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Supplements: What happened with our investigation (CBC Marketplace)

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Last summer, we embarked on an ambitious project: to test the accuracy of label claims of popular vitamins and supplements. Now we have learned that the story we worked contains factual errors. Here’s what happened.

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276 thoughts on “Supplements: What happened with our investigation (CBC Marketplace)

  1. Thanks for your honesty guys!

  2. Someone got paid to change the story !

  3. Seems more like the Pharma companies has exerted pressure and they have to turn the news around

  4. Does anyone smell BS???!!!

  5. Geez lady he made a mistake without intending to deceive and apologized on camera! What more do you want, a pound 9f flesh?

  6. Seems like CBC is guilty of confirmation bias.

  7. You have to test multiple times and in multiples labs.

  8. This guy’s head is UNFUCKIN REAL!

  9. Not good enough. That lab should be out of business. CBC should have done their due diligence by having the products tested by more than one lab the first time before embarrassing the producers.

  10. Here is what i think happened
    They gave the accurate results, CBC went for GNC
    GNC used their power on the lab
    Lab then said sorry for the worst lab result ever.

    i mean a lab cant go soo wrong and then leave a voicemail. lol and still be on camera saying sorry

    such mistakes a chemist from the local drug store would do not a lab scientist

  11. Is it just me, or does the Labdoor rep sound just like a used car salesmen who “didn’t know the airbags were removed” from the car he just sold you? I’ll bet he’s sorry now…just look at the honesty printed on his face…what? What’s that? Blank expression? Deer on headlights? Compared to a kid insincerely apologizing for something bad he did, you say? Naw, dont see it. I believe him completely ~

  12. Why not use more than one lab each test? That should at least help reduce testing errors.

  13. They should have concurrently tested the products with four different labs the first time. Going up against these Giants requires accuracy.

  14. Sounds like someone got paid or threaten to change the story. Funny how you got a researcher studying the effects of protein powder on humans but people are eating it like real food lol.

    1. You bet they did!

  15. Wait lol. How is this the lab’s fault? They had no control over what was done with the information. The CBC is responsible as they should always have their tests repeated at least twice to verify validity. How do we know that other test results by CBC aren’t false? Perhaps the lab was flipping the tables on CBC and CBC bit and bit hard 😂😂. Props to the gentleman running the lab for appearing on camera and apologizing. CBC needs to take WAY more responsibility for this.

  16. so its true what they sell and the product is real or not the emergen and gnc stuff?

  17. After 4 years there was only 96k viewers that means a fraction from an original investigation. I think they were threatened, so they said what they said

  18. This is why it’s important to ingest only organic food

  19. you’re supposed to send things to multiple places

  20. people who watch and read what they have to offer need to think as well what is being said and told. Nothing in this world is black and white. of course the most regrettable mistake from that was the inaccurate data, but every episode shown there are also something things that can’t always be taken at face value. I love this series even tho im not from Canada. But i don’t always agree with everything they tell us. I challenge everyone else to do the same as well. Don’t take everything without thinking yourselves 1st.

  21. Humans make mistakes. Everybody owned up. All good.

  22. everyone involved in this video is being paid a handsome amount by those supplements company. CBC market place lost its credibility. Every single word spoken in this video sounds so fishy !!!

  23. I think that it would be better to send products to multiple labs and see if you get the same result. Human error and mechanical failure may happen but if you have multiple simples of the same results, it would serve as substantial evidence to support a claim.

    1. It’s not human error! It’s the biggest cover up in history and the world is seeing it now!

  24. So basically: companies reached out to “independent” testing lab after this went out…payed or threatened to cut off all funding and shut them down, just so lab was forced to report that they have made a mistake. No way scientists have made that huge of a mistake. I hope you all saw the cover up.

    1. C J – it didn’t get past me one bit! I know how the game is played. Look at what the world is suffering today! What can we do except to call the spade the spade!

  25. My honest respect for the detracting of the story.. it shows real journalistic integrity . I’ve been watching many episodes and I am impressed with your investigative journalism. Lesson learned: try at least 2 labs for all testing

  26. It could be one defective bottle.cbc should of had multiple labs 🧪 testing the companies products

  27. Emergency really works

  28. (1) Zanidor lied and tested none of the products, thinking the CBC wanted negative results so they gave them those “results” (2) CBC & Zanidor were paid off by the pharmaceutical company to retract the story.

  29. Like everyday Journalism, you check, check and triple check. Take responsibility CBS…

  30. Now CBC needs to investigate labs for accuracy.

  31. You missed the marks. Should have ripped a certain available report. There are sites available for pay which tell you what’s been found. Won’t do your homework but you missed every single known issue I can think of. Do you REALLY BELIEVE Pfizer is going to be honest! GNC!? Poorly investigated.

  32. They probably all got yelled at and threat of suing for exposing these “supplements” which is an industry worth BILLIONS

  33. My professors do research all the time, and they inform us how these multimillion companies go above and beyond to discredit science and research. Don’t trust companies ever! They care about your money not you or your health

  34. …ga please

  35. My God rarely have I respected the CBC for honest journalism (conventional mainstream news of all networks has lost credibility), thankfully marketplace came clean and didn’t shamelessly continue to deny deny deny, which is the business and media norm in the USA and the UK. Good for marketplace, they can still be trusted.

  36. this is why u test the products in 3 different labs
    do your job properly at least CBC

  37. Another aspect, what’s the likelihood that these large corporations (GNC and Pfizer) harassed and threatened Labdoor after their initial findings in order to gain a retraction to avoid lawsuits? I mean this is how the corporate world works and a small company like Labdoor has a lot to lose getting tied up in lengthy/costly legal matters even if their finding are correct.

  38. Not sure they got it wrong.
    Could pfizer have paid off Labdoors and CBC to lie?

  39. You don’t get to put it all on the lab cuz it’s your program and you are the one that put the information out. The lab gets the blame for the inaccurate results and you for irresponsibly spreading them.

  40. Pfizer is one solid stock I have been glad I invested in.

  41. As a credible news programme you schould have also used 1 or more other similiar companies. Reporters, writers, scientists, doctors etc. Should ALWAYS cite multiple sources.

  42. Ya.. right.. something doesn’t smell right… just got a feeling gnc and phyzers lawyers came down hard on baldy and CBC… and much respect to baldy to make an apology .. CBC is also at fault .. they must always use 3 labs to do this sort of testing to avoid situations like this

  43. Wait a minute. How do they know the university lab isn’t the one which is wrong? This fish smells very foul. It makes me question the integrity of Marketplace at this point. Sounds to me like the CBC folded like a cheap paper bag and jumped to conclusions about the accuracy of the university lab results in order to save their rear ends. Now we know how corporate news really works. Reporters take their marching orders from the top-down.

  44. this must of been a blow to market place, as they are so accurate about everything, and I think the mistake was they had only one company investigate the product, if there was results from 2 or more labs prior to going on air then this would never have happened.
    the guy appologized because he was caught in a pickle. you can’t deny that. now his lab is going to be questionable. seems like the lab was revealed accidently by market place, when they were investigating the protien and vitamin supliments they ended up showing up a lab that was defective in their testing…how strange that is. its like looking for gold and you end up finding copper. lol

  45. I feel like the bigger companies are making them do this.

  46. Sad as always the companys hide for camera’s but claim there investigation is wrong.. Yeah right if you have nothing to hide as a company Why hide than

  47. this one was hard to watch it was so very cringy

  48. The filler cuntains 100% vit S -ue ur arsoff.

  49. When multiple companies disagree openly with the lab finding, CBC should have asked for opinion from the lab: do they still stand by their lab result, or do they say yes there’s 10% chance that our lab result is wrong.

  50. You always need more than 1 opinion.


  52. this guy from the lab-testing place speaks to the reporter as if he and his firm made no mistakes!!! He displays absolutely no culpability. “Hey, no problem, these things happen,” is his attitude. That’s California for ya!!

  53. lol, this is disgusting. obviously people high up got paid off to cover up the story, just lab researcher and reporter used as sheep to be slaughtered by viewers.

  54. In labs we do a experiment or test about three times
    Didn’t these guys do

  55. Do you think that if CBC had independently tested the products, in the first place, and found no problem would they have run a story saying “protein powders are fine”? I doubt it. This show operates on an inherent bias against the companies. CBC just got called out on their BS “investigations” this time.

  56. CBC was irresponsible for only using one lab. CBC is as much to blame or more so for such shoddy practices.

  57. Charlsie Agro woooooooow oh canada oh canada

  58. What a great covering the truth story. The companies kicked their butt. So they changed the story.

  59. why did CBC save their apology for the last 5 seconds they need to take more responsibility themselves

  60. That’s what a randomized, double-blind tests are for. lols

  61. Lol what a joke .pfizer put the pressure on this little lab and they buckled under pressure .those supplements are under dosed ,always have been and always will be .Supplement companies trade on the ignorance of the public and make a killing . Get your vitamins and proteins etc from known food sources that are proven .Its expensive getting nutrients from specific foods and eating a high protein diet from food etc but buying supplements is just flushing money down the toilet .The fitness industry is full of nonsense about products with outrageous claims and people buy into the con because they read the label and it tells them what they want to hear at the time .next thing they are walking up to the counter to pay for snake oil !

  62. shame on you for shaming the poor guy. every one gets paid…i mean makes mistakes

  63. I don’t believe any of this crap! Why would Labdoor have several errors, but the others don’t? And of course, they come in after the truth has been compromised. Nope! These big money “health” and insurance companies with these side health supplement companies/partnerships made threats that these people couldn’t live with, and they all decided to sing a different tune. Make no mistake… these companies do not give a crap about your health. Their god is money. If they did care, they wouldn’t manufacture synthetic “vitamin c” to living organisms and prey on our ignorance of basic biological principle playing semantics. No, they’d tell you to eat and drink REAL fruits and vegetables, as living organisms need to consume other living organisms in order to sustain life. A living organism repairs itself by consuming other self- repairing living organisms made of the same unaltered “stuff”. It’s a perpetual law. Every system needs support to continue, including these “money=power” companies. That’s why in order to keep their elaborate b.s. system going, they gotta keep feeding US b.s…and in turn we keep feeding them our money….. what are we getting back though???

  64. Haha money change things

  65. CBC would have been smart to send samples of the “GNC” protien powder, and the “Pfisser’ Vit C, without the company names on the samples to several labs, I bet you would have got back different results. I bet these big companies threatened a lawsuit and the lab guy had to retract his statement because he got the blame. Who’d really telling the truth?

  66. Thank you CBC .

  67. I have no idea who is right? What the heck!!!

  68. lol was this guy paid off to change his testimony

  69. Big business smashed them. Not to be trusted. Seems fishy

  70. 9:25 Is he standing on a box in order to appear taller???? reminds me of zucc…

  71. Sleepless nights? Suuuuure.

  72. Apology accepted.

  73. Hi there, i want you guys to investigate about scam running on the name of Microsoft. Many US & Canadians are falling into this trap, Thanks.

  74. Yep. Another payoff by Pfizer.

  75. haha don’t f with PFIZER

  76. Thank you for making the corrections. I trusted you before, and I do even more so now 🙂

  77. It’s Feb 23 2018. I watch your videos in America which I feel I’m educating myself of the world. You may be a Canadian show but your information is global. We all make mistakes in life. I admire a person/company that can own up. Lab door dropped the ball and like other companies you interview that hate flawed, I don’t feel they gave a great reason as to why this error occurred. I never, I repeat, NEVER leave comments but this spoke to me. The fact that you, “marketplace” decide to air this and apologize for your part in this I commend. I was hooked on your videos before, and this has made me more of a believer of your journalism. To air the truth and fight for your people, us as the consumer. I thank you for this and look forward to more videos that I trust and believe in. Please continue the great work all the team and staff do there. Signed Steve Brown

  78. No part 2?

  79. Mistakes happen and it happens to everybody, but it is VERY UNFORTUNATE for labDoor to get it wrong on TV. What’s worse is MarketPlace is actually a very serious show that meddles with politic. I hope they didn’t get shutdown because of this. He was freaking out so hard that he sped up like Nightcore.. Having multiple labs testing is always the best way to get the results.

    But it is surprising they did 100s of testing on the products and got them all wrong.

    Oooh Erica you so scary and hot at the same time.

  80. I have a feeling someone got paid to change the story

    1. Sit back and watch the show.

    2. Well the big club control the media so … you know

    3. I had the same feeling….really

    4. i had it too……..

  81. We accept your apology. Keep up the good work . PS -stop going the the Yanks for help

  82. Silly Canadians, first choice is to go with the one and only The Health Ranger!

  83. Thank you for showing integrity and publishing this correction! Sadly humans make mistakes; own it, fix it, learn from it!

  84. CBC is retracting because GNC and Pfizer probably threatened to sue them or paid CBC off to say the vitamins are good. Sorry CBC I sticking to the original story you guys aired. The original results were right.

    1. Says who? even labdoor admits they were wrong. Take your tin foil hat off bud. It’s more likely that Labdoor is a scam and that’s why Impact gets such a high rating. It’s an indian company. Try again.

  85. Doesn’t matter if there’s more vitamin C or more protein in the packages. Consumers are buying things they don’t need just because they’re being brainwashed by ads daily.

  86. They lying! This is damage control and bribery!

  87. CBCNews welcome to Michigan market place!! We get your channel down here in the states too CBC! I live in Michigan and I bet that Lab was in Detroit that you went to!

  88. I call BS..sounds like mega money GNC and Pfizer told you and told lil man the results or else. And yall yellow bellied up and said nope NM 1000mg in the vit C and 100% protein no filler..My bad wouldn’t want to be sued and those nasty letters were enough to change the results…again whoops my bad every one puts exactly what they say in their products.

  89. You’re first problem was you had it tested by an approved American lab that are trying to shut down the supplement industry .

  90. Oops

  91. Mistakes happen. I was a mistake. 😭

  92. this is so strange.we can all see he was given a script

  93. wow!

  94. highly doubt they got it wrong. Big pharma stepped in to sweep the story under the rug.

    1. MrRozarlive Oh right! And the Vitamin Industry is not about Profit?? It wants No regulation whatsoever! It is a Multi-Billion $$$$ Industry, also!

  95. I wonder why in CBC Canada, seems to be a shadow of USA, i.e prices of cars, of products from grocery stores………

  96. Good on CBC for posting this apology and retraction for misleading the viewing public. However, it appears that Marketplace “dropped the ball” when they selected LabDoor for performing the testing on the consumer products. When selecting a lab for any form of testing, it is imperative that the proponent (in this case, Marketplace) perform their own due diligence. For example, does LabDoor possess any form of independent certification? In Canada, labs should be CALA-accredited for quality assurance. This ensures that the lab uses current and approved methods, minimizes the risk of analytical error and at the same time ensures consistency of results. Based on a review of the LabDoor website, no accreditation or certification was found. If LabDoor possessed a form of independent accreditation, then it would be likely that their results would be accurate and comparable with the claims of the manufacturers and the independent lab that Marketplace used for the second round of testing.

  97. u haven’t lost my trust. i have more respect for you even!!! thank you!

  98. That lab guy is not of this world.

  99. Come on guys labdoor did not get this wrong let’s be honest big companies threaten to sue

  100. This should be on scarce

  101. unbelievable. cbc is trying to pass all of the blame on this guy, acting so self righteous and indignant and taking none of the responsibility. it was on cbc to double check these lab results with another company. the real problem is cbc confirmation bias – they wanted a story and they wanted the results this lab was offering to be true. the blame is all theirs.

    1. nubbs Trust! Blame is on Both!

  102. Did anyone else notice the Labdoor guy’s oddly shaped head?

  103. As a specialist sports nutrition you dont need supplements

  104. damn karma hits hards bruhh

  105. Very honest public correction of incorrect information. We always trust honest people since no one is perfect.

    1. They were perfectly bribed

  106. gnc and pfizer are multimillion/billion dollar companies. does someone sense a conspiracy here? look at all sides of the puzzle.

    1. I agree this one is too one sided…

  107. Good job on making clarity eventually. Must say in Science there must always be a control group / test, even if it means more costs or efforts. Don’t blame just the lab…

  108. This looks staged. Not convincing. and i am pretty sure labdoor is getting paid too to give better results for the products that they are getting paid for.

  109. we should not blame the journalists because we only investigate on what was told and dug. blame the people who are inaccuratively giving results.

  110. You have to at least respect that man for showing his face and apologizing for getting it wrong. 💋

    1. Yeah and he definately could have handled it worse

    2. He should have definitely handled the situation better.

    3. His apology was merely to save face and was incredibly insincere. He “lied” left and right. Watch his body language as he says affirmative things about his company while he continues to negatively shake his head “no, no, no.” Liar. He knows they have issues but didn’t state so. How can one respect someone like that? I can’t.

    4. @Lenita A Yes he did at 10:04

    5. Cyndi Lou Who.. Did he apologize? Not on the Air!

  111. As a Naturopathic Physician, I agree with this video. This is telling all of us to be strongly advised that not all maker of supplements are guaranteed to be safe or effective. Please be very careful when choosing supplements. Read the labels, do some online research and get a second opinion. Also, most Vitamin C you find in an average supermarket are synthetically made as Asorboric Acid and is not true Vitamin C you get from cherry or orange. Also, be aware of the price you get what you pay for. Choose a high quality brand, but don’t forget that what you eat also matters, so it’s important to have a good diet too.

  112. What the gentleman should’ve IMMEDIATELY done, is said; ‘we screwed up, we’re checking, and re-checking our protocols, and methods and we’re not happy that we dropped the ball’, but, ANY hemming and hawing, as this gentleman did is unacceptable.

    My dad was in PR, and media training – where his job was to take the CEO’s of big companies (I.e., a major airline, no names, I can give, obviously), who’s plane just crashed, and this person had to go to the press, and his JOB was to make sure this GROWNUP was able to speak CLEARLY, and DIRECTLY, and NOT hem and haw, and speak about the plane crashing. The reporters there were going to ask tough questions – people were dead. That is how BUSINESS in the ADULT-world is – it’s not ‘oh, you’re being too mean’. Please!

    1. you shrunk it. sienfeld

  113. I can tell you with 100% certainty that GNC’s protein powders are mostly filler. Knowing that, I can conclude that someone was paid off or threatened with a lawsuit after your original report.

    1. No evidence given equals.. ?

    2. The GNC protein powder has been the best of all the ones ive tried, the only one that the Whey doesn’t clump up like other cheap ones

    3. Alan Freeman You still have not provided any information on your claim.

    4. Alan Freeman …how do you have 100% certainty, sbout fillers, just curious

  114. labdoor is actully selling supplement products. how do you expect them to do credible analysis?

  115. I think labdoor is being threatened by exposing those large companies.

    1. I’m glad y’all such experts on this all

    2. Exactly Chris!

    3. dont put it past labdoor to be scamming themselves. like not doing tests but giving bogus results.

  116. So… THe CBC is talking through their asses again. CHECK!

  117. The first test were true

  118. Because of that story I refused to take the protein powder after my long runs everyday. It caused me to become underweight. Now I have to stop running until I am healthy again.

  119. Lastly, I have seen a diet program that is successful for me. We only wish that I had come across this diet a long time ago. Make sure to google “sowo hope site”! Of all the diets in the world, this method is the best, I lost 6 pounds.

  120. what if CBC didn’t cut costs and send tests to 2-3 or more labs to limit the errors on results? I find it disgusting how CBC did not apologize specifically for their mistake but grabbed an escape goat to point the finger while acting all sorry about their mistake.

    CBC did the good ol “Im sorry BUT…” maneuver.

    1. Lol i agree but now I’m imagining an escape goat 🐐

  121. Let’s shift the blame on the labs so we don’t get sued by the billion dollar companies

  122. Ok thank you CBC for your apologies but you didn’t have to shame the guy publicly by shoving him in a corner and guilt tripping him until he cried. Mistakes happen to everyone. That’s why it’s good to double check when you can. No big deal.

    1. Alex Lord.. He kept sidestepping! So, she kept pushing!
      He should have apologized, and promised to find out how this happened! And let the Market place know!
      It is the M -Place’s Reputation on the line, also!

  123. Good on CBC. If only they would use the same type of proper investigation on vaccine scam.

  124. Too late, lawyers! We already know the truth ;))

  125. I don’t like how they are putting all the blame on Labdoor… they should have had at least two independent testing teams providing results. You don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

    1. Sam. Correct! You bet and hire your own labs. 2-3 and poof, proof. Never used govt contracted labs, takes a long time to ensure it’s far from govt. Also know labs may not get it. Foreign countries are notorious for dirty factories and counterfeit or synthetic SUPPS.

    2. Well said

    3. sam The other problem was Labdoor had multiple results wrong. I do agree more than one independent tests should be done.

  126. A screen of a screen?

  127. That bald guy has the ugliest head ever.

  128. he says he’s never had an issue like this before,but what he really means is that he’s never been caught before being a fraudster,he has only one job to test products and can’t even get it right,don’t trust this guy he looks like an alien from outer space, phone home ET phone home

  129. I would had said that same thing too if the big company gave me ten million dollars to say that the test results were wrong.

    1. fix things Always a Skeptic, hey? Easy to check!

  130. So, he said it was wrong, what the heck are you still looking for or expecting??? Gee whiz! Marketplace, your show made a mistake, the lab made a mistake….GET OVER IT!!!! Sick! I will not watch this again, since I only stumbled upon it this evening.

  131. Woah dang that Charlsie chick is GORGEOUS!

  132. LOL!! The dude at 6:30 is standing on the phone book. Talk about false advertising.

  133. See, this is why Canada>United States in press. United States don’t report any facts, whilst Canada, they step up when they are wrong, and try as hard as they can to report actual facts. In establishment media in the United States, “facts” are unheard of.

    1. Skylar, Where is the proof in your claim? Saying it doesn’t magically make it so but hey, whatever you gotta tell yourself…lol Most people just SAY negative things about the USA merely because they don’t like them. You made a wild claim while providing ZERO evidence to support it.

  134. Why do I have the feeling that LabDoor wasn’t wrong here? That they had the correct results before the big companies stepped in to save face.

    1. This is why products utilize batch number systems so they know when something fails quality control and can issue a recall or change the formula. If their initial findings showed inconsistencies to what the product claims, then that finding should be reached by testing another container within that batch.

      If they don’t have QC protocols to take account of the possible variables within testing then they have no business being a testing facility.

    2. Congratulations. You nailed it.

    3. or you cant trust labs either, some never test but charge u and give u a bs result

    4. They did not show us who were the other two labs

    5. Hassaan M0 I know you posted this a year ago, but I agree. This was my first thought, something doesn’t seem right here. I feel like something really fishy happened here.

  135. I respect CBC for this but did they test the EXACT same (literally same bottle/container) protein powder/vitamin C they took to labdoor to the other labs?

    1. Conspiracy dude

  136. this is an obvious buy out huge companies putting pressure on cbc and the lab company

  137. I sense conspiracy theory. Remember when there are a lot of documentary movies saying FDA in US are working “closely” with deep dark food industries? AND of course I don’t have any evidence to support it, so whatever.

  138. wow. props for the honesty….

  139. Hey man…..wanna make some gains? You do? thats real good man.

  140. dam . even i feel bad for bashing the gnc girl on trying to selll me gnc products …

  141. There was no way you guys could know that a lab with all the credentials will screw up that much… I bet that in the future of the you guys will use more than one lab.

  142. As a physician, more disturbing than the fact that these labs are getting these test results incorrect, is the fact that you are testing these dubious supplements in the first place. Vitamin C (and most vitamin supplements outside of pregnancy) are completely unnecessary and have been proven by multiple studies to be potentially harmful. The same can be said for protein supplements. Fish Oil may be helpful in lowering triglyceride levels, but are not effective on LDL and VLDL, the two worst types of cholesterol. Instead of telling us which Snake Oil is the most pure, you should be telling us not to waste our money on Snake Oil in the first place.

    1. whey is not harmful. nor is fish oil if not rancid. i keep my fish oil in the fridge

    2. Jared Ross, a billion likes for you! Thanks!

  143. they to apologize to the Americans company like GNC AND PFIZER

  144. This is why I trust you even more Marketplace. Good Job. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.

  145. considering the amount of work they do to help the public. i forgive them.

  146. I felt like blaming the lab was some sort of cover up of the truth. I don’t know about everyone else. Someone how I had the feeling that the lab DID get it right. CBC I appreciate the work you guys do. But you guys can not just rely on ONE lab for testing. And you CAN NOT start blaming someone who agreed to test things for you. Because humans errors do happen and you have to take that into consideration.

    1. Perhaps the lab is sponsored by GNC or Pfizer and made them change their result

    2. Saber Uddin Those are Huge ‘errors’!

  147. 6:50 Lord Voldemort on the other side of his head.

  148. So they’re saying the “top notch” lab had such shoddy results, that at least THREE products had dramatically inaccurate, statistically improbable test results?

    If there was even a 5% expected failure rate the probability of 3 results dramatically failing must have been below .01%

    As always you have your choice between gross incompetency, mercenary scientists, mercenary corporations, and unethical behavior by CBC workers.

  149. Seriously CBC +1 on credibility. I would feel a lot better about Fox News if they did investigations into where their indisputable factual inaccuracies come from.

  150. How many times does he have to apologize. Jeesh.

  151. Thank you for being on YouTube 🙂 you guys are very helpful

  152. The advice to CBC Marketplace was on the back of the door of the lab at McMaster University. See it for yourself at time stamp 7.30 of this video. Pause the video and read the poster on the door.

  153. Decent video but I can’t help thinking that an organization like the CBC should have got a few different labs to test the product before going to air!!!

  154. I think CBC is a very rude. Why put this guy in blast? Everyone can make a mistake….give the guy a break. If CBC is going to play like this than viewers should be holding CBC accountable for not sending samples to multiple labs….Great idea guys, lets send ONE LAB a sample when we know (unless we are completely in-competent) that there is ALWAYS some margin of HUMAN ERROR as potential and report this ONE result to ALL of Canada. Wow, another reason why i rarely watch CBC.

    1. the labs scam too .dont trust anyone

    2. A mistake? They made more than a mere mistake here. They gave BAD information on several products. That doesn’t happen unless you have serious flaws in the way you are doing business. Labdoor got what they deserved, to be called out on “expert” information they were paid to provide. Seems they aren’t so expert afterall.

  155. Hey your method of testing is wack…n = 1 ????? brah common!! I’m 14 and i no dat science shiz lol u pleb

  156. the possibility of a lab getting it wrong on two products – especially when they are testing the products for a show on CBC – i need supplements to digest it 🙂 something not discussed in this video is the possibility of pfizer and gnd bribing the labdoor testing – never know with these giants!

  157. They made a lot of rookie mistakes on this and in the process they damaged the public’s trust in science and those that do it. First, from the beginning they should have sent samples off to at least two or more separate labs for testing to insure that they all had consistent results. Also, I wounder what changed as far as their shipping and preparation of products from round 1 to round 2 with multiple labs. That box looked a little hastily packed and was even taped up a little weird. They make no mention of their own process, yet they repeatedly hold the the Michigan lab rep’s feet to the fire. There is little, if any actual explanation about how the sample’s might have been contaminated, or anything from the Michigan lab about how their tests might have been messed up. I found the whole thing to be generally sensationalized, not to mention that they never question the assumption that “vitamins are necessary” when in reality, most people don’t even need to take vitamins unless they have some kind of deficiency in their diet.

  158. The number of mistakes and the degree of the error is not what you’d expect from a “highly reputable” lab. They’re not going to be as sorry as the lawsuits they’ll face. Marketplace has damaged those companies and brands. Not everyone is going to see this follow up.

    1. +Tae Gon Lee Fortunately, we can thank the wackjobs who shot up Paris for preventing this story from being broadcast to most of Canada.

  159. Guess next time CBC might want to keep the testing in Canada especially when we have labs more than capable and this American lab obviously is useless

    And CBC doing the sob story trying to play the victim is disgusting.

  160. I’m kind of disappointed CBC was only planning to use one lab for results, you would think if a team was hoping to go above and beyond what a civilian can do, they’d anticipate that possibility

  161. thank you so much for this gyus!

  162. Isn’t it interesting that Marketplace goes after Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company that makes billions in profits, and all of a sudden they got it wrong? Do they really expect us to believe that? I think Big Pharma got in the way here because you can’t tell the general populace that Big Pharma products are bad for you, despite claims and clear evidence to the contrary. Shame on you Marketplace for yielding to Big Pharma.

    1. the lab is an independent lab, they got bogus results, cbc screwed up

  163. “an error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it”
    I wonder were these the only products you gave them to test? Because if there were many more and only a few were incorrect than this would make more sense.

  164. Let’s be real here. This isn’t cbc apologizing, it’s really cbc throwing the lab under the bus.

  165. The first results where probably true, the big vitamin supplement companies probably step in and paid people off to sweep the story under the rug. All supplements are b.s. The only real way to get those vitamins is with a proper diet.

    1. although some labs are bogus too. they actually dont test things they say were tested. lol you cant trust anyone that is the message

    2. Joven Noble damn right, u can never go wrong with basics

    3. Joven Noble now that is real.

  166. This is the weirdest episode of market place than been before!
    OK, next time, watch out from misleading money pet Labs 🙂

  167. Ok, that’s a nice move from CBC. But what really matters is beyond labels. The key question is: What amount of a substance or nutrient really are we taking when we put some pill/suplement in our mouths?

  168. trust tff

  169. i am. try stuff from Youngevity and INFOWARS STORE you will love it

  170. I like marketplace!!!

  171. When your in a rush to do a smear job on an entire industry with preconceived ideas about said industry why let a little thing like facts get in the way.

    1. 21st century journalism at its finest.

  172. Respect for doing this however u r to blame 4 relying on the results of a single lab instead of sending the same sample to at least 2 labs and a 3rd lab if discrepancy in the results … i would have respected u more if u have also admitted that u did that wrong instead of blaming the lab 4 everything that went wrong.

  173. If only CBC’s investigation of refugees was as thorough as what they’re doing now.

  174. Good for Marketplace ‘fessing up to the mistake, but WTF does Paris have to do with this story??

  175. Answer: Multi billion pound company Vs a small lab, first get the lab to say its results were wrong, then send out a crew of investigators to make sure every subsequent lab they go to is known and a favorable result achieved, BY ANY MEANS, i was adamant the jury system was not corruptible, no matter how much money you threw at it, Runaway jury 2003, showed me the theory, all that was left is the execution of it with the resources ( manpower, money, equipment ) Hello world ( echo)

    1. its actually a big lab. not above scamming themselves

  176. Probably got the results wrong because too much pot smoking going on at work. It was San Francisco after all.

  177. That bald guy needs to let his hair grow back out. He looks like a Conehead or some Chernobyl baby.

    1. That was so mean…but i Lmao😂

  178. Apology accepted CBC.
    Don’t stop your investigative research, reinforce it with alternate lab results.
    Thanx for your great work!


  180. Watched the show and threw out all my vitamins.

  181. I understand that journalists are no scientists, but error analysis is an integral part of any scientific research and an easy way to minimizze the error is to do several tests. I think marketplace should consider in future reports using always at least two sources for these kind of tests. That’ll prevent this kind of mistakes.

    Anyways I find this kind of apology exceptionally respectful to all parties involved and hope marketplace will continue the great job they are doing. It’s a great pleasure these are at view for the global audience unlike many other channels’ programs.

  182. Still, they didn’t rake him over the coals the way Oprah did to that _A Million Little Pieces_ guy.

    1. @***** Nah.

    2. +Osiris Malkovich I’ve been searching for video of this interview with James Frey. I can’t find it, literally anywhere. Can’t even find an explanation as to why. It’s almost as if Oprah has completely wiped this off of the internet, which seems impossible. Surely this is good enough material for *someone somewhere* to have downloaded it and saved it. You wouldn’t happen to have any idea, would you?

  183. If the lab found no nagative results no story no positive reconition for the lab making them redundant for Web information , it’s
    all about the money. Oops back fired.

  184. Wow. Speechless.

  185. Excellent job for reporting the errors like this. Not just a text banner on an obscure CBC webpage saying “oops, retraction” for a week. But an actual video report. Interesting seeing some of the labs talk about these errors too.

  186. i dont think being critical of research and testing both within science and outside could ever be harmful to that discipline.

  187. Is CBC being sued by Pfizer for this misinformation?

  188. That’s why you send stuff to 3 different labs… isn’t it what marketplace used to do?

    1. before trump derangement syndrome lol, they were a lot better

    2. +TMCicuurd12b42 unless all the labs are open to bribes by big money pharma.

    3. @dontbeghey It will happen all at the same time 6 months before elections. Because, and sorry to burst your bubble, but he’s not that different from Harper.

    4. +DisturbedRocks31
      It’ll take more than 6 months to fix 10+ years of mistakes

    5. +Dianne Smith But didn’t Trudeau fix all his mistakes?

  189. Look that frown face @ 2:32, predictive programming much cbc. OMG, labdoor is ad and marketing company; CBC failed again. find a real laboratory next time, no some startup company looking for angel investors. LOL.

  190. Ok the guy got it wrong but CBC should have done more testing with other Labs lmao

    1. they too busy blaming labdoor lol

  191. That interview with Neil was silly. It seemed like you were just trying to make him feel bad rather than getting any actual answers out of him.

    What do you think could have gone wrong with testing?

    What have you changed in your testing?

    Has this happened more than once?

    Is it possible that you’ve published incorrect results in the past using the same method and there is false information out there? This seems likely considering it wasn’t your own company that spotted the mistake.

    Those are the questions you should ask and actually get answers to those questions. This video just felt like a waste of time.

    1. ‘Feel bad’? The reporter (REPEATEDLY) asked him to explain WHY. You know, there’s a big problem with ‘adults’ in the US, the past couple of decades – instead of acting LIKE adults, and taking RESPONSIBILITY – both good AND bad, you hear things like you – which is totally irrelevant, making him ‘feel bad’. This is a grown man – a representative of a multI-MILLION dollar organisation, which does a LOT of testing on products I’m certain either you or someone you know uses, and you’re talking as if she was ‘mean’ to a child. She was 110% professional and spoke LIKE an ADULT TO an ADULT.

    2. +Joe Dirt “We pushed for further explanation, but he didn’t have any.”

    3. +Joe Dirt it was a stunt, Multi billion dollar industry Vs a small lab, easy, subsequent labs, known and favorable result aquired, unless you do it yourself, several times, you will not know for sure, me i know how things work, therefore, i know people in a position of employment to observe and operate such clandestine functions, ( allegedly by persons),

    4. +Joe Dirt That’s what I was thinking. It was like when Oprah brought James Frey back on her show to grill him for lying to her. Marketplace brought this guy to TO away from his lab and any real data for backing up his first results or to explain HOW they got it wrong.

  192. I understand that labs have so much room for error, so I’m glad Marketplace has owned up to this mistake. I have a lot of respect for the fact that you’ve apologized. This makes me somewhat happy that CBC is my number one news source.

  193. How embarrassing, that guy shouldn’t even have appeared on TV again – you should have just presented a still picture and done a phone interview instead – adding a good old fashion laugh track in the background when he was answering … what a scam, can’t even trust that lab’s results : worthless. they should shut everything down NOW. Marketplace should really have double checked with another lab before airing though but I imagine those tests are expensive ….

    1. Errors occur in experiments all the time, maybe the batch they were testing that day was contaminated or news station wan’t the results quickly, nothing wrong with accepting a mistake and moving on.

  194. Mistakes do happen, the main thing is to accept, apologize and learn from it, move one and appreciate the honesty. Perhaps next time, choose more than one lab to get comparisons, catch mistakes sooner. Good job here to everyone.

    1. cheap out, sell hype then point fingers when everything goes wrong.

    2. +ancientmum It seemed like it was multiple mistakes in succession. Something is systematically wrong.

    3. +ancientmum Great, another well engineered Tv programming of the masses, multi billion pound industry Vs a small lab, a single lab testing, bollocks, too many inconsistencies, one lab for a start, this is NOT investigative journalism, there is little or none of that these days, this is a insult to peoples intelligence,

  195. someone’s bout to get sooooooooooo fired.

  196. I have a lot of respect for CBC doing this. Great job guys this was a good move.

    1. Its just journalist hacks passing the buck. It’s THEIR job to verify their claims.

    2. yeah i agree with you market place was trusting a so-called reputable lab. you can’t blame market place for that. funny how they revealed that lab company when they were first looking at protien drinks and vitamin supliments.

    3. they did it to avoid a lawsuit by the companies

    4. I agree. They basically stood up and practiced what they preached. Good job.

    5. Agreed. wish everyone did this! Seriously mistakes happen especially when your depending on someone else.

  197. You expect an FDA approved lab and the NY state attorney general to tell the truth? That’s silly. Big Pharma rules them both. Great story. You caught the liars in the FDA lab and exposed them. Good job.

  198. Experts? Health Canada ?


    Good one bro

  199. labdoor’s a bunch of clowns.

  200. Man, I feel sorry for the lad. He’s probably gonna get fired from that. I guess CBC should have done at least 2-3 duplicate testing from different labs before airing anything of this magnitude. But all is already said and done.

    1. +Jacky D I don’t see why he would get fired. He is doing his job, but he seems to be a spokesperson. They didn’t send out a technician, they send out some guy who works in PR and clearly has no idea how anything works. He sounded like he didn’t know anything.

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