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Supplements I Take | Dominique Sachse

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Guiding you through the supplements I take.

DISCLAIMER: The statements made herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products & the information provided on this web site are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, prevent or mitigate any condition or disease. As always, consult with your health care professional before taking any medication or nutritional supplement.

Hotze Vitamins:
Hotze Health & Wellness Center:
Mercola Vitamins:


1. AlloAlts Daily Best Ultra – Multivitamin – once a day
Daily Best™ Ultra offers vital nutrients for support of:

2. Bone health by providing adequate dietary intake of all the B Vitamins along with Vitamin D, Boron and Zinc.*

3. Hotze Vitamin D-3 – 5,000IU – once a day

4. Bronson Vitamin K Triple Play – 100 MCG K1 – 450 MCG K2

5. Iodoral – High Potency Iodine/Potassium Iodine- 12.5mg

6. Dr. Mercola Zinc Plus Selenium – Zinc 15mg – Selenium – 200mcg – Copper 0.25 mg

7. Dr. Mercola Liposomal Vitamin C – 1,000 mg per serving

Promoting a healthy heart, enhancing your immune system, helps protects against damaging free radicals*

8. Dr. Mercola Berberine and Micro PQQ – Berberine HCL 500mg – PQQ 10mg

9. Lifted Naturals Mood Boosting Probiotic – 30 Billion CFU – 9 Strains – Prebiotic GOS

10. Dr. Mercola Fermented Apple Cider Vinegar and Cayenne – 500mg/100mg

11. Sungergetic Serrapeptase – 40,000 SU

12. Optimal DIM Estrogen Balance – 200mg

13. Staying Cool Vitex and Black Cohosh Hot Flashes Menopause Relief

14. Dr. Mercola Organic Collagen from grass-fed beef bone broth (1.8g/3g)

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689 thoughts on “Supplements I Take | Dominique Sachse

  1. You have a variety of brands. How did you decide which brand to buy your vitiamins?

  2. What type of doctor would I search for to get one like you work with?

  3. Vitamin C has an RDA of 90 mg, basically less than an orange.
    1 tablets of the above vitamin C is 1000 mg. Taking 1 or 2 a day (just for maintenance) ,I am afraid, does nothing but placebo.

    Free radicals produced due to certain metabolic pathways are handled by 2 enzymes synthesized in response to the accumulation of the end metabolites of said pathway. The regulation of these enzymes by transcription factors is the main culprit here.

    Vitamin C helps (mildly) its not a miracle.

    Bottom line just eat an orange.

  4. Suzanne Somers writes many wonderful books concerning such matters! Thank you for the information!!

  5. Very nice that you wanted to share these. I have been taking a functional nutrition course and it concurs with many of these supplements you mentioned. By the way, I am a little older than you and I stopped hormone treatments after talking to my health care professionals as they indicated that I should just eat real food (vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, and grains, no processed foods, breads, pasta, etc.) and all my hot flashes stopped. It is tough to do at first, but when the daily hot flashes and the night sweats all stop, you won’t want to go back to those foods. Your liver will thank you since it has to filter out all those chemicals you are now taking for hot flashes. Love your videos and wish you good health! ❤️

  6. Loved this. No wonder you look so great. 🙂 thought you were just super human!

  7. Thank you so much!! I just discovered you!! I’m a born again Christian ✝️!!! I hope you are too!! I will definitely take your recommendations!!

  8. I love the Mercola Vitamin C!! Wonderful video!
    Thank you!!🙏🏻😃

  9. Dominique, who is your functional medicine doctor? I am looking to find one for one of my kids. I do live in Houston too.

  10. One highly important supplement is the Vit D3 in combination the K2. Vit D3 increases the intensity of whatever Calcium that enters our body but K2 directs it into the bones, teeth without it goes into the soft tissues like arteries causing hardning of the arteries. The importance of leafy greens that contain k2. 🇨🇦🌺

  11. I’m so glad that you mentioned you are taking these supplements on the advice of a health practitioner and using bloodwork to determine what needs support. That’s really how it should be done and not just willy nilly picking and choosing these supplements.

  12. You are a extremely woman. I enjoyed this…good job.

  13. No omega-3’s??

  14. Can you go into detail on what benefits you had from taking serrapeptase?..

  15. ❤️this. Thank you!

  16. No magnesium in your stack, you have already failed pleb.

  17. ashwagandha is amazing for hot flashes and night sweats too!….is touted to halt telomere damage associated with aging too <3

  18. Thank you for this video Domique, its very helpful. I could please request that you suggest some vitamins for post menopause. I had my womb remove abt 11yrs ago. Never had any hot flushes and never had any HRT, I am now almost 61 would some advice if you any on post menopause stuff( maybe from healthcare provider, some colleagues or your mum has any advice please?

  19. Hi Dominique. I`m an “old” Norwegian bachelor nurse. I love your videos and i think you are very smart.

    If you have a healthy diet you dont need all this pills. As a matter of fact, they will harm your liver, kidneys and your endothelias. If i were you i would do some research on Dr. Esselstyn and Dr. Cowell. They have studied this for decades. Most sincerly Hanne. (i mean this well)

  20. No fish oil or lions mane? There really good 🙂

  21. Good luck getting your doctor to take the time to sit down with you and discuss your blood panel results, I think you would have to pay extra if the appointment goes past 10 minutes!

  22. Good job woman ! We need more people like you.

  23. I rather swallow a lot of supplements and junk food.
    Has any body seen the ingredients in a RedBull, and children’s are drinking them. That should be something to worry about.

  24. Dominique, we are the same age and I think getting the blood work is a great idea but I can’t fit in all those vitamins-I have been using Dr. Perricone skin supplements for years and I see a difference in all over body skin tone. Your thoughts? Downside is they are pricey at approx 155 per month.

    1. Thank you for your reply. I started watching you post cancer treatment, and I’d been healthy and active all my life so I was weeding through a fog, (neuroendocrine, quite deadly.) I now have lymphedema, (swelling where they removed lymph nodes), and need all the help I can get. Thanks for the videos!

    2. Understood, but it’s a good line.  My feeling is, if it’s working for you, then don’t change it

  25. Why did you start this routine ? How much research did you do ? Did you find any doctors knowledgeable about these supplements? I too have some of what your taking but you have given me help in inflammation. THANKYOU ! very much Dominique I am trying celery at this time .

  26. Fda do not go after junk food but they go after vitamins so stupid leave people alone let them take vitamins fda go after bunch of criminals in pharmaceutica do not go after vitamins go after bunch of criminals doctors make people sick every day do not go after vitamins plz plz leave people alone

  27. Thank you for sharing your supplement lineup!

  28. This is like an ad for supplements! The apple cider vinegar and probiotics do the same work. Many of the others overlap. Glad you shared your knowledge but this just might be too much for any normal person in their 50s or 60s.

  29. Does your health care provider give you the brands to purchase or do you do that research on your own?

  30. And do you take these all along with you when you travel? That’s what messes me up—especially with time changes.

  31. Strange . . . I thought she said calcium was included in her multi-vitamin, but when I looked it up online I couldn’t find any calcium in it.

  32. Now I know why you fast thanks for the info

  33. Love ur videos! To the point always! Thank u

  34. What do you think about this supplement?

  35. Check out calcium. Should exclude it.

  36. If you take D3 and K2 you need also magnesium,this is very important,all 3 works together.

  37. Thank you for sharing this video. Wonderful information on how you take care of yourself and food for thought on what we may be missing on our diet. 🙏 🌷🌷💕

  38. Liking the supplement equation and the idea od organizing them weekly…truly great for longevity bravo to you for taking care of you and thankyou for sharing generously Be well!

  39. On the collegen you take. I too have thyroid issues I’m on a t3/t4 too. I take it in the am … so when do you take the collegen? An hour after thyroid and then wait another hour? I’d like to know 🙂 I need to start collegen myself. Ty ty

  40. When do you take the apple cider vinegar pills and is it with or without food?

  41. Do you take the probiotic every day or 30 days on 30 days off? I heard you get immune after awhile. Has your dr said?

  42. What is the name(s) of blood work that you had done?

  43. How do you stay so slim with hypothyroidism

    1. I supplement with T3 and T4

  44. I think this is good information and good for you on being proactive on your health. Supplements unfortunately are not covered under most prescription plans unless ordered by a doctor which is one is one way to off set the costs. Sometimes only the tax is saved if prescribed. This program is definitely a commitment!

  45. Drink more water each day because you are taking lots of supplements and it’s not safe for your kidneys

  46. What watch are you wearing? It has a black face. Thank you!

  47. I’d highly recommend and NMN supplement, a resveratrol supplement and a C60 Buckminsterfullerine supplement and a Cycloastragenol supplement. These are all potent supplements to prevent and even reverse cellular aging.

  48. Do you indulge in a daily glass of wine or do you enjoy on occasion only?

  49. No Omega 3 Fish oil? It’s #1 in my list.

  50. Thank you!
    Future videos: spring and summer fashion trends- must haves.
    Always grateful for your channel!

  51. Thank you so much for this information.

  52. I understand that these pills are given under the care of a practitioner but what about your liver? Every one of those pills is filtered through the liver and must take a toll on it.

  53. Dominique…thank you for sharing this info and what is working for you! It was helpful. Keep it coming! Blessings!

  54. Great, great video. Thank you

  55. I wanna know about your RX glasses??? I love them! What brand and what kind????

  56. The last year I have seen myself age. My skin is dry no mattter what I try. I have read this could be a thyroid issue. I would like to do the blood work panel like you are showing, but I’ve heard there are different “levels” (probably not the correct term) to thyroid testing. What exactly do I ask for? I’m a consumer of supplements. This video was great information. Thank you!

  57. how do you organize your supplements on a daily/weekly basis? I’ve been looking for a system to use but they’re all too small

  58. This would give me a stomachache

  59. I’ll be turning 40 this May and appreciate your videos since you are my role model😍

  60. Since you’ve always been very transparent about it, I knew you took supplements, but didn’t think you had one for every hour of the day ha ha! 😉
    TBH I don’t think it’s normal to have to take that many supplements to stay healthy (of course, this doesn’t include those to countereffect your hypothyroid), especially since you eat very healthy and do a lot of exercise. This makes me wonder whether the food in the US (esp. vegetables and fruits) could be of “poorer” quality than in other parts of the world… BUT on the other hand I love that you felt important to leave a disclaimer at the beginning of your video (bc too many people consider any YT content as gospel truth) and I can’t believe so many people disapprove because they think food only can cure and solve any health problem as long as you want it to…

    Anyway, thanks for the details, pleasure to listen as always 🙂

  61. Healthy diets and exercise SHOULD be all that we need but let’s be honest. Our environment isn’t conducive to thriving. EMF’s, mineral depleted soil, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals in our water, etc. just to name a few things, work against what our bodies can do on their own. Thank you, Dominique! 😘

  62. My mother lived to almost 100–never took a vitamin pill..genetics plays a part in our health and longevity. There are a few vitamin pills that I take-B, C, D, probiotic.

  63. I’m sure your health care provider told you, but just in case Ashwagandha can interact with thyroid meds.

  64. I heard that taking D can lead to clogged arteries without the K. Glad you’re incorporating the K.

  65. Thank you for this interesting info Dominique! I do take Vitamin D and a Multi-Vitamin. I hadn’t heard of many of your supplements and will check with my doctors to see if they recommend anything else, but have found them to be conservative when it comes to supplements. I’ve heard a lot about the current research on how important a healthy gut is, “the microbiome”. I used to take calcium but then my doctor told me to cut back because apparently too much calcium from supplements isn’t good for the heart! She said better to get the calcium from our diet. I like the idea of the apple cider vinegar and cayenne in a pill, I have tried a recipe I saw online for it in a warm drink, I think it had ginger in it too, and it was horrible! I can understand why you would turn to functional medicine with regard to supplements because I’ve found my primary care doctors I’ve seen over the years do not recommend taking many supplements.

  66. Hi Dominique thank you for this informative video! I am currently using Estroven for my menopause symptoms. It does contain soy and I see the one you have called staying cool does not. Is soy bad for us? I would like to switch over to the one you use if so. I appreciate your input, thank you!

  67. You take several supplements that I take. I have arthritis so I try to avoid foods and that can cause inflammation. And take supplements to help in that area. I also don’t have a thyroid so I have to take hormone replacement which my dr and I chose a natural one called NP. As we age there are many nutrients we need to supplement because our bodies stop or slow down natural production.
    Berberine and serrapeptase I love taking because they are great for multiple things as is frankincense.
    Thank you for sharing.

  68. Hi there! What kind of doctor is good to work with on this stuff? I have Kaiser and they are never helpful with suggesting supplements based on bloodwork. Would love to know what type of doctor can help with this. Thanks!

  69. I love the fact that you came up with my hot flash symptoms, thank you 🙏

  70. Talking about supplements and vitamins is definitely a trigger topic for many; having said that, unless you’ve seen the benefits and changes first hand from taking them, like I have, it can be hard to understand why a person would take them. They truly can be life changing.

  71. Dominique- Have you watched Broken Brain? It’s a documentary based on Functional Medicine by Dr. Mark Hyman. Functional Medicine is the way to go!! You are taking great care of yourself!

    1. Love Dr. Hyman!

  72. I take almost all the same supplements. I really enjoyed this video. The one thing that I added that completely stopped me from catching colds is l-lysine. The DIM is fantastic for getting rid of menopausal belly fat. I also take N acetylcysteine for sleep and brain health. I also recently added the prebiotic to my probiotic. It is fascinating to learn about how the health of the mind and body are connected to the microbiome.

    1. L lysine is very effective in treating and preventing a cold sore. I also believe that it helps against colds.

  73. Diminique, you are gorgeous, sweet and kind! thanks for all your tips! God bless you and your family

  74. Hi Dominique I wanted to make another comment to this video. I ordered the Optimal Dim Estrogen Balance supplements and am using it with favorable results. I’m really glad you shared this with us. Not everything is for everyone but you do reach people that are appreciative. I take away what I can use, and leave what I can’t. Some of your makeup applications were so helpful. I’m putting on my lipstick a little better now because of you. Thank you. The manuka honey cream is great for my face and hands too! (Your recommendation). So from a viewer in Ohio I say thanks. 💕✨💄💥

    1. And I say you’re welcome 🙂 I appreciate you sharing what’s working for you!

  75. Well ok…. since you asked for suggestions for future shows—would you be willing to explain how to start a conversation, be engaged and leave a conversation graciously? I’m sure you have so many tricks up your sleeve with all the galas and parties you attend! I always try to be polite, but I worry that I come across as snooty because I just don’t know what to say.

    1. Good suggestion Kallie!

  76. Thank you for this video. I take over 23. I learned from Menopause Barbie, and follow her too because of you. I’m in a border town 5 hrs. away from you, and we are also low in Vitamin D.

  77. I appreciate and love you Dominique, but my opinion is that at least 7 of those supplement are “unnecessary”, as they are all easy to get from your diet, and I am sure you eat well and are blessed enough to afford to eat healthy. Remember that all these excessive supplements put a lot of pressure on liver and kidneys. There are so many centenarians that do not take any supplements and they are doing great. Supplements are ok if is on short term when you don’t have access to food/ natural source, example is vit D, very important, can be taken during the extream winter months but not when it is warm as we can get our D within 15mins in the evening in the sun( best after 4pm when it is cooler)
    Anyway, good luck with health, your videos are awesome.

    1. Thank you for sharing Elizabeth!

  78. D3 (calciferol ) gives me nausea, so I take cod liver oil, black cohosh gave my friend a slow heart rate she spent $2000.00 in test before her doc said look at your supplements low and behold that is a side effect. Never take ANY herbal supplement for more than a month. I’m surprised you don’t take magnesium it’s my absolute must have along with B6 and I am clinically deficient in B12 so that every day. Calcium citrate is s huge No no as the calcium builds up in your arterial walls. Magnesium and vit D help calcium absorption. I am experimenting with progesterone cream because I easily get mad about little things. So far so good. I never start more than one supplement at a time and make sure that I take companions (vit B6 helps magnesium absorption. Oh also acacia every morning it is a prebiotic natural fiber. I’m not sure about supplemental probiotics considering they are only a few probiotic foods to begin with. The trick to gut health is fiber fiber fiber.

  79. Thank You for sharing ! You look Amazing

  80. What model is that Nespresso coffee machine? thanks

  81. If you feel inclined, you can use to check the veracity of each of your supplements. They are an independent lab and can be accessed for free with your library card (at least I was able to do so in Seattle).

  82. I am curious-what is compounded thyroid medicine? I have been on a T3/T4 combo for years and no one ever offered a compounded pill? I refuse compounded creams as you cannot trust that you get the same dose in every “smear” or in every filled prescription-there is no regulations.

  83. Very interesting video! You are absolutely right. Vitamins and supplements must be tailored for each person based on their needs. As for multi-vitamins, I would recommend Andrew Lessman’s 1 Essential with 2000 IU of Vitamin D3. It works very well for me. It includes everything including high levels of Zinc, Selenium and Copper. After your video I ordered Dr. Mercola’s Fermented Apple Cider Vinegar and Cayenne. This was a very good tip. Overall, love your videos!

  84. I cannot believe all of these negative comments. You look amazing and supplementation is a wonderful way to stay healthy.

  85. all yours for 1 grand a month …

  86. A person should not be taking supplements unless your blood work shows a deficiency. My cardiologist told me to take ubiquinol, CoQ10, for heart health. I also take a teaspoon a day of black seed oil for RA. It has given me back my mobility. My joints are no longer stiff and inflamed. Other than that, I have a smoothie every day made with berries, kale, moringa, marine collagen peptides and almond or coconut milk. My nutrients and micro nutrients come from my food. I allow myself 10 – 15 minutes of sunshine a day for vitamin D before I apply sunscreen on exposed parts of my body. I always have it on my face and neck. Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

  87. Where do you get AlloAlts Daily Best Ultra?

  88. Do you take about half and half of the pills morning and evening all together or space them out even more throughout the day? Thanks!

  89. Dear Dominique, I too have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, (Graves Disease), and have been taking medication, (tapazole) for years. A new endocrinologist has me considering radiating my thyroid to decrease the amount of hormone it produces and then taking synthroid instead. Curious as to what treatment you chose. Thanks, Linda

  90. Way too many supplements! A healthy diet with fresh fruits and veggies and excessive would be just as beneficial. Anything your body doesn’t need just comes out the other end, I have a feeling a lot is coming out the other end of you, cut down on those supplements.

  91. Sometimes, I listen to your videos to help me sleep. Not because I find you boring! Not at all. Just because your voice is so soothing!

  92. Sorry! But no good doctor could / should seriously recommend this! So much chemicals ! I know that in the USA using supplements are very popular but still I think that much is not good. Only the industry benefits !! In Germany thank good the consumption of supplements is not that popular and not so strong supported by doctors.
    Sorry no support from me for so much ..😁

    1. I respectfully disagree I can tell you hands down without my supplements I am worthless. Since being diagnosed with Lyme and now in remission- my vitamins/supplements keep me on a “A” game. If I forget or don’t take them I am a “D” person mentally and physically a lump with no energy or processing power. I see true cause/effect with my supplements and thank goodness my dr advises me so well. I am functional!

  93. The full blood scan is excellent idea.  I tried this for about 2 years while was peri-menopausal. Unfortunately I had to stop because the blood work was not covered by my medical plan   Very disappointed, my MD’s do not believe in this bloodwork.  They feel a full blood screening is not necessary.   I would definitely try this again.

  94. How about fish oils 🙂

  95. I really appreciate this video. I too use supplements, you have to. You can never get all of the nutrition you need from food. Not the way it’s grown today. I appreciate what you offer to this platform. Thank you 💕✨

  96. Hi! I look forward to your videos every week and soooo happy I came across your channel. I like how your channel is versatile and doesn’t target one age group. I always appreciate your tips, tricks and especially your positive energy.
    I’d be interested in hearing more “storytelling” I.e, your childhood, upbringing, etc,. And an updated house tour. Thanks! 🙂

  97. Dominique, you have mentioned thyroid supplement, what are you taking. I’ve been struggling with hypothyroid for 7 years and still don’t have all the answers and battling with weight loss. 
    Please, share. Thank you!

  98. Fantastic video. <3 Xxxx

  99. Thank you Dominique, for doing this video on supplements. Most of your viewer comments are skeptical because doctors do not recommend supplements. They are not taught nutrition in medical school, they have no incentive for prevention. Their emphasis is on symptoms and disease. As for the amount of pills you take, most doctors have no concern over the amount of pills they subscribe and I bet most of your commenters are taking a load of pills/ medication. I was really impressed with the multi vitamin AlloAlts but I could not find a place to purchase it on the internet. Can you post a supplier?

  100. I appreciated the two suppliments regarding menopause towards the end.. very helpful. Thank you!

  101. Thank you only one more Turmeric

  102. I also take baby aspirin, fish oil, turmeric and niacin amide.

  103. Dominique, this has nothing to do with supplements, but what primer do you use under your makeup? Thank you! I have been searching videos and cannot find it, and there is not way to email you.

  104. Are you on HRT as well as the supplements?

  105. No fish or krill oil?? I love Andrew Lessman’s vitamins and supplements. Check him out, his plant/Lab/factory is 100 % solar run. He is brilliant and explains everything so well. Cleanist products on the market.
    I take a lot of supplements and cannot find a pill box to hold them all.

  106. Where to get blood work online

    1. go to Walk In Labs on line. They have a gazillion blood or saliva or breath tests that you can order without a doctor’s prescription. You can choose a blood lab near you and make an appointment. I go to Lab Corps in Los Angeles.
      Your results will be emailed to you. The tests are wel prices. My insurance will not reimburse so I pay out of pocket

      But, through the thyroid antibody test, I discovered I have Hashimoto’s. My doctors did not test me for that.

  107. I write this as someone who was heavily into natural health and alternative medicine, was planning a career in it, but who questioned everything I was taught. I even went to Mark Hyman’s and Jeffrey Bland’s (he invented Functional Medicine) annual conferences and thought they were brilliant. Functional Medicine is not a board certified specialty. They’re supplement marketers. Their diagnostics are not scientifically sound and some that they use, which are also used in conventional medicine, are not necessary in an asymptomatic person. If you do enough tests, though, something will “show up.”

    For the past 20 years, the research that has accumulated regarding the value of supplements goes against what marketers are telling the public. You cannot boost your immune system. There is no supplement that is going to do that. Your immune systems “boosts” on its own in the face of viruses and bacteria. Megadosing with antioxidants is actually not good because the body NEEDS oxidants to complete metabolic transactions that do things like prevent cancer, remove wastes, and build beneficial chemicals. The body of research and the latest large sample studied has shown vitamin D supplementation is just a waste of money . Other cumulative research has shown that calcium supplementation is not necessary. If you’re not eating fruits and vegetables, MAYBE you might need some vitamin C supplementation but you have shown that is not the case.

    I know this is your personal regimen and you can take what you want, but so many people look to you for recommendations or will do what you’re doing without your recommendation. Anyone looking to jump on the FM/supplement wagon should really do their research on individual vitamins, the history of FM, and how its diagnostic lab tests were developed, their sensitivity, specificity, and value.

  108. Thank you so much–very informative!!

  109. Hi Dominique! Can you do another makeup tutorial soon?! I love your makeup tutorials and many times I play them while putting on makeup for special occasions. I’m a novice at putting on a full face of makeup (I’m a powder & mascara girl) and really appreciate you “COACHING” me through the steps. FYI – I have worn-out your Dusty Rose Spring M/U Trends, Most Requested M/U Look & Old Hollywood Glam videos (as they are the most current ones)! Thanks for your consideration. 🙂

  110. Found this article interesting and thought I would pass it along.

  111. Dominique, I am a big fan of yours I love your videos and your classy style but did you know that supplements are not bioavailable? Most of the stuff in those supplements is not absorbed by your body. There is a more logical, healthier and better solution and it’s called plant produce concentrates. Unlike supplements these concentrates are real food, real nutrition, real phytonutrients. 1 pill can contain up to 46 different fruits and vegetables. The results that I have seen in myself and others with this product is truly AMAZING. I feel like SUPERWOMAN when I take them. They are the most clinically researched nutritional product in the world! If you or anyone else wants more information -please send me a direct message. <3 Even the healthiest people usually aren't getting the recommended 9-13 fist-fulls of fruits and vegetables a day so why not flood your body with more nutrients? There is no cap on good nutrition. <3 <3 <3 Keep up the amazing content. LOVE YOU!

    1. Hi Shawna, can you please post up the info on the plant produce concentrates you are taking? Thank you!

  112. Hi Dominique, I am a big believer in wellness and supplements and am a longtime Hotze “guest”. I remember in one of your videos a while back you talked about bio-identical hormones and Hotze Health and Wellness which I take as well. I notice in these supplements many of them are not Hotze brand but the Marcol brand. Since you and I are very close in age; you are a couple of years younger O am Just curious if you have changed fro HHWC and if so, why? If you prefer to answer my question privately, which I would certainly understand; I can be reached via email at
    Many Thanks!

    PS: I volunteer for a non-profit with your colleague Khambrel … a great man with a heart for service.

  113. Thanks for all of your sharing Dominique. Your skin is so beautiful and your neck looks great! Do you use any special product(s) on your neck? I love listening to your videos – you are a lovely lady!

  114. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this video. I love it!!

  115. Could you do a video on best ways to keep one’s eyebrows looking good. I know you did a video on microblading. To be more specific I am discovering more and more grey eyebrows. I have them tinted but are there any great products to use in case a few grey eyebrows appear in between my tinting schedule. I know we can pluck them but as we age we want to keep all of our eyebrows. Thanks for always sharing your videos. I think you are such a classy beautiful lady.

  116. Thanks so much for this, Dominique. It was informative. I always enjoy your videos. A question — did you think about marine collagen too? What made you decide to choose collagen from beef? Thank you. Unrelated comment — do you have a video about make up brushes?

  117. Dominique, please do a video on how you personally deal with menopause – what HRT protocols you use if any (whether bio-identical or synthetic), all supplements you find helpful ( I know you touched on that in this video), and any other personal experience on this issue. I love your videos and how you present every issue with grace and clarity.

  118. Don’t you think there are too many chemicals to take in a day.

  119. Hi Dominique, loved your video. Can you advise on what supplements you used to take in your 40’s.. thanks

  120. I’m a nurse & midwife for over 34 yrs in the UK . I also have fibromyalgia and have researched all my supplements. My info has to be research always . I take as many as you do and keeps me well. I will add a few from your set x

  121. This is a huge amount of supplements to be taken every day. By definition, supplements should be taken if your body is lacking all the natural nutriments a variety of food provides. I understand your eating habits are great, so except for vitamin D for a woman during menopause, I don’t get it.

  122. If one is not passionate/interested in an alternative, holistic approach to good health, I can understand why do many of your viewers are overwhelmed. However, being a breast cancer survivor, I would strongly advise women to be very cautious with the black cohosh. And, PS, ladies, I would almost guarantee that Dominique checks the “other ingredients”, ie casing the pills bare in. Just make sure there is no magnesium stereate, etc.

  123. WAY too many. Cannot believe you believe this stuff. Doctors can say take anything. Its diet. Half these are proven they do not work. DIET is the way to keep down inflammation, pain, and everything else. Good luck. But your viewers are going to believe this and these are not true.

    1. @TickledPinkTeri vitamin d is for white people

    2. @Cath4life -You should understand that her levels are LOW, as marked by her blood work. That is not healthy and you cannot eat your way to normal D levels. Mine are dangerously low bc I have Celiac and Hypothyroid. Vit K increases the absorption of Vitamins D3, otherwise my D3 would not get into my system. I have this documented over many years of blood work. As for the other supplements, I don’t take much at all.

    3. @TickledPinkTeri Too much Vitamin D is not good. Seems like she’s either a good marketing person or truly just listens to what quack doctors say. My inflammatory diet consists of certain foods that helps keep the pain of RA down. This woman doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Salesperson.

    4. Davina , Hi, do you have an anti inflammatory diet?
      My doctor doesn’t suggest vitamins unless a level is low like my vitamin D which was causing hyperparathyroidism.

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    check out the “hothouse dome” of farinfrared light that has been proven for more than 19 years to stop cancer. the link, , has the research. I have been using it to overheat and kill cancer, naturally and healthfully. maybe you’ve heard of it, but I sincerely hope that others get to hear about it, too.

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    1. Would love to see a workout with you and your trainer. Thanks for sharing information on the supplements you take! I also use a pill box, as otherwise I find that I don’t remember to take them :), or don’t bother.

    2. Understood.. I train with my trainer 2-3 times a week with resistance training, and then I power walk another 3-4 times a week

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    1. Thank you Ann!

    2. It has to come from within. I do an avocado a day, a lot of grass fed butter and flax oil. Castor oil on face and hands at night. Am 77 and feel great after adding all the good fats; and am losing weight.

    3. Thank you!!!!

    4. I like body butters for that. Try Dr. Mercola’s

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    1. All because of you! My viewers keep me going 🙂

  212. I think you are taking too many supplements, a plant based diet with a huge variety of fruit, vegetables etc would halve the need for all of these supplements. I am 51, going through menopause, following a plant based diet and have not had one hot flash. I believe this is because I do not consume meat or dairy in any form, so no ‘bovine estrogens”‘ , hormones or antibiotics getting in through that route. I had a bone density scan last year and results were excellent so definitely getting my calcium through plants – where the cows get theirs😀 Take a look at Dr Garth Davis, Dr Michael Klaper and Dr Neil Barnard on You Tube to find out more.

    1. Thank you for sharing..

  213. Hi, Dominique…another great video. Yes, it’s important to know your history. I also take a Multi-Vitamin also Vitamin D & a baby aspirin every day. 💕👏🏼💕👏🏼💕👏🏼💕👏🏼💕

  214. Excellent presentation of supplements. I have been a subscriber of Dr. Mercola’s Newsletter for many years and find his videos/information so beneficial. I use his Pure Power Protein powder every day. I also use quite a few supplements from Andrew Lessman/Procaps Laboratories who appears on HSN. He too is extremely informative. Even if you just watch his presentations on HSN and not even buy one product. You will gain a wealth of info for your health. I am a couple years old than you but truly believe supplementation helps the aging process. Thanks Dominique 🙂

    1. Thank you for sharing this!

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  216. I am 54 and have gained weight because of menopause. I’ve found that friends who have kept their midsection trim are on hormones for menopause – you are thin, are you taking hormones for menopause?

    1. I do take bio identical hormones

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    1. She never mentioned medical practitioner.

    2. Exactly!

  219. Great video…where did you purchase your supplements?

    1. Online at various retailers..

  220. I am a nutritional health coach and a member of the American Institute of Metabolic Medicine. I love the accessibility of nutrient testing in America. It is really only just coming into prominence in the UK. I am a great believer in targeted supplementation only. I take DIM too because despite being 54 I am still cycling and my oestrogen is high. Iodine I love too, but again, only if you are low. I’m curious on the Berberine…I only prescribe this to people with high blood glucose as it has drastic blood sugar lowering effects, similar to Metformin, so i’d be careful with this. I have to say.I do worry about the absorption rate of taking so many capsules, as again everything still has to be processed through the liver. However, sadly today supplementation is necessary because our gut health is not usually that great, the nutrient content of foods are so much less than yesteryear…and that is a sad reality. I will be re-starting my youtube channel shortly and I really hope you will subscribe. xx

    1. Thank you for sharing your valuable information. It’s much appreciated!

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    1. A functional medicine type..

  222. What kind of healthcare provider did you use for the lab work? My GP just did some bloodwork for me, but it was more general. Yours seemed to be very detailed, which I like.

    1. I go to Hotze Health and Wellness for this, but there are many doctors now going the functional medicine route. You just have to search..

  223. Thank you! I take most of these & love to see which ones you take & why. Dr. Northrup says to view supplements as food. Sometimes it’s hard to eat as healthy as we would like bc, you know, Life! And, if you look at the RDA of a lot of vitamins, minerals etc, in order to get the RDA or optimal amount, we would have to eat all day, mass quantities !!!

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    1. Totally random, you don’t hear very well now do you? Listen again! she never mentioned a physician or medical doctor in her video.

    2. Functional medicine is not a board-certified specialty.

    3. Western physicians are not trained in nutrition. If a doctor recommends a vitamin it’s most likely due to their own personal research or a course taken outside of their medical school curriculum. I would never rely on a physician for this type of device. Naturopath or other trained nutrition expert.

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  230. How can I purchase the AlloAlts Daily Best Ultra – Multivitamin? The website only sells to businesses and it’s not available on Amazon.

    1. You don’t have to have that specific one, it was just an example of finding a comprehensive multi. Try Dr. Mercola’s website or HotzeVitamins

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  232. Very informative, i’m On calcium and vitamin D also. Colligen and menopause stuff was helpful, I will check with my doctor. Thanks for sharing

  233. Thanks for sharing. I am a firm believer in supplements. With Lyme Disease and its co-infections, those are a big part of my life. What compounded thyroid are you taking? I am using Tirosint right now and Armour thyroid together. Its the only combo that has worked for me. Thanks for the detailed info.

    1. I’m on T-3 and T-4

  234. Thanks Dominique for sharing. :-))

  235. I’m getting my bloodwork done/annual physical done this month. I like to schedule this around my birthday as a gift to myself/family.

    1. Wonderful gift!

  236. Dominique, …excuse my saying you… if you take so many supplements, don ‘t you worry about the heath of your gut system and your liver? How can your organism put up with all these artificial, synthetic, non-food elements?

    1. Lol couldn’t be more wrong. Gut? She’s taking probiotic and probiotic, it couldn’t be any healthier as for liver it’s also good

    2. TheMomBunch I’m wondering if I’m taking too many supplements too. Dr. Pam Popper says we shouldn’t take them and she has a lot of research. It’s confusing when they all say different things.

  237. Dominique thank you so much for this video. This was so informative and I so appreciate your taking the time to explain in detail each supplement.

  238. Thank you, I too have a regimen of supplements. I find that preventative life style is the best. Such exercise, eating right, and rest. Just as you stated. I want to thank you for the information that you have given me on youtube channel. Very informative and helpful. I love living a healthy lifestyle. It suits me so well. Plus, it make me a happier person.

  239. You read my mind. I literally thought last week…what does D take? Now I’m wondering where did you buy that black top you are wearing? Your weekly videos are a welcome addition to my “investing in myself” resolution! Thank you!

    1. I bought it at White House/Black Market

  240. Hi Dominique, what a lovely intuitive video. Along with other’s I’m so glad you shared what Suppliments you take. I’ve started to take a Probiotic along with Vitamin C and D and also take a Multivitamin that promotes Skin, hair and nails. Living in England we can get long dreary wet days and our Summer’s can be very unpredictable so getting enough Vitamin D is essential. With the knowledge now of the benefits of sunscreen that doesn’t help even though we need to use it. I’m 60 in November and back when I was a child Sunscreen wasn’t used as much hence why our generation tend to now suffer with some skin pigmentation issues. But we know better now. Thank you again, and I love your hair colour and ive always loved that style and cut on you. Regards Julie from England x 🌞

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    1. It’s one by Nespresso

  242. Weird question, but do you know the name/color/brand of your granite countertops? We are in the process of building and those are beautiful. Thanks!!! This was a great video! I’d love to see more food videos.

    1. Boy, that’s a good question..

  243. Well done. I’m a big supplement believer. Dr. Mercia is great. Another brand I’ve had success with is Andrew Lessman thanks for sharing

  244. Great video! Any advise on vaginal dryness. What are your thoughts on bio identical hormones?

    1. I do take them, and they’ve been helpful for me

  245. No wonder you look so good!:)

  246. Can you estimate how much you spend a month on all these supplements?

    1. Hard to say, but it is an investment..

  247. Ladies with UTI frequency issues. My primary care doctor suggested this and works great. D-Mannose for healthy urinary tract. Cleanes the bladder from NOW Foods. I get them on Amazon.

    1. Yes, D-Mannose a must for UTI’s

  248. Thanks Dominique

  249. Too much chemicals in my opinion… It serves Pharma industry however..

    1. it’s a choice of preventing to be sick or taking too many medicines because you are already sick

    2. Nacima TAHRAT I take all natural, no fillers no chemicals type of supplements.

    3. @debbie binnie What are these vitamines made of? Are they extracted from natural food and plants or are they made in laboratories from chemicals? I do understand the concern of the big Pharma industry but it doesn’t always go in the right side as it’s all about business… Taking too much industrialized vitamins could be harmful rather than helpful for the body and all medical studies proved that already… Vitamins could be requested for a short period of time but never for a long-time intake. they couldn’t substitute to the natural nutrient while the food should be healthy and natural not all OGM of course..
      God created the nature that suits the human beings he also created of course.. So it’s for the humain beings to use that nature in the right manner…
      Don’t get me wrong, I use vitamins when it’s necessary but never on the long run
      Very good luck

    4. Pharma industry has nothing to gain from preventative medicine.  Big pharma focuses on exceedingly expensive treatments.  What she is taking are not “chemicals” but vitamins and minerals that the body needs and uses anyway.

  250. Informative as always Dominique! Thank you for taking the time to explain your supplements. Love your work! 🙂🙃

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  254. Trinny woodall on you tube, she’s done a series on suppliments with a pharmasist, and they’re really good. Also, menopausal women, try the magnet for hot flushes. You wear it on your knickers all the time, you sleep with it too, my sister clips it to her nighty at night. It STOPPED her hot flushes. She was VERY SCEPTICAL but it worked for her. Its called Lady Care and in England it’s £35 but very well worth it. She even wears it on a bikini on the beach.

  255. Hy Dominique! I am Mihaela from Romania! Thank you for the tips! Yes i agree with vit C with propolis, calcium, vit D and organic iodin. I prepare lemon with ginger in the blender, keep it in the refrigerator and every morning I put a teaspoon in a glass of water and drink on the empthy stomach. I also have a teaspoon of honey before bedtime or i prepare a half cup of orange juice and a half of worm water and 2 teaspoon of honey, that keeps the liver well nourshired. I want to tell you that you are an inspiration to me and i wach your video every week! Kiss! Have a great week end!

  256. Thank you!! I totally agree with you on your selection!! I also add magnesium citrate due to our soil depletion most of us are deficient. If I’m low I get heart palpitations, easily stressed and poor sleep. Love the magnesium drink mix “calm” by natural vitality

  257. Awesome video. Awesome channel. So easy to understand and its all helpful!!!!

  258. Could you recommend a vegan supplement protocol? This way we can get nutrients we need in a cruelty free way. Thank you for all of your information!!!

    1. There are so many that are vegan now. I would just search online for a vegan brand of whatever supplement you’re looking for 🙂

  259. Many doctors won’t suggest supplements. They don’t think they’re necessary.

    1. if you get sick, don’t worry, you’ll go back to the doctor

    2. She show all possibilities, take all what you need

    3. Because the body of research shows they’re not necessary and some can do more harm than good.

    4. My gynecologist only suggested Multi and Vitamin D3 and that’s it.

  260. looks like my vitamin line-up each day! 🙂

  261. Hi Dominique, thank you for another very helpful video. I live in the UK and may not be quite familiar with the system in the US. When you say ‘wellness provider’ do you mean you primary care physician or some other practitioner? Do you use a mainstream provider or an alternative holistic practitioner to get this kind of advice? Thank you.

    1. Thank you!

    2. It’s more of a functional medicine provider, so outside the typical primary care.

  262. Do you take anything to help you sleep or for irregularity?

    1. Yes, I take Tryptophan and Melatonin at night

  263. thank you very much Ms. Dominique gibing us more ideas to stay healthy Always…

  264. Thanks for such great information! My question is what type of health care provider do you use and why? MD, DO, Holistic, Chinese Medicine, etc.
    I am 47 and in the market for a provider that treats the whole being not just what is sick. Thanks for your input!!

    1. Yes, that’s my approach as well. I see a functional medicine provider at Hotze health and wellness, but there are many doctors going this route now..

  265. Please check with you physician before starting supplements. Most all supplements are not regulated by the FDA as they are considered nutritional supplements. Amounts of active ingredients can vary by manufacturers. There are no magic pills. A good multi vit and Vit D. And a balanced diet are sufficient. Also beware of labs that do nutritional values. Some are not regulated or licensed. Just my opinion. 40 yr RN.

    1. Agreed, Jackie. That’s why I reiterated working with a provider through the process..

  266. Awesome information and very very helpful !! You are the best and always will be 😍

  267. I take a bunch of supplements, too, including Dr. Axe Multicollagen which is excellent. I mix it into any hot drink or smoothie. It has five types of collagen which is the “glue” for the body. It has done wonders for my nails! But I am really taking it because I have multiple sprains in my right foot. You can check out Dr. Axe’s site since you are interested in holistic health. Thanks for this video though because I have learned what other supplements that I’d like to be taking.

    1. Hi Christine…I’ve gone through the ankle sprain thing. Research Proprioception and get a GABO Board to improve your balance and prevent future ankle sprains.

  268. Hi Dominique. Enjoy your videos…..but you dont need all these supplements. Eat fatty cuts of meat and a few veggies. Really. Try it for 30 days.

  269. yea for using Dr Mecola products. I’ve learned a lot from that man. wonderful topic. i love hearing what folks do to care for themselves. it helps me. very well thought out. i want to know about your water habits. are you a bottle water snob, alkaline, reverse osmosis, filter with tap water? Just curious.

    1. I want to drink more alkaline water, so that’s on my list. I’m also pursuing a water filtrations system for the house

  270. I was so distracted by your beautiful kitchen ! How about a video on how you design and organize it …

  271. I am sure this is a very expensive regimen…I would say if your lab work shows improvement, then it is money well spent; however, not everyone can afford such an extensive array of supplementation or the care of a professional. I do believe in vitamins and supplements and I take a variety of them each day. I spend about $60 per month on what I take, so I would think your regiment costs a considerable amount more. I have a very difficult time getting in all my supplements, and I would think all that you show here would be even worse….but this is really irrelevant because it is a definite commitment that we make, so we find a way to get it done. I know you flashed a disclaimer at the beginning of this video, but you cannot be too careful with implied recommendations of this nature…I certainly would not do so…disclaimer or no disclaimer.

  272. Hi Dominque. Love your channel. I do take certain supplements, mainly the basic ones. . My concern is that when you research some of them, for example, collagen I find out that there is no real evidence that they work or even that we need them. Another example is the hair skin and nails supplements. I’ve read that in this day and age it is very rare to be deficient in biotin which is the main ingredient in those supplements. So I was just wondering how you feel about this?

    1. Sounds good. Keep us posted. Thanks so much.

    2. The collagen is new for me. I’m giving it a try to see if there’s any benefit..

  273. It would be very helpful if you do a second part and tell us how you take these if on an empty stomach in the morning, noon or at night; I heard that calcium should be taken at night along with the vitamin D so please let us know on that

  274. Dominique I am so grateful for the supplements you suggested I will check on a couple of these with my doctor but I also have hypothyroidism, and I’ve been dealing with pain and inflammation, I love the way you presented all the information and how you organized it! I am definitely going to research these but I already mirror a lot of these into my benefit for example the collagen and the one that supports thyroid function and menopause this is great again thank you so much!

    1. Thank you Ivonne.. yes, the idea was to present some options to help expand research and knowledge of what’s available and what it’s for

  275. Wonderful video shared and truly meaningful. Thank you and love you😚

  276. Any additional magnesium or natural sleep aids?

    1. Yes, I use melatonin, too

    2. 1mg of melatonin a half an hour before you go to bed. It really works and it’s natural.

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  278. Yes!! I love this episode because I’m a true believer in supplements and I take a regiment of supplements to assist my body in getting what I need to run at it’s best. There are things my body cannot meet because I have a genetic syndrome that causes my body to not create OR things that I just don’t get a sufficient amount of because of sunblock, like Vitamin D. Also, having optimal vitamin D allows for your body absorb calcium better.

    Question: You’re taking Zinc, did your doctor recommend a dose of vitamin A as well? I was told by my doctor that those two together will boost the immune system alone because vitamin A is a booster for Zinc. You do have to take them at the same time of day for the combination to be effective.

  279. This was so helpful – thank you! it spurred me on to find a local functional medicine professional.

  280. Helpful adrenal/menopausal video by Dr. Berg… (Thyroid and adrenals are related as well.)

  281. I love supplements. I take many of the same supplements you have in your line-up. I do also take MSM. Thought you may be interested. It does so much more than what I attached -didn’t want my comment to “scroll”. I could talk about supplements and skin care all day. 🙂

    MSM (MethylSulfonylMethane) is a PURE organic sulfur, also known as DMSO2 (Dimethylsulfone), which is found in all plants and tissues. Considered to be nature’s beauty mineral due to it’s ability to enhance collagen bundles and restore the foundation for healthy skin.

  282. I do the same thing with my supplements. AM / PM pill container keeps everything organized & is great when traveling. I agree with checking on the quantities each supplement provides, so you don’t get too much of one, such as calcium.

  283. Love it, thanks! I love MCT oil for boosting mitochondria just FYI.

  284. Could you touch more on your thyroid issue? Symptoms, labs, diagnosis, and which Rx you’ve tried (synthetic or natural desiccated) or have you always been on a compounded version? T4 + T3 or T3 only? Thanks! The site has some good information.💗

  285. Planning to watch but commenting in case I forget… I took same amount of vitamin D (I had been low as Alaskan resident) & now, two years later, after having stopped supplementing D, I’m still way HIGH. Vit D stays in the system longer as it is fat soluble so bear this in mind before supplementing. Like she says, work with a provider. 🙂

    1. Yes, thank you for sharing..

  286. Thank you for the video- great info! I was wondering if you had any thoughts about fasting? I don’t mean intermittent fasting, I mean f a s t I n g for 48 plus hours- to stimulate autophagy. I am reading seeing this everywhere and it has helped me get the scale moving again- would love to know your thoughts!

    1. Thank you for the reply Dominique! I thought the same- I have to be sharp too- I am a cardiac RN, but mental sharpness increases I have found- very surprised!- but I had to become fat adapted first with keto, and I have fat to burn- But I am laser-focused when fasting! usually do a 48-36 hour fast monthly- but not slim like you- YET!! Thank you for all you do!!

    2. Yes, I’ve read about it too. It’s not something I could do, because it would render me useless on the anchor desk where I must be sharp. Intermittent fasting works better for me

  287. Ty good information

  288. I take a few of the same but about the same number of supplements, thank you for sharing!! I can’t stress how important it is to consult your health provider (I am a Hotze patient) also WHEN you are to take them AND the correct combination… its a lot learn but so worth it! Thank you again as I did learn a few I haven’t heard about and will do my research.

  289. Thank you. I am very much into supplements too. You introduced me to two new ones that I believe will not overlap, but have to double check. Be well.

  290. Thank you so much for this video.I am struggling with health issues now.My FNP had ordered blood work in a week.I always had low blood pressure now its very high,cant get it under 160/90 with meds plus a 28 lb weight gain so far.Have rhuematoid arthritis and neck and back fusions.I said all that to ask do you know what exercises are good when you truly can’t do alot?.I know God wants us to treat our bodies as a temple and i try to walk as much as i can,also a video on meal planning on a VERY limited budget.Thank you again and God Bless

  291. Very interesting info. My father was a Chiropractor who specialized in nutrition and longevity. He would really be impressed and would have loved talking to you about your supplements. I take much less but still take many supplements as per his suggestion. He loved the Braggs apple cider and both he and my mother drank that daily. It’s good that you have educated yourself and you are so open to good natural health ideas.

  292. I would love for you to go through anti-aging skincare needs and a routine of how to use them.

  293. I hope you consider adding essential oils to your regimen!

  294. Dominique
    Thank you for adding the disclaimer, and your frequent comments during this video that, a. you are not a doctor, and b. it is important to work with a health care provider for all medication/supplements. This is a wonderful video to get people thinking, and making them curious enough to do some research on their own. Thank you for that. I am a registered nurse with a 37 year career. I have several autoimmune disorders that make it imperative for me to know the fine balance needed when dealing with supplements. Without a medical background of some sort, be it traditional western medicine, functional medicine, holistic medicine, nursing, etc., a practitioner needs to be well versed in their field. Our primary care providers need to communicate with our non-traditional providers, to ensure that we avoid adverse interactions between our prescribed medications and our supplements. The same applies to adverse interactions between multiple supplements.
    We, as patients, need to ask questions, read relevant information and monitor our own bodies by being aware of changes. Keep a log if you are on many meds/supplements, and especially after starting a new med. Inform your practitioner of any untoward change. If you must, look up every listed ingredient to assure you have no history of allergy to any of them. Like Dominique, do you homework!
    BTW Dominique, I found you on in 2014. I was very ill at the time. I check out your video every week and always learn something interesting. Thanks for that too!

    1. You nailed it Lorraine! Thank you for your comment here, and I appreciate you reiterating that this is a journey that starts with information and seeking the best route for each individual. Also, I’m very happy you found me in 2014, which was when I started this channel, so you’ve been with me from the get-go!

  295. Have you ever used progesterone cream?

    1. yes, I’m on a bi-est, progesterone, DHEA cream..

  296. Love all your videos….but since you ask for suggestions on future ones…I would love to see a tutorial on table etiquette or dining etiquette. How to set a table, what plates to use when..etc…pls and thank you!

  297. Thank you for sharing. I have tried a variety of supplements as well. I was surprised there wasn’t fish oil in your line up. It always seems to be in the top 3 w health experts along w a good multi and vitamin D. I am definitely going to get the Dim and Cooling supplement’s as I am right there w you on the night sweats.

  298. Wow, that’s a lot of pills to take. Did you notice immediate results on anything? I wonder if you drink kombacha, the latest trendy drink. I would love to know how to make it.

    1. Nothing immediate.. over time

  299. Thank you for sharing with us your vitamin regimen. it was very helpful! I also take collagen and found out by pure coïncidence, that it is also helping me with my bladder issues. I suffered for years of interstitial cystitis. Bladder burning and irritation. UTI and all sorts of bladder issues. Collagen helped a tone. I sometimes take several a day for flares up. Thank you Dominique! I also wanted to share that my 90 year’s old mother who lives in France and looks 60 has been taking DHEA for the last 20 years. She swears that it is what kept her young. She gets it compounded from her French Pharmacy.

    1. Thank you very much for your reply. What you are doing works: you look amazing! Have a great weekend.

    2. I also take DHEA in my compounded hormone cream

  300. I am beyond thankful for this video! I have been in a hunt for supplements that are recommended and whom better than Dominique! Thanks again, love from Florida!

  301. Wow😲 That is too much synthetic stuff to ingest. I am a big fan of yours Dominique, but I never thought you believe all these chemical pills really makes sense. I always believe that organic & herbal stuff are more effective than all of these synthetic pills. These always have side effects, believe me.

    1. Myrna I agree 👍

    2. These are not synthetic chemical pills she is taking. Everything is listed and these are high-quality supplements. You are right that there are a lot of cheap synthetic vitamins out there but this regimen is very well thought out and researched based on her personal needs.

  302. Love the chicken lamp…😊

  303. Vitex castus. Have you heard of it?

  304. Please don’t take the collagen at the same time as your thyroid medication. Check with your pharmacist! Same with the Vitamin D, which has to be at least 2 hours after the levothyroxine.

    1. @Illyse Sheaffer I would always check with your pharmacist for the best info! 👍

    2. Elaine C. So if on thyroid meds when is the right time? Is at night with vitamins d a good time for collegen?

  305. I also take an eye vitamin. Very important if macular degeneration , glaucoma or other eye problems may run in your family. It must be from the Areds Study which uses research to designate what vitamins help and how much and the ratio. Thank you Dominique!

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  307. Will look into the serrapeptase I’ve never heard of that one before. Thank you for the video.

  308. I love supplements and am a big believer in them. Enjoyed seeing what you take! Going to look into a few of them that I haven’t heard of. Great info! xoxo

  309. Do you experience problem to sleep at your age? Especially after stressful day or long work day? This is the most problem I experience with my 50th age! What supplements do you take for this?

    1. Melatonin

  310. I would assume that the wellness provider who would be available to discuss this with you is also the provider available to sell these to you?

  311. Thank you for this video. Super educational

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  315. Did you also discuss these supplements with your pharmacist? You have to make sure that each of these supplements work in conjuction with each other.

  316. An extremely informative video/sharing. Thank you Dominique!

  317. Very interesting. I will talk to my NP. I do bioidentical hormone replacement pellets. Over 10 years. Totally changed my life for the better. But some of the things you mentioned I’m curious to find out more about thank you

  318. I agree in helping my body but I cannot lie, I have a hard time swallowing pills. I take some Vitamins now that are so big I choke everyday trying to take them. It’s gets to me all the time. God bless you for being able to swallow all of those pills.

    1. Suzanne Mariottini you can try patches. A friend of mine does patches for this very reason

  319. Wonderful video. Do mind sharing if you are on HRT or not? Thanks for all of the information you give us weekly. I always look forward to Thursday thanks to you😍

  320. I have heard that you can overdose on multiple different vitamins if you take them every single day I might be wrong but that is an awful lot of vitamins you have there.

  321. Well done, Dominique. Very informative, as usual. I’ve been using Black Cohash in a supplement called Menosense. I also use a supplement called B-Unstressed from Megafood. I teach Kindergarten (GERM FACTORY!) and when I take this supplement, along with my regular line – up, I stay well. If I let it run out, BAM! I catch something! It is a wonder and I highly recommend it! Thank you for all you do for your viewers!

  322. Thank you, wonderful great information, God bless you!

  323. Right on! See a functional doctor, get blood work. Everyone has unique needs even if they have the same diagnosis. P.S. love your channel.

  324. Journalism, real journalism is dead.

  325. Thank you so much for sharing. Where did you purchase the organic Collagen or does one that is not organic just as good?

  326. Thank you! I love knowing what other women my age are doing supplement/health wise to stay sharp — great information.

    Would love more content like this: Healthy recipes, practices and supplements. Super fun — thank you. ☺️ (Specific apps you use, perhaps?)

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  334. I don’t take store bought supplements. I buy solutions4 products, which they are all organic and you can take all pills at once. I only take what a body requires to live a healthy life daily. I take vitamin D, calcium, antioxidant, digestive enzyme, flax seed oil, evening primrose oil, and a multivitamin.

  335. I don’t take store bought supplements. I buy solitions4 products, which they are all organic and you can take all pills at once. I only take what a body requires to live a healthy life daily. I take vitamin D, calcium, antioxidant, digestive enzyme, flax seed oil, evening primrose oil, and a multivitamin.

  336. Hi Dominique…. Not about supplements… just wondering what is the “fragrance” of the oil/sticks by sink? You have good taste so just curious. <3

  337. You are the most beautiful and genuine woman I have known. I wish you were my friend 😊. Thank you for sharing your selfcare secrets. I have implemented many. I am 46 and wondering if there are any supplements for pre-menopause or if I have to wait until menopause?

  338. Thanks for explaining all the supplements that you taking but I don’t think we need to take all these if we eat right and exercise . I only take vitamin D because I’ m very low and when my allergies kick I use eye drops. Even when I have a pain I do not get anything unless is extreme and last for long time then I take an Advil. . I like my immune system to fight the deceases not to depend on pills because a lot of people depend on them and when they do not work anymore they get addicted to more powerful stuff. Glad that you explain to your viewers to check with their doctors before they start taking all these because we are all individuals and we have different needs. ❤️

  339. Where do you purchase the Dr. Mercola suppliments?

    1. Mercola has his own website. I purchase from it regularly–super fast shipping! Tons of great info/articles on his website. Great resource.

  340. As healthy as I try to eat I believe supplements are necessary. That is a lot but you look great and healthy so you have found a great combo! Thanks for all the info.

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  342. Thank you so much Dominique 🥰 This is a great conversation starting point for my visit with my Dr:) now at least I know what to ask for or about.
    This was wonderful information!
    Have a beautiful weekend 💕
    Tammy Roy 🇨🇦

  343. Vitamin C does nothing for our family as far as fighting off colds. Vitamin D, however, will prevent us from getting sick. Bump up your dose after you get cold symptoms and most times you will not get further sick. However, I think you’re taking way too much of all those supplements.

  344. Enjoyed How can I order the AlloAlts? Would like to get a good multivitamin.

  345. How do you handle supplements while on vacation?

  346. Hi Dominique! 🙋🏻‍♀️ I take many supplements which include a few of the same one’s you take from Dr Mercola. I have a primary physician, but not a functional medicine doctor. How does one go about finding / choosing a good one? Although I don’t believe they’re covered by insurance. Is that correct? Also, it appears you have to be a physician in order to place an order on the AlloAlts website….however I’m hoping you prove me wrong. ❤️

  347. I’ve been diagnosed with hypothyroidism recently. I’m struggling to understand it. I’m not sure what to eat or not eat and if I should take vitamins in addition to the medication. Now I know I can. Thank you for this. I’d personally request a video on how you live with hypothyroidism but I appreciate your audience may not be interested in That video.

  348. I take flaxseed, vit C, turmeric and cumin. B vits in liquid. Biotin. I was taking fish oil but eat salmon 3 days a week. Fresh greens, fruit. Alot of water!! I also workout 3 days a week. Also i never eat white stuff. Sugar, flour ect. My weakness is coffee, but its black. I am missing something thoe. I should get my blood work done! I wish we could get old without the side affects!! Lol thank you

    1. Try krill oil instead of the fish oil and almost every woman I know is vitamin d deficient. Also I’ve heard probiotics can make a big difference.

    2. Be very careful with Biotin. My friend took it for a month (supplement from the pharmacy “all natural” ) and it increased her TSH and her blood pressure went very low and she had heart palpitation. When she stopped the biotin all these symptoms stopped. Look it up on the net about biotin and its effects…. All the best

  349. Life Extension is a great source for all things health. If a doc is less than enthusiastic about comprehensive blood work, tests can be ordered through LE. They also have docs on call to answer questions about the test results. It’s imperative that women take responsibility for their health and mental wellbeing. Sadly, most folks play host to most diseases most of the time.

  350. I’m a huge advocate of supplementation – esp as we age – and I have an arsenal of supps I take myself…. so thanks for sharing !
    I would like to add that just as “customized” supplementing is important, so is taking medications that are necessary for your health … ie thyroid medication for hypothyroidism or blood pressure meds for high blood pressure etc ; as a healthcare professional I have seen people use supplements in lieu of the meds they should be on in hopes of “healing” their diagnosis – unfortunately for many of us, our genes and heredity can work against us no matter what we do – so please I urge everyone to be compliant with your meds and supplementation and your diet/lifestyle …. they all work together … you can’t substitute one for the other !
    Thanks Dominique- keep it coming 😊

  351. You eat and maintain a very healthy diet plus you are physically active with regular exercise. I think that you should only supplement those elements you are deficient in and taking all these extra supplements are an expensive waste of time because you will only excrete the vast majority of these pills in your urine and liver. Also, people hopefully realize that vitamins taken in the wrong dosage can be harmful. So, as you instructed one should discuss this with a physician. Genetics also plays a part in how we will age, as well as not smoking and limiting alcohol intake. My mother-in-law is 103 yrs. old and NEVER did anything special in regard to diet and exercise, but she never smoked or drank.

    1. Debra, please, your mother in law ate healthier than us when she was young that food was important to live long life. Now, today, many people consume drugs, pills, garbage food young people die heart attack, lungs liver problems. Dominique as many offers tips about supplements to attack deficient feed

    2. Stacy B. My mother-in-law is 103 yrs. old and NEVER did anything special in regard to diet and exercise, but she never smoked or drank.

    3. She is under the care of a physician and has her labs drawn so she knows what she is deficient in.

  352. My Protocol

    Ultra Filtered Milk Calcium
    Vitamin D3
    Vitamin K
    Vitamin A
    Vitamin C

    Collagen Peptide

  353. Hello dear Dominique,
    to send it ahead: My English is quite horrible since I come from Europe (Germany) and work with a translator tool.
    Relatively late last year I came across your YouTube channel and want to tell you that it is great! I’m in the fortunate position of not having to wait for your latest videos, but can watch ALL YOUR videos of the last years all the while. So it happened that I saw the cake video with your father and your bonus mum only recently and learned much later that your father unfortunately died in the meantime. I’m very sorry about that. But how nice it is to remember this wonderful afternoon you spent with your loved ones making the cake. This video keeps your father forever in memory – and somehow also very alive.

    So far I liked all videos very much. You spray such a good mood, have great views of things going on in the world and leave your viewers with a kind of optimism and cheerfulness – at least that’s how I feel. I have two children between the ages of 14 and 16 and learned, among other things, that the ‘Fortnite’ virus cannot even be stopped from the Atlantic Ocean. It is the same everywhere – obviously.

    Although I still have a lot of videos to watch and therefore have no withdrawal symptoms to fear, I would also like to give you some ideas for future videos. I have seen in your clips that you are always glad about tips.

    I’ll give you a brief list of what you might be able to show.
    – Preparation of vegetables/vegetable dishes
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    – Book recommendations for teenage children
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    I greet you warmly from Europe and wish you lots of energy, the necessary strength and peace as well as endless spontaneous ideas for your channel.

    All the best


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    1. Hi Lisa. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease as I am sure you know. I too have autoimmune disease and have been doing an aqua-fit workout for the last year. I have never felt better. I go to LA Fitness because it is close by. I hope you add meditation to your arsenal in your quest for better health. I have been meditating for 54 years, learning it through martial arts in my younger days. It is wonderful. There are many CD’s available…I am an RN and recommend Dr. Susan Taylor’s meditation CD’s. The Guided Meditations is her basic CD and good for starters. I am not associated with her, but took a workshop with her and was impressed. I have been recommending her CD for eleven years now, and so far all feedback had been positive. Hope this recommendation is a good one for you. BTW, people like you and I, with physical movement issues, can sit in a chair and meditate. Being on the floor in a lotus position is NOT mandatory.

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    I was laughing when you had your buffet of containers displayed which is about the same number as mine, less one or two – LOL!!! I also, years ago got the AM/PM container easily purchasable at a Target or Wahlgreen’s. Every Sunday I line up the bottles, and put them in the appropriate slots. I also carry a very small container for my “lunch time” supplements while at work – yes I take pills three times a day. Thanks again for a very educational and instructional video, if anything, it reaffirmed to myself that I am on the right path of wellness and a healthy lifestyle which has been my main goal. To this day, I have my blood drawn every 6 months and discuss with both my doctor and nutritionist. I wish all a successful path of wellness and joy, it is worth the work and search to find a provider who is willing to work with you and not hand you drug alternatives, which was my original epidemiologist which was a short relationship. Take care and continue your wonderful boldness .-DJ

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    1. Dear Patti maybe you could benefit from Dr Barbara Taylors (Menopause Barbie) channel. She is a friend of Dominique and was on her channel once and that is how i found her.

    2. Jim Buck Hello, my “little aches and pains” are gone after I went vegan a year ago. Turns out they were caused by inflammation due to my dietary choices. I am now back in the gym and feel great. I am 57. Wish you all the best from Transilvania

    3. MDs learn nothing re: nutrition in medical school.

    4. My personal MD told me vitamins, minerals, hormones, thyroid, etc are not taught in medical school at all in any depth. She said its up to each MD to find out on their own. My MD is interested in integrated medicine so she has done alot of homework but is not knowledgeable about hormones so she sent me to a Naturopathic ND who is well versed in that area. For me, the bottom line is finding an MD who is honest about their strengths and will listen to the patient. If not, move on. You are the consumer so don’t settle.

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  404. If you are eating a proper diet you shouldn’t need to take supplements. Your blood work will fluctuate based on a daily basis. If you concentrate your diet on a Whole Food Plant Based diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains etc you would not be deficient in anything. “Vitamin” D is not a vitamin. It comes from the sun. If you cannot get in the sun for 10-15 minutes per day you can eat foods that naturally have “vitamin” D like some mushrooms. If you want more calcium you need to eat leafy greens. Taking all these vitamins is a waste of money. You body will not recoginze these “nutrients” in this form. Your body is smart and wants them from plants and not a pill. Read the book “Whole” by T. Colin Campbell. You could be causing damage by ingesting these pills. That being said, the only supplement you should take is B-12 because we no longer get enough from our environment because we have destroyed the microorganisms in our water and soil.

    1. Carol Schwers thank you so much for the helpful information

    2. @Wanda Johnson Okay – but can you tell me where you obtained your purported knowledge?
      I work in a chemical and biological research group as a technician and learned a lot about biochemical processes. I can assure you that all these supplements only work if there REALLY is a deficiency and you already suffer from it. And in addition to this you must be extremely careful which products you combine. Only few people know that overdosing vitamines (especially lipophilic ones) can have a much more disastrous impact on your body than a deficiency.
      I think there is a huge difference in handling this stuff between Europe and the USA.
      But in the end everyone decides for himself. So, there is no need to be aggressive in any way.
      Greetings from Germany and have a nice day!🤗

    3. @Wanda Johnson 4,000 mg?!! But you only need 100-150 depending on age and weight. The only thing that happens when you take more is that you excrete the excess with your urine.
      And even in winter you get enough vitamin D – the UV level is most of the time high enough. And if you like to eat salmon once in a while… – perfect!

    4. Jane Delaney Yep it is. It helps us synthesize and process calcium. Nutrition training is sadly lacking among MD’s, so is preventative care. That’s why we must be our own health advocate. An optimal doctor can help us to prevent illness. A standard doctor just treats people AFTER they have an event or a disease. It is much easier to prevent than it is to cure!

    5. Vitamin D is a hormone. And Western trained physicians are not trained in nutrition so their guidance can only come from opinion NOT from professional training.

  405. Hi -thank you so much for sharing your personal life with us and for all of your encouragement. I was thinking the other day-while I was looking over my stacks of vitamins and supplements – if you could do a video on your routine and here it is! Question- do you take the majority of these at one shot? I know you have some twice a day or on an empty stomach… just wondering 🙂

  406. For those of you that are older and have to take a statin for high cholesterol, my doctor said it is important to take CoQ10.

    1. I take 400 mg coq10 per day

    2. I take Jarrow brand, and I take 2- 100mg a day. I buy ubiquinol because it only takes our bodies one step to turn it into CoQ10. Ubiquinone requires two conversion steps. The ubiquinol costs more, but it is worth it. Within less than two weeks, I stared feeling so good, and my energy skyrocketed. It is a must for heart health.

    3. annette williams What strength and brand do you take?

    4. My cardiologist has me taking CoQ10. I haven’t taken statins since I started taking it, and my cholesterol and triglycerides are now normal. It is a great supplement.

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  419. Hi Dominique, thanks for sharing your routine. I had my full blood work done this past fall. Even though I really changed my diet to eat clean and lost forty pounds, my cholesterol has gone up. I didn’t need meds for it but my health care provider suggested that I take around a tsp of flaxseed meal each day to help reduce it. I have also been taking black elderberry gummies to help fight off colds. I also have a thyroid condition, so I may check out your supplement. Stay well!

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    I wouldn’t take it every day because of the effects it has on protein.

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  443. Hi, thanks for an informative video. I have been researching telomeres (the caps at the end of DNA to protect our cells from aging). The caps wear down over time. Short telomeres have been linked to diseases like cancel and Alzheimer’s. Dr. Mercola has an article about how to protect them. He recommends Vitamin B-12, but that may already be in your multi-vitamin. Another way is high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids. There is a supplement of TA-65 which claims to activate telomeres. Also, I believe the PQQ that you are taking helps with telomere length. Just thought you might be interested in this.

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  449. For an overall immune booster, drinking Chaga tea is really good, hot or cold.

    1. Cici Koenig Hi Cici, Sorry my response took so long! if you’re on blood thinners you shouldn’t take this at all. If you’re taking a baby aspirin a day for your heart it may not be a good idea to take Chaga OR check with your health professional if the occasional glass is ok ~ like maybe 2-3 times a week. If you’re not on any blood thinners or baby aspirin and you’re still getting your monthly visit with Aunt Flo 😉 and start taking Chaga check to see if your period gets more flow or is wetter/thinner and more of it. As it can do that with blood thinners. And if it does you may want to use Chaga sparingly or not at all. I hope this helps! 💓

    2. @FitChickGlows thank you so much for the info! Is any amount something to check into or is say a class every now and then ok

    3. Cici Koenig Chaga is a wonderful and powerful mushroom! However, one side-effect is that it thins your blood. So it’s a good idea to check with a healthcare professional before taking this ESPECIALLY if on blood thinners. In fact I wouldn’t recommend it if on blood thinners. 😊

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    1. Tonnie Kuipers doctors in the US have very little,if any nutritional training. That’s why we have to do our own research and educate ourselves. You, too😀

    2. @sandramA heynemana Yes that can be difficult. I live in the Netherlands and a lot of docters here have little education with regard to vitamins. Wish you well.

    3. Tonnie Kuipers I have no idea. I had to fight with my doc get the test done! I hear there are labs that you can go through without a script but not going to worry and stress. Just eating well and living my life😀

    4. @sandramA heynemana That’s possible. Have you been tested on active vitamine d too (1.25 (OH)D)? In some conditions (auto immune disease) there can be disturbances in vitamin d metabolism, where d3 (25 (OH)D) is low and doesn’t get up and active d (1.25 (OH)D) is too high.

    5. Tonnie Kuipers no matter how much I take I can’t get my blood levels up to a healthy level. I take 10000 iu a day and still not enough.

  453. I have found taking 1tbsp of apple cider vinegar (with the mother) every morning in some warm water has completely knocked my hot flushes (we call them that in the UK!) on the head. I was getting several every day & they stopped within 3 days. Fyi I didn’t suffer from night sweats so can’t speak for those. Emma x

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    1. I too have hypothyroid. I have never taken my pill on an empty stomach. Always forget. My sister is so regimented on that She’s always on My case about that. MY blood work is always good in that area. So, not sure why it’s to be taken on an empty stomach.? Maybe I’m just lucky.

  465. As much as i love you but i think its too much to take.. :(( i dont believe in vitamins.. i am taking some if they are in gel formula or not tablets.. :(( i think pharmacy is a big business.. :((

    1. Supplements aren’t made by pharmaceutical companies. If you don’t know what you’re talking about and it’s obvious you don’t research it before you make ignorant comments.

    2. pharmacy is a big business until you get sick. a cheap multivitamins will do. compared to the cost of having a disease. learned this the hard way.

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      You should get fed nutrients from unprossesed food.
      You should beware of so called researchers.

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  466. I love this! I take Magnesium at night. It helps with sleep and anxiety from the drop in estrogen as we age. It also helps with regularity. Another game changer is Host Defense products. I love the community immunity one. It has a whole slew of the immunity mushrooms in one. The company is a very reputable company which is highly important with any supplements is to research. Also, I take MACA for thyroid support and GAIA adrenal support that has Rhodiola in it and Holy Basil. This helps with energy and belly fat! Collagen is so good! Even my face looks younger!

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    1. @cassandra79727 I think celery juice is amazing for increasing hydrochloric acid, also great sulphur content for bones.

    2. sandpiper22 it actually increases the absorption because it ups your stomach acid. You are what you absorb, not what you eat! 😂

    3. I always take my acv separately and not every day as I have heard that it inhibits the absorption of other nutrients/vitamins and can be hard on the stomach lining.

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  471. Very informative, thank you! Evening Primrose Oil also helps, along with the Black Cohosh, for menopausal episodes😊

  472. Thank You Dominique! I see I need to add some to my regimen but I will ask my doctor on my next visit what’s going on in my body and I am pretty healthy.

  473. Thank You-This will be sooooo Helpful for ??? with my doctor. I see once a year, Hopefully. thank you so much for the Insight on this and so many other issues. Have Fun stay Well+God Bless You!

  474. WOW! So you take 13 supplements a day??

  475. I got so distracted! Love the vase behind you.
    Thanks for sharing not only what you take but the added info as well. Have a great day!!

    1. i’m distracted that she’s a MILF!

    2. @Teresa Gueli I need a coffee machine, what is the name of the one you both have?! ☕

    3. Cathie Nealon lol me too rsp at the coffee – I have same machine and love it!

  476. Please do a hair and makeup tutorial for a date night ❤️🙏🏻

  477. Very interesting 🤓. Very insightful. Thank you. Great advice.

  478. Thank you very much for your vitamins video, and your notes are very appreciated!

  479. Vitamins, really

  480. Domonique, thank you so much for inspiring me to age gracefully. You are so beautiful and “put together”. As a woman nearing 30s, I am looking for ways to be healthy to build a foundation for latter years of life. My question to you is, looking back at your 30s, what do you feel you did right in terms of overall health and what are some things you wish you should have done? Do you have any advice for someone entering 30s? Thank you in advance 🙂

    1. Jul N I use self tanners now. Not quite as pretty as an actual tan but better than damaging your skin! Oh and also stains your lighter colored clothes, but worth it for me. I feel I look so pale and washed out without some color!

    2. Thanks to you ladies for adding in your advice. I consider all you say. It is hard not to want to be tan. I’m naturally pretty white skinned and loving being tan. But I realize later it’s not fun. I got pretty bad sun burns as a kid and already my skin in those places is getting some spots. :/

    3. My 30s were a piece of cake, but 40 hit me like a ton of bricks due to perimenopause. In my early 40s, I was having many physical symptoms ranging from headaches, tachycardia and vertigo. Now at 46, the symptoms are extreme depression and anxiety. I would advise drinking plenty of water, taking the vitamins Dominique recommends, getting enough sleep and eating well and exercise. I salute you for thinking ahead and preparing.

    4. I agree with litew8. Wear sunscreen… I keep a tube in the car& make sure if i dont put it on my hands I cover the back of my hands. Im was a red-head as a kid and freckled everywhere-EXCEPT my hands. Ill be 57 in April and I have no age spots on my hands. Stick with the sun screen! and maintain your ideal weight. Weight fluxuations stretch out your face, belly and knees. you want to look good in skirts? keep your legs looking great and firm. For me, I can cover my belly& arms, but not my turkey neck! Stick with a stable weight. Women like Domonique have maintained their size and that is so key to keeping youthfull, helps with classic wardrobe to last longer too!

    5. Don’t know if this helps, but I am 49 and here is my two cents…I think diet and exercise are by far the most important keys to aging well. Eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies and get to the gym at least 5-6 days every week. Do weight bearing exercise and cardio as well. If I could go back and talk to my younger self, I would tell her to USE SUNSCREEN!! I so regret that I felt I had to be tan every summer and I accomplished that look with no sunscreen. I’ve been fortunate with my skin even though I did that, but I’m sure it would be so much better if I would have stayed out of the sun. The other piece of advice I would give myself would be to take as much care of your neck as you do your face. I didn’t know how important it was back then.

  481. Never taken any vitamins in my life and always been he very well don’t go to the doctors much but just started taking calcium tablets for my bones

    1. If you’re taking calcium citrate you can throw that in the garbage before it damages your arteries. Calcium in natural form only like bone meal. But you’re better off supplementing with magnesium (I suggest magnesium glycinate 200 mg 2x per day) along with B 6 to help absorption and your immunity. Also vitamin D, especially if you don’t get enough sun exposure. Magnesium and vitamin D help your body use calcium from your diet.

    2. Sampo Sampo all the holistic docs are saying not to take calcium supplements.

    3. @Niki I fully agree with you

    4. Those suplemets are all business. Doctors & health practitioners are all business. They will always find something to suck you in. With healthy diet we don’t need those nonsenses! Why people get themselves in to this. Its shocking to me. I don’t go to my doctor nor I take my kids unless it’s really a must. He sees us maybe every 2years. Heathy diet & lifestyle…🙌

    5. Vit D3+K2 is important not only for bones. Calcium is a hot topic. Double check if you really should take it. Check out Dr. Bergs and Dr. Berrys videos for information on calcium for example.

  482. Thanks for this – very informative.

  483. Wow very informative..tfs.

  484. Thank you for sharing Dominique. So enjoy all your posts – always learning/taking something from them. Beautiful blessings 👑

  485. Wow! That’s a lot of vitamins and minerals! Thank you for the information. Are there any you take only once or twice per week?

  486. This was good! I think there are people like myself who would like to hear your journey with your thyroid. I deal with Hashimotos and think there is plenty to learn from others and their journey…just a thought!🌞

    1. Oh gosh, i thought you were somebody else…but info holds true!🌞

    2. @Momma Bear good morning! Hashimotos is an autoimmune disease….it is hypothyroidism with some fun twists, basically your body attacks its own thyroid. It has alot of complications that are super annoying. Best thing is to eat a very clean diet to minimize inflammation and triggers, so i eat by way of paleo, no gluten or soy always, those are big triggers. Try to get plenty of sleep (thats funny!) And reduce stress as much as possible (even funnier!) ….it is not uncommon, sadly! Quick google it and there will be much better explanations! I know between hypo and hyper thyroidism, hashimotos, and all things thyroid, you probably have a good size audience! I really appreciate all your time and hard work you put into what you do, you have a good heart! (You and i were a year apart at Memorial btw!) Oh and my functional practitioner, dr. Hailey Heard, is a great resource, i know you have one too….! Have a great weekend!

    3. Kristen Mcdade what causes Hashimotos, if you don’t mind my asking? Is it hereditary?

  487. Great video! Affirming my supplement regime! To Health!!

  488. Very informative! Thank you so much!

  489. Very informative video! I have Hashimotos…and am very interested in the supplement you take for your under active thyroid. Thanks so much Dominique!

    1. @Sabsa 70 You are very welcome!

    2. @Blooming Accents Thank you so much for your time to write all this down and share your knowledge with us!!! Greetings from Germany

    3. Blooming Accents thanks for ur advice…I’m not big on supplements but thought I would research and talk to my doctor b4 I start taking anything other than my synthroid. I trust Dominique and know that she is very informed and knows what is right for her. I would never assume that what she takes would work for me but I do appreciate your advice.😊

    4. @KIM HOUGH Kim I am an RN,BSN for 30 years now. I also have Hashimoto. You do not need all these supplements. I assume you are o. Armor thyroid or levothyroxine. Some supplements will block the uptake of your medication.
      Also, it doesn’t matter if you go through an alternative medicine physician . The FDA does not require supplements to be tested in clinical trials. So just because a physician recommends them it doesn’t make them better.
      Recently, research on the benefits have been very disappointing. I’m am certainly not condemning Dominique AT ALL. She is capable of making her own decisions based on her own health and knows what is best for her.
      Unfortunately, we are all looking for a miracle to helping us look and feel like we are still 30. That is not going to happen. Now, if she has a low Vit D level per her bloodwork then certainly she should 1st, increase foods high in Vit. D. If she can’t do that then a supplement is sufficient. But even with that, they are finding Vit D and Calcium are not helping womens post menopausal bone loss as much as they initially thought. Fish oil is not helping heart health or decreasing cholesterol either. Eating more fish does.
      My point is, dont think you need to go out and spend a ton of money for a bunch of supplements. A good multivitamin and a balanced diet is sufficient.
      Vitamins A D E and K are fat soluble and like she said , we have to be very careful we aren’t taking too much of those. The other vits. Like C are water soluble. Meaning, you can take 3000mg if you feel a cold coming on but you are just going to secrete them in your urine losing all the potential benefits. Taking higher does than the recommended amt. Has no significant benefit.
      Take vit C when you start to feel sick or a low dose in the winter( although a multivitamin will cover you) Better yet drink or eat citrus fruits…
      Companies making supplements are earning Billions from us and in my medical opinion for minimal benefit.

  490. Because of You, I have decided to be in my best shape until my 40 birthday in august! And thank You so much for that encouragement, You give us all!

    1. @D Kern I’ll enjoy like I’m in 20 again! 🤣😘

    2. What happens after your 40th birthday?

  491. In the spirit of you asking for suggestions Dominique, I’ve noticed a few other people have also asked for a video on this subject – how to deal with unprofessional/poor/rude service. I’m sure we’ve all encountered this in a restaurant or store or a company we regularly deal with, so it would be interesting to hear how you deal with a situation like this as I’m sure many of us promise ourselves we’re going to remain cool, calm and collected and end up doing the exact opposite! 🙂

    1. @Izou Nokuda Thanks Izou, I’m already aware of that video as I’ve followed Dominique for some time and have watched all of her videos, so I already know she hasn’t covered this specific topic. The “classy” video does indeed mention manners, class and grace, expressing opinions and agreeing to disagree, as well as specifically the behaviour of millennials, but it doesn’t mention which, if any, tools and tips can be used to deal with rude/unprofessional/poor service when you can’t simply smile and agree to disagree and you actually need a specific result or resolution. You can indeed smile and agree to disagree when dealing with friends or colleagues, but my comment refers to service, which is very different, and this is why I made the suggestion and possibly why others have previously asked the same. I think it’s safe to say that Dominique probably never loses her cool and no doubt has some tricks up her sleeve when met with someone who should be offering a polite, professional service, but instead seems to delight in being as unhelpful and obnoxious as possible! 🙂 As an admirer of Dominique I’m always careful not to waste her time asking for things she has already covered as I’m aware just how busy she is and how many times she is repeatedly asked the same things by others on her social media platforms 🙂

    2. Izou Nokuda …one of my favorite videos of hers

    3. I think she answered that in her video about being classy. Look it up.

  492. Dominique you are such an elegant and educated lady. Love watching your videos. Most of all I love the way you talk!

  493. Hello Dominique, Would appreciate a video on your exercise regiment and suggestions for overall strength and wellness. I enjoy your videos and upbeat outlook! Thank you. 😊

    1. Vee Gee she has some

  494. Very informative. I take several of these supplements already, but I am goi g to check on several of the ones you mentioned. Thanks, have a great day .♥️

  495. I don’t think I could swallow all those! I hate taking pills! You take such good care of yourself & it shows!! You’re beautiful!!😍

    1. Margie: I understand that too. I take Fire Cider for digestive health, which is a liquid. I also use crystal Vitamin C and put it in a smoothie. This is a godsend because otherwise I would have to take too many capsules. There are ways to get nutritional supplements without having to take so many pills. You just have to do a little bit of research to find out what works for you, and talk to a nutritionist or doctor.

    2. Margie Ryne I’m the same way. I get as much as I can through liquid form.

  496. Thank you. ❤

  497. Great video! I have my own arsenal of supplements (and also see a functional med doc) – you had one or two that are worthy of research. Thanks.

    I DO HAVE A VIDEO SUGGESTION! Would you ever consider making a video for how to manage hair during workouts? I have a chin length bob – partially stacked in the back and it is super hard to manage during the more intense CrossFit workouts that I do. I am not a young woman – and feel like some of the more extreme measures to get hair off the face or out of the eyes – isn’t for some of the more mature women such as myself. I know you are into fitness and working out – so would love to know how you manage? Thanks!

  498. This video was very helpful. Thank you!


    1. Hi, are you taking any bioidentical hormones?

  500. Oh, thank you thank you and again thank you for this info. I never knew of some of these vitamins. I will definitely be getting the ones that you just taught us. Thank Mrs. Dominique

  501. Hi Dominique. I love your videos!! You mentioned how you plan your supplements on Sunday. How ’bout a video where you show how you organize for the week. (Do you lay out weekly wardrobe for yourself/children? Meal Prep? (esp dinner) etc… (Need all the organizational help I can get)

    1. Hi Dominique! I’d love to see a video about your Sunday routine as well. Do you plan your outfits for the week, etc.

    2. Sampo Sampo I love How Jen Does It. She’s definitely one of my faves. Also Do It On A Dime, and At Home With Nikki.

    3. I found the following channels helpfull when it comes to organizing: Diane in Denmark, Clutterbug, How Jen does it. 🍀

    4. Mssy D you’re welcome. I have a Dominique playlist and that’s one of my favorites. I love this woman…..such great style and motivation for me 😊

    5. @Momma Bear Ok. Thank you. I’ll check it out!!

  502. Thanks for being so open and sharing with us. More vlog pls.

  503. Perfect! Did your physician recommend these for you or did you do it on your own. I would like to copy this regimen but need the advise of my doc.

    1. Carolyn Hamilton Yep mine too. There are some doctors far & few between that would work with you. They gal Dominique is the one to find one. 😁

    2. My Dr would never take the time for all of that info. He would just roll his eyes and chuckle.

    3. Maxine Marr She did say she put this together with a health care provider. Not sure if it means an MD or a holistic provider.

  504. I take note and look for the same active ingredients in Italy. Thank you so much for your useful video 😘👏💪🏻

    1. Glad it was helpful 🙂

  505. Awesome!Thanks so much❤

  506. Wow that’s a lot of supplements!

    1. Dominique Sachse yes but most people can’t afford this, I had to cut down how many I was taking because good quality supplements aren’t cheap.

    2. Indeed!

  507. Would you please make sure to include CC for those of us that are hearing impaired? I am, and I rely on CC very much, and this video didn’t have it. Thanks!

    1. You can turn CC on your youtube by touching the video and then clicking on the menu button in top right corner of the screen on the video (3 dots) is what the menu button looks like.

    2. I’ll check on that.. thank you!

  508. This is a great primer and very helpful. I have the blood panel and this analysis on my TODO for 2019. It is hard to take so many supplements, do you take all of them in one go or break it into chunks through out the day? Is the tablet collagen and the tablet apple cider vinegar as effective as the liquid versions?

    1. Momma Bear thanks. I had been wanting to take ACV straight up with a straw and it’s hard to not get any on my teeth so I stopped (ACV is bad for teeth enamel). I was excited to see Dominique talk about it in tablet form, just wondered if it would be effective….I will get ACV tablets now. Good video.

    2. Sangeeta Narayan I cant speak for the ACV but certain supplements are far more effective taken in liquid form, such as fish oil. It doesn’t take much and you can always chase it down with coffee or another strong beverage.

    3. @Dominique Sachse Thanks, will do the same. I am obsessed with your vlog content as each video hits all the right spots w.r.t. questions I have as I age. Discovering you has been timely and a blessing! See you next week!

    4. I break it in chunks during the day. Can be hard to swallow so many at once. Regarding the efficacy of tablets vs liquid, I’m not too sure on that, but I find it hard to handle the taste..

  509. You just saved me from a lot of googling! Gracias bellísima!

    1. V S 😄

  510. Happy Thursday, Dominique and THANK you for the informative video~

    1. My pleasure!

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