Gold Market in Dubai

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BBC TV Channel has presented a brief report to shed the light on gold market in Dubai, which came a hub for gold trade. BBC TV has interviewed Munir Al Kaloti, President of Kaloti Jewellery Group, and talked with him about this issue.

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Published on: 27/04/2013
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Name: BBC World
Country: United Kingdom

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Kaloti Conflict

Responsibility is at the forefront of our corporate strategy and has a vital place in moulding our societal impact. As one of the aspects that drives and improves performance at Kaloti, Corporate Social Responsibility is a key contributor to our Corporate Brand Equity and an essential consideration of our manufacturing philosophy.

At Kaloti, responsible business and sustainability is regulated through the governance system and our workforce ensures that sustainability is part of our day to day business activities. We monitor and measure performance of our CSR activities through external reviews and certifications by Environmental, Municipality, and Quality Standard Institutions including ISO, Dubai Municipality, and OHSAS.

As a result of our efforts to boast this approach and bearing testimony to our expertise in sustainability, Suriname government has selected us as a partner of choice in developing the gold refining industry in the region and driving economic development through establishment of the first gold refinery and mint house in the country. This venture will modernize the gold industry in Suriname and will engage the local resources, workforce, gold miners, and associated stakeholders towards realization of this vision for shared value creation.

Responsible Sourcing of Gold: We are strong endorsers of OECD responsible sourcing guidelines and encourage our supply chain partners and stakeholders to align their policies with responsible sourcing guidelines for conflict free gold.

Green Environment: Kaloti gold refinery in Sharja, U.A.E. is a leader in bringing technology for Control of Harmful Emissions in precious metals manufacturing. Our refinery is ISO 14001:2004 qualified for waste management. Our energy conservation team has implemented efficient energy management practices and control of our carbon footprint is an on-going process.

Community Involvement: We are sponsors of charity schemes initiated by Welfare Associations aimed at education and development of refugees in the region. Our own educational programme annually awards 15 full university scholarships to talented and needy students in the region. Under our Innovation Award programme we provide the youth of the region to enter innovation competitions and grants USD 50,000/- to successful applicants. As part of philanthropic initiatives, we routinely sponsor events aimed at youth development and welfare of the handicapped and underprivileged in Dubai.

Workplace Development: Our refinery is ISO 14001:2004 certified for Health & Safety Management and we have initiated many more programmes for welfare of our work force in the areas of education, vocational training, emergency assistance, and fire and hazardous material management.
Child Labour: KPM will not tolerate the use of unlawful child labor or forced labor in the gold mining and will not accept gold from suppliers and miners that employ or utilize child labor or forced labor in any manner.


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