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The Household Cleaners That Will Really Kill The Coronavirus

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As far as health scares go, the COVID-19 coronavirus is arguably the biggest to hit America in a century.

But the good news is that the coronavirus is a germ we are actually equipped to fight. In fact, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has said that the COVID-19 coronavirus is actually one of the easiest viruses to kill.

Why? Clorox scientist Richard Low told ABC,

“A coronavirus is what’s called an envelope virus and that means it has an outer envelope that’s composed of proteins and a fatty material called a lipid, and it’s that outer layer that makes it relatively simple to kill with most disinfectants, compared to other viruses that don’t have that envelope.”

The EPA says one of the best ways we can protect ourselves from the coronavirus is by cleaning and disinfecting countertops and surfaces regularly, with cleaners approved by the agency for use against COVID-19. This news has sent scads of people to buy supplies at their nearest store, including cleaning products, which they’re scooping up in hopes of keeping the virus at bay.

So the question is, which household cleaners really do work against the COVID-19 coronavirus?

Well, fortunately enough, the EPA-approved list includes plenty of product and brand names that we already know, such as Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, Disinfecting Spray and Multi-Surface Cleaner and Bleach; Lysol’s Clean and Fresh Multi-Surface Cleaner, its Disinfectant Max Cover Mist, and its Heavy-Duty Cleaner Disinfectant Concentrate; Purell Professional Surface Disinfectant Wipes; and Peroxide Multi Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant.

While the EPA admits the products haven’t actually been tested against COVID-19, they are expected to be effective against the coronavirus because the approved household cleaners have worked against organisms that are more difficult to kill, and they have worked against other coronaviruses that are similar to the one we are facing down today.

And making sure your home is clean and disinfected is one effective way of keeping your home free of not just the coronavirus, but other germs too.

Sarah Fozzard, Head of Home Hygiene for pharmaceutical company Thornton and Ross, told Patient,

“With research suggesting that human coronaviruses can remain infectious on surfaces for a matter of days, establishing a hygiene routine with some simple, everyday preventative steps can help avoid the spread of respiratory viruses. Wiping down high traffic areas will reduce the spread of viruses in areas which come into contact with various people throughout the day.” Keep watching the video to see the household cleaners that will really kill the coronavirus.

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195 thoughts on “The Household Cleaners That Will Really Kill The Coronavirus

  1. Have any stores near you had their cleaning products bought out?

    1. Libby Rowan can’t find jack shit

    2. Libby Rowan yeah I’m starting to think the panic buyers come back every fucken day just to grab another bottle or container of cleaning supplies 😣

    3. Definitely not one bottle or wipe not in any form no paper towel bathroom paper have hand written signs up only one per person but may have never had it. At all now with meat same way

    4. Haven’t seen not 1 bottle of any form of Clorox not 1 of Lysol wipes liquid paper towel bathroom paper doing good to get bish liquid not the best brands either like I am on an island

    5. Chlorine, disinfectants and alcohol, all are sold out. Even other brands.

  2. How to kill humans ????

  3. some places you cant use bleach so i just use this stuff

  4. Your president has spoken, drink up!

  5. use blow torch, burn the hell out of that virus now. : )

  6. hello! this is my video,The procedures conducted in isolation wards provide me with inspirations to formulate the procedures for home disinfection since I am a surgery worked at operation room. I hope this video can help everyone.

  7. So basically: don’t be lazy and clean your damn house.

    1. soulassassin0g Yeah well it is what it is, I already know if I get Covid 19 I’m looking for the first panic buyers I can find & im giving them some covid 19 because of there greed for cleaner & leaving me to the wolves.

    2. @Dark Guardian well I don’t know what to tell you then.

    3. soulassassin0g I tried a few times 5 stores & it never really goes well & I’m left with nothing but stress afterwards 😔

    4. soulassassin0g Dude i don’t like to be out that long it shouldn’t even take 5 fucken stores to find 1 thing of cleaner 😓

    5. @Dark Guardian try different stores.

  8. There are many false information spreading around the world like drinking bleach and so on and WE NEED TO STOP THIS! This is really dangerous as people tend to belive these facts. There is a video from facts from WHO which tell all the false information that is spreading. Stay safe guyz 😢♥️

  9. Did the woman dancing inhale too much disinfectant?

  10. Perhaps we should inject disinfectants. Oh wait

  11. Do not inject in to the human body and do not drink

  12. can i put this in my eyes mixed with water

    1. No, It will make you blind forever

  13. i cleaned with clorox and it got me sick as hell!

    1. Miami sands you have to add a certain amount of water to it. Hope your feeling better

  14. Who’s here after Trump said injecting disinfectants into your lungs will cure Coronavirus

    1. @Clorox Bleach noooo 😭😭 please not I’m crying and shaking

    2. @😷 drink me

  15. Drink me!!!

  16. but i cure coronavirus

  17. Who ever lives within the Hillsborough County Florida. Like Tampa, Brandon, Riverview and other closed neighbor towns,, hit me up. I have a Solution for your Lysol spray hunt. Hit me up through my profile fb profile, by searching for Save an Aerosol, for more details. I can sell 8 oz aerosol cans for as little as $2.00. This is only if you provide your own empty aerosol can. If i have to provide them. It would be $4.00 as a 1 time payment for not having one. Then you cam refill it with me for $2.00. Yes it can be refilled. So don’t throw it away.

  18. FYI… Not all bleach kills viruses. Including Clorox No Splash Bleach

    1. @Craig shearer as far as I know… as long as you’re washing your hands correctly.

    2. Does washing your hands with soap kill it ???

  19. Omg i have Lysol wipes at home

  20. increase chlorine in municipal water to maximum human tolerance. Also increase municipal water pressure. Every time you turn on the tap or shower a plume of chlorine will be released. This may help sterlise the air and surfaces it contacts. Just a thought.

  21. Since a virus has no nucleus, digestion, excretion or any markers that are required to call it “alive” how exactly can you “kill” it?

    1. @aorikineiko7 and is there any proof this material came from outside the body? Have they ever purified these “viruses” or given them to another creature proving “infection?”

    2. It still has an envelope which has spike proteins that bind to the human cells as a source of entry and basically hijack the machinery to replicate itself

  22. Why wasn’t rubbing alcohol mentioned in this video ? 🤔

    1. Because rubbing alcohol evaporates so fast it doesnt stay on a surface long enough to kill germs. Its better for soaking instruments.

  23. Thank you panictards for sweeping it across stores

  24. Note: There are a
    number of products on the EPA list (that’s mentioned around 1:10 in this video)
    that use Chlorine Dioxide, but they are listed under Sodium Chlorite (which does
    NOT act the same way as Sodium HYPOchlorite, by the way!).

    1. Lmao good thing u clarified it SOME PEOPLE WOULD OF PROBABLY SELF MEDICATED WITH IT Lol so sad but true

  25. Chlorine Dioxide kills coronavirus (at right concentrations) & could be used as a vastly powerful disinfection tool in this pandemic. See .
    It’d particularly help keep down airborne contagion in homes. Some people need to put their heads together & further refine best ways to use it in the air for disinfecting! What would be right concentrations for use via a fine-spray bottle, humidifier, diffuser or ?? You can also use via spray can, slow-release gel, or air filters. Where & how frequently?
    Chlorine Dioxide kills germs in the air plus where it lands (which include places you forgot to wipe, LOL!). Kills bacteria & allergens quickly, and then goes pretty much inert, so it’s safer than many cleaners (bleach included) around food & for the environment, too.
    Chlorine Dioxide is really concentrated stuff, though. You’ve got to make sure you don’t overdo it, & that you measure ingredients very correctly if you are making a diluted mix.

  26. can motor oil be used on surfaces to kill coronavirus

  27. Here’s a hint for everyone (now that I am super stocked up 😂)

    If you can’t find hydrogen peroxide, you can go to hydroponics stores. They almost always stock food or technical grade H2O2 (29% or more), typically in quart size (1litre) or larger

    Every quart/litre of 29% H2O2 is worth about 9-10 bottles of 3% H2O2, you just have to mix it.

    I prefer it to bleach. It has the killing capability of bleach, whether live organics (pest insects, bacteria, viruses) or mould/fungus. It can also be used as a bleaching like agent, even on plastics.
    It breaks down into oxygen and water.
    And it’s scentless. Does everything bleach does without the stink.

  28. overuse of these cleaners will create superbugs while killing Covid19

  29. In nyc theres a shitload of Clorox bleach everywhere in every store & theres bar/hand soap for days but none of the convenience sprays & wipes americans are used to. Amazing how we’re so use to not washing our hands that soap yes the thing thats most effective is not being bought but hand sanitizer is

  30. I happen to have 2 gallons jugs of bleach.

    1. Do the right thing and share with people who might need it that are not having any luck finding some at any stores. Together we can help defeat this invisible enemy.

  31. I made my own wipes with rubbing alcohol and witch hazel to soak onto paper towel roll. But rubbing alcohol is very hard to get.

    1. Windex is alcohol and ammonia if you have any Windex

  32. It kills 99.99% viruses. What’s the 1/10th it can’t be killed? Let me guess viruses made in China? Lol


    1. AmericanPride1234 it’s so we can keep our good bacteria it’s bad to kill all bacteria

  33. Hello thank you, this is good information I think you again

  34. Use Clorox bleach it to wash your hands is probably the best

    1. Dear God. Do NOT use chlorine on your hands, your skin will crack and you are now guaranteed to get the virus if you touch it. Not to mention getting poisoning from putting it on your hands twenty times a day. Use soap, if you can’t, use 70% alcohol. Air dry your hands and use plenty of hand/body lotion to stop your hands from drying out and cracking.

  35. Try to find any of this stuff.

  36. I have not seen or found in any store of any kind in this town Clorox. Or Lysol gloves mask bathroom paper zero for months

    1. In nyc stores theres rows full of clorox bleach. Wish i could mail you some

  37. Also there has been some evidence that the saliva from other animals and reptiles are effective at killing the coronavirus.
    For instance, if a person can prostrate oneself inside one of the great cats paddock at their local zoo, and especially after the feeding time, the animals often are involved in self and communal grooming, that involves lingual palpation of the skin and body surface areas. Again make sure one enteres the paddock at least 15 minutes after feeding time as the animals may mistake your presence as competition for the food, which can be responded to by enhanced territorial behaviors such as hissing, clawing biting, mauling and even in rare cases consumption of the human visitor. Check with the zoo keeper first as praticular animals may be more “behaviorally” predisposed to cross species grooming.

    Also check with your Dermatologist to see if you have any allergy to feline saliva, or if your skin is too delicate to tolerate the normally abbrasive texture of the large cat tongue.

    IF this is not available in your area, or you happen to be traveling in central Indonesia near the island of Komodo. the saliva of the Komodo lizard is also very toxic to many organism and can be applied to the human skin surface to kill the coronavirus. At this time, due to competitive antisocial behavior of the Komodo lizards, there is no recommendation for humans to safely put themselves at close proximity to the Komodo lizard.
    Scientists are also looking into other reptile options. The Zuni Indian tribe of the Desert Southwest of the US, has a tradition of using the saliva of the Gila Monster as an antibacterial agent. Further study is needed at this time, before a recommendation.
    Stay tuned to the White House Press briefings for further information. And yes, you are correct. A zoo keeper from the Washington D.C. zoo was seen being escorted into the White House with one of the female Chetah’s, named Daisy.

    1. drink me

  38. I use Clorox to clean my home. I love Clorox and Lemon Scent Pine-Sol.

  39. Technically you can’t kill a virus, you inactivate it. But you can’t kill it.

    1. The point is moot because if it’s rendered inactive, it may as well be dead. Semantics.

  40. I hope someone sues when their stuff turns white.

  41. Rumor has it this is how Tom Hanks got the coronavirus at 2:43

  42. Win is a grate time to use a Disinfectant wipes on what services

  43. wait until the next one comes, this is nothing. you know it and I know it. what is there to be scared about. ?

  44. My lysol bathroom cleaner has “citric acid” will that work. Can I mix this with bleach or use where I cleaned with bleach

    1. DO NOT! MIX CHLORINE WITH ANYTHING OTHER THAN WATER. You can get a poisonous gas. Only alcohol 70-90% (ethanol, isopropanol, methanol) and chlorine will kill corona virus. Surface must be made completely wet with chlorine and then left to dry for a couple of minutes. Surface must be made completely wet with alcohol, but it evaporates much quicker. Take care.

  45. that dancing chick tho, who is she

    1. ur mom chad

  46. Who really killed the coronavirus?

  47. Efforts😇
    For homes here is better link

  48. Does mosquito and cockroach spray works on corona virus?

  49. the overuse of disinfectants does not kill the virus but it makes us sick .

    1. Actually it’s completely safe and I’d rather smell bleach for a second then get the coronavirus.

  50. Clorox far, Is the Proven Standard to Kill COVID-19.
    1] Clorox Bleach Germicidal Wipes are the Best 1 Step product to use to Reduce the Risk of Cross-Contamination
    there is No Impirical peer reviewed evidence Antiseptics are effective against COVID-19..but they help.
    2] Cross-Contamination is how the virus spreads. Person to person…surface to person
    3] A 1 Step process is the Only way to Reduce the Risk ….it is expalined in my video. I am Not a Doctor, but have worked in extremely hazordous environments that were so deadly that a single breath of the atmosphere ..would kill a human being in a matter of a few minutes. I am informed and have researched the Safety Requirements ….please click on the link ..

  51. Do dilute the bleach with enough water as bleach can be quite corrosive. I myself use a bio-disindectant and cleanser because of our pet that has sensitive skin. Don’t forget door knobs, microwave oven handles and fridge doors. Dont forget the bathroom doors too. Be alert to what you use most.

    1. Hi, what do you use exactly? I’m sensitive to bleach and it cannot be found anywhere right now anyway.

  52. Should we inject ourselves with any of these if we feel sick?

  53. I have always used bleach to wash dishes, floors, bathrooms, wiping everything down, my bathrooms. We Mexicans, and bleach, and Pinol, and Fabuloso get down like Charlie Brown!!! Me, and bleach Fabuloso, Pinol are like Bonnie, and Clyde!!!

    1. Lol…

  54. Confirm Clorox killed virus covid??

  55. clorox comercial ?

  56. Put disinfectant s in planes make people stay in doors no movement twice a day dump disinfectant over city from planes will probably kill the virus

  57. Be carefull With everything u eat..

    1. stfu and drink me idiot

    2. That’s right.. I agree with you

    3. I worry about contaminated food. It’s been handled by many by the time it gets to you.

  58. This is real.. Don’t be panic guys.. Covid19 also active in cheese

    1. cheese?? i never heard this how do you know that?

  59. I support.. Becouse I played with the gold acid everyday.. Ahaha

  60. While combating COVID-19 and other pathogens you may introduce even more harmful elements to your home. Here is a list of what To DO and NOT DO while fighting COVID-19

  61. Lab test proves none of these products actually kill Covid-19. This is why it’s running hog wild through our country. Ffs

    1. @Ike Hawkersmith (Christ) (ANOTHER one who can’t add simple math smh)……what else explains virtually the ENTIRE PLANET being infected THIS fast??? in addition to living on surfaces, the worst part about it is…..IT’S AIRBORNE!! if it just lived on surfaces there’s NO WAY the entire planet would be infected this fast…….all you need to do is listen from the 5:47 mark to the 5:54 mark. seven seconds…….

    2. @fall back Its not airborne it lives on surfaces.

    3. (Christ) (holds head in hands) it’s running hog wild cuz it’s airborne num nuts

  62. I have been cleaning for over 60 years….Even though bleach and lysol chemicals are effective…the problem is most people HAVE NOT used them before…OR..
    do not know how to use them…..
    Within 5-10 years…you will see an up surge in 1. liver cancer…2. liver dysfunction..3 brain problems(aneurysms and others)..3. stomach cancers.. and glandular problems
    There will be other issues that will not seem related….WHY?
    1. Most people have not experienced hard and dirty work that tasks the immune system…which ironically makes them stronger…example(working in extreme outdoor temps.
    ….doing nasty jobs that also help strengthen the T-Cells that fight viruses…………….ALL THESE socalled extreme sports and athletes….do not count…it is the man that works
    8-12 hour days/ 5-6 days a week…ALL YEAR/(no vacations).
    2. The biggest problem is diet….When you go to a super market…WHICH SECTION HAS PLENTY OF FOOD……PRODUCE…specifically..dark green vegetables..the food that protects
    the body against pathogens and cancers(by the way..WE ALL HAVE CANCER…it is called cell malfunction)
    Now that brings me to these SO CALLED healthy green shakes…there are vitamens and minerals….but no life force…don’t believe me..boil or cook a seed or bean…put it in the
    ground…it WILL NOT GROW…the ‘life force’ is gone……..pasteurize milk..dead….pasteurize honey…dead….pasteurize vinegar ….DEAD….. all these the ‘mother’ is dead
    All this and other things will make the next generation…have a shorter LIFE SPAN….
    PEOPLE this virus is not any worse than the common flu or the 18 other corona flu viruses….The only thing that will save you is a healthy group of T-CELLS… your body….then you]
    are technically immune, when it hits again…basic human biology.

    1. @camelio10 DUMMY…Let me give you a short biology lesson…you can get this from the CDC….IF YOU DO NOT BELIEVE ME
      1. The Influenza(flu) is a VIRUS……..The Coronavirus-2019 or Covid19………………ARE BOTH VIRUSES
      2. Both viruses are transmitted…THE SAME WAY
      3. Both viruses affect the whole body….and both affect the lungs..called PNEUMONIA…. they both affect the liver…and therefore stress the heart
      Camellio…Basic biology…The lungs are ORGANS….The liver is an ORGAN….The HEART is an ORGAN
      4. Mr DUMMY a death by ANY MEANS………………..IS ORGAN FAILURE.
      Any ANIMAL THAT DIES …dies because an ORGAN FAILED….If no organ failed…you would live forever
      Let me repeat…This virus does not enter the body like the Rabies virus..that comes by an infected animals bite..which has the Rabies virus in its saliva
      This virus does not enter the body like the Hepatitis virus …that enters the body by EATING OR TOUCHING infected food or an organic fluid
      that gets in the body by the mouth(or cut)
      BUT…BOTH the Influenza(flu) and any Coronavirus enters the body by way of the ..1. The eye duct..2. nose..3 mouth…4. AND possibly by
      ingesting tainted food. But the symptoms and results are the same
      5. The death rate is basically the same
      6. Like ALL VIRUSES… once you get becomes apart of you…WHY?…The T-cells in the blood. combine with the virus and protect the body against the
      adverse effects of the virus….without T-CELLS(immune system)..a virus would eventually take over and destroy the body….
      If your immune system is strong by 1. a healthy metabolism 2. eating the right foods..3. getting proper will minimize the affects
      of the virus..but you will still get it, ….if exposed to it.
      Antiviral drugs and vaccines…never work, if the T-CELLS.. are weak or destroyed…….NOTE:..Antibiotics..CANNOT DESTROY A VIRUS…They are only
      good to use against BACTERIA.
      BUT LIKE ALL common, easily contagious viruses( common cold, flu)…eventually everybody will have it in their system…but also the virus will usually MUTATE
      to be less deadly.

    2. Please stop saying its like the flu. Flu doesn’t give you pneumonia and organ failure. What is wrong with you

    3. Well said. You speak truth.

  63. I just would really like to know if a professional person can tell me. The formula to have a spray bottle of Bleach & Water in order to kill any virus at home but safe for my little kids. Please help me. Thank you

    1. Jj Jj You’re very welcome. Stay safe! 🙏

    2. @murd777 Thank you very much. Blessings!

    3. From CDC. 5 tablespoons of bleach (1/3rd cup) per gallon of water. 4 teaspoon of bleach per quart of water. It’s in their website. READ IT!

    4. @Covid Shield i’m confused. someone please help me. i just put a cup of bleach + 1 gallon water, is very strong but i don’t what else to do.

    5. Be aware that mixing ammonia and bleach is highly toxic! Don’t do it, Google it.

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  65. Bleach bleach bleach bleach that is strongest germ killer isn’t it bleach is very strong

    1. Make sure you habe the right bleach! For instance… Clorox no splash bleach does NOT kill viruses.

  66. Outer coats money papper mail . consider too

  67. Floors shoes too

  68. I think mass usage of these products will kill more than covid 19

  69. Coronavirus can survive on many surfaces for up to 2 days and this includes some fabrics. To kill virus such as coronavirus, when carrying out laundry and washing of clothes and fabrics, a washing powder detergent with a bleach system should be used. A wash temperature at 40°C is best. This is the most effective way to kill the virus from clothing and fabric. Liquid detergents DO NOT contain bleach systems and therefore are much less likely to kill the virus.

    The more notable brands – market leaders, are evidently the best. Ariel and Persil have effective bleach systems. The Aldi Almat is also an effective laundry agent with a bleach system. Just confirm on the box that a bleach system exists.

  70. :16 it’s easy to kill, but it’s killing and spreading across the globe

    1. Yeah because no one took it seriously and it got away on us…..doesn’t change the fact cleaners work.

      My god, it’s just useless comment after useless comment.

  71. So can Windex kill it also like on Greek wedding, since homegirl is using that at 47 seconds???? SMH

    1. Looks like they poured a solution into a spray bottle lol. Theres no windex logo on it too

  72. The only virus in my home is me 👾

    1. 🙂

  73. Buy sporicidin and a fogger

  74. CLOROX not available in India!😭

    1. Abhishek Singh ….According to the CDC ,it should ….Here is the link

    2. @1980 Ok, thank you, ‘Rin Ala’ is used for whitening our clothes, will check it’s ingredient, Will it work against coronabirus?

    3. Abhishek Singh …Can be found under different names …Example ;Chlorox in USA 🇺🇸; Jik in the UK 🇬🇧 …I’m not sure what India 🇮🇳 and other countries have ….Its basically laundry bleach that you use to whiten your white clothes ….It’s the active ingredient , if you look at the back of the container and can be found in any supermarket /grocery store where you buy your laundry soap From .

    4. @Gaming Hunter Yes, But Lysol contain Benzalkonium chloride.

    5. @1980 Where to buy Sodium Hypochlorite?

  75. too bad no one has any cleaners left

    1. Loki_Cane_Corso_ Italiano I just bought them in Sams club!

  76. today i picked up a 1 liter of something that’s called ultra bleach 6% anyone know if it’s good? it’s NOT the clorox brand. it’s almost 1% stronger than the bleach they provide at my job though so i don’t know

    1. @Di Rodriguezen una tienda de descuento

    2. Were dud YUO buy it?

  77. HELLOING thanks Lysol but its air born, 90* heat everybody, steam some water drop some orange peel in sea salt, get it as hot as you can take it and suck it back for 15 min.

    1. @Navin Shringi yeah it is. It’s not a true aerosol so it’s not going to just linger in the air like other viruses.

    2. It’s not airborne

    3. Sporicidin and a thermal fogger.

    4. Jake The Snake you are absolutely right !!! People this works

  78. To get rid of the smell of bleach on your hands, use baking soda!

    1. Sylvia Street or put on the 🧤 beforehand 😏

    2. You shouldn’t put bleach on your hands. You should wear cloves.

  79. From the Clorox website: . 1/3 cup per gallon

  80. Your door bell! Clean it.

  81. Don’t drink Clorox. Haters who want people to have a terrible death, tell people to drink Clorox. DON’T DO IT!


    2. Jonathan Hughes this ages well

    3. @Error 404 Username not detected HAHA HAHA

    4. Daniel Perez yea I drank it and I am completely immune to all viruses

    5. @Error 404 Username not detected are you still alive?

  82. Where the dam list. Everyone unsub this idiot channel. NO LIST 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  83. Coronavirus was on my hands
    Infecting everything I touch.
    Now my fingers look like prunes
    From washing my hands so much.

    I wash my hands for 20 seconds
    Twenty times a day,
    So I will not spread the Coronavirus
    To those I love, I pray.

    1. @phục êwê But if I listen to your instruction,
      and no more lines do I ever write,
      boredom will be the obvious deduction,
      and it may last the rest of the night.

      So I’ll type another line or eight,
      in Hope to pass that time for you.
      If you can’t respond, then you can wait,
      but this poem will be here when you do.

    2. When coronavirus keeps you in the house
      Like in a hole, which lives the mouse
      Creating rhymes, to pass the time
      Relieves the boredom with every line.

      But please don’t respond, as I’m running out of words
      To write a poem which doesn’t sound absurd
      My mind grows numb with every passing minute
      So with this last thought, I think I’ll end it.

    3. @phục êwê Thank you sir, for being kind.
      Hands are important, so my words you didn’t mind.
      I always still try to give helpful advice,
      Even when the people are not very nice.

    4. Kryptic Muzik
      Yes, Amigo, yes indeed
      Your recommendation, I shall heed.

    5. Sanitize the lotion bottle.
      It is a thing that’s frequently touched.
      Wash your hands for 20 seconds, before you eat your lunch.

      Keep your hands attached my friend.
      Use the lotion that I recommend.
      Your hands will clap in celebration,
      because they weren’t a victim of sanitation.

  84. just a tip, liquid pool chlorine is about 10% sodium hypochlorite, household bleach is only about 5-6%. If your stores are sold out of household bleach, see if they stock pool chlorine. I know Walmart has it back in the lawn and garden section, and most hardware stores carry it.

    1. @Louisbb I know at my local walmart bleach is only about a dollar cheaper and is actually more expensive for two gallons of bleach instead of one gallon of the 10% sodium hypo

    2. @Louisbb I find it cheaper in the long run to just use the calcium hypochlorite tabs…but yes that works too.

    3. Alternatively, I’ve used household bleach in my pool ,doubling on the volumes

  85. I clean homes for a living. I’ve been dousing my client’s homes with lysol and Clorox cleaners, stainless steel and stone surfaces with Thieves cleaner 😁👍👌🙏

    1. kanita 09 wtf & I can’t even find Clorox wipes 😓

    2. May God richly bless you.

  86. is Sarah Fozzard that chick dancing with a broomstick and disinfectant in her hands?

  87. Can you make your own by diluting bleach with water?

    1. @know More yes.

    2. @phục êwê is it works as disinfection from virus

    3. I mix 6% sodium hypochlorite bleach with water, 1 part bleach, 9 parts water. Don’t get it on your clothes.

    4. Bleach is it helps for kill virus

    5. Yes. Diluted bleach is the best household cleaner. Although there are “industrial” strength cleaners but those require professional use.

  88. I will never take Clorox out of my home….

    1. @SawHorseDesignBuild tf u talking about drink me stupid!

    2. Amen!!! Amen!!! Clorox wipes and I got the spray

    3. 👍👍

    4. clorox can be dangerous-

  89. Clorox is the American name for klinex? I live in Greece

    1. Clorox is the American name for chlorine bleach.
      The regular type contains 6% sodium hypochlorite.

    2. @Jasoom thanks

    3. ​@ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΙΑ ΚΑΛΟΤΥΧΟΥ In Majority of the world it is called Clorox and Kleenex is a brand of tissue in many countries.

    4. @Redd TV not the tissue the chlorine

    5. ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΙΑ ΚΑΛΟΤΥΧΟΥ yes it is. Very good stuff. Unless you mean Kleenex the tissue for your nose. Lol

  90. nice video

  91. A few gallons of bleach is all you need. Washing common areas w/ it. No need for Lysol etc… Bleach water.

    1. @Kay InMaine ok karen

    2. @Clorox Bleach You’re stupid.

    3. @Kay InMaine you are stupid

    4. @Cazzie S on your hands.

  92. Hi, please some give me come when? Wish

    1. @phục êwê oh okay thank you I was just curious what he was trying to say, thx God bless 💙 🤗🖤

    2. Translation: Hi! I wish someone would come give me some. When?

    3. @Predator Sinatra oh shut up

    4. مذا تحتاجين؟

    5. Or maybe she just speaks Arabic. You illegal illiterates.

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