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Tesla To Make Emergency Medical Supplies? 🏥

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Elon Musk offered to help make medical supplies for US hospitals (like ventilators, masks, etc) and Mayor de Blasio is taking him up on the offer. After a long twitter exchange (prompted by Nate Silver), it appears as if Tesla/SpaceX are reaching out to the New York City government and may supply them with direly needed medical equipment. I think this is an awesome initiative by Elon, and could be a win/win. NYC gets help, and Tesla’s factory employees have something to do. Let me know what you think in the comments below!!

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LINK – GM and Ford considering to make medical supplies for the US:
LINK – Elon Tweet replying to Nate Silver:

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512 thoughts on “Tesla To Make Emergency Medical Supplies? 🏥

  1. Currently 03rd April 2020. Musk still saying its just like flu. Musk still hasn’t supplied any invasive ventilators to anyone. Only made a phone call and got a batch of sleep apnea machines (which aren’t in short supply and available easily) which haven’t been asked for. Just stating the facts people don’t shoot the messenger.


  3. What’s next…..Virus incinerating, fully electric face masks ?

  4. Tesla would be able to help, I truly believe. Why ? Because EM is think outside box and once he has a goal he follow through. Let him do it.

  5. Awesome that Elon is so willing to help almost any legitimate cause. Thai cave, Flint, #19, etc.

  6. Remember everyone, Call this the CCP virus so future generations will know what they’ve done.

  7. It’s nice to see tim dodd reporting on tesla

  8. Watch at 2x the speed. ————You are welcome.

  9. In UK the Formula 1 race manufacturing industry is reported to be making ventilators. London is setting up huge intensive care facilities in conference centres.
    WW2 indeed repurposed it’s industry. But that took months.
    We need the medical equipment in a few days.

  10. Excellent video

  11. Elon Musk is now Elon Mask

  12. Bad azz, he offered right away to build them, welcome to Tesla Medical!

    The U.S. need to stop outsourcing our jobs, technology, and especially defense equipment!

  13. Ford is stepping up to help make and retrofit their factories to help make these respirators.

  14. Man Elon is hands down the greatest billionaire ever…He’s always reaching out in times of need, it’s inspirational asf.

    Does it all & somehow still manages to give off that blue collar vibe…You don’t see Bezos or Gates getting their hands dirty ever.

  15. Elon down played the coming sickness , my husband saw it mid january got out of stock market stocked up for months and tried warn people to no Avail . Elon is Not always out front of events .Dumped all our Tesla stock in March ! who is going pay 75K for an EV when gas is going be $1.75 gal

  16. too little too late DUH Pure PR move ! by the time they produce Ventilators in any any quantity it will be over !

  17. An hour ago, Elon tweeted the following:
    “Yup, China had an oversupply, so we bought 1255 FDA-approved ResMed, Philips & Medtronic ventilators on Friday night & airshipped them to LA. If you want a free ventilator installed, please let us know!”

  18. Do they wash dishes too?

  19. Great, His factory workers will need them after being crammed onto buses cause it is only a panic to worry about

  20. This is great. I’m a huge Tesla and Elon fan, but comparing this to WWII efforts is tough. In WWII the front was overseas, now the front is hear and infecting and killing the workforce that is needed to do the manufacturing. Trying to remain optimistic. Godspeed and protect yourselves out there everyone!

  21. Leaving Elan apart, WHAT DID BIG PHARMA AND PRIVATE HEALTHCARE SYSTEM IN ORDER TO HELP AMERICAN NATION ?!This is first legitimate question on every honest citizen mind which pay a lot of money on taxes and health assurances !

  22. When will we be seeing the Tesla Medicar?
    Autonomous mobile healthcare.

  23. Perhaps sending a not-a-flamethrower to the White House for every ventilator so that the White House can keep that their gaslighting going?
    It’s funny that Trump chooses to ask GM for help and not Tesla. Likely because he doesn’t want to support industries that are not fossil-fueled.

  24. Puhhhhhh you are talking too ast, thats stress poor which I don’t need in private time….

  25. Ignore the Nattering Nabobs of Negativity.

  26. Vacuum manufacturers could step up also, contact Elon for battery back up supply.

  27. Next topic, ventilator requirements, what criteria must be met to meet medical standards…

  28. Can you follow up on ventilators production? Thanks for your patriotic report. Make our own. Proud of American ingenuity.

  29. I’m glad most people are waking up to this Charlatan. One thing he IS very good at making is Snake Oil. Tesla won’t survive this crisis. They won’t make any respirators either….no one wants him to and other more stable companies have already been contracted. Game Over.

  30. Elon Musk (TESLA) should develop the world’s best emergency equipment for home and hospital use – respirator- and medical treatment controlled by AI, – toilet- and cleaning equipment that makes it easy for healthcare professionals to avoid infection. I have seen that you – HyperChange – are close to Elon Musk – please give him advice.

  31. Lol at cash situation of Tesla. Nobrains noworries

  32. I’m sure there’s lots of CEO’s across America and around the world who are stepping up to this issue. Elon is a bit of an eccentric using Twitter, and like anything on social media you’re gonna get lots of negativity no matter what you say.

    But I have a lot of respect for Elon and I hope he weighs in on this and encourages more companies to join in. I know a couple Formula 1 teams have offered to do something similar over here in the UK. This is the biggest shake up to our daily lives since WW2 and we need some of that war time spirit now.

    Stay safe everyone.

  33. Are you sucking Musk?

  34. We had a idea of what might hit us… don’t get bored in the Quarantine😉

  35. With retooling and then manufacture time it would all be to late. This is just a PR stunt. Are you blind?

  36. America was a homogeneous society that was more nationalistic during the world wars than it is today. Good luck relying on globalists.

  37. Need a basic ventilator design which can be made from off the shelve parts

  38. Elon is the hero we need .

  39. I knew he would do this.

  40. Seems like GM and Ford have made up their minds.

  41. your a fear mongger….give us break….go build ventilator for us then you can talk…internet expert…always over the top and know nothing..get off your computer and do the right thing

  42. Russia is helping Italy. EU has betrayed Italy. President Putin and PM Conte have agreed for Russia to send equipment and medical personnel and technicians to Italy.

  43. The Mercedes ventilators will have exhaust pipes pumping out diesel nitrogen.

  44. So Tesla will start making medical supplies in order to stay open as an “Essential” service.
    Sounds like a movie I watched about a factory in Germany WW2 which employed Jewish prisoners to save their lives.

  45. Too late, you said it…

  46. Elon, is our real life Iron Man. Get involved, be useful. Haters going to hate, let the stupid stock up on toilet paper even though no one ever died of an itchy bum.

  47. Great news. Can we also build robots to sedate and intubate the patients on the ventilators to replace the dead nurses and doctors who usually run these machines

  48. It is silly to depend on overseas sources for the active components of medications. Those need to be made in-country.

  49. A brilliant move , everybody wins and by building medical equipment his factories go from non-essential to essential business .

  50. No. It’s just more Elon empty PR. Italy is in chaos and in urgent need for respirators, people are dying like flies and he didn’t do anything. It’s all empty words. His true character really showed through in this crisis. A muppet.

  51. Puerto Rico produces 80% of the worlds IV bags among other medical products. This is produced in the United states not like producing medical products in China because PR is part of the US it’s closer to producing them in Hawaii than a foreign country but way closer physically to the mainland.

  52. Ya that makes sense sense have Tesla make a product they have never made? Lmao – find the makers that they already make them? 🤭

    1. The companies that produce them are at 100%. They don’t have excess capacity.

  53. I suspect that Tesla has some experience with 3D printing parts for rapid prototyping. Even if all he can do is a fw dozen a day, it is better than what we have now

  54. This ‘china virus’ is,in an ironic way ,actually World War III. Except it is the beginning the end of runaway corporate capitalism holding our marketing induced consumerism ( sell ’em brand new already ripped jeans, how clever we rich people are), in favor of simple actual real people working co-operatively to solve their simple problems of simply staying alive, vrs a fake person who can never hardly die, otherwise known as a ‘corporation’ which has unlimited power to corrupt politics, and will only die when the corporation dies (it can happen). Elon, an African, is enslaving us to a new form of capitalism by freeing us from greed capitalism, freeing us from runaway corporate capitalism, which is pitting our Earthling ‘sapiens’ against a different fake form of earthling life, greed capitalism, which is exterminating our human existance … climactic human anihillation. Remember, rich people absolute cannot live without the co-operation of poor people. Who else will pour the piss out of the rich peoples’ boots? And, poor people can cut their own hair, clean their own home.

  55. The Musk hate is mostly driven by right-wing jealousy.

  56. If I call it what it is: The Wuhan Chinese Red Death will I get de watcherized?

  57. That’s why S. Korea got way ahead of it. They just told several companies they must make millions of face masks per day, everyone wore them, and they had a short, flat curve. Hopefully it hits harder in the US as a wake up call for the science haters.

  58. Yep, it might take a bit of design work to make a ventilator that you don’t get sued over. However, like the government did in WWII for aircraft production, they could just take some other company’s design, and duplicate it.

    If it isn’t too difficult, I think the thing that they could make almost immediately (whilst working on a setting up ventilator production) is PPE (N95, or virus resistant breathing masks). Ventilators won’t help much if your first responders and medical personnel are all quarantined and/or sick. I’m thinking of something similar to BandAid™ brands surgical masks, which are embedded with three layers bio-defense of 3 layers of ascorbic acid, copper oxide, and zinc oxide embedded cloths that destroy most biologics.

    I could see them making a “non disposable” electronic PPE version of a breathing mask that uses a 265 nm UVC LED light (which destroys ALL DNA/RNA) inside a chamber that the incoming air to passes through. It would just need a rechargeable battery or two, and could even operate off of regular AA or 9 volt batteries (for hours, 1 LED only draws about 0.13 watts). Hmm, I almost have the design worked out inside my head already, but have to do some more back of the envelope calculations first…

    Of course, knowing Elon, later aftermarket versions might have a voice changing mic/speaker circuit in it to make you sound like Darth Vader or Bane (think “Not a Flamethrower”).

  59. Thank you Elon!! Get on board quickly automskers.
    This is GREAT….please hurry.
    Distribute directly to hospitals and emergency personnel…not the Federal government. Too much red tape.

  60. First ventilators in the world to have fart mode.

  61. In the Media they say there is a shortage on ventilators but when asked nobody can Twitter a list of hospitals.

  62. Earlier I expressed my frustration about the ever present “Elon-hate” online, even among Tesla fans.
    But he just said on Twitter that he believes children are basically immune to the virus, to 32.5 million followers. So yeah, in light of him actually being a massive and irresponsible idiot right now, I say he’s fair game, bois.

  63. Make the car a remote control car to do deliveries as well as the truck

  64. Can this dude talk any faster?

    1. The dy he will be out of amphetamin

  65. 0:50 you said the name of the virus that cannot be said.

  66. Well done guys, well done Elon.

  67. If you look at South Korea, you will see everybody with masks and regular places that offer CV-19 (USS Hancock) testing, even drive-through testing. the government tasked many companies to stop producing whatever they were before and told them to produce masks for the people when it first was detected. That is how a government is supposed to respond to such a crisis, now let us look to the US and you see all sorts of idiots buying a 2 year supply of toilet paper but no antibacterial soap like they never calculated how long any of their supplies last before such an event. What is also surprising is that only these two got caught for it seeing that there undoubtedly are a lot more that did it.

  68. @ALL PEOPLE MUST WATCH “NOW”!!! Truth behind the corovavirus Agenda!!! (start at 23:00min)

  69. Think Elon will review Ventilator offerings presently like he did Tunnel Equipment, see the failings, use his physics background and end up doing 2 things. # 1 design, patient the newest latest greatest specifically for the Hospital environment and then put “how to make plans” on the web. # 2 He will design a simpler piece of equipment for non-hospital environments like “Home-use” for the other 90% that do not have complex illnesses and do not need hospital beds.

  70. Tesla all the way! They can land a freakin rocket on a drone ship. Ventilators? Walk in the park

  71. When the private sector steps up to help when people are in need good things happen.

  72. New York City alone could use easily use billion medical masks a month – they need to be changed 2 – 3 times a day, 20 million people in the metropolitan area. These simple medical masks lower the Ro more than most vaccines do – if used properly and consistently. They should prevent disease better than N95 masks as they prevent those with early infection from spreading the disease before they know they are sick. We also need tests – not just for those with active infection, but also to know who is now immune, so that they can return to normal activities. These are also manufactured product. We can save more lives by slowing the spread of the disease than by building ventilators. Half of the deaths from the COVID-19 crisis are likely to be from people not able to get care for heart attacks, strokes, and other non-infectious disease when the hospitals are packed.

  73. Musk is a millionaire folks, wonder why

  74. Where I first worked, long before my time there, prior WW2 the factory cast aluminium saucepans, during WW2 they repurposed the foundry to make magnesium incendiary bombs

  75. Byd is doing masks, why not Tesla, they have crazy good engeneers

  76. How could Elon Musk not be aware of this need?

  77. I suspect the big problem is more one of patents and corporate intellectual property than actual engineering. The war effort you described was made possible by having repurposed assembly lines generate parts to very demanding specs. This is a lot easier in the CNC era, but it also means that potential parts companies like Tesla would then have detailed specs that could make it much easier in future years to compete with the ventilator manufacturers. I don’t think Musk would do that, but how could the original designers be certain?

  78. this may in the very longterm provide SpaceX with colonization infrastructure (life support/medical.)

  79. It is amazing the level of sheer stupid stubbornness that some folks have. Simply determined to NOT give credit where it is due for the sake of some undefined amorphous concept of jealousy and spite. _”I’m not gonna give HIM the satisfaction of spreading his hype or increasing his reputation by allowing him to help! It would be a sign of weakness!”_

    Dude. You need help. Admit it. Accept it. Damn.

    I remember how *Governor Chris Christie* simply did _’THE RIGHT THING”_ and graciously accepted aid from *President Barack Obama* following Hurricane Sandy. It made sense. Political party alignment meant nothing. Philosophical differences were immaterial. Why are so few _’Leaders’_ unable to follow suit?

  80. Elon is right that panic will and seems to be causing more harm than the virus (not including loss of life), but he is wrong to let there be any doubt that people should not listen to mandates about closing down places of mass gatherings (events, clubs, churches, schools, etc) while practicing social distancing to essentially flatter the curve on the spread of the virus and cases of people with severe sickness needing medical assistance.

    In terms of ventilators, good on NY Mayor for taking up Elon / Tesla offer to go ahead and provide the needed respirators of which there is a shortage. There is also a shortage of hospital beds and spaces that health workers can use to provide health services. In China, they build new hospital, converted other buildings, and did everything they could think of to increase their capacity to care. That isn’t happening in the US at this point and that is why we in US may end up in similar situation as Italy where even people that could be saved with minimal medical intervention may not be able to get the treatments needed.

  81. Don’t do it Elon! They don’t deserve your generosity and kindness… they will just say shitty things about you and criticize . Don’t help.

  82. Tesla is probably best at making ventilators, and life support systems. We are in more dire need of help in protective equipment with ventilation systems such as PAPR which use simplified, but similar systems of a spacesuit. However, as a physician, I believe Elon is correct in that we need to see the actual needs before we ask a manufacturer to retool. I think he can partner with physicians’ input to get the most awesome equipment out to the world.

    Don’t blame Elon, he is correct in the sense that there is a lot of panic at work here. NYC does not actually have intubated patients being hand ventilated by a person while waiting for ventilators to show up. These public health organizations are preparing for the worse possible scenario. That’s why the number of orders for ventilators needed does not mean an actual current shortage in machines in use. Even if you have 5,000,000 ventilators, there aren’t enough qualified physician, nurses, and respiratory techs to run those 24/7. These require intense 24/7 monitoring and frequent adjustments to successfully keep people alive. Lack of Specialists means that even on a ventilator does not guarantee survival.

    Tesla and SpaceX can likely provide innovative solutions for these problems that is right in their wheelhouse, and maybe they’ll see opportunities that will possibly enhance their future endeavors in space travel so that everyone wins. We shouldn’t force or pressure them at this point. Elon will figure out how they can help with more info on the table.

  83. you seem to forget you live on planet Earth with thousands of human beings that only want to see other suffer.

  84. Elon is God well like a lifesaver..he means well ignore the hatemongers bro you are hyperventilating..calm down son lol Onkel Bob.

  85. Elon Twitted on March 16 the name: CHLOROQUINE the effective treatment for COVID-19, which Pres. Trump reiterated today March 20! Elon will save the world from itself and the virus! If the different levels of gov’t would cooperate and get out of his way, Elon will do what he is allowed to do. You’re doing a great job Gali!

  86. Come on Elon, use all spaceX engines, set at Ecuador line, and make this planet spin faster. Sure will be wind enough

    1. what

  87. Imagine if Elon tweets something like this: “Why are medicines/medical equipment so expencive?”

    1. @James Lee you are one of the few who actually gets it. Nobody even knows how hard it is to start up your own medical company without going through miles of legalize bullshit and redtape while potentially getting sued left and right by worthless hungry lawyers.

    2. Allar Luik The profit motive does create a better world. Otherwise the world would be full of junk that nobody wants, that some politician thinks people should have.

    3. I understand that. However in times when there might be great shortages in life support systems, its better to have something. Even if 50% will fail, remaining 50% can still save lives.
      And who knows what Tesla can come up with if their goal is not only profit but making the world a better place. They will need medicine anyways when they will go to Mars

    4. Allar Luik The answer is regulation

  88. Elon for President! This can be another business… 👍🏾👍🏾

  89. Empty words from a narcissist. He just concocted a scheme to put the focus on Elon, pump the stock, and maybe get classified as an “essential business”. An auto plant and a vent manufacturing plant aren’t even close to the same, other than being a big building with lights in it.

  90. In fact that will be a problem in all planet mostly in europe were we have a demographic old population. I hope other persons do the same here 👈

  91. this dont surprise me 🙂🙂 this guy is one of the most importante personas of this planet . And they will need it because the most of deaths is because USA have a huge demographic problem in health care. 👈

  92. Seems like a gesture to try to get on the “let me keep my gigafactory open”

    It certainly would be an easy way to get NYC to buy 500 cybertrucks for city worker usage.
    I am sure the mayor and city council would remember who delivered ventilators and made the mayor look good.

    I think it would be worthwhile for Telsa to come up with a protoype and start making some.

  93. I hope mega factorys around the world can produce ALOT vents. Not for me, but for our eldery people, maybe for your/our parents! Im a healthy 38yo none smoker/drinker. I got mild signs i got it, so im in self lockdown. Stay safe people!! We can do this only if we work together.

  94. Yep, just another example of why so many of us really like Elon. Ignore the nay-sayers. They know not whereof they speak. Those who matter are those looking for ways to help and solve problems, and NOT criticizing others for doing so.

  95. If you are a medical equipment maker or working for the FDA, I would be so worried for having SpaceX and Tesla disrupt and challenge your industry and way of operating in no time.

  96. Yes! Battery powered and autonomous Tesla ventilators!!!!

  97. Why don’t you donate to the rape crisis center while you’re at it, and get real.

  98. Dude Elon thinks corona will go away based on China. If you think the USA could do real shut downs and control our public the way they have. You are fucking stupid. Don’t buy this guys rockets.

  99. Elon may not alway say what people want to hear, but he’s a man of action, and gets shit done

    1. ya!!!!!!!!!!!! lets go Elon

  100. Can we use referral codes on the ventilators? 😂😂😂

  101. How can you shut the factory for safety reasons from building cars but then build another product? Factory is shut for social distancing reasons not because building cars is dangerous.

  102. And this, dear grandson is the story of how Tesla Medicine was founded.

    1. @sgrdpdrsn Tesla Medicar. Mobile healthcare.

    2. Or Tesla Medicare…

  103. The government will pay for those ventilators or will be a charity?

  104. Fremont now shutdown

  105. Once again,…. Elon Musk leads the way. And others follow

  106. You said Cor**a viru▪ at 0:52

  107. Ford built a factory from scratch and at its peak was building 1 B24 an hour.

  108. This was great, short and to the point. I rarely have time to go diving into twitter and figure out how things unfolded, thanks for doing this.

  109. Elon is the real Iron Man

  110. “I’m going to call it illness 19 because I don’t want to get demonetized”…. 50 seconds later: “Corona Virus”. Fail.

    1. He does not want to call it the “China” Virus. Corona, or Covid-19 or the 19…..all okay.

      But don’t you dare bring China into this.

      Spanish flu.
      Asian Flu.
      Swine Flu.

      are pigs offended?

    2. At 0:52

  111. Elon isn’t your typical CEO is he lol. Stopped counting beans decades ago

  112. GM Ford PR department puts a nice sounding statement then turns the lights off. Elon says “what do you want? Lemme know. Not hard”

  113. So which Billionairs have donated money to this cause, Elon as usual will go out of his way to save humanity, this can’t be said about other rich people that are probably shorting the stock market to get richer at the expense of companies and employees in this time of unpresidented challenge.

  114. Elon seems to be a real life superhero. Glad I bought more tesla stock today. Thank you, Elon for your good work!

  115. Sharing as I found this hopeful

    Possible COVID-19 treatment (not a cure) explained

    Explaining how Zinc blocks RdRP so it can’t creating more virus RNA if (it is a big if) you can get the Zinc into your cells Cytoplasm

    Explaining how the existing drug Chloroquine might be able to get Zinc into your cells Cytoplasm

    Explaining how Hydroxychloroquine has actually been used against Covid-19 with positive results.

    UK health appear to be planning to use Hydroxychloroquine to help fight Covid-19 (along with some HIV anti viral drugs)

    South Korea experts recommend Hydroxychloroquine along with HIV anti viral drugs to fight Covid-19

    Further evidence that Hydroxychloroquine appears to be effective

    Hydroxychloroquine + antibiotic best combo

    Note these drugs require a subscription and can have some very serious side effects and bad interaction with other drugs so you need a doctor to check they will be okay first. I also expect they will be reserved for those confirmed as infected only.

    Why is this important to know?

    South Korea Stats

    Italy Stats

    An Italian ICU doctors experience

  116. I hope they make 1,000,000 and sell them for $100,000 each and skim the fed money printers big.

  117. Razer is also (supposedly) going to be making surgical masks. Funny how it seems that it’s the “tech industry” that is going to help.

  118. Tesla to the rescue! First with the ventilators, next with some positive economic news! Long live Tesla and long live Elon!!!

  119. We don’t nee auto companies to make ventilators. All we need is for President Trump to sign an order directing private manufacturers to start producing them. The manufacturers are ready and waiting …

  120. This is sobering …

    If COVID-19 deaths continue at their recent growth rate (17% increase per day) then nearly a million deaths will happen in the next month, 79 million in two months …

  121. When I get my Tesla, it’s not going to be Chinese-built. I refuse. Boycott these lying communist perpetrators of world-wide destruction. Build here. Build now.

  122. Amazing news! Amusing to also see even more industries being disrupted. I mean what if there was some sort of amazing tech advancement (in ventilators) that could be realized simply because.. Elon. Tesla is famous in vertical integration, but to also be creating the safety gear to enable their workforce to safely keep working would be kinda mind blowing on many levels.

  123. Phillips Ventilator vs. Tesla Ventilator?
    I’ll choose Phillips. They have decades of manufacturing ventilators.

    1. 26humor26 that isn’t the choice the shortage it’s facing. It’s Tesla ventilator vs no ventilator since the Philip’s one are all occupied

  124. YOU’RE SUCH A DORK!!!!

  125. This reminds me of a scene from Apollo 13 movie when one engineer drops a box of parts and says : we need to connect this to this using only this. Ideas?
    I imagine similar meeting in Tesla right now.

  126. Let’s call it world war V

  127. Like If anybody like GM vehicles lmfao they have more GM cars in lots of dealerships than they do of food. What does that say About GM these fucking billionaires are so cheap that they won’t even help people the people that buy there cars guess no one will be buying GM or ford cars anymore if they don’t help

  128. Give us a factory and we will all be there to help create medical supplies the government shouldn’t be overwhelmed with this burden we are all in this together so that not only NY can have supplies but other states and cities can have them as well

  129. I don’t doubt Tesla and SpaceX could make ventilators, but wouldn’t it make more sense to ask companies that make breathing apparatus like CPAP machines for sleep apnea or Scuba equipment rather than a car or rocket company. Isn’t it kinda like asking GM and Ford to make a great EV. Hard to do when they’ve never done it.

  130. Between Tesla and Dyson, it shouldn’t be hard to imagine sufficient product design and production expertise to step up to the plate.

    1. I don’t know but reading this stuff i was thinking: There is no way a company like dyson. The company who is probably the number 1 on moving air from a to b couldn’t innovate on this…

    2. What a great idea for a possible partnership to tackle this issue! Except, there may not be significant design issues, just a need for experienced manufacturing facility & staff to do the job.

  131. There is no quick turnaround when you have any industry that is enacted by the War act powers… any manufacturer would to engineer a working prototype and the tooling that is required for mass production line – quality checkers of any outsource materials that needs to pass sample lots and the list goes on…
    I know this from my work experience in the medical industry that produced electro-surgical equipment…

  132. Ventilator you mean ventilator for the patient or the building ?

  133. can u believer we get to add back shares under 400!!! Wow….what a gift from god. Throw in 5k Bitcoin

  134. Excellent perspective. They’ll criticize him no matter what he does, so let him actually help. They have world class engineers and I’m confident they do a better job than most in actually getting something to hospitals before it’s too late.

  135. hard to understand the Elon haters, even for good thing like this, they still hate/ridicule him

    1. It’s just little bitter people who can’t help but hate their betters for being.. well better.

  136. Maybe I can finally get a tesla 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️ face mask 😷😷

  137. Twitter people are trash most of the time

  138. The Mayor of New York is asking -Iron Man- *Elon Must* to supply Manehattan´s medical equipment with personal life support systems modeled from his -armor suit- _electric cars_ & spaceships.
    -> We live in a comic book. Awesome!

  139. People, what are you talking about? Modern ventilators are very sophisticated devices. You cannot design and build one in couple of weeks. I have no doubt that Mask’s companies are capable of making superior products like this, BUT it takes years to develop quality medical equipment! Ventilators are not vacuum cleaners or leaf blowers!!!

  140. Disaster capitalism = The need to overhaul the way we do healthcare.

    We need to overhaul disease testing, diagnostics, and mitigation strategies.

    We need the ability to test early and test often. Daily perhaps.

    We need a reliable consumer available, broad spectrum virus/bacteria testing device for the home.

    We need 5G data rollout now; for disease management and mitigation.

    We need laws changed to allow accelerated drone delivery for rapid logistics.

    We need more money going towards accelerating AI and CRSPR for rapid sequencing, monitoring and prediction.

    We need 3D printing to scale up/down to meet needs of medical system.

    Modern society is speeding up and we simply can’t allow a virus to get in the way of progress.

  141. All other companies are all talk that they’ll help but just delay start getting lawyers involved in who’s going to pay us and how much and I’ll talk about we can do we do it what do you need exactly.
    But Elon will now not sleep until he has a solution and a prototype working and people in place he can trust to manage it. I kind of think and Hope he puts a system in place that the u.s. is able to stockpile essential needs in a crisis situation so it doesn’t happen again and is able to then donate or sell if another country becomes in need or a crisis happens again. This could happen in the summer this could happen maybe in a hundred years from now but why take that chance learn from the mistakes.
    Be safe everyone from 🇨🇦

  142. Battery powered ventilator 👍🏼

  143. Bring manufacturing back to mainland USA 🇺🇸

  144. From what i see america is screwed with lack of testing or social distancing. The need for ventilators in the next 2 weeks will most likely be every city everywhere.

  145. I am leaving this comment after 5 hours of your recording. Elon has been inactive on Twitter for that same period.
    By now:
    Back of the toilet paper calculation is long done.
    First principals thinking is wrapping up.
    4 hours of materials, physics, and economics brainstorming.
    2 hours of design.
    3 hours sleep.
    1 hour preparing for engineers meeting.
    2 hour morning meeting.
    Announcement tweet.

  146. Very nice. Interesting. Thanks for sharing. It’s curious, by the way, that California has been trying – as I understand it – to shut down the Tesla factory in Fremont during the immediate crisis period. Now California will need to back off if Elon is going to be helping to fight the dilemma. Also, as I understand it, Ford and GM have shut down their factories as part of an agreement that the UAW was insisting on.

  147. Elon is the real deal!!! Dude is so down to earth… He just rolls up his sleeves and gets things to work…

  148. Elon has a golden opportunity producing ventilators, will make the factory an essential business.

  149. BYD (the other ev maker) is already producing mask by the millions. not much coverage on that though….

  150. C19 could be the final nail for the ICE car industry. They are not going to fully recover.

  151. Kind of interesting that China apparently didn’t need to ask for more ventilators.

    1. Ismail Yusof it’s interesting the manufacturing super machine of the world isn’t short on anything that can be made…

  152. Young or healthy 1/10,000 chance of death. 99% of fatalities have at least one other serious health condition (e.g. diabetes, morbid obese), 79% age 70 or over. 40% of all cases never even know they have had it

  153. It would be great if he could do this, but I worry there will be a shortage of trained people to care for all the extra patients expected to be on ventilators. This is not a skill you can pick up on the fly. If the nurses and repiratory techs and pulmonary specialists are not protected, not only will they be unable to help, they will BE some of the patients in the ICU needing care.

  154. Elon is a true global citizen. He need not worry about these things. Thailand cave, water filter for Flint, now ventilators. He NEED NOT care. But he DOES. That makes him really special. Many times he does it incurring personal hurt. But he still DOES IT.
    I’m reminded of Samwise Gamge’s words to Frodo : Because this is still some good left in this world.

    That’s why it’s worth it. That’s why Elon does what he does. Many a times impulsively.

    Can’t thank him enough.

    1. @Glass Menagerie — This is why to date, I have a very low opinion of _’authority figures’._ Always accusing you of not paying attention or not being focused. Demanding that they are important and should not be ignored. Certain that you are being disrespectful. Jealous and suspicious of everything you do. Complete morons.

    2. Also great advertising , but Im sure his heart is in the right spot , just saying

    3. @redxsage Yeah! And why put it all on Elon? What are you doing, oh critic? Right? “Hey genius! Don’t work on the problem you think is important, work on mine!”… .so tired of these critiques… I agree.

    4. It is truly amazing how so many have such one-track minds that they cannot conceive of others being able to work in parallel on multiple projects at once. So they angrily demand _’focus’_ or _’attention’_ from The GIFTED. As if they are being personally insulted by someone NOT providing them _’undivided attention’_ and stuff.

      Guess what? You may not be very interesting at all. Some of us can hear all of your idiotic drivel without staring in your eyes. You get the attention you deserve.

    5. All he does is take criticism for caring too…

  155. You should make a video about the irrational Elon Musk hate, and compare it to the completely rational criticism towards Jack Dorsey and Jack Conte. Would be interesting to see you verbalise that contrast it might help you understand just how big of a difference in values and morals there is. Elon is truly awesome and has great morals and values.

  156. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for health care workers is even more important than ventilators. Every hospital in the country is short on PPE, and because of that, nurses and doctors are going to be exposed to giant loads of virus, which is far more likely to cause a health disaster.
    Can Musk make PPE, too? He makes space suits for astronauts, so…

    1. They also have Bio-Defense Mode filters.

  157. Feel like when ww2 all the industrial complex are use to support the war

  158. Play at x 0.75 to get a better audio

  159. This shows only how a structured, educated brain is reacting. Matrix thinking or thinking out of the BOX. Great appreciation. Musk and his team is able to do things which others are think its not possible. We need such entrepreneurs. We had such in the past but they are gone. Leonardo was a genius and had his team.

  160. Probably stated in another comment. But clearly Elon wants the factories open. So making medical equipment will enable him to tick that box and stay online.

  161. Hey! I am from Puerto Rico, and we are part of US. The problem was Huracan Maria… But the real problem was that the US keep hurting our economy for decade’s.. when the huracane came our economy was so weak because US imposition, broke all the system.. as USA Citizen we have the right to work as pay taxes.. research about the 936 law in 1996 in PR..

  162. Wouldn’t it be funny if one of the big shorters got 19 and was saved by a tesla ventilator hehehe oh the irony

    1. Unless the short has pre-existing conditions and going to die anyways it doesn’t matter if they get covid-19. If they’re just a normal person maybe have a runny nose

  163. Giga New York has a lot of unused capacity!

    1. Solar powered ventilators?

  164. Plenty of room in Buffalo.

  165. ITS SICKNIG that all this wasn’t planned for years ago !! It’s like this is the first time a virus has gone “ROUGE” ever !!?? What’s going to happen when a large earthquake hit calif, ?? or a solar flare takes down the grid ?? or there is another gas shortage ?? I feel like I live in a 4th world country as far as protection !! What has our government been planning for , the last 20 years ?? IM SO GLAD I’m old enough that I might not be around when the next bigger one hits , Because the country will melt down , The people that caused all the empty stores by looting is going to to be 10 times worse , and “SINK” the country , The guns will be used alot next time on each other !!

  166. There is a very real possibility that this pandemic will last for some time, as in over a year to year and a half, largely because there is zero immunity to it, and unless there turns out to be some seasonality to this novel coronavirus, then there’s little to keep if from just cycling over and over through a population. And while a vaccine may be fast tracked and available within a few months, the cost of getting BILLIONS of people vaccinated worldwide, not to mention the logistics, is going to be daunting.

    So if Elon and Tesla/SpaceX get into the ventilator manufacturing business, they should be able to sell hundreds of thousands of these globally, so I certainly hope his engineers are furiously working on a design. With the advent of 3D printing, once the software designs are ready to go, they might well be able to ramp up production within a month, which would be fantastic and certainly help to repair some of the damage Elon’s done to his own image with his failure (YES he is human, lol) to understand the scope of this terrible pandemic.

    Now part of me is praying like hell that Elon doesn’t catch this because even with all his money, there’s not a lot you can do to stop it from running its course, and a bad outcome would be a terrible blow to humanity (yes, he’s that important imho).

    1. I think you are exaggerating a bit here. It is sad that people have gotten so ill that a number of those have lost their lives but the majority of the population won’t get sick. It mostly affects the elderly or those with compromised immune systems, the frail, you get the idea. The more proactive we are in arresting the spread and reversing it, the sooner it will be over. I don’t see this lasting over a year.

  167. Good job Tesla I’ll keep buying your stock $100 every week

  168. This great that Tesla will build ventilators. Oh, you sound so much better since moving the mike closer to you head.

  169. There is unfortunately very little upside for Elon if he starts making ventilators. Sure, he will save lives, but he’ll be criticized for seeking publicity, being late, etc.

    1. It’s Elon doing everything possible to keep Telsa alive amid this purposely overhyped virus scare

  170. Most the haters are outsider trolls doing their usual piling on/reviewBomb shit. It’s bogus chaos generating, exactly the kind of BS Elon was warning about. Also a good percentage of them are Russian bots doing their job at Putin central.

  171. It’s interesting that on one hand the government tells Elon that even though the factory is clean and people are adhering to CDC precautions, it doesn’t matter, they want to shut the factory down asap for “safety”. The moment he says he’ll make something they can use, it’s “welcome aboard, full steam ahead…” So what happened to the argument “it’s for employee safety?”

    1. You’re asking questions above your pay grade, no really you’re asking deep questions the true answers will make you sick at your stomach and I’m not talking virus sick

    2. The reason to minimize TO THE FULL EXTENT POSSIBLE is to reduce the spread, and in a city as big as San Francisco and with the critical issues they’re facing with the number of affected, they’ve absolutely got to slow down the spread as much as possible. If like most areas with high mortality rates, when the hospital system becomes overloaded, then the mortality rate spikes terribly.
      Therefore restricting operations to just businesses that are vital to the community is THE BEST MEASURE POSSIBLE, and frankly, as much of an Elon fan as I am, I think he’s very wrong and not taking this seriously enough, but then that just show he’s human after all (could’ve fooled me, lol). But if they can manufacture ventilators, then THAT becomes a definite part of what can be called critical infrastructure.

    3. True, it’s “better be safe than sorry” policy, that is very conservative and badly managed.
      But it takes 2 stubborn sides to make a conflict… Elon didn’t help himself by ignoring the public opinion, that changes should be done (change = building ventilators, for starters)

  172. The panic is by far the worst danger of number 19! Of course if you or a loved one gets sick and perhaps dies that’s terrible but you and your loved ones are in more danger from people panicking.

  173. If anyone can pull off repurposing his factory to help humanity it’s gonna be Elon Musk .

  174. Actually Ford and GM did announce almost the same even before Elon:

  175. Hate is silenced by results.
    Let’s see who is left standing when this is over.

    1. Having a healthy sense of humor has nothing to do with hatred.

  176. Elon is not just about dollars! He has demonstrated that his companies are about helping the world to be better, not to get rich like so many other companies. Bottom line why should we be surprised by this, Elon is about making life better!

  177. Elon Musk has a desire to save the world with better cars/trucks/rockets. If the president asks for a factory to produce ventilators, I’m sure Elon would do it to save lives when the lungs of people stop working properly.

  178. Why can’t GM make ventilators, too? Why not Toyota?

  179. I’m gonna start off by saying I’m an Elon fan & Tesla shareholder. But it’s very misleading to make it seem like Elon is doing such an amazing thing when he’s been a douche on trying to deny/downplay this whole event from the beginning. He said they’ll make ventilators “if there’s a shortage”. There has already been multiple shortages confirmed, why have to put the caveat of “if”? And why “if”, when you could just “do”?

    1. He wasn’t downplaying anything. He was warning us on the dangers of succumbing to panic. It is a strong probability that he has engineers on the job of designing these units as we speak but it is not easy to build an infrastructure overnight to make these ventilators.

  180. What about Dyson for ventilators?

  181. they should call the new ventilator company for “Venom”

  182. Why does all the news about Tesla and Musk always have a positive charge?? Hope he never encounters evil electrons.

  183. Hope he does it and fast

    1. Itll help shut people up


  185. Hey Gali you are a smart kid, watch this episode of LondonReal and tell me what you think. Keep in mind Elon’s take on events..
    P.S. Love the Bulgarian bracelet (martenitsa) around Brian Rose’s wrist

  186. Great video. Really interesting point of view. I hope it works and they can produce as much ventilators or as much medical supplies as possible.
    I am a US citizen but I am stranded in Europe (Spain) right now. I stay with my relatives… 6 days of quarantine so far… and this is crazy. We expect to overwhelm the healthcare system this weekend and we are not even close to the peak of the curve… don’t do the same mistakes that Europe has already done… stay at home and be safe.
    Virtual hugs to everybody struggling on this situation.

  187. In the “worst case scenario”, about 13 million Americans will need a Respirator / Ventilator to survive. I don’t know how many there are today.
    The world needs at least 100 million. do not know how many existed today.
    In Italy, doctors have had to stand and choose among patients who should receive the Ventilator and who should die. when you have thousands of sick and a few hundred Respirator / Ventilator you can’t help everyone ..
    The United States is a few weeks after Italy.
    So production should have already started.
    Get started BUILD BUILD BUILD!

    1. @Le Chat Botté People don’t understand.
      I’ve been isolated for a couple of weeks.
      With high fever, dry cough and shortness of breath.
      Headache of oxygen deficiency and so on.
      (A bit like having all flus, colds and the worst hangover you could imagine you had in your whole life at the same time).
      And it was a mild variation.
      so I was lucky.
      You can be young and healthy and end up in intensive care and lose 30% of your lung capacity for the rest of your life if you are lucky enough to survive.
      And if we look at Italy, they have almost twice as many doctors and hospital beds as the United States. but it is not enough when too many people get sick at the same time.
      Common flu usually has a death rate of 0.1%
      Covid-19 has a death rate of 1-4% for young healthy people.
      Italy’s old people have a death toll of up to 14% now.
      So people who say “it doesn’t hit me and it’s just like the flu” are just ignorant uneducated idiots!

    2. they obviously underestimated the situation in italy, because its a small country and people are really close to each others, in trains, bus……

  188. Elon is being a total ***hole about this. He’s throwing shade on the response and downplaying the severity right at the moment we need to double down on the mitigation efforts. He needs to back the hell out of the discussion and just quietly lend his support to the effort any way he can.

  189. For a company to survive and prove its worth adapts to any situation it’s put in! I’m 100% sure Elon will help the medical industry using the factory

  190. Tesla successfully helped Australia with its electric problems. Not saying they solved it completely, but it definitely helped in the right direction.

  191. The US desperately needs to start building hospitals, fast! Not tomorrow, now! Re-purpose ghost shopping malls, anything. They will be needed or people will be turned away to die.

    1. Exactly could also open military bases to house the “sick” and keep them from others. Bring all medical and personnel to the base. The bases are pretty much self contained once up and running. AF retiree

  192. Prediction: Tesla will take this downtime to think about how it can improve, get better etc. They seem to be going so fast, I bet the downtime to think and plan improvements is most welcomed. After the factory is fully operational again, it’ll be better than ever.

    1. of course not every companies have closed. my friend works at vw and he is still in service now

  193. These guys would hate on Batman and Superman. Let us pay no mind to them! Love the video!

  194. Now we get to see a battery backed-up ventilator for 10% the cost of the other guys. Make it look Cyber and just do it.
    I hope they can innovate in the field as well, such as setting the temperature of the outgoing air, infusing drugs directly though the air, and having a built-in oxygen concentration machine. It’s all well understood technology, and using the folding stainless steel tech they are now investigating, machines should be able to be pumped out very very fast. Like under a month. Or just do the internals and stick it in any old metal box. Be good to have a bio-weapons defense mode filter built into the stand as well, with UV light. Might as well clean the hospital air as well.

    1. stop talking shit, the solution is to stop relying on china for these types of supplies. the us is a big great country but their dependance on china really pisses me off.

  195. I don’t understand, he asked the right questions and backed up his words with action, why are they “hating on him” to use your words. This makes no sense to me!

    1. he is not the only one proposing help of course

  196. I know you like Twitter but it is just filled with such vile, disgusting and pathetic individuals… It’s just not worth my time.

  197. Hay you may wannna cover up the word coronavirus in those articles you show. Im hearing youtube is demonizing just for showing the word. Hate to see your vids get demonetized. I know you put a lot of time and effort making them.

    1. The Doubleplus Bad Cold

  198. Product placement game is strong.

  199. ELON you are really manufacturing ventilators ? This would be a great idea , saving lives on a different Front ! ! Thank you !

    1. No, he’s just lying on twitter so he doesn’t have to close his businesses temporarily and is endangering tens of thousands of lives of his employees and anyone getting in contact with them.

    2. in the end i doubt elon will change his production line to produce ventilator. He might buy them and supply it to NYC because it’s cheaper than changing ur production line. Tesla is in trouble not just due to covid but oil is too cheap.

    3. @BattleMage – nope, this is the END however for LEGACY car makers, GM, FAC, and Ford will be FIRST to go Belly up.

    4. Nah
      this is the “I will build a submarine & save the kids” Elon.
      Its gonna be a disaster.

    5. I want a Ventalator that uses DMT.

  200. Maybe Giga New York could do it? Tesla just announced they’re shutting it and Fremont down completely as of Monday. Fremont is in the shelter in place zone, and from the Tesla PR () “continued operations in certain locations has caused challenges for our employees, their families and our suppliers,” so making ventilators there might be very difficult.

  201. Wow, I reckon this will for sure happen then. You can imagine how Elon would genuinely want to do his best to help.

  202. If anyone can shift manufacturing quickly, it’s the TESLA team

    1. nope its definelty not tesla

  203. I see some new and creative uses for Elon’s flame thrower

    1. lol still got mine

  204. If Tesla can use its hvac tech to make more efficient and better ac systems then it shd make them by all means.. they wd be improving on a very commonly used product and it wd make them a lot of money in the process.

  205. Maybe we should name this ventilator for Pedomusk.
    I hope to make a smile and hopefully we all can find a way to deal with this virus.

  206. I think if Elon is called on it that his factories will produce ventilators I am sure that their prototyping equipment and engineering talent are up to the task but I don’t think that it will come to that because existing ventilator factories have been running well below capacity and can ramp up production more quickly.

  207. Its another one of those complicated scenarios. Alameda (Fremont factory)county has ordered all non-essential businesses to be shuttered. It is a misdemeanor to stay open. The Sheriff has already notified Elon they are in violation. Most auto manufacturers are not dealing with orders to shut down. They are voluntarily changing their business in a variety of ways such as not having back to back shifts and disinfecting the factory between shifts. Tesla does not have that option. Also, Tesla is the only manufacturer with a backlog of orders. Most of the others can rely on vehicles already in the sales chain. So, what about making ventilators? Makes you an essential business according to Bay Area governing bodies. Not saying I’m personally that cynical, but if I thought of it, a thousand others have thought of it. If they are going to send the deputies out and close him down anyway, might as well make ventilators. Helps keep his people employed and they are the ones who truly suffer when sent home due to closure.

  208. Love your channel but please breathe lol when I watch your videos I have to check to see if I’m on 1.5x playback speed 🙏🏽

    1. haha, ‘Hyper’ Change goes further than just the title I assume 😉

  209. Tesla can gather the shortage information and be the center to build those emergency equipment.

  210. He’s going to “elon” ventilators. They’ll be way more efficient, portable, work better, last longer, and be 10 times cheaper lol

    1. Indeed 😎

    2. @D R-K The US actually produces more now than it ever has. Yet it has a third to a half 2 as many manufacturing jobs, compared to the previous peak. This is mostly due to automation. Outsourcing has sent some jobs, but most displaced jobs have actually been displaced by machines. Consequently, those machines have created new supply chains. Many of the electronics for them are produced in the US, but many are also produced in China. But most new US manufacturing is high tech and heavily automated, with most of the jobs being for plant operators, engineers, and technicians.

    3. … perhaps an ELON “Mask”-? a “Fear-Filter” for foolishness …

    4. @Le Chat Botté because China’s labor wage is cheap. Or else your charger will cost triple

    5. And they will put the original ventalitor company out of business

  211. Sounds like twilight zone. Probably I’m already in aftermath.

  212. talk about that Hyper.

  213. Massive amounts of money are earmarked by countries and labelled “defence budgets”. The USA, I believe, has a “defence” budget approaching $1trillion. China and most W.European countries also have massive “defence” budgets.
    And it’s mostly used to create nasty weapons of war – bombs, jets, tanks, bullets, missiles and all the supporting paraphanalia.
    And now we have an enemy that can’t even be seen with the human eye, and does not discriminate in who it attacks. There’s plenty of money available for “defence”… Will governments perhaps see that this is what we really need to “defend” ourselves against?
    I doubt it…

    1. the problem is the dependance of the us on china, basically everything used in the US is made in china, from each iphones , to tvs to laptops….

  214. Hey Gali, i have INTERESTING NEWS FROM AUSTRALIA. . . . . ,un beknowns to me there is an Australian law that upholds curfews on trucks in residential areas ,because of the urgent need to restock with medical supplies this curfew has been temporarily lifted. . . .
    Im suggesting to Elon he can target this area as Tesla trucks being quiet electrics would be exempt from there curfews and could easily out compeat other truck deliveries as they could legally work around the clock!! “Thumbs up” if you think this is a good idea:)

  215. Finally he is waking up for the real problem: long hospitalization period of worst cases with artifical ventilation. Death rates can’t show the drama of health care system of most countries. This adds to the fact people will not stop being sick by other old reasons. Hope he will save some thousands from cremation and from dying alone without any visit from loved ones till last breath. All the love from Portugal to USA friends. ❤

  216. 5:03 “Haters gonna hate, ain´ters gonna ain´t.” People are duuuuuuumb. Nothing new. Ignore the dumb ones. Life is too short.

  217. you f*ck*d up and said “corona virus” at 0:51 XD

  218. Elon, Make It Happen! The world needs you now!

  219. It’s The Meathead Virus. Cultural Meatheadism caused it.
    The virus bits are “Meaties” from sick animals, concentrated, tortured and slaughtered – for meat.
    Sounds like some meatheadism going on on Twitter too – we’ll see…
    Tesla Ventilators and Masks could have been avoided if Cultural Meatheadism hadn’t existed. Oh well…

  220. As the only way to stop air-born ANYTHING is air-filtration….what we need is MASS production of LITE-weight COMFORTABLE… FULL-FILTRATION…. facially TIGHT…. but COMFORTABLE…. FULLY sealing…. COMFORTABLE Air-Filtration Masks…. A.S.A.P…. like day before yesterday….the market AND utility for Such will LONG outlive this Crisis…. and One More Thing…. easily affordable NON- caustic sanitizing spray….Everywhere…. every day…. from here Forward…. CHINA maybe…. can Send them to ‘US’…. in Care Packages….

  221. This is crazy nonsense. 1000 deaths a week from the flu but thats ok.

  222. Hey Gali. I am the one who tweeted to Elon saying don’t be an idiot. I just want to let people know that I love Tesla. I love SpaceX. I own an X and a 3 plus solar panels and power walls. I own Tesla stock which I will keep buying come what may. I didn’t call him an idiot. I am a physician working daily in the field and seeing the unfolding disaster around me here in Pennsylvania as well as the rest of the US which we were not prepared for. I have friends who are working in the ER’s and in the hospitals who are being needlessly exposed to the virus without any equipment to protect them. When I saw Elon’s tweet, I guess all the frustration just boiled over. I know he is not a doctor or in the govt, but he is an influential man with a brilliant mind. He of all people needs to understand that this is already overwhelming hospitals everywhere, especially the big cities. I am just glad I got his attention and he responded gracefully. This has resulted in a chain of events that now will result in the best ventilators being made on the planet by far by a company I love. This will save countless lives. I have had hate mail from people cursing me for calling Elon an idiot. I will gladly take all of that and more if that has resulted in saving even one life. Love your show by the way. If you ever need psych services, drop me a line!

    1. That’s OK. You may have been instrumental in getting something started.

  223. TESLA was the most…………..

  224. Funny. I was the first to tweet POTUS and Elon about this. Check tweets to Elon. I told POTUS was the most advanced and automated factory. And that they should be the one to do this, “not the antiquated, dirty, ICE factories”.

  225. Fantastic

  226. You said it right, no other CEO go on “TWITTER” to offer help. It’s ok if he want to help, but don’t brag about it on social media. And the worst is he can say whatever he want and do nothing at all.

  227. *Elon* will undoubtedly bring *Tesla-like* improvements because, uh, _he’s _*_Elon._* (How much do you want to bet he comes up with a better *solar/battery-powered* breathing mask?)

  228. Tesla’s making ventilators according to some, but the workers in Fremont saying those “ventilators” are coming out with four wheels and a heavy battery.
    Just surreal how one guy can break every single law possible in the country and still not be held accountable, and instead celebrated as a hero. How mentally sick do you have to be to order employees to come in despite a shut down order ?

  229. smart move, it can open the door for taxpayer money grants and guaranteed loans. Also if things do end up getting worse country wide, they’ll be able to somewhat stay open given the newly acquired “essential” company status.

  230. Elon is Brilliant, and of course Brilliant to step in forcefully right now! And yet there is a (fun) way to help with public relations by extending an olive branch to the Elon haters (hear me out, you’re actually going to love this). Elon can extend an invitation to all even remotely qualified Elon haters (qualified trims the numbers back significantly) to come and be employed building ventilators. Here’s the fun catch though. You’re going to be working 16 hour days and if you’re found in ANY WAY to be incompetent you’ll be fired on the spot. So, welcome aboard! Work well and live.

  231. And go figure, Fremont and New York were now ordered to close completely, so unfortunately, no ventilators for anyone. Can’t produce anything if they aren’t open.

    1. edwong3 I hope you’re right. 🙂 Thanks.

    2. Freemont is still operating albeit at a fraction of capacity. If Tesla designs and begins the manufacture of ventilators, I venture to say that no Sheriff can intervene in that.

  232. This is why I listen to you FACTS.

  233. I believe in Tesla, and I admire aspects of Elon Musk. Neither are perfect and that is OK. What I found slightly irritating at first was it sounded like Tesla was going to wait until there was an actual shortage of immediately needed ventilators, when we need to have ventilators before they are needed, because as he said it takes time to make them. The proof is in the results. If Tesla is able to help and does so effectively and in a timely way that will be awesome.

    I wonder if it may make sense to develop powered active filtration personal helmets. Essential service providers would be the initial priority, but then it may eventually be more cost effective for everyone to have their own isolation helmet so that we don’t have to shutdown as many parts of the economy when future pandemics hit. We need better defensive capabilities for this stuff.

    1. I’ve got a design for a hat that looks like an umbrella, not the broad/wide kinds but the smaller, inverted tulip-shaped ones that were popular years ago. It would be made of clear vinyl and on top would sit a battery powered fan covered with a hepa-filter, and this would maintain a positive air flow which would prevent contaminants from entering. I know I could sell a million of these if I can just get some investors (hope you’re reading this Elon ;?)

      I have a few other designs for other anti-Covid-19 devices too, like a pair of gloves which have copper threads woven throughout, and operated by batteries – these would act like bug-zappers so that every time you touched your face it’d shock the shit out of you, lol, a very effective way to quickly train yourself not to ;?D

  234. Elon has just gone up another notch in my estimation. He is a crafty, canny guy. They tried to close down his factory by stating it is non-essential. Guess what, he just made it very essential by offering to build ventilators.

    1. @Andy Onions mobile battery units

    2. He’s endangering all his workers and anyone that will come in contact with them and then lies on twitter to cover his disgusting behavior and you brainwashed people cheer him on? You empty headed dorks!

    3. @Andy Onions AHHH now I’m seeing lol!

    4. Ventilators on wheels with iPads thrown in…

    5. interesting idea. Could be what he’s thinking. However I do not think running the car lines would be deemed essential though no? even if ventilators are being made

  235. USA!!!

  236. Where did you get the Zoom Tshirt??

  237. If you make another video on this topic, can you please compare negative pressure ventilators with positive pressure ventilators, I have been trying to get peoples attention with a simplified design like this, but I don’t have a social media platform or listeners like you:

    “Biphasic Cuirass Ventilation” -> Hayek Medical

  238. That zoom t shirt is heat

  239. Producing ventilators will secure a status of essential company and they will avoid getting shut down if push comes to shove.

    1. and since employees are already at Tesla working on ventilators maybe they can work on cars a few hours out of the day also

  240. Between Elon, Tesla engineers, and Shanghai and Fremont manufacturing, the sky is the limit.

  241. If Tesla makes ventilators they can leave their plant open.

  242. $420? Funding unsecured. Lol! He better make face masks, he won’t sell any cars in Q1.

  243. You know, he has to make up for his sh1tty tweets before, like “it’s not so bad, it’s like a flu, numbers are going down” and sh1t like that. Sometimes he makes me really mad because I usually support him and his ideas a lot. Well, I hope it’ll help.

    1. I know it seems he isnt, but he actually is human

  244. I’ve seen on you tube a few companies that are trying to ramp up production of ventilators but are short on space to do so. It would be amazing to see Elon reach out to those existing tech companies to partner with at least a temporary ramp up with them given Tesla likely has the square footage and tech expertise to do so very quickly. The tech is already there and demonstrated so Elon doesn’t need to go back to first principles. Of course, it would be interesting if he revolutionized the current technologies while producing the devices.

    1. @dlwatib Good point, I said “likely” only based on snippets of you tube videos I watch so I did make a rather subjective statement 🙂
      My 2nd point and maybe most important one, is Tesla does not need to re-invent the ventilator tech (yet). Through pairing up with existing companies and thus scaling up production in a big way, I think it would be the quickest way to get more ventilators ‘out there’ faster and in much greater quantities considering approval regulations in the US. I feel Tesla could not only do that, but also filling the need for the US rapidly and possibly making even more available to other countries. As a side note; it would be one of the greatest advertisement ever for Tesla strengthening the Elon Brands as being truly humanitarian.

    2. The one thing Tesla doesn’t have is a lot of spare square footage. They will probably have to rent warehouse space in Fremont or Hawthorne.

  245. Apollo 11 moment about to happen:

  246. You said it! Demonetized!

  247. Elon stepping up and leading by example.

  248. That would be awesome if Elon Musk could jump in to help. I remember when he just decided to show up in Flint, Michigan, donating (can’t remember amount, but it was huge) water filters to remove lead, and gave laptops to an entire grade level of students. Addendum: Here it is if anyone is interested:

    1. @Elektrotehnik Here it is:

    2. Never heard of this, and I’m extremely active in tracking down all Elon stories I can find 😀

  249. 0:52 aaaand demonitized

    1. SHHHHH, stop that ;?)

  250. I couldn’t agree with you more. Great video Gali getting the message out. Elon helping humanity in a time of need.

  251. I think it is more li likely that the won’t make ventilator etc.
    If anyone can get them build fast from scratch though it will be tesla.

  252. I think SpaceX should put up one of those Hershey‘s kiss buildings in San Pedro harbor and turn it into a treatment place for the pandemic victims. It would go a long ways for making up with that wisecrack insult Musk made about panic, and it should not be taken lightly because when a very powerful man puts down peons that are trying to do good, bad things can happen behind the scenes because of that.

    1. He was right about that part though. The panic _is_ dumb. Panic is _always_ dumb unless you’re literally running from a predator or something of the sort. Doesn’t mean rational precautions are dumb though.

  253. Technically they probably could make medically suitable ventilators, whether this is the time to start producing totally different pieces of equipment is questionable. These machines need testing and QA, by the time its done the worst would probably be over.

  254. That’s one way of getting the Sheriff off your back

  255. the ventilators should incorporate ozone which kills the virus. This won’t happen since ozone (like Elon) is vilified in the media since it can’t be patented and thus monetized. Also UV light destroys viruses and pathogens ali g with hydrogen peroxide taken internally (food grade diluted).

    1. No, ozone is “vilified” because it also kills humans. It’s no use killing the virus if the patient dies along with it.

  256. elon musk the man who knows all about exponential growth …. yet downplaying like a moron !!!!!!!!!!!!need to start building them TODAY !!!!!!!! the whole world needs them!!!!!!! not wait till shortage is present than it will be mass shortage for many many weeks!!!!!!!!

  257. MODEL “V” preorders open?

  258. Hi HyperChange – as I see it because the Bad Guys across the world want to get rid of President Trump so much, President Trump must have some absolutely WONDERFUL things planned for America First – “A Nation exists to serve its citizens” – Donald Trump Jan 20 2017 – HyperChange –

  259. I’d really like to see as well is a LOT more masks being produced. We are being lied to when we are told that masks are not useful. If they are not useful, why are they so desperately needed by medical workers? The truth of course is that we are in desperately short supply of masks, producing nowhere near enough for the medical community at this time, let alone the entire population. The paltry supply of masks needs to go to those who need them most, the ones who are most at risk, the people on the front of this war, the medical staff. Rather than tell us this simple truth, letting people’s good natures make the sacrifice, and peer pressure enforce it, they have told us a lie so we don’t compete for what supply exists. If and when sufficient masks ‘were’ available, the putative experts would change their story in a heartbeat and tell everyone that wearing masks is critical.

    Regular masks protect other people from you if you have the virus, they only protect you a little bit from other people if they have the virus. N95 masks (respirators) on the other hand protect both you ‘and’ other people. They are however slightly harder to produce and slightly more expensive. If ‘everyone’ in public however wore a regular mask, the rate of infection would drop hugely, so much in fact that we could probably all go back to work.

    1. The Toilet Paper Famine kinda shows where that “good nature” is right now…
      If it really is a lie, it’s understandable.

  260. Musk who claimed that this Corona was just a silly panic thing. And will he build another useless submarine and call someone a “pedo”??

    1. @Gordon Crespo
      Far as I understood, he said neither. He said the panic about the corona virus is dumb, and the panic is doing more harm than the virus. And that fear is “the mind-killer”.
      Both your and OP’s statements are conclusions drawn from what Elon said, interpretations using your own opinions of what he would mean.

      Unless you have an actual quote to back up your statement, that is?

    2. He never said CV19 was a silly panic thing. He said panicking was silly and doesn’t help

  261. I am a quality engineer in a plant. The factory is staying open as it produces essential equipment for the war effort. We are working around the clock to help keep the plant clean and meeting demand.

    1. Who needs equipment for war effort right now??

    2. @Blue Times — how many times you’ve heard already that you are an idiot?

    3. @Ziggi Mon how many people will die from the economic fallout?
      50x-100x more than the virus! So what’s the real scare?

    4. @Ziggi Mon nice to hear this shut our self inside and hope it goes away dosen’t work. We need to be pro active.

    5. @Le Chat Botté ok bud.. Italy just enslaved a bunch of other countries (see africa, india etc) cheap labour.. Nothing to do with innovation.

  262. I love this!!! I love Tesla!!!!

  263. Can you just call it the China Virus?

    1. You can only call it the China virus is your a racist, like
      Trump who wants to blame someone else for his abysmal incompetence

  264. Why does YouTube demonetize because of certain keywords?

    1. financially Incentivizing the control of the narrative

  265. Nothing is that hard when it’s really needed! If hospitals need something they should just ask.We the world are all in this together!

    Call and response there’s nothing to it!

    Much appreciation for all those working hard for us in the medical field!

    1. They have been SCREAMING they need them for 3 weeks

    2. Hopefully enough people see how free market capitalism helps people much more effectively than government.

  266. China has already built a 1000 bed hospital in 10 days from the ground up. They have Covid-19 under control in their Nation now.
    It seems to me they pretty much know what they’re doing and we should be paying attention.
    Elon has great ties to the Chinese. I suspect the Chinese have ventilators. Maybe they would be willing to share and could load up a few airplanes and get them to the United States pretty fast.
    Cheers, John L. In Fairlawn Virginia USA

  267. The importance of social media and being on Twitter #elonmusk, who is contactable and will do something it. Good on Elon Musk.

    1. @SUCH Developments my problem with some idiots is that they litteraly thinks he is the only one helping, how can some people be so retarded?!?

    2. @Le Chat Botté It is the way Elon communicates with the media, read them to find out what Elon is doing. Not all social is stupid and I did say that he is the only. Don’t shoot the messenger.

    3. he is obviously not the only one helping in this situation, this socialmedia thing is just stupid

  268. Good

  269. Ironman to the rescuuuuuue!!!

  270. Love your enthusiasm and intellect – but, please, slow down. This is not a horse race of speaking speed. And, please, give up the word “like”. You are not a teenager who is still trying to learn the English language.

    Keep up the good work. Important stuff.

  271. Tesla should first make an emergency gag for Elon’s gob.
    I’ve always had enormous respect for his intellect and methodical approach to thinking about ANY new problem he faces. However, his tweets on COVID-19 have been abysmally ignorant, and dangerous.
    Tweets like the following show complete obliviousness to the actual harm being done as he speaks
    – “danger of panic still far exceeds danger of corona imo. If we over-allocate medical resources to corona, it will come at expense of treating other illnesses. ”
    – “My guess is that the panic will cause more harm than the virus, if that hasn’t happened already.”
    – “We will make ventilators if there is a shortage”
    ANYONE with eyes to see knows the disease is worst than the panic in Italy, and is going to be in the UK, Spain, France, US,… soon.
    ANYONE with eyes to see KNOWS there’s going to be a ventilator shortage of hundreds of thousands of units!
    Perhaps he’s glib about it given China’s success in attacking this. Unfortunately, the EU and the US have been horrifically negligent and are going to suffer vastly more.
    He’s ignorant of that and should STFU

  272. Hmm, I wondered if this explained the 15% spike in their stock price today, but this announcement seems too recent to have caused it

    1. Everything was green today

  273. Elon has been the only one trying to make a difference. He’s proactive is his approach and is trying to make a difference. Where many other companies are just sitting back and thinking about the bottom line profit. We’re in a critical point in history where the war is against viruses, not against each other. So do what you can to help save lives. Elon is doing just that!

    1. nope he is not the only one. obviously other companies are proposing their help for this situation

  274. In this era of Trump the world desperately needs a hero and we have one. Thank you to the hundredth power Elon.

  275. This is why I’m a huge Elon fan. He never used the word “donate”… he’s not “donating” precious resources. They’re for sale.

    1. For this need, I sure hope he is charitable. The money will follow as Tesla will be THE go to company for hospitals in the future.

    2. Given the normal outrageous price for anything ‘medical’ they might actually make a little coin off these. 😀 In addition to all the goodwill and publicity.

  276. Get ready to talk about ford’ $15 bio bailout and suspended dividends

  277. I’ve been pushing back on Tesla / Elon haters all day 😃

    1. Most of the times i am just disproving the wrong facts and then i say please short the stock and thanks for your money in advance…

    2. @Monica Latvenas That´s right. And I mean also not engaging with Ziggi Troll here 😉

    3. Ziggi Mon um yeah no I’m not getting pulled in but thanks

    4. Marek Špot you’re right. Twitter is important for my work and investments and now the virus updates but I am trying to reduce engagement 😉

    5. I´m afraid it´s a waste of time. Just ignore the haters and do something more important.

  278. Corona = mass hysteria.

  279. I own Tesla stock and think he should stay in his lane

    1. @Fritz Cohen I don’t worship ANY conscious entity, never have never will. How about you? This is typical Elon response and should be great publicity for Tesla.

    2. I own Tesla stock and I think you should shut up, _Fritz._

    3. I didn’t mean to disrespect your messiah

    4. This IS his lane.

  280. I hope Elon does something and not just talk about the possibility of doing it

    1. Given their track record I bet they are producing ventilators by the end of the week.

  281. *It should be called the Wuhan Virus* that’s the traditional meaningful naming standard….the CCP wants to change it so we might forget where it originated.

  282. Way to go Tesla. Way to recognize the problem.

  283. Gali, does this mean Tesla is going to make their own home HVAC system/modular housing? I think it’s plausible.

    1. The model Y has heatpump, that’s home aircon. Also useful for spacesuits and hazmat suits if small enough. Ventilator is very similar. Get home 3D printers making parts if Tesla cannot make them. Open source medical? Model Y has frunk seals, Cyber truck frunk will be fridge/freezer, handy for weekend beers, camping and disaster zone medical supplies. I suspect Elon will now be thinking about rapid production line flexibilities for future Giga factories, making cars to emergency vehicles, medical drones to Spaceships? 2020 gets more interesting everyday. How big a solar/battery can a Semi deliver to disaster zones?

    2. If they’re already setting up a production line? Sure, why not! Sounds like a good idea!

  284. Make a dozen Tesla face masks and a dozen cars, repeat. Load a semi with Model 3s each with ONE ventilator in the trunk…call it recyclable packaging. Hahaha!

  285. T for 2

  286. Best news I’ve heard all week! I’m a Model 3 owner, TSLA stock investor, 60 yo with medical concerns. If Elon can’t build ventilators before it’s too late, no one can.

    1. are you serious?!?! how can you say “no one can” many people have already proposed their help , there is need of urgent material supply

    2. Asked if he had seen Elon Musk’s claim that he would build ventilators, the worker had not seen those comments. “Well we’re all still here building cars so he’s defying what county and government officials say with the lockdown. So my best guess is he’s not serious,” they said.

  287. The SpaceX experts are in Texas and probably already understand their own supply chain of components since they are launching in May to the space station. Though not (instant) they probably already have the resources and supplies on hand to execute near instantly. Beyond that single ventilators in an ICU are a little inefficient given the scope.. if they can cover an entire ward with an enhanced oxygen enriched and germicidal containment Life support system.. which a space capsule environment is.. they might get results faster. Elon’s query of “where, give me specifics” reminds me of the Austrialian power grid project. He can’t help himself to work on problems.. but he needs real data.. he can get quick with the comments when frustrated. But I think he’s one hundred percent serious. Texas and Hawthorne, Boca Chica and the Cape all have a real time meeting network.. they could get the job done fast.

  288. There is Only Israel.

  289. Elon musk, king of pr stun 🙂

  290. i am in bumfuck NC and I have the virus. I’ve been outside 3 times in the past 10 days. It seems like its far more contagious than the flu or a cold, and I would guess there are currently millions of undiagnosed/untested cases. IMO.

    If the death rate stays the same I would argue we are severely underreacting. Substantially more people have the virus than is being reported, and thousands (if not millions) including myself cannot get tested.

    I hope Elon isn’t bluffing about producing ventilators. Theyre desperately needed in Italy, and NYC is starting to get there too. If our outcome is even close to the estimates, we will need to at least double the supply of US ventilators.

    Also a vaccine is bear minimum 18 months away, so hopefully he’s right about chloroquine too.

    1. @STU I do not deny that Musk likely has a touch of vanity. You don’t get mercilessly bullied throughout your childhood, then go on to become one of the world’s most celebrated and visionary entrepreneurs, fabulously wealthy, and not harbor at least a touch of it. It is deserved, and Musk is too honest with himself to not know it. I seriously doubt however that Musk possesses the acting talent of Hollywood’s greatest, which is pretty much what it would take for him to ‘fake’ body language cues like tearing up when faced directly with people’s hardships. Musk has a bit of a messianic complex, he is on a mission to save humanity. Fortunately for us he has the genius, the vision, and by far not least the work ethic to actually do it. I do not begrudge him what may be a few faults.

    2. @STU Good luck!

    3. Good luck 👍

    4. @Olivier Dols Thanks brother, i’m only 22 and my symptoms are relatively mild. I think I’ll be okay, i’m more worried about spreading it than anything!

    5. @Peter Cohen One part of me loves Elon, but one part of me feels like this is a vanity stunt. I hope you are right

  291. Why you don’t want to be demonetised? Money is evil

  292. what ventilators are they?

  293. GALI with the timely video. Keep up the great work!

  294. Gali: i call it c19 not to get dm…. 0:51 call it coronavirus. 😂 anyway great job man

    1. @Bo McGillacutty WHO is a puppy of CCP literally.

    2. @dlwatib OK. Good points.

    3. @Bo McGillacutty Except that Spanish Flu was actually from China, others got misnamed too, but I forget which. Pretty much every year the a new strain of flu comes out of China, which is why we have to get another flu shot. Unfortunately, this strain was discovered after this year’s flu inoculation was formulated.

    4. @MrGiffel That’s what the CCP wants us to call it so we might forget where it came from. Screw that and them. Traditional naming is on origin: Spanish Flue, Ebola (black river) meaning the Congo, MERS: Mid East Respiratory Syndrone, West Nile Fever, Rift Valley Fever……..

    5. Bo McGillacutty it’s name is Covid-19 and has nothing to do with it’s origin.

  295. This has nothing to do with people in a cave, I can’t even believe anyone would say that right now. We desperately need ventilators, and I felt exactly the way that first tweeter felt, please don’t be an idiot about this, exactly what I was thinking. Just hairpullingly frustrating tweets from Elon and boom, in a short period of time, a 180 due to concerned citizens. Really historic!

  296. good to see you woke up today

  297. If we learn nothing else from this is that hygiene and cleaning, paid sick leave and basic rethinking of our impact on the larger world when we are ill needs to be remembered and not glossed over.

  298. Tesla ventilators, this will be bought by Tesla fan boys like crazy

  299. *FORD, GM* will produce this items with a fuel tank to operate.

    *Tesla’s* item will be electric, digital and with over the air update.

    1. i guess my Ventilator and face mask just got a update.

    2. hey. Don’t forget what ford and GM did during WWII to help out the country with building aircraft and supplies.

    3. with self driving function , if you pay only another $7000

    4. ahahaha

  300. I would guess its super likely they make ventilators! I bet Elon is still a bit bummed his efforts during the Thi cave situation turned out so poorly and he probably wants to get another shot to be dynamically helpful

    1. @Jeff LO I totally agree. I’m sure he would help no matter what but I know I would still be salty that my good intentions could be made to look that bad. Hell, I’m still salty that so many people short Tesla when it’s literally the company doing the most of any in the entire world to mitigate global warming

    2. I think he’s just being helpful because that’s just how he is. We don’t have enough helping hands in this time of need. Any help counts, specially from someone who’s in the position to help.

  301. Love the channel got a question. Since the factories are so automated couldn’t they keep the factories open by keeping people distanced but also putting into place workers wearing masks, gloves, and disposable suits. In addition couldn’t they test everyone reporting in? I would suspect there could be precautions taken to keep things running.

    1. Hard to say without a automated supply chain as well. You could have a fully automated factory with a supply chain involving 10,000 workers. It would have to be end to end and I don’t think where quit there… 2-8 years given autonomous vehicles and robotics finally getting out into the wild around humans and not just in factories.

    2. @unclepeter69 Yes… this event (C-19) is perhaps a huge wake-up call for humanity. Our collective concern in our company is to do whatever we can to:-
      A) minimise risk of exposure to this virus,
      B) do whetever necessary to make sure our colleagues are assured of their jobs,
      C) keep the workflow going so we help our customers meet their needs and objectives,
      D) Communicate our experiences and techniques to others who may find our procedures useful in their situations, and

      E) get input from our suppliers, competitors and stakeholders who could help us with procedures we may not have thought of.
      In this environment, greed, selfishness and personal gain are a no-no… While we compete actively with others in our industry, all of us now know that the value in our business is more about people and that if we all hope to come out of this, then we need to co-operate, help, and support each other.
      We have, for example, called two of our big competitors and formulated a strategy that kicks in if each of us needs help and support. Basically, if any one of us is having difficulty in production or meeting a customer’s needs, we will collaborate on getting the work out and split the revenues in an equitable way.
      So far, this has not been necessary, but it got us all thinking on how such a business approach could be mutually beneficial in future – even when this devastating event is over. So yes… let’s compete… but if it is ever prudent to collaborate, then let’s go that route…
      It will be interesting to see if we can sustain this philosophy in the years to come. I hope so…

    3. @Bruno Smith thank you for the great explanation and also doing your part. Never been through anything like this. Good to get different perspectives.

    4. The logistics of this are very difficult. My small company has a workforce of 10 people, and we have tried to assess each person’s movements and contacts over the last 14 days. It’s proving to be well-nigh impossible. Testing kits are just not available. Our infrastructure is such that people have to be in close proximity at many times during a production day. We’ve allowed our 3 admin people to work at home, and first had to set up “cloud” infrastructure to enable it (at quite a cost). Two other people (in their late 50’s) have been allowed to take paid leave, and the remaining team has undertaken to do more work on their behalf with a commitment to saving their jobs – so we are working overtime with no additional pay. I (as the boss) am spending about 25% of my time going round the workshop with disinfectants and industrial alcohol and wiping every surface that’s frequently touched. Coffee has been stopped, and we drink from bottled water, each with a name label. Before a bottle is opened, I wipe it down with ethyl alcohol. All items coming in to the workshop (5 to 6 deliveries a day – some from China, the USA and Europe) are also swabbed down with alcohol-soaked swabs before we open them. When opened we wear disposable gloves and masks.
      Logisticaly is it very demanding – even though there are now just 5 of us in the workshop.
      When we go home, we keep a distance from family and friends (maybe we have the dreaded lurgy, or they might – so it’s not a case of pointing blame). In the mornings, we totally sanitise all door handles, utensils, tools, equipment… even the switches that control the machines get swabbed. The telephone is answered by one person, and is swabbed 3 to 4 times a day. Anything (incl. food takeaway containers, personal lunchboxes etc…) that come in are swabbed with ethyl alcohol. Hands must be washed when a staff member moves from one machine to another.
      We now have a good routine going, and everything is calm and orderly – but it takes a lot to remember this new routine.
      Factories that have hundreds of people will find this almost impossible… There’s now just 5 of us and we really have to be very attentive.

    5. yup i think that’s exactly what they are doing. keeping operations up, but having person to person contact remain at a minimum

  302. Random but why did he say illnesses 19? What happens if he says the C word???

    1. HyperChange I think I get it thanks!

    2. YouTube won’t give me revenue for my content …

  303. Is this the part where someone tells Elon to stick a submarine up his butt? 😉
    …or, will it be a stethoscope, this time? 😉

    1. @Klaus321 k lets agree to disagree then, only musk can know his true intentions and morals. But yes, if they were allowed to build cars because of this and at the same time failed to produce ventilators, things would really ugly.

    2. @Klaus321 k why? What is wrong with trying to help, what is the worst that could happen?. If any politician or high level doctor wastes time and resources by assuming 100% that Elon and his team will succesfully provide equipment, they only have themselves to blame!

  304. Good video

  305. The attitude you are seeing against Elon is just from pathetic people who not only don’t know how to help, but are thoughtless and selfish enough to think their issues are the only ones that matter when things get real. It’s the dark side of the human condition.

    If Elon makes the masks, I wouldn’t be surprised if he does, while making them faster, cheaper and better designed. Engineers create solutions, it’s just want they do.

    As for our global dependency on key medical supplies not being in each country… that is a decision based on cost which unfortunately doesn’t seem to save the patients, hospitals or insurance claims bottom line. We might want to rethink that now.

    1. @M S R It is not an expectation, just a comment saying I wouldn’t be surprised. I should be more clear and say, the engineering prowess that is in Tesla and SpaceX have this ability and it would not surprise me if they find a way to optimize or improve the product or manufacturing process. It isn’t a stretch considering the amount of innovation, improvements and patients in just the last year they have developed.

    2. It’s unfair on the dude to assume he’ll magically optimise anything he touches. Some existing technology is inefficient, but not everything is.

  306. I wouldn’t rely on tesla- they seem to always be late on their schedule

    1. @Jeff LO That could be true… But unless that “better part” is plentiful in the USA.. I wouldnt keep your hopes up…. Every country is trying to make ventilators and using all the parts

    2. @Don DP that may be true for finding parts. But as you know, Elon will think of ways to make parts better with different materials if the materials they need can’t be found. It’s what engineers do.

    3. @Jeff LO making ventilator shouldn’t be hard at all…. Getting the parts to make them is an entirely different story

    4. At this present moment, I don’t think schedules apply. We just need ventilators now and fast. Whatever the amount of ventilators or other essentials Elon can make, the hospitals will takes them. And this isn’t about money, it’s about saving lives.

    5. model y ahead of schedule?!

  307. Good emotion Gali. Half of my family is Thai. They and the local community were really happy Elon took the effort to help the football team in Chang Rai, which doesn’t get reported well in the media.

    1. @Chris Laidlaw nonsense

    2. Elon probably spent $1m in time and parts to invent a 1-person submarine and test it in an Olympic size pool in about a week. Amazing!

    3. @Ziggi Mon Ziggi Mon = TROLL

    4. Oh, yes, Elon helped, like calling the only person who actually did the rescuing a pedo guy.

  308. Wondering if there’s a crowdsourced coronavirus response ideas page, wiki. #ThinkBig #ThinkDifferent #ThinkOutsideTheBox

  309. Solid work Gali, thanks again!

  310. This is a win win. Over night Tesla has become an essential company. No justification for the shutdown now.

  311. I think this crises goes to show maybe we do need to automate more of society so things can run smoother in times like this.

    1. @sleepkeeper I agree. Automation is not the one size fits all answer to our issues and I hope we will look not only to technology ( which keeps improving) but better integrate our humanity and intelligence with technology to make better decisions and to analyze data and respond in a efficient and effective manner.

    2. Automation is not magic. Life systems are delicate, and can’t totally be automated. Remember, we can’t even get a Tesla to drive automatically around town. How are you going to ask machines to keep you alive in the face of these ever changing complex challenges. Even though humans make mistakes, we can learn and adapt quickly. What we need is machines to enhance our capabilities and help with analysis of problems.

    3. It also goes to show that we have ignored basic things that would have made this less damaging if we were not so penny wise and pound foolish.

      Our public places and transportation is used by millions each day, and yet basic sanitization and disinfection has not been a priority which was not always the case. Will how we clean these places remain in place as they should?

      We also have the issue of people not being given PAID sick leave and therefore leading them to go to work when they should stay home. Let us also add the fact that we see now that we can do more of our business remotely including schools but we still insist everyone should still work 9 to 5 clogging our streets and highways and over crowding our schools.

      We make attendance a priority and staying home sick from school can affect your overall grade even if you do well on tests. Such policies need to be abolished and we should have a more flexible work/ school set up.

      Many are probably glad to not be around bullies, some may be learning more because they are in a one on one environment and learning at home. there is less pressure to be “cool” and no one judging your appearance.

      The lack of cars and other transportation is cleaning up our air but will we push for only clean transport to be produced and limit our travel using less polluting measures when this is over?

      Traffic accidents and deaths are probably going to be the lowest since we began keeping records or close to it. Why have cars that pollute and more people on the roads in cars that are not the safest when we could deploy pure EV buses and only produce EV’s? Why go back to what we can see and prove is not the best solution when we have alternatives?

    4. That part

    5. Automate society? We aren’t there yet and can’t repurpose manufacturing fluidly…yet.

  312. How complicated is a ventilator? Can you guest appear with an expert? Trump was just on tv saying that he is not a shipping clerk. The states are on their own. Gali we need you to figure this out!

    1. Trump said that? “The States are on their own”? Whatever happened to “United States”? So disappointing…

  313. Not throwing a single stone until the situation plays out. If Tesla ends up making 10k ventilators that save 10k American lives every doubter will be a complete pos. If Tesla can make them and they do then thats amazing, could be my mom who needs one soon. Just like Trump, if you’re not helping shut up and get out of the way.

  314. Well-meaning maker/tech community creatives talking about possibility of crowdsourced open source improvised DIY respiratory ventilators/parts.

  315. It’s funny I thought about this, this morning as a good idea and here is this video 5 hours later 😂

    1. @tech 52 lol unfortunately no

    2. But did you say “first!” ?

  316. This is genius! The factory will now be considered “critical operations”!

    1. @Klaus321 k you do realize his car company was the first one to pay back the auto company bailout and they paid it back years ahead of schedule.

    2. How mentally sick do you have to be to order employees to come in despite a shut down order ?

    3. @Klaus321 k Which he paid back long ago well before allotted time, unlike GM & Ford who are still in government debt by many many more billions.

    4. @Klaus321 k We are defending a person that is trying to help. Even if he were allowed to build cars or not I am convinced he would try to build that medical equipment. Even if they did just for fame or profit it wouldn’t as long as the effort was genuine.

    5. @Klaus321 k Doubting Elon Musk and his resources and determination is very naive…

  317. Wonder what parts of the supply chain still need to be sourced from overseas… mainly the medical grade control boards that are made by NXP who manufacturers all that overseas… Perhaps elon will repurpose ap2 hardware to run the ventilators 🙂

    1. @Joeys Cleaning Lady, A device has to contain electronics to be “medical grade?” That’s funny because I have worked on lot’s of equipment in hospitals that didn’t contain electronics. Ok, then I guess we’ll just let people die due to lack of ventilators. Problem solved.

    2. @Chris L they do for it to be medical grade… if you are talking about re-purposing a breast milk pumping device great. We don’t need first principles for a device that determines life or death. Thanks for playing good night now

    3. @Joeys Cleaning Lady, I didn’t say there aren’t discrete components on the boards (WTF would a PCB be good for without discrete components?). I said it’s doubtful that any of it would be difficult to source or difficult to replace with a different IC. They don’t have to make an exact copy of an existing design (even if they did, I doubt the components are anything hard to source). They can make a custom PCB with whatever components they find convenient.

      You are missing the point though. They don’t even need electronics. Ventilators have been around since before electronics were even invented. Mechanical timers, motors, and relays could accomplish everything (and did prior to electronics) a ventilator needs to do. Some of the original ventilators used windshield wiper motors to control the air pump. Tesla has plenty of windshield wiper motors and I’m pretty sure they have the engineering talent to copy a 60 year old design that is out of patent. The rest of a basic ventilator is just an empty chamber, diaphragm, a couple of one way valves, and some tubes. Lots of things existed before electronics. Cars, phones, TV sets, and even computers (vacuum tubes). The only thing those electronics do in a modern ventilator that can’t be done mechanically is provide a nice user interface.

    4. @Chris L you are wrong there are specific discrete components on the PCB. google NXP respirator or some variant of this and look at the diescrete modules and who makes them. Lot easier that way…

    5. @Anders Hjarnaa wtf are you talking about?!? are you nrmal?!

  318. Love to see ventilators with Tesla logo 😀

    1. Need to be 85+ with a pre-existing condition that’s going to kill you anyways to see one, if not then you’re going to be just fine and don’t get to see a ventilator up close

    2. with parts made in china…..

    3. I hope we wont see in close distance

    4. Those “ventilators” happen to come out with four wheels and a large battery.

    5. would be pretty dope

  319. Win-win : they could keep the factory open to build cars & medical supplies

    1. Ziggi Mon no one’s being forced to work. I work at Tesla and it’s optional. If you feel unsafe then you can go home without penalty. It’s in writing. Besides, most of us WANT to work. We have those things called bills.

    2. @Ziggi Mon forcing to work? 🤣🤣🤣 stop talking

    3. and depend less on china

    4. @Ziggi Mon
      How mentally ill do you need to be to stay around home with someone who has the virus?

    5. Make cars prefilled with needed medical supplies, yup win win

  320. I hope not but it is nice to have the option. tesla and spacex could probably make everything we need . now if he could only make medicines .

  321. yes yes yes !!!

  322. Why do hospitals need ventilators?

    1. @Jan Bruun Andersen why do they need ventilators?

    2. They don’t. Patients need them.

  323. I can understand somewhat for economic reasons that production facilities are in a small number of places. However when they are in potential vulnerable location you HAVE to create more locations in order to have a fallback or backup situation. This is basic risk management. Especially when we’re talking medical supplies here.

  324. Real CEO’s would pick up the phone and make some phone calls. They don’t fucking try to get Twitter publicity.
    Child, please!

  325. Plot twist: billionaire president forgives student debt and secures the means of production.

    If companies like Hilton want to keep their doors open I would suggest they allow COVID patients to be treated there if the hospitals really do get overwhelmed (just a random thought).

    1. They can easily convert any HS gym into a caring facility for the sick… But they got no ventilator tho

    2. Carnival already offered their cruises

  326. Did you all know that Gali originally met Elon from their mutual friend, Jeffery Epstein?

    He’s always been a good pumper. I think his nickname is Third Row Pumper.

  327. Gali, have you bought any stocks since your livestream?

    1. no still haven’t bought any will prob go live when i do lol

  328. Video preceded by disgusting congratulate-chump ad! Twisted MAGAn KKKristofascist numbsKKKulls!

  329. Gali is out with the Tesla pump! We’ve been waiting for it!

    We all know if Elon gets any corona virus money he isn’t going to make ventilators. It’ll be like NY where they sell chinese solar panels. He’ll just get buy enough for a couple press pictures and pocket the money.

    Nice pump, Gali! Where’s the black turtleneck?

  330. i’m a big fan of Elon but this time he is out of his depth.

  331. Keep it up Gali , one of your biggest fans!

    1. @HyperChange can u make on on archimoto? Saw that u are invested in them too !

    2. Gali!

    3. @HyperChange
      On a more serious note… 😉
      This might be the part where Musk disrupts the medical industry in America.
      That would be a good thing.

    4. HyperChange thanks 🙏 watch every video you make… not just the Tesla ones lol

    5. i will! might even upload another video tn 😏

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