PandaHall Jewelry Making Tutorial Video–DIY Multistrand Glass Bead Floating Illusion Jewelry Set

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How to Make the Necklace:
Materials list:
–An assortment of glass beads, ranging in sizes, shapes, and shades (I am using 9mm round beads in two shades of pink, 5mm round beads in two shades of pink, beads that are shaped like hearts and flowers, and glass beads with a pearl-like luster.)
–2mm crimp beads (Note: you will need a lot of these! They will be used as spacers for the necklace.):
–3mm crimp beads
–A clasp:
–.014″ diameter beading wire (Any thin beading wire will work as long as it goes through your largest crimp bead ten times. This wire was my thinnest wire and it worked out fine with a 3mm crimp bead.)
–Crimping pliers
–Wire cutters
–A ruler
1. Preparing the wire. Cut five length of 24″ long wire. Slide a 3mm crimp bead, a small bead (a 6mm or smaller bead will work), a 3mm crimp bead, a small bead, a 3mm crimp bead, and one half of the clasp on to the five strands of wire. Then take the ends of the wire and thread them back through the last strung 3mm crimp bead. Secure the crimp bead with crimping pliers and trim the ends close to the crimp bead. Slide down the beads and crimps and secure both of the crimps close to the beads.
2. Adding beads. *Taking one of the strands of wire, slide a bead and a 2mm crimp on to the wire. Secure the crimp about 1″ away from the last crimp. Repeat from * until you reach to about 17″ away from the last 3mm crimp. Hint: I started out with the smaller size beads first and gradually went into larger sized beads and then back to the smaller sizes. This creates a gradual effect which is really quite beautiful. Repeat from * with the remaining four strands. Note: The crimps will not match up perfectly, but that’s ok! It’s all about the randomness!
3. Finishing off. String a bead on to each of the strands of wire. Just like the first sequence: String on a 3mm crimp, a small bead, a 3mm crimp, a small bead, a 3mm crimp, and the other half of the clasp. Secure the 3mm crimp 18″ away from the last 3mm crimp on the other side. Take the wire ends and thread them back through the closest crimp bead. Secure the crimp and cut the excess wire close to the crimp. Secure the last crimp beads close to the beads and you will be done!

How to Make the Bracelet:
1. Preparing the wire. Count out how many strands you want, add a little extra wire and cut using the heavy duty wire cutters. Use your round-nose pliers to form a loop at one of the ends of the wire.
2. Adding beads. String on as many or as few beads as you would like. Just make sure there is a good amount of wire exposed to give it that “floating illusion” look. Also, string the beads in a random order to keep it fun.
3. Finishing off. Form a loop at the end with your round-nose pliers and your bracelet is finished!

How to Make the Earrings:
1. Preparing the wire. Measure and cut three 5″ lengths of wire. String a 3mm crimp and an ear wire on to the three strands of wire. Thread the wire ends back through the crimp bead. Secure the crimp with crimping pliers. Cut the excess wire close to the crimp. String on a bead and a 3mm crimp. Secure the crimp with the crimping pliers.
2. Adding beads. *String a 2mm crimp on one of the wires. Secure it a 1/2″ to 1″ away from the last crimp. Then string on a bead and another 2mm crimp. Bring the bead snug against the secured crimp and then secure the bottom crimp close to the bead. String on another 2mm crimp and secure it 1/2″ to 1″ from the last crimp bead on the strand. String on a bead of your choice and another 2mm crimp. Secure the crimp close to the bead. Repeat from * with the other two strands of wire. Hint: You want to randomly space the beads in order to give the strands an airy feel. That’s why you should try and space your beads from 1/2″ to 1″ apart.
3. Finishing off. After you have secured 2 beads per strand, trim the excess wire to the bottom crimp on each strand. Then give the crimps another squeeze to make sure they are really secure. Repeat all steps for the second earring!

Music credits: Deborah Gan, “Set Fire to the Rain,” “Grenade,” and “Born this Way.”

Follow along and have fun!
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