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The Truth about Vitamins & Supplements – Clinical Nutrition

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The Truth about Vitamins and Supplements
Should you take vitamins and supplements?

Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, supplements, Omega fatty acids; protein powders; what’s the truth about taking these. Should you get your nutrients through food and diet or should you take vitamins to supplement your nutrition? Here’s the truth about vitamins.

Dr. Vincent Bellonzi
B.S.,D.C.,C.C.N., C.S.C.S., A.C.S.M. H/FI

Dr. Vincent Bellonzi is a chiropractor and a Certified Clinical Nutritionist. He has been in practice for over 12 years. He received his Doctorate from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1991.

Since 1998, Dr. Bellonzi has practiced in the Austin area. He works with athletes at every level to provide sports conditioning and rehabilitation.

Visit Dr. Bellonzi’s website at

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236 thoughts on “The Truth about Vitamins & Supplements – Clinical Nutrition

  1. Dr. Sebi

  2. Healthy diet plus multi vitamin

  3. We don’t always get balance diet

  4. My problem was that I needed betaine anhydrous and betaine Hydrochloride because without those I could not absorb the nutrients from my supplements. I have barely any stomach acids. Certainly not enough to cook through those supplements. Also taking liposomal versions of supplements helped with this during the interim. I’m trying to create more of my own natural stomach acids.

  5. Here is something you can try…… shorturl .at/ckFSW ( no spaces)

  6. Posted 12 years are ago or so what’s food like in 2020?

    1. @Julian B that’s why I want to go there

    2. @Naomi Sings not in Europe

    3. Basically all GMOs

  7. Bollocks.

  8. What are the globalist’s toxic ingredients in vitamins? Same ones in chemtrails and vaccines?

    1. good question man. finally some one that isn’t indoctrinated and naïve as hell. research has shown that many vitamins are fake and can be harmful. chemtrails can be verified bby testing soil.

  9. It’s good to start with a doctor for these discussions but Corrina is better and didn’t come till later. I like Corrina doing this it gets more people interested in their channel.

  10. I tried bioavailavke form of multi, very good, although my heart muscles seemed to struggle, later I read is due to overdose on calcium wchih helps to absorb d3(not sure though it was a year ago I have done research) wchih contribute to some heart problems. As I looked into it furthure I came to conclusion that the bipavailavle ones are best to avoid, that food in its natural form acctually contains the the original form that and it’s only broken later in a body if you are deficient .. So it’s excellent wisdom of oure God creator, that we also not absorb more then we need. Best to pick the standard onces but they have most bad additives in them I may try once again to find smth pure. It was sad as the biavanlabe one was super pure no other additives just supplement for autistic children run by people who have autistic children and so produced with great care. The calcium sulphate I belive was the tricky one indgreedence in most, oh there is so little products thqt I would chose, hope to find smth good. I do think that the synthetic are better or do yoir own natural supplement becasue study shown they aren’t having all that is listed but even if so I saw some ingrredneces like orange peel in them wchih is high in nutrences or seeds huls wchih are high in calcium or iron, hovewer the form of this minerals aren’t really absorbed by body (how amizingly God created all things).. so.. hey.. I do think the synthetic are best if you want to buy as clinically they are proven and recommend and help patients nutrient deficient…

  11. Good advice.

  12. A chiropractor is not a fucking doctor!

  13. What about magnesium?

  14. We require additional minerals!

  15. WOW I just checked my supps from HOLLAND & BARRETT and they all contain magnesium stearate and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and other really suspicious ingredients Even worse then i find HOLLAND & BARRETT ARE OWNED BY AN ARMS MANUFACTURER

  16. This one is not vitamins they are just food

  17. the guy only has dictionaries on the back

  18. can i use your video on my online store?

  19. since I take plant based vegan supplements my whole body changed for the better. Im stronger, sleep better, my face looks younger. It definitely helps to stay healthy.

  20. NG360 Multivitamins is the best vitamin in the market currently. Contains all the essential nutrients to give the body’s elements optimal performance!

    1. I looked at the ingredients of this multi vitamins and they are synthetic not good for you

    2. Naturelo is the best.

    3. Nexus Generation Hello, have you tried Usana?. Please take a look at:

  21. hi there.interesting,thanks for posting.can some people not absorb vitamins and minerals?I’m on thyroxine 100microgrammes a day,venlafaxine anti deps 70mg a these hinder absorption? any information would be great.thankyou

  22. Hi I need help. I have been having a lot of fatigue, thinking issues, anxiety, and indecisiveness. Please contact me.

    1. Marianna Tsemekhman, check this out you going to love it. These are natural supplements designed for the Immune System. Let me know

    2. Marianna Tsemekhman I take Cellsentials by Usana Health Sciences. You can order online at

    3. try this might help.. our C24/7 food supplement Poduct of Nature’s Way
      message me

  23. Your right about taking multivitamins however people who promote “food in their most raw form” or not cooking your food much, simply do not understand biology or evolution. Humans evolved and developed around cooked food and it always has been and always will be good for you to cook your food.

    1. @QueefJuiceOverflow There are 15 supplements need to be avoided

    2. Bullshit

    3. Ug nis certain vitamins become more bioavailable after break down from cooking. lutein in kale cooked vs absorbed from lutein in raw form for example. so why are you talking that hostile noise?

    4. I try to juice vegatble as often as possible.

  24. They just released a study testing a range of popular supplements and the results were horrifying. Around 80% (yes 80%) had no active ingredient that was listed on the bottle. 80% were fake, and these were reputable local brands. Many of the supplement companies import the raw ingredients from places like China and India these days and because there is no oversight of the industry, some people became very sick, lost organs like liver failure and some died. They tested what was actually in the supplements and they were mostly various forms of vegetable matter and fillers. Most people dont need supplements or vitamins, and should get them the nornal way through food. The study showed that bottle vitamins actually give you an increase in the risk of cancer.

    1. I’m a top 1000 and Vine reviewer on Amazon. Last year I can’t tell you how many companies were giving away free supplements in exchange for review. Most of the time when I asked for a Certificate of Analysis (COA), they couldn’t provide it. A lot of these were coming from China. They were flooding the market with god knows what, and all those purchases and reviews were moving them to the top of Amazon’s search queue. It was so bad, legitimate companies like Viva Labs had to give away free product in exchange for review. I threw most of it out.

      One guy selling fish oil accidentally sent me the COA from the bulk supplier, and the oil had a Totox value of 21, which is a few points away from the voluntary limit of 26. And that was before the oil had been transported to a bottler, bottled, and shipped to Amazon–adding more oxygen and further degrading the oil.

    2. It’s crazy! But if you’re taking certified by TGA that is the best what you can do

  25. Great pointers for us all to think about

  26. Vitamin supplements are only good for the production of expensive urine. Just eat good and save your money. Dietary supplements is a multi billion dollar industry that is a complete waste of money.

    1. +Amare1919 Not true. Even eating good foods will not give some enough nutrients or minerals. That’s why Supplements is needed to make up for how much nutrition the body needs. The older we get, the amount of how much minerals and nutritions we need goes up, meaning that even the good diet alone won’t be enough.

  27. And I recommend AlfaVit. Contains 13 vitamins and 10 minerals. Can compete with the famous Double X but a lot cheaper. I met with the AlfaVit more than 10 years ago. It works just great.

  28. Excellent sensible presentation, Doc! But I would add vitamin C powder (3,000 mg/day) to your minimal regimen. People should get a “metabolic panel” blood test to see where they are at. Pay attention to results for vit D, K2, and magnesium as many are low on those.

    1. If you take EXCESS vit C — yes, you will get diarrhea (temporarily). So you take it to within bowel tolerance. I take one teaspoon (4,000 mgs) four times through the day for a total of 16,000 mgs. That is well within my personal bowel tolerance.

      There is enormous documented evidence that it is beneficial in high doses going as far back as 1948 when Dr Frederick Klenner used intravenous sodium ascorbate (vitamin C) in very high doses to cure 60 people of polio during a polio epidemic.

  29. It amuses me when people use the knowledge of last 50 years to offset 2.5 million years of evolution. Most of these over-the-counter supplements are synthetic and offer no nutrient value whatsoever. People should understand that our body has amazing capacity to heal itself and adapt even to the harshest environment. All we need to do is avoid junk (including seeds of grass) and see the body work itself out, getting leaner and stronger.

    1. “Most of these over-the-counter supplements are synthetic and offer no nutrient value whatsoever.” Prove this claim. Right, you CAN’T.

    2. Synthetic vitamins still provide nutrients, just because their created in a lab doesn’t mean they are worthless. On the contrary many high end Multivitamins still use synthetic forms of various vitamins, and if taken with food and water, they are just as absorbable and nutrient rich as wholefood supplements.

    3. +Ashish Singh You are forgetting that today’s foods from factory farms are chemicalized and from increasingly depleted soil — therefore lower in nutrients than they used to be. In regard to supplements: if you choose them wisely (study) they can be enormously beneficial. I cured coronary atherosclerosis and arthritis with supplements/diet/exercise and ZERO drugs.

    4. well said you hv a strong point.

  30. Are you getting  whole food nutrition? or are you using fractional vitamins and supplements that are chemically made by man.Where is the scientific research? visit my website.  

    1. Jennifer Major Lol! All You MLM Salesman Sound The Same.

  31. Is “Alive  Men’s Energy” and good? I just started taking this.

    1. Read the ingredients- is it natural or all chemicals..? What are the claims?

  32. As an expert on supplements and herbs myself, I would recommend Solaray and Swanson Brands. They are the best in my opinion. I like Spectro 3 and I also like Swanson Antioxidant Complex S.O.D. Too.

    1. No. I wished I have, but didn’t have a chance.

    2. Have you  heard of a supplement brand called Youngevity from the USA  and could you let me know if you have knowledge or experience of it. Do you work in the industry?

  33. If you don’t want to go all the way out to the health food store to pick these up, has a ton of supplements like these for cheap. They arrive in 3-4 days and have sales all the time, and ship just about anywhere. I’ve got a code that’ll get you $10 off. Here you go, hope it helps: CLG358.

    1. Heather Powers Thank You

  34. In summary, all you need to take is:

    1. A multivitamin
    2. Omega 3
    3. Pro-biotic

    And, if you like you can do blood tests to really see where you are deficient.

    1. @Dmitry Terek You are invited to my channel 👍

    2. It’s important to take the crucial products unless I want to die horrible death in illness from all the deficiencies!
      Thank God for pharmaceutical companies!

    3. @Andy Griffiths There are 15 supplements need to be avoided

    4. Pre biotic too, circadian rhythm, cell salts etc.. We are all learning. Plus we all are different. Find what works 4 you. #wholness

    5. I wanted to contribute my two cents in regards to #1 on your list. What I use is made by Dr. Joel Wallach who did many tests and human trials to prove exactly what this man is saying. He came up with a Multivitamin Mutli mineral complex known by the name Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0. You can look up the ingredients label and everything before buying it so you can see what I mean. It has everything. The vitamins. Minerals. Minerals like Iodine. Copper. Manganese. Chromium. Vanadium. Potassium. Calcium. And the others. It contains antioxidants and amino acid complex too. It’s also gluten free. I’ve been using it for almost a year now. I take 4 scoops from it daily. It lasts me an entire month. I pay about $70 for it. With everything it has I think it’s worth it. It also has Selenium in it too and glucosamine. As I said before check the ingredients label for your own eyes before you purchase. It’s better to be wise than blindly believe.

  35. thanks

  36. Ughhhh my mom would never buy organic foods she buys healthy foods which is fine but i feel i would get more vitamins and minerals out of organic foods ;(

  37. can anyone tell me what nutrients I should focus on? oh and what’s good again? saturated fats or unsaturated fats?

    1. I think this guys advice is sound. Firstly get junk and chemical based foods out of your diet. Eat from nature. Don’t overdo grains as these can mess up you absorption of nutrients. Take a probiotic now and again, if your gut is not absorbing or leaky then that is NOT good. Take a mineral that has got all 60 minerals preferably in a colloidal (liquid form). Plus a good multi vit. and fish oil. Cholesterol and fats are not bad for you, but watch out for oils that can oxidize make free radicals, and be high in omega 6 polyunsaturates – not good inflammatory to the arteries, butter is better, never fry food with these oils either. Contrary to popular many studies show that people who get more of their calories from healthy non hydrogenated saturated fat get higher good cholesterol, lower bad cholesterol and lower triglycerides. Get inflammation in the body under control this is now thought to be one of the main causes of heart disease, so limit and restrict high sugar foods and fruits, good gut health, infections under control particularly anything in the mouth or sinuses. Obviously diabetes, blood pressure and prescription meds. can be inflammatory, as is prolonged uncontrolled stress, toxins, no sleep etc.

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  40. LOL raising your own beef

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    I am sitting here at thirty-six feeling like I am responsible for the holocaust for all that is toxic and wrong. Maybe it’s because I eat meat, and I stepped on three ants last Tuesday.

  43. The fact is that so many multi-vitamins are next to useless and they cost enormous amounts of money for what you are getting.
    Do your research and supplement smart with ingredients that are proven to feed your cells the nutrition they require. I support a health supplement on my blog GlutathionePRO(dot)com that is unmatched in quality and price. So there are quality supplements out there, just need to know what to look for.

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    1. We’ll blast your furnace.

  45. Thank you! Someone who’s right, many people given false information about vitamin

    1. Still active?

  46. Hi Miriam,
    Would you mind giving a specific example about Dr. Bellonzi’s deceptive practices?

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  49. FUCK YOU!
    dont trade ur knowledge for money!!! pig!!!

    1. Uhhhhhh cheeseburgers cost money. It costs money to make them, it costs money to teach someone to cook them so, knowledge …. costs money.

  50. Dr. Vincent Bellonzi, in my opinion, has exhibited deceptive business practices with me personally. Also, with my research, I found he has opened/closed several medical offices within just the last few years. I am filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in Austin, Texas as well as reporting him for a possible HIPAA violation. Both of these complaints will be public record. My advice, BUYER BEWARE on ANYTHING that Dr. Vincent Bellonzi is associated.

  51. Cheapest I have found when you take shipping costs into account. Swansons are good, but man, the shipping charges are ridiculous.

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  63. I was just wondering I am currently taking multivitamins but it does not have magnesium but does have vitamin c in it. I am also taking omega 3 fish oil supplements with it. Is it too much to take magensium supplement with it or should I add something else?

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  69. Garden of LIfe products literally brought me back from the dead! Those supplements are what you need to take. That stuff off the shelf in your local stores – forget it! That site has everything you need for full health and well-being. Do your research, even foods from your own soil at home just won’t cut it. Chemtrails etc. are ruining the plants and vegetation. Always try to keep your gut strong, and your colon clean!

  70. Getting vitamins from food – “not easy to do”, but not impossible.

  71. Your body CAN NOT PRODUCE minerals out of thin air let alone many vitamins that have been PROVEN BEYOND A DOUBT to prevent cancer such as Vitamin D. The cancer industry would rather you not realize that cancer is caused by vitamin deficiencies typical of americans — even those who supposedly “eat right.” This phrase has killed more people than all the wars in history, “You can get all the vitamins you need by just eating right…” White flour and soda pop LEACH calcium from your bones.

    1. my12steptruth finally somebody who does their research!! I applaud you. Most ppl turn a blind eye

  72. The tried and true diet of our ancestors ISN’T POSSIBLE TODAY unless you live on your own farm or trudge about some pristine area of America. The food you buy in the produce section today is missing all sorts of trace minerals essential to health and prevention of addiction to white flour and sugar.

  73. In China they don’t grossly over cultivate and deplete the soil they grow their vegetables in — they do what they used to do in America — allow land to lie fallow and rotate crops to prevent soil deprivation that creates vegetables empty of nutrients and essential trace elements. The standard American diet DEPLETES vitamins from the body and bones. Especially soda pop like pepsi and bubbling cheese pizza which coats the stomach and prevents absorption of nutrients.

  74. Big Pharma vitamins are crap —

    “Synthetic counterfeits of nature are weak chemical cousins that don’t have the same benefits…In fact, these Franken-chemicals are foreign and toxic to the body. Regardless, once purified in their acrid fume hoods, Big Pharma labels these evil compounds as vitamins to profit from the vitamin craze. ” — Shane Ellison (former Big Pharma Scientist)

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  76. Advice from skinny D.C.? Umm, no!

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  78. Not true. They use the entrails, skin, etc. Have a good day!

  79. is there evidence to show that supplements are absorbed in the body. im not disputing your claims at this point being a first year nutrition student but ive been looking for evidence to prove these claims .

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  81. pork chops taste good…ham tastes good….kielbasa tastes good…

  82. They take perfectly fine edible fish and make omega 3 supplements out of it, then throw the meat away.

    This while a wast majority of the people in the world are starving.

    I’d say, make sure everyone’s got food on the table first, and then worry about first world problems.

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  84. nope sorry, don’t take virus supplements

  85. Thank you! Thats worth looking into. She just found out she’s developing lactose intolerance.. oh joy. Poor gilr loves everything dairy.

  86. I looked this video up for one reason. My girlfriend and her mother swear that you don’t absorb jack shit out of multi-vitamins. Lets look at the visible facts. I am 200lbs. lean and strong with high energy. Girlfriend looks good, but she is always low on energy. The mom is 270ish, short and fat and lays around all the damn time. Yeah I totally have no idea what the fuck is going on.

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  90. I couldn’t care less about where he obtained his doctorate, traditional or otherwise. I disagree with much of what he says. Historically, I have disagreed with physicians and nutritionists as well. I’ll eat and live as I please.


  92. well at least the “doctor” is honest about where he got his “doctorate” from and in what subject

  93. the problem is that everyone says something completely different! and who can you trust?
    i am just doing research for myself alone and i have found to my utter surprise that most of the vitamins and minerals we buy are synthetically made and when you find out what is actually in these pills…you would run a mile.
    when big money is being made from the drug and vitamin industry isn’t it prudent to really know for ourselves that what we put in our bodies, is actually good for us?

    1. Cyrus Most, you are right the Dr. Is right as well. Keep doing the research and if you want some info inbox me I have good info to share with you. GB

  94. @Chadolution actually they’re full of B vitamins in many forms and they are full of minerals. Most minerals are found in animal products… you are an idiot

  95. practical grounded and common sense information – thanks!

  96. Pharmapropaganda? Or real?

    1. propaganda no doubt.

  97. Check out parryvitamins. com they have a great range of natural supplements

  98. Great video! 🙂 Supplements are wonderful.

  99. @chillyayo2012 no, im saying under a scope you can’t tell which is vitamin C or which is vitamin A cause they always look different and so its impossible to name something you can’t tell apart.
    Vitamins are basically enzymes living in an acid or base environment, enzymes can die just like everything else & when you extract power it. that pill is basically dead enzymes. If you ate NOTHING but supplements for a year you would die. cause its inactive dead enzymes otherwise you’d be able to live.

  100. @vaheedh you are stupid. and you spell bad.

  101. vitamins don’t exist / minerals, acids & bases, are all that exist..
    vitamin are a fake make-belief creates by businessmen
    too bad people are too dumb these days..its sad and pathetic.

  102. All of you people are close-minded fools – none of you know it all dumbasses are rational thinkers -first off your so called multi-vitamins are nothing more than a placebo. Secondly THERE IS NO SUCH THING as a vitamin. no foods have vitamin c or d or w/e they all either contain acid or base oils and nothing else.
    IF you look at a vitamin under a microscope, all you’ll see it mixed color (oil) the colors/shapes ALWAYS come out different..and is IMPOSSIBLE to tell them apart let alone name them.

  103. @TheRogueMonk You can now find out exactly what vitamins and minerals your body needs.

  104. i came across a great report that compares the different brands of vitamin supplements.

    you can downlaod it for free at MultivitaminGuide(dot)org

  105. i am young and i workout.. should i take a natural calcium suplement?
    i hear that calcium suplements are bad because they become deposits and does not take up by the body …

  106. The commercially grown vegetables, fruits and grains that we are eating today are significantly less nutritious than these foods were 100 years ago, or even just 30 years ago. Probably this is the answer of why in the last decade degenerative diseases have increased. We are killing our cells with our eating habits and low nutrients on foods. We need to strengthen our cells provided nutrients from external sources such as vitamins and supplements.

  107. nope. you must eat exact how much you need. overdosing=side effects occuring

  108. @bravo1212

    It’s not. you should it how much you need ! you may easily overdose even with vits and mins, than the side effects occur.

  109. All of those vitamins and supplements come from China even the stuff that says its made here. All they do is get the powder from china and stamp out the pills here. Studies have found everything from mercury to arsenic in them.The Chinese factory can be the cleanest in the world, but the lemons grown to make the vitamin C comes from a toxic waste dump.Haven’t you ever wondered why you feel sick from taking them. Pharmaceutical industries know the truth but they are not going to tell you.

    1. They will burn in hell if that’s true!

  110. @rhastaBasvr Yeah sure…

  111. @xleax try eating 50 different fruits a day u will live probably about 200 years 😀 whole food vitamins are way more healthier than synthetic or natural pills

  112. @bravo1212 yes and they cant harm you no matter how much do u take

  113. “Vitamins are essential for health: the more you eat the better”.

    is this true?

    1. I think he’s talking about eating more healthier foods. Not junk food

    2. @Ultra Champ dude that comment is 8 years old he is dead.

    3. No. You could die of overdose… Consult a doctor and dont hesitate to spend a bit on your health.

  114. eat water food ie fruit

  115. @tiborpiri There was a guy called Abram Hoffer and he took a about 50 pills of vitamins per day. (see video: Hoffer’s Health) and he lived to be over 90!

    So I think to say that vitamins that are not natural are poision, is a stretch to say the least. Organic vitamins are probably more effective, that’s all..

  116. Does USDA Organic Hemp oil have enough fatty acids compared to fish oil? I have a bottle in the fridge that has been sitting for like 3 years & I want to know if its worth it.

  117. All this talk about what we should eat, do etc. I say, don´t trust anyone. Go back to the basics to have a healty life. Eat as much natural ANYTHING as you can and exercise. Both my sister and I are iron deficient. Ok, I need to take iron supplements but still, I try to get my iron from FOOD first, and when I feel a bit off, I pop in a supplement. Just to help: spinach, (eat it raw), red meat, and surprisingly, HOT CEREAL (loaded with iron) are a great way to boost your iron level if needed.

    1. Világjáró, check this out

  118. @ch3693 I have a clip on my facebook page that tells you how vitamin C is made. Shocking stuff. newtrician ensupplements.

  119. There are a few brands that do there best to not add the unneeded and rather dangerous metals and such. I like NSI, they are not top of the line, as in, most expensive you can buy, but I’ve never felt I was getting dirty vitamins either. Would be nice if there was a method like diabetics use for checking what we are low on. “Oh, i need some extra A today, no problem, grab a carrot or two.” Ever notice they only have a test for things they know they can charge a mint for? That blows!

  120. The dirty secret is that most every vitamins are made in china.Some of them say they are made here, but only the pills are made here, the powder is from china. Independent testing has found everything from mercury to arsenic in them. Do you think its a coincidence that they make you feel sick after taking them. That was never the case 25 years ago. Oh and the vitamin C added in your juice, that one got the worst test result.

  121. I take lifepak. no animal ingredient, no GMO, no pesticide, no heavy metal etc. They can check the antioxidant level with the biophotonic scanner.

  122. @rich0319726
    You aren’t getting enough fat. Men need 20-30% of calories from fat to maintain healthy hormone levels and absorb fat soluble vitamins. ( vitamins A, D, E, K )
    Not to mention all the benefits of Essential Fatty Acids.

  123. Vitamins are essential for your body

  124. this guy has the kingdome

  125. @PlatnumEyez True! Mag is another nutrient that society is really deficient in, next to vitamin d, which we, and myself as a result of my last Dr. visit, are deficient in. I’ve been supplementing with vit d, and my levels have risen. But Supplementation isn’t a FULL contingency for overall proper diet and excercise, supplementing “alone” is the lazy way out. Also, see what one’s body needs, everybody doesn’t need certain supplementation like others, everybody is different.

  126. @funkster22657 Organic food is NON-Genetically Modified, no chemical fertilizers. Most vegetables on the store shelves are GM foods, meaning they’re put out in the market place by Monsanto farmers. These seeds have had their DNA blended with the chemical herbicide Round-Up, which is a bug killer. Starting to get the picture? The GMO foods have -0- to little value. Also know that all produce is now Irradiated by FDA regulation (fake Salmonella scares) and the radiation kills the vit. value.

  127. organics 6 times the nutriants of regular food—horse shit fuck this stupid

  128. eat meats separately from carbs! our stomachs don’t function like a salad bowl! it’s not what you eat, but how you eat it as well.

  129. RUN …….THE FDA WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!

  130. folks attentions please!
    the website he gave is now suspended! *No Site Configured to this Address

    This message generated by Method21* this is what I get when getting into his website…they got him down

  131. @ramone120 most? means not all…and in the office means the part he woks in which may have a partition which has a lab?

  132. @oggfish you are right ..we are surrounded by evils now right and left…but I fully believe that there is a way out

  133. there are indeed conscious healing minds out there in the US and other places in the world and this man is apparently one of them

  134. sorry for saying this but this guy is wrong about vitamins in a form of pill.
    vitamin C in a lemon for exemple works only with all the connections it makes inside the fruit. if you substract it from the fruit it doesnt work.

    eat fruits and veg !!!!!!!
    dont take pills !!!!!!!!

  135. @ramone120 those arent books for children.. they are about them.. like if he was a dietitian for autistic children like he was talking about before?

  136. @oggfish don’t go getting paranoid on us now.. i wish i had the room to grow my own fruit and vegetables but i don’t.

  137. lol so hard to get enough nutrition in the right amount. I’ll die 1st before I’m sure that I eat right. solution – just eat honey. It has everything we need.

  138. This is all about Eugenics. Which is pure evil in it’s essence. Look into it and you’ll be amazed at how connected everything really is. The head of montesano is an *ex-CIA operative just to give you a little taste.

  139. @zeebo88 I learn this not to long ago, now they call Omega.3 hormone responsible for turning immune system on and off

  140. @wlodzio47 it’s a fatty acid.

  141. This guy is so stupid. He knows absolutely nothing about human body, and food value in general. Omega 3 is hormone not vitamin.

  142. What gets me is that current so-called “health care” and “health insurance” covers only synthetic pharmaceutical designed to mask symptoms of diseases, but doesn’t cover any kind of vitamin or supplement that will help your body function properly in the first place.

  143. vitamins, every self respecting man takes at least double recommended daily amount if u take any less ur a wimp with spaghetti arms :p

  144. He is saying we need to diet/use vitimins. he doesn’t mention the # 1 reaon for obesity or lard butts. It’s corn syrup/high futose corn syrup. Any doctor who doesn’t give the facts on corn syrup/ high futose corn syrup either is in the dark concerning diet, nutrition and obesity or he doesn’t care to revel it.corn syrup was the medicine of choice for weight gain anyone who was under weight or sickly especially children. It’s in all soft drinks/candy, krackers,pies, corn syrup is addictive

  145. Thank you!

  146. Thank you.

  147. JQA–Shure. Im not totally against SUPPLEMENTATION. However, i do caution people to watch that their kitchen cabinets dont start to resemble their medicine cabinets! Only with Supplements rather than Prescription Meds.
    –Dr. Moo-Twahz–

  148. owned

  149. GrowABrainstem, that’s funny, maybe if you had eaten more organic food’s, you’re brain would have had the proper nutrients it needed to be able to think, then you would understand concept

  150. Think about what you say before you say it. Are you mental? its totally different, cuz the pesticides might interfere…

  151. Finally The Diet Solution here: watch?v=6LhODQFSxdM

  152. it’s funny how the bullshitters are always the ones who point out that they’re a doctor and list all their degrees. all you have to do is look at the evidence about vitamins

  153. I was wondering why so many vitamins give well over 100% of the MDR. Wht would anyone need over 100% of the MDR???? Why even have it in the pill?

  154. Great Multivitamin but it did nothing for my slimming. Moreover shipping cost was ASTRONOMICAL.

    Check my video channel to see what product solved my problem both in effectiveness and in very affordable shipping worldwide.

    This product and Company are endorsed by Clark Bartram who is a Professional Fitness Trainer.

  155. thank you!

  156. “Symptoms always have a cause”.. the problem is, you can spend your whole life searching for it.

    “Total Nutrition” from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine actually defies what is being said here about deficiencies. It’s tough to know who to believe. Page 13: “the assertion that Americans have a “vitamin gap” has no basis in reality.” The references of study are all listed. I am not discounting this doctor, I am just stating that it is tough to know who to believe. I suppose logic helps..

  157. The problem is i lost total trust in whats lying in the supermarket. Nomatter what it is. Even when i grow my own food in the garden who is gonna tell me the seeds i use are not genetic modified?

  158. I hear CODEX is going to be coming into effect in december of this year. Apparently a lot of the necessary vitamins are going to be illegal to buy.
    Look into it…

  159. How did you come to the conclusion that
    1 multivitamin capsule a day is the answer! Which multivitamin?

    You’re 22 years old, you are about to hit
    your ‘high point’ in health and growing.

    I have 50 + bottles, I’m older than you,
    if you ask me why:? I’ll tell you…

  160. food is toxic dude!! eat only vitamins and other meal in a pill stuff, ROTFLMAO!!

  161. “NSI Synergy 3000” from Vitacost is an award winning supplement, it has boosted my energy levels and sense of well being greatly. They are at version 11 of this product, it just keeps getting better each year. Remember to only use supplements as supplements!! And support organic food baby! ciao!

  162. good speaking Dr. Vincent

    I am currently on the following supplements (I am a serious athelete):
    – Multi vitamin/mineral
    – Fish oil
    – Whey/Casein proteins
    – Creatine
    – L-arginine

    My diet is extremely strict and I get most nutrients out of my food. Supplements just covers what’s missing in my diet and that’s the thing with newbies, they tend to completely rely on supplements.

    Thx again.

  163. That’s so true! Our food sucks. We just can’t get everything we need in it. Just make sure if you take vitamines and supplements that there’s something in them to make it easier for your body to absorb them.

    Aloe Vera is fantastic for your digestive system but make sure you pick a good one.

  164. probiotics are living cultures that are healthy to the body can’t be taken in pill form yogart has lots and I know naked makes some juices that are probiotic. most things we eat now are procesed and it kills everything.

  165. Can you any good probiotics products that in a normal helth store? Can’t find much information about it.

  166. vitamin pill, omega-3, and the third was?

  167. I’m taking Centrum vitamins, fish oil, nitric oxide, protein, and creatine…anyone know about the bad efffects of those things. i’m guessin the creatine is gonna be the most flawed because it makes you gain extra weight. idk though.

  168. I ‘ve been taking mega men tablets close to 2 yrs now. I recently did some bloodwork, and my liver enzymes were high. So we ran some more test, and everything came up negative, so we couldnt find an answer what was aggrvated my liver. Then my doc mentioned to much iron can cause can lead to liver damage, and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Yes, even taken a multivitamin can have serious side effects. So now im taking a multivitamin without iron.

  169. Are there any negative effects of drinking coffee on the daily basis? Please respond.

  170. See videos, “understanding food – part 1” and “understanding food – part 2”.

    Vitamins and minerals are necessary for chemical processes to occur in your body.

    When a person lacks specific vitamins and minerals in their diet, they develop deficiencies and the body is incapable of functioning correctly. This leads to whole host of disease states and a compromised immune system.

  171. you just rambled on for 6 minutes when you couldve said all that in 2

  172. Watch a new film on natural healing foodmatters[dot]tv

  173. Some good info, thanks.

  174. make sure you are taking vitamins that are without preservatives, artificial colors, dyes or chemicals, READ THE LABEL
    the best vitamins are purchased at a health food store, not walmart or target, to be sure READ THE LABEL !!!

  175. at 2:00—agreed that we dont need to be taking GROCERY BAGS full of VITAMINS. Thatz the issue: we have been SOLD on obtaining most of our NUTRIENTS via PACKAGED FOODS and/or SUPPLEMENTS when in fact, we need to get them thru as many RAW FOODS such as FRUITS, VEGETABLES as possible! SUPPLEMENTATION should be kept to a MINIMUM.

  176. I shot a video on this last week. I will release it sometime next week. I think you will find the answer very interesting.

  177. What kind of vitamins do you take?

  178. Vitamins work period. The drug companies don’t want you to know that. I take a good amount of vitamins each day and I notice them working. it feels so good.

  179. Thank you so much I love vitamins! I’m posting this in my myspace bulletin! Hope it helps inform my friends!

    1. @Ahmad Qahtani i think she overdosed multivitamins lol

  180. good video!!!

  181. ‘erbs???

  182. you guys should study herbs

  183. Supplies are not the same as food. If a vit is in a food there’s a meaning. Nothing is “good or bad”. Reccomandations are made just from the avarage intake of the healthy popul + a safe supplement. It makes me wonder when vegetarians don’t eat animals and they choose to buy nutrients to be safe, forgetting what drugs factories make to animals. Food has all we need. Science is one. The rest is for ignorance, money or fame.

  184. Yogurth

  185. check out The Feast. Just google search it. It’s a great way to get a lot of vitamins and minerals.

  186. Thank you for this information. mc

  187. Well, I would say the food industry is definitely against people’s good health.

    Here in America almost impossible to eat out and get decent servings of green vegetables. You pretty much have to cook your own meals to eat healthy at all.

    All I can say is you have to do the best you can given you resources.

  188. Yup

  189. I think Natalie’s attitude on supplements is if the nutrients are missing in your diet, supplements are better than nothing but it’s best to get them from natural foods when possible.

  190. Great information, but… uh… what’s up with the DUDE!?!?!

    Just joking… great video!!! :-/

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