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Testing Out Essential Oil Vapes – TINA TRIES IT

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In today’s episode of Tina Tries It, Alfred and I try the MONQ Essential Oil Vapes aka Personal Aromatherapy Diffusers. We bought 4 scents: Sleepy, Zen, Active & Happy. Do they work? Watch to find out! Subscribe to my channel for more videos

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936 thoughts on “Testing Out Essential Oil Vapes – TINA TRIES IT

  1. Omg I want one so bad

  2. Neither inhaled

  3. 3:20 8th graders vaping for the first time be like

  4. your lightheaded because you inhaled it. your supposed to exhale the vapors through ur nose

  5. They do claim it as a cbd product soo you might feel a little something but that’s it

  6. If it’s your first time sometimes you do feel lightheaded it happened to me before and it happens to a lot of people like there 1-2-3 time

  7. I want to try vaping and want to go about it the safe way and saw these essential oil vapes and became interested. I just don’t know how to ask my parents to buy them. I might just tell them that and also say, “oh yeah, they could help you both stop your smoking habits.”

  8. i dont even think they did it right

  9. Thank you for the genuine review! Tired of all the fakes trying to empty my wallet

  10. It looks like they didn’t even inhale it they just held it in their mouth lol

    1. Ki Peoples oh yeah lol oops

    2. That’s how they’re supposed to be used. Since it’s oil its not supposed to be inhaled into the lungs

  11. I am an eleven years old girl. I think the first thing I buy in my 18-years old birthday is this.

  12. “If doesn’t have any nicotine “ everyone says that u stupit

  13. They are sooo goodie goodie.. They feel bad for that 🤣 how cute

  14. It could help people quit nicotine, maybe that’s why it looks like a vape/ e-cig

  15. Can people under the age of 18 use them? I have so much stress and anxiety and I wanna try these out to see if they work and can calm my nerves down.

  16. accent ?? australian !?

  17. I actually saw and wanted to buy the 5 pack VITASTICK on wish, Cause I have heard that those have a “Rich & Delicious” flavor and Actually the effects of each one
    Calm/GreenTea&Vanilla ,

    I would like to know the opinion of people who have actually tried both??? Which one is better Vitastick or Monq???

  18. I feel like these just get I high that’s it lmaoo

  19. You actually have to inhale it lol

  20. I think your lightheaded because you guys never smoked anything before, the motion of inhaling and exhaling like your smoking gives you lightheaded ness

  21. its not a vape your not supposed to inhale


  23. Every smoker ever “THEY DIDNT INHALE”

  24. I’m 13 and my mom bought me the focus and the sleepy and the focus really helps me focus while i’m studying and the sleepy one really helps me fall asleep at decent hours instead of going to sleep at 4am with. this i fall asleep at about 00.00

  25. alfred

  26. I really want to try these for my anxiety and depression, the action of “smoking/vaping” seem relaxing but I like my health. The ocean and zen ones seem nice. I can try them now being 18, Yee yee

  27. MONQ is not a vape !!!

  28. Me juuling and laughing at the fact that is worse than vaping 🤷‍♂️

  29. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years of this video


  31. This is basically vaping and thus is not healthy

  32. I don’t get why 12 year olds use this lmao. My parents would say they don’t want any smoke doing in my mouth lol. They’d also probably say it’s the beginning of smoking LMAO.

  33. Are those ok for kids tho??

  34. 🤮🤮😒😒😒😒😒

  35. Is is not that oil based aroma that killed people? Oil is not good for your lung…

  36. Does it come in flakka?

  37. If u feel light headed that means ur inhaling it and ur not supposed to

  38. I got zen and peace and it took me a while to get to the strong scent but it works for me, I feel soothed and calmer but it expensive so once I run out, I run out

  39. People are saying there not e cigs but is there an age limit on these

  40. The people regulating vaping right now know as much about the subject as this pair.

  41. Can these ship to singapore ? :0

  42. “Maybe this is the feeling of happiness “ 😂😂😂😂

  43. 2:54 do you feel happy. No i dont


  45. Why don’t they open their mouth when they’re getting the smoke out tho

  46. Can a 13 year old try this?

  47. How much times can you use those?

  48. Who else wants to try it


  49. I think Tina is allergic to them I use zen for anxiety attack’s and they really work

  50. not a vape.

  51. She sounds like wengie 😂

  52. When you said you felt ill after the active one I wonder if it could be a sensitivity to one of the oils chosen. I have a lot of sensitivities and from what you said, it seemed like the same thing that happens to me.

  53. I’m just kinda confused how she managed to get them into Singapore because on MONQ they actually stated that “Singapore refuses deliveries from MONQ” :(((

  54. why are you inhaling it

  55. Soooo

    Nic free e cigs


  56. Tina’s mom burst in the room Tina why u smoke cigarette eh Tina mom its not what u think

  57. Can you get high from this? Does it contain marijuana or THC?

  58. I’m not sure if her headaches were caused by inhaling incorrectly

  59. Why are they not blowing out any drags with their mouths? Lol

  60. Why can’t you do more than three breaths

  61. Brasil em peso

    Lucas lira me deixou curiosa KKK

  62. How to charger

  63. Or u could get a nutrovape

  64. I went behind my moms back and ordered this and took it to school and got 2days of I. School suspension so

    1. jhope & taeyong please step on me yea the school called her did u get in school suspension for this to

    2. damn did your mom find out?? in school suspension sucks /: i’ve been there ALOT lol..but i had to be there for a whole week straight..🙄

  65. I’m researching these now because of mental/physical health and I’ve never been a smoker —I think yall are right about it needing another way to administer so maybe if they could do it like an asthma inhaler people wouldn’t associate it with smoking/e-cigs . I love essential oils & they have helped me soooooo much so I’m very tempted to try these.

  66. Did anyone else see like 3 MONQ ads during the video?

  67. his eyebrows…

  68. Gota follow the directions. You had too many puffs and not meant to inhale into your lungs.

  69. Are y’all crazy or something your supposed to open ur mouth😑🙄🤦🏽‍♂️

  70. Umm okay so people under 18 can try these

  71. “Did your see that? I was like a dragon!”

  72. Y don’t people just have monq

  73. I actually want this since I have anxiety and this would really help me

  74. It’s aromatherapy not drugs! Any other things are nervousness or plusebo I think

  75. I do this and I’m 11.(because it helps with anxiety)

  76. everyone saying “idk if its placebo but its working for me” there’s been studies where people are unknowingly given placebo pills and whatever conditions they have improve. if you feel better even if it is “placebo” it’s working. placebo effect makes you think its working and gives you similar results to if it was really actually working. basically if it works for you but you think its placebo then its working lmfao

  77. Here earrings 😮

  78. I’m kind of freaking out, but I don’t know why.

  79. Sooooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaaad for youuuuuu

  80. 69 dollars 👨🏿‍🦳

  81. U guys sound high 😂

  82. 3:30 puff the magic dragon**

  83. Meanwhile there’s me, a 14 year old who vapes with nicotine haha

    They are such angels istg

  84. Since it did mention that it helped get better sleep,even tho the motion of it is like a cigarette would it be alright to use it when you 13+?

  85. “*Did you see that?!?..I was like a dragon..!*”

  86. I’m gonna try one for my anxiety because I’m desperate lol

  87. Cool

  88. No no no looks like tina is being a little naughty girl!!!LOL😂😂

  89. I would use one of these in school and look bad ass!

    But I might get suspended😂

    1. tell them it’s just essential oils

  90. Is it healthy or harmful

  91. Christian kids be like :

  92. When u and ur brother start vaping

  93. How can you say that it isn’t vaping when you have vaping in the title

  94. It’s weed😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  95. Everyone unfollowe this person she is ass

  96. or is this a placebo effect

  97. the reason they got light headed was because they was doing it wrong it ain’t supposed to keep it in your mouth then make it come out ur nose just informing love yah channel there’s supposed to help with depression and anxiety too😂

  98. This is vaporizing you are misinformed and arm is informing others this is an e-cigarette just with very specific ingredients and the lack of other specific ingredients the juice is flavored with essential oils you can get the same thing from organic vegan e-liquid if you like this sort of thing get a bottle of vegetable glycerin and one 100% pure organic essential oil essence grab yourself a mod mix away and Vape on nicotine free and organically the only difference is the price. By the way it is proven and more research is being done that smells affect the brain and can have an impact on mood. Aromatherapy is not a hoax

  99. Where can I buy it, Tina? I’m live in Viet Nam

  100. It is not an a big deal I don’t think he did it right

  101. Ok they are wayyy to expensive 1 for 20$ i will passs

  102. Omg I have one of these (zen) I was doing yoga and I felt so relaxed. It was amazing

  103. so kids can have these?

  104. Ok wtf u won’t believe what i’m about to say rn but when i clicked on the video so there was an ad and it was of monq and i’m like wtf is going onnn😂

  105. just to tell you. there not vapes

  106. They dont even take it in fml

  107. 2:40 Tinas face to it smelling like a til tak

  108. Drugs?

  109. Maybe you felt light headed and sick because it’s supposed to make you relax?? Idk😂

  110. *takes one hit* “i feel light headed”😂

  111. Oh lawd, is this healthier? I wonder if it will calm me haha I almost wanted to try my essential oil in my vape but I wouldnt dare lol..

  112. every video I watch the ad is related to my video like I got an monq ad about the vapes Tina uses 😑😑😑

  113. Tbh i would just get these for using it once then fprgeting about it SKSKSK

  114. Her :do you feel happy?
    Me: . _. Emmm why tho

  115. They finally came out with a chargeable one

  116. Probably just flavored weed🤣

  117. Can you get it if you are under 18

  118. Hi I’m 14 and suffer from a lot of anxiety attack’s and use essential oils to help just wondered if anyone new how old you have to be to use it

  119. I think you need to not keep it in your mouth for so long because if it goes into your lungs you will feel light headed

  120. I look like dragon , lol tina is so cute

  121. Your not inhaleing properly you need too breath it in instead of holding it in your mouth or blowing it through your nose

  122. No one gonna mention it cost $69?

  123. Is it just me or do I keep looking at his chin

  124. Want

  125. Heady?

  126. 420 what cha smokin

  127. I like how quick people are to seperate these from drugs. I don’t do drugs but these are still stimulants and the only difference between these and any other vape is calling stimulants essential oils instead of drugs

  128. What age do u have to be

  129. Where u buy it?


  131. they are buzzed as fuck

  132. Vaping isn’t smoking it’s water vapor and some have no nicotine

  133. You act like it has a HUGE affect on them, it’s only essential oils

  134. Did she try to change it from looking like a vape?

  135. even if it doesn’t work it is a good way to quit smoking

  136. Is this considered smoking ldk just want to ask I’m curious

  137. Inhaling isn’t keeping it in your mouth and exhaling through your nose. They do work if you inhale correctly. Inhaling correctly is breathing it into your lungs and holding it in your lungs for a moment then breathing it out.

    EDIT: But it is also the placebo affect.

  138. Give it to me if you don’t want it😂 I have insomnia

  139. Didn’t work on me

  140. They aren’t vapes


  142. How much do you wanna bet that the oil companies are going to put drugs in the oil pen thingy and make you want to buy more.

  143. its spooky season

  144. These probably do nothing

  145. 6:52 it’s usually not good to snore. It means something is halfway blocking your airway

  146. This is vaping though. In fact, seems more dangerous since it uses oils and such. Don’t buy into this placebo!!!


  148. It costed them 69 dollars ;)) I’m sorry I’ll stop

  149. Did you see that? I was like a dragon😂😂😂

  150. You shouldn’t smoke from ur nose all the time

  151. Just smoke ciggs m8

  152. omg I need thisss

  153. 3:24

  154. Cj để việt sub đi cj làm v ai mà hỉu ( mấy đứa ngu t.a ) . 🙂

  155. 😂😂😂😂😂

  156. You aren’t supposed to inhale it


  158. I know we shouldn’t vape, but vaping looks so relaxing 😂😌

  159. Can i get one

  160. When your addicted to cigarettes

  161. I’m sorry but the start seemed so unnatural and staged 😂 what is Tina wearing?!? 😂

  162. I’ve never seen this before omg

  163. Sorry but the lipcolour doesn’t match your skin colour I will like m

  164. 7:42 did you get an ad?

  165. Lol my mum’s name is Zen

  166. Just watching them do this gives me shortness of breath 😂

  167. I have an essential oil product that is not a vapor ! If you like check it out ! I invented this to lower stress in my home visit my site

  168. I want to have one bc everyone at my school vapes except me so I could pretend lol

  169. smoking oso makes you light headed 😂

  170. *vape boys*

  171. What age are you aloud to use??

  172. Is this banned in singapore?

  173. The way she says tic tac😂

  174. Amazing!!!

  175. your english lol lmao

  176. 🙁

  177. Do u have to in hail it

  178. why am I so uncomftorble

  179. How does it help??

  180. Your lungs

  181. I didn’t like how they didn’t open their mouths haha

  182. Omg I want

  183. Are you Aussie?

  184. “do u even vape bro” LMAO

  185. why they blowing out the smoke weird xD

  186. I don’t eally like ur lip stick it’s to dark at the first of the vid pls never we’re that again pls I love it vids it’s just ur lip stick sorry pls I I’m ur biggest fan I love u so much I love Tina trys it u r the best YouTuber 🤩

  187. Thare acting hay

  188. Watching this smoking🤣😂

  189. I should consider getting one that will pump me up for gaming. At least these two tried it to have me consider about it

  190. There doing it wrong

  191. I’m slightly unhappy with this since its supposed to be for people with anxiety and panic attacks I don’t see why you would buy it if you don’t need it just to see if it has an effect…but oh well

  192. Can kids use it?

  193. She cant say R lol but i like the vid

  194. I want to try these so bad! But I’m only 12 years old and they seem kinda expensive

  195. Five pulls off weed and I don’t feel shii. Tina pulls on the vape once and she feels light headed. Okay
    I’m checking myself into a rehab center.

  196. Who else got a commercial after she said “we’ll be right back “

  197. Not a an ecigarrette! And smoke comes out lmao

  198. Do they just suck it in and not exhale?? I dont really see they got the thing into their mouth and breathe it out ?????

  199. An advert about essential oils played before this😂😂

  200. tina tries meth

  201. Even if they did nothing I would still use them because they cost a lot of money. But you’re supposed to exhale from your nose. Also why do I need those when you two make me smile from ear to ear. 😁

  202. You seems drunk 😂😂😂


  204. Do u have 2 be 18 to try this

  205. 2:41 I’m sorry Tina but your expression there 😂

  206. I think it works differently on different genders

  207. They don’t prefer people to call them vapes because they aren’t

  208. Alfred looks high

  209. I should buy this and let my mom think I smoke xD

  210. Happy??? Correction: High

    1. ᅳᅳTouri Those Don’t have any sorts of nicotine or any substance in it but essential oils.

  211. They probably never inhaled stuff which is why their feeling cool I guess cus teenagers act like this when it’s their first time getting high or smoking not trying to be rude cus I’m a fan but it just made me realize how similar their reaction is to kids at my school🤣

  212. Damn I’d probably buy alotta of the happy ones 😂😂😂

  213. its not working for you guys that much because you should blow the essential oil out of your nose. lol sorry just had to say it

  214. I think the idea is to replace the vaping obsession or to at least lower the obsession w/vaping. I think because vapes dont have enough research and they are considered bad for the health of the body but people want the smells and oils to relax the body, they will turn to the vapes even though they know its bad for them and they wish there was something that wasnt harmful. So i think thats where this products comes into play so it doesnt harm the body. Thats my personal opinion

  215. I really want to try these but im only 13

  216. Tina: it smells like a tic tac

    Me: haha omg im dead

  217. Do u still need to be 18 for these

  218. I think it’s lipstick 💔😂😂😂

  219. I’m 13 and my mom just ordered me the ocean one yesterday. I’m so excited to see if it helps me with my stress and stomach problems. Can’t wait for it to come in the mail!

  220. I. Am. So. Excited. To. Get. Mine. Ughhhhhhh.

  221. You should’ve use the sexy one because that one worked on me

  222. accent lmao

  223. Snoring doesn’t usually mean you are in a deep sleep. It’s probably a nasal infection or some form of sleep apnea

  224. If there isn’t any nicotine and tobacco in them, does that mean under 18s can buy these? ❤️

    1. the site says they won’t sell to under 18 in fear of promoting smoking culture

    2. Yes.

  225. Inhaling any smoke is bad for you

  226. It’s pronounced as “ilang-ilang” i think that’s a filipino product because of that flower.

  227. my friend smokes when she feels stressed out which is quite rare so i think i shoukd get her these instead of her buying cigarettes

  228. U guys needed to inhale it and den keep it in ur mouth take anither hit and den let it out lmfaooo uon take it out of ya nose ( no hate doe ) 😂😂

  229. Awe you look better without makeup 💕 ily Tina y’all are super

  230. The ylang ylang one was pronounced as ilang ilang.😁😁😘😘

  231. A lot of the videos where people try these they say they think that its Placebo affect

  232. This is basically a drug

  233. I think they were using it wrongs and inhaling some of in instead of just breathing it out of their nose

  234. Is this addictive ?


    it’s essential oil relaxing things but ya know just throwing it out there

  236. Plot twist, the sleep one was pot. 😂😭

    1. 💀💀

  237. You look so funny, it looks like you are addicted 😅

  238. No, I wouldn’t put any kind of chemicals in my body. It says no nicotine but it might have other chemicals in it. Like this is just advertising to smoke. But thanks for trying it out.

  239. All essential oils products are a placebo but that doesn’t mean they don’t work. If you want it to work, it will.

  240. I wanna see them get high lmao

  241. You are so beautiful without makeup!! 😍

  242. is this like a placebo or something?

  243. So they have no nicotine whatsoever?

  244. I would try the sleepy one because I have problems sleepping.

  245. Very cool! Id definitely keep the sleepy one in my nightstand when im having trouble winding down. Not sure about the others…

  246. Tina tries edibles

  247. Even the way he intro himself is like you haha um

  248. You don’t inhale it into your lungs

  249. Why do they look like 2 underaged kids smoking for the first time 😂😂

  250. It says you’re only supposed to do a few breaths an hour but if I had it I would for sure use it all up in a couple hours and not even do it right

  251. I like how monq is personally replying the comments as well!

  252. I wanna buy one of these… But my mum would probably scold me

  253. Maybe your getting high…..

  254. Cfeduii

  255. Are you supposed to inhale this like a normal cigarette?

  256. This might help my friends who smoke

  257. I thinks it’s y -lang y-lang // I-lang I-lang just sayin

  258. Tina so cute, I was like a dragon. Same I hate lavender. Esp in your mouth? Yuck. I also snore only when super duper tired. You look so great without makeup before the bed one. I’m trying these!

  259. You have been completely stupid ok

  260. Are you stupid or something cakes have something in them valid nicotine it is the second most addicting thing in the world number one is suger

  261. *me hitting my vape as I listen to them feel uncomfortable about that fact that it’s like smoking 😂😂

  262. You guys seem high 😂😂

  263. Same my grandma or my dad would kill me 😂 for smoking or taking any drug

  264. You take in the smoke… INHALE the smoke 😂THEN exhale the smoke jeezo

  265. Puff the magic dragom

  266. Hey guys, I really love watching your videos!! However, I really must say that I don’t think these e-cigarette’s give you an accurate feel of aromatherapy. As one who uses essential oils on a daily basis I can positively say that you were gypped! Not that they obviously didn’t work! But you’re actually not supposed to heat up essential Oils as it breaks down the essential oil very quickly and as it burns it also removes some of its benefits. Also, vegetable glycerin?? They use that stuff in soap! LOL. I would say, for an accurate depiction of essential oil‘s I would get an aromatherapy diffuser. I know, some houses or homes can be definitely overwhelming with the sent. But it all depends on how much you dispense. As for the diffusers, they are not supposed to heat up the oils at all they’re actually supposed to be nebulizing. You can also find amazing blends similar to Zen, sleepy and so on from my favorite essential oil company now. I don’t sell for them or anything like that but I will say I’ve tried a lot of brands and they are not only the best bang for your buck but they are also steam distilled rather than alcohol distilled and they are also therapeutic grade which is the highest quality. I think a more accurate test of the one you guys had on this video would be with a diffuser and an essential oil blend. There are also necklace diffusers which are basically a locket with cloth where you put a drop or two essential oil’s. And I know they have car diffusers. I wouldn’t know how those work as I am blind and don’t drive. But I’ve heard they’re great! While I did think the video was funny and I love watching your videos like I said before I don’t think I was an accurate depiction of essential oils and their healing benefits. Thank you guys for doing what you do!! XO

  267. You probably get lightheaded from holding your breath a bit and breathing weirdly.

    Essential oils have documented therapeutic effect, but its not something I would recommend to try out if you dont know what you are dealing with. Essential oils are raw oils from plants, highly allergenic and many people have bad reactions to it. Just as you shouldnt rub raw plants on your skin, like lavender..

    A bit aroma therapy is nice, smells affects us differently, but you should not overdo it like this.

  268. Lavender knocks me out!

  269. Did it heat up at all when you inhale?

  270. I feel like it just looks bad and create bad influence

  271. Should get one for my brother. He uses a whole humidifier -.-

  272. Tina is so beautiful 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  273. Tinaaaa!! can you review Peripera Airy Ink Velvets ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  274. There so old Tina

  275. where are your earrings from??? i love themmmm! your look in this video suits you so much 😍💖

  276. And the oil on ur face. Lighting real bad, editing also real bad

  277. Your makeup is so bad

  278. Pls don’t try all this zzz

  279. “Did you see that i was like a dragon”~ Tina 2018

  280. they should have tried it without readieffecat the effect is .. that way we can see if they are right

  281. Definitely a placebo.


  283. They do look high though

  284. It smells like a tictac

  285. don’t do drugs, kids.

  286. Alfred should be in more Tina tries it

  287. Why can’t i find you on snapchat 😩😩😩 ????????

  288. Did you see me? I looked like a dragon ! Hahha Tina is legit me hahah ❤️

  289. “Feel like this is-” “OH MY GOD IT SMELLS LIKE A TIC-TAC” 😂😂 love you Tina!

  290. Be careful, Vape causes popcorn lungs and it’s not the tobacco that causes it but the flavor they use in the vape. Don’t know much about that, but I would look into it if you consider using it.

  291. Jezz I was just joking 😒.

  292. They act like they high lmao

  293. Lol it really looks like your smoking

  294. You’re doing it wrong but it’s OK cuz you’re not smokers

  295. It’s just placebo effects

  296. try mis a makeup 🤗

    i commeted it last time also😥😥😥

  297. Hi Tina ! Where did you find your earrings ? There sooo cool <3

  298. 2:40   😂

  299. I love this series!! I notice you talk a lot about your lips being dry, and I have the same problem, I highly recommend using Aquaphor on them, it hydrates super nicely and is GREAT to use after exfoliating your lips. I carry a tube everywhere I go!

  300. This should not be inhaled into the lungs. Fill your mouth then blew out through nose. Breathing it into your lungs is why you felt light headed.

    1. @iHubert no it is not fine. Stay away from essential oils when pregnant. especially heated oils!

    2. Kimber Berk u shouldnt rly use it with pregnant because some essential oils can be harmful to baby but i guess since its not going into lungs is fine but Idk xD

    3. I use these regularly. Have had my prego friends use them to ease nausea.

  301. Please try Korean diaso crush on you available at airfrov

  302. I would to state that marijuana gives the same affects lol

  303. JUUL

  304. also do do the eat or wear it challenge

  305. you forgot the last one

  306. Tina have you ever been compared to a Korean singer called BoA? Because you look like her and I can’t unsee.
    Check her new song if you haven’t and see for yourself. Idk why but you look like BoA every now and then ;-;

  307. I hate the way they smoke it 🤦🏾‍♀️

  308. This is so funny it’s like watching two adults smoking drugs for the first time or smth the way they’re like ‘ooh do you feel anything?’ It’s kinda adorable 😂

  309. I think you were snoring because you released all the smoke via nose, I think you got something like tiny allergy on essential oils.

  310. This one was really special !! It was like you guys were stones after each one. Or rather… different 😮 ! Pay attention with those.

  311. “Did you see that? I was like a dragon.” Omg😂 love this channel

  312. Your make up looks flawless

  313. “it’s not like an e-cig” Vegetable glycerin and flavoring? that’s EXACTLY what’s in my non-nicotine e-cig xD

    1. @Umm hey there person She said it has VG in it.

    2. Vg / Pg is a carrier. Works just like cannabis oil or nic vape pens or mods. Distilled essential oil mixed with a vg and maybe pg mix. It’s what we vapers and weed smokers have been doing for 15 years

    3. They have the same ingredients minus nicotine

    4. mynameisntboujee probably so they don’t get addicted

    5. Why do you have a non nicotine vape?

  314. Oh my goodness, I think I might buy this since I wanted to quit smoking and the sensation of puffing can satisfy my hunger to smoke. This is a good find Tina! Thank you so much for reviewing this! I know which flavor to get now <3

    1. Rurien Moon don’t. Essential oils aren’t supposed to be smoked- just smelled from a distance. It’s really bad for you- also toxic to pets. Just get a regular non nicotine e cig.

  315. I actually ordered the sleepy one before I even watched this

  316. No tobacco or nicotine bc in reality is just different strains of weed 😂

    1. Seriously I start to believe in this theory, “relaxation” “good sleep” “light-headedness” just look at all the signs.

  317. Tina what’s with your makeup I mean it’s not bad but you looked cuter in the neutral pinkish everyday makeup

  318. YAY!! You guys tried it! I think I suggested these a while back for you and Alfred to try! Maybe you read my comment maybe not but 😀 cool! I bought all flavours :L My first time I tried them, I may have tried a few flavours too much before I slept, just one breathe per few scents. Nec minut I became sick for a week or more. May have been allergic to something and caused dry throat. Coz I was coughing bad and had a sore throat. Couldn’t think of any other causes so concluded it may have been the monq diffusers. I don’t get any reactions now since I just take a breathe once out of a blue moon and they’re just in my drawer. But they do smell good! And look super cute esp when the jewel lights up.They were and interesting experience.

    Hope you and Alfred are well!

  319. From someone who vapes – DRINK LOTS OF WATER!!! You will dehydrate yourself from ALL vapor type products without staying hydrated!!!

  320. I love these things so much. I have five for myself and I love them. I use the Zen and Sleepy one the most, Zen is best for stress relief. I find some taste a little funky, but you can also train your brain as well to make you feel the way the Monq says. You shouldn’t take these essential oils if you have lung problems, or asthma, these aren’t the best for you then. But, if you don’t have those problems, then you should definitely try these. Definitely recommend.

  321. It’s so fun when Alfred’s in your vids!

  322. Tina ,can you try on lip stamp🙂🙂

  323. umm, am i wrong or vapes contain vegetal glycerine as well? i mean, thats basically a vape with “essential oils”

    1. yeah sure, thats exactly what we thought :))))

  324. it could be because you keep blowing threw your nose? I use to use those pens to vape and if I blew out threw my nose it would give me a headache.

  325. I do believe these were created for people with problems such as anxiety, stress, insomnia, hyposomnia, depression, etc. Of course you won’t feel any of the effects because you don’t need it. Glad to know what they taste and smell like though lol

  326. The earrings😍 minteye👁 Mystic msgnr😉

  327. I love these! My bestie got these and we tried them. Sleepy was good for me, I had the best sleep that night but the best one was happy. I was happy for days

  328. “I was like a dragon”😂

  329. its a bit too expensive for what it is. i would try it when i am 18+ (i’m 17) but if i had a essential oil diffuser and essential oils that would probably be better.

  330. 9 am slept in xd that is early morning for me!

  331. Wtf

  332. This is hilarious

  333. Lol just a glorified cheap vape.

  334. So does it ship to Australia


  336. You guys do realize it’s not a cig or a ecig.. and those are not bad for you shit there are more chemicals in your coffee 🤦🏻‍♀️

  337. Also your comment section has no chill lately lmfao 😂😂😂

  338. I liked the Monq pens I got but it’s legit so much cheaper to just buy an actual vape lmao

  339. this is like a meditating thing ish calming thing so like a serene happy feeling u should calm down not keep on talking and stuff like that ( even tho u won’t be able to make much interesting content without speaking) and you’ll feel and sense of bliss 🙂 it’s not like medicine where it’s like this kicking in thing if ur buzzing ( disclaimer: not hate i swear ive been subscribed for a while // ily tina! u guys r such a great couple 🌱💓)

  340. Nope…

  341. …they just got stoned on camera… 😂

  342. Everyone thinks it’s placebo, but I have these and they actually give you a little high feeling, and it’s pretty cool. Helps so much with anxiety and ADHD. I don’t think all of them work, but most of them do. Depends on the person

    1. I need it then because I’ve had horrible anxiety for two years and essential oils and stuff have been helping until we ran out but I’ll definitely give it a go

    2. @Alyssa J yeah I do actually have a therapist

    3. Vortex Blast ofc! Psychiatrists really do help assess what medication you need

    4. @Alyssa J thanks but I will never smoke weed even tho I get stressed a lot, because I know it will make my life even worse but thanks tho I may start taking pills

    5. Vortex Blast they helped me take the edge off in the moment, but for BAD anxiety or ADHD you need pills or weed

  343. Wow actually wanna try it. I wonder what do actual cigarette smokers think about this kinda alternative/fake cigarette vape thingy 🤔

  344. They looked like E-cig too.

  345. I have these and I love them so much

  346. They feeling the placebo

  347. My concerns with this are: is there enough of the “active” ingredients to actually do anything beyond placebo, and also inhaling oils and vapes in general haven’t been studied much so there are potential risks in vaping as well due to the unknowns. Not trying to say it’s anywhere near as damaging as smoking (via combustion) but I think people should think critically about this instead of just leaping in.

  348. Hi Tina, I tried to purchase from the website but it says it does not ship to Singapore. I badly need this and would appreciate if you can let me know if yours got delivered to SG as well?

  349. Lmfaoooooo this was such a funny video! Love you guys!

  350. Few things: Essential oils have no scientific backing, but there’s no proof that they DON’T work. Most believe that it works through a placebo effect, and hey, if it works, it works. Second thing: Essential oils are lung/mucous membrane irritants, so I don’t suggest sucking these in every 5 minutes. Last thing: Essential oils are not regulated by the FDA, and are therefore not able to advertise “Can heal *insert diagnoses here*”. If your essential oils are talking about curing something, it’s just false advertisement to get you to buy their product.

  351. I hate illumination..sorry

  352. Watching them smoke is low key really cringy😂

  353. I use these all the time. I had chronic migraine and since I’ve started using these I haven’t had any issues. They are super relaxing and last a while. I love them❤️❤️❤️

  354. Hai Tina, why don’t you try Indian bindi?

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  357. I have seen a different brand advertised on Instagram but they do not have as many flavors as the one reviewed…i would actually get these ones

  358. 2:40 she looks so excited by the kitkat smell
    Same tina same

  359. Honestly, the fact that it looks like a cigarette means that it could be a good placeholder for people who are on the process of getting off smoking. Just a theory, though, take it with a grain of salt!!

  360. You have to do more than one puff

  361. I would definitely try it. I love essential oil therapy

  362. as a pothead seeing you guys be so innocent and worried about coming off as smoking this is so amusing to me, no hate just love keep up the great videos <<3

  363. Both of you kind of look and act like your high

  364. Yes I would try it but

  365. What about the fifth one???

  366. It’s so funny how it seems bad and like you’re teens trying a juul or vape but it’s just a mini diffuser. it’s so weird to wrap my head around that this isn’t bad at all, but good.

  367. Is this child friendly?

    1. Basic Cutie no

  368. Maybe this is targeted towards people who tend to smoke, and gives them a similar experience without the harmful ingredients in vapes or ecigs or actual cigarettes

  369. I’m going to buy this as an April Fools prank so my family thinks that I’m actually vaping when I’m just bettering my health in reality.

  370. Do you think an 11 yr old could smoke this?


  372. Anyone else miss the Tina tries it intro

  373. this look so wrong… and i wanna try it…

  374. I think I can believe in aromatherapy in a certain mode, but I won’t but that product, for the price and because I cant trust on put that thing in that way :/

  375. Essential oil vapes defeat the whole purpose of essential oil/ scent therapy jesus. You’re literally supposed to smell essential oils in deep breaths not take them into your lungs orally.

    1. diana M they are not supposed to let it go into your lungs

  376. “Omg it smells like a Tic Tac!” that was freaking adorable.

  377. It’ll probably just give you a head rush like a real vape

  378. Earrings. Please. Where did you get them!

  379. I love monq! Forest is my favorite

  380. Young Living oils forever!

  381. Tina the reason you were not getting a kick from the majority of these Aromatherapy Diffusers, is simply because you were not Inhaling enough 🙂 x

  382. Some essential oils aren’t meant to go into your body like that. If you really want to try some essential oils that promote being active, try sweet orange and grapefruit essential oils in a regular defuser. Or for sleepy time, lavender and chamomile essential oils. Try some chamomile tea with honey for relaxing, and for crampy, icky feeling days. It’s great!!!

    1. MONQ® Sefty??

  383. i have that lamp in the back


  385. Love how you guys are trying different products together!!!

  386. Why not use a diffuser instead of the vape style?

  387. If you’re in singapore, is this even legal?

  388. Tina I allergic to the active one and had the same reaction as you! Keep that in mind

  389. hey guys!! i read up on it and essential oils can be toxic for dogs and other animals!! please be careful where you use this and essential oils in general!! oils to beware of: cinnamon, citrus, pennyroyal, peppermint, pine, sweet birch, tea tree (melaleuca), wintergreen, and ylang ylang, as they are poisonous for dogs.

  390. I bought the one called Vibrant and I can honestly say it’s not worth it.. at all.. does nothing for me

  391. I’m thinking this is just placebo. No different than burning a candle.

    You’d do better to maintain a healthy diet, get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, good amount of exercise, and take a multi-vitamin.

    1. These are very relaxing to use. So just let people enjoy things. My god.

  392. Okay so I don’t know the details of this product but I know that you’re not supposed to inhale oil based vapers. This is because the oil will not be absorbed in the lungs like the water based vapers would and it will slowly coat the inside of the lungs. Not good. 🙂 but I guess it won’t hurt most people just trying these out, but I wouldn’t inhale it into the lungs 🙂

  393. First of all, I love to see Alfred more in videos! You guys are so cute together!
    I don’t like the idea of smoking something… Maybe you and Alfred can try an essential oil diffuser and let us know the differenses? I have problems with sleeping, but I’m anti-smoking and this feels like smoking.
    For ideas with Alfred: Let him buy your make-up or clothes. Or make a tasting video with him

  394. guessing just another push for cigarette companies and hookahs because they kinda have gone down so this is just a scam it seems like . Whole thought of essential oils is to smell no inhale. But cool to watch you guys try it.

    1. But you have to inhale to exhale even if through the nose. And by inhaling you ingest the product which even if organic can’t always be the best for you. Certainly wouldn’t work for someone asthmatic. And they mentioned head aches. That could be associated with the inhaling, the smell, the strength. I just hope either way people are being safe if they are going to use these. Also note on their website there are many disclaimers so not exactly 100% safe . please read before you try these. Each essential oil has a disclaimer

    2. What? This company is 100% organic and has absolutely zero affiliation with cigarette companies. The company and its products were created by a doctor and this is all science based.

      You do not inhale these, you are meant to breathe the vapor out of your nose.

  395. Looks very interesting. I think 🤔 I want to try it??? I mean I have the vaporizer and you can put on a table so this one sounds interesting

  396. illuminati confirmed

  397. No matter what the packaging is.. it is a E-CIGARETTE . VAPE. If its was for relaxation , OIL burner essence , even sticks would have been better.. inhaling vape vs just drinking power juice, u decide which would have worked better internally.. Nice Vape..i mean video though! LOL different from the usual Glam Guru 🙂 .. and yes Im a vaper 🙂 if those sticks got mint, im on it!

    1. You do not inhale these.

  398. I honestly think aroma therapy is a scam

    1. It’s been around for over 6000 years, so.

  399. It might be good for people who wanna stop smoking(like a substitute)

  400. Essential oils aren’t supposed to to work wonders. They just smell nice for different ocations

  401. 😂😂 they look and seem like they are actually high. Especially Alfred.

  402. $666666699999999999999

  403. i got the same one except i got sexy instead of sleepy.

  404. Did she begin her goth stage?

  405. Looking at how they react to these OILS, I really want to see their reaction to weed 😛

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  408. Lol after they did the happy one, they sounded high LMAO

  409. Not smoke, water vapor 😊

  410. He’s not even inhaling

  411. You should have tried them without knowing which one is supposed to be happy, zen, sleepy, etc. so that way you know if they actually work or if it’s just a placebo. I think that would have just been fun to do!

  412. i gotta say i love you two such a sweet couple ive been watching you guys now for awhile my idea on the product which i havent tried looks kinda silly and as alfred said kinda controversal if i ever come across them ill diffinitly give them a try!😊

  413. That is not true my mom works for young living

  414. They looked scared trying them..honesty

  415. Yeah no it’s not essential oils it’s pot.

  416. Check out young living essential oils. They have “normal” diffusers haha

  417. doesn’t oil crystallize in your lungs?

  418. ” Youre supposed to exhale it through your nose”
    Alfred: *Exhaling through mouth*

  419. *VAPE GOD*

  420. I feel the same way you did at the beginning lol

  421. 😂😂😂😂😂

  422. That cannot be good for the lungs 😰

  423. As a smoker, once you’ve finished withdrawal from nicotine, the next (and hardest part) of quitting is getting over the rituals of smoking like:
    Smoking while driving, with your morning coffee, and THE ACTUAL ACT of smoking. I think this product is a horrible idea. It can actually cause you to build the addictive habit of smoking (without the actual addiction to nicotine) which is just as hard, if not harder, than breaking habits such as buying your nails.
    Regular e cigarettes are 100% not harmful to people around you since there is no smoke, it’s just water vapor, yet it’s regulated like regular cigarettes. Why woułd you want to start a habit like this? For me, I’d rather stick to the traditional, room enhancing therapies instead of putting these oils in your body in a vapor form. You have no idea what these are doing to your lungs, too. It may be doing nothing bad, but since old aspiration can cause pneumonia, I wouldn’t risk it personally. Like you said, to each their own.

  424. In my opinion, I think this company packages these oils bc they wanted to cater for those people who travel a lot and want the comfort of their essential oils from home on the go instead of packing the huge tub or something of the diffuser with them. I’m traveling right now and I wish I could have a travel sized version of my diffuser! 🙁

    1. Jen Klen young living sells usb diffusers that arent too expensive and their essential oils are great too peppermint being my favorite im starting to save up because i want one of their usb diffusers or oils beause theyre a bit expensive

  425. Eucalyptus oils are GREAT for essential oils! Along with Tea Tree; smells amazing but 👌🏼

  426. Same thing as an ecig. You can get ejuice without nicotine.

  427. Tina is the only one exhale it from the nose at the

  428. 420 aromatherapy it every day

  429. try essential oils for face.. it’s superb. go try Young Living products, maybe u’ll like it

  430. I love ur earings

  431. I love when you do a video with Alfred

  432. Love you but those earrings… Not a fan. Love when Alfred are in videos 😁

  433. I actually felt sort of bad watching this. I was like “no dont do it” “look away look away”
    I work with essential oils for my job and there are many different ways you can add them into your daily routine that doesnt make it look like your smoking. A regular room diffuser is one of the best options, and there are flavorants like chamomile or orange or even basil that you can add into snacks like candies or in your tea. Though you need to know what essential oils are topical only and know what can be used as a flavorant. On top of that, some essential oils can increase skin sensitivity to light such as citrus scents, and others are recommended to no use while pregnant.

  434. The lightheadedness comes from inhaling the smoke.

  435. tina i miss ur pink hair

  436. It’d look really weird if a non smoker like me tries to use this lol

  437. oh my neurotransmitter receptors

  438. I think this might be good for these who want to quit smoking?

  439. What a couple of troopers! Aromatherapy is definitely a personal thing. Myself some of the flavors give me a headache! Way to try this!

  440. Have you done hair extensions yet?

  441. u should try sexy one

  442. Nope! Don’t inhale anything into your body – none of this have been studied, but many people have sensitivities to essential oils, herbs, other “natural” ingredients. Just now, studies are finally coming out about vaping in general being bad for your lungs. This new thing inhaling essential oils mixed with carrier ingredients is just a bad, bad idea.

  443. I have them and absolutely love them! They really help with anxitey!

  444. I liked the Ocean one when I was on a lake last summer lol

  445. Make sure you dont use these in public in the streets of singapore! Vapes are officially illegal now and even tho this aint the real thang it’ll save you potential trouble of having to explain what it actually is to the cops x

  446. Whaaat? Alfred said he does a double point, where’s the double point?? I don’t like change 😩

  447. tina’s so pretty!!!

  448. i tried two of these and they have no effect on me whatsoever issa gimmick

    1. but maybe it’s just me bc coffee doesn’t have any effect on me either

  449. “Did you see that?? I was like a dragon” 😂😂😂

  450. HELL NO! It might not contain nicotine, but any weird big molecules should not go into the lungs if you can avoid it. and yes they can be dangerous even if naturally derived, because no one on the internet no one has never heard of poisonous plants, and essential oils are often much more irritating and allergy provoking than their laboratory created counterparts under strict observation and control. The idea of AROMA-therapy is that the smell can have an effect, in your nose, where your olfactory neurones are placed, and is not supposed to go any further into the respiratory airway than the nasal cavity. This is polluting your lungs, most probably oil molecules will adhere to the inside of the lung and not all of it will come back up in gas form. Like condensed water droplets, but oils.The molecules are too big to pass to the blood, so they will just sit there and irritate your mucus membrane until you cough that oily caoting up with the flem it will provoke. In worst case senario I could see this still being a factor in developing allergic swelling of the airways or long time COL. Don’t inhale stuff, no stuff, we get more than enough from candles and traffic already.

    1. You do not inhale these into your lungs. You seemed to have missed that part of the video.

  451. The way they inhale was so cringe lmao

  452. Definitely going to try these. You two are the sweetest, and I love how respectful you are of each other. Relationship goals!! X

  453. They are not inhaling at all 😭😂

    1. Sara Philips that’s the point

  454. Just get an essential oil defuser if you like this but don’t like “smoking “

  455. The lightheadedness is because you’re depriving your brain of oxygen lmao

  456. You guys are the cutest !!! LOVE U

  457. Great video love! Xo from my channel to your’s! <3

  458. Lol can you imagine smoking a joint with them 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  459. I get lightheaded when I smoke hookah

  460. 2:40 lmao

  461. I think these are mostly a novelty they’re cute, cool and a fun item. I think your belief in it is what gives you the effects of it.

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  463. Tried them, doesn’t work. I got zen, sexy and sleepy. Probably just placebo

    1. Pretty much all of them are just meant to relax you. The active is the only one that really gives you any sort of energy.

  464. your makeup looks today is not looking all that good, makes you look older for some reason. =( Looking forward to your next makeup video

  465. What’s the point of inhaling this?

  466. 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳❤❤❤❤❤🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳❤❤❤❤🇻🇳
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  467. this was sooo funny

  468. they are sure sensitive

  469. I wished you would of just had Alfred tried them without telling him what it’s for🤔. Maybe it would affect his reaction to it. I appreciate you telling us what the taste/smell is though because there’s some that will make me feel sick.

  470. It’s not good for health. Inhaling any kind of smoke is not good for your lungs. Diffuser gives an aromatherapy that’s a different thing. Please don’t try this…

    1. 1. This is not smoke. 2. You do not inhale these.

  471. “weird watching you with a stick in your head” hahaha i bet it isnt 😀

  472. I really like the Zen one. It helps with my anxiety. If you do have a respiratory problems, do not use it. I do see how it would help the habit of “hand to mouth” for former smokers. It really depends on you.

  473. Tina yong tries oil vapor essential monq nice different moods monq has ㊙🈂🈂💕

  474. Any vaping to me is smoking

  475. Did you manage to get this shipped to Singapore through the official website or did you have someone’s help sending it through mail? I’ve been trying to get these for ages and I’m pretty scared of purchasing them from resellers Bc the packaging looks easily temperable 😩😩😂

  476. Kinda weird

  477. It dead looks like a hookah pen. I think that shit made tina high bc of the headache

    1. Bunny Cupcake’s Official there’s no way to get high off of those.

  478. It looks like a hookah pen becuase of the light

  479. You guys are babies 😂😂

  480. 4:40 A weed taste?😂

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    1. Hi, I am blind and I also have an out rages Lee sensitive nose! I’ve always had an excellent sense of smell even before I went blind. And sometimes it really really sucks! LOL
      However, even though hairspray and perfume really bother you because they’re strong scent you should not discount essential oil‘s. I would definitely discount is Vape‘s however because they suck for sure!! I am really into essential oils and aromatherapy. And I will say that perfumes and hairspray’s are compiled of synthetic and man-made chemical compositions. Which means a lot of people are actually very sensitive to them but ignore it so they can get used to it. It’s actually really bad! I will say that you should probably try nebulizing essential oil diffuser with some essential oils from the Brand now. I don’t sell them or anything. I just love them! I tried many many different essential oil brands and most of them are bogus! But now has a lot of bang for the buck and it is therapeutic grade essential oil’s which are the highest grade! They’re the Best! And of course, if you open a bottle of essential oil‘s and stick it right to your nose it’s going to be overpowering and overwhelming! But if you watched a few feet away from you knows you’ll get a good cent. But, I just want to say don’t discount essential oil‘s! They have extremely good properties and you can get a nebulizing diffuser on Amazon and it’s awesome! If you are just worry about clean the air in your house, maybe your not but I would definitely either get beeswax candles which don’t leave smoke in the air at all and clean your air as well as leaving a gentle but slightly sweet Sant I would use that to clean my air or a Himalayan salt lamp. It changes all the negative ions into positive ions and does not have a scent at all! Anyways, I hope my comment healthier!

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    2. Essential oils have been around for over 6000 years. I think the long term effects have been duly noted at this point.

    3. These aren’t meant to be inhaled into the lungs, so your lungs wouldn’t be affectef at all:)

    4. If you are used to smoking cigarettes and then start vaping, it actually helps to clear the tar out of your lungs

    5. Aileen Zhang better b safe than sorry tbh

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