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Gold. New Prospecting Series announcement: Finding Gold II: Finding Gold. How to find gold video series! Gold dredging video. You’ve found it – the Finding Gold Series for precious metals and gemstone prospectors – congratulations and welcome aboard! Finding gold locations: Bering Sea Gold methods and how to find gold and where to find gold. Prospecting stickers: for stickers The recovery of 6 lbs of gold documented in an Oregon River. Gold Prospecting! How to find gold in rivers and streams. Diamonds: click “More From This User” to get that “how to” film. This film is about finding gold. Gold diving. Use of the hookah rig to find gold. Gold flakes, nuggets, and platinum nuggets are shown. Gold and platinum are 15-19 times heavier than other streambed materials and concentrate in low pressure areas and cracks that run across rivers and streams. You look for a crack on the bank, and follow it out until you meet the “gold line” and there you suck it out with your dredge. Gold will be on the outside edge of a river gravel bar, at the head of the bar (large gold but usually beneath big boulders), and at the tail end of a bar (vast concentrations due to river bars forming in the shape of an airfoil and sucking fine gold to the tail end) but be small to microscopic at the tail end. Gold will travel down a river or stream in a line, usually off center of the high pressure water. Gold will settle behind a boulder. A good place to fish, can also be an excellent place to find gold. “Black sand” is iron ore that can be readilly identified in gravel bars and is a ready indicator that gold is probably present. The most effective and economical way for the average person to find paying concentrations of gold in a river or stream is with a simple ($80) sluice that you shovel into and the riffles retain gold, platinum, gems and anything heavy for you. Gold can be found up high on the old river channels and recovered with metal detectors, a gold wheel, a highbanker, or simply by identifying the material, shoveling it in your truck and working it out later in a wheel, or your simple stream sluice. The states which have gold in vast quantities are: Maine, Vermont, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, California, Idaho, Washington, Montana, and Oregon. The rest have gold as well, some in very good concentrations. All have gems of some kind that a sluice will seperate and hold. Good luck finding the gold of your dreams! Find gold by viewing the other films in this series for all the methods (from simple hand tools to metal detectors) plus even more valuable gems. Bering Sea Gold Methods Gold Placer Gold Stream Gold Hill Gold Mining Gold Mine Gold prospect gold mineral gold metal gold price gold stock golden gold finding & how to find gold! How to find gold in rivers and streams! How to find gold and where to find gold. How & where to find gold how to find gold how and where to find gold how to find gold how and where to find gold how to find gold how and where to find gold and trace gold lines. Prospecting series. Gold. Gold placer. Gold dredging. Gold dredging underwater. Gold prospecting. Gold mining. Gold detection. Gold detecting. Gold metal detecting. Gold dredging video. Gold miner. Gold how to. Gold where to. Gold Finding. Gold bullion. Gold coin. Gold metal detecting video. Gold underwater video. Gold. Finding Gold Prospecting Series! How To Find Gold Where To Find Gold Prospecting Series.


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  1. Fish love dredges, I wish the environmentalists could understand that, and the fish are not harmed in any way.

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