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Should you take Vitamin C and Vitamin D for Coronavirus | COVID-19

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Should you take Vitamin C and Vitamin D for Coronavirus | COVID-19
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This is the Vitamin D that I take:

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Does colder temperature make you more prone to getting a cold Or COVID-19?
Most health experts agree that when it’s cold, people spend more time indoors and in close contact with other people, and this likely increases the spread of germs.
Also, experts believe that our immune system may be more active when our body is warmer, as in during the summer months.

Back in 2007, there was this study…

In this one particular study looking at the spread of the influenza virus, they put guinea pigs together in a chamber and carried out different environmental experiments on them. They found that low relative humidities of 20%–35% were most favorable for infection, while the transmission was completely blocked at high humidity of 80%.
They also found that when guinea pigs were kept at 5 °C, transmission occurred with greater frequency than at 20 °C, while at 30 °C, no transmission was detected.
The authors concluded that low relative humidities produced by indoor heating and cold
temperatures favored the spread of the influenza virus.

I also want to add, that cold weather, by itself, can cause a runny nose without necessarily
having a cold, and this allows for the virus so be carried in those secretions, which probably facilitates transmission.
40% of common colds are caused by rhinoviruses. The second most common cause of cold is the coronavirus, the normal one, not this novel coronavirus, aka SARS-CoV-2.
Its been shown that the rhinovirus reproduces more quickly at cooler temperatures means you might catch a cold more quickly if you’re chilly.

And this probably applies to the coronavirus as well.

It’s likely that with the combination of all of these 5 factors, meaning, cooler temp, lower humidity, people staying indoors more often in winter months, cold weather causing runny noses and our immune system is more active when it’s warmer, these combinations of factors likely explain why colds, flu,, and COVID-19 are more likely to cause infections in the winter months.
But there is likely a 6th factor as well. And that is vitamin D. Our bodies don’t normally make vitamin D unless we get sunlight. In the winter months, for most of us in this world, we don’t get enough sunlight to make enough vitamin D. Unless you live in a warm climate, then maybe you are the exception. So if you aren’t getting enough sunlight in the winter months, that means you have to get enough vitamin D in your diet. And if you don’t do that, you will have low vitamin D levels. Vitamin D helps regulate or Calcium levels and is important for bone and muscle health. It also plays a role in regulating our immune system, but its exact role is not known.

Why is this important when it comes to the common cold, flu, and perhaps with this novel the coronavirus that’s causing COVID-19? Well, vitamin D doesn’t affect these viruses themselves. Instead, it affects our immune systems.

So what is my recommendation for taking Vitamin D?
The best thing to do is check with your doctor to see if you might have low vitamin D, and if it is low, you’ll def need to get more vitamin D, especially during the winter months.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that is vital to the function of white blood cells that help to fight infections, and overall immune system health. Vitamin C is also important for iron absorption, and being deficient in iron can make you more vulnerable to infections in general.
The normal, recommended daily intake of vitamin C for adults from the diet and/or supplements is 75 to 120 mg. You can get about 80 to 90 mg from a cup of orange juice or sliced orange, or even more from kiwi fruit, or a cup of sweet peppers.

Zinc has become one of the most popular suggestions for reducing symptoms of coronavirus.
Some studies showed that zinc reduces the duration of a cold by half, while others showed no effect. Another study found that the type of zinc taken determined the result—zinc gluconate lozenges that provided 13.3 milligrams (mg) of zinc lessened the duration of colds, but zinc acetate lozenges that provided 5 mg or 11.5 mg of zinc did not.

Note: Please watch the whole video to get the proper details, for the character limitation of the youtube description, I couldn’t provide the whole details, so I suggest you, watch the whole video.

Dr. Mike Hansen, MD
Internal Medicine | Pulmonary Disease | Critical Care Medicine

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4,387 thoughts on “Should you take Vitamin C and Vitamin D for Coronavirus | COVID-19

  1. Doctor Mike Hansen
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    1. May be hight temperature of environement help us to keep periferic temperature of blood at fiziologic level.
      Hight temperature of blood increase antiviral power of immune cells un

    2. Doctor Mike Hansen can you please make a video about the reports that have come out about the current Covid-19 disease coming out of Houston has mutated and is different from what was in Wuhan? Thank you for the videos, they are very informative.

    3. Doctor Hansen, you are so healthy, handsome, and well educated with good manners. Your parents raised you up well.

    4. @Doctor Mike Hansen – Pls consider not using milk as an example for Vit. D. Milk because: (1) all dairy transmits virus based bovine cancers to women; (2) its has the greatest correlation to prostate cancer in men, the more you consume in your life the greater your risk of prostate cancer and BPH later in life; and, (3) dairy is strongly correlated to bone fractures in the elderly. The more you consume the greater your risk of bone fracture.

      Regarding Vit D supplements, some brands have little to no D in them, just a capsule of vegetable oil. So levels should be checked before taking it and after a few weeks to a month of use. And Vit D should be taken with a large meal to ensure absorption. Water alone results in poor absorption.

    5. Great overview of possible solutions to survival .. I just got a volunteer Cov19 nasal swabs that was done in the morning later tonight I’m running a 101 temperature so I took a quick questionnaire and to my surprise I was not recommended to get the 19 test only to be observant to any underlying symptoms. But my curiosity extends to could I not have it in the morning and then have it in the afternoon I don’t know my results either from the nasal swab but in all my research I’ve done this autopsy report is amazingly informative of many possible ways to navigate your self to survive if such a virus where to come your way or even a loved one you could have an idea of where to start and suggestively how to avoid Contracting such a virus which all comes down to being healthy or start and staying healthy.

  2. Anyone know if I can take colloidal silver while pregnant? I work in the medical field and always try to protect myself so I can help the sick heal.

  3. so where can I buy the silver product again?

    1. Amazon

  4. The common seasonal flu has been around for centuries. Covid-19 is nothing more than the flu.

    Sunlight is good yet we are being told to stay at home and not to go out.

    Vitamins and minerals are very important.

  5. Yes, take Zinc, Vit C and D. I am 66, just had the Coronavirus. Made it through without going to the hospital. It was tough, but I made it! Lost 8 lbs.I credit these vitamins, 15 min in sunshine, build immune system ahead of virus, lots of water & rest.

    1. @Rahul Roy ask at pharmacy. Liquid zinc or tablets. good health Rahul.

    2. Plz tell me wat mednce sud i take for zinc

    3. Hello can i get your contact details, like facebook or insta, i have tested positive, am from india, i have some doubts

  6. Eat mushrooms they have Vitamin D in them and put them in the sun.

  7. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

  8. im in tanzania, my doctor refused to test my vitamin levels and told me to stop worrying abt covid19 since the president said no need for concern…im taking vitamin d (1000mg) once a day

    1. Try dminder app

    2. in this case, your Dr could be right. stop worrying. create your own positive state of mind..

  9. Liked and subscribed👍👍

  10. No definite answers about anything offered here. So what is the point of this video?

  11. Brazil is hot and coronavirus is out of control here.


    1. By whom?

    2. Yes, yes, that too without a vaccine right?

  13. Vitamin C has been my family’s allergy-freeing, life-saving-disease-fighting vitamin since childhood. Loooved it!

  14. As you know, corona virus (covid-19) is the very big problem in now days. so we work out to our increasing immunity power. so according to me, ayuveda is the best medicine for all big disease. so i personally use ayurvedic product Earthyboon immuno ras. it works very fast and good. Earthy boon is the best …..

  15. I take all three !

    1. thats fine, just take the doses specified and dont double it up, since god knows what it could do in the long run to your body.

  16. Can uprise 60 tab be given to 14 year old kid? …i used to give those sachets in milk earlier..n we take tab


  18. The kidney Foundation and the Mayo Clinic does say Vet D can cause a certain type of kidney stones but they do not say Vit C causes kidney stones. So I wonder where your information comes from???

    1. A large Norwegian study of older adults taking 2000 IU of Vit D every day for 5 years found no differences in health between them and the Controls.

      “Vitamin” D3 is actually a hormone complex made from cholesterol & a few other things (like most hormones) and researchers do not really know what this hormone does besides prevent rickets and improve health. Our bodies can make about 20,000 IU a day during summer noontime sun. The body slows Vit D3 production when levels get topped off at a healthy summer level.
      Vit D2 is just a chemical precursor to active D3, and some older people have trouble converting it and with the (unnatural) high weekly D2 doses often prescribed, so it is not recommended.
      Higher blood levels of D3 (>40) have shown protective benefits against various diseases and cancers, including almost all skin cancers. Summer blood levels of around 60 usually ensure mid-winter levels of 40-ish, or at least 30+. People with levels <30 often do not get the various added health benefits of Vit D.
      As for stones in the kidneys (or anywhere else), those are usually from the body trying to encapsulate some irritant that the over-taxed but protective liver passed thru the kidneys (or lymph) instead of the blood to the heart and brain. Just think of the oyster and a grain of sand. Clean up the diet, consume more magnesium (dark leafy greens), Vit D3 (sun!...A leg tan!), Vit K2, and less calcium (=no dairy) to minimize or reverse calcium in the soft tissues (arthritis, cataracts, heart valves, various nodules, etc.).

      The Norweigian study's authors concluded that blood Vit D levels are just a biomarker for sun exposure, since sun goes into the body 3"-4", and scientists have absolutely no idea what the sun's full spectrum really does to our bodies. They just know that without sun and Vit D, we would die, as did the original dark skinned Africans who wandered North a bazillion years ago; only (per Darwin Theory) the lighter skinned members survived whatever rubber rickety bones, plagues, or who-knows-what that wiped out the others in their group.

    2. itamin D and its active metabolite can increase digestive calcium absorption from our gut. Urinary calcium excretion (how much calcium we pee out) can generally be correlated with digestive calcium absorption. So, there is a possibility that vitamin D metabolites could theoretically increase calciuria (calcium in the urine) and promote urinary stone formation, leading to kidney stones. However, from the research I have seen, it suggests that individuals who are at risk of getting kidney stones from vitamin d supplementation could have underlying predispositions to already having things like hypercalciuria (high calcium in the urine).
      Another point is that a lot of the time, people who supplement vitamin d may also be supplementing calcium, so that would tie into the risk as well.
      Hope that helps with the vitamin D part!

    3. I wonder what dose though, I’ve been taking 5,000 iu for 2 years with no issues. My husband used to get kidney stones but has been taking it for 6 months with no issues. Maybe the fact we combine it with k2 makes the difference? K2 pull minerals into your bones.

  19. 🖤🖤🖤

  20. What about elderberry? I’ve read it can have the opposite effect on what you want your body to do when it comes to COVID?

  21. So I went to have my teeth cleaned last week, it had been six months. My hygienist said that my guns and teeth looked better than normal. I did retire in May, so am under less stress but I also have been taking Vitamin C, D and Zinc every day. Wonder if that helped?

    1. Stress certainly has an effect on our overall health and would also include or teeth. From those supplements you mentioned it could be possible that they have also helped your oral health. Zinc is naturally found in our mouthes in saliva, where it may exert anti-bacterial effects/help with plaque reduction, help reduce calci formation, and its also a mineral found in our enamel.
      Vitamin D also helps to increase the level of calcium that gets absorbed from our gut as well as taken up into our bones, helping to strengthen them (including our teeth)!
      Vitamin C I’m not so sure off the top of my head (maybe someone else can comment in here) but I’d imagine due to its effects on our immune system that it could contribute to reducing gum inflammation (gingivitis) and the likes.
      Hope that helps!

  22. No… You should always be taking them… Preferably through food but you know food depending on country might not carry the required nutrients, so supplements would be a good back up. But if there’s sun out so should you be.

  23. Check out the abstracts re vitamin D. Low levels vs higher levels. Vitamin D is cheap to buy at any store i.e. dollar store etc. Dr. John Campbell does a good job explaining vit D and benefits. My husband a physician has been advocating vit D long before CV19. Thank you for bring attention to vit D.

  24. In Indonesia, where the country is hot and has high humidity, COVID is still spreading very wildly.

  25. Thanks Dr. Hansen.

  26. Hi, I have chronic sarcoidosis, is it than safe to take vitamin D supplements? I’m worried for vitamin D defciency, but as I understand there is a risk for hypercalcemia if you suffer sarcoidosis.

    1. Dude are you actually asking for medical advice on the internet? Jesus, love yourself more, go to a physician and get that checked out.

  27. Can my ceiling fan or my vent can spread covid 19 and is it safe to open the window at night

  28. I have spent months researching into quitting alcohol and discovered a fantastic resource at Adoette Drink Plan (google it if you’re interested)

  29. So much for your winter months hypotheses. Air conditioning runs at ideal humidity levels.

  30. Deficiency and optimum are very different. Vitamin C has worked for me over 40 years to fight viruses. As soon as you feel the symptoms, take 5000mg, then 1000 or 2000mg every hour or two for the next few days until the disease fades. Works 8/10 times. This is a very good success rate. Most drugs are not that good. This worked twice for me in the last year.

    1. I have gotten sick, not taken any medication at all and I always got better within days.
      Whats your point?
      Actually, let me make your point clear: post hoc fallacy.

    2. I can’t take that much Vitamin C, it gives me the runs. Also the body can only absorb so much. Most of that will be peed out. At the first sign of any illness I do take 1000mg and drink a couple cups of hot tea, then suck the OTC Zinc lozenges every 2-3 hours. I also try to rest as much as possible. I take some Vitamin D every day.
      I worked many years as a night shift nurse and remained pretty well. Occasional cold, very occasional stomach bug, never had the flu. ( I got a flu shot every year of course)
      Stay safe and healthy everyone!

    3. @DearJRenae So vitamin C has not stopped you from getting sick OR helped you heal faster. That is two implications you made that turn out not to be true. Now we are down to your new assertion that your symptoms are “not as severe”. Forgive me for dismissing your highly objective opinion.

    4. Take 7 glass of citrus fruits
      Take 7 glass of coconut water
      And take deep breath in sunlight…
      Exercise 30 min each day..

    5. @Ray Thackeray you may not heal faster but my vitamins helped my symptoms not be as severe

  31. Dosing is difficult. Two Vitamin D researchers at McGill were described as world experts. She took 1000IU, he took 4000IU. You decide.

    1. Theres’ a lot of arguing amongst researchers about what dose we should take, both from a standard supplement point of view to help with bone health, but also for its use in other indications such as immune health. The key point they relate to a lot of the time is that the level of vitamin D produced by our bodies in response to adequate sun exposure is hard to compare to a particular dose of supplementation. I personally tend to take 1000-2000iu at night if I don’t see the sun all day (such as when I’m at work), and my vitamin D levels have stayed relatively consist from test results.
      But then there are some researchers who say that at the onset of symptoms of infection you should take larger doses over the next few days (same with vitamin c and zinc and all the other supplements). So who knows what’s ideal for COVID-19 or other viruses.
      I guess the takeaway is that taking something when you’re known to be deficient/not getting enough sunlight, is probably better than nothing!

    2. Split the difference lol

  32. Great information 😃🙏.

  33. If the weather temperature is a factor then why in the middle of summer are the cases are going up for Covid19

    1. You do realize they are doing more daily tests this month than they were 1 month ago, and that was more than 2 months ago, etc. But the death rate is going down.
      The cases are going up because they are testing more people. But the people, some claim it’s very mild and they’re only sick a couple days. And some don’t even feel sick. The virus has mutated to over 30 strains. If everybody gets it, it will die out.

    2. @C F DID YOU KNOW THE DEATH Rate is going down? Just because people get it doesn’t mean anything. You have to separate those that are healthy from those that are not. Please become CRITICAL thinking people!!!! If you are healthy the symptoms are mild, if you have several comorbidity symptoms you are the ones we all need to protect and you should be quarantined. You quarantine the sick or elderly-you do not quarantine the healthy-that’s called house arrest. Please THINK!!!!!!

    3. @C F Possibly would have to get the Data on that meaning people who have it now did they protest. From what I saw they had masks 😷 on. I here COVID parties 🤪 which is crazy. And people not believing in the wearing of mask and not following proper sanitary procedures

    4. @C F They are also selfish

    5. People are selfish and negligent

  34. This guy just doesnt stop with mistake after mistake and bad info

    1. Why? His info is evidence-based medicine. What kind of evidence is yours?

    2. You a doctor?

  35. Even if you take high dose of vitamin C it will only stay in you for couple hours because it comes out when you urinate! For vitamin C to give you benefit and protection all day you need to take it every couple hours! Not high dose at once! For vitamin D to be effective you need at least 1000 IU daily and take it with something fatty like food with good fat or some oil.

    1. Or you know, actually eat a proper diet like a normal human being, which is both cheaper and healthier than possibly and unknowingly overdosing yourself with pills you don’t even know what half of the ingredients are.
      Like, vitamin C is allright, but the pills have a lot more stuff which has effects yet to be tested in humans when in high doses.
      Supplemments are nto magic remedies. Eat healthy and excercise and thats most of the medicine you’ll ever need-

    2. I do every 4 hours when I am sick

  36. You give good Information keep it up….

  37. leon goretzka’s spent so much time in the hospital, he’s now a doctor

  38. Heat kills virus low humidity with no indoor air flow or circulating air flow keep virus in your environment. Vit D is made from sunlight, need that sunlight! helps with calcium, and regulates immune system, but vitamin C is used by immune system to make interferron that protects healthy cells from viral invasion and Zinc stops viral replication.

    1. Zinc will not prevent covid from replicating. It may hel reducing replication a bit, but how are you gonna meassure that? Theres no evidence it actually works. Take it in recommended doses.
      Heat kills the virus in the same way that a nuclear bomb kills you. Its like cutting off your foot because you broke a toe nail.
      Like, why even? Just wash your hands, wear a mask a deinfect whatever surface you touch frequently, including your phone.

    2. @patrick forston 80F is room temperature and literrally most lifeforms on earth thrive at those temperatures. What the heck are you on?

    3. @Venturi Life no 80f will kill the virus..go back and listen to fauci

    4. I agree with disagree

    5. The heat needed to kill the virus in any meaningful time is around 65C.. that’s pretty uncomfortable for a human.

  39. Why does low humidity help spread the virus, do droplets make the virus settle?

    1. Because more respiratory droplets emitted from an infected person’s mouth lose enough moisture before they reach the ground to become aerosols.

  40. If I understand this theory correctly- sufficient Vitamin D levels DOES NOT PROTECT you from Covid-19 or any other respiratory virus. What it does is that it reduces the sting of the infection. The outcomes of patients who got Covid-19 (mild, moderate, severe and critical) has been demonstrated to be correlated to their Vitamin D deficiency status. What that means is that while Southern states may have an outbreak – the percentage of those succumbing to Covid-19 should be less than that of states that got hit during the height of winter.

    1. Judith koki I’m guessing a lot of time is spent indoors with air conditioning. No unfiltered sunlight and very low humidity in this environment. Also when people go outdoors they tend to cover almost all of their skin so no vitamin D absorption.

    2. But if you look at it in this way,then gulf countries should not be hit too much high.I live in gulf countries but here hge humidity and sun is crazy as thd same time covid19 is high here so no body knows anything about this covid19 .

    3. but is that the case, I’m curious

  41. @03:06 – Observation: Texas is Hot & Humid AF. It’s an “outdoor” culture with lots of space. – Just a humble observation.

    1. COVID-19 cases are rising there and Arizona CA FL

  42. D is necessary for white blood cells because otherwise they’d be white bloo cells.

  43. Additionally, vitamin do you three has stopped my hair from falling out in clumps… It was to a point where you could see my scalp and after two weeks on a high quality vitamin with all the bees and D3 as well as an additional D3 supplement my hair has stopped falling out completely😌 The sad thing about this is that over a two-year period I went to for doctors and I was told it was stress… I tell everybody I know the importance of D

  44. I’m confused. My doctor told me to be sure to take the Vitamin D with the K2 yet the supplement that he recommends does not have that additional vitamin added.

    1. Andrei Popov yes, that’s exactly what I’ve been told. I’ll just stick to what I’ve taken for years. Thanks!

    2. KimuTone I don’t take meds and have found most meds are derivatives of natural substances. Look up chlorine dioxide – Bolivia has now made that natural substance their cur* for the overseas thingy we just got. A couple of other countries I ln South America are doing the same.

    3. @pepexiao The same big pharma that allows you cheap access to otherwise unexistent or unaffordably expensive medicine, oh yes so evil…

    4. I do feel this doctor has some great info but, unfortunately, he promotes what big pharma promotes. Sad. You should have Vit d with K2,…do your own research. Do not depend on one source for info.

    5. Vit D3 taken orally is not absorbed without K2, or it is calcifying the wrong tissues which may be the arteries instead of the bones

  45. Its is mid of the summer right now and plenty of heat and sunshine (vitamin D) all over US southern states, that are hit the hardest with the virus outbreak. So I don’t buy Vit D theory at this point. They also have plenty of fruits and vitamin C there – virus says “Thank you – its delicious” and continue to spread…

    1. @John Sinclair If you don’t know yet, than for your information – most sunlight than converted to Vitamin D come through our EYES. So, when its a lot of sunshine you should get it anyways, even indoor if you open your blinds. Also, if everyone stayed indoor at all times, where the heck they got virus from? I bet it did not knock at their door – they got it somewhere outside.

    2. People in the Southern states that I know hardly go outside at this time of year as it is so hot. You don’t make much vitamin D sitting in a car or a house with the air-con on.

    3. Modern indoor lifestyle doesn’t allow enough Vit. D be made naturally. I’ve had doc prescribe me Vit D. supplements for the same reason, much before covid19 was heard of.

  46. i no longer suffer from herpes virus after i used Dr.ozuka herbal medication this man used his herbs to cure me

  47. Am here to let the whole world know that I was diagnose of herpes all hope was lost and I had nothing to do about it, I just accepted the faith that one day I will cure of this disease and I just pray everyday for a helper and one day my sister introduce me to a herbal man called Dr Ozuka that she saw on internet,well, I gave him a try by contacting him ,I was not fully convinced until he sent me the herbal medicine which he ask me to take for few weeks I took it with faith and i went for a retest in the same hospitals and today am cured of this virus and am also using this medium to let all those having STD contact the herbal doctor via drozuka@gmail. com you can also WhatsApp/call +2348132172660….

  48. So 10000 iu for a male 60 plus is a good target?

    1. williewaset I would stick to 5,000 IU’s

    2. @williewaset There are no studies that show any bad effects up to 5,000 and plenty that show many good effects at around 5,000. I’m sticking to 5,000 supplement and any sun I can get in addition during the summer. The blood levels of Vitamin D3 in Africans living in Africa is slightly more than the levels I can reach even doing what I do. Based on that we are designed for far higher levels than are routinely recommended by the medical profession for all sorts of vitamins. For Vitamin C which they found the level scurvy starts at and then upped it by 100% and that is the “healthy” level and yet all animals that produce their own vitamin C produce far higher levels than that “recommended” level for humans. They did similar things for all the other vitamins so it is no more than guesswork on their part and certainly not Science.

    3. @Michael Sotomayor Thanks Doc. I’m up to about 5000 nowadays. I guess I will back off that.

    4. 1,000IU * not ten thousand

  49. Thank you for your videos. I am aware they are trying to develop a vaccine for covid-19. However rushing a vaccine to market has me on high alert. Could you do a video explaining Number Needed to Treat (NNT) I have this gut feeling 1000 or more people will have to take the vaccine to save 1 life, and the Number Needed to Harm will be much smaller. Thanks.

  50. Thank you for taking the time to do a write-up even if YT does have a limit!

  51. “is the coronavirus, the normal one,”
    You know COVID-19 is human coronavirus #7, right? And that New Haven one–call it “COVID-1019”–does a lot of the stuff COVID-(20)19 does, plus croup.

  52. Just a bit of concern to see Vit.D supplemented cows milk as a source of Vit.D. I would have thought the negative effects of any animal milk would have us avoid it.

    1. @Wendy Goerl That’s a false causality fallacy.
      Anyway, cow milk is pretty nitritious, and if you are intolerant, there is lactose free milk which contains the lactose moleculse already broken down. Really most milk is the same since nutrients lost in whatever part of its processing are later on added again, so drink whichever you like the best. You can use it as a COMPLEMENT of Vit D. Remember that sunlight and regular excersice alogn with a good diet is important.
      Its like a car, doesnt matter if you fill the tank with high octane gasoline (supplements) all the time, if you dont keep everything else in good shape with maintenance (good diet+excercise) its not gonan work properly.

    2. There was this story about two twins about 80 years old. One looked 80. The other didn’t. The difference? The old-looking one didn’t like milk.
      Most of the “negative effects” you’re probably talking about are a result of mandatory processing, not anything about the milk itself. REAL milk is great for you. Or you’re talking about some proteins in cow’s milk that don’t agree with some people–which is why goat’s milk has been on the upswing in America for the last decade or so.

    3. Yes, That’s why I literally started to give a side eye to this video but then as it went on,,, I already knew I could take this as an informative video for myself.

  53. 👍😘

  54. Hi doc. I tried taking vit D 50000IU and vit C 1g and zinc 50mg my blood pressure went straight down. The other problem is I am on blood pressure medication. I dont know what to do. Not very easy to speak to my doc. about it like it’s my problem if I cant tolerate😔

    1. NORMA SITHOLE email your doctor instead with your lower readings, they may lower your meds.

  55. Regarding vitamin C I strongly recommend Dr. Linus Pauling’s work 2 time Nobel Prize winning scientist in his field of research!

  56. my doctor has me on a prescription vitamin D 50000 plus im A_negative 67 yrs old and have been exposed to covid 5 times. so this just might mean something


    1. This is very important. For some readon the picture of Katty Perry with all her pills came to my mind lol.

  58. It is not a question of taking excessive dose of vitamin C but rather taking it as a supplement to boost imunity.
    Moreover, people having cases of hyper acidity is it advisable to take citrus fruits which others advocate? Certainly not.
    In that eventuality, can we afford to ignore taking vitamin C tab in appropriate dose to boost imunity.

  59. Then why Florida has a spike if its in hot weather

    1. humans in recent times work mostly indoors away from sunlight unlike in the past when we would be hunting or farming for food, we would be outside most of the time. so even in sunny warm countries humans are just not getting enough sunlight hence not enough vitamin d.

    2. Hot weather doesn’t equate optimal vitamin D, because for it to be produced inside your skin, it has to be exposed to sunlight, which very few people are. We are either covering our skin excessively or using sunscreen, which both hinder the vitamin D synthesis.

  60. I have orange vitamin c chew pill. Each pill the bottl said 250mg. Is it wrong if i eat the vitamin C like candy. Like 10-15 pills day

    1. Hard on teeth enamel chewable if taken regularly destroys it!

    2. Your body has a hard time absorbing much more than 2000 mg in ordinary pills or chews. After that, you’re just making expensive piss.

    3. I take 2000mg a day. It won’t harm you but if you take over the 2000mg limit you will have diarrhea.

  61. The 2.7k dislikes are the other doctor mike fans . lol 😂 love your information videos👍🏽😷

  62. Awesome Presentation

  63. I take a lot of vit. C and never get sick, even when in cold or flu season. I believe in Dr. Linus Paulin’s research. I take 3 grams a day. All year. For covid season I take 4 grams a day. Makes me feel a little safer. Plus my cod liver oil.

  64. often should we take vitamins? is it going to affect badly to our kidney in the long term if we take vitamins regularly?

  65. Thank you God bless you and your Family

  66. Pls test on people instead. Animal testing is inhumane and useless!!

    1. Would you rather lose your cat or your mother?

  67. Hi dr..Mike Hansen I’m new subscribers here your channel I’m in the Middle East..doc I would like to ask if I take vitamin D together vitamin c It’s ok no problem and how long should take vitamin supplements I hope you feedback my message

  68. I started taken multiple vitamins and minerals and it gave me upset stomach and the shits ? Why


    2. well I think u can get natural vitamins from veggies or fruits…

    3. It’s Cleaning out all that unhealthy food you are eating but then eventually your stomach will stop getting upset

  69. Doctor exposure to Sun for Vitamin D, can you suggest the tentative time we need to expose ourselves.

    1. You have to first eat a vitamin D rich food to be able to metabolize it through the sun and have it

  70. Vitamins c people👈🏽

  71. Four months later and the news media talks about masks for 24 hours.
    Nobody speaks of vitamin D.

    1. hilary sandow
      Honestly I don’t know what any of the vitamins are except C which is the most powerful. A thru F I know none of them except C but it’s the most important

    2. in my country we sunbathe every morning to get free vit d…as suggested by our regent. Now I know why it is important. I didn’t see how it connected to covid 19 but then…well…I understand it’s all about our immune system. maybe u can do it..sunbathing in front of your home to get free vit d to boost your immune system…☺️

  72. The dosage you recommend is far too low. A vitamin D level of until 100 ng/ml is not dangerous. I have a vit d level ov 176 ng/ml and my calcium level is absolutely normal.

    1. Agreed, a lot of scientists and doctors researching vitamin D say optimal range is between 40-60 ng/ml. I understand Mike’s suggestion though, even though there is no proof that going over 39 ng/ml is harmful in any way.

  73. YES……take Vit C and Vit D3 & Zinc at least twice a day while sick ! Go out in the sun for 15 min each day, do not lay in bed all day….bad for your lungs, drink lots of water. I am 66 and made it through. If you haven’t gotten sick yet, concentrate on building the immune system BEFORE you are sick with this virus.

  74. It’s July 2020 ,,number1 case right now is in Arizona,# 2 is California? ???

    1. Sunblock. And air-conditioned interiors. Not to mention Vit D is #2 for boosting immune system. Vit C is #1.

    2. Gary Hintz whatttttt ???

    3. Air conditioning. People are inside where it’s cooler.

    4. and Florida.

  75. Yay and we are smack bang in the middle of winter down here in australia! Dang it

  76. 👏 👏 👏 😇 ❤️

  77. Good doctor

  78. Here we are in summer hot weather in California and we’re told here comes our second wave. Does not fit with other virus.

  79. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I appreciate your time so much.

  80. Dr. Hansen, any suggestions to promote lung health to help fight a potential CV19 infection?

    1. Also look up N-Acetylcysteine as a supplement

    2. You can get this devise with little balls in it, you blow into it and try to get all three balls to the top each ball is harder to get to rhe top than the last as there are more holes for the air to get out. Not sure what they r called tho (blowing, balls and holes didnt mean this to sound so dirty lol)

    3. Use a balloon and blow it. Multiple times a day, say 5 min a day. This is the simplest method. There is a device named Frolov lung device or something /you can google/ but I doubt it’s sold in Western countries

  81. Appreciate the information about boosting the immune system.

  82. Here is a vitamin c trick I bet you didnt know. I have plenty of friends that have a no smoking weed or drinking court order but would do so anyway and when they have to go for a piss test would take about 20,000 to 30,000 mg the day before at about 3000 mg per hour drinking lots of water of course throughout the night and would pass the piss test . The side effects? more drinking and more smoking weed because they could get away with it.

  83. În cellular metabolism lower or excesive amount can disturb

  84. Zinc can feed also metaloenzymes implicarea în viral replication.
    They are almost 60 enzymes

    1. Maybe that is why doctor recommend to take zn before and at the begginkng of the cov19

    2. U make no sense

    3. Davies W.L.,
      Smith S.C.,
      Pond W.L.
      Rasmussen Jr.A.F. Proc.Soc. exp.Biol.(N.Y.) 1949 ,72, 528
      J.Bact.,1952 ,64, 571.

    4. Gonțea I ,,Alimentația și apărarea antiinfecțioasă,, București 1968 pag.101

    5. @Johnny D Tratat de virusologie medicală Cajal Editura medicală București 1990 pag.544

  85. Excellent info ❤️

  86. Zinc spray is a godsend for a sore throat.

  87. I have been following the posts of microbiologist Dr Maria Barrientos, and after a 25 minute video, everything about treatment of the Corona virus made perfect sense. She affirms that treating with tylenol is the wrong strategy, that it does absolutely nothing for the chief cause of death among patients, i. e, inflammation. she suggests that at the first signs of covid19, patents take ibuprofen 3 times a day. and an inti flu , like Thera flu or sudafed. She noted that very few asthmatic pateints were showing up with Covid19, primarily because many of them take beclomatasone inhaler, a powerful anti inflammatory, and that patients who have other acute symptoms like diahrea, are suffering from the same issue: INFLAMMATION . intestinal, or affecting other organs. She also contends that although acetomenafine can lower temperature, this may also be a misguided strategy, since fever is the body’s natural defense, attempting to kill the virus by raisng body temperature. Also, that hyperthermia triggering heat shock also triggers the innate immune system response..This was born out by a German study some years ago. SO. I know what I’M doing if I have Covid19 symptoms

    1. Doesn’t an anti-inflammatory also depress the immune system? I feel like fever and inflammation are beneficial (as long as they don’t kill you)

  88. great

  89. What about Astragalus & Olea europaea ?

  90. Your 12 minute talk had 4 loud commercials that are abrupt and distracting in contrast to your comforting voice. Pls tell the sponsors to turn down the volume and chill.

  91. Good information, but the frequency and sound volume is too much.

  92. Dear Dr Hansen from March 2020. It is now July and where do I begin…. Most of the world locked down and asked their people to stay at home due to COVID19. Governments erected emergency policies due to the economic impact – leading to many either becoming unemployed or, worse, furloughed. Essential services continued (ie. supermarkets and liquor stores), but over time things slowly opened up again – whether it was govt policy or just businesses and people getting frustrated by the lock down. Now, most of the world is opening up, but some places are doing better than others. Many parts of the US never fully locked down, so the US is continuing to be engulfed in the virus vs many other parts of the world that can safely live life without even the requirement of wearing a mask. They keep talking about a second wave and that remains to be seen. No vaccine yet, but there are many promising trials. Everything is awkward, but, at the same time, we are just as much a-holes to each other as we have always been – just in different ways now.

  93. It means coins have two faces

  94. It is 106° in vegas with low humidity and our number of Covid cases has dbl.

    1. You have to be in sunlight. Hot weather is not it.

    2. Could it be, the people were in air condition rooms? Get outside in sun, but protect face with hats NO SUNSCREEN..
      The last epidemics, air conditioners werent invented.
      Use fans only to cool off, and take cod liver oil for vitamin D 3

    3. 1. The hot weather won’t kill the virus. 2. Vegas is now open 3. Get exposure from the sun to produce vitamin d which in return, will strengthen bones and the immune system

  95. Taking 10 GMs of Vitamin-C per day, spread out during the day, will strengthen your immune system, so that most probably you will not experience any serious effects from the Coronavirus. The reason the medical community in general doesn’t believe this, is that they will not make any money if you are healthy !!! Medicine in the U.S. is mostly about how much money can we make on giving people lots of chemicals and telling them it will help their health. Really ?? More cancer today than 20 years ago regardless of how much more the population has increased. Anyone like to know why ?

  96. I just disfectanted my self with Absolute Vodka ! Absolutely !

    1. 🍺🍺

    2. Dont drink. It weakens immune system

  97. Thanks again for information.

  98. It seems that covid 19 is disproving the theory that it would slow during the summer months with warmer temperatures and higher humidity. It seems to be thriving and spreading no matter what.

    1. It’s thriving because the MSM says so…. they have an agenda and we should know what that is by now.

    2. @blackbette07 I too live in Florida. Trump along with others said that “it would go away when it got warm”. Well that is obviously false as it seems to be thriving in the warmth and humid weather of Florida and the hot dry areas of Arizona and everything in between. The theory that it would go away with warm weather when everyone went outside has been proved wrong. It’s being spread on our beaches almost as much as in buildings. This thing is crazy

    3. I live in Florida. People not going outside in the sun from 10AM to 2PM because it’s hot. They stay in the shade or inside with AC. I sit about 45 minutes to an hour in the sun daily because I am black. Heat is not it. It’s sunlight that’s kicks starts the body to make Vitamin D

    4. Unless those spreading if ard the rioters, or those living in foggy places like Seattle

  99. I guess too much of anything is bad, love your presentation.

  100. Liked the content but the shear amount of ads made me want to end the video early.

    1. I know whatever you watch has a lot of ads

    2. You need to downoad adblock+, it’s free, I see no ads.

  101. The studies on Vitamin c that he cites were restricted to doses of 2 grams a day or less. That’s like trying to drive a car across Texas on 2 gallons of gas. Even the authors of the meta study acknowledged the limitation in their conclusion and recommended research into higher daily doses based on studies they could not include in the meta study. People who have viral infections absolutely can and will safely absorb much higher amounts of C and speed their recovery by doing so. Half a million dead so far because the medical community still clings to teachings not based on fact but extremely restricted and deliberately misleading research. Vitamin C is non-toxic, low risk, easily manageable to avoid taking too much, cheap, and highly beneficial in treating viral infections. The failure to research doses of C up to the absorption limit of the infected has been a massive betrayal of the public’s safety and trust. There will be a country that loses all fucks to give and figures this out.

  102. Vitamin C! Taking Vitamin C Pills will not cure the common cold! But it supports essential metabolic functions in you body, like the production of Collagen, which holds you body together and Adrenalin fihgting Stress! But as doom as Vitamin C enter the body it is slowly going to secreted through the urin and used or not will be gone in approximately 6 hours! In an healthy person more then 15 tro 20 gramm will cause diarrhea, while someone with a cold may take up to 100 grams before then dirrhea sets in! But this only happens with Oral Vitmain C and not when it it applied intravenously as sodium ascorbate! Since IVC, does not cause Diarrhea, doeses up to 100 gram, have been successfully used to cure pneumonia! It is knownm, that IVC will reduce oxidative Stress!
    But then there is another way of delivering Vitamin C into the human body and that is achieved by liposomes! Also here sodium ascorbate is used,, that is nano encapsulated inot the liposomes and these are best taken on an empty stomache with lots of wter, so they can enter the body as liposomes, not recognised as Vitamin C (same can be done with Glutathion) burt as a fatty accid! Once the liposomes are in the body, the will dock on cells and deliver Sodium Ascorbate as their payload into the cells, which means that close to 95% for the Vitamin C is absorbed! Meaning that a little over 10 gram of oral liposomal Vitamin C can be as effective, as an injection nof 50 grams! I have tried it and taking a few grams on an empty stomach cured the common cold! So what Linus Pauling said is true, as long as we take Vitmamin C differntly! Comes to mind, that most mammals make their own Vitmin C! For example a mountain goat, will make up to 90, grams Vitmamin C if under stress! For, them it is a hormone, that their liver will make from Glucose! As far as man goes, there is one enzyme function missing in the liver to produce Vitamain C! The Chinese seem to know all this, that’s why they plan clinical tests with Vitamin C for covid-19, since Vitamin C in high doses can prevent Cytonic Storms!

    1. Zinc knocks colds out, taken early enough, like Cold eeze

  103. Please look at Richard Cheng’s work in China or Thomas Levy MD with all diseases.
    This is known for many years and is science based meaning the pathogen is anaerobic and
    Vit C and CLO2 are oxidizers so eliminate all pathogens. see book “forbidden health” by Andreas Kalcker. These are 100% recovery for Covid victims documented in March 2020

    1. This so called MD like thousands of other MDs out there doesn’t have a clue when it comes to AA, it my view they are nothing but pill pushers working for BIG PHARMA. They are not educated in natural supplements or herbs as all they do is look up research done by researchers/doctors funded by Big Pharma. L-Ascorbic Acid cane out in 1937 and yes there were MDs experimenting on AA and what it could do to diseases in the human body. For example there was a well known doctor named DR. Fredrick R Klenner who in the 40’s threw 70’s treated hundreds of people through massive injections of vitamin C, including measles and pneumonia-like illnesses and got incredible results!!
      His research papers are online for anyone to read & study, but I guess in our world of today calling somebody a crackpot or conspiracy theorist because they have different beliefs or theories instead of the sheep herd inadequate deficient ways.

  104. Can’t hurt —- cab it ?

  105. Well…it’s June and virus is spreading like wildfire in the south.

    1. I just don’t understand why more people are not getting tested. Most of these tests are free or at a low cost. It’s ridiculous that wearing masks is now a political thing than a health topic.

    2. We have more testing in small towns now. everyone gets it. It is not a deadly virus if you have an immune system.

  106. This all sounds Paranoid.

  107. Big Pharma and the FDA won’t produce the income they are currently, with more natural medications like herbs. And hey! Science has had tremendous positive studies on liquid silver.

    1. Also liquid D3 is the most current positive study, not capsules. Mostly because the human body doesn’t absorb capsules well. D3 Liquid 1000IU 2 oz by Metagenics is a great sources especially for the Immunocompromise.

  108. What? Do not exceed 39 NG dl? Mine was 70, and came from THE SUN! Your body regulates vitamin D production from the sun, unlike from supplements.. If you can’t overdose from vitamin D from the sun, and your body makes it, then I believe the optimum vitamin D levels should be 80!

    1. @49jubilee exactly…

    2. If you are darkskinned, you need cod lived oil and more fatty fish. It’s harder to get it from sun alone

    3. Yeah? I also thought 39 ng/ml seemed very low. Other doctors greatly differ on toxic levels with some even suggesting even 150+ ng/ml.

  109. Can you just get to the point if you can take vitamin D vitamin C together please.

    1. Vitamins D3 &2 have studies on going and are positive to aiding in a healthy immune to fight the virus. Along with Deionized water(liquid silver) and Zink Gluconate. I haven’t read much on C.

  110. Lot of this is common sense .

  111. Yeah, stop and think when colds and the flu go around, usually fall into winter when we have shorter days of sun and a lot of gray days. Makes sense, the sun is good for your immune system and getting vitamin D the natural way. The sun is a natural disinfectant. I also prefer natural supplements/organic foods over pharm vitamins, tablets are worthless. Zinc is good for your immune system. You also have to know when to take what with what also because some offset the other vitamins or minerals that you’re taking. I love echinacea is very good for your lungs.

    1. Shelter Ooooo your so smart so do a video 🤣

  112. So can we all agree : drinking Bleach is off the list.

    1. Hey my sink once said to me it liked to drink bleach. Made it feel cleaner.

    2. For now yes 😅

    3. K.L. ask Shelter- !

  113. Very useful

  114. Vitamin C will make your cell resist to majority of disease.
    Take it from fruit and other food.
    Dont drink too much water. Take water from food and drink slow whole day.
    Vitamin D from milk is cancer for your bones and your health literally. Take Sunlight. You will produce your own vitamine D

    1. @k8eekatt I bet gingers tend to get vitamin D easier, if they donf use too much sunscreen

    2. True. Prostate cancer to be exact. But many states do not get adequate sun all year long 🙁

    3. @k8eekatt 🙄

    4. Vegan vit. D3 is available. Most people can’t make enough from sun alone and need chicken liver or cod liver. If you want to avoid toxins in food you can use vegan.

  115. For avoid against from coronavirus use Vitabiotics Immunace.

    1. No ! No ! Use vicks menthol rub . Sweat it out baby .

  116. Why “DO NOT EXCEED 39 NG/ML”. What harm in having the amount that people who work in the sun like life guards or roofers, which is about 40-50 ng/ml? My level is 59 ng/ml with no negative affect. The research on this is easily available. If you are going to say “DO NOT EXCEED…, you should say why and what is your source. Please.

    1. @k8eekatt yes it is a fat soluble vitamin. The cases of toxicity are extremely rare and from very high dosing over time. Most people need to take 3-5000 IU’s over many months to get above 30 ng/ml. Then continue that amount to maintain. Also this depends very much on the BMI. Thanks for your comment.

    2. In another video he mentions you can develop an over dose over time since vit. D is not water soluble and is stored in the liver. Lucky You! Sounds like you are in a good blood level zone! My doctor said she wanted me to keep it in the 70 range.

  117. Quercetin

  118. Turns out that meat processing factories foster large numbers of CV victims.

    1. John dont beleive everything you hear .hear !

  119. Thank you so much doctor from a Syrian pharmacist, we have the warm weather, but we have war in the same time! Thanks anway 🔆🛡〽️🔏

    1. 😰

    2. Arab dictators along with western filthy politicians who farm Arab dictators for you are doing it for your own sake Maha to boost your immune system 😂

  120. Interesting I am a strong believer in C . Vit .colloidal silver is also a great virus and bacteria killer

    1. Colloidal silver does not turn you blue if you are using nano particles.

    2. How do you know Fernano ? Just because you dont get sick.

    3. You might want to restrict it to topical use. It can make you turn blue on a permanent basis.

  121. If C-vitamins seem to regulate t-cells, i find it very strange why you claim there’s no reason to use c-vitamins at all. Sick persons would probably get healthy faster with increased intake to keep number of t-cells up to a good defense level. But hospitals would probably lose too much income? Ofc healthy persons would not need more than normal intake.

  122. You shouldn’t be too negative about whether something is proven or not! As Einstein says: you can never prove a hypothesis or statement is correct but you can prove it is wrong with one experiment. Those that say correlation is not causation prove they understand nothing about the Scientific Method. Make the point and challenge people to disprove you. If its good enough for Einstein …. Too many idiots make a point themselves and then destroy what they have just claimed to try to discredit someone who puts forward sensible hypotheses they dont agree with.

    1. God said that the devil proved it could go wrong ….Murphy’s law !

    2. “Too many idiots make a point themselves and then destroy what they have just claimed to try to discredit someone who puts forward sensible hypotheses they dont agree with.”
      Congrats, you just proved yourself correct!

  123. Thank you doctor God bless you 🙏🏻🌹

    1. @Sumantie Phatandain Alright already ….gee wizz

    2. Sumantie ….arexyou looking for brownie points ?

    3. Thank you doctor I always lorn something new on your program 🙏🏻❤️

    4. Thank you doctor I always looking at your program 🙏🏻🌹❤️

  124. This is such a typical MD answer. I’d say you’re a criminal and a holocaust nazi if you prevent your patients from intravenous treatment of vitamin-c. People are dying and you are sighting studies and common cold studies. it’s insane, the knowledge for the power of vitamin-c has been known for a long time and is proven to work with many infections. It’s a cheap and risk-free treatment and that is maybe why MDs who are founded by big pharmaceutical companies don’t like it!

  125. When growing up in northern Montana, people would get better when the weather dropped to -40 F or colder got better, especially if they worked outdoors. It seemed as though the severe cold killed the “bugs”, even in your lungs while doing fairly heavy work (feeding cows by hand, etc) once your lungs would get so cold that a slightly burning feeling for a few hours each day over a week or so. Not sure about the medicine of this, but that is what it seemed like. BTW, I fully agree about the quality of “Nature’s Made” supplements. The best that I have found.

  126. Hi Doc
    How high or low are the probabilities that a recovered covid 19 patient can be infected again?

    1. In June, data collected suggests about 2-3 months


  128. Dr, don’t you recommend people including K2 with the D3?

    1. Mk7 is better absorbed (type of k20)

  129. There are proofs that vitC can cure cancer. I am surprise when you say that till today there are no evidence that VitC can cure cold etc. Are you one of Bill Gates, abd Dr. Fauci allies? Sorry cant help to ask you that question lol

    1. @The Norseman why would an imbecile know these things ? What shocks me is just how many naive idiots make comments here . It really is disturbing how the average human IQ is declining.

    2. It also makes breast cancer stronger and more likely to kill.

    3. You do realize, do you not, that there is no such thing as “cancer” but that there are hundreds of kinds of cancers? With dozens (at least) of etymologies (origins)? Maybe a small ray of thoughtfulness might penetrate your ray-shield strength of ignorance, but if vitamin C could “cure cancer” then there wouldn’t actually be any cancers at all.

    4. Vitamin C can’t cure cold, it helps alleviate the symptoms, but so does the antihistamines which alleviate the discomforts, yet they’re still not cures. So far Vitamin D and Zinc has been proven to better prepare the immune system for fighting against the Covid19 virus.

      Also If Bill Gates were behind all these, president Trump, CIA or KGB, MI6 or any other Intelligence agencies worldwide would find out long before some conspiracy theory nutjobs in social medias do. Don’t get sucked into their conspiracy theory narratives.

    5. I suppose what the study shows is that taking vit c supplements had underwhelming benefits. I think it is because vitamin c supplements as they call it is either ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate and these are not the true vitamin c. Just take what Dr. says that you can meet the vit c requirement by taking organic food like oranges, sweet peppers etc.

  130. Iceland great place to live, breathing and cold therapy with Wim Hoff and Tibetan monks works wonders for ironclad immune system. Bottom line; overweight people with metabolic syndrome do not do as well as people who move their bodies and eat Whole Foods. Research is research and can often be skewed by big bucks for big bucks! I hear the media say Covid 19 is different than flu but most of Europe is Categorizing it same as flu. I see the doom and gloom news stating the “sky is falling” I look at places where I live and see a robust functioning! So, why don’t we all try for better holistic health, a stronger immune system and rely on our immunity as nature intended

  131. Recommendaitons dose 5:50 and a product he likes at 6:53 Nature Made (and recommendations by ConsumerLab)

    1. You see that’s where it lost me, Nature Made I would think is absolutely garbage, because it’s made and distributed by Walmart.

  132. The shot drink milk, so cheesy! 😂

  133. In regards to Vitamin C: Have you considered the studies where high-dose Vitmain C, via IV, have not only reduced the length of illness, including total recovery, as well as, it’s use to wipe out certain types of Cancer? OR the correlation of higher dose, or consistent dose of Vitamin C intake and the historical data, showing elimination of scurvy (or we can call it ‘survival rate’). As for Vitamin C, multiple studies from the CDC, NIH, etc (which I have read) definitely show these modalities to be helpful in the reduction, or elimination of COVID, SARS, Rhinovirus, Rotavirus, etc.. You are correct about taking too much can lead to diarrhea. Studies suggest that best use is to titrate up to just outside of diarrhea (a loose stool), for best outcomes.

    1. Vitamin C supplements though are commonly either ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate. There is a huge debate surrounding this but the real vitamin c should be found mostly in organic foods like fruits and vegetables and not synthelically.

    2. Agreed with you. Not surprise why this video has 2.6k disliked.

    3. Yes you are correct!

  134. Hi Friends – just prayed for our healthcare workers & those suffering. God bless them all. Like many, I am home & staying safe. I’m a senior with (unfortunately) major medical issues. Living on my SS check. I wrote a little book in hopes of earning(maybe)a few royalties to help me out – 365 Knock-Knock Jokes (by R. Myers – Amazon). If you get a chance, kindly check it out. I do wish everyone the best & hope this crisis ends ASAP. Stay safe & look after your neighbor. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

  135. Herbs — most have not been studied for… Big Pharma won’t profit so there is little incentive.

  136. zinc is great

    1. stop spamming

  137. for Cold flue best thing is chicken soup with lots of garlic,, garlic also good who have LDL

    1. onions too

  138. yes i take this one

  139. i take every year Influenza shots

  140. as I said i take vitamin D3 vitamin C and Vitanim B complex with 12

  141. Recently, I got a news notification on my cell that vitamin k could help fight corona virus. Could that be true?

    1. @nuran arrowood He means K2 not K1

    2. If you bleed lot Vitanim K stops bleeding

  142. Just go vegan 😉 Best thing you can do for your health. If you do go vegan, make sure to take a B12 supplement though, and 15 minutes to max. 30 minutes in the Sun every day without sunscreen (for vitamin D). Thank me in 50 years.

    1. CStarz
      Not true gorillas and elephants are vegans , and are among the strongest animals on earth.

    2. Prefer a nice big juicy beef steak

    3. you wont live that long especially in the’re not physically strong enough to defend yourself.

  143. I discovered that Vitamin D cures Flu before 10 years. We tested this in Bulgaria against Coronavirus in Bulgaria and that worked fine. I made many videos – Youtube DELETED THEM – because maybe they support Bill Gates and Soros…

    1. can i also have facebook id to reach you thanks

    2. @Saim Khan 400units minimum, usually 1000. I prefer pills, not liquid.

    3. Post it on Twitter

    4. How much IU of Vitamin D and for how long ?please share details so others can benefit from

    5. Post it in facebook

  144. Alcohol vapor can cure respiratory infection. Vitamin C is always helpful. hydroxychloroquine is a dangerous substance.

  145. Hi Mike, It would be good to mention the relationship between D3 and K2(MK7) the two go hand in hand. D3 on its own actually can do damage to the heart.

  146. If humidity is a factor and heat then why are there cases in Florida and Texas at this time of the year in June. Hotter areas of the country are still experiencing Covid19, and it is now June 6, 2020.

    1. Because the media is lying to you … their agenda is vaccines and vaccines only , the numbers are inflated out the rooftops.

    2. People still are a lot inside enclosed spaces in the hot and humid regions (like Florida and Texas) – and they use A/C. One good thing – the demonstrations regarding police reform etc. might not be that much of a hazard and start clusters. I think it is safe to assume that the virus does not fare well under sunlight. There is always a little breeze going in, and the airflow takes the droplets (larger, sneezing coughing) and aerosols (much finer) away (it is a matter of virus load if you will catch it, and how bad the infection will be).
      another thing: singing and speaking louder produces more “mist” that is exhaled by a person. So staying away from areas where people sing, shout, scream (no sports events).

      If people work indoors and the ventilation distributes its that is much more dangerous. And of course people try to avoid hot and humid that is the whole point of having an A/C.

      Ventilation system played obviously a rule with the choire in Washington. (inhaling and exhaling deeply = aerosols) and the ventilation in the building shut off (down) because the practice was at the evening. 45 out of 60 got infected. and they already practiced social distancing, hand washing.

      They did not all get it by being caughed at or from hand to mouth infection. On person spread it into the air and the others inhaled it. Unfortunately at least 2 persons died.

       there was also a call center where the infections were concentrated in one area, so it clearly had to do with how the air (containing virus) was circulated in that space.

      All of that is better in the open, the virus particles are moved around randomly, carried to higher altitude etc.
      AC makes air less humid and cooler – good conditions for the virus. And may create insome cases airflow currents that help distribute virus if one person happens to be infected and sits at a certain spot.

    3. Add a mask and voila, you have humidity…personal experience! 😓

  147. thank you doctor but with autoimmune diseases we need more(zinc,vitamines D3,k2,A,C…)

  148. Well I caught the virus and I take vitaminc c and I was better within 4 days. Ngl though the breathing problems where intense x

    1. how much grams of vitamin c you took daily.for breathing problem did you do anything.thanks for your wisdom

  149. Dr. Mike, always informative with no fluff. Thanks for helping to educate people and help them navigate to junk science and noise on the web today.

  150. Requirements of Vitamin c or D or both or multivitamins vary person to person. But actually weather doesn’t do anything with pandemic bcoz some countries are v hot some are v cold and still situation is same regarding COVID-19.. its actually virus who had mutation in a v short duration and causing deaths at the same pace..
    Please make video about this.

  151. I hear so many recommendations about taking vitaminD supplements over the counter, however nobody explains what is in these softgels, what’s the liquid inside these softgels, what do they put inside these softgels.

    1. Many quality products are made in/from China, so they certainly are capable.
      And China is still very important and beneficial to the US, etc. ie with US profiting around/up to 20 billion a year. Through things like many good innocent people who are patrons of US goods and services, healthy tourism that supports local big and small businesses, people from different countries visiting, living in/outside China working with businesses and patrons, etc.
      The issue/complication for their people had been with part of their controlling government, though there still is good within the government levels that do try to help and support the people, be mutually/peacefully diplomatic, etc.

    2. Also, pay attention to where the vitamin was made. A lot of the ones sold at Walmart, such as Nature’s Way (might not be exact name) are all made in CHINA!!

  152. You need to take zink and vitamin d , you may have a problem getting zink , God bless 🎈

  153. There are no numbers telling 4000 IU a day is a maximum. There are only, that 4000 IU is good enough for MOST people to get their blood numbers normal. It is not for those with stronger deficiencies etc. Very bad combination of information.

  154. I’m impressed by the suggestive recommendations being made to help me understand better ways to improve my Health and loved ones thank you so much for taking the time and making these presentations goes to show that improving our health during this time will always go a long way God Bless America

  155. It depends on the individual health

  156. How much is that Vitamin C & D. Dr.Mike

  157. Thank you…Folks, re-read the video’s title …The answer is, YES, take your vitamins ( C and D) and minerals(Zinc and magnesium) and eat your antioxidants ASAP… Do not wait for Vaccines….Mandatory, forced vaccines…Line up…Wait, Don’t be me. I am an M.D. but let me tell you what you do not know about vaccines and what I didn’t know and what 90% of all M.D.’s do not know and what No politician knows… I did not know that Vaccines had not been tested against any placebo (ever). I did not know that animal testing would be skipped for the future COVID vaccines..I did not know the 30+ ingredients used in vaccines. I did not know that there are neurotoxic aluminum and mercury molecules in vaccines. I did not know enough to research vaccines before vaccinating my own children.
    I did not know that my own precocious, active, talking son would be vaccine-injured.
    I did not know that my own baby brother (also an M.D.) would become paralyzed (Guillain-Barre) and then die after his swine flu vaccine in the same hospital (Shands) where he had received his medical training.
    I did not know that my mother(an R.N.) would get 8 vaccines in 1 day to “catch-up” with newly added CDC vaccines to keep her job as Head Nurse in the Largest Hospital in the county and then get such severe, aggressive, progressive brain fog in days and become unable to dial a phone or push an elevator button or remember any of her 5 children in a few weeks and then have this “dementia” progress and then die in diapers
    I did not know that vaccines were given a blanket indemnity from liability in 1986 and now total immunity for all COVID vaccines for the future. I did not know that we gave more vaccines than any other country starting on day #1…I did not know that we have the highest rate of SIDS of the top 35 industrialized countries… I did not know that we had more autism than any other country… I did not know that Vaccines could injure an infant’s brain.
    I did not know that vaccines can result in autoimmunity and neurological damage. I did not know that herd immunity does not apply to vaccines and is a myth created by the CDC. I did not know that Vaccines have almost no effect after about four years.
    I did not know how emotional the topic would be and how angry people would be at me for just asking questions about Vaccine Safety. I did not know that pediatricians were paid to give vaccines. I did not know that the CDC owned the Patents on so many vaccines.
    I did not know that the NIH stands to make Billions of dollars on a COVID vaccine.
    I did not know how angry at myself I would be for not knowing. I did not know that the CDC committed fraud and destroyed their evidence in their vaccine safety studies when it showed vaccines can cause autistic neurological changes..I did not know that a whistleblower came forward with all the evidence but he was silenced. I did not know that Merck committed fraud in their vaccine research repeatedly. I did not know that aluminum molecules in the vaccine ingredients is connected to brain inflammation and brain inflammation has been proven to be connected to autism.
    I did not know that vaccines contained human cells from aborted fetuses..
    I did not know how much mainstream media would censor the independent research that showed these facts…I did not know that 90% of all vaccine research that the CDC and FDA use to “approve” vaccines are done by the scientists hired by vaccine makers..I did not know if we were alone… I did not know how many other millions of parents and families in the world have been affected by vaccine reactions..
    I did not know how many would find, join, and share the Facebook help group= Vaccine Support Group on Facebook..I did not know that FB would delete the scientific medical research that had been suppressed, deleted, or censored until it happened to us… Dr.MAS..

  158. Thanks for all the help and invaluable info! Much appreciated! Hope you’re moving to Atlanta!! Lol. I am too! 😊

  159. Those who have or had Corona, what did you use for the headache?

    I’ve been having painful headaches for a while now.

    1. Take Magnesium and Potassium supplements. If you don’t eat vegetables or fruits often enough, you will suffer from headaches.

    2. I used vicks vapor rub…on my temples and back of the neck along with extra strength Tylenol. I drank lots of hot tea, coffee, hot oatmel drinks. And room temp water. I never fully laid down…i slept kind of in a upright position.

    3. Try a Neti pot rinse, to flush your sinuses, the virus is stored in your sinuses so best to flush it out of there

  160. what about vitamin k ?

    1. Bananas

    2. vitamine k2 you need to take 100 IU if you take 10000 IU of vit D3

  161. Most vitamin c is artificial so no wonder not work well.

    1. Yes that is correct. Synthetically produced ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate is not the real vit c. There are many studies out there concerning this. The best way to get the real vit c is through food like fruits & veggies. Ascorbic acid is not the full vit c.

    2. Made from black mold !

  162. Can we take vitamin c

    1. @kvleggoObservations on the Dose and Administration of Ascorbic Acid When Employed Beyond the Range of a Vitamin in Human Pathology

      Fred R. Klenner, M.D.

    2. Search Dr. Saul or Dr. Cheng also

    3. Of course, though he’s very uninformed about vit C but that’s because he’s only going by suppressed truth about it, yt search ‘vitamin c levy’ (Dr Thomas Levy and other related video results)

  163. I’d like to know the benefits of dandelion for the body, please.

  164. I’m a true believer in Echinacea as you say certain brands are better than others. I take Vitamins C, D, Zinc and Folic acid. I take Echinacea if I feel a cold coming on.

  165. Thank you for the valuable Info

  166. Is it ok to drink Orange or Lemon juice or do we need to eat the whole fruit to get vitamin C?

    1. The whole fruit is no doubt the best choice. You will get the real vitamin c and not just ascorbic acid.

    2. Juice is fine!

  167. They are pulling your videos.

    1. Good he making alot of money off of sick people. He didn’t have to monetize this…. slimmy

  168. Wow. Just saw that your video on Covid 19 and Vitamin D was removed. I hadn’t seen the whole thing yet and I’m disappointed. Is there any other way to see it perhaps? Thanks for your videos and information.

    1. It’s not removed. I just watched it!

  169. no question about taking those particular vitamins….virus not not. Immune system can always use that extra support. Those gummy vitamins that have all the vitamins are rather tasty.

  170. Every person has a unique health system.

  171. Andbdy ans in hindi in short fom…whts can he say

  172. As re: Vitamin C & it’s ability to treat a cold, I can testify it worked for me when my source was a quart of orange juice. Happened in 1980 while driving from Louisiana to Iowa. I’d been on the road a few days eating fast food and had a runny nose and was sneezing. Stopped at a roadside convenience store for a soda. Disgusted by the fact that the soda was the better part of the cost of a quart of OJ, I bought and downed the OJ quickly (about 20 min). By the time I got to the bottom of the carton, my nose was dry, my sniffles stopped and I was a convert. Maybe I’m an outlier, or maybe the studies only showed the supplements tested did not work as expected.

    1. I think most pharma companies advertise their supplements like ascorbic acid as vitamin c well in fact it is not the actual chemical form. So to add to your testimony, yes the orange juice had helped you but not in the case of most vit c supplements in the form of tablets or so. For me taking the real fruit or veggies are the way to go to get the full vit c.

    2. This Doctor is just another shill … why would he not explain the advantages between Liposomal Vit C and other forms? … Google NZ SWINE FLU FARMER AND VIT C …. and also it’s incredible results against Sepsis… which kills 8 million people a year

  173. Finally real knowledge.

  174. Actually the TRUTH is that an IDEAL LEVEL of 1,25-HYDROXY VITAMIN D3 is Between 80-100 NG/ML. So taking somewhere in the range of 7,000-10,000 IU DAILY of VITAMIN D3 or CHOLECALCIFEROL TOGETHER WITH VITAMIN K2, or higher is REQUIRED TO HELP ACTIVATE THE Gc-MAF (Macrophage Activation Factor) which is a PRIMARY WAY THAT OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM PROTECTS US AGAINST INFECTIONS OR INFECTIOUS DISEASE, VIRUSES, AUTISM and even CANCER.


    1. Yeahhhh

  176. Here’s how I use vitamin C crystals: A wet finger-full at bedtime puts me right to sleep! And the next day my sinuses are always relaxed.

    1. Sorry what are vitamin C crystals , I have crazy sinuses 😩

  177. Question, if the virus isn’t alive can it pass through the body and into the sewer system then waterways and on through the food chain?

  178. I know my vitaminD levels were low, I always forget to drink milk, but I buy it, but my son is the one I see is finishing it, then I am tested positive for Covid19 but I have recovered ,more to that story, I do eat oatmeal everyday now with milk in mornings and afternoons, after recovery of Covid19, but also I do lots more with my diet.

    1. Are you able to smell after you recovered?

    2. You should take Vitamin D it is not a cure but supports the work of the immune system.

    3. Did you have mild symptoms?

  179. I read that vitamin C reduces inflammation in the arteries. The book was written by a cardiovascular specialist. That advice seemed harmless since C is not stored-up by the body.

  180. Great info Dr Mike!

  181. Great video thank you 😊👍

  182. 共匪

  183. I’m so glad you’re making these videos. Thank you! You’re appreciated and needed!

  184. I wouldn’t call that information “mind blowing”. Having read conflicting papers, I have yet to read any that justify the hype around Vit D. On the contrary, I have yet to see patients having any mood responses etc. to supplementation. More importantly, there seems to be no clear correlation between sun exposure and blood levels (anecdotally), and many with “low levels” continue to have low levels after supplementation. This suggests that the vitamin store is regulated, and it should be considered that down regulation is not the same as deficiency. Vit D is one possible factor in bone mineralization, and its requirement seems to vary with the fat content of the diet. Iam open to correction, obviously, but science has its fashion trends like anything else..

  185. Doc.
    Thanks much for all your effort in making these informational videos.

  186. How similar is Covid 19 to legionaires disease?

  187. The trouble is….you can listen to ten different doctors and get ten different opinions and suggestions.

  188. So handsome and smart

  189. I probably could use some copper I’m anemic too.

  190. I will probably go back to 81mg aspirin

  191. I take vit d, c, zinc, folic acid,and B12

  192. What I liked when you said extensive studies are required. What I disliked when you extrapolated something without any evidence. So, if you expect Quality of Research, please cut down those sentences, which are extrapolated.

  193. Doctors have reported good results using hydrochloroquine when accompanied by zinc. some say the zinc “kills” the viruses and HCQ opens the cells and let’s the zinc inside.

    1. Bella Inia Which part of what Dr. Shiva said was the opposite? I’m curious …. thanks!

    2. Is opposite, Dr Shiva explanation is one of the best I have heard so far.

    3. And look how mainstream media demonized that drug.

  194. if the virus stays in your throat for 3 days before entering your lungs, then frequent handwashing with soap and water won’t be enough… one has to wipe your tongue nearest the tonsil with a little bit of soap, gargle the soapy water, then spit it out, as often as you could. soap is the virus’ cheapest enemy. so frequent washing of the eyes, nostrils, ears, and tongue with soapy water will do us good. this is embarassing for me to share. so, hope this saves a life. it has saved mine…

    1. Colloidal silver will do the trick

    2. LMAO

    3. No replacement as hydrogen peroxide… be careful if you have lead fillings….

  195. Besides vitamins A, D and C everyone ought to drink the all natural homemade hot beverage as a prevetive measure during this pandemic. For the essential recipe, go to YouTube/ninancherian. Stay safe and be well.

  196. Is 5000 iu to much?

    1. Hmmmm … my family takes V D3 at 1000 iu. Originally it was for her bone fractures but when this Wuhan CCP Covid-19 virus started, we all started to take it, because it claims to boost your immune system so we were all game! My daughter & I are night owls but the boys go to sleep more early. So it’s a split …

    2. Depends on how deficient you are

    3. from what I’ve found in research articles it fine. However, I took Vitamin D3 at 5000iu and it didn’t allow me to sleep. I read a few articles where they say there may be a link with high doses of vitamin d and decreased melatonin levels. I’ll try a lower dosage next time.

  197. Why would one down vote this? Do you think the info is wrong or deceptive?

    1. Vitamin C has been found to be super helpful, but the dosage he is suggesting is super low, which is why it wasn’t found to be helpful…. if you use a small fraction of the recommended dose, the results will be predictably underwhelming. And like most MD’s, he seems to be afraid of herbal medicine. The conventional medical paradigm is super limiting, which is sad.

    2. Because he has no university degree, has no idea of what he is talking about and basically is an opportunistic nobody.

    3. Deceptive. Using ethos, logos and pathos for credibility without referencing authoritative sources. He uses omnipotence, his unnamed license and doctor title as authority. Absolutely against doctors association own policies. Breaking his oath in every corner.

  198. I had low vit d levels below 10mg/ml then I took multiple courses of vitamin D with physician recommendations….it really has benefited me since last two years not affected with cold flu or throat infection prior I used to get very frequent respiratory tract infection…it’s really effective to build immunity

  199. Hey good video thanks. IMPORTANT! have a look. I have always had bad eczema on my hands (Palms) (since 2012)…. until november…. I got sick of what appeared to be Covid. My eczema went away completely… perfectly (not in a decade has it been that good). Im getting better now… and its coming back. I dont know if this will help but its a clue…. Strong Immune system… attacks everything…. even yourself. Covid cant live in an environment like that????

    1. Sounds a bit too far fetched to me that dude!

  200. So u can’t take these pills ever single day tel the bottle end it does harm

  201. I take 40000 Iu per week is it ok
    I have thyroid

  202. Vitamin C in high doses of over 20g per dose, via IV, has shown to have dramatic positive effects on Covid patients.

  203. Most vitamin C research has used inadequate, low doses which do not get clinical results.
    Investigators using vitamin C in high doses have consistently reported excellent results; unfortunately the medical literature has ignored over 80 years of laboratory/clinical studies using high doses of vitamin C therapy for obvious reasons. Vitamin C has not only shown excellent result in the flu, but diseases far worst and to include cancer.

    Please research the following and you will find there is plenty of studies on Vitamin C.
    Albert Szent-Georgia, MD (Nobel Prize for vitamin related work)
    Frederick Robert Klenner, MD
    Claus Washington Jungeblut, MD (Prevention & Treatment for Polio)
    William J. McCormick, M.D
    Linus Pauling, PhD
    Robert Fulton Cathcart, MD
    Hugh D. Riordan, M.D

    Although although this information is silenced in conventional medicine, these studies and doctors are all very well know and respected in the practice of functional and alternative medicine.

    1. I stopped listening when he claimed vit c don’t help.

    2. I’m not surprised that this doctor doesn’t know this. It’s sad really. All of that education, smarts, but completely influenced by a medical establishment, more interested in $$$$$$$ and “sexy” patented drugs, than simple, effective, cheap solutions.

  204. This “Doctor” is spreading disinformation.

    1. @Sam Burns – 🤣😂 That’s what I think of you for saying that 🤣😂

    2. Only issue I see is that he says he has no affiliation to these companies but make Amazon affiliate commission….. He should state that.

    3. @Sam Burns
      You’ll just suffer for your gullibility.

    4. Replace the word “Doctor” with “Trump”, then your comment would be correct.

    5. This doctor is beyond your mental capabilities. And the world isn’t flat or ~6,000 years old.

  205. Sorry, but they don’t teach MDs about nutrition in med school for more than about an hour. Unless they’re doing their own research (and this guy’s constant reference to “health experts” in the FDA, etc. indicates he probably isn’t), MDs are NOT any kind of reliable source on nutrition

    1. @Sam Burns The trouble is…you can listen to ten different doctors and get ten different opinions and suggestions.

    2. Correct!!!

    3. They do in Canada and Dr. Hansen is a Canadian doctor. Sorry but you’re *wrong* this is 2020.

    4. He was citing research papers
      Where do you get your info

    5. Contrary to what you seem to believe, there are, in fact, “health experts” in the FDA. My nephew’s wife is one of them. They’re only human, which is to say, they’re not perfect. But they tend to know their “craft” a lot better than superstitious slugs on the internet who seem to believe they know better. The reality is, you’d get utterly destroyed/massacred/annihilated if you were to be pitted against them in a competition of medical faculties. And you know it. So quit beating your chest like you know how to do their job better than them. Because you do not. And your age might afford you some more life experiences (anecdotes), but that doesn’t mean you’re some guru either. Your ignorance and arrogance might get you (and others) needlessly killed if you don’t temper your pride. It has happened to countless other chaps who thought they knew best. They didn’t. The end.

  206. I like Dr Mike videos. Am very frustrated by the 5-7 ads in each video I’ve seen(am new to these). Hope he gets money for all the ads!

    1. He does.

  207. So informative! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and research. I’m telling all my friends to subscribe to your channel!
    One thing though: has anyone ever told you that you look like Clark Kent in the Superman movie?
    No, really. Sometimes, when I hear you speak, I wonder if you have a giant ‘S’ on your T-shirt😋👍😀
    BTW, your the BEST🙌

  208. Thank you Dr .

    My last visit I was deficienct .
    I’m at this time trying to supplement myself .
    Who can go for blood tests over and over and over ?
    $$$ 🤷

  209. Thanks for this clear explanation.

  210. i take 5-6 drops in boiling water of eucalyptus oil thinking that if i got it during the day at night 8 hours later i can neutralixe covid 19 ,you let all air out of lungs breathe through nose slowly visualizing the steam to bottom of the lungs literature says its a anti viral i dont kinow if it works but its what eucalyptus should be doing

    1. no. That would not work. Sorry, alt medicine does not work for A) you logic is flawed and B) Its a VIRUS, not a bacteria which can respond to alternative medicine. Please educate yourself.

  211. This is going to cause another panic buying.

    1. I have over 4000 toilet rolls

    2. Lets see: You get enough Vitamin D by exposing skin to the sun for about 10 minutes a day.
      So, I guess there will panicking people taking walks at noon.
      You want the sun to hit skin. So, you shouldn’t wear a mask and might see, gasp, kneecaps of people walking in shorts.
      It is like an episode of the Walking Dead, accept that the people are healthy.

  212. Dr Hansen,
    Why do most MDs fall so short when it comes to vitamins??

    Go get tested to see if you’re low? I realize that in ICU you don’t test D levels. Clinically I can count on one hand the number of patients that weren’t low. Plus, you will be dead by the time you get an appointment with a PCP these days. Take Vitamin D, period. It actually has hundreds of functions in the body, from calcium to hormones, hair to acne. And more importantly it’s an antioxidant, which could be very beneficial if oxidative stress is a component of this infection.

    Lastly, are RDAs even still a thing? I thought we realized a long time ago that those numbers equated to just enough to not get disease. They have nothing to do with optimal. For example, an elderly patient with senile purpura can reverse/control the problem with about 3,000 mg of C a day. 300mg won’t do a thing.

    When it comes to supplements we have to remember that absorption is key. Cheap supplements in the wrong forms will not absorb well. That’s why most medical studies on vitamins are set up for failure from the start. Researchers go to the local Wally World to get whatever generic tablet vitamin they can find (probably the cheapest one). Then when the study fails to show benefits they deem that vitamin a failure and tell everyone it doesn’t work.

    1. They do in canada.

  213. good job bro amazing work

  214. If youre experiencing COVID-19 symptoms; it would be very beneficial to immediately see your doctor and request for a High-dose Vitamin C intravenous Infusion.

    Vitamin C is not just antioxidant; its also antitoxin and antibacterial. It rids your body from toxins to help prevent spreading of bacterial and viral infections. Vitamin C helps boost and strengthen our immune system.

    Linus Pauling
    Dr. Andrew W. Saul

    Always remember that the way for a “Cure” is “immediate prevention”.

    Facts & Truth about the importance of Vitamin C:

    “Doctors and Pharmaceutical Companies discredit the power of Vitamin C because they will make no money from it.”

    Vitamin C can and has been shown to cure cancer, AIDS, flu, pneumonia, etc. (and the list goes on…)

    Anybody hear about the New Zealand farmer that was on deaths door? Luckily one of his sons got him to try Vitamin C I.V. and now hes alive and kicking, fit as a fiddle and the rest is history… (Google it, so you’ll see proof)

    1. Theres no cure for aids and cancer. But you’re a top dominant transsexual!?? Cool 😘

    2. @Sam Burns he was cured totally and completely. Many people around the world had been ‘CURED with (IVC). do your research and read books about it. Dont rely on what other peoples tell tales…

    3. Also, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) makes for a pretty decent food preservative (at least certain food groups). I’ve had a chance to experiment with it in this context. It does a good job.

    4. I tell that to all people i know. They do not believe it and do not even want to hear it.
      And for green clay benefits it is the same.
      I gave it up to talk about vitamins and minerals.
      Even my son does not want to hear it or good nutrition.
      It is hopeless.
      Bless you

    5. The New Zealand farmer case equals an anecdote. Prove that his outcome can be repeated again and again, and then it’ll be something to seriously consider.

  215. Careful doc…YouTube boss said she’ll take down any video that suggests vitamins might be helpful with the fight against SARS covid 2. Keep up the great work!

  216. To everyone who is in the PROCESS of this pandemic, DO NOT GO to the HOSPITAL, those who walk in come out in a drawer and cremate them for not telling the TRUTH.
    They are HEALED by taking PARACETAMOL to eliminate fever and taking 325 MG ASPIRIN to avoid blood clotting, making INHALATIONS of EUCALYPTUS. Ivermentina has also been approved in the USA, and works within 48 hours, cleaning the cells …
    It is NOT necessary ANY VACCINES and less, the RESPIRATORS or FANS that DESTROY the lungs !!!

    1. Can’t believe what I just read plus asprin is what they were killing cov19 patients with

    2. Your comment just killed millions do more research

    3. Aspirin is the worse thing you could take for Coronavirus. It doesn’t act as an effective blood thinner for COVID (You need something much stronger). Aspirin is suspected by some researchers as one of the reasons so many people died during the Spanish flu of 1918. The group of patients under the care of doctors who didn’t give their patients aspirin (the “new drug” of that day), had a much lower mortality rate than the group that did. Getting rid of the fever is also a horrible idea. The fever is your body’s natural mechanism for killing the virus, by increasing your temperature to a level that is lethal for the virus. It’s best to burn, than to cool yourself artificially, with a drug.

  217. Who are the sobs giving a thumbs down?

    1. YouTube bots perhaps. Or, msm sheeple 🤣

  218. You don’t have an university degree and I stopped your video when you drank milk, if you want vitamin D take vitamin supplement in the quantity your body needs it, not milk that harms your health, you have no idea of what you are talking about.
    Milk is not necessary and we are the only adult mammals that drinks useless milk.
    Skim milk is inflammatory, it has casein that harms your gut lining and is demonstrated that populations that drink milk have higher risk of hip fractures
    “The reason doctors are so dangerous is that they believe in what they are doing” Robert Mendelsohn (fits perfectly in your case)
    Do you want to avoid Covid or have less simptons? maintain social distance of 2 meters, avoid sugar in any form (use only Stevia) and avoid refined flours as much as you can (bread is not your friend), learn what to eat because if you are overweight is because you don’t know how to eat correctly (cook healthy in your house, avoid cans and pre cooked stuff), do exercise (buy a TRX) to stay fit and doctors won’t be happy because you won’t need them.
    We are in a crazy world where people without basic acknowledge like you post a video and the government open churchs instead of opening the gyms that are essential for our health…

    1. @Alyssa Goentzel I saw him drinking milk, so he does not need to tell you “drink it” when he is doing it and milk is not needed at all, to get vitamin D buy a supplement and the correct supplement is vitamin D3.

    2. He isnt saying you should drink milk. He was demonstrating how much milk would need to be consumed daily to achieve the correct daily dose. Furthermore, he went on to describe d2 and d3 supplements as another form of getting the vitamin. Along with how much time one would need to be have in the sun to receive maximum benefits and what months are best if you live above the equator.

  219. Dr. Mike, good morning to you. Your service to mankind is to be highly commended! I can vouch for Echinacea. If I ever wake at 3am feeling achy with flu-like symptoms are coming on I take approx. 700 mg. Echinacea Supreme, and go back to sleep. Without fail, I feel better in the morning.

    1. 100% agree on Exhinacea, it is very effective

  220. Mushrooms create vit D if you put them in the sun. Change my mind.

  221. Lol Too much vitamin D.

  222. People who get a lot of sun exposure have vitamin D levels of over 100 ng/ml. I don’t recommend targeting 20-30 ng/ml, but rather consider 30 ng/ml as the minimum level for protection against Covid-19. 2000 IU/day is an entirely reasonable dose.

    1. 2,000 to 4,000 IU per Dr. Campbell’s covid videos.

  223. Thanks for the informations Doctor but in my own opinion I think healthy diet, plenty of water and exercise are the key to good health and that virtually ensure good immune system. The only time you need a particular vitamin only if you have deficiency which means you are not getting it from your daily food intake. You can get Vitamin C from citrus fruits like lemons, oranges and grapefruits. I do think supplements aren’t effective solutions to improve health since most supplements aren’t from natural sources they are artificially made from chemical products.

    1. This should be considered as a remind for people to pay attention at their health, and for doctors to treat their patients. If you are good and don’t need it then just leave.

  224. FYI, gingers produce their own vitamin d.

    1. yep

    2. everyone EVERYONE produces their own vitamin D…. smh

  225. Yes it has been found that vitamin D helps your immune system.

    1. 100%, it’s a powerful and important hormone!

  226. I had low level of bit D. Been on this for years and not had a cold or been sick. Would definitely recommend it.

  227. Responding to Dr Mike’s points about herbs, if you are interested in trying that route, find a trained and experienced herbalist to help you. I speak from experience, my wife is a Chinese doctor who has practiced herbal medicine for 30+ years.
    I help out in my wife’s shop, and all I can say about people who seek us out having googled some wonder-herb is that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. It might be tempting to buy herbs etc cheaply on the internet, but what you are buying when you see a qualified herbalist is not the herbs, it is the knowledge, expertise, and experience to administer them effectively and safely.

  228. Take you multivitamins 2x a day one in the morning and one in the evening will boost your immune system. Also eat healthy, get 6-8 hours of sleep, and watch your stress levels and you help yourself in the long run. Also, if a product is not regulated by the FDA then it falls under the supplement category. Remember if it does diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent an illness then its medicine and if not a supplement.

    1. @joeconsumer
      One of the best posts ever

    2. Just the FDA ‘s way of keeping you minimally healthy so that their business partners can may $1 trillion per year while undermining what little health you have. Don’t believe it? Just listen to one of those hundreds of slow motion party drug commercials. They all basically say “has caused death in others. Ask your doctor if death is right for you.” Since your body does not suffer from an Rx drug deficiency, what’s really going on? Basically, the drug reprioritizes your body’s allocation of vitamins, minerals and hormones. You feel less bad for a while. But, then another part of your body is now deficient after being robbed. So, then adverse effects ensue, and so your doctor prescribes other drug that again reprioritize your body’s allocation of the remaining vitamins, minerals and hormones until one day you’re taking dozens of pills per day and ultimately the doctor says to make your final plans because there is “nothing more we can do for you.” It’s not that doctors are evil. But, if they want to keep their licenses, they have to follow industry written government regulations or risk malpractice for the medical heresy of recommending an ADEQUATE does of vitamins and minerals…

    3. And most drugs have a long list of side effects while most supplements have few if any, especially if taken correctly.

  229. So there’s no need for Vitamin C when ill. I’d like you to explain why I normally get loose stool at about 4 grams a day but during my covid-19 faction I was up around 12 to 14 grams a day and had no GI symptoms. I’m not a doctor but the bowel tolerance changing by several hundred percent seems to be an indication that vitamin C is being consumed in relation to being sick. By taking such large quantities of vitamin C and maintaining myself physically warm to the point of sweating for 3 days I recovered from the virus. Anecdotal I know but compelling videos from doctors in Shanghai I think it was extolling the virtues of high-dose IV vitamin C reducing ICU stays by over 90% definitely caught my interest. Unlike hydroxychloroquine high dose vitamin C for short periods of time is very very safe. So that’s my take. I think you’re wrong on the vitamin C I would like an explanation of why bowel tolerance changes by several hundred percent during illness if vitamin C is not playing a role.

    1. Thank you for your post.
      Vit. C in high dose when sick works wonders. Every 30 minutes or hour.
      An arabian man said…
      You need to sweat your diseases out.
      He was from a poor area.
      He took the yolk from an egg + pepper + honey + garlic= muxing together ( go to bed and keep you warm as possible ).
      The yolk was for strength.
      The pepper for sweating.
      The honey for his properties too.
      The garlic as an antibiotic.

      I think covid does not have to be fatal.

      But people with underlying diseases are at risk.

      What i heard.

      Lung diseases.
      Hart diseases.
      Vein diseases.
      Blood clothing diseases.

      Avoiding blood cloths.

      Blootclothes are more in overweight people.
      Diabetes too.
      Hart patients too.
      Lung patients.
      Vein problems.

      This are just a few risks.

      Bless you and your post.

    2. @Christine P I think u r right, I saw this suspicious video with million views, it looks like an advertising add more than a doctor that is concerned with the actual situation and wants to help, if you compare it with Dr Seheult MedCram there is a difference from here to the moon, eventually we will see him endorsing MRNA MODERNA vaccine or something similar.

    3. I agree. Check out the work of Dr Andrew Weber, pulmonologist, of Long Island. He’s using high dose IV C on very ill covid patients and having a lot of success. There are 5 international clinical trials on IV C. This doctor (like most Western MDs) don’t know much about healing because they’re trained by Pharma. Most don’t even know that pharma sponsors their medical programs at university and is involved in the writing of their medical texts. They sure know a hell of a lot about drugs though. I view them as legal drug pushers.

  230. If all this is true then why is Brazil, or countries that have climates conducive to hindering the virus, having massive positive COVID-19 cases?

    1. Most people are indoors! Housewifes, indoor jobs…

    2. Brazil = Bolsanaro virus.

    3. I live in a place were is hot and humid, but this does not protect if you are indoors.

    4. There’s no herd immunity for the common cold either Mark

    5. Its a novel virus, so there is no herd immunity like with flu.

  231. Thanks Doc 50 years ago at Harvard University medical school doing summers in the Surgical labs I devoloped an Interest in Medical this kind of training was Hard to get ,I did just over year at Tufts university in the labs there only to develop an interest in Electronic equipment ,so that worked for me 9 years later I was on a Special Moon project , but Medical devices like Heart Monitors ,arthroscopic ,glaucoma devices and x Ray /Bone Density /Ultra Sound were more of an impact on me ,I used to test 3 to 4 Bone Density systems At a Time and pissed off the Chinese tour when I told them I am just Better than Everyone !! I did run Fluoroscan customer service and work board test and an Ultra sound foot test machine for Fun at Hologic before of course went to crap China!!! Sla’inte from IRISh Al !!! Retired and Bored and Subscribed ,too bad I did 5systems a week and all other Techs did one each ,we might have jobs in Boston ,Nah !!!

  232. I just bought some of that vitamin D and I am going to start it tomorrow. Thanks

    1. Take vitamin C also, this guy is just plain wrong. Vitamin C’s many uses is well documented. There are 5 international clinical trials using high dose IV C. Look at the work of Dr Andrew Weber, pulmonologist, of Long Island. He’s having great success with very ill covid patients using IV C.

  233. this guy provided an amazon affiliate link and didnt even mention it. sneaky

    1. @Sandpaper File maybe they paid him to promote it

    2. On the vitamin d product he buys? How is that sneaky? If he had endorsed it while talking that would be more sneaky. He is merely sharing what he gets.

  234. Thanks so much for such detailed trustworthy, at the same time your humor what brings me back. You’re awesome and unique!. Must add quite enjoyable to look at such a handsome narrator!

    1. Hi sweetheart ! How r u , r u on telegram

    2. good grief, settle down

  235. Why dont you elaborate more on vitamin C , vitamin C ( asorbic acid), and IV bag vitamin C. These are all different

    1. He’s not very well informed, he’s reading only what his Pharma masters want him to read

  236. I disagree very much with the doctor about taking vitamins and herbs not being effective. Perhaps if the vitamins were synthetic (and yes, a lot of the vitamins out there are just that: synthetic vitamins. Too much of those can produce undesirable results, even lead to cancer.) that might be the case. However, my family, friends, and myself have been taking plant-based vitamins and minerals and have seen very beneficial results. I highly recommend them!

    1. Pete, Plants, herbs and natural C, D, E and A’s are not throwing kickbacks around. So many “clever” people still avoid the naturals? They “lost” something and follow who? Why?

    2. I totally agree with you Pete. This doc is just another out of date Pharma shill. He’s unaware of the 5 international clinical trials using IV C. Probably hasn’t heard of Dr Andrew Weber, pulmonologist, of Long Island who is successfully using IV C in some very ill covid patients.
      I only take vitamins, minerals and supplements and I’m extremely healthy, rarely ill (I’ve never had flu, nor a flu vax). I’m 63. Haven’t even taken aspirin/ibuprofen in years!! I take 3,000- 4,000 mgs vitamin C and 5,000 iu of D3 daily.

    3. Thanks that You have a great result…..

  237. I had Corona. I was sick for 3 weeks. The first week was mild. The second aND a bit of the third was really bad with real trouble breathing at night and fever up to 105.8. The rest of the third was no fever, but so wiped out I stayed in bed with no appetite at all.
    The real kicker is that at the end of week 2 I tried a hot shower. Big mistake. I suddenly couldn’t breathe, turned gray and hands and feet purple.
    Humidity was definitely not a friend.

    1. It was cold shower like icy cold bath when you have fever and back to warm and cold warm again. I still remember, In my country in the 70-80s, this has been taught in public health center for poor families when their child would ever encounter high fever and they cannot afford to rush to emergency ospital. It works but I observed it has been forgotten now a days noone knew about this anymore if you try to ask the younger generation of parents. Sad though.

    2. You were 2F from becoming a boiled egg

    3. Hi, hope you feel better!

  238. This video brought to you by the 100 IU per glass milk industry. Pasturized milk, full of dead bacteria and homoginized fats and lactose also more likely to cause a runny nose from the common allergic reaction. Get good sun exposure without sunscreens on at least half of your body. Or, take 2,000 to 4,000 IU supplements.

    1. @Mariano Gil Glz it’s the Bermuda triangle between industry, government recommendation and the medical industrial complex that makes your health disappear.

    2. hehe u r right all this looks staged, isn’t it?

  239. Hmmmmm … 20-30 ng/ml D3 is pretty low, and in fact is deficiency. The laboratory testing range for normal D3 is usually 32-100 ng/ml and we have multiple research papers in the clinical literature showing that levels above 45 ng/ml are actually preventative to some cancers. The vitamin D council recomemnds D3 level of 40-80ng/ml, and Harvard has also recommended 70ng/ml for cancer prevention. It is extremely rare to see vitamin D toxicity and even kids can safely take 2000IU per day without any bad effects. This stuff is all over the literature.

    1. Yes ABSOLUTELY CORRECT Shawn and most Alternative Medical Doctors have learned that Vitamin D3 levels > 50 ng/ml is EVEN MORE PROTECTIVE AGAINST MANY SERIOUS ILLNESSES or DISEASES, INCLUDING CANCER AS YOU STATED ABOVE. That is primarily because the Gc-MAF (Macrophage Activation Factor) which is DEPENDENT ON A SUFFICIENT AMOUNT OF VITAMIN D3 IS EXTREMELY BENEFICIAL FOR THE OVERALL IMMUNE SYSTEM FUNCTION. And there is VERY LITTLE TOXICITY from taking Fat-soluble Vitamin D3 even at DAILY AMOUNTS > 25,000 IU PER DAY —– as long as your D3 level is not EXORBITANTLY HIGHER than 100 ng/ml.

  240. The thing with Herbs is that while a herb may have chemical X in it where chemical X has benefits, you may need to eat a kg of that herb to get the same effect that you would get from a single pill. It is a problem these so called “Super foods” have.

    You can get rid of tooth pain by chewing willow bark. But why would you want to when you can take an Aspirin and have the same effect, sooner and for less effort?
    For those who don’t know. Willow Bark contains salicin which is the natural form of Aspirin.

    1. On the other hand, whole herbs/extracts provide more benefits than those isolated chemicals in some cases due to the synergistic effects of other compounds they contain.

  241. ตายหลายคนเระท่

  242. Thank you for taking the time to share your findings.

  243. I like the information being available, however I can’t BELIEVE the amount of INTERRUPTING ADS someone chose to put it for GREED OF MONEY! IS that someone A YOUTUBE EXECUTIVE? If so that SOMEONE needs to be CALLED OUT and PUNISHED!

    1. the person who publishes the video determines that

  244. load of bahooie

  245. Look another ignorant MD who knows nothing about nutrition. Vitamin C works and essential to life. Too bad it can destroy your beloved overlord big pharmas products and services.

    1. I couldn’t say it better myself!

  246. Why not better that bleach.

  247. Thank you for the simple and clear presentation.

  248. Yes, that is why I question the lockdown advice of several governments. You might not get enough vitamin D from the sun to get the proper level but being indoors all the time will certainly give you a lower level of the vitamin overall. Also being outside in bright light at least kills any virus on exposed skin and your outer clothing as well as being just generally more positive and happier to fight the effects of any virus you might be unfortunate enough to encounter.

    1. Why do you think they are silencing anyone with common sense in the medical field.

    2. We’re not on house arrest, you can go outside.

  249. So much practical information, thank you for taking the time to make this!

  250. You offset the calcium problem with “so called” D3 toxicity by taking vitamin K2. I take 30K I.U D3 per day plus 1k mcg K2. I have my bloodwork done twice a year and my calcium levels are never high. I don’t get colds or flu and I’m 83 years old. I don’t think D3 is the only factor at play (I take other things) but I do think it makes a difference.

    1. I would check into the dosage you listed for the D3. My Dr. has me taking 3k per day, if I took your dosage, I would have to take ten pills per day of just D3.

  251. Quite a few double ads for a 12 min video. Its a little much. Good content though.

  252. It is interesting that Dr. Hansen says that herbal remedies that have not been tested for safety should not be given to children. I wonder if he considers the fact that vaccines are not tested for safety in children. Most people I know are not anti vaccine, but they are vaccine hesitant for the very reason that they are not tested for safety in the same way that drugs are tested before approval by the FDA. Double blind placebo studies and studies with vaccinated subjects compared to non vaccinated populations such as the Amish people. They are a whole population that does not vaccinate and they could be used as a control group against populations who are universally vaccinated. That would be a good study and that is all we are asking for in the vaccine hesitant community.

    1. I have found a Yale study

    2. I concur with you.

  253. Thank you I have some hope of understanding now I can fix my body with d and c that’s what’s is going to help

  254. should a person with COPD do exercise? even if he starts to get short of breath? Is it okay to force the most possible?

  255. 75 to 120 of vitamin C ? that’s what FDA recommend so you get sick and have to go to Doctors, Hospitals, its the way to support the Evil system between doctor, hospital and pharmaceutics. If you don’t get sick you know what happen to Doctors .

    1. You need liposomal Vitamin C or IV C. Best reference “PRIMAL PANACEA” book by Dr Thomas Levy. GREAT UNFORMATION FOR REAL HEALTH!

    2. Lmao

    3. I’m taking 1 K mg in the morning, in the afternoon and at nigh or at diner , together with one magnesium 120 mg. in the morning one Vitamin D together with K2, so far I haven’t get any flu.

  256. I in joy this video I have been talking vitamin d this year and I have had been well for me I feel it help but everyone different. Thank you!

  257. It has been discovered that viral infections can be easily cured with foods such as hot dogs, made fresh and ready to consume. In a prolific recent case scientists studied a single human host and demonstrated that, in addition to having a reduced metabolic profile, the consumption of a hot dog provides a base for achieving immunity to viral infection. In future studies, there are plans to investigate the antiviral potential of an increasing variety of hot dog products to be used as a first line of preventive therapy in infections associated with international pandemics. It can be noted that the scientists focused on Chorizo-treatments in an experiment where tasty and accurate hot dog treatments also provided time-released antibiotics for those patients most in need. Currently Chorizo-treatments are yet to be approved by FDA but are known to thought to be highly valuable to those with acute hunger sensitivity. Our human bodies are very adept at fighting off infections. As a consequence, you’ll have tremendous interest in finding a diet to make you healthier. The food we eat, and more specifically the bacteria that may grow on our food, can make a huge difference in the health of our bodies according to Dr Weiner in the UK, the research lead in THC And Food Administration department of Sausageberg Institute. 😀

    1. Sounds like the saturate your fat diet.

    2. Yes, hot dogs made from dogs from Wuhan will do. Grilled and eaten using chopsticks, soy sauce, ramen noodles and, wonton.

    3. I don’t believe this to be true.

    4. Hot dog treatment? What brand??? Mustard and onions? Relish???

  258. Not had a cold for over 40 years and have never had the flu. Have to agree with Dr Mike.Don’t stay in with the heating on.Put a jumper on and go out.

  259. The Sad Truth is, That You are a Brilliant Man, Who Has No Real Test Results to prove anything, concerning, useing Foods that contain Vitamins, and Herbs, that could possibly be a Very Helpful Addition to maintaining a Healthy Body and To Build our Immune systems… It’s Really Sad….

    1. OK, you sort of attack the doctor for his comments, but in your comment, you offer zero science to back your claims. You say, “could posisbly be very helpful” and if you just step down off the pedastal for a moment, you’d see that the only thing you’ve accomplished is to interject your beliefs and personal experiences into his presentation. Now, I will give you this much: there is value in trusting one’s own experiences and there is certainly power in strongly held beliefs – so this isn’t being offered as a complete criticism to say shush up. I guess what bothers me is these days, eveyone’s an “expert” because “they heard” this or that and they read a story in a magazine… So my apologies if you do have a doctorate degree, or if you are a respected researcher (not salesperson) in herbal and natural therapies. Again, I have much respect for ancient traditions and there has obviously been a strong bent in the direction of profits and industrial medicine here in the modern world of capitalism and greed. But before getting too hell bent on the for profit health industry . . . have you priced quality herbal remedies lately? Bought any respectable brand vitamins that have been tested for purity and actually have what the label says? or hell for that matter, have you been grocery shopping for like even locally sourced fresh organic eggs lately? My poijnt here is, you can’t criticize doing things for a profit, and with literally tens of millions to feed, we have done gone off the rails a long time ago, if you envision us all spending 6 hours a day working in our gardens. Nice utopian idea, being an old hippie, I get it. And yea, we ALL need to get back to the garden to quote some CSNY, but at this moment we’re sorta in omfg we gotta get shit done and NOW cuz people are dying, so we need some immediate firmware updates for our lazy brains. But back to my main thing here. Try to be a little less critical and name-calling toward this guy. He works in the tenches, trying to use all the amazing knowledge his brain is blessed to have learned and most of what he says goes way over my head, but then again I wasnt born yesterday, so I can sorta figure out my own mind to sort through the info, and let others put all these volumes and volumes of heavy research together to solve the riddle. But this man, he’s no slouch – he’s made many presentstions and he stays on track. He knows his science – and if you doubt that, watch a dozen or so of his other highly informative videos he’s put out there since rhe arrival of covid 19 corona. This video addressed exactly some questions I have been having, things I know others were glad to hear, and it’s good knowing SOMETHING at least. No super strong statistical data … YET … but now Im better informed on what to ask my doctor, and maybe it wouldnt hurt to up the Vitamin D for the time being since mines always been on the low end. I hope you read this, and take into considerstion what Im trying to say here. Having a opinion and maybe mentioning it is fine, but another thing thats good is listening to top experts in their field. And Lord help me for making one last observation, but put this guy on stage next to that fool in the White House and oh my god…informed updates this guy’s giving us based on current teachings, VS. “what can I possibly get away with lying about to somehow make myslef look great, while maintaining zero culpability, yet still getting to sound like a tough guy, and the most crazy thing, get away with silencing, firing, threatening, downplaying, and slandering anyone who might make me look bad, Oh and hope that people will still vote for me in Nov…” now THAT is where we can start gettin some good old fashioned criticism going.

    2. 2020 Crabtree Sorry, No.

    3. @DeGaN WAyNe
      Stop policing people’s comments. Someone might just find your comments ‘worthless.’ Take what you can and leave what does not apply to you. There are many who speak multiple languages and, English is not their main language. Don’t expect people to be a clone of yourself.

    4. Valley Girl. How comical. Firstly, your point of criticism was NOT the point of his video. Thus your criticism is out of context and moot.
      Secondly, the fact that you are inept in the proper use of punctuation, capitalization, and grammar leads one to believe that you are either 8, uneducated, a real valley girl or all three thereby effectively rendering your opinion worthless. Best to keep your criticism to yourself.

  260. Over 39 ng/mL levels of Vitamin D is bad??? I’m looking at my test result online right now and it says the standard is between 30-100 with my personal level averaging 40 to 60 so something is off in either the information in the video, how I’m interpreting the information on my chart, or… the medical group I belong to is wrong? Yipes!

  261. what about zinc with copper?

    1. I usually get my vitamins and supplements from vitamin world.

    2. @Sue Smith copper is trace mineral and you need very little of it.

    3. @ratagris21 thanks ratagris…..I ordered and it came but its 50 mg and has copper? Unfortunately when I order they ask if they can provide substitues, to which I said yes. Hopefully the copper is ok. I havent researched it.

    4. You only need 11mg of zinc per day to boost your immune system.

  262. All animals except humans and another one produce tons of vitamine C. Goats produce up to 140GRAMS of it daily.
    ” until further studies ” use your BRAIN! do the math

    1. @Nicholas St Jon
      I also say really to the last one!
      I believe doctors can only cure a broken leg and organs, who pull out.
      Vit c is interresting.
      Green clay also.

      Bless you

    2. Vitamin C use as a treatment therapy probably has way more valid studies than the use of hydroxachloraquin and has a much better success rate than all their anti-viral medications combined.
      I wrote and posted a link to an article about what goats make, I believe the article said an adult male goat not under stress makes about 12,000 mg/12 grams per day. They kind of need to beings they seem to consume every available toxin through all the junk they eat every day. But it’s a valid point that humans don’t make any and the FDA says all we need is 90 mg (really???)

  263. Try “lemon verbana” tea. It really clears and heals lungs.

  264. Although in laboratory test high humidity and heat might appear to be beneficial but if that is true hot humid countries should have less cases ?

    1. People in tropical or high humidity areas had infected themselves indoor away from direct sun light.

  265. Not every one can drink milk. You advertised a box of milk in the beginning. Some people have severe allergies to Dairy products
    to many commercials. Oh and isn’t vit D a hormone not a vitamin? You also popo all the vitamins not your fault can’t expect anything else from a Rockefeller Mainstream medical Education.

    1. You can lactate milk or almond milk for those who are lactose intolerance.

  266. This is just from my experience but if I take 3000-4000 iu vit C at the beginning of cold helps me avoid having it. Another note, I don’t eat junk food much and try to eat healthy and at home.

    1. i use to get alot of colds and flu i take a vitamin C tablet everyday 200mg only for prevention i have been doing this for 3 years the last time i had a cold or a flu was 3 years ago is not just good for colds and flu is also good for preventing alot of viruses and keeping infection diseases away and also help with some cancer and other things i didn’t no this until i started reading up about vitamin C vitamin C doesnt store in the body thats why you have to have a certain amount in your body each day that’s why people get colds and flu all the time

  267. In the cold you’re more stressed and stress lowers your immune system.

  268. NO.

  269. There’s no reason for a medical doctor in America to advocate vitamin D and vitamin C because they’re under contract only sell drugs. This has been The A.M.A.’s Captive Market from their Inception. Many if they become too successful will get threatened to take your license away.

    1. Need to meet quotas.

    2. Most MDs are just dumb and believe everything their science overlords say. In scientism we trust. Little do they know that the science has been long taken over by pharma.

    3. Medical doctors receive little to no training in nutrition or natural health. Most of the information he provided will not produce effective results. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Some of what he said was untrue. He’s a doctor but he is not a nutrition expert.

      IMO nature made is a low quality product.
      Synthetic ingredients will not work. Incorrect dosage will not work.

      Find a better source of information to boost your immune system to better fight off disease infections.

    4. Agreed!

  270. The body’s ability to produce vitimin D in sunshine is impacted by anti cholesterol drugs. Cholesterol lowering drugs interfere with the metabolic phathways that produce biomolecules such as vitimin D. If you take cholesterol lowering drugs, this is another reason to get a vitimiin D test.

  271. Haha. The kidney stone fear tactic from taking too much vitamin C. And then you call it a “side affect”. Meanwhile chemo side affect cause cancer, but that’s ok.

  272. I am 73 years old and weigh 245 lbs. I have taken 10,000 to 15,000 iu of D3 daily for the last 6 years when I am not getting regular summer sun exposure. Doing this has cut my doctor visits by about 95%. I have my blood serum vitamin D level tested yearly and it runs between 76 and 120 ng/ml but is usually around 80 ng/ml. I suggest watching Dr. Robert P. Heaney’s youtube interviews and lectures on this subject. He researched vitamin D for more than 40 years at Creighton University and is a recognized award winning expert on this subject. He says that every nucleated cell in our body has vitamin D receptors and he explains why vitamin D is critical to optimum cell function. He says the we should keep our serum D level between 40 and 60 ng/ml and that they heavier you are the more vitamin D you will need to maintain these levels. He once recommended that that taking 75 iu of vitamin D3 for every kilogram of body weight would be about the right supplementation daily dose.

    1. I don’t know what doctor advocated 15000 iu per day, as that’s about 20 times the recommended daily dose, 4000iu being the maximum the body can safely process in a day. You risk calcification of the muscles/soft tissue or kidney failure.

    2. Thank you! I was “wth” on his” over 39 ng/mL is bad” statement. My medical group puts 30 to 100 as standard. When I got below 40 one year, my doc recommended a vit D supplement.

    3. @Vernon Shepherd I take K2, low dose naltrexone (LDN), and nascent iodine, along with multi-mineral and multi-vitamins, and eat a healthy diet. The only prescription drug that I take is the LDN.

    4. I’m 83 an like Jim, I take high doses of D3 ( with K2 to avoid the toxic effects) and I believe Dr Hansen, like most of the profession, down plays vitamin solutions and favors “studied” pharmaceuticals.

  273. Drinking milk causes phlegm!!

    1. And astma.
      And osteoporosis.
      And brain issues.
      And excema.
      Go figure…

    2. Increased risk of tuberculosis.

    3. And indigestion.

  274. Is it true that vitamin D2 (derived from mushrooms that were grown in human sh*t) are full of harmful bacteria? And that you should only take vitamin D3 supplements?

    1. I can partially answer your question based on what I’ve recently learned about growing mushrooms. If you are a farm growing mushrooms, human excrement would be very limited and probably not as healthy for the mushrooms (smaller, less optimal yields) compared to using cow manure which would be cheap/free and abundant. They pasteurize the manure to kill off anything harmful because the mushrooms need a head start. Contamination can greatly reduce yields which is easily prevented if you pasteurize it. The most popular mushrooms in America tend to be white button, brown button and portobello – all the same species at different growth stages and all grown using pasteurized manure enriched with other additives. But most other edible mushrooms are grown on wood and grain. And leaving them gill side up, in direct sunlight, does give them a huge boost of vitamin D. Mushrooms have precursors that create vitamin D2 when left in the sun even after they have been picked and even after they have been dried. Shiitake seems to be the top choice for this or at least what comes up in my searches the most. D2 does not last as long in our body as D3. If you are taking vitamin D once a month or week, D3 is better. If you are taking it a few times a week or more, D2 appears to be ok.

  275. Outside of Sun Vit. D , will milk ingestion daily and a Vit. D supplement ?? Also what about ZINC which has been hard or in my case Impossible to find in supplement form . What foods have the highest levels of Zinc ??

    1. A good quality multivitamins have zinc in the between 8-11mg.

    2. @DeadShred999 Most shell fish ins contaminated as many areas like the Gulf of Mex is contaminated w/ raw sewage and chem.

    3. @JackassBauer1 Thanks Dude !! I have Shellfish Allergies but do have a nice med rare Sirloin once a week !! You have given me a search base so I can find out the best options ? Thanks a Bunch Be Well ….

    4. Oyster, most shellfish, red meat. Search “food high in zinc” you’ll find lists. Vitamin from sun is better, vitamin D from supplement and in milk most of the time come from sheep wool grease.

  276. I get urticaria when I get the sun on me. Doe it still work if I go outside under the shade?

  277. Were you coerced into towing the pharma party line because now you are contradicting your initial videos. Ugh…now you can’t be trusted! Anecdotal statements have been cherry picked. Shame, you started off educating the public and now this is plain misleading!

  278. Very large doses of vitamin C have been successfully used to boost the immune system for 50 years. Frederick R. Klenner, M.D. pioneered megavitamin C therapeutics back in the 1940’s, giving thousands of milligrams of vitamin C by injection for a wide variety of viral illnesses; Including viral pneumonia.

    1. Dave, you are spot on. In the 1940s they were using IV Vitamin C to treat severe pneumonia. There are clinical trials under way now using Vitamin C, and there are physicians using it now to mitigate the effects of a cytokine storm.

    2. Yes and “vitamin” D together even better might need K2 and Zinc too

  279. Vitamin D is in correlation with CD4 count. From fatty vitamins only Vitamin A has threat of overdose. Vitamin C has important role making your blood vessels elastic and protect your blood circulation circuit from cholesterol blockage, do it is good against heart diseases as well.

  280. If you want to go to a doctor who is medically trained (but not trained in the knowledge of herbs), see a doctor; if you want to go to a herbalist who actually is trained in herbs, see a herbalist.

  281. Wouldn’t it just be easier to have a healthy diet and get outside for some sun?

    1. Hard to get enough over North latitude and during winter! -but Miami LA perfect fot that and better skin in sun during 15-30min creates 20.000iu Dvitamin for free !

  282. The pharmaceutical industry will never let the truth be known about natural supplements. I find it extremely ironic naturals methods which have been used for thousands of years or more have not yet garnered enough evidence to prove they actually work. This idea is ludicrous. People actually believe methods which have been used and have worked since ancient times hold no validity? Yeah, okay 🤨🤔🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

    1. Big Pharma will never admit that something is helpful unless it makes them a lot of $$$$. They will NEVER endorse Generic, something I can afford.

  283. Every time I take high doses of vitamin C when I catch a cold it goes away very quickly. If I give to my children the same results.

    1. Thanks for this

  284. The supplements for any virus are l lisine zinc and vit c and fatty acids and antioxidants well some other stuff but this is basics. Zinc block the entrance plus is antihistaminic along with vit c. Nettle also good
    L glut. Is most imp aminoácid and b6

  285. Is this the video where he gives his regimen

  286. I take vitamin D2 and D3 every day, with a multi vitamin, zinc, elderberry, and sometimes garlic and echinacea along with getting sun when I can. Not sure if it works but I have not had a cold or flu in several years other than one cold for 18 hours. Knock on wood. FDA is often wrong.

    1. @Vanessa Wood you have a brand that you recommend?

    2. At the first sign of a cold, I drink an Echinacea tea and by the morning I am right as rain – even when I’ve felt like  I was about to go down with a humdinger.  I swear by it now

  287. There is an ER MD from Dallas who I heard interviewed on the radio, he insists the key variable is humidity. “It’s the weather stupid” is his motto. He advocates for humidifiers for all high-risk populations. However the Authorities seem fiercely resistant to anything people can do for themselves or that is not mediated by Big Pharma. Case in point a California tech company (Aytu Bioscience) has a UV germ-killer device their video was blocked by YouTube (apparently as soon as Trump mentioned UV–which NYC is now using to sanitize subway cars!) . You can view the video at DailyMotion.

    1. If humidifiers are recommended in the U.S. – expect a lot of attention. globallly. That means they will sell out – I think they did the same with masks. Hesistant to recommend them as long as supply was not sufficient.

  288. Agreed about the vitamin C. Foods that contain vitamin C are fantastic because they have all sorts of other fantastic ingredients too. The pills are useless.

    1. GREAT!! Stay Natural!!

    2. Intravenous vitamin C is killing cancer and healing some people. Intravenous and mouth intake are way different!

  289. Corona beer kills the Corona virus. The two Coronas cancel each other out.

    1. Thankyou dr biff

    2. That was funny! might work if take the corona beer with “vitamin” D 5000-6000iu /day if not sick

  290. Not really what you need is fatty acids omegas dha. And of course ☀️

  291. 1000 IU is not enough. Should take at least 2000IU

    1. Up to 6000iu/day if white skinned maybe more if dark skinned and not sick then much more = 50.000iu x 3 days then back to 5000iu/day, 1.000.000iu day made a person toxic so that is to much for sure

  292. I see you using a pitcher filter for your water, what brand do you use? Vitamin D comes in a powder/capsule form, drops and gel caps. Which form is best absorbed by the body? The drops may not make it into the GI tract, I hear the powders are not assimilated as well as oil based forms. Do you know which is best? What about Vitamin K2 MK4 and MK7 along with Vitamin D?

  293. Eat salmon, tuna, mackerel, cod, mushrooms, liver, skin (like chicken skin), and get outside!

    1. One’s caught between a rock and a hard place in making recommendations like this, because most people can’t take in anything more complicated than a simple list like this; and yet if they just went into to a shop and bought any old salmon and any old tuna etc. they would be seriously undermining their health. There’s a massive difference between fresh, wild caught salmon, for instance, and farmed salmon. Farmed salmon is so full of toxic chemicals it ought to be labelled a health hazard. And anything in tins is so extremely toxic from the tin lining that any benefit you may get from the the food itself is completely undone.
      And mushrooms – if not fresh they are poisonous, so you must throw them away if they get slimy.
      And so on and so on. I never advise anything anymore because I know that good, well-meaning advice can be turned on its head and become hazardous from poor application.
      Most people simply haven’t got the intelligence to eat well and safely, because all their lives they have simply gone along with the prevailing orthodoxy and have never sought to excel in more than one narrow area of life, if that. What they need for wholistic brain development so that they grow in intelligence enough to make healthy choices in all areas of life including nutrition, is meditation. Meditation is the key which opens the lock to the whole of life. But again, they’d need to choose the right kind of meditation with the correct teachings; so perhaps I should have stuck to my principle of not advising anybody to do anything!

  294. So many ads right in the middle of important sentences!

    1. You have to pay for YouTube Premium. I have ZERO Ads

  295. This video has all the best info


    1. It’s so that he can get paid more money. Corona virus is a hot topic so the more ads we go through, the more he gets paid

    2. Use ad blocker. It works great!

  297. There is a 100% cure of COVID-19 by Dr. Thomas Yadegar, ICU Director of the Cedars-Sinai Tarzana Medical Center in California and without having to place any of his patients on respirators. A transcript of an interview with Dr. Yadegar is online at the Glenn Beck radio show website in the news section for the news of April 28, 2020. Herman Garrett, BS,MS Franklinton, LA May 16, 2020

  298. FDA is not to be trusted I’d say half of what they say is a bold lie so bold you wouldnt question it being theyre in bed with the pharmaceutical companies. The other half is probably true but that’s the half that gives them enough credibility to stay in the damage-then-repair business. Also any doctor recommending or encouraging this “keep your mask on” “social distancing crap is a fraud. Most people have no clue what cross contamination is and therefore wearing a mask is detrimental to the cause, the one thing is see the most is people adjusting their mask and then proceeding to touch with the same hand also wearing a mask for long periods of time because “the overlords” make you while you work is also putting a strain on your lungs which in turn weakens your immunity. Wake up stop being sheep think for yourself, of course protect your loved ones but the reality is the flu or anything else could just as well kill them. We have all forgotten how to question and think critically you only move, talk, sleep, fight etc when the prompter tells you too. Useful info but i would cut out any government entity when establishing a control for your hypothesis or experiment

    1. Tard

  299. Guinea pigs are not supposed to be housed in temperatures lower than 15C. It could kill them and does. An infected guinea pig kept at 5C would probalby die within 24 hours.I would not have confidence in that study.

    1. No I don’t have confidence in a lot of this “factual debunking” on most channels …

      I’m curious as to why they discredit herbs because they haven’t been studied sufficiently… does no one wonder why they aren’t even slightly curious about herbs and their healing impacts? Or using food as medication? If they really wanted people to be healthy.

      Herbs have been around a lot longer than their meds so why is no one researching significantly into them? 🤔

    2. Yeah Guinea pigs are supposed to live in Guinea where it’s tropical! I’ll take you’re word on the specific temps, I have no idea.

  300. Please educate yourself on Vitamin D levels. 20-30 millimoles is to low. Watch Dr. Michael Holick’s videos on Vitmin D and read his book. It saved my life. Must have blood levels 50 and higher for best health.

    1. Thank you! I was “wth” on his over 39 ng/mL is bad statement. My medical group puts 30 to 100 as standard. When I got below 40 one year, my doc recommended a vit D supplement.

  301. smart watch:3G-GPS–HI DEF CAMERA.COPYRIGHT 2019@/HE369541.ORENO UNITED STATE,ADREA,Miouli5,tseri Nicosia &pieus..

  302. Look at Dr. Shiva’s youtube channel, you get the truth about vitamins there.

  303. Vitamin C intravenous has been used successfully by Chinese studies. See Dr, Richard Cheng. Vitamin C is important because it oxygenates the blood. Your advice is faulty. People are dying because of oxygen deprivation as well as many other causes. Vitamin C is harmless. The human body does not produce vitamin C. The studies you are quoting are no good. It has to be Ascorbic Acid. The side effects you are mentioning are not proven. Zinc does have an effect. All the studies you are quoting are biased because the studies were conducted by Pharmaceutical Companies.

    1. @Mike Jo Zinc is key to keep the inmune system strong.

    2. Hey AC- I’m a Doc, checking on other Docs- and I was talking at my tablet w/ this guy missing some basics…( Vitamin D? 100iu…Too much Vit C?). Saw your comment, and Spot on… Vitamin C & O2 correlates in immune system efficiency… Pharm can’t capitalize on Vit C, So no mention. Cheers

    3. Doctor shiva actually says the same thing as you.

  304. What I never understand is doctors prescribe Vitamin A-Z without ever scientifically proving it works in a supplement form, just handsomely serving “may” and “might”in the study. But when it comes to advising patients or not-yet-sick-ones, they would never say much about nutrition. Instead they make a billion dollar industry by serving folic acid and iron to pregnant women -often at doses liver does not need. Why dont they say (refusing to be drawn in that direction) is eat any fruit locally available? Go out , walk a couple of miles, get some sun, eat some fruits and have some decent wholemeal cereals and vegetables -this would apply to 99% diseases but rarely would they suggest or even drop such a subtle hint to an obese morbid person. Doctors tend to look for pathology first and nutrition as the last.

    1. No money if you become a good doc ama makes you a quack and witchhunt you

    2. I’m curious as to why they discredit herbs because they haven’t been studied sufficiently… does no one wonder why they aren’t even slightly curious about herbs and their healing impacts? Or using food as medication? If they really wanted people to be healthy.

      Herbs have been around a lot longer than their meds so why is no one researching significantly into them? 🤔

    3. Because Doctors have EXTREMELY LITTLE education on Nutrition and PREVENTATIVE NATURAL homeopathic remedies since the advent of the Oil Industry (Rockefellers who CREATED Big Pharma Industry using the waste by-products of oil and gas processing). HOLISTIC Doctors have saved my life many times when AMA doctor could not diagnose and only precribe antibiotics as an educated guess and they were Absolutely Wrong many times. The AMA INDOCTRINATES and does not EDUCATE doctors for Nutrition but if you need Emergency Services they are the Absolute BEST in the world in ERs!

  305. Talk about confinement and how that is so ineffective

  306. How much have they paid you clown

    1. Haha true 🤣

  307. What about this

    Quercetin suppresses proinflammatory cytokines production through MAP kinases and NF-κB pathway in lipopolysaccharide-stimulated macrophage

    Sung-Yeon Cho, Sang-Joon Park, Myung-Ja Kwon, Tae-Sook Jeong, Song-Hae Bok, Woo-Young Choi, Won-Il Jeong, Si-Yun Ryu, Sun-Hee Do, Cha-Soo Lee, Jae-Chan Song & Kyu-Shik Jeong

    Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry volume 243, pages153–160(2003)

    I came across this article, what is your opinion.

  308. IV Vitamin C one session cured my son of a 2 year chronic fever that regular doctors or specialists had no idea on how to cure.

    1. @karl Jönsson And that vaccine CAUSED MORE CASES OF POLIO THAN WAS THE STANDARD OF INFECTION RATE AT THAT TIME AMONG CHILDREN WHO WERE VACCINATED WITH IT. Just do some research into this information as it’s the ABSOLUTE TRUTH!!

    2. Vitamin c is a miracle cure big pharma fears. Its a shame no one continued the practice by Dr Klenner, curing polio in 60 children just using vitamin c injections. Unfortunatly at the same time around 1950 a polio vaccin was introduced.

  309. Water soluble ? 7:22 Not… it is a fat soluble vitamin… 50 an above is what most recommend on your blood work. not around 30…I really wonder about his motives. I forgot he is a MD not a nutritionist. different speciality.

    1. Maybe you are right.

    2. Vitamin c is water soluble. Fat soluble vitamins are A D E and K

  310. # Why take D vitamins in most cases ? Because ‘D’ is for Doctor

  311. I sunbathe an hour every morning

  312. The only study I need is my own. I have been taking Vitamin D3 w/K and the right Vitamin C (not Consumer Lab recommended brands which are useless). Since MDs only get a few weeks of true nutritional training, I wouldn’t put much stock in his recommendations. Find a true functional medicine doctor.

  313. I take 5000 IU of vitamin D/100 mcg of vitamin K2 together daily. No toxicity. Taking magnesium helps vitamin d effects as well

  314. I’d also like to know if there’s any updated research that has shown vitamin c to produce kidney stones in toxicity.

  315. You should look into vitamin c to bowel tolerance.

  316. Bill Gates owns the patent to the manufactured Covid 19 virus. Therefore, he is entirely responsible for every single death caused by
    the virus, whether released intentionally or not is irrelevant. Huge class action lawsuit. @

    1. SARS Cov-2 gives Sars Cov-19 not Bill Gates

    2. He needs electric chair !

  317. Are you Lebanese?

  318. Thank you for mentioning vitamin D. Several recent studies suggest a link between low vitamin D and worse outcomes in COVID-19 patients.
    The Orthomolecular Medicine
    News Service has many referenced articles about the use of IV vitamin C against many infections, including corona virus. Some of them include theories about how high dose vitamin C works against infections, including the resulting hydrogen peroxide’s interaction with iron.
    One of their Orthomolecular doctors was in Wuhan for weeks reporting on the reportedly encouraging vitamin C studies there.
    In mid April a hospital in Texas reported using a cocktail of treatments similar to the Marik protocol for sepsis with encouraging results. That protocol includes high dose vitamin C.
    I like the website of the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University for information about immune system support. Pauling was a Nobel prize recipient and an early advocate of the orthomolecular medical approach.
    Lets continue to work to lower the curve and improve the odds for vulnerable people.

  319. Can’t thank you enough for volunteering such down to earth, helpful information that is easily understood!!! God bless you!❤️

  320. Need to talk about flu vaccines. Also I’ve only been sick 1s in 7 yrs because I was worn out.

  321. I take 50,000.. vitamin D. I don’t know anyone that has over dosed. I do slow release vitamin C worse time of flu season (I rather have problems with diaria then take a pharmaceutical), zinc only flu season, I use OREGANO OIL when I feel something coming on for 5 days but 2 or 3 full droppers full before bed…

  322. I use zinc lozenges as soon as I feel a tickle in my throat and it works! My cold only max two days and severe at all.

    1. Actually, boiled Ginger Root directly attacks the Rhinovirus

  323. As an old lady, 71, I find large doses of vitamin C when I am getting a cold, knocks it out, zinc losenges help greatly…for me. I’m not on any meds, so a little help (vit c and zinc) goes a long way for me

  324. I take 2000 units of vit D a day…👍

  325. Thank you Doctor Mike Hansen, agree with you on vitamine D. I believe that if we do an analysis on people in winter, we will find that almost all lack sufficient vitamine D to prevent cold. Agree that you need a good therapist to give the good advice how to use supplements if needed. I believe that chamomille for children and melissa officinalis are great natural remedies that don’t have any side effects, and lemon and ginger added to water is a perfect prevention therapy during the winter season for people in general, and if you need to protect yourself from viruses and cold pathologies. I hope that therapists as well as doctors hand in hand help people survive and live healthy and happy.

  326. Man made Vitamin C is fake. Not a true vitamin. The only true vitamin C is from fresh fruits and liver. The pharmaceutical companies couldn’t synthesise natural vitamin C so had 3 synthetic vitamin C recognised as vitamin C.
    Also oral taking synthetic supplements don’t work. Study done on supplements and conclusion was only 2 vitamin supplements worked 1 was folate, forgot what the other one was but it wasn’t vitamin D supplement. Get a direct shot into your blood stream

    1. Another nature only freak. Ascorbic acid has its only use.

    2. Nonsense.
      It’s exactly the same molecule.

    3. Most Vitamin C is ascorbic acid that is extracted from corn, so it’s not synthetic. They then bind it with sodium to make sodium ascorbate which is much easier on the stomach. It is just as viable if not more so than your “natural” fruits and vegetables. Btw, you’d have to eat 86 oranges to get 3,000 mg of Vitamin C and No One’s gonna do that EVER. IV Vitamin C is the most potent as it goes directly into the bloodstream. Then Liposomal C, and of course the 25,000 mg enema push can put tons into the bloodstream very inexpensively.

  327. Thank you 🙏🏻

  328. Happy to see a Video that includes the warning of the side effects!! Thank you! For I am tired of always posting it lol. People should always try and get what they need natural anyways. And , like u said, get your blood level checked first and do not over do it. Vitamins etc are not candy….As of herbs, I need to point out you are not 100% right. There are good studies but you would have to dig in the European stuff. There are traditional used herbs and by now it is very well known why they work and what they do / or not do. I am not talking about homeopathic stuff, I aint using that at all.

    1. Please could you share what sources of herbs from Europeans ? I’d love to find out since UK and US are committed to not exploring this

  329. Have a debate with an orthomolecular therapist expert. That would be interesting.

  330. Where are the studies which prove your statement of “vitamin C causes kidney stones and cataracts”?

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if those vitamin studies that he refers to were conducted with synthetic vitamins instead of naturally derived.

    2. There are none. I was challenged that too much vitamin c could kill you. So I did a search on vitamin c deaths from the CDC and there were exactly… NONE

    3. Dave Magdaleno l know 🤔

  331. Thank you.Very helpful for me since I take supplements I need.

  332. Yeah, don’t take any vitami s that could be helpful to your immune system because the pharma money hogs can’t make money and hospitals will have a stockpile of ventallators and breathing machine that noone will need because they have healthy immune systems from taking vitamin s essential for a strong immune system such as vitamin D and Omega fatty acids. Notice he didn’t mention those at all though he draws us in by putting vitamin D in his caption to lure us in.

    1. @Dave Magdaleno you’ve answered your own question hahaha.

    2. @Dave Magdaleno He probably doesn’t know any better.

    3. Why would he suggest consuming dairy when it’s known to increase production of mucus and risk of infections?

    4. did you miss the par where he poured a glass of (Vit D added) milk “in case you can’t get enough sunlight”?

  333. This was great until you sat down to drink mucus causing Dairy 🤷‍♀️

  334. Research indicates D Levels of 50 Ng/mL are associated with the lowest cases of cancers, asthma, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, depression, anxiety, pain threshold etc. The research is plentiful. For COVID, Pulmonary colleagues recommend 5000 IU per day for Adults as preventative based on recent data.

  335. I agree with most of what you say but Linus Pauling won a Nobel prize for his amazing work proving the importance and efficacy of Vit C. Clearly this needs to be in combo with sufficient VitA and D3 etc. One alone can’t do it all!

    1. @Qrayon Dr. Linus Pauling PhD received his first nobel prize in science for his defining covalent bonds between atoms.
      His second came from his research showing nuclear weapons testing in the upper atmosphere was bad, that was a Nobel Peace prize which is what got nuclear testing in the atmosphere banned.
      Special note: he was awarded both prizes as an individual where as many today are to groups.

    2. Dr. Pauling won his Nobel Prize for something else, not for his vit. C studies, but he did write a book about vitamin C and the common cold. My college chemistry professor said Linus Pauling was a genius.

  336. Detox system

  337. V3.anty flu

  338. คุณแบเอาผ้าเช็ดปากไปสะสมหนูนู้อ่านใจขอบคุณช่วยโลกคะ

  339. So…I guess this guy is all about you taking Pharmaceuticals…lol Ha…! Folks this guy is a big pharma Millennial shill..🤪

    1. Proof please

    2. and he needs a shave.

  340. I’ve taken Vitamin C for years….It’s great to prevent and treat viruses and colds.

    1. Vit C is easy you can any from fruits but D is important too

    2. @Irene Gresham That’s all you needed.

    3. i use to get alot of colds and flu i take a vitamin C tablet everyday 200mg only i have been doing this for 3 years the last time i had a cold or flu was 3 years ago

    4. @johno4521 It’s extreme when you’re