World’s most exclusive gems on sale in Dubai

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(23 Nov 2012) UAE JEWELLERY

Dubai – 21 November 2012
1. Diamond necklaces sold at Dhamani. The left necklace and earrings are worth 368,000 US dollars and right hand side 155,000
2. Close up of diamond necklace, part of a set worth 155,000 US dollars
3. Tanzanian tanzanite necklace (blue one), worth 500,000 US dollars
4. Wide of international buyers and shoppers at the show
5. Rings and earrings at Dhamani
6. Close up of jade earrings worth 800,000 US dollars
7. Western woman in short dress walking past Muslim women at show
8. Close up of Colombian 214 carat emerald necklace worth one million US dollars
9. Emerald in box
10. Director of Dhamani Rohit Dhamani picking up emerald and polishing it
11. Close up of face of Dhamani Rohit Dhamani
12. SOUNDBITE: (English) Dhamani Rohit Dhamani, Jeweller:
“We already have a couple of customers who have been looking at it. And now after the show we will be sitting down with them and deciding the prices.”
13. Tilt down from sign to stalls
14. Middle Eastern women walking past Ahmad Kurdi shop
15. Close up of diamond necklace and earrings worth 200,000 US dollars – pull out to wide of Ahmad Kurdi shop
16. Diamond necklace worth 100,000 US dollars
17. Sales woman standing by two diamond rings – the pink one is 10 carat and worth one million US dollars; the yellow diamond is 50 carat and worth 4.8 million US dollars
18. Close up of the diamonds
19. Set up of Ahmad Kurdi sales manager Nour Ghazzaoui
20. Shop sign
21. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Ahmad Kurdi sales manager for Nour Ghazzaoui:
‘The most important market is the Russian and Chinese because they are buying in very big quantities, very big sizes and they are buying for investment.’
22. Russian woman trying on diamond bracelet from Brazil, for sale for around 18-thousand US dollars
23. Pan across VIP lounge to signs
24. Various VIPs, buyers and top customers, eating
25. Russian buyers
26. Set up of Russian buyer Olga Orlova, buyer for a chain of Russian and Ukrainian jewellery shops
25. Tilt down from sign to “Elegant Avenue”
26. SOUNDBITE (Russian) Olga Orlova, buyer for a chain of Russian and Ukrainian jewellery shops:
“The Russians like jewellery which is really elegant. Some of these big stones that the Arabs like isn’t for the Russians or Ukrainians because we prefer chic jewellery.”
27. Women in western clothes passing Muslim women walking past shops
28. Man and woman looking at jewellery
29. Set up of Yvonne Zeljkovic, show director
30. SOUNDBITE (English) Yvonne Zeljkovic, show director:
“Our main markets are Russia, Saudi, Azerbaijan , Turkey. They come and source as well as buy. We attract the trade and consumer market as well.”
31. Russian woman looking at pearls in Yoko London
32. Various pearls
33. Male customer at Yoko stand
34. Various pearls
35. Close up of a rare Tahitian Keshi pearl necklace which costs 300,000 US dollars
36. Sales people, and wide shot of necklace
37. Mannequins exhibiting the first gold cloth, made in Japan, and being exhibited for the first time in Dubai.
38. Pan up from stilettos to woman shopping
39. Women walking around show
40. Various jewellery
41. Wide shot row of necklaces from around 1000 US dollars
Some of the world’s most expensive jewellery and biggest gems are on sale in Dubai.
The four-day jewellery show is attracting particular attention from Russian and Chinese buyers.
This is a show for the super rich – or for those who buy gems and jewels for the wealthy.
These diamond necklaces and earrings together are worth more than half a (m) million US dollars.
This set is made from the rare blue Tanzanite gem, found in Tanzania. It’s worth half a (m) million US dollars.
But not everything at the show costs a fortune.

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