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Hey babies!!

Its gettin HAWT up in here!!!
In today’s video, I talk about few things that you can do to keep yourself fresh for the HOT summer months!


I hope I helped. If there are any other tips you’d like to share please do in the comment section below, so that others can benefit from it.


Products Mentioned

Himalaya Neem Face wash – Rs. 153 –

Lux Body wash – Rs. 70 –

Wella Fusion Shampoo – Rs 2050 –

Wella Elements shampoo – Rs. 975 –

Batiste Dry Shampoo – Cherry – Rs. 649 –

Batiste Dry Shampoo (Travel size) Rs. 299 –

Gilette razor – Rs. 176 –

Clean and dry cleansing foam – Rs. 249 –

Clean and dry wash – Rs. 150 –

Dove deo – (You will find them in supermarkets)

Nykaa Aqua mist – Rs. 595 –

Baby powder – Rs. 37 –

What I’m wearing

Top – It’s from Dubai
Eyes – Colourpop dream st. palette
Lips – Huda beauty – Flirt and Smashbox – Babe alert
Highlighter – Maybelline master chrome – Molten Gold / Colourpop luster dust Strobe globe
Earrings – Someone made them for me


Music by Ryan Little –
– What lenses do I wear?
Freshlook lenses in Grey.
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630 thoughts on “PERSONAL HYGIENE IN THE SUMMERS! | Malvika Sitlani

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  34. Malvika, the information on vaginal cleaning is definitely incorrect. Having the influence you have, it would be great if you edit out the vaginal cleaning parts from the video because it’s actually more harmful in the long run to use vaginal washes (especially internally) and vaginal wipes. I am a pharmacist and can vouch for that. All the best!

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  43. Deodorant contains aluminum that basically plugs the sweat glands completely stopping them from producing sweats and research has shown aluminum in deodorants to cause cancer

    1. Use aluminium free deodorant

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    1. Use potato pieces daily before bath on dark area.. Or use alovera

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    1. Try applying potato juice mixed with gram flour (besan) . Leave it for 10-15 mins n wash it off. Helped me a lot. Also exfoliate regularly with mild face scrub

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    1. Exfoliate the are before and after πŸ™‚
      Shave downwards and then sideways ,NOT UPWARDS

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  132. Hey Malvika,
    Thanks for the tip of dove anti perspirant – green tea and cucumber. Have used and tried many demos but this one is absolutely amazing with 0% alcohol, kind to skin and does the job so effectively. My daughters and I say a massive thanks to you .

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    Guys you all can checkout this amazing channel for makeup tutotial and honest reviews 😍 –

  134. You’re beautiful, sweetie! I think this is something they need to teach in schools or by mums. I know it’s a taboo in our culture to talk about it but at least private parts need to be clear from all the hair because it’s really about hygiene and nothing else. Much love from Chicago xoxo!

  135. so understanding and helpful video…fir me.. thank you..

  136. Okay hopefully your viewers read this but I have to say a couple things about this video.
    I’m a professional and there’s some pretty incorrect info in this video. If this is your normal routine, that’s fine however girls, if you don’t use or do all these things it’s totally fine.

    Firstly: no matter how much you sweat, it is never the hair on your body that makes you smell or unhygienic. It is just the glands and pores of that area and if you shave, you will still smell and sweat. A simple soap and water shower every day (sometimes two depending on the weather conditions of the place you live) is sufficient. Sweat smells depending on your diet so if you eat healthy your sweat will be almost odorless and please don’t forget that sweat is your body’s way of regulating it’s temperature, it needs to sweat to function regularly so just combat junk food and the sweat won’t bug you.

    Secondly: If you have a normal amount of sweat on your head, tame it with dry shampoo for an extra day but please do not wash your hair every day. This increases breakage and frizz and strips your hair and scalp of natural oils which actually increases the oiliness of your hair overtime and then you won’t be able to get away with every second day washes even in the winter so please refrain from that.

    Lastly: The most important thing in this video was the vagina tips. Girls, if you don’t have a severe health issue or hormonal imbalance DO NOT use extra products to clean or refresh down there. Clean it everyday with your regular soap and water. After going to the bathroom throughout the day a simple water wash or toilet paper wipe (with no extra product or cleaning substance) is ideal. We have a PH level there which gets compromised by using this extra products and although they aren’t harmful to you they are unnecessary and result in your body’s dependence on it over prolonged use. Most of us have very regular PH levels theres which is how our body works to fight infections and other diseases in that area and by using these products you’re actually taking that ability away making your vagina more sensitive and susceptible to contracting an infection. The wipes do not help with that and are only good if you are travelling very long distance (like cross country on a train or across the world on a plane) and you may not have access to a shower for that time. Otherwise you shouldn’t use wipes or other specific vagina cleansers on a daily basis, even the ones that claim to restore the PH levels. Our bodies are pretty amazing and can usually regulate these levels on their own. Simply trim the hair and clean in the shower and you won’t have issues. Yes waxing, shaving and stuff is all personal preference but even if you choose to be all natural and keep your bush, that won’t affect your hygiene as long as you are cleaning that area regularly (especially during menstruation or hot months). Obviously long hair can get annoying especially if you wear swim suits or in certain panties so please do what you’re comfortable with in terms of hair grooming but a shower a day keeps that area extremely healthy and regular. But also keep in mind the kinds of activities you are involved with (after a swim, intercourse, hot yoga, etc you can give yourself an extra wash but not with a specific cleanser…again just soap and water).

    Sweat is normal in all parts of the body and does not lead diseases, it is a regular function that needs to be performed so a shower at the end of your day to remove bacteria buildup will avoid you having to carry around 50 extra products in a purse, girls should be able to be just as free as guys when roaming around without having to carry around extra weight.

    Also, I’m a dermatologist and have a lot of girls come in with various skin irritations becasue of over cleansing or improper hair removal. I also work very closely with a gynaecologist and together we have researched the uses of specific cleansers for the vagina and for male parts and unless medically advised, they should not be used.

    1. I dont think soap should be used for vaginal wash.. but if you want you should wash with unscented soaps..but normally people use scented and coloured I advise not to..

    2. Preety Pandey haha I would love to but I wouldn’t be able to keep up with a channel or make it entertaining enough for you all to enjoy. Thank you for the support though, maybe one day πŸ™πŸ½

    3. The S kitchen congratulations. You will waste 16 minutes being misinformed but not 3 minutes getting an education. Good luck for your future

    4. Meghana Nambiar exactly! You just need something to cleanse that area and normal body soap is sufficient. Hope you’re feeling better now!

    5. peace out wow I’m sorry for the late response. I didn’t realize how popular my advice had become. I’m not a great personality to have a channel, just a doctor who felt the need to spread some information. Thank you for the support though πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½

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    I have been watching ur videos regularly and I have subscribed to ur channel also.
    I just have one query
    I have bad curly wavy hair. I straighten my front hair by relaxing or whatever the chemical name. back is no problem.
    I just want to ask if instead of chemical treatment, what if I do ironing my hair twice a week that too after applying heat resistant ..won’t it damage my hair??? I just want to know what everyone does? Or at least media people..

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    You are so amazing.. and I know for a fact that you are a natural.. 😘😘
    love the way you talk.. haha you always crack me upπŸ˜šπŸ˜„ Lots of love and hugsπŸ’‹πŸ’‹

  182. dude you make it look like it’s a sin to have hair on the body. It is totally optional to shave or not, depending on personal choices. A girl can totally embrace body hair and should not be humiliated for not shaving every damn part of her body. Taking a good shower or two, scrubbing, moisturizing and using a deodorant everyday should be enough. You should watch your tone before making another video…its hella rude!

    1. @minal meshram yaa exactly. It doesn’t matter what outfit u r wearing if u don’t smell good then it’s of no use.

    2. @minal meshram ma’am, I shall repeat myself again. Sweat had nothing to do with hair. Men have hair in their armpits, much more than women, their sweat doesn’t normally stink. If your sweat stinks, it has to do with your hygiene and the bacterial growth in that area and/or your diet, NOT YOUR HAIR.

    3. @Namrata it’s simple science if u have hair bacteria gets more space to grab it on. Hence ur hair is wet in ir underarms n bacteria grows on them too. Thos o jave personally experience. Ur experience can be different my experience is different bit we should not ignore the fact about basic human body facts. U say bacteria grows on that area n if that area is bushy bacteria grows more n it’s more stinky than no hair.

    4. It is definitely going to stink if we have bushes of hair all over the body. And moreover as she says a layer of hair all over the body makes it more sweaty and hot.

    5. @minal meshram sweat is odourless. If someone’s sweat smells then it’s because of either bacteria growing in that area or it’s due to something in their diet. Hair is there on our body for a reason. Sweat is produced for a reason. You can shave/wax if you want to GROOM yourself but never be under the misconception that hairless = hygienic because it never is.


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