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Stars With The Worst Personal Hygiene

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If you’re rich and famous, chances are you have no problem affording things like soap, shampoo, and deodorant, right? You can even hire professionals to bathe you! Unfortunately, not all celebs appreciate those perks. Here are some stars with the worst personal hygiene…

Gwyneth Paltrow | 0:17
Russell Crowe | 1:05
Matthew McConaughey | 1:45
Julia Roberts | 2:24
Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis | 2:52
Robert Pattinson | 3:23
Shia LaBeouf | 3:58

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1,184 thoughts on “Stars With The Worst Personal Hygiene

  1. What other celebs with poor hygiene should’ve gotten a bar of soap for the holidays?

    1. Ezra Miller often has dirty fingernails, looks like his hair hasn’t been washed in six months, and has long dirty toenails. Not only that, but he smokes like a chimney and smells like it. One person who met him on a plane said “he stunk”. Sorry to disappoint those who have crushes on this very handsome guy, but that’s your boy.

    2. @Blank Von “Snow-dune diving!” Wow, you Icelanders are very brave! But I bet it’s fun if you have a sauna nearby. We tend to think of Iceland as very remote down here, but I’m sure you do have modern conveniences like central heating, etc. But you make the best of it in the winter, I’m sure! Good luck to you in all you do, Para.

    3. @M.J. Leger Thank you for your good vibes, amazingly we have central heated houses and stay warm but yes, sauna is lovely coupled with snow dune diving. It’s nice that you experienced it also!! I live near Reykjavík, Iceland.

    4. @Blank Von Oh my goodness, Iceland! I’ll bet a sauna is a very welcome place to be up there! Good for you! They say cleanliness is next to Godliness and there’s something to be said for that! When I skied, I loved going to the sauna and a steaming swimming pool, then we’d go roll in the snow (on a dare, like idiots) and run back to the pool! Silly, I know. But I was young and we did things like that then. I traveled in Norway a couple of times in winter and summer and loved the country and the people, I wanted to go to Reykjavik, once when in Norway, but it never worked out. Stay warm up there!

    5. @M.J. Leger I agree! Even though I’m from Iceland I shower and sauna regularly, then splash on moisturizer and perfume. Love it!🏊💇💅💄🚿🅱🅰🆖ℹ🆖

  2. Ok if they are not use deo,its not mean they are not keep hygiene.

  3. I’m pretty sure lack of deodorant is not the issue here. If you don’t make hygiene a routine then it will build up smells over time I suppose. Along with a bad diet and not enough water

  4. apparently the rumours about robert pattinson reeking is false, i mean he did stink but it was THAT bad . his family and friends said he doesnt change his clothes too much because it keeps the paparazzi away. if you dont understand lmk

  5. Wow. One of my idol’s is on this list. Time to go to my second idol, Tim Burton. Never expected Johnny to be in this list. Just… wow

  6. Haha vampires do smell🤣


  8. Can ya imagine just how gross these people are down there? 🤢

  9. These Fn celebs take Narcissism to a Whole other level….smh!!!!

  10. So they are human in some sense of the word? Is this National inquirer? Who cares— get a life.

  11. Code j at the local establishment! LOL! I found the church trash bags being hidden out for the fed the state and county! I’m sure they wanna be famous do go to the apartment complex and police department for your interview cause I don’t do interviews or the news! LOL! I bet Jillie luck would love the inside scoop on your oil stealing and selling if bad tanks and the fed helped huh! Good luck with that corona viruses cause I don’t do social clubs especially dry bar humor that is real dry! Maybe Roy Cooper’s people will do filming for you and them live PD losers but not me! I bet they’ll let you do a ride along also next to the barber shop and police house and Undercovers working playing nurses and doctors from the college who are in training and dumb! I’m looking for a new doctor because of them so have fun EMS I hope y’all don’t get shot in the face chasing ambulances like last time! LOL!

  12. A handsome guy like Robert Pattison also stinks

  13. I totally believe it.

  14. So…..being a dirty scumbag is saving the worlds water..O…k……

  15. I’m noticing a pattern between these people 🤔😂

  16. omgosh there so lucky there celebs i would be in the damm perfume aisle getting a lot of them to smell good i can barly afford one there missing outnon smelling really good and espiacly being a celeb come on get with it peoples llmfao or if they can get any can they buy me at least 5 perfumes for me to smell good there missing out lol 🤗😊😅

  17. After performing their demonic rituals, they are probably told NOT to shower.

  18. This is the caveman mentality, which is their history!

  19. Just listening to this made me want to take two showers…yuck.

  20. If you haven’t figured it out yet, only idiots use deodorant.

    1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. @Liam Patrick Go ahead and keep putting aluminum under your arms Einstein.

    3. I bet that’s what your gym teacher told you.

  21. Matthew smelled fine in high school

  22. Julia Roberts cochina🤮🤮

  23. Matt M looks funky as hell🤮

  24. I have to shower everyday and brush my teeth or I’ll go crazy

  25. I love these left-wing lunatics and thinking they will solve climate change issues.

  26. You have so much money! If I had that much I would buy a huge yakuzi / in-house pool and bathe twice a day for fucks sake! Make sensible use of your money!

  27. I can’t stand myself after 2 days without showering. This is disgusting.

  28. They’re walking around a movie set smelling like ass…

  29. My people

  30. Robert pattinson is gross af

  31. I shower every day, use deo,brush my teeth 3 times/day. But I only wash my hair once/week.
    It doesn’t get greasy or smelly.

  32. Famous or not, when I go out I have to be fresh and clean!!

  33. Euuuw the stankers!

  34. Imaging having sex with one of them.. my god, the smell must be horrendous

  35. A tiny bit of aluminium for the met gala wouldn’t kill! Jeez!

  36. This may be OK for those who are celibate but with my busy social life I need to shower twice a day. Once in the evening of course, and again in the morning…I don’t want to make my co-workers envious.

  37. “I’m sorry, but you’re kind of dirty.” Lol kids don’t know how to lie XD

  38. Dude that’s absolutely disgusting..

  39. Mathew McConaughey could stink all he wants around me. Woo!

  40. You know, I had to come back to this. People who know me, the last thing they would say is that I smell bad. I shower about once a week. When I was working, I showered about every 3 days. I don’t think people should have to smell my — stank! When I go out, I shower. Like I had to go out today, so I showered yesterday. People not smelling or putting up with my — stank — includes my vendors. That’s just all out rude to expect that people should have to put with — stank. I think that’s the worse personality behavior — they just don’t care — and, I mean, just don’t care.

  41. Cleanliness is next to “Godliness” All these superstars have sold their souls…Their “god” has NOTHING to do with Godliness.

  42. This is stupid

  43. Shia Lebuf stinks! His acting I mean.

  44. Frankly, these people look like they stink even in their glamour roles. Denzel Washington refused to do a sex scene with Julia Roberts, he claimed because it would insult his audience ( black women. ) but, he’s done plenty of sex scenes with other white women in his career. I bet he refused the scene because Robert’s has B.O.

  45. Megan Fox is dirty too she never flush the toilet

  46. I always use deodorants specialy thats smells good 😁 rasberry

  47. 🤣with all that money come on stinky celebs

  48. High School in Arizona is a nightmare. Everyone smells because it’s so hot, especially the periods after lunch

  49. Matthew McConahey looks like a POOPY PANTS GREASE BALL!!!!!!

  50. It okay not wearing deodorant. If you smell bad that okay too. But not taking a shower for day or week its nasty. What they had sex n like dont take shower after it

  51. Like Redd Foxx once said “You got to wash yo ass!” A little bit of a musty smell on a guy is tolerable, but when you don’t use deodorant ever and or you rarely bathe, we have a problem. Though it’s not good for you to shower every day, you still need to stay clean and smelling good if you’re going out in public. If I go without showering for a few days, I don’t go anywhere, but if I’m going out, I shower and use deodorant because I don’t want to offend.

  52. And they all EAT MY POOPOO PLATTER COMBO!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍

  53. We overdo the hygiene.

  54. Pretty disgusting facts especially when they could afford to buy top of the range organic shower stuff or use natural oils etc. Shame on them phew let’s hope God cannot smell them because cleanliness is next to godliness 💞✝️🐾💞✝️🙏🏻

  55. Oh God, I can’t live without showering TWICE a day, meanwhile these stars— yikes.

  56. They have all this money, but can’t keep good hygiene

  57. I don’t understand! I’d have a nervous break down if I HAD to go more than 2-3 days without showering! Even then I’d use wet wipes, and dry shampoo, at the very least, to have some sort of semblance of cleanliness!!! I cannot and will not get in my bed without being recently showered. And I can’t sleep if my bedding isn’t clean as well. Showering at least once a day, and changing your sheets and pillow cases once a week is not difficult if you’re lucky enough to have a home, and access to water! I’ve known some hippies that moaned about how bad soap was for the skin! It really isn’t as long as you use decent quality product. Also, lotions and body moisturizing oils exist! Even so, I’d rather have dry skin and hair than to walk through life smelling like something that would make our cats gag!

  58. If I had their money,. I would have a waterfall bathroom, plants, designed with natural rock. I love showers!!

  59. Angelina Jolie makes me want to puke

  60. So Matthew McConaughey really is rolling a booger between his fingers in that Lincoln commercial.

  61. When narcissism and fame makes you so inconsiderate

  62. If i was them i would get the bleach and end it all 😂😂

  63. One more thing. If you’re scared of the aluminum and toxins in deodorant, purchase all natural hygiene products. These god damn celebrities are making no sense. But they want their reptilian and insectillian phermones to pop. All that money and you stink?!! GTFOOH

  64. Rihanna is also known in the industry as having fowl body odor. Her body is literally decaying. Plus, most of these celebrities are secret transgenders under hormone therapy. A symptom of that can be fowl body odor.

  65. Body odour problem doesn’t mean bad hygiene. Bad Theory, bad video, dislike inevitable.

  66. White people…

  67. Robert Pattinson!!!!! and the way girls were fangirling him on twilight…😂😂😂😂😂

  68. I bathe twice a day

  69. How’s it like being in bed with these nasty smelling celebs especially after sex?

  70. Natural oils ..😷😷😷😷

  71. im korean and i dont stink.
    literally i do not stink at all, i wouldnt shower for like 3 days and smell my armpit and the clothe i was wearing–still would not stink. told some other people to smell, said it didnt stink.
    i was so curious to why this was happening that i searched it up on google.
    turns out most east asians lost a sweat gland that produces the stinky odor as an adaptation to extreme cold weather.
    i also learned that most of the east asians dont have armpit hair as much as the other countries. some dont even produce armpit hair.
    honestly, im really happy that i dont stink. i didnt stink at my teenage years either, i never wore deodorant cause i didnt stink.
    well turns out it was worth it, its impossible for me to stink unless i dont shower for like a month and bacteria builds up.
    good thing i still shower everyday though, even if its pointless and actually destructive to your body.
    people judge me for not showering everyday, but they fail to realize that you only need to shower when you stink.
    i dont need to really shower, even after sweating, cause i do not stink. i dont smell.

  72. Is there any thing else you spend your time on? Marsha

  73. Have they heard of drinking lemon water in the morning.
    Using lemon juice or milk of magnesium under the arms helps a lot. Also not eating animal products cleans out the body.

    I ran into Matt Dillon once at an airline club and he was getting a coffee from the cappuccino machine. I did not realize who he was until he asked me how to work the machine. I got closer and pulled back right away from the smell of him.

  74. Are you putting their business out there im just asking

  75. Natural deodorants do not work

  76. 1. Half of the people in my grade

  77. Julia Roberts she can’t wash her hair to open because it’s dry I mean girl there’s a lot of shampoos and products that for dry hair that makes good what the fuck

  78. Went to LHS with Matt McConaughy ….he did not smell, but was a jerk… I was size 10…his nickname for me? “Fat ass” …gifted actor… still? Cannot stand him

  79. I don’t get people who can’t shower like i take 20 minutes in the morning making sure i smell good yet there’s people like this i get anxiety if i think i smell bad LIKE WTF BITCH

  80. No surprises. All of them look funky as hell!*

  81. Gross lol. I rather die than anyone think I smell

  82. Use white vinegar spray.

  83. Before the video starts , I heard post Malone stinks 😷

  84. I know I am alergic to a lot of different deodourants and antiperspirants. it makes my armpits get painful and bright red. I use Brut and dont have an issue. it doesnt have the same chemicals that a lot of other products have. even in jail I had to get the special hypo allergenic deodourant from commisary. because the regular one made me break out in hives.

  85. Wow!

  86. Enjoy your cancer and hormone wrecking chemicals. Soap and deodorant are poison.

  87. Pughhhhfffffff

  88. Noooo not Pepper. She looks like she smells good. My fellow Marvel lovers will understand what I mean by Pepper.

  89. I’m noticing a pattern with all these people

  90. What a terrible video, who the heck are you guys to judge? Most of these still seem to be sporting a fairly regular hygiene, they don’t need to always be squeaky clean just because they’re famous. Jesus, what an awful channel.

  91. I’ve learned through videos that Gwyneth Paltrow is arrogant and has poor personal hygiene.

  92. When someone tells these stars they stink, they are not kidding!

  93. I also dont shampoo for 6 months, however i take a shower and wash my hair everyday but injust dont use ny chemical in the head as it damages your head and your hair. My hair is much more shiny ans beautifuo. Till now no one ever said me that my hair stinks, i ask close people and they dont believe i dont shampo. What im doing its called no poo

  94. No excuses- you have to take care of your personal business- these people are lazy- i don’t always feel like washing up either, but when you are around people, you have to consider them- I wash up everyday, even if I don’t go anywhere

  95. The gormless tramps of Hollywood

  96. Right. That’s it. I am off to wash my body and my hair 27 times

  97. I dunno…all these people depend on their looks and acceptability to grow. Why would they risk their income by smelling bad all the time. It doesn’t add up.

  98. 🤢🤮💩

  99. Stinkin rich 😂😂😂

  100. Robert look like he has poor hygiene

  101. Brad Pitt stinks. He never washes his hair and smells like cigarettes and BO.

  102. Am I the only one that heard that at 2:04? “Romantic cOsTaR”

  103. So the ones don’t shower smell like ass and dirty hair!! Yummy

  104. That’s foanky .. tall need to wear body oil. Patchouli and jasmine at least. Frankincense and myrrh.. body oil

  105. all that money and u cant buy bar of soap … and these people sleep with every one

  106. There’s no excuse for having poor hygiene & thinking it’s alright to subject others to ur body’s various smells. It’s just bad manners & thinking it’s alright to have them, if ur a person with a highly paid job of playing dress up &/or pretend. Since when is it good manners to stink? Disgusting!!!

  107. There is NEVER an excuse for bad hygiene, no matter what your quirks or probably erroneous beliefs are about it. People who just think they don’t stink, should listen to others! If you don’t like to use deodorant, then bathe more often! There ARE ways to avoid looking and smelling bad! And do NOT try to cover up body odor with perfumes or other odors, they just do NOT mix well! And if you bathe and put dirty clothes back on, it defeats the purpose of bathing because clothes absorb odors! You exude odor through your skin, ALL of your skin, not just under arms and private parts! The hair on your head picks up germs often and the head is one of the most places where you also perspire and give off heat, Your scalp perspires. Hair picks up a LOT of germs, which means you must keep it clean whether on your head or men with facial hair (a fad we hope ends soon!)

  108. You don’t need money to be a clean person. Even the dollar store is selling toothbrush toothpaste deodorant soaps 😂 $4 dollar

  109. I’ve never liked vanessa

  110. I used to be ashamed of my breath. I literally didn`t want to leavemy house since it was very bad. After trying my dentist told me, it just worked for a few hours. Now my breath is more fresh, clean and 100% better. My life back is finally back to normal due to this bad breath treatment method “Kanzοzο Zato” (Google it).

  111. They are disgusting people who want to smell bad o I know Democrats

  112. Johnny Depp amd his wife has always made the funky list

  113. Their just human beings. But nah who don’t bathe? 😐

  114. Yuckkkk, this shocked out my day light. What natural odor. What a shame

  115. No excuse to smell like shit what the fuck IM DEAD 💀💀💀💀

  116. question everything

  117. How shallow are you to make this? What’s the revelation here? Actors are human? None of you will likely EVER be within smelling distance of any of these talented human beings. Trying to knock someone down a notch because you are envious only makes you look bad. Great job! You succeeded.

  118. Lazy bastards!

  119. I’m sorry but those excuses of natural body smell; natural bacterias on the skin; deodorant cause cancer…. blablabla……. Excuses from nasty and stinky people. I take shower every single day, brush my teeth at least two times a day (or more if I eat out of home), and always use deodorant and soaps. I never ever had a skin problem or had cancer……. And I’m 47 eyars old………..

  120. That’s not right, there should be a demand on hygiene sad

  121. johnny depp look stink

  122. What is it supposed to do for one’s life to know what famous people have poor personal hygiene?

  123. Some of these people need a blanket party when I was in the service 40 years ago if you didn’t shower especially if running all day we’d put a blanket over your head and beat you senseless believe me when you got up the next day and took a f****** shower hahaha

  124. My x girl left thr room when we were arguing. Went to sleep in other room. After hours of not coming out. I let out huge protein shake and protein bar farts and fumigated the room. When she entered. Sweet revenge😂

  125. I got the pleasure of meeting Johnny Depp about 2 years ago. I was working a show for the Hollywood Vampires. He hugged me and thanked me for job well done and all I smelled was alcohol and cigarettes…It wasnt so bad lol

  126. It might be understandable if they just worked too hard or something but no.

  127. How to lose a guy in 10 days… don’t shower. xD

  128. “I’d rather be smelly than dead” HAHAHAHA As if you cant choose to be alive AND smell nice. Chemical deodrents are NOT an excuse to STINK. There is salt based deodrents in health food stores and umm WATER. If you scrub good enough, you should at least be able to go a day without smelling of sweat. Especially before an award show, you’d shower and the sweat would be clean.

  129. I can’t believe there’s a channel criticizing people’s body order. We don’t live with them and who cares, petty stuff.

  130. I shower once a month whether I need it or not.

  131. wash your asses stinky trash

  132. Keith Urban smell is awesome…

  133. Nick Nolte?

  134. just EWWWWW!

  135. Probably from drinking babies blood- just like Killary Clinton! ESPECIALLY DEPP. HE ALWAYS JUST LOOKED LIKE HE NEVER BATHED. AND NOTHING TO DO WITH FASHION, JUST LOOKS STINK -NO SURPRISE THERE.There is such a think as UNSCENTED deodorant.

  136. I heard that not a lot of people in LA use deodorant.

  137. Stupid people.

  138. I’m surprised David Spade is not on this interview he looks dirty n smelly.would not want to act with him…pu

  139. Well they have the money they should find best dermatologist in Hollywood.

    1. It’s a not well known thing that people in LA don’t use deodorant, because they’re afraid of disease

  140. Matthew Mcounaghy does stink

  141. Great personalities!!

  142. And they all !probably had animals too

  143. I knew Shia would be here

  144. haha. classic.

    I’ve heard most of these already, except the …no wait, I think I heard them all,actually🤔.

    Anyway, I’ve heard diff.thinhs about them too, like Rob Pattinson’s breath is always rank, and Julia Roberts’ has dirty feet constantly…and so on. This was still funny thow. Tnh,I could give a rat’s ass. if people wana be like that, whatever. I go without showering a lot too, & I’ve never worn deodorant. Althow, I’ve always gotten compliments(and I must just be lucky with a nice natural scent,lmao) cause I wear a lot of natural oils and lotions. Especially my coconut, banana,mango, etc. ones, cause people actually ask what I use it smells so good(so they say). 😆😆😆

    I could care less if I stink to others, but i must not cause they genuinely ask where they can get my “perfume”. 😆😆😆 I never know what to say Thow as it’s just my sweat mixed with a multitude of different stuff I like to wear(environmentally friendly of course),so usually I just smile & make somethin’ up as not to have to explain–so annoying. 😎🤔😄

    I do appreciate their lovliness thow. I’m hippy dippy,myself…Althow I like to be nice & flower fresh. there’s so many things u can do even if u don’t bathe with water or in a shower…and u def.dont need new types of deoderant(how u think people got on before it was made in the 40s?lmao)…yep. Salt, talcum powders, flowers, natural oils, fruits…maybe these guys just need to fluff on a bit a earthy delights to better mix with their natural musk…then again, they probly just don’t care. Whatever. I say, let live. A long-winded way here, To say: To each’s own😊😄😂

    1. yummy, your the girl of my dreams

  145. How can you have all that money and fame and not keep yourself clean and hygienic? Don’t care if I have 1 buck or 1 million bucks I am still going to get a shower in the morning and shower or bath at night…That’s just how I roll

  146. I never felt so grossed out

  147. So what so so superficial. I was with someone that really preferred my natural smell. Rather than fake perfumes. Whilst I was with him I also really enjoyed no deodorant on him either there is a beautiful attraction with that earthy smell. It’s not stink it’s just not artificial that’s all

  148. Gross! Bathe u stinky pukes! And brush ur teeth too! They probably wear dirty clothes too👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  149. paltrow looks like she stinks

  150. Fuck this is stupid!! Iam out..

  151. No want he got dumped. Hygene is one of the top reasons people get dumped. Research? Just my own personal experience.

  152. I tried that ‘natural’ deodorant and stunk at work, my kids told me ‘you stink.’ If you do not want to stink you have to get an anti-persperant deodorant or you are wasting your time.

  153. Post Malone?

  154. All are tobacco addicts and reek of toxic tobacco smoke, which is killing them and innocent people around them.


  155. One thing that is a turn off for me bad hygiene


  157. Referring to JR: If you’re a female over the age of 8 don’t let me be your mama because you will be taking those night-before-school showers until you’re out of college lol or at least until you can run through some water without second guessing it

  158. Caucasians have this natural smell that is peculiar to them all and one that is off putting and more so when they don’t bath I found out our native black soap ( ose dudu ) help take care of it from a friend now late married to one who didn’t have it. The smell stopped me from serious relationship with one that I fell for as a teenage wish I had known of the soap then

  159. Even though millions of people have been safely using deodorant for decades, these celebs think it will kill you? I’m sure they have enough money for deodorant that is ‘natural’ so there’s no excuse. Armpit b/o is gross.

  160. Unbelievable what you find on YouTube.

  161. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 wow, how disgusting…..most of them I guessed right for years 🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢

  162. Do they smell their own farts?

  163. Lmao! Lmfao!

  164. I’m not surprised by anyone on this list they all are shitty people there’s no reason they shouldnt smell like it too

  165. I need a shower just looking at Matthew McConaughey

  166. As a filipino. We always care about our smell. Most of filipino doesnt like bad smell. Why we taking care our body.

  167. When it comes to personal hygiene…i firmly confirm that the Filipinos are really the no.1.

  168. Filthy Cunts!!

  169. Some people just plain stink
    It all depends on diet & metabolism nuf said

  170. Julia Roberts could not shower for a month and still wouldn’t put her out of bed unless she wanted to f*c# on the floor. Just sayn.

  171. People are judgmental assholes. Christ.

  172. All of those are very shocking!

  173. If bathing everyday is not in your culture, this is bound to happen. I don’t date people whose culture tells them they can shower every three days. I can smell their stench by the second day yet they can’t.

    If you bathe twice daily like me, you lotion up each time and use deodorant. That’s why I don’t drink. Unfortunately these bather after three days culture people don’t know what body lotion is all about.

  174. Wow just straight nasty, cleanliness is Godliness

  175. That’s sick

  176. Jon rivers husband said she stunk and never bathes so what could she really say

  177. God everybody in the comment section act like porous pricks “oh, they have money but don’t bathe oah”
    Shut the fuck up who cares they give you entertainment especially Shia because his freak outs are amazing.

  178. her voice is so annoying

  179. I would love to smell Julia Roberts natural oils

  180. 3:49 or there abouts…….unless you’re Rasputin.

  181. The main point ISN’T deodorants – it’s washing, bathing or showering every day. These peopled obviously can’t be arsed!

  182. Man, you guys are right about ‘You don’t want to meet your favorite stars’, these motherfudgers smell like shiet.

  183. Bet they smell like wet dog and expired mayo with boiling hotdog water

  184. 6 weeks without a shower? I can’t go two days without a shower! I must shower, change my clothes, brush my teeth and floss. I just love feeling fresh and smelling nice. And when you’re clean your sweat don’t smell.

  185. I think needing to shower depends on the person and time of year. My boo works outdoors and his clothes get dirty, Sox, 4get it, they get so stiff they can walk on their own. His body tho, he didn’t sweat nearly as much or as fast as I do, also he has less natural body oil. And so a shower can last him quite a few days and he can actually skip deodorant if he wanted to but doesn’t. I don’t freaking get it. He usually feels smooth and dry to the touch even after sweating up a storm, after he cools off, its as if he didn’t sweat! But me, I feel more comfortable with a shower in the morn to wake up, possibly a mid day shower if it’s hot because I feel sticky and I hate how my skin tastes like salt, in the past I’ve even sweated then it dried and I’d actually have salt crystals left on my chest! Maybe too much salt in my diet at the time, not enough water maybe. Didn’t happen so much now but because that has happen in the past, I can’t stand how my skin is after I sweat and thing is I tend to always sweat more after a show than b4. So 2 a day is fine sometimes 2 in the summer or 2 but with frequent wipe downs with a cold wet clothes for me and boo, he looooooooves that and rather do that b4 bed than an actual shower. I guess he can do that as his body is very different than mines! My day is SHOT if I forgot deodorant and if I shower I’m so so it if not showed n no deodorant but I have sum still on from the day b4, maybe I’ll be ok but not if it’s a 90 degree day in manhattan! No way, subways crowds not much open places trees and breezes, I’ll get the breezy of the N train going by but unless it’s raining that be it in a hot summer day.

  186. Surprises me how many women stink. No soap, no deodorant?

  187. Matthew McConaghey LOOKS like he smells bad. You can just see it.

  188. Nasty ass white folk for ya.

  189. personal hygiene isn’t Julia Roberts’ worse flaw. Being a total jerk and bullying someone to death is!

  190. You know if someone stinks before work the boss sends him hone period

  191. Dirty fingernails, hair, cigarette smell, BO….I wont get near.

  192. This is discusting and gross. For fuck sake dirty celebrities get a wash, a bath and shower. It’s that simple and brush your teeth. Your breath smells bad you dirty bastards.


  194. Just nasty

  195. I can’t fathom not taking a shower especially a female and when it comes to her monthly visitor. There’s no excuse for poor hygiene especially in Hollywood where you’re constantly filming and sweating all day

  196. “J. Roberts – a natural hippie …”, by avoiding water? You hve some seriously twisted descriptive terminology.

  197. They somehow missed Babyface! He’s notorious for being funky and not the musical kind either!

  198. The experts who know these things say that you really only have to wash your hair or your body every 2-3 days or so. if you sweat, you at least need to rinse off so as not to dry the skin out with soaps. baking soda is good for the arm pits’ deodorization (or those salt rocks from the health food store, but they don’t help after you’ve begun sweating, but baking soda is) for deodorizing the pits or anywhere else that sweats because sweat has bacteria laden, when that dries it begins to reek, so even if you don’t bathe your whole body, you at least need to wash the pits and the crotch and your um backcrack every day!

  199. If you actually watched this video to the end, you need to get a life!

  200. I don’t shower everyday.. I mean, unless I go outside and get sweaty or sticky, of course I’ll shower! But, if I’m just at home doing nothing I shower every other day. So: I shower one day, then don’t shower the day after, then shower the next day. ( and it’s like a cycle. lol.. it may sound kinda gross but i’m not going to shower for no reason. the most ill go without showering is a day.. but i still wash my face twice a day daily regardless ).

  201. Anyone that thinks they don’t need to use deodorant is just fooling themselves

  202. But I wonder if they DO shower and take good care of themselves and its just natural?

  203. This is the grossest thing I’ve ever heard I smell after like one day I have to shower and wash my hair twice I like to smell like a pretty flower these people smell like fungus gross

  204. If you eat correctly plant-based Foods Green Foods you won’t even need deodorant you won’t have gas problems none of those things so try it and see what happens you’ll feel so much better.

  205. This isn’t very shocking that a whole lot of them do this not shower or take a bath daily…. not at all because the Carcass Mountains Caves don’t have built bathrooms so l do understand why it would hard for them to break the nasty habit of not washing their stunk butts everyday.

  206. i find it hard to believe these people. just having one bath a day with NO deodorant after will not cause stinking. i didn’t use deodorant nor perfume at one time in my life and i never smelled nor felt nasty cause 2 good and proper bathes per day will clean the body.seems to me they were or are just nasty and maybe spending more time making and counting their money than being healthy, but health is wealth. i wear perfume now just for style.

  207. So Robert Pattinson have perfect hair when he don’t clean it for weeks but yet if I go one day without washing my hair it gets greasy

  208. Russel Crow is way to big not to shower! Yuck

  209. Warm water is available at any time just bathe and rub lime under the armpits

  210. I shower everyday 🚿🛁

  211. Disgusting 😷

  212. Why does this not surprise me!

  213. Are you serious!!!!!.. I’m so devastated!! I mean really?! How can this be! I mean seriously?????

  214. You know I don’t feel the important of popular people or famous people I just see them as normal people who are slightly full of themselves but yeah

  215. Humans don’t smell like flowers🙄

  216. How can you not shower everyday.

  217. Shame on all these people,

  218. Lebouf doesent care not a little bit 😀

  219. Wow money Really Does Make People Look Good🙊😷😷

  220. on average we Brazilians bathe 2 times per day…we are poor but hygienic! 😎

    1. its so diguesting, even lower class people will in america will take showers


  222. And I wonder why do people worship celebrities as if they were gods? Dead people don’t take anything with them once there gone. So what’s the ” crazed” for? Admiring,praising,adoring, wanting to be like these hippies.

  223. Nice Video. For the keyword: ‘celebs who aged the worst’ you currently rank #3. You are almost there.

  224. I’m dirty rich 😂

  225. ALL that money and have poor hygiene they say deordorant

  226. Video is racist

  227. These people are totally disgusting how can anyone walk around without proper hygiene

  228. I bet they don’t use toliet paper either. Disgusting

  229. Deodorant doesn’t cause cancer. What I do I always switch deodorants and shampoos body washes soaps and lots of things. I can’t stand to smell or clean. I bet they don’t clean their assholes either nasty

  230. These celebs may stink bc they don’t shower but it is ignorant to think that just because someone smells that its because they are dirty. Take for instance a disease called TMAU. It caused people to smell like fish or feces. No amount of bathing will make it go away. There is no cure for it. These people are harassed and bullied on a daily basis by everyone. They even contemplate suicide because of how badly they are treated by society for something that isn’t their fault. Please learn to be kind and empathetic towards others. Just imagine if it was you.

  231. Disgusting….

  232. Not using deodorant is one small part of hygiene. Each and every time you go to the bathroom, you’ll leave a small amount of odor behind. Each time. We go several times per day. Now add that times several days of no showers. It’s a WHOLE lot more than your arm pits. Then add a woman’s monthly cycle as well. Gag. Even using cleansing cloths each time doesn’t erase everything. Not bathing breeds bacteria, dirt, oils and every other thing you’ve touched or eaten as well. Then, add sexual activity on top of that. Much, much more that sweat or arm pits. Take the test…If the neighbors German Shepherd is attached to your crotch, it’s time to take a long, hot shower.

  233. Why I Like To OWN a Laundry Mat … I Can NOT stand Body ODOR …. sick just talking about it

  234. Gross take a damn shower clean yourself up nasty rat people. The world idolizes you for your movie Fame. And then the truth comes out how nasty you really are. Hollywood go to the center of the country Ordinary People that’s where your real people are and yes they are clean. Respectful honest and hard-working.

  235. IDK, To not even bath though, that’s a sorry excuse for a human being, Do they even brush their teeth? I know Mathew Mc, brushes 3 times but wears no deodorant, weird.

    1. Give the guy a break he has depression

  236. I guess if you don’t shower, the producers won’t expect sexual favors.

  237. Use coconut oil and tea tree oil for deodorant.

  238. Yuck

  239. Sorry Trump, golden showers don’t really amount to much good hygiene.

  240. I fucking hate bad smells, but I hate showering daily. If I’m going to be around people though, I WILL ALWAYS SHOWER AND MAKE SURE I DON’T SMELL. Smelling a rando’s body odor is sickening and if you smell in public you should be arrested. ;o)

  241. All that money and so stinky….

  242. Phew!

  243. Rivers prefers to sit “down wind.” So she wants to smell Crowe?

  244. Wow!!! You just would never think these actors would have such poor hygiene? ?? They look so Good! And yet wreck of bad odor, 😱😱😱

  245. grossssssss

  246. Blah blah blah ! If you smell, you need to go on the trade-mill !

  247. All Nasty White People 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. Yeah because blacks don’t go days without showering to not ruin their weeeves or dreads right?

  248. Why would you want to sit down wind?

  249. They have all the money in the world and they still smell WTF 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

  250. Eewww!!😂🤢🤫

  251. I also just wear deodarant when i am going out.

  252. Talk about taking dirty .

  253. Nasty Mofos!!!!!!

  254. Litteraly not surprised that some of these people don’t take showers like you can obviously tell they don’t

  255. That’s fucking nasty.

  256. Be famous and dont get to bathe or be just an ordinary person with good personal hygiene?

  257. Gross.

  258. Had friends like that, loan them a jacket, give it them because you don’t want it back…

  259. My sister sat next to river phoenix at a concert once & said he smelled so bad she had to move.

  260. We can’t go to work without taking a shower promise.

    1. josie lopez m

  261. Yuck in Philippines you seldom smell bad odor specially the actors or actress.

  262. People suffering from depression often don’t wash as it can take energy.

  263. Discusting!!! I cant even go one day without taking a shower.

  264. Well you can’t really get mad at Shia for wanting to be with his role

  265. it honestly blows my mind how u can have all the fame and money but yet u can’t take a twenty or thirty minutes shower how are these people landing high paying jobs or getting married or dating and yet no fuckin shower

  266. Julia Roberts is Green yet flies around the world most of the year.

  267. This is fooking hysterical

    1. This is too funny!- i am laughing so hard-I knew this subject would be a riot!

  268. stinky stars……I am just glad I can watch them rather than smell them.

  269. wash your hair in hot water only and you will not have dry hair any more; it is stupid to wash all the oil out of your hair and then replace it with conditioner, also lose the hair dryer, you are just fucking up your hair

  270. every time I see matt m in that car commercial, I wonder if they had to burn the car after he stunk it up

    1. Hey, give the guy a break he has depression

  271. the worst is when people who have not showered yet and they put on deodorant, which makes it worse.

  272. I tried aluminium-free deodorant and people did the same to me to me too. I went back to the antiperspirant that I’ve have used since I started them as a teen and have had no breast cancer diagnosis since then.

    1. That’s because it’s fine in the doses in deodorant. You aren’t going to get cancer from it. Gwynn needs to talk to actual doctors.

  273. Yikes. I can’t even go one day without bathing. I enjoy being squeaky clean all the time.

  274. Stinkleberty

  275. What is this ? A channel made just to get views based on the Normalcies of those in Hollywood? Seriously this world has enough disgust and hate why are you adding to it? disgusting

  276. Yak, they are not shy for thier bad smell. We filipino are very aware for our smell

  277. I would gag/hurl if some rich celeb was a scank and I got a whiff of them..
    Totally unessacary.!!

  278. Sometimes at morning I forgot to put my deodorant..
    Omg 😮 I can’t stand my self 🤣😂😅

  279. Hey, Marilyn Monroe rarely showered or used deodorant. because she thought her body smell and sweat was a turn on to men.

  280. Agora eu entendo o motivo de Americano me perguntar pela internet se eu sou higiênica. Achei muito estranho essa pergunta porque tomo 2 banhos por dia, escovo os dentes 5 vezes ao dia e uso desodorante depois do banho. Sou Brasileira.

  281. Every fuckin person i love, lmao wow

  282. You know what else is green? The moss growing in Julia Roberts cooch.

  283. Nobody needs deodorant, just take showers.

    1. Ew

  284. lololol

  285. Are you fucking kidding me?!? What the fuck? I shower every single day, and I cannot believe anyone would want to go around stinking of BO.

  286. You guys do realise that just showering everyday doesn’t get rid of body odour. You can start smelling disgusting almost as soon after you shower if the stench is due to health problems

  287. They are rich but don’t take showers and buy deodorants?

  288. No matter how pretty / handsome you are, but if you smell, than it is disgusting👎😷

  289. Take a freaking shower!

  290. Take a f n shower people you stink

  291. Why are they all white?

    1. Because had it been black people they would complain it’s racist

  292. Joan Rivers spoke no lies

  293. This hairy guy looks disgusting to me, inside and out. Can’t stand him. He is a pretty good actor, somewhat typecast, but still, decent.

  294. the only disgusting thing is this video…

  295. Poor actors… they have to work 8 hours a day… really hard!

  296. Dirty beggars

  297. I only bathe like once a month and I don’t have any problem with the stinking some people do some people don’t

    1. Gross

  298. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  299. Hahahaha they stink

  300. stinky ass white people LMAO

  301. Dude no joke…ive been walking down the street and random strangers have stopped me to tell me how good I smell. It’s not hard to KEEP CLEAN CELEBS WTF.

  302. Just coz you don’t wear deodorant don’t mean you stink. So long as you shower/ bathe every day

    1. But if u sweat then u do stink

  303. How embarrassing !!!!

  304. To me they are role models for ecology . When you take showers once or twice a day , you are waisting electricity. you need municipal utility electric driven water pumps to take a shower or a bath . You also waist using so much soap . furthermore, and especially if you been taking daily or more thasn once daily showers and washing your hands from childhood too much have a weakened immune system.

    1. Ew, u have to bathe though

  305. Celebrities can drown in a vat of liquid feces.

  306. All White people💯✊

    1. Because had it been black people you guys would go crazy shouting racism holding up banners and having riots

  307. What’s with all the commenters trying to defend not showering and/or wearing deodorant?

    1. Ok- I don’t get it- birds of a feather flock together- some people get so used to the odor, they can’t smell themselves

  308. vanessa paradis looks like she stinks…

  309. If I bathe every morning I won’t smell if I don’t wear deodorant. If I go two days I’ll smell like onions

  310. …must also be disgusting to have to kiss an actor with really skanky breath. Must be quite a few of them too.

  311. ick is right” :[) LoL dem sum nassy foos”

  312. This makes me want to take a shower right now…

  313. ther all fucken white

  314. Nasty.

  315. Ewww…yucky..hate people that smells so bad.

  316. i wash with TIDE laundry bar it doesnt smell funky even i sweat much and its cheap i wash my armpit with it also then i use lotion so that my skin wont get dry after bath try TIDE laundry bar do not wash with expensive soap it wil smell like vinegar when you get sweat

    1. You didn’t get a rash?- I would itch so bad- why do you do that?- I mean it’s your body, but tide laundry bar- really?

  317. I just took a shower in the morning,and this just made me feel un-clean

  318. people are people,even the rich

    1. Yeah but they are kind of expected to be clean because they are role models to a lot

  319. All that money and no soap???? Common lol x

  320. Gwenteth Paltrow “though that may be true, she’s musty”

  321. I also dont like aluminum base deodorants, but there are very adfrodable natural options on the market, geez these celebrities just don’t care about other people, no respect.

  322. screw this all the actors stink pee uuuu

  323. I guess your shit don’t stink

  324. Take a shower stinky mofo that goes for the rest of Hellywood…

  325. My grandma was a Cherokee Indian. She used to use liquid soap with white vinegar to bathe with. Then would rub mint leaves all over. She always had a slight smell of mint. White vinegar works better than any deodorant!

  326. I love these stories

  327. Disappointing and disgusting, yikes!

  328. I understand that some people want to be natural and free, and hair is known to clean itself if left long enough, the body produces natural oils for a reason. But what I don’t understand is when your going to be close to a lot of people, and your image is part of your business (it’s not like they have a 40 hour working week to fit into life), why you would not invest at keeping it at its best!

  329. I *ABSOLUTELY CAN’T STAND SHIA LEBUFF/LEDOUCHE* He’s pretentious af, not even near an A list actor and tries too hard. He’s a wannabe, doing all weird, strange shit, trying to come across like old school greats like Brando, Jack Nicholson, Pacino, etc….except he’ll NEVER BE one of them. He should forget his wannabe an icon, enigma and try not being a moron, arrogant, fake ass loser

  330. If nobody used deodorants but washed properly, everyone would get used to the smell… When i work out at home or goto the gym, i get used to the smell and it doesn’t bother me, sometimes the smell reminds me of the smell of weed and i’ve read that they have some of the same things in their smells or something i can’t remember. but honestly everyone smells even when they wash, it’s normal and fine. it’s like when people who work on farms get used to the smell of shit. i mean just why do we wear deodorants when if nobody wore them, nobody would be able to notice the smell anyways…

    1. Well I swear so I need deoderant

  331. Ewwwwww

  332. worths personal hygiene?? wtfreak!

  333. I don’t know about you but i can smell myself. Don’t tell me you can’t.

  334. Who the HELL in their right mind does not use deodorant???????????????????????????

    1. French people -___-

  335. Matthew and Brad stink!

    1. Mathew has depression. Give him a break

  336. I have heard the same thing about deodorant it can cause a lot of health issues.

    1. Then use baking soda or natural deodorant. Can’t just not wear anything like the French. That’s disgusting

  337. No matter how clean white PPL look they are FILTHY

    1. Because black people aren’t dirty right? Because they don’t go weeks without showering to not ruin their weaves or dreads right? Quit being so racist because the same thing can be said the other way

  338. Apparently Emma Stone is notorious for her BO and no deodorants as well.

  339. don’t really think shia not showering for his role in fury was worth mentioning…. as some method actors will do just about anything to become their character no matter what it takes….does mean he has bad hygiene

  340. dat skanky patterson doe

  341. If I cared about them I”d help them get back in shape.I”ll keep informed when they’re in town and share a gift with them. A pull on the ears never hurts anyone A slap in the eyes might go viral Oops with a big fat kisssss

  342. Disgusting

  343. ughhhhhhhhhhh so gross~!

  344. Chronicles of The Stinkers. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I can’t😂😂😂😂😂 I’m in tears 😂😂😂😂

  345. REXONa it won’t let you Down!!

  346. Russell Crowe is Man’s Man !!!!! He don’t need no darn moisturisers or any other metrosexual accoutrements, he’s a freakin Australian hunk of testosterone!! Deal with it ! Bitch !!!!!

  347. I wonder what the average length of time it is to hit with personal records on bath skipping. Is the longest usually a few days, weeks or months.

  348. Half of the men watching this have a wife/girl who knows the real story. Skid marks are NOT few and far between.

  349. So f*cking what?! We all must be overly-perfumed walking mannequins all the time?! People don’t sweat or take a dump or have like….. hormones?! I hate pretentiously “clean” morons. They are usually big hypocrites and are hiding something behind their “cleanliness” obsession.

    1. Vickie Oglesby I have nothing against personal hygiene. I live in a 3+ million city, so I know exactly what you mean. But I still don’t believe in “mandatory” showering twice a day, perspirant and deodorant overuse and shame on basic bodily functions. 😉
      Shower and bathe whenever you feel like it. Let your own tell you when you need to do so…
      And I don’t think, that these celebrities “smell”. It’s just Hollywood looking for a polished perfection dolls.

      P.S. My girlfriend loves the tobacco smell on my shirt and hair. She must be mad, right?

    2. Manol Momchilov but you see..a lot us ride buses..or have cars..or have regular jobs..and we cant go around like shia lebouf or Kristen stewart or matthew mcconagey.. because a person can lose they job like regular aint tolerated..personal hygiene gotta be kept up.

  350. whats wing with these people

  351. Julia Roberts looks like she is enjoying the smell of her gas after farting on her hand.

    1. Just gross…..

  352. Brad Pitt. he is known for smelling and not bathing which he admitted for using baby wipes

    1. HaveYourWay 1984 yes and instead washing his dirty draws it’s alleged he turns them inside out.

  353. Stinky Mother Fuckers .Now let me go take a shower,I smell just watching this video .I think even my computer stinks,Don’t worry I will wipe down my computer.

  354. for god sake, men should especially shower, their private bits can hold bacteria, which can in turn give a woman a uti, which is awful and painful, these people are GROSS! hippies isnt a strong enough word for what they are, and excuses are all they have, which isnt new, but its certainly enabling them to continue to be disgusting, seriously, even if you take only one shower a week, that’d be better than what these celebs do! and using deodorant isnt supposed to be a choice, none of them are toxic to the body, they fixed that problem decades ago! so their excuses are unfounded and stupid! just blech!

  355. Who gives a flying fuck.

  356. Is it possible that popular actors are or become crazy.

  357. He pulled out his own tooth?:/……..little fucking cuckoo….not to mention he’s rubbing bodies against a child in that filthy fucking Sia video

  358. Matt McConughey also has become too thin. He was so dedicated to one of his roles that he lost a lot of weight rendering him unrecognizable. He never completely recovered. He has an overly drawn look in the face.

  359. I always though Depp looked dirty, now I know he really is. Yuck.

  360. All i smell is MONEY,…like they care!

    1. Money hungry

  361. this stinks

  362. I wash my hair every single day.

    1. That’s bad too

  363. There’s got to be showers the on the set; are they depressed or on drugs?  Do they eat too much of like garlic.  What you eat comes out of your pores too.  Are they putting in too many hours and so exhausted that they don’t have strength to bathe.  A quick shower wouldn’t hurt and they have enough money to call someone in to do their makeup and hair.  So there’s got to be a reason.

  364. Again, this list does not surprise me.

  365. lol

  366. People smell bad because they don’t shower. Deodorant does NOT help a dirty ass or greasy hair. I hate Hollywood and 99% of their untalented actors and directors.

  367. 1:12 – “prefer to sit downwind of him” ??? You’re better off sitting UPwind of a smelly person.

  368. Gwyneth should maybe just tape a couple of charcoal briquettes under her pits, or maybe bags of kitty litter…

  369. So, the lack of deodorant makes you a person with worst personal hygiene? WTF? I have never used a deodorant in my life… But I shower in the morning, bathe in the evening, brush my teeth thrice a day, spend at least an hour a day grooming, wear clean clothes every day and use natural herbs like lavender as perfume… Pah, deodorant my ass!!!

    1. That’s nasty. Deoderant is very important

  370. Well that explains Vanessa Paradise, my French teacher told me that French ppls 25% only do shower lol 😂

    1. I was told that the French people created cologne because they didn’t bathe- is that true?- btw, please do not use cologne to cover up funk- you will cause someone to pass out

  371. Thanks, Now I want a bath.

  372. I’m really grossed out right now

  373. If everyone wanted a piece of me I would become as gross as I could be just to keep the human parasites away.


  375. That is nasty

  376. Do a video on the Best Smelling Celebs?

  377. Frankly , I didn’t need this video to tell me that these people stink .

  378. I have never thought Matthew Mcconaughey was good looking at all & know I know he stinks, LOL!

    1. OMG, what’s he depressed about: having money? Fame? Beautiful wife? Boohoo. He has enough money to get a good shrink, so he gets no pity from me. He’s ugly & stinks maybe he should take a long hot bath, Geez!

  379. could have guessed Shia lol

  380. Was anyone else dying of cringe after 1:50?

  381. Lord…. Please tell these peps that have all the money in the world to wash there pits and there ass! If you don’t want to wear makeup and look like you have millions fine you don’t have to but you can at least bathe and put deodorant on I don’t think that’s to much to ask!

  382. Being rich and a celeb doesn’t make it any better…stink is stink.

  383. I haven’t showed in 6 months. But who’s counting. FUCKING DEPRESSION!

  384. I hope people realize Russell Crowe is Australian. Hygiene isn’t a thing down under.

  385. If you take a shower every day und wash also your hear, you wont stink even if you dont use a deodorant. And if you dont shower you stink even if you use a deodorant. I prefer the first.
    If a guy has a poor hygiene, I avoid him. Its disgusting.

  386. First, hearing about​ the protests of millionaire actors regarding their millionaire costars is offensive to the bone. Shut up and go “cash your check”. Secondarily Europeans, South Americans, Australians, and a great many Asians, as a rule, do not wear deodorant so when I see people complaining about their hygiene I just see ignorance about what’s happening in the world beyond the tiny view of those who choose to see others through a dimly lit mind. It is part of their culture and their palate for scent is different. A rose smells like a rose. Basil smells like basil. The human form smells like a human. Our sense of hygiene is to eliminate that scent because it shows other people how clean we are. I assure you there are plenty of people walking around with dirty underwear who plaster deodorant on, though they haven’t showered in days and plenty of people who bathe daily but have made a conscious decision to just not wear it. Thirdly, if the worse thing to happen to you on any given day is you had to smell someone’s sweat you are better off than most people in the world. If the only fault you can find in someone you encounter is their scent and you are unable to see their kindness, hear their voice, taste their thirst for friendship and love, or touch their heart with your own then you are the one who has a problem properly governing your senses. You are impoverished and need to wake up!

  387. Blue Crystal – Deodorant Rock – Great alternative to aluminium based spray cans.

  388. the “late Joan rivers”? seriously im sure she stinks of piss or did now she just stinks of death hate the witch

    1. She’s dead. Have some respect

  389. I rather be dead then smelly

    1. How common is tmau?

    2. Well than be thankful that you don’t have TMAU.

  390. I love the natural scent of a human.

  391. Boy this video stinks. 🙂

  392. What idiots

  393. I am one of those people that are really picky about personal hygiene, I also don’t like bad breath. I cannot stand to go a day without showering and I brush my teeth twice a day. Humans smell terrible, and I mean terrible when they go days without showering, shampooing or brushing their teeth.

  394. Not caring enough to smell good for the people who are forced to come into contact with you strikes me as the ultimate arrogance. There needs to be a “stinky clause” in the contracts these folks sign, directors who INSIST they head back to the trailer for a shower (featuring SOAP), a shampoo, some deodorant (there IS crystal deodorant that is sans aluminum or stickiness; I know because I use it), and a fresh change of clothes before they come back to work. I don’t know about you but my head ITCHES if I don’t wash my hair for a coupla days; I don’t like my own smell if I haven’t bathed for a coupla days. NO shower ever felt better than the one I took after that four-day backpacking trip!

    1. You are correct — the bacteria that collects on the body (which is also transferred to the clothes) can multiply, die and rot, AND, STINK! There is one effective way to get rid of the bacteria that collects all over your body, (and hair always collects it!) is to WASH it off! (Or roll in dirt like some animals do to rid themselves of offensive odors!) We think bathing in water is more effective! Even if you are in a situation where you do not have soap, you can wash your body with a cloth or sponge and water and get rid of some of the bacteria. There’s really no excuse to reek of body odor!

    2. S.A. Hogan i agree


    1. No Europe


  396. Baloney!

  397. I’m not shocked by any of these . Easy don’t shower don’t hire

  398. Please never write the word “aluminium” as “aluminum” again. It’s bad enough that most people can’t even pronounce it properly. Thank you, that was all.

  399. Russell Crow just as would do me fine. All that undiluted testosterone.

  400. Why would you want to sit “down wind” of someone who smells bad? You would want to sit upwind so you wouldn’t smell them.

  401. they are nasty

  402. Shia looks like a pedo in the video with Maddie Ziegler, I’ve tried to watch it but after a few seconds I feel uncomfortable and grossed out

  403. Those salt rocks are all you need. Non-poisonous.

  404. poochie

  405. gross

  406. Europeans did not know how to bathe until the Moors showed them. Guess old habits die hard.

  407. lol. americans and their retarded fear of things that are considered by the rest of the world as NORMAL and NATURAL. people smell, there is an actual reason behind this! I don’t say one should stink but you defintely don’t have to shower every day twice! because this actually harms your skin! you are humans! not kens and barbies…
    and even if those people in the video might smell a little, they are still making 100 times more in one week than you own in one year. so stfu and especially if you’re californian try to save some water by not showering everytime you moved your ass for a sec.

    1. @VaZi How are these alternative facts in anyway related to his facts? He’s rude. I’m not. I didn’t curse, use caps, yell at u, nor insult u. Ur people okay but that’s because it’s a proven fact u guys don’t bathe that often. The family there told me water is also very expensive there but they had money so idk. Greedy people I swear….

    2. for someone who didn’t vote Trump you’re coming up with a lot of alternative facts. lol.

    3. @VaZi You do know statistics are not 100% accurate right? Yet I’m uneducated when you’re going by statistics? So because you’ve encountered some dumb Americans that believe they’re in the middle of the world means we’re all like that? Those are just the ones YOU’VE met. But me however hearing u guys don’t bathe that much from a native French family…. well can’t get more believable than that. I didn’t even vote for Trump u idiot!! Trump didn’t even win!! Hilary won the popular vote & Trump was in the electoral college’s favor which is why he won. They pick. Or what? They didn’t teach u about politics in school sweetie? The majority didn’t even vote for that prick who mocks disabled kids, is perverted at 70 years old, racist, ignorant, conceited, & is making awful decisions like firing one of the secretary of state. Also demanding Mexico pay for a wall HE wants. So before calling others uneducated do your research or else you’ll look like an utter fool. Also death penalty is necessary. Although inhumane, tax payers are spending too much money to maintain inmates. So it kind of benefits us don’t u think? Also, at least when young offenders offend we actually do something about it unlike u guys that let them loose a few years later like the case with the little boy being beaten to death by two 10 year old’s in Liver pool. So think before u talk once again. Well that tourist had every right. That’s gross. So sad u guys over seas find being unsanitary normal -__-

    4. @VaZi How do u get the hottest places on earth? Did I say Hawaii or the Bahamas? No. I said parts in the Middle East which btw I was there in the winter & it gets cold as heck. As low as 10 degrees F. I’ve also been to a lot of places in the US such as Alaska. Has nothing to do with the weather but to u guys it does. The family I stayed with in France said it’s too cold to wash more than once a day & soap will dry out your skin. Deodorant too. Thank god I brought my own deodorant & went to the market to buy soap or else I’d have none. I was doing a student exchange program so that’s why. Stayed for a whole year but kissed the ground when I got back. Not just the hygiene but the people I stayed with barely used their car to save gas & public transportation there was a lot. More than here for sure. They also charge for a cup of water at fast food places which I’ve never seen & charge to use the bathroom. U gonna charge me to do my business? Freaking greedy when they pay higher taxes then us. That’s why when I left I couldn’t stop jumping up & down. It’s beautiful but their lifestyle is not for me. They told me a lot bathe like that & I wanted to vomit. I’ve never been to Africa but I knew someone from there & although the people there are very poor even they bathe everyday in the creek! Haven’t been to Japan either. My friend went for his birthday though & he told me the country & the people are very clean. I’m Brazilian u idiot. Yes, I live in America but I’m not from North America. Shower less than Europeans? Is that even possible? It’s fun having a debate with a stinky just like u love arguing with an ”American” U assume because I don’t agree with stinking I’m from America. Shows your ignorance Sir

    5. Lol, so you went to pretty much the hottest places on earth?…
      And even there people don’t shower twice a day, believe me, you probably saw american tourists…
      Wherever you go, it’s always the same, people make fun of Americans bathing too much. Ever been to Africa? People do not even have the chance to take 2 showers a day… Ever been to Japan? Would you consider japanese people to be unclean? Have a guess, people in Japan shower statistically less than people in Europe. It’s just so much fun having an argument with Americans 😀 you guys are so fucking uneducated yet you believe you are the middle of the world. But I wouldn’t take much advice from people who still consider death penalty a justified verdict and vote for Trump. Once I shared a train cabin with an american tourist, it was a 12h ride and he complained about not having a bathroom to shower properly. L.O.L.

  408. 🙂 2:12: “a salt rock, which is some natural deodorant”. So good to know in the case of an Apocalypse of some sort, thanks sweet Nicki Swift.

  409. they just pigs

  410. Why am I not surprised about any of these people? The look like they stink.

  411. Heard Courtney Cox is nasty too. Doesn’t shave them legs or pits. Nasty

  412. Word on the street is ….Brad Pitt stinks….doesn’t like to shower …..

  413. I’d still eat Julia Roberts ass

    1. Nasty comment

  414. there is no reason why ANYONE who has access to running water, and a super market should ever smell smell bad. personal care items such as soap, body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, etc are not expensive and easily affordable. the cancer thing to me is stupid because you can get it on your skin from too much sun exposure. cancer can come about from SO MANY THINGS. these actors/actresses are trippin

  415. A nasty man or women ladies in gentlemen don’t give service they will eventually get the msg if you tell yo partner to go shower he ignores you Are is willing to continue the class clown of dirty ass then peace fuck yo own self

  416. Shame on you white people my ex- husband was white he was the same fucking way never take showers We would fight so he can wash his balls if we had any plan for sex I take show b4/sex I take another after sex is very urgent important that I take care of that natter dirty dick is nasty makes fucking weak unwilling to perform the act of service Poor hygiene die for real funk is a dead end Say what

    1. You’re too explicit and not all white people are like this! I bathe at least 2 times a day using soap. Black people are like this too. Some not all so it’s not a white people thing

  417. These are the same people, People magazine calls the most beautiful people in the world LOL

  418. yuck eww

  419. I respect them for it. And a lot of their reasons are legitimate. They’re some of the reasons I don’t have good hygiene either. That, and depression. When you suffer from depression, you don’t give a shit about life, much less have motivation for hygiene upkeep.

    1. No, eventaully I went but didn’t want to

    2. keepin itreal so did you have a bed pan?

    3. I know what u mean. I take Prozac now but when I was depressed I stayed in bed not even getting up to use the bathroom :/

  420. To all the black people who said nasty white people, yes they didnt put a black famous person’s name on this video because they didn’t decide which ones of them they should start to mention. Since there are lots of smelling famous black people and you cannot even imagine how long this video is going to be because of their numbers 😀

    1. I love how black people can say whatever about whites but when we do it it’s ”racist”

  421. I can vouche for shia on this one. I helped him at my home depot one time and he reeked!

  422. I haven’t worn any kind of deodorant for over 20 years at least. That aluminum goes right into your body and is especially bad for women because they shave their underarms which causes small nicks in the skin, and the aluminum goes right into their body’s lymph system, which is in the underarms. Besides, has it occurred to anyone that it’s unhealthy to use an antiperspirant on the main area of the body which is designed to perspire? Kinda dumb if u think about it. Perspiration has an important purpose.
    The solution is to either get a natural deodorant or do what I do. Here’s the secret, folks…wash yo underarms! I take a shower once a day which is adequate for me because I don’t have a huge amount of body odor. Some people have a lot, and some people don’t. It varies. And if I have been perspiring and I know that I’m about to be around some people, I also wash my underarms at the sink, quick and easy. If u think about it, people that wear deodorants are kinda yucky, cuz they got all those chemicals all caked up in their underarms. But my underarms are totally clean and natural. I got my girlfriend to do the same thing cuz I don’t like chemicals and perfumes.

    1. That’s gross. Just how they do it in Europe. At least put on natural deodorant -__-

  423. I don’t think people realize how many chemicals these toiletries have. The human race survived just fine without them. And also all these drugs that are supposed to “cure” a disease but they give you another disease. I’m surprised everyone hasn’t died of cancer already.

    1. U must be from Europe where they have that mentality too. It’s freaking gross. If soap & deodorant have chemicals than put cream on or use natural soap & natural deodorant. Can’t go around stinking either

  424. I read the exact script of this video from an article …I hope they stole it from you and not the other way around!

  425. I take a bath every chance I get nothing like having a good wash after waking up.

  426. Stinky ass nasty asses

  427. oh no not Edward… poor FKA Twigs…but I bet she got him bathing unless she into being smelly too… double woe is me …

    1. He said in a later interview he was joking about not washing his hair

  428. Lmao. Too funny!

  429. It is NOT natural to stink if you don’t shower. It is not dirt from outside, but bad internal reaction caused primarily by civilized diet addiction that causes unpleasant odors. People would rather ignore and cover up their rude odiferous health symptoms than treat the source. Just like taking aspirin for a headache or drugs for heart burn or upset stomach. Just keep eatin’ that exaggerated comfort food at every meal lol! This way they can keep eating crap as their body protests. Hey whatever floats their boat. Their bodies are not the bosses anymore, and their brains have lost all management clout. Oh well. God bless em and I wish them the best of luck. I just stay upwind. May I suggest to everyone to invest in medications and medical treatments because our pacifier-sucking zero discipline immature low-level-pleasure modern society keeps growing.

  430. I’m not the alone 😂
    I hate showering

    1. @Mahalakshmi Balasubramanian Bird bath is washing your private parts only. Yeah that’s a bird bath then. Thought u meant u don’t bathe at all

    2. “bird bath?..
      i do sometimes use baby wipes or a towel, wet it with water and little soap and wipe my self down where i sweat the most. it’s refreshing. ^.^

    3. Oh, I don’t shower everyday either! Meaning washing my whole body but everyone’s gotta know how to do the bird bath lol

    4. @Mahalakshmi Balasubramanian So If I bathe in water then put lotion am I clean? No, I’m just masking the smell like u are with your clean clothes on sweat

    5. i change my clothes everyday.. so we’re good.

  431. We are animals. We have complex brains but we are still hairy, smelly, horny and emotional beasts at the end of the day. Fuck it. My girlfriend uses alternative deodorant and I don’t use any at all and only shower when I feel like it.

    Some people don’t conform to social norms.

    Get over it already you well trained consumers.

  432. Funny how you see no black actors on here. We wash our ass. Plain and simple. Nasty muthaphukkas

    1. Lol, there’s no black actors on here because if there were ya’ll would go crazy pulling the race card like always yet you guys can say stuff about us

  433. Thats just gross…

  434. My room mate doesnt take baths or showers and has no body odor.

  435. Matthew😂

    1. Hey, he has depression give him a break

  436. It’s obvious Nicki minajs pussy looks like the predator and is radioactive but apparently a psychoactive sort of mushroom can be found also sourdough bread can be made using the yeast

    1. Nasty comment -_-

  437. I bet this clip ruined some sexual fantasies.

  438. Trying out new deodorants. LMAO. The old Tom’s formula DOESN’T WORK.

  439. Cleanses is next to godliness….u letting us no ur dirty tactics

  440. ewwwwwllllll. the smell of weeks old sulfur bubbling up grosssssssd

  441. actors being creative folk can be strange I for one skip washing my hair on ce a month

  442. these video titles are ridiculous😂😂😂😂

  443. “stinky shia”

  444. How is no deodorant poor hygiene? It doesn’t clean you.

    1. +Ray Butler Like I said your poor mother :/

    2. I’m trying to meet people halfway here man, it’s a negotiation. I start at haven’t bathed in a week, you bid deodorant, we settle on Old Spice…

    3. @Ray Butler You’re poor mother 🙁

    4. @keepin itreal I like Old Spice, maybe Brut.

    5. @Ray Butler Yeah that’s gross. Go to AA kid

  445. She should buy my deodorant base on Baking soda. Some Scientist say the Aluminum and Alzheimer are related.

  446. Why the hell do people care if celebs put on deodorant or not? Not like you’re ever gonna smell them.

  447. This is even more disgusting considering Americans don’t use bidets. EWWWWWW. Also you can use lemon deodorant (l’occitane) or just lemon!

    1. @Chihuahua How am I ignorant? Just because I say stuff u don’t personally agree with makes me ignorant? A liar? I witnessed it for myself when I went there. Uninformed when again I went there & saw for myself. U know a traveled American? Lol that doesn’t even make sense. So u know an untraveled one too? I am actually but if u don’t believe me its fine. I don’t watch fox anymore & when I did it talked about AMERICA as it is an AMERICAN news channel. They’re not gonna talk about Europeans not bathing lol that’s more like gossip not news. My next four years? Okay enjoy stinking

    2. @keepin itreal Because you are ignorant, uninformed, and a liar. AND a european knows a travelled american when we see one. You are just not. You probably read FOX news tell you terrible things about our health care too lol. I feel sorry for you. Enjoy your next four years.

    3. @Chihuahua And u would know that without even knowing me how exactly???

    4. @keepin itreal looool you have never ever been to europe

    5. At least Americans bathe regularly as for Europeans that only do bird baths once a day & don’t use soap or deodorant because it dries out the skin

  448. I FUCKING HATE PPL WHO DON’T WASH THEIR ASSES. i’m on dialysis and we have a patient that comes in FUNKY every time and he smells up the whole lobby with his unwanted scent.

  449. I stopped using deodorant in 2008, peppermint and tea tree oil keep everything fresh after a shower, so there’s no excuse for forcing others to smell your rankness…especially when you have more money than God.

  450. Oh dam Russell, and Matthew that’s gross!

  451. There is absolutely NO excuse for an adult to be funky. I don’t care WAS YOUR ASS use deodorant and (if necessary) cologne

  452. I’m so surprised at Matthew M. Really? That’s the last person I would think that would do that because of his character in movies. Wow. I’m disappointed.

    1. And Julia!!!! Wow.

  453. Nasty sumMummabitches

  454. what the Fuck!!*

  455. There’s nothing bizarre about not using deodorant, you out-of-touch-with-nature mud dolls. Soap is enough. And as long as you wash your ass, crotch and armpits once a day, not showering every day is ok as well.

    Only in very rare cases with some sort of glandular problem or whatnot should you be this hysterical.

    1. @Aivottaja U insult me speaking of hygiene yet you don’t know me 1, & 2, I bathe more than u Europeans lol

    2. @Aivottaja And like I’ve been explaining to you, vanity & wanting to keep clean is not the same. Falls under the same category but it’s not actually the same thing.

    3. Like has been explained numerous times, your efforts to mask your grossness is vanity.

    4. @Aivottaja No it’s not. If I wash at least twice a day with soap then put deodorant, brush my teeth then put mouthwash after how does that make me stinky? Quite the opposite actually. U gonna tell me when I do all that I smell just as bad as someone who bathes not even half as much as that? Makes no sense. It’s like me saying I studied for a test so I’m gonna get an A while my friend who didn’t study but merely skimmed through the text book then closed it will get an A too. That’s basically what you’re saying. Not true. Deodorant blocks the pores that make us sweat. You’re not against soap but I doubt u use it at least twice a day like me. The amount of products do have to do with smelling bad believe it or not. It’ll block the bad smell longer which is why people say when you’re exercising put on deodorant so u don’t smell that much.

    5. I just said the opposite. Your body is as gross and stinky as everyone else’s. No matter how much frivolous products and chemicals you coat it with. And I never said I’m against soap. Soap is a cleaning product. Deodorant is not.

  456. It’s a strange topic. I have undershirts designed to wick away moisture-and they work ! If you do wear deodorant, the shirts trap all smells and stink-no deodorant and there is no residual smell! I’m not selling anything-just wonder how the hell it works!

  457. ewww…

  458. Gweneth hippy pits, hippie pits deodorant

  459. Notice….they are ALL WHITE and the elite! lmao. But I dont know if you should add shia to the list because his is that of a method actor. The others it was a lifestyle.

    1. Yeah because if they said it about black people, people would yell, go crazy & say it’s racist

  460. I can confirm Johnny Depp REEKS

  461. I always run the other way when I see white people,they smell like 6 seas of shark shit.

    1. Racist. Bet you wouldn’t say that about a black person

  462. i love rusell crow.he is my favorite person

    1. @Violeta Kirilova Obviously not but I do see the interviews with his co stars complaining of his stench

    2. @keepin itreal you smell rusell ?

    3. He just stinks that’s all

  463. I can see how most of them are stinky they look stinky.

    1. Julie j especially Johnny depp

  464. Donald Trump needs his mouth washed out with soap.

    1. Agree he does -__-

    2. Put a sock in it you Left Wing idiot.

  465. Stupid

  466. If you dont like someones body odour it could mean that they have a ramped up immune system maybe they are sick, or that you maybe even genetically related in some way, your actually smelling their immune system, nature is it warning you to stay away.

    *A small amount of Baking soda (sodim bicarbonate) in your socks is the best defence against smelly feet.*

    1. You’re*

  467. Johnny Depp always looks greasy to me, yuch! I mean, he’s good looking but the idea that he’s unclean was always a turn off to me. I thought it was the parts he had to play, but then even at award shows and interviews he looked nasty. To each their own. Maybe they want to keep people at at distance.

    1. I don’t know whats up with some people- they just look dirty all the time

  468. Shower regularly, use deodorant, brush your teeth and use mouth wash. If not for yourself, then do it for the other people who to deal with you.

    And for those who into going green, being environmentally friendly, I think that is a noble thing to do, but do so within reason. In other words; and this is especially true if you are not in a survival situation, don’t forsake your personal hygiene.

  469. I love Shailene Woodley but apparently she didn’t wash her hair for a month once lol

  470. Michael Stipe of R.E.M. should have been on the list. But I guess it goes with out saying, grungy rock and rollers aren’t known for smelling like roses.

  471. Oh please..this matters?
    Anyway…I want proof…let me sniff Russell Crowe and Johnny Depp in person – until that happens I’m in denial >:-D

    1. There is. Their co stars say they smell

  472. I love getting out of the shower putting on deodorant and a nice cologne. Even if I’m not going anywhere I still use cologne after a shower😊 It’s a habit, brush teeth Q tips in the ears deodorant cologne!!!!

  473. This sort of site represents the worst in social media, I mean, who cares about this stuff? Certainly not me, as I’m unlikely ever to meet these stars.

    1. Yes I do and I’ve been there. To Germany, France, London, & Turkey

    2. I presume you know so many Europeans that you’re able to make this sweeping generalisation. Do you even know where Europe is?

    3. Alan Milewczyk idk people who are obsessed with smells.

  474. I had a friend who worked at a restaurant near Matthew McConaughey’s house and she said everyone there called him ole stinky.

    1. Stop trying to be Pepe Le Pew’s bff- get in the shower/bathtub- brush your teeth!

    2. Like Margaret Houlihan said in the tv show Mash about Hawkeye, and BJ- enough’s enough- bathe will ya???

  475. Just nasty bastards…

  476. 2 plus showers a day

  477. _”Just, _*_wash it!_*_”_

  478. Eww. Gross.

  479. Use some lemon in your underarms

  480. Wonder who in Hollywood has vaginosis?

  481. Wtf is wrong with these ppl take a hot shower

  482. LOL

  483. fishy fanny

  484. Let’s play a drinking game. Take a shot for every comment that keepin itreal makes about Europe!

    1. Lmao

    2. @DJcrazyguy I’m a girl 1 and 2 know self defense. I just know you guys don’t bathe. Not all but the majority as the family I stayed with said the majority don’t use soap or deodorant because of the natural skin oils, only wash their bits, & bathe once a day because of the cold weather -_-

    3. seriously, what is it with that guy and europe? 😀 broken heart, maybe? or maybe he caught a beatdown from a bunch of football hooligans? 😀

    4. @Poppy Fields Okay whatever, you too ”mate”

    5. @keepin itreal I know. Me and my mate were a bit tipsy when I posted my original comment, and we bet each other who would reply first. If it was a stranger to reply first, she would win, but I said it would be you . .  and I won! So thanks again. Take care.

  485. I took a train in Oregon, from Seattle to Portland. I couldn’t wait to get off, the thing stunk. People, that smell is bacteria, it’s not cool, it’s not natural, you stink and make the rest of the world want to barf. Get a haircut, take a shower with a wash cloth, AND soap, and put on some clean clothes. You might have the right to smell at home, but if you are working around others, who the h*ll do you think you are making others smell your stench. Hippies!

  486. if I become famous I know I should wear nose plugs around them

  487. The lacking desire to wash your ass and maintain a consistent state of cleanliness, goes all the way back to when they were children. Parents failed them. Gave them a pass on hygiene, and/or neglected them.

    1. ASSASSYN my mammy was gross as hell..but fortunately for me..when i was very young i watched films at school..and as i got into preteen and teen years..i learned from magazines like seventeen and shit..which i got from my school current events class..them mags told you everyTHING a girl oughta do..from ass cleaning during your using deodorants..and i had a friend who helped me then..too. My mammy was trifling..nine kids..she oughta been ON ME..but she was too scared of my mean..controlling daddy. the important thing is..I LEARNED IN SPITE OF MY SITUATION..i wasnt gonna be trifling like she was.

  488. I love Johnny Depp.  Sad to find out he stinks!  Lol

  489. kourtney Kardashian needs to be on this list

    1. ik its known for her to stink, khloe said that shit even

    2. Lmao, when she was breast feeding she didn’t even wear deodorant because of the chemicals

    3. Ariana Snider yeah she looks like she stinks.

  490. Excuses-excuses! I haven’t used anything on my armpits but natural alum crystals for about a decade now, and there is never an unpleasant odor. But then- I have an addiction to regular showers too!
    Somehow this list doesn’t surprize me in the least. It’s bad enough when it is men, but women? Those people are just disgusting!

  491. this channel is fucked up!

  492. Wasn’t Vanessa a former model ????

  493. Its not even about negative attention being better than no attention at all….. good grief body odor is so offensive…..Its just plain laziness!

  494. I bet Matthew smells his own dickcheese

  495. A lot of these smelly pricks are from Britain 🇬🇧 I smell them from here

    1. Mine Strap 😂😂😂

  496. haha no black people on this list😂😂😂😂 we don’t play like that😂😂

    1. You people stink more for some reason. Not being mean, but it’s something I’ve noticed.

    2. Mbwa Koko Bathing daily..? I bathe every hour

    3. That’s because it don’t matter if blacks shower or not ..there’s always a weird smell off black people even after showering….

    4. Nk .Swiss No its not black Americans are easily offended

    5. Nk .Swiss hey they had to save yall a whole series for that

  497. Maconaghay always looked dirty…

  498. Thumbs down for “all wrong, all wrong, all wrong”

  499. Gywenth is so extra. Pretty much everything gives you cancer these days. This is coming from the same woman who drinks a $200 smoothie everyday with moon dust in it that has no proof that its actually beneficial.

  500. There were several in this line-up that I’ve always suspected were not too clean. BTW, I’ve always heard that not taking care of ones personal hygiene is a sign of mental illness.

    1. VILL APP ,that’s what he meant. Depression is a mental disease. lol♡☆

    2. a lot of (evem most) people with mental illness, DONT care for themselves hygenically…but not doing that alone , doesn’t necessarily mean you are for sure mentally diseased.

      A lot of times it IS connected thow(not always).

    3. Showering daily is fine imo, showering twice during a single day (morning / evening) is ok too I guess, but more than that is pushing it imho

    4. Then call it mass psychosis, for in some cultures you have to shower properly ,daily, just like in some cultures, showering once a week is considered good.

    5. Lemme just add that overdoing the whole personal hygiene thing can very well be a sign of a serious mental illness as well.

  501. If we all could just stop washing then we’d all not notice. How about it, people?

  502. “These Celebrities Stink”

    This video was helpful so that I know which stinky celebrities to avoid whenever I’m out and about.

  503. damn, whats wrong with this people….afraid of water lol

  504. you smell like sex

    1. @Derrick Tso It’s not my real name so why should it matter? Lmao

    2. keepin itreal your name is dumb you dumb fuck

    3. Dumb comment -_-

  505. line I really love it violentpy blood

  506. My co worker and her daughter smell really bad

  507. Where’s brad Pitt ??

  508. I’m sorry I can’t go without deodorant when I’m in public because I’m afraid of smelling gross around others. I do the showers everyday too.

    1. @tee I’m bored :p lol I didn’t work at all last week because we had a snow storm

    2. keepin itreal we all know this is disgusting and they need to shower and be hygienic. But I’ve seen you on over 15 comments saying how much you hate Europeans for like 3 days. Do you come back everyday to write more comments I don’t get it???

    3. Europeans don’t lol they bathe once a day using the cold weather as an excuse using no soap or deodorant because of the natural oils in our skin. Yuk -_-


    1. That’s why I left Europe -_-

  510. How in the hell can one not clean their arse?? I mean seriously folks.

  511. I can’t go without having a shower more than a day, or two at the absolute MAX.

    1. @Jay West Never said u were & I’m sure not all but when I stayed in France for a year on a student exchange program the family told me to shower once a day & when I asked where the soap was they said we don’t use soap because it dries out the skin & that a lot of people in Europe do that & wash their bits only because it’s so cold even though I live in Wisconsin where it gets just as cold & I bathe everywhere 3 times a day. Saved my parents money on the water bill though lol

    2. How do you know I’m European. Everyone I know in Europe washes.

    3. Lol, European’s bathe once a day using no soap or deodorant only washing their bits because of the ”cold weather” & cost of water -_-

  512. Well I shower reluctantly and eat two raw cloves of garlic each day. I don’t know if it’s the garlic or the fact that I don’t really see other people but I’m never sick 🙂

  513. days without showering, rarely showers. Yuck. unless i am sick or something I always shower everyday, I can’t imagine not taking a bath everyday.

    1. Should at least shower twice a day

  514. Oh WOW!!…annnd ewww!!!

  515. demon possesed humans smells

  516. I think it’s great they understand health

  517. Much ado about … nothing.

  518. I agree that most deodorant is bad for you. These celebs should try all natural deodorant bought at a health food store combined with all natural tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic that kills bacteria, all kinds of bacteria. This is coming from a woman who sweats a little more than the average person and needs her deodorant!

  519. Too racist to point out the black actors that stink…or was that list too loo??

  520. i wonder how many of those stinky smelliest have a mental disorder??

    1. None that’s the nasty part. I hear Mathew Mcconaughey has depression but that’s about it -__-

  521. I never wear deodorant but I shower twice a day and I’ve never smelled!

  522. well if it’s in the enquirer it must be true!

  523. Maybe Johnny just stayed in character as Cap’n Jack… For a very, very long tide.

  524. Nasty fucks

    1. European’s do this too only showering once a day because of the cold weather washing their bits instead of their entire bodies not even using soap or deodorant because they don’t wanna take away the skins natural oils -_-

  525. Fucking white people

    1. Stop being so racist. Had it been a black person you wouldn’t even be saying that

  526. This that European shit man . Remember when in history it was either the spaniards or Europeans that never took baths they just used musk oils to mask the funk smh dirty motherfuckas

  527. Dirty bastards… how the hell do you not wear deodorant

  528. Seems like Shia will use any kind of excuse to avoid a shower.

  529. these mfs filthy rich and don’t bathe what adult does this fr so that means you putting clean clothes on a dirty body and the women y’all really should be ashamed of y’all nasty selves that is just wrong

  530. Julia rich as hell why she trying to save water she needs to use the damn water smh

  531. Why do people think this way? Take a shower!

  532. Thats seriously disgusting😣 Theirs nothing wrong with washing your ass atleast every other day or twice a day depending on what you do on a day to day basis. I don’t find oders, bad breath and smelly armpits attractive I don’t give a rats ass how good you look. Taking care of your hygiene is very important.

    1. not all soap dry out your skin. I know the perfumy one’s do but not the one’s that treat your skin healthy and with moisture. like dove and dial for example, bathe in that in hot water and you’ll feel wonderful. But their’s no excuse not to clean your skin properly.

    2. I guess Europeans do as they bathe once a day washing only their bits instead of their entire bodies using no soap or deodorant because it dries out the skin. I thought then use lotion -__-

  533. My nose was wrinkled in disgust while I was watching this.

  534. Ewe!!!! Soap and water people.. there is no excuse to be the stinky person in class

  535. Idk why, I just feel like shakira stinks. She just looks…dirty

    1. She does not look dirty -__-

  536. in circumstances as does need to bath. in a work ,or in home period.

  537. I’m sorry, but if you are a couple and neither of you believe in taking baths or showers, stay the hell home! I think that is totally disgusting to go out in public smelling, especially if you’ve been intimate! These celebrities have the audacity to go out in public funky and most of them are spokespersons for major cologne and perfume advertising, really people??

  538. You are filthy rich, how the hell are you going to be walking around musty?

  539. About Gynweth..I always thought it was Brad Pitt when they were together that had the problem..smh

  540. Paul Smith, shut up you fuck.

  541. Dirty or clean I take Russell Crowe any day of the week 😉

  542. I wash my hair about once a week and shower every 2-3 days, I work in close quarters with the public and I’ve never been told I smell and no one has ever made faces or reacted otherwise

    1. 2-3 days????????

  543. Lol lol is this list all white?

  544. No,no,no,nope nope, hell no! I knew a family who fucking reeked so much that their house also smelled of B,O and not washing themselves,

  545. wow i’m in good company i also don’t bathe unless it’s urgent. i don’t often use soap and don’t do deoderant unless i really kneed too

    1. Ew, you from Europe?

  546. All of these points are isolated incidents and the title is actors with THE WORST personal hygiene? A bit inaccurate Nicki Swift.

  547. 1:14 Joan Collins? If you sit downwind of him, you’ll smell him. Downwind of him means wind from his smelly area flows into your area.

  548. Omg,i cant go out in the house without shower.

  549. LMAO. This video title, then the first thing I see is Julia Roberts. Yasssssssss


    1. Уерез Годы Ikr, where’s the originality ?

  551. Wow

    1. Same thing I said when I went to Europe to find out people there don’t shower that often -_-

  552. Gwen-trow is so fucking pretentious. Everything she does is melodramatic and for the the purpose of making her look perfect. Put on deodorant bitch!

  553. Sorry I clean my junk everyday. Sometimes twice. It’s my junk and I can clean as much as I want.

    1. I clean my junk w peanut butter

  554. Not to say this IS the issue, but actors sometimes have to wear the same clothes for WEEKS when they are filming. Standing under strong lights for hours in some seasonally inappropriate costumes, imagine the sweat and B.O.?  I love the historical dramas from the BBC. When you see those men wearing heavy jackets and women wearing 6 layers of dress- now DANCE!…I mean, if it isn’t 30 degrees, you’re probably going to stink like crazy by the end of the day. You wouldn’t even be able to give yourself a sponge bath because hair and make up are done with you and (unless your are a star) they really just expect you to not mess with their work.

  555. ewwww thats just nasty😷😷😷😷😷

  556. Surprised they didn’t include Val Kilmer, who on the set of The Doors, got so into the character of Jim Morrison, wouldn’t change his leather pants for weeks.

  557. And they consider us the unwashed masses. Nasty wankers

  558. Was this really necessary?

    1. I guess it depends on who you yourself consider to be “elite”. Thinking about so-called “celebrities” doesn’t occupy much time in my world….let alone wondering about how they smell. There is also the likelihood that some of the statements in the video could be opportunistic and petty.

    2. Calling people out who run around pretending they are the elite of society on their downfalls sure it’s necessary.

  559. Gwyneth is right about the link between aluminum and cancer and has good reason to want to try something else. As for the others, they’re just lazy.

  560. I saw Julia Robert’s on tv saying she doesn’t smell. She mentioned she can go without showering because she never smells bad

    1. A very good friend of mine is like that. Never used deoderant a day in her life, doesn’t have to. She simply has no body odor, doesn’t sweat…that’s like a magic trick to me lol.

  561. This makes me want to shower so bad…

  562. yuk, these people!

    1. I lived there for a year in France on a student exchange program & have lots of European friends. The family I stayed with only let me bathe once a day & had no soap because it dries out the skin then I told them just use cream & they laughed. I brought my own deodorant but they don’t have that either & they told me a lot of ppl here & other European countries do that. I was disgusted & couldn’t wait to come back home :/ said water there is too expensive but they were upper middle class!!

    2. keepin itreal
      where you have this from?

    3. @endofdays ! Well Idk about European celebrities but the majority of Europeans don’t use deodorant or soap as it dries out your skin or bathe more than once a day as they say it’s too cold to shower more -_-

    4. keepin itreal
      not european celebrities!

    5. Europeans do that too :/

  563. Here’s the freaking million-dollar questions…how the fuck do you know all this? is it confirmed? did you guys actually smell their breath, their body or whatever the fuck?! were you guys there with these celebrities in person? prove it, fuckers !!!

    1. BRUCE ALCORIZA i have heard Matthew McConaughey is a stinky man from reports and i do remember him saying either on Leno or a article that he doesnt wear deodorant, but the others ive never hears about. I tend to believe it all these celebrities have looked dirty to me especially johnny deep

  564. now make a list of celebs with the best personal hygiene, Maybe I get to meet them one day! I shall compliment them

  565. They forgot Bella Thorne

  566. Aluminum is really bad for you. I search for deodorants that do not have it. Unfortunately I cannot go without so there are times I use it if there’s nothing else. Aluminum is everywhere that we are not aware. In our water, in our coatings on pots/pans. In our soaps/detergents and talcum powder. 130 years ago, you wonder how they lived without it. Then you start wondering “is it us?” The moment we don’t smell “secret” or other cleaning products on us, are we dirty?

  567. this feels so wrong.

  568. i don’t believe this one bit, not at all.

    1. They’ve admitted to it & their co stars admitted it too

  569. Eww gross! I’ve worked with people that smelled so bad you had to hold your breath around them. This one mormon chick I worked with reeked so bad we bought her a care package of soap, deodorant, mouthwash, the works. Mormons are taught it’s a ‘sin’ to spend too long in the shower ‘touching themselves’. She took this lesson to heart. I don’t think she bathed more than once a month. I didn’t even have A/C in my car in Phoenix in the summer and I didn’t reek like that. Of course I showed twice a day and used deodorant. I don’t wash my hair every day because it’s very dry and chemically processed. But if I’m sweaty, _I’m showering_. Welcome to Arizona, home to sweat yourself to death in the summer.

    1. You are so insensitive. There are diseases that make people smell bad even after showering. For example a disease called TMAU it makes the person who has it smell like fish or feces. No amount of bathing will make it go away and there is no cure. These people are harassed and bullied on a daily basis just like you bullied that woman. These people even commit suicide because of it. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine everything you said about them, someone said about you. Learn to have empathy.

    2. Ok???

    3. @keepin itreal Blech!

    4. @PhantomQueenOne Right? It masks the odor & that’s how French people bathe 😮

    5. @keepin itreal To her mind reeking of perfume smells ‘good’. To me it smells bad.

  570. This video put a new meaning to the old saying: filthy stinking rich! Aristocrats never bathed and had colonies of lice. I guess that’s what the white powder was for and perfume and wigs!

  571. You Got To Wash Your Ass!

  572. No excuse for stinking. Do something about it.

    1. @mk yeah, its a very rare disease. it makes you smell like fish, including your breath, hair, and all parts of your body.
      it can never go away, no cure, nothing. not even showering a 100 times a day can get the stink away.
      its because the smell produces from the skin instead of sweat and stuff, which means it always lets out that smell.

    2. TMAU

    3. Re-word your sentence as it makes no sense.

    4. There is if you have a disease that makes you smell and no amount of bathing will make it go away.

  573. How is Edward Furlong and Monica Keena not at the top of the List ??

    1. Because most people don’t know who TF they are.

  574. This made me vomit 5 times

    1. keepin itreal 😂😂I’m so sorry, did you recover?

    2. Then don’t go to Europe. I found out the hard way -__-

  575. I wanna throw up now.

  576. There’s NO excuse. You make millions and you can’t slap on a modicum of soap and water??? And Shia’s so disgusting in his own right (via his foul personality!) that studied personal cleanliness wouldn’t enhance him much, anyway . . .

  577. So Im assuming Johnny Depp and his smelly little friend were havin sex while they smelled like a dumpster behind a fish market….Okay 😷😕😩💀💀💀

  578. I´m no Gwyneth fan, but she is wright, aluminium is carcinogenic, and the person who is using spay with no alumminium after 1 or 2 hours smells even worse than a person who didn´ t put on spray…even if they took a bath…

    1. Too*

    2. Nasty? 😀 No! It is just a matter of opinion…! Trust me, putting those natural deodorants makes you smell worse than not using one…. Alumminium deodorants is ok to use them once in a while for the important events! But not to often!

    3. Then use natural deodorant. Not using any is just nasty -_-

  579. STARS ARE STUPID…. lol. That felt good! haha. You should try it…

    1. shucksful Truman Capote said famously on the Carson Show ,
      “ALL actors are stupid.” To cover, Johnny says, “But what about Jill
      St.John? Her IQ is 160.” “Yeah….? Well, she’s a lousy actress.” That quote went up all over Manhattan at a lot of restaurants with actor/waiter persons.

  580. It killed me to ever hear that STING had a reputation as a STINK. That just killed the “Every breathe you take” and well.. having a name like STING… One needs to be careful when it comes to one letter off career smashers.

  581. 👎yak 🙊😷😷😷😷

  582. It’s disgusting if people don’t use anti persperant. It’s disgusting not to shower each day!

  583. All wrong
    all wrong
    all wrong 😂😂

  584. None of those were surprising. Just plain slobs.

  585. pile of shite

  586. The thing about the carcinogens in deodorant is true!!

  587. I run everyday and I never used a deodorant. Yet I do not have a body odor. Gwyneth blaming the deodorant for her poor hygiene is just stupid.

  588. What’s so pointless about washing your ass. If I don’t get a shower in the morning, even though I showered the night before, I’ll feel dirty all day.

  589. well, they’ve got a point about the aluminum in deodorant. I prefer Jason T
    ea Tree brand.

    1. Erik Molenaar were do you buy it from . a natural soap shop?

  590. das a trip

  591. For some odd reason, this video made me feel better and I don’t know why? The smell of their natural oils? Does that mean crotch stank and sweat stank? My mother has a huge crush on Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt but after her listening in on this video, all she could say was, “Please not Brad Pitt.” with a disturbed face. I doubt Angelina Jolie would but up with such a thing, even though she does/did some outrageous things. OMG there is a part 2 in the thumbnails!

  592. I used to be obsessed with Robert Pattinson. I’ve read several news reports that he did indeed shower during his Twilight days. The reports of him smelling and not washing his hair were pure rumor. Robert said in an interview that he found it humorous that people said he wasn’t clean and he played into it for shits and giggles. He has said he purposely made his hair look unclean with hair product to get that bedhead look.

  593. How does not using deodorant = bad hygiene? That has nothing to do with hygiene.

    1. How does it not? U smell bad if you don’t use it

  594. What else do they all have in common?

    1. @trinigyul 😂

    2. Lol you’re wrong for this.

  595. Uncle I give up, your video has succeeded in grossing me out! I will never watch another movie without wondering if the cast has bathed; and those kissing scenes, doubly gross. Have they flossed and brushed their teeth? Thank-you for destroying the fantasy for me.

  596. Shia does what he wants

  597. I have to admit, Shia Lebeouf on 4:08 is like Afgan refugee not soldier.

  598. Yea most of these celebs are just being lazy. But I wanted to add that if you don’t do a lot of sweaty activities, a shower once every other day is fine. We over scrub ourselves which can strip our skin of much needed moisture.

    1. Use lotion to replace the moisture from scrubbing your skin daily. I do it twice daily.