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The Only Vitamins You Actually Need On A Daily Basis

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We all have friends who swear by their vitamin routine — their Vitamin C pills prevent them from getting colds, or their Vitamin D supplement really does boost their mood in the winter. But how much of this is the placebo effect? And how much of it actually works? The following vitamins are highly recommended for optimal health. Whether you decide to get these through nutritious foods or quick supplements is up to you…

Vitamin A | 0:24
Vitamin E | 1:20
Folate | 1:59
Vitamin C | 2:40
Vitamin B6 | 3:30
Vitamin B12 | 4:18
Vitamin D | 4:57
Calcium | 5:34
Magnesium | 6:22
Iron | 7:07
So, do we need vitamins? | 7:41

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463 thoughts on “The Only Vitamins You Actually Need On A Daily Basis

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    1. not possible to take notes because you are speaking too fast.

    2. Ural

    3. LeosRuleTheWorld • e

    4. Milk? Stomach problem

    5. @ruth kala your sound

  2. to EMILY BRAATEN: A QUESTION> cultivated foods (greens fruit etc) NO longer contain the APPROPRIATE and NECESSARY ingredients they once contained. ARE THEY as authentic as they were once? If no, then how do YOU suggest we fill in the gaps since supplementation as u say is NOT necessray if our daily consumption is from natural foods?

  3. vita= vicha–not internal sound, in a Swedish submarine.YOU LIED, THEN! LUT= A dishwasher, in Egypt.
    GYPT=a man was, murdered.

  4. Vitamins your body needs are vitamin A,B,C,D,E,K, Folic acid,calcium, iron, zinc, and chromium.

  5. i brought some gummy bear vitamins they rule

  6. she said diarrhea 705 min in and look some chic siting on the toilet making faces lol and other girl face in toilet whats she got to do with diarrhea. word for the day every video i watched said diarrhea whats up with that reminds me of beavis and butthead videos

  7. Everyone who takes statin has a COQ10 deficiency.

  8. For Depression: Omega 3 + Vitamin D3 w/K2 + Vitamin B3

  9. Horrible information! Total nonsense

  10. Folate affects uptake of b13.synthetic no good.vitamin b12 deficiency is fatal.usually neitologicsl diseases are check vitamin b12.

  11. Keep that idiot out

  12. No Biden

  13. Vitamins and their benefits

  14. i take vit d every morning, then vit c and garlic and a good multi vit …im 45 no issues so far oh yeah i walk everday for at least an hour.

  15. Try herbs girls

  16. Not new info ,sorry.

  17. wb ere to buy

  18. I take Centrum for older adults because your body has difficulty absorbing vitamins.

  19. Change the title. You are missing some of the other once like omega 3 and others

  20. are you searching for a good multi vitamins for you to become healthy? check here!

  21. hi guys you want a vitamis for womens try to check here in the link this helps you as a women

  22. this barely touched the surface in all we have 90 minerals, vitamins, ameno acids, and fatty acids to take in daily , practically impossible with just plain food try listen to Dr Glidden on you tube his a naturopath , and even dr Berkman they got us totally healthy and off all chemical medications , dr Glidden will also tell you about the ten foods to avoid the results was my husband lost 42 kilos and is now at the right normal level for his lenght no body eats that much every day specially if you work its rush rush and often people land up with microwave dinners or hamburgers or pizza with no value in at all that one multivitamin will just perhaps save your life as we got bad virusses like covit 19 passing through as for smoothies thats brilliant we get those twice a week we not rich enough to have more but praise the Lord , happy we can do that

  23. 4 ALL U LADYS
    4 U

  24. blow me

  25. Be careful with calcium plus D3, you can calcify your arteries… Not good!

  26. Beware that supplements high dose b complex vitamins can make u to much irritable and mad If u notice this side effect stop taking them

  27. Never take vitamin A if you eat plenty of veg or eat liver. It will damage your liver, because the liver stores vitamin A but cannot release it quick enough when supplementing and on a good diet.

  28. Duh. Some Foods Don’t Even Have Vitamin C

  29. You guys keep made in as confused. According to your suggestion take 100 kind of vitamins or eat all this food in a week or in a months I don’t think all this food in one or two days how when?

  30. we dry and grind up chicken egg shells for calcium.

  31. Warning: multi vitamins cause weight gain like crazy.

    1. filter taylor Fr?

  32. Girls great beauty creams without additives and top of the range vitamins to counter the daily danger through covid 19.
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  33. Important for your immune resistance to Covid 19.
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  34. What to do if you can no longer absorb Vitamin D? I am deficient but can’t absorb it because I drank heavily for many years. Suggestions?

  35. intrestis

  36. I get all of those from tea’s,best and fastest resorption is sublingual wich is below tongue,in combination with fasting half a year i didnt get even cold for 15 years.

  37. This is not the best information. You did explain what each vitamin does but thats about it. Vitamin C, D3,calcium with magnesium ( very very important to take 2 parts Calcium to 1 part magnesium) Thats really all you need for a good immune system but it will take a few months to get there. There are other ways to get there sooner but Im not going to get into that.
    Doctors say that taking a mega dose of Vitamin D such as 15,000 units of D3 can be dangerous. I have read all the documents from Health Canada concerning this and found nothing in any of the studies that prove this. Health Canada says the maximum dose should be 1000 units and that is the largest dosage you can buy in Canada. In fact the only side effect I could find find for D3 was good health.Most of the studies were with small amounts of D 3 such as 400 units or 2000 units.Maybe if they had they done studies with 50,000 units per day there would have been such a high rate of cures it would have been conclusive that high doses of Vitamin D where not dangerous at all and in fact the answer to building a good immune system. Everyone needs a different dose depending on health issues ,color of there skin etc. Dark colored shin does not absorb the Vitamin D as well as white skin. I would exercise caution to not let your PH go over 8.0 for more than a couple days but if it does go off your Vitamins and supplements and let it drop down to around 7.0 . Sometimes the only way to get rid of a Virus is to get your PH up to 8.0 for a couple days at a time and you may have to do it more than once. Heres a shocker. The sun does not cause skin Cancer . It might trigger it but I believe a low PH or low Vitamin D ( They go hand in hand) is the cause. When I did my research the number one state per capita in the US for shin Cancer was Michigan and not Florida or Nevada. How can that be if the sun causes skin Cancer?
    The best way to test your immune system is to buy PH paper at any health food store (not a drug store) and simply moisten it with your tongue to get a reading or use your urine but that can be messy but the reading will be pretty much the same. If your PH is 7.0 or higher you are good to go. If your reading is 6.0 or lower you are in trouble and have a serious illness or you are developing one.Most people will be about 6.5 If you want to get what you need from the food you eat good luck with that thanks to modern farming practices. Most people cant afford to buy expensive organic produce. I believe supplements and Vitamins will do the job much better and cheaper and you can eat what you want.Avoid white sugar and some of the whole grain foods and of course processed foods.
    I believe a good PH will help prevent Cancer and almost any Virus. I also believe it is harder to get rid of a virus as compared to Cancer. An alkaline body has a high PH and thats what you want. Acidity is bad.
    No Im not a Doctor but most Doctors get less than 4 or 5 hours of training on vitamin and supplement training when they are in med school . I have spent about 5,000 hours doing my own research Why would drug companies who pay for drug training for Doctors want to teach Doctors how to prevent serious disease with Vitamins and supplements when they make a fortune with drugs most of which are useless.
    Ask yourself this. What drug has ever cured anyone of anything? Most drugs only get rid of symptoms. Keep in mind I said drugs and not vaccines. Get healthy and stay healthy.

    1. Maybe you should make your own video.

    2. You mean taking proper vitamin supplements increase body pH.

    3. Thanks for sharing – I understand germs don’t do well in an alkaline environment.

  38. Dollars for Doctors
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    More than 2,500 physicians have received at least half a million dollars apiece from drugmakers and medical device companies in the past five years alone, a new ProPublica analysis of payment data shows. And that doesn’t include money for research or royalties from inventions.

  39. You don’t know what your talking about b12 and vegans and vegetarians.

  40. Learn How To Lose Belly Fat 2 – 4 Inches Within 10 Days! And How To Lose Weight 7 – 12 Pounds in 7 Days For Both Men and Women. Welcome to ==>>

  41. The FDA daily recommendations on vitamins is the minimum about needed which is just enough to prevent vitamin deficiency illnesses from showing up, it is NOT the amount needed for a healthy body, many vitamins you can talk 2 to 3 times the FDA minimum recommendations and still NOT overdose. You cannot overdose on water soluble vitamins, only on fat soluble vitamins.

    1. exactly and FDA only cares about drugs also

  42. Vitamin e also acts to preserve vitamin a, and likely assists vitamin c to ‘go further.

  43. The Vitamins A, B, C, D, E,and K can prevent low immune system from the Covid 19 virus. And when someone is test Positive for the Covid 19 virus immune system is low or weak.We to have Healthy eating Habits. God Bless everyone Be safe and Be well to all.

    1. True specially on older people

    2. Vivian Daniel Amazon

    3. Tell that to those that live in food deserts.

    4. Don’t forget zinc!

    5. At the end of the day, the gut plays big rolls

  44. Nutrilite Vitamins are the best!


  46. P

  47. boost immune system great product

  48. Tribestan Zinc Maca is what a man needs specially after age 40

  49. D3 + K is essential. I increased 6K IU.. feel great. Key importantance for immunity, most of us are low. U of San Diego professor goes through the amazing clinical tests on D3.. amazing.

    1. KRYTEN451
      Got it along wth A


  51. No Zinc?? yet Iron a mineral too is mentioned

  52. Vitamin C supplements they don’t even talk about these When I got sick I took 4000 mg of vitamin C every 15 minutes for an hour get rid of my flu symptoms from covid 19

    1. @arcticspirals ….stuffy nose, fever, congestion, cough….flu symptoms, same as covid.
      So pissing out extra vitamin c. Does the body absorb the same amount of vitamin C when it’s sick as it does when it’s not sick? It absorbs more, much more when its sick. So if you get a cold(which is an infection from a coronavirus) you can try this protocol and feel symptom free.

    2. @David Musial you just totally said to get rid of flu symptoms …covid 19 is not a flu. And 4000 mg of bit c honestly, your just going to piss out what your body can’t use atm.

    3. @arcticspirals if you or anyone you know gets sick, use vitamin c to get better…what have you got to lose?

    4. @arcticspirals I don’t think ,I know that it works

    5. I think your spreading BS. Feel good about yourself?

  53. We’re gonna die anyway what’s the point?

  54. Annoying voice. Stopped after 17 seconds…

  55. So do we need to buy all of these vitamin supplements if we dont eat good food?

  56. I can’t talk to you because of the mo—— thing. Well you won’t be through here for a month or so.

  57. Barry Anderson The vitamin industry is only some silent financial arm of Big Pharma in disguise and this is the truth. If they cannot get you with their first line of Synthetic Drugs Then they will recruit you on their B plan for all the health nuts out there to buy their synthetic supplements that will break your bank and give you very expensive urine in the end only. Holistic Chef Barry Anderson

    1. If what you say is true what foods have vitamin d that are plant based. The statement that is on the labels of vitamins what is it there for

  58. This information is general knowledge and is missing essential information that the general public does not know yet. My response is in pending. Thank You Holistic Chef Barry Anderson

  59. The date on this video is August 17, 2017. It’s now March of 2020. Perhaps there are updates in information to be shared by and updated video

  60. Never heard of vitamin b6 and I lack a lot.

  61. I gave both of my girlfriends some vitamin P

  62. Uhhhhmmmm…what about us guys!

  63. Retinol is not a carotenoid

  64. Gluten/GMO/Lyme/antibiotics etc may hurt the gut lining so less nutrients absorb. They may not be getting enough nutrients out of food and soil is low in nutrients. Supplements may also not absorb due to gluten etc..

  65. They have this in their description… main point: Diet is the most important. Rely on wholefood and natural fruits for vitamins rather than on supplements.
    In short:

    Vitamin A | 0:24
    Vitamin E | 1:20
    Folate | 1:59
    Vitamin C | 2:40
    Vitamin B6 | 3:30
    Vitamin B12 | 4:18
    Vitamin D | 4:57
    Calcium | 5:34
    Magnesium | 6:22
    Iron | 7:07
    So, do we need vitamins? | 7:41

  66. Vitamin p is the best

  67. if you can afford fresh fruits and veg everyday yes, but most of use can not, thats why we use a food suppliment…….

  68. Put all the vitamins we need in ONE tablet. So much easier. Hate opening like 7 bottles hahahaa

    1. @Jerry Rodriguez exactly 👍👏

    2. Jerry nyc you absolutely positively right why dont just put all nutrients enzymes all the good stuff in 1 vitamin supplements dont we dont have to open many bottles may god bless & protect us always 🙌🧡💛💚💙💗💖💜❤🤗

  69. 7:14 if one could afford it

  70. Zinc is needed for vitamin a to absorb fact

  71. (1) Vitamin A
    (2) Vitamin B
    (3) Vitamin C
    (4) Vitamin D
    (5) Vitamin E
    (6) Vitamin B6
    (7) Vitamin B12
    (8) Calcium
    (9) Magnesium
    (10) Iron

  72. We need vitamins every days.
    STOP consuming junks
    If you love yourself

  73. For those who are truly concerned about their health, research is necessary to achieve the level of knowledge necessary for optimal health. My research repeatedly shows that the food we eat today is tragically lacking in many vitamins and minerals. The modern farm techniques have depleted the soil of these vital components. Pesticides and herbicides increase the need for more nutritional support. Furthermore, the food industry tamper’s with the natural biological enzymes and health-promoting bacteria that aids us in the absorption of nutrients, through irradiation of our produce and other intrusive measures imposed on the public. Supplements are required to help our bodies process the toxins we are forced to eat, breathe and drink.


  74. I was thinking of cutting real food out and just taking vitamins. Has anyone tried this?


  75. Use this sale code on Iherb to get vitamins and
    Supplements on sale♥just for you!!


  76. How come Vitamin G was left out from the list?

    ISA/Jeshua answered: “It is written: Man does not live on bread alone but from EVERY WORD that comes from the mouth of GOD.” Matt 4:4

    “Behold, I am the one who has laid as a foundation in Zion, a stone, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone, of a sure foundation.” [Isaiah 28:16]

    “The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.” – Psalm 118:22

  77. How about B1? Not important?

  78. What about our liver ? Does does affect it?

  79. placebo effect for vitamins and minerals? You NEED vitamins and minerals

  80. Why would you tell someone to take an iron pill on an empty stomach? Out of all the pills you may take on an empty stomach why the I am to you that’s bullshit you can’t upset your stomach very bad and throw up I don’t trust you

  81. Calcium, and d3, without k2, is not a good idea.

  82. you MUST consume nearly 100 vitamins and minerals for your body to function properly. Not having any of them is not optional…if you don’t get them, your health will suffer. Nutrition is not optional!

  83. the preform of vitamin A is found in vegetables and the real vitA is found in meats and dairy! thats why its harder to get it from veggies but eating tons of meat is not the solution either

  84. Bull Shit

  85. Krill oil is my favorite vitamin I just feel better when I take it.

  86. Body needs vitamin C in order to absorbe iron supplements heard that from pharmacist

    1. Exactly. I am an Optician in London. Humans don’t produce Vit. C like others.

  87. With the age progresivelly the body loose the capacity to absorb from the natural manner the vitamins and other esentials the body need in fact everbody based in your blod test need to balance all your body need

  88. bs…the only and u mentioned A to Z

  89. some people said that vitamin B12 can lead to acne for some people, not sure its true or not

  90. What we take all this vitamin? Together, ve,vc,etch?

  91. No side E?

  92. D3 6,000 per day is top of my list…eliminated 44 years of depression

    1. @Andro mache Sunshine causes cancer, too. Skin cancer.

    2. D3 can prevent and treat viruses too

    3. @Andro mache pop yourself

    4. 2000 for me! Mines wasn’t that low! So I take 2000 units B3a day!!

  93. An old fashion hot dog is the best vitamin along with home made beer


  95. how has man survived over the years, his coice of foods have been limited by continents

    1. Yes and 30 was old age.

    2. Gigi Devoe yup, eating grains and wheat over our expedition from the land bridge turned us white so our skin can absorb D from the sun

  96. And of course you neglected to tell people that the CALCIUM you take goes into your SOFT TISSUES, such as joints, ARTERIES, etc. because if there is not enough vitamin K2 (not old friend vitamin K which helps clotting), but K2 which directs the calcium you get in food and supplements into your hard tissues, like bones and teeth.
    THAT’S RIGHT, millions of people taking calcium supplements and vitamin D are calcifying their arteries and joints. They are trying to help themselves but are only doing minimal good along with serious DAMAGE.
    You don’t believe me? LOOK IT UP ON YOUTUBE. Vitamin K2 has only been known for maybe 15 years or so, and many doctors are unaware of its existence. Big Pharma does not want you to know, because they will lose money when you don’t need other meds they produce to help get the calcium into your bones and teeth after you hurt yourself, or after you need bypass surgery. VITAMIN K2 actually will remove the calcium wrongly deposited in your soft tissues over time, including your arteries.
    I was skeptical until I started taking it in its MK7 form (mk4 is less effective). I had bad arthritis in my left hand. 6 months after starting Vitamin K2 it is GONE.
    Don’t just take my word for it. Look into this yourself. I am not benefitting from telling people this except for the satisfaction of knowing I am actually helping in a significant way. That makes me happier than money. Yes I believe in The Golden Rule.
    So, check it out. Help yourself.
    The time has come to show people that

  97. Good list, but you forgot to mention the absolutely essential potassium, vit. B1, zinc, selenium, and vit. k2. They are not easy to get from food, especially because most food is coming from soil that is poor in nutrients and minerals because of pesticides, herbicides, etc. Always prefer organic food, if you can. Check Dr. Eric Berg videos!

  98. Hey Everyone, when it comes ta Vitamins and minerals, you CAN ACTUALLY have too much of a “good thing.” You CAN OVERDOSE on certain vitamins, like vitamin B7, or Biotin, for example! DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Do NOT THINK that Simply watching a video on YouTube will answer your questions! Don’t say no one didn’t attempt to warn you!

  99. What about omega 3 and Q10?

  100. the only ? more like the every vitaminsss you need on******

  101. No we dont, we need carbs and sugar to get this shit going

  102. So basically every main vitamin.

    1. Espanol

  103. This just not accurate because if you having deficiencies they got to be replaced with whatever deficiency it is…bs

  104. What about vitamin B17

  105. Yes, but is good to actually take synthetic vitamins?

    1. Nothing is better than living in the garden of eden and eating raw organic vegetables everyday. It’s expensive and difficult to do in cities. Also, taking too much of 1 vitamin can lead to a deficiency of another vitamin.

  106. Just take a multivitamin.done!

  107. Bcos of your title I believed you will suggest or inform about one vitamin ☹️ but you mentioned almost all.

  108. The only Vitamins we need huh? What other vitamins is left? Misleading.

  109. What about zinc

  110. Probably would have been easier to list which vitamins we don’t need

  111. So take every vitamin just like the americans,check the sewers in america filled with vitamin tablets

  112. maybe if you’ve never been exposed to experimental vaccines in the military, here to say you need a lot more than that. It has caused neurological,metabolic deficiencies and body is in constant state of dehydration to spite all efforts to consume water daily. 29 years of dealing with this, I wish I only had to take certain vitamins and a few that are crucial, my body cannot tolerate due to the added digestive challenges of Gulf War Syndrome. It’s a constant ongoing daily battle fraught with trial and error.

  113. Get in foods

  114. Ruined by the shit music

  115. Thank you so much great video

  116. You forgot about Iodine

  117. Reciting too fast. Who can take notes.?

  118. Iron on an empty stomach? Not such a good idea.

    1. I take iron on an empty stomach since last year. Is it supposed to have a side effect?

  119. what are the recommended amounts per day of these vitamins ?

  120. Take D3 with K2 MK7 , never take Calcium alone (specially Carbonate = lime stone) increases dramatically the chances of atherosclerosis . I love supplements but this video doesn’t have the correct info . Study what you need to take and try not to take multis, they have usually synthetic ingredients. I would say for overall health D3, K2, Omega3, Vit C (never ascorbic acid = that ain’t vit C!!) Magnesium. For inflammation Curcumin (w/ 5% peperine, unless is the intestines u are treating). Vit E is great for arteries and always get it complete (w/ tocophenols and tocotrienols). Selenium and ubiquinol def. if you take statins !. A complex B is a bit tricky (I like Mercola and B-right) . (I find that Dr E Berg explains it in an easy way and if u have any condition is best to watch some of his videos to have natural ways to treat it) and Dr Lair Ribeiro (if u speak Portuguese, amazing stuff)

    1. @George think he explains quite well… trying to find a way so my family will never need medication! like Berberine to treat allergies, and if anyone has a headache I ‘d use Magnesium taurate (and try to find the cause,of course) and so on… 🙂

    2. I can tell  your a Berger( Dr Berg) Im on those pills now too.

  121. How could you possibly not include K2????

    1. exactly!!!

  122. Can stand chick videos. Why only include references for women and not men? Chick video’s

  123. Pure ignorance.

  124. 👍⭐️Good video, Certainly won’t be asking our health care provider for their vitamin and mineral advice as they overlooked my husband’s deficient levels of iron and vitamin D. Hubby did private blood test and with supplementing vitamin D3 with K2 so far has stopped most of his asthma problems after many years (also found out his asthma inhalers dangerous side effect could actually cause asthma ???) supplementing with iron immediately stopped his breathlessness and he could walk further and once again uphill without the breathlessness. Healthcare provider assumed his breathlessness was asthma so doubled his asthma medication for two years, he lost weight and had muscle weakness and severe leg cramps daily, once off the inhaler thanks to vitamin D3+K2 he rarely ever needs his daily or rescue inhalers and has regained his weight and muscle strength. Healthcare providers need to learn about nutrition and rely less on their types of medications.

    1. What is the dose of vitamin D and K2 your Husband is taking every day? How long is he talking this dose?

  125. Great 👍🏼 just make sure those vitamins and minerals ARE NOT SYNTHETIC ( man made in a laboratory) 👌🏼😉

    1. Yes, that’s what I was saying!! and its not like it will tell you on the bottle that I have noticed

  126. thanks that was good for me!

  127. Okay how many vitamins a day you should take all of them

  128. Thank u

  129. Quite poor. Magnesium, D3 and K2 should be top of the list. Last one not even mentioned. Calcium and iron should be avoided. Don’t rely on this. Don’t rely on me. Do your own research.

  130. So just get a good multivitamin

  131. Thank you to impormation,,,

  132. d3 is from MIDDAY sun, and take some k2

    1. Yes, midday sun when there are UVB rays. Many places in the USA do not receive UVB rays from November to April.

  133. How you can take all vitamins everyday is a long list

    1. Victoria Paloka
      In a multi vitamin pill 💊

  134. From when it dont mention k2…this is a load of vitamin bullshit!!!!

  135. Thank you so much for Great and clear information.😍
    Respect you 🙏
    From Dubai UAE 🇦🇪

  136. I have reflux which keeps me awake at night.
    Long term use of ppi’s are wrecking my GI tract.
    Have had Nissan Fundoplication surgery which was partly successful.
    What can I do to combat the dispepsia pain at night ?
    No pain when I stand. Only when lying down . .
    Please Lord Jesus, cure me. . . .

    1. Perhaps it is the low stomach acid then the capsule with digestive aid by Solgar. They need to have acids for better digestion. Watch Dr. Berg channel. He has video on the topic.

  137. One article says this, another says that, who can you trust anymore? that article says most vitamins are garbage!

  138. Sexist shite

  139. Kinner ocean

  140. So who paid to create this video ??

  141. Wide meaningless claims. Prove it to my 46 stores…

    1. @A&m Nation Oh, are “there”?

    2. MG Sports Supplements because there not vitamins there nutrients

  142. I inject all the vits , so I know how much iam taking in a week .. vits C. inject, twice a week ..

    1. where can you get injectable V-C I’d like to have that too.

  143. Not everything is placebo Only

  144. Magnesium and B vitamins have positively impacted my pmdd. And that’s not a placebo because I genuinely didn’t think anything could work.

  145. Nice 👌

  146. The soils are mineral deficient.

    1. The soils have been deficient since the Dust Bowl days. I learned that in high school. Big farming companies just add chemical fertilizers to the soil not nutrients. America is the fattest country in the world. Poor 3rd world countries have less health problems than we do. Doctors want to throw a pill at everything and know nothing about nutrition nor do they want to, it would cut deeply into that 6 figure salary and cut into the Big Pharma bonuses at the end of the year when they prescribe all those pills.

  147. What about selenium why didn’t they mention it and omegas and amino acids

  148. The announcer sounds like elizabeth banks

    1. Press your luck!

  149. So basically just all the vitamins wat a full of shit video change the name of the video

  150. Reduce the negative effects of stress! Get the Inner Peace Formula! @t

  151. Good for night sleep goid but not evrybody ..who have kidny problem or consipation they do t take

  152. Oh I forgot and MELATONIN!

    1. Not everyone needs that.

  153. Placebo my foot try living with out aPotassium and Thiamine/Vitamin B12 especially when you live in PROCESSED FOODS USA!

  154. Smoking should not be allowed in the street it makes me feel sick my local super mkt is stinking at the door my special needs child does not need lung fulls of poisons nor do i !!!!!!

    1. Clean your soul first. You sound full of hate

    2. Agreed but this has nothing to do with the video

    3. This is true. Now they are smoking robot cigarettes and they stink it’s better? Some people have died from cancer and only smelled some smoke! I was wondering if non-smokers have killed smokers who smoked in front of them.! Everything else happens…

  155. Vitamin D3 has to be taken together with Vitamin K2 .

    1. @Masterkey lazy hahahaha yes that must be it, right?

    2. @johnny roe watch any videos on K2 !! so lazy. also hundreds of studies go on google scholar and type ~K2 MK7 or nattokinase

    3. @John Hammill eh no thanks dr berg is a joke

    4. @johnny roe. watch this video..Dr. Berg’s Vitamin K2: and how to use it

    5. why, source?

  156. Too much vitamin A can cause liver damage….

    1. Id worry About too much meat and sugar cane

    2. too much anything can cause liver damage. Do you know how much vitamin A you need to take to actually get liver damage? Stop it

  157. Just take the multi

  158. The information is just lost in the blah blah blah. In the end, the title is not what it says.

  159. Take like a one a day men’s or something similar and put yourself on a healthy diet and exercise

  160. Iron made such a difference in my health recently. In one day.

    1. Its the only magnetic element. Look into magnetic water.

  161. ..>> In the 1940s, the agricultural chemists found that they could fatten their animals faster if they poisoned their metabolic systems with an anti-thyroid drug. The found the animals would get fat on very little food. Yet, the drug turned out to leave a carcinogenic residue in the meat.

    Farmers soon found out that corn and soybeans containing polyunsaturated fats (PUFA) would do the same as the anti-thyroid drugs and suppress the respiration of the animals and make them get fat on very little food. In the process they found that they were getting these yellow-fat diseases and brain degenerations (degeneration of the gonads, infertility, and so on).

    Around the same time the medical people noticed that the cholesterol was lowered in the process of eating a lot of these polyunsaturated fats. And that led to the spreading of the marketing of unsaturated fats to the human food supply, rather than just for the fattening of farm animals. And since people didn’t want to gain weight on the least amount of food, they needed a new reason for selling their fats to humans. And, lowering cholesterol became the excuse in humans.

    But the agriculturists knew all through the 1940s that corn and soy oils were very fattening, and eventually, very toxic. But since they sold their animals as soon as they reached marketable size, they didn’t care (if they died later; they were killing them before they had the chance to die of the degenerative diseases).” -RP

    Bottom line: Although the polyunsaturated fats will lower cholesterol (by suppressing the immune system), one of their main functions is to fatten animals, including you if you consume them, on lower calories. This is why farmers use high polyunsaturated fats foods like corn and soy to fatten their animals.

    What foods are high in polyunsaturated oils ? …Vegetable seeds and nut oils. Nuts, seeds, soy, corn, fatty fish like salmon, omega 3 and 6 oils, fish oil, and animals that are fed a high polyunsaturated diet that are not ruminants- pigs, rabbits, chickens

    Do you eat factory meat ? The beef industry uses six hormones—three naturally occurring hormones (estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone) and three synthetic hormones (zeranol, melengestrol acetate, and trenbolone acetate). No wonder people get cancer and sick fat obese .

    How to avoid “Colon Cancer” Lower your protein intake and avoid processed meats entirely .An estimated 135,000 people are diagnosed with colorectal cancer each year (about 95,500 cases of colon cancer and 39,900 cases of rectal cancer1), and more than 50,000 die from @t Meat Linked to Kidney Failure -Red meat increases your risk for kidney failure, according to a study published online in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. Researchers assessed data from 63,257 participants as part of the Singapore Chinese Health Study and tracked diet and kidney failure.Those who consumed the most protein from red meat increased their risk for end-stage kidney disease.

    Saturated fat is toxic , fat that has been cooked is called “damaged fat” causes plaque in the arteries .Eating more than about 20 percent fat in the diet may taste good, and may normalize your weight, but fats contain estrogens,pesticides..and among other things, and this can lead to cancers , heart disease and many other problems. This is very important .

    Fats should be eaten in the raw state whenever possible, or not overcooked. healthy oils like extra-olive oil and cold pressed coconut oil . All oils are quite damaged when cooked , and especially when overcooked, such as with deep frying, hard-boiling eggs, pasteurizing dairy milk products, cooking cheese and frying foods. OXIDATED toxic damaged..damaged fats .Treat you body like ferrari not garbage can feed it clean fuel .

    My advise for you people …flitting from one diet to another and never finding” nirvana” (perfect heaven) there is no perfect diet and following any “fanatically” and with a “closed mind” can cause trouble. We are all different. Food that one person can eat with pleasure may make someone else sick. So dump the gurus and the experts and listen to your body ! So many diet books out there and they all cherry-picked the data to write a book so they can have a number one seller and create millions of brain dead sheep followers and get rich quick..listen to your body that’s the best diet .

    Over consuming of anything more than the body can metabolically burn will make anyone gain weight ! . Yet, when the body is working optimally with high running metabolism and the person is eating enough healthy sugars, fats and good proteins, it is very hard to over consume. Yet, when the person eats a high percentage of processed foods, unsaturated fats (liquid oils–vegetable, seed and nut oils), fast foods, and not enough foods with good nutrition and good energy, the person has a high likelihood of becoming sick and/or fat through over-consumption.

    The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss

  162. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou for helping the world honor and respect for your words and time from Kenya

  163. Gel caps DO NOT dissolve., they end up floating whole in your toilet. Total truth. Thin powered capsules delude quickly.

  164. Supplements do not work.

    1. they do work and it is thousands of studies showing this. U must be quite young and living in a farm (maybe). most medications will deplete ur body. for ex. statins rob your heart of CQ10 and selenium and if u don’t have this knowledge the side-effects can be devastating. not all vits are good as they are full of fillers, or are quite synthetic but if u ever need (and I hope u never will) look always for no filler, organic, high quality and they will surprise ya

    2. Yeah, you get all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs in the GMO foods you eat… Whata idiot 😂😂

  165. Great info thanks! 👍

  166. no no meat ever

    1. Me

  167. This is bullshit!!!!

  168. A beer and a hot dog should be taken everyday

  169. In modern times, most of the vitamins and minerals in the soil where we grow our fruits and vegetables has been leeched out. Therefore, nobody is going to get enough nutrients from just their diet without adding supplements.

    1. That is because of extensive farming and crop largening agents that make all food mulnourished. These days Food undustery is only for wealthy not for healthy.

  170. People with darker pigmentation need to be in the sun from 30-90 minutes based on the tone of skin to absorb enough vitamin d for the body. 10 min will do nothing

    1. Napashah Lahat won’t be 30 minutes be harmful to the skin? And it will result in even more dark skin

  171. CI like your presentation. Thanks

  172. Yeah, use vitamin supplements, let’s support pharma stupid people…

  173. Name the important vitamin required for our body

    1. @rosemariah cube I take only vitamin K2 to prevent stroke, heart attack, cancer and diabetes.

    2. @rosemariah cube & ZINC!

    3. multani jafar important are D3 ,b12 , vitC , omega 3

  174. Vitamin M – Masturbation

    1. Loo

  175. people stop listening to this fake internet bullshit.your body needs all vitamins to be healthy

  176. The placebo effect, expensive urine!

  177. A lot of cheaper vitamins supplements have mineral oil in them those don’t get absorbed in the body as well as the ones that don’t have mineral oil in it.

    1. So true

  178. Everybody is different how can you say those are the only vitamins the body needs. Some ppl lack certain vitamins than others

  179. only talked about vit A amount, but not for others…. bad video

    1. Dinesh Gadwal do your own research

  180. Cereal…….Really.?…..Poison

  181. What a load of shit

  182. It is kiwi

  183. Can’t decide if this is an ad or not

  184. Studying now two weeks in apple cider vingar baking soda bae leaves mint tea orange an lime juiced and peels from skin in one . one cup a day along with 5+8 glasses of water help detox an wight loss i feel great too .

  185. The highest ever source of Vitamin C is in Guavas fruit – 380% per 100 grams.

    1. Varun prasad wrong

    2. @TheLawDemon Have a splendid New Year , dear brother ! ⭐ God bless you.

    3. @abc abc You are correct. The Kakadu Plum in Australia is the highest in the world that has been discovered so far.

    4. @ahmed nawaz Usmani you’re wrong too.

    5. wrong

  186. There is a lot of information missing in this video..

  187. haha the song, ‘oh well’

  188. you did not tell about omega 3 do we dont need omega 3

    1. yes for mental health it does help. ❤️

  189. amen god bless for this video

  190. “Only” sounds like a lot.

  191. Rapid extract vitamins at home:

  192. I am diabetic for last 8 years.. I losing weight.. Now my hight 5’9..……my wit 55_56 I want to gain weight… My sugar level is under control…. Suggest me weight gainer tablet/tonic please

    1. Just kidding.

    2. Pie ,ice cream, cookies , cakes, CARBS, bread, chips. Etc.

  193. Ever picture they use is almost always a female so i’m guessing this list is only for females if not they should had did a better job with what pictures they used or have a duel speaker.

  194. What’s left 🤔?

  195. Only says things about women.

  196. B12 comes from bacteria in the soil ffs

  197. DO take multivitamin and essential mineral supplements

    DON’T ask you doctor

    1. @Funloving girl lol..I was wondering.. for his status he should be writing out the words.. not no u, r nd. Lol. Leave that to me..dwl

    2. Hanan Navaf why you write like this? R u really a doctor?

    3. @Flordelyn Øvsthus that’s actually right

    4. Vitamins do have side effects on a long basis ..ND dats wy we don’t prescribe’s better to have food supplements containing all the essential vitamins

    5. Every docs r not like dat dey r not money makers being a docter luk to see dat all my patients r safe n sound’s not de matter of money ..we r de angels of Earth ND we do our duty for the happiness seen in people ND as a duty to God who have created us beautifully ..don’t u dare criticize docters if u haven’t conducted a whole research on each of dem …

  198. Very nice and helpful, one small thing you should do is contact a ‘Nutritionist’, as most doctors do not have training in nutrition unless achieved seperate to studies or directly specialised. Our education system promotes curative medicine where as preventitive is clearly less profitable due to it’s effectiveness. Vitamins such as B12 have four types,
    1) Cyanocobalamin – common exspensive and virtualy useless, uses energy in the body to create energy.
    2) Methyocobalamin
    3) Adenosylcobalamin
    4) Hydroxocobalamin
    These next three are much more useful to the body, however you should research which will best suit you.

  199. All I eat is bread what vitamin I need

  200. Vitamins are a must not a placebo affect. You must be sponsored by big Pharma. Typical Nazi collaborators

  201. Vitamins are a necessity of living .

  202. Nice Homeward Bound movie clip at 3:01

  203. Some consider bee pollen the most complete food🤔

  204. “The only” wow such misleading

    1. Yeah, her info was pulled from other sites. She left out some big ones , plus made several mistakes. You want FOLATE not folic acid. Never take a compressed tablet type vitamin or one with magnesium stearate. Potassium and magnesium take together with Vitamin C. There are lots of kinds of magnesium only the crummy kind gives you loose bowels. You have to watch and make sure your vitamins are food sourced and don’t have crummy fillers in them. I have found that family owned vitamin companies are better.

  205. I am going to buy them All.


  207. Fake

  208. I recommend walking through clouds of cigarette smoke at LEAST 3x per day.

  209. I loved the last clip lol!

    1. Tina Faye and Amy Pohler.

  210. AMINO GUGA AIL 7 65

  211. Retinol is true vit A. Carotenoids are not and do *NOT* convert to Retinol

  212. By

  213. I don’t think that the human body makes D3. Because the Sun provide D3 already. When we are outdoor we get it. Why would God made the body to make D3 when it is already there. I am curious as to how the experts know that the body makes D3.

    1. Rose Lee the skin produces D3 when receiving UVB rays. UVB rays are not always available depending on where you live. With the modern lifestyle, most people need to supplement because they are in offices all day for 5-6 days a week.

    2. The body makes D3, it is used in cell repoduction. The sun’s ultraviolet radiation is needed to produce D3.

  214. your delivery is not listenable.

  215. Tablet? Nobody absorbs it!

  216. this is wrong!!!

  217. Enjoy some of your information but milk is for babies and for cows it’s not for us to ingest when we become adults we get our calcium from spinach and other leafy veggies.

  218. nice vid

  219. Thank you for share…

  220. The Placebo Effect actually Works…

    1. ayyyy lmao

  221. Recommended by whom? The video doesn’t attribute the information to anyone?? Is this fake?

  222. This is some of the worst advice I have ever heard!

  223. Awesome video, great information on the importance of vitamins from whole foods, thank you do much!🙏🏽

  224. healthy lifestyle

  225. Metformin

    1. @Debbie Rabe 7

    2. berberine instead?

    3. Isn’t metformin for diabetics

  226. It’s been proven that no one can get vitamin D from the sun anymore. Not as long as chemtrails are in the air.

    1. Where is the study?

    2. Can you link the studies that proved this? I would love to read them.

    3. Ummmmmmm WRONG.

    4. @David Klimmek oh ok, thank you!

    5. Andrew Good Shepherd I take 2000 I. U. Per day minimum.

  227. 😁😉😏😏😏😋😳😌😩

  228. im taking a multi vitamin,for over 50 guys.but dealing with some pain issues,7 falls since 2005,and no broken bones.

    1. The Men’s over 50 multi vitamin that Walmart sells is a fairly decent one.


    1. @Attic Blood think D3 is the most important and the only good one is from animal. the plant one is rubbish. Omega 3 ,,, maybe linseed

    2. Omegas come from fish and they say they are necessary. I’m a vegetarian myself. I’m curious what different it could make though

  230. Vitamin B12 gives me bad insomnia. It doesn’t matter if I take it in the morning.

    1. Or because you are not B12 deficient and yet you take it anyway.

    2. It might be because you are taking a fake vitamin. 80-90% of the vitamins on the market are made from coal tar derivatives.

  231. wth is a micro gram.this vid sucks.2.48i cant watch any more of nothing

    1. Raymond Stefan .

  232. The background music is really annoying and detracts from the information you are trying to convey. I won’t watch your video.

  233. What is the bitamina that we take ones daily needs.? Bitamina is VITAMINS. Where will I buy?

    1. Watsons

  234. Thanks

  235. …provided the vitamin has no GMO!

    1. Who cares if they have those…..

  236. Vit.c and garlic help duration and severity of viruses. First time I heard A. Whatever do don’t get vaccines. Possible exception of tetanus. They need retested. Research it. Have become big business at our expense

    1. Im sorry but did you just say dont get vaccinated???

  237. What about B17 ? Also known as laetrile.

  238. I often have a dry cough/allergy and it really so annoying coz it takes really time to cure…wht vitamins should i take..and 1 more thing i really wish to gain weight please any suggestion🙏🙏thank you😘

    1. My brother had to take vitamin D3 before and he gained weight because it increased his appetite

    2. Thank you..😊

    3. cHEw ZhEi be

    4. If u take bp medication, it could be the cause

    5. Chew Zhei please check for Cellsentials and Proflavanol C100 products if USANA HEALTH SCIENCES in google and youtube.. this is the highest rated Best products in the world.

  239. The only problem is the micro nutrients necessary to absorb all the vits and mins are not present in supplements.

  240. I’m deficient in vitamin V. Can you help?

    1. I can give u a substitute

    2. @Maverick

    3. Vitamin Vagina right?

  241. It is absolutely amazing that no one is talking about B17!

    1. Ask the Germans 😉

    2. GEEZ why are there so many b vitamins

  242. The title is “ONLY” deceiving. We need every vitamins. So say in one short sentence.

  243. Y

  244. Placebo effect is over-rated and an over-used term.

    1. oyinbo peppe lmao no

  245. What is thebest remedy to control cholesterol and uric acid

    1. Joel Sude for cholesterol, niacin is supposed to balance it out, and ofc take care of your food!

    2. You can’t control cholesterol, you can only try to reduce it. You need a strict diet to reduce it from your body. It’s hard to eliminate cholesterol since it can store in your veins for many years, some might also have been with you when you ate your first fried chicken.

  246. You do speakrightly, HOWEVER, GMOs’ is not from creation!!! Genesis 1:11-13…

  247. Natkingcolle

  248. Thanx for the positive efforts, healthy healthy healthy,

  249. Recommend by whom? The vitamin companies, no doubt.

    1. Monk . r

  250. Eat healthy [preferably organic] food; mostly raw; not too much per day; and mostly veggies.
    BUT…our modern world is drenched in manmade chemicals, and GMO foods, which can block the body’s uptake, conversion to active forms, and block receptor sites….which means there are billions of people who are malnourished, for one reason or another. Obese people are generally malnourished….cravings are triggered by deficiencies of nutrients. And almost nobody gets adequate minerals…not the major ones, and even more deficient are the trace minerals. Magnesium is a MAJOR mineral, which has been marginalized by food, gov’t, and medical industries….one needs magnesium to help muscles relax, keep our brains working, etc.
    BEWARE any video or site that tells you that only a few supplements are needed….each person has individual needs, and needs properly evaluated. alternative practitioners usually have better knowledge, than regular Docs.
    This video wreaks of industry control / minimizing of need for supplements which are applicable to most of the population to some extent.
    MOST people, still, are unwilling to change their diets to include mostly organic veggies.
    That said…one can get almost all they need, from simple Nutritional Yeast + Sea Veggies taken daily in their food.

    1. I was wondering if you could follow all your advices…if you cannot then…no need to tell …you think nobody knows that?????

  251. All you need is Vitamin D3 and Fish Oil. The rest you should get from a healthy diet.

    1. Andy M fake news. U need fish oil

    2. Cushite Calisthenics yes VitC also!

    3. instead of fish oil…we just eat salmon and sardine?

    4. I wouldnt take fish oil tablets if I were you.

    5. NOT TRUE..dumb as a rock…

  252. Good

  253. more like expensive wee down you go too the toilet wateverrr

  254. Was this video made only for ladies?

  255. vitamins are a scam and they are not bioavailable in the body because Whole Foods come as a complex that the body recognizes and is absorbable and assimilated into cells vitamins are a scam so get your heads out of your asses

    1. That isn’t true. Even the cheap forms some of it gets absorbed but far less. The point is to do research, highly quality minerals like albion form a person can get quite cheap. Like anything knowledge is power. You can get 60 day albion multimineral from for like 4-6 dollars. Supplements are not a scam. Ignorance is.

  256. Organic foods are the ideal source for vitamins and minerals. In supplement form, the quality and source of raw materials used to make them are just as important. Not all supplements in tablet, capsule, and liquid form are made from the best sources.
    Many supplement makers cut corners by utilizing highly questionable materials in order to save money on manufacturing costs to the detriment of people’s health and well being. When in doubt, nature is often the best source.

    1. Yes, let your food be your medicene and your medicene be your food.

    2. TheMagnificentPower that’s y you have to go to a health food store

  257. reported.. misleading bs

  258. not bad. you forgot k2. very important. d3s sidekick

    1. @keecefly
      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 good one. I gotta use thatline😂

    2. Reina Macarena, e tu hai dimenticato l’Everest che è più alto del k2!

    3. @Jay Troche D3 is vitamin D. K2 moves calcium into your bones.

    4. @Jay Troche l

    5. Anna Patty 🤦‍♂️ stop spreading incomplete /inaccurate information. Rat poison has extremely high amounts that is toxic to rats. Humans need Vitamin D3, and our skin produces it when UVB rays hit our skin.

      Water can kill us if we drink too much. Too much of most things can be harmful or toxic to the human body.

  259. 👩💭” I was in shock like.” That was one of the WORST COMMERCIAL AD I have ever seen!

  260. U people are so ill informed. want to cure cold ? start taking 100,000 IU of Vitamin A every half hour when u sense a cold coming. . i have tried it with many people and works like magic. takes 2-3 hours and cold dries up. then next two days keep ur Vitamin A handy and take it in 100,000 IU doses. no colds ever again

    1. +Am Dom Up to a million IU of vitamin A is non toxic to the liver taken for several days if you take at least 1000 IU of vitamin D with it. Neither is high dose A long term.

    2. lol 100000 IU is very damn high. do you know the consequences? perhaps not. yes, your COLD will go away but the reactions from taking too much will def take a toll on you for years to come.

    3. Not FDA approved. You are violating Death Administration overlord recommendation sir!

    4. kanwarjit sidhu, I do this with vitamin C, 6000 units at the first signs of a cold. Knocks it out quick. 😘

    5. You should take at least 1000 IU of vitamin D when doing high dose A to prevent it from being toxic. 1000IU of D lets you take a million IU of A safely. Every half hour seems a bit fast, every 3-4 hours for a total of around 4-5 times a day is usually the standard protocol for dosing for anything serious. I personally would say 30 mins is way too fast.

  261. the lady here talked too much.just go to the bottom line which vitamins you are mentioning that only one you need……the best vitamins for the body is to eat organic fruits & vegetables.

    1. You’re not too smart are you? The soils in America have been so depleted that you do not get the full proper nutrients and vitamins your body needs so you need to supplement. When you supplement they have to be high-quality supplements of course

    2. No, if i eat fresh fruit i have allergy,,even the vitamin c in pharmacy the same,,so took supplement herbal vitamin c

    3. Lots of people can’t eat everything for medical reasons like ulcers and gastritis etc.

    4. The information was just lost in the blah blah blah. The title is not what it says. Waste of time to watch.

    5. ehhx

  262. Ester C is the Best C Suppl. if U Can’t Intake 1200-1500 C From Fruits, Is Full of Flavonoids,Calcium & Doesn’t Upset Your Stomach if Your A Light Eater. I Take 750mg.Twice A Day & Sometimes More , in Cold Season.Haven’ t Had A Cold or Flu in Years.Zinc Helps Boost the C , Also.

    1. Where can u buy ester C,is it sold in the Philippines?

    2. best Vit C is Liprosomal Vit C Liquid form

    3. Ed Cain
      If YOU’RE a light eater, NOT YOUR.

    4. Ed Cain yes it does

    5. Ed Cain I will

  263. Highest source of vitamin c is a kiwi fruit.

    1. John M And potassium

    2. Papaya has more

    3. Hawk Moon no, you have to consume a whole cup of kraut to get 700 mg where kiwi has 170 per piece. I would much rather eat 4 slices of kiwi than an entire cup of kraut😝

    4. The highest source of vitamin C is the indian gooseberry also known as Amla.

    5. yes you are right

  264. REALLY so this video is aimed at women and women’s health and pregnancy etc, what about men, disgraceful sexist video go fuck yourself

    1. Yeah, I also think that she should have pointed out that calcium for example can increase the chance of developing prostate cancer, while iron causes hemochromatosis in men, which leads to many diseases, so these two minerals are definitely not something men should get a lot of.

  265. You said people don’t make vitamin D like other animals do and then you said if we stand outside in the sun for about 10 minutes that will be sufficient to create enough vitamin D for the day I’m so confused when does the hurting stop LOL

    1. slayer 1she said we dnt make vit c as unlike animals not D

    2. She said we cannot make vitamin C. The pain you’re feeling is probably from the ball bearings shaking in your empty head.

    3. 15 min. whole body

    4. sherry blackwood they got this wicked new technology out now it’s called Sunscreen or a hat with a wide Brim or a combination of the two

    5. slayer 1 My rosacea and fever blisters would love that! I walked a quarter mile in the sun. My face was wrecked.

  266. I’ve been told that my blood has to much iron in it, but I can’t find out how to lower it….

    1. @Bhargava srivatsa.c u ignorant prick I know people who died of this😈

    2. Eat a magnet…it should attract atleast some iron👍

    3. You need to see a M.D. It sounds like you have hemochromotosis. Most people need long-term phlebotomy on a certain schedule. This is a chronic disease which must be monitored long term. Good luck. We have this inheriited disease in our family.

    4. My neighbor said she has to donate blood

    5. Liz’s Wake Up With Make Up Donate blood.

  267. Vitamins we need on a daily basis and the first 2 listed are fat soluble vitamins that we store in the body…

    1. highflyer4

  268. Ask your health care provider? Most of them have no clue about nutrition. And if you try to supplement your diet, response is :You just have expensive urine. LoL
    Listen to your body. You get the message.

    1. @WaterspoutsOfTheDeep


    2. They take very little on nutrition, they take no schooling on medication. If you want to know about drugs, talk to a pharmacist.

    3. Eva Gabor who trusts them? They sold out to big pharma and were schooled by the Jesuits who DO have a depopulation agenda. Period. Fact.

    4. True the average doctor has only had 2 weeks of nutritional education. Hardly extensive.

  269. Multivitamins are still a scam. Vitamin D(3) unless you live in a sunny place and lots of whole foods.

    1. Prenatal vitamins?

    2. I basicaally have no vitamin d so my doctor prescribed it to me. Also almost everyone lacks vitamin b12 even people who eaat meat and fish.
      The rest… Depends on your diet. I eat shitty food but im sure people who eat properly with plenty of veggies and fruits dont need more vitamins.

    3. TyLee96 not a scam just not enuff. Take one!

    4. Multivitamins aren’t a scam. Sunny place doesn’t make a difference it has to do with the angle the light hits the earth where you live that determines the amount of vitamin D the body can produce, sunny doesn’t matter. Whole foods are great but don’t really cut it solely, not in todays day and age when the body is under way more stress from the environment and even daily stress in ones lives.

    5. d3 treatment in hindi

  270. In short, u need every vitamins.
    Dont need this bs

    1. @Avery McDaniel don’t forget silver and gold

    2. Don’t forget Iron

    3. ty

    4. Thanks ALOT !!! You jist saved me 11minutes 😊

    5. Lol thank u

  271. Iron on an empty stomach???

    1. Butterfly Queen l

    2. Gloria Berez Oyster mushrooms have like, 30-40% of the recommended daily intake of iron. Shitake mushrooms only have half that.

    3. John M what kind of mushrooms are the best for iron? Thank you !

    4. Butterfly Queen you could take orange juice with cooked mushrooms. Mushrooms are high in iron.

    5. Butterfly Queen I’ve suffered from anemia before and use to take iron first thing in the morning on an empty stomach or I took it with orange juice, I dnt know the reason but I think its for better absorbtion

  272. Hey List 🤗

    1. Tammy’s Make-up Treats vitamins are not good ….get yours from fruits and vegetables.

    2. 354 views, yet 3 comments….. :^ *whistles*

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