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Stop the Vitamin Obsession!!! | Wednesday Checkup

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I hope you know my feelings on vitamin supplements after watching many of my videos. I do NOT think they are needed and that many people who are marketing them are preying on your insecurities. I wanted to arm you with some knowledge with this weeks Wednesday checkup video on the supplement industry.

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It’s possible that some of you may disagree with me and if you do please jump into the comments section below so we can discuss further.

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5,533 thoughts on “Stop the Vitamin Obsession!!! | Wednesday Checkup

  1. I must need a lot of vitamins minerals and supplements….

  2. Should diabetics take vitmans

  3. I think he has missed the point of those who take them due to an illness like arthritis or memory issues. I have had all my levels checked. They said its all normal. But… only since taking what I take have things improved. It’s challenging to know what to take and not take when Dr’s are happy to write a prescription but not look at what’s behind the symptoms.

  4. Would love to hear your thoughts on Traditional chinese medicine !

  5. ****** Dr. Mike is a coward/man-boy and here are the facts********
    This coward… This man-boy has attacked Dr. Judy and runs for the hills when Dr. Judy agrees to debate him. Dr. Mike confirmed on three separate occasions with Patrick Bet-David that he would debate Dr. Judy. As soon as a day was scheduled for the debate, Dr. Mike bailed out on his commitment to debate Dr. Judy on the Facts. Is Dr. Mike the kind of man you want your children to aspire to be? This coward who went out of his way to slander and libel Dr. Judy does not have the backbone to debate her? Even worse, he does not take ownership of his decision and blames the talent coordinator on Patrick’s show. Do you know what Dr. Mike’s excuse was? Dr. Mike said that he was pressured into accepting a debate with Dr. Judy. Are you kidding me, on three separate occasions you were asked if you would do it and you confirmed every time you coward. Watch this video, Patrick is so powerful!

    ***** Dr. Mike you coward, you owe it to Dr. Judy to debate her on the facts!******

  6. So I’m vegan, I’ve been taking a vitamin B12 along with Vitamin D3 supplement. Should I continue to take them? Mind you I’m only a teenager, should I stop or are they necessary?

  7. I hate how musicians I love like Diplo and Tove Lo take vitamins like they are geniuses yet do stupid wasteful behavior

  8. Oh my, I don’t know why am I taking supplements?
    I should go to the doctor first…
    I had body pains each time I take cod liver oil. Just as I thought because I’m getting enough sun.
    But why am I having body pain?
    I’m so confused about supplements 😥

  9. Is it possible to lose some of your strength when you brake a bone or it’s all in my head?

  10. I did took an vitamin D, an iron, and an magnesium supplement but they were prescripts by an doctor

  11. And I don’t eat a lot of fish so I did think of taking an Omega supplement, I did broke and deslocated my arm so for a while I felt like my bones where getting weaker I still think I have lost some of my strength so I did also consider taking an calcium supplement, but I didn’t took any of those supplements

  12. I have/had an vitamin D deficiency and an Iron deficiency

  13. No it’s for an good reason
    But nowadays I don’t do that anymore

  14. Please don’t take vitamin E with other vitamins. It blocks their absorptions. And don’t take iron with coffee. Tea and coffee have tannic acid, which reduces the absorptions of iron.

  15. It’s a myth that balanced diets give you all the vitamins you need. They give you 80%. So you need supplements.

  16. What about mineral supplementation?

  17. That guy from the ted talk is kinda cute …

  18. Jetsons complex

  19. 03:50 This shill is debunked.

  20. Dr. Mike in a suit raises my blood pressure….

  21. Thank you for this video. I saw the video about vitamins from Adam Ruins Everything where he basically said you dont need any vitamins, which made me question everything I was taking. I finally started meeting with a nutritionist, got my blood tested and now Im on the correct vitamins amd minerals, with new blood tests every few months to check my levels. Its made a world of difference.

  22. I only take them when my doctor tells me to due to my vitamin levels being deficient. Other than that I try to get what I need out of my food.

  23. Do you recommend taking vitamins during the month of Ramadan? (The fasting month for Muslims).

  24. What do you think about collagen (powders or supplements)?

  25. I used to take Centrum as my folks all take it. One time I googled why my pee is bright yellow it tells me that body is push out all the unnecessary vitamins. So I stopped wasting money.

  26. Man I need to take so many vitamins and I always forget

  27. You mentioned supplements aren’t usually necessary, does that mean they don’t work? I’ve heard they sometimes don’t actually contain what they say, but my doctor has recommended certain specific supplements to treat me. How do I know the supplements I buy are genuine?

  28. I have to take vitamin D because I have vitamin D deficiency

  29. Interesting video and I agree that vitamins should not replace healthy foods, however if you take vitamins and supplements as an addition to your healthy diet is there a harm?
    Also what’s your take on vitamins that had FDA approval and other certificates of approval by third parties?

  30. My mother keeps pushing vitamin supplements on my siblings and I. I keep telling her it’s useless and we don’t need that much, but she’s too wise to listen. Oh, well

  31. According to what you said, 24% or 78,720,000 people in the United States has a clinical vitamin deficiency ? What percentage of the United States has a vitamin toxicity ? How many people in the United States don’t know one way or the other because they got sued $1000+ for unpaid doctor related Co-Pay ?
    Do you have access to the study that shows how many patients gets a Vitamin drip in the emergency room ? Hospital stay ?
    How can this vitamin deficiency challenge be improved ?

  32. I agree in part except you did not talk about the risk with all the horrible meds the doctors prescribe! Horrible side effe. I could name several of them!
    There is a balance in nutrition and meds.
    For example omeprazole the acid killer those side effects are horrendous! Medical doctors further more are not trained at all in nutrition. When you go see most doctors they quickly prescribe meds that have all these side effect that can attack your organs.
    On the other hand there are people making big bucks off peoples fears as you say trying to get you to buy supplements when you might not even need them. So there is a balance. EAT GOOD that is the key with a few supplements as needed.

  33. Registered dieticians also suggest that all women of childbearing age take a folic acid supplement to reduce incidence of neural tube defects in unplanned pregnancies

  34. i’m using this for my english speech on wellness products that is due in 4 days!!

  35. Hi Dr Mike, Cardiac RN here who is a big fan and really appreciates all your efforts to educate the public….truly knowledge is power!
    As a fellow runner, I’d love your opinion on the best source of evidence based information on supplements in general. My coach is, unfortunately, a big believer and loves to send his latest recommendations for me to try. I usually just don’t respond (and hope he doesn’t say anything) but I’d much rather have a source to turn to so that I can send a solid science based answer…and hopefully save him some money too, as you so rightly mentioned! Thanks again for all you do! KimRN

  36. Testing for deficiency can be more expensive than the vitamin. I take when I have symptoms and the pharmacist recommends it.

  37. I wanna lick his sexy arm

  38. The Unknown: This is why influencer floozies sell supplements 😐 do doctors ever recommend Tati’s gummies? No

  39. Yeah, no. Vitamins totally work even if you dont have a deficiency. I used to get at least 2 nasty colds per year cold sores 2-3 times a year and canker sores basically every month. I started taking a broad spectrum multivitamin and all that went away. I have been taking them for 4 years and haven’t had a single cold sore or canker sore and 1 cold. I might get a slightly sore throat but i dont even bother taking medication for it since it goes away in a day or two. All my yearly medical checkups with blood work have shown me to be perfectly healthy before and after starting those vitamins but i get sick less. Sure vitamins are no substitute for a good diet,are not miracle workers and can be abused but dont go dismissing them as expensive pee if you are not certifiably deficient in something.

  40. Yeah, but the average MD knows very little about nutrition and supplements therefore we are on our own to figure out what we need. MDs want to throw meds at you. Osteopathic practitioners are more likely to help you with nutrition and supplements. This is my life experience.

  41. I have A Vitamin D Difiency

  42. 2:09 .. did he just call veganism a health condition? 😎

  43. My Dr prescribed mine since I can’t come in to see her for blood work… 😭 Thanks a lot Rona. But they’re low dose

  44. here’s the deal. I take vitamin c. It gives me energy and I prefer that than the energy drinks. Other than that I am a bit deficient in iron but didn’t take any yet. I take b 12 because I am deficient. I take vitamin d because I am deficient. And I take melatonin on and off to help me sleep. That’s all.

  45. Dr mike i have a question! Im legally blind due to albinism and i take Eye Promise, a eye health supplement, because i heard an optometrist say that eye vitamins have been proven to slow macular degeneration. If im understanding my condition correctly, i dont currently have macular degeneration (rather my eyes didn’t form properly in the first place) but of course i want to protect what vision i do have so should i continue supplementing?

  46. 0:24 wrong conclusion, if 86% of people take supplements and only 24% of people were deficient then it might just be that the supplements work. The reason the number of people with defiecencies is that low can be due to the fact that so many people take supplements.

  47. My husband doctor did a blood test and told him he was low on vitamin d but I’m concerned that the vitamin i buy is really what it says it is or has the value it claims since vitamins are not regulated

  48. Mine taste like tutti frutti though!

  49. Dr. Mike. What do you think of taking multivitamins while using PEDs? Is it beneficial or unnecessary?

  50. Adam Ruins Everything claims that a Nobel-winning scientist is responsible for people thinking it’s a good idea for healthy people to take vitamins. He insisted that it would make people immune to cancer or some nonsense.

  51. my social medias is full of lgbt fandom XD ( me stand this )

  52. Would it be good to take vitamins for hypothyroidism.

  53. Im taking vitamins to improve my health also eating real vitamins from foods

  54. I occasionally take iron supplements but only because I donate blood as often as possible and eating iron rich foods isn’t quite enough if I want to keep donating


  56. Number 2 here…they load us with ABDEK it’s a supplement for our illness however I’m “that person” who buys them separately and organically but have enough studies and blood tests (neon pee tests AKA that expensive urine you’re talking about lol) but also am highly deficient in other areas due to malabsorption. As a family pact I’ve doctor do you find patients with illnesses that are so specific and in my case have grown into multiple illnesses as I’ve aged harder to treat because they have so many specialists and then they see you with other ailments that the specialists don’t cover? @Doctormike

  57. I really hate how all of the cuckoo nutty people are flooding YouTube with these bogus Miracle supplements when I need real information because I got a call from my doc saying I had a deficiency in vitamin D. I’m just trying to look for honest information.

  58. Can women take calcium with D3 supplements, and how often can we consume?

  59. Lol, got to love that YouTube attached a Persona Nutrition ad before and after this video. I have a potassium deficiency so I do take multivitamin plus potassium supplement, but I do try to incorporate more potassium rich foods into my diet except bananas – I don’t like them.

  60. I’m shocked that 20% of Americans are nutritionally deficient. That’s a very high number in a developed nation.

  61. How about vitamin D in the time of Covid19?

  62. 2:09 he’s saying veganism is restrictive but I’m eating a wider range of foods now than ever. To me, jackfruit was invented a year ago. And the only supplement that vegans actually have to take is vitamin b12. I don’t get why Mike has a bit of a bias against veganism even though Adventist studies show incredible life expectancies and heart disease, stroke, colo-rectal cancer, diabetes and obesity rates. He feels like a ‘bro-scientist’ when he talks about protein when proteins like animal protein and soy protein isolate have been shown to increase IGF-1 which fuels all stages of cancer

  63. Sorry, very disappointed in ur nutritional education which is obviously quite nil. You might want to review Linus Pauling and Vit C, while you are getting up to speed check out Dr. Berg. The American diet is horrible. Ferritin deficiency is a global marker for all nutrient deficiencies. Zinc is going to be the hero for Covid. Don’t b naive, you think trillion dollar drug companies haven’t wormed their agenda into medical schools, come on??? Why do you think you got so little training in Prevention and Nutrition. Do U know that B1 deficiency causes CHF?? The list goes on and on. People spend their money on supplements because they don’t always eat 7 vegetables, and they drink toxic alcohol. If the supplements didn’t work people wouldn’t buy them. You prescribe prenatal vits and iron, don’t be a hypocrite, after mom’s delivered the baby and dumped her nutrients and toxins, she needs vitamins like crazy to replenish, and to support breastfeeding, God forbid she gets pregnant again in 5 months with twins, it can happen. Shame on you for being so naive.

  64. What if your mom is ika at home but a nice doctor at home

  65. “I don’t need to eat these vegetables, I’m going to take a multivitamin” – I think we all wish this was true…

  66. Yeah because you only need vitamins when you have a deficiency according to medicine (which uses guidelines not for optimal wellbeing but for when the value is so low it causes serious problems) /sarcasm. Just look at for scientific information on how supplements can greatly benefit you. Nothig wrong with a few supplements in addition to a healthy diet. Its like strength exercise, something that you dont perse need but that does have benefits.

    1. This anti ‘I know it all expert’ stance (although resonably) seems a bit too dismissive of everything ouside of medicine. I think the possibility of things outside of medicine being beneficial to peoples health and non doctors who can also have something valuable to say on the topic of health threatens Mike’s identity as a docter because the IKA experts often downplay the value of docters too much.

  67. Someone should show this video to Naomi Campbell 😂 (don’t get me wrong I love her but her vitamin intake is just too much lol)

  68. I mean I grew up not being able to drink/ eat dairy so I was recommended by my doctor to take a supplement.

  69. I’m sure this has been asked but how come there are still doctors pushing a daily multivitamin even if you have a balanced diet?

  70. I don’t like IKA people, listen to me, have I ever said I don’t know! ? Lol

  71. The thing that i dont quite understand is that most people (me included) don´t have vitamin deficiencies but at the same time most people (me included) don´t reach the RDA for like 99% of vitamins and minerals.

    Can somebody explain this?

  72. What about gummy vitamins?

  73. Because of (generally speaking) a lousy American diet – tooooo much refined sugar and white flower, the statistics show that not only do roughly 40% adult Americans have a very low immune system “ response” but are in bad overall health ! If in doubt, look at the statistics of; obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart decease, etc.etc. could some supplements make a difference ?

  74. Maybe they don’t have a defenency because they take the vitamins 🤔

  75. Everytime I tell my mother, she questions whether I am really a biologist or not. I’ve given up.

  76. I take a multi vitamin because I do not have a balanced diet. Is that okay? I don’t cook a healthy meal of whole foods that often. So I take them in case I’m surviving on ramen and peanut butter.

  77. I immediately got an add for supplements with “proven” benefits

  78. I only take vitamin d COZ I have a deficiency

  79. Got vitamin B and D deficiencies 2 years ago. Worst feeling I’ve ever had. Just gonna keep taking these vitamins

  80. I just started the video and I’m already scared. I take vitamin gummies for no reason
    Edit: its mostly because I have them and they taste good. I think they’re vitamin d vitamins but I’ll have to double check in the morning. I wont stop talking them if they are, since I rarely go outside these days

  81. Thank you for this video. I have been telling my family and friends the same things but everyone things I’m crazy, and that I just don’t care.

  82. I live in Sweden. The sun goes above 30 degrees for less than 6 months out of the year and it’s not until late may/early june that the sun is above 30 degrees when I’m going to or from work. I’m not outside all that much around noon even in the summer. I don’t need to measure my vitamin D level to know that it makes sense taking vitamin D.

  83. Is the risk of cancer worth getting the proper nutrients if I have a deficiency??

  84. I look skinnier than these models because I have a deficiency, and I take vitamins to look more normal🤯

  85. Sheldon Cooper told me not to take them if I just want a special colored pee.

  86. Ok Doctor Mike what about the ELDERLY and Doctors prescribing them ?

  87. No joke, I got a vitamin add before the video.

  88. Annnnd there’s a vitamin ad right after this video. Not even joking.

  89. As a senior over 70 I would be a zombie without them. 3 to 4 times a week.

  90. Counter argument: The placebo effect.


  91. I admit I’m obsessed with supplements but all about my brain. Any advise on vitamin on brain doc????

  92. Only vitamine C, i cant consume fruits by their acids for my oversensitive stomach. You cant overdose it, except for a very minor group of people, might getting kidney issues – more research needs to be done, not to rely on a few ancient records. I concur, try to eat normal things and get some sunlight, thats the prefered way after all.

  93. Oh my gosh. Thanks for reminding me to drink my vitamin C 🤯😳

  94. Hey Dr Mike, I’m not a very sensitive person but kinda want to know your opinion on veganism now cause that comment ” Talking to you Vegans” Do you think there is something wrong with not eating meat? Would love to see a video on that if you haven’t done one…. I’ll have to check.

  95. Please, do a more detailed report on this topic, on various vitamins and supplements!
    You went too fast!
    Please, do slow down when talking! Otherwise, it’s hard to follow you and all u had said!

  96. Lol just saw this right after stocking up on vitamin c, d, and e at costco 😂

  97. Screw you!..I want to boost my immune system to fight off the coronavirus 🤷‍♂️

  98. Leave me with my organic vitamin and instant ramen diet 😭

    -Broke college student

  99. na doctor told me that my B12 level is fine but in reality he was way too low.

  100. Im taking it just to stay healthy..

  101. To be honest I always thought vitamin supplements don’t do anything. I have very lightsensitive skin and get sunburn easily. I take beta carotene daily and I see changes in my skin.

  102. Living in Alaska, Vitamin D supplementation is pushed on us all from birth! Literally from a newborn’s first visit. Nearly everyone who lives here is naturally deficient. Months of dark 😩

  103. I can’t believe a doctor is telling me NOT to take my vitamins.

    1. I have heard from multiple doctors that it just makes for expensive urine

  104. What about biotin and collagen?

  105. I had terrible acid reflux…but was upper stomach and not upper chest. Tied somewhat to lack of sleep and food intolerances. There have been studies that have shown that melatonin and vitamin B complex “cures” this much more effectively than acid reflux medication…told my doctor, he ignored it..put me on acid reflux meds…didn’t work…then I had to spend $700 out of pocket for a bunch of tests that proved I had inflammation…they just said stay on the meds that don’t work. I decided to follow the study regimen and I got better, quickly, got off the meds. My impression is that doctors are overwhelmed and can’t get to know a patient and do not have the time to “learn” on the job. Literally 100% of the doctors my wife and I have had just do what they learned 10-15 years ago…I do feel like often the doctor is a sort of life insurance…we can’t really help you have a high standard of living but…if you have a major ailment and you might die…we’ll keep you alive so you can keep paying. Not really the fault of the doctors themselves but the system has to encourage illness to continue to make money. I mean what would happen to doctors if people had the means to care for themselves?

  106. “People with restrictive diets” so those of us with severe sensory issues are given a permit for these things.

  107. Ever heard of Albert Szent-Györgyi Noble Prize and Lasker Award winner biochemist? If we are only talking about vitamin c for example he said something like this: Scurvy is not the first symptom of vitamin c deficiency, it is the last one your body produces before you die shortly after. There is a world of difference between a body that doesn’t produce obvious sings of scurvy and a healthy one.
    He did his work a long time ago, and i’m not exatcly up to date when it comes to research about vitamins, but since most of advertisements i run into (avoiding them as best i can) want to convince me to take a drug that will trick my brain and not let it tell me that my waist, back, stomach, head (you name it) actually does hurt a lot, I’m going to guess that there isn’t much interest in the subject anyway. Yes it is a very cynical viewpoint but looking at the industry as a whole doesn’t give me any other choice sadly. I just wish they would let well meaning people like you focus on keeping others as healthy as possible not just well enough so they can go to work every day. Sorry for my bad english.

  108. I just got an ad about vitamins before the video played. 😂😂😂

  109. In other news. It is revealed the most of the worlds population who live away from the equator, need to take vitamin D3 supplements, as they are almost certainly deficient.

  110. Just eat vegetables people. You don’t need processed nonsense that you can’t verify if they work.

  111. I’m a vegan and my sister is a nurse and shes getting a B12 injection that lasts three months so you don’t need to take supplements all the time.

  112. What’s worse than taking unnecessary vitamins is taking unnecessary medicines. Much more dangerous on the long run and much more expensive…

  113. Preceded by an ad by neureva brain supplement

  114. I have a vitamin D deficiency so I take 5000 IU daily….

    1. Just go outside or eat mushrooms?

  115. Out of curiosity, can you talk about how a diet that involves starving yourself the majority of the time affects your body?

  116. There are people who take vitamins supplement because they barely eat any vegetables and fruits. And they think that’s where most vitamins come from.

  117. I saw someone today bought a lot of juice with vitamin C

  118. Heart Protection Study

  119. I stopped taking vitamin supplements for my deficienies because I would feel dizzy and confused is that bad?

  120. I take vitamins because I don’t get enough nutrients daily. I could go a whole day and drink only water and eat only cereal and some fast food. I can’t not be vitamin deficient with that kind of diet

  121. People on social media dehydrate themselves and take flexed photos to look more ripped than they really are.

  122. My dad is 61. He is fairly healthy and in great shape, but he takes a litany of vitamins everyday. He claims he just doesn’t feel the same without them, but I think it’s mostly placebo. He has no doctor, so no one is telling him to take this stuff. I know he overdoes it sometimes because he’ll randomly get really sick and say things like, “I probably took too much B vitamin.” I can’t get him to stop taking them because he believes so strongly that they work and that he doesn’t feel normal without them. He probably takes 20 different supplements in addition to Emergen-C and a daily multivitamin every single day. Could he be lowkey poisoning himself?

  123. You kinda look like Robin Lord Taylor in the thumbnail

  124. Are you doing something you shouldn’t be doing

  125. you should do a video on hair growth vitamins and solutions!

  126. What about centrum vitamins?

  127. I had a school counselor once tell me to take supplements. Supplements that went against the blood test results read to me by a physician. 7 years later and I take some now every other day because I have dietary issues that makes it hard to get the nutrients I need. But at the time, I had slightly low vitamin d levels. It was also winter.

  128. Whoo, belive it or not natural supplements helps people who have mental health, such as ADHD or add, and other low infection that is need, and healthy diet is part of it. This is why i don’t see a GP cause they can’t be trusted most of the time, I normally see a functional doctor .

  129. Are multivitamins bad

  130. I don’t really take Vitamins except they were recommended by my doctor since I have a deficiency and it can increase of me having hemolytic anemia

  131. Well my Dr DID tell me to take vitamin D and I AM a vegan so I take B12. So take that Dr Mike. Lol

  132. You might start by investigating how many credit hours of schooling are required in most medical schools. Sorry, Charlie. Do some real homework.

  133. Time to do some serious research on vitamins, child.

  134. Hello, Doctor. Does this include the Vitamin C hype? Please answer before I do something unnecessary.

  135. 86% has been taking a vitamin supplement, while only 24% had a deficiency. Doesn’t that just tell you the vitamin has solved the deficiency? How do you know the other 62% wasn’t deficient before they started taking supplement?

  136. For some reason I have low vitamin d levels. I take vitamin d supplements twice a week.

  137. Hey, i need vitamins due to my Crohns. How do i know im taking a good vitamin?

  138. So its just me who forgets to take her supplements after the 50th time my doctot enlisted my deficiences . People here are popping them like tic tacs

  139. Why doesn’t the FDA evaluate vitamins & supplements??

  140. Hi Dr Mike, please help ! My husband was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis and kidney cancer last year, he was given an RX for imuran which thankfully controls his autoimmune. Almost immediately afterwards I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. We’ve both completed treatment and surgeries ect. Prior to illness we were taking centrum silver, ester C and probiotics. We’ve discontinued all supplements. My Dr advised ok to take a multi , they’re all the same purchase them at Costco. I’m ultra cautious as you can imagine . I was raised by parents who always took and had cabinets Full of vitamins so I’m confused and stuck in the middle to take or not to take and if so which ones. Also my Drs at hmo in my experience are not typically pro vitamins so I’ll get the same generic answer from them. Both hubby and I may have compromised immunities due to his meds and my going through chemo. My past training says go get vitamins, that being said we both had these horrible illnesses while taking them. Please Doctor Mike in your expertise, yes or no on a multi and what should I look for??? Thank you 😊

  141. I’m pregnant i need the supplements 😁 I’m just here for entertainment

  142. Vegan so I take a one a day. I really only need B12, Vitamin D and Zinc.

  143. 5. If you live in Scandinavia where it’s dark half the year you are not getting enough vitamin D naturally.

  144. My good doc prescribed me vitamins and as a good doc he is he also gave me nutrients advice on like eating fish and how I can get enough omga 3 everyday without supplements.

    1. Unfortunately, fish oil supplements are cheaper than eating fish that frequently.

  145. 2:35 😂😂😂😂

  146. Omega 3 EPA/DHA and b12 supplementation is super important for vegans.

  147. you look very russian in the thumbnail

  148. I’m vitamin D deficient… like severely 😅 My doctor recommended taking a double dose since I’ll just pee out any excess anyway

  149. Just got an add about daily vitamins

  150. God Bless

  151. “Please “ All The Facts And New Facts For Truth Discernment’s “ Doctors Have No
    Education in Nutrition And How Are Foods And Water Are Not Produced Healthy “. Begin there!
    Also Over 780,000 deaths A year From Taking Medications is A Fact too !

  152. If your Doctor says this, if your doctor says that…. ya di ya …. hey doc i’ve got real bad joint pain…… here you go take 40mg of Oxycontin!! dont worry you wont get hooked or anything perfectly safe FDA approved and all that….

  153. OMG Vitamin supplements could interfere with Xanax!!! Jeeeesus we cant have that can we? because we all know how healthy Xanax is for us!!

  154. Would never trust this doctor. I’ve been taking Vitamin D supplements for many years and it’s the best choice I’ve ever made. I usually got sick from the flu or whatever many times per year. Now I pretty much never get sick. Even if being around sick people. Took a blood sample and my Vitamin D was at the optimal level. And I take a strong ‘dose’. Don’t remember the study but around 80 % people or so have a vitamin D deficiency. And yeah, no risk.

  155. i’m taking vitamin c for all my life but i still get flu just a little frequent recently. My doctor didn’t recommend any vitamins for me though but i insisted. ✌🏻

  156. I take a multivitamin fish oil omega 3-6-9 and a probiotic to help with my IBS and I feel good I’m a strongman

  157. i actually do have vitamin d deficiency

  158. Well i have A Vitamin D Defect idk
    In German We Say Mangel And Google Translate Says Defect

  159. I’m doing keto and I know I’m deficient in some vitamins. I’ve been in the hospital for various reasons and my labs were coming back deficient so I started taking a multi-vitamin. Seems like the wise choice.

  160. Like sugar and refined carbohydrates that destroyed our bodies!

  161. I take a vitamin d supplement because my doctor told me to

  162. I stopped taking vitamins on my own before watching this video because the vitamins are expensive, and I couldn’t tell any difference.

  163. I take vitamins haha so I will wait to there finished n stop 🤩
    Thank you
    But however I think my iodine one does work because at one point I was defo at medication stage for my low thyroid
    And now no

  164. I take vitamins cause i don’t go outside all time and i don’t eat fruit and vegetables

  165. Speaking as someone with pernicious anemia(vitamin b12 deficiency), and a few other vitamin deficiencies, stop buying up all the high dose sublingual b12 pills!

  166. Scientific studies show that vegans & omnivores have same amount of nutritional deficiencies. Everyone points out that B12 isn’t found in plants but that’s not even true anymore (Google duckweed B12). B12 is formed by bacteria in the soil and water. The biggest buyer of B12 supplements are animal agriculture. Vitamin D is supplemented in dairy products as well iodine in the milking process. The British & American dietetic association says that a well planned vegan diet is sufficient for all stages of life plus has some benefits for heart disease (our #1 killer).

  167. I tell my dad that vitamins aren’t helping me but My dad keeps telling me to take my vitamins every day to be healthy or help with energy. How do I get him to stop telling me to do so?

    Even if I did take vitamins every day I wouldn’t fell healthier.

  168. I give my 10 year old a calcium suppliment because he doesn’t like milk. Good luck getting him to eat enough salmon and greens to get enough calcium in him too. Do you or anyone else have any suggestions on how to make sure a child gets enough calcium then??

  169. THANK YOU!!! I have been telling people this all along and no one believes me. I was told this by my Veterinary Technician teacher in high school and I believed her.
    I have Hypothyroidism to the extreme… so I take pills for that… which take calcium from my body…. so I supplement just calcium to negate the effects of the pills which makes me better.
    Nothing else unless my doctor tells me too. I stopped taking supplements years ago even before that. Waste of money supplements are, you are literally pooping out money.

  170. One question, Dr. Mike, what about babies?Do they need to take Vitamin D3?

  171. Speaking of unrealistic image…hmmm, Dr. Mike

  172. Meanwhile in the UK (at present)

  173. A bit of disagreement here – there are some vitamins and minerals that have the status of medication, and get proofed as such; there are also vitamins and minerals that are not found in high enough concentrations in certain areas, for example zinc, iodine, folate, where most of the population have a mild deficiency. For some it has been proven that even that can have health risks. All in all, it’s more complex than you show in this video.

  174. Hey Doc . What are your ideas on protein shakes..

  175. Mike, If 80% are taking vitamins, and 20% have a deficiency…. Doesn’t that mean we should all be taking them? hahaha 😉

  176. Do haribo count as vitamins, in which case, yes, yes I am.

  177. Maybe they are all not vitamin deficient because they take supplements? wink wink 😉 (jk)

    I sure hope he may one day meet the Ted guy! I bet they have a lot to talk about!

  178. Did Doctor mike just forget his beeewhoop line?

  179. Yeah, vegans gotta take vitamin b12 because it’s not in any plants.

    It’s not naturally in animals either so they just add it

  180. much respect for the video. would like to add though that something you may not be considering as a reason for why people take these supplements, even when they don’t need them: poor people can’t afford proper nutrition through food in every case or all the time. being unsure of which vitamins you are getting and aren’t can be quite taxing. If you just buy the essentials and take them anyway even if your meals are poor you’re still hitting the mark. and while the study may show that they didn’t need to be taking them at the point in the study, They may very well need it for everyday life after that or before that…

  181. mainly uninformed. I’ve spoken with many people about this and their reasoning is mostly because they heard it makes you healthier or it helps you lose weight or some other such thing which isn’t proven to be true and a lot of the cases which are proven to not help at all.

  182. Sufficient water and balanced diet. If, after all this, you think you need supplements then see a dietitian. No one else. A dietitian. Also, from experience, doctors can turn into IKA experts – they don’t know all which is why they have allied health professionals that work alongside them that are experts in particular fields.

  183. I heard Insances

  184. Vitamin C helps with arthritic joint pain

  185. Hear that vegans? You can’t live on your B12 supplements. It’s safer to eat meat and drink milk. Lots of x vegans quit being vegan because the “diet” was making them sick. And honestly it’s not that you need to be vegan. That’s a choice. Having a legit medical condition that may require supplements is not

  186. Ha! I knew it! I HATE vitamins, always have! I take D and that’s it! My last blood test showed I was very low, or I wouldn’t be taking that either…

  187. But they’re strawberry flavoured

  188. I’m a cancer survivor and I have been diagnosed with androgentic alopecia. I take hair, skin and nails supplement and it does help fill in some sparse spots. My doctors have run blood panels and I am not deficient. Is there an increased risk of cancer reoccurrence in taking these supplements?

  189. When I was a kid, my family had the most expensive pee on the street! My father was having the whole family taking separate pills: vitamins A, B complex, C, D, and E, then acidophilus, dolomite, bone meal, zinc, garlic, and selenium. And that was every morning! At lunch, another C, and at dinner, another C, zinc, and garlic. This went on for *years*!!

    1. My dad is the same way. He takes handful of herbs and vitamins. I always call it a “salad” I bet you guys are all healthy though now!

    2. Oh gawd my dad too! Especially raw garlic everyone before school and one time at the bus stop this kid said dude i seriously smell garlic XD thankfully theu never knew it was me haha

  190. Ah yes, the AOA. Of COURSE I’m going to trust everything that such a pseudoscientific organization says…

  191. Take supplements only to correct deficiencies. I take Vitamin D because I specifically asked my doctor to do a blood test. Level should be like 70 or 80, I was at 17.

  192. I was told by a doctor to take vitamin D when I moved from Portugal to the UK bc my body is used to getting a lot of sun and all of a sudden I moved to a sunless country but it didn’t really make me feel anything different?

  193. I take vitamins. They help me i take. Vitamin c and powdered vitamin. I should take a muti vitamin. And vitamin D. I have health problems. You are kinda a know it all. Be quite and stop saying. All vitamins are bad you have an opinion on everything

  194. That study just shows that those 24% doesn’t take enough vitamins since they still have a defiency 😀

  195. I’m taking supplementary vitamins because i can’t afford vegetables and fruits…

  196. Often anti-vaxxers try and sell you vitamin supplements.

  197. At winters i take vit D, i live in tromsø so we dont have the sun at winters

  198. I’ve always said that it makes nonsense that we would vitamins if we eat a healthy diet. Why would we be the only animal on the planet that didnt get the nutrients it needs from the food it eats. It makes no sense. Furthermore, today we have a much wider availability of food than in the history of mankind.

    In the olden days, spring tonics and such were common because their fruits and vegetables and even fresh meat was scant. Today, you can go to the store any time of year and buy virtually anything. So, there’s even less likelihood we would need a supplement.

    The one exception that seems likely needed is vitamin D which isn’t actually a vitamin because many don’t go outside plus darker skinned people have moved to northern latitudes. Even fish can take care of this too. A good old dose of cod liver oil for example.

  199. How do you feel about Dr Mark Hyman, who believes most of the population is not getting their full nutrition through food and need to supplement? Unless we’re growing everything we eat ourselves, it’s suggested that we need to supplement nutrients.

  200. I have this liquid made of garlic seaweed etc and I think it’s real

  201. I really don’t get why some people spend a lot of money in vitamins that are naturally contained in fruits and vegetables. Our body only needs up to a certain amount, anything more mostly becomes waste.

  202. I learned, AKED, fat- soluble vitamins, can build up in your fat stores & cause toxicity. I need to research this. I’m poor, so I take vitamins to supplement my lower food intake with necessary minerals.

  203. I’ve had chronic migraines since 7 years of age and got to a point where I was getting 15+ migraines per month. My doctor recommended magnesium oxide and b complex vitamins to see if that could help as preventive medication. The intensity has not decreased but the regularity definitely has (I have MAYBE 5 migraines per month now). Then we added iron vitamins since I tested in a deficiency (definitely explained why I was so cold all the time) and since starting my plant-based diet, we added some more supplements. It’s definitely been weird since I never took vitamins prior… but I will say that taking less excedrin (or stronger pain meds for the migraines) and worrying about my liver is definitely a bonus 🙂

  204. as a vegan, thank you for making me feel valid with my iron supplements ☺️

  205. So I’ll stop wasting my time and money on vitamin supplements and spend more time and money on fruits and vegetables

  206. What are your thoughts on chiropractors recommending supplements? I’ve had several chiropractors recommend a multivitamin, probiotic, and omega 3/DHA supplement for overall health.

  207. Dude, I got a vitamin advertisement on this video.

  208. Funny that the commercial right before your video started was for neurevia suppliments😂. As a nurse I appreciate your videos, keep up the great work!

  209. Dr Mike, just wanted you to know that at the end of this video an ad by ActiNovo appeared, trying to sell a new type of vitamin supplement with super nanotechnology…. I find it quite hilarious 😂

  210. i consume propolis and i do feel better, i mean i didnt get tired easily on a daily basis, also didnt get sick easily (like flu or cough), so that means it works? the propolis was marketed for general wellbeing

  211. As a vegan with a health condition who utilizes advice from doctors, I don’t think this video is aimed at me…………..
    Still appreciate a video from Dr. Mike! 💜

  212. i literally just got a supplement ad.

  213. And what if you’re just a butthole (I’m asking this for a friend) that has no discipline or back bone and that can’t bring himself to eat healthy vegetables and just lives on pizza and burgers?
    Can that be a reason to take a couple of supplements?

  214. I take Iron, Probiotics, Vit D + 3 other meds daily. *All adviced/prescribed by my Doctor* to take! Buuut I AM guilty for taking an *additional* “multivitamin daily supplement” which I may need to rethink after watching😏. *Thanks Doctor Mike!*

  215. a daughter is getting insecure with her height…. told mom…. :ma i want to try gloxi…

    mom told daughter ….. baby … your pop is not that tall…
    mom too is not that tall…
    so technically maybe your genes took charge of your height?😅
    daughter: ehh why is isac so tall now when we were little we’re almost the same
    mom : some people grow like him … some grow like you..
    you can still grow 2 inch to meet the requirement for minimum ht requirement for applying in police force..

    daughter: how to increase?
    mom: cherifer vitamins😂😂😂(da effffff😂😂)
    sleeping a lot afterward😂
    eat veggiessssss

    daughter: i do that but i get fat
    mom: maybe your metabolism?
    blah blah blah…

    that convo before going to sleep is what i miss most …

    gloxi… scares the shite out of me …
    even in the philippines we do buy over the counter vitamins and give them to children… but i dunno what works better in incresing her height… 😄

  216. Use cronometer which you can see if you are getting all your nutrition in from food. B12 is recommended as you get older since you don’t metabolize it as well. Magnesium is more difficult to get from food seeing soil is depleted. Turmeric and Omega 3 is great for inflammation. Zinc is helpful when you are sick. Tough to say to have a blanket statement about supplements since of course you have to do your research.

  217. I take vitamin D Because its winter and I live in Norway, it’s dark going to school and dark going home.

  218. My doctor did tell me I am low on vitamin D. But I always forgot to take them. lol

  219. Thank you!!!! I’m a nurse and I get so irritated when people just pop vitamins like it’s candy! How about get labs done first to find out if u have deficiencies first before even thinking of taking vitamins! And yes it’s possible to overdose on vitamins! I totally agree most people don’t have health conditions that require supplements!

  220. I have vitamin C gummies. In my head, I call them my very expensive gummy candies.

  221. I got a vitamin commercial before this ad! 😂

  222. I’m confused, if 86% of Americans are taking supplements, and 24% ARE STILL vitamin deficient..doesn’t that mean that people should be taking more/better/or different vitamins??

    1. The 24% are *no longer* deficient or are at least *currently treating* them, because they are supplementing their defencies.
      He did not mean that 24% are STILL deficient, despite being correctly medicated

    2. Nooo. He meant that OUT of that 86%, only 24% of them were actually taking them *due to deficiencies* . While the *remainder* of the 86% were taking them without medical advice of deficiencies.😊😉

  223. I work in a doctors office and the amount of people that come in and think B12 will cure everything is too many…all their labs come back will a dangerously high level of B12 and are told to discontinue immediately

  224. I just started univercity and staying in dorm where i have only acces to hot water. And the food is not that great and not enough for me i swim so i cant use supplements

  225. I got sleeve for fertility… Totally need my vitamins dude.

  226. I’m bummed I respected your opinion before. Now its sounding like you are a sellout to pharmaceuticals. We do realize I’m sure that prescribing pills is what your kind do. I have never had a Dr check me for a low vitamin because I had an issue I had to ask if he’s consider testing for vitamin deficintcy and beg for the test. Then had to pay out of pocket its not better to take drugs if a vitamin can help.

  227. I take b complex vitamins for metabolism and energy as well as probiotics and mct/omega pills, should i stop these?

  228. I live in the UK and work in an office with no windows, don’t see daylight in winter. haven’t been tested for vitamin d deficiency but a doctor recommended supplements as soon as she heard that

  229. Do your own research guys – I’ve done so extensively and believe we are lacking in numerous vitamins & minerals. We need supplements as diet won’t provide enough. Only acute v&M deficiency is noticeable. Long term deficiency will contribute to disease of aging.

  230. Stop the vitamin obsession!

    K I’m never eating vitamins again 😐

  231. Totally agree with this. Most people do not need any supplementation. Obviously there are exceptions particularly with the elderly who don’t go outside, and definitely when someone is going through acute alcohol withdrawal there is a supplement protocol that needs to be there. Human bodies are amazingly efficient at extracting what they need from whatever we eat around us.

  232. Dr. Mike, I’m definitely not gay. But dang I love ya!

  233. What are your thoughts on taking probiotic supplements? I started taking them to see if they would help eczema problems, it’s too soon to tell if they actually help tho

  234. Weird that medical studies tell cancer patients not to take vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants because they even protect cancer cells from radiation.

  235. My dad forces me to take vitamins

  236. I know that the efficacy and content of vitamin supplements is not regulated in the US, that is not true is ALL countries. Also, basically what most people just heard from you is that all supplements are garbage and are a waste of time and money. I know that’s not what you SAID, but we all know how most people absorb info. I would love to discuss this with you in person, as I feel your argument def has some points of contention.

  237. What about omega 3 and 6, if you do not eat fish, will you most likely get deficiency

  238. Awesome public speaking skills

  239. I’m 36, my parents were determined vitamin C would help when I got sick, pretty sure it never did

  240. Just came across your videos. It’s really nice to see a health professional online with real advice. I was wondering if you have or if you can do a video related to meds for mental health, the importance the effects, etc.

  241. these vitamin C tablets i have are tasty though

  242. You shouldn’t group taking a multivitamin in the same category as supplementations for “weight loss” and “fast abs”. I’m sure you know that the typical American does NOT get all the vitamins that their body needs on a standard American diet, and I’m sure most Americans don’t even know/ can’t afford to go and get their blood work done to determine if they have a vitamin/nutrient deficiency or not. I agree that you shouldn’t be obsessed with over-supplementation and people should be getting most (if not all) of their nutrients from their food; BUT I don’t think you should be advocating for people not to take vitamins.

  243. Thank you for this PSA! I got lab work and am
    deficient in good cholesterol and Vit D. So I take a fish oil with Vit D in it. that’s it! I feel a huge difference. Go to your doctor people!

  244. As someone who has been strung along for years with the extreme vitamin necessity talk, I can definitely say, I totally agree with this! I don’t care what anyone says, I get my best energy, my strongest immune function, and every other physical enhancement from a disciplined, healthy lifestyle.

    From eating, to exercising, to rest, etc. I’ve never taken anything, a vitamin supplement or medication, that has given me better results. I just wish more doctors talked to their patients about true lifestyle improvements more than medication… I think that has driven the naturalist over the top with vitamins and supplements because maybe they are trying to counteract the excessive promotion of medicine that many of us have also fallen prey to…

    1. @Phil H Lighter skin synthesizes Vitamin D faster though.

    2. Well said!! Although I also agree with the other commenter, as I live in Alaska and due to months without sunlight nearly all residents here are deficient in vitamin C and it has a profound affect on physical and emotional well-being.

    3. 42% percent of Americans are Vitamin D deficient and this video was rather misleading by claiming only ~20% of people have a deficiency. It’s particularly bad in the winter time and if you have lighter skin. Insufficient levels of Vitamin D is linked to seasonal affective disorder and general depression. Worth keeping an eye on and listening to your doctor. Agreed that overall most supplements are a total waste of money and potentially even harmful.. but in this one instance Mike is completely downplaying a serious issue.

  245. Bad news for Ray Kurzweil then?If cant be monitored why would a dr recommend any according to your perspective!..?I ve no doubt vitamin industry as crooked as pharmaceutical one can be!Or food industry and GMOs!

  246. What supplements do vegans need to take…. like I know about B12 what else?

  247. I was prescribed medical collagen by a specialist for my knee. But I heard from other specialists that probably only glucosamine could work. What do you think about those kind of supplements, not vitamins?

  248. I take a multivitamin (prenatal when pregnant), and b12 and K2 D3 since i’m on a plant based diet. College days, I was taking too many vitamins and most I didn’t need. Why? I had acne bad and doctors would give me creams that dried my skin out and made the acne worse. I took every vitamin recommended for acne. None worked, except a certain black licorice supplement, which meant I had to eat more bananas (I did my research). A dermatologist recommended food elimination to see if I was having a reaction to food. Dairy turned out to be the culprit. Dropped it and never had acne again. Maybe a coincidence, maybe not. Not taking my chances. lol

  249. Doctors and dermatologists told me my acne and oily skin was “hormonal” or “bacteria” when it was from omega 3 deficiency, zinc deficiency, and eating dairy. Doctors are in the pharmaceutical business. They just want to sell you the next cream or drug.

  250. I wish there was more regulation. Why can’t we put this in place? I know I have low vitamin D from my bloodwork and need supplementation. I’ve also had hair loss and see an improvement with hair loss vitamins, but I’ll admit I don’t truly know how safe anything is.

  251. Garden of Life Organic food based supplements ! The creators of Garden of Life products are people with integrity and truly want others to enjoy optimal health.

  252. Yeah most people don’t know that supplements aren’t regulated. It’s a shame that they aren’t regulated.

  253. I take vit d supplements because of my blood test results. I’ve been selective about my vitamin use. My dad used to take so many.

  254. I stick to a gluten and dairy free diet. Yes, I take supplements.

  255. you know youre watching an american video when xanax is mentioned as a common medication.

  256. Nutrition/Dietetics student loved this lol

  257. Also, by saying such a strong statement, Dr Mike you might be also one of those IKA ppl. Just because you are doctor, doesn’t mean u know everything. The whole idea of Chinese Medicine is based on daily nourish with special ingredients in natural herbs. And many scientific studies has been done to isolate the active ingredient of those Chinese medicine in turns making it into a supplement. It’s no longer just “Vitamin” or “Mineral” in supplement industry. Just a very well known example of Cs-4 in cordyceps has shown boosting of mitochondrion performance of producing ATP, and hence improving stamina and even sexual abilities. I wish to hear your feedback on this

    1. Let me elaborate a bit more. Chinese Medicine tackle in a very different approach compared to Western Medicine. It is more focus on taking natural herbs to build a strong body rather than very directly tackle the issue. It’s not a good thing or bad thing, treating Severe and urgent cases, Western medical approach is very efficient comparatively. But many ppl are not really sick, but in a sub-healthy condition, they might not having good quality sleep, they might feel extreme pain during their period, they might easily catch a cold or flu
      Of coz, exercise and healthy habits help too. But Chinese medicine has a strong practical experience on using herbs to help body go back to a balanced status.
      Hence many supplement based on these herbal active ingredients has been carry out over the pass decade.

  258. Love this video! I currently take a prenatal because I’m pregnant and sometimes my dr recommends a vitamin d supplement because sometimes I have a deficiency but I usually think it’s my iron (sometimes that’s low) or thyroid because I have a thyroid disease otherwise I don’t take anything (also please note when this happens I always ask for blood work so I don’t take anything I don’t need)

  259. But I think supplement is not on the level of vitamin only anymore
    Vitamin is just one kind of addition nutrient
    But it actually can help in many other way
    I am well aware that supplement market is not very strictly regulated
    But there’s still some good new products that can help in different issue

  260. *Shamefully watches video as I take my gummy vitamin….

  261. Is there a particular prenatal you recommend?

  262. As a vegetarian living in Minnesota, looks like I’m clear taking my B and D vitamins lol.

  263. Lol, I don’t eat virtually anything “healthy” so a little bit of multivitamin within reason and D3 given I like to keep my blood level around 50 mcg/dL or whatever the unit is, since i get limited sun it’s maybe good and I check it yearly to avoid issues. I’ve never had a reading over 68 no mater my dosage. However I recognize there is risk given fat concentration is less easy to measure than blood. Lacking vegies and fruits gives me a reduced mineral content but still within a physiologically normal range not likely to impact anything in the short term.

  264. It was Dr Oz, what a shil.

  265. I am vit d deficient

  266. Dr. Mike I hear you but I love l-lysine. I get cold sores and l-lysine is my miracle. I don’t know why it took so long for someone to tell me about the stuff. Stops my cold sore dead in its tracks and it lasts half the time. Total game changer for me.

  267. Very late to the party here, but with the coronavirus outbreak and the lack of natural vitamin C in my diet my doctor told me it’s best to take some vitamin C supplements. Wonder if I can avoid taking it in pill form if I just started eating a buttload of fruit. Anyone who’s lurking here want to share their thoughts?

  268. A very useful video …..most people are fooled by advertisements. Thanks a lot Dr mike ….hope will get more such useful videos in future …..

  269. Will you do a video on what you think about genetic 🧬 tests that tell you about metabolic pathways that may not be working optimally? And supplements people take based on those. I’m not talking about any specific companies just wondering what you think in general….

  270. 40% of the population is deficient in B12. There is no risk of toxicity, but being deficient may negatively impact the nervous system. It’s extremely inexpensive. Everyone should be taking it.

  271. Do I need to take amino acid supplement if I am a vegetarian?

  272. I once bought wight loss supplements because i wanted to lose weight fast and easy but the thing is is that after i did . It did make me lose weight yet it was water wight not fat as it said and i got very sick and i couldn’t keep anything in my body and i only took seven pills …
    After i stopped taking them i gained more wight then i even started with witch is very upsetting and hurt mentally .
    And im still looking for a way that helps me because everyone is different in there own very Pacific way .

  273. 3rd shifter with a poor diet. I take chewable multivitamins when I remember which isn’t very often. Thankfully I’m not on medications and am borderline high with blood pressure and triglycerides.

  274. I like alot of what he says but i have had doctors recommend vitamins to me. Because of calcium issues or other non stated issues. But i think it depends on where the doctor is from. American PCP seem to be anti vitamin when foreign PCP i have seen. Recommend non pharmaceutical vitamins.

  275. Man doctor Mike’s ventriloquism game ain’t light

  276. So, im a hypochondriac and when went to the doctor i thought i had low EVERYTHING. Turns out all i had was low vitamin d and i forget to take the supplement all the time.

    1. fineimjessica same 😂

  277. I love that I got an ad w him in it before his video

  278. Adult population in the United States, how many people adults are at the 1st grade level of literacy
    2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th and above ? Chart ?

  279. I have a hard time absorbing nutrients. And I have to double down on D, which I’m on prescription D2, iron, and B12. When I’m pregnant I have to pretty much take so many supplements and blood tests to make sure I am doing ok. I’m glad you acknowledge both sides of supplements. Those who retake random ones and those with a true need.

  280. Vitamin d deficiency here

  281. Keto here , we got a few supplements that we need, but not many

  282. Oop I’m vegetarian and I kind of get everything I need but I still take a multi vitamin justtttt in case 🤷‍♀️

  283. I don’t eat much fish as I should I don’t think I get enough omega 3s. Do you think taking omega 3 supplants is beneficial to health?

  284. Vegan. Never taken a supplement because of the reasons you gave in the video. I’ve never had a deficiency according to my doctors.

  285. of course i get an ad for personalized vitamins before the video even started

  286. I actually had a doctor tell me to take vitamin d and then ended up with levels of borderline toxicity. This is why it’s important to talk with your doctor folks

  287. I was just about to order fancy vitamins. Thank you!

  288. Well, I had always followed that logic, never wanted to take a multivitamin, etc. Always telling my family not to take their unnecessary vitamins. However, I became very sick, went to over 20 doctors with none of them able to give me any possible answers. Decided to order my own vitamin and mineral testing through the lab associated with my hospital, as a frustrated last resort. Turns out I was deficient or the lowest of normal in almost every vitamin and mineral. I now know that I apparently have a malabsorption issue that no one has been able to figure out the cause of as of yet. I had to eat my words and now wish I had just taken a multivitamin all along… would have saved me several hospital stays and doctor visits, as my levels are going up with supplementation.

    1. But that’s a condition for you which you found. But doesnt mean it’s for everyone. You did nothing wrong. That being said I would have discussed your concerns with your doctors as they might have been willing to send you for tests if you asked. Remember that medicine is a team effort. You can talk with them about issues, they preffer it if you do.

  289. Ironic that the commercial right before this….. was for vitamins.

  290. Dont take unless told simple. Self medicating with no doctor involved can cause more problems than it will solve.

  291. hey doctor mike can you explain what would happen to your body if you stopped eating food and only had vitamins and water. would you still function the same? what happens to your hunger queues? would eventually die from malnutrition?

  292. Wasting money? Ye sure maybe in America 😂, it’s quite reasonable in Dubai

  293. I’ve worked night shift for decades. I got put on prescription vitamin D, and the pharmacy threw it out because they didn’t believe the extra 0 in the dose was correct. I’m guessing being totally nocturnal isn’t a thing most people deal with.

  294. I take vitamins to make very expensive urine…

  295. I work night shift and my coworkers recommended Vit D pills because we don’t see the sun much. I have been worried about this being a good idea. Then Dr. Mike straight up says don’t take fat soluble vitamins in excess and my stomach dropped. I went to my med draw and found boxes in tiny print saying “This has not been verified by the FDA” on ALL of them! Thank you for looking out for us Dr. Mike!

  296. I knew this video wasn’t for me because I’m vegan.

  297. Dang I’m definitely in that 24% lol.. Reasons for needing them – 🤔 #1, 2, and 4

  298. Dr. Mike: “Odds are, you don’t have one of these health conditions”

    Me, sitting here with 3 out of 4: 😐

    1. I’ve read your comment at the same time he said it

    2. Then we hope you ARE taking your vitamins 🙂

  299. So its a lie that we need to take 1 tablet of vit. C a day even if we are perfectly healthy?

  300. What are your views on supplements like protein, BCAAs and such for athletes? Do you use any, if so which? Also caffeine!

  301. When I was little we had vitamins in the cabinet…and I would eat a few in a day (not every day) because I liked how they taste 😅 these weren’t gummys, they were the chalky ones. I was prescribed meds for Fluoride deficiency and I overdosed on that too but nothing happened so I think I’m okay. I was 8. Give me a break

  302. I like that the first ad was a vitamin lootcrate thing 😂

  303. I cannot take any of the osteoporosis medications. It just kills my stomach and hurts my job bone and hip bones. Is there any supplement that you know of at all that can help build my bone density back? Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

  304. I’m not necessarily deficient in any sense however, because of the medicine I take for my epilepsy my doctor recommended I start take vitamin D and calcium supplements because they have found that extended use of certain anticonvulsants can impact bone density. Granted this was what I was told and I’m no expert by any means

  305. I have vitamin d deficiency. F

  306. Thanks on the video since i’m a diabetic an I take some the vitamins and even the emergen-c brand supplements from time to time. I’ve heard that many of these products that show a high number of the dose on a pill mostly goes to waste because your body doesn’t process it all. how truthfull is this? Is there a range on the body to process? Thank you

  307. I look forward to taking my 2 multi-vitamin gummies at night because they taste so good, lol. I have had a documented vitamin D deficiency in the past, so I also take 2 vitamin D gummies in the morning. When I got my blood tested again, I was just at the minimum for vitamin d – and that was with the daily supplements.

  308. Came here from the TikTok video…does caffeine count as a supplement? I think it helps me.

    Jokes aside, I would want to know Doctor Mike’s perspective on caffeine and L-theanine

  309. I take a vitamin b supplement because I’m vegan and, while my cereal and soy milk are b12 fortified, I don’t consume them that often though, so I take a vitamin b supplement every 3 or so days

  310. So you’re saying that taking a multivitamin is bad/pointless IF you’re healthy, period?

  311. Waiiit….. does this apply to those vitamins that help grow your nails and hair?

    Me: is very pregnant 🤰🏽

  313. so the bottom line is “if your doctor recommended it, then go” cheers!

  314. This is the first time ive heard of vitamin suppliments .
    I always got my vitamins from fruits or other foods.

  315. Big pharma would love that.

  316. Guilty. 😆 I have like three bottles of some supplements i bought last year. They’re still more than half full. 🤦‍♂️

  317. I am a doctor myself and take a fistful of supplements every morning. I’ll go head to head with Mike regarding my need for these supplements based on my ACTUAL genes which tell me of my 21x increased risk of age-related macular degeneration, my irregular lipid processing and my prediabetes. I have the papers supporting my usage and an MPH in biostatistics to read them critically.

  318. One thing that is REALLY frustrating here in Japan is that the vitamin supplements are advertised as substitutes for eating your veggies :/

    1. @Keifu Chan But if they are offering you to get the supplements “if you feel like you don’t get enough vegetables in your diet”, then they are saying that having the vitamin supplements is the same as having more vegetables, no? I mean, I have never seen any of them disclaiming that supplements are not the same as eating healthy (and if they do, it is probably in those tiny little letters at the back of the package). Also, there are Japanese vitamin supplements with a pictute of a person in the package saying “I hate veggies”. What does that translate to the public? For me, it does make it seems like if I hate veggies but want to be healthy, I can just eat this amazing capsule which contains all the vitamins my body needs and I’ll be fine! I’m not sure how you interprate all of this, but I still see it as adverting as veggies substitute.

    2. They aren’t advertised as a substitute. They are advertised as “If you feel you don’t get enough vegetables in your diet”. Not saying that makes it good but there is a difference. Japanese supplements and otc medicines are also far more researched and restricted, and they have to pass tests and studies far more stringent than the United States. Of course, shopping online and ordering from abroad is a different story.

    3. Yet you guys have the longest life-span among all countries

    4. Whoa! 🤔

    5. Oh no!! 🙁

  319. Dear Doctor Mike. Please know lots of us take vitamins because we don’t have a doctor and don’t know if we are deficient but definitely know we don’t have the best diet so spending a couple bucks on a vitamin is a great way of covering our butt when you’re poor.

  320. I asked my doctor about vitamins and she said to take them 😰

  321. Crazy underrated

  322. I’m vegan with a vitamin D deficiency (had a blood test done). I take D, B12 and Omega 3.

  323. Into the unknown

  324. When I was eating a regular diet I had iron deficiency. I took some medicine for it and then I was fine. I’m now a vegan, been since 4 years back, and I check my vitals and everything twice a year (because I go on antidepressants). My vitals are fine! Even my b12 was too high at one point. I know that maybe in the future I will need to take supplements, but as right now I’m fine. Well, except vitamin D, but that’s because I live in Sweden and we don’t see the sun here for 6 months in the winter Haha

    1. @Melanie Selin Then please read the following fact sheet and take special notice of the long list of foods with vitamin D

    2. @A W 2 sorry, of course I meant vitamin D.

    3. Vitamin E does NOT come from exposure to sunlight. You may be thinking of vitamin D, which our bodies naturally produce when a little of our skin is exposed to sunlight. Check some knowledgeable resources about Vitamin E …here’s a clip from one: “vitamin E? – Vegetable oils like wheat germ, sunflower, and safflower oils are among the best sources of vitamin E. Corn and soybean oils also provide some vitamin E. Nuts (such as peanuts, hazelnuts, and, especially, almonds) and seeds (like sunflower seeds) are also among the best sources of vitamin E.”

  325. I take vitamins because my doctor told me to.

    1. @A W 2 I had blood work then they told me to take vitamin d

    2. Perhaps you need to ask WHY he or she told you that. Is there a dietary problem or malabsorption issue? Are you suffering with an illness? Ask why and become better informed.

  326. I don’t take vitamins for any real shortcuts like weight loss or or some sorta snake oil trick. I started taking them after I stopped consuming dairy due to a lactose intolerance issue. I switched over to almonds so I solved that issue. Then I ended up taking them for clearer skin since I didn’t want to deal with taking any crazy medication that messes up my whole body and drys my skin out like a saltine cracker. Now I take them just for a overall boost in small things in my life. I take fish oil, greens and antioxidants, and multi vitamin at night. I used to wake up with horrible stomach pains and bathroom issues. Now I wake up without those issues and just see a overall small boost to my motivation and ease to get out of bed. I don’t have a major deficiency in anything but I also know I don’t consume everything I should on a daily basis since most people don’t one reason or another. My advice take supplements to give you a little kick out the front door but, not to build a house. Hope this helps people reconsider taking their supplements and also helps them take them with a grain of salt.

  327. Multiple Sclerosis 2013 india HSCT + Chemo 2018 in Moscow. Develpd. Avascular Necrosis. I’m a ms survivor with lots of supplements.(i m a med student) I hope i am taking my supplements properly. Here no doctor tells u to take supple. But they do tell u meds.

  328. You look kind of like McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy . <3

  329. Hmm a person who profits from you being unhealthy telling you to stop taking vitamins. Yes please tell me more mister.

  330. doc mike is so yummy..
    i want to taste him 😋

  331. because i hate eating fruits and vegetables unless the food is something I like. I just can’t eat fruits so what should I do? Just be deficient in vitamins?

    1. There are many vitamins in meat, nuts, and dairy products. Have you done any research at all on this topic? It’s YOUR body you’re dealing with here. How about you educate your self on this and how about you read a book, look up stuff on the internet, and how about you make a list of a few veggies and fruits you DO like to eat. Problems solved.

  332. “why I agree with this guy..”
    XD thats just funny

  333. Only take biotin because I have autoimmune problems and my hare started thinning after I dyed it and wouldn’t stop months after. They are cheap and my hair stopped falling out as much. And yes, I am more careful with my hair. And my Rheumatologist said to keep doing what I was doing as long as it was helpful. Fully aware unnecessary biotin will be peed out, idc, I just like my blue hair even if it is still not near as thick as it was. P.S. Big fan

  334. Watching this while taking vitamins. I am, however, a vegan, so I think Doctor Mike will give me a pass.

  335. 100% agree with this if you follow the nutritional recommendations per day, also when cutting a food group getting information for a certified nutritionist is a far better option than someone s jobs is to get results quickly.

  336. Tests are expensive. I take a magnisium supplement because my diet is poor in magnesium, and due to lack of volcanic activity, the soil is poor in magnesium. I’m also going to take an omega 3 supplement because I dont eat fish.

    1. Start to solve your own problems by reading this: especially the long list of foods high or adequate in magnesium. THEN as for your Omega 3 fixation idea: how about you read a couple pages about Vitamin E before you spend some money on Omega 3. Many people in the world never eat fish and live a healthy diet.

  337. I definitely don’t eat enough vegetables because I hate cooking so I take a supplement. I know that stopping to take multivitamins won’t make me eat more vegetables… Just wondering which of these two is better: no supplements & no veggies, or supplements & no veggies

    1. Have you ever considered making a list of vegetables you can eat RAW, (without cooking), like, carrots, celery, lettuce, tomato, onion, olives, …the list goes on and on. You like pizza? Have a slice or two of veggie pizza once a week along with a salad. Crunch on some raw carrots with hummus instead of chips or cookies between meals. Work on your OWN body with a couple hours of research and a few weeks of exploration of fun raw veggies to eat.

  338. Would Keto be a restrictive diet? If so what supplements would be recommended?

  339. OK Doctor Mike I’m going to disagree with you a little bit. I had a stroke almost three years ago. While the pills they kept putting me on to encourage neuroplasticity seem to do nothing. The ones prescribed by the doctor. Taking some vitamin C greatly improved my well-being. I did not know it would but after a day or two of taking it I noticed a difference in my health. I should have been getting plenty of vitamin C in my diet. When I noticed I was feeling much better, less light headed. I looked up the benefits of vitamin C and was amazed that they seem to be doing just what they said. So now when I want to take a vitamin I do my research. Then look for results. If no results. I will stop taking it not wanting to take too many pills.

  340. I take vitamins and mineral supplements: Omega 3 (because I don’t eat fish), Vit C (antioxidant), Vit E, Vit D, Zinc… I guess I take a lot 😅

    1. “What foods provide omega-3s?
      Omega-3s are found naturally in some foods and are added to some fortified foods. You can get adequate amounts of omega-3s by eating a variety of foods, including the following:

      Fish and other seafood (especially cold-water fatty fish, such as salmon, mackerel, tuna, herring, and sardines)
      Nuts and seeds (such as flaxseed, chia seeds, and walnuts)
      Plant oils (such as flaxseed oil, soybean oil, and canola oil)
      Fortified foods (such as certain brands of eggs, yogurt, juices, milk, soy beverages, and infant formulas)….SOURCE OF INFO? Read the whole thing, will take 3 minutes

  341. The ad before the clip: Sculptnation thermic foods that “obliterate” fat.

  342. Dr.M, do a video on skin care. What is exfoliating even mean?

  343. I been telling people this for years and they all said I’m wrong lol I dont trust any bottled vitamins and my doc told me I was vitamin D deficient so I started moving more outside. No deficiencies now lol

  344. Watched this video a while ago, got my blood tested, I take a D supplement now.

  345. Best doc ever 😍

  346. But what about those products like Huel or Soylent…They basically seem like a multivitamin with carbs,fat, and protein. Or better yet where do they get the nutrients for these multivitamins? They aren’t derived from natural sources??
    I guess your later point was just that….we don’t know where the nutrition comes from or if it even is nutritious….But if you have a highly reputable company and trust and believe in the truthfulness of what they claim. Could you live off of basic carb/fat/protein and supplement your micronutrients with vitamins? living off of flour for carbs, oil for fats, and maybe just straight chicken breasts (i know this combo may have ‘some’ other micronutrients but def not all and I would guess not even close to most) along with multivitamins?

    Also I don’t mean just live, I mean thrive and be healthy.

  347. My brother wanted to give me his vitamins, I told him i didn’t need them. He proceeded to call me stupid.

    1. AnotherKS vitamins made him say that 😉

  348. Cranberry supplements have helped me SO much with UTIs though just sayin!

  349. Could you do a video on Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Dysautonomia?

  350. Expensive urine 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  351. In the uk apparently most people are deficient in vitamin d so I take it, and id heard b12 was important or something so i decided to give that a go too. 😂

  352. One thing you should have addressed is Multi-Vitamins specifically. For a vast majority of people, we don’t eat enough of the right things to be able to get our proper nutritional needs. Healthy foods are pricey and many can’t afford that all the time. In my opinion, it makes complete sense to take a daily Multivitamin if you fall into this category (which most Americans do). Aside from that, a Fish Oil Supplement for Omega 3 fatty acids should also be taken. As you regularly say, if the benefits outweigh the risks, then why not? Omega 3 Fatty Acids are vital and are also very hard to find in common food sources; granted they aren’t necessary, but the potential benefits far outweigh the cost (as cheap as $3-$5 per month).

  353. He called veganism a health condition. YesZ

  354. There are three big deficiencies that many people suffer from due to lifestyle changes and changes in the food supply. They are D3, K2, and Magnesium. Perhaps instead of shaming all vitamins, you may want to read the latest research on vitamin K2. You’re a failure as a doctor if you don’t keep up with research and inform people of a critical nutrient that can prevent both atherosclerosis and osteoporosis.

  355. I got a can of gummy vitamins in my stocking and they are addicting! Idk how to stop eating them!

  356. I wish there were regulated supplements. I have a malabsorption disorder and have to take specific supplements, but since there is no regulation its impossible to know what dose I am actually getting. It sucks.

  357. Thanks dr mike!! I am pregnant currently. I have been taking my prenatals, but I was having weird pica cravings. Turns out my iron was low.
    They have been working!! The craving stopped.
    But I agree! Thank you so much.

  358. I’m really skeptical of all the supplements that celebrities and beauty gurus have been advertising. My coworkers say that hair supplements have worked for them and helped grow their hair out and say I should try them. However, I really have a hard time believing that my hair is going to grow out due to something I ingest… I would like to hear more about this topic from Dr. Mike

  359. The ad before this video was for a vitamin company 🙄

  360. dr mike: calls being vegan a health condition
    me: OOOOOHHH

    1. @Wyld Bells o

    2. @lil liz that doesnt fix the intake unfortunately.

    3. @cueen mama they lose alot of nutrition? They could eat a plant base animal product and it might be the same nutrition

    4. I don’t think he meant it quite that way. Vegans lose a lot of nutrition by staying away from animal products. It’s not that they are necessarily unhealthy it’s more that they have to supplement what they are not getting just from plant based food.

  361. Dr. Mike, would you talk about Calcium and Vitamin D? How much Calcium do you really need? And isn’t it best to get Vitamin D from the Sun?

  362. So I’m pregnant. I can’t at all take any multi prenatal. (It makes me super super sick) Doctor knows and I’m doing what he said to do and it works. But I get all this hate from people who aren’t my doctor. It’s super annoying.

  363. Vegan planning to be pregnant. Recommendation?

  364. I had a family friend who ended up on dialysis and nearly died after taking a bunch of supplements “prescribed” to her by some sort of quack natural “doctor”. Can’t quite remember but I believe it had something to do with all the binders and fillers in them. We ended up losing touch but I’m not even sure she’s still alive.

  365. Perhaps only twenty percent are vitamin deficient because people are taking vitamins?

  366. Magnesium.

  367. ive been getting way to much vitamin C lately

  368. Could you talk about vegetarian and vegan people , Is it really healthy ?

  369. I really got a vitamin add on this video hahaha

  370. I never drank vitamins. I was suuuper sceptical but when i get pregnant, ohhh boy some vitamin deficite every month. I need vitamins so much and it actually helped but my granma drank vitamin D 700% per day whole month and you know what? She have vitamin d deficite 😄😄😄😄

  371. This is how branded medicines are selected.

  372. I have a question long to take vitamins or how many months to stop vitamis

  373. I love how smart and caring he is 💛👏👏

    1. This is bullshit

  374. Dr. You should react to the “Adam ruins everything” Adam ruins nutrition episode

  375. I’m taking prenatal vitamins now (pregnant) and I will be taking an iron supplement as I recover from the c-section. I will continue taking prenatals while breastfeeding. My young children take a daily children’s vitamin per pediatrician advice.

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  381. Why do people spend money on supplements when not even as many people excerise

  382. i take certain vitamins due to the fact that even tho i haven’t been tested, my mom has a genetic disease that makes it necessary for her. and i have the same symptoms. I i take vitamin C and zinc because i keep getting colds when i need to not have a cold.

  383. Hello Doctor Mike, I know my diet is not the best. I’m not a vegan but I don’t particularly like meat that much and I hate fish. I take a simple multi-vitamin (in the label it says it contains the minimum recommended dose of each vitamin) supplement and got a bit worried after your video. Can it be bad for me?

  384. Crazy low vitamin d runs in my family from my grandmother

  385. Maybe the reason why only 24% and not 86% of Americans are vitamin-deficient is because they are taking their vitamin supplements? Use your brain.

  386. 1 vitamin pill costs 6 cents (In Norway) so I see no harm in taking it
    So I spend 12 cents every day (I also take extra Magnesium for restless legs)

  387. I get told I don’t know anything about medicine when I try say vitamins are unnecessary unless they’re actually deficient in it.

  388. So what about the rootine vitamins company, that’s based off of your genetics and bloodwork?

  389. Laughing that a commercial supporting vitamins played before this video.

  390. What’s your take on cultured vitamins? What do you think about a recent research paper showing that food has significantly less nutrients than it did 100 years?

  391. Ew. I got an ad promoting vitamins before the video started…no idea who the woman was. But just….whhyyyyyy?!

  392. What about putting my two year old on the toddler version of Flintstones?

  393. You say ask your doctor so much.
    Me: buuutttt I have no doctor. No insurance.. No money…
    Also me: I’ll be fine.

  394. Take epilepsy meds and i take vitamins to help with the side effects of my meds. Vitamin B and fish oil

  395. The super amusing thing about this video is the ad at the beginning tried to sell me vitamins

  396. My diet and lifestyle mean that I take a multivitamin pill as a safety precaution I get the cheapest store’s own brand costs maybe $10 per year. Yes I know that I should change the lifestyle and diet but in the winter I go to work in the dark , go home in the dark, I do not get out of the building or see daylight during the week so I might see daylight one day per week if that. From say November -March. For peace of mind alone it’s worth it.

  397. 3000 iu of vitamin D
    320mg of magnesium glycinate (30% oxide, 70% glycinate)
    23mg of zinc bisglycinate
    2mg copper glycinate
    (Including 2 krill oil pills)
    All this daily. Please tell me what’s wrong with this.
    Also if you’re a female on birth control you should be taking a B vitamin daily. I disagree with the dismissive nature of this video towards vitamin supplementation.

  398. Is it me, or did anyone else find it ironic that a vitamin supplement ad came on right after the video? Just me? Ok. 👍

  399. I’m vegan and I have been prescribed iron and B12. It was a miracle that I was waking up and functioning each day without these essential macronutrients.

    1. Zvuk Zao yeah… apparently my body is bad with retaining iron. The iron in my blood was VERY low and I get nose bleeds when the iron is low so I have to take the iron.

    2. Dude unless you’re struggling with retaining iron literally every veggie or bean you eat has it. the only supplement you really need is b12. Just saying. :/

  400. I am broke and pretty much live on top ramen because it costs about twenty bucks a month, then my multivitamin costs ten bucks a month… thirty bucks a month is much cheaper than a week of a more healthy diet ;.;

  401. I so agree!!!! FYI I did have chronic anemia (before I was vegan and due to excessive bleeding during menses – that never seemed to end). Once I became vegan, the chronic anemia stopped. This was due to the amount of greens I ate per day with added lemon juice for absorption.

    The only vitamin supplement I take is B12.

  402. What is your point of view on dieting pills? Like “the miracle cure” to loose weight. My mom keeps on pressuring me to loose weight, and have been mentally bullying me since I was a kid. A couple of days ago, she brought me some diet pills (which she bought in russia), which made me think of what you think of it.

  403. Would still rather take a b12 once a week than have 200+ ldl.

  404. Do you really know about vitamins. Most doctors (yes, I know doctors are smart) don’t umderstand how healthy vitamins are

    1. Its true that nutrition isnt really something high on their training in medicine .

  405. Thank you for clearing the air on supplements and probiotics. Unfortunately I am one of those people who have been battling gut issues for almost 40 years. I definitely have IBS-D and have been tested for celiac 4xs now and it has always been inconclusive. Gluten intolerance was through the roof on last test and now following a mostly gluten free diet. I also have a lot of food allergies. Since I just recently ordered a multi I feel better knowing that I made the right decision. I already know I have a malabsorption problem. The poop transplant study sounds interesting (and gross too!). Very eager to hear more info on that. We have a family history of Crohns and Celiac. Thank you for putting your perspective on these topics. I think it’s super important for different doctors to weigh in. I have a friend that has a holistic practice and I always take it with a grain of salt. Never believed in many of the crazy supplements that are out there. Your videos came up on my recommended screen. Just recently started to watch them. Thank you!

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    Edit : when the video ended I also got a monster energy ad 😂

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    CHEST compressions


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  410. Should I take Multivitamins if I am Underweight? I am 5’7″ and my weight is 39-40

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  412. Lol before this video there was as an add about vitamins

  413. Supplement craze annoys me and so many people don’t believe me. I wanna be a dietician and the supplement craze will definitely be the death of me

  414. What are the differences among different countries? I mean, are the laws that involve medicines in US different than other countries? What do you know about that?

  415. People think vitamins are some kind of quick beauty enhancer. Specially the people who don’t have any biological knowledge whatsoever

  416. Not eating fish at all,eating tona sometimes so am on Omega3 is that ok

  417. Night shift worker here. A few coworkers have told me that I should be taking Vitamin D due to a decreased amount of sun exposure. That actually kinda makes sense. 🤷🏾‍♀️
    Anyone know if this is true?

    1. Guys, you need to take the vitamin D AND get a few minutes of sun. Just sun doesn’t give you vD and just taking the vitamin without sun exposure won’t help you with the deficiency.

    2. I have heard that one out of three women is deficienct in Vit D.

    3. Buy Aloe Vera body cream

    4. I live in Scandinavia and most people here take som vitamin D in the four winter months because day light is so limited and there fore people need it. Vitamin d is also supposedly the vitamin with the highest rates of deficiency in europe and North America.

    5. Particularly if u are a woman of colour! I’m assuming by your profile pic.
      I am JUST the same and most Doctors (even Dr Mike) would reccomend this, like with myself. 😊


  419. Would you say this chart is a decent chart to use?

  420. 1:39 Dude.. that suit is wayyy too tight. Was that the suit you wore at your high school graduation? Be careful when you sit down or you’re gonna rip the seam up your butt.

    I get it tho. If I was fit, I would wanna show it off too, but its definitely distracting, in a funny way.

  421. Doctor Mike binge 2019 🙂

  422. I completely agree with you Dr. Mike. When I took the class Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2 I learned that having too much of a vitamin in your system could actually be even more harmful and lead to greater health problems. As always blessing Dr. Mike.

  423. Is supplemensts recommend to college students especially medical MBBS students who isn’t getting proper nutrition through food because only food available in the mess are carbohydrate rich food With less or no protein and greens.

  424. I take prenatals with folic acid, iron and DHA (because of pregnancy) and magnesium because I have a history of critically low potassium and magnesium helps to absorb potassium and potassium supplements are potential lethal because potassium overdoses are lethal. I also make sure to get adequate sleep to help retain the potassium instead of wasting it in my urine (kidneys throw out potassium due to lack of sleep). I used to take a prescription potassium supplement but doc determined I no longer needed such a high dose.

  425. What supplements do you recommend for vegans (besides B12)?

    1. Well honestly you probably aren’t getting enough of a lot of vitamins and minerals in particular things like Omega 3s and iron. And a vegan diet means you need a bit more than the typical RDI of most vitamins and minerals. And you also need more protein than the average person as well. Eating tons of non animal products makes it harder for your body to absorb nutrients so be ware. And of course B12 is a mush supplement on a vegan diet. Also some vegan sources of certain vitamin and minerals aren’t bioavailable forms of them so that’s another thing to keep in mind.

  426. Tati is quaking

  427. Would love to hear your thoughts on pcos. I know I take supplements rather than taking pharmaceuticals for hormone balancing. I also changed the way I eat. Love your videos and would love to hear you touch on the subject.

  428. Let’s say hypothetically, I need vitamins but can’t eat fruits and certain veggies because I’m on a keto diet… should I take supplements then?

  429. I wish I watched this video two years ago.

  430. Hearing a lot about people CuraMed (Curcumin/turmeric) for daily use to combat inflammation and arthritis. Can you overdose on these types of supplements?

    1. Definately recommend talking to your doctor but mine actually recommended turmeric to help with my fibromyalgia pain and inflammation.

  431. What do you mean unrealistic?? You have an amazing body, great teeth and a beautiful face??? Some ppl are just beautiful. It’s not unrealistic…. rant over. I just hear you say that a lot

  432. Im always trying to explain that to people who take vitamins and thinking that it’s healthy😣😧

  433. I’m a vegetarian and someone recommended that I take Vitamin B-12 daily. Shall I go for it?

    1. yes

    2. Short answer yes 🙂

  434. I take vitamin D in the winter because I live in a snowy state with little sunshine and it was recommended to me by a doctor, you should also look into the correlation between vitamin D deficiencies and breast cancer. I don’t drink milk and I also have depression so it’s a decent idea to supplement. I also take hyaluronic acid, collagen, glucosamine hydrochloride, and chondroitin because I have a joint disorder (hyper mobility) and it honestly helps with the overall pain better than stretches which is all I’ve ever really been told to do for it. Supplements are okay if you have a legitimate condition but if you’re overall pretty healthy, they’re probably useless to you. Always make sure you check the labels to avoid bad ingredients and buy from a reputable brand, aka probably nothing at Walmart. I do this for a living, and I can def tell you some of it really works but some of it is total bullshit lol.

  435. I have been taking Biotin Supplement Rs500/month and AntiHair lost shampoo Rs1500 for a 200 ml bottle for hair because my greedy dermatologist doctor gets a cut every time I buy that supplement here in India.. Even though he never tested me for Biotin defeciency…. and I later found that most docs say Biotin deficiency is very rare… Many Doctors in India are so unethical and money minded stingy set of people here, will make patients spend unnecessarily to get their cut…

  436. What is with 😉 this

  437. I don’t take vitamins but i take lysine because its literally the only thing that helps with cold sores. Valtrex doesn’t work anymore.

  438. I wish u spoke about wholefood vitamins .

  439. Odds are I DO have an iron deficiency and needed to have a two month high dose iron course to make sure i didn’t faint again!
    Happy days!

  440. Pleasee, consult a Dietitian!

  441. Because statistics: I’m gonna assume that the majority of the 24% who has a deficiency belongs to the 14% who does not take any supplements while the remaining 10% just doesn’t take enough supplements 🥴🤓🥴 (JK… don’t eat anything in pill-form that your doctor hasn’t prescribed..)

  442. Handsome… Sorry focusing on the wrong angel😂

  443. Veganism is not a health condition! 😂😂😂

    Me: * gets an ad for supplements *

  445. #RespondingToYourComments Dr. mike, what’s your thought on trans people

  446. I need calcium vitamins that my endocrinologist told me to take. That’s it.

  447. For a weird reason every time I take a multivitamin I get more hungry than normal. 🤔

    1. B vitamins stimulate the appetite.

  448. What do you think about those online tests, where a company will test mailed in hair samples, and tell you if you have any vitamin deficiency, food sensitivity, etc?

  449. So “ care of vitamin “is not worth getting?

  450. This is old video and i will not get the answer but. If im sick and cant eat should i take vitamins? Or if i broke a leg should i take more kalcium and vitamin D?

  451. The only sup I take is protein cos gainz

  452. Hhahhha all of your ex girlfriends (at least since you got famous) have those unrealistic body types!

  453. 😁👋💖💖💖

  454. How are you supped to get enough DHA if you can’t afford to eat 8 oz of fatty fish _every_ day? I get what you are saying but some of us actually can’t afford to get the perfect balance of micro/macro nutrients from out meals.. I also live really far north where I literally can not get good enough sun expose to meat my vitamin D requirements for a huge part of the year.

  455. What vitamins would you suggest vegans take other than B12?

  456. I only really take Vid D3. I live in Alaska and on a range of 24-89, I tested at a 29.. and that was after taking 1-2k IUs a day for a month. I’ve been taking 50k IUs once a week for 5 weeks (will be a total of 3 months). I’ve been so tired for about 2 years, dealing with joint pain. I thought I had an autoimmune disease. Now my energy has returned like crazy, I’m much happier and am not having the pain I was having. I’ll have to go on maintenance and have my vit d levels checked a couple times a year after this. (My diet needs to improve… and I’m also a vegetarian so this probably doesn’t help.)

  457. My dhea sulfate was 104 (it was 178 five months ago). I’m 38 and healthy otherwise. Do you think I should go to a doctor?

    I had been exercising pretty rigorously and I read that exercise can reduce dhea sulfate reading.

  458. OMG. You are really smart doctor Mike. So inspired by you.

  459. Thats u in ted-ed ._.

  460. Great to know!

  461. Is it really necessary to take vitamin C in proper daily doses every day and what are the benefits of vitamin C
    You can find out all this and more

  462. I dont fully agree with this video. Im working in a blood test lab and although most blood samples I test for certain vitamins/minerals are within whats called healthy range, its often on the low end of the healthy scale far from optimal.

    1. @Benny yes really enjoyed the podcast with Dr Rhonda. She makes very clear points regarding health.

    2. @JoJo Skye the low end of the safe/non deficiency range is the point at which someones body can still function but not optimal. As long if someone is within this range, a doctor will tell the patient that the bloodvalues are ok even if big improvements are possible.

    3. If it’s far from optimal, why would they put it within the safe range?

  463. Thank you

  464. Taking vitamin B12, D3 and calcium supplements due to being on a mostly plant-based diet. All recommended by a doctor. People keep asking why I’m not taking a multi “just to be sure”. Ridiculous.

  465. Its kinda funny. I know that such supplements wont work in any way just casue of a simple thing i noticed. i sometimes take 75 microgramm tablets of Ginkgo Biloba. it simply is so i can concentrade a bit better, which suprisingly works well. but the thing is, with the Ginkgo there is also vitamin b added. and everytrime i take that pill and urinate afterwards its literally neon yellow coming from excessive vitamin b. i mean… 75 microgramm thats basically nothing and yet my body wont take in the vitamin b at all

  466. I take multivitamin gummies because they taste good. idc about my health

  467. Hello, I would really like you to speak about HALO BEAUTY, is it worth it?

  468. Please do a video on Transfer Factors. Omg. They drive me nuts.

  469. In Finland it’s recommended to take vitamin D… because the sun doesn’t shine here.

  470. Dr. Mike, considering doctor is human being who might be able to catch disease also such as common cold which made your nose runny and your voice came out nasally, do you still on duty while catching mild disease by wearing mask? Or do you take some day offs till you’re fit?

  471. Ive heard him say all of this a million times yet I still clicked on the video

  472. Hi Dr. Mike! I know this video is old but I have a question about vitamin supplements. I know you don’t support them as a general rule but can you clarify or talk a bit about prenatal supplements in more depth? These are important to family planning, the health of the mother, and the health of the baby; but how do you know which ones to take? Are there things to look out for on the labels? Are the labels even accurate? Can you “OD” on certain vitamins because of inaccurate labels? Since these are not monitored by the FDA or anyone else, how do you know you are getting the right vitamins and nutrients from these products? OB’s tell you prenatal vitamins are vital for getting pregnant and delivering a healthy baby, but which ones can you trust?

  473. Misleading title, disliked

  474. Hey Dr Mike, I have a touchy but very honest question for you. I’ve been following your channel for a while, and I am consistently impressed by the accuracy of your comments and advice. You really do seem to have, in your own words, a very sensitive bullshit-meter. How do you reconciliate science and osteopathy? I understand that you are a DO as well, and as far as I can see, in the US your credentials are just as good as an MD… But this is not so in most of the rest of the world. In fact osteopathy is typically regarded as a pseudo-science. I would really like to see you do a video on this topic. Sincerely from Canada, Guillaume (aka Billy)

  475. Hi Dr Mike. So you said that 76% people are taking vitamins for no reason. But the issue is that are we testing any vitamin deticiency as often as we should? Not until recently we have been testing regularly for Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D. I have seen that many of the patients are vitamin D deficient. So should it be standard to be testing for vitamin deficiency or until the pt has symptoms, since in the past many people didnt have vitamin D def symptoms but when you test them they are highly deficient and the doctor will now prescribe it. Please explain

  476. Dr. Mike I know what you have to say about vitamins But I still would like to ask is there any benefit at all to taking things like Omegas for things like hypertension or anything else. Also is there any benefit to taking a low dose 81mg of aspirin before bed. I’m talking about high BPs of 140/90.

    1. @GoldenMechaTiger I am not sure why you choose to have such a negative line of questioning with me but since I like to stay positive I would be happy to answer in hopes you respond in a more constructive why.

      I would like to start my assuring you that my doctor and I have a great relationship and my health team is more then competent. I live in Toronto, Canada and have never had issue with my doctor in anyway.
      I also do not have hypertension as I was borderline but effectively used exorcise and diet to control it and now have an average of 120s/60s. I do take Omegas and coenzyme Q10 in the mornings and aspirin 81mg at night because I have done some reading (very minor) and found this may help prevent hypertension in my later years.

      I am scientifically literate as my uni degree was in Physics and mathematics.

      Mostly I am a big fan of Dr. Mike and thought it would be really neat to have a second opinion regarding this topic from him. His upbeat attitude and honest desire to give well researched information is extremely refreshing to me and I thought it would be really fun to have him answer my question.

      I would like to thank you for your concern regarding my healthcare and once again assure you that I am in no danger and am well taken care of by my family health team her in Toronto.

    2. Sean Clarke Why? Do you suspect your doctor is incompetent or something? If so you should get another doctor not ask a youtuber

    3. @GoldenMechaTiger I do have an open conversation going with my doctor about this topic but also wanted Dr. Mike’s point of view.

    4. Sean Clarke you should ask your doctor these questions

  477. When he says “odds are you don’t have any of these things” and I’m like “I HAVE BEAT THE ODDS!” (According to my doctor- I have not self-diagnosed vitamin deficiencies lol)

    1. Me too! Vit D deficiency plus breastfeeding. Two things he mentioned! 😁

  478. When I don’t take my vitamins my breast milk is low. Baby gets cranky. A few hours later after taking my vitamins my boobs fill out. Baby gets happy.

  479. Mike: *talks about unrealistic figures*

    Me: *looks at his arm muscles*

  480. That was a terrible TED talk. First time I fell asleep

  481. Oh, hey! I’m in that small percentage of having my doc tell me to supplement. I was having weird pains, so they tested my blood, and I was deficient in vit D! (But yes, only take it if your doc tells you too!)

    1. Did your pain go away after starting your vitamin D

  482. Vegans have a reason for B12

  483. 1:41 …whom you address in the third person when he’s actually you…

  484. I have AIDS. I noticed when I take a multi vitamin and vitamin C supplement my T cells go up if I don’t my T cells drop about 200 points

  485. And please consult a medical doctor about a vitamin deficiency, not a chiropractor or naturopath

  486. Ive been taking a multivitamin, omega 3 and vitamin d supplements for years. Its too hard to get just from diet as I don’t eat dairy or red meat to meet my iron and calcium/vit d levels

  487. Um they don’t have a deficiency because they take a supplement. Idiot. It’s not a secret that our food only has a quarter of the nutrition that it used to. I have seen studies that show if you do not take a daily vitamin you are deficient in multiple vitamins and minerals.

  488. I carried and birthed three babies full term in three years 😬 (they are 2.5, 14 mo and 2mo) and I had such crazy symptoms and got my levels checked and sure enough I had several deficiencies. While my situation is unique-ish I still think that if you feel like you’re lacking something to check with your doc to get a blood draw.

  489. I get B-12 injections once a month b/c I’m vegan. I’d rather the injection 1x mos than a pill everyday!

    1. @Anna Brown no adjuvant. Just B-12 deficiency precautions. ☺

    2. Are there adjuvants in those shots?

  490. Thanks for this video. The vitamin craze is out of control.

  491. I dobt take pills at all i like the homeopathic side i dont have any diseases that needs pills except vitamin d deficiency and i dont take pills for that i eat better

  492. I base in NY and work in a clinic with primarily Eastern Asian Americans who generally hate to get sunshine to avoid tanning and againg. I would say like 80% pts tested are low in vitamin D, many are severe. It’s also rare to have a recently post menopausal women (usually late 40s to early 50s) tested negative for either osteoporosis or osteopenia in their first DEXA run.

  493. You dont mean flint stones do ya?

  494. After a serious illness for 8/9 months I took loads of vitamins and spent a fortune on this rubbish. After that time I was no healthier. What a load of rubbish. I then changed to improve my food. It worked.

  495. I am lactose intolerant and was on the Depo Provera shot for 8 years- is taking a calcium supplement/vitamin a bad idea or unnecessary?

  496. Also, besides pregnant, probably nursing too

  497. 42% of the american population is deficient in vitamin D3 and 40% of the american population is deficient in vitamin B12. I asked my doctor to order a blood test for D3 and of course I was deficient. He asked me to start taking a supplement. Older people don’t absorb vitamin B12 as well as the younger population and as a result most older people should be taking a vitamin B12 supplement. Doctor Mike needs to do some research before bashing vitamins. I’ve been eating a whole food plant based diet with remarkable results in lowering my cholesterol and blood pressure as well as shedding a lot of extra weight. However, doing this can result in deficiencies of some necessary nutrients usually found in animal foods. It’s cheap insurance to take a multivitamin supplement.

  498. The only one setting unrealistic standards is the ripped doctor with 4 million subscribers js

  499. THANK U 👏🏻

  500. Woo pregnant with deficiencies! I get lots of vitamins lol

  501. I can’t absorb vitamins and nearly ended up in a wheelchair it was hellish I was off work for 9 weeks!! I now take B12 and Vit D in the form of a mouth spray.

  502. My diet is as follows: protein bar or chips or maybe a turkey (keto) wrap for breakfast (or nothing), chicken and cauliflower rice or gourds and mushrooms for dinner. Permission to take vitamins now? Lol

  503. For malabsorption, probiotics might work better than vitamins, but you already know that-I think

  504. ok quick question i have from time to time had leg pain in my caffs mainly .. when i was in bed if i streched out in the middle of the night it would cause really bad pain that would wake me up.. a friend told me its a lack of potassium .. so i had a bannana it helped for a day or so then i took a GNC Mega man multivitamin its says 150mcg of potassium..i took this for a few days now i am fine .. so is it wile you might need all the stuff thy put in them you can run low on sume ftuff its not a vitamin i guess its a minarule.. is this common? should i be worryed?

  505. Does this also go for vitamin drops? Such as biotin or collagen drops..

  506. maybe i’m missing something but how do we know people are testing well on vitamins BECAUSE of the vitamins they’re taking? it seems hard to rule that with a number like 86% taking them. where’s the control group?

  507. I got fibromyalgia and have noticed a difference after I started taking vitamins, I just started taking them 1 year ago but I feel the difference, I used to get sick sooo easily and about a little less than 1 year ago I barely get sick now. I used to get sick A LOT as a kid.

  508. Wouldn’t it be totally unethical for a celebrity doctor to sell or lend his name to supplements that had never been tested for safety or effectiveness?

    BTW, did you hear Doctor Oz has a new show?? (cough)

  509. my dad literally has an entire cupboard filled with vitamin products

  510. I have A LOT of dietary restrictions so I don’t get much in the way of fruits of veggies in my diet.

    So I just eat potatoes. Seriously they have most of the nutrients you need but not in the ridiculous amounts you find in supplements – plus bc it’s food and not a pill it’s healthier for you. And you’re not getting mystery ingredients.

  511. Admit it, the chances are you DID SAY PEEWOOPP

  512. we need vitamins tho.. our body needs nutritions.. try USANA though, it has changed many people’s life.

  513. I kinda need to start taking some vitamins
    I been vegan for some years
    And for the past two years i been dealing with an eating disorder and stuff
    And aparently i have anemia (acording to my last exam)

    I guess

  514. I don’t take vitamins. I hardly get sick. But I do miss a lot of school because of chronic migraines. Do you have any ideas of what might help to prevent migraines?

  515. ¼ people deficient is a significant number

  516. In my country, vegetables and fruits are typically about $1 and multivitamins cost $40+ and that is way more expensive than the total cost of fruits and veggies that has the same amount of vitamins so… It’s useless.

  517. What do you think about thrive?

  518. I’m a good noodle. I take an iron supplement because my doctor said I have anaemia and should take it

  519. The only reason I take vitamins is because I like the flavour

  520. My doctors always tell me I have to take vitamins even though I don’t have any conditions and they don’t test for deficiencies.

  521. My diet is complete shit. I mean there is no real healthy aspect in any way. So I think they help me. As my knowledge of nutrition and eating is nearly non existent. And I am european so the Vitamins are tested and approved. Crazy to not do that.

  522. Aw man but I really love my flinstone gummy’s

  523. Would it be possible to get diet tips on what to eat for breakfast, lunch etc. Also I heard that breakfast could sometimes be kind of unnecessary

  524. When it’s best recommend to start taking pre natal? I’m 22 not actively looking to get pregnant but also not avoiding it. I’m currently taking iron because I tend to be on the lower hemoglobin side (8-10) and also I’m taking folic acid.

    What do you think about those. Definitely gonna ask my gyn/ob that question next month because he has my medical history, etc, but also want to know your thoughts on the pre natal and folic acid in general and when should a woman start taking it, and is it okay to take pre natal even if you’re not trying to get pregnant and just want to have a (healthy and “prep” body for when the time comes)

  525. Veganism = Health condition?

    1. No fucker vegan people don’t get enough vitamins and nutrients they need from the food source they eat. Being vegan u loose allot of minerals and vitamins from other food sources

  526. I take zinc Bc of white spots on my nails
    And calcium Bc I don’t eat dairy

  527. thanks again for the helpful tips DM! I know a couple IKA and the scary thing is they’re influencing others.

  528. I have issues with malabsorption of some nutrients due to medications, combined with the effects of medically necessary dietary restrictions, with resultant measured deficiencies. My doctor did recommend supplementation in light of those results and the underlying medication and dietary issues.

    I’ve long been aware that some supplements can even be dangerous if you don’t need them, so never touched them before being given specific instruction to do so by my doctor.

    This is good info, and I’m glad you acknowledged the situations where they are valuable, while explaining why most people don’t need them.

  529. Taking vitamins?


  530. During a stretch of time in high school, I decided I had to take vitamins everyday. About the same time, my appetite was increased for whatever reason. So, I developed a hypothesis that I did a science project on: some vitamin supplements don’t actually increase your levels of these micronutrients or other chemicals, they just make you crave foods that contain them or eat more to gain them. It was total crap, but upon researching for the project, I learned how useless most supplements are. I’m thankful to have learned it early on, because geez, they’re expensive snake oil(s).

  531. I totally agree in the sense of not medicating yourself and checking with a professional about what supplements and vitamins to take. I take supplements only through a licensed professional. I also, check the research of what the vitamin claims to help with (vitamin c helps with an issue through research), if the research doesn’t match, it is probably a hoax. Yes, there is possible unsafe vitamins and supplements, due to supplement hoax companies.

  532. I do the opposite. Doctors tell me to take vitamins and I don’t. Oops 😬

  533. Does vegans need … vitamin b12 though !? And D

    1. I’ve heard it’s best to supplement but I do know of a vegan youtuber who uses nutritional yeast for her b12. As for vitamin D one way to get that is from the sun

  534. What about omega 3, research seems to aim you should take these if you don’t eat fish.

  535. Yeah let’s just give the 60-75% of Americans who are overweight or obese insulin, that will fix the issue. Definitely keep them away from chromium, or vanadium, vitamin C, copper etc. It’s definitely just laziness and overeating causing the insane metabolic issues people are experiencing.

    Or it could have something to do with how nutrients are being stripped from the soils even before being processed and stripped of nutrients to make up the staple foods in our diet, at least they always add back in inert poorly bio-available substitutes, for four of them anyways. Thiamine Mononitrite, Ferric Orthophosphate, Folic Acid and standard Riboflavin. Doesn’t really fill all those nutritional gaps.

    I don’t get why scientists and Doctors fight this so much, there are actual scientists researching nutrition, not homeopathic quacks, not alternative gurus, actual scientists. Like for example Ferric orthophosphate (otherwise known as slug bait), has been shown to actually impair iron absorption and lower a persons iron levels. But I guess Doctors still think it makes sense to give mega doses of inorganic iron every day, rather than a bioavailable form every other day which has been proven to be the only way to actually increase iron.

    As Doctors you should know this though, this doesn’t require a nutritionist to understand and you are well more versed in this than they are. What happens when hepcidin is increased? Iron absorption decreases. What increases hepcidin? IL-6 inflammatory responses to obesity, gastrointestinal inflammation and irritation (ferric orthophosphate according to the NIH, mayo clinic and NCBI absolutely does this), and the presence of increased iron in diet, it’s a homeostatic response to iron to keep levels balanced in the body. So feeding someone actual iron filings, or ferric orthophosphate, or any form of ferric iron that has either incredibly low bioavailablity or none whatsoever will increase hepcidin without actually having absorbed iron in the first place.

    What about Vitamin A also? How many people eat liver on a weekly, bi-monthly or even yearly basis? Where are we getting preformed retinol from? 10 cups of milk a day? A brick of cheese? A decent portion of the population convert very little carotene to retinol, so how is the liver going to release bioavailable iron without an essential cofactor?

    What about people with an MTHFR mutation, 30%+ of the population? In these people excess consumption of folic acid will actually decrease their MTHFR enzymatic activity, again not from blog sources or quackery, from actual scientific evidence. Fortified wheat is a staple food in North America, Folic Acid consumption is excessive in our diet.

    Our tap water is filtered and demineralized, our crops are grown in the worst possible way and are being modified again and again to survive with less nutrition, and our Doctors are telling us that vitamins and minerals aren’t important, just take your xanax and your insulin and you’ll do fine. Maybe there’s a reason why the majority of people put their faith in Doctors yet 60-75% of them are overweight or obese, sick all the time, on numerous medications and have any number of mental illnesses.

    I recommend you look into how vast vitamin and mineral deficiencies are in the US, you’ll notice pretty much the only things 1/3-3/4 of your population aren’t deficient in are those things fortified in wheat products. Because deficiency is determined not by the quality of the minerals and vitamins a person consumes, or by their blood levels of those nutrients, or by how effectively they are working in the body, but by the actual milligram amount that is thought to be consumed each day which is ridiculous.

    There’s a big difference between taking in 100mg of Thiamine Mononitrite and 100mg Benfotiamine or Sulbutiamine. There is a big difference between taking 400mcg Folic acid and 400mcg folate. These are observable realities, the science is there if you have any interest in looking at it.

  536. Watching this video just as I took my multivitamins..

  537. A year ago in a pharmacy some girls, I think medical students or nurses idk, had some sort of a device that tells you are you vitamin deficient by puting it on your finger. And they’ve told me I’m deficient in every vitamin except vitamin A. And I still don’t know if they did that just to make people buy vitamins in that pharmacy.. I don’t eat that bad🤔

  538. Imma show this to me mom who is obsessed with vitamins😂😂😂

  539. If you live in a northern climate should you take vitamin D? I live in Canada.

  540. I take one iron supplement and Vitamin D supplement every day. But I *know* I need them, because my iron and Vitamin D counts were incredibly low in a recent blood test I had.

  541. I put this under your consideration, I would like to hear your opinion about it…😘

  542. I eat vitamins cause i have health probelms my moms a doctor and she tests it first

  543. What about beauty vitamins like Skin, nails, and hair?

  544. Also, if you live in places with little sun, taking vitamin D is important. The doctors, health professionals and everyone says that in Norway.

  545. “Ig if u want really expensive urine”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  546. Tati should watch this lol

  547. if someone has an eating disorder, should they take a general multivitamin?

  548. What are your thoughts on giving children vitamins?

  549. That guy from TED talk is a good reason to why we need human cloning.

  550. I’m ridiculously deficient in certain vitamins and minerals (iodine, vitamin d, b vitamins, and vitamin k) as well as slightly deficient in omega 3 & 6. So my doctor prescribed supplements to fix them. The doctors office I go to imports supplements from Europe so they’re actually regulated and I feel so much better. I used to be super depressed and couldn’t lose weight regardless of exercising a lot (I’m a teacher so I spend a lot of my working days running after kids, and I exercise outside of work too and take the stairs and walk everyday). If you don’t need supplements, don’t take them. But if you do, make sure you’re taking reputable ones because a lot of them don’t contain what they say they do.

  551. I was worried until you mentioned number 4…

    At the moment, I’m doing a calorie deficit, avoiding scratching 1000 calories when my BMR asks for more than 1500.

  552. It is beyond me why anyone would spend money on vitamin pills (with the exception of the very few people who have an illness induced deficiency). Vitamin are for free in fruit and vegetables, and to have in the body more vitamins than necessary is definitely not healthy, quite the opposite.

  553. So only around 51 million need supplements out of 324 million

  554. When I was 17 the NP I saw gave me some vitamins from the office without a real explanation on why I needed them. On the bottle it was labeled for “before, during and after pregnancy” and when my mom saw this she flipped out on me, questioned my life choices and stopped talking to me for a week because she thought I was pregnant. Just a fun story to tell. I just finished my pre-req’s for Physician Assistant school and will be applying soon. Dr. Mike thank you for you’re great videos, I am learning a lot about what it takes to care for a human (not just a patient) from you 🙂

  555. If you get 5-30 minutes of Sunlight exposure early in the morning, 2 times a week,
    you’ll get all the Vitamin D your body needs,
    and the other minerals and nutrients come from water, green food, fruits, etc…
    Humans have been surviving for thousands of years without supplements,
    these pharmaceuticals just want to sell you things you don’t need, and there is no conclusive research that proves that our body needs all these supplements constantly. In fact, you can do more harm than good by taking these unregulated supplements.
    Instead of spending that money on supplements, spend it on the food that actually has the nutrients that you want in the first place.

    1. You fucking lier

  556. I have Vitamin D & Iron defiencies all my life so yes I do.

    1. Xochitl Rizo then you fall into the 24% of people who actually test positive for vitamin deficiency. Did you not watch the video? 99.99% of your vitamins can be injected through a healthy diet. The vast majority of people taking vitamins do not need vitamins, and there’s actually evidence that suggests taking supplements can have adverse affects if not recommend by a MD or DO. The purpose of this video is to bring to light that the vast majority of people don’t need to take vitamin supplements, but if you feel like you do need to then you should consult your medical doctor first.

  557. I had a doctor tell me she thinks everyone should be taking a probiotic. What do you think?

  558. Dr Mike, which do you prefer to take when you sick, conventional medication or herbal medicine(phytotherapy)??

  559. Interesting the only tablets I take is cod liver oil tablets and iron because low energy and anaemia.
    Even at that like you can get most vitamins and minerals in fruit and vegetables.
    I agree with a lot of what you said

  560. In confused about the statistics at the beginning? Surely if 80% DID take vitamins then it makes sense for the other 20% to have a deficiency. I’m confused how that made sense?

  561. I take D3 and B complex as my blood tests showed low levels and Dr told me to take them

  562. *Sugar Bear Hair has left the chat*

  563. What about collagen supplements, do they work?

  564. I’ve never gotten tested for a deficiency, but I’m taking an algae supplement currently. This is because I’m vegetarian and don’t eat fish/fish oils. I use to take iron and protein supplements but I don’t think I need to anymore since I ensure I eat enough iron and protein rich foods. Do you think that’s necessary? I mean, everyone says, and as far as I can tell, fish oils (or vegan alternatives) are really important, so by not eating foods with those healthy oils would it be better to take a supplement for it?

  565. what about calcium? shouldn’t women of a certain age be taking calcium and vit D?

  566. Ehem.

    I believe that there can be two extremes here- those that go crazy with supplementation and those that say you don’t need supplements except in “rare” cases.
    The fact is, we all are being supplemented. White flour? Fortified with B vitamins. White rice? Same thing. Dairy? Fortified with vitamin D. Breakfast cereal? Fortified with everything under the sun. Without this sneaky “built-in” fortification, most of us would be severely deficient in something or another. I’m not saying start taking every possible supplement there is, I’m saying take a closer look at your diet, look into common deficiencies in your country (check out the link above), take a blood test, and talk to your doctor about nutrition. Obviously if you are a healthy person eating a healthy diet then chances are you will not benefit in any way from a vitamin supplement. But can we be real here and say that many (if not most) Americans (yes I’m being America-centric here) are not very healthy and don’t consume a very balanced diet?

  567. Wasn’t there an article that a lot of these supplements are just soy powder?

  568. I’m a 39yr old Male, I take supplements because my Folate levels are always in the red. Also, due to a history of drinking to much soft drinks, I’ve had mild bone degradation, so I take a supplement that focus on Folic Acid, Magnesium and Calcium.

  569. I absolutely adore your channel. I am a little curious about your thoughts on using food to aid in ailments. Like ginger or turmeric for inflammation or nausea. Our family tends to use food/tea or tinctures to limit our exposure to lifesaving drugs. For instance, we I swear by the use of raw garlic for mild kidney infections. I sadly had a terrible experience after a catheter placement during a c-section . Being I had just had a c section, my digestive system already took a hit from the antibiotics during the surgery. I had a horrible reaction to the antibiotics given for the kidney infection even while taking a probiotic.. I KNOW how bad it is to just not take the antibiotics , but at the time my doctor didn’t care that I was in pain and miserable with digestive issues. So I started consuming raw garlic (a whole clove) minced on the schedule I would the antibiotics. In 10 days I was healed. So I try to utilize this as often as possible to lessen my resistance to these amazing drugs we have been given. I just wondered if they speak of this at all in medical schools. I know a lot of people who misuse and overuse antibiotics.. that frightens me greatly about creating super bugs that could potentially become resistant to our best medicines available.

  570. I am on the fence here. I do take vitamins my doctor advised because of documented deficiencies, but also have been roped into the vitamins that claim weight loss benefits. (Cinnamon and ginger) My question for you dr. Mike is, does this vitamin methodology also include things for fiber like metamucil?

  571. Does this apply to Flinstone Gummy Vitamins?

  572. u might have a vitamin D deficiency since 40% of the US population is deficient

  573. I have to take B12 because I’m on birth control

  574. How can companies get away with this? How can they make products without providing documentation that they are safe for human consumption?

  575. I don’t quite understand your logic pertaining to multivitamins. You say that only a small percentage of people, taking multivitamins, have results representative of a vitamin deficiency. Doesn’t that quite possibly mean that the mv’s are working?

  576. I have flinstones vitamins I use. I’m going to keep using them. Idk why I just am.

    1. let me guess, cause they taste like candy? XD

  577. How can you support Vitamins Mike if you are a doctor? Biggest marketing are medicines . But why am I telling this to a doctor? They just know Paracetamol and Ibuprofen.

  578. I never believed in that supplement stuff without deficiencies

  579. Can you make a video on fitness supplements like pre-workouts, etc

    1. Danielle Snow Thanks :))

    2. He’s mentioned preworkouts in a responding to comments video. I dont remember which one but he said you are better off drinking a cup of coffee if you want a boost of energy because preworkouts just have unneccesary sugar and other crap you dont need.

  580. Hi Mike, I have been reading and listening about how Activated Charcoal helps you to General detoxification and helps in digestive issues like Gas and Bloating – I like to know what do you suggest on taking Activated Charcoal when travelling and eating process foods – Does this has any side effects – IF possible could you please make a short Video or share a trust able resource

  581. Well I don’t eat well-balanced meals so if I eat protein bar or say take a multi supplement at 1 today ( gummies cause I’m over 40). But people have been taking for a while is that not sufficient. Also I’m trying to work fruits and vegetables back into my diet but it isn’t always possible.

  582. Can you please talk about hair loss and hair vitamins

  583. Why am I watching this? I have an actual deficiency. You’re too entertaining.

  584. Probably comes from the standard shitty American diet tbh…

  585. hell yeah iron deficient gang rise up, not too quickly though or we might faint.

    1. lmaooo

    2. Michelle Wooten run to the garage for chalk too!

    3. @ratherande rise up and run to the freezer for ice!

    4. Pica gang rise up too

  586. Dr. Mike, could you make a video about protein powders for muscle building? Thanks for all your videos! They are really helpful!
    Future doctor here 🙋🏽‍♀️

    1. Agreed, I want to know if whey protein isolate supplements are a scam.

  587. I only take vitamin D cuz my doctor told me I had low amounts of it

    But my relitaves take multivitamins

  588. what about people who actively weightlift?

    1. Balanced diet > vitamin suppliments, proteins aren’t vitamins.

  589. I have a slight trouble sleeping and my mom insists that I should take a supplement. I tried to tell her I likely don’t have a deficiency but she decided to just give me sleep supplements that are “useful”. She thinks I don’t have valid evidence and that I’m the idiot but she says her sources are just WebMD, and that WebMD is the most trustworthy source. More trustworthy than medical studies and actual scientists apparently. “Not all scientists are good” or whatever. Multiple agree with me and my mom still doesn’t want to believe me.

    Plus, I tell her I want to consult a medical professional but she wants me to just take supplements for the time being. My dad agrees with her, and he claims that millions benefit from supplements and whatnot.

  590. Okay Dr. Mike. I ‘m with you with the fact the cleanses don’t work due to the good lord giving us kidneys and a liver. But what about juicing for the want to supplement your diet? Like I ‘m a busy student and don’t have time to eat enough greens daily so juices to supplement….thoughts?

  591. If you take a hair growth supplement is it still useless?

    1. Depends if it works or not.

  592. With a balanced diet your body will get all the vitamins it needs! 😉

  593. Do I need to take vegan Omega 3 if I am allergic to finned fish and can’t eat them?

    1. Search on the internet what are the all the foods that contain Omega 3′

  594. My multivitamin effervescent tablet thingy costs £1 for 20 so I’ll just keep taking it, makes a nice drink to start the day when I wake up dehydrated. I usually take some omega 3 fish oils as well.

  595. Hey dr Mike ?????
    Ok so I know u said that u dont think taking vitamins r neccessary being natural intake is much better. But I’m under the weather so I’m drink these
    Emergen-C that an instants where it’s a gud reason to do so..let know sincerely jo
    P/s love u nd ur channel🤩🤩

  596. Doctor Mike! If I wear sunscreen on my face everyday all year around and on exposed skin in the summer and/or high UV times does that affect my vitamin D levels?

  597. My dad is vegetarian (I’m Indian, ignore the YT name it’s not my real name lol) (+eggs occasionally), shouldn’t he take Vitamin B12 supplements? He is also a diabetic so I thought it is a wise idea because I heard it helps control blood sugar and other related benefits.

  598. I respect your opinion there are some of us that truly need vitamins I have serious vitamin deficiencies and malabsorption issues I take high dose of prescription vitamins and over the counter vitamins 5 times a day plus I have to do vitamin infusion every couple of months

  599. Where’s mah vitamin D supplement taking squad cuz they’re defficeint??

  600. I took flinstone childrens vitamins when pregnant because prenatal vitamins made me sick. Even prenatal supplements can be hard on the body.


  602. I thought he said “fat ass”

  603. You sir, are so entertaining to watch it’s absurd! I’m hooked. I’m subscribed. Thank you and keep it up! 😊

  604. I know that vitamins dont work technically. But i wondering how about vegan plant based proteins powder?

  605. Vitamin c is the safest?

  606. I take vitamins beccause I know I don’t eat enough vegi’s and have a vitamin D deficiency.

  607. My sister got extremely sick in her early teens, to the point of not being able to stand up for a full 15 minutes for a shower. She had to go homebound for most of her high school career. She saw multiple docters and specialists. She was but on many medications and had different health treatments twice a week. Nothing was helping. It wasn’t until she went to a nutritional response tester and started taking supplements (mixed with a specific diet) that she started actually feeling better, and felt the best she had in 2 years just after taking those vitamins and supplements for 3 days. My whole family goes to a nutritional response tester and take supplements, we have all seen the benefits, whether we wanted to or not. Family members who were critics were annoyed that the supplements actually worked. Please I’d love to see a video where you actually get a nutritional response test

  608. I take Magnesium fizzy tabs because it’s the only way to get a grapefruit drink in this country.
    Also sometimes because of cramps

  609. I used to take vitamins just like oh people are taking it, well so am i i thought will give me energy and more healthy lifestyle 😑, i was totally wrong it didn’t do anything to me at all
    So i decided to to some blood test to check up and i was lack of Vitamin D & B12 + calcium maybe because im vegan but yea now i feel so much better with taking my REAL vitamins 😂

  610. You have an impersonator on POF. Apparently I pissed that person off when I confronted him! Lol

  611. vitamins stress me out omg i see them and i start getting anxiety

    1. Sanaa Jennings wtf

  612. Take vitamins? Yes and no – I am not deficient in any vitamin B’s. My GP tested me. (And as Sheldon Cooper (BBT) says, ‘My mother had me tested.’) I have Chronic Labyrinthitis (vertigo). I have repeatedly tested myself taking -a B-Complex pill and not taking pill. The B-Complex reduces the world spinning for me. My GP says Pttthhhh. First – listen to your dr if he/she has tested you for any deficiencies. Second – test your body. If you feel any REAL noticeable change when you take the vitamin… I’m not a dr., and I don’t portray one on tv. 🙂 Cheers y’all!!! A smile on a face improves your health

  613. i take citruline malate for muscle fatigue and recovery at the gym, L theanine for mental fatigue, and to lower anxiety while taking Tumeric pills for my joints. I also take an Omega 3 capsule for i guess heart mind and especially memory. Am i wrong for this?

  614. What about kid vitamins? Such as the flintstones?

    1. Flinstones is what came to mind while watching this, lol. Weird to think that I was given these as a kid, and later, Centrum… and all this time, it wasn’t FDA approved or scientifically proven to actually help. Could even cause certain kinds of cancer.

  615. I had gastric bypass surgery several years ago. That is the only reason why I take supplements. My husband also has vitamin D3 deficiency as proven by blood tests.

  616. Hey doctor mike, does nubest tall really work? there is numerous people claim that it works.

  617. the amounts of videos i watched from dr. Mike is kind of unhealthy. LOL. thanks dr Mike. really helpful 😁

  618. But what if I like having my pee smell terrible and look green? 🙂

  619. Hey, Dr. Mike. I have a question… I just went to talk to my PCP and she said that women from my age (20+) sometimes or usually takes prenatal vitamins (even though I’m not planning on getting pregnant ANY time soon). Because I asked her about growing my hair and some other stuff but she did say the same thing you said which is “if you decide to start taking prenatal vitamins that doesn’t mean that that’s gonna make up for you eating fruits and veggies”… And I’m sorry for this very long comment 🙈😂. But anyway my question was what do you think about that

  620. I’m a nutritional sciences student and I totally agree with you on this topic. Even if there is a nutritional deficiency, most times you can easily solve the problem by learning what to eat exactly and there is no need for a supplement.
    I live in germany and labels like “boost your immune system” or any slogan related to health ist regulated by law. It’s EU-law, so ist not only here in germany. Misleading claims are not allowed. I think it’s a proper way to protect the people from beeing misled by the supplement industry.
    Anyway, there are still lots of people taking supplements which they don’t need

  621. I’m vegan but don’t take any supplements..
    I took iron when my doctor said I had low iron but I stopped.. anything else I should be taking ?

  622. I want to share this with every person who tries to sell me on a network marketing company with all the health answers.

  623. Dr Mike… did u edit ur head onto that Ted Talk dude…?

  624. Well, I take vitamin D because I don’t go out very often and even less during winter. I also have a very fair skin (as you can see on my picture) so I tend to not like the sun too much during the summer. Oh and, I don’t eat properl