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Shopping At Costco For Vitamins & Supplements – What To Buy & Avoid

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I’m back at Costco exploring the vitamins, supplements, and collagen powders to tell you what’s good, and what you may want to pass on. Costco has a ton of vitamins at the warehouse, but you really have to read beyond the vitamin profile, and see what’s in the other ingredients. Some multi-vitamins, prenatals, and more have added sugar, artificial flavors, and soybean oil! Costco does have the best deal ever on grass-fed collagen peptide powder, and you have a couple of options to chose from. You really have to carefully read the full ingredient list on the vitamins and supplements, because it kind of defeats the purpose when you add sugar and other nasty ingredients to things that are supposed to be good for you. Mad love..Bobby, Dessi, Rose, and Art! XOXO

Immune tea recipe:

Check out our Cookbook:

My wife’s Instagram:

Primal kitchen collagen fuel(Gr8 for coffee):

Orgain keto collagen peptides:

Vital protein collagen peptides:

Marine Collagen(made from fish):

Plant based collagen(unflavored):

Immune spray:

Good vitamins w/o nasty soybean oil on Amazon:
Vitamin D:
Vitamin E:

Costco stores that carry our cookbook for the test run:
Gig Harbor

Central Point

CHICAGO, Lincoln Park

Colorado Springs, barnes rd. & nevada ave

Coeur D Alene

Tucson, Arizona..6255 E. Grant Rd

Carlsbad, California

Maplewood, Minnesota

Kalispell, Montana


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1,064 thoughts on “Shopping At Costco For Vitamins & Supplements – What To Buy & Avoid

  1. nice

  2. killer!… a fan

  3. Andrew Lessman vitamins the best!

  4. Children’s gummie multi vitamin recommendation since you didn’t like Costco’s?

  5. 13:45 can that turmeric be used to season food like chicken?

  6. Very informative, thank you. I can’t believe you’re 41! I thought you were 20 something! wow.

  7. Please the biox4 is good or not

  8. Covid 19 now be like…

  9. Hi Bobby and Art. What about Walmarts Spring Valley vitamins and equate What brands vitamins are the best

  10. 8:04

  11. After taking Ancient Nutrition MultiCollagen, I felt it really helped my dry skin and thickened my hair. After almost 9 months of taking it as suggested, I started developing purple splotches on my forearms. I discontinued taking it a month ago and since then the splotches have disappeared and no more have developed.

    1. what about ur hair? is it still thick

  12. I have 2 different kinds of arthritis & take supplements for it besides doing exercise. I take fish oil, turmeric, basically anything that helps me with muscle & joints. But I would like to know your opinion on the best ones to get or if you have a video on that already?

  13. I would like to check out what the brands of supplements you have in your room

  14. Is sports research vitamin D3 really good?

  15. All forms to collagen will break down into amino acid

  16. I just bought Apple cider vinegar pills are they good can you do a video?

  17. prices jumped up 6 dollars , may 7 2020

  18. Awesome information! Live the Costco videos! Thank you!

  19. I literally went to Costco yesterday and all their vitamin d3 has soybean oil. I got the smarty pants for me and my kid but I’ll definitely keep shopping for an omega 3 for me and my kid.

  20. what about magnesium sterate . can you digest that?

  21. While watching this, I put all my supplements on the table an even use a magnifier to read label and ingredients.
    .Even though I have read the ingredients over and over again before I purchase each of them, I got conscious again when I found this channel. Thankfully, it’s worth my money as it does not contain harmful stuff.

  22. Hey Bobby! Do you one of those Amazon recommendation store pages where we can see all the things you recommend? If you don’t might be something to look at! I’d definitely benefit from it

  23. Just a heads up, your video is being sponsored by Centrum.

  24. Some States are Sams, Some States are Costco.

  25. You’re so confident, I would be so shy doing a video there..

  26. Hello Bobby Parrish, I wanted to ask you what do you think about the 21st Century () or Blackmores () products and their ingredients? Also, as I’m about to workout twice a day between morning early and evening respectively running/endurance training and combat sport, what kind of supplements do I should consume during the day? I’m 32years old male for 175cm and 168kg. Wait for your advice. Best regards

  27. Makes me so mad, how many pitfalls there are, but I am resisting the urge to get my government to do something about it. There has to be a middle ground between the small government we want, and the best choices undeceived by cooperation’s trying to make a quick buck without highest standards.

  28. Aren’t most of these synthetic vitamins not real food based?

  29. Any suggestions on kids vitamins? You mentioned the Smarty Pants for kids is bad. What do you recommend?

  30. Bobby, dont you think its important to mention the types of Vitamin E and C that are used. Centrum uses artificial,, horrible for you. You seem to worry more about price than quality. Your hair is great but you got man boobs.

  31. grow up boys

  32. Is that your lover man? He’s a foX!

  33. Soy and palm in everything becs they,re cheAp .

  34. Strange seeing u with no baby attached. U know that name u gave her has a sexual connotation. If u are not perv.s maybe u could change her name to something she can have dignity with all her life .

  35. You should have reviewed their organic natural multivitamin too (Kirkland Signature brand).

  36. I love all your videos , I learn more from you than anybody else , I write down notes and the good brands , thanks alot

  37. wtf why don you read other ingredients of Costco brand? nice ad. how much they pay you?
    people open your eyes costco also has tons of add-ons which killing you

  38. Best multivitamin??

  39. So what vitamins should I get at costco?!?! Lol you never said which ones were great!

  40. Yep, I’m subscribing.

  41. U dont look 41😱

  42. I went to Costco with my son last month and it was bumper to bumper people and shopping carts…what a madhouse! Never again!

  43. Pls u talk fast

  44. Do you have a better brand for kid multivitamin?

  45. How many scoops of the vital protein’s collagen peptides do you suggest? 1 or 2 daily ?

  46. Pollack fish is unhealthy.

  47. Wow I still don’t know what to buy

  48. i’m allergic to fin fish–severe anaphylatic reaction, no problems with shellfish, what’s a reasonable substitute?

  49. I was hoping to hear about the Kirkland Organic Multivitamin whole food source( non gmo/ no synthetic vitamins) they are 80 tablets. Let me know what you think of them.

  50. I can vouch for the youtherapy brand. After taking the pills you can see the results immediately. Youthful-looking plump radiant skin. Also the Kirkland brand vitamin C. they change the composition often but it usually has rose hips, rutin, ascorbic acid and bioflavonoids.

  51. labdoor .com can be very helpful

  52. Hello bobby which multivitamin you use and recommend to use the best safest effective brand

  53. Hi i like that peptide collagen but here in moscow its very hard to fined thats product.

  54. Hi your video is nice I am from India and I buy my supplements on amazon
    Can you please list out items we need to see which should not be consumed
    The ingredients list which should be cautious about 🙏

  55. Can a 15 year old take collagen?

  56. I do find your videos very informative.

  57. Sam’s club by chance?

  58. I love his videos 😍 thank you so much , I’m learning a lot with this guy.

  59. “My new Cheers” 😂 that’s great! Thank you for the video

  60. I love how you go through the labels! So helpful, thanks.
    One thing made me cringe though when you said “homeopathic”… if you’re all about no fillers and natural remedies then you should go and look deeply into homeopathy. It is a legitimate medicine regulated by the FDA and has been used world wide for over 200 years. Look up Joette Calabrese, both her blog and her podcast and you’ll learn a ton from a spunky Italian homeopath who knows her stuff.

  61. Can you recommend which is the best zinc supplement to buy, please 🙏🏼 thank you

  62. I use Doctors Best D3
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    The capsule is made out of bovine gelatin, glycerin, purified water.

    I buy it at Amazon..
    What is your opinion??

  63. Can you recommend a great kids vitamin?

  64. Can you please give me your thoughts on HUM supplements?

  65. Is not fair. You can take a video while at Costco but I can’t. They told me not to do that. I even ask their office manager but their manager was busy so, the regular staff who was in the office said No because it is not allowed 😡😡😡

  66. So which multivitamin we should buy for Men, women and kids

  67. Costco has zip fizz which I love can you review them pls?

  68. Wait, what’s wrong with “natural flavours”?

  69. what about the ussana vitamins? can you make a review on them

  70. Hey Bobby you should not suggest synthetic vitamin e. It is known to cause cancer for over ten years. Vitamin e with d alpha tocopherol should be avoided .

  71. YESSSSSSS I live for that Collagen Peptides Powder I’m only 26 but it’s helped my skin and hair so much

  72. We live in the age of antibiotic-resistant STDs and millions of people on Tinder, Match, and eHarmony. There is no shame in purchasing condoms.

    And no one ever has to explain why we buy what we buy to cashiers 🙄 That’s just silly

  73. I hope nobody is following this particular person collagen get vitamin C the information about the sugar in the vitamins and things like that spot on but a lot of this other stuff that he’s talking about some of the worst stuff you can put into your body I could go on anon but I’m not gonna bother

  74. Yes.Ironically the Airborne was starting!

  75. This video is really great and informative. I just bought the collagen capsules that you showed in this video yesterday. Directions say take 6 daily! would it be best to use the powder form or just capsules? I’ve never taken collagen before, but want to start taking it.

  76. Do one of beers and see which ones are better for you

  77. Alaskan salmon fish oil says “soy” after the fish on ingredients list!! Sup wit dat?

  78. The fish oil has SOY. Be careful of what you recommend. That may be fine for women, but soy acts like an estrogen and isn’t advisable for men.

  79. But when its that small of a dose of oil in a soft gel, does it even matter?

  80. What do you think of Careof Vitamins? They claim the vitamins are NON-GMO but they some have soybean oil and maltodextrin in them? I just purchased from them and now I am nervous to take them.

  81. Where is the research on the collegian benefits?

  82. Come on those amounts are so small it doesn’t matter! Useful info, and I will investigate more, but I’m very suspicious over complaining about 5 grams of sugar!

  83. She doesnt understand what you are saying

  84. Sorry. I don’t find the collagen powder really helping me. After 2 containers, I didn’t see the results but I changed to another brand. ..oh boy after one week, I could see my skin texture(laugh lines plum up) tightened, nails really strong and ridges smoothen out. Hair is looking good.

  85. I just bought two bottles of sports vitamin D3

  86. thank you for your big effort to tell us the best. 🙂

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  89. Grow up please on thinking people should be embarrassed for buying Trojans. If I saw someone purchasing those, especially a man, he would get bonus points from me. Because it means he is responsible and practicing safe sex. Big pat on the back not shaming him. That’s just as important as eating clean.

  90. Bro go to africa india and saud amerika and you will forgot this vitamin and you wilbbe happy with bread and bater

  91. FlavCity I wish you at 14:00 when you were talking about the turmeric supplements you had mentioned the Qunol liquid turmeric that was right next to the other two you mentioned. They also have a CoQ10 supplement and I’m curious to hear your take.

  92. you theory HQ are near my house I can find out if they’re grass fed

  93. Hi Bobby, I’m your new subscriber and fan! I’m so happy I found you! Your a great help. With that being said, when is a good age to start taking collagen pills ? I’m 27

  94. I have collagen glucola sakura

  95. Good video do more videos can you to sams

  96. Hi Bobby, I read that the studies show that dietary collagen supplements are not proven to have any effect on the items you mentioned. What are your thoughts on this claim and how much do you believe that we should supplement with collagen? I would really like to add it to my diet, but only if it really works

  97. You know your shit


  99. Can you please do a video on kids vitamins.

    1. Rosa mijares

      Looking for the best supplement for kids?
      USANIMALS 👧🏼 advanced kids’ nutrition supplement has the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support the rapid development of childhood.

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  100. 🕊Thank You for the Great Info🕊

  101. Can you do a review on green powders i.e superfood smoothies like athletic greens & dr gundry reds alternatives, i take thouse in leu of supplements but they are quiet pricy, seeking somrthing i can make fresh without fillers or something that you have approved? Thanks

  102. You do not look like you are 41. You were joking?

  103. Would it be the same at Sam’s club??

  104. Great video. Thanks Bobby! But why no mention of your Thrive Market Collagen Peptides? 20oz for 24.99. You are almost always giving a shout out to Thrive. Anyway I tried them and like them. Noticed an improvement in my hair and nails in about a week. Check out this product on Thrive Market:

  105. What is a good a
    Multivitamin for kids at Costco

    1. Jose Reyes
      Looking for the best supplement for kids?
      USANIMALS 👧🏼 advanced kids’ nutrition supplement has the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support the rapid development of childhood.

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  106. What about Costco’s vitofusion brand multi-vitamin gummies? I feel like chewable gummies aren’t as effective as vitamin capsules.

  107. Is it okay to mix the vital protein collagen peptides with the raw organic protein?

  108. Thank you Bobby I learned so much from you.

  109. How about the country of origin. I want to know which are made with ingredients and manufactured only in USA; not China. Their health standards are horrible.

  110. 11:35 no it’s not embarrassing, I’m an adult who has sex 🤷🏻‍♀️

  111. Which vitamin do I give my child then??😓😞 cause you just ruled out her gummy lil critters…

  112. Bobby… I Need a good multi vitamin . I took notes. You didn’t find one that was approved by you. Please. Find one for me.I am 73.

    1. Hi! I would like to recommend USANA CELLSENTIALS for the Heath of you and your family:
      ✅ No “No Approved Therapeutic Claim” on the label
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      P.S My grandma takes it and she’s still strong and turning 90 this year 🙂

    2. And a woman.

  113. So what is a good vitamin for an 8 year old with ADD? He has a hard time focusing and I’ve been giving him the Smarty Pants.

    1. Rachel Virtullo Looking for the best supplement for kids?
      USANIMALS 👧🏼 advanced kids’ nutrition supplement has the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support the rapid development of childhood.

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  114. What do you recommend for vitamin c???

    1. pariahoo71

      I would recommend Usana Proflavanol C100

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    2. Powdered

  115. what multivitamin do you recommend for men?

  116. How About the Qunol liquid Co Q10 liquid form as well as the turmeric from the same company

  117. So Bobby which Multi Vit brand is actually the best to get at Costco? #askingforaHUBBY😊 love your channel thou❤️

  118. What’s a good kid vitamin you recommend?

    1. Moy N

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  119. While interesting re paying attention to ingredients, there is no mention of how some of these items cause problems for many people. One example is the MCT oil.

  120. hi bob u can try black gram ( urud dal) contains ll vitamins miners and calcium and red rice /bamboo rice all natural instead of buying vitamins

  121. I would be interested to know the company that makes these supplements and what kind of science and testing back these products. I absolutely love COSTCO, but I don’t buy my supplements there.

  122. Are GeriCare One Daily Multi-Vitamins Nutritional Supplement 100 Tablets are good for you

  123. Its hard to choose the right vitamins to buy

  124. B

  125. I’m taking organika collagen since 6 months, but I didn’t feel any difference on my skin or overall health.. would you mind doing a full video about this?
    I feel that I’m wasting money on that..
    Ps. I started a week ago to take BioSil drops.. is that a better idea??

    1. Salwa Shami Hi! I would like to recommend USANA CELLSENTIALS for the Health of you and your family:
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  126. Yup, unfortunately we consumed tons of Centrum vitamins, before we knew that it’s so bad.. 😒

  127. Need a video on just multivitamin

  128. Lol… I enjoy you and your channel… just know there are other ingredients as well in products that are not written on labels. Labels on products tell us what most companies don’t mind telling us are in their products. They are not to be trusted completely .

  129. i have a hard time taking advice from someone who has man boobs

  130. What vitamine c would you buy please. Cause meningitis kno noting about medicine. Sorry.

  131. A nutrionist told me that collagen supplement has to be taken with vit c together.

  132. Bro do a fish oil review please!!😁

  133. Costco…please allow Bobby to film in your store. Costco seems to be selling healthy options for a excellent price.

  134. What is a good biotin supplement ?

  135. you look amazing for 41, keep up the good work

  136. The past few months My Father has been suffering with Gut problem, digestive problems, bloating, constipation, gas, stomach pain, and stomach cramps and all this problems affects his sleep….His Doctors gave him Sanna & Laxative Powder……those supplements, not helping him enough…..and he still had the same problems comes back again and again…..Do you believe the collagen wIll help ….? How much protein there is in relation to the amount of cholesterol….??? Thanks.

  137. New SUB😄….WOW👌🏾  “Where Have You Been (All My Life)”.🙄….Very helpful info……41🤔👈🏾You look amazing….Thank You So Much….Stay Blessed 🙏🏾

  138. Great video, Bobby….from a new subscriber

  139. Be careful with the collagen if you’ve had breast cancer.

  140. Doesn’t look like 41 he looks really young

  141. salmon and soy

  142. This guy should stop bashing consumer products on less you don’t know how to read and make your own decisions.

  143. What about vegan vitamins ?

  144. Great information. We don’t have near the options for organic and grass fed at our Costco’s in Winnipeg, Manitoba! Thanks for sharing what to look for, and stay away from!

  145. Hello Bobby, is Premium Omega-3 Fish Oil with Vitamin D3 – 1,060 EPA/DHA from vthrive any good? As well as multivitamins from same brand?

  146. Tell Cosco to give us membership discount

  147. Thank you so much. I heavily depend on vitamins coz I don’t eat too good due to time constraint but always struggling with choice due to potency

    1. Susan Apollo Hi! I would like to recommend USANA CELLSENTIALS for the total body health of you and your family:
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  148. What can u say about MEIJI COLLAGEN?

  149. That protein powder you picked up last but didn’t comment on it is the one I’ve been buying. Looking forward to that video

  150. Thanks so much for this Costco video. I can’t wait until construction of ours is complete. So over Sams 👎

  151. Dr. Ron’s vitamins for the win.

  152. The Turmeric needs black pepper for best absorption.

  153. We will be living on Vitamin Pills soon.

  154. I never thought to look on the back of my vitamin supplements . Soybean oil, natural flavors, colors, maltodextrin, …ugh. So, I’m guessing you found no good vitamins or supplements at Costco? Just good immune boosters and Collegan…

  155. you look 51!

  156. Never been married… still dont use them…

  157. These are good things to review but what about the digestive / absorption properties.

  158. Just in time, the wife is about to make a costco run.

  159. Amazing video! Thank You!

  160. wouldnt AMINO ENERGY still be way better then redbull and monster? Its green tea after all..

  161. You’re NOT 41

  162. Is the organic kids protein shake good for my 11 year old?

  163. I didn’t notice any benefits taking collagen. I’m skeptical.

  164. Didn’t that fish oil say contains soy?

  165. I use centrum they are pretty good

  166. Hi how are you you doing a great job anyway you can find me protein shake for weight loss but with no soy I’m allergic to Soy

  167. Just found your channel! You talking to the people is what got me. You seem like a real nice guy Sub!

  168. What’s wrong with the Orgain Protein Powder?

    1. Hmmm. Just reread the ingredients on Orgain Organic Protein. See organic stevia listed but not Splenda. I’m not a fan of Splenda either. But do see Organic Natural Flavors.

    2. it has splenda, and natural flavor he is not a big fan of splenda and natural flavors

  169. What would be a good kids vitamins? I have been buying Smarty Pants.

  170. Rose Honey????? What a beautiful name!!!!!!

  171. Hi 👋🏻 thank u for this amazing videos 🌷 do u have videos on teenage and babies vitamins and supplements if u don’t please do , i gave my kids omegas and probiotics and vitamin D and would like to know the best🙏🏻

  172. There’s no Aldis, Costco, Whole Foods, or Trader Joe’s where I live. So I really enjoy your Walmart videos even though I don’t have a Super Walmart. The only other store in my area is County Market. Some of the items you find that are organic are in County Markets natural food section. They have a huge upcharge for organic food items so I have to limit what I can buy. The rest of my groceries come from Walmart so I don’t break the bank.
    Unfortunately, I’d have to drive 45 minutes to get pasture raised eggs from a Pick n Save store so I have to get regular eggs from Walmart. It’s just not economical to drive 45 minutes to buy groceries. However, next time I’m in that area I’ll have to stock up on eggs!

  173. Natural Flavors like Beaver Butt?

  174. What about COQ10….any recommendations

    1. Chalmers Blatch I would recommend USANA CoQuinone 30 for Heart, Muscle, and Nerve Health


      The coQuinone 30TM supplement provides an advanced amount of coenzyme Q10 (coQ10), which helps energize every cells and muscles of the body, while alphalipoic acid recycles it to produce longer lasting energy.

      It is vital for cardiovascular health, sound muscle function, and healthy nerve function.

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    1. Hi! I would like to recommend USANA CELLSENTIALS for the Heath of you and your family:
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    1. Susana Alonso Hi! I would like to recommend USANA CELLSENTIALS for the Heath of you and your family:
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      Hi! I would like to recommend USANA CELLSENTIALS for the total body health of you and your family:
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    1. Polly C. Hi! I would like to recommend USANA CELLSENTIALS (13 vitamins, 16 minerals and 14 powerful antioxidants) for the total body heath of you and your family:
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    1. Berna Raganit Polly C. Hi! I would like to recommend USANA CELLSENTIALS (13 vitamins, 16 minerals and 14 powerful antioxidants) for the total body health of you and your family:
      ✅ No “No Approved Therapeutic Claim” on the label
      ✅ High Absorption Rate (96.3%) ,Science Based and backed up by clinical studies
      ✅ Trusted by 4,000 Olympians and Athletes including Peoples’ Champ Manny Pacquiao
      ✅ Doctor and Pharmacist Recommended (Enlisted in PPD, MIMS and PDR)
      ✅ Evaluated by Third Party Standard Certifiers (National Sanitation Foundation (NSF); Consumer Lab, etc)
      ✅ FDA Registered Facility
      ✅ No Potential Toxicity (safe for the Liver and Kidney)
      ✅ Achieved the 5 Star PLATINUM PLUS Rating in a 3rd party research comparing 1600++ Supplements worldwide

      P.S: My grandma is still strong. She uses this product and will turn 90 this year

      You can visit our website and check which of our products may suit you:🙂👇🏼

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    If any one of these synthetic imposters are in your multi-vitamin, throw the bottle in the trash! In addition to wasting your money, you also destroy your health by taking them.

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    1. MGH1208 Polly C. Hi! I would like to recommend USANA CELLSENTIALS (13 vitamins, 16 minerals and 14 powerful antioxidants) for the total body health of you and your family:
      ✅ No “No Approved Therapeutic Claim” on the label
      ✅ High Absorption Rate (96.3%) ,Science Based and backed up by clinical studies
      ✅ Trusted by 4,000 Olympians and Athletes including Peoples’ Champ Manny Pacquiao
      ✅ Doctor and Pharmacist Recommended (Enlisted in PPD, MIMS and PDR)
      ✅ Evaluated by Third Party Standard Certifiers (National Sanitation Foundation (NSF); Consumer Lab, etc)
      ✅ FDA Registered Facility
      ✅ No Potential Toxicity (safe for the Liver and Kidney)
      ✅ Achieved the 5 Star PLATINUM PLUS Rating in a 3rd party research comparing 1600++ Supplements worldwide

      You can visit our website and check which of our products may suit you:🙂👇🏼

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    Small amounts of sugar is a detail that shouldn’t be focused on.
    With regards to protein, the type of protein is paramount. Also, sugar content should be taken into account because some protein formulas have obscene levels of sugars and other simple carbohydrates.

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    1. It’s synthetic but don’t know why he is taking it.

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    1. Mouth fresheners have so many chemicals in them! There are recipes and videos on YouTube on how to make your own. Just Google homemade mouthwash. Same thing with toothpaste. You can just use baking soda or make a mixture of baking soda and peppermint oil if you want the minty flavor. Surprisingly, coconut oil works also.

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  561. I recently picked up the Kirkland fish oil pills without looking at the ingredients, so I’m glad it turned out okay! Lol. Sadly I got the Kirkland multivitamin & I just saw it has maltodextrin😩

  562. Need to add my two cents here, I agree with you about the Centrum…leave it on the shelf! Centrum silver is promoted to older folks, and I spy some nutrients that are suspect. Many older people are on blood thinners, so there are issues there. With Coumadin/Warfarin the addition of Vitamin K is problematic, and they don’t even specify if it’s K1 (which has the clotting factor) or K2 which does not (but is a great nutrient). Still, it’s not recommended to those on Coumadin. You can, however, take K2 with Xarelto or Eliquis, as the anti-clotting mechanism is different from Coumadin. I had to research this because I was on Xarelto (now on Eliquis) but needed to take K2 with Vitamin D, as it’s a critical co–factor. It tells calcium to go to the bones and teeth, and not to tissues like the heart and veins which can happen if you don’t have enough K2 in your body. (Referenced from the book “Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox” by Dr. Kate Rheaume-Bleue, or her YouTube Videos). This is a huge problem, because doctors who aren’t trained in nutrition (most conventional doctors) are prescribing high amounts of D, and don’t know to tell patients it’s imperative to take D’s co-factors: K2, Magnesium, and Vitamin A. This omission can lead to atherosclerosis and even heart attack. Pretty serious stuff. The other one I have an issue with is the Folate on the label, then they change it to 400 mg of “folic acid”. So which is it? Folate is the natural form and is good for us, but Folic Acid is a synthetic, and it actually blocks the folate receptor on the cell, not allowing natural folate from food to enter. (I took this up with the “Baby Your Baby” campaign as they had commercials promoting Folic Acid for expectant mothers to prevent neural tube defects. Eventually, they saw the light and now recommend “Folate” and not “Folic Acid”. And also soybean oil…not good for humans!

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  566. none of these supplements are necessary at all just eat high quality red meat fish shellfish eggs and liver and you have EVERY SINGLE essential nutrient your body needs in the most bioavailable form.

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    1. Natalie Rivera Hi! I would like to recommend USANA CELLSENTIALS (13 vitamins, 16 minerals and 14 powerful antioxidants) for the total body health of you and your family:
      ✅ No “No Approved Therapeutic Claim” on the label
      ✅ High Absorption Rate (96.3%) ,Science Based and backed up by clinical studies
      ✅ Trusted by 4,000 Olympians and Athletes including Peoples’ Champ Manny Pacquiao
      ✅ Doctor and Pharmacist Recommended (Enlisted in PPD, MIMS and PDR)
      ✅ Evaluated by Third Party Standard Certifiers (National Sanitation Foundation (NSF); Consumer Lab, etc)
      ✅ FDA Registered Facility
      ✅ No Potential Toxicity (safe for the Liver and Kidney)
      ✅ Achieved the 5 Star PLATINUM PLUS Rating in a 3rd party research comparing 1600++ Supplements worldwide

      You can visit our website and check which of our products may suit you:🙂👇🏼

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