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The BEST Amazon Home Products You Need!

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Today I’m sharing some of my ALL TIME favorite amazon home products and gadgets- these are the products I use and love the most and all are under $30! **CLICK FOR LINKS TO EVERYTHING SHOWN**

♡ S O C I A L M E D I A ♡

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♡ L I N K S ♡

⇒ Counter vacuum

⇒ Stair basket

⇒ Drill brush

⇒ Roll out drying rack

⇒ Acrylic glasses

⇒ Silicone sponges

⇒ Microfiber kitchen towels

⇒ Door hanging laundry bag

⇒ Loose leaf tea infuser

⇒ Silicone cupcake liners

⇒ Roomba vacuum
This one also has great reviews and costs less

♡ A B O U T M E ♡

Hi + welcome!! My name is Brittany and my family has been in the skin care business for over 30 years. I made this channel to share my passion for skin care, beauty, organization, health + DIYs in a fun and entertaining way!

My family’s skin care line is called Vasseur Skincare. Vasseur products are made with the highest concentration of active ingredients and are 100% natural: no parabens, chemical preservatives, synthetics, sulfates, toxins, dangerous chemicals or animal cruelty. For more information visit

FTC: This video is not sponsored. Some affiliate links are used, which I earn a small commission from.

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680 thoughts on “The BEST Amazon Home Products You Need!

  1. Tea addict here 🤗

  2. I could feel everything you shared. I’d buy all of it. 😊

  3. I’ve watched countless Amazon Best Purchase videos and never have I stopped on anyone to binge all their recommendations like I’ve done on your page! I love your style, the way you speak and everything you’ve recommended! Even got the massager you rave so much about! Love! Please make more of such videos for home & cleaning goods!

  4. I’m not sure why Amazon is such a big push? I was searching for something on there then thought I’d check Ali Express & I found the exact same product for more than half the price 🤔

  5. I know this is an older video… but I love your dining room table and chairs. I’m sure it’s a different “season” or whatever but can I ask where you got it??

  6. Britney: it hangs on the back of the door so it won’t take up valuable real estate
    My mind: it free real estate

  7. Just a suggestion, include this counter vacuumed as office gift grab ideas.

  8. I’m going to buy those silicone sponges! Omg! 😍😍

  9. The Rombi, I love mine!! It really does a great job!! I really loved all products but Rombi was # 1!!!

  10. I have the roomba vaccum and the silicone scrubber for washing dishes! Thanks for the tips ❤️


  12. The mini counter vac 😲 life changer ty so much my kinda momma! Fingers crossed the 11 n 13 yo just wanna play with n actually clean up after them selves!!! I will let u know:)

  13. Hi Brittany
    Love your all tricks and tips.
    Please upload a video about how to wash kitchen and dusting towels perfectly.
    I wannna know about this because I throw away all the kitchen n dusting towels after using only one time. It makes me huge cost. Normally I don’t like to reuse them because those have some stain. I think you have some solution on it. Please do a video about how to wash them perfectly or any idea what you have.

  14. I loooovveee these Amazon videos

  15. We use the silicone sponges on the dog

  16. FYI–your Silicone sponges link, is rubber gloves & says it’s “currently unavail.”


  18. For some reason lately when I click to watch your videos it always say “SUBSCRIBE” .When I click on another of your videos i have to subscribe over and over.

  19. Do you have a Brava jet? I just recently received one and so far so good.
    I have our older Roomba upstairs and newer one downstairs.
    If they’d just make a Roomba for stairs!

  20. The countertop vacuum is amazing for toddler messes or any messes. I originally ordered it for my crafting room, well it’s more of a closet than room but you get the idea

  21. Brittany uff if I was a tea addict I’d totally get the pop up tea dispenser, I completely loved everything you shared with us and for me in particular was the drying rack, the silicon sponges and the tinsi countertop vacuume that’s so awesome I need them in my life 😍

  22. I would love for you to place your camera on Roomba and let us watch how it goes about locating dirt. 😉

  23. Girl..same with the Amazon , I deep search to get my deals . a girls gotta be frugal theese days money is tight .

  24. I have to get the countertop crumb vacuum. Thanks for the suggestion!

  25. I love all the helpful things you show.thanks from canada

  26. Hi! Can you do a video on the drill brush!!!!!?????

  27. I like a lot of your videos but u use a lot of plastic to organise. Maybe you can do a video with alternatives to plastic and gummy products

  28. Drill brush it’s so good!! I loved!!

  29. Awesome!!!! All products

  30. Loved the silicone dish scrubbers, what a great idea and then throw them in the dishwasher. Love the colours as well. Anymore videos on best Amazon products would be really appreciated thanks Diana NZ.

  31. I don’t understand using a mechanical device to pick up crumbs in the same amount of time it would take to wipe them away with your hands.
    But clearly this isn’t about logic. It’s all about buying cute gadgets. Lol.

  32. You should NOT be using the counter vacuum on the counter and then on the floors and then use it again on the counter again because you would be doing *cross-contamination* and can therefore put germs on your counters and risk your health. You need to CLEAN the counter vacuum BEFORE using it on the counter again _ OR – get TWO separate ones – one for the counter ONLY, the second for the floors ONLY!

    1. @ZMAC LLC I AGREE – however, some people seeing this might get the wrong idea and get into a habit which can make them sick. . .

    2. I had the same thought but maybe she does own two but only showed us one for demonstration purposes.
      I can’t imagine her being into cleaning and having such a clean looking home that she wouldn’t have considered the sanitary factor.

  33. U r so beautiful

  34. I just found this channel today and I am so glad I did. I really loved this videos. Thank you very much.
    New sub!!!💖💖💖

  35. For the canadians that have a Dollorama close, they have little counter vacuum for 2$. They are emoji faces, I had mine for a year, didn’t have to change the batteries yet and it still works great!!

  36. Your make up is fantastic today! If you would help a gal out, I would love to know the eyeshadow palette and lippy you currently have on. Thank you for the tips! Silicone baking cups, tea diffuser and stair basket. All amazing finds and your silicone condiment idea is by far my favorite.

  37. I enjoy these videos so much!!

  38. Brittany!!! You are amazing… 😍👏👏 Thank you for your valuable chanel..

  39. I have never watched an Amazon video that I liked so many things! Thanks!

  40. I need a roomba

  41. Try the bissell crosswave total life changer. Used to be a swiffer person nope totally worth the investment

  42. If you don’t have one already I’d love a video about your favorite teas

  43. The over the sink dryer rack

  44. Bought the vacuum for counter, it’s incredible, thnx hun;)

  45. You are the fucking queen of amazon. you find better cheaper versions of everything I need

  46. All of them?!?!!! Sweet!

  47. So about the vacuum…that cleans your countertops…that cleans the floor, too…🤔
    Good in theory, but maybe not in practice?

  48. Great video 💙💛💗💜💚

  49. Brittany I just want to say you are truly Amazing!! 💖…I Love your Amazon must have, I love anything that helps organize my life.🌱🌱

  50. Do you have your own “amazon” shopping list? I know other people who get kick backs from Amazon if people use their link to buy.

  51. Just posted a similar video!!💕 Amazon is the best!

  52. This is one of the best amazon recommendations videos I’ve seen!

  53. I live in the motorhome seven months out of the year and the roll up drying rack is awesome I’ve tried other products but this one I really use the most and I also use it as a wreck next to my stove to put Lids on because it’s silicone so just to let you know love your videos and looking forward to the next one

  54. thank you for this video!! i just found you and subbed you right away. i also want to say thanks for the Roomba tip. I bought one a couple of yrs ago at an estate sale and like you state it is okay but not great. I have wanted to try a newer version but did not want to waste money (especially that much) but now with your comments I am going to try the new one. I am a clean freak and just loving all your videos!

  55. I love your videos but except the robot cleaner all other stuff is just clutter. I can totally live without these things…and save some money for more important things

  56. The robot vacuum! Never really new which one I should get. Thank you so much for ur amazing ideas!

  57. I want your hair love it

  58. Favorite has to be the Roomba because its on my wishlist too, but next fav would be counter vacuum. That is cute and functional and small so storing it won’t be difficult.

  59. thanks for sharing about the silicon sponges!!!

  60. You find the best items, and you really explain everything very well, you save me so much time. Love your videos.

  61. WoW! Thank you. Favorite, silicone sponges & counter vacuum.

  62. You have a new fan in Germany🤗✈

  63. Yay! I love amazon.

  64. Brittany why you r so beautiful 😭😭😭 your fan from Malaysia

  65. Just came across this video on my recommended page. I’ve watched a ton of amazon favorites videos, & this one is my favorite!! Thank you for these amazing suggestions! You’ve just gained a new subscriber. 🙂🙂

  66. I need the acrylic glasses!!! I dont have a toddler but I have a clumsy boyfriend😂

    1. I have a clumsy boyfriend too. So far he only broke a glass and a coffee cup. If ever his case worsens, I know what to buy haha

  67. So useful! I love your videos

  68. Fantastic ideas. Thank you

  69. I enjoy watching your videos!

  70. Love your lip color in this vid

  71. I’m so glad I randomly watched this video! So many things I never knew existed that I need!!

  72. Hi Brittany, love your videos, but wanted to ask you, where did you buy your dinner chairs? I love them!

  73. Haha I love the countertop vaccum and roomba vacuum. 💙

  74. Brittany thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication to your channel. U are so inspirational.

  75. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  76. Those drill brushes have been a game changer for me! They are the best for cleaning grout.

  77. Please do all the Amazon videos! I just got a new apartment and I need gadgets that will do me good.

  78. Awesome list!!

  79. I am eating cheez its right now haha

  80. What color lipstick is that?! I love the cllor

  81. Love all these!

  82. I use the one of those sponges to clean make up brushes! 👍

  83. Hello! Thanks. Very nice products ! ++

  84. So I just discovered you Brittany yesterday, and I have watched 35 videos of yours and will continue. I am also following you on Instagram

  85. I want to say I appreciate you so very much when I first saw your videos I was like “ omg this girl is absolutely amazing and so helpful” your advise your tips and everything I absolutely love and learned so much from you thank you so much and also your so beautiful!!

  86. Omg ive been watching you for more than 2 years now. I love to see how carters doing. I have a soon to be 2 year old also. His names Forrest. I just ordered my first stitchfix. I think you should look it up and use it. Its amazing. Love u Britt.

  87. You are a life saver!

  88. Pretty sure you just straight up changed my life!

  89. I would love to see a kitchen gadget video

  90. Been using the counter vacuum for a few days now – it’s genius! I actually love cleaning up after my baby’s crumbs now. Your recommendations are always solid!

  91. Can the drill brush be used to clean the oven?

  92. what is that scraper tool you’ve mentioned in some other videos? I’ve been trying to search amazon but I’m only finding metal ones.

    1. It’s a Lodge cast iron scraper. It’s meant for cleaning cast iron pans but works on anything. Other brands probably make them too but i think she has the Lodge one. They’re great.

  93. Please review the Day 2 Dry Wash Clothes Spray from Amazon! Would love to see if it makes it to a lazy girl hack before buying it !!

  94. Totally ordering the silicone cup liners and sponges 🧽!!

  95. Brittany is there no other way to reach out to u for questions other then here on the comment section I don’t know how often u look at the comments of past videos? Trish

  96. We have been debating on a roomba for years and I’m totally like you. I don’t think I’ll get it myself but….. With my birthday coming up…. I might ask my hubby for one

  97. Darn I had been dying to tell you about the stair basket, but I didn’t think you’d like the visual clutter since your bin were kinda to the side before. Anyway so glad you found them 😊

  98. Love your videos!! Thanks for the Amazon tips! I love getting packages at my door!!

  99. Love your channel!

  100. I’m going to get the counter vacuum. That is a genius idea!

  101. I love these videos! Maybe in my next life I can own a rumba. I saw your Thursday video before this one. 2yo Carter is speaking in sentences!!!

  102. Do a amazon make up item vidio 😍 luv ya

  103. I just had to get some cheese-itz!

  104. I’m in NYC so my bedroom is TINY, I don’t know why I never thought of a hanging laundry basket yet! What a great idea! In the Amazon cart it goes…thank you Brittany 🙂 <3

  105. New subscriber here. Your video a have motivated and inspired me. Especially loving the Amazon ideas 🙂

  106. Great stuff!! Thx for sharing!!!

  107. I am in love with the Countertop Vaccum. You are simply superb girl, in finding the gems!!!

  108. I need the silicone sponges for sure ❤️

  109. Brittany do a video on vinger and baking soda hacks x

  110. Your home is looking amazing! Love your decor 👍💞

  111. The counter vacuum is awesome and I have to invest in that. 😍

  112. I bought the roll up sink rack from when you mentioned it on one of your other videos. It’s pretty handy

  113. I really like Brittany 😊

  114. Awesome product video who knew you could find stuff like that on amazon. I need to shop there more for sure

  115. Brittany You Always Put a Smile on my face every time I watch your videos, it doesn’t matter what you talk about, I just love listening to You, Your such a Sweet Girl and I’m looking forward to Carters next video, he’s the most adorable little boy on Youtube…..I Wish You, Ryan And Carter All the Happiness And Health For 2019 Sweet Girl. Much Love from Nellie from Queensland Australia 🇦🇺💖💙💙😍😍😍😍

  116. Interesting. I didn’t get the towel issue at first though as for me kitchen towels have just one purpose, dry something that is clean but slightly wet, like your hands or dishes/glases after they’ve been cleaned.

    Stains/spills are wiped of with machine-washable microfiber cloths(like rags but micro fiber) or in a pinch paper towels as they have great suction and can be thrown out afterwards.
    The throwing out helps if it is something greasy chunky or like shattered glass that you feel uncomfortable/unsafe trying to get out of the microfiber cloth.

    Though that is me and I get that many ppl use kitchen towel more as a quick catch all than what is actually the perfect function for it. So good that someone Finally developed micro fiber ones so ppl can follow old habits but with a better version of it:)

  117. It’s been a many months since I’ve watched your videos because my life got really crazy last year, but HOLY MOLY this video was SO GREAT!!!! I can’t wait to go back and catch up on your other videos that I missed over the last several months! Thanks for continuing to create consistent and good quality content for so many years! It’s so great to know I can always count on you to have useful and inspirational videos to watch! <3

  118. Snack portion control for the win! X

  119. Kitchen gadgets video please 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  120. That roomba would definitely be my favorite out of the bunch

  121. What color are your walls?

  122. Hi ! I am new to your channel. I am loving all your videos so far ! ❤️😊😊❤️😊❤️

  123. Been fun of yours for two years!!!! Love you and your videos!!!!

  124. 👒👒👒👒👒👒👒👒👒👒👒👒

  125. Am I the only one who hates the feeling microfiber on their hands?
    LOVE this video!

  126. I just love watching u, lots of love from uk♡♡

  127. Omg I’m an adult who lives alone and I totally need that crumb vacuum!!! Lol. Ive use my handheld dirt devil on my counter and gas stove but sometimes it scratches. All your suggestions looked amazing. And I absolutely loved your top. Hugs from PA

  128. The stairs basket is brilliant! I need one. I am going to order now. I also love the little vacuum. I love your channel. Thank you.

  129. Why do you always have your hair on the side? I don’t think I ever seen your hair not on the side. Just curious. Wonder what your hair looks like not on the side. Please show and maybe do a hair tutorial.

  130. I honestly adore how much she loves house stuff and amazon cause I am the same!! Ugh she is so precious and amazing

  131. Glad to know that I’m not the only one searching on amazon for hours. haha. I always end up on like page 20 as well because I want to make sure I am getting the best item! Brittany your lashes look so good!! please share your secret 🙂

  132. I wouldn’t be using the little vacuum from your counter tops to your floors.. Keep it for your counters only.. Heaps of germs on the floor!

  133. I shared all of these with my husband I need them all haha! I want to use the drill scrubber for my tube bc it’s a pain to clean

  134. 💕

  135. What is the gbr sign for Go Big Red

  136. Omg Brittany!!!!!! I need it all!!!!!

  137. Roombas are life! We first got a 780 off FB buy and sell years ago just when they were becoming a thing. She went through a LOT! Dog poop and all. She survived me cleaning her wet the way I shouldn’t have. 😋 We even cheekily sold her after we were done with her and upgraded to the same one you have. It’s amazing coming home and the vacuuming is done. We have enough to do as Mummas!
    My awesome hubby also got me a Brava for Christmas. The mopping robot. Highly recommend! I use that one once a week and it’s super quiet you can even use it at nap time. 😉 Wonder if you have a cordless vacuum Brittany? Highly recommend the LG cord zero. So great for little crumbs when you don’t want to plug in and all that. 😀

  138. I love your channel !

  139. I love the cupcake liner hacks are awesome! if you have any more ideas for unique items, I eat those videos up

  140. You are living the dream my friend.

  141. All this time I’ve been watching your videos and only now noticed I’ve not subscribed 😮 clicked on that so fast lool ..

    Love your videos your so clear and get straight to the point and it’s nice to see different hacks instead of all the same ones people use 😊 .. You seem such a lovely person and your sooo beautiful ❤️ .. new subscriber 💜

  142. Great 👍 video Britney I love all of the items very handy definitely going to get them oh my goodness so helpful. The crumb vacuum is genius.Thanks for sharing sincerely – ILONA –

  143. Girl you solved half of my problems. Love you soooooo much😍😍😍

  144. Love watching your gadget videos, my favorite today is the roll-up drying mat and the counter vacuum. Looking forward to your next one and Carter talking.

  145. By far this is the MOST useful amazon favorites I’ve seen! Thanks for sharing!

  146. fabulous!!

  147. Heads up on the cupcake wrappers… Don’t throw em away after you eat the muffin….. Lol

  148. I saw you mention the roll-up, over sink dish drying rack previously and I grabbed it very quickly and LOVE it, so convenient and space saving!

  149. Clutter bins are life

  150. I love the drill brush idea! I had no idea they existed, but man will they come in handy when I need to deep clean our house. Thanks!

  151. Great ideas for the silicone cupcake liners! These are all cool items! I love all of your videos! 👍😀🌸💕.

  152. Great video. What wall color is that in the beginning of the video?

  153. I totally just bought the counter vacuum. I’m so excited! I always have so many crumbs and it drives me crazy. Even with good quality microfiber cloths, I find myself still knocking crumbs on the floor somehow, so this will be perfect.

  154. Please do more of these videos I love them!! Also let us know your favorite makeup stuff & favorite hair products!

  155. All of them. All of them are exceptionally amazing

  156. u don’t have to convince us that we need it even if sounds weird, we trust you 😄 going to show my husband all the new things we need now 🤣
    i just won a robot vacuum and it is indeed life changing! if ur reading this, get one!

    hope bardot is doing ok xo

  157. The silicone spunges also are great for sensory seeking kids. My 3yo son’s sabbath school teacher brought one to church and he was obsessed with just fidgeting with it the whole time.

  158. Love the silicone brushes for dishes Thankyou!! And my goodness Where is that cute tank from!! 😱

  159. you are the only person who loved Amazon arguably more than me

  160. Love the idea of silicone sponges and microfiber towels, but both are unavailable lol! Guess I’ll have to try a different brand than those 2 you tried. Thanks for the ideas!

  161. The silicone “sponges” and the hanging laundry basket look like awesome products

  162. Always love your all products that you recommend, thank you. And yes, pls do a kitchen gadgets video!!!!

  163. I need a laundry basket that sits on the stairs like that basket

  164. **goes and buy the countertop vacuum right away ***

  165. That tea infuser is absolutely brilliant!

  166. I’m confused, I thought we were supposed to declutter, not buy more stuff? Lol still love your videos and content but I wasn’t expecting this one right after your previous upload. Like, a crumb vacuum? Really? Sorry for being that person… just my thoughts!

  167. Please please do an updated car organization and gadgets! Just bought a new car and trying to spruce it up

  168. Roomba! People don’t talk about them enough. You think “this other robot vacuum looks just like it for a quarter of the cost (or more!) it must do the same thing!” So wrong! Roombas are fantastic! Even the lower end models.

  169. I’m going to try those silicone sponges! So many amazing ideas!

  170. So many great products!! I think handheld vacuum all the way!!

  171. I need those silicone sponges in my life!

  172. I have one of those drying racks and they are a game changer! Honestly don’t know how I went without it.

  173. I love amazon related videos! Thanks for sharing 🙂 i love all your tips

  174. Yesss please make a video of kitchen gadgets !!!!☺️☺️

  175. Hi Brittany! 🥰 Where did you get the chandelier in your dining room are?

  176. My dream is to have a Rumba…….

  177. I don’t like the microfiber towels

  178. Hi Brittany! Is the counter cleaner suitable for the table cloth, too?

    1. We have a similar one and it works on cloth.

    2. Great question!

  179. One of the best Amazon videos I’ve ever seen! Those sponges 😍😍

  180. I loved all of these items wow!!

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  182. 2 min in and I LOVE THOS VIDEO! Im excited too!


  184. You re an amazing researcher 😀 I will def get the small vaccum right away, i love cordless things, im thinking to give it to my toddler to keep cleaning after himself 😍😂

  185. The little vacuum…. so cute! 😍

  186. Love it !

  187. Hi Brittany! Love Love Love your channel. Suggestion for perhaps a future video: how do you manage all the electronic, lamp, etc. cords in your house so your Roomba doesn’t chew them up? I have a cheaper version I have to babysit. Kind of defeats the purpose. I would like to set it to go off every night. So your suggestions would be very appreciated! Thanks

  188. Thank you for another great video. I know you’ve been going through some tough times lately but your smile is so beautiful. I pray your days are getting brighter. I’m so sorry about your family’s loss of Bardot.

  189. Thanks for the video. Hands down the rumba is my favorite. Unfortunately, it’s not within the budget right now so we’ll have to save for it.

  190. You always find the best stuff!! I’m definitely going to purchase the silicone cupcake holders and cleaning sponges.

  191. These are so great! It can sometimes feel like you’ve seen it all, but these are so unique! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  192. Can I just say that your Amazon videos are the only ones on YT that I actually need (but didn’t know I needed) everything you suggest. Thank you!

  193. You find things on Amazon that I have tried to find and never can. Great Job. Love your channel

  194. Amazing and very practical. What products do you use to clean your furniture? You have a beautiful home.💕

  195. Loved the video! Your tips are always stellar. I loved the silicone muffin cups and the drill bit scrubbers. I’m definitely looking for those.

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  201. I have the basket and the drying rack they are both great, but i love the drying rack! You can stick it in the dishwasher!

  202. Dollar tree , big lot, Smart & Final has the silicone cups, yes more kitchen thingamajig…

  203. You are fantastic!

  204. I can’t wait to try the table top vacuum! Thanks so much for the recommendation! My husband bought me the Roomba for Mother’s Day and I agree, that is a complete life changer and 100% worth the price tag

  205. YES….so need the kitchen gadget video!!Thanks for sharing!

  206. These are great. About to order almost everything lol

  207. I love those silicon dish sponges!! Those are totally gonna revolutionize my dish washing game. Thank you 🙂

  208. There goes my Amazon cart, full again lol. Your recommendations are always excellent, thank you! Amazon should sponsor you!!!

  209. Yes!!! I love kitchen gadgets and YOU always have the best!

  210. Ok seriously all of these sound amazing! Specially the little vacuum, that would be such a life saver with a little one!

  211. I need it all ! Thank you for the video, I’m in love with your channel 😍

  212. Oh yeah, my Roomba is my absolute favorite cleaning gadget. My floors have literally never been cleaner haha! I want to try out that counter vaccuum, so cool!

  213. I’m excited about the microfiber towels!

  214. Great finds, I love the silicone scrubbers!

  215. Brittany can you please tell me where you got the mosaic wall panels in your bedroom and how much they were?

  216. Yes for kitchen Amazon video!

  217. I love watching your cleaning videos and use lots of your hacks. Can you do a video on carpet freshing and how you wash your hardwood floors. Please and thank you🙂

  218. Loved all of them!!

  219. THAT COUNTERTOP VACUUM!! My birthday is coming up soooo I could totally hint to my hubs. He can use it too cuz he’s quite messy in the kitchen too 😬 also he/we could definitely use that drill bit brush system, we have a passive aggressive relationship with cleaning our bathtub. 😅

  220. Lol I went to order the stair basket… nope nevermind :p $54 for shipping to Canada

  221. I also have this 1st hand vacuum cleaner. Love it too!

  222. We got a Roomba last black Friday… And we love it! Sometimes I sprinkle baking soda on the carpets overnight and put the roomba in the mooring… For an added boost (or toddler messes)! Love you guys!

  223. love the drill brush😝

  224. Silicone sponges, getting some 😍

  225. I have had a couple of the drill brushes for a year now and I love them!

  226. Finally!! An Amazon favourites video that speaks to me!…Cart is now full 🙂 Thank you!!

  227. I love the stair basket! I am always putting stuff on the bottom of the stairs that need to go upstairs, that would look a whole lot nice and be way for functional! It reminds me of a picnic basket 😂

  228. Hi Brittany. New subbie here. Loved your video. Gonna check out your skincare line as well. Keep those Amazon products coming. Thanks! ❤️💄🐈🌷🐶

  229. Brittany I also have a roomba and love it! Have you seen that mopping robot? I am so curious to see if it actually works well, I would love a review on that.❤

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