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The Most Disgusting Personal Hygiene Fails – AskReddit

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What’s the worst example of personal hygiene you’ve ever seen from someone?

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704 thoughts on “The Most Disgusting Personal Hygiene Fails – AskReddit

  1. How do people get so filthy they have maggots in their hair? That’s a first for me.

  2. not the worst there is, im sure but…
    in high school there was this guy who literally refused to bathe. ever.
    claimed that the godawful BO was his “pheromone” to attract a mate.
    i couldnt stand within 10 feet of him because he smelled like the mushrooms that grow in the gym showers mixed with burnt hair.

  3. The worst person hygiene I’ve ever seen is obese high school boys or football/basketball boys

  4. “Pork sword”

  5. I had a really, severely bad depressive episode a few years back that if my mother wasn’t a nurse, I’d have been sectioned. My hygiene was horrid and I’m crazy ashamed of it, looking back. Think Severus Snape. Greasy hair, pale, oily skin, yellowed teeth, reeking of sweat and alcohol. I also self harmed and had let some cuts get infected, and never changed out of my pjs so they were just covered in blood.

    Looking back, I’m thankful I had my mum there. She hid all the ‘sharps’ from me, didn’t allow me to lock doors etc, and she set a timetable to help me back on track. I got on meds a few months after recovering, and I’m much better now. These days, I’m one of the most meticulous clean freaks you’ll ever meet.

  6. So itchy now…..


  8. I can tell you I’ve currently got flees cause I took in 4 homeless kittens not long ago, and they are unbearable and difficult to get rid of. They are very noticable, and if someone has them and is pretending they dont, they’re stupid. I dont even leave the house without taking a long and hot shower and putting on freshly washed clothes so I dont accidentally spread it to people. But once I’m home, it’s a living hell

  9. I have to stop right here. I’m A 65 year old hippie from the Wood Stock Era. That disgusting person is not A hippie. He’s just plain nasty.I wouldn’t be able to even stand by him. Gross!!!!

  10. don’t watch this while eating

  11. My dad recently had to go to the doctor because he got an eye and an underarm infection from not washing his face and underarms. I have to wash his hair and back for him because he’s disabled but he can easily wash everything else, he chooses not to because he does think it’s important. The affection almost killed him. He also thinks he shouldn’t have to wash his hands.

  12. Yeah… I have a house mate that’s only ever brushed his teeth once in the 7 years I’ve known him. He refuses to brush his teeth because his gums bleed… like no shit your mouth is rotting.

  13. The fact that people with this kind of life and hygiene actually manage to get into relationships gives me hope, and takes it right back away.

  14. 13:23 makes me happy that they cared enough to report their situation to someone could help. So often people just turn a blind eye to things like this because “Not my problem” “I’m sure they’re ok” kind of bullshit. Some people have been a certain way for so long that they can’t see the forest through the trees and need someone’s help…but they also may think that no one cares…anyway.

  15. 4:25 please we need ASMR

  16. A guy from work was basically addicted to World of Warcraft. He would leave on his breaks to play, haul ass when he left to maximize his time playing, and chug coffee all night so he could stay up. Anyway, this dude pretty much never showered. Showering meant down time, and he couldn’t have that. He always stank at work until it eventually culminated into him shitting his pants. You could see shit stains on the ass of his pants and the smell was horrendous. Well this, thank god, was the straw that broke the camels back and the foreman sent him home to clean up. After that it was never as bad, but he’d frequently try to cover it up using cheap cologne. It just added the stink of cheap musk to the eau de shit.
    My unique ability to tolerate his stench alone together in a small room, air conditioned than God, allowed me to land a job that I wasn’t qualified for because nobody wanted to work with him. So it really helped out my career at that point, and all I had to do was pretend I couldn’t smell anything. Actually he was a really good guy, just strange is all.

  17. The worst case of personal hygiene I’ve ever born witness to was a nice looking female that from a distance and close up you’d definitely slip a length that was untill she got undressed herself, man what a fucken howler. On takeoff her bra and actually pulling off her, I thought her dark brown undies but sadly it was skid marks so feckin bad that it made me kowk, ( that puke) anyhoo on managing to take her undies off she must’ve worn them for a while because she had chaff marks on her thighs that made my thank my lucky stars I’d parked my car about a mile from her flat. I said I’d left my condoms in my glovebox so off I went and got the hell out of there. I sincerely hope if she’s still alive that the social work department got her the care she desperately needed.

  18. I just have a question. Why tf people NEVER think that some people have trypophobia and use those disgusting triggers as a thumbnail?… I just… God… I don’t want this to pop on my face when I’m on YouTube… People don’t know it, but it is sooo bad for our minds. Just wanted to put this out there. Bye.

  19. Not be genitals……. new slogan

  20. The worst case I ever saw was like, not even kidding, me. Well, ten years ago me, when I was like 9.
    I had a bad case of lice, my dogs had fleas that transferred to me, and I took a shower like, once every 3 weeks.
    My dogs lived in my room so I smelled like dog 24/7.
    It wasn’t as bad as the stories here but it was still the worse I’ve seen.
    Luckily I haven’t met many actually gross people.

  21. This is….I’m-

  22. A homeless man had walked into Burger King and from where we were sitting on the other side of the restaurant we could smell him.

  23. 5:18 Whatever country that is, I don’t want to go to it.

  24. Fleas aren’t actually a hygiene issue. I had them once, because my roommates’ dog did, and they are fucking GNARLY. I was traumatized for years. Got scabies, too, in that same house, from some girl who slept on the couch. You don’t have to be dirty to get either.

  25. These stories are my favorite 🤢😂

  26. They’re not fails in my book…those fake ass perfumes and colognes are major fails in mine. Just today I was walking and could smell these dude’s lotion 25-30 yards away.

  27. I felt like I needed to wash my hands just watching.

  28. 😱About 5 years ago I was on the bus when I noticed a homeless man in front of me well his hair was moving I mean literally moving he had so many lice his lice had lice. I got right off on the next stop I have MS and it was really hot that day I didn’t care about the heat. I could feel them on me for days after. It was the worst thing I have ever seen🤮

  29. There was an elderly woman admitted into the hospital my Aunty worked at and her vag smelt like it had never been cleaned or opened to clean in years. My Aunty almost spewed up everywhere. She literally had to open it and clean the area with wipes and a spray for the body. So disgusting 🤮🤢

    1. Bless your Aunty. Somebody has to do those things for those poor souls. Whatever they’re paying her, it is not enough!

  30. 8:38 it’s Helga Pataky from Hey Arnold, not Angelica Pickle

  31. A young relative of mine is 20 and only showers once a freaking week smh ive asked if he’s depressed sad mad and just doesn’t wash smh

  32. >Angelica
    >Hey Arnold

    That poster’s 90s card needs to be revoked.

  33. I am really hygenic and an absolute clean freak, watching this video made me feel sick. I literally spend almost 10 mins every morning and night brushing my teeth, and hearing people not take any care of themselves…

  34. Watching this while on the pooper feels appropriate. I don’t think I’ll ever feel as good about wiping and washing my hands as I will after watching this

  35. “This content will make you see your breakfast again”
    Me: HAH! jokes on you, I don’t eat breakfast *smug look* …
    *Proceed to gag on lunch*

  36. “Oh, that’s nasty…”

  37. I have only one comment:

  38. I’m going to regret this

  39. To quote my old commander…..”Damn it private go wash your GSA!!!!!” That stands for Goat Smelling Ass.

    1. Lmao

  40. Angelica is from Rugrats, Helga punched brainy! I know it don’t matter but I had to say it

  41. How can people live like that, is all I can say , over and over ! Dam.

  42. Someone got their Nick Toons confused. Angelica is from Rugrats. Helga is from Hay Arnold.

  43. The phuk is wrong with some of these disgusting people? I feel like sucker punching some of them.

  44. I don’t usually get skin crawls from videos, but I’m not kidding when I say this video makes me wanna take a second shower today, and pour bleach all over my house.🤣

  45. There was an older guy who used to go to my community college, and I am assuming he was homeless, because he used to carry around a sack and a bucket. let me preface that I really felt awful for the guy and everyone wanted to help him and also that our school had showers that were accessible to every student. Anywho, one of his classes was next to mine, and he smelled so bad that one time he caught me in the hall, I really thought I was going to faint from the smell. It was like alcohol and urine and poo combined. I thought he was very tan, until I saw close-up that it was just straight up dirt. Most of the people in the class ended up dropping out because they couldn’t handle it, there were 4 people left at the end of that semester. idk how the professor handled it. I’ve honestly never smelt anything like that in my life, and I am from Thailand, where we have open sewers. That sack was also a problem. it honestly smelt like rotting flesh, like perhaps he picked up some roadkill, but whatever it was, it was beyond vile. I ended up going to the campus police to see if they could help him in anyway because I was genuinely worried about him, and maybe I’d receive some advice in what would I could do to help, but they just told me that he refused to use the school’s shower or donations of clothes. I can understand, he wanted to do what he could for himself to maintain his own sense of dignity, but I also think there was a mental health component that the school was ignoring. Wherever he is, I hope hes in a better situation.

  46. 8:41 HELGA* …this uncultured swine lol

  47. Oh yuck how the hell can you not wash between your toes , disgusting.

  48. When i ise to work taxi, there was this one guy who would try to one of the cars to drop hom home but no driver would take him because he smelled like piss. And i mean PISS

    it was like he pissed himself but didnt bother to change his clothes, you could clearly see the watermarks on his pants.

    There was another guy, but that story is one i dont want to share here. Lets justcsay, always get medical attention if you get a serious cut.

  49. Btw ppl theres a difference between pus and puss. Stop.saying wounds were full of.puss ppl!

  50. Angelica from.hey arnold? I think hes confusing hey arnold with rugrats. Its helga lmao

  51. 14:40 ahhh the ingrown toenail problem. Legit a curse in my family on our big toes. and i refuse to let it grow out cuz of the pain and im constantly standing for work. fuck that nty

  52. The people mentioned in this video require a trinity force of cleansing asap and I mean a combination of: Holy Water, Alcohol Disinfectant and Bleach.

  53. I have bipolar, depression episodes suck. I always feel AWFUL and horrid because sometimes yeah, my hygiene could be much much better at that time. I feel so validated that I am not at this point and now realise that it could be so so so so much worse 😂

  54. The woman that never got up from her recliner..
    *Oh.. my god.*

  55. Lesson: people are disgusting peasants, and women will literally put up with a lot of garbage as long as you are attractive

  56. At first I didn’t get the warning. I had a delightful breakfast and I genuinely just wanted to see it once again for a split second… Lmao

  57. broooo I have trouble taking care of myself sometimes due to severe depression, but I am happy to say I’m like Mr.Clean compared to these stories. The fungus one freaked me out.

  58. I wish I could unsee the thumbnail. :/

  59. 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😵 and yet, I really enjoy this channel 😮✌

  60. I need to shower

  61. As someone with a small bladder, peeing in bottles is almost a requirement 😂

  62. My boyfriend once had a dingleberry he thought was a knot (hairy ass) he discovered while we were showering together. I bought him a pack of “Dude Wipes” after that. He’s been using those ever since and we’re married.

  63. Ughh i have one im a sw and I had a date with an overweight uncircumcised man…well i dont think anyone taught him to clean his self properly because when i exposed his head there was a ring of smegma[spelling?] That literally looked like cottage cheese i promptly got up put my clothes on and left with my money cuz i earned it just having to look at and be that close to his nasty cottage cheese dick🤢🤢🤮🤮

  64. Angelica was in Rugrats, Helga was the one in Hey Arnold that used to punch Brainy. If you’re gonna make your story public then get your references right.

  65. “Pork swords” 😂😂😂

  66. That last one was disgusting. Mushrooms and mold make me gag!

  67. At least the person with the ingrown toenail problem acknowledges that it’s disgusting and *actually* takes a shower everyday.

  68. Lmao 😷😷 yo said she smelled like butt🤣

  69. Subscribed. Have yet to recieve free meal from Head Lice Girl.

  70. Your oldest brother needs to go inpatient

  71. Not the point but helga used to punch the stalker kid from Hey Arnold
    Not Angelica

  72. I am. Not gonna be this person. Thanks 😐

  73. Why that thumbnail?

  74. When people post pictures publicly that show their bed with no sheets or pillowcases and the pillows and mattresses are stained brown/yellow🤢

  75. “But he is cute” … she belongs to the skreeeeets!

  76. Yoww

  77. 5:24 Soo about the not washing your genitals in the shower, is that weird? Because I literally do the same thing as the ex, and now I’m concerned…

  78. How to handle it and not be genitals… lmao

  79. It’s Helga in Hey Arnold, you dope.

  80. Is this the weird section of YouTube? I feel like I’m in the weird section of YouTube.

  81. Time to shower 100000 times now! 😨😨😨😨

  82. I had an ex boyfriend who’s childhood home was a health risk. He said I could borrow his ps I’m talking 1999. I picked it up and a load of cat piss dripped down onto my trainers. The carpet was alive, his dad would just pour shake n vac on the floor. I tried cleaning and stuff but his dad and little bro and sister and my boyfriend thought I was unreasonable not them. I eventually got headline from him when I was 18 and that was i fell in love with a beautiful woman and 20 yrs later we’re still happy. She’s very clean!!

  83. So glad I took my anti sickness tablets 30 mins ago and they’re fast acting

  84. Big thanks to all the medical ppl in this video..I couldn’t do your job x

  85. It’s Helga not Angelica !!

  86. “warning, this content will make you see your breakfast again” damn I love this guy

  87. Some of these are freakin hilarious

  88. #GagAMaggot!

  89. “He never wiped his ass because he thought it was gay.”

    Well I’ve seen everything.

  90. Im new .. I hit the like button and clicked the subscribe button, but i *never got my FREE SANDWICH!!* (will you sub it with a free t-shirt or coffee mug?) ha! Love Ya TTS!

  91. The video on the obese women who died alone, for anyone wondering….. Is graphic. Nothing is blurred out and it includes close ups of the body, cutting open the body, heart,liver, kidneys, and lungs. Just for anyone wondering! Is very informative tho

  92. Is nobody going to talk about the girl who worked in a freaking restaurant and never showered and had a huge amount of lice?!

  93. 0:51 “So, Yay” 😂

  94. Man. I kind of feel bad for the idiot who never wiped his ass because he thought he was gay. What kind of life and upbringing must you have to end up like that

  95. This video is legit making me wanna take a shower even though I already had one

  96. I mean, I’ve been professionally diagnosed with OCD and I realize that invites some unreal standards, but still, I can’t get how anyone can put up with some of these people. Holy shit.

  97. The stories are getting worse as the video plays on.

  98. Omg! These stories are bad…..really, really bad. What are people thinking?

  99. I used to work with clients in a group home. One client I worked with would go for weeks in the same clothes without showering or any personal hygiene despite staff trying to get her to.
    She ended up giving birth at one point and had already gone for a few weeks without showering before giving birth. When she left the hospital she put the same clothes back on and week another week without showering or changing her clothes.

  100. Yeah…. I’m gonna go take a shower

  101. I have an iron stomach

  102. A TUSK?! Bruh….

  103. I can smell this video.. Omg.. 🤢🤢🤢

  104. Last year one of the horses at my cousins ranch died at the ripe old age of 35. As she lay down her hoof somehow got caught between metal bars in the gate. He and I spent about an hour and 30 minutes trying to pull her out. I ended up having to kick her leg until she came loose. Then we used the tractor to pick her up and put her in the trailer to be hauled off. As we hauled her out, pus and snot flowed out of her nose like glue being squeezing out of its bottle and urine had frozen in her lady bits and expanded, pushing it open. We dropped her in the trailer, and my cousin took her to the dump by himself a couple days later. he told me she had frozen to the bottom and he had to peel her off. I spent that morning compulsively washing my hands. I just couldn’t feel clean. this video made me desperately want to shower. And once again, I still don’t quite feel clean enough.

  105. The worst offender here is the MENTAL hygiene of the person who mistook Angelica from Rugrats for Helga from Hey Arnold.

  106. It wasnt just a person. It was a family. Parents were hella religious and didnt allow their kids to touch their genitals out of fear of them masturbating. Didnt even let them wipe. They had a TP stick (like a little grabber old people have to reach high places) I met their daughter when we were 19. She never washed her genitals. Ever. We went out and bought some vaginal soap for her and it took 4 women to convince her its normal to wash your genitals. We even put on bathing suits to join her in the shower for solidarity. Yes. 5 full grown women in a college dorm shower washing their cooters together. I cannot make this up.
    She was afraid of her cooch. Terrified she would break her hymen while washing. Terrified she would be sinful for touching it and go to hell. Thankfully she loved having a clean coochie so she kept it up. Hwr parents were livid but she had grown enough to know her parents didnt have her best interest in mind if it wasnt religious.

  107. Worked with a girl who never washed was very huggy and had some easily treated skin disease she never seeked help for , she said it was medical but her brother also worked there and he said there was nothing wrong with her and home life was a constant battle trying to get her to wash and go see the doctor. Also worked with a guy who’s breath smelt like rotten meat

  108. Well this is the only AR video I’ve HAD to take a break from.

    I’ve worked in hospitals that treat the homeless and low income folks. My best friend says I can happily discuss bowel resections over lunch.

    But I hit pause at the dog eating the repo man’s puke.


  109. Kid in daycare had earwax running out of his ear like a fountain.
    Kid in elementary school had teeth that were mustard yellow.
    Guy I worked with got sent to HR and was told to shower more, had to throw away a pair of jeans he tried on because they smelled so bad.

  110. I think there’s something wrong with me. I can listen to this and eat just fine.

    Tpo much reddit.

  111. As a tow truck driver I have seen to much human horror and waste. Night shift I get a call from a woman who is broken down a few miles from where I was. I tell her ten minutes I’ll be there. I get there and she is sitting and looking uncomfortable shifting side to side and back and forth. I catch a wiff of dead animal and am looking around for road kill. She gets up and walks towards where I am hooking up her car to my stinger, wheel lift. I see many tiny white things falling from under her skirt. No idea what the things are I get up to set a wheel strap on the other side of her car. Im looking down and the little white things are squriming around. MAGGOTS, oh my God, hundreds of Maggots. She comes up behind me and the wind shifts, the road kill was her crotch. I try to get over the guardrail to vomit but don’t make it. She asks what’s wrong and as I gag out the words I also tell her I’m calling an ambulance. No way was that maggot crotch getting in my truck. The dispatcher didn’t believe me when I told her the problem but had no choice when her own EMTs confirmed it. I don’t know what happened to her but I had to get in her car to put it in neutral to tow it and inside smelled like a Rotting Tuna fish that had sat in a hot beach in Hell decaying next to a polluted ocean for weeks. I don’t think the Maggots fell out of her panties, they were trying to ESCAPE THE STENCH.

  112. If I stink I hope someone would tell me

  113. This girl in my 7th grade year would not outgrow her nose picking habit. It looked as if she’s had it her whole childhood because she always did so with one hand while reading and writing with the other one. She never washed her hands either.🤢 Some kids were too disgusted to say anything because they didn’t know how she’d react if she was told to stop. When she was told, regardless if it was either teachers or other students who noticed, she’d always frown. She’d keep it up anyways after assuming nobody would see her later on. It’s hard to say if she finally outgrew it.


  115. I shower everyday and keep really clean, but this made me wanna take a second shower..

  116. Cant have stinky breath when wearing masks nowadays

  117. This is one of the best ones to me at least lol

  118. Jokes on you I didnt eat breakfast

  119. i feel like i’m gonna throw up i-
    these people are so fucking disgusting… it’s vile. like honestly idc who you are or how old you are if you don’t look after yourself there is something seriously wrong with you. it’s disturbing and actually quite worrying, like, are you mentally ill? are you okay? or are you just lazy? if you don’t look after yourself you’re vile and i don’t wanna be anywhere near you and I *will* let you know. you deserved to be judged, publicly shamed and exposed. period! it’s repulsive and nauseating. take care of yourselves. it’s really not that hard omfg! i will never understand people who think its ‘hard’ or choose not to look after themselves. its beyond me.

  120. ‘a roach nest stuck to her head’ plsss😭😭😭

  121. Ok the kids name was helga not Angelica

  122. I am terrible at cleaning up, I have always been, I will admit this of the bat. But I have a messy chaos, just things lying where they shouldn’t, papers, folders, clothes, etc, it is NEVER filth. Especially when I’m alone for a few days itll just compile until I get embarrassed by my own chaos and do a big clean. It’s one of the worst symptoms of my adhd.

    BUT my brother however…. oh boy he used to be so GRIM. I remember I house sat for him a few years ago (before he met his lovely clean wife and he changed for the better) and look….. I knew he was a filthy boy man. Like, I knew. Grew up with the guy. He has great personal hygiene but just absolutely let’s his surroundings fester. I walk into his flat and do a really loud “Oh hell no”. Every surface had been untouched for months and his poor cats litter box stank of ammonia. I cleaned everything. E v e r y t h I n g . He was so embarrassed to be told off by me, his only younger sister who did not judge him for it, who had proceeded to submerge his entire flat in pure alcohol, that I shamed him into keeping his house clean when he came back. I love him so much but JEEZ he was such a gross guy back in the day.

    Currently, my gf is the only reason I clean daily. I’d do it every three days if it wasnt for her. She knows she is with a goblin. Sigh.

  123. Met a guy whose breath smelled like he had shit himself. When he spoke I instinctively looked at his ass, thinking he’d shit himself. Kicker was he claimed I would “fall for him” and he would “get his kiss”. I don’t think so scooter. That was the last contact i had with him.

  124. The water ran brown 🤣🤣🤣🤣😩

  125. I work in an ER and an elderly man came in and was very bed ridden. I don’t remember where he came from home/ nursing home but he was so stagnant that he had bed sores on his scrotum and his penis was rotting. It was maybe the most disgusting thing I’ve seen/ smelt. I’ve never smelt a decomposing body before but I imagine that it smelt just like that. It also made to sad to think that this was happening to him.

  126. Since when do ppl’a teeth fuse together, proper hygiene or not

  127. “Wash your pork swords” 😭

  128. Comment 666 hehe

  129. I am so glad I am a muslim. Hygiene is one of the most important things for us. We at least have ablutions 5 times a day before praying. And that makes us always be sure that we re clean from head to toes before prayer

  130. Once I was visiting this girl I knew from Internet to help her with her studies. Her house had the most disgusting smell I´ve ever experienced. Stuff on every counter, dirty dishes, dog fur was everywhere. The wost smell was in the kitchen and in the separate room where they stored food. When she suggested I could sleep over, I declined politely, saying I had to go home (it was still a few hours travel). Im grateful I don´t need to go there again. Im quite a messy and lazy person, however, I clean my room from time to time.

  131. Wiping your butt is gay eh? Lol wow that’s a new one, that’s some funny shit

  132. “I’m very hygienic!!!” says the person who has never actually washed their goddamn feet ICK

  133. “His breath could gag a maggot” “matted turd fur” I’m WEAKKKKK 😂🤣😂🤣🤮

  134. 6:48 he’s still in the closet

  135. That thumbnail makes me want to grab my shotgun and say byebye

  136. Yeah, imma take a fire shower.

    With actual fire

  137. Idk how people can be this disgusting. Showering isn’t optional. Brushing your teeth isn’t optional. Changing your clothes isn’t optional. Deodorant isn’t optional. Washing your hands isn’t optional.

  138. You could smell his breath from 6 feet away.. BULLSHIT lol

  139. i’ve seen most of the videos on the channel, i can handle some bad hygiene

  140. Maybe its overboard but everytime I start to hang out with someone or date someone I make sure that within the first few visit I see their bare feet. BIG tell on someones hygiene.

  141. *laughs in I haven’t eaten breakfast yet*

  142. On behalf of all the trypophobes out there, I’m gonna have to ask you to change that thumbnail.

  143. “Matted turd fur” 🤣

  144. Intense pyschological consoling too. Goverment inspectors and housekeepers.

  145. Health Dept needed in all cases. Also thrse peoole neex ro ve put in group homes, have their houses condemed, be in a mental institution, etc.

  146. Should exfoliate on top of your feet and in between the toesies.

  147. 11:09 I feel itchy just listening to this. How do you live like that? I need a shower just from listening to this video.

  148. Oh my God, a TTS video that finally keeps me scared awake. Please clean your asses. ):

  149. 8:45 … not Angelica, it’s Helga.

  150. 8:44
    “I swear to god he sounded exactly like that stalker kid that Angelica always punched in the face in Hey Arnold.”
    Don’t you mean Helga, or am I just stupid?

    1. isn’t the stalker kid called curly?

  151. I went to detox with a woman who smelled like a dumpster I honestly almost left about 600 times because of it . It was pure biological warfare like onions old fish and dumpster all in and old jar for a month that bad. I also go to the methadone clinic once every two weeks and I take a cab .The driver has the worst breath. I’m in the back seat with my mask on and the window open and I can smell it. It’s the worst halitosis I have ever smelled and I have a super week stomach. I have to hang my head out the window.

  152. Yah smell like butt. Yah smell like butt yah hear! Yah smell like butt!

  153. Fyi scabies are microscopic and live under the skin, their feces causing intense itching. You will not see them crawling all over so I kind of question that one story…

  154. worked with a guy who smelled like he never showered. people would literally gag and cry if they had to work with him.

  155. When I was little, my family lived next door to a woman who was disgusting and never showered or cleaned or cooked and had a bunch of kids. My mom felt so bad for her kids that she would sometimes cook and let us play with them, but even toddler me and my older sister knew the kids weren’t right since they were the same clothes, never wore shoes, never showered unless my mom set up my tiny pool or turned the sprinklers on to let me run through during summer, and they had like dread like knots in their blonde hair. My mom didn’t want to be crude and tell her to clean herself up or call CPS, so she told the woman’s mom who came to visit one day, and that woman didn’t talk to my mom again, but apparently she was pissed and had recently learned her kids had scabies. She encouraged her kids to play with me and they gave me scabies; my mom thought I had eczema but realized it was scabies when she saw one jump off her shirt and into the food she was making us.
    My mom, who was a super clean freak and super proud of her home, began the cleaning process of getting rid of everything and curing us of scabies (I had it worse, and I hadn’t even had it a day according to her). But first, my mom finished the food, seeing more bugs in the food and put it on a Tupperware bowl and took it to the neighbor and let her eat it – according to my mom, she ate it all, didn’t give any to her kids.
    My mom had been so freaked out and couldn’t even return to the house, she moved us into our granma’s, since she had to move out anyway due to the fact she had to go to jail and finish her time for drug offenses (she wasn’t using, she was selling, but you get less time (at least in my town) if you claim to use and the court use to give you time to get your life in order before serving jail time, not prison, county jail)

  156. The stinky people posts may be funny to some of you now but just wait until you go to a convention and these type are right in your space or if you accidentally wander into their ‘blast zone’.

  157. 11:38 This sounds like a Friends episode 😛

  158. Corn chip toenails 🤢

  159. Bro that thumbnail is making me squirm

  160. Nobody:

    Neckbeards: It’s show time!

  161. We had an IT guy from Germany. He was really into cycling. He’d cycle from the beach…. about 12 miles…then come into the office. He had a small office with a door he kept closed. He opened the door to go out for lunch….and the entire office was filled with the odor.
    Our manager called him in and told him he had to shower as soon as he got to work. Well…..he did but put the same clothes back on. I never knew some people felt so cavalier about personal hygiene

  162. I wonder about ppl who age regress and I know it is said it’s a health mec but uh… I wonder how embarrassing it must be for ppl to come to you and tell you that you cannot work at your adult job bc you smell like piss.

  163. Ok so me being a kid I didn’t like wash my feet well but after watching this when my phone is charged I’m scrubbing my feet until they bleed

  164. this makes me feel better bc i feel gross after i accidentally skip brushing my teeth in the morning one time lmfao

  165. Wiping your butt makes you gay? Uhh okay


  167. 😂😂😂😂😂 the water turned brown. Thats when i realised i could do better in life😂😂😂😂😂

  168. i feel really bad for a lot of these people (sans the ones that are just gross). i can imagine they have awful mental issues or other stuff making them like this. really sad man. i also am now wondering if i am smelly and can’t smell myself. 😂

  169. I had to shower after this. PS I’ve dated a hippie chick, good weed bad BO


  171. I cant finish this video Jesus Christ its overwhelming

  172. The corn chip toenails 😂😂

  173. I hate humanity.

  174. okey okey three things…
    first: does anyone noticed this happy music in the backround? its kinda hillarious.
    second i just wanted to watch this so this creepy image will hopefully go away from my youtube recommendations… good job on that.
    and thierd… ithink the last story sounded a bit like it was the person who where talking, not the person who was reffering too.
    ok im done at now , happy saturday^^

  175. Wash ur poop-chutes dammit! Also, the girl in Hey Arnold, is Helga, not Angelica, that’s the Rugrats character.

  176. It’s people like these examples is the reason why we pandemic like illnesses in the first place.

  177. this video kills my OCD, one of my obsessions is hygiene and i have to follow a strict regimen for hygiene to avoid manic anxiety attacks. the idea that people could live like this makes me want to implode

  178. Also, just a PSA. If you smoke weed, even CBD brush your teeth after. The resin sticks to your teeth and can cause tooth decay if you don’t clean it off. This is particularly true if you heavily toke. I’ve seen people’s teeth get pretty fucked up from that. I’m always paranoid about my teeth, so I automatically go brush after. Also, it’ll help your breath a lot. Stale pot mouth does NOT smell pleasant.

  179. I feel terrible for people who literally can’t take care of themselves and no one is around to help them. Most of these people are very nice and people just abandon them. Also, I feel bad for people with mental issues that make them not able to clean themselves up, or where they’re frightened to take a bath or shower. I know a few people with schizophrenia who get like that when they have episodes. Also, when mentally ill people just up and leave and wander aimlessly, that’s sad too. So many homeless people have to go through that, and it’s unnecessary. There should be at least a few gas stations in a town that have showering facilities, so people can have dignity and not have to be dirty like that. Depression will make it nearly impossible to get the heck in the shower sometimes. It’s literally too tolling on some people who are just trying to stay alive and out of psyche wards. Mania can also cause someone to neglect themselves. Bipolar is NOT kind, and sometimes it takes years to get the right medication, and some people never do get the right care at that. Now, people who just don’t clean themselves just because they’re lazy or don’t care is disgusting. People can get so sick being around dirty people and dirty environments. I dated someone once who was so nasty, that when he kissed me, I could feel and taste the plaque on his teeth. I almost barfed in his mouth.

  180. This made me feel dirty, and now I need a shower. A long hot soapy bleach shower

  181. People working at restaurants with bad hygiene just pushed me to cook at home

  182. Time to learn how to hygiene before i become an adult

  183. If no one has said it, Angelica is from “Rugrats.” Helga is from “Hey, Arnold.” The 90’s kid in me had to mention it.

  184. “You hungry?”

    Me: “Heh Nah I’m good”

  185. LOL! it was HELGA in Hey Arnold who used to punh her weird stalker, not Angelica. Angelica was a toddler from the cartoon Rugrats. How could anyone mix those up lol?!

  186. ok so here we are terrifying ourselves again

  187. Not showering for 5 minutes

  188. People think that only kids can get lice? Wtf thats so wrong

  189. I liked the voice with the English accent on one series better. Much more normal inflection.

  190. Let’s just say I grew up with a girl who hou could smell that she was female 20 Minutes before she got there🤢

  191. idk why but watching this made me wash my clothes even tho i just did and take a shower

  192. “There was a guy who I was about to give head to a he had a crusty foreskin and when I pulled it back it bled and broke” story from a friend

  193. What text to speech voice did you use?

  194. All these people probably have no problem social distancing

  195. Vegans are anarchists and anarchists don’t wash themselves anyway.

  196. peaches.

  197. Like how do you not know you stink? I’m not trying to be judgy I’m drawing a blank in understanding 😭

  198. When I was a kid, my parents used to rent an apartment. One tenant was a guy, friendly and sweet, but kinda off. We thought he was mentally challenged in some way, but we couldn’t say for sure. He stayed for about half a year and when he left, my mother went to check the place and prepare it for a new tenant. Everything seemed fine, nothing was broken and the place was clean enough, until she opened the closets where there were dozens of plastic bottles full of piss. Then mom had this brilliant idea to empty the bottles by pouring its unholy content to the toilet and then throw the bottles away. She later said she barfed viciously the second she opened the first bottle – but throwing up a few times, the stomach would empty, and she could continue in doing the lord’s work. I came to the scene later, when the deed was done, but the whole house smelled just ghastly.

  199. When I get fungus under my toenail I just rip off the nails with a pair of pliers.

  200. Back in college, one of my Physics lab professors made us rotate partners each week, and there was this one dude I tried to make sure I never partnered with because he wore the SAME sweater every single day (this was in Southern California while it was consistently 95+ degrees) and smelled like he never took any showers, nor used deodorant, nor wiped his ass ever. The smell he produced was the most gut wrenching, instant gagging, nasty and indescribable smell I’ve ever come across. Something that could be used to torture the FBIs most wanted and even then it would probably be too inhumane for them.

    1. Took a college course with a kid who wasn’t that extreme but still pretty rank. We were doing an anatomy project. They paired us up and EXPECTED US TO SHARE A STETHOSCOPE. I was like, I am not getting this kid’s ear wax on me. So I left that part of the project blank and said there was ‘insufficient equipment’ to complete that test. I don’t think we even lost any points for that.

  201. I had an uncle who was an alcoholic, and it eventually killed him. In my entire life, he never touched water, not even to drink. He lived on alcohol, and never bathed or showered. Not even a sponge bath except when he was in the hospital. He loved getting physically affectionate with children, and I was never taught that it was okay to tell people not to touch me. I almost developed OCD from constantly washing my face and hands to get his slime off me.

  202. 8:45 *helga

  203. I actually took a mint whule watching this in order to not feel totally grosed out

  204. My tribophoia thanks you

  205. A kid at my school smelled like dog poop

  206. Basically, this is a “Try Not To Throw Up” challenge…

  207. I have 2 stories.
    I once went into a Subway to get myself a sandwich and I stood behind this girl and her boyfriend. They were very affectionate to where it was embarrassingly cringy but that’s not what made me uncomfortable. The girl just reeked. She smelled like she hadnt washed her vagina in months. It was the kind of smell that gave a kind of moisture in the air of the small restaurant. Her boyfriend smelled like old sweat. It was almost sour. Now imagine both those smells intermingled and times it by 10. No, 100. After standing behind them for a few seconds, I lost my appetite and left. And honestly, I’ve never been back to the Subway since.

    My other story is about this guy I’ll call Pat. I went to job corps and the people learning culinary cooked all the meals. I worked in the clinic and unfortunately, Pat worked in culinary. Pat smelled. Bad. Very bad. Every morning, Pat would come into the clinic saying how he cant work because hes sick (when hes actually just really lazy) so I’d always get a room ready for him to have some bed rest. When work was done for the day, I’d go into the room and wake him and to change the sheets and sanitize. I dont know how, but he managed to attract 5 flies in the room and the entire room smelled like sweat. Like 5 men were in there working out without the windows open. The sheets were also very damp like hed been sweating buckets. I tried to tell him to shower before he left because he was “sick” but he just brushed me off. I saw his clothes were soaked with yellow stains on the pits of his culinary uniform. Other men in the dorms have said they had never seen Pat shower. Not once. Hes been in job corps for a year. Thank goodness he was lazy or we would have our meals prepared by Pat.
    Pat, please take a shower whether you’re sick or not.

  208. what is that picture in the background

  209. WARNING: This content will make you see your breakfast again!
    (carefully sinks my teeth into my late sandwich)

  210. What most bother me from this reddit stories, the one where he said Angelica from Hey Arnold when is actually Helga.

  211. Didnt wipe his ass cause he thought it made him gay? Imagine having a brain that uses the kind of logic, it really makes you think how these people have the capability to make it through life

  212. And so, I proceeded to itch for the rest of the day

  213. What chapter of “The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs” is this ?

  214. Okie dokie, I think I’ll be in the shower for the next 4 hours, I feel filthy just listening to these stories lol

  215. a colleague never brushed her teeth and we always were on the same bus to work in the morning. i’m usually grumpy in the mornigs and never talk much but she was very talkative. the smell was awful and i offered her a mint. she rejected it saying that she can’t stand the smell of mints.

  216. Thumbnail giving me that sweet sweet trypophobia

  217. Absolute worst case I can recall was a HUGE black woman on a motorized cart at Wal-Mart; her grand kids hanging all over her as they shopped. But grandma hadn’t cleaned ‘down there’ in QUITE some time!!! The rotten stench off that old bag made shoppers–including me gag!! I said something to a manager, who admitted it made him sick too, but there was nothing he could do about it. The ‘funk’ hung in the air in every aisle she had been in at least 20 minutes after being there!!! It was gut-wrenching. People scattered as she went to the check out. Those waiting in line to check out ‘suddenly’ had more shopping to do…..I didn’t blame them.

  218. 2:06

    It’s Bromhidrosis. Not many people have it, but it’s a problem, because you can’t smell it, vut everyone else can.

  219. Skunk can’t smell it’s own hole.

  220. Watching this during lunch was a _horrible_ idea 🤮

  221. I am trying my best to continue eating my breakfast. I’m in the U.S on mountain time. Man that dingle berry one almost made me stop eating my blueberries🤢. Wish me luck. 12min to go

  222. Omg I can’t imagine now cleaning the butt after pooping 🤮..
    Once my English friend came to Malaysia and he said during his time in Malaysia his butt never feel cleaner in his life since all the public toilet in our country have water nozel to wash butt after you done the business 😂

  223. The roach nest was too much. Oh my God! I’d not have been so civil after I had seen it. The man is very brave for allowing her in the truck anyway.

  224. Okay I stopped at the lice one. I’m sorry but this too much. I feel like Im bout to puke. LOVE U AND GOODDAY TO YOU ALL

  225. two stories: first one comes from when i worked hr and my boss had made me reprimand this girl and eventually wrote her up twice for only taking a bath once every 4 months. her hair had clots of some kind of oily buttery looking masses from root to tip, her skin was covered in a dusty grayish brown film she was covered in boils, it looked like her teeth had formed calculus bridge on the top and bottom no longer white or yellow- but orange and brown. we had to ask her if she was homeless or couldn’t afford hygeine products so that we could provide her with resources to do it but she said that hygeine products were going to give her cancer and there’s all these articles she read and threatened to “press charges” on us for discrimination. we eneded up suspending and re-allocating her position to not not work in the grocery department (god only knows why she was there to begin with) but to being in the back room smashing boxes and scanning defective merchandise. she was so lucky not to get fired because hygeine was a big rule at the store.

    the second one comes from my supervising job and i had to have three discussions with a guy who smelled so bad that it was like smelling motor oil, ham grease and foot odor that literally made people cringe in his presence. his hair was matted, his beard was caked in dry saliva, his clothes had blackened folds in crevaces that were where sweat accumulates so he never changed his work clothes and never washed his hands. we asked him why he keeps coming to work like that and the last time all he said was ” i don’t know, i don’t really care. why does it matter?” as to which the store manager ended up firing him on the fourth write up.

  226. Oohh these are good
    I am no easily grossed out, I live for stuff like this
    Y’all should check out deadbug says channel too

  227. Awesome thumbnail bro
    The music is so snappy lol 😆

  228. Man I’m one step from vomit

  229. As a cleaning tech ( house restoration) there was one case that stood out. We got called into a house by the landlord and CPS. These f monster parants had 7 kids locked in a basement. Several were autistic. But they were not allowed out for any reason. I guess they had been left down there for several years. There was trash from food, human waste, even the reminint of a dead dog from all the time. You could smell this place across the street.
    We had to demo the entire basement and remediate the the rest of the house.
    I guess the father left years ago and the new man was on his last leg. Mother was mentally unfit. So she just kept them locked up.
    The whole story hit the local paper and was considered one of the worst crimes to happen in my town.
    But yeah lucky me I got to go clean it up for pretty much minimum wage.

  230. i just got done taking a shower lol and tbh it makes me feel so good about myself that at least i’m not one of THOSE people

  231. I shouldn’t of watched this while drinking tea I nearly puked also my bro used to pee in buckets when he was like 25. To be fair though he did used to live in the garage and the door was sometimes locked.

  232. Had an ex just like the hippie rim job one. Woman had a full blown mud flap. From front to back. Five inch pubes.

  233. Angelica- rugrats
    Helga- hey Arnold

  234. This made me brush my teeth

  235. Jokes on you, I didn’t have any breakfast today

  236. Pork swords…… Lol

  237. O M G

  238. I wonder, why is it considered rude to tell someone if they stink or seem in bad hygiene? Do we really have to feed peoples delusions? I would be glad if someone made me aware of something like that (of course in a friendly manner).
    But tbh I’m deeply ashamed to hear about in which conditions people are happy to live in. How can you never wipe your butt?

  239. More disgusting stories, please

  240. Great video for dieting

  241. Angelica ? I think she meant Helga 😘

  242. Most of these r people that have literally gave up on life.

  243. Person at 12:34 met a goddamn avatar of the corruption. R.I.P. car.

  244. I don’t understand how you can leave your house smelling like an anus and not get some form of social anxiety from it. Man, I forget to wear deodorant (while wearing cologne) and I’m a nervous wreck the entire day…

  245. If you shower in the morning instead of at night, if you wear your shoes in the house and all over your furniture, if you don’t wash your hands after even pissing, you are the same as these people.

    And I hate you.

  246. Thèse ….these stories are the reason I only have sex in the bathroom after a shower….like common people 🙅😨

  247. Nurgle is pleased.

  248. Hearing those stories makes me want to go take a shower, even though Iv`e already had one today.

  249. Urgh there was a teen in my children’s home called Stuart that stunk of stinky musty cheese all the time , it was rank! Every time we went swimming and he was in swim trunks it was 20 times worse , We would tell him to get in the shower first and then after as that’s what you do (he still never got that hint even after the staff told him to wash!)😂 trying to subtly tell him he needs to shower 🤮 We also absolutely hated sharing a cigarette with him too as if he went first it would be so wet you couldn’t smoke it , it was a given Everyone else went first on the cigarette 🤤🤢

  250. The hoarder one made me sad to have just such a complete mental breakdown like that

  251. 3 minutes in… I’m out, peace.

  252. I have trypophobia and the THUMBNAILLLLL. Bruh, I feel SICK.

  253. These kind of videos are for when you’re having a breakfast.

  254. The only non gay way to wipe your ass is with sandpaper

  255. Not hard to wash your crack, nut sack and brush your teeth. Gross

  256. I bathe and brush my teeth twice a week in hot ass Arizona. So I always struggle with ringworm and sometimes folliculitis. I know better but I’m lazy. I brush and floss thoroughly so I always narrowly avoid gingivitis. At least this habit makes soap and toothpaste last longer and hygiene is more satisfying to do. Someday I might get sick of this and have proper habits. Don’t be like me if you don’t want mild skin diseases.

  257. This is some Junji Ito sh*t right here…

  258. I think bad hygiene is the worst quality someone can have in dating and relationships. If they can’t take care of themselves in the most basic way, how would they ever take care of any kids or you? Build an effective partnership etc.

  259. I don’t think you can only catch lice from children… I think you can get it from a lot of them

  260. Girls: Looks don’t matter.
    Also girls: He has literal rotting food in his bed, but he’s cute so…

  261. 3:55 wtf does children have to do with it ? U can still get headlice

  262. Google lovely peaches

  263. There’s a woman in my work whose BO is so bad you just walk into the woman’s bathroom and start gagging. She doesn’t even have to be there – she just leaves her scent from 40 minutes ago. Honestly how do these people get hired…

  264. Man i gotta shower at least once a day or more and swipe on deodorant multiple times a day, how the hell do these people not clean?

  265. A boy on my school legit didn’t shower for 1+ month and every time he entered a room it stank like piss and shit…everyone I cover my nose he get mad and says he doesn’t stink…and he regularly piss himself at night and doesn’t shower after that only changes trousers…I gave him a shock 1 time and he pissed himself and we were on a camp and he didn’t have extra clothes

  266. A kid always come at our local computer shop to play dota and he really stinks and the whole place stinks up to the point that we have to cover our noses (not exaggerating) and the owner had to spray air freshener, well eventually people got tired of him and they started to bully him (can’t blame anyone for that) so he stopped going there….i would describe his smell as a mixture of garbage, a dead mouse and the smell of a brief that got reused 10 times

  267. Ok this is too far. The thumbnails on YouTube or so wack. Trypophobia??? Has litterly nothing to do with hygiene…

  268. 🧼(._.)
    Stay back! Ive got soap

  269. To the person who referenced “Hey Arnold,” the girl is Helga…not Angelica…🙄

  270. i imagined a maggot gagging…. hilarious 😀

    1. I did a college paper on medicinal maggots, and one of the companies I researched had a mascot – it was a larva wearing a little lab coat and carrying a clipboard. That should be on a T-shirt!

  271. Angelica was rugrats, Helga was hey arnold

  272. I managed to eat my food while watching this video hehe

  273. I used to work to GameStop. We had this client we could smell from a mile away
    It was an extremely obese guy. He used to buy cheap games on eBay, games he often brought us for evaluation.
    No Big deal, the real problem was… the covers had a disgusting, greasy layer of filth. The games were absolutely mint tho, he probably never played with them. We always had to put the stuff inside new boxes.
    The guy himself? He smelled like a mix of rotten watermelon, sweat and shit.
    I assumed it was because it might have been diabetic, or maybe he used to put some deodorant on without washing himself first.
    Bad news guys: Deodorant does not cover your body odor!!
    I used to walk backwards against the wall to avoid his smell. I probably socially distanced before it was a thing!

  274. This video reminded me to brush my teeth

  275. Putting a mint in a dirty mouth? Lol now your breath smells like a shitty peppermint. Refreshing :/

  276. IV had fleas before it was disgusting and horrible was living with a girl who had cats and she never washed then once I realised I had fleas I was like I’m out the floor was also infested so I packed my bags I moved in with a friend then got my own place flea free ever since so glad

  277. The worst that happens to me personally is that I got super oily and at the same time dry skin, I know for a fact I got dermatitis, so I got a lot of dandruff and I don’t mean a normal amount, I mean an amount that when I lie down you’ll see like a few dandruff on the pillow and on my clothes I have a bunch too, its gotten worse recently including the fact that skin on my head, nose and even in my ear has become super oily, I’m honestly disgusted at myself but it literally reappears after 1 day of washing myself, I’m considering going to a skin doctor, just to get some recommendations for my skin and about possible ways I can fix the oily problem, I was literally bullied for my oily hair sometimes, but I also think my mum should have taken me to a skin doctor sooner

  278. This makes me so happy my mom is such a control freak when it comes to cleaning

  279. Children have better hygiene than these people in these stories

  280. Lovely Peaches 💖

  281. My ex girlfriend showered maybe once a week if that and washed her hair even less,she was morbidly obese(I don’t care about size but am putting this in to give an idea of the level of sweat and extra filthe) and I was in a bad place when we got together so poor judgement on my part…never brushed her teeth so 5ey were decayed to the point that they looked like a child’s teeth,didn’t wash her hair well when she actually did which resulted in grease plating it to her head and her body omfg,you could scrape the grease and sweat off like butter.and to top it all off she couldn’t wipe her ass properly and would leave trails of shitty toilet paper fragments from the bathroom (where the toilet was always sprayed with shit and never cleaned…I held my pee.) to her bedroom.looking back on it though…the worst part was that I wasn’t the one who left.she thought she could do better.pmsl I regret so much.

  282. I knew a girl in middle school who didn’t wash her hair for 2-weeks at a time and wore a sweater that smelled like piss and was coated with cat hair, plus nasty breath… not as bad as some of these stories but then again she was a hugger

  283. I have sensitive sense of smell so I feel sorry for people who had met people like that

  284. I can relate to the last one..

  285. I feel so sad for the people with mental illness or who are homeless, or both. Like, they often can’t help it :<

  286. There was this one kid in middle school who smelled really terrible. I never talked to him and I barely saw him but I could tell just by looking at him and whenever he passed by he was really filthy.

  287. I need mind bleach 😷

  288. The thumbnail triggers my trypophobia. *shudders*

  289. listened to this while brushing and flossing and rinsing my teeth… feels good man…

  290. I picked up this kid who was hitch hiking. Within 10 seconds I realized he smelled like a dirty wet dog. Told him to get out and dropped him off 100m down the road.

  291. This made me gag.. Couldn’t finish..

  292. I used to work at a grocery store and this obese homeless man that walked in just…I have no words. He smelled so fetid and so strongly that my manager asked me to spray every aisle with febreeze. His smell managed to permeate through almost an entire grocery store.

  293. *Why you recommend this to me YouTube?!!*

  294. Knew a guy in the navy…
    You could smell this feet way before you get to the actual berthing he’s at where he’d be picking at the shit…
    To add insult to injury, he natutally stunk…

  295. 3:05 _matted turd fur_

    Thanks, TTS, for continually adding to my vocabulary. 🤮

    Okay… for the sake of posterity, I am going to record new and exciting phrases one can introduce into social conversations:

    _pickled crotch sweat_
    _Xtreme social distancing_
    (in Vader’s voice) _does not bath!_
    (in Yondu’s voice) _Exfoliate y’all!_
    _rent-to-own armpit_
    _calculus bridge_
    _mouth larvae_
    _piss bottles_
    _Nurgle cultist_
    _gag a maggot_
    _mouthwash party_
    _gunk cake_
    _vegan hotpot_
    _densely poopy soapy water_
    _casually piss yourself_
    _stink beast_
    _eat my puke_
    _sweaty hairy pit jam_
    _taste the cheese_
    _putting of his pants_
    _wanted a “ons” with_
    _corn chip toenails_
    _snot socks_

    8:42 you _know_ you stank when a cartoon character transcends their show to punch another cartoon character in a completely different show.

  296. This shit makes me wanna take a shower

  297. Only 2min something in. He’s definitely stepping up his game. I’ll just gag through the rest of it because I’m not a quitter & still want to be an ice cream sandwich.

  298. The girl who didn’t shower and had lice. They need clean hair. I’m calling bs

  299. I remember talking to this guy years ago and his teeth were so yellow they were past yellow they were brown everywhere except the very tipsof his teeth where they were auctually yellow but he is my inspiration to always brush😭😭💯💯💯💯

  300. I felt like puking a million times watching this video 🤢

  301. You can change the Siri voice on an iPhone, they have this voice. So every sentence o’clock on sounds like reddit. It pleases me XD

  302. you mean sons and daughters of nurgle

  303. I just took a shower and now i want to live in there…

  304. Smegma.

  305. “I’ll spare you the details”

    No! That’s why I’m here! I want all the disgusting and vile details.

    Do tell!

    Go on…….

  306. Watching this after eating breakfast hehehehe :>> wish me luck

  307. How do these people live with themselves? I can’t sleep without showering after a long day of work or physical activity.

    1. @herus aleron same. I think the longest I’ve gone without a shower is a solid week. And yeah, I felt absolutely gross and sticky and I knew I smelled bad, but when you barely have enough energy to drag yourself out of bed to use the bathroom, showering is just too much.
      Thankfully things haven’t been that bad for a while, but I still have my moments of not showering for a couple days because I’m really busy and just in a bad headspace.

    2. @herus aleron Same when i was younger N fatter I was pretty depressed. I smelled a little but I showered every day before school n if i didnt i hated going to school. Now I be smelling like lavender 🙂 n 150 lighter

    3. mental illness usually. i know i’ve gotten bad before when in a severe episode but never grown anything on my body.

    4. Me either. I just feel sticky, itchy and just dirty. I have issues, so I can practically feel the germs and bacteria because I’m neurotic. I shower every day, but if I say “screw it” and just wait until the morning, I can’t sleep so I end up being kept awake until I finally just get up and blast the hot water for a good 20 minutes. Poor hygene makes me gag.

  308. Angelica is Rugrats, not Hey Arnold 💁🏻‍♀️

  309. Worst case of hygiene I ever saw was this kid in high school who the weaboo, obsessive anime/video games type. Dude wore the same jacket every day and I swear to god his cat was using it as a litter box. Lived with cats my whole life so I know it was cat piss 100%. On top of the cat pee, there was usual sweaty, musty teen boy smell. The school had an old Home Eq classroom with functioning washing machines free to use, kid had no excuse to smell so awful.

  310. Why would you exclude your feet when cleaning yourself? The bottom of your feet are the dirtiest/sweatiest part. Between the toes too.

  311. Did customer service for Brother Int’l a few years ago. One of the guys in my training class was this type of person. We called him Big Mike because he was a heavyset guy (think about 5’7, 300+ lbs., always out of breath after a short walk). But Big Mike either didn’t shower regularly, did and did it poorly, or was bigger than we thought and bathing wasn’t enough. It was so bad that about halfway thru training, one of our eventual floor supervisors pulled him into an adjacent office and informed him that his person hygiene, or lack thereof, had become offensive to the rest of us, and needed to handle it or he’d be let go. He stuck around until the department folded and got outsourced to India (not joking).

  312. Oh my God. I cannot even imagine these things. Now I know why some people only takes less than 5 mins to take a bath, brush their teeth, and poop altogether.

  313. A mentally ill person who came into this centre hadn’t washed in who knows how long and wore the same clothes everyday. Just standing by him you got this nasty smell that made you want to gag. I remember coming home once and the smell still being in my nostrils.

    Fortunately the folks who worked there stepped in and helped him out, encouraged him to wash and change into clean clothes, even combing back his hair. I feel bad for the guy, because he must have had nobody at home to support him or he wouldn’t have got so bad.

    1. Funny, smelling your fake ass cologne and perfume makes me gag.

  314. The dingle berry fur got me, rip my banana with peanut butter

  315. 8:46 her name is Helga…

  316. “I don’t wash my feet” then proceeds to say “I’m a very hygenic person” HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ok bud

    1. Lots of people don´t wash their feet, specially men. Usually women are the ones to put an extra effort to have her feet in good condition.

    2. Yeah, so hygenic that your toenails start growing fungus after not being washed for 20 years. Sorry, but you’re probably not being entirely truthful that your feet didn’t stink because you’re secretly embarrassed that they were stinky.

  317. Worst hygiene I’ve ever seen was a guy I worked with at one of my last jobs. He had to be over 400 pounds, always looked greasy, and the stench coming off of him could gag a maggot. I swear to God that he never showered and to my knowledge had no reason to not shower (depression being a reason to not). I’ll admit that I was depressed at the time and wasn’t the best at taking care of myself but I think in my depressed state had to tell him to take a shower.

  318. These Reddit posts are very effective motivators for when I’m feeling too depressed to get out of bed.

  319. worked fast food. friend was recently hired and i was helping him learn how to work as a cashier in the drive thru. a woman drove up, to this day don’t know where her chin ended and her chest began with so many roles, she had these 2 annoying ass dogs barking non stop. what teeth she did have were yellow and you can smell the cigarette smoke radiate from her car mixed with her body odor. when she handed my friend the money, she pulled it out from her bra, so it was crumpled up and a bit wet with titty sweat. she put it in his hand. then for whatever reason leaned forward and put her hand around his forearm and slowly dragged her hand from his forearm, to his hand. when he gave her the change she pulled away and my friend immediately ran and s c r u b b e d his hand and said her hands were sticky and felt like slim at the same time. i was holding my breath the entire time from the stench coming from her and i felt so awful for him. to this day she’s known as Jabba the Hutt as the resemblance was uncanny

  320. Had a guy living down the street. You could smell his house before you saw it. He bred dogs (which meant multiple dogs in the same room for months at a time). I never saw him wear a different outfit. It was the same shirt and pants periodically washed in the sink. Animal feces everywhere. A literal pile of filthy mattresses in the living room about twelve deep. He once offered me a room for rent for only $100 a month. Nope.

    I ran into him a few times away from his home. I finally snapped one day and called out his rancid stink. I pointed put how everyone was staying away from whatever part of the store he was in cuz he stank so bad. He got really mad at me for calling him out and told me how poor I was. My response basically went I could afford a shower.

  321. When I was in elementary school there was this girl (and her sister who was younger by maybe 1-2 years). She was notorious and well-known among the kids who were around her grade level for the simple fact that she smelled worse than a dumpster. Her hair was always greasy, her nails were always overgrown with thick black lines of dirt under them, and the smell was a sour, throat burning, built-up body odor smell. It’s very hard to describe, but you know how people smell pretty bad after activity in the heat brings out a profuse sweat? Yeah, it was like that x20. Remember how I said she smelled worse than a dumpster? I’m not exaggerating, when I’d walk by the school dumpster full of rotting food and sour milk cartons, it legitimately smelled better than she did. Classrooms she’d be in would always absorb a bit of her smell, so you instantly knew it was hers. Her backpack, jackets, binders, seats she used, and anything else wreaked, and once when she sat next to me (I was nice to her because I felt pretty bad for her, but it was unbearable having her be around me and spend time like friends) outside, my throat started feeling cold due to the smell. Once, when I told her that she needed to cut and clean her nails, she told me that her parents didn’t let her use nail clippers, so me being a kid, I suggested scissors. Somehow, she didn’t hurt herself, and actually succeeded, but apparently she was grounded and had the scissors taken away for using them to trim her nails. Even when I got into highschool and saw some old elementary acquaintances, if you mentioned her or her sister’s name, anyone from that school instantly knew you were talking about the filthy kid.
    Also, not exactly a terrible hygiene story, but more like unhygienic wound care. When I was in 10th grade, I spent time with a Chinese girl who’s mother never took good care of her. The poor girl’s family was pretty poor, and her mother was incompetent to the point of not even learning English, thus not being able to get a driver’s license. One day, the girl shows us a band-aid on her thigh, and under it was a dry worm-looking dry pus plug (no, not a scab, a jutting collection of hardened yellow pus) over a wound around the size of a dime. I took her to the bathroom to instruct her on how to clean it, and when that plug was removed, thick yellow pus came out of it like toothpaste coming out of a tube before red blood finally started running. I took her to the nurse, and insisted she call in the athletic injury teacher who had access to antiseptic, cause that poor girl needed a lot more than low-quality school hand soap. The school required that the girl go to the doctor, but she had limited access to the medications prescribed due to low money, so my mom and I went out to make her a care package of gentle antiseptic, Neosporin ointment, and bandages. After I gave it to her, she said she’d need to hide it and lie to her mom to avoid having it thrown out. Seriously, you have children, are impoverished to the point of hardly having enough food on the table, your daughter had a nasty infection that you can hardly afford to treat, and you can’t even have the decency to let your daughter keep a free medical care package?

    1. Your mom raised you well. As disgusting as these stories sound, when it’s kids they talk about it’s more heartbreaking to me. Most of the time they’re not at fault but their parents.
      I was also one of those kids who’d be nice to unhygienic kids just because I thought if I didn’t do it then no one would… And I was right most times. Over the years, I’ve seen most of them take charge of their own hygiene and improve themselves, and it’s great to see them happier. I just wish everyone had access to proper hygiene. It’s so important to build social relationships.

    2. It was very decent and caring of you to help her. I hate to think if you hadn’t been there for her.

    it’s obvious that he doesn’t want to date her. Then what is there to lose by doing a good deed and letting the poor girl know?
    She won’t be able to notice herself because she has already been desensitized to the smell..geez did he ever learn biology?

  323. My face is PERMANENTLY stuck like this🤯
    I just can’t believe this……

  324. I held out till I read “cheese on his noodle” about halfway through.

  325. 2:47 This can’t be the first time someone has told him/them this.

  326. Someone I know told be about her friend. Her private parts smelled so bad theyd be uncomfortable when she’d stand from her chair. Shat did they do? Didn’t tell her, cause thats the British way to go to not upset her smh. The girl probably had some nasty infection. Met her once, 6 feet away

    1. If it smells like rotten fish, it’s most likely a yeast infection or a STD.
      Possibly both.

    2. ouch

  327. sometimes smelling bad might not be ther person’s fault, I also deal with body odor and my god it gets embarrassing at times but it’s due to my health problems, so if you find someone smelling bad it might be due some health issues too, so please consider that when trying to talk to someone who smells bad.

    And Pro tip, if someone smells bad, confront them, they’ll be very self aware from next time because smelling bad is one of the worst statements you would hear, and for a fun fact I’m saying this from personal experience.

    1. I understand! I feel like people assume I am gross too! I started puberty at a young age, I was only 8 when I got my first period I am now almost 17. I have always been very hygienic and I was raised by a very hygienic family. When I was little I would always get excited to buy new soaps and shampoos. I shower once a day every day and I use prescription deodorant and I apply it once daily and I will barely even have to do anything and I will smell absolutely disgusting. I am glad to know that I am not the only one with this issue!

    2. RoMayDrako can’t u order toothpaste without fluoride ? It’s not like they don’t exist. Letting the teeth rot just doesn’t seem like the best option.

    3. And don’t be hard on people who may not brush their teeth. I am allergic to fluoride and since you can’t really escape it in America it continuously makes my teeth sensitive that brushing actually causes pain. I try mouth wash and other methods of removing “cheese”, but m god I wish I didn’t have these teeth. Literally my teeth cause me so much pain having them pulled is a relief rather then a painful recovery.

  328. Some of these don’t sound like hygiene…more like depression and they just gave up on life.

  329. I feel bad for some of these people. Bad hygiene/clothes is a clear sign for depression, mental illness and possibility even homelessness. If that’s the case for any of those stories I feel so sad for them

    1. The ones with mental health issues and/or are homeless i do feel bad for.However to the ones who are just plain lazy or won’t take care of themselves because as one post stated “it made him feel gay” there is no excuse,that is just being plain filthy.

    2. W Fox because if they have mental heath illness or are homeless that’s kinda fucking hard isn’t it? Bad hygiene/lack of self care is a really good indicator of mental health/mental disability.

      Those who aren’t capable of caring for themselves aren’t capable of showering regularly or properly.

    3. How bad would feel for them if they could 100% avoid their hygiene problem themselves by bathing daily?

    4. I am one of those people. I have a home and it looks like a dump inside…I do minimal hygiene…if it rains, I’ll rinse off a little.

    5. Not always. Some people just don’t care or find it “necessary”…..

  330. This video makes me go to Walmart,
    Buy the biggest sanitizer pack
    And take a shower while rubbing sanitizer all over me.

    1. Dude not going to lie i am running low on my soap. I wish I had bought mu favorite Mens sopa which was Mens Dial Face wash and their shampoo, Then buying Heads and Shoulders Old spice conditioner

  331. I was in school, and this chick STANK! Don’t know like what, but it wasn’t roses.. so I was going to the gym and ran into her. Then I decided I would hang out with since I knew she was going to go to the showers… ya, she took a shower. Never washed her hair and still STANK. never hung out with her again! She left school after that!

  332. I almost slept with a woman who smelled so bad I actually coughed when she took of her clothes and underwear. She got embarrassed and said she’s been working all day. I took a rain check and never saw her again.

    1. Who gives a shit🤦🏽‍♀️Just bcuz you’ve been at work does your shower or tub no longer work bcuz your shift is over? Pple are sick😡

  333. I love my friend, but no one ever told her that she should wash her blankets and pillowcases regularly before. And so I refuse to sleep over with her till she’s washed them. She’s much better about it now. But before she would just layer new blankets over older blankets.

  334. 8:44 its Olga not Angelica 🤣😤

  335. The peeinabottle guys disturbed me the most. Wtf cant you really go to the bathroom if you have the time and patience to pee in a bottle?.

  336. Kyoko kirigiri Love❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍💑😁😃☺️😆😀😎😅

  337. I think a key to knowing somebody’s hygiene is checking their fingernails.

    1. I don’t agree.

    2. Nah cuz if you a mechanic your finger nails are always got a little grim/grease in them. I don’t even have finger nails cuz i cut them way back and bite them cuz of habit. And they still end up getting shit STUCK even after 4 washes with some dawn. Or useing break cleaner then soap.
      Edit – before ya say use mechanic gloves. Fuck that nonsense I cant pick up half the tools once a little grease gets on them gloves.

    3. @X_Rekt_Ur_KD_X – {XTGX} lmao

    4. * checks mine*

      Umm clean.

    5. X_Rekt_Ur_KD_X – {XTGX} IM SCREAMING💀😂

  338. What’s with all the bottle pee?

  339. Im dirty but at least i have enough shame to not let people know

  340. I’m a fuckin hygiene freak

  341. She said Angelica from hey Arnold. Helga** Angelica’s from Rugrats

  342. I don’t understand asking for oral when you’re not clean let alone rimming. I have never once in 13 years allowed my husband touch my stuff in that manner without me showering.

    1. Exactly. I’m amazed at pple who find nothing wrong with this.

  343. Cleanliness is GOD EMPERORNESS!!!!!

  344. 😖 that’s it. I can’t eat my chalupas anymore. matted turd-fur did it for me🤢🤮

  345. I worked at Aspen Dental for a year. Daily adult periodontal disease patients

  346. First that trypofobia pic, and then the rest of the video…
    …love it, thnx R TTS..!

  347. “Warning: this content will make you see your breakfast again!”

    Me who lives for breakfast: sweet

  348. Feels nice to watch this right after a good shower

  349. That’s sheets one makes me just sick. I change my sheets once a WEEK, like you’re supposed to😬😵

  350. To the guy who refused to wipe his butt because it would ‘make him gay’, I’ll just quote Samantha from Sex and the City. “It’s not gay if it’s you.” Nobody wants to smell your poop, sir.

  351. There was a snobby dick of a guy who was in my Government class, who STUNK like he hadn’t changed his drawers in months, always had a ski slope of dandruff on both shoulders, the worst acne I’d seen out of high school and a glossy sheen of oil, and he had the worst BO.

    I wonder now if he was homeless or just that impoverished, but he acted like a complete racist jackass to me, so I just avoided him.

  352. I’m watching this while eating a cookie

  353. There’s this kid in my school who has *terrible* BO that he uses like one stick of deodorant a week but it still smelled. Smelled like deodorant and BO. And yes he’s Indian

    1. @melanated misfit While I was in Yosemite Last year and heading to the gift shop or visitor center on the hill, there were these Indians down below down te stairs of the visitor center that had walked right out of the bathroom and had smelled like spicy BO. Armitt mixed with Asss And Shit. Sometimes when I went to Disneyland It would ve the same thing, And for whatever reason all of the Indian Tourists would go the Indian Jones Ride in Adventureland and then stink up the hallways and que inside of the ride waiting in the line. There would be a lot of Indians coming in and Out from the ride, I was pretty amazed y that. But waiting in the long line and inside of the que with all of those damn stinky people that smelled like Armput and Asscrack, it was so hot because of the body heat. It was suffering inside of the Bat Caves and in the enclosed, or tight areas around the park waiting in line in Orange county heat

    2. They’re the worst. I remember we went to Niagara Falls and I complained out loud to my mom about how gross the bathrooms smelled bcuz of the Indians and I got in trouble. Afterwards my mom explained that it’s not nice to talk shit about other cultures but in my mind 7 yr old mind and even now,I just don’t understand how pple can walk around smelling like azz and armpits and not care.

  354. The thumbnail triggered my trypophobia.

  355. Dude, I’m the laziest POS I know and even I can’t comprehend what kind of faulty wiring your brain must have to think it’s ok to piss in bottles and shit just so you wouldn’t have to go to the bathroom.

  356. Most of time I’m able to eat ans watch these videos with disgusting topics but thought of seeing someone bottom row of teeth fused made me gag

  357. Matted turd fur made me do a spit take

  358. The girl who took a shower with her boyfriend for a rim job and the water turned brown…Her story made me dry heave. That woman is a saint!

  359. 8:42 – That girl’s name in “Hey Arnold” was Helga, not Angelica.

    Angelica was the name of the mean girl in “Rugrats”.

  360. The image made me so nauseous , I whipped my head away

  361. In college, there was one butch girl in the dorm whose breath smelled like she chewed shit. You could smell her coming. When she spoke to you, you always backed away and came up with an excuse to leave.

  362. The thumbnail, why 😭😭😭

  363. I’m just here for the trypophobia comments.

  364. The worst I’ve seen is someone wearing the same hoodie every day.

    1. I wear somewhat the same hoodie(always clean no stains or anything) with new shirts and stuff… I smell good😂😂

    2. It’s a hoodie…. Not a shirt 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  365. There was one time I’ll never forget I’m sitting on the train going home and I keep getting whiffs of shit smell every several seconds when clearly no one is walking past me. I realized it was the guy 1 row over from me and the stank breath coming out of his mouth everytime he spoke into his phone 🤢 BY FAR THE WORST I’ve smelled. And I’ve seen and smelled it all as a dental hygienist

  366. Yup I lost the Cheetos that was in my stomach thanks dude

  367. That thumbnail tho!!

  368. Girl I knew never seemed to brush her teeth, like you could see the gunk caked on them, and she always had some sugary smoothie that she’d sip on throughout the day. I always had to turn my head away from her when she spoke, because her breath smelled like a bag of broccoli that was left in the trunk of a car for a week in 100 degree heat.

    1. epic

  369. Mental illness is the devil. So heartbreaking. So glad I’m not in healthcare anymore

  370. I don’t get it. If I don’t shower for more than a day the skin behind my ears begins to crack and it actually hurts.
    How can these people not keep clean? It’s legitimately painful to not do so!

  371. I wasn’t grossed out by this I laughed super hard.
    My trip to hell is welcome.

  372. “HIPPIES ARE NOT SEXY, THEY’RE DIRTY!!!” Sergeant Pepper aka Rodger Smith.

  373. Pork sword? 😂

    1. Yeah

  374. Nastiest thing I’ve ever seen was when I worked in retail several years ago.

    A family came in to shop, mom, grandma, and two little girls. As i walked past the family, an odd movement caught my eye in the older sister’s hair. This poor girl’s scalp was lice. I don’t mean there were a few visibly crawling on the part in her hair, her entire scalp was undulating and wriggling, even moving hair could be seen. There were so many creatures on her that I could even see a few falling off of her head. I was shocked and appalled. Out of concern for the girl’s well-being, I brought the infestation to the mother’s attention, and do you know what she did? She made a face, says, “Oh no!” and tries to brush them out of the girl’s hair with her hand! Imagine having to evade headlice being flicked from a kid’s scalp.

    I’m itchy just remembering the ordeal. I hope the kid eventually got that taken care of, because holy shit.

    1. I think her Mommy has a little trouble dealing with reality. She exists in Bizzarro-world.

  375. pls dont put trypophobia in the thumbnail

  376. When a female booty be stank…

  377. thanks! Im living in my shower now

  378. This channel has the best TTS voice by a landslide.

  379. took a shower after watching this, not gonna lie I was feeling fresh my homies

  380. I fall asleep listening to this. #LoveBeingAloneWhileFeelingConnected

  381. Vegan hotpot?!? What in the gd?

  382. These people have abandoned God

  383. 7:00 Wiping butt makes you gay
    I died HAHAHAHAH

  384. Bidets are wonderful

  385. Reminds me of Ben Sturky from Thats So Raven 🙃

  386. The story about the guy who doesn’t wash his feet…
    I havent washed my feet in 20 years (but im very hygienic) 🤣

  387. Woman had a Tampon in her for a few days that was forgotten. Must have pushed another one in without pulling the other one out. What a horrible death smell. She thanked me for bringing it to her attention. She had trouble smelling anything

  388. Eating rn

  389. “Will make you see your breakfast again”
    Sike!! Today I hadn’t breakfast

  390. I can’t believe im sharing a planet with these people half way in the video. Made me want to move to Mars or Sun ASAP.

  391. These videos are not getting easier to consume

  392. I’m watching this while having a bath. Exfoliate y’all

  393. These people are mental

  394. 4:30 that poor woman. 🥺

  395. Man the hippy thing is accurate as fuck. I once met one on a night out and we went back to his crib and my god, his room was so messy and he had a huge huge matte of hair at the back of his head, his toilet was literally brown and he smelt like a fucking zoo.

  396. I don’t feel so good…

  397. I will not say which one was my post, but mine made it into this video. And yes, I regret coming near said person lol

  398. This one guy I knew didn’t even wash his face. Ah, all the acne!

    1. You could wash your face all day and still have acne.

  399. 11:07 if he was my brother he would have gotten a shitload of beatings from both me and the parents , no excuse for any of that

  400. maybe not the best vid for me to have chosen while eating lunch 🙁

  401. Listening to this in the shower; do not touch me if you do not fucking shower or clean yourself at least once a day.

  402. I’m unsubing due to thumbnail

  403. First one, sounds like a deformity and a dead tooth. Poor guy

  404. Luckily I don’t eat breakfast

  405. I hate you for the thumbnail

  406. Did you have to choose that thumbnail the holes god noo

    1. Trypophobia

  407. Yeah having lice is gross but did you know that lice can only survive on a healthy scalp?

  408. 2:02 When you completely give up on life but don’t kommit die.

  409. I have a family member with some pretty awful hygiene, a few examples that come to mind:
    – they had the same bed sheets on their bed for so long that when they finally went to wash it the red sheet was black in the center where they slept on it
    – when they use q-tips they’ll flick them onto the floor
    – any spills or messes get left until someone else deals with it
    – they leave cups of half drunk milk or soda around, so much so that pretty much all the cups in the house reek of old milk
    – food is left on plates in their room until ants swarm it then they start complaining about having an ant problem
    – I’m pretty sure it’s been a few months since they took a shower
    – there are wrappers littering the end and sides of their bed and there is a pathway from their bed to the door lined with trash and (most likely) dirty clothes

  410. The brother would’ve gotten his ass whooped!

  411. As if I already didn’t resent biological bodies already, now I have this video to further confirm my disgust.

  412. why is no one talking about the warning? “this content will make you see your breakfast again”, i laughed too hard.

  413. I love this channel, but these thumbnails are terrible. I bet they have a negative effect on your views, so please stop!


  414. Omg! The thumbnail is triggering!!! I hate small holes like that!

    1. Tryphobia

    2. Dude me too

  415. I change my sheets every 1-2 weeks. I can’t imagine not changing them for years. 🤮

  416. ‘Gag a maggot’ -welp, I’m gonna use that phrase from now on.

  417. One thing that I absolutely cannot stand is people with bad hygiene. It literally makes me mad and I’ve refused to acknowledge or even do business with people because of it.

  418. I can’t even go a day without brushing my teeth.

  419. What country tells you to not wash your hands are we still in the Stone Age most countries are very unhygienic like Asia Africa and South America the power only lasts a few hours Jesus are u guys still banging rocks together to light a fire 😆 😆 😂

  420. As a man: you girls put up with too much. I’m not a hyper clean, shower _every_ day kind of guy either. But I wouldn’t expect anyone, woman or man, to grin and bear LITERAL KNOB CHEESE whilst giving me oral. I mean, pop into the bathroom and wash your dick in the sink ffs.

    Been married almost 20 years. Wife is hyper clean, showers sometimes twice a day. I shower every second day usually and before sexy time. I’m a Canadian and my area is cold 3/4 of the year and it’s dry here, so that’s probably why. I wouldn’t even want a hand down there if I was that gross. Guys, wash your cock and balls if there is even the dimmest prospect of intercourse.

  421. Peepeepoopoo

  422. I’m disliking this video because of the thumbnail

  423. We had an agency guy come in he smelled so much my colleagues asked the manager to send him home because he was stinking you could smell him from a mile away

  424. the couple at 12:35 have never seen texas chainsaw massacre before.

  425. I waited tables with this one chick who had the WORST breath. She was an average looking chick who looked like she kept up with herself (non-greasy hair, fresh makeup everyday, showered) but her mouth just STANK. Bad breath is not a good thing to have in general, but it’s especially bad to have when you’re a server. I saw on a few occasions where guests got grossed out (she was one of those servers that gets really up close and personal and kneels down to eye level, leans forward on the table). I didn’t have the heart to tell her, that and my guess is whatever regulars came in would ask for someone else, so more tables for me. Someone had to’ve told her something bc one day she had a huge wad of gum in her mouth (a no-no in food service) and she chewed it like a cow. Her breath smelled like dead rotten food and Trident.

    1. Chronic bad breath is often a symptom of underlying gastrointestinal illness. I’m a healthcare worker in a group home, and one of my clients had breath that reeked of fecal matter for years. I assumed it was because she wouldn’t let anyone brush her teeth. A year or two ago, she was taken to the ER because she hadn’t been eating and hadn’t had a bowel movement in 4-6 days, even after laxatives. Turns out she had a small bowel obstruction that needed to be removed surgically. Once she had recovered, her bad breath disappeared. To this day it hasn’t returned, even though she still won’t let anyone brush her teeth.

    2. awww man. that sucks. i was once on this medicine that gave me the WORST breath ever. i smelled it and oh my god it was awful. i always try not to judge bad breath (unless they’re straight up nasty) because it can be a side effect of meds and stuff too.

  426. Could handle up until maggots in hair……………… Im sitting this one out as I know its gonny get worse and I will be sick

    1. Oh trust me, it’s worse in person.

  427. I. Was. Eating.😥

  428. 6:19 lmfao

  429. That roach one tho omg

  430. I work with a 25 year old guy who has shit breath. Thankfully we work outside most days but every once in a while I’ll catch a whiff of rot..

  431. One of the people on my crew, before a final warning from myself, smelled like dog poop, body odor, and dirty clothes, and feet all in one. It took a while, but when he realized his job was on the line he straightened up. This is one of those people that no matter what they do they still appear dirty

  432. How to tell someone their breath smells??
    “Im bored lets drink mouthwash”

    1. I just tell them like dude did you forget to brush

    2. Lmao!

  433. Ah yes… Disgusting thumbnail, video about poor hygiene. I haven’t seen the video yet but I can almost taste the maggots.

    1. I was right.

  434. The only thing I’m sick of is people spelling “pus” with two S’s.

  435. This voice got me through my shittiest and darkest times. I’ve learned people have it worse than me.

  436. I swear, some of these stories mixed with the voice have me LMAO.

  437. at this point I’d take a meal served by head lice girl,thu
    is covid has ruined my life,along with so many others,can’t get food,because we have no work,I feel terrible for the people who are in my position or worse,I’m so close to just…snapping,hunger makes your stomach hurt,and it’s pushing my emotions to tears😔. hope everyone stays safe 💚

    1. @xBamfo I just picture people who live in big cities chasing rats and pigeons around their block.

    2. Heeeeeeeeell no.
      I’ll cook for my damned self. Hell if society shuts down entirely, I’ll hunt/grow my own food. And keep myself clean. I don’t need lice girl to serve me a mcdonalds burger.

  438. lovin that thumbnail bro

  439. 8:38 Angelica? I’m offended. That would be Helga Pataki lol 😛

  440. I have trypophobia thanks for the thumbnail I hate it

  441. Look, my breakfast was good. But it wasn’t THAT good. I don’t need seconds 8 hours later. Thanks.

  442. Am so glad being muslim good hygiene comes first ,you’re suppost to remove all your pubes,have to use water to clean after poo even pee and have to literally wash your face neck ,hands,arms till elbows and feet 5 times a day (and bathing is a must must and baths are not acceptable if each and every part of your body or haor doesn’t get wet ).oh and brushing your teeth is a must too.

  443. 6:05 made me lol for some reason. You could almost hear the “wtf?” in the writing

  444. At 8:11 – wanted “a Ons” with? A typo or some censoring I’m sure, but I have no idea what attempted word it’s suppose to be.

    1. Tevildo
      Ahh I see. That makes sense. Thanks.

    2. One-Night Stand. It’s just the capitalization that’s been changed.

  445. Now that intro should definitely be on your shirts! hahahahahaha

  446. “This content may make you see your breakfast again” me literally eating dinner

  447. I think the worst is my guy friends for sure. One of them hadn’t showered for so long he started getting dandruff all over his head and even on HIS EYEBROWS. I don’t understand how they can live like that, it’s disgusting. One of them also wears the same clothes to gym everyday and doesn’t wear deodorant. I’ve asked him about it and he just doesn’t want to shower and put fresh clothes on. If I go without showering for a day I feel gross, I can’t imagine going two weeks

  448. I’m always conscious about the odor I give off, I get anxiety if I don’t smell exactly like I want to.

    The only anxiety I have now is my hair, my hair gets dry and knotted if I wash too much but I stay making sure the right conditioner, and products is on there, but from what I ask, I smell sweet and good, but of course my mind likes to tell me otherwise

  449. I showed this to my cleanfreak germaphobic mom and i think she has seizure now

    edit i really regret this, she doesn’t have her breakfast neither her lunch

  450. 8:44

  451. Naaaaaaaasty!!!!!!!!! How hard is it not to wash yourself!!

  452. I gym class he ran around with the same shitstain on his boxer for 3 years, he said “bitches love it when a man smells like man” but he wasn’t the only guy who thought this, almost every dude in my class said that at some point… considering I was the only one with a girlfriend and I smelled like a fruit cocktail every day because of my shower routine (apple bodywash, lemon shampoo, coconut hair conditioner) I guess “bitches” like men who smell like fruit

  453. I took a shower befor and after this video😁

  454. Some of these are so hard to actually imagine. The rent-to-own arm pit guy made me die laughing though.

    1. I laughed out loud at a lot of them.

    2. Death metal guy

  455. I saw that person in cafe where I used to hang out with homies before they moved to the capital city. To be exact, I was seeing him every time when I was going to that cafe until coronavirus broke out. That guy was constantly complaining about how girls don’t want to be in relationship with him, saying how all women should be stay-at-home women.

    His looks consisted of plenty of hair gel and Adidas tracksuit. He smelled like Axe body spray, but after 5 minutes of staying nearby him, he smelled like…IDK how to describe how disgusting that smell was. It was like cow farm being mixed with sewage, garlic and alcohol. I cannot imagine my morning without cleaning myself, let alone him having *that* stench. Yet he dared to insult girls for not dating him. Just stfu Nurgle cultist, wash yourself first.

  456. mood

  457. The hippie one 🤢🤣

  458. Don’t forget to wash your bellybuttons

    1. @herus aleron same! I had my gallbladder removed and one of the incisions was in my bellybutton, so now it’s all funky with weird folds and such. Hard to clean but I try my best.

    2. @Lex60 Facts I give it the good old finger n spin method with my index while it all soapy. Bell buttons smell nasty af if you don’t clean them idk how ppl be doin shots off them.

    3. I hate touching it! It feel weird for me… so when kid it was a freaking mess. Now I hold my breath and clean it every time I took a shower.

    4. oh god bellybuttons. mine is unfortunately fucked up so no matter how much i clean it (and clean i do) it just stays gross. i like can’t really get all the way into it because they botched it and left this weird skin flap thing on it but i do my best.

  459. Damn, this shit had me feeling itchy all of a sudden.

  460. Me just having an ingrown toenail last month listening to the last guy, i cringed & was like yikes, luckily thats the only common point we share, no nasty feet here lol, hell, i even wash them up to 5 times a day. Now the issue is my ingrown toenail starting to cut my flesh, i tried to cut it but there is literaly nothing to cut, its like not growing in the normal direction anymore but growing towards the left side which caused it to poke my flesh, now good fellas, anyone who had this before can help me with a solution? Its not infected (because i clean it daily) but it bleeds from time to time & hurts, it feels like im being stabbed there, literaly, if you have any experience or knowledge on this feel free to help a brother out! 🤝

    1. @Wild fire Damn that sounds really painful i cant even imagine 20 years of this & it just been around a month for me, i do apply alcohol in there like twice a day but thats about it, i also noticed it heals better if i keep it dry, moisturazing just makes my skin softer & bound to get cut easily but thats just me, it just feels less painful when its dry, it started to heal aswell but there is this 3mm cut thats healed (dry as a rock which is a good sign of recovery) but i just dont wanna peel it yet. I hope yours get better aswell, im 26, i cant even imagine living with this for 20+ years, stay strong brother & i appreciate your help!

    2. @xBamfo I did, told me to use alcohol to apply it there & to avoid infections, thats about it

    3. Go to the doctor.

    4. I went through the same thing, and still am. I’ve had them (three) cut out at three different times. Mine is heredity and they will always grow back the same. It was amazing to not have that pain but those needles in your toes are horribly painful. I soak them in hot water with a little alcohol and then cut and dig them out. Then I always use something to keep them from drying out. I don’t know if this will help,brother, but it’s what I;ve been going through for more than 20 years.

  461. I listen to gross videos like this to make sure I’m as gross as I think I am

  462. Probably my aunt’s bf. I swear this dude showers as little as humanly possible and always has the absolute worst b.o I’ve smelled in my life. Their apartment always smells like b.o because of it. The last time they visited my house, it stunk up the entire downstairs. I wish I was joking.

  463. Great. This video has me itching like crazy now.

  464. Smelled like butt 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  465. “If wiping your butt makes you gay – then consider me Elton John”
    I love it

  466. Unpopular opinion.. “Rioting is stupid”

  467. This video made me itchy 😓

  468. I worked in medical for a long time and I’ve seen, heard and smelled things that no human should ever be exposed to. 🤢 🤮

    1. Go on lol

    2. Laetitia M no, I was just the phlebotomist, so I did my job and got the F out as soon as I could. I let the nurses and doctors talk to the patients about their hygiene.

    3. Jasmine Thompson, did you or your colleagues bring up the patient’s lack of hygiene to them? Asking for an elderly neighbor who I can smell, along with his many cats, before I can even see him & said cats.

    4. @Milton Keenes Out of curiosity, why did you mention her race? Is it because cracked feet are more obvious on black people or something?

    5. Jasmine Thompson I saw a black chick last year when I was at a supermarket buying some groceries. She asked me if she could borrow my Mobile phone to call her husband but damn, when she approached me, I encountered the most disgusting thing and smell, and her feet with all these cracklings, was just eeewww. She was filthy as F.

  469. I have a theory that I have lived by as far as sexual experimentation goes
    I have avoided taking it to its logical end game cuz I’m just not into that but it is

    ” everything is clean in the shower”

    But now I am starting to doubt that maybe everything is clean in the shower after a really really thorough shower or 7

    TLDR: yea i eat ass in the shower cuz everything is clean in the shower but maybe take a shower first

  470. I think Ive smelled the first dude through the screen

  471. “Warming: this content will make you see your breakfast again.”
    Me: *scoffs*
    One second later: “there was a roach nest stuck to her head”
    Me: 🤢

    1. I’m five minutes in and I’ve gagged several times.

    2. Exactly, I didn’t get past that part.

  472. I feel so dirty now…

    1. @Patience Campbell I was in bed and now I want to shower + change all my bedsheets and scrub and wash all my plushies 😂

    2. I just took a shower and seeing this makes me want to take another one 😅

  473. Feeling kinda itchy now…

    1. “No use standing on the seat. The crabs in here can jump ten feet!”

  474. My brain: ”Click on it”
    Me: ”why?”
    My brain: ”JUST DO IT!”

  475. “He said I was being offensive because I stood 10 feet away from him”

    All you gotta tell him now is that you’re social distancing to the extreme.

    1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  476. This video was so sexy, I’m blushing ://3 head maggots are really hot 😳

    1. @Mythra r/imiss10secondsago

    2. How could you make me read this with my own two eyes

    3. Lol

  477. I gagged so hard 🤢🤢

  478. Why the thumbnail?? AAAAAAAAGGGHHH

  479. 8:43 Angelica was in Rugrats, not Hey Arnold. That person has to be talking about Helga lol

    1. a 90s kid wannabe made that comment. Angelica Pataki? Puh- leez.

    2. @Dj fluttershy Música y intros Helga’s first name was Helga. Last name was Pataki…..

    3. Lol that’s what I came to say 😂

    4. Thank you. I was looking for this comment.

    5. Lol ya I caught that too 🤣😂

  480. Now if you excuse me I’m gonna go brush my teeth and my everything

    On a side note these stories make me look new and shiny, the worst I ever do is forget to brush and put on deodorant every day

    1. When you go play a LARP event for the weekend in the middle of the mountains with no showers to be seen… is the moment you really, REALLY appreciate a hot shower once you get back to civilization!
      I still remember the time I was under the rain for 8 hours, walking in the mud with my armor, my clothes completely soaked even tho I wore a hydro repellent cloth and feeling cold even tho it was July.
      (And to be honest I forfeit hours before the ending of the event because I could not take it anymore, otherwise I would have walked in the mud from 11 am to 12 pm with small pauses inbetween)
      Dear god the moment I slammed my props onto a corner and threw myself in the shower with the water at a perfect temperature was… bliss. Pure bliss.

    2. The worst I’ve done is gone about a week without showering, but that has been during my more extreme depressive episodes… Mental illness really fucks you up.

    3. @The willow Of the North that was a joke. I figured it would be obvious but then I thought about it for a second and realized that there are probably a few people right now that actually haven’t showered for that long lol

    4. @The willow Of the North I’m going on a month right now.

    5. Worst I’ve ever done is gone 2 days without showering

  481. I worked in the food service industry with a girl that had a staph infection on 70% of her body. Can’t believe they let her work.

    1. @William Hamilton my goodness 🤢🤬☹

    2. @herus aleron your shock fear denial and dread were all once mine. The only scenario I could come up with was heavy drug use, hermit, wet basement.

    3. HOW EVEN. i had one patch of staph on my face as a kid and it was so painful i couldn’t even imagine. i got mine from a cracked lip and somehow got the bacteria (assuming from my hands applying chapstick or something) into it.

    4. @melanated misfit there were gross lesions everywhere. Yes it looked very painful and uncomfortable. I hate even when I get a little athletes foot between two toes so. IDK 🙂

    5. What 🤯? How!? Doesn’t it cause large,painful boils? I had a boil on my butt before from staph and it was painful as hell. How could she just walk around at work unphased?🤔

  482. I just ate a hefty bowl of froot loops before I watched this. I made it through though. Some stories did make me nauseous.

    1. I watched hundreds of videos on YouTube, many disgusting stuff on the internet, watched the worst things doctors found video while I was eating and nothing really ever affected me in any way. I guess something is wrong with me. I guess it’s just feels more abstract to me and doesn’t touches me emotionally ( disgust, sadness, pain).

  483. i need to take a bath after washing this video.

  484. No one:

    RadioTTS: my Uncle never wiped his ass because he thought it made him gay.

    1. @Nic Kaiser me also lol

    2. 🤢

    3. Simaginary Friend is

    4. wow thats ——————

    5. Nepthu “if I smell like shit, then men wont approach my closet!” -some gay uncle in the closet, 2020

  485. Ok first time ..the warning actually meant it… The roach hair lady bruh! WTF!!!

  486. I manage a kitchen well me myself you don’t have to believe me but I take a shower when I get up a shower when I get home from work and a shower after I workout or Bike ride , but this dude was a friend of mines a new his ex girlfriend, well when he would feed the sharks at work after he would smell like cheese because he half wiped and when he got off work he only took off his clothes on Saturday to wash them on Saturday but he would sleep in his work clothes and when he would get up in the morning he would just rinse his mouth with water and that’s it , I would ask his ex how do you sleep next to him and she said she would have to sleep facing the opposite way and Dame this foo was just like dame like he smelled and when he fed the sharks he wouldn’t wipe his ass correctly because after I few minutes you could smell him from a few fat away

    1. Omg 🤮😷🤢

  487. The vast majority (not all but most) of these people are mentally ill. And that is so heartbreaking.

  488. “Wiping your ass makes you gay.” Well call me the gayest man alive then.

  489. Wiping your butt is gay lmao

  490. I worked in a small grocery store and a few times, I had to ask people to leave because they were gagging everyone with their stench. One guy smelled like a crusty gym sock with mushrooms growing in it. Actually made my eyes water. Another one, I kinda felt bad about was an obviously homeless guy who smelled like he’s been pissing himself for weeks. I had to have him leave because all the other costomers were coughing and chocking on the smell. After he left, I had to leave the doors open for about 20 minutes to let the smell fade.

  491. 8:45 Angelica? Her name is Helga. And the kid was Brainy.

  492. I’m laughing and crying at the same time. It’s terrible and I feel awful for these people, but some of these are funny. Help me.

  493. 6:58 That’s not a masculinity issue; that’s a literal insanity issue.

    1. Usually if someone is so homophobic he might himself be gay or bi

  494. just eating my cereals, ready to watch this

    1. Courageous of you….

  495. When the voice says “Butt/Turdfur”. 😂😂😂

  496. I’ve literally just had a shower before watching this video. Halfway through and I think I wanna get back in the shower.

    1. Me too. I am also nauseated. I had no idea some people could neglect to keep themselves clean.

    2. This video makes me wanna shower 4 times a day and clean and tidy EVERYTHING 4 times a day

    3. Make sure you wash your bunghole

    4. I’m about to use an entire shampoo bottle after hearing some of these

    5. Same bro

  497. Dudes who think wiping their butt makes them gay lol. I could see a toddler not wanting to because “eww nasty poo poo”, but a full adult?

  498. The water turned brown cause a hippy didn’t wash with soap? Wonderful! Off to become a Hippy!

  499. In my biology lab, we grew staph a. colonies in petri dishes. When you learn what that smells like, you will never forget it. It’s not necessarily even the most disgusting smell ever, but it’s very distinctive.

    So anyway then I got a new job and came to the slow realization that one of my co-workers just… smelled like staph a. All the time. Every day. For months. What the hell do you say? “Hey bruh you really need a round of antibiotics don’t ask me how I know”

    1. In our Bacteriology class, Staph. aureus colonies theoretically smell like old socks. Not pleasant.

    2. please tell me you NEVER touched them.

    3. I bet I have smelled it and just don’t know what it is I have a crazy sense of smell. Is there anything it smells similar too?

    4. i know there’s nothing like experiencing it but how does it smell?

    5. I have learned some disturbing facts about Meth addicts ( we did a group School Project back in the day):
      Their colons get extremely irritated and even a soft tissue paper hurt like barbed wire. Not only that, they have extremely hard times defecating.
      This means one thing: if the body cannot get rid of feces, it will find a way to try to remove toxins and refuse… via other body fluids.
      Basically they will sweat and cry shit.
      I don’t know if their sweat smells like shit, but I am pretty damn sure a Meth addict would smell pretty badly for other reasons I don’t want to investigate!

  500. It’s odd when a GIRL smells like ass. I went to high school with a guy that smelled like straight shit. Every single day, it was so strong the teachers literally had to have those big clunky yankee candle on their desks and the classrooms still stunk! Like you smelt 20 percent candle, 80 percent shit. I think the kid had a colostomy bag.

  501. There was a guy at a comic store who stank _so badly_ that it made me tear up. It was like pickled or fermented crotch sweat.

    1. SMEGMA to the fourth power!!! Could knock a buzzard off a shit wagon from 20 feet away.

    2. The Aerohead Experience How do people like that even _exist_ in this society?!

    3. 🤣😆 gas grenade

    4. Refried armpit 😄😄

    5. Knew a few guys who did not like to shower…
      Dudes came in smelling like booze, vomit, stomach acid, and refried armpit…

  502. it’ll make me see my *breakfast?* where we live my family is preparing dinner. what timezone are you in radiotts? no hate im genuinely curious!

    edit- the thumbnail is freaky as hell, thanks alot trypophobia.

    1. gmt +6, yes no breakfast for today

    2. GMT 0

  503. “This content will make you see your breakfast again!”

    Oh good, I was getting hungry.

    1. YUCK-

  504. To the guy that doesn’t sanitize his holes… Bro, when the soap and water runs down your body it can’t spread them cheeks or lift that sack to get in those cracks. He definitely has shmegma.

    1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    2. @Emily Trout 100% no, you do not

    3. @ガロウGarou Question is tho. do you be smelling like straight up lavender when you get out? cuz I do. I be scrubbing the beautiful scent into my soul when i shower damn near

    4. Do I even want to know what shmegma is?? 🤮

    5. Gotta get that ass, who wants swamp booty?!?!😂😂😂😂

  505. I watched a different Reddit channel yesterday and she had put in the comments that YouTube had stopped monetizing the robot voices. I hope that this is not true, cuz this one is my favorite!

    1. This voice is fine. It’s that one every single other Reddit channel uses, the Daniel one, I cannot stand.

    2. That’s not this channel??? lol

  506. jokes on u i didnt eat breakfast

  507. Thanks, I hate it 🙃

  508. I’m sure the people who posted on the subreddit are masters of social distancing.

  509. The video is discusting ….
    The song .. TOTAL HAPPYNES

  510. Man, the worst I’ve seen is a guy who you could smell before you see him.

    1. A hippie like out from the 70´s on my local Costo? I swear I and other clients smell him from like 15 feet away.

    2. Had a guy I worked with like that. New shift be coming up “who’s on?” Could smell this dude from down the hall. “Ah damnit.”

    3. My dad works with a guy who has a bad smell. He came over one time and oh my good god I had to get out of the room he was in. Not sure how the guy gets girlfriends if i am honest

    4. Bruh, i grew up in an apartment complex with a girl like this. Felt bad too, because she would’ve been really cute if she had just taken care of herself.

    5. lvl.99 Social Distance Warrior I’m dead 🤣🤣

  511. 8:41 “i swear to god he sounded exactly like that stalker kid that *angelica* always punched in the face in hey arnold”

    1. You didn’t see the crossover episode? Dude, it was so good…

    2. It’s Helga. Angelica was from Rugrats

    3. I’m sure he meant HELGA. But got the Nicktoons mixed up.

  512. I’m kind of obsessive about keeping things clean, so this might not sound like a big deal, but my bf’s parents didn’t change their bathroom rug for a year, and that really bothered me. I never stepped on it without it bathroom slippers

    1. why didnt you just wash it?

    2. @apple bee ohhh, yea i have a whole separate room for my shower so i really dont need a rug or towel on the floor, but my parents use a towel aswell, just remembered

    3. Omg 🤮 I wash my bathrug every week!

    4. I used to have a bathroom rug but I got rid of it once I realised how quickly it gets dirty. When I lifted it off the floor the underside was wet and brown. Mop Time!

    5. go det I use towels, since I live in a serviced apartment where the towels are changed weekly, but yeah if I did have a rug I would wash it frequently😂

  513. That thumbnail is very triggering
    (I have trypophobia)

  514. “if wiping your butt makes you gay-then consider me Elton John.” Marvelous.

    1. @Sean Wilkinson This was a roller coaster from start to goddamn finish. Beautiful

    2. When I shower (I use a bath seat and handheld showerhead), the first part of my body that gets a thorough presoaking is the ol’ balloon knot and taint. I reach back with the handle, set to a strong stream, spend a few good minutes powerwashing the funk out of my rear junk, and conclude the shower with a second rinse for good measure.

      So, then, by that guy’s metric, how gay does that make me? Super-ultra-mega-high-test-99 44/100%-pure- 95-octane-turbo-hyper-fighting-flaming-like-
      plus-a-single-spark gay, I suppose.

  515. thanks for the thumbnail p, I really needed that

  516. Warning This will make you see your breakfast again ..
    Me : Yeeeeeee I have somting to eat

    1. r/cursedcomments

    2. @apple bee Never mind

    3. Omg 🤣🤣

  517. My cousin does not bath for weeks or brush his teeths .. he is a doctor

    1. @BansheeVanRaven we wish.

    2. Leon Scott Kennedy wow you really went there huh💀

    3. Damn… met a dude the other day, hobo punk, who said he only takes a shower once every 3 weeks, but either it was bs or it happened the day before because I managed to sit next to him and smell nothing. I think it was more of a weird brag

    4. @Jeva Samy knew it

    5. WTF

  518. First guy has GOT to see a dentist. HOW DO TEETH FUSE LIKE THAT?!

    1. @GTdba I want to like this comment a 100 times man
      It tickled me to the point of gagging

    2. teeth calculus

    3. @Holl Cadman ikr?!

    4. I see you everywhere on all the scary videos wtf 😂

    5. @GTdba I work in a group home, and have a client whose bottom teeth are one giant calculus bridge. She’s cognitively at the level of a toddler, so she doesn’t understand the point of brushing her teeth, and will not cooperate when staff try to brush them for her. A yearly dental checkup is legally required but ultimately fruitless, because she will become very physically aggressive if anyone tries to examine the inside of her mouth. Unfortunately, mentally disabled people often have poor dental health/hygiene for the reasons stated above.

  519. Wow.. of course I see the thumbnail as I’m eating spaghetti..😔🤢

  520. I don’t know why, but the way he said ‘warning’ at the beginning really spooked me. Like why was it so fast and urgent-sounding compared to normal?

    1. Lol

    2. Some One yeah I always know it’s gonna be good when he adds those

  521. Eeeewwwwww

  522. My brother’s ex never cleaned herself and stunk like hell. I’m not just saying this to be mean, I’m serious. She was visibly filthy, smelt like turd like she never cleaned her butt. Her nether regions smelt like rotting tuna. It’s just horrendous. So glad my brother broke up with her!! She was a toxic person anyway.

  523. Disgusting thumbnail …. I like it!
    The most disgusting personal hygiene I’ve ever seen was a kid I went to elementary school with had HORRENDOUS body odor!

    1. The sad thing is kids often don’t notice it and the parents are usually responsible for the smell, so in my opinion it was the parents fault for not doing anything

    2. Same here. I used to know a girl who smelt like piss and old cigarette smoke. I hope she’s doing better nowadays.

  524. The plastic bottle one is nasty

  525. Man this is just one of those vids I know is gonna make me cringe listening to it in the background :^)

  526. Forget the content.
    The _thumbnail_ is gonna make me see me breakfast again.

    1. @Artificer Eisen Drache ahh same

    2. @Spoopy Virgil For me, it makes me very itchy and irritated.

    3. Spoopy Virgil I swear

    4. Trypophobia is a bitch.

  527. Yay number 4

  528. Quarantine do be like that tho

    1. It do indeed lmao

  529. Yall I swear this voice is becoming more human with very video!

    1. @Kr0ll3x Gaming Dang your thoughts your giving making me think if life is even real

    2. So I’m not the only one who noticed

    3. Right?!

    4. Kr0ll3x Gaming wow that’s so deep man. Very deep

    5. Haha ikr!!

  530. Yay first! Ahahaha

    1. @Alicia Violet Wilson Thanks sis! Lool

    2. You won a trophee, congrats! 🥇

  531. Yooo

    1. Bing bing winner

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