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The Disturbing Truth about Vitamin Supplements – Sharp Science

According to the Council for Responsible Nutrition, vitamins and dietary supplements are $122 billion industry. However, most people don’t know that the FDA doesn’t regulate supplements as strictly as prescription medications. In fact, supplement companies don’t even need to prove that the actual ingredients match the label. Most of the time, if you have a balanced diet, supplements are at the very least placebos, and at the most, something that might kill you.

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187 thoughts on “The Disturbing Truth about Vitamin Supplements – Sharp Science

  1. If u really wanna known what ur body needs check out Dr. Ken Berry! I personally love his videos, but that’s me!

  2. you imply there are heavy metals in most supplements, that seem pretty much like a joke so…..just saying

  3. Not sure that people recognize that the FDA only does as much as congress allows them to. Congress tied the FDA’s hands behind their backs with the Proxmire Amendment of 1976 and DSHEA of 1994.

  4. Video is what you call Propaganda

  5. Vitamin supplements could help. We can’t get all d nutrients in our daily foods

    1. Could help, but for majority of healthy people it’s unneeded. Eat a normal diet, get regular exercise, and decent sunlight now and then and you’ll be fine. You don’t need supplements unless a doctor specifically tells you. Otherwise it’s a waste of money and considering many supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA it could even be dangerous.

  6. Meta-analysis shows that those that supplemented with higher.amounts of vitamin c had lower levels of PANCREATIC CANCER… do your research this video is REALLY BAD worst crap I’ve viewed on YT… here’s my recommendations check out ALAN GABY MD he spent 30 years writing just one book filled with citations on supplements it’s called nutritional medicine it’s used in some medical schools another GOOD ONE is from ALEX VASQUEZ ND DC DO a triple doctorate that has thick 400pg textbook that he keeps updating and is used in medical school and it’s filled with HIGH QUALITY EVIDENCE I’m sharing i read it’s SO GOOD you’ll see how bad this video is ^ actually it’s misleading.. and isolates the evidence and and avoids presenting truth in light of the fact that there’s scores and scores of evidence… when you see it and then you see someone say this stuff it honestly builds up frustration that so many People need help and they end up discarding things that change LAB NUMBERS AND pt are able to see and feel diferent.. it’s sad and at the same time it just pushes me even more -like others- to really change peoples lives!

    Pt with losses 30 pounds.. heavy drinker without going to the dr I went over his symptoms suspected high blood sugar took him literally took him to the lab to get labs done .. got his numbers BOOM!! A1c 12% I said you gota do something NOW decide.. he said I’ll go for NATUROPATHY. I said ok gave him targeted supplements and he’s normal now.. weigh has gone back to normal his jaundice sclera cleared out he’s looking better I still encouraged him to go to his MD but he prefers to see a Naturopath so I’m there to assist his needs

  7. U can eat as many supplements if u feel like they help by a wise doctor who isnt mashable

  8. Is this guy in his lunch break from Starbucks?

  9. They need to look at centrum forte adults

  10. Milk and Dairy isnt that good 4 you tho

    1. Milk and dairy are good for you. An excess can be unhealthy but isn’t necessarily dangerous.

  11. What a joke of a video. Vitamins are essential for a healthy body and strong immune system especially with this corona virus going around. Also, I’d much rather Listen to doctors and know what they’re talking about status on YouTube or do things it’s all a scam and some physicians assistant I think you can supplement by just eating food do you realize you have to consume large amounts of food to get the recommended this or that. Also, high levels of zinc, C, D, and A will boost your immune system. How about you do some basic reading on zinc and how it inhibits a virus ability to attach to a cell or how vitamin D and A help your cells create a thicker Wall, helping prevent viruses from easily attaching to the cell.

  12. Attracted to the makeup-less, pregnant chick.

  13. B12 do work. I feel that lasting energy

  14. 2:28 goddamn she fine.

  15. WRX Luke doesn’t approve of this informational meeting the maker baker of jive in a hive mind you not the single turboed WRX/STI does NOT have an eye on the meat beat beat my meat and delete Sonic to deliver this to Ugandan Knuckles and have Knuckles deliver the liver that has not been delivered to Bernie Sanders……………………………………………………………………………

  16. Light weight nonsense.

  17. Was way ahead of the goop hate train lol

  18. Awesome and informative video! 🙂

  19. That’s very true self discipline and proper diet exercise will make your body more active and healthy.

  20. Haven’t thought about this…

  21. Go Natural!

    If you take them Make sure you Read and Research the Ingredients!

    Make sure they are Natural!

    Stay away from cheap crap sold in Walmart, CVS, Kroger Etc, that will poison you, theirs a reason It’s Cheap!

    1. Diamond Dog

      I would agree with most if not all of that but the bottom line is it’s very similar if not a lot worse with Most food people eat.

      It is just a Gut filler, very little if Any Nutrition in it!

      And because of the way food in Mass Produced with all kinds of strange chemicals any goodness at all in it out ways anything because of the crap that used to grown it, produce it Etc.

      But as you will know, …..We have to eat!

      The vast majority of food sold in supermarkets if not fit for human consumption!

      Their are reasons why loads of people are still being killed with cancers and so many other things I lose track of them all, our food is being mass produced using all kinds of BS.

      I’m not a homesteader, but those guys are the bright sparks in this crazy old world, growing their own food to eat.

      I have a friend who lives off grid in Canada, she has told be many times that her father would not eat Anything mass produced, he must have been doing something right he lived until he was 92.

      But I do agree with your initial point, they can print any old BS on labels, and loads of them will do and put any old crap in products, whichever way ya turn ya kinda screwed!

      I’m from England but used to live in WV, love the states and the American people but as for organisations like the FDA …..they are All in bed with each other taking more Backhanders (cash) that they know what to do with!

      Exactly the same in the U.K. of course, No different!

      I saw an actress on YouTube called Suzanna Summers, she wrote a book about chemicals in food, I think it called Toxicity, I should try to get that might be a good read …..might put me off food for a while so I can get this 15 pounds off! ……. LOL

    2. Natural supplements will poison you too. Supplements are rarely regulated by the FDA, and that means that companies can lie about what goes into their supplements with little fear of repercussions. Including people who claim all “natural” ingredients. Natural means absolutely nothing on the labels, as with most foods, drinks, or supplements sold to consumers. It’s a cosmetic and marketing tactic to get more buyers. It rarely holds any legal weight.

  22. U n the doctor need to learn more I found ways to get more n to help your body not pills fucked the pills but u only know alittle

  23. I won’t to get pregnant which vitam is good

  24. Shut the background disturbing music. Video content grade: F -. G+. Horrible!

  25. And who the f is he ? A Doctor or some ?

  26. If FDA doesn’t check quality, then why not take ones that undergone quality control certification . Get those any of these labels: NSF, GMP, or USP.

    And take the natural kind, not synthetic ones.

  27. Your body is a temple indeed <3

  28. HerniCalm Homeopathic Home Care Remedy. Live Life with Better Digestion, Stronger Muscles, Better Sleep, and Less Ailments. Natural Herbs Supplement. Contains Turmeric, Chia, Pygeum, Etc.

  29. there is no substitute for REAL vegetables.

  30. 15 seconds in and had to turn it off because of the obnoxious background music/noise.

  31. This video is so incredibly naive,
    of the tremendous benefits of
    vitamins, minerals, & herbs that
    I don’t want to stop you from
    living in fantasy land. Big money
    is being spent so your doctor
    and pharmaceutical industry
    can control this billion dollar
    industry. First, they tell you #1
    They don’t work. Second lie
    they hope you’ll swallow is
    #2 You could get hurt & die.
    I am so happy that I chose
    to be healthy by taking health
    supplements. It has made all
    the difference in the world.
    Nobel prizes are handed out
    to Linus Pauling and Dr. Louis
    Ignarro. Take a prescription
    drug & you could get a side
    effect. Take too much vitamin
    B & you have expensive urine.
    After almost 65 years of
    experience, I know the
    wonderful benefits. Nobody
    complains about drug and
    alcohol and cigarettes when
    almost everyone knows you
    take them at your own risk
    &/or peril.

    1. @Geovany Franco _’Anti vitamin propaganda studies that love to fear monger?’_
      Lol. You’ve literally got nothing. I don’t care what you believe, you’re free to waste your money on snake oil if you so choose. Don’t let the facts stop you.

    2. @Tesla Nick not according to me according to the evidence.

      What evidence ?? Anti vitamin propaganda studies that love to fear monger?

    3. @Tesla Nick “lol what” ”

      Afcourse you have no clue lmaoo

    4. @Tesla Nick” because they believe the bullshit lies coming from the supplement industry ”

      Wierd I was Deficient in just one vitamin (d) and in 3 months of taking vitamin d supplements , my levels were normal again hmmmm guess it was magic right 🤓

    5. @Geovany Franco _’Studies can say milk is bad then the next year another study is going to say is good , doesn’t in anyway support ur position’_
      Lol. You said it, not me.

      _’exactly a dangerous government fund agency even more dangerous.’_
      Lol. What ?

      _’which people report feeling better after crying ?. Your probably the only one who reports feeling better after crying’_
      Ask some people… It makes no difference. People also report feeling better after going for a walk. By your logic people would be better off not spending money on supplements and just going for a walk.

      _’if supplements do nothing then why is there such a thing as a recommended dose before overdosing.’_
      Even water is toxic in high enough doses. Your point ?

      _’why have people overdosed ???’_
      Because like you, they believed the bullshit lies coming from the supplement industry who only care about profit.

      _’According to you they don’t have an effect’_
      Not according to me, according to the EVIDENCE.

      _’Ohh but I thought you said that they( don’t do nothing), all of sudden now you think they do something??’_
      Makes no sense and self contradictory.

      Still nothing to support anything you’re claiming. It’s clear supplements aren’t benefiting your cognition.

  32. Well, all the available vegetables and fruits are pesticide laden and so we have no other option than to rely heavily on ( presently available supplements here – AMWAY) supplements and then since we occupy small apartments where the option of roof top gardening is completely impossible, we are hooked on these supplenents. Infact, would you believe that one of us invested Rupees Twenty five LAKHS during a period of four years on supplements. I think quite unknowingly we are addicted to these supplements. Another problem poses us when we consult the Doctor, who will prescribe an array of huge lab. Investigations etc., etc., without enquiring about our food, exercise, life-style. The Doctors rely solely on the investigatons’ reports and then keep on writing a ton of medicines. It is indeed very problematic for us the common man – Where to go – What to do- We the teetotallers are experiencing heartbreaking times. I feel very strongly that the best possible solution to my problem is to get down on my knees and pray fervently to my Heavenly Father to grant me the wisdom and knowledge in the right usage of these edible items.

  33. I am addicted to supplements because over here where I stay – all the vegatables and fruits are pesticide laden which is quite a headache. Availability of organic stuff is nil. Have to spend a considerable sum on supplements. Have to sacrifice for these supplements cause health is wealth

  34. 1.multivitamin oil

    Thank me later

    1. 5-htp is actually hurtful is not taken with green tea extract, and even then usefulness is debatable.

      “5-HTP is converted to serotonin by aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase (AAAD). The problem is that enzyme is found in your stomach and periphery. If you do not inhibit it in your stomach, then a portion of your 5-HTP will get converted to serotonin in your periphery. Since serotonin cannot cross the blood brain barrier, it will remain in the periphery and can cause issues with your heart valves and digestion.

      Taking vitamin B6 with your 5-HTP just speeds up this process. Ideally you would take a B6 supplement in the morning, then dose your 5-HTP at night to avoid this.

      To inhibit AAAD, you should always take EGCG (green tea extract) with your 5-HTP. EGCG has been shown to be a good inhibitor of L-amino acid decarboxylase.”

      article about usefulness of 5-HTP :

  35. What if you’re a vegan and you need certain nutrients like vitamin b-12. Are supplements going to negatively impact your body?

    1. No. You must use supplements if your diet is incomplete. This is the recommended use for supplements.

  36. supplements do NOT work biggest scam ever…. ive tried multiple different types for various purposes and not even one worked. ever. i am a sucker for falling for this scam

    1. Most likely you’re buying shitty brands. Do your research and know what you’re spending your money on. You can’t just go out and buy any brand thinking it will work just because it’s a multi vitamin. I recommend vegetable based vitamins.

  37. besides exercise what u recommend for a bigger butt?

  38. You are full of shit.

  39. Been taking Coq10 and Fish oil Omega-3 for a few years now. It may have saved my life. Brought my cholesterol down from 235 to 160. Hey, some stuff does the job. I take a daily vitamin once in a while and do notice extra pep.

    1. Try Some PQQ. It may take two
      weeks before you feel an effect.

    2. And that is why big pharma and corrupt doctors are at War with supplements. God forbid it destroys their drugs racket with their 10 000 percent margins.

  40. I am a doctor and I m agreed with u.
    Its just a monopoly to gain money

  41. I am a little confused. Around 3:00, she said that there is little to no oversight or investigation into some supplements “until something goes wrong.” yet you followed it up with saying that she “absolutely” recommends that some patients with colitis, menopause and other issues take supplements. Then, she recommends that people look to other sources like sunlight, orange juice and yogurt. Get back to the thing about recommending something to patients even though there is little to no data in some cases – that would backup your recommendation. Wearing that coat, people are going to you as the person with the knowledge to make decisions, so they don’t have to. It feels like she is throwing menu recommendations out without knowing anything about the people eating the food.

  42. get vitamins with no fillers and good quality, rarely you will find those in a pharmacy 🙁

  43. No substance made in a labratory assimilates in the human body

    1. Not true. Otherwise antibiotics wouldn’t work well.

  44. The doctor wants Your Business, Stay away from wellness and health, use this “drug” today for your headache.

  45. this video lacks facts badly and shouldn’t we all want to know what companies are selling fake supplements and vitamins? im sure many sit on Walmart walgreens krogers shelfs as we speak. naïve ignorant and apathetic sum up the people of this earth very nicely. not to mention that some vitiamin companies are choosing to use harmfull additives when theres less harmfull additives that are just as cheap. so why are they choosing to use harmfull additives??

  46. So why do pregnant women have to take prenatal vitamins? If it’s useless as you and that physician say..

  47. I don’t get why chicks love that vitamin shit. Next time you’re in a vitamin store ask for pure caffeine (not that fake ass guarana shit). I guarantee they won’t have any. Entire Isles dedicated to energy supplements that don’t actually work and not one bottle of pure caffeine tablets. Why? Because it’s dirt cheap and actually works… you pop two 100mg pills of pure caffeine in the morning with some orange juice and you’re unstoppable the rest of the day. Vitamins are a complete fucking scam. If you wanna get sick less keep your testosterone high.

  48. Supplements are fine to take in order to boost the intake of certain compounds, like zinc, magnesium, potassium, copper, b vitamins etc. They are not designed to replace a healthy diet, which is even conveniently written on the labels of vitamin supplements. Stop eating processed crap junk at Mcdonalds etc and start eating proper whole foods and maybe you won’t have any nutrient deficiency.

  49. Vitamins are trash. Just eat raw liver, it literally has everything you need.

    1. Vitamins are one of the best investments you can make for your health. Your approach to health by eating raw liver won’t do anything for you except cause asteosclorosis eventually. This is clogged artistries (Heart disease). Liver is one of the worst meats you can eat despite the very few little benefits that it provides. It’s not worth it. That’s a red meat. Red meat is known to contribute to all forms of diseases over time.

  50. A single Vitamin never works. The magic is in the synergy of Vitamins and Minerals. Do not study or research by taking a single vitamin or mineral to check its results. This is not a pharma drug to take individually and test. This is vitamins and minerals and are true gift from nature. They work together.

    Try to eat as healthy food as possible (organic). If you feel that something is missing from your diet, try to take high quality organic complex nutrition supplement. It”s as simple as that. You are the only one who can understand about your body very well. Period!

    1. Synergy is good, but if it is a
      single symptom like Ricketts.
      A single vitamin that is Vitamin
      C is the cure to this deficiency
      disease. 100, 000 sailors from
      Britain who died simply needed
      Vitamin C. Today it can be
      found added to many packaged
      products like ham in the form
      of ascorbic acid.

  51. I loves the Supplement Made by Natures Brands Phyto vitamins series,Those all are organically made with real fruits and Vegetables and veggie capsules as well all are non GMO,Completely chemical Free.
    I absolutely recommend their Supplements.This is the company is also a pioneering Organic health and Wellness products in USA since 1995

    1. _’Completely chemical Free’_
      Lol. So they’re a vacuum with nothing in them ? Everything in existence is a chemical you moron. Just proves supplement companies lie and people that buy these bullshit products are gullible idiots.

    2. Are they FDA approved?

  52. its proven that vitamins and minerals in pill form are working, go check ppls whos researching this for living like Dr Rhoda Patrick

  53. most of this could be true but a video is not

  54. Terrible video. Dairy for calcium? Really? Dr Eric Berg and Dr Garth Davis, where are you?

    1. Indeed a total idiot.

  55. Mashable fear mongering. You would think if the supplement industry is a $122 billion industry and unregulated by the FDA, there would be millions upon millions of people contaminating themselves with unregulated supplements…but theirs not. People are fine

  56. real science-

  57. More facts for you to draw your own conclusions.

  58. And what about men ?!?

  59. A sucker born every minute. Swallow your snake oil, I mean vitamins, chumps!

  60. I think we can all be in agreement when I say,


  61. Absolutely wrong about supplements. Even the Doctor is wrong.

  62. It is almost impossible in Today’s diet to consume certain types of vital nutrition up to optimal doses unless you eat crazy amounts. Therefore supplementation is almost necessary. This video is ridiculous, sorry.

    1. I have zero problems eating a healthy diet. It’s trivially easy and far from “impossible”. Never taken a supplement in my life.

  63. Eat your veggies and stop pissing away your money.

  64. Fuck people are so brainwashed, taking multiple supplements a day, eat a balanced plant based diet and you won’t need supplements because you are eating everything straight from the source with the antioxidants, fiber and polyphenols as well.

    The western diet is why the supplement industry is so big, nobody needed supplements in the past because people ate a mostly plant based diet, eating all the colours and types of the plant kingdom which give you everything you need in large quantities, but these days everybody eats meat, dairy and eggs for every meal with little or no plants which promote disease and don’t give you the necessary vitamins and mineral the body needs instead of eating a mixture of plants.

    There are 90 vitamins and minerals the body needs and animal products contain very little of these, hence why millions get sick from deficiencies and die from eating them. Animal products cause 13/15 of the leading causes of death on the planet, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and stroke being at the top. Eating these animal products causes these problems and on top don’t give you the necessary vitamins and minerals the body needs anyway.

  65. The doc lost me at dairy for calcium

    1. yeah, it’s only worked for thousands of years…
      yes, the current white liquid on sale in the grocery is allergenic, but raw milk is very digestible and very nutritious. Lots of videos about this, if u care to learn

  66. If you live in someplace that’s rainy or has long dark winters, vitamin d pills are a must. Even doctors recommend them to avoid vitamin d deficiency.

  67. As soon as i read FDA in the description i decided not to use multivitimins lmao..

  68. Oct 17 2012. Journal of the American medical association. 15,000 male physicians followed for 11 years. Those who took multivitamin had 8% reduction in number of cancers they developed.

  69. Its just about synthetic or organic supplements, why not you drink milk, etc etc and eat carrots and oranges everyday?

  70. You definitely need supplements, no matter how well you eat. Food is becoming more And more depleted of nutrients. And you can actually determine if a supplement has been tested by a third party, by calling the company that makes the supplement(number is on the label) and ask if they can give you a “certificate of analysis” if they can’t, don’t buy it

    1. Bullshit. What evidence do you have that “Food is becoming more And more depleted of nutrients”…. Idiot…

  71. lol what a shitty ass video. like do some fucking research before making a video on something you know nothing about

  72. This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever watched. Who tf is that dumb ass blonde bitch acting like a doctor??

  73. Yes! This is absoutly true. There isn’t a strict check on the supplement industry!. That being said, My family and I take Nutrilite Vitamins as they are made from cerfined organic farms and are tested by the NSF. I stand by them. Secondly, I love how the doctor happily advised to eat actual food to fill the nutritional gap BUT this guy and the doctor DID NOT point out the kind of fruits and veg and meat we get in the market!. Food that is injected with steroids, hormones and other chemicals!. Food in the today’s markets DON’T contain the nutirtion they once used to! That is why there is a nutritional gap PEOPLE!!! unless u can aford to go ORGANIC all the way, u won’t feel your best!. I love taking double x and other vitamins cuz they smell like your garden and made form CERTIFIED ORGANIC FARMS!! My family’s physicals come out clean by the grace of God! and I believe
    Nutrilite supplements have a big hand in keep us healthy!

  74. This is really interesting, the video shows a doctor which I suppose, has more knowledge on the subject than most of us, and here below comments you can still see people the are not happy with what she said, many still prefer to believe the snake oil salesmen that gives them the “magic potion”.
    And for those that say “this video is not really scientific or complete” i just want to note that this is “JUST A YOUTUBE VIDEO” if one wants to know more you go and read scientific papers starting maybe with something as easy as Wikipedia where you will learn first of al how difficult it is to prove scientifically those marketing bullshit claims and you also could learn to differentiate the language of scientist from that of a snake oil salesmen

  75. So, basically, avoid those bogus “cure-all” multi vits and eat a healthy diet like a normal human. The supplements are just meant to help with any imbalances in your system, should only be consumed if your doctor advises you need a bit more of a particulat nutrient.

  76. What if you are vegetarian? Just pass out from iron deficiency?

  77. Who has a healthy diet?

  78. Yeah-
    Well, I need to take Vitamin B12 and Iron supplements since I lack those- and they help.

    1. just eat a fucking steak and you are good

  79. muricans are dumb.

  80. She is soooo pretty 1:35

  81. I think overtaking vitamins while pregnant is what promotes autism. Get a blood test done and only take vitamins if it showd you need it.

  82. The picture of the iron really got to me XDXD

  83. She’s promoting dairy and meat. She’s not a good source! Sorry!!!

  84. Damit I can’t even afford half of what she said in the list of foods! vitamins are cheaper.

  85. Sun for VD? Nah.. the amount it takes you’re going to damage your skin.

    1. Triggered Feminist
      You need about 10-15 minutes per day with your arms and face , evtl lower legs exposed, to get the amount of sunlight to maintain the vitamin D levels told to be healthy.
      So for example going to the supermarket round the corner in shorts and a T- shirt on a nice sunny day will do the job without the need to go sunbathing for hours.
      Or get your dog and go for a short walk without a jacket, take your jacket off for 15 minutes while jogging, sweep your sidewalk without long clothes etc. etc.
      It doesn’t need brightest sunlight at 1 pm for an hour in hot summer to keep your vitamin D levels at a normal range. Vitamin D production is most efficient from 11 – 3 pm though, twice as much as in the morning or evening.

  86. Vitimans are a supplement if you’re deficient in something. It’s as simple as that…

  87. Calcium is not a vitamin

  88. 4:27 how come your forehead is darker than your face?

  89. No regulation so…that pill could be anything and as long as it doesn’t hurt someone they make money? Now I’m more skeptical than ever.

  90. I’m honestly not sure if I can trust the pretty blonde…

    She told me to consume milk, cheese and butter for calcium but those are extremely low sources of calcium even with it artificially added, which would still be considered a supplement…

    If you want to get lots of calcium you should eat greens. The darker the green the more calcium is a good rule of thumb . (Natural green, not Jello green)

    Just felt like adding that bit for anyone who cares. Being lactos intolorent I can’t eat those things and was worried about not getting enough calcium in my diet. Found out through research those are extremely inefficient souces of it anyway.

    Good luck!

    1. Finally someone who has actually been educated… jesus. This video is so misleading, and really scares me that main stream folks follow these videos as “bible”.

    2. Spot on. I was looking for this comment. Unfortunately medical doctors receive little nutritional education, which leads to cringe-worthy ignorance from doctors/PA’s as shown in this video.
      And if anyone is interested…

  91. This was interesting, but another video about why vitamins aren’t as good as say natural food would be cool- Like what are vitamins actually made out of and how are they processed into pills – and why ramifications that could have on our bodies? (If there is any research on that). I genuinely keen to know as my parents take vitamins and fish oil daily

  92. If multivitamins work off the placebo effect then aren’t they still working

    1. As good as a placebo means you get the same effect by not taking multivitamins. So why bother taking them, just go straight to the placebo (you believe they work, but they don’t).

    2. Adolf, if placebo works on you then you don’t need anything. Just use the power of your mind to cure yourself.

    3. Placebo effect is only in your mind. It does not affect your body. So no, it’s not working.

    4. carston carey exactly… the placebo effect is still AN effect, and if it works and people can afford their vitamins, why don’t they continue?

  93. The Disturbing Truth about clickbait

  94. For all those coming here for Actual biological food science.. try that SciShow Space episode “That Time Apollo 16 astronauts got the farts” You’ll likely learn more in 5 mikes about how our biochemistry works then probably hours of ‘Mashable’.
    Not to mention the dangers of such massive amounts of Sodium we consume in most typical diets without the balance of Potassium!

  95. Didnt realize I accidentally ended up in Mashable, but since im Here.. Magnesium, Zinc, even Potassium!
    It’s damn difficult to maintain a proper diet these days; *particularly on a BUDGET!* (ex. imagine the college kid surviving on Ramen & cornchips etc). Sure, you’ll get vitametaveggiemens that support major structural growth etc so ya dont look like a starvin-Marvin. *However* You often like in things which are vital to both

    1. something broke^ Anyway, maybe Take a multi-vitamin a few times a week, it usually DOES help and your body will toss the excess. BUT PAY ATTENTION to the *DRA* on the back!! Often times a b-complex will have things like 4000%-b12, so not harmful but not something you wanna be ODing on everyday.
      Oh and eat more bananas for uber-useful stuff like Magnesium, zinc and Potassium

  96. She mentioned exception for crohn’s and colitis but didnt mention which supplement?

    1. I think that’s just a general statement due to our inability to absorb a lot of the nutrients from food. If you’re deficient on anything it might be different from someone else with the same condition based on your different eating habits and the severity of the disease.

      #notadoctor 😉

    2. Yeah I was hoping for That one too.. I kno too much folic acid can often have a negative impact. Especially since *so much comes in such a small pill*. SO ppl often OD when they buy it outside a multi-B-complex. Which in itself often ODs you on things like B12. and one migh think “errrhhl Just TRegulate eerrgh!” but NO, that often makes things worse… partially what lead us into this prediciment in the 1st place.. have ya heard of the food pyramid? I sure did, shit was drilled into me.. yet it was half-back-ass-ward.

  97. Who should I believe? This video, or Food Matters?

    1. Go and watch vegan gains video on supplements take vitamins as needed

  98. Men take a cup of cement and harden the fuck up.

    1. nice one 😉

  99. Having a balanced diet is tricky ~

    1. Not really…eat whole foods.

    2. Lost Evesy the #1 thing I struggle with.

  100. YOu know what, you’re right. My male body is a temple. Imma stop tainting it with the penis of other men. Homosexuality is wrong! Thanks Mashable.

  101. 😑 no science whatsoever

  102. I just watched the video cause I like asian guys 😍

  103. Don’t take fish oil pills. Just buy fish oil in a jar and take a tablespoon a day. It doesn’t taste that bad.

    1. glytchd or just buy fish oil pills in bulk at Costco. Das what I do

    2. jo-ro then get creative, eh! Ever slam a whole shot of vodka, barely tasting it? just add water(not to the vodka) ..or is it just fish in general?? Cuz if that’s the case then imagine if ya grew up on one of those small Malaysian islands; heh, you’d starve if you wouldn’t eat fish

    3. das gross mayne, I hate that smell

  104. You should ask a doctor that does research in this field… not a physician assistant….

    1. Lol are you kidding? A PA is pretty much as good as a doctor. They surpass nurses.

    2. LiNingAir pa’s have like at least six years of school plus more education. It’s not just like a certification.

    3. I did ask both of my doctors and they both agreed that unless you have a legitimate reason to take vitamins, like being iron deficient, they are a waste of money and can do more harm than good.

    4. Exactly, they don’t even study nutrition in medical school.

  105. Dear Mashable, please stop making dumb “science” videos with very little science in them. I’m not pro or anti supplement. I thought I would watch this to learn something, maybe there was a new scientific study, or any hard science… but this video was severely lacking in any useful information. I actually feel dumber after watching this.

    1. @Brother Jake’s Reconnaissance links?

    2. Then may I respectfully suggest you get off your ass (so to speak) and research the research. Numerous scientific studies on the uselessness of these products go back thirty years. It’s all just a click away…

  106. Yea I would trust the fda….. not

  107. I take vitamins in case I’m not getting the right nutrients or enough nutrients. It’s the only reason to take them and it’s a very valid reason.

    1. Annual doctor costs minimum €50, annual supplement cost €15 maximum for me. Doctor will just tell you that you need x,y,z anyway. Fish oils and vitamin D are basically mandatory, general vitamin supplements for everything else.

    2. Go to dr and get tested for vitamin levels instead of assuming.

    3. TheKevtherev11 for sure. I’m no doctor so idk if I’m always getting what I need in my diet. I try to mix it up by going from McDonald’s to Wendy’s to Taco Bell to make sure I’m never eating the same thing over and over but I don’t know if I get everything I need from food alone.

  108. Sharp Science… 🙄

  109. I swear by Dr. Perricone MD supplements. They are the best, and the face creams too!

  110. I feel like half of these videos you put out to “reveal the truth” are half baked. Like how others have said they supplement a diet. If your diet isn’t supplying the vitamins and minerals you need well supplements now hear me out SUPPLEMENT your diet. They aren’t magic pills they are assistants. Extra vitamins either don’t help because you piss the extra or could have adverse effects.

  111. This was ridiculous.

  112. Wow. I disagree partially. Supplements have their place but like their name…they supplement a healthy diet. There are ways to become educated about the best companies and types of supplements to take. But they do work if done so with wisdom.

    1. This was great, been searching for “better nutrition best of supplements 2011” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Elenajan Supplement Smasher – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my friend got amazing results with it.

    2. Jared Zarge Everyone should use wisdom in everything they do, including me. THE WORD OF WISDOM. I thank our HEAVENLY PARENTS for all creations.

    3. Jared Zarge Our HEAVENLY FATHER and our HEAVENLY MOTHER created the universe and everything in it so use it with widom, if you need it as an individual, than use it, if you don’t need it, than don’t take it or use it, that’s wisdom, every human beings have different needs, individually, key phrase, THE WORD OF WISDOM, make wise choices, not foolish choices, another key phrase is, (if need, or if it’s necessary.) all creations from our HEAVENLY PARENTS is here for a reason, if need or if it’s necessary, again, it’s be wise, THE WORD OF WISDOM, be wise, make wise choices, not foolish choices.

    4. carston carey All vatimins are good for every people, and it depends on each and every individuals what kinds of vitamins they’re deficient of, so tell your healthcare provider how you feel, your physical and psychological.

    5. Tirra Omilade there are actually a lot of supplement pills that are good for you but with those ones you will often need a prescription

  113. lost me at eating animal products. bleh

    1. *GASP* Of course, Granted; Stay away from Mashable if ya actually want to Learn anything about nutrition of Real Value.. That said tho, Heaven Forbid! Quick, let us retreat to facebook, where they are Sure to filter our content so we don’t see anything that might disagree our feelings/opinions!

  114. dude what about vegan people? epic fail by the way b12 and omega 3 are the keys for vegans.

    1. Omega 3 supplements are not necessary. Nuts and seeds are great sources.

    2. Adrian1504 – at what timestamp, plz? dDid she say that in this video?? I just watched it so maybe my memory is hazy?? but I could Swear the Doctor in this vid didn’t say any such a thing. *In fact she ENCOURAGED US TO EAT Eggs & Dairy products*
      BUt like i said, my memory must be hazy cuz it was like 2 minuets ago that i seen the vid?? Timestamp plz, if ya dont mind, eh!

    3. No doctor said that vegans are healthier than normal diet people.

  115. I take multivitamins literally every day. I try to take them after i eat something.

  116. This video features a 5 men to 25 women ratio.
    83.33333333% of this video is women.
    Do what you want with that knowledge.

    1. Lost Evesy – Your comment features 1 nutcase.
      100% of your comment is a nutcase.
      You’re a nutcase.

    2. Because all the men are behind the scenes making money from these poor women !

    3. He’s perfectttt

    4. Pewds is proud

    5. Mashable knows how to respect women

  117. Do you even lift bro?!

    1. jcastle07 hahahaha

  118. supplements are a waste of money

  119. Do mashable read their comments?

    1. They cant read

    2. I think they may have stopped the practice of reading comments a good 3yrs ago due to Trollkind & pplz like PC-Principle xD
      Edit: Or atleast a half dozen other reasons that may include economic, subbing & perhaps just general public Ignorance since we all live in face-book information bubbles these days

  120. First!

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