Engagement Ring Buying Tips – Learn the 4 C’s of Diamonds to save Thousands

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This Diamond Experts two favorite places to find the best diamond deals.
James Allen:
Blue Nile:
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All of the 4 C’s of Diamonds play a role in a diamonds beauty   Above all we suggest Cut quality as the most important.  Followed by Carat,  Color  and Clarity.    Cut determines the Life & Sparkle of the diamond buying, the rest complement each other and give the overall effect.  To get a great value you need to play with the variables.  Starting off with I color and SI1 Clarity. Vendors such as James Allen  and Blue Nile  have great tools to filter out specific fields to pin point what we are looking for.   Options like this beautiful budget stone .90 J color SI2 or this dazzling si1 H color 1.50 .  Allow me to guide you to a smooth, risk free diamond purchase. 
Engagement Ring Buying Tips – Learn the 4 C’s of Diamonds to save money – Diamond Expert Explains
Buying An Engagement Ring doesn’t have to be difficult. Feel free to dig deeper and Please don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for advice.  Buying online will net you a 20-45% savings. from traditional retail stores.  4 C’s of diamonds| Save Money Buying Your Engagement Ring by Learning. 

4 C’s of Diamonds- DIAMOND CUT Diamond expert
The Diamond cut is the quality the breathes life into the stone. The allure and beauty comes from the diamonds fire, sparkle and brilliance. By far the most important C in the 4 C’s of Diamonds.  A well Cut Diamond not only helps the fire and brilliance of the diamond but also all other factors. A beautifully flashy diamond will appear larger, make inclusions(imperfections) hard to see and also hide a lower color better.  A well cut diamond will also make sure the dimensions are ideal in proportion.  This means a one carat will look like a one carat.  If the cut is poor, this can be because shape is off, bottom heavy, causing the diamond to appear smaller from top view.  These are the major components that attribute to the Cut grade.

Diamond Carat is considered 2nd in importance in the 4 C’s of Diamonds.  Costumers usually default to this because size is easily visible to the human eye.  While color and clarity is hard to see. Its the obvious aspect that adds expense as there really isn’t a way around it.  Size cost money. A 0.95 carat  vs a 1 carat diamond has a large price jump. Each fraction can make a large difference in cost. 
Here is a 4 C’s of Diamonds buying tip: Diamond buying 101
What I love about different styled engagement rings is you can dress it up and give it a larger appearance.  If you have a certain budget, it may have more impact to buy a .80 with a beautiful halo diamond engagement ring than a one carat on a solitaire band.


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