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If you fall sick very often or frequently suffer from flu, sore throat and skin infections, it’s possible your body needs vitamins to boost the immune system. The best way to increase your vitamin intake is by having a healthy and balanced diet, but sometimes our bodies need an extra boost.
Most of the time, the immune system does its job to keep us healthy. However if the system sometimes fails to defend us, it can result in illness, infection, or diseases. This is where the body needs reinforcements in the form of vitamins and other immune-boosting nutrients.
In this video we will look at the Top 5 important vitamins that you need to include in your diet to boost your immune system and fight off infections.


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161 thoughts on “TOP 5 VITAMINS TO BOOST IMMUNITY – How to strengthen IMMUNE SYSTEM

  1. Good

  2. Isnt Vitamin D is most important, as recommended by doctors?

  3. Video in the link helped my family recover.

  4. Amazing Video! Strong immune system truly protects me –

  5. Thanks for putting this out there about the top 5 vitamins to boost immunity…people need this info at this time.

  6. this is good to boost your immune system.

  7. Tagalog version

  8. Vitamin D is the most important. Covid19 is hitting the vitamin d feficients the most.

  9. See you again kabayan .

  10. Why not boost our immune system by choosing wisely what to eat! Below are some best immune booster foods.

  11. I take Vitamin C and D with Zinc…With a Bit of GH…
    Vitamin D is just as important as any Vitamin…

  12. thank you, normally i dont listen to Hindu accent, but your information is worth it!

  13. Hindi language

  14. Either I missed it or you forgot to talk about vitamin D. Especially now that researchers are strongly linking vitamin D deficiency two more severe cases of COVID-19. For more information I suggest the following video.

  15. Zinc and Selenium greatly improve immunity.💖💖 I am following 3 natural natural steps that greatly improve my Vitamin D is also very important

    1. This dude didn’t even mention Vitamin D

    2. thanks this is very good

  16. Corona virus hai

  17. Nice video

  18. Hello everybody.
    If you want to enhance your immune system, you may wonder how to help your body fight off illnesses.
    While bolstering your immunity is easier said than done, several dietary and lifestyle changes may strengthen your body’s natural defenses and help you fight harmful pathogens, or disease-causing organisms.
    Find below, 9 tips to strengthen your immunity naturally:
    1. Get enough sleep.
    2. Eat more whole plant foods.
    3. Eat more healthy fats.
    4. Eat more fermented foods or take a probiotic supplement.
    5. Limit added sugars.
    6. Engage in moderate exercise.
    7. Stay hydrated.
    8. Manage your stress levels.
    9. Supplement wisely.
    I highly suggest check THIS GUIDE out for more valuable info about how to strengthen your immune system.

  19. that means we have to include all vegetables, milk non vegetable in proper ration. it’s the summary of the vedio😊

    1. Use wellness by oriflame omega-3 capsules….u will get huge benefits
      1.cardiovascular health reduces cholesterol
      2.Improve skin tone
      3.Releaves muscles and joint pains
      4.good for brain
      5.Good for eyes
      6.Improves hair growth
      7.increase immunity power

  20. Boost you immune system against coronavirus

  21. You missed a Power House VITAMIN D.

  22. Excellent! I have added this video to my health portal and to my weekly COVID-19 report

  23. Hello Sir…
    Sir All vitamin work in body and all vitamin details Vitamin D all info in one video..
    Thank you for sharing Sir.

    1. Use wellness by oriflame omega-3 capsules….u will get huge benefits
      1.cardiivascular health reduces cholesterol
      2.Improve skin tone
      3.Releaves muscles and joint pains
      4.good for brain
      5.Good for eyes
      6.Improves hair growth
      7.increase immunity power

  24. I eat a lot of junk food then straight after i eat some fruits like bananas and oranges but i haven’t really exercise is that good?

    1. You are on the path of Salvation.

    2. No dude that’s not good. Anyone can tell you that

  25. Do research on the keto diet the foods listed that are high in starch and sugar are actually anti nutrients

  26. Thank you. In addition many health scientists recomend to supplement Vitamin D, because we all have not enough sunlight in the northern hemisphere during winter time, and to supplement also vitamin K2 for not being deficient with this.

  27. Why don’t you give any mention to vitamin D?

  28. Proven+ Immune Support

  29. Good one

  30. Nice info . I am taking immune booster from Planet Ayurveda to increase my immunity power

    1. c swathi thanks for useful information 🙏🏻

    2. Manu 2 Sharma I’m taking immune booster from Vive

  31. this is a good multivitamins

  32. Vitamin a, vitamin b complex, vitamin c, vitamin e, & vitamin k…. saved you some time 💕

    1. You forgot D ?

    2. Strictly speaking vitamins A, B6, C, D and E plus Zins and avoid sugar and alcohol

  33. I came here because of covid19

  34. Great job!

  35. I am Carnivore and do not need or require any supplements! Meat has all the minerals and vitamins My healthy body requires! this is a good BS add for vegans or Fruitarians !

    1. Good luck! I wish you and your high levels of cholesterol the best!

    2. Glen Carter why you here then?

  36. I take walgreens multivitamins everyday plus vitiminb12 for energy blood strenghtgarlic water redbell peppers the darker red the sweeter to eat mushrooms and gravy with onions chicken gravy slow cooked yum yum good for your hold body

    1. Damn

  37. Very informative video. With good food, I generally use affirmations to motivate myself.

  38. Thank you Doctor, this video is really helpful and well explained.

  39. To boost your immunity

  40. Thanks this video really helped me alot. Also i am following you from a very long time i like your posts very much and this post really helped me alot. Also here i am sharing with all of you guys a post on healthy living tips to boost your immunity:


  42. esta bien fonctionne boost immune system natural muy bueno.

  43. Spinac is healdy

  44. Thank you

  45. Excellent

  46. The notion that you need to take vitamin supplements is total BS and not supported by science. If you eat a balanced diet you are getting ALL the vitamins your body needs. You DO NOT need to take supplements. Every major scientific study has confirmed this, and the consensus scientific opinion is that buying vitamin supplements is a total waste of money. It is nothing more than a deception by companies trying to take your money.

    1. Jack Rabbit there are vitamins which are to be taken orally only. they are not in any of the foods…because they are produced artificially in labs.

  47. Philippines Tests Virgin Coconut Oil As COVID 19 Treatment

  48. Just visit Dr Sebi’s website….everything you need to learn is there!

  49. What about vitamin D and zinc?????

  50. what about dosage?

  51. Can l take the five vitamin a day?

  52. What happened to B4?

  53. Can I get those vitamins are by capsul ?is it useful ?

  54. Eat meat, great, that’s how we got here in the first place, no need to eat pathogenic dead animals ppl. Moving on…

  55. What happened to vitamin D.

  56. Whos here because of covid 19

  57. How come olive oil not included

  58. Thank you

  59. What i do with vitamins is take every other day, take zinc two times aweek, vitamin c 3 days aweek, and try to eat lots of fruit and veg, our immunity at any age can remain strong if we get good sleep, dont smoke, drink lots of water, stress is a killer, sometimes take time out to love you, i for many years was a community carer, and what i found was the ones who got to there 80s and 90s had one thing in common, they just took each day as it came, did not eat big meals, just had small meals and did not worry about to much, in this time of this deadly virus its more important than ever to have a good immune system.

    1. @Open Ranks why

    2. That regimen makes no fucking sense😂🙄😒

    3. You are missing something if D is not on the list. Maybe you don’t sleep or breathe. Then ok to skip D. 🙂

    4. Great info here. Thank you!

  60. Without vitamin D ….above all vitamins doesn’t makes sense to generate immunity

  61. vitamin c is not ascorbic acid, this is false,vitamin E in those plants are not absorbable, it is a fat soluble vitamin only in meat

  62. You forgot Vitamin D which is more important than all of the others.
    You it up completely.

  63. Scientific inventions and discoveries should preserve the world but should not destroy.
    Genius invent
    Wisest fool destroy.
    For example :
    Einstein made the atom bomb
    To blast The Rock During Construction
    But Not To Blast
    Nagasaki and Hiroshima.
    Good Bye To Nuclear Power Race.
    Good Bye To Physical, Chemical, Biological Weapons!

  64. Hey nice video. From last one year I am taking immune booster from planet Ayurveda . Best product to boost immunity

  65. send me some money from your patreon fund so I can buy these ! Lord knows you make enough from these scam ramblings !

  66. Great info☺Thank you👍

  67. You missed the vitamin D!

  68. Good morning sir in the present senierio most important feedback on our diet thanks 02/04/2020

  69. How did you not mention Vitamin D when study after study has shown it to be one of the most important for our immune system?? THUMBS DOWN.

    1. Well technically speaking Vitamin D, cholecalciferol, is not a vitamin. Vitamins are micronutrients we are unable to make ourselves and must come from our diet. Vitamin D is something we make ourselves in our skin with energy from sunlight (UVB). Ten minutes of midday summer sun on hands, arms, and face is sufficient to keep any white European vitamin D replete, however not so for darker skinned people whose skin hasn’t figured out it’s no longer in the tropics.

    2. If I have to pick one it’s D hands down. The USRDA is crazy on this one. When the body fights diseases (including cancer) you need a lot more vit D than the USRDA. I get rid of stuffy nose with D (5000 IU) the few times nowadays that I get that. Sleep on your chest for example and you consume D (try never to put much pressure on your lungs when expanding or it will impact your breathing — D makes breathing light and automatic. .low D makes it pressured and likely to stop). Want problems with your heartbeat? Want to increase chances of wetting bed at night? Want to increase pain when you sleep? Lower your D. Look up what D does on test tube to tuberculosis. It’s ridiculous the large number of symptoms it has relieved for me personally and the large number of diseases linked to it in research of the last 10 years.

  70. This is an advertisement.

    1. No, prescription drugs are my friend!

  71. The title should be “how to optimize your immune system” because there is no such thing as boosting your immune system.

    1. It’s semantics…means the same thing you idiot. Stop listening to doctor mike🙄

    2. Yes you are correct. Also your overall lifestyle also matters when it comes to optimizing your immunity. Watch this video.

  72. Vitamin A, B, C, E and K

    1. D missing from video. What’s up with that?

  73. We need cane beating than vitamins.

  74. EAT KALE KIDS!!!

  75. Moringa has every thing the body needs plus vitamin D3 5000 iu. Google healt benefits. Best place to buy is at Paisley Farm & crafts. I buy the cap’s easy to take. A whole sell company. Free shiping & no sell taxes.

  76. yes maybe some of these things are excellent however not everyone can tolerate that especially if they’re on medications always ask your doctor first

    1. These supplements mentioned are in Food Form

  77. You should eat natural c or vitamin c and tulsi for more info. Dm me i can provide best supplements for this covid-19

  78. I m supprised you didn’t include Vit D3 in the top vits for immune health!

    1. Paul Quinn not if you live in the northwest esp in the winter time. Order some D3!

    2. Vitamin D is not a vitamin. Unlike folate, pyridoxine, ascorbic acid, etc. we make it ourselves. Ten minutes of noonday sun on face, arms, and hands will keep you vitamin D replete

  79. I think you better off with Irish ☘️ moss , it has most of the minerals the body requires 92 out of the 102 . Plus the benefits are far greater . This will also build your immune system. Minerals is what the body requires to maintain a strong healthy immune system.

    1. Where can you find the moss?

  80. Vit D most important should increase number to 6 Vit K2 and Vit D work hand in hand

  81. h

  82. Can one take multi vitamin tablets while taking medicines for hyper tension

    1. I do.

    2. Radheshyam Siddharth yes

  83. What about vit D3

  84. Guys have Ragi porridge along with 20minutes sunbathe daily. Also have turmeric with black pepper tea.

  85. What are you trying to sell ?
    Its funny you all come out now
    Trying to sell your products
    When people are feeling vulnerable

  86. I’ve had three different infections since last November, one every other month, despite taking immune boosting supplements. I haven’t been more stressed than usual either.

    1. Have your immunoglobulin tested by blood test. I just found out I am low I’m Iow I’m igg after 15 years of getting respiratory infections every 2 months

    2. @Kenneth Hawkins Thanks.

    3. Most of what we need can be obtained from our foods and supplements not really needed .But check what foods you should be taking for your blood group type .This is a very good way of self healing .Remember we are what we eat .good luck

  87. Nice video. The benefit of getting these from foods is that you also get lots of other beneficial compounds such as phytochemicals, fibre etc.

  88. Spinak lol!That’s ch bud!

  89. this video should spread across the world

    1. Agreed 😎

  90. ”Thank GOD”, and thank you very much for your support and time 😉 How much of each 🙄 should I be talking 🤔 Let me know 😬I look forward to hearing from you 😎🙏🏾😎

  91. How bout matcha tea

  92. “Hell-thee”

  93. Vitamin D?

  94. Vitamin D is the best. You never mentioned it

    1. @Rudeman 1 They need it too – But they often get more sun exposure so they don’t need to supplement – or as much. Or they have progressive health systems that have no issues with Rxing vitamins. (That’s mainly a no-no in the US.)

    2. darren nock if your in US vitamin D is important for us. but other Countries gets enough sun they don’t need vitamin D

  95. What are your thoughts on Vitamin D and Zinc for the immune system Also?

    1. I feel like you are a Muslim like me like my comment if you agree 👍👇 and yes you should take vitamin c zinc to also boost the immune system

    2. Video on that coming next week😁

  96. Great insight guide to strengthening our immunity with key vitamins. It was great to see a food option for those that do not wish to take supplements. Nature provides natural resources to heal us so best to incorporate wholefoods diet & good excercise fresh air & sunshine. Go healthy nutrition!

  97. You didn’t indicate foods that have vit k.

    1. kale is the best option if you want vitamin k

    2. Vitamin k is usually made by our Gut bacteria. So its important to food that boosts the good bacteria in your gut. That way you can ensure you have good amounts of Vit K in your body.


    1. Yep 👍

  99. Good work, I now respect the study of biology more than ever especially since i struggled to pass general bio 1, it’s a lot to remember and i struggle with recall lately it seem. I respect what you do. If only I could take a pill that boost my memory.

    1. go here and type in the memory builder If you looking into an organic memory supplement to help you with remembering stuffs. also omega is great for brain health.

  100. The number one thing we need to stay healthy is the simplest task yet very few Americans get this. Its simply getting enough sleep.

    1. Try to get a good night’s rest or breathe easily when sleeping if you have low vitamin D. Good luck with that. Do you raise your head to avoid pain at night? Go to bathroom at night or wet the bed? Breathing stopping and needing breathing mask? Does any of this sound familiar? You have low D. Tight chest? Stuffy nose? Get D. Get D fast when you feel sickness might be coming on. Take as much D as necessary (makes you horny though.. and deep dreaming if you have a lot). Under stress from disease your body can require many times the regular dose. That’s been my experience.

      D is king of your autonomic nervous system.

      Don’t die in your sleep until you are ready (we all have to go someday) — keep your D up. And if you go to the hospital or stay indoors a lot, make sure to supplement extra with D or you will likely get worse and probably even catch an extra bug while there.

    2. You are correct. It all boils down to three important points.
      1: Eat healthy
      2: Get enough rest
      3: Don’t be sedentary.
      However modern lifestyle has made it difficult to follow these points. This video explains it the best. 👇

  101. Thank you!!

    1. Well hello.😍

  102. Beta carotene is NOT vitamin A smh

    1. Beta carotene converts into Vitamin A

  103. I think u should not run for views by making these type of videos in COVID-19 outbreak, but u should give ur original content which we students need in this hovac so return to ur track….

    1. Hi. I can understand what you are saying but the thing is that most people arent watching educational videos right now sir. Views on my educational videos are down by 60-70%.

      And as a doctor I like to share information that is relevant and Important. Dont worry i have not stopped making educational videos. Just a brief pause.😁
      Thank you for commenting.

  104. Thanks 😊

  105. are u a doctor?
    if yes please share your experience .. how u started youtube channel..

    1. @MEDSimplified thanks also a doctor u are managing ur work plus these video creation.. who inspire to start channel..means which med channel? hope u will reply and guide upcoming ur junior doctor like me..

    2. @MEDSimplified Thanks for the information.

    3. Yes i am indeed. I started this channel during my med school only

  106. zinc ?

    1. Zinc is a mineral that we discuss in future video soon

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