can’t use internet at home maybe try visiting the Library use their Internet. Where I live its free.

    1. @amy maryon Ops ya covid.

    2. We can’t closed.

  11. aww the love eminates from you both love watching ur videos love from the uk p.s greg look amazing you can see he look so healthy and wow he has lost loads of weight evem his skin glows

  12. Wish we had a discount store here in Illinois. We also have a big family but not as big as yours. I do the grocery shopping. Everything is so expensive in krogers. We never go to hyvee, its way more expensive than ktogers.

  13. Next time I go to Sam’s I will have to try those cookies. They look so good.

  14. I love how much you guys appreciate each other. Always positive reinforcement. That’s the way it should be, teammates. I love watching it, you two make me smile ❤️

  15. Kind of defeats the object of wearing a mask if your nose is out 😂😂 but still a great video, I love seeing the good deals you get x

  16. And I love your hair! 💝 I’ve only seen the videos where it’s been put up bc you’re cooking. And it’s so pretty.
    I also enjoyed your video of you and your daughter visiting family bc it showed your personality of fun loving. I’ve watched mostly the food (gather your fragments) and you always seemed quiet.
    Love watching you and your family 💝💝

    1. Thank you and glad u enjoy!

  17. I love the haul. And I love how you and your husband are together just spending time. You guys are so cute together. 💝 I’m not New new to your channel now, but I haven’t seen older videos. I haven’t been on your channel that long tho and just was wondering about how long have you guys been together/married/ages/and how many kids & their ages.

    1. Congrats to you

    2. We are celebrating 12yrs on Tues (Aug 4th) and we have 4 kids

    3. Aww love it! 💝

    4. 25 years and 10 kids:)

  18. Why do I love grocery shopping vlogs? Lol so relaxing

  19. You and Greg are so sweet together!

  20. The funfetti was a great price

  21. Bob Evens is now on the Super App! 5.4% cash back! Almost 300 brand name stores!

  22. First of all you two are adorable. Secondly i think this is the first time i’ve ever seen your purse in the cart! i’ve always wondered how you carry it on your shoulder the whole time without dropping it.

    1. I usually do..I had the camera this time

  23. Lots of great food Amy!
    Greg is a very affectionate man and you can tell how he looks at you that he is madly in love with you.
    You are a blessed woman.
    Have a fantastic weekend.

    1. Thank you. Yes I am blessed ☺️

  24. I have a sam’s club membership and when I go I always use the mobile scan and pay app that will allow me to scan the items when I put them in the cart and then when I am done I can pay from my phone avoiding the lines. They send you a QR code for the associate to scan at the exit and it saves so much time.

  25. I love your videos! I watch everyday. Please remember to keep your mask over your nose. It doesn’t do any good if it’s just on your mouth.

  26. What a great date!🤣

  27. 34:57 whiffle bat photo bomb 😂

  28. You guys are just so cute together. Love you guys

  29. I agree Greg is all about You! True love and all about the kisses!

  30. Hi Amy!! You and Greg remind me of my hubby and I. We love shopping together. I ask you and everyone to please pray for us. We both have a few medical test in the next week’s. Thank you in advance.

    1. @amy maryon thank you so much. It’s truly appreciated.

    2. Praying ❤️

  31. I love the way you two love each other!!

  32. Your husband is a great helper. I am single mom but I have two teenager boys that are very helpful they help carry heavy stuff for me.

    1. Yes he was a great helper on our trip ☺️

  33. Sometimes masks get crazy but state building security I have no choice I wear 8 or 12 hours a day could be worse enjoy videos with Greg also thumbs up to the muscles lol I know you’re thankful for him cant wait to see what ideas u have for your meals

  34. Great stock back up haul. Some great prices. Have a great weekend.

  35. Hi Amy! Your and Greg’s laughter is so contagious! I found myself laughing with y’all, thank you for that! As always stay inspirational and be blessed 💜

  36. Dried plums are prunes so I guess they are just saying prunes for the laugh lol

  37. Loved your, “gather your fragments from the grocery store” video!! 💜

  38. Lol sweet Amy Jo, hahaha, coccyx said coc – six , not coc – kicks! Lol. You made my day, again! Laughing with you, not at you ♥️

  39. Plums are fresh but when they’re dried, they are called prunes. Just like grapes are fresh and they’re called raisins when dried

  40. I noticed Greg had hos Glasses on his head, , i wear glasses too, and how i get around the “No steam up -Mist glasses ” Is Before you put your mask on , place a Strip of tape ? Medical tape, or even duck tape lol over your nose ,place-wear your mask and fingers crossed No More Mist up of glasses, I would use “Duck tape ” it will kill 2 bird`s with 1 stone and make be rid of black head`s , on my nose , lol 🙂

  41. Remember the song Sugar Sugar by the Archies?

  42. I love Gold Fish crackers in tomato soup.

  43. Do u have a budget for groceries household and the shop items

    1. I budget about 150 per person..and that is eating ALL the meals at home..and for household supplies. That is an easy shopping time..can do less and people share to do 100 per person but it depends on the eater, cost of food in area, and factor if the person eats all the meals at home.

    2. I cant seem to find a budget that works I have tried several do u have a video on how u budget

    3. Yes we have to

  44. I’m confused what does Greg do with cardboard

    My mom has 18 acres out in the country and we were over there popping fireworks on 4th of July. So I started to go in the house and walked up on the deck and a opossum was on the deck eating food my mom sets out for the dog, i start screaming thinking it would try to attack me
    Lol nope he just kept eating and I had to get super close to him to get to the door. He couldn’t careless about me. Lol so mom tells me she puts the food out there for him and a raccoon that visit. The opossum would actually probably be dead if not for my mom putting food out for him because he is definitely deaf and we aren’t sure how much he can see as well. My mom loves animals even though she acts like she doesn’t. Lol

    1. Makes boxes for his shop business

  45. Really struggling right now please pray for me

    1. Praying.

  46. its crazy how much sams club looks just like costco! 😀 We don’t have sams here in Scotland, just costco.

  47. Nope no lysol very limited cleaners and no alcohol.. I use it for windows, mirrors etc.. mix with water in a spray bottle it’s the best..havent used windex in 20 yrs. .then when alcohol is no longer avail, crazy..🙄

  48. The arrow police..😂😂😂😂😂

  49. I love McGriddles. I used to go to McDonald’s every Wednesday with my friend from the mental health agency before volunteering. I miss McGriddles. My uncle takes me to Tim Hortons, they don’t have a McGriddle or anything close. But they do know our order now.

  50. What a great haul. You n Greg are a match made from heaven. Love to watch your love 💕 and you’re so funny together shopping too!
    I do the same thing when I finish shopping and going home, I have to try something I brought. It’s a special treat for going to all the stores for my haul, lol!
    Such a pleasure and so enjoyable watching you, your family, the pets ……best channel.
    Have a great weekend but I’ll see you Saturday morning.

  51. Bail of hay!! I love it!😂😂😂

  52. Just wondering if Greg hates to shop why does he go along? I know for years my family only grocery shopped as a family, the rest was because it was away to spend time with every one because my husband works nights so most days he sees the kids for 1 or 2 hours a day. So i thought maybe thats why you and Greg shop together so you can spend some one on one time?

    1. Yes…he never was able to be home before when he worked at his job…so this whole world of shopping is new to him:)

  53. OMG, central OH is bipolar weather wise. I thought I was going to have to defrost my freezer, thankfully I don’t have to. I did not have my freezer door closed all the way, and lost all my food. I had too much in my freezer anyways. I’m doing Instacart later on today.

  54. Ya my walmart u can only go in one door..

  55. Parboiled to me just means partially cooked? I dont know..

    1. @amy maryon ya that is what I thought.m amd u do like that rice? I will have to try it.🙂

    2. Cooked in water

  56. Good morning! Yes hamb is exp everywhere 6-8.00 a lb!😳😳😳 but, last mo I got it at Costco and they havent raised their prices it was (2.99 or 3.99 a lb cant remember but was still alot cheaper than everywhere else)

  57. I love the feeling of being fully stocked, but I do NOT enjoy the process of buying and hauling and unloading all the things. It’s a J-O-B.

  58. I love to watch you and Greg together. I’m learning so much from you guys about how God intended man & wife to be. Thank you 💕

  59. You 2 r hilarious are y’all r the best married couple on youtube in my opinion. I wish I was in a relationship like y’all, Y’all have such as beautiful marriage, wonderful children, pets, the white picket fence the whole 9 yards. I just love watching you all. May God bless u all and keep you all safe.

  60. Great shopping haul. I’ve read others commenting about it, but using the Sams Club scan and go on their app is great! You just scan each item before you place it in your cart and when you’re done shopping, you check out on your app and you’re finished. It really saves from loading and unloading the cart so many times. The other great thing is if you use your Sams Club credit card to pay, (and as long as a person is able to pay it off each month so debt isn’t created,) you earn cash back rewards to use in the store later. I let my cash back rewards build up and I use them at Christmas time to buy gifts, gift cards, extra goodies etc.

    1. @amy maryon Awesome!

    2. Yes we do have one for the rewards thank you

  61. Good thing you had Greg with you and you two seem to have fun together. When my husband and I go together it seems we can spend more. LOl But it so much easier for him to help me out. I was leaving you message and the whole screen changed and I lost it. Just wanted to say hi and so happy you are all safe and healthy. That was a great haul too!—————–Tressa Daigle

  62. Good Morning Amy and hubby, enjoy your day guys!!!!!!

  63. Oh man, last month we were living on pork and chicken too. Such crazy times. I was glad to see more beef this month.

  64. You and Greg are just so cute 😂😂

  65. You should put the shop logo on the black mask

    1. Yes he should. Excellent idea

  66. Please pray for me. Today is the day my daughter passed away in 1982. She was only 8 months olds.

  67. Amy, what’s that mountains in the distance?

    1. Nc

  68. You and Greg remind me of me and my husband I say I need this he gets it lol! I love how he adores you! God bless you guys!

  69. Wow awesome haul and I to love watching you and Greg together like watching a love filled hallmark movie lol

  70. This the real shopping, moom style.

  71. I shop at the Grocery Outlet here in Ky

  72. All prunes are a plum, but not all plums are prunes!

  73. I think it’s wonderful how much you two love each other!

  74. Men are like kids in a grocery store. I always budget for $30 extra when we go because my husband usually sees things that grab his eye and he gets it. I love him dearly but usually only bring him when I have alot of heavy lifting to do.. lol…. May God continue to bless you and the family. ❤

    1. Yes definitely budget breaking…:)

  75. Amy do you have an Instagram or Facebook something

    1. Yes I do now…linked below ..I’m pretty sure

  76. Sorry Greg ….Amys RIGHT!…..we lived in NC and Florida way back in the day and YES it rains everyday!😊

  77. I mean, y’all are just too cute! 🥰

  78. You are so right about rain!!!Rain Rain Rain!!

  79. Love watching a haul.

  80. You know those masks do absolutely nothing! You’re suppressing your immune system!

    1. Required in some stores

  81. Love your videos enjoy it when u taker one if your family members with you too go on your doing trips so they can be Ready next time if they have to go get groceries i am a mother of five but all my kids are grown and gone from my house just looking now to my grand babies which I have about 12 or 13 and my oldest grand son I think made me a great grand ma at 58 yrs old. I’ll have to make sure his mother ordered a dna test to make sure it’s his cause she heard my Elton wasn’t the only one she wad sleeping with at the tower of her getting p.g. omg drama! I’ll be glad when this is over with and I’m still just a gma not great gma yet! Lol keep them videos coming enjoy them early in the mornings, while I’m shrinking coffee and eating a donut or something! Have a great day any Amy & Greg!

  82. I haven’t been watching long I don’t think I have ever seen your husband in a video. I love how he looks at you and kisses and shows affection. Such a blessing.

    1. He has just been home lately:). Used to always work a day job 🙂 but now runs his shop

  83. You’re hair looks so pretty today 😊

    1. Thank you

  84. I’m so upset that you didn’t like the color of that blue car because that’s the color of my car 🚙 time out crying 😢 now You’ll are so funny 😂 ❤️

    1. I’m sorry….I’m partial to my pilot blue

  85. Hahahahah the hypothetical mind of 20 year old Greg 😂😅

  86. You two are so funny together, you should start your own double act!😁

  87. I love your relationship with each other! Definitely something I should look for in my future relationship!

  88. You two are too cute together!! Love it! Question for you – do you include the 3 month stock-up in your $1200 a month budget or is that on top of it? Thank you very, very much for your inspiration .. I get excited when I see your videos! 🙂 I’m learning from you!

    1. @amy maryon Good idea! I was wondering how to do that without ruining my budget. You’re awesome 👍

    2. I just take out a little from the previous months last month we hardly went so i was able to save some of the money

  89. Awhhhhh every man needs some pizza rolls in their life. My hubby loves them as a snack at night lol. You gotta go back and get him a box and surprise him.

  90. You guys are awesome together ! Enjoyed the video ! God Bless your family !

  91. So Captain Chunch kills the Virus LOL

  92. I live in the uk and you get issued an umbrella also known as a brolly when your born 🤣. They are plums prunes are dried plums

    1. Yes good weather enjoy. Not birth umbrella born with an umbrella in your hand

    2. @jolene 1980 Thanks. Just that I never heard of the birth/umbrella quip and I’m British , enjoying SUNSHINE today!!!🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞

    3. @Ruby Vlogs! Its s a joke the weather being so wet in the uk were given umberellas at birth sorry you didnt understand

    4. Susan Cameron I don’t understand either lol

    5. I’m in uk, sorry I don’t understand this comment. Who gets issued with a brolly?

  93. Hahaha 😄 11:58… Sounds like what my husband would’ve answered.

  94. I loved how lovey dovey you both were. It’s beautiful to see.

  95. I get huge containers of bouillon in the ” Mexican food ” section at Walmart…

  96. Hey Amy, have you used the Scan and go app before? I love it and then you don’t have to mess with your stuff when you put it down in your cart. It’s already scanned.

    Sams club app should have it in there…

    1. Sarah Girard that’s what I was thinking too…scan as you go is amazing

  97. So… McDonald’s may not be bringing back the bagel sandwiches!! That’s the ONLY thing I’ll eat for breakfast there! I just heard this the other day. So disappointed but another reason for me not to go to McDonald’s 😆

    1. Bacon,egg and cheese bagel….my favorite.Guess we can all make them at home now,sad

    2. Oh….sad that is the only thing i like

  98. Did you do the scan app and pay at sam’s club ? I see Kimmy on Shesinherapron say it great .

  99. Hi Amy I’m from Oklahoma been watching your channel for 4 years now ,it stormed here last night winds as high at 70 miles per hour here south of me winds clocked in at 90 miles per hour our power was out from 6 pm till 1030 last night

    1. Oh wow..praying

  100. New here, you guys look so happy together

  101. Hello from Judith. Remember to wash your masks, 60degree , after each outing. Prunes are dried plums. Loved today’s trip. Stay safe.💕

  102. That man loves you so much <3

  103. You guys are a hoot together. It was so sweet to see exactly HOW much he likes shopping.

    1. Whole new life…he should have been doing this years ago lol

  104. Wow I would be dead if I had to carry all those groceries up my steps and into my house. Thank Goodness Walmart delivers to me. I pay a fee but it is worth every penny to this old girl!. LOL Have fun putting that all away….which I am sure is done by now. Fun seeing all you buy and gives me ideas too. 💙🙏💙😊

  105. You should buy a case of the frozen Chocolate Chunk cookie dough from Sams, then you can make the cookies at home. They come frozen on parchment paper just toss on to a cookie sheet and bake

  106. 10,000 snacks 😂

  107. Hi Amy….. U and Greg is always good together….. Lovely couple…. I have to take my hubby for grocery shopping now… Enjoy ur vlogs and get inspired…… 💕💕👍👍

  108. I’m not sure if you know this or not, but Sam’s club has their own app. The app has a feature called “scan and go”. Basically, when you get to Sam’s, you get your phone, open the app, and start scanning your groceries or whatever you are getting and the app keeps a running total on everything. Not only that, but you can completely bypass the checkout lines and pay for your merchandise with your phone. You just put your debit or credit card number into the app and pay. I was standing in the freezer section and paid for all my groceries and walked right past the long checkout lines and out the front door. It saves so much time.

  109. I just love watching you & Greg together. The love just radiates from you both & it’s just a lovely example of a happy couple….thanks for keeping it real! ❤️

  110. Good morning. I am glad you have a pantry to hold all your great deals. I am trying to keep flour, sugar, oatmeal & eggs because those are things we couldn’t get at the end of March, even that is tough in an apt. It was great that you LET Greg buy what he wanted at the stores. 😹🤣. You have a great day & weekend. See ya tomorrow

    1. Yes…if only people new how he really eats at home lol

  111. I hate when you get use to were things are then you go back you have to look for it.

  112. I go to Big Lots buy my Tynol PM to take at night to sleep on orders of my Dr for my pain. You get 100 for $2& something.

  113. Monsieur le masque ce porte sur la bouche et sur le nez. Vous n avez pas assez de mort chez vous ?

    1. @vanessa boutin je ‘été ps sorti depuis mal mal de jour j ai du aller au course ici en France masque obligatoire et bien impressionnant le nombre de personne ou sans masque ou masque carrément sur le menton

    2. il est trop petit son masque en plus

  114. The way your husband looks at you is just amazing! God bless you guys and your wonderful family ❣️

    1. That’s okay . opposites attract :). U give in other ways you don’t have to be exact:).

    2. Yeah, he is super head over heels for her. I should be more grateful for myaffectionate husband. I m not real touchy feely.

    3. I was just going to comment the exact same thing ❤

  115. I pray for God to send me a man like Greg.. Though I am 49. I haven’t lost faith

    1. Pray first for a godly man who will compliment you!

  116. 👌😍🌹

  117. He looked so sad when he couldn’t get his Totino’s. Lol.
    Good haul!

  118. Good morning Amy. I have a few questions about homesshooling. Is it best to email you

    1. Yes

  119. Love these hauls and you two are a hoo and it was a great haul as always. I have a delivery tomorrow, Saturday,and one on Tuesday from different stores. Already shortages here and restrictions yet again and no substitutions on things this time. Ive been building on Yeast, Flour, Pasta, Rice and Marinates mostly shelf stable things.cant get beans except in tins so it has to be those. Im also vacuum sealing and storing in huge bins with lids. This Virus is very close to home right now and its scary, freezer/pantry wise I think I will be fine if need be for a couple of years but have always had good stock of things I was raised that way. Have been purchasing anti bacterial hand wash and wipes too. Amy hope you and yours are safe and will stay that way God Bless you and keep you all safe.

    1. What state are you in?

  120. Awesome video! I will always envy your low prices. Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs from Norway.

  121. You guys are so adorable together! 💗

  122. Great show tonite, was great to see you and Greg having so much fun in all the supermarkets,

  123. When did Graig lose his job? I don’t mean this in a nasty way he just seems to be at he’s shop or home a lot more

    1. I do too:). Thank you

    2. amy maryon I hope for the best, I could almost smell that restaurant you went to in Michigan

    3. Nothing in life is ever a guarantee..he has been laid off without a moment’s notice before and we survived…one thing I have learned over 25 years of living if you put God first and trust him for your finances and look to him..he will make it work. ❤️

    4. That’s scary

    5. He ended his day job after Christmas…has been focusing on his shop now ..

  124. Happy Friday Amy, have a blessed weekend 😊😘

  125. Good morning Amy and everyone! Stay safe and don’t forget to check on your friends living alone. ❤️

  126. Good morning hope you and your family have a great weekend

  127. I always call my umbrella my ‘anti rain’ device as if I remember to bring it doesn’t rain if I forget it I get drowned.

    1. The same thing happens to me! Never fails!

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