Club Factory Jewelry haul India|Honest Review|Most affordable Under 100 Shopping

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Hey guys I am back with another video In this video I am going share Club Factory Jewellery haul India|Honest Review|Most affordable
Under 100 Shopping.I Recently shopped at lot of jewelleries from the Affordable Club Factory App so Here is the Haul & Review of the
Products :))
For you all …Club Factory Affordable Cheap haul|Review haul jewellery bags WORTH OR NOT?Online shopping india . Good or bad?

Hi beautiful people today i’m sharing a CLUB FACTORY HAUL
In this video i’ll answer your questions such as – how much Club factory takes time to deliver their products to india?How many days clubfactory takes to deliver it’s products. Is club factory Fake or real ?
Why club factory is increasing it’s price?
You will get all the answers of these questions related tpo club factory.
“A woman makes an outfit her own with accessories”, once said a famous designer. Don`t you all agree?
About a few months ago, we heard from one of our friends about
“Club Factory” and how she ordered variety of earrings at very reasonable prices. While we always had the app on the phone (Coz
asian fashion brands are so in now), we never paid much attention to the collection.
When we recently browsed through their earring collection, we went crazy! Such lovely designs and variety. There is something for
every person and every outfit on this app. We could not help but order for around 3K INR, in one shot.
To be honest we were a little skeptical indeed about the delivery time and accessory quality while ordering. Yet again, the love
for their unique designs took over all these apprehensions. Here we are sharing our review and pictures of some of the accessories
we ordered (along with ideas on how you can style each) so other girls like us across India can get some insight into what ClubFactory
is all about :)We totally recommend you to order the jewellery without any apprehensions. All accessories look exactly like in the
pics and in fact some look even more amazing when we received them. The quality of earrings and necklace was amazing for the price.
Like seriously earrings in the pics below for Rs 129 & Rs 100. Like, really? :O Those Tassel earrings for 100 bucks! How cool is
that deal!The clothes on club factory are totally asian fashion (sometimes very vintage) which make them all the more unique. You
would not find a lot of that stuff in regular stores in India. However, since south-east asians are really thin and petite, you
need to be really careful about the sizes you are ordering. Indian body sizes obviously are very different. Do not just go by the
regular Indian S,M or L. We suggest you open the size chart and see the exact measurements for each and every dress/top you pick.
Each one is a very different fit and size.
So here`s an example. You `ll totally understand what I`m talking about. Clearly I am not as thin as the model in the pic. Also,
some times the pics on the app might have some filters applied. So be prepared for a little bit of a fit & Color change when you
actually try it on. Always better to order a size larger than you actually need. I totally love the comfort in this dress and the
layers at the bottom. Paired it with a floral old navy scarf to add some color to the monochrome. The stuff we ordered reached us
in 3 weeks time. For some of our friends it has taken less than that as well. While 3 weeks is little long a time for an online
order to arrive, the lovely designs & reasonable prices make the wait completely worth it.
Packaging of accessories again was very cool. They have layers of covers with bubble wraps as you can see in the pics below and
even the ‘delicate’ est of accessories came undamaged.
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