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The Safest Ways to Use Household Cleaners

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Cleaning and disinfection is at an all time high, as many grocery store aisles for household cleaning supplies look empty. With an uptick in the usage of cleaners, it’s important to use them correctly, because they can pose a danger when mishandled. Bleach, one of the most powerful and common household cleaners, can produce dangerously toxic gases if it’s mixed with other cleaners. While disinfectant spray is ideal for cleaning surfaces, don’t get it on your hands, food or pets.


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280 thoughts on “The Safest Ways to Use Household Cleaners

  1. I can’t hear anything!

    Edit: by the looks of these comments you need *both* of your earphone.

  2. I could tell this one time I mixed a whole bunch of cleaning products in the toilet to clean it and I started coughing blood

  3. I just hear th sounds
    Not her talking

  4. She forgot remind kids NOT to eat pods!

  5. We know do you really think we’re this dumb

  6. easy: dont use toxic products in the first place. go with vinegar, baking soda, plant based natural cleaners, etc.

  7. I thought the tile was “The safest way to use husband cleaners” 😂

  8. I remember them doing on a story bout that one worker who mixed bleach with something else and he died from being exposed to it

  9. Bleach + Hydrogen Peroxide = Fizz and oxygen and could probably explode. Basically baking soda and vinegar but x10

  10. I thought all of this was common sense??? And also people, the thousand word essay on the label isn’t just there to annoy you, READ IT!!! If you read the label you should already know what she’s saying!

  11. This video is just so damn sad

  12. Does the hand in the thumbnail have a thumb?

  13. Ya yeet

  14. Believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior. Turn from sin. Don’t be deceived, the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God.

  15. Was there no audio for anyone else

  16. What really nasty is people don’t start washing hands until this.

    1. Gracie Thornton right


  18. Um I guess dont eat them and follow the directions on the back

  19. what is this audio qualityyyy

  20. my left ear enjoyed this

  21. Eat them?

  22. Who tf is out there spraying household cleaners on their skin and food LOL just let the natural selection run its course

  23. As Jeffery Star sprays his French fry with Lysol 💀💀

  24. My left ear enjoyed this

  25. ok i will mix bleach with something 😀

  26. Never mix bleach with many other household cleaner my mom learned that the hard way she made mustard gas

  27. nah fam i’m gonna eat that stuff

  28. fix your audio first goddamn

  29. I notice that I never seen a black or Hispanic or Indian on this show! White people power ? 🤨

  30. Come on I think they just put of ideas

  31. What happens if you microwave a tide pod?🤔

  32. The sound mix on this was rough. Why did I watch this again?

  33. They missed the chance to say at the end

    Simple tips to keep your house clean during quarantine

    Because it rhymes

  34. Future aliens who discover plannet earth will label us humans as the Quaranteens.

  35. 0:19 Tf she wasting bleach for?

    1. Maggie12MD no she is clean the sink

  36. I only had my right earbud in, so I only heard sounds for half the video 😂

  37. I just mini nuked my home

  38. “Beware headphone users”

  39. Ok but who’s gonna put disinfecting spray in their food?

  40. inside edition is really milking the corona virus issue

  41. Never listen to someone spraying with metal compressed gas explosive can And spray a electrical switch trying to tell you whats she done at the end of the video


  43. Ok whos spraying themselves with Lysol and putting washer pods in their eyes

    1. Defenetly not me…

  44. Who the hell cuts open the tide pods in the first place

  45. why did she spray the trash

    1. GABRIEL GALLEGOS because the COVID can last on plastic for 3 days or more

  46. Who doesn’t know this

  47. When will they learn that the sound is messed up

  48. The end is nigh.
    Million people will die.

  49. Wtf so no one is talking about the sound imperfections in this video

  50. What happened to the audio

    1. Br4ve3gg BD what

  51. Solution: Move to the moon

  52. You hear that Karen? Take notes 🙂

  53. Hah open ur doors watch when coronavirus enters ur house

  54. I use bleach, water and dish soap to make a cleaning solution

  55. Ammonia and bleach “could “ make a dangerous gas. Brah that’s the combination for mustard gas 😂

  56. Is it just me or is the audio on this rigged

  57. Yoooo I thought my headphones were broke😂

  58. I hear drinking the bleach can really kill the virus 😂😂😂😂😂

  59. “Isn’t not ment for skin.”


    1. virgen virgen it’s not a joke

  60. I got tide pod in my eye one time
    That was the most pain in my life

  61. You can make chlorine gas from household supplies no reason why you can’t make bombs

  62. Step one: don’t eat it u Fricking idiot 🙂

  63. Money is difficult nowadays. I just use a diy cleaning solution of 1 cup water and 1 cup 70percent alcohol.My spouse gets sick with the smell of bleach or anything too chemical.

  64. Yep my ears definitely enjoyed the ASMR, I can listen to that all day 😂

  65. This girl is so annoying

  66. Okeeeeeyyyyyyy? Bro I bet I clean way better than this lady

  67. The easiest way to use cleaning item……… don’t use cleaning items

  68. Who didn’t know these “tips”? Who needs to be told not to mix bleach with ammonia, or not to spray your food with disinfect?

  69. Ya thank you for telling us this after we did it

  70. Is there a single second of this that isn’t common sense?

  71. The thumbnail looked like the most delicious grass jelly in the world

  72. Omg I never knew bleach is dangerous

  73. Do they still sell disinfecting sprays ?? Cuz I don’t see them at the store no more 😕

  74. My aunt worked at Texoma Medical Center as a room cleaner & janitor she told me that she ended up in the hospital herself for 10 days because she mixed lime away with bleach. It almost killed her. She said she had uncontrollable coughing and could not breathe made her lungs have severe symptoms. I never mix cleaners. Another thing… Anybody NOTICE the lady in video giving out safety tips, But she is spraying Lysol into a light switch & a plug! Don’t spray LIQUIDS in ELECTRICAL outlets & switches woman! Unless you want to get shocked, Spray on a cloth lightly then gently wipe! DANG! 🙄

  75. so wait you dont eat tide pods??? have i been living under a rock this whole time 🦀🦞🐠

  76. Thumbnail : forbidden snack

  77. So how am I supposed to clean my pets and our eyes?

  78. Its great but I ran out of the disinfectants and the hoarders took out the Lysol in the markets…so what do you do now. All I can use is soap. I was not prepared for a pandemic.

  79. Don’t tell me how to clean my house and who tf uses 1 tide pod y’all dirty if y’all only using one

    1. I guess 90% of the world is dirty…

  80. My left ear enjoyed this

  81. My left ear really enjoyed this video

  82. What’s up with the audio?

  83. So… basically use common sense

    1. Mic 72 yep

  84. Thanks inside edition for another pointless video. I’m sure every human knows how to use house hold cleaning products

  85. They knew what they was doing with that thumbnail 🤣

    1. 😂😂

  86. OMG.

  87. When you watch this and remember that episode on “King of the Hill” when Peggy makes a newspaper article on House cleaning tips and accidentally puts the ingredients to make “Mustard Gas” , dang it , Peggy , BWAHHH!!

  88. Just a bunch of common sense they’re almost everyone knows

  89. My right ear enjoyed the ASMR

  90. 1:15 get that into your eyes? I am more afraid when some people actually eat that…….

  91. why is the voice only playing on my left ear?

  92. I saw the thumbnail and got the munchies for some reason.

  93. Eat them

  94. Thanks Inside Edition , how would I ever survive without you 🙄

    1. Sean L 😂😂

  95. My left ear loved the voices and my right enjoyed the sounds.

  96. Is this video really necessary?

  97. These tips were all common sense

  98. Did she disinfect the trash?

  99. I would love to have lysol or any disinfectant spray. I use it during my normal cleaning. Now I can only find it on ebay for 40 to 80 dollars with a ridiculous shipping cost. They need to do something about the inflation on these sites. Our Dollar generals never recieved their shipment for cleaning supplies. I just want one can! Seen people posting they found some but they bought multiple cans! And they aren’t sharing.

    1. If you loved it so much you would of already had a few around the house.

  100. *When I was about 21 I mixed ammonia and Bleach together to mop my floors after mixing it together I smelled it and I stopped breathing for a few seconds*

    1. Margaret Ramirez *Why is your text bold?*

    2. Margaret Ramirez If you waited 30 seconds, (BOOM). A little explosion.

    3. @lil Perc30 *What’s that supposed to mean*

    4. I can tell its affected you more long term

  101. Yes, go ahead and keep spraying the electrical light switch! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  102. Wow, Thanks for the tips we all ready know

  103. I don’t got time for that

  104. Trump is the Antichrist.

    Proverbs 6:12-19 A worthless person, a wicked man, Is one who …

  105. Why she disinfect the trash can doe😂

  106. My left ear enjoyed this video

  107. Hmmm…my left ear thanks you.

  108. She forgot to say dont eat the pods……..

  109. yummy yummy bleach

  110. I hate white ppl bro

  111. first

  112. I’ve always mixed my Clorox with fabuloso. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ done it for YEARS!!!

    1. Same or with pinesol lol been doing it since age 5 when my grandma made me start cleaning

    2. jamarican06 me too 🤷🏻‍♀️ 😂

    3. jamarican06 yep! I have always mixed a little bleach & Gain scented Febreeze to mop the floors.

  113. i hate the bleach’s smell

  114. Just eat em like a normal millenial

  115. Why does the person in the thumbnail have the palm shape of a brick?

  116. that she has to tell people how to use this is just sad

    1. ikr

    2. Sad but it’s the reality 🤷🏾‍♀️

    3. My left ear enjoyed this

    4. let the dumb people die 😂

    5. Debbie Cooper yeah cause our generation is retarded

  117. I’m watching people cleaning in the morning

  118. My left year really enjoyed this

  119. Inside Edition: 0:07″ look at the empty household cleaner isles in supermarkets around the nation”

    Also Inside edition: *shows only one photo*

    1. Lol

  120. Jfree star spray the Macdonald fries with disinfectant and eat the fries


    1. @xoxo hows your mom Daniel?

    2. @xoxo he gey

  121. Nah.

  122. I didnt know about peroxide and bleach only ammonia scary good to know

  123. Hmm. I think they be running out of ideas.

  124. Store then In your mouth until you’re ready to use them, That’s why people created the tide pod challenge

  125. Hello

  126. Do people actually follow the “guidelines” in this kind of video

    (i put guidelines in quotation marks cause i don’t know what else to call them)

  127. maybe u should stop uplaoding 3 tmes a day

    1. s u n f l o w e r you do know you don’t have to watch

  128. this comment has 0 likes

  129. Not first and don’t care

  130. Safest way to use household cleaners: don’t eat them

    1. @NS R
      😜He probably uses Lysol as cologne

    2. Urstruly, Mi but jeffree star just sprayed a French fry before eating it!? 😲

    3. Or at least with fine wine.

  131. Hispanic mother’s always say. Being barefoot will get you sick

  132. That thumbnail look delicious. Mmm-mmm-mmmh!

  133. Bleach is good for cleaning the house
    Bleach and ammonia is good to clean the uhh, others

  134. Why there is no Sound

    1. SABER GOLD yes there is

  135. I forget that common sense isn’t so common anymore. Never spray yourself with lysol? Really? !

    1. Oh don’t worry. It’ll just “hurt your skin”. 😂

  136. “Why is my grape kool aid in packets?”

    1. I have noticed that too, and for some reason my mom keeps using them in the washing machine.

    2. ROFL

  137. So wait I don’t pour it into my eyeballs?

    All this time…

  138. jefree star currently spraying his mcdonalds fries with disinfecting spray….

  139. who else thought their headphones gone wrong

  140. Omg so helpful, thanks. Not.

  141. Megan Murphy : “Bleach can make your skin hurt.”

    Michael Jackson : Am I a joke to you.

  142. Audio is so low

  143. Woman’s day magazine, ummmmmm, not trying to be one of those crazy feminists but like, a magazine for cleaning tips is called “woman’s day magazine” I’m a little shook.🤭 wait I’m probably just waffling

  144. Stay Safe

  145. LOVE LIFE

  146. Happy Sunday

  147. Omg hi

  148. Cant kill a virus if its not a living thing now can you

  149. People: «Cleans»

    Corona: i’m coming back baby!

    1. 😂😂

    2. Willsxmo Wait a minute, I just noticed ur comment in three vids! Perhaps I don’t need glasses anymore ._.

  150. Lisa Guerrero Should Confront That Coronavirus Covid-19!!! 😡😤😠

    But then wash her hands for 20 Seconds straight after!!! 😲😳🥺

  151. is it just me or is this audio terrible.

  152. Like I’f you watched it first at 3:45 am 🤗🤗

    1. It is 5 am where I live

  153. T

  154. It’s 4:00 in the morning and I’m watching people cleaning💀

    1. It’s 3:30pm and i clicked on the 4:00 time stamp 🤦‍♂️

    2. In reality it’s *night*
      Whoever came up with past midnight is morning is an idiot !!

    3. I started cracking up when they said you shouldn’t mix bleach an ammonia it could make a very dangerous gas

    4. Same dude

    5. Me too 😲

  155. It’s 3:40 why am I up😔
    What time do you go to sleep 😴 and follow me on Instagram @prettyass_kaiesha please

  156. I think I’ve seen this before?!?! 🤔🤨🧐

  157. ayo,87 views 1 min ago 99 likes check.

  158. Thank you

  159. I am NOT SORRY

  160. My mom is hispanic so she clean till the walls start shining so im good😂😂

    1. @Electriceeeel correction kind sir its “Hijo”

    2. Son!

    3. Julio Artiga same

  161. So there is 50 first people? Whos actually 1st

  162. Hope everyone’s doing good during COVID-19

    1. i love myself they came out with a new version. It supposedly has better attraction so it can attract to you better then the 19.

    2. @Elon Musk wait what? I don’t get it

    3. Covid 19? It’s all about covid 20 now

  163. wow corona is taking over the world

  164. Lol

  165. am i third

  166. i dont clean my house

  167. 0 views and 45 comments😂
    YouTube is drunk again guys

  168. Umm no

    1. No what

  169. First

  170. Household chemicals aren’t the only thing I swallow.

  171. was the audio recorded in a microwave

  172. second

  173. why do i only hear the video in one ear 😔👎

  174. Hey inside edition I love you videos

  175. 🔥🔥🔥

  176. First

  177. Lesson of the day dont randomly use bleach

  178. My left ear enjoyed this

    1. if u watch this without headphones it will be both ears but i guess you were watching it with headphones like everyone else including me

    2. A laundry tie pod is for a laundry machine so yeah

    3. @BlossomPlaysRoblox same here LMAO!!

    4. Yeah I have an year infection and I couldn’t understand them…

    5. Mobile masterrace

  179. Hi

  180. I click it firest

  181. 3rd

  182. Hello can u shout me out

  183. Here comes a rain of “first”

  184. Second

  185. why am i here its 6am

  186. Hey

  187. I just eat mine

  188. I really like your vidios!!

  189. First

  190. When doe?

  191. When’s COVID-20 coming out?

    1. Thanks for reminding me, forgot to pre-order it

    2. RIGHT

    3. What is the price? Can I rent it?

    4. Losers! I already have them!

    5. Next Holiday or I’ve heard

  192. CMON

  193. Watch all ur vids

  194. i don’t know what to comment ..

  195. Third..? Am I right

    1. No

  196. 1

  197. First

  198. Wash your hands 😷

  199. hiii

  200. Hi

  201. Empty!

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  206. Deez nuts

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  209. 2nd

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  211. First

    1. No

    2. Annabelle Challenges ._.

    3. Annabelle Challenges *ok*

    4. Noo

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