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Orefici Unisex ORM2C4809D Gladiatore Diamonds Strong Bold Powerful Italian Watch

Amazon.com Price: $1,705.79 (as of 19/10/2019 05:20 PST- Details)

High quality miyota quartz movement
Ion-Plated Rose gold case 48 mm
K1 mineral crystal


Orefici Logo

The story of OREFICI dates back to 1933, when Umberto Cipolla’s grandfather; Luigi Farioli became an ore¬ce, this means that goldsmith in Italian. Umberto’s grandfather had a jewelry store in which he designed handcrafted beautiful pieces of jewelry. He was more than a jewelry maker; he was an artist. His shop was located in the center of Milan in the district where high value collectibles were made and traded at the time. This district still exists today and there is even a Via Ore¬ci running down the middle. Umberto now takes his son Nicholas to the collectables district whenever they are in Milan as they move into the future along with the brand, OREFICI Watches.

In 1933 the entire jewelry was handcrafted with meticulous care and supreme attention to the smallest detail. There were many aspects to creating such ¬ne jewelry back than that OREFICI still use today to carry on the history, style and tradition from 1933 in today’s timepieces.

Italy has at all times been well known for innovation, fashion, and design with Milan being the heart of Italy’s creativity. The visions and combined ideas of the OREFICI design team are greatly in uenced by Milan’s history, trends and lifestyle. This very niche sets OREFICI with the exception of other watchmakers and a leader within its own unique category of excellence.

OREFICI designs high-end one of a kind timepiece for women and men, ranging from big, bold and powerful to small, sleek and stylized. Each timepiece is meticulously crafted and produced with cutting-edge materials and processes.

As OREFICI has been passed down from one generation to the next in my family, OREFICI wishes the same for you and your family.

The GLADIATORE collection is a powerful line inspired by the gladiators who fought in ancient Rome in the Colosseum. Every detail in the GLADIATORE collection reflects force and strength. GLADIATORE fuses old with new. Today, the Colosseum in Rome is in ruins with only a portion of the high walls still standing. The GLADIATORE face is an artistic representation of the ruins of the Colosseum with a decorative piece commemorating that portion of the high wall, which still stands tall to this day. This artistic band starts and ends with two specially designed braces at 2pm to 7pm; believe the gladiators from ancient Rome in mortal combat all over those crucial hours of the day. The honeycomb face may be likened to a suit of armor protecting the many intricate components housed inside. With prominent indexes, 3 sub dials, specially designed screws with a + motif, and pushers integrated within the case, the GLADIATORE collection is the epitome of strength and endurance.

Top quality miyota quartz movement
Ion-Plated Rose gold case 48 mm
K1 mineral crystal
160 white 2 diamonds on bezel
Water resistant to 330 feet (100 M): suitable for snorkeling, as well as swimming, but not diving

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