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Top 5 Vitamins & Supplements To Support A Healthy Body in 2020

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All month long, we are coming with daily videos to help you shop for the cleanest items at the grocery store for the new year. I am calling these videos a FlavCity shorts, because they are quick hitters, but are loaded with valuable info that will help you shop like a boss in 2020. These are my top favorite vitamins and supplements to support a healthy body. I don’t take many of these, but I do believe in vitamins to help fill the gaps in your diet. You really have to know the quality of the supplement and read the other ingredients to see whats it is mixed with. Happy new year everyone, here’s to a healthy and prosperous 2020! Mad love..Bobby, Dessi, Rose, and Art! XOXO

Check out our Cookbook:

Bobby Approved Ebook shopping guide:

Primal kitchen collagen fuel:
Vital protein unflavored collagen peptides:
Marine collagen(made from fish):
Plant based collagen,unflavored:

Collagen coffee creamer:

Garden of life grass-fed butter powder:

Plant based protein powder, my faves:
Garden of life plant based raw organic protein:
Four sigmatic mushroom protein:

Ancient nutrition:
For men:

Multi-vitamins for Women:

Omega-3:Slightly different from video, but still good:

Buy probiotics at the store in the fridge section. Whole foods has a 25% off sale Jan 2-4

3-4 videos every week! Two from the grocery store on the weekends and a live stream cooking demo on Fridays!

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737 thoughts on “Top 5 Vitamins & Supplements To Support A Healthy Body in 2020

  1. Hello! Love your videos I’m looking for a best biotin and collagen vitamin that are organic and good for me I’m losing my hair bad and I don’t want to buy anything I want something that help me and if you know something for anxiety too thank you God bless!

  2. I love Dr. Axe ❤ he’s my favorite and his products are amazing 😍

  3. thank you for this! I consider myself a very clean eater, but I still take vitamins to ensure I am getting optimal nutrition. Ive read studies that the way food is grown these days, they are not as nutrient-packed as they used to be and thats why supplementation can be important.

  4. Thanks i love what u are doing

  5. Oh no garden of life has heavy metals in it

  6. hi bobby..
    what u eat in a day????… u r young this much in 42?

  7. What does ‘Waldo’ mean?

  8. He does not look 42!!! You look just as young as me and I’m 22!

  9. First video of yours that i noticed what gorgeous skin your have- nice glow!

  10. I hear the best vitamins are by DR Wallach youngevity 90 for life

  11. No wonder you look younger that your age.

  12. Once you loose collagen you can’t get it back it’s a scientific fact

  13. Are you friends with Dr. Axe 😅

  14. I wish there was a way to look young without exercise

  15. I am looking for muilti vitamin without iodine can you recommend any?

  16. They gave you permission to record in the store, but yet you advertise that it’s cheaper on amazon…lol boss move!! 💪🏿

  17. Do you know of a good zinc supplement?

  18. Hey Bobby I wanted to ask you which brand of collagen peptides is better the vital proteins or the bullet collagen peptides? Been taking the vital proteins and it’s working for my hair but it looks like the bullet brand has a bigger quantity of the amino acids I am 🤷‍♀️ thx

  19. Can you make a video about top vitamins & supplements found at Walmart?

  20. Cacow powder

  21. Thank you I been telling people not to eat Canola oil and high fructose corn syrup and I’m against 5G cell towers

  22. I dont wanna crush everyone’s hopes and dreams here but when you see refrigerated probiotics they have been delivered on a hot UPS truck with no ice and then they sit in the receiving area in the back room until they get put on the shelf. The only brand that does come in a refrigerated box with cold packs are the natural factors brand. And even then it may not be as fresh. I just cannot spend money on probiotics in a pill form because of that reason. I worked at sprouts vitamin department for 2 years and another health food store for a few months now. Whole foods is no different.
    Everyone is better off eating probiotics rich foods.

    1. Taylor Carter true but we can also just make it at home

  23. ❤❤❤collagen

  24. Are peas kito friendly? I just read book “Eat, Fast, Feast.” Book referred to Kito diet. In my little process search I discovered Bobby’s kito cooking & info program. My info says peas are not kito friendly. However, Bobby refers to a veg protein powder, but it has peas as 1st ingredient. So are peas kito friendly & if so to what extent I wonder.

  25. Can you do a list for the kids vitamin

  26. Bobby, I went crazy at Trader Joe’s today. The company should thank you I spent the most I ever have because you empowered me to know what’s in my edible product. Also, finally, after a decade of many failed attempts. I feel I’m becoming a better simple cook.

    1. See aaa be

  27. Doesn’t Collagen break into amino acid?

  28. What about amazing grass?

  29. What about if you are trying to los weight and burner body fat

  30. Can you talk about asorbic acid?

  31. Please advise re: TUMERIC supplements 🙂 thank you Bobby!

  32. Did you know that Nestle (works with Monsanto) bought out Garden of Life ?? Thoughts?

    1. 😳 hoping this is not true

  33. Thank you so much I’ve learned a lot

  34. I was wondering if there are any other brands you would recommend besides Ancient Nutrition? Thank you Bobby.

  35. What do you think about the brand NUTRILITE vitamins by Amway? My husband used to sell them, he swears by them.🤔

  36. Hi Bobby! Thank you for all your videos. You are making a significant impact on all of us that watch you. Can you please tell me what you think about the ingredients in Garden of Life My Kind Organics Whole Food Gummies Women’s Multi Vitamin Chews? They do have organic sunflower oil but I choose to take them because I have difficulty swallowing pills. Do you see any other ingredients that are a problem? Mad love right back at you!

  37. What are some good vitamins/ supplements for men… Testosterone… Men health..

  38. Anyone know any other clean/reputable vitamins brands? Please share?

  39. Would you please let us know which vitamin d3 supplements you recommend? I would appreciate your response.

  40. Hello where are you distorted that you’re in seem like they have so many different supplements to choose from is it Whole Foods?

    1. Dinah DMM
      Looking for the BEST supplement that’s research based and not just hype? USANA is the Answer.

      Awarded as the ONLY 5-star Platinum Plus by the Nutrisearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements- USANA is indeed the BEST supplements among 1600 products! No hype. Just science. It is also trusted by elite and world-known athletes.

      Health Benefits:
      ✅Better Sleep Quality
      ✅Strong Immunity
      ✅Regular Bowel Movement
      ✅Better Metabolism
      ✅Extra Stamina
      ✅Healthier, Radiant and Younger Looking Skin

      👉 FDA approved
      👉 Halal certified
      👉 NSF certified
      👉 and many more…

      You can visit our website and check which of our products may suit you:🙂👇🏼

  41. What about vitamins supplement gummies

  42. Cool

  43. I am happy to find you! I had a heath food store in the mid 90 to 2002. I have 10 years of study and reach. People never take me serious but I love having the knowledge of all those years and I lear from some of the best pioneers in homeopathy Medicean. People really need Vitamin D3 with vitamin k2 Garden of life still has some good supplements but Jordan Ruben sold his Garden of life to nestle who just sol it to a company in China. His new company is teamed with Dr.Axe ANCIENT NUTRITION,,, I meet Jordan a long time ago at my heath food store. Their products are the best now, if you want clean organic everything that is good for your heath. Oh yea nestle is involved with Monsanto GMOs so garden of life now has the word kind on the label. Do reach and look up Garden of Life you will see what I am talking about. Thank you for your video’s

  44. Can you tell me a good multi vi for me I I have Gi issues and a sensitive stomach

    1. Danielle Williams Looking for the BEST supplement that’s research based and not just hype? USANA is the Answer.

      Awarded as the ONLY 5-star Platinum Plus by the Nutrisearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements- USANA is indeed the BEST supplements among 1600 products! No hype. Just science. It is also trusted by elite and world-known athletes.

      Health Benefits:
      ✅Better Sleep Quality
      ✅Strong Immunity
      ✅Regular Bowel Movement
      ✅Better Metabolism
      ✅Extra Stamina
      ✅Healthier, Radiant and Younger Looking Skin

      👉 FDA approved
      👉 Halal certified
      👉 NSF certified
      👉 and many more…

      You can it in our website:🙂👇🏼

  45. Vital Proteins collagen, I buy at Costco, its the cheapest price I have found.

  46. Dr. Axe’s products are pretty expensive.

  47. Thank you again for putting all of your time and effort into helping people! Just have a quick question what company in your opinion is number one, when it comes to vitamins and minerals?

  48. No Way you are 42!!!!!

  49. Hi I will like what kind of vitamin C will be the best. You can recommend us

  50. Most all vitamin pills do next to nothing but make the companies rich and it’s never regulated properly !The only supplement proven to have any possible good effects is vitamin D which isn’t really a vitamin but a hormone!College is crap sorry to say another fad!It rather eat the grass on my lawn than any of this stuff that sits for ages on shelfs!As for Collagen there is over 28 different kinds of collagens!Fish oil capsules can cause prostate problems!And have been found to contain carcinogens!Once again companies making money people getting unhealthy looking for health!As for probiotics they have been found to contain mold in them!

  51. Can you do a video to help vegans/vegetarians?

  52. Is the Primal Kitchen Collagen Grass Fed? I don’t see it online under Thrive Market?

  53. From what age do one need collegen? I’m 25 do I need it?

  54. Can you do nutra burst

  55. Bobby I need a woman’s vitamin while
    On keto, just realized the one I’m taking is 4 net carbs.. help!

  56. Hey Bobby! A search for “collagen powder” on Amazon results in many different brands with similar nutritional value and ingredients but at different price points. They all say “grassfed” so I was wondering if there is any major differences I should be aware of when choosing one. Anything that I should looks for specifically?

  57. Bobby where does ACV with The Mother rank?

  58. I think saying this virus is contained to say this but someone does not want the stock market to drop
    Its so political!
    So sad

  59. I’m looking for gummy or liquid vitamins, is there any good ones you recommend ?

    1. Maria Montes maryruth

  60. This may be a stupid question, but how do I get collagen as a vegetarian? I can’t, right?

  61. I would like to learn more about good and bad ingredients to look out for in vitamins . Thanks

  62. What store are you in?

  63. is there a regulation that allows them to put natural flavors in a small amount and not list it on the label like sugar?

  64. What is a healthy brand of melatonin to take ???

  65. Looking for kosher collagen 🙁

  66. is purely inspired a good brand like for organic green powder ,protien etc?

  67. Can you compare prices on Amazon vs Costco more often?

  68. Art 😍😍😍

  69. I was stunned when you said you were 42! I’m definitely getting collagen to look young!!
    Thanks for the tip, Bobby!

  70. Hi Bobby just started to follow you. Love your info. Any recommendations for hair, bone
    vitamin . The bone vitamins are important because I’m standing up and walking long hours at work
    . What about vitamin b and D you recommend as well

  71. Hi! Would love to see mree of these video about supplements. My mother is in her late 60s and needs a calcium and magnesium supplement. We where looking into liquid form, but they all seem to have flavoring and other non Bobby approve ingredients. Any suggestions of products out there for calcium and magnesium? Thank you for all your informative videos 😊

  72. On the vitamins such as multivitamins. I have heard that there are no regulations as to what actually has to be on the label and what is in the products. In other words the company does not have to be forth coming about what is in the products. I was told to make sure any vitamins I buy are tested by a 3rd party so that I know what is actually in the bottle and percentages is factual. What is your take on this?

  73. Can you please recommend a good brand of Vitamin D3 and K2. Please!!!🙏🏼😅

  74. Thank you for the video ,just I want to know the name of the store please

  75. Hey bud please tell me more. So is whey protein and mega sports is it safe ty

  76. What are your thoughts and recommendations on MCT oil?

  77. Hi Bobby, is it ok to take 2 différent brands of collagen daily? I used to take Great lakes collagen and it worked really well for aches and pain. I had back pain for many years and sometimes my knees hurt and this was like a miracle, pain was completely gone. But then i decided to try a different brand cause it was so much cheaper, Dr’s best and i noticed that it only seem to help my hair and nails but nothing for my back and knees so i switch back to great lakes and right away the pain was gone. So i take the Great lakes in the morning and Dr’s best at night b4 bed

  78. What do u do if i don’t eat fruits and veggies?

  79. i need to know which best vegan multivitamin

  80. Bobby my vitamin D is low. I’ve heard the pills aren’t as effective as liquid. What is your opinion on that and do you have a brand you recommend? Love your videos!

    1. All liquid vitamines are better for absorption

  81. But how many can you take at once? Also, I cannot take ANYTHING on an empty stomach…I get nauseous. Same with green tea – can’t drink in the morning only. Any suggestion to battle this condition? Where can yo get the probiotics that are in a chilled section when you live in the boonies like me…and you don’t like ordering these types of things online?

  82. I looked up ancient nutrition probiotics and it says ” does not need to be refrigerated ” so is that bad or good?

  83. I got confused when you said if you’re keto and trying to gain weight. I’m keto but trying to lose weight. Now I’m scared to use these. Would the orgain keto collagen protein powder with MCT oil cause weight gain?

  84. Hello Bobby, Would you review the HUM Nutrition dietary supplements? Thanks!

  85. Just Ordered the Ancient Woman’s Multivitamins, and this Vitamin has everything and more so in it for Women. Plus it has Vitex( Chaste berry) for PMS. Thanks Bobby! Woohoo! I’m a happy camper.😁👍

  86. How about focus factor nutrition for the brain?

  87. Plant based vega protein and energy is this ok with Babby Parrish ?

  88. If you go to Natural Grocers you can get 3$ off on the Garden of Life callegen

  89. I watch you always. I have a problem. I cant find a coq 10 cap that has a good oil. I’m currently taking 200 mg w/cholesterol med. It has sunflower oil. I’ve come across rice flour, rice bran, rice bran oil, sunflower lecithin, veg. Glycerin, medium triglyceride oil. I’ve looked online & this is what I come across. What can I use? Please help me. Thanks !

  90. What brands do you recommend for organic green superfoods?

  91. I’m sure you have received multiple request on pre-workout powders. If you haven’t, could you please do a great video on which bands are worth taking and which ones are not worth taking at all. Hope to see one in the future, keep up the great work.

  92. Love your feedback on products! What do you feel about the stuff from Smarter Nutrition? Thanks in advance for your time!

  93. Any comments on BALANCE OF NATURE????????????/

  94. Can you do video on vitamins thats just as good but alittle cheaper please that would be good for people on a budget

  95. What about alive from nature way they affordable

  96. First off, I LOVE you 3. You guys have taught me so much about healthy eating and cooking. Thank you for all your work you put into your videos and cookbook! I wanted to ask you, what do you think of Garden of Life Organic Women’s Multivitamin at Whole Foods? It look like it has great ingredients except it has Organic Dextrose and organic Tapioca maltodextrin? Would you recommend this one?

  97. You’re the bomb thanks for ALL these valuable videos! Just subscribed! Big fan!

  98. Have you done coffee / grounds/ drinks..Like kno 🙂

  99. what about the vitamin that have gelatin in it that’s bad for you made out of pork and I don’t eat pork

  100. BEST YOUTUBE. Quality content, thank you for sharing your knowledge. I thought i was eating healthy until I watched your show! I’m way more mindful when grocery shopping now

  101. Skinny-fat dude coming in hot with the healthy body tips in 2020! 🧐

  102. I have very low iron….the doc put me on some iron pills but it made me sick so he prescribed me prenatal vitamins…..Do u have any suggestions what I can take for iron or what foods I should eat and b-12 that was low as well

  103. Can someone tell me what grocery store this is please 🙂

  104. Bobby I’m trying to more muscle I don’t know how to get all BCAAs and EAAs any products you recomend thanks

  105. Hi you mentioned you do 2 scoops a day the serving size says 1 scoop is it still okay to take 2?

  106. Heard there’s some differences including health benefits between using unflavored gelatin powder vs collagen peptides? Could you expand please? Thanks!

  107. What is the best calcium to get and is there one that helps a bedtime for sleep?

  108. Hey Bobby you are amazing thank you ,can you tell me what to feed type one diabetes kid please.

  109. What are your thoughts on Andrew Lessman vitamins?

  110. I noticed the primal kitchen comes with a grass fed bovine and just a regular bovine. Which one are you recommending? Thanks

    1. Id say Grass fed bovine is the best way to go imo.

  111. Hi Bobby, I really enjoy your videos! Thanks so much! I was wondering, what do you think of Garden of Life: Vitamin Code, for women? It’s a raw whole food multivitamin. I’ve heard you say many great things about garden of Life so I just wanted to make sure. One more question, the serving size is four capsules a day, I’m not sure exactly how they determine that but I only take three. Do you have any comments about that? I eat pretty healthy so I try not to overdose on vitamins. Thanks for your help!

  112. What alive men multivitamins from nature way

  113. I would have guessed you to be in your early 30’s.

  114. Suggestion for the best vitamin C. I real a vitamin C supplement and I do not want anything from China.

  115. Love all your t shirts !!!

  116. What’s a good vegan collagen supplement

  117. Are there any calcium supplements w/o maltodextrin?

  118. What’s a good multivitamin vitamin for women over 60 that has iron, zine, calcium and other good stuff for the body ?

  119. Thank you for fixing the store, I have never worked in a store, but I feel bad for people who work there.

  120. Dude I can’t believe your 42,what face product are you using? What’s your face routine?

  121. What about a good multi collagen joint supporter protein powdered? I used a protein powered by a company name Juice Plus they sell vegetables vitamins as well. Do you think it’s a good protein powered? Great video. Thank you for all these tutorials to help us to be healthy like you.

  122. What do you think about VITAL PROTEINS COLLAGEN PEPTIDES?

  123. Do you know, or anyone knows, of a multivitamins with ZERO iodine???

    I am highly allergic to iodine/iodide

  124. What’s the best Calcium supplement to strengthen bones ?? I have borderline osteoporosis and suffered a compression fracture on my vertebrae last summer just from coughing too hard😢 I’m 65 y/o. Any Bobby approved suggestions ???

  125. You have talked about vitamins, but I don’t find that you’ve mentioned liquid vitamins. I’m looking for liquid multi vitamin and or minerals. So far I’m finding only ones having natural flavorings. If you could mention if there are any, I’d really appreciate that. Love your videos. Thanks.

    1. Mary ruth

  126. Hey Bobby, what about the Keto Fit, Garden of Life? It has Organic Vanilla Flavors, is that the same than Natural Flavors? Thanks!!

  127. Can anyone recommend a good vegetable replacement powder or supplement?

  128. Can I add collagen to my protein shake?

  129. Bobby love your videos. I have two questions hope you can help with. Do your multivitamin recommendations work for teenage girls also? Also do they work for people who are allergic to shellfish? Thanks

  130. What is the best liquid fish oil? Do you have a video about the best vitamins for kids?

  131. Hey Bobby. Thank you for all the great info on collagen peptides, which (because of you) I have now added to my daily routine. I know you really like Vital Proteins and Garden of Life brands, but have you ever tried Purely Inspired brand collagen peptides? The packaging says it is grass fed, pasture raised, non-GMO, Keto certified, paleo certified. It’s available at Walmart, but I have not bought it yet. Hoping to get some feedback from you before I buy it. Thanks!

  132. Amazing Amazing Great Video I love this channel, I wish I found it sooner! Definitely making my grocery list while watching these videos:)

  133. what vit c brand do you get? gret vid.

  134. Went to check garden of life raw org products, there’s a lot of negative reviews especially after the original company sold it to Nestlé?

  135. Bobby can I also mix the primal kitchen vanilla coconut flavor to my coffee? Thanks

  136. I saw some Amazon reviews on the Vital Protein Collagen. People shared pictures of worms and bugs in the canister. Buyer beware.

  137. Love your videos and just started following you a few weeks ago. Can you please announce the store you’re in when you start your video’s. “Today, I am in ________________”.

  138. Anyone have a favorite MCT Oil?

  139. Thanks for showing the Garden of Life products! I buy that and was hoping you would cover it in this video 👍

  140. What if you can’t have peas? I noticed most protein powder has pea protein its a absolute no no for me. Thank you!

  141. what are your thoughts on Host Defense organic mushrooms- turkey tail for immune health and prebiotics?

  142. Could you do a video on exactly what You eat/ take in a day specifically what smoothies, Teas and vitamins etc ..

  143. What brand of biotin to buy?

  144. How are you doing. I am a new subscriber. Can you please do a video on weight loss shakes. Thanks

  145. Art takes the best videos!!!! Ty Art

  146. My doctor doesn’t recommend COLLAGEN SUPPLEMENTS as the collagen in them are just being destroyed by gastric acids in the stomach and there are not enough studies to justify its effectivity. It’s best to include scientific literature on your videos to prove facts.

  147. Hi Bobby, I want to try collagen, but it’s expensive. Does ingesting collagen actually help our skin and hair? Do you know of research on that topic?

  148. Is Collagen Vegan?

  149. Love video’s always can’t wait go shop for good stuff you show👍😀

  150. 42?!!!!!!! He looks absolutely amazing! I thought he was in his 20’s!

  151. Dude you lucky to have such a wide variety of these organic/free of certain ingredients bla bla products…
    Where i stay we are far behind this kind of options 😔
    Anyway nice vid tho and informative 👍

  152. What about calm by natural vitality?

  153. Thanks. I’m on a search for my son. He had surgery on his elbow and trying to get more better things. Lol he gave me a list. He is really down because he is the top drummer in Iowa and has a moving business sure has set him back from falling.

  154. Following🙏🙏been sharing on fb✌👌🙌was over 450 now 200..working on lose more

  155. Hi bob i would like to ask what is your recommended vitamins for kids 5yr onward?

  156. What about sleep supplements? I have trouble falling and staying asleep and was considering melatonin supplements.

    1. Warm milk at night with a tbsp of honey or molasses

  157. What is the name of that store?
    What brand wouldyou recommend for Vitamin C, and Multivitamins ?


    1. @Pink Technique Thank you.

    2. He was in wholefoods

  158. You keep talking about this “Post workout smoothie” of yours but I can’t seem to find it in any of your videos. Could you please do a video on what your post workout smoothie is? I know you have other smoothie videos but they are breakfast and other ones.

  159. Hey Bobby, his do you feel about liquid vitamins and/or patches?? I am not big pills…do you have any suggestions or info about what’s best and clean??

  160. You are the MAN!

  161. Eating 3 meals a day is actually too much and hard on your body. One meal is best and one snack. Like a snack for the beginning of the day, then a meal later in the day, and that’s it. Better for your body and liver. So, no breakfast lunch and dinner. Just one meal and a snack.

  162. I just started msm, collagen, and other supplements consistently.

  163. Been watching your videos for hours now. had to subscribe!, do you have a video for the best butter you can buy? thanks

  164. I was hoping you would have hit it since you were standing next to it at the begging. What is your thought on MCT oils?

  165. Omg this is why you “Rock” You are so freaking awesome!!…thanks so much for this video.Seriously u read my mind. Keep up the amazing work!! 😍🤣🤟

  166. Thank you Bobby FlavCity! I will try these products. TFS 🤗❤️

  167. I’m Interested to know about VitaD and VitaD3 vitamins. Also, can protein powders be a substitute for it? These protien powders sound great with collagen. Thank for the tip!

  168. Can you please do a video on kids multivitamins and probiotic supplements. Love your videos- informative and no fluff. Glad I came across your channel.

  169. Bobby check the new data on fish based Omega 3. Listen to Brian Peskin. You will be amazed.

  170. Hi! Is youththeory collagen good?

  171. so impressed by your explanations. if i need those products where can i get yr shop?

  172. Primal Kitchen is a really good Brand, but, you have to be careful with what you are consuming. Collagen in this case Bovine Collagen Peptides comes from species include yak, antelope, bison, water buffalo, and cows — but bovine collagen comes primarily from cows. To make it, cow bones or other cattle byproducts are boiled in water. After the collagen is extracted, it’s dried and powdered to form a supplement. So basically it’s expensive Bone Broth, or in this case as per the label, Cow Hides, aka Cow Skin…

  173. Ancient Nutrition Omegas no longer available at this time at Amazon. And hey, you guys ROCK! Thank you so much!

  174. What are the Best collagen supplements in capsule form .
    I have been through two jars of powder but am looking for an alternative that is just as effective.
    Thank you

    1. Neocell types 1 n 3

  175. I had gastric sleeve surgery 8 weeks ago and have a hard time taking swallow supplements because they are usually too big. I also can’t stand the taste of stevia and other alternative sweeteners ( haven’t tried monk fruit yet) I am on a mission to find as many supplements as I can that are chewable or liquid. What would you suggest

  176. I like watching ur videos,I have learned a lot stuff from u ,keep going ,good luck

  177. Love love love ur videos ! Very informative! Ur thoughts on CoQ10 will b highly appreciated ! I have seen like big bottles of it at Costco and heard from couple of near ones that it’s good ! Please if u see this message , do give some inputs! Thanks

  178. You forget shilajit and cordyceps 👍👍

  179. Thank you for your vedio it was good

  180. This guy has no idea what he’s talking about. No real supplement knowledge and only knows what’s trendy. And people soak it up.

  181. Ive been following you on facebook thats how i discovered you..but youtube too?! Whaooo! Subscribe!

  182. Omg I checked the links and there is a shopping guide! I have been writing things down on paper. This whole time wishing there was a Bobby app and there kinda is with the e-guide. Yay! Quick question, what’s your take on kombucha and which brand is the best? What is your take on drinking apple cider vinegar? Thanks!

  183. You appear to have a flat stomach can you share your exercise routine..thank you

  184. What is a good probiotic for kids ?

  185. No science supporting any of these supplements and they are not regulated by the FDA so you cannot trust what is in them. Do not take anything recommended by this person. If you have health issues speak with a doctor before putting strange unregulated substances into your body.

  186. Hello! I started watching your channel this week and have learned so much. You breakdown the details simply in a comprehensive way. Im also an Aldi lover. I’m already a fan of your channel!

  187. I have a problem with collagen made from Bovine which is the cow’s hide. From my understanding, Bovine hide-based collagen supplements are made from castoffs from the tannery (leather) industry that have undergone harsh chemical processing. Due to this, even organic collagen from hides may be of questionable quality in terms of their “organic” status. Why would you take that brand, especially with the possibility of it coming from CAFO cattle? I guess it’s easier than making your own from bones. Interested in your thoughts. Thank you.

  188. Kids vitamins which are the best

  189. Hi Bobby, I was wondering if you heard of Crucial Four brand supplements and if so what you think of them?

  190. Can you recommend a vitamin d. I looked at the ancient nutrition one and it contains bovine liver?

    1. Sunlight is the only form of Vitamin D actually usable by your body. Supplements are only good if you live above the artic Circle and have 6 months of dark every year or you have money to burn. If you have money to burn then as an LMT I’d recommend “Nordic Naturals” Vitamin D3- 5000. Or find a full spectrum Tanning salon and get some UVB which might actually do you some good. the tan is a bonus if you really wanted one… Otherwise, you can just pretend you went somewhere fun 😉

  191. Best greens/superfood powder for your $$? I’m in college and am trying to survive cafeteria food but I definitely feel a lack of nutrients!

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    1. @SE ASIA That’s all very true. It’s good to hear other countries admiring President Trump.

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    1. John JohnG thank you for the information, I’m going to try that, thank you again.

    2. Dean Henry Curcumin. Terry Naturally has good choices. It can upset the stomach in some people. Start out 500 mg. daily. And you see if it bothers your stomach, if not, increase to 1000 mg. for severe pain/inflammation. It’s a blood thinner so be careful taking too much. Also you can try Carlsons Super D Omega 3. It has 2000 iu. D3 in it, and DHA & EPA for inflammation. I take this. You can try collagen as well, just don’t take mega doses of anything… Make sure your body likes what you’re putting into it. Best of luck.

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    1. Catspaw I’m not Bobby but I feel sorry for the horrible information you were given by people. Fish 5x daily??? That is very unethical advice. Yes, Centrum is a toxic brand. You did good to get off of these vitamins. MegaFood is organic food based vitamins. Try these. I love them. I take fish oil Carlson Super D Omega 3. Fish oil is a serious subject. For those companies that sell the “cleanest” brand, they are charging a fortune. I love the one I recommended. It boosted my D3 level from a low 32 to 49 in a matter of a few months. I’ve studied vitamins, health and nutrition for 26 years. I wish you the best. Never take high doses of anything…

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    3. Adan Gomez Whatever you do, DON’T dare use scented laundry products or fabric softeners. My nervous system was damaged from these products. Buy only free and clear laundry products or plant based such as Better Life products. I use these.

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  412. Vital Proteins collagen is getting shit on soooo much on their Facebook page. Hundreds of people complaining that the quality has gone downhill drastically and fillers are being added.

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    I have a QUESTION:
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    I need and want to loose about 40 lbs. so many people say that Keto is hard to swing into and I have always thought the diabetic diet can clean and easy to follow and the foods nutritious.

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    1. U must b referring to another kirtland product. B1 469% rda b2 433% b6 662% d 150%.but I do c dextrose.maltodextrin and silicon dioxide

    2. @John JohnG I am 56

    3. Lisa Rosebush, I personally would not take this, even though it’s organic. It has a zillion ingredients (why is all that necessary?) in it in at such low amounts ….not enough to make any difference in your health. You could get those micronutrients from your normal diet. You need a product that has higher milligrams in B vitamins, (stress & nervous system health), minerals, etc. Plus, “there are a list of “questionable” stuff in the “other ingredients” list. If you want a high quality food based organic vitamin, go to MegaFood. Their reputation is stellar. I wish I knew your age and your health so that I could recommend more options to you.

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    1. Me too

    2. @John JohnG Vibrant Health is one of the most ethical companies I’ve come across. Before buying into every sensationalized article on the internet, dig a little deeper and research their claims.

      Green Vibrance Arsenic myth debunked

    3. LorenzoNW years ago this green vibrancy was cited for having high levels of (?) was it a heavy metal (?) ….can’t remember would have to research it. I used to take it 10 years ago. It was very energizing. But who knows what else I was ingesting at the time…Now I know better to make sure to always look at third party testing…

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    1. Hmmm, something odd here. Garden of Life and ancient nutrition were founded by the same guy. I don’t mind people making money recommending products, I just hope they disclose all relationships.

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    1. M R researchers all disagree on this subject. What people do not know is that vitamin C boosts glutathione levels (research) which is your body’s master antioxidant. Vitamin C is a potent detoxifier in our toxic world 🌎 it assists the body in neutralizing toxins. In that respect, it could keep your immunity strong, but strong enough to prevent a cold…some evidence….but def in large doses while sick, many functional medicine doctors recommend for recovery. I personally take 500 mg daily. Some people need less, some more…just depends on lifestyle…my humble opinion.

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    2. Are you male or female? What is your diet like? B Complex is the stress vitamin. You can take that one for sure. Everyone has stress. Buy MegaFood B. It’s from food that the body will recognize and assimilate. I would have to know more about your lifestyle and diet to help you…more….

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    1. @njstout I dont think you know me. So before I tell you what I do for a living, I use a lot of supporting supplements that help my ketogenic diet on track. No, it’s not the vitamins your right but I do take them to support.

    2. @Jeff Moody the vitamins had nothing to do with the weight lose

    3. I do and helped me lose 80 pounds and being on keto.


  457. Hey Bobby! So there are brands that I use which I’ve been told have unnecessary fillers but none of the supplements I take have ingredients that you say to look out for. Are there brands out there that won’t list all their ingredients? Thanks!

  458. Bobby…Any vitamin that’s not an organic whole food form is a chemical so we need “whole food” supplements. I like Live Well collagen peptides. Great ingredients! ❤

  459. Kudos on your multi-vit rec. I’d recently done some research on this and WAY too many companies put crap in them to boost their profit.

    Example: B12. Cheap forms (cyanide based) of B12 that are very damaging to the liver and hard to convert into something usable. Your rec looks good on this front.

    However, isn’t another problem that often multi’s include minerals that cancel out each other? For example, your recommendation includes zinc and magnesium which is great. However, shouldn’t it leave out the calcium because when taken at the same time it blocks absorption of the zinc and magnesium? I suspect a lot of these companies compromise their efficacy to include a laundry list of minerals just because their marketing departments say they need to check off the boxes or else some people won’t buy.

    I think many people would be better off skipping multivitamins altogether rather than try to take one that tries to cram everything into one pill. This isn’t even considering the value related to expense.

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    Fish oil: Nutrasea Lemon liquid Omega-3.

    Multi-Vitemins: Garden of life Multi-Vitemins 40+. 40+ has more. Raw Organic.

    Protein Powder: ingredients 100 protein. Nothing is added unless you want flavors. You can customize your protein.

    You’ll thank me later 😉

    1. @Sweet Supernova the 40+ multi Vitemins simply means “40 year old” which means more mg of vitamins than a 30+ for example. Garden of life is a very good brand but don’t look at the front label, look at the ingredients and see the amount of the vitamins/numbers of mg for each vitamin. See which one you are deficient in and that’s the one you’ll get.

    2. Sorry, what did you mean by 40+ has more? Also I have heard Garden of Life vitamins have caused hives, allergic reactions and seizures in some customers ☹️

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    Is there a vegan source of collagen that meets your Flav City seal of approval? Best wishes for continued success!

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    1. You take a B complex and minerals but a multi is worthless? That makes no sense at all. I take digestive enzymes with all my supplements to help break them down. Even if I absorb half of it it’s better than nothing. Not everyone can afford organic whole foods and be a healthy eater all the time.

    2. Anthony Cosentino sorry I have to disagree. Actually, multis are a waste of money. We get most of these nutrients in our diet. It’s better to get your vitamins through healthy eating. With that said, if you have a severe health issue, it’s wise to take supplements to target those specific areas. For example, I have chemical sensitivity. I take glutathione, C, Zinc & Selenium to help me with detoxification. I also take a B complex for nerve health. But a multi?? No. It won’t do me any good. I eat organic and get plenty of these micronutrients through my diet. Some people think a multi will change their health or their lives. It won’t. Just eat better nutrition. That will change your life.

    3. Sounds like you have yourself a good excuse not to bother taking multis…

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    1. @Jennifer G How can u bee so sure about that?

    2. @Gail S. I have a really good gut microbiome, it makes K2.

    3. What about Vitamin K2? Dr Berg says u need it to utilize D3.

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    1. scoopx88 That is not a quality brand, I’m sorry. It has titanium dioxide, soy and other harmful ingredients listed in “other ingredients “. How old are you? Many alternative doctors are not recommending multi’s because they don’t have enough of any one vitamin in them that you cannot already get in your diet. I tossed mine years ago. Take a food based B vitamin such as MegaFood B. It’s made from food that the body recognizes and can assimilate. It’s good for stress and the nervous system. Most vitamins on market are synthetic and therefore, not quality nor healthy. I take Carlsons fish oil Super D Omega 3. It has 2000 i.u. of Vitamin D3 in it which is very good for immunity, bones, etc. I’d have to know more about you to recommend anything else. I’ve been studying vitamins and nutrition 26 years. If you have specific health issues, you would be wise to buy vitamins that target those specific weak points. But be careful. It took me many years to understand that if you don’t know what you’re doing you can do more harm than good. I’d def. move away from that Irwin N. brand, though. Just my 2 cents 🙂

  496. It’s also about what the capsule is made of. I noticed those all have gelatin. There’s better out there, Bobby. Garden of Life RAW makes some of the best vitamins and probiotics on the market.

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    3. Dont worry. Silicon dioxide is in a pouch and is inserted in the bottle to keep capsules dry.

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    1. Why would you ask your doctor? You’d be just as well off asking your mailman. I’m kidding (kindof). Nutrition and diet education is not required as any part of your doctor’s continuing education certification, and they only had about 20 hours total way back in medical school. And that education was likely packed with wrong S.A.D information.

      I’d encourage you to do your own research instead. Maybe check with your Dr or pharmacist if You have complex drug interactions you’re worried about. Chances are you know more about nutrition since you’re watching this type of video.

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    1. Go to utube and pull up Dr. Berg’s videos on health and nutrition. He has one on that.

  520. Report incorrect product info or prohibited items

    youtheory Mens Collagen Advanced Formula 390 Tablets, it is suggested Use -take 6 tablets per day all at once or individual doses? These vitamins are huge! Is this Collagen supplements a good choice and how many should I take at 160 lbs body weight? Love your advice! Thanks!

  521. What the best time to take multi vitamin supplements morning or night?

    1. hero liau don’t spend money on multis. You get enough of those micronutrients in your food. Go for a MegaFood B vitamin, organic food based that is great for stress and protecting nervous system from daily toxic exposures. If you have a health issue, buy a specific vitamin that targets it. For example, I had nerve damage. I take the B vitamin I recommended to strengthen my nervous system.

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    1. Try G of L meal replacement it has 20 grams protein and 1gram sugar with vanilla chai flavor is my favorite. Amazon is the cheapest. There’s no grittiness at all

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  529. Just checked my Sunwarrior Protein Blend label – it has “chocolate flavor” but it claims to be organic. This brand also has USDA Organic and NON-GMO Project Verified labels…my knowledge & experience says the chocolate flavor listed here is indeed natural, not artificial. What is your opinion?

    1. @John JohnG may I ask which brand/type of powder you were using which lead to your kidney issues? Its commonly known that most north American whey proteins is as dirty as the air quality in China

    2. Daniel Lupu be careful protein powders gave me kidney problems. We don’t need all of this protein, get enough from diet. It’s all advertising nonsense. Hope I helped.

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    1. James Wendte poison. Artificial ingredients. GMO SOY, and a host of other health robbing ingredients. Run, it is not good for your health. Doctors have no business recommend ping such a terrible artificially chemical laden drink to sick people. It’s a travesty.

    2. James Wendte of course doctors and nurses recommend it took keep you sick and to profit from your sickness… if you are healthy you will lose your doctor… doctors make money from YOUR sickness ….if your doctor makes you healthy they get no profit….. no doctor wants you healthy otherwise they wouldn’t be your doctor…… you only have a doctor because you are sick…. It’s amazing what a doctor will recommend it’s patient without knowing JACK SHIT about what he is actually giving you all he knows is the side effects and how much money he is going to make… ….YOU ARE YOU OWN DOCTOR

    3. @James Wendte Of COURSE “nurses,and doctors recommend it” because Abbott Labs pays Pharma sales reps salaries, commissions and bonuses to relentlessly sell Ensure to medical practitioners. There’s no actual health benefit or reason, and the doctors and nurses don’t do their own research.

      Bobby is doing a great job; he focuses on general foodstuffs. You can apply his concepts yourself to anything and see if it fits. You could look into Pharma food items and create your own show rather than ask him to change his focus.

    4. @nora22000 Yes but nurses and doctors recommend it.

    5. Lol…don’t give poor Bobby a heart attack. That stuff is mega poison. Full of sugar, GMO cow’s milk, bad fats, artificial flavors, chemicals and the dreaded “natural flavors.” It is literally made by a pharma company; what would you expect? Feed it to someone if you’re trying to kill them…

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    1. @Amanda Walker…thank you for that tip.

    2. The brand at Costco mixes perfectly with water or coffee and no taste either

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    1. @John JohnG what about plant calcium I found from Garden of Life? It’s from algae.

    2. Diana Thomas no. Run. You get it in your diet. It’s toxic in the body in vitamin form because it goes straight to the heart! It’s synthetic junk.

    3. @Diana Thomas Do MOT take any kind of calcium supplement; it will disrupt digestion and end up in your arteries. Putting calcium directly into the stomach is contraindicated. Eat your greens.

    4. @Diana Thomas Yes, that too. Both disrupt digestion. It’s why he focuses on greens and collagen. Take K1, K2 and D3 to enhance calcium bone support, or just eat your dark, leafy greens.

    5. I heard calcium carbonate gets in your arteries, but what about calcium citrate?

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    1. D. Hall that brand did nothing for ke

    2. Kathy Houston I have crohns as well. Diagnosed around my 21st birthday. Im 28 now. I’ve been in remission for 3 years thanks to entyvio (tried remicade and Cimzia first). I try to educate others on the disease. I’m also in the medical field (I will graduate a PA in August) and because of my health history I will be doing an elective in GI which I am very excited about. 🙂

    3. Kathy Houston research Andrographis for Crohns.

    4. @Kathy Houston One thing that could really help is incorporating intermittent fasting and cutting out inflammatory foods especially gluten

    5. @Kathy Houston I’m sorry kathy but I agree with Paul on this one..I’ve seen many stomach issues in my family resolved with using diet change and certain supplements like paul has mentioned..I even went from having diaherra after almost every meal to having normal bowel movements.. one thing I think paul forgets to mention is doing a cleanse..for example a parasite cleanse..yes we have them..even if we dont leave the country lol anyways it’s your choice whether u want to go the doctors route or research and go your own way..hope u the best🙂

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    💟☮️ #2020 🍾

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  549. What store are you at? Where can I buy collagen?

    1. or costco

  550. Wow Bobby, your in your 40ties?? Honestly, you look like you are in your 30 ties !!!

  551. Love your tshirt!😀

  552. Any skin care general advice for men and family.

    1. Yes. Eat your greens, lightly steamed in a little bone broth. And stay away from commercial skin care products full of preservatives.

  553. Keep it up. MAGA!

    1. No maga.

  554. Do you have any other brand recommendations for seniors on a budget that are also diabetic?

    1. What you eat is the most valuable to your body – what you don’t eat is even more valuable. Be smart with your food – make every bite count and you will see your health turn around! Have you heard of the Daniel Fast – great place to start. No cost – just results.

    2. The collagen substitute is dry gelatin powder. Dried split peas can replace protein powder; either make soup or steam them, freeze them in ice cube trays and add them to smoothies. I don’t know any valid replacements for the multivitamin, omega 3 or probiotics. I use a small grilled sweet potato that has been frozen and reheated in the oven to get my prebiotics (to feed and multiply my existing probiotics) as sweet potatoes are very good for the pancreas. The diabetic’s pancreas has to work too hard.

    3. I’m T1 and my doc tried to prescribe me a pill that my insurance wouldn’t cover. So, he told me to go to the vitamin shop and get B6, B12 and Folic Acid and take daily. It helps with circulation. A years’ supply cost me about $40ish.

  555. What’s your opinion about Mega Red Krill Oil vs Wild Alaskan Fish Oil?

    1. Christian Leibling personally,I’d take the wild Alaskan fish oil over that krill based on what I believe about MegaRed brand. I do not think that it is of high quality. The fish oil covers more protection for health issues, like inflammation, joint health, heart health, etc. Make sure your fish oil brand is of highest quality with NO OTHER ingredients in it… 🙂

  556. I’ve learned so much from you. Thanks for all of the great content and honesty.

    1. He skirts around the halal thing, that isn’t honest.

  557. Great supplements choice 2020 🏌🏽‍♂️⛹️‍♂️

  558. If you are buying vitamins in a megamart / grocery mart they are ALL Synthetic(chemical)! I cant believe you are promoting these. Vitamins from foods is the only way to go…all mine SAY from food. Carefull-…Probiotics ( everything) can be / are radiated by delivery companies making them inactive and useless.

  559. Hey Bobby how about Esther C and suggestions?

  560. I have a family member who is hardcore into organic foods and they swore that real/natural Omega 3 fish oils SHOULD have vitamin d in it. You are saying it shouldn’t. Do you have any articles or information you can provide on this?

    1. Bobby, I did NOT think you were over 40! So this stuff and the overall healthy lifestyle is doing it for you! Happy New Year to you and Art and your families!

    2. Chad M cod liver oil has natural Vitamin D and vitamin A in addition to Omega 3’s. I don’t think regular fish oil or krill oil has much Vitamin D, but I still take krill along with cod liver oil.
      Here’s a pic of the label:

  561. Hi Bobby and Art, thanks for the video 🤓 Why get the refrigerated probiotics? They are no longer refrigerated in your stomach! Thanks!

    1. Kaye Szymanski the same logic could be applied to yogurt, milk, lettuce, etc. Why refrigerate them? To control bacteria growth and preserve freshness. The probiotics should be living bacteria and preserved as much as possible to get the benefit in your body.

  562. Awesome content — thank you, and Happy New Year to you!

    Say, I did read somewhere that caffeine can cancel out the benefits of collagen when mixed together. I now only mix it with my smoothies or homemade sorbet, just to be safe.

  563. Bobby you’re 42?!?! You look like you’re still in your 20s what the hell, I’m buying collagen now.

    1. Rick Lopez he looks younger but he needs to gain some weight he doesn’t look healthy to me

    2. Kevin Conroy we are all beautiful

    3. FlavCity with Bobby Parrish please tell me your secret to eternal youth

    4. Rui G if you buy quality collagen and take the right amount consistently and have realistic expectation (ie if you’re ugly it’s not going to make you beautiful lol) then no it’s not hype.

    5. Here are some studies assessing various impacts/effects of collagen:

  564. Suppose the grass has been fed fertilizers?

  565. Hello Happy New year ,
    I recently was diagnose with osteoarthritis looking for an natural supplement for joints and inflammation.

    1. All the advice here is good.

    2. @S MS my doctor recommended Boniva. But I didn’t want to take it. Currently, I am only taking vitamin d for my bones. I do have a vit d deficiency.

      My other vitamins are b12 (supplement my diet).
      Also, potassium (I take Lasix daily, so I have to take potassium).

      These vitamins are all approved by my doctors.

    3. grill girl what do you take for osteoporosis.

    4. Carlson’s Elite Omega-3 works for me.

    5. Lucy Cruz I drink Lakewood Organic Pure Tart Cherry. Its 100% che