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The Best Supplements For Clear Skin – Vitamins, Collagen, Vitamin C & More ✖ James Welsh

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Heyyyyyyy thennn.

Today i’m sharing my personal favourite supplements for clear skin, skin elasticity and glowing skin.

If your looking for a possible cure for acne, hormonal acne, dull skin, dry skin or dehydrated skin, then these could work for you!

I’ll emphasise that these are not replacement for a regular healthy lifestyle, but if you need an extra helping of good stuff!!! then this video is for you.

Its highly recommended that you visit your Dr who can recommend and taylor supplements specifically for you.

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Remember that skincare is extremely personal to everybody’s skin. What works for me, may not work for you. But I hope my videos give you some good ideas for products, techniques and Ingredients to try.

Also, i’m obviously not a dermatologist or a doctor, so all opinions on products and anything else i’m presenting, is results and findings from my own experience and research.

If you have any serious skin concerns, please see a dermatologist / doctor.

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Ad Disclaimer : The opinions expressed in my videos are all my own honest feelings. I will only work with brands and products that I truly love and use. Working with brands allows me to invest in my channel and create better quality videos for you guys 🙂

I may also use affiliate links in my description box, linking to products that feature in my videos. Please know that products featured in my videos are never chosen with ‘selling’ or making profit in mind. I make . small commission from any purchases made through my affiliate links 🙂

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P.S. I couldn’t find these exact products available in the U.S or India and i’m not comfortable on picking alternatives that might not be so great!


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691 thoughts on “The Best Supplements For Clear Skin – Vitamins, Collagen, Vitamin C & More ✖ James Welsh

  1. Who knows the best food alternatives for each supplement?!

    1. Can a nursing mother take all of this?

    2. But can’t it effect health by such more tablets?

    3. vitamin c: bell pepper, oranges
      zink: oats, whole wheat products, nuts, seeds
      omega 3: for vegans there is also algea supplements with epa and dha but also walnuts, chia, flax for aha

    4. God bless
      *Vit c
      In oranges and ma strawberrys
      *Probiotics in ma kimchi and saurkrauts
      *Zinc in ma greens ya
      *Omega 3 in ma salmon
      *Collagen in ma bone Broth

    5. @robert justus Doctors don’t tell their patients to take multivitamins unless they are suffering from severe deficiencies. Vitamins are extremely dangerous and people often overdose on them. High levels of zinc and B6 can cause gut issues and even nerve damage. If a doctor is recommending a multivitamin to you, they don’t have your best interest at heart.

  2. Hi can you do a vital protein collagen peptides review?

  3. If James welsh recommend, I use

  4. Then why you have dark circles …lol

  5. Hi am your new subscriber like your video,please l want to know what vitamin will be fine for me

  6. Omega3 has been researched a lot, and there are many result showing it has no effect or actually worsening the condition of cholesterol, harts diseases and such. Looking at research, omega3 is a very old supplement used from the days of spermwhale hunting. But it’s not necessary anymore for our bodies, as our diets have changed over the past 60 years, we are very lucky to not live in times of famine (I know famine is still around, and should not be. Especially looking at what we throw away, so eat everything you buy and don’t waste food).

  7. Hi kindly where will I get all this supplements

  8. Biotin didn’t do much for my skin and nails but my hair grew soon much in the matter of 3 months. Great video though, thanks for the tips!

  9. How to take these supplements
    Day night at what time before or after meal ?


  11. Hi James I need ur help

  12. You can try to incorporate green leafs like spinach, cake and other nice greens everyday either in a smoothie or eating like I do in an omelette! The beneficiary list is long so google them😉 Have you tried MSM for better glowing skin, hair and nails, plus other awesome benefits that comes along like better immunsystem!. Also for your IBS have you tried the app called Belly balance? I’ve got IBS too and it helped me to learn more about it and what kind of foods I could eat and what not 👍🏼 Thank you for this awesome and informative channel💖 I love it!

  13. These can be taken without a doctor’s advice ?

  14. refer collagen supplement…easily available

  15. Fun fact- by the time the fish oil reaches the shelves it has lost half of its goodness and by the time you finish half the bottle, the rest of the capsules have no goodness left- its basically worthless. Another fact- having collagen powder or tablets- when it reaches your gut, it’s broken down to amino acides which is protein not collagen.
    Edit- may as well add more facts about other supplements- there’s no cheating in getting good health. If you want it, there’s no other way than eating right and exercising. Vitamins in supplements do not provide the same nutritional benefit that fruits and vegetables provide, and those that are freely purchased defiantly don’t. So save yourself by spending right and working your lazy ass.

    1. Great comment!

  16. OMG…. I have IBS too and take the same set of vitamins..

  17. Is there any sideeffect

  18. Clear skin Formula from kboiwellness has all vitamins to keep skin clear. Good luck

  19. I feel so bad that none of these are actually available in India 😭😭 but I will look out for alternatives though! Thanks James 🤎

    1. @Snehaa Kumar yeah.. we can bank on Amazon. But I am afraid of the falsies on there. Very difficult to identify an original product

    2. Eat curd for probiotics. You can find all the rest on amazon.

  20. Do you take all these tablets in a day? For how many months?

  21. Just shared this with my brothers

  22. Can we take them all at once after meals? Or dividing them during breakfast lunch and dinner ?

  23. Yasssss ❤

  24. U mean we have to take all these supplements??if we r facing problems like wrinkles, sagging, hair fall acne, joint pain…

  25. Wow, you’re so handsome and your skin is flawless

  26. Suppliment videos, weight loss videos, home made remedies for skin care…not less still seeing much more in quarantine time….so many suggestions in YouTube but follows only comments … YouTube for the people…By the people …To the people 🤳just hit me a like if I am not wrong 🤣🤣

  27. Can i take all pills in the same time?

  28. How to buy omega fish oil I mean which shop?

  29. I definitely agree with the omega 3 & probiotics my acne has decreased since I started taking them & I hate biotin it breaks me out

  30. Why does he talk like a girl

    1. @James Welsh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. James Welsh your clearly not English

    3. And why you tryna be white when everyone knows your indian

    4. James Welsh wow 😮 lol

    5. cos fuck you thats why

  31. You might want to also try for those digestive issues. Me and some of my family members had issues digesting plant based foods like fruits, vegetables and spices. Last year I discovered the No Fenol capsules produced by this company and it has been a game changer. It works like the lactase enzyme for lactose, but it’s an enzyme for polyphenols which are found in plants.

  32. Your skin is goals. ❤️

  33. Do you take all of these at the same time?

  34. Normal dose of vit c per day for adult is 75mg guess n taking all those vitamins together like I’m concerned interaction? N vit c in very high levels not good.

  35. Just use korean products why all those supplements

    1. Some acne occurs because of gut problems for some people like me.

  36. Isn’t Vit E best for skin?

  37. your skin is so clearly and shiny 😍 this video is very helpful

  38. I have a confusion pls help me . We have to take all these tablets daily or one day zinc next day vitamin c then the other day fish oil like this ???

    1. I think he’s taking all those tablets everyday.

  39. Oh my gosh… So much glow 😂😂

  40. Vitamin c does nothing to your skin unless applied directly into the skin, that is, topically.

  41. I think its too much taking omega 1200 mg three capsules everyday…i think you should decrease that..
    I take 1000 mg…only one per day

  42. Can you send me a few in those???

  43. OOOOOH!🤔🤔🤔🤔

  44. Omega 3 alone really helped my skin so much and A LOT!

  45. What about perfectil platinum

  46. You are so girly 😂

  47. your skin is beautiful.

  48. U eat too much…can!

  49. Too much supplements are not good and in later age after 40one might get health issues

  50. How to have clear supple neck? I’m serious.

  51. Hey urgent question
    Do you take all the 5 supplement daily?
    If so could you please tell me how you take it,i mean which hour

  52. Only thing with vitamins is, if they say take 3 take 1 or 2. They just want you to finish them quicker.

  53. Can we take this without dermatologist advice ?

  54. You r so handsom😍

  55. I am taking also spirulina😁

  56. I have been using collagen with lysine and vitamin c!!!! I love it 😊


  57. When eat those tables better…after lunch or sleep?

  58. 💥🔥🌟✨💥🔥✨💥
    Vitamin C is imp for Collagen production!

  59. omg probiotics helped me with ibs so much and I’ve seen a difference with my skin too

  60. Wow he looks so good 🤤 in these videos he Even sounds more energetic!!! edit: (apparently they are twins or something this is not my sis robert welsh 😂😂😂🤦🏽 )

  61. you are talkative

  62. Tnq

  63. Hi I am Indian

  64. How long should supplements be used ? Is there a duration or an eternity?

  65. Bro do you eats meds..
    Morning breakfast
    Afternoon lunch
    Early evening snacks
    Night time Dinner

    Do ya even eat food..??

  66. Hello…. can one get pregnant and consive in future after taking the pills?

  67. Lol it doesnt seem that you actually know anything concrete about the physiology of anything you post on your channel. It might be in your best interest to know what you’re saying idk that might just be me. Read academic journals not whatever link you found on Instagram posts. 👍

  68. Great video. Thank you for sharing.

  69. Gosh taking supplements is worse than giving head, those things flip and hurt my bloody gullet

  70. Thank u very helpful video

  71. Are you still consistent with these? Have you added any or stopped taking any? Have you seen significant benefit/side effect from them in your overall health? Thank you! 🙂

  72. Guys please consult any dermatologist before taking any supplements/medicines. Remember every drugs/supplements which you put into your body passes through your kidneys. If the drug is not taken following your healthcare provider’s instructions, or if it is an illegal substance, it can cause injury to the kidneys.

  73. Could de take Omega 3 and zinc togetjer

  74. I would follow his content over other over enthusiastic beauty bloggers 😁

  75. What to eat in psoriasis

  76. why do you talk like this ?????????????

  77. I’ve had these vitamin c pills for months and they’re literally so big I was always scared to take them butttt I’m gonna start now lol

  78. please assist Fish oil or Evening Primrose?

  79. Thank you for the information

  80. Your skin is so shinning

  81. for taking zinc supplement it has to be taken on an empty stomach for maximum absorption (2h before meal). my dermatologist and pharmacist told me because zinc can bind to protein reside in food such as veggies thus diminish the absorption and less results. it helped me a lot for micro cyst acne 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for the information. ❤️❤️

  82. omg….
    sooo handsome…. u skip my heart beat everytime u smile❤️❤️😍😍😍 @jameswelsh

  83. Ur skin s so gud plz guide me i got pigmentation

  84. Sir my skin is dry .
    Plz tell me some advice what should I do to make it oily?

  85. wow i like your video ill try this medicine

  86. Wow, you have such amazing skin!!!👍👍👍☺️☺️☺️💙💛💜💚💝💗

  87. Glow skin tell best tablet

  88. ohhh ternyata pada pake obat begituan ya pantesan gw tiap hari pake olay kok tetep gak sekinclong mereka..
    oke ternyata mereka pake obat begituan, cukup tau aja sih

  89. Food alternatives?!! 🤦🏽‍♀️ supplements are the “alternatives”!
    Eat the rainbow 🌈 of colors (fruit & veggies) sleep 😴, drink water 💦, exercise, and meditation 🧘‍♂️. Just the basics.

  90. 1. Probiotics
    2. Omega 3 Fish oil-epa dha
    3. Zinc
    4. Vitamin C
    5. Collagen- hydrolized

  91. I wanna marry u

  92. What worked for me:

    Vitamin A [retinol] (grass-fed butter and raw eggs) — cleared a little of my acne and kept it from being as bad as before, making my skin feel much softer

    Vitamin C (sweet oranges) — an orange every other day or two days helped my skin feel moisturized and drastically less irritated

    Vitamin D (supplement, 5000IU) — taking this daily has given my skin a healthier appearance and slight glow


    Vitamin E oil (derived from wheat germ oil, 75000IU, extra strength) — topical appliance reduced the amount of acne on my skin and diminished the appearance of acne scars

    () | Tropical Holistic Vitamin E Oil

    Cheaper option
    (®-Vitamin-Topical-ounces/dp/B0061GINBA/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=Vitamin+E+Oil&qid=1585592558&sr=8-5) | Nature’s Bounty E-Oil

    I hope this helps any and all who read this!

  93. Witch vitamins is useful to get ride of melasma and pigmentation

  94. He looks bright like my future.

  95. hi thanks for sharing, please how and where can i find the supplements you are using, please reply

  96. IBS C is brutally honest my #1 problem in health. I think I have made a ton of sacrifices in an effort to control this problem. Let me share my tips 1. drink warm water with lemon & ACV first thing in the morning. 2. Eat kefir with Low Fodmap fruits. 3 eat oats with home made granola. 4. 2 eggs for protein. It is very impt to understand what foods cause discomfort in your gut. understand FODMAPS. substitute 1 meal for salads.

  97. Isn’t it too much of suppliments. For me it takes days to absorb a single capsule of zinc as it causes severe bloating and IBS….😐

  98. Can you take vitamin c supplements with niacinemide (the ordinary) ?

  99. Lolol vitamins! Can you do a video of you making an American accent that would be hilarious!!🥰😘

  100. You are just trying to sell these products for your own benefit. Don’t do only for money. Show some responsibility for people. Cz people follow you.

  101. Valid Inferences 👍

  102. You should make one update video of this topic

  103. I am yr gast plz which better for my skin

  104. Kea ye suppliments pakistan me ml sakty he ? Ya isky alternative ?

    1. @James Welsh he is saying that “is this available in Pakistan or any other alternatives?”

    2. I don’t know what that says sorry!

  105. These products can’t replace natural diet

    1. That’s why they are called supplements 🤷🏽‍♂️😅

  106. istg if i dont take supplements and pamper my skin, it throws a HISSY FIT

  107. Beautiful skin 😍

  108. i take vit c when i have colds, i dont take anything else, i think ita good for immune system

  109. Omg you skin so gorgeous

  110. whichever person has a smartphone can earn from home with *GetPaidHome .c om*

  111. When should such supplement be taken? And how often? Secondly, are these supplements healthy for a lady within her twenties? Pls do reply. Thanks

    1. Supplements are fine to take for 20-year-olds. You should just make sure you are taking a little bit less than the daily recommended amount (because we also get a lot of these vitamins from our diet). Taking a high dosage of supplements can lead to complications, especially when taking zinc or B6 supplements. That’s why you should consult with your doctor first or make sure you are taking supplements in the correct dosages. Also, you can take supplements daily; however, I prefer to take them every second day. When to take the supplement can be found on the bottle of each supplement, it will tell you whether to take it at night or in the morning, and whether to take it with food.

  112. A new subscriber,from Cameroon. Much love for this wonderful video. I suffer from pimples sun tans and breakouts often. Which of these supplements can help me out? I love your complexion. Super soft and smooth.

  113. Isn’t it bad to take so many tablets a day? Like do they react to one another?

  114. In other words, just swallow a whole lot of pills every morning n night to put stress on your kidney just for beauty’s sake.

    1. sounds bad when you put it like that…😔

  115. I think It can’t apply for me. My mature skin starts to breakoutp if I take zinc, multi, biotin, hair nail and skin supplements, plus collagen, folic and list goes on and on. My skin doesn’t like synthetic stuff. But I don’t even bother to try vegan or vegetarian supplements because my skin has suffered enough for me to take any chances. What works for you may not work for others, just remember that.

  116. The brand Nordic has Omegs for kids and they are small. You’d have to take 5-7 a day but they’re so small it’s so easy to take

  117. You just do everything huh? Love!

  118. Wow 😍

  119. I am 19 years old and I have oily acne prone skin, I’m on accutane right now as I have acne and it has made my skin look so dull. James can you please tell me which supplements can I take for achieving skin like yours I mean healthy looking and also can I take collagen powder? Please reply your reply would really really really really really help me!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  120. Biotin is actually grew my hair and nails

  121. Good. Real foods that contain all these nutrients??? Where do these industries collect all these nutrients???
    Preservatives?? Born with beautiful skin or features is genetic,
    Real food is definitely cheaper than the packed pills you are showing 🙋

  122. One of the most GENUINE videos of yours, I’d say ❤️

  123. He talks Lucifer from the series 🤣

  124. I have vitamin c, vitamin A, pantothenic acid, zinc, vitamin e, biotin in my multivitamins for women. I take it with my meals (2-3 times daily) and I found that taking these huge tablets with lemon water just helps with swallowing. I also try to live healthier now and have a better skincare routine which all now contributed to clearing up my hormonal acne. 2020 is for healing 😌

  125. Can anyone answer me please can I take vitamin B and C together 1 pill each every meal

    1. Please reply huhuhu help

  126. My tip is to be careful with Collagen supplements as some could break you out in cystic acne 🤭
    do your research and read reviews first
    And obviously drink extra amount of water when taking collagen supplements.

    Other supplements great for skin:

    – Green tea (high level of anti oxidants).

    – Silymarin ( great for liver> great for skin).

  127. The Product Links Not Showing Products

  128. I carry bodybuilding supplement so I also carry this supplements

  129. Can a teen take this?

  130. i whant to buy this supplements but they dont deliverd here in phillipines

  131. The faces you made when you swallowed the pills ahahahahahaaaaaaaa

  132. My veetamins and omeega 3 supplements

  133. Plz if some one know this teblet name plz give me

  134. Plzzz give me name this teblet

  135. Hi James, can you tell me what is the EPA DPA in the Omega 3 tablets. And also how much of Hydrosalate is in the collagen tablets.

  136. this guy is unhealthily dark around the eyes, and a total overdose of face cream. Not the best ambassador for promoting a healthy look,,, he actually looks ill.🙄

  137. Hi James, could you please review about the CJ innerb aqua rich?

  138. Good vitamin

  139. Can we take without doctor 😷 consultant???? Where I will get this collegen beauty

  140. In one day how many vitamins we should take???

  141. Dear
    My skin also dull and rougher
    My lips are also dark become
    Can you recommend what should j take ?
    And how many month j should it take ?

    1. U have just like my msg but tell me please solution?

  142. Can you please give us a super closeup video of your skin? I’d like to see if you have pores.

  143. how much tablets do you eat daily😁

  144. James ifnyou’d prefer not to take all these pills, you can get them via food based sources. Look into the Magnesium Root cause protocol.

  145. I love your advices, they are very real and honest, and always backed up and explained why. BUT for gods sake, please speak slower 😂😂

  146. I had very bad irritable bowel syndrom I took every thing but nothing worked but manuka honey from chemist warehouse it cured my IBS.I took expensive probiotec notging worked.honey has got alot of good bacteria.take it in empaty stomch in a glass water.

  147. But what I noticed is a greyish aroung the eyes. Is that make up? You have nice skin.

  148. Above all vitamins and additional vitamin and minerals available in Herbalife nutrition

  149. Some people say supplements are not good for kidney.

    1. @jinhitent92 Good information. Thank you!

    2. Sophia Hepbourne it’s fine as long as you take it in the right recommended dose, be clear of any drug-drug interactions if you’re on any kind of medications, and of course plenty of water! Problems usually arise when ppl taking too many supplements with no consideration of good diet AT ALL and again, depletes in water :)) poor kidneys hv to filter excess unabsorbed supps

  150. Hello mr cute and handsome where can I buy all this medicine and vitamin.. I want to use

  151. James share the link for the colourful supplements container according to weekdays. I couldn’t find it in your description. Thanks!

  152. hi! for me to save money, which one would you advise, collagen or biotin?

  153. I have acne scars on my cheecks😢

  154. I wish I had a skin like you 😭😭😭You got a flawless skin👌👌👌

  155. How money?

  156. hye can i take 1000 mg omega 3 fish oil each day while im consuming vit C (1000 mg) + zinc (27.58 mg) at the same time ? ohh also before breakfast , can i take pre & probiotics ? so basically before breakfast i take pre & probiotics . after meal vit c + zink ( dissolve in water) and omega 3 .. please reply me i’m desperately wants to know if using the right mg for curing my acne 😭

  157. is evening primrose capsules good for skin?

  158. y i am having painful zist kind of acne on face after using Biotin and vitamin c tab

  159. I take Vitamin C 500mg after eating something (like biscuits) before and after work (after lunch or dinner) because I want to support the repair team of my body, and I feel better. 🤣😆😘 lesson learned: never take it with an empty stomach.

  160. How is bio glow neo cell?

  161. James you look asain or brazilian

  162. Calcium with vit D ( because I’m deficient)
    Omega 3
    Astaxanthin (antioxidant)
    (Earlier was taking biotin with collagen but I get better results with biotin alone)
    Multivitamin (Nutrilite daily).
    As you can see, I’ve no problem with pills at all 😄

  163. Nigga almost look like Dr.Mike but thinner and less superficial almost.

  164. Biotin grows hair but gives pimples

  165. After 20 years of IBS I found out it was gluten and milk. Now off it. I don’t have stomach issues

  166. You deserve Millions of subscribers
    Dear viewer’s why silently watch all his amazing video’s without subscribing
    Go ahead and click that subscribe button for all that amazing content
    Happy New Year dear James and Robert Welsh
    Lots of Love From India

  167. Jan 5 2020 i started taking Collagen supplements
    Jan 2 2019 you uploaded this video
    Dude where were you all this time
    I watched it after starting collagen
    Big thumbs Up for all your Hardwork

    1. What brand you are using? Have you seen any visible results so far?

  168. If you guys cannot take all the supplement then just take high dose of vitamin C at regular interval ( every 6 hour water-soluble)…wait for it and thank me later..

  169. my skin is clear for now without acne but i want make it crystal clear like korean ppl

  170. Hi James. Love your channel..can u plz make a video on needed supplements for bride to be…plzzz share plzzzzzz…love from india💛🙏🙇‍♀️💛

  171. I really wanna take Omega 3 fish oil but the capsule size is really putting me off

    1. You can get liquid! Some come with lemon flavour

  172. Should I take all of these at the same time daily?

    1. No you have to take after breakfast

  173. I got to try some probiotics because my stomach stay acting up.

  174. Why does he look like he is pakistani or arab

  175. Hi James what should be perfect time to take all these supplement in a day and after which meal plzz mention it

  176. Can I just take a multivitamin?

  177. I have noticed a difference in my skin by increasing my Vitamin C, zinc, and incorporating grass-fed hydrolyzed bovine peptides collagen. I also drink a lot of water daily.

  178. Can i have this during pregnancy

  179. you take all these supplement on same time?

  180. genes + healthy diet + supplements ..

  181. We can see through the tears you got how bad you are at Gulping tablets😅😂😂 but thankyou so much for the information

    1. LOOOOOL!!! 😂

  182. for healthy skin and a healthy gut the last thing you need to be putting in your body is harsh chemicals…err unregulated supplements, that only serve one purpose, to make the dude selling them money. ascorbic acid is only part of the vitamin C molecule and messes with your vitamin A, copper and iron. Try eating a kiwi or some other fruit/berries. 98% of your gut bacteria cannot survive outside of your gut, and therefore cannot be studied so the probiotics you are taking is based on a business decision to make money and not your health, try unpasteurized fermented food and let mother nature pick your probiotics and not some dude sitting behind a desk looking at profit and loss statements. for zinc you can get it the way humans have for millions of years (shell fish, organ meats) so why take a harsh man made chemical? same with omega 3, for millions of years we have got it from food, even before we ate animals so why take a highly processed oxidized polyunsaturated fat that will mess up your arteries? the best thing you can do for your skin and your gut is bone broth soup, why spend money on highly processed collagen supplements that only contain the amino acids and none of the stuff that will keep your joints healthy?

    supplements and vitamins are only needed if you want to waste money

  183. Is it safe to consume that supplements ??

  184. Your skin yrr wowwwww😍

  185. It is not good to take vitamin c capsule daily. Just to be on safer side, it is good to consult a doc before taking those supplements.

  186. Men walking around w skin like this but wash their face w the same rag they use to wash their scrotum. Meanwhile girls are spending thousands of $ for skincare😂💀

    1. Ewww who the fuck is washing their face with a ‘rag’ or any cloth for that matter 🤢

  187. Is it safe like that it can actually damage your liver and kidney?

  188. these mediciens are not available in pakistan , So plz tell the names of mediciens related to it

  189. Why would you say unsubscribe instead of subscribe at the beginning of the vide

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  203. You need to be careful with zinc supplements – they can easily lead to a copper deficiency (the body absorbes the zinc over copper basically and then u don’t get enough of it). Not recommended to be taken for a longer time (like a couple weeks max at a time) . As for the probiotics – true, they’re super important for gut health. Taking supplements is fine but if you switch your diet a bit you don’t need them. Just eat a lot of fermented foods like kimchi, miso, pickles, ferment ur own veggies or eat yogurt (should be the natural organic one without added sugars/flavor).

    1. M O I agree. Your body only needs so much of zinc and can obtain plenty from animal products such as beef and eggs. Supplementation for zinc is not necessary in most cases.

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    1. It doesn’t really matter. In my research, you can’t go wrong with either amount. It’s all dependent on the brand, quality of the vitamin, and if the supplement has been processed in a way that oxidizes it.

  216. Zinc really do works for acne.

  217. Hai i am 28 year Old guy from India….suggest me for how long i can take Vitamin C tablets on daily purpose….is there any side effects for the same…kindly reply !!!

    1. No side effects, and taking it daily is what you should do.

  218. Zinc boosts the immune system that’s why it fights acne

    1. Jack Seifer It also helps to regulate vitamin A production

  219. To make taking supplements easier, take them with food, the food pushes the pill down

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  224. To help your IBS,
    Cut out gluten ,
    add plenty of soluble fibre to your diet,
    Cut lactose (drink kefir if you love dairy, since the kefir strains eat off the lactose),
    Stop white table sugar,
    Adding a healthy gut flora is important as well as staying stress free.

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  244. am not advertising, but am using anatome, Daily wellbeing and hormonal support, only for ladies, I have such a big difference in only 2 weeks, I totally recommend it, and people drink a lot of water and eat a lot of fruits

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  249. I used to take apple cider vinegar every morning. It works wonder but the taste is not so wonderful. I heard about Goli 2 months back and it’s my 2nd month on goli.. I’m lovinh it.. try it.. I had a very patchy skin and used to feel very saggy.. I think it’s working well on my skin. No harm in trying. Also, below is the link for 5 percent discount.

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    -Vitamin C
    -Collagen (hydrolized collagen protein)

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    4. @моя сестра vitamin c is water soluble and you’ll end up pissing out 99% of the vitamin c you take.

    5. If you’re vegan you can take evening primrose oil instead of fish oil. I’m sure it’s not an exact replica of nutrients but it is pretty close

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  262. I suffered alot from skin problems.. i also has used vitamin E supplements for that but still there was not much difference… Now i am using eannatto tocotrienols supplements and their is miraculous change…
    Read their wonderful blog on this

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    I have clear skin just make a mild facial wash and exfoliate to remove dead skin cells.

  270. Guys I started taking MSM powder with vitamin C powder, and let me tell you my skin texture is so smooth now I don’t even rely on the ordinary buffet anymore like I used to
    Take enough water with it also it helps 😉😉

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  272. If you don’t want or can’t afford these supplements, then follow this simple routine –
    1) Drink enough water
    2) Don’t stress
    3) Sleep for 6-7 hours
    4) Eliminate junk food, white salt and refined sugar from your diet.
    5) Exercise, and
    6) Meditate

    1. Those are way harder to do

    2. @Daniela G – hmmm … Got it.

    3. Vishal Sharma it does help a bit of course, But a person with really bad cystic or/and hormonal acne needs more than that, trust me

    4. @Daniela G – it helps all. Everything depends on the mindset!!

    5. That doesn’t help all people…. sad but true. Some people need more

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  276. MSM is what cured my skin. It gets rid of acne, eczema, rough texture (non eczema related). It’s definitely a hidden gem.

    1. @harika dadi This is the link to the one I use.

    2. @Pakistani Pari In Newyork 
      @harika dadi
      @stand-up for truth
      I usually order the 1 lbs tub by NOW supplements off of Amazon but the purest form of MSM I’ve come across is this one.

      They both work. I’ve been using the one by now foods for 4 years now and its cheaper. This is the link to the one I use.

    3. @Taylor Camille can you pls tell me the what msm you have used

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    5. MSM is very effective. I cut my hair and it growing it back fast and my skin is also smoth and clear.

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    1. Vitamin C&E serum. You can get them on line.

    2. Hello Sharmaji , it’s could be the result of viruddh ahaar or some deficient nutrients. Please consume dark vegetables do Kapalbhati Pranayam so that the nutrients can reach at the cellular level . Take plenty of sunlight exposure replenish Vit D. Tc . All the best .

  299. I have trouble swallowing pills so what I do is put some yogurt in my mouth then throw the pill to the back of my throat and swallow that way the yogurt acts as a barrier and it just feels like your swallowing food. You can also use ice cream or have your food all the way chewed up then put the pill in your mouth and swallow. Hope this helps you. As always love your videos your the best ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  300. I just found your video and felt a need to comment the following.

    Not all IBS patients can take prebiotics supplements since some may include starch, grain or lactose. You can affect positively to your gut flora by eating as little as possible processed foods and as much raw veggies, long fiber foods like zucchini.

    There is also studies made about collagen supplements that those will break in you stomach and won’t make it to the gut and therefore be any benefit.

    For IBS it’s vital to take D vitamin and ferritin little more than suggested.

    Anyhow it’s so wonderful to hear people talk about gut health and how it affects to skin (and brain, hormones, obesity and so on)! 👏👏👏

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  304. IBS is cured with intermittent fasting (by not eating) and healthy ketosis it will fix all you symptoms and prevent most diseases. and you should stop taking isolated nutrient and start taking supplements in there food form like organ meat supplements like organic beef liver or you should take vitamin c in the food form because vit c is a complex comprised off multiple parts so go with a whole food concentrate. and instead of taking isolated collagen you should just eat health protein because your body breaks down all the amino acids and plugs them in where they belong if you just take all the essential amino acids from red meat you will have the amino acids need to make collagen instead of consuming collagen.

    1. @Preet Kaur health keto is organic grass fed beef bison organ meats wild caught fish pasture raised organic eggs chicken with a focus on super low carbs and a the necessary protein to fat ratio that is appropriate for you and your goals

    2. What is the healthy ketosis?

    3. 😎

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  306. Could vitamin c supplements work by itself for improving skin elasticity, suppleness, smoothening texture, and softening? I’m thinking about taking it because my dietician said I’m lacking in collagen due to my chronic dry, scaly, rough lips and I wanted to know if oral supplementation of vitamin c could work in healing my dry skin/lips overtime. I’m 21 btw.

    1. Yesss ! I take 1 vitamin c 1000 mg every day and it’s work amazing for replump the skin but also try hyalornic acid

  307. I used to take culturelle for my digestive system and I didn’t think probiotics helped with skin, but I’m one of the few that can’t take probiotics now because it caused me to break out horribly and it took me a while to realize that was the problem. I heard that when choosing a probiotic to try one that has multiple strains because that could reduce the risk of getting acne, but in reality it’s rare that it can cause acne for everyone. The more you know 🤷‍♀️

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  311. Please be careful when taking zinc everyday. I was taking the recommended amount everyday for a month and I started to get really nauseous and have diarrhoea- basically I had zinc poisoning and had to have high amounts of calcium and an activated charcoal tablet to get rid of it. Zinc is safe but only if you take the amount your body needs

    1. our body does not need more than 30g of zinc daily so consuming more would be bad indeed

    2. Yeah, vitamins are unfortunately not regulated like other medicine is… So a lot of people often have these issues of over-dosing. Glad to see you’re better now!

    3. I got zinc after watching a dermatologist on here and the first time I took it my stomach was like oh no. I checked the back and it had 400% the recommended amount for your daily intake to now I just bite off a little piece of the pill and I’ve been better. But yeah definitely make sure you’re taking the right amount

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  313. Another ingredient to digest mixed in with water that is phenomenal ten fold, absolute GOLD, IS ORGANIC CHICKEN BROTH. Collagen infested and has so MANY, MANY BENEFITS for the body, immune and skin, alike. 1000% GOSPEL TRUTH🙏🏻👏🏻🍀🙌🏻✅🇦🇺

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    1. @Youls Dagger
      I don’t know sorry , but vit c it’s very good for clearing and whitening 👍

    2. @Amal Barnawi whic is good for acne plss

    3. I buy it from “I HERB ”
      It’s good online stores for all vitamin and mineral ,health products in general

  317. Did you consult your doctor before taking all those supplements?…I’ve been looking forward to try them without seeing a doctor but I’m so nervous

    You really are so helpful man.😊😇

    1. ohh i didnt no! BUT its highly advisable that you do!

  318. milk thistle like, single handedly cleared my skin awhile back it was wild, then i stopped taking it, now im trying to get back to where i was

  319. Probiotics, dim & zinc changed my life!

    1. Arlen Chan DIM stands for Diindolylmethane it’s a aromatase inhibitor which means it prevents the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. It’s what is found in veggies like kale and broccoli. If you have hormonal acne you should give this a try I take 100mg a day on the regular but when my period comes around I do 100mg twice a day to keep me from breaking out. I’ve been doing this for 2 months now and it’s helped A LOT. Having a clean diet also plays a role so remember to drink lots of water ( I hate reading this too LOL) and if you can eliminate that refined sugar! Good luck!

    2. What is DIM ? Thanks

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  327. I noticed my nails are less brittle, and my eye lashes grew longer after 4 months of taking Biotin 10,000 mcg daily. It works for me.

    1. @Mariam Johnson oh ok. Because i had earlier taken 10mg Biotin for few months and started getting sore eyes , like puffy red eyes.

    2. @johnny bhai No you dont have to worry. Biozin is being flushed out of the body if its not needed so you cant overdose only need to make sure to drink lots of water if not you could break out.

    3. Phoenix . Isnt 10,000 Biotin too high for a dosage? Did you experience any side effects?

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    1. @bigriotjcounty yeah but if they get broken down to AAs anyway then u could get protein from other cheaper sources and your body would synthesize collagen over again anyway. He did say in the video though there’s a special type of collagen supplement that doesnt get broken down due to other stuff attached to it so that it can be used as it was taken in

    2. Zetsuke4 the peptides you Ingest are AA’s that get the body to create collagen

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  345. I recommend for the gut, is apple cider vinegar,

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    1. I‘ve been taking Fishoil and zinc after breakfast, probiotics before every meals and Vit D twice a day and they did wonders to my skin. It is ok to take them but you have to ask your doctor just to make sure they are ok.

    2. I wondered the very same

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    1. Most people would recommend avoiding dairy for acne

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  354. Can we take vit c 1000mg per day for 7/8months

    1. I tried that had kidney stones after.

  355. Make sure you leave the probiotics in the fridge after the seal is opened as the bacteria dies and loses its benefits. I work in Holland and Barrett and know the writings really small so a lot of people don’t realise this. Also high dose of biotin can cause break outs especially when taking hairburst supplements. Zinc is known to us as a sort of ‘healing mineral’ so is really good for irritation on the skin. Also I really recommend taking a higher dose of vit C ( we also do a combined one with zinc) its a water soluble vitamin so doesn’t store in the liver like a fat soluble vitamin would, you can get away with taking a higher dose for a better effect on collagen formation! Love your videos and nice to see you repping Holland and Barrett 😂💪🖤

    1. I m taking marin collagen. Is this good for my skin?? Plz guide me which vitamin can cause liver peoblem if vi take high dose?? I am takin multivitamin omega3 calciam+vitamin d and collagen. Sometime i need to take iron supplemnt as well. Can i take vitamin e and c more?? Or cq ten enzym? Dr cannot guide on thos issue. They advice us to take good diet etc

    2. ​@Charlyn Mae Gilbuena you should consult with your doctor

    3. @Bernice Asare Bediako ive been seeing your comment in almost every comment I clicked. Hope they reply to you

    4. And what vitamin c can you pls recommend thanks

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  358. Going on my third month taking Zinc and I gotta admit that at first I was not seeing any difference but lately I’ve notice that my break outs are not as bad as they use to be, I can’t wait to keep getting better. Acne is a battle that only people who suffers from it understand how painful it is.! Keep strong!

  359. No mention of the supplement for the deficiency that causes acne: Vitamin A.

    1. Cama it’s in the cod liver oil

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  368. MSM supplements cleared up my skin like magic. Biotin can work if you’re deficient in biotin. It didn’t do much for me.

    1. I am taking msm soluble powder evey morning with lemon juice.

    2. What is msm

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  370. is 17 or 18 years old too early to start taking these vitamins? please respond ASAP😭

    1. James Welsh also which of the vitamins you mentioned should I start taking now bc I can’t really afford all of them😭

    2. James Welsh what do you mean by multivitamins? Like please name the brand you use or any brand or whatevuahs☺️💕

    3. hey! i was taking multivitamins from the age of 14!

  371. I’m currently using Evening Primrose Supplements, they work quite well for me 😊

  372. Thanks for the advices
    From Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

    1. Dhanushka Munasinghe ☺️☺️

  373. I take Usana products
    For multi-vitamins and antioxidants – Cellsentials
    For fish oil – Biomega
    For Vitamin C – Proflavanol C100
    I also take pro and prebiotics and yoghurt.

    1. Denzio Denzio same here!

  374. he’s so HANDSOME
    he’s SKIN so wow

    1. @James Welsh It sounds like you heard it for the first time!!😅

    2. I tried these. Super aaanu❤️👍

    3. not handsome but impressed with his skin

    4. Rollings Njanum unde😬😬

    5. @Rollings പിന്നല്ല

  375. plz tell me u take all supplement in a day

  376. there are multivamins that beneficial to our skin like conzace

  377. Hi James! If you were to recommend to take only one of these supplements, (budget issues), what would it be? My main problem is my back and chest acne and some hyperpigmentation (dark spots on jaw and back area) as well. Thank you so much! Love your channel!

    1. Follow

  378. I drink L Ascorbic Acid/vitamin c once a day and it did fade my Darkspots/hyperpigmentation

    1. Is really help for DARK SPOTS ?THANKS

  379. How many supplement u take per day dude

  380. Plz tell me right time for take this pills

  381. My dear bro can you send me your email then i will chat you there

  382. Wow I will start now to take my collagen with vitamin c ☺️

    1. Yep, i think many people will start too. Me as well 😀 ♥

  383. Hey James! I would love to see a video on what are u doing to eat healthy because well I’m too. I have started from scratch so there is always room to improve and work. Right now according to my research so far i have concluded that a good big breakfast a moderate lunch and a tiny dinner is the perfect amount ratio to eat healthy. I have started from breakfast primarily increasing my probiotic intake (which are actually really high in fermented foods) because i also have a really bad gut lol. All fermented foods have really helped. some of what i eat regularly is yogurt with chia seed and honey and drinking mint water regularly (OH BOY it did wonders for my skin). It not much but just an idea of what I’m doing but it defiantly needs an upgrade.

    If probiotics really helped you i would highly HIGHLY recommend fermented foods. Toodles ❤️

  384. Seeing you struggle to swallow the pills makes me want to give you hug 💕💕

  385. I love how you say vitamins , actually 😀 just started watching your videos recently, I’m 28 and trying to take care of my skin more, your videos are helping a lot! Xx

  386. im taking collagen, vit c and e and biotin

  387. James i lives in india…im trying to order those supplements what u have given the links in the discription but Holland & Barrett will not deliver those products to india …can u suggest me some products wich van ne deliverable to india…

  388. I see my own reflection on James’ skin

    1. If is there is a haha react I will obviously give u a 😆 react

    2. 😂😂😂😂😂

    3. Me too😐😂😂😂

    4. 🤣🤣🤣

    5. Same here gurl same

  389. Tnx u so much nice video

  390. Did you try the Puritans Pride Vitamins for skin, hair and nails? It is an capsule that has 3 benefits in one. You dont need to take a lot of vitamin.

    1. Puritance pride is alternate of what 3 vitamins?

  391. I take vitamin C and green tea tablets. I haven’t really noticed anything but maybe in a few more months. 🙂

  392. thanks. .love from fiji

  393. When I had to take antibiotics for a nasty ear infection, I discovered that you should take a bite off whatever you’re eating (especially because most of the time you’re supposed to have the supplement with a meal) and then when you chewed all of that, before you swallow put the supplement in your mouth and swallow it with your food! It’s the easiest way to take medication and supplements !

    1. Ohhhhhh!!!! I’m trying that!!! That will make it so much easier 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  394. What about Frank Tufano his skin is perfect.

    1. apple tree he has a basically perfect diet though

  395. Can person with acne history consume this? I mean bcoz it says fish oil so does it activates oil glands in skin?

    1. Reena Palav it helps a lot for acne prone / oily skin.

  396. Sorry for everyone that is excited about supplements, but most of them are only going to go out with your piss, the body will not assimilate them.Want real supplements?Just get them from your veggies and fruits.

  397. hi friend (guava) fruit is the best source for collagen

  398. Be careful with B complex and omega supplements though if you’re acne prone. They sometimes affects your hormones. I was breaking out on my chin horribly, I stopped breaking out when I stopped my vitamin b and omega

  399. Hi James about Vit E and Gluthathione it’s kinda popular in asia for skin brigthening there is some sucess strory that you can reseach about that including myself I got atleast 4times fairer with the use of Gluthathione and N Acetyl Cysteine(NAC)

  400. These are all great supplements, but just an FYI zinc can actually deplete your body of copper which is an essential mineral so I alternate a regular zinc tablet with one that contains 3 iu of copper. I was told to do this by my naturopathic dr. Who I trust and believe. Also when it comes to diet I noticed a huge difference in my skin when I cut out gluten, dairy, and sugar. Thanks for another great video!

    1. I have acne prblm on my face ..I usually take vitamin c 1000mg and E 400mg… should I take zinc for preventing my acne prblm.?? Plz suggest ..
      Love from Bangladesh <3

    2. Oh that is interesting… at the very least you prob have a sensitivity. It was hard to give up but I can be kind of neurotic/obsessive about these things so I was able to stick to it. I’m wicked into nutrition so… actually I have a histamine intolerance which is a weird thing dr.’s don’t believe in but as soon as I stopped eating food with histamine my acne cleared up.. which gluten and dairy are high in histamine….weird

    3. Ahhhhh interesting. I think I’m actually gonna stop taking the zinc. I feel like it’s great for people with acne acne which I don’t have so maybe no point. So…here’s the thing. My dad is a celiac and my mum has a dairy allergy….so I think I may be the same 😭😭😭

  401. Can I take these medicines simultaneously together? Or are you telling us to choose one and just ride with it? Please let me know!

  402. Plz send ur WhatsApp no, my no +918257077245
    I’m ask some questions
    Plz I request you, please massage me

  403. 2:05 it’s semantic satiation when that happens 🙂

    1. @James Welsh Of course! Linguists have a name for everything haha

    2. Mistella ohhhhh there’s a name for it?! 😮

  404. Love the video! I have been taking zinc + magnesium supplements for about 3 mos. Now and I haven’t been breaking out since. My skin has gotten softer too. I’ve read some research that magnesium is good for hormonal acne. 😉

    1. joseph Laran magnesium helps a lot with severe migraines and headaches

  405. My age 18 can i use thiz tablets bro I’m from india❤️

    1. No

  406. Yaaaaas the video we needed

  407. Will shaving affect your skin? If so in what way?

  408. In high concentrations, biotin can actually cause really bad breakouts.

    1. Yes that’s so true! I had really bad breakouts, and for some reason I lost weight.

  409. Happy New year dr🤗

  410. I take Vitamin X (astaxanthin) which makes the skin more resistant to UV damage and photo aging.

    1. What kind of vit x is that ?

  411. You are fantastic… 😉 I am your Indian subscriber.. Bro you explain very well

  412. How you ever used witch hazel as a toner?

    1. hey! i have yes but i have a bad reaction whenever I use it!

  413. Thank you , but do you mean you are not going to make the face oils video?

    1. @James WelshIt’s really nice to hear that. Thanks a lot for the hardwork and for the reply .

    2. hey! I am yes! I just had more and more ideas and wanted to post them first but….i’ll aim for next week 🙂

  414. was really waiting for this video…thank u 😘😘

  415. Are these all have to take daily

  416. You’re on top of it James!! My skin has never been this good and it’s all thanks to your tips!! love ya!!!🤗💗

  417. Thanks. Love from India

  418. Perfectly timed video James! Just started back on my fish oils and zinc&magnesium supplements today and this video really helps reassure my decision with my recent breakouts that I shouldn’t neglect supplements

    Great video as usual!

    1. Trav 98 how was the result ?

  419. What do you eat in a day? Could you possibly do a new video on that?

  420. Awesome video! I take Gold Collagen drinks, they taste kinda like orange juice and easy to take vs pills 😊

  421. Don’t use them too much,because your body is gonna need them more and more,and it wont function without them. Your body will get use to it and it wont produce any by it self because it thinks that you will take supplements oral. Btw,i love u!😀

    1. @James Welsh Most people have no problem(with getting too much vitamins or minerals) if they start with food which is the healthiest and safest way to get them. But,getting an overload of vitamins and minerals can hurt you for example too much vitamin c or zinc can cause nausea,diarrhea and stomach cramps. Too much selenium could lead to hair loss, fatique and mild nerve damage. Keep your doses in a safe range. I personally take them once in a while(about 5 months). You are good youtuber and i see how much you care about your skin and yourself in general. I love your videos. 😄 💗keep with a good work

    2. Thank yoouuuuuu!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼 hmmm not sure if that how nutrients and vitamins work though. That’s like saying you should have to much fruit or veg because your body will rely on it!

  422. James, I also have gut problems and just like you, I can eat healthy or not healthy, I’ll still feel bad. I don’t know if it’s IBS or something, but the struggle is sooooo real :'(

  423. Does collagen also help with hair?

    1. Turtle yes

  424. Great

  425. Hi James, if you haven’t already you must check out victoria heath for supplements and excellent editorials on all things from skin care to gut health. The quality of their brands is also top!

  426. Love you james ❣️❣️❣️

  427. I take the same probiotics. 🙂

  428. Do you think probiotics have a significant effect on improving skin or does it have little affect as I often get breckouts and dry skin because of my eczema I’ve had it since I was about 3yrs old and now I am 16 it is starting to clear but I still get breckouts sometimes and could you review cethaphil cleanser and mostrisuer plz. Thank you

    1. Please dont start supplementing, it is very soon for your age. Change your gut health by changing your diet. Cetaphil has very safe products and really no irritables but everyones skin is different. I personally recommend if you can get the kit since some stores have it expensive.

  429. Honestly man! 👍🏻 best youtuber on planet

    1. hey! aw thanks so much!

  430. You’re AWESOME!!!!! I love how informative your videos are!!!!!! Thank You never stop PLEASE!!!!!!!

    1. thank you! glad you found it useful 🙂

  431. Vit amens

  432. James! You forgot the really important ones!:D B7 Biotin, Vitamin e, and Selenium

    1. I was eating a french toast when i was watching your video, that is why somehow i missed it :p

    2. lol its okay, i know people dont watch that far haha

    3. @James Welsh my bad 🙁

    4. i mention biotin towards the end and why i dont use it 😉

  433. I have IBS too and nothing works for me , I’m constantly in pain which is really annoying

    1. @Tae’s bandana Shit down I know, and the pain is so random I have to expect it at any moment, no diet change works for me, we just have to endure it…

    2. Mistella it’s literally the worst

    3. IBS is annoying and stressful and stress exacerbates its symptoms, great 👍

    4. same same. still feels like theres nothing out there that can actually help

  434. Great Video… I take a lot of vitamins… luckily I do not have the same problem as you with regards to swallowing pills.. I can swallow them all at the same time…

    1. waaaaaaaaaat?! thats crazy haha i find it so hard!

  435. I’ve started getting lots of spots lately. I’ve spent my whole life without getting them and now they keep popping up. Some are whiteheads and some are like horrible ones that stay under the skin and are sore and then turn into dark spots. Any idea what I can do?

    1. I’m English and Mexican I don’t know Hindi

    2. Speak in hindi also

    3. Speak in hindi

    4. @James Welsh COSRX also do a whitehead one. Do you think I need both?

    5. id recomend a chemical exfoliator tbh. Like Pixie Glow Tonic or a BHA like COSRX blackhead power liquid that can get deeper into your skin. Physical scrubs just work on the surface at removing dead skin

  436. 3 omega tablets of 1200mg??! Isn’t that too much?

    1. James Welsh aahhh ok thankyou💕

    2. *for this particular brand

    3. heyyyy. no its whats recommended 🙂

  437. No joke, I was just reading about Zinc Pills being beneficial for clearer skin and I was looking into it to see if it is worth it thank you for reading my mind.

    1. Get yourself some! We’ll come back in a. Few months and see if they helped us!

  438. Hi bro , make a video on YouTube video editing…

  439. Ah this is the first video of new year James. I am gonna use all what you have mentioned above. Guess they’re gonna work out for me James.

    1. Chris Joel
      Does it work ??

  440. Supplements can be controversial if taken without doctor advice(especially so much supplements). They can help with something but damaging something else. So if Blood analysis said that you lack of something, you will take them.

    1. @always green yeah i think a lot of supplements are questionable to be honest haha! so many out there make false claims and promises that are scientifically impossible!

    2. @James Welsh yes I know, it was just to clarify :). Depends even where are you from, because I am from Italy and most of these supplements are questionable. An hug 🤗

    3. hey! yeah i cut this out of the video as these are pretty standard and generally safe (Zinc my be questionable) But i put all my warnings and disclaimers in the description instead ;P

  441. Hi James, make a video on YouTube sponsor ship

    1. Why you not???

    2. I would but I never do them haha

  442. This product are not come in India

    1. Hi. No but you should be able to find these in health food shops.

  443. I 100% agree with you about vitamins I have been taking cod liver oil for quite a number of years and I really know when I stop taking it.

    1. @William Haddon can you please guide me abt the frequency of taking vit D pills? I mean are you taking them on daily basis for past years?

  444. I juzz wait for your vids…..great work….😘😍

    1. thank you!

  445. My mum will nag me if i dont take my fish oils hahahaha . Now I understand why 😂

    1. omg my mum would always make us at least have a multi vitamin after dinner!

  446. Have your heard of halo beauty? It is a skin vitamin brand that is created by Tati westbrook. Can you make a rewiev about it?

    1. hey! I have yes. They are basicallly a multi vitamin with a mashup of everything that is supposedly good for your skin! I will try them when i finish my bottles here 😛

  447. Dude pls tell what to apply to hair after shampooing and conditioning it I have dry scalp and I also have alot of dandruff

    1. try vichy shampoo, amazing

    2. Trichoz serum from Ethicare Remedies Pvt Ltd or Himalaya Hair Cream.

  448. any summary of whole vedio???

    1. watch it all. People can tell you what supplements i talk about, but they may not be right for you personally. Especially if you dont know why you might want to take each supplement

  449. iam 18 year Old can I eat?

    1. sure! Maybe no need for the collagen or zinc tbh. Take a multi vitamin for now 🙂

  450. So helpful

  451. Zinc and Omega 3 basically cured my skin

    1. @robert justus ..but just a moderate controlled amount…tea actually helps get rid of aeging

    2. @Sparklesupreme hahaha..same here and the upper part of my palm..haha

    3. Witch vitamins is useful for melasma and pigmentation

    4. @JDen you have to make sure you have eaten something first. Trust me I took it once on an empty stomach and i was on the floor of my bathroom in pain.

    5. @jean rose patiam did it work?

  452. Thanks bro…

  453. thank u for your vids.. just started a skin care routine.. vit c serum 2night first time. oh BULB.. say it over and over, its weird 🙂 x

    1. 🙂 will let u know x using basics for last 2 weeks, waiting for BHA next.. x

    2. let me know how it goes!!! Omg yes bulb! and Cinderella!

  454. Hylauranic Acid tablets have helped me a lot. They sell them at bulkpowders and they’re not too expensive. If you suffer from eczema or dry skin give it a go!

    1. @referral madness no problem 👍

    2. @Saul Goodman Thanks for the advice 👍🏽

    3. @referral madness try to cut out milk and cheese and try have a smoothie with kale and spinach. I started this a couple years back. My eczema has now pretty much cured

    4. @Hood Dalvi if you go onto google and type in hylauranic tablets, a company called Bulk Powders sell them. Make sure you get a potency of 100mb to 150mb as you will see results quicker 🙂

    5. Oh shit I have eczema I’m trying that , thanks 😃

  455. Oh men. I am so apreceated it.i was looking al were in the internet for this veadio. Finally you made it.# bangladesh


  457. Thank you sooo much for this video brother🙏🙏most expected video,,I am yr subscriber from India 🇮🇳

    1. From india

    2. Me also from India

    3. If you r indian do kpal bhati

  458. Im waiting for this one! thank you so much! you are my holy grail! Im waiting for this one! thank you so much! you are my holy grail! Ive been taking Vit C capsules and Collagen its great for me! collagen helps the skin of my face firm and healthy!

    1. Rolly Macayan hmm WP to

  459. Tnx

  460. Thanx a lot bro u helped me 💙💙

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